The Perfect Game

Chapter 01

When I was 23 years old, I invented the perfect adult party game.

There may be some situations where other games may be preferred, but for my purposes (and probably yours) this was the greatest game ever. I have dozens of friends and partners who will back my claim.

I never chose to share it, rather saving it for my own purposes, but now you will learn the secret that worked so well, so many times for yours truly. It started with a couple of friends, and was refined under use many times and I can proudly state that nine times out of ten, it got me farther with friends and strangers than I ever had before.

Let’s start with a simple hypothesis and purpose. I would hazard to guess there are a lot more guys out there that would be willing to play ‘adult’ games with their friends and neighbors if they could just convince their partners. How do we get those partners to participate?

How do you boil a frog? If you throw him in boiling water, he’ll just jump out. But if you put him in water he’s comfortable in, he’ll just sit there as you slowly raise the temperature, until he’s boiled alive.

Combine this concept with just a little bit of misdirection and peer pressure and you’re set.

That’s all you really need to know to recreate the perfect adult party game.

What? You want more? Ok, let’s start from the beginning.


My live-in girlfriend Cheryl had met Denise at work. They had quickly become close friends, and spent most of their lunch hours and breaks together. A lot of people thought they were related, they looked so similar: tall lean blondes, with straight shoulder length hair, and above average, if not huge, breasts. I believe most red-blooded American boys couldn’t help but envision a ‘twins’ or ‘sisters’ fantasy when they saw these two walking around together. Cheryl knew she was a pretty hot item, but I honestly believe that Denise never understood her own ability to make a man’s blood boil.

After they’d been chumming around for a few weeks, we got together as couples and usually had a very good time. Dave and I had several common interests, and he was a pretty sharp guy, with a good sense of humor and obviously similar taste in women. Denise was bubbly and likeable, if not the sharpest tool in the shed, and just a little bit on the naive side. Cheryl wasn’t much better in terms of naiveté, but she was sharp as a tack, with an acerbic wit, and a teasing way about her.

We really enjoyed each other’s company and over the next few months we found ourselves doing more and more things together. The only detriment to the relationship was that they lived about an hour away, two hours during rush hour.

Cheryl and I had a terrific sexual relationship, she was very accommodating and willing to experiment, and pretty much always ready. I believe Dave and Denise had a relationship almost as good. Over the months, our conversations had gotten a little racier, and Denise was always quick to blush, but eventually even she would joke about a bit. Cheryl and Denise talked about their sex lives, and I would occasionally hear bits and pieces of theirs; it just served to turn me on.

I found myself fantasizing about the four of us in ways I never had before. I imagined having my way with Denise, in every possible position. While lying in bed, even in the after glow of our own lovemaking, I would think about what it would be like to share Denise with Dave, while Cheryl waited her turn, egging us on, knowing she was next. During one of our activities I caught a glimpse of Denise naked after a shower, leaning over adjusting a water knob, and the vision was burned in my brain. Soon, my fertile imagination was hard at work conceiving of a way to bring the group together in a more “intimate” fashion.

We did play the occasional card game, as well as charades, Trivial Pursuit, and a few other games, and although the comments got a little risqué on occasion, no action followed. The subject of Strip Poker had been broached on a couple of occasions before being laughed off by the girls, as if we couldn’t really be serious. The good news was that Dave had done the original suggesting.

I let my fertile imagination percolate on the subject for a while, and soon had the first germination of an idea.

Question: Are games fair to all?

Answer: Obviously not. Some people prefer luck games, others knowledge, others skill. Some enjoy Charades, some Trivial Pursuit, others Poker. In our situation, I usually won the trivia games, while Dave’s wife Denise loved charades. Cheryl was addicted to card games.

Key Idea: Can we cater to a variety of preferences to eliminate excuses NOT to play?

Question: How do you introduce an adult game to the group?

Answer: Very Carefully. Suggest playing strip poker and get yelled at or teased. Roll out Around the World in Bed, and watch your neighbor’s wife stomp out. Maybe you get everyone as drunk as possible, and then suggest turning out the lights and playing hide-the-weenie? There’s got to be a better solution.

Key Idea: Is there a way to introduce an adult game that’s not an adult game?

Question: Is there any way to eliminate possible initial reluctance especially involving suggestive or sexy situations?

Answer: There’s an old saying, “All women are just two drinks away from a girl-on-girl adventure.” If this is true, can it be exploited? Some men and women are ready now, but don’t want to admit it. Others just don’t want to go first. Others just don’t want to be the ones to chicken out. Let’s take advantage of these mores.

Key Idea: Can built in peer pressure, liquid courage, and self-selective challenges overcome reluctance?

Question: How complex can the game be?

Answer: You’ve got to be able to teach it in 30 seconds, so nobody can beg the excuse that it’s too complicated, and you have to be able to play it drunk off your ass.

Key Idea: KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

I think the idea came to me late in bed one night, while fantasizing about the four of us. My solution was pretty simple at first, although rather ingenious if I do say so myself.

It was a hybrid of Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Trivial Pursuit, Strip Poker, and many more games, all rolled into one.

I spent a couple of days researching the mechanics and assembling the actual materials, which I did at a very reasonable cost. I started play testing and scrapped two initial ideas before I finally settled on the one that I thought really captured the essence of what I was looking for. After quietly play testing in imaginary scenarios for several more evenings, fine tuning, I went about trying to arrange for the first actual game play.

I had spent more than a month working out the basics of my game, and I felt it was time to give it a try. There was a craft show going on the upcoming weekend, just northwest of Baltimore a little over an hour from my place. I suggested to Cheryl that we invite Dave and Denise to go with us, and that they could spend the night before at our place, so we could get an early start. They’d spent the night at our place several times before, and should be no big deal. The ladies worked it all out, and plans were set for Dave and Denise to come over directly after work. We’d eat dinner out, and stay at our place before leaving the next morning. The scenario was ideal.


I arranged to have lunch with Dave on a Thursday. I’m sure my call surprised him, but I wanted to leave nothing to chance. We typically didn’t associate much outside of group outings.

We exchanged pleasantries as we ordered our Barbecue, and found a booth to sit at.

“So Dave, tell me, what is Denise’s favorite drink?” I asked him.

“Probably Pineapple Daiquiri’s, why?”

“Tomorrow night, when y’all come over, I have a new game that I want to play, and I want everything to be just right, including all the best liquid moral lubricants.” I answered with a sly grin.

“Oh really? Tell me more.” He leaned over, all his attention off the food for the moment.

“Let’s just say that it starts real tame, but it has the capability for unlimited fun, embarrassment and debauchery. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it could get pretty wild. If you could support me on this, I think we may get a chance to see what our girls would be willing to do under the ideal circumstances. I know I’d love to see both Denise and Cheryl pushed outside of their normal ‘safety’ zone.”

“We’re not talking Strip Poker or something are we? I can tell you now that Denise will NEVER go for that. I’ve discussed it in private and she’s definitely a no-go.” He seemed interested, but worried.

“No, if the game does get wild, it will be so gradual they won’t realize it until hopefully it’s too late. It’s an experiment. If it goes haywire I’m going to claim ignorance about the details of the game. So, what do you think?” I asked.

“Can’t you tell me something?” He pleaded.

“In concept it’s pretty simple. Each person has a lot of choice in how the game is played for them, and what type of ‘forfeits’ they pay. There’s a gradual increase in penalty, which I have a lot of control over. Consider it a combination of party games you already know, and some more, let’s say ‘less-inhibited’ games.”

“Like what’s ‘less-inhibited’?” He definitely was interested.

“There could be some embarrassing questions, some non-partner physical contact, definitely some drinking, some girl-girl physical contact, even some stripping and more. We may not get that far, but then again, who knows how far it could go?”

“Jesus. That would be cool. And Cheryl is up for this?”

“Cheryl doesn’t know either. It’s my baby, and only you and I know. I take it you wouldn’t mind seeing Cheryl naked, or maybe kissing Denise? Or how about if you had to measure her breasts using your ‘tongue’ as a unit of measurement?”

“Are you shitting me?” He answered. “I’d probably split my shorts when she opened the first button.”

“Like I said, it probably won’t go that far, at least not the first time, but the potential exists.”

“Count me in. Whatever you need, I’m there. This could be way cool.”

“Absolutely.” I offered a mock toast with my ice-tea, which he accepted with a shit-eating grin.


Dinner was a huge success. I’d picked a nearby seafood house which I knew had fabulous food, but not too large a serving size. I didn’t want anyone uncomfortably full. It was over dessert that Cheryl dropped the bombshell that almost made me call the whole thing off.

“We’ve got to get back soon,” she said after turning down a refill on coffee. “Beth is going to be over before too long, and I don’t want her stuck outside waiting for us.”

“Beth?” I asked. “Why is your sister coming over?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. She’s going to be going to the craft show with us tomorrow, and I figured it would be easier for us all to leave from here. You know what a pain it is for her to get around since she doesn’t know the area.”

Beth was Cheryl’s little sister, just off the farm. She was still a kid, who’d graduated high-school early and decided to go to college near her big sister. She was a few inches shorter than Cheryl, with dirty blonde hair and more curves. She played field hockey, and had a real muscular build, with solid legs. She’d only come to town in the last 3 weeks, and lived on campus about 20 minutes away. She, too, had recently been sneaking into my fantasies, but I hardly knew her as of yet.

On the car ride home, I debated whether to postpone my plans for a better time, but everyone was in such a happy mood, with the girls just a bit tipsy, that I couldn’t make up my mind.

With a scrumptious dinner and a couple of drinks under our belts, we were soon reclining in my living room. Beth had not arrived yet. Dave and I normally dressed in suits for work and today was no different, so I announced I wanted to get comfortable before I cranked up the blender. Everyone agreed, and we were soon in our rooms dressing down.

“Are you up to something?” Cheryl asked me as I slipped on some boxers and a comfortable pair of fleece shorts.


“I don’t know. But I keep seeing these odd looks, and I could swear you are up to no good.” She looked at me with a quizzical gaze.

Damn, she knew me all too well. “Not really, but a funny thing happened at work. You know Lenny, the guy I told you about who once worked for Milton Bradley?”

“Yeah, I remember him, the obnoxious loudmouth.” She obviously recalled him from our latest Christmas party.

“He told me about a game he received from a working group he’s part of and asked if I could play-test it for him. He says it’s a party game. It looks interesting. I told him I was having company over tonight and we went back to his office and he gave it to me.” I walked over to my briefcase and pulled out some cards and a spinner, handing them to her. “He called it a cross between a half-dozen party games with a twist.”

“So you want to play this tonight?”

“I don’t know, but I thought we could at least look it over.” I tried to act nonchalant.

The doorbell rang at that moment, announcing her sister’s arrival and she dropped the cards on the bed. She had been standing there in her panties, looking at the cards, when the bell rang. She grabbed the shirt I had pulled out for myself and pulled it on, so she could answer the door.

“I guess it’s ok, as long as it’s not too weird,” she said. “But I don’t know if Beth should be playing any games that include heavy drinking at this point.”

“It’s better than watching TV or playing Trivial Pursuit again,” I offered.

“Amen to that,” she tossed back to me, from the doorway as she headed out to the living room.


I was the first one dressed, so I headed to the kitchen and mixed up a pitcher of Pineapple Daiquiri’s, followed by a pitcher of Strawberry Margarita’s, none of them too strong. I also had an ample supply of Budweiser on hand for Dave and Guinness for myself. Beth might be underage, but not in my house. However, she’d have to make do with what everyone else was drinking.

Introductions were made. It was the first time that Dave and Denise had met Beth. Everyone was seated in the living room, drink of choice at hand, when during a lull in conversation, I suggested we play a game that I had just picked up that day.

“It’s pretty simple. Each card in these decks has a variety of challenges on them. Before you select your card, you choose which type of challenge you like. There are 7 types. The first three are questions. Number one is a trivia question, two is a tough true/false, and three is a ‘word definition’ type question. The next three are activity types. There is a charades test where you act out a word or phrase, a celebrity impersonation challenge, and a ‘Pictionary’ type word you have to sketch. The last is a ‘mystery’ challenge.” I passed around a few of the cards off the top of one of the several decks I had.

“Once you’ve selected the kind of challenge you’re going to do, you draw a card and find out what your actual challenge is. The answers to the questions are on the back of the card.

“If you have a challenge that requires us to guess, you get to select from 1 to 3 ‘helpers’ who do the guessing. If any person gets it right you both get credit for the win.

“After the challenge is over, you pull a card from the second pile, the Payoff. If you failed your challenge you have to perform the penalty on the card. The penalty may require you to spin the dial to select how it’s done. If you won the challenge, you get to keep the card. On the bottom of the card is a color. Collect all 7 different colors and win.”

“So it should be pretty simple. First, pick the type of challenge; the Spinner has the seven challenges listed around the perimeter in case you forget. Draw a challenge card. If you need a partner select the partner. Perform the challenge. Draw a Payoff card. If you failed the challenge perform the penalty, otherwise you can collect the colors. Collect all 7 different colors and win.” Everyone was reading their cards, and I had passed out some of the penalty cards that were getting a laugh.

“Any questions?” I asked.

“What if we don’t want to do the penalty?” Denise asked.

“I don’t know, let me read the directions.” I feigned ignorance. “Ah, it looks like I missed something. Everyone starts with a “Chicken-Out card, which you can use to turn down the Penalty, but you can only use it once. Then there are some “SPECIAL” cards mixed in to the Payoff cards that can change the game, and that includes more “Chicken-Out” cards. It says here you can also decline a penalty by taking a drink, answering a question, and drawing a second penalty card. The second penalty is done or you are out of the game. Finally it says that you can ‘barter’ to have someone else do the penalty for you.”

“Barter? How?” Cheryl asked.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t say.” I improvised. “Maybe you can offer to do one of theirs later, or exchange SPECIAL cards, whatever makes sense.”

“Why are there so many decks?” Denise asked this time, peering at the half-dozen separate stacks held together by rubber bands.

“The colors of the decks show the questions getting more difficult. The colors of the penalties I guess are just more challenging as well. I figure we just start with the easiest. As you run out of cards, if the game goes on that long, you shuffle in more decks. So, what do you think?” I asked, looking around and hoping for the best.

Beth spoke up, “Sounds fun to me, I’ve never really heard of a game like this, but what the heck.”

The other girls looked at each other, and Cheryl was the first to blink. “Sure, why not? If it’s stupid or boring we can just quit and do something more interesting.”

Denise answered in kind. “Ok with me, sounds kind of fun.”

And so the stage was set for the first playing of my special game.


I gave Dave the two Challenge decks to shuffle together, while I shuffled together two Penalty decks and 5 ‘specials’. The decks had 30 cards. I figured about 30% would be penalties we’d have to do, or about 20 penalties, around 4 each. Then out of cards we’d have to advance. I pointed out to everyone the decks had labels; these Payoff decks were labeled “Funny (35 cards)” and “Embarrassing (25 cards)”.

We pulled the chairs around the coffee table in front of the couch. I was seated in my lounger, with Beth in a kitchen chair to my left, and Denise on my right on the left end of the couch. Beside her was Cheryl, and Dave was seated in another kitchen chair opposite me. After a “Spin Off” Denise started the game.

The play started out well, with a couple of guessed questions, and Denise acting out “revolving door”. During her turn we ‘noticed’ in the directions there was a two-minute limit on Charades, and a one-minute limit on Impersonations and Sketch. We had a one-minute hourglass-type timer I’d ‘forgotten’ about. Everyone was soon getting in the swing of things and getting louder and more boisterous.

Four of the Specials were picked up pretty quickly. Two were additional Chicken-Outs, that Beth and Dave picked up, one was a Proxy that Cheryl pulled that would allow her to have someone else take her place as a “penalty partner”, and finally I picked up the “Time Warp” which would allow me to change the duration of a Penalty.

The game moved along smoothly, with few questions and no need to review the rules. We’d already been around the whole group about 5 times, and we all got three Color cards pretty quick. Only a few of the ‘penalties’ were doled out, several drinking challenges (which made up almost a third of the early challenges) one declined penalty involving fingers and noses, a personal question (“When was the last time you peed your pants!”) and a silly act, (“Bark like a dog.”). The game wasn’t taking long, with a large number of the Challenges being word types, and either answered or not in just a few seconds.

On Denise’s next turn, she went for an Impersonation and failed on Tom Selleck. Her penalty was the first that was moderately interesting: she had to spin the wheel to select a ‘master’. She was a dog and the master had to scratch her belly. Her spin landed on Cheryl. She good-naturedly took up her role on the floor, and Cheryl kneeled down beside her and rubbed her belly. Denise was wearing a loose T-shirt, and as she started kicking her leg out like dog getting scratched Cheryl really got into her part.

“Good girl, that’s right, good girl. Momma loves her little puppy, oh yeah.” As she rubbed, her hand slipped under the t-shirt caressing Denise’s belly. Denise started panting like a dog. “Such a good girl, oh yes. You like that don’t you? I know you do. I know what you like. Good girl. Momma’s good girl.”

It was all supposed to be pretty innocent, but I was pretty damn sure that I’d gotten confirmation that Denise was not wearing any panties under her shorts. It was enough to get my blood flowing. Dave called time after 60 seconds. With a laugh Denise rolled over onto all fours, and started back towards her seat, Cheryl gave her a pat on the rump like a dog, and Dave, Beth and I applauded their efforts. Denise was smiling a big silly grin, while simultaneously blushing.

We answered a few more questions, and after some sketching and miming, Dave failed on his Trivia question. He had to tell us about his first hot kiss, in detail. He didn’t fail to deliver.

“I was 14,” he started, “and visiting with my cousins Virginia and Patty, and my cousin John. The girls were about two to three years older than us, and had just gotten home from a party where there had been some drinking and they were both pretty drunk.

“We were in the basement, with the house to ourselves; the parents were all at my Uncle’s across the street. The subject turned to games and the girls showed us how to play spin-the-bottle. They laughed at our feeble attempts at kissing, then turned down the lights, and gave us a lesson in French kissing. We took turns with the two girls for over an hour. I fell in love with Patty that night; she even let me put my hand in her shirt and feel her breasts. I swear I carried a torch for that girl for years.” He finished with a far-off look in his eyes.

“Don’t kid yourself,” Denise chimed in, “you’re still in love with her, and everyone in the family knows it!”

We all laughed at Dave’s expense, and continued play. A few more rounds, some more silliness including prank calls, play-acting, and of course more drinking, and we were nearly through the deck. We’d been playing almost an hour and a half, and the time was flying, everyone appeared to be having a great time. We had tried all the various types of puzzles, including a couple of “mystery” challenges, one of which had to do with humming a tune and another that was a word jumble. No one was feeling any pain by now and we’d gone through at least three more drinks each just getting this far. Beth had been drinking pretty hard, and mixing. She was new to drinking, and I encouraged her to slow down. Luckily the frozen drinks weren’t too strong up until that point.


The deck was down to less than a dozen cards when Beth commented that it was probably time to shuffle in some more. I grabbed the next set, which included several more “intimate” penalty cards, still nothing even remotely naughty, but involving more personal interaction and some kissing.

Most of us had 4 colors at this time, but it was getting harder to get the colors we needed, when we ran out of cards. I passed the Challenge add-in deck to Dave, and kept the Payoff decks to myself. As we shuffled in the new decks, I pointed out that the Payoff deck was labeled “TEASER”, and that I wasn’t sure what the name stood for. I added a few more specials to the deck and shuffled them all together. Drinks were refilled once more, as well as a couple of potty breaks taken, and then we started back to play on Beth’s turn.

Beth completed her challenge, and drew her card. It wasn’t a color she needed, but I saw her read the penalty with interest and a quirky smile before finally discarding the card.

Cheryl failed her Word Meaning question, and had to massage the shoulders of someone not her partner, for one round. For a second I thought Denise was going to get the massage, since she was so accessible next to her on the couch, but Cheryl passed by her and went to Dave. She stood behind his chair while we played the next four turns, paying off her card. He got a fairly good rub, nothing too titillating but nice none-the-less. Denise and I both got our 5th colors that round, and we were starting to distance ourselves. Beth and Cheryl still only had four, and Dave only had three.

Dave almost wrecked a table with a somersault challenge, and I decided to pass on a ‘foot-licking’ penalty and had to confess that the wildest sex I ever had was in a busy public park, under a footbridge, while people walked by overhead. Cheryl turned bright red, and everyone guessed who my partner had been. There was a general clamor for me to provide more details. Beth offered to give me the “Chicken-Out” she had, since she was NEVER going to use one, if I would tell some details. I looked to Cheryl, who to my great surprise nodded her assent.

“Ok, I was horny as hell, and suggested that my ‘friend’ and I slip under the bridge. We had only been intimate for a short while, and she was undoubtedly the sexiest, hottest person I had ever been with. She agreed, bless her heart, and when no one was in sight, we scrambled down an embankment, and under the bridge. It was pretty private; someone would have to leave the path and scramble through the woods to see us. I just lifted up my ‘friend’s’ skirt, pulled her underwear completely off and put them in my pocket. She bent over at the waist, and what I thought would be a two-minute wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am became a 10 minute protracted pounding with an incredible blow-job finish.” I smiled realizing the several ‘drink’ challenges must be doing their job, as I was feeling little pain, and probably said a little more than I should have.

We were missing more challenges now, and we were choosing more questions than actions. Dave and Cheryl both drank, Dave having to ‘finish’ his drink. Denise pulled a challenge, and hesitated.

“So what is it?” Cheryl asked.

“Kiss someone, not my partner.” She confessed, looking up.

“C’mon, that’s not so bad is it? Just come here and give me a kiss on the cheek.” I offered. “I’m not that scary, am I?”

She laughingly came over and leaned over to give me a kiss. I turned my face away offering her my cheek, but as she slowly leaned down, at the last second I spun my head around and caught her lips with mine. Her head snapped back in surprise, and we all laughed. She smacked me on the shoulder, but gave a good-natured laugh as well.

Dave got a challenge and had to remove Beth’s shoes and rub her feet. Not too difficult a time, since she wasn’t wearing any, having shed hers as she entered. He did an artful job but I don’t think anyone missed the growing lump in his shorts. I think that Denise got a little irritated at that one. I realized that pretty soon we’d be removing pieces of clothing, and I did a private mental inventory.

Beth, beside me, was dressed in tight jeans, a simple school T-shirt, and socks. I could see she was wearing a bra. I had to assume she had on panties as well.

Cheryl I knew was wearing a sleeveless scoop-neck tee, baggy shorts, panties, and slippers. She’d passed on the bra earlier, which I was hoping might have some interesting consequences. Her long hair was pulled pack in a ponytail.

On the couch beside me Denise was outfitted in t-shirt and gym shorts that showed a lot of leg, and some big fuzzy slippers. I still hadn’t verified it, but I was pretty sure there wasn’t a whole lot on under that.

Dave was dressed similar to me, in shorts, shirt, and socks, no shoes. I would have hazarded a guess that he was also wearing underwear.

Denise got lucky and pulled her sixth color on her turn after sketching a steer. The picture she was drawing got a little graphic when everyone kept yelling cow and she added on his naughty bits.

I pulled a penalty, pretty much on purpose, and I was wondering if anyone else was doing that. When I drew my card I pulled the Judge off the bottom of the deck, where I’d placed it earlier. It allowed me to set the card aside, and draw again for my real penalty. I had to kiss my partner, but I had to spin to see where. Cheryl was standing in front of me doing a little pirouette, while I spun. Wouldn’t you know I had to kiss her butt? It wasn’t really an awful chore, but again, probably the raciest thing up until then. I made a big deal of it, grabbing her hipbones, and placing dozens of little kisses across both cheeks.

Afterwards there were some questions about the card I’d gotten, and we discussed the various ‘special’ cards we’d gotten so far, even though we hadn’t used too many. I don’t think they minded my being the Judge, since I was the only one who had really read the directions.

There was a round of harmless Payoffs, and a couple of completed challenges, where Beth and Cheryl each pulled their fifth. Dave did a ‘palm reading’ for Beth, and it was back to me, giving the smallest person present, in this case Beth again, a piggyback ride. It only went as far as the kitchen where I refilled my drink.

Beth, following me, had to show everyone the color of her underwear. Her pants were so tight I suspected she’d have a hard time pulling them down, but she just opened the top button, pulled down the zipper, and spread the opening apart. She had to pull pretty wide, her underwear was riding really low, but she made sure everyone could see they were baby blue. She zipped back up, but I don’t believe she ever rebuttoned her pants.

Obviously things were heating up a little. There were fewer drink cards and more action cards that included physical contact. There was no longer any doubt that both Beth and Denise were definitely drunk, and Cheryl and Dave were not far beyond. It seemed every few minutes Cheryl was flashing an enormous grin at everyone present as if she had a private joke she was sharing with no one. I looked at the clock and realized is was after eleven and we’d been playing for well over 2 hours, and the game was still going strong, if anything, it was getting louder, rowdier and stronger.

After Dave got his question right and got his 4th color (finally), and Cheryl got a drink card that required her to lie down in someone’s lap while they poured a shot of drink in her mouth, it was Denise’s turn again.

Denise failed to act out “Horny” and pulled a penalty.

She pulled a card that required finishing her drink, and announced she was getting full, and so she opted for a new card.

She said the requisite phrase “I’m not THAT drunk yet,” took a sip, and read the Penalty Question – “How many partners have you slept with?”

“Seven”, she answered carelessly and grabbed a new card, which she read out loud. “Kiss all the other players, 10 seconds each.” She looked a little stunned. “Do you think it really means ALL the other players?”

Dave answered, “I would think so, all the other penalties have been pretty clear so far.”

I could see her trying to decide if she’d say no. She had a Chicken-Out she could use, but only the one. I don’t think she wanted to be the first to use one. She finally said, “What the Hell,” and turned to Cheryl on the couch beside her and gave her a very chaste kiss that we counted down for her. I expected her to turn to me next, since I was next to her, but she got up off the couch went over to Dave.

He gave her a deep kiss and a whispered encouragement before she turned back, walked around Beth and came and stood next to me.

She was blushing deeply. She leaned over and put her lips on mine. I kept my mouth closed, waiting for any encouragement at all. After a few seconds, again counted out by our partners, I felt the tip of her tongue nudge my lip. I answered in kind, just gently probing. During the last few moments I was on the receiving end of a very nice kiss, not too intense, but really nice.

I followed her with my eyes as she turned around and sat on the arm of my chair, facing Beth. I knew I’d have a great view of the action from my front row seat. She leaned across, and with a big open smile Beth leaned forward and met her halfway. Beth turned her lips away for a second, putting her mouth near Denise’s ear, only inches from me, and whispered “I’ve never kissed a girl before.” Then she pulled back a few inches, her lips right in front of Denise’s.

I was mesmerized as their lips touched and their eyes closed. Dave was counting down the 10 seconds and I put my finger to my lips hushing him. He stopped counting around 5 or 6, and the kiss must have lasted at least 15 seconds. I know that according to Cheryl, Denise had never had any girl-girl experience, and I suspected that Beth hadn’t either. You’d never know from that kiss. By the time their lips separated, I had to remind myself to breathe, and I had a hard-on that could pierce steel.

As they separated Dave started clapping and I cut him off. “Hey watch it Bub, that could be US next!” The girls got a kick out of that, and it broke what might have been an awkward moment.

It was my turn next, but I noticed we were down to maybe a dozen cards. The game had advanced almost perfectly according to plan, taking just a little longer than I had expected. It was a great test of my concept, now the question was, did I try to push it to the next level, or did I count myself lucky just to get where we had. This time the little head won out.

“We’re nearly out of cards again. Shall we do the next deck? I know that Denise only needs a couple of more colors, and Cheryl, Beth and I are just behind her.” I told them, picking up the next deck of Pink Penalty cards and shuffling them.

“Of course,” Dave answered from the kitchen where he was opening his next beer. I’d lost count at a six-pack.

Cheryl looked at Denise and me, and answered with a smile. “Why not, it’s been pretty fun so far, and I still want to see you and Dave go at it.”

“HEY!” Dave yelled from the kitchen, “Let’s be nice!”

Beth said, “We’re this close to finishing we may as well go all the way.”

I thought to myself, “That’s exactly what I’m hoping.”

Denise was giggling, “Sure why not. What does the winner win, anyway?”

“That’s a great question. I just assumed they “won”. I guess we could decide on some kind of prize. How about this? We all write down what the winner should get on a piece of paper, and we toss it in a hat. At the end the winner draws the sheet to decide the prize.”

That idea went over pretty well. It wasn’t part of my original plan, but what the heck. I passed out notepads and pencils and we all wrote down our idea of a winner’s prize. There was quite a bit of snickering and giggling going around, and Denise and Cheryl were whispering too much and laughing too hard for my taste, but we soon had the selections filled in, folded and set aside.


