Spring Break Wife

It was 8am on a Wednesday, and Mom and I were exercising in the basement. I religiously worked out five mornings a week, and she was always right there with me. We started with a run on our two treadmills. Mom’s industrial-strength sports bra didn’t completely restrain the bounce of her D-cup boobs, which I loved to watch. She didn’t seem to notice.

Mom’s big tits were a present from Dad for her thirtieth birthday. She told him she didn’t want to go through her whole life with tiny A-cup boobs, and he was happy to pay for a boob job. At the time she was also becoming overweight, as thirty-year-old women tend to. So she joined me in my morning workouts. She says I’m her inspiration.

Four years of workouts sculpted Mom into a sleek and strong specimen of feminine perfection with platinum blonde hair. 34D-24-34. 5’6″ tall. Long legs. Perky round butt. The fake tits were unnaturally high and firm, not that there’s anything wrong with that. She closely resembles April Cheryse, a model. Google her and you’ll get the idea.

After running on the treadmills, we lifted free weights then finished with thirty minutes of yoga. The yoga was Mom’s idea. I go along with it because it keeps me flexible and it’s entertaining to watch her contort herself into all those poses.

When we were done we cooled down for a few minutes on an old sofa in the basement. “So, how are classes going?” I asked.

Mom is a college freshman at age 34. She didn’t go to college at the normal age because she had me to take care of. My dad knocked her up when she was only 16 and he was 20. I’m 18 now and a senior in high school.

Dad didn’t mind Mom going to college. It amused him in fact. You see, Mom is kind of a bubble-headed blonde. Not exactly the academic type. Neither Dad nor I could picture Mom in a college classroom, but she wanted it so we supported her 100%. She’s a great person despite being a bit ditzy.

Mom inherited money from her wealthy family, but Dad is a banker and can afford to support us without dipping into Mom’s funds. We had a good, prosperous life in Memphis, Tennessee.

Anyway, back to the story … Mom’s face lit up and she replied, “College is great, Gary. I’m having so much fun!”

“Good. You’re fitting in?” I asked. She had been worried about fitting in with the other college freshmen because she was so much older.

Mom giggled. “Yep. I told them I’m 22 and they believe me! They think your old mom is barely older than you! Not bad, huh?”

I wasn’t really surprised. She had a young-looking cute face with high cheekbones and dimples, and her body was probably the envy of every girl in her class. “It’s because you keep yourself in great shape,” I complimented her.

“And I have you to thank for that, honey. You’re my inspiration,” she replied and kissed me on the cheek. “I wish your dad would work out with us.”

Dad was a little older than Mom, 40, and was overweight. As a loan officer at the bank, he spent too much time sitting behind a desk. “Good luck getting him to exercise,” I said. Dad was a sedentary kind of guy.

Mom sighed. “I know, but I worry about his health.” Then she brightened up and added, “Speaking of your dad, a funny thing happened yesterday.”


Mom giggled. “I told Jessica that you’re my husband,” she said. Jessica was Mom’s best friend at college.

“What?! Why would you do that?”

“I didn’t mean to. It was an accident,” she replied and giggled again. “Jess knows I’m married, and when she saw your photo on my phone, she assumed that you’re my husband.”

“Why didn’t you correct her?” I asked.

Mom looked at me like I was a dunce. “Your dad isn’t very believable as the husband of a young college girl, Gary!”

That was true. 40-year-old overweight men with receding hairlines rarely are married to college freshmen. “So you let her think your 18 year old son is your husband?” I asked.

Mom grinned and nodded. “Isn’t it brilliant? It really helps me fit in. Jess thinks you’re hot, by the way.”

“Is she hot? You could set me up on a date with her,” I kidded.

Mom frowned. “You’re supposed to be my husband, Gary.”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled.

Mom seemed to be annoyed with my joke, but a couple minutes later she hesitantly said, “Jessica invited us to go to spring break with her and her boyfriend Brad.”

My jaw dropped. “What? Me and you? Mom, I can’t go to spring break with you.”

She pouted and whined, “Why not? I really really want to go. I won’t embarrass you, I promise.”

“No, Mom. It’s too weird.”

“Please?” she begged. “I never got to do stuff like this when I was your age.”

She left it unspoken that she didn’t do stuff like that because she was taking care of me. I felt the weight of guilt crushing me. Maybe this wasn’t too much to ask. Going on a vacation with her wasn’t too weird, was it? And it would make her happy. Mom deserved to be happy. “Okay,” I agreed. I was sure I’d regret it.

Mom squealed with delight and jumped into my arms. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best son, Gary!” She kissed me on both cheeks and the tip of my nose.

“Don’t you mean best husband?” I teased.

She giggled. “Yes. Best spring break hubby.” She kissed the tip of my nose again.

“Has Dad agreed to this trip?”

“Not yet. I was hoping you’d help me convince him tonight.”

That evening at dinner, Mom told Dad, “Honey, I want to go to spring break with Jessica. She and Brad are going to Fort Lauderdale.”

Dad grimaced. “Amy, I don’t want to spend my vacation with a bunch of wild college kids.”

“I know you don’t,” Mom answered with a smile. “We’ll go on our regular vacation in the summer. Spring break is just for me.”

Dad’s eyebrows raised. “You want to go to spring break alone?”

Mom shook her head. “Not alone. With my friend Jessica and her boyfriend Brad. And with Gary.”

“Gary?” Dad looked at me. “Do you want to go to spring break?” He thought about his question for just a moment, then said, “Stupid question. All 18-year-old boys want to go to spring break.” Dad looked back and forth between me and Mom for a minute then said, “Alright. I don’t see any reason why not. The two of you can take care of each other and make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

Mom squealed, jumped up and hugged Dad. “Thank you, Mark! Gary and I will take good care of each other.”

She didn’t tell him that her friends thought I was her husband, and I sure wasn’t going to say anything. It was too strange to mention.


The morning we were to leave for spring break, Mom kissed Dad goodbye at the door. He was going to play golf with his friends. “Thanks again for letting me go,” Mom said.

“You’re welcome. Have fun but don’t drink too much and don’t do drugs,” he urged.

“We won’t,” she assured him. One more kiss and he left. She closed the door and turned to me. “Ready for a fun week, Gary?”

“Yeah, Mom. This should be a blast.”

She hugged me and looked up into my eyes. I was about 4 inches taller. “No more calling me ‘Mom’, dummy,” she scolded. “I’m your wife this week, remember? You have to call me Amy. Say it. Amy.”


“Good,” she replied, then kissed me on the lips.

I jerked back from her. “What was that?!” I yelped.

