Your Mom is Passed Out?

It was funny how over the summer my friends changed. With school out, the neighborhood became more important than the sports and popularity cliques, and this year it meant hanging out with Jerry Mallory more. Something I would NEVER do in school. He was a nerd and outcast, but he had his own group of weirdo gamers to hang out with, birds-of-a-feather and all that.

During the summer break, Jerry had 5 things going for him which hadn’t really mattered much before, and were now changing my opinion of him as a friend.

1) Although he lived in a different neighborhood, much more upscale, he only lived about 150 yards away, 3 blocks over. If I cut through the Davis’s side yard, and went through the alley, it was almost like we were on the same block.

2) He always had spending money. His second stepfather, though never around, was a generous old fart. Jerry had a debit card that we could run a couple of hundred dollars a week through without hearing a peep about it.

3) He had a great yard. Their pool was flanked by a long building which included the pool-house, a billiards room (with a half dozen genuine arcade machines), a completely outfitted workout room, and sauna.

And then there was the backyard eye-candy. Specifically:

4) Danielle. Jerry’s stepsister was home from college, and the first time I saw her I almost crapped my pants. Un-fucking-believable, like she’d just stepped out of the pages of Playboy. She spent most of her days out by the pool, wearing the smallest of bikinis, with an assortment of friends coming and going, and sneaking beers whenever nobody was looking. Any excuse to see the second best looking girl in the neighborhood worked for me. And if that meant weird Jerry was my new best buddy, so be it.

5) Jill. His mother, Jill, was the best-looking woman in the neighborhood. Hands down. Mrs. Mallory wasn’t always half-naked by the poolside, like the aforementioned Danielle. She was too busy watching after her 3 kids, Jerry and the step-kids who were still at home. She was occupied with clubs, causes, and all the other crap that came with being a trophy wife. She still made the occasional pool appearance, but didn’t seem to like Danielle’s crowd. If I timed it right, I could workout with her in their gym. She was fanatical about her ‘personal’ time, and spent easily two hours a day in there. Her trainer Donna, yet another hotty, was around a few times a week to keep her in line.

Getting to work out with Jerry’s mom usually required either going over early, like before 8:00am, or staying around late, around nine-ish. The morning was more interesting, since that was when she worked out with the weights. In the evening it was mostly cardio on one of the stationary bikes, but at least a couple of times a week that was followed up by a late swim. For me, that was the grand prize. Those nights she’d work out in tight shorts and a top that wasn’t much more than a sports bra, which struggled mightily to contain her bodacious knockers, especially when the big screen in front of her bike showed her climbing the steep hills. She’d rise up on the pedals, and pound away at them, her magical tits bouncing and swaying with each new stroke of her leg.

It had been about 4 weeks since school let out, and I was becoming a fixture in the Mallory household. Danielle seemed to have gotten over her condescending attitude and even remembered my name occasionally. I learned a little more about her as my constant presence was tolerated and even taken advantage of on occasion. Jerry’s Mom had ruled that Danielle and her friends were not allowed to drink at their house. Some history there I guess. One afternoon, when the backyard was unusually empty, I decided to be brave and stretched out on the recliner next to her. I had a beer with me; they didn’t seem to mind if Jerry and I had the occasional brew. Danielle looked over at me peeling off those sunglasses to give me one of her vicious condescending glares. Instead she surprised me with a little smile.

“I’m thirsty, mind if I have a sip?” she asked nodding toward my beer.

“I’ll get you one if you like.”

“No, I don’t need a whole one. We could just share yours.” She even deigned to smile at me.

I was excited to think of her lips touching the same bottle as mine. We shared two beers by the pool, and she seemed almost pleasant. A little later Jerry pulled me to the side. “Don’t let Mom or Dad catch you giving her beer. She knows she’s not allowed.”

“It’s just half a beer,” I told him.

“I’m not kidding. You’ll be cut off too.”

I took the warning to heart, and was much more aware of who was around when I offered to share my beer with Danni. Much more careful to disguise it as well. We never went through more than a couple together. She was a much nicer person with half a beer in her. Almost likable. She’d even chat with me.

Jerry’s mother grew tolerant of my constant presence. If her trainer wasn’t with her when she worked out, there was a good chance I’d be around. If she needed help with anything, I was the man. Unload the van? In a heartbeat. Anything to be in her presence.

At first she was patient with me, slowly growing more receptive to my presence. Before long she seemed to enjoy my company, and became more chatty while we worked out. Jerry wasn’t into the workouts much, even though he was the one who needed it most. On occasion he’d join us if his mother badgered him enough, but the last week or so she’d given up on him, accepting that he’d rather park himself in from of his Xbox and play with the new Kinect rather than exercise.

I wasn’t complaining, Jill, as his mother insisted I call her, was more open when he was around. The previous week I’d gotten a little more daring and climbed on the exercise bike beside hers, thinking we could have a nice extended talk, instead of the little moments between sets or when helping out. That was a lesson in humility. I might be bigger and stronger, but on the bike she ruled. I thought I had decent stamina, but half-an-hour later I was gasping.

Two days later I was up beside her again, and she gave me a quirky smile. “Back for more punishment?”

It was nice to hear her open the conversation. Initially I seemed to start every conversation. “Here for training. I’ve learned my lesson, I definitely can’t hang with you. Not yet at least.”

Her smile was magnificent. “I’ll tone it down a bit. I admit it, I was showing off a bit. Yesterday I was sore as hell.”

I lasted a little longer, maybe forty minutes before I was completely gassed. She got up and fetched us both waters from the mini-fridge, insisting I keep going, as slowly as I wanted, as long as I didn’t stop. The mirrors across the back wall of the room were a Godsend, allowing me to watch her every movement, everywhere she went. I pouted when she left for a moment, then perked up watching her every move when she returned.

I guess I was staring. She walked over to me, put a finger on my cheek and turned my head forward. “Eyes on the monitor. Pedal. Nothing to see over here.”

Nothing? Crazy woman.

I somehow stuck it out the last 10 minutes or so, and crawled off the bike, my legs shaking.

“Good job, Alex. That’s a hard course.”

“Thanks,” I groaned, “didn’t look too hard for you.”

“It’s your second day on that bike. I’ve had years.” Instead of heading out to the pool, she turned to the connecting door. “I’m gonna take a sauna. You should too; it’ll really help with the soreness.”

I sat in that steamy hot room, wearing nothing but a towel and deeply aware she was in the same boat. I kept fantasizing about Mrs. Mallory casually removing her towel and leaning back letting me ogle her magnificent tits.

Let’s face it. She had an incredible bod. Narrow waist flaring out to full hips, a bubbly round ass, with toned thighs and calves. Her legs were slender like her waist, and tanned to perfection. Moving up from the waist were two of the most audacious tits imaginable. Full and firm, they made her look top heavy, too big for that small body. Thankfully that juicy ass balanced her somewhat.

If that wasn’t enough, her face was so beautiful it could make you forget about the rest of her. A long slender nose, full but not exaggerated lips over a generous mouth, huge mesmerizing green eyes, and that sexy dark brown hair, worn shoulder length. Think Evangeline Lilly with fuller hair and a little more heart shaped face. Stunning.

We chatted about school and exercise and about summer plans, but I can’t recall any of it. I only remember sitting and staring at that evil towel enveloping her breasts, and trying my damndest to telekinetically make it open. That and hoping she didn’t notice there was huge tent action going on underneath my towel.

The next time we worked out together, she made a show of turning on the sauna even before we got on the bike. Big mistake. That left me riding with a hard-on most of the time, and I was miserable. I was sweating bullets, and constantly trying to surreptitiously adjust myself. Damn it!

She took pity on me eventually, reaching across the gap between our bikes, and resting her hand on my shoulder. “Take it easy, there’s nothing to worry about. So you’re a little excited. You’re a teenage boy. These things happen. Nobody’s around to see, right? Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

She was wrong. There was one person there to see it. And clearly she had. Still it did allow me to regain my sanity and my aching erection slowly calmed down to a simple obscene swelling.

I wondered if she’d cancel the sauna, but she seemed eager to sweat out the poisons. Of course the erection I’d finally managed to get under control on the bike was back with a vengeance. I tried to ignore it, and we were able to talk about life, dreams and aspirations, a heady conversation for somebody like me to have with a woman like that. To be honest, once I got her going, she mostly talked and I was happy to just listen. I loved her voice, her laughter, the way she moved when she spoke, how her hands gestured, everything.

I was given the task of adding water to the lava rocks. Sitting back down after the latest dousing, I planted myself a little closer. We’d started a good five feet or more apart, but after I got up each time, I tried to sit a little nearer. I now was perched with my leg up on the bench, my knee only inches from hers. I turned to her and asked her to tell me something about her favorite foods. I saw her look down below my waist, then she reached for my cock.

