My feet left a trail of wet footprints across the bedroom floor, as I hurried through the room to turn up the television, stopping only to snatch up my silk bathrobe from the bed as I passed. I had been showering in my on suite bathroom, listening to the nights soaps through the open door, when they had been interrupted suddenly by an urgent local broadcast that I now hastened to listen to.

As I approached the screen, its image switched from that of a young reporter, to a map of the state, and an area outlined in red at its centre I quickly recognized was indicating a town less than twenty miles from my own home. I pressed the up volume, and then stepped back from the television to sit on the edge of my bed.

“…authorities have said that the increase in seismic activity is unlikely to result in a major earthquake, however minor tremors are likely to occur throughout the night. Despite these reassurances to the public however, local residents are advised to take reasonable precautions.”

“Wonderful.” I muttered sarcastically, knowing that meant hours locked in a concrete cube.

It was not that I would usually have minded. Earthquakes are just a part of life where we live. In fact over the years, our family had enjoyed quite a few fun times enduring only minor earthquakes in the reinforced confines of our bathroom. What with board games, playing cards and charades the kids had even looked forward to taking refuge when they had been younger, much like during power-cuts. It’s just that tonight I had been looking forward to an early night. “Sophie…where is your brother?” I called down the hallway to my daughter, resigning myself to giving up a night of self-pampering and maybe a little indulgent fun with a plastic friend.

“I don’t know Mum, in the bathroom I think.”

“Tell him to hurry up please, we need the bathroom. I just have to dress and…” Suddenly, as though preempting my words, the ground heaved, as a tremor shook the house. “Tell him we are coming in…there’s going to be a quake tonight.” Hastily, I grabbed the survival bag which was always stashed under the bed for such emergencies, and headed to the wardrobe for my clothes.

Gathering everything into my arms, I turned quickly – dashing from the bedroom, along the hallway towards the bathroom, even as a second, stronger tremor hit. Staggering slightly, I collided lightly with the wall, before regaining my balance. Ahead of me, Sophie stood at the entrance to the bathroom, knocking on the door and calling impatiently through to her brother.

“Come on James…Mum said to hurry, can’t you feel the quake?”

I heard a muffled voice inside, and then the door opened and Sophie barged her way in. Hot on her steps, I entered the room and dropped the bundle of clothing and supplies on the floor. I caught a glimpse of James, standing in our old Victorian bath holding a towel at his waist.

“Come on James, pull the plug please and hop out.” I turned and closed the door, ensuring all the safety bolts were securely in place.

“You could have waited a minute.” He protested mildly, as I turned back from locking the door. I couldn’t help but smile at his modest embarrassment.

“You know the drill James. Lock down from the second the quake starts…Besides your sister and I have seen it all before.” I grinned teasingly. “Come on, jump out and put your robe on.” I crossed the room to pull the glass shield over the bathroom window and secure it in place. Glancing at Sophie, I could see that she was already pulling the over pads – cushioned panels which covered the sink and toilet, preventing injury from collision with them, from the storage cupboard.

Behind me, James was still moaning about having only just soaped up.

“Well you’re just going to have to towel it off.” I replied sternly, turning to face him and approaching the bath. “Come on, plug out…you know that water in the bath is a hazard…” As I spoke I leaned into the bath, grasping the chain and pulling the plug myself, but before I could finish my sentence, the ground beneath us shook again and the lights in the bathroom flickered.

Caught off guard, the sudden upheaval plunged me forward, and instinctively I reached out. My grip closed on the wet flesh of James’ wrist, but he was also reeling backwards. His free hand shot up, searching in vain for support. Instead he found the thin fabric of my night gown, and he continued to fall back until he collided with the rubber tiles of the wall. I felt the night gown stretch and then rip, but not before his weight, adding to my momentum, dragged me towards him.

One moment, I had been standing on the floor of the bathroom, the next I was perched precariously on the high rim of the bath, my shins aching from the impact with the hard edge. Struggling to regain my balance, I could see James performing an odd dance as he tried to keep his footing on the slippery surface.