“Practice,” she told me. “And you failed. We’re supposed to be married. If you act like that when we kiss, Jessica will know something is up!”

“Why do we have to kiss?”

“We’re married. Married couples kiss. Particularly young married couples. Let’s try it again.” She planted another kiss on my lips. I held myself rigid for a minute, then finally gave in and returned the kiss a little.

Mom broke the kiss and pouted. “You didn’t freak out that time, but it still wasn’t good, Gary. This is important to me, honey. Please don’t ruin spring break for me. Try a little harder, okay?” she pleaded.

She knew I’d do anything for her when she did that puppy dog eye thing. I dipped her and gave her a huge dramatic smooch. “Better?” I asked.

Mom came up laughing. “Maybe a little too much.” She hugged me tight. “Thank you for helping me fit in with my college friends, honey.”

“No problem.” She gave me another quick peck on the lips before Jessica and Brad pulled into our driveway.

Jessica was a cute little brunette, shorter than Mom and kind of chunky. But she had a bubbly personality just like Mom’s and I could see why they were friends. Brad was a big strong dude. A couple inches taller than me and heavier with muscles. He was a cool guy and we got along well right away.

“Do y’all own that house?” Jessica asked, staring at our impressive family home. “How can you afford it?”

“I have an inheritance from my grandfather,” Mom explained.

“Wow,” Jessica marveled. “So you bought this place for you and Gary?”

“Yep,” Mom replied. “As soon as Gary turned 18, we married and I moved him in with me. His mom wasn’t too happy about that. She’s kind of a bitch.” She winked at me.

“So you’re married and have a house and you’re still in high school?” Brad asked me.

“Yeah, I graduate in May,” I answered.

“Cool,” he responded with admiration.

It was Brad’s SUV and he felt most comfortable driving. So he drove for 3 hours, then took a break while Jess drove for an hour or so. Then he drove again. It was fine with me. I think driving is boring.

I dozed off on the back seat, and when I woke Mom was stretched out on the seat with her head on my lap. Jessica noticed that I was awake and softly said, “You two are so cute together. It’s obvious how much she loves you.”

I blushed. “Thanks. I really love her too.”

Mom must have been awake because she cheerfully said, “That’s so sweet, honey.” She reached up and pulled my head down to hers. Her lips met mine in a scorching kiss that lasted for at least a minute and left me breathless.

Jessica giggled. “I think you dazed him with that one, Amy.”

Mom giggled too and scooted up to sit on my lap. “That’s the way I like him best, dazed and confused, and I work hard to keep him that way,” she teased. Her head rested on my shoulder.

A pretty girl on your lap always feels good, even if it’s your mom. I loosely wrapped my arms around her waist and we snuggled.

“Aww, so cute,” Jess cooed from the front seat.

It was close to midnight when we finally made it to Fort Lauderdale. When we checked in, I was stunned to learn that we all were sharing one room. “We don’t have our own room?” I asked Mom.

“No, silly. That’s the whole reason Jessica invited us. To split the cost of the room so she and Brad could afford to come. There’s nothing wrong with a man and wife sharing a room with another couple,” she dismissed my concerns.

My eyes boggled. “You don’t mind sharing a bed with me?” I whispered.

Mom looked at me puzzled, then reached out and tousled my hair. “Stop being silly. This week we’re married, so it’s fine. Now get with the program, Gary. If you don’t start acting like a loving husband, Jessica and Brad will know something is wrong.”

While Jessica and Brad were occupied, Mom stepped outside to call home and let Dad know we arrived safely.

We went to the room, and I tried to act natural. We were all exhausted so we got ready for bed. Mom wore an oversize t-shirt to bed, and I wore a t-shirt and boxer shorts.

We got into our beds and turned out the light. It wasn’t long before I heard noises from the other bed. I guess Brad and Jessica couldn’t keep their hands off each other, even though we we right there. Brad huffed like a locomotive and Jessica made weird little squeaking noises.

Mom and I both turned on our sides, with our backs to Jessica and Brad. “Eep, eep, eep!” Jessica’s funny little squeaks continued as Brad fucked her.

Mom started giggling at the crazy situation, and then Jessica started giggling too. “I can’t help it,” the blonde laughed, still in the midst of fucking. “Those noises just come out.” That made Brad laugh, and then me too. It removed the tension from the room.

When they were done fucking, Jessica said, “Sorry for embarrassing you guys, but I really needed that.”

“You don’t have apologize, Jess,” Mom replied. “You’re on vacation and we’re all adults. Have fun.”

“Thanks, Amy. If you and Gary want to do it too, go right ahead,” she said with a giggle.

“I think we’ll just sleep, Jess. Goodnight.”


When I woke I was spooned against Mom’s back. We were still on our sides, but I must have snuggled up to her in the night. My arm was draped over her stomach, so I lifted it in embarrassment. Mom grabbed it and put it back around her. “Don’t move,” she twisted her head to me and whispered. “It’s comforting to be with you like this. Did you sleep well?”

“I slept great,” I whispered. And I did. I slept through the night like a log.

Mom smiled. “Me too.”

Brad and Jessica got up and went into the bathroom to shower together. Mom rolled over to face me. “This is a lot less awkward than I thought it would be,” Mom said softly. “I like cuddling with my boy.”

“I like it too,” I confided. I struggled to keep my morning hard-on from pressing against Mom’s perfect ass.

When Brad and Jessica were done in the bathroom, Mom told me to use it next. I shat, showered, shaved and put on my red swim trunks.

Mom used the bathroom last, and came out wearing a new bikini. “What do you think?” she asked and wagged her hips in a saucy way at me.

“Jesus, Amy! That’s hot!” I exclaimed. Small triangles held her round fake tits and the bikini bottom was cut very low. She turned around and I saw that the back only covered a fraction of her tight little butt.

“It is hot,” Jessica agreed.

Brad put his eyes back in his head and rolled his tongue back into his mouth. “Yeah. It’s hot,” he simply said.

Both girls giggled and Mom hugged me. The beach was full of pretty college girls, but in that bikini Mom attracted a ton of attention. Guys eyed her with lust as she sauntered around until we found an empty patch of sand for our blankets.

A big group of college kids were having a splash battle in the ocean. The four of us quickly joined in.

The splash battle intensified when Jessica and another girl jumped on Brad and pushed him underwater. He came up sputtering and everyone laughed. In retaliation, several guys tackled their girlfriends and dunked them.

I advanced on Mom and she looked worried, but still smiling. “Gary, don’t,” she begged and laughed as she tried to back away. I jumped, cleanly knocked her off her feet and dunked her with a big splash.