Oh God! It was going to happen!

I was wrong. She reached for my towel and pulled it up and over to better cover the beast down below. I realized that sitting as I was, she had a view right up my towel. With the full blown tower of my erection, the towel was not covering very much. Like I said, she pulled the towel over, and gave me a little pat. Right there. I nearly had a stroke.

She leaned forward. “It’s Ok that I make you hard. I get it. You’re a teenager. It’s even kind of cute. But I don’t need to be shown it, Ok?”

I stumbled over an apology, promising it would never happen again.

She placed her hand on my bare knee and gave me a pat. “Take it easy. We won’t make a federal case about it. You’ve got wood. Just keep it under wraps.”

She turned away from me, leaning back against the wall and breathing deeply of the steam. Her hand stayed on my knee, just resting there. Take it easy? If I wasn’t careful, I was going to blow any moment.

Somehow I survived our sauna, and in the shower, dealt with my not-so-little friend. My inspiration was waiting for me in the exercise room, and she reached out and tousled my hair. “I appreciate the company. And I’m glad you were able to take care of things.” She nodded below my waist, which no longer looked comical. “Thanks. Sometimes it’s kind of lonely around here with Bob gone all the time, my boy surgically attached to those damn games, and Danielle off to college. Occasionally I just need time with an adult.”

“You’re welcome, of course. I’m sure you know I like being around you,” I tried to be casual.

She smiled. “Yes, I can tell. There’s little doubt about that.”

I blushed, tongue-tangled, but she reached out for me again. “It’s alright. It’s nice to be wanted. It just can’t go anywhere, you understand?”

“I understand.”

But that won’t stop me from trying, I thought.

* * *

A few days later I was headed back over to Jerry’s after checking in at home. I ate dinner over at his house several times a week, but tonight was some kind of spinach cannoli, so I went with my fallback plan and let my family know I was still alive, and had Mom cook me up a burger.

Full, if not satisfied, (if you get my drift), I had gym shorts and a t-shirt on, ready for a workout and a swim later. I let myself in the back way, and headed for the game room where Jerry was parked most of the time I wasn’t there. I’d taken a quick glance at the backyard, but it looked like Danielle and her crowd were out somewhere. Too bad. She was always good for fueling a few of my late night fantasies.

I grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and then it was up the stairs to spend a couple of mindless hours gaming before my planned workout session.

I didn’t recognize the current game and with the headphones on Jerry couldn’t hear me come in or ask what he was playing. I had to step in front of him to get his attention.

“What’s the new game?” I asked him after he cursed me for getting him killed.

“Child of Eden. It’s really pretty incredible,” he answered, looking like he’d just run a marathon. Of course that’s how he looked after he’d walked up the stairs. He really needed to be joining us in the workout room, but who was I to pressure him?

He showed me the game but it looked kind of faggy, so we fell back on the old standby, Call of Duty: Black Ops, which I have to admit, he was pretty kick-ass playing. An hour later I was peeking out the back window to see if the exercise room light would come on.

“If you plan on working out, you’re on your own tonight. Mom’s out of it,” he said when he caught me looking out the window.

“What, is Bob in town? Did they go out or something?”

“Hell no. Bob’s still somewhere in Taiwan, I think. Supposed to be back this week, but who knows? She just had one of those days,” he explained while lighting up some noob’s ass for about the 20th time in a row.

“What’s ‘one of those days?’ A time of the month thing?”

“Jesus, Alex! She’s my mom, I don’t even want to think about that.”

“Well, what is it?” I kept insisting.

“You know. She gets all freaked out about her life and stuff. Pops a few Valium, has a couple of drinks, and then passes out for a while. Last Christmas she didn’t wake up for an entire day – I thought we’d have to take her to the hospital. When she starts drinking the Vodka, it’s a dead giveaway.”

Hospital? Jill?

“You’re Mom’s passed out? Don’t you think we should go check on her?”

“What for? It’s not the first time. It won’t be the last. Sometimes she just needs to kind of escape, I guess.”

I heckled him into looking in on her and followed him to her room. Sure enough, she was in the bed, arms akimbo, mouth open and snoring. He turned on the light without a care for her. Not a single sign of movement.

Jill was lying there, dead to the world, the covers thrown off and just a sheet covering her. One bare leg was sticking out, and I fantasized about where that thigh might lead, just under the cream colored 800-count cotton sheets.

“She’s really out of it, isn’t she?” I whispered.

He laughed. “You don’t have to whisper, an earthquake wouldn’t wake her up. WOULD IT MOM?” he practically shouted.

Didn’t get the least reaction.

“Damn!” I told him approaching the bed. “You aren’t kidding.” I reached out and shook her leg, my fingers tingling where I touched her smooth skin. “Mrs. Mallory, are you Ok? Do you need anything?.”

“Forget about it. A few months back she didn’t even make it to the bed and ended up in the middle of the floor all night long. The maid screamed and thought she was dead. It took us ten minutes to get her back in the bed, and she never snapped out of it.”

My mind was working overtime, and my thoughts were probably the same ones you’d have in my shoes. “Do you think she’s naked under there?”

“No way,” he said. “She’s pretty careful to stay covered up at all times. This is definitely a ‘no nudity’ house. Anytime Danni gets even a little out of line, Mom sets her straight. Only the bathing suits get a little leeway. She’s probably wearing a nightgown or shorts or something.

I moved a little higher up the bed, and grabbed the sheet that was the only thing between me and visual Nirvana.

“What are you doing, Alex?”

“Just taking a peek.” I explained as I slid the sheet aside, exposing Jill in all her glorious MILFishness. Naked. 100%. Not a stitch on her. Score one for Aleximus Magnus. Called that one!

“Fuck!” Jerry cried out taking a step back. “She’s naked!”

“Yes she is. Sweet, huh?”

“Cover her up. What if someone comes in here?”

“Like who?” I asked while my gaze took in those fabulous tits which had bewitched me night after night from behind her workout top.

“I don’t know, somebody,” he whined.

I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my hand on her smooth belly. “Jill?”

“Come on, I told you that won’t do anything? Let’s get out of here.”

“Where is everyone, anyway?” I asked, as my hand caressed her soft curves.

“Shit, I don’t know! Danielle’s at her friend Caitlyn’s for the weekend. The monsters are with their mother until next Friday. Bob’s in fucking Asia somewhere.”

“So we’re alone in this house, right. Pretty good deal, huh? Who’s going to walk in?” I lifted my hand off Jill’s stomach, and placed it on her tit, feeling its warmth and fullness, giving it a good squeeze. Nothing but gentle open mouthed snoring in response.

“Damn it, Alex! She’s my Mom. Have some respect.”

Hell, I never thought he had it in him to speak back to me. I knew what I was going to do, and it was best if he was a willing participant. I fondled her fabulous tit, while thinking. Then it came to me.

I got up, and Jerry thanked me for coming to my senses. Way too soon. I went to her dresser and started going through the drawers, quickly finding what I was looking for. A nice sheer nighty.

“God, what are you doing now?” Jerry asked, literally wringing his hands. I didn’t think people really did that.

I placed the wispy material over his mother’s face. Then I stood back and admired my handiwork.

“What’s that about?” Jerry asked.

“Look at her now. Just look at her from the neck down.” I waved my arm across her body, for emphasis. “That’s not your mother anymore. That’s a beautiful, naked woman who’s just invited you to do anything you want with her body. Anything. Look at that.”

I think it was working. He’d stopped his hand wringing and was staring at his Mom’s boobs. Good choice. Definitely worth staring at. I pushed him over next to the bed, grabbed his hand and put it on her nearest tit. He pulled back for a moment, then reached out on his own. He seemed to get the idea and I saw his hand was moving, squeezing it just a bit.

“See? That could be anybody. Taylor maybe, or Maddy Thomas. Except this body is even better than theirs.”

“Linda?” he said softly. I assumed he was talking about the Linda that was a frequent pool-guest friend of his step-sister.

“Yeah, Linda. With bigger tits. Naked and begging for it. Anybody.”

“Danielle?” he asked, his hand tugging on her nipple.

“Fuck yeah, it’s definitely Danielle. Haughty, snooty, bitchy Danielle, unconscious and daring you to do something about it. Are you man enough to give Danielle what she so badly needs? Are you, Jer?”

He reached out with both hands and grabbed his Mom’s breasts, squeezing. “Turn down the lights,” he said.

Fuckin’ A.

I got up and went to the wall switch, pulling the slider downward until the overhead was barely lit. He had a good idea there. You could still see her pretty well, but the lighting wasn’t as harsh and all revealing. The dim lights of a strip club. Where sin is King. And for tonight, Jill Mallory was Queen.

