Taken By Two Boys

Chapter 01

Tim and Jeff had hated Billy for the longest time. Ever since grade school they looked down on him with nothing but scorn and envy. They were both bitter, hormonal teenagers, 18 and angry at the world. Since he was little, Billy had led a carefree, happy life.

Billy’s mother, Amy Robertson, was an attractive woman in her mid 30s, who loved her son very dearly and walked him to school every morning. It was this kind of smothering which led Billy to have quite a sheltered and wimpy personality, which Tim and Jeff loathed him for. They had always been bullies and “fish” like Billy were easy pickings to use to feed their feed their ego as well as give them cheap thrills.

With her shapely and round behind, Amy attracted the attention of all the boys she walked passed, and a few teachers too. It didn’t help that she often wore very tight, constricting clothes which only emphasized her figure. Unfortunately, she was so innocent and naive in nature, she barely realized this. Tim and Jeff loved to eyeball her as she walked by every day and would often make crude gestures behind her back which she often missed but sent knots forming in Billy’s stomach every time he saw them looking. Although she was vaguely aware that Tim and Jeff harassed her son, she wrote them off as nothing more than mischievous teenagers.

“Just ignore them, honey.” She’d say as she caught Billy cowering from their grinning faces.

Tim thought she had great tits, and he was right. She had a pretty face and lovely flowing brown hair. She was about 5’11 and very well rounded with a very shapely figure and was often described as “cute” and “adorable”, despite the fact that she was in her mid-thirties.

As long as he could remember, Tim wanted to fuck her. Jeff also had an immense desire to have sex with her since the first time he saw her walk Billy to school, which happened soon after he complained of being bullied. The two would alleviate this by regularly jacking off to thoughts about fucking her and often discussed fantasies of what they’d like to do to her.

Because of this Tim and Jeff took special delight in tormenting Billy and made it a habit to pick on him. They tormented him relentlessly but there was little he could do without substantial evidence. If he ever cried to the teachers, it would just be dismissed as schoolyard rough housing and boys being boys. Tim and Jeff would take advantage of this and made sure not to leave any obvious bruises or wounds, and made most of their tormenting psychological rather than physical.

“Hey Billy, I’d gonna fuck your mom right up her sweet ass.” Tim would say.

“Yeah, and she’d be sucking my cock at the same time.” Jeff would follow, laughing.

Since Billy was so utterly afraid of them he didn’t know how to respond to this, wishing that they’d just leave him alone. He was protective of his mother and too much of a wimp to do anything about it.

The nature of their bullying was also often mental rather than physical because Tim and Jeff were pretty perverted. They actually got off talking about his mother in such a derigatory way to her son.

Soon this news got to Billy’s mother and father, who were obviously upset about these incidents. However, Tim and Jeff always got away without reprehension as they were just 18 year old students. Billy, who had only just turned 18, felt helpless. It became more and more common for his mother to walk him to and from school to avoid bullying, much to Tim and Jeff’s pleasure.

Soon she could feel them stare her up and down as she waited for her son to come out of his lessons, and hated herself for being put in such a submissive situation against her will. What else could she do if her son faced constant abuse?

Jeff loved every second of it.

“Holy shit dude, my cock gets rock hard every time I see that bitch.” He said, adjusting his boner and lying down on his bed. “Even thinking about her is enough to make me blow my load.”

“I know man,” Tim said, turning away from the porn on Jeff’s computer momentarily. “You see what she was wearing yesterday? Those fucking tight-ass pants? That bitch knows what she’s doing. I bet she fucking loves us staring her down like that. What I wouldn’t give to bone her.”

Jeff sat up grinning. “Tell me about it. I’d fuck her six ways from Sunday!” The two laughed, continuing to look at MILF porn. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.

“You know,” Jeff began. “Halloween’s just round the corner…”

Tim smirked, he had an idea where Jeff was going with this. Every year the two would use it as an excuse to cause mischief and mayhem from a young age, but as they got older their acts became more and more daring. He knew things were gonna be a little different this year.

“All we have to do is find out where they live.” Jeff said.

“Oh man, just thinking about it is making me hard. The things I’d love to do to that bitch.” It was hard to believe such words escaped the mouths of these two teens, but the truth is they had always been like this. Surely enough, the next day of school began and they cornered Billy.

“Hey Billy, how’s it going?” Jeff began, placing his arm around Billy’s shoulder, which looked innocent from afar but in actuality was very dominating and frightening to him.

“A-Alright. Things are okay, I guess…” He stuttered.

“That’s good.” Tim reassured.

“Say, where do you live Billy ol’ boy?” Jeff asked, leaning in, unable to conceal his smile at the thoughts in his mind.

“Err… why do you want to know that?” Billy stammered out nervously.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Tim barked angrily, scaring him. “Here we are, trying to be nice, and you have to give us shit. Just tell us where the fuck you live! “

“T-Twelve Roseway Street!” he yelled, terrified. He’d been beaten by these guys before and they always got away with it.

“Good.” Jeff said, before kicking him in stomach. Tim joined him, cackling as they did so.

“That day, they followed him home from school just to make sure he gave the right address. Halloween would be the best opportunity to fuck with him and his mom, and they couldn’t blow this chance. As ever, Amy was waiting for him at the front door on the rare days she never picked him up from school.

Tim and Jeff grinned at her in a perverted way as she took Billy into her embrace, staring at them with false defiance. As soon as she made eye contact they wolf whistled at her. The truth is they made her nervous. She closed the door and told Billy not to hang around with them anymore. They hung around for a while, scoping out the house and just taking perverse pleasure in knowing where she lived, much to the terror of Billy. No siblings. No wonder Billy was so coddled. Even his father only had the courage to frown and glance out of the window a few times, but it was obvious he didn’t want any trouble.

“What a wimp.” Jeff said. “If I was him I’d be banging her every minute of the day, but there he is just reading the paper. Fuck, she’s hot. Look at him, he’s just some scrawny old dude.” He laughed.

Now that they knew where she lived, they eagerly looked forward to Halloween. That would be their chance to get what they finally wanted. They were used to terrifying the local kids and vandalizing the houses of people who annoyed them but this year really was gonna be different. As they walked home they discussed perverse things.

“You know if we end up breaking in and looking around I’m definitely gonna steal some of her dirty panties. What type you think she wears? Probably granny panties.” He laughed.

“Nah dude,” Jeff said. “I bet she’s the type of slut who likes to seem prim and proper but actually wears sexy as fuck underwear. Lacy shit. I guarantee you her dickweasel of a husband doesn’t make her feel like a woman.”

For the next week or so this type of talk carried on and they found the ideas they discussed becoming more and more daring. The only thing they jerked off to now was MILF porn and they could barely contain themselves. They even took following her and photographing her ass with their cameraphones, making no effort to hide it.

Finally, when Halloween came around they headed straight over to Billy’s house. They knew what they wanted and knew they had to savour all the time they could. They arrived at the front door.

“This is it dude.” Jeff said. They knocked harshly three times.

“Trick or treat!” they said in unison as she answered.

“Well!” Came Amy’s reply, unable to recognize them in their cheaply made ghost costumes. “Aren’t you big ghosts!” She said, holding out candy.

“I sure am!” Tim laughed. Amy raised an eyebrow at this. She looked incredibly sexy in her genie costume, which was made up of silk and transparent materials, doing little to hide her enormous cleavage with her 34D breasts, which Tim and Jeff’s eyes were glued to.

“Well, here you are.” She said, giving them an equal helping of candy each. She was wearing tight purple sweat pants that complimented her figure and especially her ass.

“Oh no,” Jeff said, stepping forward and keeping her from closing the door. “We’re gonna need a LOT more than that to be convinced not to trick.” He stared at her tits and made no attempt to hide it. This immediately made her feel uncomfortable.

“I think you two should go,” She said, trying to close the door. Jeff held it open.

“What’s the rush?” He said, stepping in. “We’re good buddies with Billy!” Tim followed.

They grabbed her and immediately silenced any sounds she made with their hands. Hey eyes were wide with disbelief as they held her and dragged her into the living room and she was too shocked at the sudden intrusion to do anything. They were in too deep to turn back now, but that just added to the excitement. Being teenage boys, their hands roamed everywhere. Tim grabbed a handful of her shapely ass as the two pressed and rubbed themselves up against her, pushing her back into her house. She could feel Jeff’s erection through his pants as Tim kicked the door shut behind him and turned off the patio light to dissuade any more trick or treaters.

“Holy shit dude, grab a feel of her ass! It’s just like I imagined.” Jeff said, and he was right. It was incredibly soft, yet firm. He grabbed it roughly which made her squeal.

“Her tits are great as well!” Tim said excitedly, grabbing her with his free left hand as his right grabbed her other ass cheek. She was being utterly molested by these two boys and could feel their massive hard-ons through their jeans. Tim grabbed her pussy roughly which made her yelp, since the material was so thin.

Billy heard this from upstairs but dismissed it as her simply tripping, since she was kind of clumsy. Meanwhile, Amy was terrified, here were these two teenage boys, forcing themselves into her home. Her husband was out with friends, not that he’d be able to help anyway, small in size and cowardly as he was.

Billy, too, was always quiet and afraid. She was always the one who did the fighting for him, and at this moment he was in his room on the computer. She had no idea what to do. Her head buzzed with terror as Tim and Jeff took off their masks.

“Y-you!” She managed to stammer out. Jeff pulled her arm and then pushed her by her heaving breasts into the living room, she covered them up protectively as they both took a seat on the couch, put their feet up on the coffee table and made themselves at home. They already had everything pretty much planned out. They were big enough to stop her from doing anything too drastic and since Amy had never been in this situation before, she wasn’t entirely sure what to do.

“I want you to leave right now.” She said in hopeful defiance.