I helped her back to her feet and kept my hands on her waist to steady her. She pushed her wet hair out of her face. “Sorry,” I apologized. “I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s okay. This is fun,” she replied with a smile. She leaned against me to whisper in my ear, “I’m glad you’re here, Gary. I couldn’t relax and enjoy myself with anyone but you.”

“I’m glad too,” I replied. I tried not to perv out on the feel of her soft tits compressed against my bare chest, or the sight of water dripping down her face. There’s just something about a soaking wet girl that revs my engine.

The splash battle wound down and the others were headed for the beach. I let go of Mom and we followed.

We spent most of that day doing the usual beach stuff. Sunning, reading, trying to ride the little waves, throwing a frisbee, taking walks. Mom played and had as much fun as any of the young college kids. She really did fit in with them. It made me proud of her.

The girls wanted to get dressed up that night. Brad and I just wore khakis and polo shirts, but we learned the girls shopped together before the trip. They had matching little black dresses. They were sleeveless and the neckline dropped low, displaying the perfect cleavage between Mom’s fake tits. The dresses were tight and short too, ending only a few inches down their thighs. Very sexy. I whistled. “Wow. You ladies are gorgeous,” I complimented.

“Yeah babes, you look great,” Brad agreed. Jessica gave him a kiss, so Mom smirked at me and planted one on my lips too. I didn’t flinch or anything. She’s a good kisser.

Mom happily took my arm and we went to a nice restaurant for dinner. We went to a nightclub after.

The club was an upscale one. They played “American standards” music, like Sinatra, and it was all slow-dancing. Brad and Jessica went right on the floor to dance, but I wasn’t confident in my ability so I didn’t ask Mom. She kept looking at me, expecting me to ask her, but I just watched the others.

A big heavy guy who looked like an offensive lineman came right up to Mom and said, “Come on, babe. Let’s dance.” He took her hand and pulled her toward the dance floor. She looked back at me but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop her from dancing and having a good time if she wanted to.

The guy drew her into his arms and danced them into the crowd. I tried to keep an eye on her but the other dancers got in the way. Two, then three songs passed and Mom didn’t return. I started to get mad. Mad at myself for not asking her to dance and at her for leaving me here alone and dancing with that guy.

Mom came back into view and I saw that the asshole had a big hand on her ass. I rushed out to her. “That’s enough,” I told the guy.

He sneered at me. “Beat it, wimp. The girl is with me.”

“If you don’t take your hands off my wife, I’m going to break your fucking nose,” I threatened.

The asshole looked like he wouldn’t mind a fight, but Mom told him, “Thank you for the dances, Frank, but my husband will take over now.” To his credit he backed away without a fight.

Mom had a little smirk on her lips that annoyed me. I gathered her in my arms and danced with her. She leaned in, pressing the full length of her curvy body against mine, and whispered in my ear, “What took you so long?”

“What?” I asked, confused and still mad.

“What took you so long to get me away from that guy? I’m your wife this week, honey. You shouldn’t let other men dance with me.”

I stared in her eyes, but couldn’t figure out if she was teasing me. “I thought you wanted to dance with him.”

She shrugged but her eyes sparkled merrily. She was enjoying this but I had no idea what was going on. “I wanted to dance with you, but he asked and you didn’t,” she explained. “And you know how much I like to dance. You shouldn’t have let me go with him.”

“I shouldn’t?”

She shook her head. “I’m your wife. You need to assert yourself. He had his hands all over me.” She was still smirking.

“I know,” I groused. “I can’t believe you let him do that.”

“I expected you to stop him,” she replied innocently. “You’re my big strong husband. You’re supposed to protect me.”

I blushed, ashamed by my inaction. “Sorry,” I apologized.

She giggled and nipped my earlobe with her teeth. “It’s okay. I think you learned your lesson.”

We stayed at the nightclub for hours. The music wasn’t my favorite, but I have to admit that slow dancing was a hell of a lot of fun after Mom taught me some basic steps. Mom stayed in my arms the rest of the night, mostly swaying on the dance floor but also with my arm around her while at our table.

I used the restroom once, and damned if some guy wasn’t chatting up Mom when I got back. I possessively put my arm around her waist and glared at the guy. Mom kissed my cheek and told him, “This is my husband and we’re going to dance again.”

Out on the dancefloor I complained, “What the hell, Mom? I’m gone for a minute and you’re flirting with some guy again.”

She gave me that smirk. “I wanted to see what you’d do, and you passed with flying colors, darling.” She kissed me gently. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to dance with him.”

“It didn’t look that way to me.” Seeing her flirting with men really pissed me off. She was married and my mom!

“Don’t sulk, Gary,” she chastised. “If you’re going to act like a petulant little boy then you should go back to the hotel and I’ll find a real man to dance with. It would be easy. Half the men in here are eying me like a piece of meat.”

That was true. She was a stacked, fit babe and her little black dress didn’t hide much. The men in the club were itching for a shot at her. “I’m sorry, Mom,” I sighed. “It’s kind of confusing being your date.”

“I know, honey,” she cooed and quickly kissed me. “But try to relax and go with the flow, okay? I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good. And I promise not to flirt with any other men, alright? The first one was your fault, but I should’ve sent the second one away immediately. Forgive me?”

I nodded and smiled. “Forgiven.”

To change the topic of conversation, Mom taught me another dance step to go along with the current song.

At 1am, Jessica and Brad found us. “I’m all danced out,” Jessica announced.

“My feet are tired too,” I admitted. It had been a long day. “Ready to leave, Amy?”

Mom pouted. “I could dance all night with my hubby.”

“We’ll come back another night,” I promised.

Mom reluctantly left with us. The cool breeze blowing off the ocean was refreshing. “Jess, did you see what a good dancer Gary is?” Mom asked.

“I saw,” Jess agreed. “It looked like you were giving him lessons.”

“He’s a beginner,” Mom admitted, “but he’s light on his feet and a quick learner.”

“Brad has two left feet,” Jess giggled, “but it’s so much fun dancing with this big guy anyway. What he lacks in grace he makes up for in enthusiasm.”

“Hey,” Brad complained. “That’s not true. I’m practically Fred Astaire.”

The rest of us laughed. “I’m glad you think so, honey,” Jessica kidded him.

We went back to the hotel. In bed and with the lights out, Mom and I laid on our sides with our backs to Jessica and Brad. We expected a repeat of last night and we weren’t disappointed. We heard them kissing for a few minutes, then the bed began creaking. Brad huffed and finally Jess started making her funny “eep, eep, eep” noises. We couldn’t help laughing.

