Squirting…You Can Do It!

In most of my stories I mention how the women cum so hard it shoots out of their pussies. Not unlike a guy shooting ropes. It is all in the technique, and you can get there too. Whether you are a man who wants to see his lady just soak the hell out of the sheets or you’re a woman who would like to experience total indescribable bliss. Then you should read on.

A long time ago when the wife and I first started dating, almost fourteen years, we were like any other couple just starting a relationship. We would fuck our brains out every chance we got! The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room it didn’t really matter what room or what place, if we got a moment we took it. We thought our sex life was spectacular. Heck one night I remember ejaculating more than seven times. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many she had. We loved it all; oral, different positions, tie up games, fun with food, and even ventured into the swinging scene. We would read erotic novels or go on the computer to find hot stories then play out the scenes. We had tried just about anything “normal” (because normal is relative) two people could do with each other. She would give me mind blowing orgasms with her mouth, cunt, and ass. I would eat her pussy till she couldn’t take anymore. Then one day we watched a movie, I can’t really recall what one it was but anyway, in this movie it showed a technique for making the woman cum so hard that her cum would actually squirt right out of her pussy. And let me tell ya, the look on the girl’s face when she was finished cumming was remarkable. It was a look of pure satisfaction. My wife asked me if I thought we should try the procedure and I said absolutely!

Now that you know how we started with the squirting, and let me tell you it is still a regular occurrence, let me explain how it is done! A pre-step to take before trying this method. MAKE SURE YOUR WOMAN (OR YOURSELF, LADIES) TAKE A LEAK BEFORE YOU START!! YOUR BLADDER MUST BE EMPTY. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY LATER ON.

STEP 1: Make sure your woman, (or yourself, ladies) is comfortable. Maybe a little wine, soft music, or perhaps a good erotic massage, it doesn’t matter just as long as she (Or yourself, ladies) is completely relaxed.

STEP 2: Do what ever it is you usually do to make your woman (or yourself, ladies)have a nice normal orgasm.(If you have problems giving your woman a regular orgasm just skip right to STEP 4).

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STEP 3: Make sure you keep making her feel very comfortable, it is key!

STEP 4: Start licking your woman’s clit and slide two fingers deep in her cunt. If your woman has a slightly bigger box then increase the number of fingers being used.

STEP 5: Turn said fingers so that your palm is up facing you. Ladies if you are trying to do this yourself you should have your palm against your pubic bone then bend the wrist so it points away from your body. Almost like you are making a scoop.

STEP 6: Push your fingers toward the ceiling. Ladies you want to turn your wrist like you are trying to start a motorcycle.

STEP 7: Run your fingers along this “wall”, feel for a small rough area. Believe it or not it kind of feels like a walnut. She (or you) will know the spot immediately.

STEP 8: Keep rubbing, increasing the speed and pressure as you do. Don’t rub too hard or

too fast right off the start. Work up to it.

STEP 9: This is probably the most important one. When you do see your woman (or feel yourself) starting to get real excited, they might tell you to (or you might want to) stop because they feel like they are about to pee. Remind them they have no pee in their bladder (if you followed the pre-step!) and tell them to

JUST RELAX and let it GO!!!!!

STEP 10: Take cover because you are about to be showered upon. My wife has squirted over three feet in the air lying on her back!!

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, ten steps to oblivion. I forgot to mention one thing. TOWELS, TOWELS, TOWELS!! Or get a second set of sheets ready. And don’t worry about doing extra laundry, it is totally worth it.

I can’t promise this method will work for you but if you want to squirt and never have before why not give it a shot. We did and the shooting hasn’t stopped since.