“Nah, I’d rather stay here for a bit.” Tim said, adjusting his crotch and leaning back.

“W-what do you want?” She said.

Jeff ignored her question and said “Why don’t you get me something to drink?”

She couldn’t believe it as she felt herself walk to the kitchen to fetch something, almost as though she were in a trance. In the back of her mind she thought maybe if she just gave them a drink they’d quickly leave, but she knew this wasn’t true. As her shapely ass jiggled while she walked away, Tim and Jeff knowingly smiled at each other trying not to laugh. They weren’t entirely sure what they were gonna do, but they loved being here, in another man’s home, molesting his wife and just taking charge of the place.

“She’s fucking terrified! She’ll do anything we want her to.” Tim said excitedly, already rubbing his cock at the thought. When she returned, Jeff smiled as he looked her up and down.

“Well, we want to work out a deal.” He said, taking a sip of her husband’s beer.

“What kind of deal?” She asked.

“You know we pick on your son, right?” Jeff asked rhetorically. “What if I told you we’d cut all of that shit out?” She wasn’t used to being spoken to like this, especially not by some 18 year old kid.

Frowning and feigning courage, she considered it. Even with this look on her face, she still looked flustered and cute.

“G-go on…” She said.

“All you have to do… is do us a few favours.” Tim chimed in slowly, rubbing his cock and smiling at her.

“Right…” said Jeff. “Just a few favours.”

“What kind of favours?” She asked, beginning to realize what these two perverts were thinking.

“Oh, I think you know what kind.” Jeff said, confidently. Looking her up and down, then smelling the lacy part of her genie costume that fell off.

It was only then that the realization fully hit her.

“Forget it!” She yelled, alerting her son. His heart jumped. “I want you to leave right now!”

This one sentence terrified Billy, slowly creeping downstairs.

“Hey, hey, no need to shout.” Jeff said, putting his feet up on the table and adjusting his cock. “It’s not like you even have any choice anyway. Hell, if I wanted I could fuck your pretty little face right now.”

This one sentenced tied Billy’s stomach in knots and left Amy speechless. He couldn’t believe they were speaking to his mother this way. His mother was equally terrified. She was good at putting on a brave face but the truth is she couldn’t stand up to these two.

“Why don’t you just make it easier on you and your son and just go down on me right now? Jeff said, uncrossing his legs and widening them, rubbing his cock. She stood terrified. Tim smiled.

“Do it.” He said, unzipping his pants. She still stood, frowning.

“And if I do this…” She began slowly. “You’ll leave my son alone?” She asked, unable to take her eyes off of his throbbing cock. There was something betraying her in the back of her mind. She hated these two. Loathed them. Was terrified of them… but she knew his cock was bigger than her husband’s.

Billy couldn’t believe she was even considering it. He wanted to rush in there but he was simply too afraid. All he could do was helplessly watch.

“Yep.” Jeff said, knowing full well this was a lie and trying to keep his cool. She reluctantly stepped forward. Inside Jeff was ready to burst and couldn’t believe this was happening, he was seconds away from getting his cock sucked by this woman. He knew it was his demanding and bullying nature that got him this far, that held her in his grasp.

“Hold on, bitch.” Jeff said. Her eyes widened at this change of tone.

“Strip down first. I don’t wanna get my dick sucked while you’re still fully clothed.”

She reluctantly began to slide off her pants. In a trance, she couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her tight purple sweatpants clung to her soft, smooth skin as she slowly undressed and made them all the more eager.

“Do it sexily. Slowly. Good. Now bring your sexy little ass over here and grind it up against me.” He carried on.

“G-grind…?” She asked. Still looking at his cock.

“Rub your ass against my cock you dumb slut.”

She slid her skin tight pants off and moved slowly over to him, she was only in her shiny purple silk underwear now.

“See, I told you dude.” Jeff said, referring to her panties. “She likes feeling like a real slut.”

Amy didn’t know what to say. She felt deep embarrassment at the way these two were talking to her which made her feel dirty. Part of her just wanted to get this over with.

“Bend over.” He said, leaning back. “That’s right, bring your ass over hear and rub it all over my cock.”

She slowly bent forward in front of him, her head still buzzed with terror and couldn’t believe she was doing this. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him. At least it wasn’t sex. She tried to rationalize by thinking this is the type of thing that could accidently happen on a crowded train.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh” Jeff groaned as she felt his erection through her soft, silky panties. “That’s it. Rub your ass around slowly. I bet your dumbass husband doesn’t even get this kind of treatment.” He loved the sensation of her soft, silky smooth ass massaging his cock and balls. He could feel her ass crack through her silk panties as he reached around and felt her pussy through the thin material.

Tim couldn’t take it. Her sexy body practically naked in front of them, the fact that they had total control over her in her submissive state. He unzipped his pants and took out his 7 inch cock. He was quite big for an 18 year old and Amy couldn’t hide her surprise as he pumped it up and down as he saw her submit to Jeff. He loved the idea of her being controlled. Jeff moaned in pleasure as her plump, soft ass did its work.

“Turn around. Take them off.” She did as she was instructed. She kept telling herself she just wanted to get this over and done with. She could feel his cock before but she only got an idea of how big it was when it was inches from her face. She looked at it nervously. Billy couldn’t take anymore and ran downstairs into the room.

“Mom! Stop!” Jeff immediately stood up and began to batter Billy.

“Stop!” His mother Amy screamed.

“You really want me to stop?” Jeff said, standing above a bruised and crying Billy.

“I’ll do… anything.” She meekly said.

Tim and Jeff’s cocks both got rock hard at this. This was their first experience of sex other than the porn movies that they regularly watched. And the fact that it was from the mom of the kid they both most detested, and that she was the object of their desires made them unbelievably hard.

“You can start by fetching something to tie this annoying shitstain up.” Jeff said, his pants around his ankles and his cock still sprung hard. She slowly got up and began to walk over to the kitchen.

“But before you go.” She stopped in his tracks. Jeff grabbed her hair and pulled it back as he kissed her roughly, sticking his tongue down her throat and making smacking noises in plain view of Billy, who sat frozen in fear.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Jeff said, pumping against her. This carried on for a minute or so as he lowered her to his knees and rubbed his crotch all over her soft face, leaving glimmering wads of pre-cum all over her.

“All right, bitch. Go get it.” He said, sending her off with a loud slap on the ass, laughing.

“Go get some of your panties, too.” Tim said. She nodded and quickly went off. Jeff used this opportunity to lean in towards Billy.

“We’re gonna fuck your mom so hard…” He began. “…and make her beg for our cocks.”

Tim laughed out. “The only reason I made her get her panties is so we can tie her up with them. And so I can jerk off to them later over this. A little souvenir. How’s it feel knowing your mom’s gone to get something to tie you up and stop you from letting us fuck her?”

They laughed. “If your dad comes home we’re gonna beat the shit out of him too. It’d get me off even more if he had to watch some kid fuck his wife right in front of him.” Jeff said.

Billy sat still, still frozen with terror and shame. Amy returned as Jeff kicked off his pants and shoes.

“All right.” He began. He was even more confident and in control now. “Take off that lame costume.”

Billy could not believe what was happening. She couldn’t find any rope so duct tape would have to do. Tim tied Billy up in the corner of the room, in plain view of the couch as Jeff fondled his mom’s tits as she undressed. She got down to her bra and panties, hoping they’d want nothing more than a quick feel, but she knew this probably wasn’t true. She was too terrified of them not to comply. She would at least try not to be fully nude for the pleasure of these two boys.

“That’ll do for now.” Jeff said, savouring every moment and sitting down and leaning back on the couch. “Come over here.”

“Oh god.” Billy thought, as he saw his mom stand there in nothing but her bra and panties. It’s really happening.

Her bra and panties were soft and silky, purple in colour and shone brightly in the room’s lighting. Jeff’s cocked jumped through his underwear at the sight of them. In the back of his mind, he still couldn’t believe he’d gotten this far.

“Who gets first dibs?” Tim asked. Amy was still afraid and confused at the way these boys were talking about her. The sudden change of situation and these teenage intruders in her home was still something she hadn’t fully comprehended. Somewhere in the back of her mind she kept telling herself that this was for everyone’s best interest, as much as she hated it.

“I do.” Jeff replied. Tim, being a hormonal and horny teenage boy like Jeff, frowned at this. But then, Jeff had done most of the leg work so far, so he deserved first dibs.

“Wait a second.” Jeff said sternly, trying not to let his voice crack.

“Where the fuck are your panties?” Her eyes widened, she was hoping they were just mocking her. “Go get them you dumb slut.”

Billy moaned in despair through the duct tape covering his mouth as they verbally and physically abused his mother. He knew what was coming and did not want to see her tied up in her own panties, especially at the hands of these two. She hurried off up the stairs to get them as Jeff and Tim watched her ass jiggle with every step.

After a moment she returned shamefully with a handful of underwear. Still sitting back on the couch, he tied her hands up with a frilly white bra strap as he admired her body. He leaned forward over her right shoulder with a pair of her maroon panties in his right hand. He fondled her breasts with his left hand and sniffed her panties audibly in front of her. She just faced forward, doing her best to hold back tears and just wanting this whole ordeal to be over.

Jeff’s young exploring hands traced down over her stomach and to her crotch. She tried to close her legs but that just made him grab rougher. He stuffed the pair of panties in her mouth just because he liked the way it looked. Soon he traced his fingers over her pussy slit.

“You seem quite tight.” She squealed as he traced a singer over her clit.

“Doesn’t that dickweasel of a husband fuck you much? I wouldn’t be surprised if all you had to show for it was that loser over there.” Tim and Jeff both laughed.

“Maybe you’re so tight…” Jeff said, sticking his hand down her panties and into her cunt. “…because your husband’s got such a tiny dick?” They laughed even harder.