After potty breaks, refreshed drinks and settling back down, it was my turn. I had shuffled in the new deck, as well as the “Specials”, and we were all ready. I failed my challenge, what a surprise, and my first payoff was a steep one. Remove one article of clothing.

“Oh, things are getting a little wild I see. Better hurry up and win Denise,” Cheryl teased.

“I’m not worried,” Denise bluffed, which got us hooting.

I removed my socks, leaving shirt, sweats and underwear.

Cheryl and Dave each actually completed their challenges, and Dave finally got his 5th color. Denise decided to do an impersonation, and chose me to do the guessing. I guessed correctly Marilyn Monroe (Happy Birthday, Mr. President) and we each got a card. Much to her chagrin, I got my sixth color, leaving us tied, and leading the pack.

On my turn, I got a chug penalty after failing my question.

Dave and Cheryl got back-to-back strip cards. Cheryl removed her slippers. Dave claimed his feet were cold, and took off his shirt, to the expected chorus of hoots and whistles. I almost wanted to give him a kiss, taking one for the team like that.

It was interesting. The stripping didn’t seem to be bothering anyone, and I realized that since stripping wasn’t the object of the game, and getting naked wasn’t the obvious final goal, then losing an article or two, was just another embarrassing dare on the way to trying to win. This was working out even better than I’d hoped. The same girls who had both vetoed Strip Poker several times, were laughing as we undressed.

Denise on her turn tried for a True/False and missed. She got a ‘whisper’ penalty. “Whisper in the ear of the person to your left. Tell them what you like best about their body and why. You have sixty seconds. Use all of it.”

She surprised me by climbing in my lap, before placing her lips against my ear.

“Go!” said Dave, after flipping the timer.

“I guess I like your hands the best. You have strong looking hands. They look clean but hard. I…I can imagine you holding me with those hands and I couldn’t get away, no matter how hard I tried. When you shake my hand, or hold my arm I can feel the calluses on your fingers and it gives me shivers. I know those hands are strong and could protect me, or control me.”

As she whispered into my ear, I let my hand fall into her lap on the outside of her thigh, my thumb in the valley between her legs, and gave her leg a squeeze. I left my hand there, high on her thigh, holding her leg firmly. She gasped when I first grabbed her leg, and then kept going.

“When you touched me while kissing me I loved it. I kind of was hoping you’d pull one of those massage penalties and massage my shoulders and back, or maybe my feet like Beth got. You have really sexy hands.”

“TIME!” called out Dave.

Denise pulled back and looked away from me, too embarrassed to look me in the eye. I had never really considered my hands sexy, but was glad I kept them neat, the nails trimmed short, and clean.

We were almost exactly three hours into the game, and everyone was pretty drunk. There was some slurred speech going on, and I was concerned with how much longer the game could actually last. Nobody seemed inclined to quit, but they must be getting tired, and if Beth, Denise or Dave got any drunker I thought they might pass out.

On my turn I decided to gamble. “I’ll take the mystery category.” I announced.

“Oooh,” Dave exclaimed. “This could be interesting!”

I read the card aloud. “Blindfolded, line up X players, spin for X, and identify them by touch in under 10 seconds.” I spun a 4.

Cheryl laughed, “I guess that’s all of us; let me get a blindfold.” And she headed back to the bedroom returning a few seconds later with a sleep mask.

Beth sputtered, “What kind of challenge is that? He gets ALL the luck!” but she couldn’t help but giggle herself as she stood up, a little shakily, with the others.

I was soon standing waiting, blindfolded. There was far too much giggling at my expense going on and a lot of rustling and moving around. I had no idea what was taking so long. When they finally thought they were ready, I was told to count to 20 and start with the person directly ahead of me, then work my way to my right. I was also told to wait until the end to make my predictions.

The first one was obvious. Only Dave was nearly as tall as me. Just to be obnoxious, I ran both my hands down his chest, cupping his chest, then down his side to his butt, which I gave a squeeze. A giggle that I knew all too well came from my immediate right giving away Cheryl. After about 10 seconds Dave backed away from my touch.

“Ok, I got that one,” I said as I slid down. Reaching out with my two hands about waist high, I found Cheryl’s waist. I slowly ran my hands up her sides, allowing my thumbs to brush the sides of her breasts. I ran my hands across her shoulders to her neck, and caressed her face. I brushed my thumb across her lips and she opened her mouth and took it in. With a lingering suck on my thumb she back away.

“Alright, that’s two. Now for three.” This was still going to be pretty obvious, only one of them had shorts on; Beth was wearing jeans.

Once again I put my hands out waist high, and slid them down the hips of the girl ahead of me. I felt the T-shirt under my hands, and then I was feeling the skin of her thighs. Denise. I let my hands continue their tour of her legs, down her calves and was slowly working my way back up along the inside of her leg when she stepped away.

The last one I already knew was Beth. I reached out with my hands waist high again, but this time I closed until I was brushing against her front. She smelled delightful. Her breasts were lightly touching my chest, as I slid my arms around her, and up her back, then back down across the small of her back, I let them drop to the top of her cheeks, expecting her to step away, but she stood steady. I cupped my hands around her full ass, squeezing. I turned my body part way, hopefully blocking the view from the others, and slid my far hand up between us under her shirt against her bare flesh all the way to her bra, or where a bra should have been. She finally backed away, as I quickly slid my hand out.

“Ok, here’s my guess. First, I’d know Dave’s sexy butt anywhere, second, those lips were obviously Cheryl’s. The third contestant, Denise, had the softest legs, saving the Beth for last.” I lisped “thaving” and “latht” for a really bad pun.

I pulled off my blindfold to catcalls and groans, and saw Beth pulling her jeans back on. I had been duped. “Always so smart, aren’t you. Well I think you found out that Beth had the softest legs. You lose!” Cheryl told me, dancing around in front of me. Next she and Beth were giving each other high fives, and hugs, and I knew who had been conspiring against me.

I should have realized when I grabbed her butt, that there were no jeans in the way, but I was just too damn confident. “Oops. Well let it never be said I can’t lose gracefully. And whatever the penalty, the challenge was definitely worth it. Especially Dave.” My capitulation drew more laughs.

“There is one small problem,” I continued. “Those jeans have to stay off. The instructions clearly state that any clothing removed for a penalty cannot be put back on unless the penalty specifically states they can be.” I was smiling my own best, wicked smile.

“But the penalty didn’t make me take them off!” Beth argued, her jeans halfway up her legs.

“Rules is rules you know, but if you’d like we can ask the Judge.” I answered, understandingly.

“But you’ve got the Judge card.” Cheryl said.

“That’s right, I do, don’t I? I guess the rule stands. Pants off, sweetie.” I smiled, giving her a nod.

Beth laughed, kicking of the pants, once again exposing her baby-blue panties to our view. “That’s ok, it was worth it anyway.”

Cheryl pulled my penalty card for me. “You need a spanking, choose who gets to bend you over their knee. Then spin for number of smacks x 2.”

“Are you kidding? Let me see that card!” I insisted. I was embarrassed to see that’s exactly what it was. “Oh well, as you can guess, I’ll pass on Dave. Ok ladies, if I choose you, will you be gentle? Cheryl?”

“What do you think?” She said in an evil tone, leaning down and picking up Beth’s jeans and holding them almost like a matador.

“Well this doesn’t look too good. Denise?” I asked in my best repentant tone.

“As gentle as you deserve.” She told me as she delivered an equally wicked look.

“Beth, tell me you’ll be gentle. Please.” I turned to my last hope.

“Ok, I promise I’ll be very gentle, you’ll hardly even feel my spanks.” The other girls booed her, but I was saved.

I spun the spinner, getting a four. “Ok, that’s 8 spanks from Beth.” I crossed over to her chair and lay down across her lap.

“Cheryl, Denise, want to help me? It says my lap, but it doesn’t say who gets to do the spanking,” Beth giggled.

“Hey, wait a second.” I protested, followed by a quick yelp as Cheryl smacked my rear pretty hard.

“That one’s for feeling up my best friend. Don’t think I didn’t see that. Now hush up or it’s just going to get worse.” Cheryl was standing over me, smiling wickedly.

Beth made a big deal of caressing my butt, “Poor Alex, out smarted twice in a row, and by women! How will your ego every recover?” She placed her arm across the back of my thighs.

Denise spoke up, “My turn!” She acted as if she was brushing off some lint off my shorts, then hauled back and delivered a pretty hard blow. “Two!” she announced.

Beth spoke up, “My Turn. Poor little bum, I’ll have to get you a pillow to sit on.” She ran her hand across my far cheek, and then gave a soft little pat. “See, I kept my promise. That’s three.”

Cheryl again caressed my ass, running her hand down between my legs, before rubbing small circles around the cheek that Beth had just tapped. “You have been a naughty boy you know.” Cheryl said to me softly. She then gave me a good hard blow. “Four.”

“Four.” Beth rubbed my butt again, similar to how Cheryl had. “Poor baby. I know that must have hurt. But like Cheryl said, you have been very naughty. Your turn Denise.” On the last couple of words she squeezed my cheek in her hand, and then pulled her hand away.

Denise mimed being a baseball player coming up to bat. She windmilled her arms, and then hit me really hard. I know it hurt her hand. “Five. Ouch.”

“Damn,” I said, “you girls are in trouble; just remember what goes around comes around.”

The last word of my sentence was lost under the noise of the smack that Cheryl gave me. It must have been about as hard as she could hit. I know I jumped a little.

“Hey!” Beth said, covering my rear with her arm. “That was supposed to be my turn, you went out of order. No more for you! Now that was six.”

“Why don’t you take the last two?” Denise told Beth, “My hand still stings from the last one.” She then sat back down on the couch.

Beth leaned over and whispered in my ear, while she caressed my butt. “Such a naughty boy! What’s that digging into my leg, I wonder? How hard do you think Cheryl would smack you if she knew you were rubbing your hard-on against my leg? Naughty, naughty. You’re getting my panties wet.” She finished with two soft pats, one on each cheek, and then gave me a little goose. “All done, you’ve paid your penalty.”

“Anything to say?” Cheryl asked me as I went back to my seat rubbing my rear.

“Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t roll a six.” I told her getting a laugh from everyone.

Beth got a tough Trivia question, and missed. Her penalty was “Give a guy, not your partner, a deep hot kiss, make his toes curl.” She smiled at Dave and me, and then leaned over the spinner. “I’ll let the fates decide who gets lucky.” She gave it a firm spin, and I had mixed feelings when it landed nearest me. I wanted to kiss her, but I was a little worried about Cheryl.

Beth turned to Dave, “Sorry Dave, you just missed out on a REALLY great kiss. Maybe you’ll get lucky later.” She then turned to me, and planted herself in my lap. She wasted no time, her mouth seeking out mine, her lips parting and her teeth nibbling at my lip. Her tongue was tracing the outline of my mouth, turning, delving into my mouth, and licking the back of my teeth. Her hands were behind my head, holding me, her fingers clutching my hair. I kissed her back, first gently and then as fervently as she was kissing me. My cock was burning where it was digging into her panty-clad ass. It was a wonderful first kiss, and ended all too soon.

Beth finally pulled her head away, placing a last sweet kiss on my lips, giving me a wink. She sat back on her chair. “Your turn,” she told Dave, with a look of sweet innocence.

Dave, after missing his challenge, got the “Slave for a Round” penalty. After spinning, he was extremely disappointed to get me as his master. I sent him off to refresh the drinks. I thought it funny that nobody else even seemed to notice him walking around half-naked, shirtless, with a lump in his shorts and white athletic socks.

On Cheryl’s turn, she missed on the Word Knowledge. I know she knew that word which confirmed that at least one other person was trying to extend the game. Good Girl.

For her penalty she drew a strip card. This one had a kicker to it. “Let a person, not your partner, remove one exposed article of clothing.”

Now I knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra, so this would be interesting. Either the shirt or the shorts had to go. She stared at the card for a while, and I would have to guess she was considering trying for a different penalty. She looked at me, then Beth, and finally Denise. Denise had a smug little smile that said “I never chickened out”, and you could just feel the sibling rivalry churning between her and Beth. Cheryl finally stood up and turned to Denise.

“Go ahead. I’ll let you choose. I’m not wearing a bra.” Cheryl had very nice tits, not as full as Denise’s but quite an eyeful. So Denise had to make the decision.

Denise dropped to her knees in front of Cheryl, and unbuttoned her shorts. She then tugged them down around Cheryl’s generous hips, exposing a pair of almost see-through pink thong underwear. She slid them down her legs, and held them while Cheryl stepped out of them.

“Thanks,” Cheryl told her with a sly smile.

Dave missed most of the action, and was just returning with new frozen drinks in hand, as Cheryl turned back around and sat down, her shorts carelessly draped over the arm of the couch. I could see it was killing him. He delivered the drinks, and went back for a new Guinness for me and a drink for Beth.

Denise really tried for the challenge. She had six colors, and I think she really wanted to win. She was picking the True/False pretty consistently, having a 50/50 chance. She won, but drew another non-matching color.

On my turn I gave a joke answer for my question, making it clear how hard I was trying, and went for my penalty. A 3-minute massage from 2 females. I spun and soon was lying down on the floor, with Beth and Cheryl giving me a delightful rubdown. They were positioned on each side of me, and Beth was determined to match her sister, so when Cheryl started at my shoulders, Beth went there as well. When she worked her way down to my rear, Beth followed in kind. When Cheryl straddled my right leg, massaging my hamstring, I soon had two warm rears sitting on my calves. When Cheryl lifted up the back of my shirt to plant a small kiss on the small of my back, I felt a second pair of lips just beside the first, only moments later.

Denise announced the end of the timer having completed three full turns. Dave was back in his seat watching the action with obvious envy.

“Dave, that was so nice, I’d like you to massage my shoulders during Beth’s turn.” I told him, reminding him he was still my slave. He took up position behind me, while being teased, but gave a nice massage anyway. I looked over at Cheryl with a smile and the look on her face was one I knew well, and I had no doubt that no matter where this went I was going to get some that night.

On Beth’s turn she got another Penalty, after basically passing on her challenge, and pulled another kissing card. “Give a Deep Soul Kiss to someone. Spin for who. 2 minutes. Their hands may roam.”

She leaned over and was ready to spin when I stopped her, and told Dave to go back to his seat, so there’d be no confusion. Then I told her to go ahead.

She spun and it landed on her sister.

I could see that both girls were thinking, and then Cheryl remembered her proxy card. She whipped it out announcing she could pick a replacement for herself. Then she had to pick. Again I could almost hear the gears churning. She finally turned and pointed to Denise.

Denise’s eyes opened wide, but then she laughed and pulled out her own “Chicken-Out”. “Not me this time, I’m not THAT drunk.”

“Now what?” asked Beth.

“It’s pretty straight forward; if the person who pulled the penalty card uses the Chicken-Out the penalty is over. If the person who was picked for the penalty Chicken’s Out, then a new person has to be picked as long as one is available.” I answered, in my best “I’m sure” tone.

“Ok, but who do we pick.” She asked.

“I think we should let Cheryl pick a new proxy.” I offered.

“I think I should get to pick, since I had the Chicken-Out.” Denise said.

“How about if I just spin for it?” Beth answered. I answered that as the Judge I thought that was fair and grudgingly the girls both agreed.

Beth spun again, and once again it landed pointing almost directly at me.

“Shit,” Dave moaned, “I swear I never have any luck.”

“Poor baby,” Cheryl mockingly teased, rubbing her bare foot on his thigh.

Beth took her seat on my lap once more, but before we could start I said, “Wait a sec.” I pulled my own Time Warp proxy off my pile, “Make that four minutes.”

I could see that Cheryl was a little miffed at that one. “I’m going to the bathroom, she announced.

Denise said, “I’ll go with you.”

As Beth once again took her place on my lap, I spoke to Dave. “Slave Dave, go wait near the hall and when they come back from the bathroom, give a cough.” He smiled and took up his position.

“Now I’m ready.” I told her, with a smile.

This kiss was not as intense as the first one, but much more intimate. I soon had my hand in her shirt, and I was fondling her breast and playing with her nipple as her breath came in gasps. My other hand was down the back of her panties caressing her ass. A couple of minutes into the kiss, I reached down and placed my hand over her hot crotch, and starting rubbing. She moaned. Her eyes were open now, and she looked almost afraid.

I tore my lips off hers, and nibbled on her ear. “You know,” I whispered, “I’m going to fuck you tonight if I have a chance.” I accented the words by slipping my finger inside the edge of her panties, and up to the second knuckle in her steaming wet pussy.

“Oh, God,” she moaned thrusting with her hips against my hand.

I went back to kissing her, moving the hand in the back of her panties up her back. The warning cough came from the side, and Dave was quickly perched on his chair as our kiss toned down, to just a little more than friendly. I slid my finger out of her pussy, and I swear she almost cried, and once the girls were back, my hands were on her legs and back and clearly not inside her clothes.

“Are you guys still kissing?” Cheryl asked sounding a bit peeved.

“Time!” Dave announced, holding the timer in his hand. “Four minutes exactly.”

Dave grabbed his penalty card and started reading. I had to remind him he hadn’t even done his challenge yet. The girls laughed and he was so embarrassed I think he was going to actually try to get a challenge right for once. The girls made him reshuffle the cards since he’d screwed up the challenge.

I had wandered into the kitchen, to make one more batch of frozen drinks, since the last blender was empty. I was also hoping nobody would notice that I had a big wet spot the size of a silver dollar on my shorts. Cheryl came in and stood beside me.

“What do you think you’re doing with my sister?” She sounded calm, a scary, pent-up calm.

“Nothing!” I told her softly, for her ears only. “I haven’t picked her for anything, she did the spinning. You could have picked Dave. It’s just the luck of the spin.”

“Well, remember, she’s just a kid. God, she’s practically a virgin! I thought if anybody you’d be all over Denise.” She looked at me, waiting for a response. I was reminded of the loaded question, ‘have you quit beating your wife yet.’

“Listen, I’m sorry that she’s all worked up. I think we gave her too much to drink. You want me to call off the game? If Dave sees any more of you, he’ll mess his shorts then and there if he doesn’t have a heart attack first!”

“You know, when this game is over, I’m going to need some serious satisfying.” She whispered, letting her hand slip down into my shorts, and nibbling on my neck.

“If you guys are ready, we can go. I’m going to get that last color if it kills me.” Denise said.

Cheryl tweaked my cock, and walked back into the living room. “He should have to do two penalties for cheating.”

Denise joined her, “Yeah, two penalties!”

Beth clapped her hands, chanting “Two Penalties, Two Penalties.”

Dave in mock surrender put his hands up. “Ok, Ok. Two penalties, just no spanking please!” and we all laughed.

I walked around topping off the ladies drinks, before sitting back in my chair. I noticed that this deck was starting to get low, and wondered if I dared shuffle in the red deck.

Dave was reading his first penalty. “Describe for everyone the last fantasy you had about someone other than your partner.”

“That’s too easy!” Denise said, “If you haven’t fantasized about Cheryl during this game you’ve got to be dead!” She then looked around at all of us and blushed, realizing what she’d said. As I looked at her I noticed that she’d gotten rid of her slippers sometime in the last couple of minutes. I wonder if she realized what she was doing. Unless I was mistaken that only left her with two items of clothing remaining.

“No, fair’s fair.” I spoke up. “It’s what you drew.”

“Well, I guess my latest fantasy had to be when you pulled her shorts off.” He said speaking to Denise while nodding at Cheryl. “A whole bunch of fantasies ran through my head, like what if I could pull them down instead, and she wasn’t wearing anything, or what if I had to remove two items, or remove two items and massage what they covered, or kiss what they covered. Or what if you had to kiss what they covered… I guess that’s about it.”

The barefaced honesty had us all quiet for a second, before Cheryl announced, “Time for the second penalty, and I hope it IS a spanking you naughty boy.” And once again we laughed, breaking the tension.

Dave took his card and read it. “Make out with each person present. Twenty seconds.” He looked up at me and paled, as I’m sure I did as well. I’m sure he was debating the idea of having to make out with me against getting to make out with Cheryl. Finally he said, “I, uh, I’m going to pass and draw again.” The girls teased him, calling him chicken, but I had to support his decision, “Good idea, there’s got to be a better card in there.”

He took his drink, and was once again faced with having to tell the truth. “You’re attached to a Polygraph. Be honest. Have you ever dreamed of having sex with someone of the same sex?”

He paled again, I’m sure this was far more than he’d ever imagined. “Oh, geez.”

“Come on, it’s not that tough. Have you?” Beth was asking.

“I guess I have.” He finally answered, blushing badly, fumbling the card.

“Oooooh, Pitcher or Catcher?” Cheryl teased. “You know, I think that’s kind of sexy.”

“Were there any girls in that dream, big boy?” I teased.

“Of course, lots, I mean, well…” He was getting in deep.

Denise squeezed past Cheryl and sat on his lap. “It’s Ok baby. It’s only a dream, and I think everyone here knows just how hetero you are.” She gave a wiggle in his lap, rubbing her ass against him, before giving him a kiss.

He finally got his new card out, and read it. “One minute, alone with your partner’s choice. Anything goes.”

He looked over at Denise, a look of dismay on his face.

“No, I’m not going to pick Alex.” We all gave a laugh at that; mine might have been a little too quick.

She just stared at him for a few seconds. Finally she leaned back settling into the couch. She looked over at Cheryl. “Well, go ahead, take her in the bathroom, but you better be out here in one minute!” She told him. She reached out and grabbed the timer and said “I’m starting this in 10 seconds whether you guys are ready or not.”

Cheryl had a sort of dazed look in her eye as she glanced at me. Dave hesitated for just a moment before he put his hand out to her. I winked at her and gave her a nod as she passed.

“STARTING!” Denise called out flipping the timer.

She looked at me, and I looked at her, and we started giggling. I’m not sure why.

“What do you think he’ll do?” I asked her.

“Not much this time, he’s too shocked, but if we give him another chance he’ll have it all planned out.” She leaned forward, scooting to the front of her seat. “What would you do?” she asked me.

“With her?” I asked disingenuously.

“Of course not, with me.” I realized she was really drunk, and she stood up and sat on my lap facing Beth. “Tell me.” She was seemingly oblivious to Beth only a foot away. Beth leaned over to hear what I was going to say.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “With just one minute? I guess I’d pull the legs of these shorts to one side,” and I illustrated my answer, doing exactly that, “lift you up, and set you down on top of my hard cock.”

I was right. She was wearing no underwear, and her completely shaven pussy was exposed, particularly to Beth. I slid a finger along her slit, rubbing her clit for just a second.

I released her shorts, and reached up under her shirt, and started rubbing her breasts. “Then I’d kiss you as well as I could while fondling your sweet breasts. Then I’d cry when my minute was up.” I turned her face to mine and kissed her on the lips. “I hope my penalty card gives me ten minutes with you.”

She groaned, and squirmed in my lap. I looked down and Beth had pulled Denise’s shorts to the side and was gently stroking her bald mound.

Beth looked at Denise, “Is that comfortable? It looks so sexy, but I’d be scared to death.”

I couldn’t help myself, and I reached down and pulled the thin piece of cloth over even further, and again stroked that smooth pussy, letting my fingertips penetrate her.

“Oh God. It’s not that bad, you get used to it. It itches at first and when it starts to grow in, and I have to be careful about ingrown hairs. I’ll help you if you want to do it.” She said, her breath husky with lust as I finger-fucked her, and Beth rubbed her clit.

“I think I’d like that.” Beth answered, “I’d be too scared on my own but if you helped…”

I pulled back letting my fingers escape her clutch, and gave Denise a little push up off my lap, “Go shake the door handle and tell them time is up.”

“You do it.” She told me, getting off my lap as the last few sands got ready to trickle away. She was straightening her shorts.

“Ok.” I walked around corner and said “Hey, times up in there,” and I wiggled the handle. The door wasn’t locked, it wasn’t even closed all the way, and I got a quick glimpse through the crack of Cheryl perched on the sink edge, her underwear crotch pulled to one side with Dave’s face buried in her pussy. I quickly pulled the door handle shut, shaking the handle for effect.

Within a couple of seconds they both came out of the bathroom, both flushed, and Dave obviously very red around the mouth.

We were down to the last few of penalty cards. “Shall I shuffle in the next deck?” I asked. For some reason everyone turned to Denise. “Absolutely.” She answered.

We refilled the drinks and I took a leak, before starting the game again. I could hardly believe how far this had gone. It was over four hours of playing. We’d started around 8:30 and it was now after midnight. It couldn’t last much longer; either events culminated in the next few minutes or I knew it would all end precipitously. Either way I was sure there was going to be a lot of sex going on that night. I was just hoping I got to share it with Beth and Denise.

Then again, I think we were all guessing that if we started this deck, that there was no limit to what might happen there that night.


Denise drew her challenge, and gave a joke answer for her Lexicon question, immediately drawing her Penalty card. Her eyes opened wide, as she hesitantly read the penalty. “Play the next round naked.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” She said, pulling out her lone remaining Chicken-out.

“Oh, yes!” Dave answered whipping out his Cancel-a-card Special.

“I can’t believe you!” Denise hissed at him. “You want the whole world to see me naked?”

“Not the whole world, just our best friends. You are beautiful. Show them.” Dave was obviously drunk, slurring a few words. He had crawled over to where she was, tugging at her shorts.

“Well, I’m not some kind of exhibitionist like you.” She answered slapping his hands away.

I was afraid she was going to back out totally. I didn’t want this game to end now.

“Hey guys. I’ve got trump.” They both looked at me, as I threw a special on top. “Any Proxy.”

“Oh? Ok, who gets naked?” Denise asked, eyeing me expectedly.

I hadn’t even thought that far ahead. I obviously couldn’t pick Denise. If I picked Beth the shit would surely hit the fan. Then again if I picked Cheryl, I might be in even more trouble than Dave. There was really only one solution.

“Alright Dave, let’s see it. I always wondered if you were circumcised.”

He looked at me almost in shock, as the girls clapped and cheered. Then I saw a gleam appear in his glassy eyes, and he went back to his seat coming up with a Chicken-Out.

“I don’t think so.” The girls called him chicken and there was some clucking going on. “Try one of the others.” That quieted the girls.

“He used the Chicken-Out, nobody has to go.” Beth said.

“No, you remember, if the person pulling the card uses a Chicken-out it’s canceled, otherwise we pick again. Now I want to see some flesh!” Dave argued.

All the prior arguments still held true. So I did the only thing I could. I stood up and pulled off my shirt. “Alright, big boy. If it’s flesh you want…” I reached down and pulled off my socks.

“No! You know that’s not what I meant.” Dave answered.

“The proxy says anyone.” I told him standing in front of everyone in just my shorts. I pulled the shorts down and stood up for just a second, flashing my hard cock to all, before placing my shirt on the chair and sitting down again, leaning forward, trying to give a semblance of decorum.

Funny. There were no catcalls or teasing. Denise leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “At least there’s one gentleman here.” She said before sitting back.

Cheryl came over and kneeled in front of me. She pulled my head down to hers giving me a small kiss. “That was really sweet.”

As she went back to her seat, Beth leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I’m so jealous of my sister.” Then she made a point of looking down at my cock, the head slick with precum, and then back into my eyes. “She is so lucky.”

Of course it was my turn now, and I was already naked.

I asked for the Trivia Challenge, and after the requisite bad answer, had to pull the penalty.

“Retreat to a separate room with any female (spin). You are hers to command for two minutes. Anyone (spin) gets to watch.” I read out loud.

I looked around. Beth pushed the spinner over my way. Things were awfully quiet. I spun the spinner. It pointed directly at Dave. But he was not female. Cheryl was the closest. She gave me a big smile.

“Ok, beautiful, I’m yours. Now the question is who gets to watch?” I leaned over again, spinning. It landed on Dave again.

“Ok, this could be interesting.” I joked. I saw Beth looking at her own specials, but I guess she didn’t want to chance risking the wrath of her sister, so when nobody objected, the three of us headed to our bedroom.

Dave sat on the end of the bed, as Cheryl closed the door behind us.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked her.

“What would you like to do?” She asked me in turn.

“I’m dying to cum, but I don’t think even you can have me there in just two minutes.” I answered, taking her in my arms.

“Well I guess we’ll have to see.” She said. She turned to Dave. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. But you’re going to see the view up close. Now lay down.”

He obeyed, and she straddled his head on all fours, her head over his crotch.

“Fuck me, Alex.”

I climbed on my knees behind her, and pulled her panties aside. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance, with Dave below us cross-eyed, watching my thick cock penetrate her.

“Oh fuck, I needed that,” she gasped, as I slid in to the root.

I started stroking in and out of her.

“Dave,” she gasped as I fucked her sweet pussy. “You know what you need to do. I’ll make it worth your while.”