Again the floor reared, and with a squeal of protest I heard his feet lose their battle for traction. Above us, the lights flickered again and abruptly gave out, plunging the room into darkness. Disorientated, I thrust my legs outwards, reaching desperately for the floor but found only thin air. Meanwhile, James had slipped to the bottom of the bath, groaning as he impacted and sending a shower of water into the air. Immediately, I felt my own body in motion, jerked from its unsteady position as I too fell.

Landing heavily on top of my son, I felt my stomach impact with his raised knees, driving the wind from my lungs in a single pained gasp, yet his legs yielded to my weight and parted as I slid down between them, forcing them flat as I splashed into the shallow water that remained. Fighting to regain my breath, I heard my daughter’s fearful voice in the darkness,

“Mom…James…Are you two ok?”

“I’m ok honey,” I managed, “James…?”

“Er…Yeah I’m ok I guess,” he grunted from beneath me. There was an odd tone to his voice that I couldn’t quite place, but as I lay there in the darkness for a few seconds, trying to get my breath, I suddenly became aware that my shredded nightgown had fallen away, leaving my naked body beneath exposed. To make matters worse, I realised that I could feel the flaccid length of James’ penis pressing against my bare skin. As though he had read my mind, James’ voice echoed my thoughts in the darkness.

“Er…Mom, I think I lost my towel…”

“Really,” I replied caustically, “you think so!” I tried to move, but found that the steep smooth sides of the old Victorian bath afforded no traction whatsoever. Lying on my front, my arms were pinned beneath me by the weight of my body, and by James’ legs to either side. Arching my back, I attempted to wriggle upright, but the attempt was futile, and I was conscious of my heavy breasts swaying against my son’s torso.

I gave up, trying instead to push with my knees in an effort to lift myself from him, but my legs just slipped in the bath, the momentum shifting me further down his body and knotting our limbs more tightly together.

“Here, let me try.” James said, sensing my struggle. Lying on his back in the bottom of the tub, he was just able to reach the rim of the bath with his finger tips, but his grip slipped on the wet surface with the weight of my body pinning him down. Behind me, my legs were curling against the far side of our slippery prison forcing the weight of my upper body down onto him, and his efforts caused me to slip further still down his body. Suddenly I sensed his manhood rising from the darkness to meet my face, and I felt his pubes brush against my chin.

“Stop it James.” I blurted in panic, turning my head quickly, unable to move my arms to fend off the unwanted intrusion. Fortunately, he gave up the attempt, and in doing so, his body slipped back away from my face, until my head rested on his stomach.

Trapped, we lay there for a few moments, breathing heavily as the ground continued to shudder beneath us. Behind me, the plug hole gurgled as the last of the bathwater drained away, and as I considered the chain of events that had led to this moment, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, we are in a pickle now.” I exclaimed jokingly. The humour was short lived however. James had gone strangely quiet, and with horror, I realized why.

My son had long ago reached the age of sexual curiosity; I had found a number of magazines of girls in various stages of undress in his room at one time or another. At eighteen, I was certain he was still a virgin – so it was not surprising then that he might find this situation strangely erotic…What red-blooded male wouldn’t, I mean its not even as if I was an unattractive mum. Still in my thirties, my body was as trim as it had ever been. I am lucky enough to have been blessed with a slender, size 8 body that I know has turned a few heads over the years. My husband claims I have the tightest, little round bottom in the world, and the firmest 36DD tits too, which my son was just discovering at that very moment. Nestled within the cleft of my ample bosom, his cock twitched and I felt it begin to harden, until the swollen head of his manhood emerged from the tight confines of my cleavage.

As the ground continued to shake, I could feel the length of his shaft vibrate back and forth between my wet globes, and through the dark I could hear my son breathing in shallow gasps. I dared not move, for fear of worsening the situation. Usually, tremors would last no more than a few minutes at a time and silently I prayed we were nearing the end of this one. Especially as I realized that, despite myself, I was starting to find the circumstances slighlty arousing.

Outside of the bathtub, I could hear my daughter fumbling around.

“Sophie…What are you doing?” I called to my daughter.

“I’m looking for the safety bag, so I can get the flashlight.” She replied from beside me.

“Just give me a hand out honey…We’re stuck.” I pleaded desperately, but without being aware of the true gravity of our situation, she continued to search the floor beside the tub.

“One sec Mum…It’ll be easier with light and I think I’ve found it.”