“Oh, please don’t laugh,” Jessica gasped. “It’s embarrassing! Stop for a minute please, Brad. Brad, stop!” There was a pause and Jess addressed us, “Amy and Gary, look at me, please.” We turned to face her. “It makes me really self-conscious when Brad and I do it and you don’t. This vacation will be a lot more fun for all of us if you get over your inhibitions and do it too. I mean, you’re married. You have nothing to be shy about. So please stop listening to us and do it yourselves. Please?”

“We’re sorry, Jess,” Mom answered. “We didn’t mean to be rude, but we … well, we’ve never done it with anyone else in the room.”

“Us neither,” Jess giggled. “But it’s kind of sexy, isn’t it?”

Mom giggled too. “It is. Y’all made me horny last night.”

“Good. So will you do it too?” Jess asked.

“I’m game,” Mom stunned me by answering, “and I’m sure I can get Gary interested.” Both girls laughed. Mom pulled off her panties and made a show of tossing them across the room onto our suitcase. She grabbed my boxers but I held on and didn’t let her pull them down. “Play along, Gary,” she whispered almost silently in my ear. “It will be okay, I promise. We can’t ruin their vacation by embarrassing them.”

She had a point. I felt bad for making Jessica self-conscious. But what about me? It was going to be damned embarrassing to be naked in bed with Mom. I glanced at the other bed and saw Jessica and Brad watching us. I sighed and let go of my boxers. Mom grinned, kissed me on the cheek, and pulled them off me. I was nude in bed with my mom.

Mom gently eased me onto my back and crawled on top of me. I was frozen with shock and even trembling a little. This was nuts! Mom laid the length of her body on mine and I felt the warmth of her. It wasn’t full skin-to-skin contact because of the t-shirt she still had on, but it was enough to make my brain seize up. Mom turned to them and said, “Okay y’all, this is intimidating enough without you watching. Go back to what you were doing.”

“Oh darn, I wanted to watch,” Jessica joked and giggled. “Come on, Brad. Fuck me, big guy.”

“They’ll notice if we don’t do anything,” Mom whispered in my ear. “Let me handle it, okay? Follow my lead.” Without waiting for a response, she propped herself up on her arms and slid her pussy lips along the underside of my cock.

Yes, I was hard. The situation was freaky but damn sexy too. Brad was banging Jess a few feet away and Mom’s smoking hot body was all over me. I couldn’t help getting excited. Mom seemed to expect and accept it. Mom bit her lower lip and rubbed back and forth, back and forth, simulating like she was riding my cock. “Mmm,” she moaned.

Mom sat up straighter, taking her weight off her hands. The bedsheet still covered us down below so it looked like she was bouncing up and down on me. “God,” she groaned. Her hands went to her own tits and groped them through the thin t-shirt. “Ah!” she gasped. She was a heck of an actress. It looked like she was really getting off on this.

I mostly just laid there, stunned, but I couldn’t resist rocking up in time with her bounces. She smiled to encourage me. Her pussy was only rubbing the side of my cock, so there was no danger of it going in, but it still felt good to me. We worked into a good rhythm.

Mom suddenly pulled her t-shirt off over her head so she could directly pinch and roll her nipples. Her perfectly rounded, unnaturally firm boobs bounced naked in front of me for the first time. My eyes bugged out of course. Mom noticed and giggled. She grasped my hands and put them on her tits. My natural reaction was to pull them away, but Mom kept her hands on mine and wouldn’t let me. Her hands manipulated mine into squeezing and rubbing her tits.

Mom stopped her bouncing motion and intensely rubbed her puss and clit on my rod. The fast jittery motion quickly got her off. Her head snapped back and she gasped, “Oh!” Her body spasmed and her hot pussy lips were suddenly wetter. She froze for a moment, then slumped on me. “That was a good one,” she laughed while little tremors continued to roll through her.

Holy fuck! My mom just orgasmed on me! I couldn’t believe it. But what came next was even crazier.

She looked me in the eyes and bit her bottom lip again. Coming to a decision, she told me, “But you didn’t cum yet, honey.” She rolled us over so I was on top of my naked mom. Gorgeous naked mom. “Pretend you’re fucking me, like I did,” she whispered in my ear. When I hesitated, she said out loud, “Don’t be bashful. Show Brad how it’s done.”

I didn’t know if Brad and Jessica were watching us and I was too embarrassed to look. I heard the noises of them rutting away, so maybe not. But if I didn’t fake this now, what kind of wimp would they think I was? They already saw me let an asshole paw my “wife” on the dance floor that night. Mom looked challengingly at me and wrapped her long legs around my hips. “Do it, honey,” she urged. “Fuck me good.”

In a daze, I began to saw my rigid cock up and down Mom’s puss lips. “Oh, yeah. It’s so long,” Mom moaned, putting on a good show.

It was half exciting and half mortifying. The hot babe squirming under me was my mom, damn it! “Faster, baby,” she urged. “Harder.”

I was getting pissed at her and this whole show. In a twisted attempt to get her back for the embarrassment I felt, I pushed down hard on every stroke to make sure her clit got a good rubbing. Her head thrashed from side to side and her fingernails clawed my back. “Cumming again!” she yelped.

The orgasmic shaking of her body pushed me over the peak too. I hosed dick snot all over my mom’s taut abs and jiggling tits. We rode the aftershocks of our orgasms together. When we calmed, Mom took my head in her hands and lovingly kissed me. “Thank you, baby,” she whispered and giggled. “I needed that.”

I blushed but answered, “Me too.” We both laughed with relief.

Mom surreptitiously used her t-shirt to clean my cum from her belly and boobs, then I rolled off her.

“Thanks, guys,” Jessica called out. “That was much better.” We all laughed.

I laid on my back and Mom snuggled against my side with an arm and leg tossed over me. We were naked but it didn’t seem weird. Not after what we just did. I slept like a log for the second night in a row.


I woke to a “slurp, slurp, slurp” sound. It only took a moment to figure out what it was. Jessica was sucking Brad’s cock. My eyebrows shot up. Mom noticed the look on my face and couldn’t hold back a giggle.

The slurping stopped and Jessica asked, “We’re not going through this all over again, are we? Amy, Gary has morning wood just like Brad does, I can see the tent it’s making in the sheet from here. You know what to do with that, girlfriend. Don’t embarrass me again by being shy.”

Mom looked at me, then at Jess, who had a stern expression on her face. Mom looked back at me and whispered, “Don’t freak out.” Keeping her eyes locked on mine, Mom pulled down the sheet to expose my raging morning hard. Once again I was shocked into paralysis. What the hell was she up to?