It was only a few seconds later that I felt my balls drag across his forehead as I screwed her. He was licking her with broad strokes of his tongue, and it wasn’t long before his licks were finishing on my cock as it entered her.

“God, that’s it,” Cheryl cried, “I’m cumming you bastards, I’m cumming…” she finally came hard with a loud cry, collapsing fully on Dave.

“Times up!” I heard from outside the door and regretfully pulled out. I wasn’t ready to come yet, no matter how badly I wanted to.

I climbed off the bed, and Cheryl rolled off of Dave, who jumped up, tucking his dick back into his shorts. I could only imagine why it had been out.

Dave literally ran to the door, opening it. Beth and Denise were both there with wicked smiles.

“Did you get an eyeful?” Denise asked Dave, as he walked out, headed for the living room.

“Pretty good, I mean, I couldn’t see that much…” He dissembled.

Cheryl was sitting up on the edge of the bed, catching her breath.

“Shall we finish the game?” Beth asked, “I’m next.” If there were a double meaning there, I would have to guess it was purely unintentional.

My slick cock preceded me out of the room waving as I walked. There could be little doubt as to what I had been up to. The girls fell in behind me, and we were soon all seated around the coffee table.

Beth started to pull her challenge card. Then she stopped. “You know, it’s getting really late. How about if we just play two more rounds, no challenges, and no chicken-outs? Just pull the penalty, and keep the color if it’s a match.”

That left Dave mathematically out of contention, with Cheryl and Beth almost as bad. Denise and I only needed 1 color each; at least we had a chance of pulling that last color.

“Ok by me,” I answered, as the others chimed in their assent. It seems everyone was willing to put aside the challenges for the moment.

“Good.” Beth pulled her penalty card. “Oh my god.” She gasped, blushing badly as she read the card.

Cheryl reached across and pulled it from her hand. “Show everyone here your favorite way to masturbate for one minute. Don’t come. Any clothing removed can be replaced at the end of the round.”

Beth just looked around for a second, and then she walked to the middle of the room clad only in her panties and lay in the center of the floor, her legs toward us. Her hands were in her panties, covering her privates and she bent her knees and spread them.

We gathered around her, at her feet.

She was still not moving her hands, and her eyes were closed and her head was turned to the side.

Cheryl reached out and stroked her leg. Beth flinched. “It’s Ok; you don’t have to do this.” She told her.

“No, I can do this,” Beth answered, with a deep intake of breath almost like a sigh.

Her hands were moving under the light blue cloth, but it was difficult to tell what was going on. “I’m not usually this wet,” she said with a tiny laugh, “so I sometimes rub the whole area a lot until I’m feeling ready.”

She was rubbing away, but the tightness of her panties was obviously in the way. With a frustrated, “fuck it”, she pulled her panties down past her knees with one quick move, her hands quickly returning to her exposed light brown pubic hair. She was rubbing one hand up and down, using the other hand to partially cover the action.

She continued rubbing up and down, now with each final stroke at the top, she concentrated on rubbing some small circles around her clit. After a few more rubs, she allowed one finger, then two to slip inside her. She was driving the fingers in, while the heel of her hand rubbed her clit. She was breathing harder, thrusting firmly. Her hips were now reacting to the action, rising up off the ground. I watched as she pulled the fingers out to the very tips, and added a third finger, twisting and turning as she drove them in and out.

“Sometimes, I can do this for a long time, but other times I just want to come.” Her free hand was inside her shirt, playing with her breast.

“Time.” Cheryl finally announced. I realized I would have watched Beth until I could take it no longer and just jumped her. Good thing someone was keeping track.

I helped Beth to her feet, as we all retook our places. I imagine we all knew now that our future was in the cards and the spinner, and things were going to go all the way soon. It was incredible to think about.

I only realized as Dave reached for this card that Beth had left her panties in the middle of the floor as she sat down.

As Dave pulled his card, Beth exclaimed, “I got a match!” she now had six colors, the same as Denise and I.

Dave read his card. “Lie down on the floor. Two members of the opposite sex get to cover your chest in chocolate syrup, and lick it off. Make it good.”

He spun twice, and ended up with Cheryl and Denise. Cheryl got the chocolate syrup and while she did Beth got out of her chair, which had its back to the spectacle, and walked over to where I was seated in my chair.

“I couldn’t see from over there,” she announced as she sat in my lap. She accommodated my swollen member by placing a leg on each side of it, pressing it against her pussy. My cock was sticking straight up between her legs, the head poking up in view, in the midst of the light brown hair of her tight little box.

Cheryl gave me an enigmatic look, but she couldn’t see exactly how we were positioned, and then she and Denise were applying the chocolate to Dave. They swirled it all around his nipples, up to his neck, and down to his shorts. As they did this, Beth lifted herself up and scooted forward an inch, settling down over my cock, impaling herself. It was slow going; she supported most of her weight on her arms and slowly let her own weight drive my cock to the root in her incredible hot and tight 18-year-old pussy. At the end she gave a little bounce and wiggle, and settled all the way down. I was sitting awkwardly, my hips thrust forward to the end of the chair, to make enough room for her to sit sideways.

“I guess your wish came true,” she whispered into my ear, “you’re fucking me.”

The girls took an eternity to lick Dave clean. I watched as they’re tongues battled over choice areas of chocolate, and couldn’t help but think that if I didn’t have my cock seven inches deep in my girlfriends little sister, that would have been the most exciting thing I’d seen in a long while. The way I was positioned, Cheryl had her ass towards me and could see nothing of what was going on. When Dave was as clean as he was going to get, Beth pulled off my cock and stood up. “I think that’s about it,” she announced.

Cheryl and Denise surveyed their handiwork and agreed they’d done an acceptable job. They returned to their seats. I saw Denise look at my glistening cock as she passed, and a smile crossed her lips.

Cheryl took her card, and read it out loud. “Stand in the middle of the floor. Female (spin) will give you the best kiss she can for one minute, while Anyone (spin) stands behind you. Their hands may roam freely. Players will vote on the kiss. If it’s not good enough the two kissers lose an article of clothing.”

“Wow.” Beth said.

Cheryl spun the spinner gamely, and it pointed at Denise. I could hear her sigh as she made it past the hurdle of kissing her sister. She spun again, and this time it landed on Beth. The sisters looked at each other, then gave a quirky smile, and headed for the middle of the floor.

Face-to-face, and half-naked, the similarity in looks of these two beautiful girls was only made more obvious. To the casual observer told there were three girls, two of whom were sisters, it would have seemed obvious that it was the two tall blondes.

Cheryl stood stock still, as Denise and her sister approached her from both sides. She stood with her arms at her sides, merely waiting. Beth made the first move, and her lips were on Cheryl’s shoulder and neck, while she rubbed Cheryl’s back and neck with her hands. Her lips were the perfect height for the base of Cheryl’s neck, and I saw her head cock just a hair to one side in response to the kissing.

Denise cocked her head the other way, and stepped forward until their breath was mingling, their lips just a half-inch apart. Then I watched in lust as her tongue darted forward and gave a quick swipe at Cheryl’s pouting bottom lip. Another tongue dart, and then their lips were in full contact, and I could see both girls savoring the taste of the other.

Beth’s hands had crept around Cheryl and were inside her shirt, massaging her breasts, while she continued to nibble on and kiss her neck and shoulder.

Their heads were moving in relation to the kiss, their mouths clearly wide open, their tongues exposed for moments, tangling, twisting. I thought they would devour each other.

I looked down at the timer in my hand, to see it had expired. I had no idea how long it had expired. “Time!” I called, and the girls slowly separated, their lips clinging to each other. Beth placed a last kiss on the back of her sister’s neck, and sauntered back to her chair.

Denise turned and stood beside Cheryl, their arms around each other’s waist. They smiled confident in their performance, and justly so.

“Well?” Cheryl asked.

“I’ve got to tell you, that was really incredibly hot to watch, I mean REALLY hot. But I have to say I don’t think it was your best. What do you think, Dave?” I answered, looking towards Dave for confirmation.

I don’t think he even realized his hand was wrapped around his cock inside his shorts. He was mesmerized.

“That was great, I mean really great, but not quite the best. No.”

“So you think we should each have to take off an item of clothing?” Denise asked him.

“Uh, yeah.”

She looked over to me.

“I’d have to agree. I’d be happy to assist.” I smiled.

The girls turned their backs to us and whispered together, then turned back. “Ok, we can accept that.” Cheryl answered, and stepped to Dave. “If Alex’s going to help Denise, I guess you can help me.”

Denise stood before me. “Go ahead, you’re choice.” Her eyes were burning like coals and I was lost in them for several moments before I even realized what she was saying.

“I’m dying to see those beautiful breasts of yours.” I told her, standing up and taking the bottom of her shirt in my hands.

“Go right ahead, lover.” She answered softly, raising her arms high.

I slipped the shirt off over her head, and then settled back down onto the edge of the chair. She stood in front of me, her diamond-hard nipples begging me for attention. I leaned into them, and took the nearest into my mouth. My tongue twirled around the tiny intruder, before my lips tugged at it gently.

“None of that, back to your places,” Beth teased with a little push on Denise’s rear.

Reluctantly she sat back down, clad in nothing but her baggy green gym shorts.

Cheryl was just sitting down as well, still wearing her Scoop-neck Tee. That was all she was wearing, and her underwear were delicately folded atop her shorts, both resting on the arm of the couch.

Cheryl passed the Penalty deck to Denise, who selected her card. She passed it to me without looking.

“Go ahead and read it. I can’t. I’m too nervous.” She confessed.

“Three minutes alone in a dark room with the player of your choice, anything goes. One person (spin) may stay and listen.” I read aloud.

I took her by the hand, and stood her up. “Go ahead and spin for who gets to hear us.”

She did just that, and the spinner chose Dave.

As he stood up Cheryl pulled out a Special, and tossed it out on the table. A proxy. “I think I’d like to be part of this.” She said standing.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, as I sat down.

“You want to go with me?” Denise asked, hesitantly.

“Yep. I want to listen.” She smiled her most devilish smile and then turned to Beth and Dave. “Now you two be good, and let us know when the three minutes are up.

I walked hand-in-hand with Denise into the room, and turned off the lights, but the dim glow from the outside lights through the curtains gave enough light to see what was going on.

Denise and I sat on the bed, and I leaned her back, pulling her shorts off.

“If you’re going to fuck her Alex, I want to be part of it. I want to hold her. I want to feel it.” She stood a couple of feet away, waiting.

I turned and pulled her to me. “I can’t believe how incredibly hot you are. You two are driving me insane.” I pulled her head down and kissed her. She continued down, dropping to her knees, and within moments had her lips around my cock. She slowly took most of it and held it deep in her mouth, then pushed hard, swallowing another inch down her throat, opening her lips and reaching forward with them, pulling as much of me as she could down her throat. Several longs seconds later she slid back, gasping.

“I love your cock.” She told me, and then stood up and climbed up on the bed. I saw her sit behind Denise, her legs on each side, encouraging her to scoot up into her arms. She cradled her, kissing the top of her head, her hands grasping Denise’s breasts.

I separated Denise’s long slender legs, and placed my mouth over her pussy for a moment, tasting her, letting my tongue penetrate her, separating her lips, opening her up just a hair. And then I place my knees under the edge of her ass, aimed my cock for her opening, and placed the head just at the edge.

“Are you in her?” Cheryl asked.

“The head is just at the edge. She is completely shaven and so wet I’m sure she can take the whole thing.”

“Describe it for me as you do it.” Cheryl asked. I saw her hands pull on Denise’s nipples stretching them away from her body.

“I’m sliding it in now. She’s so damn tight. I’ve got to pull back. Ok, now I’m sliding in again. God, I can’t believe how tight she is. Damn, Denise, how is your pussy this tight? I don’t want to hurt her. There, I’ve pulled all the way out. I’ve got the head back in. I’m going to do it this time. I’m lifting her legs apart, and NOW.” With a strong thrust I buried my cock in her, feeling the pull of her clutching tunnel.

“Oh Fuck! You fill me so good.” Denise finally moaned, her pussy spasming around my cock. “Don’t move, just hold me, I’m going to cum with you inside me.” Her hands were surrounding where my cock entered her, one circling my root, the other rubbing her clit. “Just hold it there, please, oh god, oh – I’m there, GOD!” Her back arched mightily, her head driving back into Cheryl, her legs clamping around me.

Cheryl was hugging her tight, still massaging her breasts. “Cum for us, just like that, that is so nice, cum, cum.” She was whispering into Denise’s ear as her body twanged like a taut bowstring.

I pulled my cock out its full length, and slid it back in, again and again. After just a few moments of this she was cumming again.

“Yeah, right there, right there, harder now, please harder, yeah, like that, harder, oh-fuck, oh-fuck, oh FUCK.” She gasped and curled around herself, and I could feel her twitching around my cock again, doing her best to draw me inside her.

“TIME!” the voices cried from outside the door.

“Time.” Cheryl said, with an evil teasing tone to her voice.

“God, this is going to kill me,” I answered, pulling my cock out of Denise, and sitting for a moment on the edge of the bed, before standing up and turning on the light. Denise was just sitting up, and I could see the sheen of sweat between her breasts and across her forehead.

The girls got off the bed, and came to the door as I opened it. Beth and Dave were just shouting “TIME” again as it opened.

“Have fun?” Beth asked, looking down at my cock.

I looked down as well and could see it covered in Denise’s white cream from where she’d cum all over me. I had never seen anything like it.

We walked out to the living room where I chugged what remained of my beer, and when Denise sat beside me on the couch, I realized we’d left her shorts in the bedroom. She was completely naked. That made two of us. My round of playing naked was officially over, but I wasn’t going to make a stink of it and left things as they were.

It was my draw. I pulled a card, and read it aloud.

“Spin for a person of the opposite sex. They must spend the next turn in your lap whenever possible. Both of your hands may roam freely.”

I spun and the spinner landed on Dave, but again, more towards Cheryl then Beth.

She came over and stood in front of me. “Scoot forward.” She instructed.

I did. She pushed my shoulders back into the chair, and then climbed up onto the chair. She grabbed the high back and slowly lowered herself onto my cock, all the way to the base, and then wrapped her legs around me.

“Like this?” she asked innocently.

“I believe this will work,” I answered, spreading her t-shirt around, and blocking the view of what was happening, although it had already been made pretty clear to all.

She sighed, almost purring, and leaned her head into my shoulder.

“Cheryl.” I whispered.


“Let’s move the whole party to our room.” I told her softly. I could see everyone was watching and listening intently.

“Why, so you can fuck Denise some more?” she murmured.

“So we can all be together, and do whatever we want.” I answered diplomatically.

She sat upright, and looked into my eyes. “I suppose you’re going to try to screw my sister, too.”

“Cheryl, I’m not going to do anything tonight you don’t want me to. You set the rules, and I’ll abide.” I told her.

“Admit it. You know you want to screw her.” She answered hotly.

“Cheryl, she’s beautiful and nearly naked just a foot away. I’d love to be with her, but never at the risk of jeopardizing our relationship.”

“Don’t you touch her! You can have Denise and me, but don’t touch her anymore. I’ve seen you sniffing around her. She’s my baby sister, damn it.”

The next moment Beth was standing there beside us, pulling on Cheryl’s arm, yanking her off my lap. “You and I need to talk right now, Damn it! I’m not a baby.” She pulled hard, pulling Cheryl off balance, pulling her by the arm and hair. Cheryl tried to push her away, but Beth pulled harder, yelling at her. The door slammed behind them just before the screaming started in earnest.

“Shit.” Dave was sitting on the couch, looking at where the girls had disappeared.

“They’ve got to work it out.” I answered.

“Cheryl’s wrong.” Denise answered, getting up and coming back into my lap. “Dave, help me here.” She put out her hand to him, as she balanced on one leg, and tried to impale herself on my cock.

I took her cheeks in my hands as she lowered herself, her back towards me, down onto my cock.

“I can’t believe you, Denise. You’re just going to fuck yourself on his cock, while I’m sitting here?” he asked in disbelief.

“You know it’s what you wanted.” She told him, spreading her legs wide and rocking back and forth on my erection.

“Well, I thought we might fool around some, but…”

“But nothing. You’re going to be fucking Cheryl pretty soon, and probably Beth too. What are you complaining about?” She planted her legs to each side, placed a hand on each arm of the chair, and started bouncing up and down on my cock. She reached a hand out to Dave, and put her hand on his cock. “Why are you the only person around here still dressed? Alex here has had his cock in all of us, and yours hasn’t even seen the light of day. Poor baby.”

Dave took the hint and dropped his shorts and underwear. He moved forward and Denise bent over at the waist, and sucked his cock, while I fucked her at the other end. We were just developing a rhythm, when I noticed the yelling had stopped, and I heard the door to the bedroom open and the girls come back out.


I lifted Denise off my cock, and stood up and went to Cheryl, taking her in my arms. “Everything Ok?”

“Yeah, I think so.” She answered softly, and then added a little louder, “Let’s go back into our room. Everybody.” She pulled out of my arms, and led me back.

“Can you just make love to me first,” she asked me softly as the others fell in behind us.

“I’d absolutely love to.” I answered truthfully.

I turned to the rest of them. “Can you all do me a small favor? Give us a few minutes. Then you’re welcome to join us.”

“Let’s take a shower. I know I could use one, and would guess that I’m not the only one!” Denise answered, pulling her husband and Beth to the bathroom.

In the bedroom I settled back into the center of the bed and helped Cheryl take up position above me, until she was lying against my chest, her pussy stuffed with my dick.

“Everything Ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She answered, rocking slowly back and forth.

“Why are you upset about Beth, but you’ll help me fuck Denise? She’s a grown up girl.” I had my hand on her ass cheek, giving her some added momentous.

“So she tells me. She says you’ve already fucked her.”

Ouch. “She sat in my lap earlier, when you were licking chocolate off Dave, and she helped herself then.”

“With no help from you, I suppose.”

“It was nice. And you three on the floor looked so hot. What’s wrong? If you’re unhappy about this I’ll stop it. We were just having such a great time, and you looked like you were having as much fun as anyone. I know it’s gotten a little wild, but like I said, we’re all grown-ups and good friends.”

“She’s just so young, and so pretty, and she’s crazy about you…” she said almost crying.

“Oh, come on. She’s a pretty kid, who’s a little jealous of her big sister.” I told her, thrusting into her with a continuous steady stroke.

“I can see how badly you want her. I saw you staring at her.” She answered.

“You’re not jealous of her are you? Damn Cheryl, she’s just a kid, I hardly know her. And even though she’s cute as a button, and pretty damn sexy, she doesn’t hold a candle to you or Denise. Not to hurt your feelings but I’d pick Denise over two of her anytime. Now Denise does make my blood boil but you don’t seem to be as bothered about that.”

“I know, but well, look I’m three years older than you. Beth was in high school a few weeks ago. And she’s so infatuated with you; she’ll do ANYTHING you want. She’s so very pretty, with that young hard body, full ass and big tits. I can understand how you might prefer her.”

“You must be out of your sweet little mind. You are the one I love; you are the hottest thing I’ve ever been with. I wouldn’t dream of leaving you for anyone else. You know what you do to me. Who else would ever share their best friend with me? I can’t believe you.” I told her, holding her tight barely fucking into her at all.

“It’s Ok. I know you love me. It’s just, I don’t know. I know I’m just being stupid.” She was clutching me tightly.

“This is not like you. Do you want me to send them away?”

“No, I’ve had fun. This has been wild, but great. And I do want to see if I can make Dave’s heart explode. You saw what he did to me in the bathroom, didn’t you?” She asked knowingly.

“Yes I did, and it got me hot as hell.”

“I don’t know why I get jealous around Beth of all people.” She finally admitted.

“Cheryl, Beth is a kid, admittedly a very pretty, sexy kid. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever known, and I love you. Only you. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

She took a couple of deep breaths, then sat up a little and leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “I know.” She then sat fully upright.

“I can’t hear the shower anymore. I expect we’ll be entertaining guests shortly.” She told me. I could see her tentative smile.

“You’re right. Help me come, baby, I want to come in you first. Now.” I told her.

She positioned herself so she could get some leverage and starting lifting herself up and down on my cock. I placed my hands under her ass, giving her some added lift, and thrust away at her hard and fast. I had been so hard for so long it was painful, and I was dying for release. We fucked each other harder and harder, until she was moaning for me.

“I’m almost there lover, come with me, come for me. Oh I’m so close, come for me, please…” she begged.

I could feel the tension rising through my legs, and like a spring, loading into my balls. I could feel the impending release, and I pulled her down to me, my hands grasping both of the cheeks of her ass, and manually slamming her down on to my cock, and lifting her nearly completely off, over and over, until with a groan, I exploded into her. I couldn’t stop, and thrust repeatedly emptying my balls deep within her, shooting stream after stream into her.

About halfway through my orgasm she joined me, her fingernails digging into me, her breath gasping, her teeth biting, her pussy wringing my cock dry. As I came off my high, she just kept cumming and cumming, driving herself onto me, until she collapsed on me, gasping for air.

The applause in the room was surprising, as our friends gathered around the bed.

“Gee, Cheryl. You are such a hog. I hope you’ve left some for us.” Beth teased.

I answered for her. “I don’t believe that’s going to be a problem tonight, Beth. If you three beautiful women can’t get me hard and keep me hard, I’m going to have to join a seminary.”

“Now that would be a waste,” Denise said climbing on the bed.

I scooted away from Cheryl, and got ready to lie down, when Beth grabbed me by the hand and pulled. “We’re cleaned up. I think a quick shower would do you a world of good.”

Debbie helped her guide me to the bathroom, where they both joined me in the shower. Ours is a pretty small shower, and it was wall-to-wall flesh. The girls fondled me all over, soaping me up, and rinsing me off. I enjoyed the attention, kissing them in turn, fondling wherever I could reach, and squeezing their breasts and ass, slipping a finger in them when they’d let me. They took turns sucking on my cock, and had me hard again before I even left the shower.

We dried each other off, and headed back to the bedroom. Dave had Cheryl on her hands and knees and was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. The entire bed was shaking, playing a tattoo against the wall.

Beth turned to Denise. “Which end of him do you want first?”

“How about paper/scissors/rock for who rides the cock? Oh, that rhymes!” Denise laughed.

The girls played best two out of three and Beth won. They laid me down on the bed, forcing Dave to slide sideways a bit. The two beauties worked together to make sure I was as hard as possible, and I was given a wonderful show, watching those two pretty faces taking turns getting filled with my thick cock, while the other used her tongue where she could. They were both as hot as firecrackers, and dying to get their tight little twats filled.

I looked to my side and found Cheryl had turned a little and was watching her sister and best friend go down on me.

“That looks so sexy,” she told me, as she continued to be on the receiving end of Dave’s attentions, which had slowed down and calmed considerably.

“I see you suitor calmed down.” I told her jokingly.

“He’s already come in me once, and he just didn’t even slow down. Who does that remind you of?” She answered with a smile.

“You inspire us.” I told her.

Beth finally sat up. “I’m dying to ride that beast.” She looked at Cheryl who was watching her. “Are we cool, sis?”

“We’re cool. Just remember that you’re just borrowing him.” She answered with a teasing tone.

“Keeping’ it in the family.” Beth answered, as she lowered herself on my stiff cock.

Denise climbed up to where I was laying, and starting kissing me. “You look so good; I can hardly wait to have my turn.” She kissed me deeply, passionately. “I’m going to sit on your face now. Show me what you’ve got.” She was as good as her word, and straddled my head, facing Beth.

She had a delightful shaven pussy, and she held it just off my face, easily in reach, without crushing me into the pillow. My hands were free enough to reach around her, around the back of her thighs, and open her up to my searching tongue. I kissed, licked and tongued that pussy for an eternity, until my jaws and tongue ached. She came on me at least twice, without ever pulling away. When she came it wasn’t a messy cum, but her taste and texture changed a little, and her pussy lips fluttered, while she moaned. It made me feel great, really powerful, to make her come on my tongue as she did.

While I was eating Denise out, Beth was finding all the different ways she could fuck herself on my cock. Some of the angles she tried were uncomfortable, but she certainly wasn’t afraid to experiment, and when she found something she liked, she would ride me hard, before slowing down and trying something new.

Denise finally climbed off my face, and lay down beside me, talking about how Beth was wearing herself out on my cock.

“She’s like a kid in a candy store.” Denise whispered into my ear, allowing her naughty tongue to wander. “I just watched her as she tried you on in all kinds of different ways, finding what felt best. It’s pretty incredible.”

Beth was gasping hard, and I could see she was covered in a light sweat, as she bounced up and down on my rod. I reached up and pulled her down to where she was lying on top of me. I held her by the thighs, and fucked up into her, giving her a long deep stroke, as she rested, breathing hard. Denise leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, a beautiful tentative, shy little kiss, which slowly developed into a thing of passion, right before my eyes.

I slowed down, and rolled over with Beth, holding her legs high and wide, and giving her a nice long smooth screwing, letting every inch of my cock penetrate her as deeply as possible on each full stroke. It was strange, watching my cock disappear into a new pussy, and seeing my girlfriend watch me fuck her sister. Dave had finally slowed down and was lying down holding Cheryl while the two of them watched me piston Beth.

Denise got involved again, playing with Beth’s breasts, and kissing her while whispering to her. I watched them eagerly, as Beth and Denise got more intimate by the moment.

I pulled Beth’s legs together and placed them over my right shoulder, as I put my weight behind my cock, slamming into her as she turned her head away from Denise’s devouring mouth, only to face her sister, just inches away.

“Oh god, he’s killing me. I swear he’s screwing me with a baseball bat.” She whispered to Cheryl.

“But it’s such a sweet death.” Cheryl answered, reaching out and running her fingers through Beth’s short hair.

“I’m so close to coming, he’s had me on edge forever,” she gasped, “I can’t believe how long he can keep this up, staying this hard.”

I reached down and interrupted their conversation while I repositioned the teenager. I spread her legs apart again, locking the back of her knees against my elbows, as I bent her in two, her pussy angled up for me. I slid back inside of her, slowly and just waited a moment, filling her.

“It’s time for you to come for me.” I told Beth, giving her long deep strokes that I slowly picked up the pace on. I slid back just a bit so I was fucking into her at more of an angle, rubbing the whole top surface of the inside of her tunnel, and she almost lost her mind right there. Denise reached down and started rubbing Beth’s clit in little circles, while watching me screw her.

“There, there, that’s it there,” She finally moaned, “just like that, oh don’t stop, don’t stop.” She gasped, and I knew I had her.

I shifted to top gear fucking in and out as hard and fast as I could, and a strange cry came seeping out of her, almost like a siren, starting low and getting louder and higher in pitch. She finally screamed out, thrashing under my assault, grabbing her own ankles with her hands, and pulling her legs back as far as she could. She came so hard, I thought she’d bust a blood vessel, and the sight was so incredible, it pushed me over the edge. Just as she was coming off her high, I slammed deep inside of her, and filled her with my seed. Her eyes flew open, and she groaned, shaking.

“Come in me,” she gasped. “Come for me,” she begged me, her legs trembling.

I drove my cock in and out several more times, each time loosing another stream of scalding cum inside that innocent teenage pussy, while she urged me on.

Once I was completely spent, I pulled out and wiggled my way in between the two sisters.

“Looked like you both enjoyed that one.” Cheryl teased, reaching across my chest and tweaking her sister’s near nipple.

“My god, sis, how can you live with that? I would go insane.” Beth gasped.

“I must be insane to share it.” She answered her, in a more serious tone. She kissed me on the cheek. “You got one more of those in you? We’re dying to see you on Denise. I told Dave how each time takes you longer. I figure your next one will take at least half-an-hour, maybe an hour before you come. You’re going to fuck her raw.”

She was right. After a short water break, and with the help of her sister, Cheryl got me ready for Denise. I started in her smooth pussy, in a simple missionary fuck, calm and easy. The bouncing of her tits was a sexy distraction so I fucked that furrow between her full breasts, while she strived to lick the head at the end of each stroke. Not one to deny a beautiful woman her needs, I slid further up her body for a session in her mouth.

The blowjob started relatively calmly as sort of a break, and I was blessed with a view of Dave being given a similar treatment for our little teenager. Feeling the urge coming upon me, I got a little more aggressive with Denise. I used her face pretty hard, holding her head, and pushing further into her mouth, until I was stretching out her throat, and her breathing was labored, trying to get a little air, in between thrusts down her throat, and the occasional gagging.