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Even as she spoke, I could feel my sons cock was slipping with increasing ease between the fleshy mounds of my breasts, and I suspected that its passage was being facilitated by the lubricating effects of pre-cum. Attempting to move only increased the pressure on his hard shaft; and besides that, further enhanced my own arousal as my increasingly sensitive nipples brushed his groin. I opened my mouth frantically, to demand my daughter’s help but even as I did so, I felt the head of his prick swell, and his body tense beneath me. With his engorged cock lodged firmly between my tits, and the head protruding from my tight cleavage, I felt every spasm, as my son started to ejaculate. With a sharp intake of breath he discharged his hot cum onto my skin, the first deposit blasting into my open mouth, before running down my face. Instinctively I swallowed as the warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I closed my mouth quickly, and lay motionless in stunned disbelief, unable to comprehend what had just taken place. Beneath me James mumbled something which sounded like an apology.

At that moment, a light flicked on, and my daughters head appeared over the bath tub. In the beam of the flashlight, she took in the sight before her, but unable to see her brothers cum smeared over our bodies, she laughed at our awkward predicament. The tremor seemed to be abating, and in moments would stop altogether, a fact that I was grateful for, since my sons erection had not entirely deflated, and would surely return in its full glory if my cum splattered tits continued to stroke it much longer. Gathering my senses, I tilted my head back until my gaze met that of my son. His face betrayed the feelings of shame and guilt that he was obviously experiencing, and despite the salty taste of his cum in my mouth, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him – after all, it was hardly his fault. If I was to be completely honest, I was almost flattered that James could consider me in a sexual way and there was no doubt that I had found it strangely erotic myself – although it was not an experience I was eager to repeat. I smiled up at him reassuringly.

“Don’t worry about it James,” I said comfortingly, “Lets just get out of here and dry up…Sophie, how about a hand please!”

My daughter managed to stop her giggling long enough to stand up and take hold of me, forcing her hand into the gap between my breast and upper arm, to grasp beneath my armpit. Unable to pull my full dead weight from on top of James, she did manage to raise my chest sufficiently, so that I could wriggle one arm from beneath me. Twisting my body awkwardly, I pushed down onto my sons exposed thigh inches from his cock, eliciting what I assumed to be a groan of pain from him, and gradually our limbs separated and I was able to roll over on top of him. I was conscious of the fact that the struggle had left us in an even more compromising position. With my back to him, and one arm supporting myself on his chest, his cock was now pressed into the soft flesh of my ass cheeks, dangerously close to the entrance that had given birth to him all those years ago. The fact that James had stopped moaning about the assault on his body and had frozen stiff told me that he was also aware of this. I found myself wondering if it was horror that caused him to fall silent, or something else. Fleetingly, I recalled his stiff prick buried between my tits, emptying his seed onto my body, and I realized with impulsive appall that I could feel a warm heat building between my legs.

Shocked and ashamed of my private thoughts, I was suddenly very eager to put some distance between us. Fortunately, I was nearly home free, all that remained was for me to draw up my legs, twist around, search for a foothold and have my daughter pull me from the bath, nevertheless I couldn’t deny the strong feelings of arousal that were ebbing through my body. As I clasped my daughters hand and she pulled me forward, my feet found purchase on the floor of the bath, one between James’ legs and the other under his armpit. With my legs wide apart, straddling the length of his upper body, I knew from his position that he would be able to look straight up at my crotch and clearly see my pink lips nestled within a dark mound of trimmed pubic hair. I had never been shy around my children, but the thought of such intimate scrutiny would certainly have embarrassed me before today. Now though, I felt guilty to admit it excited me, and as I stood over him, leaning forward from the waist and stretching out my free hand to balance myself on the baths rim, I glanced down to see his eyes locked on my moistening pussy, and his cock rising to attention. Of course, what had taken place so far, I could dismiss as harmless. Unfortunately, nature is riddled with ironies it seems.

At that moment, the tectonic plates floating on the magma mantel miles beneath our feet, collided with violent force, and the earth shuddered with the impact. The resulting upheaval was twice as large as any we had endured that day, and the force tore my hand from my daughters grasp and sent her sprawling across the room, flashlight sailing into the air, even as it wrenched my legs from underneath me and dropped me like a sack of dirty laundry onto my son.