I quickly found out. Mom scooted down the bed, her eyes still locked on mine. Her little hand wrapped around my cock and I shivered with the kinky shock of it. Then she pressed her lips to the head of my cock and kissed it. I guess Mom was encouraged when I didn’t have a heart attack. She kissed her way down the side of my staff. “That’s the way, girlfriend,” Jessica called out and went back to sucking Brad.

Mom’s face took on an absolutely devilish expression. She slowly, sensuously kissed and licked her way back up my cock to the top, then very slowly eased her lips over my knob. “Oh, God damn,” I moaned. She was still staring in my eyes and I could tell she was smirking even with a cockhead in her mouth.

Mom went to work. Inch by inch she used lips and tongue to massage her way down my cock. I quivered and shook. I couldn’t help it. It felt like her mouth was directly jacked into my nervous system.

She got about half of my thick 8 inches in her pretty mouth, and I felt the tip touch her throat. It didn’t slow her down. Mom adjusted the angle of her head, and inched the rest of me down her throat. She paused when she took it all, and looked very smug about her accomplishment. With slow deliberation she spread her legs a little and slipped two fingers in her pussy.

“Oh shit,” I groaned. The sweet feel of her mouth and throat constricted around my cock, and the sight of her frigging herself, made my cock throb. It wanted more stimulation. It wanted to get off. “Please,” I begged.

Mom’s mouth slid up, then quickly plunged back down the whole of me again. Up, down, up, down, she furiously fucked me with her face. Her fingers were a blur of motion between her legs. She was as close to orgasm as I was. I felt it surge up and I grunted, “Cumming!”

Mom came too, but she kept her mouth on me and sucked down my spunk while she trembled. Finally her lips popped off me and she fell by my side. “Oh! Oh!” she gasped as aftershocks zipped up and down her spine.

“That was a sexy blowjob,” I heard Jessica pronounce. “Now we have nothing to be shy about, right?”

“Right,” Mom agreed.

Jess and Brad went into the bathroom to shower. Mom cuddled up to me. “You okay?” she asked with concern.

“I guess,” I replied.

“You guess?”

I blushed deep red. “It was awesome, Mom,” I explained. “But it was also fucking terrifying. We shouldn’t be doing this stuff.”

“Why not?” she asked. “You are my husband this week, honey.”

“Not really.”

“Yes, really.” She squeezed me in her arms. “Darling, we have to keep up the act or it will ruin Jessica’s and Brad’s spring break. We can’t do that to them.”

“But Mom, it’s so wrong,” I groaned.

“We’re just playing, okay? It’s alright. Lightning didn’t strike us. The world didn’t end. And I think it’s kind of thrilling. Don’t you like it?”

“I told you it was awesome,” I reminded her.

“For me too. Last night and this morning,” she giggled. “I’ve never cum like this before. Sex with you shakes me right down to my toes.”

I turned even more red with embarrassment and groaned, “Jesus, Mom.”

She laughed at my discomfort. “Loosen up, honey,” she encouraged and immediately tickled both sides of my ribs.

I’m very ticklish so I yelped and squirmed. But she’s ticklish too, so I tickled her right back in the same spots. We were rolling around laughing and yelling when Brad and Jessica came out of the bathroom. They laughed at us, then Jess sighed, “Every time I think y’all can’t get any more adorable, you prove me wrong. You’re the most in love love-birds I’ve ever seen.”

I only blushed but Mom took the opportunity to give me one of her patented scorching kisses. Then she pulled me out of bed and into the bathroom for a shower.

Considering what we’d been doing, I felt justified in giving my Mom’s naked body a good long look while she turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Her fake tits drew the eyes, but damned if her natural perky ass wasn’t her best feature. It was round and firm like an idealized sculpture. Mom saw me looking and asked, “Does it look good?” She gave her ass a little shake.

“Looks great,” I assured her. “You’re in amazing shape.”

“All because of you getting me into working out, babe,” she replied. She took my hand and pulled me into the shower with her. “Might as well do this together,” she reasoned. “It’s too late to be shy about anything now.”

I wasn’t going to complain. Water running down the sleek curves of her body was mesmerizing, and my cock swelled immediately. Mom gave me a wash cloth and instructed me to wash her while she washed me. We took turns doing our backs, and I didn’t even linger very long on her butt. I’ll admit her tits and pussy got extra attention, but they deserved it. Mom only washed my cock for a few seconds, which was terribly disappointing. It was straining hard. Instead of sexy play, Mom had me wash her hair while she washed mine. It was actually pretty hot to gently massage the shampoo into her long, silky hair. She stood so close to me that my hard cock rested on her belly. When the shampoo was rinsed off, we got out of the shower and toweled each other dry.

Mom finally took my straining cock in her little hand and said, “Poor baby. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you like this.” She knelt before me.

“Mom, you don’t have to,” I told her. I didn’t want her to feel obligated to suck me.

She smiled. “Thanks, honey, but I actually like sucking yours. It’s so long and hard and hot. It feels wonderful on my tongue.” She proceeded to give me another masterful demonstration of deep-throat technique. I was already on the edge, so it only took a minute to get me to spurt. “Wow, Gary,” she exclaimed when she was finished swallowing it all, “you cum buckets!”

I chuckled awkwardly. It made me proud to hear it, but that’s not something I ever expected to hear Mom say. We brushed our teeth, then Mom suggested, “Let’s apply sunscreen before putting on our swimsuits. It will be easier and more thorough.” It was a good idea, but she wanted us to apply it to each other, even on the front areas that we could reach ourselves. I went along with it because I’m not stupid and I liked exploring her body with my hands. The problem was that rubbing cream all over her made me hard as a rock again. “Again?!” she asked with surprise. “You already came twice this morning!”

I blushed and shrugged. “I’m a teenage guy and you’re really hot.”

She dramatically sighed and said, “What am I going to do with you?” But she was smiling when she got on her knees and sucked me off for the third time. I lasted longer, but not more than five minutes. I didn’t want to make her work for it any more than she had to, and I had no reason to hold back. It was damned satisfying to thrust my hips forward and squirt into that lovely mouth again. It felt a whole lot less weird than the first time. I was getting used to it and enjoying the hell out of it, of course.

We had breakfast, then went to a water park to ride the slides. Mom screamed and laughed like a little girl. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

After dinner we went one of the crazy big miniature golf courses. It’s corny but fun.

Jessica and Brad went to a nightclub next, but Mom and I decided to take a long walk on the beach. Her cell phone rang. “It’s your dad,” she told me and answered it.