I went and pulled the covers and sheets completely off the bed. Yeah, that was better. Jesus, she had a hot body for an older woman. “How old’s your Mom, Jerry?”


“34? Are you kidding me, she’d have to have been, what…”

“16 when she had me. And stop reminding me it’s my Mom.”

“Fine. How old is Danielle?”

“Twenty, I think. Yeah, twenty since March.”

“That looks about right then. That’s the smokin’ body of a 20 year old if I ever saw one.”

Jerry wasn’t paying any more attention to me. It was obvious he was a breast man, and he had his Mom’s nipple in his mouth, suckling like a newborn.

I laid down on the other side of her, and took her other tit under control. She had more than enough to share. Her nipple fit my mouth nicely. Plus my hands were free to explore her body. Soon they were exploring that warm place between her legs.

I know, it might seem kind of weird, two guys just a couple of inches apart, working over a girl’s tits. Kind of gay, maybe. It wasn’t. We were building a camaraderie. Sharing. It was pretty cool, even. Her tits were simply incredible, and Jerry was obviously content as hell.

Me? There was something else I wanted to suck on.

I grabbed Jill’s legs and pulled them roughly across the bed diagonally, giving us plenty of room to work, and sort of daring her to respond. She started to turn on her side a bit; she might be unconscious, but she wasn’t dead. I just waited for her to finish, then put her back onto her back, and spread her legs. She had a small tuft of fur above her pussy, easily an inch within her tan lines. I moved closer for a better look, and her smell hit me like a schoolyard bully. It literally knocked me back for a second, then I moved back in, inhaling deeply. Damn, that was one intoxicating scent. A grown woman’s pussy. And not just any grown woman, Jill Mallory, the MILF to end all MILFs.

I opened her legs wider, and licked my first kitty.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a virgin or anything. Of course not. Fat chance. I’d fucked a lot of girls. Five, now that I think about it, but I wouldn’t normally count Cheryl, since she’s big, and I was drunk, and I don’t remember shit about it. But she remembered enough to fucking follow me around like a stray dog for the better part of a semester.

And there were three more that gave me hand jobs. Eight women altogether, seven if I don’t count chubba. Four of them gave me blow jobs. Well, four that at least had their mouth on my cock at some time. Jenna finished me, and even swallowed. Yep, every drop. No wonder Jenna was my all-time favorite.

Until now.

So like I said, I’ve been around. But I never had a completely naked woman in front of me, and never had my mouth anywhere near their twat.

But thanks to Mrs. Mallory that was changing.

As I licked my first pussy, I realized my cock was aching. I was still fully dressed. No sense in that. I quickly stood up and stripped naked, putting Jill and me on equal terms.

Ol’ Jerry was too busy chowing down on his Mom’s tits to notice or comment on it.

“Danni’s got some sweet ass tits, doesn’t she?” I teased.

He actually pulled away for a second and I could see his Mom’s nipples were hard and red. “Big ass tits. All real,” he said smiling.

“Sweet, hot pussy too. Tasty twenty-year-old pussy, barely legal.” I told him, putting up my hand for a high five. He didn’t hesitate to give me closure.

“You know we’re going to fuck Danielle’s ditzy blond brains out tonight, don’t you?”

A look of concern crossed his face. “No, really? We don’t have to take it that far.”

“We’re going to fuck Danielle so hard she’ll feel it for a week. Every time you look at her she’ll grab her crotch, remembering what we did to her.”

“Fuck Danielle,” he moaned, then went back to town on those tits.

I, on the other hand, went back to learning everything I could about a woman’s pussy. Jill was a hell of a teacher, never complaining if I made a mistake, and allowing me near infinite leeway.

After licking her and sucking on her nether-lips, I tried to find out how far up inside her my tongue would go. Far enough to hurt my jaw after a while. I loved the way she tasted and smelled, and couldn’t get enough of her. I moved my head back enough to lose the shadows and opened her up, taking in the spongy pinkness inside her, which sucked my finger in with the greatest of ease. The folds of skin at the top, when pried apart, exposed that most elusive of treasures I’d heard so much about. A little pink nub, not much bigger than a pencil eraser, that I could tease and push around with my tongue.

Every once in a while she’d move her hips or adjust herself, and the first couple of times I almost had a heart attack. But Jerry was right. It was purely instinct; she was out cold. It made me more daring, squeezing two, three, even four fingers inside of her. Four was tough, and she squirmed a little too much, making a groaning noise. I was afraid I was hurting her, and there was no telling if that might wake her up, so I settled for three, reaching in and feeling around, getting the lay of the land, so to speak.

Jill might have been unconscious, but her pussy wasn’t and it started to leak a sticky, sweet juice, making the access for my three fingers that much easier. She was enjoying it, even if she didn’t know it. Yeah. I was good. Was there ever any doubt about it? Jill was definitely going to find out.

“Jerry, bro. You gotta get some of this. Danni’s cunt is as sweet as maple syrup, and she’s begging you to take a taste, first hand.”

“No shit?”

“No shit man. Sweet and wet and begging for it! You gotta make Danni squirm on your tongue.”

Jerry relinquished his vice grips on his mother’s abused tits, and climbed off the bed. “Dude, you’re naked.”

“And you should be too. It’s hard to fuck your bitchy-but-hot step-sister with your pants on, bro.”

I wasn’t going to wait for him to make up his mind. There were tits waiting for me. Big, round, soft naked tits. With huge pink mounds bigger than silver dollars, and nipples almost the size of a cork popping up and begging for my lovin’.

I didn’t let them down, sucking and chewing on those babies, trying my damndest to get them to relinquish their sweet juice. I quickly found out you could pull those nipples a good three or four inches straight up, making her titties stretch out, and her nips only got harder. She grunted a couple of times when I maybe pulled too hard, but it was hard to tell. Maybe she just liked it.

I had an idea, and like Mr. Mitchell says, the best time to act on an idea is right when you have it. Good advice. Probably the only thing I ever learned in Biology. Let’s face it. Jill Mallory was a hell of a better Biology teacher.

Her nightstand was closest, so I started there, but no luck. I went around the bed, walking past Jerry’s naked legs and stocking’d feet, and tried the other side.


Some sex toys, lubes and even a blister pack of yellow pills in a sealed pack of 4, make that 3, one was missing. Actually two were missing a few seconds later after I helped myself to one. I figured at home, with my handy KY and a roll of paper towels (I like Bounty for their softness), I was good for 2-3 pops in an evening. But with an opportunity like this, I was going to go for an all-time record. Yee-ha.

The lube was a big bottle, practically full, and even had a pump on top, like liquid soap. The label said Maximus. It was like a little message from God. Yep, this one was for me. Alexis Maximus, King of the Bed.

Back to those tits, waiting ever so patiently.

My cock had been hard for at least a half-hour, and I thought it was time I did something about it. Three squirts of that pump down the valley of joy between Jill’s magnificent mammaries (and Miss Jenkins thought my writing ‘lacked description’!) and another pump down the length of ‘John Henry’, and I was ready to go.

I laid my cock down between Jill’s tits, and pressed those beauties together. Fucking amazing. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Straddling her chest, I worked my cock up and down that slippery channel, watching my proud purple warrior peek out near her neck, time after time. I couldn’t stand that her pretty face was covered, so I tossed the nighty aside, and looked at her gorgeous kisser. I imagined her tilting her head forward, sticking out her tongue, reaching for my hard cock at the end of each stroke.

“Fuck me.”

In my imagination it was Jill waking up and insisting on a more direct approach. Unfortunately, it was just Jerry standing by the side of the bed, still wearing his tighty-whities, and watching me tit-fuck his incredible Mom.

“Nice, huh? You gotta have some serious ta-tas to make this work. This babe sure has them, huh?”

“Fucking amazing,” he said softly, his hand inside his shorts. Not something I really needed to see at that moment.

“I’m going to fuck ‘Danni’s’ tits raw, then come all over her uppity face. See if I can’t squirt some of my juice into her hot mouth,” I grunted, fucking those titties hard enough to rock the bed.

“Fuck,” was Jerry’s brief answer.

I didn’t need his encouragement. Her tits felt amazing. I kind of wished I had a set of dual ended close pins I could attach one end to each swollen nipple, holding those big fat boobs together. I played with holding one nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and the other between my pinky and ring fever, but no matter how hard I tried to squeeze, one boob or the other would eventually pop free.

No, I found the best way was just to grab them both by the side and smoosh them together, trying to get the nipples to touch. A couple of minutes more of that action, along with an added squirt of lube, and I could feel my need peaking.

I held out as long as I could, and at the last possible moment I pulled free, kneeled upright and painted that gorgeous face like Picasso. I was coming like a fire hose. Ok, it felt like a fire hose, the output might have been more in line with that pump lube. Half a dozen streaks of cum across her face, and I was gasping for air.