For several seconds, James and I were bounced around the bathtub like a pair of slippers in a washing machine. Disorientated and shaken, I realized that I had landed on James, facing him and sitting upright. He was beneath me, but had managed to hoist himself upright also, and with my legs wrapped around his waist holding us together, my tits bounced uncontrollably in his face. The flashlight skittered across the floor, flashing its beam wildly around the walls until it winked out, casting the room into renewed darkness, just as the glass window shattered loudly behind the protective shutter. Behind me, I felt the taps dig into the flesh of my shoulder, and I recoiled sharply from the sudden pain, propelling myself against James. At that moment, the main quake subsided, almost as abruptly as it hit, and the initial violent heaving of the ground gave way to steady undulating vibrations, as the secondary waves rippled from the epicenter.

“Mum…You’ve got to let me go!” I heard him say, over the deep agonized rumble outside, but I clung to him tightly. Outside the protective confines of our reinforced bathroom, an earthquake was unleashing its full might on our town. Inside the shielded refuge, rubber dampeners eased the assault, and over the years our shelter had proved its effectiveness for keeping our family from harm, nevertheless, when James spoke, I assumed the panicked edge to his voice was a reaction to the beast outside.

“It’ll be ok…” I reassured them both loudly. “At least we can’t damage each other if we’re stuck together.” I added quietly to my son.

“Its not that I’m afraid of Mum, you don’t understand, you have to let me go.” His voice was urgent now, and suddenly, I did understand. In the few seconds that had passed since falling onto my son, I had been aware of his hard hip bone, intermittently prodding my upper thigh at the base of my ass. Distracted I had paid it little heed, but now I realized it was not in fact his hip bone.

What I could feel was his cock, fully erect and directly beneath me, nudging against my flesh as it sought out the path of least resistance. Slipping into the cleft between my ass cheeks, it bumped and prodded its way down my crack until coming to rest briefly at the entrance to my asshole. For a moment, I thought it might penetrate as it stabbed persistently at the tight opening and dismayed, I tried to pull back. It was too late though, the movement succeeded only in dislodging his cock from my ass but as I fell back into his lap I felt his swollen member plunge into the soft folds of my vagina. My eyes widened in horror as I clamped my legs tighter around my sons waist in a last ditch attempt to prevent myself from sliding down his hard prick. Gravity it seems had other ideas, and without resistance from my already moist opening, his fat head thrust easily inside, impaling me on his thick shaft.

Unable to help myself, a groan of pleasure escaped my lips. With my husband away, it had been weeks since I had seen any action. James misinterpreted the sound negatively however.

“I’m so sorry mum.” he said meekly, and for once in my life, I was utterly speechless. Tonight had seen a chain of events spiraling out of control. So many incalculably small odds had conspired to see me here, in a position that I would never in a million years have anticipated being in – a position no mother should ever be in. Yet here I was, crotch to crotch with my son, his cock filling my pussy, and all manner of thoughts whirling through my head like a hurricane. But the most shocking thing of all, the thing that I kept coming back to, over and over in my mind, was one single terrifying thought that kept nudging its way into the centre of my consciousness. A tiny little thought that kept my body frozen inertly when I should have been struggling like a crazed woman – earthquake or not, to dislodge my sons member from my body. A thought repeating itself with increasing vehemence…’God it feels so good!’

Motionless, I remained straddling my son, struggling with my inner turmoil. Across the room I could hear Sophie fumbling in the darkness and a new fear crept into my mind. I knew she would be searching for the flashlight. As if the situation was not bad enough, I could only imagine the humiliation of having her switch it on and witness what was taking place in the bath.

“Just sit still,” I managed to mutter hoarsely, “…both of you, it will be over soon.” I was trying to make it sound as though it was an ordeal; that it was something that we could suffer through, praying for it to pass as quickly as possible. The truth is though I didn’t want it to pass. With every passing second that his cock was embedded in my pussy, his groin grinding against my swelling clitoris with each rolling undulation of the ground beneath us, I could feel the heat of my sexual desire rising within me.

“Sophie…” I gasped weakly… “Are you Ok? – Just leave the flashlight and find somewhere safe to sit.”

“I’m Ok Mum, I found the torch but it’s broken!”