“Dude she is actually fucking wet…” Jeff said, rubbing up against her and taking a huge whiff of his fingers.

Tim still had his cock out and was enjoying himself with Amy’s underwear to get himself horny enough for when it was his turn.

“All right. Fuck. I’m ready to shoot such a thick load.” Jeff said, thrusting against her ass.

“Get up, turn around, get on your knees and get my cock out.” He knew exactly what he wanted.

She slowly got on her knees in front of him. Billy watched on in horror as she lowered her head to his crotch.

“Oh fuck.” He said, unable to wait. “Get your face here. He pulled her down to the bulge erupting from his underwear. “Suck on it.”

“Oh my god…” She said as she slowly leaned down and wrapped her mouth around the bulge. She hated it.

“That’s it, breathe on it…” Jeff was loving the feel of her mouth and the warm breath over his cock. He pulled the back of her head tightly into his crotch as he experienced this wonderful sensation. Amy could feel all the little cotton fibers on her tongue as well as the smell and feel of his cock.

“Now give me a blowjob.” He said finally. “I’ve always wanted to fuck your pretty face. Shit. I forgot. Your hands are tied. Them them down with your teeth.” He said, looking down at her and smiling devilishly. She still couldn’t believe this was happening. How did this 18 year old get the better of her? She tried in vain to pull his underwear down with her teeth but couldn’t quite get a hold. It was more like a sloppy kiss on the top of his crotch which just ending up turning him on even more.

Billy could see the back of her, on her knees in nothing but her bra and panties, hands tied behind her back with her lacey underwear and her wonderfully bubbly ass jiggling as her head was rubbing around his crotch. After a while Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and just pulled his underwear down. His cock sprung out finally and hit her in the face. She couldn’t hide her surprise at the sheer size of it, much to Jeff’s pleasure. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto it, gagging her.

“That’s it. Just suck on that cock.” For the next few minutes, Billy sat and watched as his mother bobbed her head up and down the cock of the boy who bullied him at school. Jeff thrust his hips and cock into her face as he leaned back on the couch. The feel of her mouth slobbering up and down his cock was incredible. Even if she didn’t realize it she was doing a wonderful job sucking his cock until her cheeks went and inward and massaged his shaft with her tongue.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh…” He said, eyes closed and leaning back. He slid his fingers into her hair and grabbed her head, pushing it further down onto his cock. Soon he pulled out and smacked his dick on her lips as she looked up and scowled at him. He smiled and lifted up his cock.

“Suck on my balls.”

“That’s disgusting!” She said in nervous surprise.

“You want me to beat the shit out of your kid in front of you?”

He immediately pushed her face over his balls and was about ready to blow as she complied. Taking his balls into his mouth and she made smacking noises so loud even Billy could hear.

“She’s doing a great job sucking my nuts, Billy!” Jeff shouted as he gave her a condescending pat on the head.

“Suck that shit!” He said as he pushed her head back down onto his cock, until she gagged. Her nose was pushed right up against his pubic hair, forcing her to take in his smells. He decided to let her do all the work as he leaned back with his arms behind his head and enjoyed the sensations of her mouth as she continually bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm. He even took another sip of her husband’s beer.

“The night’s just gonna get better from here…”

She bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm along his 7 inch shaft perfectly under his control, as he gripped the side of her head and cupped her ears, pumping into her face enthusiastically.

“Awwww, Tim. You would not believe how soft and warm this little slut’s mouth is.” Jeff said, now lifting his hips from the sofa to fuck her face harder.

Tim moaned under his breath as he used the dirty panties she got for him earlier to masturbate with. “Fuck dude, hurry up with the slut…”

All the while, Billy was watching this whole ordeal as he was tied up to the corner of his room as he heard his mom slurp, gag and basically provide herself as an object against her will for the two kids who bullied him mercilessly at school.

Jeff had always been a perverted teenager and his cock at this moment had never been so hard in his entire life. Here he was, in another’s man’s house, fucking his wife in the face against her will as their son watched. The stupid bastard wasn’t even home right now, Jeff wondered if the poor sap knew that at this moment in time his wife was gagging on the cock of some punk kid who beat his son’s ass daily.

This thought got Jeff so hard his cock swelled even huger, gagging Amy’s throat more and more by the second. He used this opportunity to move his left hand to her soft throat, and his right hand to the back of her head, gripping her sensual hair and securing her head even harder.

Amy felt as she was being lowered all the way to the base of his cock, her nose was being pushed right into his pubes and being forced to take in his sweaty teenage smells. He held her their for what seemed like an eternity and lifted his hips up from the couch and just rocked against her face, slowly gagging her. He held her tightly by the head and swirled his hips around.

“Ulk! Gughghulkh! Ummmmmmmgulk!!!” were all the sounds that Amy could make as Billy did his best to drown them out.

“Holy shit.” Tim said, still holding a pair of her soft, sweet smelling shiny maroon panties and massaging his cock with them, masturbating enough to keep aroused but not to come too quick. He still had his turn with Billy’s mom coming.

This is so fuckin’ hot, dude.” he said as he sat back, reclined and continued to massage his cock. He glanced over at Billy who had tears in his eyes and this turned him on even more.

“You enjoying the show, Billy?” Tim said. “Check out the effort your mom’s going through to suck Jeff’s cock.” Billy squealed as the truth hit him hard.

“Ughhhhk! Ugghhmmmmmmmmmmm! Ughhhlk!” Amy continued, as she kneeled there in front of the sofa and this boy, her hands tied behind her back in her own lacy bra strap, her ass jiggling along with her shiny purple laced panties that Jeff allowed her to keep on… for now.

Jeff was in pure ecstacy as his entire length was now in this woman’s mouth. To think, this teenager was getting more action from an older woman than most adults would get from a strip club.

“All right, bitch.” Jeff said, trying to keep his commanding tone up despite his young voice. “Stick your tongue out, I can feel it at the bottom of my dick in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and lick my balls.”


As Amy stuck her tongue out with his cock still in her mouth, Jeff moaned in pleasure as she lapped over his balls. He pulled on her head and thrust his grip on her even deeper as sticking out her tongue forced his cock deeper down her throat and gagged her even more.

Jeff helped position and ordered her to tongue his balls as best she could. Jeff had no master plan on how he was going to torture or degrade her, all he knew was he liked the feeling. He was still just a horny teenager getting what he wanted, so far all he was really doing was using her face and mouth as a fuckhole and going deeper and deeper. Soon he realized that with every effort she made to tongue his balls caused her throat muscles to tighten, massaging his cock. The sensation was unbelievable.

Amy nostrils flared as her eyes widened and watered as she struggled for air. She knew Jeff was almost done though as his balls tightened and his cock grew stiffer, before she knew it he was shooting thick hot spurts of come all down her throat.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwww shit, dude…” was all he could say as he gripped her head and blew his loads into her. He had never come so much in his entire life.

She coughed and gagged onto his cock but he just enjoyed the sensations of warm air all over his cock and balls as he carried on shooting more loads into the mother of his bully victim, he had never cum so hard or so much in his life. Soon he pulled out and shot more loads onto her face and smacked his cock against her lips.

“Hey dude, wait a sec!” Tim said. “I still want head from her. Don’t ruin her face yet.”

“Oh.” Jeff said. “My bad.” A smile came over his face as he rubbed his cock all over her face where he came. “I know how I can get rid of this.” He collected all the cum deposits off her face with the head of his cock and his shaft, then looking at her smiling, he said “Clean the cum off my cock.”

With her soft, round adorable face. She complied.

“Hurry up dude.” Tim said, now getting impatient. He stood up and made his way over behind her, and threw her maroon panties at her son, who was still tied up in the corner. They landed right in front of him.

“Wait your turn, Tim.” Jeff said seriously as Tim made his way over, his cock fully erect and twitching. Amy felt helpess, still on her knees in nothing but her panties as Jeff molested her tits as she was cleaning his cock.

Just then, a key turned in the door, and to everyone’s surprise, Amy’s husband stood with a complete look of shock on his face.

“What the hell is going on in here!?” He shouted more out of surprise than anger. Truth be told, his heart sank and he was actually terrified of these two intruders in his home, molesting his wife and tying up his son. What surprised him even more was with how much gusto his wife was pleasuring the boy even though she was in such a submissive position. Everyone was shocked, and Jeff knew he had to act fast. He was glad he came, Tim was frustrated he hadn’t blown his load yet.

With Jeff’s clear head, Tim followed his lead toward her husband and restrained him.

“No! Leave George alone!” Amy cried. Tim and Jeff both laughed.

“If you guys leave… we won’t call the cops! I promise!” George said, his voice breaking. It was exactly what Jeff wanted to hear. This guy was too much a pussy to do anything. Billy lost all hope there might have been for his Dad to save the day.

“Tim…” Jeff began, “I’ve finished with her, for now. You can get your dibs while I tie this fucker up.”

Tim devilshily smiled and as he walked over to Amy. She was still tied up in her own bra and panties, as Tim stood over her with his cock throbbing.

“You don’t have to do this!” George said, as the teen forced him to his knees. Jeff began to unwrap some tape and restrained him in the same manner he did his son.

“Just look at what a huge pussy your husband is,” Tim began, slowly thrusting in and out of Amy’s mouth. “Just letting two kids bang his wife… what a loser.” He made her look him square in the eyes as he mocked her.

“Suck it properly, I ain’t George over there.”

The boys both laughed, but to Amy’s and everyone surprise, she did find her self sucking harder. Jeff was a little jealous that he had to give a face-fucking rather than get a proper blowjob, but they still had all the time in the world and what he had planned for her would more than make up for it.

“Awwwwwwwwww, man…!” Tim said as she lathered up and down his cock, bobbing in fast rhythm, hoping to get it over with.