Damn! Jill Mallory was wearing my cum like a champ. I couldn’t let this opportunity go. I went for my pants and found my cell-phone. Thank you Steve Jobs. A little while later I had a dozen or more pictures to last me a lifetime.

“Shit, Alex. Don’t do that,” Jerry whined.

“Don’t worry about it. Nobody but me will ever see these. It would be a crime not to record some of this.”

“If those ever get out…”

“I’d be an idiot. Ruin the best thing that ever happened to me. Happened to us? I’m not going to fuck this up. Think I want to jeopardize being around for the next time “Danielle” needs some loving? Or the next time. Or the next?”

“Next time?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just enjoy the moment dude. Enjoy the moment. There’s a sexy naked woman in front of you, and you’ve got to carpe diem.”

Putting the camera phone aside, I sat down near Jill’s head, and reached out to her face. My cum was dripping down her cheeks; no need for that.

I scooped up a stream of cum, pulled her chin down to open her mouth, and slid my finger between her lips.

Apparently, Jerry didn’t like that idea. “Don’t. Not like that.”

“Relax. She likes it, watch her suck my finger.”

It took a minute or so, but I had her face almost completely clean. And Jerry gave up on his whining for the moment. I closed her mouth for her, imagining her savoring my taste.

A quick step into the bathroom and I had a clean moist facecloth I used to clean her up a bit. I guess some guys like a messy woman, but she was just too beautiful to sully. Long dark hair, perfect little nose, big green eyes, which unfortunately I couldn’t see at the moment.

Plus, I was doing a Jerry a favor, cleaning up her breasts. I figured he’d be back on those any minute, and he didn’t need to be playing in my juices. Not cool.

After cleaning her face, I had to study it. So fucking pretty. And that hot mouth. Perfect mouth. God, I wanted that mouth.

I tilted her head to the side, and once again pulled her chin down. A perfect match. My cock slid between her lips, brushing against those perfectly aligned teeth which could smile so prettily. I could push in a couple of inches before I hit the back. Good enough for me.

I stroked her soft hair, while I let her suck me. Alright, suck may not be the right word, but my cock was in her mouth, and I was loving it. It only took a few moment for me to be as hard as ever, sliding in and out between those sexy lips.

Jerry had laid down next to her, opposite me, and was just caressing her, touching her, kissing her skin. When he saw what I was up to, he had to intercede again.

“Please Alex. Leave her face and mouth alone, Ok? You have her whole body to play with right?”

“Right. You want her to yourself. You want to fuck Danni’s face yourself.”

His voice was soft. “It’s not Danielle, it’s my Mom. You don’t have to do that to her.”

He was wrong. I did have to do that. I couldn’t stop myself.

A few times it felt like she was getting into it. Maybe it was my imagination, but for a while I know I felt suction. Even unconscious, she was a sex goddess. Looking to my side, Jerry’s head was laying on his mother’s chest, eyes tightly closed, a nipple between his lips, while he sucked away. If he kept it up, she was going to have hickeys.

I stroked my cock with my hand, while I fed it to her. “Like that, baby? Like my big cock in your saucy, hot mouth. Yeah, I know you do. Suck me. Suck me just like that. You know you’ve always wanted to.”

No doubt about it. She wanted me.

I guess I fucked her face a little too hard. She gagged and coughed, and when I quickly pulled out she turned away, back in snoozeville, after one last little cough. I froze. Had I gone too far? I watched her intently, but that little moment of semi-consciousness was over.

That was Ok. Her mouth was great, but something even better awaited.

I moved down between her legs, and opened them wide. She’d been pretty juicy when I’d had my face down there earlier. Shouldn’t be a problem.

I thought better of my actions and got the lube, just to be safe. A couple of pumps later and I was slippery as sin. I opened her up with my fingers, and guided the head between her dark lips, into that great pink unknown.

I wanted to savor every moment of this. Nudging my cock back and forth, spreading her legs as wide as I could, watching the slow progress, feeling her tightness around my cockhead, both fighting and welcoming me. A couple of inches into her, the pressure on the head eased and I gave a slow push, forcing half my length into her tight pussy.

Old Jerry just couldn’t let be. “Be gentle with her, Ok?”

I wanted to slap him. Tell him to man up and grow a set. But then I remembered it WAS his Mom. Who the hell knows what it’d be like if it was my Mom. Eeeew. “I’ll take good care of her. She’s precious.”

I pulled back and shoved harder, until I was buried to the root. Damn! The woman had pushed a kid out of that slot, and I felt like she could snap my cock off with one good squeeze. She was at least as tight as any girl I’d ever done, except maybe Traci, who I couldn’t even really get it into. It was like somebody had glued that teaser’s twat shut. I did fit the head all the way in with her, and she let me rub my cock against it until I came, so I still counted her among the five.

Six, now.

Jill was so much better. She had experience. She was beautiful. She didn’t complain or judge me, and I was betting she wouldn’t be bitching if I didn’t call her the next day. Such a sweet little pussy on such a perfect woman.

I tried a few different leg positions, and found that putting her ankles over my shoulders, and leaning forward offered the best solution. It kept her tight and accessible. And I could real pound into her.

I don’t know if it was the pill or the situation, or even who I was with, but I felt harder and bigger than I ever had in my life. It’s like my cock was a titanium rod. I’m pretty good sized to start with. I’ve measured myself at a little over 7 glorious inches, but I swear, looking down at that fat shaft disappearing into my dream woman, it looked like it was a fucking full 9 inches, and so thick it drew her lips after it on each outstroke. I was an animal, a fucking porn God, at least for the night.

Casino Sensual Massage London

I tore my eyes off of where I was putting it to her long enough to check out what silent Jerry was up to. He was still lying sideways on the bed, and I could see he’d covered up his mother’s face again. He was facing me, and alternating licks and sucks on his Mom’s poor abused titties. I bet they’d be sore in the morning. Or afternoon, whenever she woke up.

He was definitely watching me, and if I do say so, I was putting on a hell of a show.

I pulled her legs off my shoulders, grabbed behind her knees and pushed her legs back almost to her tits. Nice and flexible for an older woman. All that Pilates shit. I leaned over Jill, sweet loving Jill, and gave her what she needed. I pounded that pussy. As out of it as she was, it sounded like she whimpered. Sweet.

“I’m fucking her, Jerry. I’m fucking the shit out of Danni. She’s amazing, absolutely fucking amazing.”

“Don’t hurt her,” he said cautiously.

“Hurt her? I’d never hurt her. I love her, Jerry. I love her so damned much. I should fucking die right now. I’ll never be this happy or feel this good again.”

I eased off and long stroked her. “She loves it too. Look at that pussy, clinging to my cock. Look how wet it is. She’s getting off on this. She needs this. She needs a big fat cock like mine.”

The need to come swept over me like a tidal wave, unexpected and huge. I let go of her legs, leaned over and sank my cock as far into her as I could, unloading a steamy torrent of juice. I looked up to see how she was taking it, peering over Jerry’s voyeuristic head. Jill’s face was tilted to the side. She looked like she was biting her lower lip. Was she enjoying this, somewhere deep down in her subconscious, which was alive to everything I did to her? I sensed I was getting to her.

No doubt I was in heaven. Jill’s personal slice of heaven, she kept hidden away behind those sexy gym shorts and bikini bottoms. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair to the world that she should have this goldmine, this diamond strike, this magical gift, and only old Bob should get to mine it.

I didn’t get soft. I couldn’t, not while I was still inside my Jill. Jill Mallory. Stunning Jill Mallory. I leaned back, pushing my knees in beside her hips, and slowly stroked in and out of her mind-numbing source of joy.

I reached down and touched her, sliding my thumb over her puffy mounds, opening her up, exposing her tender little love button. I slid my thumb inside her pussy, above my cock, reveling in her wetness. She may not know what was going on consciously, but her sweet pussy sure as hell did. Pulling out my thumb, I rubbed her clit, varying the pressure, rubbing little circles, checking to see how her pussy responded for me.

I was sure I felt her tightening, clutching my cock with her moist folds. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to stay hard for her, and I wanted to play a different way.

“Watch out, Jerry. I’m going to turn her over.”

“Maybe we should give it a break.”

“Break? You haven’t even fucked her yet. You have to try this. I’m telling you man, she’s the greatest. You know I’ve fucked a lot of women and nothing compares to this. She’s hot, and wet, and begging for it.”

“She’s out cold, dude,” he said, snappishly.

“I’m telling you her body isn’t. It responds to everything I do. I’m going to fuck her until she comes.”

“She can’t come. She’s unconscious.”

