Dad Fucks Daughter-In-Law

George and Ginger were so please when their daughter-in-law delivered their first and only grand child. Their son, John, had tried for a long time to get Joan pregnant, but finally decided on artificial insemination. The little boy was now in the first grade and they desperately wanted another child., but were very disappointed after trying for the last two years. The doctor took samples of John’s sperm and came to the conclusion he was unable to make Joan pregnant. Their little boy was not a healthy child and they did not want to take a another chance on an unknown donor for artificial insemination. Adoption was a choice but that would take a long time. They decided it would be better if someone had sex with her, but who would be the donor. When they asked a good friend, he said his religion would not let him commit adultery. What were they going to do?

Then Joan said, “I know someone who could do it. He is a very healthy and handsome. He impregnated your mom and you are very healthy and very smart. Why not ask your dad?”

“My dad! He is an old guy. Do you want him to fuck you? I doubt that mom would let him.”

Joan retorted, “You never know until you ask. They are very anxious to have another grandchild and I’ll bet she would agree.. I think she wants it worse than we do. It would not be incest because I am not his daughter.”

John and Joan let the subject rest that evening, but the subject kept coming up during the next few days. They finally decided to ask John’s parents to help them out.

One Saturday morning John called his mother to say, “Mom, we would like for you and Dad to come over this morning for a little while. We have a very important decision to make.”

“I don’t know what could be so important. What is the problem?”

“It’s very sensitive and I don’t want to say anything about it on the phone. Please come over.”

“Very good. I’ll get your dad and we’ll be over in a few minutes.”

George and Ginger arrived at John and Joan’s house. George had no inkling that he would be offered to fuck Joan, a very young and beautiful girl. He would soon have a surprise of his life.

John said, “Come on in, Mom and Dad and sit down. Joan is bringing the coffee.”

Ginger questioned, “What is so important that you couldn’t tell us on the phone? Is there some drastic world breaking decision to make?” she said with a chuckle.

John then said, “Well….. it is sort of a drastic decision. We want to have another child and you know that I’ve tried to get Joan pregnant. We need a father to do the job.”

Ginger quickly responded, “That is a drastic decision. And where are you going to get this father.”

John looked directly at his Dad, “You’re the one. You are healthy and could be the daddy of our child.”

George quickly responded, “Oh! Wait a minute, you can’t mean what you are saying. Do you actually mean for me to get in bed with your loving wife.”

Joan butted in, “Yes, dad. I want you to get me pregnant.”

There was silence all around. George broke the silence, “Why me? I’m your father-in-law.”

Joan answered, “That’s even better because you are one of the family. You fathered my husband and he is smart and healthy. Our child should inherit the same good qualities.”

Ginger looked at her husband, “That does make sense, or does it?”

The family started discussing the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that George could father his son’s next child.

After a decision was made and agreed on by everyone, George looked at Joan to say, “When should we plan for you to get my sperm?”

“Oh, I think I’m in my fertile period right now.”

George seemed a little shocked to think it was going to happen right away. After he thought about it for a few seconds, he said, “I mowed the lawn early this morning and need a shower.”

Joan smiled as she said, “Oh, that’s alright. I’ll jump in the master bedroom shower while you use the hallway shower. When you finish, come on into the bedroom.”

Both John and Ginger sat silently on the couch while listening to George and Joan making plans. It finally dawned on them that their spouses were actually going to have sex. John was beginning to feel a little jealous, but he had agreed. Ginger wasn’t too concerned because she was thinking another grand child would result from this union.

George quickly shed his clothes and stepped in the shower. While he was soaping his cock and balls, his thoughts turned to his very pretty daughter-in-law. This morning when he got up he had no idea he would now be taking a shower in preparation to fucking Joan. He wanted to make sure his cock and balls were very clean just in case Joan would take it in her mouth. Then he decided that would not happen because Joan was only interested in his cock penetrating her and accepting his sperm. His cock became very rigid thinking about fucking Joan.

Joan was in her shower soaping her body. While soaping between her legs, her finger lightly caressed her pussy and touched her clit. She wondered what it would be like for her father-in-law’s cock to penetrate her body. Should she try for an orgasm? No, she should resist that because all she really wanted is his sperm. Should she make it enjoyable for him? Yes, let him enjoy his time with her as much as possible. She should do things to make him very sexy and cum in a short time. She knew her husband would be sitting in the living room with his mom wondering how long she would be in the bedroom with his dad. She hoped he would not be too jealous, although she hoped he would be a little bit and concerned about her. She did love him very much. She was only doing this to have a healthy child.