Her side of the conversation went like this:

“Hi, honey. I’m sorry I didn’t call yesterday. We got busy and I forgot.”

“We went dancing and I taught Gary.”

“No. He’s a quick learner. He did great.”

“Yes, our Gary.” She giggled and looked at me before adding, “He’s a talented boy.”

“No, no drinking. They’re too young and you know I don’t really like it.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to you later in the week. Goodnight, honey.”

After she hung up, I teased, “How is husband number 1?”

Mom blushed, and replied, “You know your dad. He has his work so he barely notices we’re not there.” She hugged me tight and asked, “How is husband number 2?”

“Husband number 2 is awesome, especially when you press your boobs against him like that.”

She giggled and smacked my arm. “You’re so bad. Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Jessica and Brad returned to the hotel a couple minutes after us. And after only a few minutes of kissing and foreplay, they were fucking. But Mom didn’t try the simulated-fucking trick again. Instead she crawled under the sheet, took the head of my cock in her lips, and twirled her tongue around it. Fuck! I was hard as a rock and bucked my hips to encourage her to take more of it in her mouth. She kissed and licked down the side first, then sucked my balls. It was sweet torture.

I felt selfish for getting all the oral attention, so I pulled her legs over me and got my mouth near her pussy in the 69 position. Mom moaned around my cock, which felt awesome, and her thighs quivered in anticipation. I’d only tried this twice with mixed results with other girls, but I was ready to try my best.

I decided to take my time. I started by bending her right leg and kissing my way from her pretty little ankle, over the curve of her calf, and up her firm thigh. She hummed with pleasure around my balls, so I bent her left leg and gave it the same treatment. She squirmed with glee as I got closer to her pussy.

I licked along her slit with a broad flat tongue. I heard Mom gasp and her thighs twitched. I caressed them with my hands while I dragged my tongue up and down her slit slowly. She responded by releasing my balls from her mouth and licking up the underside of my cock. I sucked on her puss lips, but that didn’t get much response. She eased my cock into her mouth and I decided it was time to move to the main event. My hands moved to the perfect globes of her ass and squeezed. The tip of my tongue nudged the hood off her clit, then very slowly circled her sensitive tiny nub. Mom hummed on my cock with elation, and her thighs tightened on the sides of my head.

Feeling more confident with each success, I decided to try a trick I’d read about. I lightly spelled the alphabet over her clit with the tip of my tongue. A, b, c, d … Mom squeezed my head harder and furiously sucked my cock. E, f, g, h … She mewed like a kitten and sucked even faster.

Awesome! I tried one more trick I had read about. I slid my middle finger into her. She froze for a moment and I thought I’d made a mistake. But then she quivered and resumed sucking with gusto. I curled my finger to stroke her upper wall while continuing to spell on her clit. I found the rough patch that I was hoping for and pressed my finger across it firmly. Mom jumped like I stuck her with an electric cattle prod. Eureka! The g-spot! I curled my finger over it again. Mom’s mouth sprang off my cock and she gasped, “Ahh!” I sucked and fingered her and she erupted in orgasm. My hand clamped on her ass prevented her from bouncing away from my lips. “Aiii!” she squealed and her body shook.

I kept sucking and fingering her right through her orgasm. No sooner did that one pass but she began to shake and tremble again. “Gary! Gary!” she called out. I pushed her over the peak again. “Aiiiiiiiii!” she squealed. She thrashed like a bucking bronco and I think she tried to get away from me. But I held one hand on her ass and the other had a finger firmly in her hot wet puss. She wasn’t going anywhere.

The second orgasm passed and I decided to go for the hat trick. I pressed her g-spot as hard as I could and sucked that clit for all I was worth. “Garrrry pleeeease,” Mom whined. It didn’t take long to put her over the top for the third time in rapid succession. “God!” she yelled and her body thrashed harder than ever. I held on for dear life and slowly backed off my manipulations until her aftershocks passed. I eased my finger out of her and let go of her ass.

Mom spun around and latched her lips on mine. Her arms clinched around my neck and her tits rubbed hard on my bare chest. “Darling, I love you,” she murmured between fevered kisses.

I heard Jessica giggle. “Will you teach Brad how to do that, Gary?” she playfully asked.

“No, but I’ll demonstrate on you and you can teach him,” I offered in jest.

“Sorry, no demonstrations on my girl, dude,” Brad laughed.

Mom ignored our patter and gazed at me with stars in her eyes. “You’re amazing, Gary. What did you do to me?”

“You mean fingering your g-spot? I read about that. Did you like it?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“I loved it,” she gushed. “I’ve heard of it, but I thought it was a myth. It was so amazing! I’ve never ever cum like that. What can I do to pay you back, darling? I’ll do anything.”

I chuckled. “Well, you could start by finishing my blowjob.”

Mom gasped in horror. “Oh my god, Gary! I got so distracted I forgot. I’m so sorry. I’d do it right now.”

“That can wait,” I told her. “Let me hold you for a while.” I was loving the feel of my excited luscious Mom in my arms.

She cuddled happily against me and rubbed those tits harder on my chest. She sighed, “How did you get so perfect?”

“Well-raised I guess.”

Mom giggled and kissed me.


In the morning, before I opened my eyes, I relished the feel of a warm, soft female body sprawled on me. I was on my back and Mom was against my side with an arm across my chest and a leg over mine. I heard the shower and opened my eyes.

“They’re in the shower,” Mom told me and nodded at the other empty bed. “How are you this morning, honey?” she asked with a smirk.

I decided to tell the simple truth. “Relaxed and satisfied. Very satisfied. How are you?” Three times during the night she had sucked my cock, and each time I reciprocated by giving her clit and g-spot the attention they craved.

She giggled and kissed me. “Perfectly satisfied too. You have a talented tongue and fingers, honey.” Her fingers wrapped around my hard morning wood and gently stroked it.

I slipped my hand between her legs and nudged two fingers into her wet puss. My fingers curled to press her g-spot. Mom’s back arched and she moaned, “Mmm. Your father never found that spot in all the years I’ve known him.”

“You should have told him,” I pointed out.

“I didn’t know,” she answered. Her hand picked up the pace to energetically jack me. “You’re only the second man I’ve ever done anything with.”

My eyes opened wide. “Really?”

Mom nodded. “Remember I was only 16 when Mark knocked me up and we married. I hadn’t even kissed a man before I met him.”

“Wow. Do you regret marrying him?”

“No. I did it for you. I’ll do anything for you. And he’s been a good husband, mostly.”

When Jess and Brad finished in the bathroom, Mom took my hand and led me into the shower with her.