As wonderful as her mouth was, fulfilling so many of my fantasies, I saw her eyes were watering, and didn’t want to make her too uncomfortable. I pulled her face off my cock, and flipped her over onto her hands and knees, to get a view of her incredible ass before fucking her from behind. I was unstoppable. I plowed her from behind, enjoying the deep penetration, and adjusting her position, sometimes pulling her up onto her extended arms so I could reach out and grab her shoulders, pulling her back hard against my thrusts. Other times I’d push her head back down to the bed, her arms stretched akimbo, her cute little round butt pushed high in the air for me. A few times I pulled out completely, unable to resist licking and playing with her bright red pussy, or the little brown pucker of her ass. But never for long. The draw of her sex for my own was undeniable. While I screwed her, the other girls tried to soothe and help her, but eventually she was just a plaything I tossed around and used as I pleased.

Her legs no longer supported her, and she was lying flat out below me while I slammed into her over and over. It seemed time for a change. I flipped her over again, and enlisted the girls to hold her legs for me while I fucked her steaming twat, and encouraged Dave to feed her his semi-hard cock. The sisters teased her, making lewd comments, tweaking Denise’s nipples, sometimes rubbing her clit. During this time, she built up to a huge orgasm, crying out, and pulling her mouth off Dave’s cock. While her mouth was held in the rictus of her orgasm, Beth leaned over and stuck her tongue in Denise’s mouth. Denise went wild, grabby Beth aggressively and sharing a long passionate kiss. Dave at this time switched positions, and slid the cock his hot and bothered wife had firmed up for him, into the tight and tender twat of the teen bent over her.

Denise was starting to get worn out, and relaxed somewhat when Beth was distracted by Dave’s amorous ministrations. I slowed down my drilling, and opted for yet another change.

I used her mouth again, but a bit more gently this time, and not for such a long extended session, and then it was back to her pussy. Seeing her back on her hands and knees, the lure of her sexy little butt proved too much, and I started preparing her for penetration there. She seemed willing enough, not in the least hesitant. Cheryl was understanding and pulled a tube of lube from the nightstand, and passed it to me. When I had her prepped, I pulled out of her, the idea of screwing her in the ass, and in front of everyone present, doing wonders for the state of my rock-hard cock.

The lube and her relaxed stated did the job, and I entered her fairly easily, once I’d pushed the spongy head of my cock past her tight opening. She was tight, and accommodating, and I found myself in heaven. I lost track of time, as I stayed there on my knees behind her, shoving my fat cock in and out of her ass with the steady beat of a metronome. I was feeling incredible.

Dave got it up again and screwed Beth beside me. He was obviously enjoying her, but he couldn’t keep his attention off what his wife was getting. Once I was in Denise’s ass and she had stop complaining about the size, I decided to try to push her over the edge again, and enlisted Dave to lie down under her so we could double-team her. She was obliging, climbing on top of Dave and sliding his cock in her well-used pussy, before laying down on him. I spread her cheeks and forced my cock back into her tight little butt-hole, getting my first strong reaction out of her in a while.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned, while I reamed her ass.

We developed a rhythm, and fucked her between us, in a scene out of a porn film. I convinced Cheryl to ride Dave’s face, with Denise’s face right there for the whole show. I watched as she slowly extended her tongue, licking Cheryl just above where Dave’s tongue was working its magic. Then I felt her quiver underneath me.

“Oh my God, I’m coming. I can’t believe I’m coming again, oh, harder, harder, now,” she moaned.

Her orgasm pushed Dave over the edge, and he was thrusting up into her with all his might, telling her he was coming, as much as he could, with a mouth full of Cheryl’s twat.

My cock sawed in and out of her while she finally came, her body tensing, her back arching. She grabbed Cheryl by the hips and shoved her down onto Dave’s face, almost viciously, while she came for us.

When she was spent, I pulled out and rearranged things, so I could stand at the end of the bed, and fuck her ass until I came. I lifted her butt up and prepared to enter her again.

“Please Alex, no more.” She asked softly. “My ass is so sore, and I can’t come any more.”

“Of course baby, I don’t want to hurt you.” I told her, giving her a kiss on her tiny hole where I’d gotten so much pleasure.

Beth approached me with a facecloth, and wiped my cock down, gently, and then put some lotion on it. “That looks like it has to hurt, you look so red.”

“Not yet, but I may regret this tomorrow.” I told her.

“So, do you have an unfulfilled sister fantasy, that we can help you with.” Beth asked me.

“As a matter of fact, several. I would love to see you both share my cock I want to see Cheryl teach you how to suck me the way I like it best.” I answered.

“I think that might be arranged.”

We all got comfortable, taking in a little refreshment, smoothing the covers, and arranging the pillows, before we were ready. I was in the center of the bed, propped up with some pillows, while I watched the two sisters each perch over one of my legs and begin their oral magic.

Denise was lying next to me, watching the action, while Dave was cuddled behind her, spooning.

“Do you always fuck like this? You’re fucking insatiable.” Denise asked me.

“Of course not. But I’ve fantasized about you for so long, just having you here made so many dreams come true, I just can’t stop myself. You are so damn sexy, it makes my heart hurt. So many nights I’ve fantasized about being with you, and now you’re here. I can’t let a dream come true like this pass by without squeezing every bit of life out of it. There’s something about a first time with anyone, and this may be my one and only chance with you. I’m going to fuck all of you girls until I can’t. Until I just physically can’t.”

Cheryl guided Beth onto my cock and entered the conversation. “He’s not always like this, but it’s not unique either. There have been several occasions where he’s fucked me until I couldn’t walk. I mean hours and hours of non-stop fucking. You should tell them about the Shenandoah camping trip.” She gave me a smile and went back to helping her sister suck me.

“You guys have to understand that Cheryl was like the culmination of all my fantasies made flesh. I just couldn’t get enough of her. I still can’t.” I explained. “It seems sometimes, when I’m overheated enough, and we have a non-stop session, I’ll get to a point where I can get hard, but I just can’t come anymore. As you might imagine that doesn’t stop me.”

Beth climbed up and straddled my cock, lowering herself onto it, under her sister’s guidance. I was really enjoying the atmosphere of being catered to by the two gorgeous sisters, while the lovely Denise who I had just worn out, hung on my every word, watching my cock first get swallowed by her friends and then get ridden by the teenage hardbody.

Cheryl was positioning Beth for best access, so she could ride me with out getting too tired, and yet give me enough sensation that we were furthering the end.

“That Shenandoah camping weekend I got into that state and couldn’t stop myself. I know I had to have my cock buried in her for a dozen or more hours that weekend.”

“More,” Cheryl interrupted, “a lot more. At least 10 hours that first day.” She continued the story. “I blew him in the car on the way up there, and then he fucked me hard up against a boulder, within sight of the road when we started looking for our campsite.”

She smiled, remembering, while rubbing her sister who rode my cock. “We set up camp and he wouldn’t even let me finish setting up the sleeping bags before he was fucking me again. He bent me over the rolled-up bags and fucked me really nice, cumming in me for the third time in less than three hours. We unpacked and went on a short hike to a nearby stream on the map. He conned me into skinny dipping with him, and he fucked me there under the falls until we had to stop because I was shivering from the cold. On the hike back, which couldn’t even be two miles, he talked me into blowing him on the trail, and he came again. I made him dinner, and he insisted on fucking me for dessert. This time he just went on and on until I was sore, but he wouldn’t finish or get soft. That was when I offered him my ass for the first time. I’d only done it once previously, but I figured he wouldn’t last too long back there, and my pussy was getting so sore.”

She was straddling my legs, perched behind her sister, and using her hands and arms to help lift Beth up and down on my cock. I could see Beth was getting a little tired.

“Next sister, please.” I said with a smile.

Cheryl obliged, helping the unsteady Beth off, and lowering herself onto the cock that fit her so well.

“God, I love that feeling.” She told us, looking around and rolling her hips. “Well, back to the story. It was a good theory, and he jumped at the opportunity to pump my almost virgin ass. I had already told him about my one previous attempt at anal sex, that didn’t quite workout. With a little work, he filled my ass, with his cock, and shortly after that, he came again, shuddering as he did. He told me it hurt to come at that point.”

“It did. I was completely drained, but being inside that ass was enough to force one more out of me, when there was nothing left.”

“It was really pretty nice; he stretched me out nice ahead of time, and took his time doing me. He was only in my ass for a minute or so, before he was done.”

She rocked back and forth on my cock, keeping me going. “I figured we were done, but in the middle of the night he was climbing on me. He fucked me for ages in that tent, again never coming. Stupidly I offered him my ass again, so I could get some sleep, and this time he fucked my ass for another hour, until he just pulled out and went to sleep. In the morning I woke to him fucking me again, and when I was fully awake, he fucked my mouth until I complained my jaws hurt, fucked my tits until they were red and chapped, and then fucked my poor pussy again. Then he just stopped and went out and prepared a huge breakfast for us. We went on a short hike after breakfast, although I was tempted to just go back to sleep. The skies decided to open up on us, and the rain chased us back to our tent. We took off our wet clothes, and seeing me naked got him going again, and he asked to go ‘around the world’ again. He had to explain to me he wanted to use my mouth, tits, pussy and ass again, in order. His cock was almost instantly ready, and even though it never got really hard, it stayed hard enough for another super-session. He got his wish, with my mouth, tits, pussy and ass. This time I let him fuck my ass too long and had to make it off limits for the rest of the trip. I had no sense of time, and we fucked until we ate, fucked until we slept, and then fucked while we slept, and then fucked when we awoke. I thought I’d never be able to walk again.”

She climbed off me, pumping my cock with her hand. “He’s halfway there again. I can tell by how hard he is that we can get him to come at least one more time. I bet I know the best way.” She turned and looked at her baby sister. “Oh, Beth.”

Beth came over to where she indicated, and Cheryl had her go down on me. “Now Beth is practically a virgin, this is only her second time having sex. But part of her really is a virgin. I bet if Alex got in that tight little ass, he wouldn’t last long.”

Beth pulled off my cock, sputtering. “Oh no. Cheryl, I couldn’t.”

Denise seeing my cock uncovered, climbed down and sucked on it, while the sisters argued.

“You’re the one that told me you weren’t a baby. You could do anything I could do. Well it’s put up or shut up.” She told her nastily.

“But he’s so big. I know that would hurt so badly. I saw what he did to Denise.” Beth whined.

Denise pulled her head off my cock, to ride it herself for a while. “You need to feel what he did to me. It was incredible. That was the wildest orgasm I ever had, with a fat cock in my ass, and pussy, and Cheryl’s little pussy on the end of my tongue. You’re going to love this. Watch.”

She lifted off my cock, and then lowered her ass back down on my cock taking it to the root. “Oh god, he fills me so damn full.” She moaned. She then looked back at Beth. “It’s incredible.” She leaned way back my cock deep inside her, her pussy facing me. “Someone lick me, please.” She asked, looking at Cheryl and Beth longingly.

Cheryl climbed off the bed, and dug into her nightstand, coming up with a vibrator.

“Oh God,” Denise said, watching her approach. “I’m too sensitive right now; don’t touch my clit with that.”

“Of course not, nothing that rough.” Cheryl answered. She turned it on and we could hear it hum. She bent over and slipped about 4 inches of the vibrator into that pussy, and I could feel it through the wall of her ass. She lowered her face and used her tongue to bathe her clit and pussy, while working that vibrator in and out. The feeling was too much for me, and I knew I would be coming soon.

“Damn your ass is tight, Denise,” I told her, thrusting up into her, against that demon vibrator. “I’m going to come in you.”

“Do it, come in my ass. Fuck my ass.” She hissed to me, trying to help, squeezing her ass around my cock, milking it.

Cheryl turned the vibrator on high, and clamped her mouth down on Denise’s clit.

“Oh, enough, enough,” she cried, hunching over and grabbing at Cheryl. At that moment I lost it, exploding in her ass, and she screamed, and moaned “oh shit, oh shit,” breathing like a buffalo.

Cheryl pulled away and Denise fell off my cock, curled up in a ball. “I can’t believe I did that.” She gasped.

Cheryl turned to Beth. “I’m sorry, I tried to help you.”

“What?” She asked.

“Now when he fucks your ass, he may never come. By the end of this weekend you won’t be able to walk, believe me, I know.” Cheryl told her sympathetically.

We all laughed at Beth’s stunned look, and soon she joined in. After cleaning up, we split up into our rooms, already agreeing that the craft show was off, but we could pick up the game where we left off in the morning.

I fell asleep, with Cheryl on one side, and Beth on the other side, setting a mental alarm clock to awake in a couple of hours and sample the younger sister again.


And that, my friends was the fallout from the first experiment with my invented game. I found a lot of things I could improve about it, and went ahead and made the changes I thought it needed.

The next day we played around with the game some more, and with each other even more. I never got Beth’s ass that weekend, nor did I get a repeat in Denise’s ass, but Dave and I did take turns in Cheryl’s ass at one point. And I did get several more turns on both Beth and Denise. During one of our breaks, I asked everyone for thoughts on naming the game, still not admitting it was my own creation. I got some good ideas from the crowd. At the time, my favorites were:

Paradox Lost — I don’t know why, I just liked the name
Froggy — Named by Dave for the boiling the frog tale
Incremental – Cute name by Beth, referring to our loss of morals, and game values
Seven-Up – Named by Denise for the 7 colors, 7 question types, and 7 inches she got
I’m Not THAT Drunk – suggested by Cheryl, referring to the ‘pass’ phrase
Ménage – Referring to the mix of game types, and the potential “Ménage” at the end.

There were several other names that were cruder and much more explicit, but I didn’t think they would help further the idea of an innocuous little game that could slowly twist your moral fiber.

We went along with Ménage, and discussed some game improvements, and I was overjoyed to hear Denise and Cheryl discuss adding a friend from work and his wife to the game play. Beth wanted to invite her roommate. We decided to see if we could setup a small dinner party at Dave and Denise’s and invite Frank and his wife Delara. We vetoed Beth’s roommate, but invited Beth along as a single if she wanted to come.

Chapter 02

Plans were going ahead to try it in a group of 7, instead of the original 5, and all the original participants were eager to see if we could corrupt two more friends.

We knew Frank and Delara casually. He was a bit older, in his mid 30’s and she was foreign, though I’m not sure from where, maybe Greece or Turkey.

We had been seated next to them at a company function, and I was afraid the grey haired guy next to me was some corporate stick-in-the-mud, with a trophy wife. We were pleasantly surprised to find they were a fun, talkative, and irreverant couple and ended up having a really good time. Frank was charming and worldly, and his prematurely gray hair gave him a look of maturity far beyond his actual age. He flirted brazenly with both Cheryl and Denise, but never quite overstepped the boundaries of good taste. Delara was a quiet young mediterranean beauty, but friendly, and very touchy-feely, which I thought was a good thing, and Dave didn’t disagree. She was a tiny brunette with long dark hair, which she wore down to great effect. A few weeks later they had invited us to an event at their home where once again we’d had a terrific time. The wine had flowed easily and the conversation was all over the place. We owed them a social invitation, and this seemed like as good a time as any.

Casino Sensual Massage London

* * * *

During it’s first trial, the game play seemed to have been effective. More than I would have ever possibly dreamed. But I was confident it could be improved.

A brief recap of the game might be in order.

The object of the game (nominally) was to collect seven different colored Reward cards for successfully completing a variety of Challenges.

During play we used two decks of cards, one containing challenges, the other containing penalties/rewards. Each person would pre-select which type of Challenge they wished to perform, either knowledge based (trivia, word meanings, obscure questions), or activity based (charades, celebrity improv, pictionary).

After selecting the Challenge type, they pulled a Challenge card and performed the challenge. If they were successful, they received a Reward card which had a colored border, one of seven colors they were trying to collect. If they failed the challenge, there was a Penalty on the card that had to be peformed, then the card was discarded.

There were several supplemental rules, involving avoiding penalties, reassigning penalties, selecting partners for the activity challenges, and other small rules, but the basic game was pretty simple:

Pick the challenge type, draw a challenge card, perform the challenge. Succeed, get a color. Fail, perform a penalty. Collect 7 different colors and win.

The trick was that the questions and activities got tougher, and the penalties got more personal, intimate, and then downright naughty, as the game advanced.

The concerns I had from the first game were several.

1) I thought the game had taken too long. We didn’t get into the action until almost 3 hours into the game.

2) The specials were not used at all in the beginning, and were used a lot at the end where it seemed like people had either forgotten about them or were hordeing them.

3) I still wondered what would have happened if Denise had gotten her last color earlier. Would everything have ended abrubtly?

4) The wording on the cards was awkward for some, trying to generalize a card so that it was good for men or women was very tough for some of the activities. In some cases I had even forgotten to generalize.

5) Impersonations were the least used, and Charades was used early but not much later. Maybe that wasn’t a problem, it certainly pulled the ladies into the game.

6) The Pictionary questions went well, but needed bigger paper.

* * * *

My first pass at tuning the game including postponing some of the specials until the later play, and adding fewer specials early. For the next pass I was planning on adding only 2 additional chicken-outs and proxies for the first two decks. I created and added several more specific proxies, and some new specials that could change the game dynamics some.

I realized that the game would end sooner with smaller groups, without really advancing to the naughtiest rounds, and may not have a chance to get very far with bigger groups. So I played with a lot of ideas for adding cards in groups, fixed numbers, or per player. I finally decided on making many smaller decks of ten cards and adding those as needed. This accomplished two things. First, it allowed fine tuning of the game during play, and secondly, it allowed adding gender specific cards.

If a card face was printed in Pink with the female symbol in the corner, it was for women only. If a card face was printed in Blue with the male symbol in the corner, it was for men. Printed in black, with the joined male/female symbol, the card was for anyone. This had the added benefit of chewing through more cards in the later rounds, when gender specific activities were more common.

The seven colors were possibly too attainable. I did the math, figuring it would average 16 correctly answered challenges to pull the 7 colors. They would typically get three colors in the first 4-5 correct turns, the next two in 4-5 correct turns, the next one in 4-5 turns, and the last one was a one in 7 chance. Then I had my brainstorm; I would make two of the colors harder to get, and not let anyone know. By reducing their frequency just a little, I could make the game last about 30% longer on average. Then, my evil mind delved a little deeper. I would make the gender specific cards carry shortages of different cards. There would be 5 colors of about 16% commonality each, and two colors with about 10 percent commonality. To make things worse, the 7 percent for two of the colors would be distributed only between the common cards and one of the gender’s cards. On a whim I decided to make orange rare and not available in the male-only Challenge cards, and green rare and not available in the female-only Challenge cards.

Finally I eliminated the Mystery category, and the Impersonation category and added a Potpouri, which was listed under the activity group.

With the game play dynamics worked out, I rewrote many of the cards to be gender specific, added some new ideas into the card play, and got everything ready. I playtested it myself with some imaginary scenarios, and then recruited Denise and Dave to give the game another go with us, just two weeks after we’d had our first game, and a week before our scheduled dinner with the Shaws.

* * * *

Denise and Dave showed up on Saturday in the late afternoon, and we caught a movie and dinner before heading back to our place for a little R&R.

We all knew exactly where the evening was going, but for some reason the conversation steered away from any reference to our previous game play or our intentions for that night.

As we settled down, I decanted a large bottle of wine for the girls, and a couple of beers for Dave and I. Cheryl suggested I get the game out, which I eagerly did.

“Well I sent in my feedback, without going into details, and they took ours as well as several others, incorporated some changes, and sent me back a modified version of the game.” My original claim that I was play-testing the game for someone else was now coming back to haunt me. I had to stick with the storyline.

“I’ve looked over the changes to the game play, and they seem minor, but I thought I’d let you see what they were as we played. The only obvious one is that there are only six challenge categories now, impersonations and mystery are gone, and they’ve added Potpouri.” I informed the crowd.

“The only other change is there may be some cards that are for girls or guys only. They are easy to recognize, Pink for girls, Blue for boys. If you pull one and it’s not for you, you discard freely and draw again.”

It seemed like everyone was at least a little nervous, as I shuffled together the first packs. This time I was only using 40 combined cards for “Funny” and “Embarassing” (level 1) penalties, and that included 4 specials.

Play moved along quickly, with some joking and lots of drinking, and again we each had about 3 colors by the time it was time to shuffle in the next deck. I shuffled in about 40 more level 2 penalties, which I personally nicknamed ‘Friendly’. These were meant to have more physical contact, yet nothing beyond a very basic kiss, and some light touching. Nothing personal.

The play seemed a little slow, and I wondered if it was because of the fewer players, or because we were anticipating the game heating up. It was fun, but not nearly as much as the previous time we’d played. I decided that when you already know the game, you should shuffle in the “Friendly” with the first two decks, and use less cards.

When the second deck was mostly used up, we’d killed the first bottle of wine. Denise wanted to continue with wine, so I opened a Chardonnay for her, while Cheryl moved on to beer with Dave and me. The game play was flying along, and a second problem arose in that we were all familiar with several of the questions, and were getting too many right, and not enough penalties. I noted to myself that I needed a large supply of cards to draw from, so they would stay varied.

The natives were getting a little restless.

“This seems a lot easier this time,” Denise told us after drawing her 5th color.

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” I admitted. “There’s not enough variation in the card selection, and we probably had too many of the innocent card penalties, I should probably have used about a third less.”

“How is it your fault?” Cheryl asked. “It’s not like you made up the game. Whoever designed it needs to work on it.”

I could practically hear the gears working in the minds of both Denise and Cheryl after that comment. I could see the realization that maybe I was more involved then I had previously let on was sinking in.

“Wait a second,” Denise said finally. “Where did this game come from?”

“I think I have the same question,” Cheryl said. “Where did you say you got this? I thought you got it from the guy at work?”

Damn. “Ok, I have a confession. Don’t get mad, but I did invent it.” Oh man, oh man, oh man, was I in trouble.

“Are you kidding me? This is something you made up to get into Denise’s pants, and to get me to let Dave do what he wanted? Are you sick? I can’t believe you did this.” Cheryl was fuming, but I don’t think Denise was too upset yet.

Time to start back-pedaling. I had thought about getting caught and had a backup plan in mind. I probably should have stuck with the truth, but I didn’t cherish the thought of waking up a eunuch.

“I had almost completely forgotten about the game.” I improvised. “I made it a couple of years ago in college, and never even got a chance to play it. It was the result of too much frustration and time on my hands. When I was cleaning out my closet I found it in a box of old school stuff, and thought what the hell, maybe it was worth trying. I probably should have told you, but I had no idea it was going to go anywhere NEAR as far as it did, and if it was really bad, or pissed anyone off, I was looking for an excuse to cast the blame elsewhere.”

“You could’ve told me.” Cheryl told me, in a tone that was both cross and disappointed.

“I could have and I should have. I’m sorry. There is no excuse for not being honest with you about it.” I think I sounded suitably repentant.

“Damn, Alex, you have one devious mind. And pretty warped. I mean some of those penalties were wicked.” Denise told me, her grin taking the sting of her words away.

Denise suddenly had an inspiration and turned to Dave. “How much did you know about this, you bastard.” She asked him heatedly.

Before he could open his mouth, I spoke up. “Nothing. I did tell him I had a new game I wanted to play, but I told him nothing about it, or where it came from. The only thing I did ask him was what your favorite drink was, so I could have a little liquid moral lubricant to knock down your defenses.”

“You planned everything didn’t you?” Cheryl asked me. “The whole evening was about trying to get into our pants. I’m so mad I could spit.” She was turning red, and looked about as angry as I’d ever seen her.

“No, it was about getting us a litte more intimate. I honestly thought it would get no further than some kissing and grabass at the most. I was sure that when the clothing started going the game would get called. I didn’t even remember what some of those advanced penalties were about.”

“And you were trying to nail my sister too! That’s sick.” Cheryl was working herself into a tizzy.

“No, I swear. I didn’t know she was coming, remember?” I reminded her. “It was for just the four of us. Beth was completely unexpected. I figured if anything, her presence would make things less likely to happen.”

“I can’t believe you.” She told me, getting up and walking away from the table.

I was about to get up and follow her, when Denise decided to intervene. “You just stay there. I’ll talk to her for a bit.”

Dave commiserated with me, saying it was too bad, things were going so well, but hey, it had been worth it.

“Maybe.” I said. “I swear I didn’t think we’d get anywhere as far as we did that first time. At best I figured we might get to play a few times and see some naked flesh; it surpassed all my expectations.”

“Buddy, you’re a fucking genius. It was the perfect game for loosening inhibitions. If we can get past this hurdle, we’ll be golden.” Dave reassured me.

We chatted about the game, and why it wasn’t playing as well, when the girls finally returned.

Cheryl came over and sat next to me. “Against my better judgment, and largely due to Denise’s arguments, I’m going to give you a bye on this one. I can accept that you were just trying to loosen us up, and it got carried away. Even if I had know about the game, I wouldn’t have believed it would ever have gone as far as it did.

“And you were right about Beth. That was my idea, but I still think you should have postponed playing for a better time.” She sounded a lot less angry. I owed Denise big time. “I guess that’s why hindsight is 20/20.”

Denise jumped in. “The good news is you now have three willing assistants to work out some of the bugs here. I don’t know about you guys, but I still get wet just thinking about that night, and I’m dying to get there again.” She blushed a deep red, turning her face away.

“The sex these last two weeks has been incredible for us. I don’t know about you, but you guys set off a bonfire in Denise.” Dave told us, going to Denise and putting his arm around here.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that weekend, and have enjoyed the results of it ever since,” Cheryl added with an almost shy smile. “And I’ve certainly been looking forward to tonight.”

“So now what?” Dave asked.

“Let’s play.” Denise said softly.

“Let’s start over, and see if we can make it a little better this time, it was moving pretty slow.” Cheryl said.

“I think I know why,” I told them. “Two things: we already knew too many of the challenges, and we played at too innocent a level for too long.”

“That sounds reasonable, but how do we fix it?” Dave said.

“For now, I’ll rebuild the penalty decks, a little leaner. And we’ll use the cards from some games we have, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and Charades, to supplement our challenges. How’s that sound?”

“Set it up, and let’s pretend that we’d never played this before.” Cheryl said.

“Why don’t we set two extra places and take turns playing for Frank and Delara, and see how it goes.” Dave suggested.

“It might take longer that way.” I told him.

“It’s a good dry run for next week.” Denise said, “And we can even discuss why we make some choices, and what would be best for getting them deeply involved.”

“I like it,” Cheryl said. “Set things up and I’ll be back in a second.”

I went back to more cards, keeping the ‘Intimate’ deck out until the first shuffle. I intended to shuffle them in with about a third of the deck left.

My darling Cheryl, naughty devious Cheryl, returned with two pillows she had dressed in our clothing. Panties, bra, t-shirt and shorts on one, shirt, shorts and boxers on the other. We applauded her effort.

“I don’t suppose in your college stuff you have an inflatable doll hidden away?” She asked me, half teasing, half challenging.

“Nope. I was frustrated, yes, desperate, no.”

With everyone settled back down we started play again, a little more buzzed, and with Dave doing a Frank imitation that was eerily close to Martin Short in Father of the Bride. It was pretty humorous. Cheryl caught the spirit, and put on a bad accent for ‘Delara’ somewhere between an Italian diva and the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

“Before we start, everyone gets two colors, and I’m getting rid of half this deck. Just assume we had a mix of play, some drinking and some silly penalties. As a matter of fact I’ll deal out two penalties to each person here, and we’ll assume they’ve been done.” I passed out the cards and we read our penalties out loud, including Delara’s and Franks.

“Ok, let’s go.” I told them, passing the spinner to Cheryl on my left. The Virtual Delara was actually to my immediate left, with Cheryl next to her.

Cheryl placed the ‘Delara’ pillow in her lap, her head resting on the top of the pillow, as she held if vertically. “Oh yaah, ees my turnink? I am so, how you say, ‘vyorndefordeyvard’!” Cheryl did her comedy bit, and pulled a card.

Play moved around the table with some drinking when Denise got the first ‘personal’ penalty. It was a kissing card. I think there were 4-6 of them in this deck.

“Kiss someone, not your partner.” She read aloud. “So what do you think, if this was the real game, should I kiss Alex, or Frank?”

“Alex, definitely Alex.” I answered.

“No really,” she laughed. “Will kissing Frank chase them away, or reel them in?”

We discussed it, and thought that we should try to get Delara involved as early as possible and let Frank fend for himself. That way he’d want to start hitting penalties on purpose, and Delara couldn’t avoid getting involved. We were developing a strategy. I liked it.

Denise, teasingly stood up, and walked all the way around the table, past ‘Frank’, past Dave, past Cheryl and ‘Delara’ to me. She then bent over and gave me a small peck on the lips. Before she pulled away she gave a quick tongue swipe across my lips.

“Oh, you are tricky,” I told her, as she laughingly took her seat.