“Whatever. I’m turning her over. Move.”

I stacked a couple of pillows around her waist level, then eased her over on to her front. She shifted position a couple of times, but I stayed with it until I had her where I wanted her, on her belly and her incredible ass exposed to me for the first time. God, what an ass! Round and smooth, raised up and ready.

With his personal playground buried in the covers, Jerry was at a loss for what to do.

“Put your dick in her mouth bro. Close your eyes, and fuck her sweet mouth. Just don’t push to hard, Ok?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“C’mon! It’s Danni’s big mouth. Remember all her snide remarks, her mean comments. It’s time to shut her up. Fill her mouth. Do it!”

He still seemed a bit reluctant, but he moved up the bed to her face, pulled his cock out of his jockeys, and eased the head into her mouth.

“Oh, God!” he moaned, moving his hips and fucking his mom’s slack mouth. I barely had time to get between her legs and worship that holy temple that was her perfect ass, before he was groaning.

“Take it, Danni,” he groaned behind eyes clenched shut. “Fuck!” I looked up to see him hunched over and holding her head while his ass twitched and he unloaded in her mouth.

I held my breath to see what would happen, but she barely moved. He slid his cock back and forth between her lips. “Oh, God. Swallow it. Swallow it Danni.”

“Pull out and hold her mouth closed.” I told him, before allowing myself the chance to lick her puckered little asshole. I squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them, then pushed the tip of my tongue into her, feeling her tightness slightly give, allowing me just a bit of entrance.

Everything about her was so perfect. Her tits, her pussy, her amazing ass.

I searched out my trusty lube, and greased up my pole, sliding it back where it belonged. Now and for always. With my cock buried in my dream woman to the hilt, I poured a stream of lube down her crack, and started my journey of exploration into her forbidden back door.

“I bet Bob doesn’t get to play here,” I murmured as my slippery finger slid into her warm butt-hole.

I’m not ignorant. I’ve read a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of porn. I know there’s a lot of guys out there who love the Hershey highway, but there was no way I was pulling my cock out of her pussy for anything less than Armageddon.

But I wanted to own her. Ever single inch of her golden perfection. The pale skin where her bathing suit blocked out the sun was a gift from God, and not one to be taken lightly. This special treasure, between her cheeks, hidden from all but me and her unworthy husband and ex’s. Fuck them. It was mine now. And that most private, most taboo of all openings, was giving way to two of my fingers.

I loved the look of her ass spreading, the feel of her tightness, but it felt awkward. I pulled out and inserted just my thumb. Right to the hilt. Damn, it felt so right, so utterly perfect. That was it.

Jerry was lying next to his Mom. He’d worked an arm under her, and was cuddling up to her, hugging her, kissing her shoulder. It looked like maybe he was crying. What the fuck was up with that?

“That’s cool, dude. Show her you love her.”

“Shut up,” he growled.

Whatever. I just closed my eyes and slid my love shaft in and out of the most perfect woman in the world. My thumb in her butt, by fingers splayed across the top of her ass, I felt joined to her in a special way. With my other hand I caressed her soft skin, from her waist to her thighs, over and over.

I was on automatic now, back and forth, just enjoying being in her. I zoned out, oblivious to all but the sensation surrounding my cock. I could fuck her forever. I could fuck her until she woke up and begged me not to stop. I could fuck my beautiful Jill until Danielle walked in on us and begged for a turn of her own. Fat chance.

I was Jill’s and Jill was mine.

At some point I realized Jerry left us. His loss. I was tiring a bit, but not enough to stop. Hell no. I pulled out and gently maneuvered her body around, putting her on her side, looking for a nice comfortable position for the long haul. My cock felt great. Indefatigable. Ready and eager for more. I’d never felt like this. Not even close. I was Superman with a cock of steel.

I worked my way through a couple of positions, including another brief face fuck, and eventually found what I’d been looking for. With both of us on our sides, her bottom leg aimed forward, her upper leg thrown over mine, I could enter her easily and fully, and with only the slightest of effort, fuck that sublime well of joy.

It meant stretching out almost perpendicular to her, losing contact with most of her body, but the real contact, the contact that mattered, was astounding. I made her as comfortable as I could. I lubed up thoroughly, and kept the pump handy. Inserting myself as deeply as possible, I leaned back and closed my eyes again.

My attention narrowed, focusing on one thing and one thing only. I became nothing more than my cock, every nerve tingling, aware of nothing but being inside of her. Then even that started to waver, and I was one with her.

The urge to come came upon me, and I didn’t fight it. But it was different, not as painfully intense. It was good, and right, but it was a slow cresting, not an explosion. And the drop-off was non-existent. I might have softened a bit, but not enough to notice, and soon I was filling her completely again, as thick as ever.

If it got to be a little uncomfortable, I’d apply more lube in mid-stroke. Squirt – stroke – squirt – stroke, until it was smooth and easy again. If I felt the need to come, I did, then went back to easy stroking, until my full firmness returned. It was surreal. I lost count of how many times I came. I lost track of everything.

Still, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to make love to Jill. I wanted to stretch out over her, feel her tits against my chest. I wanted to kiss her while I made sweet, beautiful love to her.

I pulled out, cuddled up to her back and held her. “I want to make love to you Jill.” I kissed her neck and shoulders, gently caressing her breasts. I got up to prepare her for our lovemaking, unable to fathom how it had come to this.

Looking down at her miraculous body, I flashed on all I’d done with her already. It was already the greatest night of my life, and I wanted to immortalize it. I retrieved my camera and took some pictures of her in her current position. She was like a big rag doll to me, and I moved her around, positioned her however I wanted.

It was a little tiring but worth it. I got it all. Picture of me in her mouth. Jill, on her belly, ass raised. Close-ups of her pussy and ass. A nice little vid of me lubing up her asshole, and my fingers opening her up.

A little lube and some quick strokes of my hand, and I was hard enough to film my cock entering her. Filling her completely. The camera distracted me and I spent longer fucking my sweetheart from behind than I had planned; I really wanted to make love to her.

Back on her side, leg lifted high, pussy exposed for the camera. Entering her again. And again. Finally onto her back, my cock between her tits, where it had all began. So amazing. So utterly perfect.

Putting my camera-phone away, I gently eased my love onto her back, positioning her carefully. I got a new washcloth and wiped her down, cleaning up her sticky pussy, her greasy ass, wiping her face clean where I could see dried lines of cum had leaked out of her mouth.

No, that wouldn’t do.

Her hair was a tangled mess, so I took my time and brushed it out. I don’t know a lot about makeup, but I did my utmost to help her look her best for our REAL first time. I wanted it to be special. A little lipstick, some eye shadow, some blush. Nothing too crazy, just enough to show that it mattered.

While I was working on her, I covered her up with a sheet so she wouldn’t get cold. She seemed to appreciate it, and she pulled it across her body, turning sideways a bit.

I felt grimy, so I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth using her tooth brush. The pink one had to be hers. I even borrowed a razor and shaved. I didn’t want any stubble to mar our perfect moment. Brushing my hair back, I looked at myself in the mirror. Looking good. No wonder she wanted me.

I retrieved the razor and shaving cream, and uncovered her waist so I could clean her up. She had a little stubble, and I wanted her smooth and ready. While I was there, I trimmed her bush back a little, down to a tiny triangle, pointing its way to where perfection awaited. A little lotion, a little cool cloth, and she was ready.

It was back to the bathroom where I cleaned up. I didn’t want her to think I was a slob. She deserved better. So very much better.

Satisfied with my work, I returned to our bedroom, and saw that the sky was lightening. How long had I been making love to my goddess? How much longer did I have?

I slowly peeled back the covers, so I could see the splendor of her body as if for the first time. Still nothing but perfection. I was so lucky.

The camera came back out and I took some pictures of her, for us to share someday. Our first lovemaking. I got her beautifully made up face. Her amazing tits, a little reddened, but none the worse for wear and tear. I photo’d her nearly clean shaven pubis, and opened her legs a bit to capture some shots that would be for nobody but us. I reached between her legs, and tugged on her hidden lips a bit, neatening up her pussy, making it as beautiful as possible. Then I put it on record and slowly panned every inch of her miraculous body. My body. Our body.

I spread her legs so I could kneel between them, and stretched out over her, my face over hers. Caressing her soft hair, I lowered my lips until they touched hers for our first kiss. I licked her lips, felt the hardness of her teeth, and pried them open with my unrelenting tongue. We kissed deeply, my tongue over and under hers, searching out every little bit of her magical mouth. The mouth that would give me untold pleasure in the future.

I explored her, moving all over her body, examining, tasting, smelling every nook and cranny, each and every millimeter of exposed skin. From her hairline to the sweet little toes, manicured and painted to perfection. No bright red harlot paint, or childish bright colors, but a muted red, highlighting her perfection.