In the darkness, relief mixed with a familiar flush that warmed my body as tiny shivers of pleasure emanated from my crotch and flowed through me like electricity. As the ground rose and fell, I felt my sons cock follow the movement, gliding between my lips with growing ease as my welcoming juices poured along his shaft, lubricating the way. Silently, I bit my lip to hold back moans of pleasure, threatening to escape as my body tensed, his gentle fucking teasing my hungry pussy to ever higher states of arousal until I struggled to contain myself.

Since his mortified apology James had been silent, but gradually I could hear his breathing quicken, catching occasionally in betrayal of his own strained efforts to control his intensifying arousal. Torn between pretending to remain detached and comforting my guilt ridden son, my arms seemed to slip of their own volition to hold his face between my palms.

“It’s Ok James,” I heard myself reassuring him softly…”It’s Ok.” and his body seemed to relax slightly at my voiced acceptance. Slowly I drew his head into my chest, holding his face against my swaying tits as his cock rocked within my burning hole. Between my legs, I could feel my own wetness as the warm liquid flowed from my pussy, soaking my thighs and ass, and involuntarily my tight hole contracted around his thick shaft sending spasms of pleasure through my body. I realized that slowly, the rhythmic pressure of his cock stretching my wet lips was driving me closer and closer to orgasm, but rather than feeling shame, I found myself willing it on, eager – desperate to cum over my son’s hard prick.

Finally, lustful beyond caring I cast all hesitation to the wind. Grinding my pussy down to meet the next up thrust of James’ cock, I groaned shamelessly as he plunged into my wanton hole. I allowed my hands to roam over his body, as his length penetrated me again and again, and then suddenly I felt a warm wetness envelope my nipple, as he drew one of my tits readily into his mouth, groping roughly at my ass with his hands. Moaning like a dockyard slut, I felt the rising tide of my climax welling up from my molten pussy like a firestorm. Deep inside my sodden hole, I could feel his cock swell and I knew that he was moments from filling me with his hot cum. Suddenly, the ground stopped moving as the tremor passed. Without its motion, I was no longer riding his eager prick; instead it rested tantalizingly inside of me. Fervently I tried to renew the movement, but my legs wrapped around his waist now impeded rather than aided.

Desperately, I drew my legs from around him, curling them beneath me and lifting myself from him. In the darkness, I heard a disappointed groan as his stiff member slipped from my frustrated hole. Kneeling above him, I slipped my hand between us and grasping his cock, I guided it back to my impatient pussy – sliding blissfully down the slippery shaft. Unimpeded, I now rode him of my own volition, pounding his prick deeper and deeper inside until a surge of pleasure broke over me like a tidal wave.

At that moment the flashlight flicked on.

“Hey, I fixed it. The back broke off and the batteries fell out…” Sophie’s voice stopped dead, as the bright beam fell onto the wall behind us. Her eyes instantly took in the image of her mother, spine arched and head back as her brothers cock exploded inside of me, coating my hole with his thick cum. My feverish eyes held my daughters gaze apologetically as, unable to prevent my climax, my mouth opened and a gasp of ecstatic pleasure purred in my throat. Ardently I forced myself down, driving James’ prick deep inside my contracting passage and he grunted with gratified pleasure as I continued to grind my pussy onto him, milking the last drip of cum from his throbbing cock.

Outside the earthquake had passed, but the silence that shrouded the confines of our small bathroom was more deafening than anything nature could have thrown at us. Slowly, I lifted myself from my son, his rapidly shrinking member flopping audibly from my now gaping hole, amidst a seeping cocktail of cum and fluid. All the while, Sophie gazed through stunned eyes at the scene before her, one hand clamped over her mouth in disbelief.

For nearly a minute I stared at each of my two children, searching anxiously for something appropriate to say, but it was James who broke the awkward quiet.

“Heck mum…I’m really sorry and all, but…shit that was the best lock down ever.” Even as his face broke into an uneasy grin, I heard Sophie snigger behind her hand and the corners of my own mouth twitched as my cheeks flushed red, despite being a little late for embarrassment.

“Sophie I…” I started hesitantly, but quickly she interrupted me.

“No…mum it’s Ok. What happens in the shelter stays in the shelter – besides…I think I just witnessed the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”