We played through a couple of massages, a few drinks, and another kiss, this one from Dave to ‘Delara’ who Cheryl was kind enough to accept the kiss for. Just before it was time to shuffle, we had the raciest thing yet: Denise showing the person to her left, yours truly, the color of her bra, black. She unbuttoned her shirt, straddled my legs, leaned in, and opened her shirt wide, so her hands were about even with my head. Her breasts were mere inches away. I tried to lean forward for a small kiss, but she backed off with a teasing laugh, closing her shirt.

At the next shuffle, we were adding the “Intimate” deck. This was where things really got hot quickly last time.

We were having a blast now, much more so than earlier, with the tougher questions and the sideplay of Frank and Delara. Dave was talking about getting into Delara’s pillowcase, and we were just generally having fun.

We had a ‘whisper’ card and a lying down back massage, when we got our first chug-or-strip card.

“I don’t remember those,” Denise said.

“I changed most of the strip cards to be Chug/Strip or some other activity/strip, to give people an easy out.” I told her.

“But that’s what the Chicken-outs are for.” She said.

“I agree,” Dave said, “the plain strip is better.”

We amended the card and called it a strip, for Dave who had pulled the card. He took off his shoes, and we discussed the fact that we were wearing too many clothes.

“If we make the dinner casual, and everyone leaves their shoes at the door, that will get rid of one item.” I offered.

“If we make it dressier, the girls will be wearing less. Pantyhose, dress, panties, bra and shoes. We can encourage every one to remove their shoes.” Cheryl suggested.

“I don’t know, removing an entire dress is a big step.” I answered.

“I think Alex is right.” Denise said. “Let’s make it casual. Pants, shirt, underwear, bra and socks. 5 items. Maybe we can add some cards where you get to take something off somebody else, while they take something off you. Get rid of two clothing items and maybe get some proxy use.”

“What a great idea!” I told her. “And if we have some footsie, foot massage cards, it will get the socks off for free.” I was taking notes, and added these two ideas. “Of course if either of you girls want to start playing the game ‘Commando’, I’d be the last to complain.” I told them teasingly.

“I just might have to think about that one. Then again, I’ve got some crotchless panties I’ve never dared to wear out in public. I bet I could put on quite a show with those.” Denise answered.

I instantly got hard, just thinking about it.

“If you go crotchless, I’ll skip the bra,” Cheryl offered. The girls discussed it for a few seconds, and agreed to confirm their dress-code before they started the game next week.

Cheryl said, “Everybody take their socks off, we’ll assume we lost them to something else in this and the last round.”

We all did, and allowed that it could be Dave’s penalty as well.

We continued playing through the cards pretty fast. Some of the new proxies started showing up and they were getting a lot of attention.

“Privacy: Move your penalty to a private room.” Denise read, “Now that’s a useful card.”

“Yeah, but I notice my Proxy is a lot more restrictive,” Cheryl said. “Stand-in Proxy: Substitute yourself for a partner that was selected randomly.”

“It’s true,” I told her, “but there are a few more of them, and I was hoping we might encourage their use a little more if they’re restrictive and more plentiful. Then you’re more likely to use them when you can.” I told them.

‘Frank’ pulled a kissing penalty. Dave continued to play the part of Frank and got a two minute kiss with Cheryl.

“How come I never get to play Frank?” I groused.

“You’re lucky we let you play at all. It would serve you right if I took these two back to our room and left you out in the cold.” Cheryl told me warningly.

I guess I wasn’t quite in the clear, as far as my little tale of the games origination went.

I guess Cheryl felt pity for me, probably recognizing my hangdog look. “Ok, baby, I’m just kidding. Next time, you can both pretend to be ‘Frank’. You’ll both do his penalty.”

“And are you both going to be ‘Delara’. Dave asked.

“Ok, already! Anything you do to ‘Delara’ you can do to both of us.” Denise answered.

“Hot damn, now we’re getting somewhere!” Dave quipped.

I wanted to agree but figured that the best idea was for me to lay low for a while.

My next turn, I hit the jackpot. “Three minutes alone with any willing partner.” I turned to the Cheryl, soliciting her input. “Do you think it would be too soon to take ‘Delara’ in back?”

“I think it would be Ok.” Cheryl said, thoughtfully.

“We need some kind of signalling.” Denise volunteered. “I’ve got an idea. If you rub your chin, you’re asking if Delara or Frank would be a good partner to select. Then if we touch anything on our head, the answer is yes. If we touch anything below the waist, knee, foot, whatever the answer is no.”

I couldn’t believe how well our mates were planning the seduction of our friends.

“Ok, let me try that again.” I read the card aloud. “Two minutes alone with any willing partner.” I rubbed my chin, “Nice.”

I looked around to the two girls who touched their cheek and hair, and Dave, who I guess was neutral, touching nothing.

“My dear Delara, would you do me the honor?” I asked the pillow.

“Oh my Goodiness! This is ya Ok? Yust us?” Cheryl answered.

“Oh yes, this is ‘Ya, Ok’.” I assured her. “But only if you’re ‘willing’. You can pass.”

‘Delara’ acquiesed, standing up and offering her my hand. I took it and led her back to our room. After closing the door, I turned and took her in my arms.

“Wait, remember I’m ‘Delara’. What would you want to do with her? And how would you behave?” Cheryl asked.

“Oh, Ok.” I stepped back a second, and shook loose. I then stepped up to ‘Delara’, and placed my hands on each side of her neck. “Delara, may I kiss you?” I asked her softly, tilting her face up to mine.

“Yes.” She answered simply.

I leaned forward, pressing my lips to hers, and closing my eyes. I pretended it was Delara, exploring her lips for the first time, and as she tentatively gave in to my kiss, I grew more passionate, pulling her against my body, my leg between hers, letting her feel my hardness. I kept my eyes closed, and kissed her all over her face, down to her neck and earlobes. “You are so pretty, Delara, I’ve wanted to do this all night long.” I told her.

“Thank you for picking me.” She answered huskily.

“I’m going to pick you every chance I get.” I told her.

“Oooh.” She gasped. “Cheryl won’t get mad?”

“I don’t think so, not tonight.” I told her, just as the voices from outside chimed “TIME”.

“Thank you, Aleeks, dat was nice.” Cheryl whispered as I turned to leave, taking her hand.

“No, thank you.” I answered her smiling.

Everyone started to take their seat, when I took Denise by the hand.

“What?” She asked.

“Delara, would you do me the honor?” I asked her smiling.

She had forgotten her earlier offer of having them both play the part of Delara. “Oh, yeah, I forgot, I mean, of course, I mean, ‘uff corse’!”

I lead Denise back to the bedroom.

I closed the door, and immediately dropped trou.


“Damnit Denise, I am desperate for you. This night has been driving me crazy.” I told her, dropping to my knees and opening her pants.”

She laughed. “But the card didn’t say…”

“It didn’t say we couldn’t.” I told her.

She slapped my hands away. “Tell you what, if you get me back here on my turn, anything goes.” She reached out and gave my cock a little squeeze, before tucking it away. “But for now I’m Delara, and I want to see what you’re going to do with her.”

“Ok, give me a sec.” I told her, closing my pants with some difficulty.

“I was so jealous last week. I got one little kiss from you, and then you let Beth tickle your tonsils twice before I got to do anything. Next thing I know, I’m on your lap, and you’re fingering me and showing Beth my pussy. I couldn’t hardly believe it.”

I put my finger over her lips, and gave her a long slow soulfull kiss, holding her in my arms, stroking her back, neck and sides, without going to far. Her returned kiss was full of passion, tenderness and emotion. It was undoubtedly one of the nicest kisses of my life.

“TIME” we heard yelled from the living room.

I opened my eyes, in awe, at the wonder of the emotions in that kiss. Her eyes opened just moments after mine, and they were glistening.

“Wow.” I whispered.

“‘Delara’ is a lucky girl.” She answered back, softly.

I had to kiss her again, pulling her lips to mine, tasting her again.

The door opened behind us. “TIME ALREADY!” our partners teased.

“We know, we’re coming.” I told them.

“God, I hope not already!” Cheryl quipped, and Dave laughed along with her.

We sat down and Cheryl pulled a card for ‘Delara’, and played the challenge, jokingly screwing up the vocabulary word. She pulled the penalty card but before she read it, she stopped and made a statement. “I was thinking. It might be best if we played all the ‘private’ penalties that involve our ‘Frank’ and ‘Delara’ with everyone present. I don’t think we have anything to hide from each other at this point, and that way we can decide what kind of private performance will get the job done best.”

No one could argue the concept, and we agreed that was what we’d do. Cheryl went ahead and read the card. “Whisper a fantasy to someone of the opposite sex, not your partner.”

Cheryl gave a nod to Denise in my direction, and then she went to Dave, kneeled down beside him and whispered in his ear.

Denise settled down next to me. “I have a fantasy,” she told me, her soft breath tickling my ear. “I fantasize being with you. Just you and me. I imagine an entire day spent with you, like new lovers, joking hand-in-hand, playing while doing mundane things, and then ending up in your arms at the end of the day, and tenderly giving myself up to you. And as much as I enjoyed being used by you last weekend, I fantasize being made love to by you.”

I turned to her, and whispered into her ear, kissing her lobe. “Delara wasn’t used by me last weekend.”

“No she wasn’t.” Denise confirmed.

“Tonight’s not the night, but I will make that dream come true.” I told her pulling back, and kissing her again.

“I’ll be waiting.” She answered taking her seat.

We turned to watch Cheryl and Dave. Cheryl finished just a few seconds after us and got up with a smile.

“Oh? Is it my turn already?” Cheryl smiled and took a card from the penalty box, looked at it, and put it back, pulling another one. She looked that one over, then tossed it aside. “We need better cards.” She announced, looking at me accusingly.

I took the hint and pulled out the ‘Naughty’ cards. I started to shuffle them in, then stopped. “I want to change some of the cards to “mutual” strips. How about if I do that with a few, while each of you see what you can come up in terms of new ideas for the game. Any category, friendly, embarrassing, humorous, naughty, nasty, or depraved.”

They took to the advice and we passed out a couple of sheets of the drawing paper for the ‘Pictionary’ challenges, while I fine-tuned the naughty cards just a bit. After a couple of minutes I was done, and then got up to refresh the drinks.

“I’m so damned worked up, I can hardly think,” Dave confessed, while he worked on his list. I’m sure we could all commisserate. I wanted to suggest just splitting up into pairs and the hell with the game, but I wasn’t going to push anything. I was already walking on thin ice.

When everyone appeared done, I collected the sheets and passed the Challenge deck to Cheryl.

“I don’t think we need that anymore,” she told me, reaching for the penalty deck.

I had left a mutual-strip on top, to see if they liked the wording.

“Spin for a partner. At the end of this turn you have to have the same number of items on. One of you must remove at least one item of clothing.” She read aloud. She looked over at me. “That’s what I love about you, you are one devious little horn-dog.”

She gave the spinner a twirl, and hit ‘Frank’.

“Well, what do you have on Frank, shorts, shirt and boxers?” She looked at me, as she said this. “It appears I have one item to many.” She stood up and removed her shirt.

I thought her turn was over, but she turned to Dave. “So, what do you have on Frank? Shorts, shirt and underwear?” She asked him.

He nodded.

“It appears we both have to remove an item of clothing.” She told him with a smile, wriggling out of her pants, while he took off his shirt. She tossed the pants to the side, adjusting her panties. “These are so damn wet, I can’t wait to get them off.” She muttered almost to herself. Then she stood up, gave Dave a smile, and announced “Your turn.”

I could see the sweat beading on Dave’s forehead from where I was sitting. He must have been at least as worked up as I was. He took the Penalty deck from in front of Cheryl, and selected the top card.

“The person of your choice must sit on your lap (or you may sit on theirs) for the next round.” He gave a smile, and then rubbed his chin, “I wonder who I should pick.”

I rubbed my knee, indicating that I thought he shouldn’t pick Delara. Denise caught on and asked why not.

“I was just thinking, if Delara was feeling that things were going maybe a little too fast, this would be a great chance to show that one of you ladies was comfortable with where things were.” I told her.

Cheryl added, “I think he may be right, we don’t want to pick her every time, she’ll think we’re picking on her.” She stood up and went to sit on Dave’s lap. “Will I do?” She asked ingenuosly.

“And then some.” He told her, adjusting her in his lap, and placing a hand on her upper thigh.

“Frank’s turn,” I announced.

Cheryl picked up the deck,and passed the top card to Dave.

“Moon whoever has the most drink in their glass.” He read out loud, quickly looking around. It was no contest. Cheryl had refilled her glass while I shuffled in the last deck, and she hadn’t touched it since.

I got out of my seat and went over to the pillow that represented Frank. I held it up and lowered the underwear while the back faced Cheryl and Dave. It got a little laugh before I put it back down, and took my seat again.

Denise pulled her penalty card. “Remove two items of clothing. A partner may remove an item of their clothing instead of yours, in exchange for 3 minutes alone after removing the items.” She looked to me and raised an eyebrow in question.

“I’d be happy to help you out.” I told her. “But I think it’s only fair that everyone should know, if I take you back there, I can’t be responsible for my actions.”

I directed my comments partially to Dave and Cheryl. Dave had his hand in the back of Cheryl’s underwear and she was wiggling an awful lot under his caresses.

Cheryl gave Dave a kiss, then got off his lap, and pulled Denise to the side. They moved off to the kitchen where they talked for a bit, while Dave and I discussed what we thought was happening.

“I think the play is over.” Dave told me. “You cool with everything?”

“Absolutely. If you don’t mind, I’d like to trade off at the end of the night. I’d like to play together for a while, then maybe I can take Denise to the guest room and you and Cheryl can have some time together.”

“I think you can read my mind. Let’s see if they go for it.” He told me, nodding towards the girls who were returning. They were giggling and looking up to no good.

“Ok boys, here’s the deal. Denise has 5 minutes to make Alex come with her mouth and hands. If she does, well we have a side bet going, which I’m going to keep secret. But in addition, if she gets you to come, then all three of us will service her until both of you come. If after 5 minutes you haven’t come, then I win the bet, and you all have to service me. Does that sound ok?”

“That sounds pretty damn good to me.” I answered.

“How about me?” Dave asked.

“Don’t worry. While she’s taking care of him, I’ve got a present for you.” She smiled, pulling off her panties.

“I’m in.” He answered quickly.

Cheryl came over and whispered to me. “Hold out baby, and I swear we’ll party with Beth this week. Plus I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Oooh. The pressure was on.

Denise stood in front of me and removed all her clothing and then proceeded to help me remove mine. “Help me, Alex, I promise you won’t regret it.” She told me.

“I think you screwed up here, Denise. I already dropped two loads into Cheryl today, and I’m going to be hard pressed to snap off another one.” I saw the look of dismay in her eyes. “I’m sorry. You are going to lose this one.”

Under Cheryl’s guidance, I sat down on the couch, and we placed a pillow on the floor for Denise to kneel on. Dave sat down next to me, and Cheryl lowered herself onto his cock with an audible sigh.

“We’ll start timing on the minute, in 15 seconds. You can start.” Cheryl told Denise.

Denise went to town on my cock. She stroked it. She pumped it. She licked me from balls to crown, and shoved my thick prick halfway down her throat. She pushed a finger up my ass, stroking my shaft and gobbling the head like there was no tomorrow. She was gasping halfway through the five minutes, occasionally choking on how far she was taking it. She looked so incredibly beautiful with my prick in her mouth, I was actually getting that feeling of impending completion. She pulled her face off of me, and pumped my shaft aggressively. “Come on, come for me. Come for me baby.” She looked up into my eyes and locked her gaze to mine. “Come, come, come,” she whispered, before suddenly driving her face down onto my cock, as deep as she could.

I was getting close, I tensed up my ass, rising up off the cushion, and pushing her face down onto my cock. “I’m almost there,” I told her, relishing her incredible oral effort.

“TIME!” Cheryl announced, and Denise pulled away, gasping, and I settled back down with a moan.

“Oh, Shit.” Denise gave a heartfelt sigh.

“I would never have believed anyone could have gotten him that close that fast. Not after I already milked him this morning, and right before you guys came over.” Cheryl admitted.

“That was truly incredible.” I gasped, my wet, rock hard cock, waving of it’s own volition.

“A deal’s a deal,” Denise answered, pouting. “You want to tell them?”

“No, I think we can save that for later. For now, I think I’d like to claim the rest of my prize.” She said reaching out for my cock and pulling me towards her mouth.

Cheryl tried for a while to bounce on Dave’s cock while sucking me, but it wasn’t working too well, so we put her on her hands and knees, and I enjoyed my second blowjob in almost as many minutes, while Dave sawed in and out of her steaming pussy.

Denise was caressing me, rubbing against me, and I started playing with her pussy and ass with my free hand, while my other was used to help guide Cheryl’s face up and down my cock.

Cheryl pulled off my cock. “For the last two weeks I couldn’t get that image of Denise out of my mind. Speared by both your cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass as she came so hard. I was so jealous. I’ve never had two guys. This is my first time. And I want it all.” She told us breathily.

“Then you will get it.” I told her, standing up and directing Dave to ease off. She turned and sat down.

“Do you care how we do it?” I asked her.

“I just want a stiff cock in my ass and my pussy.” She told me huskily.

I sat down on the edge of the couch, and leaned back. “Ok. I want you to stick this thing up your ass, and then lay back on me.” I told her, holding my cock upright.

She took up position, straddling my legs, and the lowered herself until my cock was just poised at the entrance to her tight little asshole. I helped her spread her cheeks wide, as she let gravity push her down onto my waiting tool. The head popped in to the noise of an accompanying groan, and she slowly settled herself down on top of me, inching along until I was balls deep in her ass.

I rocked her back and forth on my cock, keeping most of it buried in her bowels, just a couple of inches working in and out. “And now to prepare the way. Denise, would you mind eating Cheryl out, while Dave takes you from behind?” I asked. “Just temporarily, while Cheryl gets used to having my fat cock up her ass.” I smiled.

Denise blushed. “I’ve never really done anything like this.” She said softly, leaning forward from the waist and placing her forearms on Cheryl’s thighs. She tentatively kissed around Cheryl’s mound, while I worked my cock in and out of Cheryl’s little brown hole, just inches below Denise’s efforts.

Dave took up position behind Denise, and shortly was putting it to his wife, while she got more animated and placed her mouth over Cheryl’s pussy and worked her with her tongue. After a couple of minutes of this, I announced it was time, and Dave pulled out of Denise, who positioned herself to the side.

I had my hands on Cheryl’s breasts, playing with them, while I nibbled on her neck. Dave reached down and spread Cheryl’s legs wider apart, and Denise helped, taking one of the legs in her hand. I reached down with the opposite hand, and pulled Cheryl’s legs even wider.

Dave took position, and then I watched as he slowly shoved his entire length inside her, and held himself there, fully sheathed.

“Oh, God, that’s incredible.” Cheryl gasped.

I could feel his cock enter her, rubbing against my cock for the full depth of her twat, through the thin wall that separated us.

“Do her.” I told him.

He started slowly, sitting upright and working his cock in and out of her abnormally tight pussy. Denise took turns kissing me, and then Cheryl, while she played with Cheryl’s breasts. When Dave’s pace was getting more aggresive, he leaned forward, his hands on Cheryl’s shoulders, as he fucked her harder and harder. The harder and faster he went, the more her moans picked up, until she was almost constantly moaning under his assault.

I was manhandling Cheryl’s breasts, and I would squeeze her nipple and offer it to Denise’s questing tongue.

I was doing what I could in her butt, but most of the action was coming from his slamming into her and pulling her off my cock for a bit, before he pulled back, and gravity settled her back down onto my rod.

After a couple of more minutes of this, I could feel Cheryl tensing on top of me. She was getting close, I could tell, to a huge orgasm.

I couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m going to fill your ass.” I told her, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Do it. Fuck my tight ass.” She gasped. “Fill my ass with your come.”

I was too far gone, and emptied my balls into her with a groan. She came almost as if on demand, and I could feel her ass milking my prick. As she screeched her orgasm, she pushed Dave over the edge, and he pumped her wildly, before pulling out and shooting his wad across her stomach and pussy. He came a huge amount, far more than I usually did, and I felt a twinge of jealousy for a second before I laughed it off.

Cheryl rolled off of me onto the floor, breathing heavy and glowing with perspiration.

“Wow!” she finally gasped.

“I second that,” Dave joked, staring at her, his hand idly fondling his semi-tumescent meat.

I caught Dave’s eye, gave a downward glance to Cheryl, and nodded towards the bathroom.

Dave gave me a quizzical look, and didn’t quite get the drift of my hint, but fortunately Denise did.

“Take her in and clean her up a bit, Dave.” She told him with a smile. She then reached out and took me by the hand and guided me to the kitchen. As I followed her, I saw Dave help Cheryl to her feet and head to the back.

“That was so wild to watch,” Denise said, while rinsing a washcloth under the kitchen tap.

“You should know, after the last time here.” I teased.

Denise quietly cleaned me with the washcloth, applying the taste test to make sure I was thoroughly clean. When she was satisified with the job, I took her by the hand and lead her to our guest room.

“What’s in here?” she asked as we entered the sparsely furnished room.

“Us for the rest of the night if you don’t mind. I thought it would be nice for you and me to have some time together, and let Dave and Cheryl enjoy the Master Bedroom and each other for a while. That is, if you don’t mind.”

She smiled sweetly. “No. I don’t mind.” She pulled back the comforter and we climbed into the bed, after turning off the lights. The room was only lit by the light coming under the door of the adjoining bathroom, and the glow of a night light.

“Could I get a massage? I’ve been fantasizing about that forever.” She asked me, stretching out on her stomach, arms raised above her head.

“Of course.” I answered, recalling her ‘whisper’ challenge where she confessed she loved my hands. “But let’s do this right.” I got up and went back to my bedroom, knocking before being granted access.

Cheryl was on her back, with Dave’s face in her crotch. He was mostly covered with the bedspread, and had a pillow across her chest.

“Baby, could you turn the temperature up a couple of degrees, I’m getting chilled when I’m uncovered, which seems to be a lot tonight.” Cheryl asked with a glint in her eye.

“In just a second,” I told her, before opening the bottom drawer of the nightstand on her side of the bed. I withdrew the basket from the drawer, and saw her perk up.

“Aww! I’m jealous now,” she pouted, looking at my prize. Dave appeared about to look up, but she grabbed the hair at the back of his head, and put him back to work.

“Oh, don’t worry. I think you and I can spend a little time next week restocking this, and putting it to good use.” I told her, bending over and giving her a little kiss, that turned into a little more.

After we broke apart, she said to my back, “Ok, it’s a date.”

I hit the thermostat in the hall, and cranked it up to 78 – a nice comfy temperature when in your birthday suit. I also stopped by the bathroom, and turned on the tub.

“What are you doing in there?” Denise called out from beyond the door.

I opened my box and took out some of Cheryl’s favorite bath beads, and added them to the tub, then lit the four lightly scented candles we had in there. “Hold your horses, you’ll see in a minute.”

I went to the guest room we were sharing, placed my basket on the nightstand, and pulled her from the bed into my arms. I gave her a long deep kiss, which she responded to oh-so-nicely. Then I turned her away from me, and took her long hair in my hands. I twisted it into a bun, pinned it up high on her head, and placed a less than sexy shower cap on her. I then brought her into the bath room, and helped her into the tub.

“Relax here for a few minutes, while I get ready for your massage.” I told her, bending down low to steal a kiss.

“You didn’t have to do all this, I just meant a shoulder massage,” she told me, looking a little guilty.

“No. You’ve made me feel pretty incredible twice now, I think it’s about time I returned the favor.” I answered, leaving and pulling the door closed behind me.

I prepared the room for her massage in about 5 minutes, then retrieved her from the bath. I helped her from the tub, into an oversized towel, which I used to lightly dry her off. Then I wrapped Denise in my robe, which I knew was only going to be on her for a few seconds.

I held the door into the bedroom for her, letting her enter first and look around. I watched as she took in the whole setup. Candles, new sheets on the bed, and a variety of items placed on the nightstand, including oils, creams, vibrators and sleeves, lubricants, and a few other toys.

“Wow!” She gushed, “You really do go all out for a massage don’t you?”

“Just on special occasions. And I can’t think of one more special than my first night spent alone with you.” I reached around and pulled her robe off, then showed her how she should lay diagonally across the bed, on her stomach.

I gave her the full, treatment, until she was complete putty in my hands. Deep massage with massage oil to start, I worked her from head to toe, on both sides. I then gave her a more relaxing, softer massage, using a gentle lotion, allowing more time for her butt cheeks, breasts and inner thighs this time around. Before I’d completed this part, she was moaning in pleasure almost constantly.

Back on her stomach for the third time I brought out the big gun, our ‘Magic Wand’ vibrator. I worked it down her back, then up her legs, finally spreading her legs wider apart, and using it at it’s lowest power on the crease of her ass. Once she was squirming nicely, I turned her again, running the ball of the vibrator over her upper body, before using it between her legs again. Within minutes I had her thrusting her hips forward, begging for more. Now the play would begin.

I took the vibrator away, eliciting a sad moan, and put her on her hands and knees. She looked so incredible, it was hard to keep from just fucking her right there. But I did control myself, and teased her mercilessly with the vibrator. I took out my second toy, a standard 7 inch vibrator, and used it on her butt for a short bit, before putting a narrow anal sleeve on it. I lubed it up with Astroglide, and teased her ass, opening her, until she was ready to take a decent sized butt-plug. I don’t think she was expecting that, but after all the relaxing massage, and then the anal play, with a little lube it popped right in with almost no resistance.

With that end taken care of, I turned her face up again, and pleasured her orally, as much for myself as for her; I was painfully hard. I worked at her until her breath was coming in gasps and she was trembling, I could tell she was close. Time for the Magic Wand again, I used it just under her clit, not pushing directly on it, but within a breath of it. As her body tightened on the verge of her coming, I finally moved it up that last hair, letting it contact her clit directly and she screamed out as she came explosively. I removed it from her clit in case she became overly sensitive, but immediately put the G-spot sleeve on the wand, slipped it inside her and turned it up.

It was like she’d been hit with an electric shock. She came immediately and then came under my ministrations over and over again, until I was afraid she’d pass out. I’d seen multiple orgasms before, Cheryl was multi-orgasmic, but not like this. They just seemed to come faster and faster, and bigger and bigger. Once she’d collapsed, barely conscious, I eased the butt plug out of her ass, and gave her a very gentle, light massage all down her front, while she slowly regained her breath.

“I’ve died and gone to heaven,” she finally breathed, giving an involuntary shudder.

I helped her sit up a bit, then offered her some water, which she gulped down thirstily. I then took her back to the bathroom where I got in the shower with her and rinsed her off. Once dry it was back to the bedroom, where I pulled the top sheet and underlying sheet protector off the bed, exposing nice new sheets for us to enjoy.

“Now you really ARE spoiling me,” she told me as she stretched out sexily in my bed.

“You deserve it. After the way I used you last time you were here, I thought a little spoiling might be in order. So, was the massage up to your fantasies?” I asked her teasingly, while letting my hands glide over her upper body.

“Are you kidding? So far beyond my fantasies it borders on the ridiculous. I’ve never, EVER, come like that. You played me like a well worn fiddle.” As my hands passed over her breasts, she pushed forward, encouraging me to cup them and give them a little attention. “So what do you have in mind now?”

As an answer, I took the lube from the side of the bed, and placed a few drops on the head of my still hard cock, and slid my hand up and down, getting slick all over.

Denise spread her legs for me, and I mounted her, sliding in easily, and proceeded to give her a long, easy, screw. We fucked like that for a seeming eternity, at complete ease as we went, talking with each other about the game we’d played, and what we’d enjoyed. When I came inside her it was intense but not wild, and I just buried myself in her while I came again, but not for the last time that night. It was beautiful.

“So, is this game really from your college days?” she asked me as we lay together afterwards.

“Ok. The idea was something that I’d hatched in various forms over the years, since college. But this particular implementation was designed for you.” I confessed.

“You know, that’s quite flattering. You really went out of your way to try to win me.” She said, pulling my hand to her face, and kissing my fingers one-at-a-time.

“I’ve got to say it’s been worth it, and then some.” I answered, truthfully.

“I’m glad you did it.” She whispered.

“Me too.”

Chapter 03

The last week had been a bit awkward. Cheryl couldn’t make up her mind whether she should be pissed at me, or to screw my brains out. Denise had called me at work twice to tell me what an incredible time she’d had, and we’d engaged in phone sex the second time. It was a good thing I had my own office, and had moved out of the cubicle farm a couple of years earlier.

Denise was pressuring me to get us all together again, and if not all of us, then a one-on-one revisit wouldn’t be so bad. Dave’s job involved travel at least a week out of every month, and in her mind, she could hang out with Cheryl and I the next time that he had to leave town. It wasn’t what I had in mind originally, and though the temptation was huge, I was really worried about what might happen between Cheryl and me if Denise got her way. Things were happening fast, and I was still astounded by the results of my initial foray into game design.