George finished drying off after the shower and put his shorts and shirt on. He decided to leave his trousers in the bathroom. He walked into the hall and was a little embarrassed when his wife and son could see him from where they were sitting on the couch. He decided he could open the door to the master bedroom and go right in because his daughter-in-law had told him he could.

Joan was still in the bathroom with the door closed. George slipped off his clothes and got in bed under a sheet.

Joan came out of the bathroom and saw George in bed, “Oh, I see you are already in bed.”

George looked at his daughter-in-law’s beautiful body encased in a sexy looking short nightie.

“Yes, I decided to get in bed. I’ve never seen you dressed like this before. You are a beautiful lady.”

“Thanks, Dad. I’ve called you Dad ever since John and I were married. As you know, my dad and mom were killed in a car accident many years ago. You and Ginger have been wonderful to me. And now you are going to do us a favor by making me pregnant.”

George thought she was doing him a favor for asking him to fuck her. George watched as Joan slipped the nighty up over her head and off. She was now in her naked beauty for him to see. Her breasts were plump and the nipples pointed straight out as if ready to be kissed. George’s cock became very hard just looking.

Joan slipped in under the sheet beside George. She said in a low voice, “I feel very comfortable to be in bed with you.”

George queried, “What position do you want?”

She put one hand over on his arm, then said, “Let’s don’t rush. We need a little foreplay to get us ready. Why don’t you kiss me.”

George had never kissed his daughter-in-law before except for a light smack on the cheek when they hugged. He hadn’t thought about kisses. He thought he was supposed to poke his cock in her, cum quickly and get up. This was going to be more exciting than he originally thought.

Since Joan was lying on her back, George rolled over slightly on top of her and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

Joan objected, “You can do better than that. We need some erotic foreplay to warm us up. Give me a lover’s kiss.”

“Alright, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.”

George’s lips opened and their lips meshed with tongues dancing. George was thoroughly enjoying the erotic feeling he was getting as they kissed some more. Then George kissed her neck on the way down to kiss her perky nipples.

Joan whispered, “You really know how to kiss and I like for you to kiss my nipples. I’m really getting a good sexy feeling now. How do you feel?”

“I’m in sexual heaven kissing you and feeling your body.”

“Move your hand on down and feel between my legs. I may be getting wet enough for you to enter me.”

George felt on down her body letting his fingers feel her pussy. One finger slipped between her lips and he could feel her wetness. Joan moved a hand down to clasp George’s cock.

Joan said, “Wow, you are very hard. I didn’t know a guy your age could get that hard.”

“You are so sexy it’s very easy for me to be so erotically turned on. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. However, we’re here mainly for me to get you pregnant.”

“Yes, I like it too, but now I need your sperm in me.”

“What position do you want?”

“Let’s get rid of this sheet, then roll up here on top and I’ll spread my legs wide and pull them up to give you plenty of room. I think that would be a good position for you to cum and maybe your sperm will stay in me.”

George rolled up on top and supported much of his upper body weight with his elbows. He didn’t want to mash her. His cock started prodding to find her hole, but it wasn’t aimed right.

Joan said, “Here, let me give it an aim.”

George lifted his hips allowing Joan to reach between their bodies to aim his very stiff one.

Joan cautioned, “Don’t push all the way in, just push a little at a time.”

George could feel the warmth of her pussy on the head and knew he was penetrating her body. He pulled back a little, then pushed forward. Between his pre-cum and her juices, he was able to push fully in. She moaned a little as they laid still.

George could feel her pussy pulse on his cock. He had to say something, “Oh….this is so good. Joan, you are the most sexy lady. Fantastic.”

“I like you in me. Now fuck me and make me pregnant.”

George slowly started going back and forth. He was very erotically turned on, but was going to try and give her an orgasm before he cum. The table lamp was still on which gave quite a bit of light. He raised up just enough to look down between their bodies to see his cock come out a little and then plunge back in her. He pulled up again to see her shining juices on his shaft. She pulled him down as if she wanted his cock to be fully in her.

They laid still allowing her to squeeze his cock some more. She said, “I don’t plan to have an orgasm, so you can cum any time.”

George decided to ignore that comment and try to give her an orgasm, if he could hold off long enough. He knew that was a problem because he was so erotically turned on.

George started slow back and forth movements and she moved her butt in rhythm to his movements. George knew it usually takes longer for a lady to build up to an orgasm. It wasn’t very long before Joan started breathing slightly irregular and began softly moaning. George felt her fingers and nails dig into his back as if she wanted his cock deeper into her.

George was now grunting as he rammed forward each time. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. He could feel Joan frantically push up to him and thought she was about to have an orgasm.

Joan said as she groaned and gasped, “Faster…..faster.”