George could do nothing but helplessly watch as this boy face fucked his wife. Worse still, he could see she was going along with it and still sucking him, she even gagged less now. The room was filled with smacking noises. In the back of his mind, as his stomach tied in knots he realized she never put in nearly as much effort on the rare occasion she gave him head.

Tim then slowed her rhythm to enjoy it, then stopped altogether and shoved his cock deep down into her, his hands still clutched around her head, with her nose and face pushed up against his stomach. He loved the sensation of air that he felt as she struggled to breathe through her nose.

Finally, giving a last few thrusts and grabbing her huge tits, he blew his load in her.

Breathing heavily, Tim collapsed onto the sofa, his flaccid cock still in her mouth as he held her head in place. Her huge tits squashed against his thighs which started to make him hard again.

“Dude, we are definitely spending the night here.”

Those words hit George like a hammer and he felt that same dull, aching fear in his stomach he got whenever anyone talked shit to him. He couldn’t believe these two teenagers could make him feel this fear. Jeff, seeing this, decided to get more kicks. Seeing Amy slumped on the floor, naked save for her silky panties and with her arms tied behind her back, Jeff got hard again.

“Hey, Billy’s mom. Get here and suck me off some more.”

Jeff was standing no more than a few inches from her wimpy husband who was still securely tied up. Amy was almost mad at George for not being able to protect her or his son, and in a small way almost wanted to suck Jeff’s cock to spite him. Before she knew it, there she was sucking his teenage cock right in front of George. He closed his eyes, but then Jeff ordered her to suck so hard she made slurping sounds. Degrading as it was, she had no choice but to comply.

“Fuck dude, even though this bitch has got a hot mouth and sucks a mean cock…” Jeff said, removing her bra and letting her mouth slide up and down his cock while he played with her naked tits. “I wanna fuck her now… I think I’m ready…”

Tim was sat on George’s couch drinking his beer and watching his wife get molested by Jeff. He was enjoying the show with her used panties and bra in his hand, enjoying her womanly smells and feeding his panty fetish. He’d only just shot his load and he’d be held over until Jeff had his turn.

“It’s not too late for you guys to stop this… Please… stop.” George begged.

“Shut the fuck up, I’m gonna bang your wife so hard she screams.” Jeff stood her up and played her ass and tits. “I still can’t believe hot how she is…” he said, grabbing and stroking her soft, curvy body and especially her plump round ass. Through her panties it felt amazing.

“Holy shit! She’s so wet!” Jeff said, putting his hand down her panties, she tried to close her legs but with both hands tied and little balance all she could do was try and bend out of the way. Jeff put his finger near George’s face so he could smell for himself.

“Hehe… you don’t even get to watch…” He said mockingly to George. “Go upstairs to the bedroom, bitch.” George watched in silent fear as his wife walked slowly up the stairs closely followed by the bully of his son. Tim walked over and taped George’s mouth shut.

“Can’t have you ruining our fun with your yelling.” He said, plopping back onto the couch and taking another swig of beer.

Upstairs Jeff threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her she stared at him, eyes wide with fear. After alternating between sucking her tits and playing with her nipples, he realized how much watching all that porn paid off. He continued this as he groped her for a while and pretty much just followed what he had seen in porn, as well as with his own perverted compulsions.

He rubbed his dick and balls all over her tits and face. He made her titfuck him and he laid back and enjoyed the view. Soon he dry humped against her ass just because he liked the sensation, and every time she resisted he would remind her that this was to end the bullying of her son. With all the molesting, she couldn’t help moaning, which was audbile to everyone downstairs.

“Heh… like that pussy tied up downstairs right now even deserves you…” He said, thrusting into her. He had long since ripped off her wet panties and stuffed them into her mouth as he plunged deep into her.

His thrusts were so deep and hard that the bed hit the wall continuosly, which no doubt George could hear downstairs. The worst part was she found herself hating that she agreed with what Jeff was saying. She was getting fucked harder than she’d ever been.

“Turn around. I want to do you from behind.” Amy reluctantly complied.

Finally, Jeff entered her from behind. As he slid his cock into her hot, wet pussy he was surprised.

“Holy shit you’re tight… your husband really does have a pretty tiny dick, huh?”

She couldn’t help but moan as he pinned her face down into the pillow. His thighs slapped against her soft, plump ass and felt amazing. He even spanked her to degrade her more and also so everyone downstairs could hear, followed by her yelps with every smack. As he thrusted in and out of her, her soft ass was cushioning his thighs and groin, fucking her was absolutely incredible.

He picked up the pace to the point they were making loud smacking noises. He roughly turned her around and threw her down onto the bed, he was fucking her deep now and started sucking her tits. He lifted her legs up and rested them on his shoulders just to plunge in as deep as he could. Her feet were almost behind her head and her vagina tightly wrapped itself around his hardening cock. She was barely even fighting it anymore, and Jeff suddenly started to roughly kiss her, frenching her deeply and making loud smacking noises as she moaned.

“Looks like they’re having, fun…” Tim said mockingly. “I think I just might just go in and join in on the fun…” He said as he took out his phone and set up the recording function.

Chapter 02

It had only been a week now since Tim and Jeff began the torture of their bully victim Billy and his hot mom Amy. Halloween had only just passed, and here Jeff was, in her husband’s bed, smoking weed and getting a dick ride by Amy Robertson, the mom of his bullying victim.

It was 9am and as usual, the first thing Jeff did in the morning was light up a joint and fuck Amy in front her kid and husband. He had instructed her to ride him after he rolled his first joint of the day, which now hung loosely in his hand. He occasionally took long pulls from it and and smirked as he watched Amy ride him. Best of all, it made him last longer and made the sensation of her pussy clenching around his cock all the better.

He also liked the fact that the bed was creaky because to him, the sound of each rock was a constant reminder to her husband and son that he was in control. Deep inside, Amy knew this too.

Terrified and buzzing with terror, the only reason she was riding his dick was because she was so scared of him. Her other son’s tormenter, Tim, was really just a pervert and fairly harmless in comparison.

Jeff on the other hand was very aggressive and knew exactly what he wanted. This of course intimidated Amy into doing whatever he demanded. Tim was pretty much just along for the ride, following Jeff’s lead and taking advantage of the opportunity to fuck a hot MILF. Jeff was very able to put a scare into Billy, Amy, and even her husband George.

As these thoughts ran through her head, she put her hands on Jeff’s chest and began to ride his dick harder. She just wanted him to cum and get this over with. Jeff smiled as he exhaled some smoke into her face and noticed her putting in more effort. He decided to mock her.

“C’mon bitch. Make some noise.” He said, slapping her ass.

This sudden jolt made her perk up. Before she realized it, the creaking noises of the bed became louder as the two swayed in rhythm to her riding harder.

Amy moaned in response to Jeff’s demands which made him smirk. It only confirmed that she was under his control, and as an added bonus, he knew her husband George could see this too, and it turned him on even more. George’s stomach twisted into knots as he heard his wife force herself to moan for the bully’s pleasure.

Her husband and son were tied up in the corner the room, because Jeff liked it that way. They spent the night there while Jeff fell asleep with his cock in Amy’s mouth. Again, because he liked it that way.

The fact that this was her son’s tormentor only made her more frightened since he was such an imposing figure, young as he was. Tim and Jeff were only 18, but thanks to Internet porn they were very “mature” and schooled in all kinds of depraved sex. They were cruel by nature, and thanks to porn sites they were exposed to all manner of fetishes and gradually became more daring in what got them off.

For example, Tim loved having Amy jerk him off with her dirty panties, especially silk ones, but he would change up his tastes. She did it enthusiastically because it meant she didn’t have to fuck him, but unbeknownst to her Tim loved the added effort she put in. Being forced to watch, this only made George jealous, which of course just turned Tim on even more.

Even before the Halloween incident, she had heard of Jeff and knew that he was someone to be feared. In terms of sex, she knew how demanding he could be after the blowjob and fuck session the week earlier.

It also didn’t help that she was also comparatively small in stature, standing at a measly 5’11 compared to Jeff’s 6’2. He was also much more muscular than her husband, who was aging into his 40s now and fairly out of shape. Amy herself was only in her mid 30s and had an ample set of tits, 34D in size.

As her eyes trailed down to Jeff’s torso she couldn’t help but notice that he was in much better shape than George. She continued to ride him hard, but she didn’t want to let on to the fact that she was staring. It was too late however, as Jeff took notice.

“I know, bitch. I’m much better looking than that pussy over there.” Jeff said, referring to her husband. George’s stomach turned in knots as the truth of the bully’s words hit him hard.

“That’s why you’re so wet right now. That’s why you’re riding my cock so hard, and he’s over there tied up like a pussy.” Jeff took a long pull from his joint and smirked.

“That’s why I run shit.” He said, laughing as he continued mocking her and her husband.

“Say it.” He said, smacking her ass again.

“You’re better looking than my husband.” Amy said in a daze. She was terrified by the young boy. She could feel his cock tighten as she uttered these words, and she saw George lower his head. At that moment, she couldn’t help but lose respect for him.

Her husband and son had also proved that they couldn’t help, as they did nothing while she sucked and fucked Tim and Jeff’s cocks the week earlier, and she had continued to fuck and suck them since then. This was also confirmed by the fact that Amy was now riding Jeff’s cock in front of the two, while they sat and did nothing but helplessly look on.

Jeff had a huge grin on his face while he laid back in her husband’s bed with his arms behind his head, and this just excited him even more. He loved the expression on Amy’s face as he listened to the sound of the bed creaking.

After he took a particularly long drag, he frowned and slapped her big tits, causing her to squeal.

“Hey. clench your pussy harder.” He said as he lifted his thighs and inhaled deeply. By now he had moved beyond just enjoying the sensation of pussy and had specifics tastes, which he made sure Amy complied to.