We were still working on getting together with Frank and Delara, but the schedules weren’t helping. Dave and Frank both were traveling, and then Frank and Delara were going on a vacation for two weeks at the end of the month. We were still working on it.

Young Beth, on the other hand, I hadn’t heard from in weeks. I guessed that she and Cheryl were staying in touch, and I suspected we’d see her before long. She had come over for at least one evening every week since she’d moved to town, for a free meal and so the girls could call their parents.

During breakfast on Friday, Cheryl had a request.

“After work can you pick-up Beth? She’s coming over for dinner, and spending the night.” She looked at me expectantly, waiting, I thought, to see if I’d jump to any conclusions. She HAD promised that we would ‘party’ with Beth, during our last escapade with Dave and Denise, but I was just barely out of the dog-house, and wasn’t about to press things.

“No problem. I should be able to break free by 5:00, we should be home before 6:00.” I answered, between bites of oatmeal. (I know, I know, how boring.)

“And don’t screw around, come straight home, alright?” She pestered.

Ok, so I had a rep for taking my time on all errands. Heck, going to Lowes for a hinge might take an hour. I was assuming her warning not to screw around wasn’t the carnal screwing I might be tempted into upon seeing her voluptuous little sister, but my typical dilly-dallying.

“Straight home, I promise.” I even crossed my heart for her.

“Good.” She had put her dishes in the dishwasher, and bestowed a kiss on me before heading out the door.

I followed suit shortly after, but couldn’t get the picture of the two sister’s going down on me out of my head. I drove to work hard, but was proud of myself for not doing anything about it.

* * *

Beth lived in an all-girl dorm. Supposedly better for studying – less distractions. I’d only been there once before, but I did enjoy walking down the hall to her room, surrounded by the young girls all about. She lived on a freshman hall, and the place was pretty active; not surprising for 5:00pm on a Friday. I was passed by a girl in a towel, and nothing else, heading back from the showers. Passing another room, the door cracked, I saw a cute little brunette in her underwear primping in front of a mirror. Damn, I missed those days.

Beth met me at her door, and threw herself into my arms, delivering a huge kiss that curled my toes.

“I’ve missed you.” She told me with a smile, when I finally broke free.

“Ditto, beautiful.” I told her smiling beyond my control. I had to look over her young, taut, curvaceous figure. Nothing like her statuesque, tall blond sister, who warmed my bed by night, and fed my fantasies by day.

“ANNE – YOU READY?” She called out leaning past me down the hall. If you’d seen her figure you could forgive my casting another quick glance down to her full round, still virgin ass.

“Just a sec,” I heard from further up the hall. The accent sounded distinctly southern.

“Who’s Anne?” I asked.

“My roommate. She’s coming with us.” She answered, before stepping forward and giving me a big hug, “Damn, I really have missed you.”

My hands caressed the back of her head, as I asked, “And Cheryl knows about Anne coming over?”

“Yep, I called her at work, and she said it was no problem. Anne has no family in the area, and is jealous of all the real meals I get to eat. Plus, I think it would be good for her to have a little getaway.”

“Does she know about, you know…” I asked, my hands having found their way down her back to cup her round, tight butt-cheeks.

“Know what?” I heard a definitely southern accent dragging the ‘what’ out into two syllables.

Beth pulled away, grabbed a small gym bag and tossed it to me. I nearly dropped it as I turned and let her roommate Anne slide past me into the room.

Anne was a real cutie, with an impossible to ignore rack. She had big platinum blonde hair with dark roots. She was as short as Beth, but slender, except for those huge mounds on her chest. Sparkling brown eyes looked toward me, still waiting for an answer.

“She knows my sister is the best damn cook in our family, and her lasagna is a good bit better than the slop we get here,” Beth answered for us, deflecting the question. I had to guess that meant she didn’t know about our previous party actions.

I was the porter, lugging their bags down to the truck, while the girls chatted. If they were roommates you’d figure that they’d have plenty of time to talk together, but they gabbed like they hadn’t seen each other in ages. I sat back, only rarely dragged into the conversation, sulking just a bit. I had really hoped that Beth coming up meant a full bed for the night, but I didn’t think that likely with Anne along.

I was driving the F-150, and that meant the three of us were sitting in front. I didn’t have one of those big four door trucks. My hip was pressed against Beth’s and I could feel the warmth of her pressed against me.

Damn it!

* * *

It was a day for surprises.

When we got home, I brought up the rear, carrying the bags again, and watching the two 18 year-old jean-encased butts precede me up the stairs. Anne was fun to watch, a little shorter than Beth, with a kind of odd figure. Narrow waist and small hips, flaring out to very large breasts on her skinny little frame. I’d have guessed they were fake, they were so large on such a tiny figure. I swear she looked like she was ready to tip over at any time. If it wasn’t for the tits, I’d figure she couldn’t weigh 100 pounds soaking wet.

As I entered the apartment, I was greeted at the door by my lovely live-in, and as I gave her a hug after dumping the bags by the door, I saw her clone in the kitchen, an apron wrapped around a form-fitting sheath dress, while she was working on some dish. Denise? That, I really hadn’t expected.

Over the home-made lasagna dinner, I got more of the story. Denise had dropped off Dave at the airport, and Cheryl suggested that she stop by for dinner, rather than dine alone. We were only fifteen minutes from the airport, and she’d have had to face rush-hour traffic to get home otherwise.

The only downside was that there wouldn’t be much left-over lasagna, my favorite, with all these guests. Cheryl usually made enough for left-overs for a couple of days, and her lasagna was one of those dishes that was even better reheated.

We were just finishing up. I was helping with some of the dishes, while the coffee was made, and Beth and Anne were dumping their gear, which had never made it any further than the front door, in the guest room. I dried my hands and nodded to Denise who was waving the Bailey’s over my coffee, offering to spike it. I took it to the living room and sat in my chair, relaxing after the feast, and enjoying the view.

“Why don’t we play a game?” Beth asked from the kitchen, foregoing the coffee for a beer from the fridge.

I almost did a spit-take, and burned my lip on the hot coffee.

“Like what?” Denise asked, pleasantly.

“Oh I don’t know. Alex didn’t you say you had some new game you wanted to try out?” Beth replied, looking at me teasingly.

“I’m not sure if I even have it here,” I said, wondering what she was thinking. Her sister was going to kill her. And probably me too.

Cheryl was gazing at her sister with a very strange look on her face. I was ready for the fireworks to go off. Denise was standing next to Cheryl, just watching the whole thing unfold.

“I guess we could play Trivial Pursuit,” Beth answered slowly.

“We could play quarters,” Anne offered. She was looking at Beth’s beer, and I realized I had never offered her a drink.

“Anne, would you rather have a beer or a drink, instead of that coffee?” I asked, trying to be the good host.

“I don’t know. I really shouldn’t drink much. I’m not all that good at holding my liquor,” she answered with that sexy southern drawl. “What do y’all have?”

“Pretty well stocked bar, and a few types of beer in the fridge,” I said.

“Why don’t we have strawberry margaritas? I saw frozen strawberries in the freezer,” Denise offered.

“That sounds nice,” Anne answered, “I guess one wouldn’t hurt, please.”

“I’ll have one too,” Cheryl chimed in.

Beth got up from her seat and joined her sister and Denise in the kitchen, and they were speaking softly. I thought hostilities might be in order, but a couple of giggles and snorts allayed my fears.

“What are you studying?” I asked Anne who was the only one in the living room with me. She was seated in the center of the couch, a few feet away, speaking in bursts between the loud grinding noise of the blender in the kitchen.

“Undeclared yet,” she confessed. “I’m not sure what I want to study. I was leaning toward sociology, but it’s not a great field for jobs, and Daddy wants me to study Political Science, sort of the family trade.”

“Family trade?”

“He’s a state senator. I’ve worked in politics since I was old enough to pass out a flier. But I’m kind of looking for a break.” She leaned back in the couch, stretching, her arms reaching out across the back of the couch.

She was easy on the eyes, and her shirt was so tight it created a delightful little tug across the front. I could easily see the outline of her bra underneath it. I’d dated a lot, but never a girl with such large boobs, at least not in proportion to her body.

I realized I was staring, and I looked up enough to catch her eyes.

“That was pretty good, really. Most guys would never have made it through dinner without getting lost down there for a bit.” She teased, letting her eyes dip down to her own rack for just a second, giving a hint of a shimmy. “Then again, I guess I have a lot of competition here.”

Just then a tall glass full of frozen margarita was placed in front of her, and I looked up to find Cheryl eyeing me.

Damn! Damn, Damn, Damn.

“Why don’t you go and see if maybe you do have that game you were talking about back there somewhere. I figure it’s as good a time as any to give it a try. What did you say it was called?” Cheryl asked me, a smirk on her face.

“Uh…” I couldn’t even speak. Was she serious?

“Incremental?” Beth asked, once again pushing her favorite choice for the name of the game.

I suddenly realized that I didn’t even know if Beth was up-to-date about the last time the game was played, and the resulting revelation that I’d actually created it.

Denise sat down on the far side of Anne, drink in hand. “New game? What the heck, count me in. I’ve got nowhere I’ve got to be anytime soon.” She crossed her legs, and my eyes were drawn to the gap between her thighs, where her mid-thigh dress ended.

I got up and headed back to the bedroom to bring out “The Game”.

Hot Damn!

* * *

Game Time


I brought the shoe-box of pieces out and placed the spinner in the middle of the table. The girls were asking about the game, all three of the vixens acting as if they’d never heard of it before. I felt a little dastardly, like we were all ganging up on the little cutie seated between my live-in girlfriend, and my new ‘occasional’ girlfriend.

“It’s pretty simple. The object of the game is to collect seven different colored ‘Reward’ cards for successfully completing a variety of challenges.” I started explaining, showing the colors on the front of the Reward cards from the pile on my right.

I held up the cards from the pile on my left. “Each card in the ‘Challenge’ deck has a variety of challenges on them. Six to be precise. Before selecting your card, you choose which type you are going to do.

“The choices are: trivia question, a tough true/false, a ‘word definition’, charades, a ‘Pictionary’ type, and finally Potpourri. The challenge types are listed on the outermost edge of the spinner.” I pointed out the choices on the spinner, as I passed around a few of the cards. I felt kind of silly giving cards to Cheryl, Denise and Beth, but was willing to play along.

“After picking your challenge type, you draw a card and find out what your actual challenge is. The answers to the questions are on the back of the card. The challenge cards are kept in this box, like Trivial Pursuit, so nobody can see the answers.

“Once the challenge is over, you pull a card from this pile, the Rewards. If you failed your challenge you have to perform the penalty on the card. The penalty may require you to spin the dial to select how it’s done. If you pass the challenge, you get to keep the card. On the bottom of the card is a color. Collect all 7 different colors and win.”

“There are a few little extras. There are some ‘SPECIALS’ in the deck. You can tell because it has a black border. It can be used to change how you play challenges and stuff. Everybody starts with one Special, a Chicken-out, that can be used instead of doing a challenge. When you draw a Special, you keep it and draw again.”

“So it should be pretty simple. First, pick the type of challenge; the spinner has the six challenge types listed around the edge in case you forget. Draw a card from the ‘Challenge’ deck. Perform the challenge. Draw a ‘Reward’ card. If you failed the challenge perform the penalty on that card, otherwise you can collect the Reward Colors. Collect all 7 different colors and win.”

“What if I don’t want to do a challenge?” Anne asked. Everybody’s favorite question.

“Well, you have your Chicken-out, that will get you out once, and you might draw another one. Also, you can try for a second, hopefully better challenge, by chugging your drink, and answering a question from the little pile that has question marks on the back. If you still won’t do the challenge you lose, and are out of the game.”

Beth was reading one of the cards I’d passed out. “Mine says to do something for two minutes, do we have a timer?”

I opened the blue “Crown Royal” bag I was using to hold the rubber-banded decks, and pulled out a little wind-up egg timer – an improvement on the one-minute hourglass timer we’d been using. Too much maintenance remembering to flip it on two and three minute challenges. “Yep, here we are.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Denise offered, tossing the card she’d been looking at back into the pile. “I’m ready for something different.”

“Me too,” Beth piped in, pulling the sample Reward cards into a neat pile.

“Why not,” Anne finally answered, “how bad can it be? If it gets too boring we can always try something else.”

Boring was not in the cards. At least not in THESE cards.

* * *

Deck 1:


We turned my chair so it was facing the couch across the coffee table, and added another chair from the dining room. Beth was perched on the chair to my left, while I was facing the three blonds on the couch. Cheryl was across from me, with Anne in the middle, and Denise to my far left, across from Beth.

I spun the spinner dial to see who would go first, and realized I was getting hard already from the memory of what had happened the last time I’d played this game. Or should I say the previous times?

We started out smoothly, with everyone testing the different types of challenges, and going through a few silly dares and a bit of drinking, while we also gained a color or two.

I recalled how Denise’s had been a ‘puppy’ the first game, and smiled when Anne got her first ‘active’ challenge. She had to do 5 jumping jacks. She was game enough, and the girls teased her as her melons ‘rose’ to the occasion, bouncing up and down enough to hurt somebody.

We had our first ‘declined’ challenge shortly after. It was Beth surprisingly enough. A partner was supposed to feed her something from the refrigerator, while she was blindfolded. It could be anything. She wasn’t feeling that adventurous. Beth chugged her drink, which was almost empty anyway, then answered the question “Have you ever stolen anything worth more than $20?”


“Beth!” Cheryl interrupted.

“What?” Beth replied cautiously.

“How about my clothing?” Cheryl said firmly.

“That was borrowed.” Beth said.

“Borrowed! I’ve never seen any of it again.” Cheryl exclaimed.

“Ok. I stole my sister’s hand-me-downs.”

“Hand-me-downs? My new Christmas sweater was hardly a hand-me-down.”

“Ok, ladies.” I finally butted in, with some trepidation. “Missing clothing. We get it. Let’s move on.”

Beth’s challenge was to do the “Hokey Pokey” and we found that her singing definitely left something to be desired.

I got slammed by Denise on the next challenge. After her failed Pictionary attempt at drawing “Lazy”, she had to describe someone using words that began with the letters of that person’s name. She spun and landed on me.

“Let’s see. Alex. A-L-E-X. A is for …”

At this point she got a lot of suggestions from the peanut-gallery. “Arrogant”, “Asshole”, “Archaic”, “Antagonistic”, “Attitude.”

“A is for Athletic, L is for Liar, E is for Egotistic, and X, X is for…” she seemed stuck again.

“X-rated,” Cheryl chuckled, and Denise laughed and repeated the suggestion “X is for X-rated; or so we’re lead to believe.”

Ouch. The “Liar” and “Egotistic” hurt. I really was a pretty honest guy, or so I liked to think, but I guess I was still suffering the fallout from lying about the origins of the game.

There was a lot of joking, teasing and drinking going around, and at times I would almost forget where this was supposed to be going. Everyone still was eagerly tracking the rewards progress.

I got the only even somewhat risque challenge for that first round. “Go into the bathroom and come out with your underwear on the outside of your clothes. Wear them that way for the rest of the round.”

I came out a short while later with my boxers, on the outside of my Dockers, to hoots and catcalls. As soon as Cheryl answered her Trivia correctly, I was happy to go change back.

Five people, four turns each, and the pile was dwindling. Denise had pulled one of the Specials, the Twin, which we explained allowed her to make someone else do her part if she was chosen to participate in a penalty. Nobody had used any of their “Chicken-Outs”. Time to add the next decks.

* * *

Deck 2:


I explained the concept of incrementally harder challenges and new rewards, and shuffled in the next set with a couple of new Specials.

Beth and I got off easy with the next set of challenges, but Denise got the first new interesting one.

“Show us how you flirt by demonstrating on (any-spin)”. She spun and hit Beth. She didn’t hesitate, and got up and stood next to her.

“Gee, Beth, you look nice tonight.” She reached out and let her fingers caress Beth’s arm a bit before tugging on her shirt, “Is this new? I really like it.” She was speaking softly, head canted a bit to one side. She stood very close, “Are you enjoying the game? I know I am.” I saw her lick her lips slightly, and then she picked up Beth’s drink, “What’s this?” She tasted it, her teasing tongue darting out, “Mmm, that’s nice but you better be careful. You don’t want to get too drunk, someone might try to take advantage of you.” She brushed her arm down Beth’s arm, and now Beth was blushing. With the blush, I guess Denise figured she’d won. She turned, gave a small bow, and retook her seat.

And just like that, I was fully hard. I shouldn’t have worn dockers; they didn’t do a thing to hide my new status.

Anne was next, and she missed her word definition. Who knows what a ‘Jodhpurs’ is anyway? She decided she didn’t want to demonstrate a severe constipation problem, so she did the chug & question. “What is one talent most people here don’t know that you have?”

“I’m double jointed. I can do full Chinese splits, or even put my feet behind my head.” She answered with a laugh, after finishing the dregs of her Margarita, not a great drink for chugging.

Damn! Getting harder!

Her new challenge was better. “Give a foot massage to the first willing person to your left. 1 min.” She looked to Cheryl who just kicked off her slippers, and smiled. It was a nice, simple, thorough foot massage, and I was feeling slightly envious again. The new timer showed its value, as the loud ‘DING’ indicated the end of the one-minute turn. Nobody had to keep a close eye on the timer now.

I noted appreciatively that Cheryl left her slippers off. Thinking about later in the game, I looked her over and mentally counted her clothing items. T-shirt, sweat-pants, bra, panties. Four.

Cheryl passed her challenge, and bragged about getting her third color.

On my turn, I didn’t make much of an effort on my Trivia question (which once again turned out to get picked almost 1/2 the time) and I got an interesting one. “Give (any-spin) a hug.” I landed on Denise and realized that because of the way we were sitting, Anne was the least likely to ever get chosen on a spin. Because nobody was sitting at the ends of the table, one end was split between me and Cheryl, while the other end was split between Denise and Beth. You had to point almost directly as Anne to select her. Too bad, I would have liked to have felt her chest pressed against mine.

Denise was a nice alternative, and she stood up and went to my arms when I had to hug her. I held her warmly, not too tight, and she whispered in my ear, “You might be getting REAL lucky tonight, huh?”

Now it was my turn to get a little red in the face.

“I can’t imagine luckier than being with you, if it’s in the cards,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes at me as she pulled away.

While I was standing, I offered to refill the drinks, and replaced the Margaritas with wine coolers for all but Beth, who stuck with Corona. I was still working on Guinness. The alcohol was starting to hit the girls, especially Anne and Beth. Anne was already giggly.

Beth had to let someone pour a shot of drink in her mouth, while she laid in their lap. Anne won the honors, and did well, even using her finger tip to retrieve a few stray drops from the side of Beth’s mouth, then licking that fingertip.

We went through a few made challenges, with Denise getting her fourth color, then Cheryl got the first kiss card. I knew there were 4 kissing cards in this deck. Two that said kiss the opposite sex (spin), one said kiss the opposite sex (choice) and one kiss any. She got the kiss opposite sex – your choice. It was a nice little kiss, almost chaste.

I followed that immediately on my turn with the kiss opposite sex (spin). When I spun, I landed on Denise, just missing Anne. Anne actually spoke up, complaining that the spins never landed on her. Cheryl made the observation I had noticed earlier, that Anne’s chance was much less because of the way we were seated. She suggested we just use the spinner sections.

What a great idea. In order to make the spinner multi-purpose, it consisted of several concentric rings. The inner-most ring was split in half, white/black. The second ring from the middle was in thirds, Red/Blue/Green. The ring layers continued, divided in fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths and eighths, as each ring got larger. Each ring was only about half an inch wide.

Cheryl pointed out that if we turned the spinner so that one of the fifths was centered in front of Anne, we’d all have our own section, and there’d be no question about who the spin landed on.

We agreed that I would spin again, and this time it landed on Beth. I knelt in front of her, while Denise pouted, and leaned in for my kiss. She gave me a warm one, with a little tongue. But it all went mostly unnoticed, since my back was to everyone else, and we didn’t make it that long. Unnoticed, except for maybe the partner in my pants, who was definitely into this game.

Denise was the next to fail a challenge, and she got the ‘lap-shot’ that Beth had hit earlier. She spun, and mine was the selected lap. My chair made the challenge too awkward, so I sat on the floor, and Denise stretched out carefully on the floor, her head in my lap. While we got comfortable, Cheryl retrieved some bottles from our bar, and insisted that Denise get a ‘buttery nipple’. We poured a little butterscotch schnapps, and some Baileys in her mouth, which she accepted graciously.

Anne failed her challenge, willingly I would have guessed, and drew a kiss card. The kiss (spin-any).

“Does it really mean, any?” She asked shyly.

I explained. “The selections are “choice” where you choose, “spin opposite” where you spin for someone of the opposite sex, “spin female” or “spin male”, where you spin for the sex listed, or “spin any” where you spin and everyone is game.

“Of course you don’t have to,” Beth spoke up. “You could just chug and try for a new challenge, or even use your chicken-out.”

Anne looked thoughtful. “No, I’ll spin and take my chances.” She leaned over, and once again I thought she might tip over, then gave the spinner a twirl. The pointer landed right on Cheryl, no doubt about it.

Cheryl, fingered her cards, pondering, I assumed, her own chicken-out, and then she put her cards down, and waited. Anne leaned in and gave her a short sweet kiss on her lips, and my blood pressure continued to soar. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was devastating to see Cheryl kissing this teen hottie.

I got a ‘play footsie for a round’ dare, and ended up with Cheryl as my partner. I kicked off my shoes, and we rubbed our feet together. I thought it would be a pretty blase dare, but in front of everyone else, and with the undercurrents of our bad influence on the guest, and the possible direction the whole night was going, it was pretty hot.

The only other interesting dare was a back-rub that Denise had to give to Beth, another one of those ‘any’ spins.

We had a couple of interesting questions, on dares and on a declined dare, when Denise decided she didn’t want to do a hula dance.

Denise read her question aloud. “Would you rather tongue kiss someone of the same sex (anyone, your choice) or kiss the most revolting person that you know, who is of the opposite sex?”

“That’s the stupidest question. I’d lip-lock any girl here, before I’d kiss a random guy, never mind a revolting one.” She answered.

Cheryl had an interesting one as well. “Describe your first slow dance.”

“Oh God,” she laughed. “It was sixth grade, my first real boy-girl party. We were playing a stupid game, I can’t remember what it was called, but the boys and girls paired up and slow-danced. I was with John Delaney. I was so jealous of Mary Thomas. She was with Bob Leyton and I was just crazy about him. The couples had to pass around an empty pop bottle, and when the music stopped, if you had the bottle, you had to kiss the person you were with. Then you changed partners and danced again. I remember I got to dance with Bob, and tried to hang onto the bottle on my turn, and Sheri said I was hogging it. I was so embarrassed.”

We all laughed at her childhood memory, and play continued.

The liquor was going down easy, and the cards were slowly disappearing. When Denise observed our card stack was getting low, we took a much needed potty break, refilled a few drinks, and I shuffled in the cards that would escalate the game. I had to wonder, just how far Anne would go? She seemed to be taking everything in stride.

* * *

Deck 3


I had purposely waited until Cheryl had her turn before I reloaded the decks. I could at least ensure that a couple of us went before Anne had to draw a potentially game halting card. I had 30 new cards folded in, with several left from the previous round. Add another three ‘specials’ to that, to fill out our new deck.

With the third deck, the cards changed dramatically. After the last ‘test play’ it worked out that almost half of the cards involved removing an item of clothing in one way or another. There still was drinking of course, more kissing, and lots of opportunities for physical contact.

I missed my Trivia question (what a surprise!) and I drew my card. “Give someone of the opposite sex a hot back rub. Spin for who.” Ok. I’ll admit I cheated. I knew that card was a fairly tame entry into this part of the game, so I maneuvered to make it the first.

Spinning, I landed on Denise. I got up to go to her, and she got off the couch, letting me take her place. Once I was seated, she sat on my legs and I massaged her easily and sexily. I would have liked to massage her skin directly, but she was still wearing a dress, so I had to be satisfied with rubbing her through the silky material. I was also feeling the closeness of Anne, who watched what was going on with unabashed interest.

While I was giving Denise her massage, Beth started her turn. She drew her card, and read it aloud.

“Share a hot kiss with someone of the opposite sex. Someone (spin – ANY) kiss the back of your neck.” She smiled, pulling the spinner over in front of her. “That sounds like fun.” She gave the spinner a twirl, and it landed on Anne.

If I had been worried about the new girl’s involvement, I needn’t have. As the DING sounded from the previous penalty, I extricated myself from behind Denise and stood to take Beth in my arms, bending down for my kiss, I could see Anne quickly climbing around the table not to be left out. I settled my lips over Beth’s, her tongue quickly searching out mine. I kept my eyes open and looked into Anne’s as she nibbled on Beth’s neck, pulling her T-shirt to the side so she could work on her shoulder as well. Her head tucked in next to mine, the edge of her forehead pressing against mine, I saw her tiny tongue darting out and tasting her roommate’s skin.


The voice dragged me out of my trance and I slowly pulled away, sad to go. I hadn’t even heard the timer go off. Anne seemed just as reluctant.

As we sat down, Denise was already pulling her own card.

Things settled down for a bit, with a couple of challenges completed by both Denise and Anne. Cheryl got off pretty easy with a dare to blow in somebody’s ear. To my surprise, she leaned in to Anne, and nibbled her earlobe and teased her ear a bit. When it was over, her hand was casually resting on Anne’s leg. Yowza.

I didn’t want to make it too obvious, and I actually completed a challenge myself. Then Beth started things rolling again. “Remove an item of clothing from the player of your choice.” The sweet young thing knelt before me and took my shoes off.

Denise got another fun one, after botching her challenge. “Whisper to (any-spin) what you have dreamed of doing to them.” I wondered what would happen if her spin landed on Anne. She’d just met the girl, what could she have possibly dreamed? Instead her spin landed on Cheryl. She squeezed between Cheryl and Anne on the couch and spent what seemed like a pretty long time whispering to her. How I would have loved to have heard that one. She left Cheryl blushing.

Anne made a brave attempt at her challenge, but failed to have anyone figure out “Riding on a subway” when she tried to act it out. She pulled a special, the Time Warp, which would let her adjust the time of a penalty, longer or shorter, then hit a fun one. “Have someone of your choice take a drink, then remove one article of your clothing.”

“Cheryl, you need a drink,” she said, then reached down and slipped off her sandals. Again, I took a mental inventory of her clothing – jeans, shirt, bra and panties, 4 here as well.

Poor Cheryl followed that one with “Take a drink, and remove an item of clothing.” As she read the card, I think she finally realized that she’d left her slippers off. She hadn’t worn socks, so it was the first interesting item of clothing to be lost. She was wearing sweat-pants and a t-shirt, and one would have to go.

She finished her back-to-back drinks, stood and removed her shirt. Now we were getting somewhere.

I looked around, noticing how the rest of the group was dressed. I still had on my pants and shirt, boxers and socks. No shoes, thanks to Beth. Now she was fully dressed, jeans, shirt, shoes and socks, and underwear. My hugs and kisses led me to believe she wasn’t wearing a bra. Denise of course, was the wild card. She had on a dress, and pantyhose. It looked like panties and bra as well.

On my turn, I hit one that was a little over the top. “You are the star of a short movie (2 min) on how to perform a sexy strip-tease. Remove 2 items you can put back on when you are done. (any-spin) is the Director, (opposite-spin) is the camera operator. Have fun!” I was set to trade it in, but the heat I got from the girls made me go ahead with it.

“Fine.” I finally grouched. “But you guys are just mean!” My spins landed on Cheryl as director, and young Anne as the camera operator.

They had to make a big deal about it, moving the table, re-seating Beth on the couch so that she and Denise could be my audience, and Cheryl moving to her “Director’s chair.”

All the movement gave me some indication of just how drunk the girls were getting. Denise seemed the only sober one. Cheryl’s drink penalties had now pulled her into a three-way tie with Beth and Anne, to see who could stumble, slur their words, and just wear a silly smile the best.

“Alright. First, give me those silly socks. You’re not going to strip off those, and you’ll just look silly with them on.” I obediently passed them to her. “Let’s lose that shirt, Alex. Amateur Strip, Scene I, take 1,” she barked out, “Action!”

Anne positioned herself to my right front, and held my beer mug up like a camera, sighting through the end. It wasn’t empty, and she ended up pouring bear down her front, which put the whole act on hold for a minute while we got things cleaned up.

Beth took her back to my room to get a spare shirt, and I cleaned up the beer off the table, refilling my glass. Cheryl got a wild idea, and when Anne returned, embarrassed but none the worse for wear, Cheryl gave her our video camera to use. Denise had turned on the stereo, looking for an appropriate song. What had started as a stupid little dare was evolving into a big production.