I’ve already explained that dripping wet girls are a weakness of mine. Mom and I playfully washed and fondled each other. In no time my cock was rock hard again and Mom had it in her soapy hands. I returned the favor by putting my hand between her legs and pushing two fingers up into her tight little pussy.

“Oh!” she gasped and rose up on tip-toes. My fingers curled to stroke her g-spot. “Oh wow,” she moaned and leaned her wet body on mine.

We frantically brought each other to crashing orgasms. Mom squealed and her legs gave out. I had to hold her up by her twat, and my arm around her waist. I sprayed spunk on her belly. She left it there for a minute while she lovingly washed my diminishing cock. Then she stood and let me wash my cum off her and cleaned up around her pussy.

We grinned like a couple of idiots while we toweled each other dry, but we didn’t speak. Nothing needed to be said.

We hit the beach and soaked up the sun. After a morning in the heat, Mom complained, “It’s too hot to wear regular clothes.” Jessica, Brad and I put on t-shirts and shorts, but Mom didn’t want to.

“You can wear a bikini to the cafe if you wear a cover-up,” Jess suggested.

Mom nodded. “Good idea.” She wiggled a yellow bikini bottom up over her round naked ass, to the visual delight of me and Brad. Then she pulled a loose yellow and white striped cover-up on over her head. It settled over her firm tits and hung down almost to the bottom of her puss and ass. She smiled and exclaimed, “That’s much better than hot regular clothes.”

Jessica’s eyes were wide. “Aren’t you going to wear the bikini top?”

Mom shook her head. “It’s an unnecessary extra layer. Less is better in this heat.”

“But that cover-up is almost transparent, Amy,” I pointed out.

She frowned and looked down at herself. “It is not. I can’t see through it.”

“When the sun hits it, your body is perfectly silhouetted, Amy,” Jessica informed her. “You might as well be wearing nothing.”

Mom thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. “This is the beach. I’ve been wearing less than this all day, and I’m don’t want to put on the bikini top. Any objections?” She pointedly looked at me, but when I didn’t object she slipped her feet into her flip-flops. “Okay, then. Let’s go to the cafe. I’m thirsty and hungry.”

Mom took my hand and walked close beside me. As Jess said, out in the sun the silhouette of Mom’s curvy body was on display under the sheer cover-up. Every step she took made her unfettered breasts jiggle and sway. And her hard nipples poked the thin fabric. Every man stared as she walked by, and I saw three girls smack their boyfriends for openly ogling. Mom didn’t seem to notice. She chatted with me cheerfully about our vacation so far. I just hoped she wouldn’t cause a riot or something.

We got an outside table at the cafe, under the shade of the awning. We could watch all the people go by, but they could also see us. Mom continued to draw attention. Several men congregated around the outside dining area, and others frequently walked past. I thought Mom still hadn’t noticed, but half-way through our lunch she leaned over to me and whispered, “All this attention is going to make me soak right through these bikini bottoms. And my nipples are hard enough to cut diamonds. You shouldn’t have let me come out dressed like this, honey.”

“Me? It was your idea,” I whispered back.

“It was, but you didn’t stop me. What kind of a husband lets his wife go out in public with her tits on display?” She grinned and reached out to tousle my hair. “I think you’re secretly a very kinky young man, Gary.”

I blushed. “I am not.”

She giggled. “I kind of like it, but remember you have to protect me. Don’t give in to every stupid idea I have. Be a man, honey.” She kissed me sweetly and returned to eating her lunch.

On our walk back to the hotel after lunch, I kept Mom right by my side, and thank goodness Brad stayed right with us too. His bulk certainly helped keep away the sharks that followed us. It was a short walk and none of the salivating predators got up the nerve to approach Mom before we were safe in our room.

Mom pulled me straight into her arms and kissed me with fire. “They wanted me,” she murmured between kisses. “All those guys wanted me.”

I might not have much experience, but I could tell she was desperate with lust. “They can’t have you,” I answered.

Mom yanked my t-shirt off and scrambled to unfasten my belt. Jessica giggled and said, “I think Brad and I will go for a walk.”

We ignored them. Mom pulled down my pants and underwear and I whipped that filmy cover-up off over her head. And I didn’t hesitate to pull down her bikini bottom.

She shoved me on the bed on my back and jumped me. She stared a challenge into my eyes. Her mound and pussy lips rubbed the length of my cock, as she did Monday night. Her mouth dove onto mine and she moaned. Mom inched her body up, and caught the head of my cock in her pussy lips. A quick jerk of her hips and my world shifted. My cock was in Mom’s pussy!

“Mmphf!” I gasped, but Mom smothered my cry with her mouth. She pressed down hard until my cock was fully sheathed in her tight, wet pussy.

She pulled her lips from mine and her body stilled. She stared in my eyes for a moment. “I’m going nuts,” she groaned. “Listening to Jess and Brad fuck, and having so many young guys lusting after me, and being in bed with your big hard body is too much!” Her pussy squeezed my cock hard. Her hips bounced and she rode up and down my cock.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit,” I groaned. Mom wasn’t the only one going nuts. Damn her tight wet puss felt good.

She sat up straighter and frantically rode my cock. I grabbed her hips and helped. “Huh huh huh huh,” she grunted. Her head snapped back and she squealed, “Aiiii!” Her body shook like an earthquake. I pulled her down to my chest and wrapped my arms tight around her.

“That’s it. Ride it out,” I urged. Slowly her tremors settled down.

Mom’s eyes were wild and hungry, and they looked right through me. Her pussy began to squeeze and twist on my still hard cock. She clearly wanted more.

I rolled us over so I was on top. I pulled out slowly, then pushed all the way back in just as slow. Mom’s mouth twisted into a feral grin and her head lolled from side to side. Nice long slow strokes turned her inside out. She came again and I rode her right through it. She planted her feet on the bed and pushed up at me. “Faster,” she pleaded. “Harder.”

Mom’s wish was my command. I fucked the sexy wench as hard as I could. “Yes, baby, yes!” she yelled. Her legs clamped around my hips and she came again. Her back arched and she again squealed, “Aiii!”

I came with her, and pumped heavily deep in her cunt. We jerked and trembled until the aftershocks passed. My deflating cock eased out of her and I rolled to her side.

Mom twisted her arms around my neck and kissed me lovingly for a few minutes. Guilt crept into my mind, but it didn’t stop me from squeezing her in my arms and pulling her soft gorgeous sexy hot body against me. “Thank you, darling,” she finally said. “I needed that.”

“I shouldn’t have.”

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“If you didn’t, I would’ve found a man who would. I was desperate and you took care of me. Thank you,” she sincerely said.