George’s cock began moving like a steam piston as he pounded his cock in her pussy. He was cumming whether or not she was cumming. He looked at her face as a wave of ecstasy crashed through her body when she had an orgasm George felt her pussy rapidly pulsate on his cock as it jerked and spurted cum in her. George was overcome with ecstasy as he loudly groaned.

When they had recovered some, George rolled off to lie by her side. Joan was still lightly moaning.

It took a little time before anyone spoke. Joan said, “I know some of your cum ran out of me on the sheet. I was so overcome with my orgasm that I didn’t have the energy to use a tissue when you pulled out. Now the sheet is wet and I’ve lost some of your sperm.”

“Wow! Forget about the wet sheet. That was fantastic! I was hoping you could have an orgasm with me.”

Joan mulled it over in her mind before she said, “That’s the best orgasm I’ve had lately. I better not tell my husband about that.”

George chuckled, “That’s the best I’ve had, too.”

Joan came back with, “I was so erotically turned on that I wasn’t even thinking about why we were in bed. Anyway, I hope your sperm does the job.”

George looked at the bedroom door, then said, “We better get up and back in the front room with John and Ginger. I groaned so loud that they probably heard me.”

They were about to get out of bed when Joan held up her hand and said, “Wait a minute, there is a ritual John and I do when we finish.. Lie on your back.”

George didn’t know what she intended to do. George laid on his back as directed with his now small flaccid cock laying flat. Joan moved down to take it in her mouth. She sucked on it and swished in around in her mouth, then sat back up.

Joan smiled as she spoke, “How did you like that?”

“That’s a great way to end it. Thanks!”

George put his shirt and shorts on while Joan slipped on a robe.

As they entered the living room, they were greeted with, “What took you so long?”

George could only respond, “Well….something like this just can’t be rushed.”

John got up to hug and kiss Joan. She hugged his neck and kept kissing him.

She said, “I love you very much. I did this for us.”

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John responded in a sweet voice, “I know that and I’m so much in love with you too.”

Ginger walked to George to kiss him, then said, “We need to go home and leave these love birds alone.

Two days later Ginger and Joan were talking on the phone. Joan suggested that she and George have another session while she was still in the fertile period. She may or may not be pregnant with just one time in bed. At least one more time would be appropriate.

That night George and Ginger went to Joan and John’s house for dinner. The dinner was over and the table was cleared away. Now it was time for Joan and George to go in the bedroom. It seemed more routine than it was last time.

Joan and George went down the hall together leaving Ginger and her son, John, sitting on the couch. George assumed he would shower in the hallway bathroom.

When Joan and George reached the master bedroom door, Joan said, “You might as well come in and use the master bedroom shower with me.”

Once inside the bedroom and the door shut, she said, “If we get in the shower together, we can start our foreplay earlier. Maybe we’ll get back in the living room sooner that way. John was wondering why it took us so long last time.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him you were a little nervous and took quite a while for you to cum. I think there is some truth to that, too. However, I think you held back to give me an orgasm. Did you?”

“Yes, I did and you seemed to enjoy it so much. I know I did.”

George and Joan stripped off and stepped in the shower together. They soaped and blended their soapy bodies together as they washed. George’s cock became very hard.

They dried off and took time to share sexy kisses.

Joan said, “I feel like I’m about ready since we had our soapy bodies together and our kisses were erotic. It shouldn’t take as long this time.”

When they got on the bed, George said, “We don’t need a sheet on us this time. Let’s leave the lamp light on again so that I can see your beauty.”

“That’s fine with me.”

George suggested, “While we’re playing around and getting in our foreplay, let’s try something new.”

“I’m game. Whatever you want to do.”

George turned around in bed and rolled her up on top of him in a six nine position.

Joan responded to this action, “So this is what you like to do. John and I like it this way, too.”

“I want to lick your pussy and ass while I look at it, if you don’t mind.”

“Good. Go ahead. I like it and it sure gets me in the mood. In the meantime, I can love your very hard cock. Just don’t cum this way because I want your cum in my pussy.”

A few minutes later, Joan said, “I think we had better turn over and you should fuck me. I want you to cum in me.”

They rolled over and George got on top. This time her pussy was so juicy that when George’s cock started probing for her hole, it didn’t take long to find it. His cock was quickly buried to the fullest. They began with a slow and erotic rhythm.

Joan softly said, “I wonder what John and Ginger are doing. I hope they don’t get too bored waiting for us to finish.”

George commented, “I don’t want to rush. I want to enjoy our time together. It will all end too soon, anyway.”

Joan softly responded, “Yes, I do enjoy our time together. You are a very good lover.”

While George and Joan was continuing with their time in bed, John and Ginger were conversing.

Ginger asked, “John, after our spouses were in bed together two day ago and you went home, did Joan tell you what they did?”