I don’t know why I found it so embarrassing, but I did. In spite of my qualms, I did my best, while the girls on the couch whistled and called out to me to ‘take it off’. Cheryl called out directions now and then, telling me to turn, or to slow down, and when I finally tossed the shirt to the side, she spoke up again, “Now the pants, big boy.” She was also giving Anne camera directions, moving her around a lot.

I was blushing as I slipped the pants down, and was happy to see that the ordeal had left me only semi-hard, and I wasn’t likely to pop out of my boxers. Anne circled me with her camera, and on Cheryl’s direction ‘zooming’ in on my crotch, until the audience on the couch shouted “Down in Front!” I was hoping they were referring to Anne blocking the view, and not the fellow in my pants, who wasn’t going to be going down any time soon.

After an eternity, the timer expired and I quickly slipped my pants and shirt back on, while the girls giggled at my expense.

Beth hit another “Kiss (opposite-spin) deeply – have fun!” card and almost leaped into my lap. While we shared another passionate kiss, Denise complained that Beth was getting all the good cards.

It was clear everyone was pretty drunk at this point, and most of us were not making very good attempts at completing our challenges. We were chewing through the Dare cards at a pretty good pace. Denise was stuck on five colors, Anne had four, and the rest of us were on three. Denise made another half-hearted attempt at a Trivia question, then pulled “(opposite-spin) is going to fill your belly button with a drink. They will lick it dry when done.”

Being the only guy in the game was keeping me busy.

Then I realized – she was wearing a dress. There was only one way she was going to expose her belly-button.

Denise took it in stride, and slipped her dress over her head, while Cheryl hit the kitchen. Her underwear were sexy as hell, matching red lace panties and bra, with the panties not much more than a thong. Only the panty-hose interfered with the nearly perfect view. Cheryl came back loaded for bear. She had Denise stretch out on the end-table, then placed a lemon slice between her lips, scattered some salt between her breasts, and filled her cute little belly-button with tequila.

I took my shot, taking my time making sure that I left no stray salt grains behind. I then cleared out the gorgeous blonde’s belly-button, finally settling my lips over hers to retrieve the lemon slice.

I heard Beth whisper to Anne, “Pretty wild game, huh?”

Anne answered, “Oh my God, are you kidding me!” She didn’t seem in the least bit disappointed.

As Denise slipped her dress back on, she also took her pantyhose off. “These damn things are driving me nuts,” she laughed, tossing them to the side.

Anne hit the jackpot on her dare. “Remove at least 1 piece of clothing from (opposite-spin), and they will remove at least one from you. At the end of the turn you have to be wearing the same amount of items.”

It was then that I realized I’d never put my socks back on. I was only wearing three things.

Anne seemed to stagger a bit as she stood up, but she was slow and deliberate as she rubbed her hands all over my upper body, before slowly taking off my shirt. Two items left now.

Damn! Anne was going to go from almost fully dressed down to her underwear in one turn!

She stood in front of me, waiting. Since she wasn’t wearing socks, I started with her shirt, which after the beer fiasco, was actually my shirt. When I grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, she lifted her hands over her head. I slipped the shirt up over her massive breasts, and looked down to take in what I’d uncovered. She wore a simple white bra that was overflowing with her bounty.

“That’s one,” Beth said.

“That’s all,” Anne answered with a smile.

“No, you have to both be wearing the same amount of clothes.”

“Well, he’s wearing his pants and boxers.” Anne replied.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I’m down to two as well,” she said teasingly, then opened up the top of her jeans, and gave us a flash of her pubic hair. “I need to do laundry,” she giggled. The damn girl didn’t even have the decency to button up again afterwards.

Cheryl pulled her card. “Whisper something to (opposite) that will make them blush.” She sauntered over next to me, and rubbed her hands on my exposed chest.

“I want to see you fuck those huge jugs tonight.” She whispered, while teasing my ear. “I want Denise sitting on her face, and Beth licking her.”

“That worked,” Denise laughed, as I turned a couple of shades of red.

“What about you?” I said softly.

“I’ll be taking the pictures.”

As she took her seat, I finished my beer, then went and got another, needing the breather. I asked around and topped off some drinks before I settled in again.

* * *

Deck 4:


As I took my seat, Beth was shuffling the cards. “The deck was getting kind of low, I thought we could use a few more.”

I don’t know why I even made the effort, I gave the trivia question a throw-away answer.

My dare was a simple one. “Kiss (opposite-spin) deeply, your hands may wander. 2 minutes.”

The spinner had barely stopped moving before Anne was out of her seat, and plopping herself in my lap. “It’s about time,” she laughed tipsily. She dropped her time warp Special from early in the game onto the table. “Double it.”

Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Don’t hold back.”

I stopped and reached for my own pile. “Privacy: Move any challenge into the bedroom.”

I stood and took her hand in mine leading her to the bedroom. “You’ve got four minutes,” Denise called out.

As soon as I shut the door she was in my arms. Our kiss started out nice and easy, slowly developing into more. My hands caressed her back and sides, and as our kiss grew more heated, my hands grew more daring. Before long I was squeezing and massaging those incredible tits of hers, wanting to rip that damned bra off of her. She tugged me over to the bed and pushed me to sit down. Then she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, leaving it hanging loosely. I accepted the implicit invitation took her into my lap, and reached under the material, cupping her warm tit and squeezing her nipple. She moaned into my mouth and wiggled her hips against my lap.

I rolled to the side, pulling her down with me. She followed easily, and my lips left hers, as I lifted her bra out of the way and tongued her nipple. My hand wandered down her belly, reaching between her legs, and cupping her tightly through her jeans.

“God, this is incredible,” she said softly, pulling my head into her tit.

Then she pushed me away, rolling me onto my back, and straddled my hips. “How far does this whole thing go?” She asked while she ground her hips down against my hard-on.

“Until you stop it.” I told her, before leaning forward to suckle on one of her tits again.

“And Cheryl won’t mind?” she asked her hips still grinding away.

“She suggested it.”

The teen hottie leaned down and covered my lips with her again. The kiss was wild and passionate.

My hands cupped her ass, squeezing, when I heard the damnable cry from outside the door. “TIME!”

Anne slowly eased off of me, and stood, straightening herself out. Her bra remained loose, only partially covering her wonderful assets. I led her back into the living room, with Beth, our timekeeper, in tow.

Once at the table, Beth didn’t even make the effort to pretend to play. She went straight for the Challenge card. “Kiss and lick (female-spin)’s neck. Make her hot!” She leaned over and gave it a spin. Right at her sister.

“Fun is fun,” she laughed, drinking her drink. “But I think I’ll try again.” She read the question she had to answer before going on. “Have you ever slept with two (M:women)(W:men)?”

She answered pretty quickly, “Same night, yes; same time, not yet.”

“You little slut!” Anne teased.

“Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it,” Beth argued.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m a slut too!” Anne laughed.

That got a laugh from most of us, and another jump in my pants.

Beth pulled her second card. “Take (opposite) into a dark room, give them a tour of your body, leaving your clothing on. 3 min.” She looked over at her sister, “That Ok?”

“It’s what the card said, right?” Cheryl answered.

So I took my girlfriend’s teenage sister back to our bedroom.

I closed the door behind us, and when I turned around Beth had lowered her pants and panties to her ankles.

“Technically, they’re still on. See anything you’d like to tour?” she asked, bending over from the waist and offering me her rear.

I dropped to my knees and licked her slowly, wringing a shriek out of her. I only had time to taste her for a few seconds, I badly wanted to bury my cock back in that sweet young twat.

I dropped my pants and pressed my hard cock against her once furry little lips. With a nudge and push I entered her, and finally breathed again.

“God, I love that feeling,” she sighed, giving a little wiggle.

“You used to be a little furrier down there,” I teased.

“I took Denise’s advice,” she answered.

“You should have taken her up on the offer to help,” I told her.

I held her hips and slowly fucked her with long slow strokes. I was in heaven. I didn’t want to come, and even though I was really worked up, I figured I could probably last the two minutes we probably had left.

It was just a tease. I screwed her for the short amount of time we had, until I heard the knocking at the door. Regretfully I pulled out, and got dressed. But I was pretty certain I didn’t have to worry. I’d be buried back in her steamy snatch before too long.

Denise was at the door when we came out. “I am so fucking jealous. Let’s hurry and finish,” she told us.

“Ditto,” Beth answered.

Denise made a beeline for the cards and pulled her dare card. The challenges were all but forgotten.

“(any-spin) has 1 minute to make you laugh. If you do remove an article of clothing, if not they drink. If you’re already naked drink and draw again.”

Her spin landed on me. I just looked at her. “Laugh.”

She giggled, and then blushed. “You bastard,” she laughed, then slipped her dress off, sitting back down in her frilly undergarments. And no pantyhose now. Just two, wispy little items left. She looked incredible. My mind was almost short-circuiting. I wanted her. I wanted Beth. I wanted Anne. I wanted them all.

She handed Anne the dare cards, and she pulled off the top one. “(any-spin) gets to spread chocolate syrup on your stomach. (opposite-spin) will lick it clean.”

The spinner landed on Beth, while I fetched the chocolate syrup. I was glad we had some handy.

When I returned from the kitchen, Anne was stretched out on the end-table. Beth took the bottle from my hands, and then hesitated. “I wouldn’t want to mess up your clothes,” she said softly, then slid Anne’s loose bra off of her arms, leaving her topless before us. Anne just smiled.

Beth raised the syrup bottle high, and started painting little circles on Anne’s stomach, which eventually made their way up to her breasts. Seeming to think about it a second she gave a strong squeeze on the bottle and painted her breasts in chocolate as well. “Oops!” she laughed.

“Beth!” Anne cried out, “That’s cold!” Then she reached down and using her fingertips made sure the chocolate syrup covered her nipples which became hard as rocks.

I leaned over and started licking her clean, working my way up from her lower belly. I was only half-way done when I took a breather. “That’s a lot of chocolate. I could sure use some help.” Then I started on my way up her near breast, quickly zeroing in on her nipple and sucking it deeply. A motion next to me got my attention, and I groaned as I watched Denise’s talented tongue start up on the opposite breast. Then Beth was pushing me over, and cleaning up any remains I might have left on her belly.

“God, you guys are making me so fucking hot!” Anne gasped, reaching out and pressing Denise’s face firmly into her breast.

It must have taken us five minutes to get her really cleaned up. A wonderful, incredible, five minutes. At one point Denise and I had a tongue fight over who’d get access to Anne’s sticky nipple. We shared it. Afterwards, Cheryl showed up with a moist kitchen towel, and she carefully wiped the teen heart-throb down, paying careful attention to those wondrous breasts.

When Anne took her seat again, she didn’t bother with the bra. Just jeans left. One item.

Cheryl pulled her card. “Moon the others briefly. Women, you may choose to flash them instead.” She just sat there for a second. “Oh the hell with this, Beth, pass me the next deck of cards.”

* * *

Deck 5:


Beth, didn’t hesitate, passing her the next deck. Cheryl gave them a quick shuffle, and then picked one.

“Rub two ice cubes on your exposed nipples until they are very hard. (opposite) and (female) will lick them warm again.”

“Denise, I’ll need your help with this one,” she said with a smug grin, “Beth, get me an ice cube, please.” Then while Beth retreated to the kitchen, she took off her bra and stretched out on the table.

When Beth returned, Cheryl just held her tits, “Go ahead, Sissy, do the honors.” Beth took the ice cube and rubbed them on her sisters nipples, back and forth, long after they were hard as diamonds. When the ice cube was all but gone, she popped the remnants in her mouth. “She’s ready.”

So for the second time, Denise and I shared a delightful pair of tits, while our designated victim moaned her appreciation. Finally Beth dragged us away, passing me the deck.

I pulled off the top card. “Spin for a number from 1 to 6, you can remove that many items of clothing total from those present.”

“Wow,” Beth said softly.

As I gave the spinner a good spin, I heard Denise say, “Come on six”.

Close. I did get a five. “The great equalizer.” I said with a grin. I turned to Cheryl first, “Please stand, dear.” She stood before me. I eased her sweat-pants off, leaving her in her panties. I placed a small kiss at the junction of her legs before turning to her sister.

“That was one.” Beth stood before me, and raised her hands so I could slip her shirt off. Sure enough. No bra. “That’s two.” Then I knelt before her, and with a little work took off her tight jeans. “And that’s three.” She stood before me in her panties and socks.

“Denise?” I said softly, and she approached me. I reached around her and unsnapped her bra, exposing the last pair of covered breasts. “Four.”

“The next one should prove most interesting,” I told them. “I think I’ll spin for it.” They all leaned over to see where the spinner would land. It was close, between Anne and Denise, but it looked to be just slightly on Denise’s side.

“Do you mind,” I asked her, standing close.

“Don’t make me beg,” she answered huskily.

I reached out and slowly slid the panties off of her, leaving her completely naked. Deliciously so.

Beth took her card, her hand shaking slightly. “Whisper to (opposite) what you want them to do to you now, in front of everyone. They must do it or drink. Repeat until someone is willing. 1 min.”

She leaned over to me, not whispering at all. “Lick me.” Then she laid down on the table.

The hell with it. I was up for anything. I settled in between her legs, lowered her panties enough to get them loose in the crotch, then pulled them to the side. I peeked up to see Anne rubbing Beth’s breast, and tweaking her nipple. I let my tongue trace Beth’s smooth nether lips before I did my best to suck and lick her sweet young pussy for the full minute allotted while she moaned her appreciation. I hated hearing that little “DING!”

Things had gotten awfully quiet. It had to be pretty obvious even to our new playmate, just where everything was going. Nobody was going to put on the brakes unless she did. I had warned her already, but this should have made it clear. I was going down on her roommate, my girlfriend’s younger sister, in front of everybody. This was pretty brazen.

Denise already had her card in her hand. “You are to suck and kiss (any-spin)’s neck while rubbing them from behind. You may touch their entire body. One minute.”

The spinner landed on Cheryl. Both girls stood up, and met in the middle of us all. Cheryl turned around, facing Anne, and flipped her long hair to the side, exposing her neck to her best friend. Denise scooted up behind her, and her lips pressed against that flawless skin, as her hands cupped my girlfriend’s breasts. She squeezed and massaged them for most of the minute. Near the very end she let her hand wander below, and slid it inside Cheryl’s panties. We watched as she reached lower and lower, until Cheryl gasped. Then she pulled out her hand, and teasingly sucked on her finger.

As the timer went off, Anne reached for the pile. She almost seemed hesitant. Things were definitely getting out of control. Cheryl and Denise settled down on each side of her again. They both were flushed. The entire couch looked unbelievable, three beautiful girls, one naked, two dressed only in panties. One I slept with every night. One I could sleep with anytime. The other? God willing, I’d be drilling within the hour.

Anne’s hand had stopped on top of the pile. She must have felt like a rabbit in a wolf’s den. Everyone there was leaning over the table in anticipation, eager to eat this tasty morsel, who had entered the wrong cave. Was she even aware?

“Y’all play some pretty wild games,” she laughed, her chest heaving. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Denise leaned into her, putting her arm around Anne’s shoulders. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, here, honey.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to,” Anne confessed. Then she leaned in and kissed Denise on the lips. “It’s just that I never really expected so many fantasies to become reality.”

Cheryl’s hand reached out and stopped Anne’s before she could pull the card. “What is your fantasy?”

Anne flushed. She looked around at all of us.

Denise leaned in and kissed the teen’s shoulder. “No judgement here, what happens in the game, stays in the game.”

“I want to be,” she hesitated, closing her eyes. “I want to be the center of it all. Hands and mouths all over me. Touching me, penetrating me, pleasuring me.”

Cheryl looked at me and nodded. I pushed the table to the side and picked up Anne in my arms.

“What… what are you going to do with me?” She asked, her eyes wide.

“Everything. Over and over again.” I warned her, as her roommate led the way, opening the door to my bedroom. “Until all your fantasies come true.”

* * *

Game Over:


As I placed her on the bed, I looked around to see Cheryl and Beth removing their panties, joining Denise in her nakedness. I guess the game was officially over. I dropped my shorts, leaving the object of our attention as the only person wearing anything. She seemed so out-of-place, still dressed in her jeans, surrounded by four naked people.

Cheryl and Denise were crawling on the bed, bracketing the pretty platinum blonde, just as they had on the couch. They were talking to her softly, their hands wandering over her body, their lips touching her occasionally, about the shoulder, neck, cheek.

“I think I’m jealous,” Beth told me softly as she sat on the edge of the bed, near the end, and pulled me over by my rod until I was in range of her talented little mouth.

“Me too.” I laughed as I watched the two Amazons caressing the tiny teen’s breasts, each in full control of one. Cheryl’s lips were locked on Anne’s, with Denise waiting patiently for her turn.

Beth on the other hand, had her mouth put to excellent use, sucking my cock. I was a little concerned that I’d come too soon. I tried to put it out of my mind, but watching the action in the middle of the bed was too much.

“Beth, I’m going to come if you keep that up.” I warned her softly, not wanting to distract the others.

She quickly pulled her mouth away, holding my cock. “Where do you want to come? My mouth? Inside me? With her?” She asked with a nod to the middle of the bed. She gave the head of my cock a little tweak, which eased the urge to come.

I smiled. “In you would be nice.”

She eagerly spun around and leaned over the bed, “All yours.”

Leaning over the bed, she reached up about as far as Anne’s knees, which were still mostly together. She spread them enough to lean between them, her chest almost to Anne’s shins, her mouth just above her roommate’s knees. She held still while I rubbed my over excited cock between her legs, opening her up. Shaft in hand, I nudged the head between her lips, and entered her about halfway. God, I was a lucky man! With one small shove I was balls deep in my girlfriend’s beautiful 18 year old sister, while I watched the ravishing of a pretty teen, by two of the sexiest women I knew.

Once I was pumping Beth, holding her hips firmly and sliding my cock in and out smoothly of her tight little twat, she reached her hands up and started tugging on Anne’s tight jeans. Slowly they responded to the constant tugging, inching around her hips and ass, until they suddenly were free, and easily slid down her legs.

Beth’s actions were a little distracting, but watching Cheryl gnaw on Anne’s huge tit, while Denise had her tongue half-way down the kid’s throat was almost ready to put me over the edge again. Then Cheryl looked up at me and smiled, giving me a wave to come over and play. I suspected that I knew what she had in mind.

I slid out of Beth, who didn’t seem overly concerned with the loss. She was crawling between her roommate’s legs, licking and kissing her smooth thighs along the way.

Cheryl whispered to Denise who got up and met me half-way around the bed.

“God, I feel so nasty and depraved,” Denise confessed with a giggle.

“I wonder why?” I asked, taking her in my arms and nuzzling her neck.

“At least I didn’t invent the damn game, you horn dog.”

“No, but you inspired it.”

“Aw. That was sweet. I think I’ll give you a treat for that,” she told me before sliding down my body and going straight for my cock.

She gave me a few wonderful licks and sucks, then pulled back a bit. “Whoa, this guy feels like he’s ready to blow at any moment.” She sucked me all the way down, then bobbed her head a few times over the crown, making me dizzy.

“Cheryl says you’re going to fuck those titties. Guess I shouldn’t interfere with that, but you owe me.” She said with a smile.

“Should be interesting, playing with those, but you know I’ll always find time for you.”

“Big talk. You need to stop by sometime and back it up.” She dug into the end table next to the bed, coming up with a couple of bottles of lube. Cheryl and I had experimented at one time with different types of lube, and we had a drawer with half-a-dozen bottles there. Denise remembered many of them from our last experience after the game. Denise was waving the WET, and ID Millennium. Both good stuff, but I thought the ID would be ideal here. It didn’t get sticky, didn’t taste bad, and lasted a long time. I nodded to her right hand, and she tossed the other bottle back.

She turned to Cheryl, who was still playing with those incredible orbs while watching Anne’s reaction to having her roommate go down on her. It was nice to watch. Denise waved the bottle under Cheryl’s face.

“Here, lube those babies up.” She told her, and Cheryl took the bottle with a smile.

A couple of spritzes from that bottle, and Anne’s tits were slipperier than an eel.

I straddled the young co-ed, just above her waist, and laid my steaming cock between those nearly perfect globes. So large, so smooth, so round. So real. Even lying on her back, as they settled to the sides, they were incredible.

Anne looked down and smiled. She cupped her hands around her own tits, squeezing them together, as I slid forward within the slippery channel formed. My cock head peeked out the other side, and inched forward, before sliding it back where it completely disappeared in the valley of her tits.

Cheryl was whispering to her, and I found that Beth had retreated from her adventure and was watching with Denise, while I tit-fucked our new found friend.

Anne was twisting her own nipples, and rolling her tits against each other while I stroked away, happy as a clam.

“This is so hot,” she moaned, “everyone watching while you fuck my tits.” Then she leaned back, pulling on her nipples, and closing her eyes, almost panting.

Denise had enough of the voyeurism, and wanted back in the game. She climbed on the bed, and straddled Anne’s head, lowering her smooth pussy down onto the Freshman’s open mouth. I watched in delight as her hips ground down onto Anne’s face. Her back was to me, and only inches away. Anne was still doing the work of holding her tits together for me, so I was able to lean forward, wrapping my arms around Denise and squeezing her breasts while I fucked the mammoth pair below me.

Then I felt movement behind me, and Beth was taking up residency between her roommate’s legs again, sucking away at her with total abandon. I looked for Cheryl, and found her returning from the living room with our cameras in hand. What a slutty picture we must have made, just using the sweet young girl who’d wandered into our home, for our own enjoyment. I watched in amazement as she circled the bed, the same camera used for my strip-tease act, now taking in this amazing tit-fuck, while she gripped our digital still camera in her other hand.

Denise turned to kiss me, and as our lips settled onto each other, tongues tangling, I felt the flash from the digital camera go off. I went off with it, cumming all over Anne’s breasts and neck, and on the back of Denise’s sweet ass.

Denise quickly climbed off of Anne’s face, and turned to help Cheryl clean up the mess I’d created. Even Beth climbed up Anne’s body and all three girls were licking and sucking every inch of Anne that was exposed from just under her tits to her turned up little nose. It was a devastating sight, watching these three beauties gobble up my cum from the tiny teen’s huge tits.

I moved up to the headboard, and leaned back, straddling Anne’s head, but higher now. I reached down and grabbed Denise by the back of the head, guiding her mouth to my soft, sticky cock. She went along willingly, licking and sucking for a bit before going back to sucking on Anne’s delightful fun-bags. Cheryl tugged me forward a bit by the root, settling my balls directly above Anne’s mouth, and as I lowered myself, I felt her tongue teasing and tickling me. Cheryl, on the other hand sucked me easily, a nice smooth steady stroke designed to put the full steel back into my half-mast cock.

Beth scooted forward and took her turn licking my now almost fully hardened cock while Denise was still playing with our new teen toy. Cheryl had changed places and was behind Denise, using her tongue to clean up any evidence that might have accidentally strayed onto her back while I was bathing Anne in cum.

I looked down at the open space between Anne’s legs, and knew I’d found myself a home. I gingerly moved off the bed, trying to avoid pulling anyone’s hair, or kicking someone. Moving to the opposite end of the bed, I climbed back aboard, planting myself between Anne’s slender legs. I leaned in to taste her. She had a nicely trimmed light brown bush. Easily the most pubic hair in the room. Beth was almost completely shaved now, emulating Denise’s lead, and Cheryl always had a very short bikini cut. Anne trimmed but hadn’t cut way back. I opened her with my fingers, and let my tongue explore her moist cleft.

I was only down there a few moments before the urge to fuck the little beauty overwhelmed me. I sat up and spread her legs wide, guiding the head of my cock into that tight little hole.

“Wait,” Anne cried out before I entered her.

That got everyone’s attention, and they all shifted in place. Looking up at her, the head of my cock nestled in her open lips, Beth was on my left, and had been kissing her roommate. Denise was on my right, having just given up control of Anne’s nearest breast. Cheryl was cuddled up behind Denise, her body stretched the full length of her best friends. Her top hand was draped across Denise playing with her breast.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, wondering what could be the problem.

“No, it’s just that, well, I thought you should know… well, I’m a virgin,” she said softly.

For just a second you could have heard a pin drop.

“A virgin,”, “Are you kidding me?”, “Oh come on,” the statements flew fast and furious.

“No really. I mean we did a lot in high school. Everybody gave head, and I did a bunch of hand-jobs, and you can probably guess they were lining up to play with these girls,” she said indicating her swollen mammaries. “But there was a lot of pressure to be good from the parental units, you know, the whole ‘public eye’ thing, and I just never went all the way. I’m sure my cherry’s long gone, my collection of vibrators has taken care of that, but I’ve never been with a man. Not like that.”

Beth leaned in and said softly, “You never told me that; we’ve always talked about doing guys.”

“I didn’t want you to think I was a prude.” She said.

Beth chuckled, looking her over and raising her eyebrows. “Nobody here thinks you’re a prude.”

Denise crept in closer. “If you don’t want to, we don’t have to do that. I’m sure Alex can find someone else willing to harbor that trouser monster of his.”

“Oh NO!” Anne cried out. “I want it. I want it ALL. I just thought you should know.”

Cheryl giggled. “I bet it’s been a while since you could say you had a virgin, huh Alex?”

“Longer than I can remember,” I confessed. “But I’m willing to make the sacrifice.”

“Oh, I bet you are,” Denise chimed in as quick as a flash.

Beth was lying down now, cuddling up to her roommate. “You’re going to love this,” she told her.

Denise turned her face and kissed the platinum tressed teenage hottie. “We’ll make sure he takes care of you right,” she told her, reaching out and fondling her nearest breast. “God, I still can’t get over these things. You’re sure they’re real?”

Anne giggled. “As real as they get.”

Cheryl came to my side and scooted me over a bit. Then she took my cock in her mouth, and sucked me, getting me good and hard. When she was content with my state, she pulled away from me. She faced Denise. “Lube him. Just in case.” Then she settled down between Anne’s legs, helping ensure she was good and ready.

“Oh GOD, that feels good,” Anne moaned as Cheryl fingered and licked her.

I, on the other hand, was being taken very good care of by my loving friend Denise, who had the lube out, and ensured I was thoroughly taken care of in that direction.

“He’s good,” she finally announced, her hand stroking me nicely.

Cheryl pulled away with a glistening smile, “This one too.”

With that she pulled away, leaving the space between the virgin’s legs to me. Denise took up her position opposite Beth, and as I guided my cock between Anne’s swollen lips, I looked over to see Cheryl zooming in with the camera on where my prick was about to take our new playmate.

The lube did it’s job, and I was able to set the head in place and with one long, firm push, bury almost my entire cock inside the hottie, before I hit bottom.

“Oooh,” she gasped, as I plundered her depths for the first time.

I leaned over her, carefully placing my hands so they wouldn’t hurt any of the three laying there. I lowered my face to hers. “It is Ok?” I asked.

“God, I feel so full,” she gasped, wiggling just a bit below the hips.

“But it doesn’t hurt, does it?” I asked.

I eased my cock out about halfway, then slid it back in.

“That Ok?” I asked.

“More than Ok,” she told me with a smile, presenting her lips for a kiss. Which I was more than happy to oblige her with.

I gave her a few more short strokes, watching her reaction. She didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable, which encouraged me to give it a little more action. Long full strokes of my cock only seemed to make her happier, and all concerns for her ability to take what I was offering disappeared.

Denise smiled. She leaned over and told Anne, “I think he’s really going to fuck you now,” then her hand wandered down to feel where I was entering the teen.

I tilted Anne’s legs back, and my lovely female helpers each took hold of one. I took a grip of her thighs and started to really drive my cock deep into her. I could tell I was bottoming out occasionally, but it didn’t seem to bother her like it did some.

“Is that uncomfortable?” I asked after slowing down and pushing my cock in to it’s fullest, bumping the back.

“God, no, it feels wild,” she answered, and her heavy breathing seemed to confirm it.

That was great, the only other girl who I used to bottom out in regularly, was usually doggy style, and it made her uncomfortable, giving her cramps. This one had no issues at all with it.

I fucked her fast and hard, while Denise and Beth played with her nipples. My nasty live-in, Cheryl, was wandering the room, capturing the entire deflowering on tape. I reached down and started rubbing Anne’s swollen clit, while I hammered her tight pussy. I shifted a bit, and encouraged my assistants to pull Anne’s legs farther down, to where she was almost broken in half, her shins by her ears. She seemed to have no problems with it, and I remembered her comments about being double-jointed.

I lowered my hips and fucked upward more, looking to get her G-spot. When I felt her jump and groan, I knew I was on target, and long stroked her there, watching that tiny teen tense up for her first big cock-induced orgasm.