Rocking on his abdomen, Amy did as she was instructed. She was now completely under the control of these two boys and it was just a fact that she had to accept. She was utterly terrified of them and it was clear that her husband and her son wouldn’t come to her rescue, as they sat watching her tied up in the corner of the room. They had pretty much been like this the whole night as Tim and Jeff took turns fucking her. If they weren’t in the room for the perverse pleasure of the two boys, they could certainly hear them fucking from anywhere in the house.

Jeff glanced over at them and smirked.

“You know why you two faggots are here?” He took another puff from his joint and exhaled as the bed creaked. Billy and George looked up pathetically as Amy continued to ride Jeff, their mouths covered with duct-tape.

“Because it gets me off.”

He used this moment to punctuate his point by smacking Amy’s ass once more.

The bed continued to creak as Amy rode Jeff’s dick. Because she was intimidated by the boy and saw him demeaning her husband and son, she really did put in more effort into clenching her pussy. Jeff couldn’t help but notice this fact and moan in pleasure. He chuckled as her husband looked on.

“This is great.” He said, taking another pull from his joint. “A week ago, that loser over there didn’t even have the balls to put it in you, and here I am fucking you silly. I’ve probably fucked you more times this past week than he did your entire marriage. Am I right?”

Amy continued to ride him with a tired, glazed look on her face. Jeff smacked the side of her ass to alert her.

“Am I right, bitch?” Jeff said sternly.

“You’re right.” She replied obediently. The truth of this fact hit George hard, and Billy couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Jeff continued to mock George, who had no choice but to listen.

“I can’t believe a loser like you even had a bitch this hot to yourself.” Amy noticed her husband look down in shame as Jeff smirked. Jeff then took another pull off his joint as he leaned back. The room continued to be filled with the sound of Amy riding Jeff’s cock.

Billy squealed at seeing his father demeaned this way and seeing his mother fucked in front of him. Even worse, he couldn’t deny the fact that she was consciously clenching her pussy to satisfy the cock of his bully. Worse than that, he couldn’t even block out the sound of the bed creaking as she rode his cock.

“Come here bitch.” Jeff said, leaning forward. Amy broke out of her daze and her stomach filled with fear.

Jeff took a huge pull of his joint and roughly grabbed the back of Amy’s head. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening and couldn’t help but cough as Jeff began roughly kissing her and exhaled the smoke into her mouth. Both George and Billy felt their stomach tie in knots as they watched Jeff make out with Amy.

Jeff laughed loudly as she struggled to take the smoke into her system and smacked her ass again.

“Bitch, I didn’t say stop riding.”

To her surprise, and her husband’s, Amy leaned forward on Jeff’s chest and began to put more effort into riding his cock.

“That’s it. Keep riding.” Jeff said with a satisfied grin. Amy’s head buzzed as the THC entered her system. She only smoked pot once back in college and wasn’t used to taking drugs. She never imagined that the next time it happened would be in a situation like this.

Worst of all, the fact that Jeff was high only made him last longer. Time passed and they had been fucking for at least an hour, but to Amy it seemed much longer. Not to mention; thanks to the weed and Jeff being high he enjoyed the sensation of her pussy clasping around his dick even more. He laid back and closed his eyes, just listening to her put in effort as the bed creaked. Then, from the corner of his eye, he spotted George.

All of a sudden, he started chuckling.

“Holy shit, look at your dickweasal of a husband. He’s actually getting turned on.”

George couldn’t deny it. His cock stood erect even though he was tied up in the corner of the room. Something about seeing his wife violated by a bully while he was helpless seemed to turn him on. He squealed but there was nothing he could do. Secretly, he wanted to jerk off but his hands were quite literally tied. He had no choice but to merely watch, and Jeff found it amusing that he liked watching his wife getting fucked by some punk kid, and it made the sex that much more enjoyable.

Jeff chuckled, then put his weed in an ashtray and his elbows behind his head as she rode him to completion. As his cock throbbed and he came inside her, he used his left hand to grab her hips and used his right hand to strangle her. As her eyes bulged he smirked devilishly as she struggled to breathe. He liked the look of torment on her face because it made him feel powerful and in control, especially of such an older women. He also liked the fact that her husband kid were forced to watch this, intensifying his orgasm.

“You like this shit, George?” He said as he finished coming. He loved the fact that he was humiliating her and her husband.

Jeff was always very perverse, and the fact that some guy’s wife was putting so much effort into fucking him in front of her husband and son just turned him on even more. He couldn’t believe he got so lucky, considering he was only 18 years old. He really struck gold with his bully victim.

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“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit.” He said with satisfaction as he came inside Amy’s pussy.

“That was a good fuck.” He said, completing his thought.

Tears ran down Billy’s face as he saw how much pleasure his mom gave his tormentor. George just looked down in shame.

“Don’t forget to take the pill.” Jeff said quite casually.

“Well, I don’t really give a shit if you get pregnant. No way I’m wearing a condom though. Bareback is just so much better.” George hated the fact that Amy always made him wear a condom, but she was giving allowances to this boy purely because she was so scared of him.

Jeff liked the fact that he was fucking like a pornstar. They didn’t wear condoms after all. And besides, if he had a girlfriend he’s probably have to use some form of protection. But with Amy, he could fuck her any way he liked.

Amy obediently took the morning after pill.

“Well, I’m gonna take a shower. I guess you can go downstairs and fuck Tim. I guess you can give these two losers breakfast as well.” Jeff then slapped Amy on the ass as a sign to get off him.

This was the status quo. Ever since Tim and Jeff intruded into the home of the Robertsons on Halloween, they had pretty much taken up residence in the household.

Being the huge pussy that he is, George had no choice but to comply with their presence. Of course, this just made it all the better for Tim and Jeff. Every day, George, Billy and Amy got used to the fact that Tim and Jeff would have their way with Amy while they looked on.

They would still have their meals, go to work and school, but when it came to “home time” Tim and Jeff set the rules. The three family members were way too embarrassed to say anything. Besides, there was always the lingering suspicion that George secretly enjoyed it. He was a pussy and a cuckold, and he was ashamed of it. Amy was disgusted by this and Billy was deeply disappointed. Suspecting this, Jeff loved to tease George about it.

“You really love seeing me fuck your wife, don’t you?”

George always looked down in shame, and he couldn’t hide his arousal.

“Hahaha. You fucking pussy.” Whenever Jeff was fucking Amy and teased George, he always noticed Amy’s pussy clench harder around his cock as she rode him. He loved that fact. It was like she couldn’t deny that he was more of a man than George.

Jeff put out his marijuana cigarette as Amy climbed off him.

“Where are you going?”

Amy looked puzzled.

“You’re not done yet. I still want you to clean your pussy juice off my cock.”

Billy squealed as George’s eyes widened, it seemed that Jeff had found new ways to degrade Amy. As she reached for a tissue Jeff grabbed her hand.

“Use your tongue.” Jeff said smirking. Amy couldn’t believe her ears.

For the next 15 minutes, the room was filled with slurping noises as Amy complied to Jeff’s perverse demand while Billy and George looked on in horror. Their stomachs were tied in knots but there was nothing they could do. Jeff just chuckled and laid back in bed.

Halfway through this, Tim opened the door and yawned.

“You done with the bitch yet?” He asked, having just woken up.

“Yeah, I just came. She’s cleaning up my cock now.” Jeff said, adjusting himself on the duvet as she continued licking up and down on his shaft.

“You can have her if you want, I just came.” Jeff said casually.

Amy’s ear’s burned with embarrassment as she heard these two boys describing her as an object, but she was too scared to say anything. She also hated the fact that George was just sitting there, tied up and accepting this. She carried on licking Jeff’s cock as he lay in bed smirking.

Since it was a weekday, it wasn’t long before George set off for work. Before he left however, Jeff pushed him up against the wall.

“While you’re sitting at your cubicle, just realize that I’m going to be fucking your wife the whole day.” Jeff wanted to remind George of this as he stood in the hallway. This is going to make fucking his wife so much hotter, he thought, knowing this fact would be running through George’s head the whole day.

Suddenly, Jeff became aggressive.

“You got a problem with that?” He said, leaning in closer to George, who shrunk away.

“N-No…” George stammered out. He felt his stomach shrink with a pang of fear as he realized what a pussy he was. He couldn’t believe a young boy was talking this way about his wife and was actually putting fear into him.

George was always one to avoid conflict. He wasn’t the strongest person, and didn’t have much confidence. Even a well-built boy like Jeff could intimidate him. Amy and Billy both saw this encounter unfold and couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Billy also soon left the household for school, and, like George, was too embarrassed to say that his mom was having sex with his tormentors. No one at Billy’s school was surprised that Tim and Jeff were missing, considering they played hookie often.

Half an hour passed, and Tim was in the living room getting jerked off by Amy’s silk panties. He took a sip of George’s beer which Amy fetched for him and was enjoying getting his shaft expertly worked by her. Jeff was also drinking beer, but he had already had his 3rd blowjob of the day and played on the Xbox while Tim took his turn.

“Say you’re a whore.” Tim demanded as he placed the beer down, groaning and leaning back into the couch. He loved demeaning her while she jerked him off.

“I’m a whore.” Amy said, with a completely glazed over look on her face. She was still kind of high from when Jeff breathed the marijuana into her, but mostly she was disappointed in George and depressed at how subjugated she was.

Worse than that, she was unwillingly pandering to Tim’s perverted fetishes, and she didn’t know how to react. It seemed it wasn’t enough for him to just fuck her, Tim especially enjoyed it when she used her panties, stockings and socks on him.

Over the past week he would often make her jerk him off with her undergarments, whether it was handjobs using panties, footjobs using stockings, or assjobs using both.