Did I mention she was perfect?

I got my lube back out and gently squirted some directly inside of her. I carefully worked my fingers in and prepared her for our ultimate joining.

My cock was warming to the thought of having her and it was thickening. I knew what I needed to get completely ready for her. Kneeling beside her head, I opened her warm generous mouth and eased my cockhead between her lips.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle this time, love.”

She sucked me. Absolutely without a doubt. I released her chin and her mouth stayed wrapped around my shaft. I felt her tongue rubbing against my cockhead. She wanted me hard. She wanted me at my best. I caressed her lovingly, feeding her just a couple of inches, backing away as I stiffened between her lovely painted lips. I could feel she didn’t want to stop, but I hushed her.

“Plenty of time for that later, love. I have to have you now.”

Her lips reluctantly released me, her mouth staying open as if begging for more. I kissed her instead, as I climbed over her and moved between her long smooth legs.

I lubed up my cock thoroughly. She had to be a little sore and worn out after the pounding I’d given her earlier. Now it would be different. A merging of our bodies and souls.

I guided the head between her lips, and nudged my way in. Securely in place, I stretched out over her, kissing her face, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks her chin. I settled my mouth over hers. Her mouth opened for me, and I breathed “Now,” into her.

My cock slid in as if it were made for that singular purpose. A perfect fit. I was rock hard, full, thick and long, and yet, I could slide into her to the very base, filling her completely, feeling the slightest nudge as I bottomed out inside of her.

“I love you Jill,” I told her. “I’m sorry I might have been rough earlier. You were just too damn much after all this time. So beautiful, so perfect, and finally mine.” I eased my cock in and out of her, long smooth strokes, begging forgiveness with my steely shaft. “Forgive me.”

She turned her head a bit and it looked like she smiled. All was right in the world.

Good thing I’d been working out. Holding myself over her eventually sapped my reserves, and I lowered my body onto hers, bringing my hands up under her shoulders and holding her, my weight on my elbows. I felt her leg move, and her foot rose up and hooked around my calf. She wanted more.

I was willing and ready. I picked up my pace, showering kisses down upon her, while my hard cock strove to please her. Faster and deeper, grinding down into her, she turned her head from side to side, the passion building in her.

It was building in me as well, just as rapidly. “I love you Jill. I love you so much,” I groaned as I filled her again, thrusting deeply, erupting into her womb.

My heart was a sledgehammer beating in my chest, as I continued pushing into her, fucking my dream woman. Long after I was done shooting into her, I kept sliding back and forth, my hardness slowly waning, until I could stay inside her no longer. Sadly, my cock had reached its limit and failed me. As tired as I was, I didn’t want to leave her that way. I found another face cloth and cleaned her up, as well as myself.

I climbed into our bed, pulled her arm across my chest and her leg over my thigh. She snuggled closer and I knew everything would be Ok. I covered us with a sheet and lay back. Closing my eyes I could still picture everything about her. I could feel her breath on my shoulder, so I turned to her and gave her one last kiss.

* * *

I could feel the bright, warm light on my face, and I turned to reach out for my love, but felt nothing but the smooth sheets. I turned to look and saw emptiness. Like that in my heart.

“So you are alive. Had a little fun at my expense last night did we?”

I blinked and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I turned toward the voice. She was there, wearing a silken cream robe.

“Good morning,” I croaked through parched lips.

“You little fucker. Give me one good reason I shouldn’t call the cops right now.”

I was a little disoriented and could feel the soreness all over my body. I sat up and gazed on her incredible beauty. She looked mad, but it only made her that more desirable.

“I love you Jill.”

“Yeah. I gathered that. Over and over from the feel of it. Did you have a party? Did you and your friends gang rape me?”

I reached out for her and saw her draw back. “No. It wasn’t like that. It was just us, you and me. You were incredible.”

“I was unconscious you immoral fuck.”

“You were perfect. So perfect.”

“Just you? Why do I feel like I’ve had a steel wool pad shoved up my cunt and sandpaper used on my chest.”

“You were insatiable. It was amazing. You were amazing.”

“Amazing! I was passed out!”

“No. Maybe at the beginning, you were sleepy, but you were so good, so loving. Your mouth was so incredible.”

“My mouth tasted like someone had used it for a toilet.”

I slid out from under the covers and went to her.

“Oh my God! Are you still hard?”

I took her hand in mind, while she stared at me as if we’d never met. “It’s still me. Come back to bed, and let me tell you what it was like. What you were like. So perfect.” I tugged on her hand and she pulled away.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? I’m supposed to get in bed with my rapist?”

“Don’t say that. I love you. Come to bed with me, let me show you.”

“You’re insane. I couldn’t make love now, I can barely walk.”

“Come to bed. Let me hold you. Come. Lay down next to me while I tell you everything.” I had both her hands now and was drawing her forward.

She was relenting. She loved me. I knew it.

“Just relax here with me. I know you must be sore and tired.” I laid back down and pulled her to me.

She wasn’t ready yet. She stayed a few inches away. “Ok, start explaining. Everything.”

I pulled at the cord around her waist, and she pushed my hand away. Twice. The third time it started to come undone.

“Explain? You wanted me. I wanted you. I loved you from the first time I saw you. The most beautiful woman in the city. Fate drew us together.”

She closed her eyes. “Love? Alex, I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“You were meant for me. When I saw you lying in this bed, naked, vulnerable, waiting, I knew what you wanted. What you needed. You couldn’t just come out and say it. You’re married. I understand. So you gave yourself to me.”

“Jesus. You are really screwed up, aren’t you.”

With the belt loose, I pulled open her robe, exposing her breasts to my yearning eyes. Just as I remembered, so absolutely delicious. She pulled her robe close, but I kept tugging at it until she finally relented.

“I understand. You prepared yourself, you made yourself as beautiful as you could, removing your makeup, stripping down to your flawless skin.”

“Flawless? Have you even seen me? I have crow’s feet. Stretch marks. My tits are sagging. I’m getting gray hairs.”

I opened her robe, and she didn’t stop me this time. “Beauty marks, one and all. Experience etched into the marble of your exquisiteness.”

“So that’s your explanation? I wanted it?”

“You needed it. I understood. You surrendered completely and totally, taking the burden of responsibility off of your satiny shoulders and placing it on mine. I accepted it with pleasure.” I reached out for her and ran my hand down her side. Her silken smooth side.

“That’s it?”

“Jill, lovely Jill. I love the way your name sounds. We were flirting, you wanted more, but couldn’t, I understand. You’re married, and your son is my friend. It’s complicated. So you waited until you knew I’d be coming over. You know how much I love working out with you. What you do to me. What those saunas are like. So you waited. You made sure everybody was out of the house, except Jerry of course, since it wouldn’t be right for me to come over if you were alone, would it?”

“Of course not,” she said.

“You know that your pills and vodka leave you helpless. You made sure that Jerry knew you were taking them, you stripped naked, which you never do, got under a fresh new set of sheets, and waited for the inevitable.”

“You know, this is a sick fantasy you’re concocting,” she said.

“Jill, you wanted me as much as I wanted you. But you couldn’t do anything overt about it. You were hoping I could. And I did.”

“Yes you did. You abused my poor entire body. And where was Jerry during my rape? Where is he now, for that matter?”

I didn’t know how much I could tell her. Her son had been fantasizing about his step-sister. Silly, stupid boy. “He was with us at the beginning, but he didn’t have you. And he left before we made love.”

“He abandoned me to you?”

“I think he understood what was happening. He doesn’t feel like I do. He didn’t want to do more than hold you and feel your breasts. He was like a little boy. He doesn’t want you sexually. I hate to say it, and can no way understand it. It’s Danielle he fantasizes about.”

She shook her head. “I guess that part is almost reasonable. She’s a walking wet-dream.”

“A weak imitiation. A shadow. A dim one at that, compared to you.” My hand had wandered down to her hips, caressing her, my fingers sliding across her alabaster ass.

“Stop that,” she said, pushing my hand away. She only pushed it down to her thigh, allowing me to push her robe back, exposing her completely. Sublime.

“He held you, and asked me to be gentle. He kissed you and sucked on your tits like it was his sole purpose in life. When I was kissing you, and licking you, when we were sharing your tits, it was ok. But when he saw me between your legs, taking you, I guess it was too much for him.”

I saw she was looking at my hardness, and I felt the stiffening grow, until my cock was standing straight out, the same marble shaft of the night before.

“You were so amazing. We fit together so perfectly. A matched pair.”

“It doesn’t feel like we fit. It feels like you stretched me out to make it fit. Did you fuck my ass? I’m so sore back there. I can’t believe you’d do that.”