“Oh, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good,” she was muttering, breathing hard while I stroked that pussy. I rubbed her clit some more, and watched while Denise and Beth leaned over Anne’s outstretched legs, and went to town on her swollen hard nipples.

“Shit. Shit, I’m going to come, shit, shit, I’m going to come,” was my platinum blonde temptress’ new mantra, which was the encouragement I was seeking to pick up the pace.

Cheryl leaned over my shoulder, capturing the shot straight down where my cock was disappearing into the young girl. “Fuck her hard now, Alex.”

I obeyed willingly enough, still aiming up into that extra sensitive region, while my thumb was going crazy over her clit. She was crying out now, all kinds of filthy things blurting from her mouth, until she exploded over my cock, her body trembling, her tight 18 year old pussy clamping down on me like a fist. Her entire shoulders and breasts turned bright red as she came, and I eased up on her clit, not wanting to over sensitize her. I was nowhere near done with her.

Cheryl was filming her face now. “She’s so pretty when she comes.”

The girls let her legs free, and they slowly came forward, until I held them while I slowly continued the screwing.

She was looking at me with something akin to worship in those eyes. I felt incredible. My already over-sized ego probably grew to double its size.

“My God, that was the most incredible feeling,” she confessed, then I watched her eyes fill with tears, and she was tucking her head into Beth’s shoulder while crying.

Denise got up and hit me. “You BASTARD. What did you do!” I was half in shock.

Anne sat up quickly pulling away from my still rampant hard-on. “Oh no. Don’t. He was great. I was so afraid it was going to be bad, I’d heard so many stories, but it was so incredible. So fucking incredible.” She crawled to me and wrapped her arms around my body, hugging me tight. “That was so wonderful, thank you.”

I pulled her chin up and kissed her on the lips. “You were wonderful.”

Denise was suitably sorry for smacking me. “Sorry about that. I guess I owe you one.”

Laughingly I took her into my arms, and kissed her deeply. “You can never owe me one; I’m so far in your debt it’s disgusting.” Then I eased her to her back, and turned her in the bed, so her head was just below my cock. Then I turned to Beth, and with a nod to Anne, I told her “time for a little different position for our cock novice.”

She guided Anne over Denise’s body, on her hands and knees, with her pussy poised over Denise’s willing mouth, and open to my amorous attentions. Anne’s face hovered over Denise’s open crotch, and she dropped in willingly, her head bobbing delightfully over Denise’s treasures.

Cheryl was right beside me. “Don’t you want to play?” I asked her.

She whispered to me, “I can’t believe it but I am SO getting off on filming this. I already came once, can you believe it? I think I’ll sit this one out, if it’s Ok with you. I think three should be enough for you.”

I leaned over and gave her a kiss before returning to the task at hand.

I guided my cock down to Denise’s open mouth, letting her suck me a couple of times, before entering sweet Anne from behind. The fit was tight and delightful. It was a wonderful fuck, a steady stroking for many long minutes, broken up intermittently with a quick dip into Denise’s hot willing mouth. Beth kept us company, stroking, touching, kissing the two girls beneath me. Then she got up on the bed, sitting between Denise’s legs, and rubbed herself right in front of Anne. I watched her scoot down, and Anne suddenly had her choice of pussies to pleasure. Cheryl seemed to like that idea, and positioned herself there, capturing the shots of Anne working over first one, then the other of the two pussies offered up.

Twice I watched Denise enter the throes of orgasm due to Anne’s loving attention. Then Beth was coming on the end of Anne’s tongue, and I was starting to wonder if I’d be able to hold out until Anne came. With Denise’s mouth working over Anne where I entered her, it took a good long while but eventually I saw her riding that tide to her own peak once again. Beth crawled off the bed and came to watch where the action was. Our wandering camera woman followed her over. Beth leaned over Anne’s round butt, kissing those porcelain ass cheeks, and squeezing them, massaging them with her hands.

“God, I’m there Alex, I’m there, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Anne cried out, slamming her hips backward into me. I held her hips and fucked her as hard as I could. Beth upped the ante by licking her finger and sliding it gently into Anne’s tight ass.

“Oh FUCK!” Anne cried out, and I could feel her whole body tremble as she came on my cock again. It was more than enough to put me over the edge. I’d been struggling to keep from coming, and now I let loose, slamming my cock into her and coming over and over again.

“Oh my god, my god, I can feel that. I can feel the heat where he’s filling me. I can feel his cock throbbing inside me.” Anne announced, gasping, while the naughty Beth continued to finger her ass and I vacated my balls deep, deep inside of our new playmate.

Anne rolled onto her side, gasping. Denise gazed up at me, looking exhausted. She made an elaborate gesture of wiping her arm across her soaking wet mouth. Beth on the other hand was raring to go. She slipped down to her knees and went to work on my cock immediately, licking and sucking me clean. I jumped a bit, still sensitive after coming, but soon grew accustomed to her sweet mouth. I looked over to find Anne stretched out on the bed, and sweet Cheryl doing her best to clean up the creampie I’d left her, inside of that delightful 18 year-old recently virginal pussy.

Denise got to her knees, and leaned into me.

“Are you done with the new girl? Gonna find time for your old friends?” she asked in a teasing tone that was bordering on scolding.

“You should know me by now. I gotta get those quick ones out of the way. I’m gonna need some real stamina to take care of you two.” I reached down with one hand and stroked pretty Beth’s hair as she went down on me. The other hand slid down Denise’s back and cupped her delightful ass.

“Oh really? And how exactly are you planning on taking care of us?” Denise asked.

“To be honest, I’ve been having some very naughty thoughts about this one.” I said, indicating the sweet brunette whose lips surrounded my cock. “I’m thinking it’s time to break in her back door, and was hoping you could help me.”

“Help with Anne, help with Beth, I’m kind of feeling taken advantage of here, Alex.”

“We break in Beth, and I’m yours from then on.” I told her, pulling her over to give her a warm kiss.

“Hey, don’t I get any say in this? It is my butt we’re talking about!” Beth griped.

“Nope,” Denise said with a laugh. “But if you don’t want it, I’ll take it.”

She stood and came into my arms. “I’m really kind of scared. It looked like you were killing this one last time,” she said, with a nod to Denise.

“I’ll be gentle with you. And we can stop anytime you want. I’m sure Denise will take over for you if there’s any problems.”

“Mmmhmm!” Denise agreed.

“C’mon,” I told the teen, tugging her down with me, “let’s just start with some old fashioned fun, and see where it goes.” I laid back fully, my cock standing tall, encouraging the kid to take a ride.

Beth couldn’t find fault with that idea, and she mounted me, looking so good sitting there on my cock. She was an active cowgirl, and pumped herself thoroughly on my stiff meat.

Denise cuddled up next to me. “She’s fun to watch, isn’t she? A complete no-holds-barred fucking machine when she’s on top.”

I giggled. “She knows how to have fun, that’s for sure.”

“Hey! I’m right here. I can hear you guys.” Beth reminded us as she turned sideways, trying a different position for kicks.

“Can I have a ride too?” Denise asked softly. “I’m going nuts here watching you stick that in everyone but me.”

I leaned over and kissed her, stretching the kiss out. “I’d love to have you ride me a while.”

Beth in the meantime, was still bouncing away with wild abandon. I don’t know how her legs could take it. I reached up for her, and pulled her down to my chest, so I could reach down, grab her hips, and fuck up into her for a bit, giving her a little rest.

“I love this feeling,” she told me.

“Me too,” I said. “Let’s let Denise have a turn.”

“M’kay,” she murmured contentedly, rolling off opposite Denise. I only then noticed that our other two participants were missing.

I leaned up and looked around.

“Sounds like Cheryl’s running a bath.” Denise said. Then she got up and straddled me, slowly sinking my slippery cock into her wonderful slice.

I watched as she closed her eyes, smiling, and ground her hips around in small circles, settling down even further. “Mmmm,” she moaned softly. Then she leaned over me, and started rocking back and forth. “Finally,” she muttered.

Beth was clinging to me, cuddled in tight. “What’s it like?” she said just barely above a whisper.

“You know,” Denise said with a smile.

“Not that, I mean the other. In the back.” She said.

“It’s nice. I mean it’s uncomfortable to start, and it feels odd, but it’s a real power trip, to see how bad he wants it and how worked up he gets. And you feel so sexy – I mean dirty, nasty, just plain sex, sexy.” Denise stop her rocking and leaned over to lick Beth’s nipple. “Like that. That’s just naughty. I’m here with his cock in me, fresh off of coming out of you, and I can lean over and lick my best friend’s little sister’s tit.” She laughed out loud. “Just a few weeks ago I’d never done anything more than kiss another girl. Today I came on a girl’s tongue twice, who I’d only met today. Sexy, naughty, crazy.” She was rocking back and forth now, with a nice long stroke, doing a great job of fucking me.

“But what does it FEEL like,” Beth asked, frustrated by the answer.

“It would be silly to try to explain it.” Denise said. “When you can feel it for yourself. I promise you, you’ll love it. After tonight you’ll dream about it.”

“How can you know that?” Beth asked.

“Because while his cock is in your tight little butt, I’m gonna make you come so many times you’re going to beg for mercy.” Denise said, as serious as can be.

Denise climbed off of me then, and reached for the lube we’d gotten out earlier. “Sweetie, I think it’s time.”

I could almost feel the teen shudder against me.

“It’s Ok. I’ll make sure you’re good and ready, and then we’ll let you control the show.” Denise told her. “Now get back on top of him and keep him hard.”

“Like that’s going to be a problem,” I laughed.

Beth mounted me once again, then slowly leaned down, until her full body weight was on me. Her head was just below mine. I turned her chin up so I could kiss her.

Denise got behind her, and starting greasing up my plaything.

“Oh! That feels weird,” Beth whispered to me.

“What does.”

“Her finger in me.”


“Not at all, it just slid in real easy. Oooh, another one!” she gasped, giving a little wiggle.

I lifted her hips a little with my hands, so I could fuck up into her just a bit while she was made ready.

“How’s that,” Denise asked.

“Wild.” Beth admitted.

“Not scary?”

“No, just kind of weird.”

“And this,” she asked.

Beth groaned, “God, that feels so nasty, your fingers in my butt, while he’s doing that.”

“Three fingers,” Denise confirmed.

I continued to screw sweet Beth, while Denise loosened up that virgin ass.

Beth’s breath was coming heavier, in little gasps. “Oh fuck, that’s wild,” she moaned, and then she kissed me deeply, her tongue driving into my mouth. When I returned the favor, she moaned deeply.

“Sit up, sweetness,” Denise said, “it’s time.”

Beth sat up and shifted her legs under herself, rising up and pulling off my cock. Denise slid her fingers out of the teens rear, “Just a sec,” she said, then applied more of that slippery stuff to my cock. “Ok, go for it.”

Beth bit her bottom lip as she lined up the pole and the hole. I watched her slowly ease down, and felt just a momentary pressure as I passed her tight anal ring, then she slid down my cock, easily taking most of it in one smooth motion.

“Oh my God. I can feel all of it, so fat and hard.” Beth gasped. Then I watched as she leaned over, put her hands on my chest, then raised and lowered her hips a few inches at a time, fucking herself.

“Ok?” Denise asked.

Beth groaned, “It feels like it’s too much, so much, stretching me.”

Denise was running her hands across Beth’s smooth ass, “Take your time.”

But Beth was Beth. And on top, she was crazy aggressive, even now. I watched in amazement as she forced herself further and further down my shaft, taking longer strokes, determined. She was grunting, then she pulled about halfway up, closed her eyes, and pushed down hard, sinking all the way down with a moan. “Fuck!” she groaned, sitting there, full.

“God you’re tight,” I told her, feeling her crush my cock.

“And you’re fucking huge in my ass,” she murmured, and then smiled.

She raised up again, and Denise leaned in and applied another squirt of lube to my cock. “That should be enough,” she said, getting up and putting the lube back on the end table. As Beth reamed herself a couple of more times, Denise took up position between my legs again. She leaned into Beth, her hands wrapping around and holding the teen’s full breasts. “Turn around and face me, sweetie.”

Beth lifted all the way up and off of me, then turned and face the gorgeous blonde. I held my cock for her as she once again settled onto it.

“Take it all, as far as it will go,” Denise told her, moving forward on her knees, until she was face to face with the teen, their breasts touching.

Beth did as told, squirming a bit to get every last bit of my cock buried in her ass.

“Good, now lay back,” she ordered, giving a push. I reached up and took Beth’s weight as I lowered her onto my chest. She was fully reclined. I reached around and took her sweet tits into my hands. We both watched as Denise leaned over and started keeping her promise.

I could see almost nothing, but I could feel it all, as Denise used her mouth to get Beth off. The first orgasm only took a couple of minutes to achieve, and I felt the shock of it around my cock. I was trying to work my hips enough to get a little motion in her sweet, tight butt, but I was limited in what I could achieve. Denise didn’t let up, however, and within a few more minutes she had Beth crying out again. I was loving the feeling, playing with her hard little nipples, and chewing on her neck and ears, as my cock quivered in her ass while she came on Denise’s talented tongue. After the second orgasm, Denise allowed her to relax a bit.

“Now for the real thing,” Denise announced, “roll over.”

We tried to roll together, but that wasn’t happening. Beth rolled away, my cock slowly easing out of her butt. Then Denise was getting back in the game, getting Beth on her hands and knees, while Denise laid beneath her in the classic 69.

With the girls in place, I got behind my favorite teen, and spread her cheeks. Looking down into Denise’s pretty eyes, I eased my cock head up to Beth’s ass, and pushed. Again, I slid in without too much difficulty.

“Slow,” Denise said.

I slowly worked my cock into her, inch my inch, each stroke gaining a little more ground.

“It feels tighter this way,” Beth said softly.

“It’s Ok?” Denise asked.

“It’s great.”

That’s what I wanted to hear. With just a few more strokes I was finally completely buried. “That’s it,” I announced.

“God, I wish Cheryl could see this,” Beth said.

“She will, if not now, soon,” Denise said. Then she reached up and tapped my leg. “Bring her down.”

I tugged Beth’s hips back, bringing her lower to the bed, as I spread my own knees further apart to stay at the level. Then Denise tapped me again, and I stopped. I could feel the immediate change in Beth as once again Denise applied her magic.

“Oh, that’s so nice,” Beth moaned, then I watched her lean down, her face lowering, returning the favor.

For me, it was time for action. I started my fucking again, looking to make some progress toward filling her ass. The changes, lack of motion, and tightness had really kept me from getting overly excited, even at the prospect of fucking my girlfriend’s teenage sister’s virgin ass. But now I was back in control, and within a few strokes knew that I’d have to be careful to pace myself, or I’d blow right away.

I held those sweet pale cheeks, spreading her wide, so I could watch the spectacle of my rock hard cock splitting her open. Her ass clung to me on each out stroke, even with all the lube we’d used. But she was becoming less tight, and the going was easier.

“Beth, I’ve got to tell you, you’ve got the sweetest little ass,” I gasped as I fucked her harder.

She pulled her head up, “Fuck it, fuck it hard, fuck my ass Alex, fuck my dirty little ass.”

I raised up a bit, fucking down a little more, and getting enough leverage so I could fuck her with longer, full strokes. She was moaning constantly, and I could feel her grinding her pussy down onto Denise’s generous and willing mouth. It only took a few more minutes for her butt-hole to completely relax. I could pull out and see her gape open for a few seconds before slowly closing. What an incredible view.

The enjoyment was threefold. The feeling of penetrating her tight, virgin ass. The view of my thickly swollen cock stretching her wide as I pierced her over and over again. The knowledge that I was fucking the living daylights out of my girlfriend’s little sister, while the incredible Denise licked her satiny smooth twat.

If that wasn’t enough, I watched as my girlfriend brought my recent conquest back into the room, and they sat on the bed and cuddled as I plundered her sister’s tight little butt. It was only a few moments later that, Cheryl got off her rear and started in with the camera work. “Beth’s first anal, courtesy of the insatiable Alex,” she dictated for the camera.

I heard Beth crying out as Denise once again took her to the heights, while I pumped her tight ass like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to bathe her bowels with my cum while she reached her peak. I wanted to make her cum for me with my cock buried in her ass, in front of her sister and roommate. I squeezed those beautiful, full butt-cheeks while I long stroked her asshole.

“I’m going to come in your ass, Beth,” I told her. “I’m going to come in your sweet, young, virgin ass.”

“Yes, yes,” she cried out, “fill my dirty ass.”

“Do it,” Cheryl added, bringing her camera in for a close-up of her sister’s first ass-reaming.

I wanted so badly to hold out until she came again, but it was too much. It all felt too good. I looked over to see Anne watching me intently. I locked my eyes on hers, smiling. I never let my eyes wander as I finally was able to hold back no longer. I slammed into Beth and shot off like a rocket. It felt like my cum would come out the other end, I shot so hard. As I pumped her full of my cum, she finally reached her own orgasm, crying out as she quivered in pleasure.

“It’s about time you nailed that ass,” Cheryl laughed, reaching out to smack her sister’s bubbly butt.

“Christ, I’ve never felt so FUCKED!” Beth moaned, rolling onto her back gasping. I watched as her hands slid under her butt, caressing her well used rear.

“Welcome to the club,” Denise teased. Then she turned to me, “You. How about you go in and clean up a bit before I finally get to try that thing on for size.”

All this time, Cheryl was rolling her dear sister onto her belly, checking out her abused hole. “Poor baby, should I kiss it and make it feel better?” She leaned in and dragged her tongue across Beth’s reddened rear opening.

“Oh God, sis, that was so wild,” Beth sighed.

Cheryl’s only response was to spread Beth’s legs and bury her tongue in her sister’s butt.

I headed to the bathroom for a quick cleanup. A clean cock is a happy, well-used cock. The door creaked closed behind me as Anne, precious, beautiful, naked Anne, joined me in the restroom.

I turned to her, my hand still rubbing the warm facecloth across my tender prick.

She came to me, slowly, then wrapped her arms around me and pressed her head against my chest. I reached down and held her, while she clung to me.

“That was so nice,” Anne said softly. “Thank you.”

“It was amazing,” I told her, “I hope we can do it again some time.”

“Tonight?” she asked.

“I think I owe Denise a little attention,” I told her, “but I hope you’re spending the night. I’d love to see you riding my cock in the daylight. I’m dying to see those amazing tits in action while you ride me into oblivion.”

“Gee, Alex, you say the sweetest things,” she giggled. “You can bet I’ll be staying until your generous roomy kicks me out.”

She dropped to her knees, her eyes locked on mine, as she grasped my cock. “I think I better check your cleaning job.” She took my flaccid cock in her mouth, her tongue, lips and perfect teeth urging me back to hardness.

What a wonderful evening. I had taken this teen beauty’s virginity within the hour, butt-fucked her roommate, and was about to plug every hole in the gorgeous Denise. And the incredibly sexy Anne was sucking me wonderfully, preparing me for my upcoming bout.

Even fully hard, I let her continue her actions, enjoying the benefit of her expertise. She was good, not in the league of Cheryl or Denise, but damned good.

I was a little disappointed to see her pull back and stand up.

“I’m dying to feel that inside me again,” she confessed.

“A little taste wouldn’t hurt,” I told her. I turned her around and bent her over at the waist. She spread her legs wider and rested her hands on the closed toilet seat. I rubbed my cock up against her warm slash. With a nudge I entered her. She sighed as I pushed deeper. “Oh God, that’s good.”

Grabbing her hips I fucked her for a few seconds, just a tease. It was delightful, looking down on her, and I was tempted to pick her up and take her back into the room to fuck her pretty little brains out, but I had other fish to fry. I pulled out of her, and turned her back around. I held my cock out for her to devour again, leaving me clean as a whistle for dear, deserving Denise.

Back in the bedroom, the fabulous Denise was waiting for me. Beth looked to be resting, watching while Cheryl and Denise were intertwined, arms wrapped around each other, legs scissored together. They didn’t take long to detect my presence. Cheryl rolled over onto her back, pulling Denise with her. Denise puller her legs in, raising her ass up, beckoning me.

I entered her from behind, while she and Cheryl continued for a bit longer, then Cheryl pulled away and went after young Anne, while I worked over her best friend.

Denise was a fuck-fest. God, I loved doing her. While the other two, then three played together, giving me an incredible amount of eye candy and inspiration, I did my best to satisfy the nearly insatiable beauty.

Fucking Denise was a joy. I screwed her forever, in every position, from every angle. I used her mouth aggressively and banged her sweet pussy for all I was worth. I never tired of sliding my cock in and out of her, and she responded so wonderfully.

I was enthralled with how deeply Cheryl was getting into playing with Anne and her sister. It was more than I had ever expected, and incredibly sexy to watch. A couple of times, I had to take a break from working Denise over to poke an opening in one of the threesome, but just for fun. Never for too long, not long enough to let Denise cool down.

In the end, I finished her from behind, while she laid there, well used and relaxed, satiated for the moment. I held her by those sweet hips, watching her sweet ass-cheeks, and perfect back. I looked over at the spent and worn-out girls scattered across my bed, and finally achieved my release within the warmth of my long-time fantasy girl.

I collapsed in exhaustion, reaching my arm around Denise and pulling her close. I closed my eyes and wondered what the morning would bring.

I awoke to the urgent need to pee, and untangled my legs from the bodies around me, blindly making for the bathroom. With that taken care of, I decided to survey the damage, but it looked like my little soldier had survived the onslaught none the worse for wear, although a little tender.

Light was coming in the windows, just barely. Must have been right around dawn. I cleaned up a bit and decided to head into the kitchen to make some coffee for anybody who wanted some. That plan kind of fell short.

Walking by the guest room, I peeked in to find Beth and Anne sprawled naked on the bed, tangled in a single sheet. I went in with only the noblest of intentions, looking to cover them up. Things went Ok with Beth, as I extracted her arms and legs from the mussed sheets and got her covered. She rolled over and settled back into slumber.

It was on the other side of the bed that I fell victim to circumstances. As I loosened the sheets from Anne, she rolled onto her back, cracked her eyes open and smiled at me. Then she scooted over, making room for me. I held the sheet up, looking down on her incredibly sexy body, while her hand slid across the sheet next to her in invitation.

I’m just a man, with a man’s normal weaknesses. I slid into the bed next to her letting my hands wander her delicious taut teen body. I reached between her legs, careful to be gentle. She’d been licked, poked and rubbed continuously for hours, I could only imagine how tender she must be. My fingers slowly, cautiously opened her up, gently parting the sticky hairs, caressing her lips, teasing her open. She parted her legs wider, throwing the near leg over my hip, presenting herself to me. All the play had restored the iron to my rod, and I adjusted myself in the bed, sliding my hips down, until my cock was in position. I entered her with care, slowly working my way in, until I was fully sheathed. Heaven. She twisted her upper torso toward me, and purred in delight while I gently fucked her. I was able to play with her beautiful boobs, teasing her hardened nipples, while I slid in and out of her with a comfortable ease.

“Good morning to you, too,” she said with a smile, turning to me for a kiss. My lips had only just left hers, when she pulled off of me. Then she was crawling on top of me, settling over my staff, until I was once more buried in her personal slice of heaven. She slowly bounced up and down, her massive tits moving in counterpoint. It was utterly mesmerizing. I reached up to take them in my hands, feeling their weight, twisting the nipples as she rode me carefully, trying to avoid disturbing our sleeping bed partner too much.

“It this what you wanted to see?” She asked with a sleepy smile.

“Incredible,” I told her.

“Mmmm, thanks.”

Then she yawned hugely, stretching her arms out. She looked so petite, perched on my cock, and so young.

Slowly she eased herself down to my chest. She stretched out across my body, her tight little twat stuffed full of my throbbing cock. She cuddled in tight, wrapping her arms around me. I reached down for the sheet and covered us both, holding this delightful little angel in my arms as she slowly descended back into sleep, content to be had.

I reached down, holding her sweet, tight ass in my hands, as I screwed her. Between my hands moving her back and forth, and my hips driving in and out, I was able to put nearly half my length to use. She was only half-asleep, moaning and sighing occasionally, but utterly relaxed other than that. I closed my eyes, settled back, and developed a slow rhythm while I used her. I would rest every few minutes, letting my cock desensitize, fondling her soft smooth body. Then I would start up again, enjoying the feeling of tightness. I wondered if she’d dry up on me, but it never happened, she stayed moist and open, and incredibly hot.

My need to come snuck up on me, and all of a sudden I was just a few quick strokes from my release. I grabbed her butt-cheeks firmly and pounded into her with a series of firm, deep thrusts. Her head suddenly reared back, her eyes wide open, as she popped out of her sleep to feel me cumming deep inside her. She looked scared for a second, lost, and then her eyes focused and a smile slid back onto her face. She tilted her face back in an invitation to kiss her. I responded gently, while my cock twitched within her, doing it’s best to complete it’s mission, depositing as much cum as deep as possible inside the tiny co-ed.

I felt her pussy throbbing around my cock, pulsing, as I enveloped her in my arms, my cock fighting to stay hard. I kissed the top of her head, settled into the bed, and adjusted the covers around us once again. I nudged my cock back and forth within her. If I could keep it semi-hard, I could stay inside her. Caressing her sweet little butt, and sliding my hands across her soft skin helped, and then I felt her pussy once again massaging my cock. It was perfect, I was no longer getting soft, but getting firmer again, able to pull out just a little further, and push in a little deeper. Back and forth concentrating on how deep I could get.

I was sliding in and out of sleep. When I was aware enough, I’d push my cock into her, reveling in the feeling. Then I’d find myself calming, slowing, and resting while holding her against me. I awoke to find myself fucking her again, holding her tight, while my cock penetrated her eagerly. Then I slowly relaxed once more, and fell deeply to sleep, my cock still buried in my new plaything.

Beth was a breakfast treat. We were alone in bed, and a little early cuddling lead to an easy screwing. I made the mistake of fondling her ass a little too intimately, and she let me know that particular aperture was off limits for the near future. Which was fine by me, my cock was a little too tender for that kind of energetic action.

Brunch was interesting. Denise had left early, and eating a meal with three gorgeous girls dressed only in t-shirts was a great start to the day. All the girls wanted to do was discuss last night’s evening activity, and it wasn’t long before the co-eds both found out that I was the author of our new favorite game.

“Can we play again some time?” Anne asked.

“I don’t know if I can survive odds like last night again,” I advised my conquests.

“I think Dave deserves some play-time as well,” Cheryl pointed out. “The least we can do after his letting Denise play along.”

“Maybe a campus game?” Beth offered. “I can think of a few young men who’d kill to play along. You should come down sis, maybe even give studly a break.”

“Now that’s just mean!” I interjected.

Cheryl laughed. She reached out and caressed Anne’s cheek. “Don’t worry sweetness. We’ll play again some time. And I’ll see if we can’t even out the odds. I think you’d be beautiful skewered.”

“Oh! I better get a towel to sit on if you’re going to talk like that.” Anne laughed.

“Why don’t you two get better acquainted?” Beth told her roomy, then glancing over at me. “I think sis and I are going to clean up then do a little shopping.”

“I can leave you two alone, can’t I?” Cheryl teased. “I’m sure I can count on you both to misbehave.”

Anne wiggled in her seat. “Mmmm. You guys are too good to me.”

Beth got up and leaned over her from behind, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Get your fill, Annie, it could be a while before your next.”

With my girlfriend’s blessing, Anne and I played around with the game, discussing tweaks and new challenges appropriate to games with uneven odds, and came up with some ideas for special “Booster” decks that would cater to unbalanced groups. She even made suggestions about player challenges for those who might prefer more same-sex interaction – more “Booster” packs.

When the sisters finally left, Anne and I didn’t waste much time retiring back to my bedroom. We whiled away a few delightful hours and by the time we retired to the shower, I knew every inch of her young body like the back of my hand. And every inch of her magnificent chest even better.

The sisters showed up a short while later, and I was given directions to take the co-eds home, but no lingering. I didn’t have the strength to argue or linger.

By the time I got home again, I was ready for rest, but Cheryl had other ideas. She met me dressed in new lingerie, part of the day’s shopping, I’d guess. She led me into our bedroom where she had the videos from the previous evening setup for review.

We spent the next few hours in a variety of positions that would allow her to watch the TV while either reminiscing on our recent randiness, or proposing further acts of debauchery and wildness with either old friends, or friends yet to be discovered.

She spent nearly half that time with my cock in her mouth, whenever she was content to just watch. When she wanted to talk, she’d typically just get up and mount me, or present herself on her hands and knees for another bout of doggy style.

It was delicious and wild, especially watching the working over we gave Anne. Cheryl seemed to enjoy her sister’s anal deflowering an awful lot, but then again so did I, both then, and in review.

Any concerns I had with Cheryl’s willingness to continue to play this game were well put to rest long before I was.