After he got bored of her panties, he would have Amy move on to his next fetish. He unwrapped her silk panties from his cock and inhaled her pungent smell deeply.

“Nothing like the smell of a MILF.” He said as he exhaled and took another sip of George’s beer.

“Alright, next. You know I like the kinky shit. Go grab some socks.” Of course, Amy complied.

“Used ones, bitch. You used a fresh pair last time.” Amy just nodded and made her way over to the laundry hamper.

When she returned, Tim then had her wrap a pair of her dirty lime green socks around his cock.

“Nice.” He said as she approached him.

When she crouched down to his erect cock, he pulled her by her collar and began to make out with her. Loud smacking noises filled the room as he french-kissed her big, dick-sucking lips.

A little while later Tim began smoking a joint as she jerked him off with her sucks. He realized she wasn’t putting in as much effort as usual so he found a reason to make her feel like shit. Besides, he thought, demeaning her would probably get him off even more.

“You’re being fucking lazy.” Tim said as slapped her in the face.

This broke her out of her trance as she jerked him off. She was completely caught off guard and her eyes widened with fear.

Jeff just chuckled as he spotted this from the corners of his eye, and carried on playing the Xbox.

“Work that bitch.” He quipped.

The truth is, Amy was actually putting a lot of effort into jerking him off, but Tim realized he really just wanted to degrade her. He couldn’t help but groan as he felt the soft cotton fibers wrapped around his cock.

“C’mon, faster.” Tim said, leaning back.

Amy sped up the pace of jerking him off, and when he felt he was about to come he pushed her hands away and removed the lime green sock from his penis. He then stood up and starting jerking himself off in front of her as she looked up at him. Within seconds he came, exploding all over Amy’s face, hands and tits.

Almost in a hypnotic daze, Amy got up to grab a tissue as Tim plopped back down on the couch and grabbed his joint.

“Where are you going?” Tim asked in a stern tone.

“I… I just want to clean myself up.” Amy managed to stammer out in a meek tone.

At this point she was used to just being a fucktoy.

“That’s why you have a tongue. And that’s what you’re going to use to clean me up.” Tim said matter-of-factly.

Amy couldn’t believe her ears. She slowly lowered herself down to her knees as Tim grinned. Jeff just smiled.

While Amy began to clean the cum off of herself and Tim, George walked in, back from work. It had been a couple of hours as this point and although he tried to pretend he didn’t see it it, Amy and him both knew. She caught a glimpse of him, but from a little prompting of Tim’s hand, she began to resume cleaning the cum off of him.

“Hey faggot, where are you going?” Tim yelled at George, who tried to scurry away.

“W-what…” Was all he managed to stammer out as Tim addressed him.

“It’s hotter if she’s sucking my cock in front of you. Go grab me another beer, pussy.” Tim demanded, taking this opportunity to rub his crotch into Amy’s face in front of her husband.

Amy eye’s widened as she took in the pungent smell of his balls and cock.

George’s heart sank and eyes widened to the demands of the teenager, and before he knew it he found himself handing the boy another beer. Him and Amy briefly made eye contact and he couldn’t help but notice her disappointment. Deep down she knew that Tim was more of a man than her wimpy husband, and that’s why she was sucking on his cock and submissively collecting up the last droplets of his spent cock.

“Shit, this i turning me on. Jeff said.

“Alright bitch. My turn.” Buzzed as he already was, Jeff then lit up another joint. He wanted to make the next fuck session last.

At this point Amy had already finished “cleaning” up Tim and had began bobbing up and down on Jeff’s cock. Slurping noises filled the room as Tim restrained George and Jeff inhaled from his joint.

“I know you get off on this shit.” Jeff said mockingly to George as he exhaled.

Amy’s ears burned and she continued to bob up and down on the dick of the young boy.

“You don’t even get to jerk off.” He said, punctuating his insult. He then forced Amy’s head down all the way to his pubes and made her gag.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” He said, reveling in how great her warm, wet mouth felt as she struggled for air and her big lips wrapped around the base of his cock.

“Get used to it.” Jeff said, looking down to Amy and smiling.

“You’re going to be in this position every night when I sleep.” These words made Amy and George’s heart sink. Amy had hoped that this was only a one time indulgence for Jeff, but he must have enjoyed it so much he wanted to make it into a habit.

As these thoughts entered her mind, she was broken out of her daze by Jeff as he spoke to Tim.

“Dude, you know what I just realized?” Jeff added, grabbing the back of Amy’s head and forcing it deeper down onto his shaft.

“Ullllllk!!!” She gagged as her eyes widened.

As she struggled to breathe, Tim laughed over her.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“We haven’t even fucked this bitch in the ass yet!”

George and Amy’s eyes both widened in surprise. She was suddenly terrified that her last remaining cherry would be busted. As this realization hit her, she noticed the sound of a key unlocking the door. Billy had arrived home from school and saw his mother gagging on Jeff’s cock. She looked over at him, his face sinking, as tears filled her eyes. Jeff still had her head firmly in place.

“Ahahaha, Perfect timing.” Jeff smirked as he removed his cock from Amy’s mouth and put out his mini-joint.

“Alright slut. Get naked, and get On all fours.”

Billy had chosen the worst time to get home.

Chapter 03

It was Saturday afternoon, and as always, Amy was getting fucked in her own home by one of her son’s bullies. This time she was getting pounded while being bent over the bathroom sink by Jeff.

As he fucked her from behind, he roughly held onto her hair and made her face the bathroom mirror.

“That’s it.” he said. “I want you to see the look on your face as you take my dick. Fucking take it!” he grunted as he slapped her on her shapely ass, the loud crack and sharp slap causing her to yelp out in pain amongst her chorus of moans.

Jeff closed his eyes and bit his lip in satisfaction as he enjoyed the sensation of her pussy clenching around his cock. He tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her closer to him. Amy was panting in pleasure as he mercilessly fucked her from behind.

This kind of depraved fucking had been par for the course over the last couple of weeks ever since the two neighborhood bullies, Tim and Jeff, had chosen Billy as their victim and blackmailed his mom into becoming their personal slave.

Even though both Tim and Jeff were fairly young, it was no secret that the two had dangerous connections to drug dealers, low-lifes and thugs.

So the arrangement? Simple. If Amy continues to service them any way they like, everything will be just fine and hunky dory. If she resists in any way, they’ll continue to bully and beat the shit out of her wimpy son, Billy, and her equally wimpy husband George.

“Or worse.” Jeff said, his ominous threat still ringing in Amy’s head as she was getting fucked by the young punk.

The two bullies were often involved in violent crimes, and despite their reputation nobody ever dared to rat on them so of course they never got caught. As she was being fucked, Amy thought back and remembered that before coming to this arrangement, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Billy to come home covered in cuts and bruises, sobbing at the hands of the two bullies.

Everyone in the neighborhood feared them and in this case, this was doubly true for Amy’s husband George. He had never been in a physical conflict in his life and the second Tim and Jeff showed aggression towards him he crumpled instantly. Even now, the image of Tim and Jeff holding a knife to Billy and George’s throats was burned into Amy’s mind. As they whimpered in fear the two bullies just laughed and mocked them for being such huge pussies.

“Like father, like son” as Jeff put it.

Of the two bullies, Tim was just a depraved and sleazy pervert with weird fetishes. He mostly went along with Jeff and enjoyed having a fucking hot MILF at his disposal. He would often force Amy to get him off by catering to his obscure fetishes, mainly involving her lingerie.

It was Jeff, the bully currently fucking her, who Amy was truly scared of. He had violent tendencies and loved fucking her rough.

As Jeff continued to grunt and groan as he fucked Amy she couldn’t help but also remember getting fucked by the pair while her wimpy husband just looked on helplessly. Even though deep down she knew her husband was a passive wimp, Amy couldn’t help but resent him for surrendering so easily to these two teenage boys.

In fact, much to George’s shame, Amy had even caught George becoming physically aroused on multiple occasions whenever Tim and Jeff fucked her in front of him. The truth is that George was a bit of a cuckold and deep down didn’t truly feel like he deserved Amy. He felt like he lucked out in marrying her and that she definitely settled in favour of being “safe”.

There was some truth to this. Despite being somewhat promiscuous in her younger years, Amy’s sex-life with George was sparse save for conceiving Billy, and practically non-existent after he was born. If George was lucky he might have gotten the occasional pity handjob on a special occasion.

Much to the delight of the two bullies, George’s body often betrayed him as he watched his precious wife fucked by two dominant males in front of him. It just made it all the more hotter for them.

“Admit it,” Jeff said, pulling Amy’s hair back and forcing her head up from the sink. She was forced to lock eyes with his reflection as he wrapped his free hand around her throat and leaned in to her ear. “You like being fucked by a real big dick like this, don’t you?”

Amy couldn’t answer, of course, as Jeff tightened his grip and began to choke her. This was a depraved favourite of his, to watch the older woman struggle for breath and watch her face turn red as he fucked her. He loved the feeling of power as he controlled her breathing.

“A cunt like this is wasted on that fucking dick weasel of a husband of yours.” He continued, but took a moment to enjoy the sensation of her pussy around his cock.

“Ah shit, your cunt gets tighter whenever I choke the fuck out of you.” Jeff tightened his grip further and continued to pump away.

In addition to struggling for air, Amy’s ears burned with shame as Jeff verbally degraded her using such crude language. As he continued to fuck her, the sound of his thighs roughly slapping against her ass filled the room. She knew that degrading her is what got Jeff off, that addressing a woman old enough to be his mother in that way is what made it all the more kinkier for him. And yet she was helpless, too terrified to resist.

If she wasn’t so scared of him, punk kids like Tim and Jeff would never have had a shot at fucking a mature, married beauty like Amy. And yet, through blackmail and intimidation they had made her their own personal fuck pet.