“No! Did I caress it, love it? Did I taste it? Did I slid my finger into it’s brown ripeness? Yes, I’ll confess to that. There’s not a place on your body I don’t know better than mine. But I wouldn’t violate you like that.”

“Like that? Oh, I understand now. You’d violate me every other way. I know I tasted cum in my mouth this morning.”

“You were magnificent. You sucked me so nicely, so easily.”

“You are a sick little pervert,” she said, the words striking like blows.

“I love you.”

“And what about this?” she asked, pointing below her waist to the triangle of hair.

“You had some stubble, so I cleaned it up. I confess to going a little too far. I’ll always ask in the future.”

“The future! You’re future is to be dating a guy named Bubba behind bars.”

“Our future.” I pulled her closer. She pushed back for a while, but succumbed to the inevitable.

“Alex. You raped me. You fucked my unconscious body to ruin. I’m sore in places I didn’t know I had.”

“I know it was excessive. I couldn’t help myself once I was inside you. There was no way possible for me not to make love to you.”

“That wasn’t love.”

“No. Not at first. It was lust. Pure unadulterated lust. To have the embodiment of perfection in your grasp, and not to take it. It’s too sad to comprehend.” I was holding her breast now, and her hand was on mine.

“Don’t, they’re really sore.”

I leaned forward and kissed them, one at a time. I licked her poor sore nipples, sucking gently while they hardened.

“Stop that. We’re talking,” she said, brushing back my hair.

“We can talk whenever you want. I need you now.” I reached for her hand and placed it on my cock.

She squeezed it gently, then stroked it. “Shit. No wonder I’m sore, if that beast was inside of me. How many times?”

“Times? I couldn’t count if I tried. Eight? Ten? I lost track of how long I was inside you, maybe six or seven hours.”

“Hours?” she gasped. “Oh my God! I’m ruined!”

“Never. You were meant to have me inside you.”

“Nobody was meant to do it for six or seven hours. In a month, maybe. Maybe. When they’re your age.”

Her hand was still holding me, stroking me.

“You’ve concocted quite a scenario for why this happened, haven’t you? You make me out to be some devious, conniving whore.”

I pressed my finger to her lips. “Shhh. Not even in jest. You’re lonely. Unappreciated. You’re at your prime, and your husband has one foot in the grave, and is never around. Your step-daughter is out there living the life you never could have, she’s a spoiled, carefree college co-ed. You were pregnant at 15, burdened with the responsibility of a child in high-school. You never had your time for wildness. Smart but uneducated, beautiful but saddled with a son, always responsible for others, but no time for yourself. It’s your time.”

She shook her head. “It’s not like that. I wanted Jerry.”

“Of course you did. You always did your best for him. Even this marriage. Now he can afford any college, go anywhere, do anything.”

“Fuck you. I’m not a gold-digger,” she said, pushing me away.

“No, but you’re a mother and a realist. You didn’t go after Bob, he came after you. You just didn’t run too hard.”

“I’m not a cheater. I’m not a slut. I’ve only had three men in my life, and I was married to all three,” she explained.

I reached for her shoulder, and eased the robe off of her. Then I pulled her close, her leg on mine, her breasts, those hypnotic orbs, pressed against my chest.

“Of course not. You are loyal to a fault. Your husband is overseas pounding it into every girl who’s willing, and you wait for him. You do without. You raise his children.”

“You don’t know he’s doing that,” she argued.

I kissed her. She started angry, then eased into it. Her body felt so good underneath my hands. “Don’t be silly, you know what’s going on,” I told her when we stopped.

“You couldn’t make a move, no matter how much you wanted, nor how obviously I wanted you. I understand. You knew if I made a move on you, you’d have to shoot me down. And after our sauna experience, it was easy to see that moment was coming on soon. So you took a huge gamble. Thank you for presenting the opportunity and trusting me to make the right choice.”

“Trusting you? I. Was. Unconscious. Completely out of it. So you found me naked. You could have been gentle. You could have taken your joy and explored my body, without leaving me practically an invalid. My pussy could have been enough for you, you didn’t have to fuck my mouth, and abuse my ass. Fine. You could have fucked me. Maybe even two or three times. But this? I trusted you and that’s what I got?”

She sounding like she was still trying to justify her actions.

“You trusted me to make the decision to have you. I couldn’t choose any other way.”

She buried her head in my shoulder. I could feel the tears on my shoulder. “I really hurt, Alex. You abused my body badly. Why couldn’t you just have loved me?”

“You still have no idea what you do to me. I’ve been with other women. One and done. Never like this. Nothing ever to compare this to. You couldn’t have known. I couldn’t have known.”

“I don’t understand. Once you’d had me, couldn’t you have just left it at that. Our little secret. Every so often I might pass out, and you might find me and have your way? Maybe I ‘kind of’ pass out, not totally out of it? Neither of our faults. Too much temptation for you, no control for me?”

She was sitting up, talking seriously, no longer accusing irrationally. Her hand had gravitated to my cock and she was stroking it. It felt incredible, but she was right. I had overdone it and I was sore. She looked shocked when I extracted myself from her grip, and got up. I was back beside her in a few moments, squirting our favorite lube onto my cock.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she practically shrieked.

I kissed her again, and pulled her hand down to my hardness, where she took control.

“I’m not kidding. I love you. And I want you in a way that’s totally incomprehensible to me. Last night, after I’d already had you three times, for at least a couple of hours, I got us comfortable and still couldn’t believe it was like I hadn’t even started yet. You were on your side, the outline of your curves, your narrow waist, full hips absolutely mind-numbing. I took you from behind, and stayed inside you until nearly dawn. I came so many times I couldn’t count. And I just stayed hard inside you. I added lube whenever we needed it. I only stopped when I needed to make love to you face to face.”

“That’s not possible. Nobody does that.”

“You do that to me. You can’t understand. I can’t.”

My hand was between us, and I was stroking my finger into her. “You’re wet.”

“God, I can’t. Don’t ask me to. I’m too sore.”

I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. “I need you, Jill. Like I need oxygen. Please don’t say no.”

“Alex, I don’t know if I can.”

“Try. That’s all I’m asking.”

I lined my cock up with her, and nudged the head in.

“God, please be gentle. You’re too big.”

“No. I’m the perfect size for you. Just relax and let me in. You’re in control now, take only what you can.”

“I’ll need more lube,” she whispered.

The bottle was at hand. She sat up and moved back away from my cock. I took her hand and squirted some into it, then slathered a few more pumps on my cock. She winced as she parted her lips and worked some of the lube inside of her.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

She raised herself up and placed the head of my cock at her opening. She took a deep breath, and lowered herself, just a bit. “Oh shit,” she groaned.

I watched as she worked her way up and down those first few inches, then pushed downward, taking most of my length. “It’s too much, you’re too big.”

“God, you’re beautiful,” I answered. “If that’s all you can take for now, that’s still amazing.”

She put her hands on my chest, raised up a bit then pushed down hard, taking my entire length. “Christ, that hurts!” she groaned. I could see moisture in her eyes. She was trying so hard.

I pulled her down to me, her huge breasts pressed against my chest. Her lips sought out mine and we kissed. The passion was undeniable. I moved my hips slowly, creating that incredible motion I needed so badly.

“Gentle, please,” she sighed.

“This is all I need.” I wrapped my arms around her and held her. I was fucking my goddess and she was giving me everything she had and more. Suffering for my need.

Still, I could feel her responding, moaning softly, no longer feeling pain but pleasure. I moved my hands down to her incomparable ass cheeks and held her tightly, raising her up as I pulled out, then pushing her down on the in stroke.

She groaned, but pushed back with me, taking it all, deeper and deeper.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. I’ll try to be more careful in the future,” I assured her.

She giggled, surprising me. “What, you’re going to limit it to just three or four hours in the future?”

“If that’s what you want. And I’ll leave your poor little backdoor alone.”

She reached behind her and pulled my hand off her butt cheek, guiding it between them. I was a little shocked when she pushed my finger into her ass. “Let me decide if I want that left alone.”

Our kiss grew more passionate as our pace picked up. I was fucking her now, long smooth strokes, faster and more insistent. My middle finger was two knuckles deep inside of her rear, and I could feel her clenching around it.

“God,” she groaned, biting my shoulder, “it’s never been like this.”

“Except for last night,” I reminded her.

“I’ll have to take your word on that.”

“Are you ready for more?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said with only the slightest hesitation.

I pulled my finger out of her, and lifted her hips higher. Without further warning I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. She took it quietly, moaning softly, at first. Then I could feel her tensing.

“Oh there, right there, that’s it, Alex. Don’t stop. God, don’t stop.”