“She didn’t say too much about it, but she did say he got on top of her to cum. Also, she said she had an orgasm with him.”

Ginger pondered that, then said, “I guess that is alright. If he has one, she has the right to have one. I think they took a long time, longer than necessary. What do you think?”

“Probably so. Longer than necessary for dad to plant his seed in her.”

Ginger looked at John, “Do I see a bulge in your pants. Are you thinking about what they are doing and enjoying in there?”

“Well, I guess it does affect me some to know that Joan is having sex with Dad, but I don’t know what else to do because she needs to get pregnant.”

Ginger continued, “I noticed you look at me now and then while they are having sex. What are you thinking?”

“I can’t help it. They are enjoying sex while we sit out here. I’ve always thought you sexy looking, Mom.”

“I know you used to try to see me undressed. I always thought you were curious to see what a naked lady looked like. I’ll have to admit I purposely exposed myself to you at times.”

“You did! That’s interesting. Maybe you will let me look some more right now while we’re waiting.”

Ginger took the hint and removed her blouse and bra, then said, “How is that?”

“That’s great, mom. You still have beautiful breasts.”

“You can touch them and suck on a nipple if you want. Joan and your dad aren’t the only ones to have some fun. You and I can, too.”

John nuzzled her breasts and nibbled on both, one at a time. Then he put his hand at her crotch.

Ginger sternly said, “I don’t know if we should go that far.”

“Mom, you know what they are doing in the bedroom, so lighten up a little.”

John got up in front of his mom and unbuttoned her pants. She did not object. Then he started pulling them down her legs. She lifted her butt to let him removed both her pants and panties exposing her pubic hair.

“Mom, I’ve always wanted to see you naked. I think most boys at some time in their life want to see their mom naked and maybe fuck her.”

“I guess they do. Now that you’ve seen me naked, I should get dressed.”

“Not yet, Mom.”

John was now on his knees between her legs with her pussy exposed. He bent down and licked.

Ginger said in a demanding voice, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Mom, you know you like it. Right now your husband has his cock in another girl and you are complaining about this.”

She seemed to relax and enjoy what John was doing. She held his head at her crotch to encourage him.

John could taste her juices. She began to slightly move her butt in rhythm with his tongue.

Her breath was becoming irregular, her eyes were shut and acted as if she was in dream world. John started a more aggressive action on her clit. Her body began to shake and sexually shudder as she went through an orgasm. She became somewhat vocal and he was a little concerned she might be heard in the other room.

Her body soon became very relaxed. Before she opened her eyes and realized what was happening, John pushed her down on the couch, spread her legs and was on top of her. His cock found her juicy pussy and fully buried it in her.

‘John, John, you shouldn’t do this. I’m your mother.”

“You’re on the pill, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but…….”

Her voice trailed off as John’s cock was fucking her. She responded with her butt pushing up to him with each stroke.

Ginger emphatically said, “When you cum, don’t make too much noise.”

“Alright, mom, but can you have another orgasm this soon?”

“I think I can if you slow down and take a little more time.”

John then took long and slow strokes. He was wondering if his Dad and Joan would finish in the bedroom and come into the living room to find him fucking his mother. Right now he didn’t care. His cock was ruling his brain.

He thought he could feel his mother was well on her way to working up to another orgasm. About that time he heard noises from the bedroom. It sounded like his dad making loud noises. He was probably cumming in Joan’s pussy right at this very instant.

“Mom, do you heard Dad? And I think I hear Joan, too.”

“Yes, I can hear them. I think Joan is having an orgasm the same time your dad is having one. Go faster so we can finish.”

John started faster and more aggressive thrusts. His thoughts went to his wife in the other room. He knew her pussy was continuing to be filled because he could still hear his dad’s loud noises. That brought his orgasm on fast and his mother’s body was shuddering through her second orgasm for the evening.

John’s mom recovered fast and said, “We better get up before your dad and your wife find us like this.”

Ginger got up and headed for the hallway bathroom. John pulled his pants up and sat up just as George and Joan came out of the bedroom.

“We didn’t take as long this time,” George said, “And I gave Joan my sperm again.”

John was a little flustered by nearly getting caught fucking his mother and said, “That’s good to know. Come here Joan and give me a kiss.”

George looked around for Ginger, “Where is your mother?”

“Oh, she had to go to the bathroom. She should be out right away.”

As Joan broke a kiss with John she said, “Sorry you had to sit out here being bored. It takes a long time for your dad to cum. Maybe this second romp with your dad will get me pregnant. Although, we may do it again to make sure.”

“That’s alright, if you need another romp with dad, that will be alright with me. Mom and I will do something to pass the time while we wait for you and Dad to finish.”