What was worse was that as much as she hated the idea of it, Amy was a bit of a masochist. All her life people were always trying to get into her pants, to woo her, to wine and dine her – she was well aware of how attractive she was to the average man.

She was the type that was always the center of her circle of guy friends, the ones that pathetically tagged along for a shot at her and obeyed her every whim as long as she strung them along. The type of guys that if she got with them, wouldn’t dare dream of referring to her vagina as a “cunt”.

In short, she was used to being put up on a pedestal and people worshipping the ground she walked on.

What she wasn’t used to was what was happening now – being degraded and fucked like a common slut. Here she was, being bent over a bathroom sink by someone half her age and being choked and fucked like she never had been before. In her lifetime she had turned down countless guys who were twice as good looking as Jeff, but the difference is she was never terrified of them.

And so Jeff continued to enjoy his own personal fuck slave, relishing in the fact that she was married and that his big cock was reaching places her husband’s meagre penis never could. He took a perverse pleasure in the rough fucking that caused her to make sounds that no one else had ever elicited from her.

Her fear of Jeff and what he could do to her had made her completely submissive, even when she did pick a guy to sleep with, they never dared fuck her like this. Jeff’s perverted nature and fuck sessions had awoken the masochist in her. No matter how depraved the sex got, Jeff never failed to make her come like crazy.

As these thoughts raced through her head, Jeff noticed her eyes begun to bulge as she struggled for breath. Any longer and her eyes would start to roll back in her head. Jeff held onto her hair and throat as he continued to pump away.

“Want some air?” He asked mockingly. Amy desperately tried to nod her head as she squealed out an affirmative sound.

“Want Daddy to let you breathe?” Jeff chuckled as he continued to pump away. Amy’s eyes widened in shock at the idea of this younger bully referring to himself as her “daddy”.

“Oh fuck, you’re so tight like this.” Jeff shut his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure. “I don’t know if I want to stop. We’re gonna have to do some real kinky shit to get me off if I let you go. You gonna be a good girl for Daddy?”

Amy was rapidly running out of air at this point and desperately nodded in the affirmative. Jeff released his grip on her throat and laughed as she inhaled sharply, coughing and desperate for air.

“Hey, I asked you a question, bitch.” Jeff said as he slapped her sharply on her ass. He smirked as it jiggled satisfyingly. Even though she was a married MILF with a child, she had kept her body in top form.

“I’ll be a good girl.” Amy said weakly. She felt a tingle shoot up her pussy and felt herself get even more wet as she uttered those degrading words. She hated the fact this treatment was turning her on.

“Say it fucking properly, you dumb slut. You gonna be daddy’s good little girl?” Jeff smacked her on the ass again, harder this time.

“Ow! I’ll be your good little girl, daddy!” the older woman cried out as Jeff chuckled.

Amy was loud enough for her husband George to hear from the other room, where he was currently jerking off with her worn, dainty panties wrapped around his small cock. He hated himself for getting so turned on by it, but no doubt Tim or Jeff had forced her to get wet in them at some point, and as these thoughts overwhelmed his mind his horniness won out against his guilt and shame.

As he heard Amy desperately cry out those degrading words, George was in shock. Amy had never talked dirty to him, let alone something so demeaning. He came instantly and shot a thick load right into her dirty panties.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” he muttered to himself as he spilled his meagre load into them.

A secret part of himself was disappointed that Jeff wouldn’t always “force” him to watch his wife get fucked, only when he felt like it. As he lay there panting after firing off his pathetic little cumshot, he listened intently to the sound of Jeff continuing to fuck Amy and the occasional slap on the ass followed by her moaning. He was already getting hard again when he heard the toilet flush.

“That’s it, get your fucking head in there.” The toilet flushed again.

There Jeff was, forcing Amy’s head into the toilet as he fucked her doggystyle. It seems they had moved away from the sink and onto the floor in front of the toilet.

“I told you we’d need to move onto something kinkier!” Jeff laughed as he continued to flush and Amy desperately gasped for air between flushes.

“This is what you are.” He continued, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her into the bowl. “A filthy whore who gets fucked with her head in the toilet!”

Seeing the toilet water drip off of her pretty face as her mouth gaped wide open and struggling for air was enough for Jeff to get his rocks off.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” he cried and shot load after load of hot cum into Amy’s cunt.

Jeff pulled her up by the hair and grabbed her tits roughly as he continued to come into her. He then started to rub her clit furiously.

“Call me Daddy!” He demanded.

“Daddddddiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” Amy’s thighs started to convulse – the combination of being degraded, having her tits and clit played with, getting fucked by a huge cock and being forced to call this young bully “daddy” sent her over the edge. She squirted a little bit as she came heavily and felt Jeff’s warm jizz filling up her womb.

“That’s it, come for me… squirt everywhere you fucking slut!” Jeff said as he continued to play with her clit. She moaned uncontrollably as her thighs shuddered and her tits jiggled. She was coming like crazy.

“Ahhhh shit.” Jeff said, shooting the last of his massive load into her as they both lay panting and spent from the sexual bliss. After a few minutes, Jeff nudged her and motioned to his dick.

“You know the routine. Clean your pussy juices off of my cock.”

“Y-yes…” Amy said meekly.

“Yes what?” Jeff said, suddenly grabbing her by throat.

“Yes, Daddy…” she said as Jeff smiled.

“That’s a good little fuck slut.” Jeff said, placing a hand on Amy’s head as she started to bob up and down on Jeff’s spent cock. Despite being spent, it was still fairly thick and hard.

Jeff lit up a joint and smirked as Amy began to slurp up all of the juices on his cock. She felt a wave of smoke blown in her face she thought about how no one else but Jeff had ever made her do something as degrading as taste her own pussy juices.

“You know, you should be thanking me for giving you such a great fuck. I bet your lame-ass husband never got you off like that.”

“Thank y-” Amy weakly attempted to say as she lifted her head up.

“Did I say you could take my dick out your mouth?” Jeff cut her off and gave her a stern look.

“Thwnnkk ymmmm.” Amy said, immediately taking Jeff’s dick back into her mouth. He took a big pull in satisfaction.

“I want a tongue bath after this. Start with the feet.” Amy’s heart sank as she knew what this would entail, and Jeff would probably wind up hard again and ready to fuck before she was finished.

Later that evening, Amy was in her bedroom getting her pussy fingered violently by Tim, he was trying to get her panties as wet as possible and covered in her pussy juice to indulge his panty fetish. He was stood behind her, grabbing her roughly and had his hand covering her mouth. Amy stood with her eyes wide in shock just praying for this to be over, trying hard not to make too much noise.

“Yeah, that’s it, get those panties nice and fucking wet for me.” Tim said as he continued to finger her.

“I want that pussy juice fresh you fucking slut.” Tim had started to groan and began to grind his cock against her. This felt particularly good because he was naked and so was Amy, save for the panties Tim currently had his hand in and some pantyhose that he had forced her to wear.

“That’s it, rub your ass against my dick. Fuck, that feels good.” Amy cringed as she forced herself to sensually rub her ass around Tim’s dick and balls as he fingered her. She wasn’t used to doing things like this and was out of her depth with Tim’s fascination and enjoyment of her used panties, socks, stockings and lingerie in general.

Actually, Jeff had enquired along a similar note recently. Tim and Jeff were in the living room playing on Billy’s Xbox, and as usual they were letting the outcome of their matches decide who Amy was going to service next.

Jeff had just finished shooting a thick load down Amy’s throat and was enjoying a post-blowjob joint. He leaned back on the couch and smirked as he watched Amy jerk Tim off with a pair of her dirty panties. They were a pair of pink, soft cotton panties and felt amazing to the touch.

“Ah, fuck. Fuck! Yeah, that’s it. That’s it…” Tim leaned back in pleasure as she wrapped her dainty panties around his cock and worked his shaft.

“I don’t get it man.” Jeff said, shaking his head and exhaling some smoke. “Why don’t you just make the dumb slut blow you? Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Oh I do.” Tim said, taking her panties off his cock and immediately shoving his dick in Amy’s mouth, as if to illustrate the point.

Tim then took a big whiff of her panties as she continued to bob up and down on his dick.

“I just like using every part of her. Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, assjobs, pantyjobs… just using her fuck-holes isn’t good enough. When you can fuck every part of a girl, it’s like you own that bitch. Fuck, earlier today I even wrapped her hair around my cock and made her jerk me off with it.” He chuckled.

Amy stopped sucking his cock in shock at his words, but was too afraid to take his dick out of her mouth. It only just dawned on her that his fetishes really came down to using her in every way possible.

Tim smirked and immediately grabbed the top of Amy’s head and held it in place. With his other hand, he pinched her nose so she couldn’t breathe. He then pushed her head down deeper onto his cock and after a few seconds she sputtered and coughed, desperately trying to free herself from his cock.

“Not to mention gagging.” Tim said, cruelly. Jeff laughed and shook his head.

“Whatever gets you off man.”

As Tim remembered that, he lay smirking in Amy’s bed and was currently enjoying the footjob she was giving him using her silky brown stockings.

“That’s it…” He said, relishing in the soft touch of her feet. In his hand were the panties that Tim finger-fucked her in just moments earlier, now covered in Amy’s juices. He held them up to his face and took in her heavenly scent as she continued to work his shaft with her stockings.

Amy grimaced as she slid the soles of her feet up and down his cock, hugging her toes at the top and using her hands to support herself on the bed. She still wasn’t used to giving footjobs and found it difficult, but after some rough coaching from Tim she was getting better at it.

Even still, Tim was in heaven as he watched the MILF work his cock. Her tits bounced and jiggled to the rhythm of her footjob and as he took in her scent he enjoyed the effort she was putting in. The fact that she was doing this out of fear, coupled with how amazingly sexy she looked turned Tim on like crazy and he was ready to shoot his load at any minute.