She still didn’t understand. I couldn’t stop if I wanted. It was strenuous and my lower back and abs hurt, but I pounded her relentlessly.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come for you,” she moaned.

I hammered her, my cock an unstoppable piston.

She kissed me briefly, then lowered her head to my shoulder. Her fingers were digging into my arms painfully. “Ahhhh,” she cried out, then sank her teeth into me so hard I was sure she drew blood. Still I didn’t stop.

Her entire body tensed up and her legs straightened spasmodically. I lifted her by the hips so I could still slam up into her with my full length. Her feet hammered at my legs, her toenails scratching. It seemed to go on forever, and was so beautiful, all that’d I’d wanted from her the night before.

Then I felt her collapse on me, gasping for breath. “No more,” she managed to breath.

I slowed down, caressing her body, kissing her face, rubbing her butt cheeks where I’d clenched them so tightly.

I felt her pull her head back quickly, gasping.

“Oh no! Look what I did to you!” I turned to her and saw that her face was smeared with my blood.

I held her hips and slid in and out the best I could.

“Stop that!” she barked, pushing down hard with her hips. “I hurt you.”

“You can’t hurt me,” I teased.

“I’m serious now; you’re bleeding badly.”

I looked down as well as I could and saw the flow of blood. Not all that bad really.

She jumped out of our bed and returned with a moist facecloth, and pressed it down. “Hold that while I get a bandage.”

I sat up and waited for her to return with a first aid kit. She insisted on treating me, applying some Neosporin, then taping some bandages over it. She sat back and observed her work, then looked down and gasped.

“Jesus! Doesn’t that thing ever go down?”

“With you available, naked and willing? I don’t know yet.”

She had wiped the blood off of her chin and cheek. “I didn’t even know I’d done that.” She leaned in and kissed me. “This isn’t good Alex. I didn’t think it would be like this. Could be like this. We’re both out of control.”

I kissed her back, then leaned down for a quick taste of her tits. “We’ll learn control, from each other.”

“If we don’t die first,” she muttered.

“A thousand little deaths for you, my love.”

“Jesus, you are one crazy fuck.”

“I love you too.”

She just stared at me in wonder.

“Is it still terribly sore down there?” I asked.

“Not so bad right now. I shudder to think what it’ll be like tomorrow.”

“Pass me the lube, love?” I asked her.

She laughed almost hysterically. When she calmed down she pushed me back onto the bed. “Not yet, cowboy. It’s time for you to get a feel for my mouth, when I have some control over it.”

She was right. It was better. Definitely better. Immeasurably so. I got a nice long show, and she demonstrated her incredible talent. She even had me on the edge of coming, but pulled back at the last moment.

“Show me what it was like last night. When you stayed inside me for hours.”

How could I deny her? I would never deny her anything.

I placed her in position, and she made my cock nice and slippery for her. Then I was back inside of her, and it was heaven all over again.

“Oh Jill. I wish you could know what this is like. Being inside of you.”

“Show me, lover.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back, taking her gently. For several long minutes we were quiet as our joining continued.

“It’s nice,” she finally whispered softly.

“It’s perfect. Just relax, and let me have you.”

She seemed to be doing just that. “You were right, Alex. I could do this forever. It’s so nice, so good.”

I stroked her hip with my hand, continuing the penetration, endlessly fucking my dream. “I’m going to come now,” I told her.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed.

I didn’t change anything, the slow methodical screwing never changing. But now I felt the throbbing of my cock as I released stream after stream into her. I felt that hint of softening I had the night before, but fucked my way through it, until I was regaining my full hardness.

“I can feel it. Feel you hardening again. It’s like that? Just going on and on, filling me with your juices whenever you feel the need?”

“I never want to stop.”

“Don’t. Love me like this.”

I think she was falling asleep she was so quiet. I was halfway there myself, my body on autopilot, the need to come inside of her slowly building again. Time had no meaning, and I didn’t care. I was in my love. And she loved it and wanted me there.

“Fuck, Alex! Leave her alone already. What the fuck are you doing? She could wake up anytime.”

The words shocked me to my senses. Jerry was standing there, awkwardly holding a baseball bat. I was more than a little surprised, but my hips argued to continue.

“God Damn it! Stop. She’s my mother. Get off her now. Don’t make me use this,” he was nearly screaming, but stopped abruptly when his mother raised up on an elbow.

“Shhh, calm down baby, it’s Ok,” she said softly reaching down and patting my leg to stop.

I pushed deep into her, and held myself there, cautiously waiting to see the fallout.

Jerry dropped the bat. He hung his head and started crying. “I’m sorry Mom. I’m sorry.”

“Come here baby,” she motioned to him, and he marched to her like a zombie.

“Lay down with me, Jerry. Hold your mother.”

He was sobbing, and crawled onto the bed and into her arms. “Shhh, it’s Ok. It’s Ok dear. It’s not your fault.”

“Mom!” The anguish in his cry was heart wrenching.

She scooted up the bed, almost dislodging me, but I followed, moving quickly and pushing her up the bed with my cock in her. When she stopped moving, her hand caressed my leg, and I felt her pushing against me. I gave her what she needed, my full length, in and out, possessing her.

“It’s Ok, baby. Momma’s Ok. None of us could have known,” she told him. I was raised up on one elbow watching as she guided his head to her breasts.

Jerry turned his head and took her nipple into his mouth. Jill stroked his hair, calming him. “That’s nice, baby. I like that. Love your momma.”

“I love you Mom. I didn’t mean any of it to happen. I’m so sorry.”

“I know. I love you too. More than you can know.”

She leaned back twisting her torso sideways, and her boy followed, fondling her tits, sucking on her hard nipples. She still had her upper leg over mine, and she tugged with her heel, encouraging me.

I leaned back and concentrated on that feeling, fucking her, watching her with her son. Her eyes were closed, and she was cuddling him, encouraging him. I fucked her harder, feeling her body rock against me.

“Mmm. Not like that Alex. Like before.”

I couldn’t say no, even though I wanted to rise up and pound her senseless. I settled back down, found the motion I was looking for, and concentrated on pleasuring us both. She tapped me on the head, and I looked up. She was holding the lube out for me.

I pulled out most of the way, and gave it a few more pumps, and soon was gliding in her effortlessly. That perfect rhythm resumed and I was in the zone.

I was in a trance, fucking mindlessly, when she moaned. “A little harder, baby, Momma’s gonna come for her boys.”

I couldn’t be certain who she was speaking to but the words ignited me, reaching deep down into my balls. I fucked her harder, longer full strokes, and felt my own urge cresting.

“You’re so big now, so hard, Alex. Are you going to come for me?”

“I have to,” I told her.

“Come. Come in me. Fill me again. I’m so close.”

I grabbed her hip and thrust mightily. Hard and fast, I fucked her, while her son played with her incredible tits. “Suck it now baby, suck it hard… harder,” she gasped.

It was too much and I erupted inside of her, coming hard. I slammed my dick as far as I could, almost viciously.

She cried out, “Yes!” and I felt her tight pussy clenching at my cock while she came for me. She reached down and gently pushed Jerry away. “Easy baby. Momma’s tender right now.”

My cock was done. It had wilted down to nothingness, and popped out of her. I crawled up the bed and held her.

She kissed me on the forehead. “I did it. It’s finally down.”

“You did.” I leaned up and kissed her lips.

“You didn’t mind…” she nodded toward her son who was still gripping her breast, his head resting on her arm.

“Whatever you want, I want for you,” I assured her.

“It wasn’t like that, I just didn’t want to see him so sad.”

I reached for her available breast and gently massaged it. “I didn’t mind. It was kind of nice.”

She smiled and tousled his hair. “We need to get him a girl. Poor thing. Danielle maybe?”

“That would be nice but not likely,” I told her.

“We’ll see.” She sighed then pushed us both away. “Alright. Enough’s enough. Momma’s sore over every inch of her body, and I’m starving. Let’s all get cleaned up, and not a word about what you bad boys did outside of this room. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” we answered in chorus.

“I’m gonna take a long hot bath, and I imagine your family’s probably wondering about you, Alex.”

She was right. I was probably in deep shit. She laughed when she saw the look on my face. “It’s Ok. If you need me to, I’ll talk to them.”

I laughed. “And say what?”

She giggled. “I’ll be creative. Jerry, I think it’s time we got you working out too. If you want to have a chance with Danielle, we’re going to have to clean up your act.”


“Yes. Now off with you both. Wait! Give me a kiss before you go.”

I waited my turn and got a very nice kiss for my patience. “Alright, get going Ok? Momma needs some privacy.”

I found my clothes and quickly got dressed while the love of my life disappeared into her bathroom. I didn’t know what I was going to tell my parents. Anything but the truth, I guessed. They’d never believe that, anyway. Hell, I didn’t.