“Ah, fuck. I’m about ready to cum. Get over here.”

Amy obediently crawled over to Tim, she knew what was coming next. Lately Tim made it a habit to make out with Amy as she jerked him off – he found that to be much more intimate an experience rather than just simply fucking her raw and busting a nut.

He wanted to break her down psychologically and have her feel anguish as he engaged in these intimate activities with her. He loved forcing her to do intimate, even “romantic” things as he felt that this made the betrayal of her husband and her son that much deeper. It turned him on like crazy. As the two locked into a deep kiss the sound of their lips smacking filled the room.

“Mmmm, fuck yeah.” Tim whispered in between kisses, holding her by chin and enjoying the taste of her. “Spit into my mouth.”

Amy did as she was told and dribbled a slow length of saliva into Tim’s waiting mouth as she continued to jerk him off. She had never done this kind of perverted stuff with anybody else before and even though she found it kind of repulsive, she was too afraid to say no.

“Mmmm, you taste great. Here, have some of mine.” Tim said.

Unlike Amy’s slow drop of saliva, Tim took her face in his hand and grabbed her roughly by her cheeks, roughly dropping some spit down as he forced her mouth open.

“You better swallow every last fucking drop. Or you know what happens.” Amy eyes widened in fear as she swallowed Tim’s spit.

Earlier in the week Tim and Jeff had threatened to fuck Amy in the ass in front of Billy unless she became completely submissive to them – to “cut all the shit out” as Jeff put it. She was already well aware how rough they could be and didn’t want it to get any worse.

Aside from wanting to spare Billy the anguish of seeing his mom fucked in the ass by his bullies in front of him, Amy had never had her anal cherry popped and was terrified by the idea. But she was even more terrified of Tim and Jeff. Along with the original threat, it didn’t take much prompting for her to fall in line and do whatever they say.

“Alright, come over here and suck on my balls for a minute.” Tim said, reaching for Amy’s phone. “I’m gonna get George to come bring me a beer.”

Amy knew exactly what Tim really wanted. He wanted to finish up their fuck session by making George watch. As Tim dialed George’s number, Amy climbed between Tim’s legs and slowly took his large balls into her mouth. She sucked on them gently, rolling them between her tongue and then picked up the intensity – just as Tim had instructed her in previous fuck sessions. Every time she switched between his balls she made sure to suck deeply enough to make a loud pop sound, just as Tim liked.

“H-honey…?” George stammered, answering the phone. Since Tim was using Amy’s phone, George must have thought she was calling him. But Amy barely even spoke to George anymore, not least of all because she was being fucked or servicing Tim and Jeff nearly all the time – the truth is she could barely stand to even look at George.

“No, dumbass.” Tim said plainly. “Your wife’s between my legs right now sucking my balls. That’s a much better use of her mouth than talking to a fucking loser like you.”

A guilty pang of arousal shot through George as he imagined Amy being forced to suck on the young bully’s balls. As much as he hated to admit it, this whole ordeal with the bullies had awakened the cuckold in him.

“And speaking of better uses, come bring me a beer. And if you’re not quick about it I’ll beat the shit out of you. Hell, maybe I’ll call the whole crew over and we can have a good fucking time with your wife. Then we’ll beat the shit out of you and your kid and make you watch round two. You want that?”

George was stunned into silence. Tim looked down at Amy and smiled cruelly as she continued to suckle on his balls out of fear.

“In fact, I bet you’d get off on it. Your pussy son too. Maybe I should call them?”

This terrified George. He already knew he was physically no match for Tim and Jeff, and he had heard all the rumours of them associating with low-lifes, drug dealers and thugs. The last thing he wanted was all of them in the house, knowing that they could utterly beat the shit out of him.

“Th-there’s no need to get hasty.” He stammered. “I get it, I get it, I’ll bring you a beer.”

Amy could hear George’s cowardice as she continued to suck on Tim’s balls. She felt disgusted at how spineless he was.

Moments later, George dutifully brought Tim his beer and walked in to find Amy bobbing her head up and down on Tim’s cock.

“Ice cold, just the way I like it.” Tim said, taking a sip as Amy continued to slurp on his cock.

While continuing to suck the young bully’s cock, Amy shot George a disgusted glance as he stood frozen, watching her. She immediately closed her eyes and continued bobbing her head up and down, knowing George wasn’t going to do anything about it. As George turned to leave Tim stopped him in his tracks.

“Where do you think you’re going, fuckstick?” He said. “Sit your ass down. I’m gonna blow my load all over your wife and you’re gonna watch.”

George opened as his mouth as if to protest but Tim cut him off.

“Don’t even act like you don’t get off on it too. Your fucking tiny cock’s probably hard as a diamond right now.” Tim chuckled. “I mean shit, what kind of fucking loser gets turned on by watching his wife fuck another man?”

Tim ran his fingers through Amy’s hair and faced her towards him, making eye contact. “What do you think?”

“Uhhggg dhog whughugver youghh wughg mugg tuugh”. Amy gurgled as she continued to suck on Tim’s cock. She learned from previous lessons that it was a bad idea to take Tim or Jeff’s cock out of her mouth unless they explicitly let her.

“What was that?” Tim smirked, pulling her off of his cock by her hair.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to.” Amy said weakly, looking up at him.

George whimpered, he had never seen her so submissive and part of it turned him on like crazy. His cock tightened in his pants.

“Fuckin’ right you will.” Tim said, pushing her back down onto his cock. “And so will this pathetic loser here.”

George said nothing as the boy insulted him.

“In fact, how about a little wager? I bet this pathetic little cuckold fuck is more turned on by you sucking and fucking my cock than I am.” He turned to George as Amy continued to slurp up and down on his shaft.

“Tell you what. If you can outlast me, George, I won’t fuck your wife for a week.” Tim said confidently. “In fact, I’m even about ready to blow my load. But I bet you still can’t last longer than me.”

George and Amy were in stunned silence. Did he really mean it? Was that really something he was willing to do? Both Tim and Jeff had practically been fucking Amy non-stop since they worked out this little arrangement. They didn’t have long to ponder as Tim barked out his next order.

“Get your cock out and start jerking off.” He said. It didn’t take long for George to comply.

“W-well… if it’ll get you to stop…” The truth is, George was all too eager to start jerking off. Everyone in the room knew this. Amy rolled her eyes as she continued to suck Tim.

As George pumped his tiny cock in his hands, Tim started to get rougher with Amy. He started to actively face-fuck her as opposed to just enjoying her mouth, tongue and lips all over his balls and cock.

“I know you like it when I give it to her rough, George.” Tim said, pumping away at her face. “Giving it to her and making her gag in a way your tiny cock never could.”

Tim threw his head back and relished in the pleasure of face fucking her. He then turned his verbal abuse to Amy, grabbing her by the back of her head and degrading her with every pump of his cock into her mouth.

“Show, that, fucking, wimp, how, you, like, your, face, fucked!” He spat out.

George nearly shot his load just seeing Amy degraded like that, but he managed to hold out. He then saw Tim motion for Amy to get next to him on the bed.

“Alright come here, jerk me off.” Tim slapped Amy’s ass as she moved next to him. It looked like she went to remove something from her hand, but Tim stopped her. “No, keep your wedding ring on.” George’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Here, suck on my tongue.” Tim stuck his tongue out crudely as Amy took it into her mouth and lovingly slurped on it. Their lips made loud smacking noises as they shared a deep kiss.

On the outside, it looked as if the two were lovers locked in a passionate kiss. George looked on as Amy continued to jerked him off furiously as she kissed him, her wedding ring pressing up against the bully’s cock.

That sight alone was enough to send George over the top. He let out a small groan as he shot out a meagre load.

“Ahahaha, and there he goes!” Tim laughed, breaking away from Amy’s kiss. George collapsed to the floor panting, in shame and defeat. Amy looked repulsed and thought George was pathetic for cumming so quickly at watching his wife with another man.

“Alright, guess I’ll stop holding back too.” Tim said. “Hey bitch, bring your fucking tongue here.”

Tim stuck his tongue down Amy’s throat as she continued to jerk him off. George felt a great deal of shame, but couldn’t help but continue to watch. After a few moments that seemed like an eternity to George, Tim threw his head back and groaned loudly as he shot out thick loads of cum everywhere.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck! Fuck yeah!” Tim groaned in pleasure. “Yeah, keep jerking me off like that. Fuck!”

Tim continued to shoot out thick ropes of semen all over Amy – on her face, on her tits, in her hair – but as she kept her hand wrapped firmly around Tim’s cock, a fair amount of semen dribbled down her hand and went all over her wedding ring.

“Now that was one good fuck session.” Tim said, collecting his thoughts. The three of them sat panting, physically exhausted. Tim broke the silence as he sat up.

“Alright, fuck. I’m gonna take a shower. Amy, you better get your ass in here too. I’m gonna be using your tongue as sponge. And if you take too long about it, maybe I’ll use it as toilet paper instead.” Tim chuckled as he walked into the bathroom.

For a few short moments, it was just Amy and George left alone in their master bedroom. Amy didn’t want to keep Tim waiting too long, but she couldn’t help but look at the pathetic sight that was her husband – on his knees, pants around his ankles, his hands and cock covered in the meagre amount of semen spent watching her. She could see his tiny cock already turning turgid at the thought of what Tim was going to do to her in the shower.

As she walked towards the bathroom, she turned towards George’s direction, unable to make direct eye contact with him.

“You’re pathetic.” Was all she said.

They were the only words that Amy could bother to spend on him. George was left wide-eyed and shaken, the words cutting him like glass as Amy joined Tim in the shower and closed the door behind her.