I struggled to figure out what to say. This was so wrong. “Mom, I …”

She interrupted me with a giggle. “You’re getting hard again already!” She pushed me on my back and stroked my cock a few times. It sprang to full rigidity. She rolled on top of me, pointed it at her pussy, and sank onto it with one long shove. “Yesss,” she hissed. “You’re bigger than your dad. Longer and wider. It fills me so good.”

“Shit,” I groaned. I put my hands on her hips and urged her to ride me up and down. It was too hot to resist. When she built up a good rhythm, I move my hands up to her tits and kneaded them like bread dough.

“Nngg!” she grunted. “Pull my nipples, baby,” she urged. I complied and she went into overdrive. Her head flung back and forth. Her hot pussy pistoned up and down me. I kept working those nips. “C-c-cumming!” she gasped. Her hands leaped to stop mine from yanking her nips. Her pussy froze in place fully on me, and it spasmed around my throbbing cock.

Once again I came when she did, and I pumped a second load of cum deep inside my Mom.

She rolled off me and giggled. “Holy mother of God,” she giddily exclaimed. “I’ve never orgasmed so quickly or often in my life!”

I felt proud and ashamed at the same time. What kind of a sicko gets off on fucking his own mother, one side of my brain argued. The kind that can give the freaking goddess the best fucking of her life, the other side trumpeted. The proud voice was winning the battle.

Mom cuddled against my side and kissed her way from my ear along my chin and to my lips. We sucked face for several minutes. “I love you so much, baby,” she said softly. “Promise me you’ll always be there for me like you are right now.”

“I … I promise, Mom.”

We found Jess and Brad, then we all went to a go-kart track for some fun.

After dinner, Jess and Brad went to a club, but Mom begged off. I thought I knew what she wanted to do. But I was having serious second thoughts.

Back in the hotel, Mom tried to get me naked. “No, Mom,” I insisted and gently pushed her away from me.

She looked highly insulted. “What do you mean, ‘no’?”

“We can’t do this. You’re my mom and it’s not fair to Dad,” I argued.

“But you’re my husband this week,” she replied with a tremulous voice. Tears welled in her eyes and her bottom lip quivered. “Don’t you want me?”

“Please don’t cry, Mom,” I begged.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she cried pitifully. Damn it. I’m a sucker for a woman’s tears. I hugged her and caressed her back. Her arms clung around my neck. “I don’t see why we can’t, Gary,” she sobbed. “I just want to have a fun spring break.”

“It’s wrong, Mom. It’s incest and you shouldn’t be cheating on Dad.”

She stared at me and blinked, obviously trying to figure out how I could be so dense. “It’s not cheating,” she insisted. “Your dad turned me over to you this week, Gary. He told you to take care of me.”

Did she really believe that? I wondered how severely bubble-headed Mom was. “I don’t think he meant sleeping with you.”

“Okay, let’s call him and find out,” she said and grabbed her cell.

I snatched it away from her. If Mom asked Dad if I could keep fucking her, we’d both be in deep shit. To hell with it; I was done fighting. Her combination of dimwitted naivete and sultry sexuality was too much to resist. “Okay, okay. You win. We can continue to … umm … do it. But you can’t tell Dad a word about it when we get home.”

Mom squealed, jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist as tight as a boa constrictor. Her arms tightened around my neck too. “I won’t. I promise. He’d be jealous of my hot second husband with the big cock.”

I untied her bikini bottom and yanked it off. Then I shoved down my bathing suit and stepped out of it. I backed her against the wall and nudged my steel-hard cock between her pussy lips.

“I’ve never done it standing up,” she informed me. Her breathing was heavy and clearly she wanted to try it.

“Me neither.” I rocked forward and buried half my cock in her tight puss.

“Oooo,” she moaned. She urgently wiggled her way down onto me, stuffing more and more into her hot box. I grabbed her hips to lift her up then jam her back down like a piledriver. “Uhn!” she grunted. I did it over and over.

Damn it was good fucking! Primal. Rutting like animals. We stared intensely into each others eyes. Her tits bounced and squashed against my bare chest. We got a rhythm going and went faster and faster. Suddenly she keened, “Eeee!” Her eyes rolled back and her whole body shook with the force of orgasm.

That pushed me over the edge too. I spurted into my mom’s womb. “God damn,” I groaned as her talented puss milked me dry.

Cumming sapped my strength, so I hurried to deposit her on the bed. Her arms and legs were still tight around me, so I laid on top of her with my cock still buried. Mom’s eyes twinkled. “And you thought we should stop.” She giggled and her cunt squeezed my cock again and I reversed from waning to waxing.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “That was amazing.” I kissed her. It was long and tender. I suckled her lower lip and she caressed my tongue with hers.

“Don’t ever say no to me again, darling,” she whispered in my ear. “It made me feel terrible.”

“I won’t.” My cock swelled to full strength again.

She felt it and purred, “Mmm.” Her legs unwrapped and spread wide. “Fuck your wife, darling. Take me like it’s our honeymoon.”

Jesus! My cock felt like it would burst. Mom seemed to know exactly what to say to feed my kinky lust. I fucked her with long hard strokes.

We fucked off and on all evening and night. It was fun, laughing, joyous sex. Mom called it playing and that was exactly right. Between fucks we kissed, sucked, licked, groped, fingered, pinched and even spanked. We tried anything that sprang to mind. Proudly for me, we tried a couple more things that Mom had never experienced before. That made me feel like I was truly claiming her.

When Jessica and Brad returned at 1am, Mom was on top of me, slowly and sensuously riding my cock. We didn’t bother trying to cover up. Jessica giggled, “Have you been here doing it all night?”

“Mmmhmm,” Mom admitted blissfully. She didn’t break the slow cadence of riding me.

Jess giggled more. “I thought sex slowed down after marriage, but y’all do it constantly.”

“We’re in love,” Mom breathed in probably the sexiest husky voice ever. Her eyes fluttered on her next downstroke and I could tell she had another mini-orgasm. They were coming frequently after hours of sex. Her face glowed with ecstasy.

“I can see that,” Brad quipped. Jess pulled him into their bed and in a minute they were fucking too. We ignored them.

I had already cum five times that night and I knew I had nothing left to squirt. But I was hard and I was content to let Mom ride me in her trance-like state. Eventually she had two hard orgasms in a row and was clearly exhausted. I eased her off me, laid her by my side and wrapped her trembling body in my arms. “Gary, Gary, Gary,” she whispered.

“Shh.” I stroked her hair to soothe her. “I have you. You’re okay. I love you.”

“Mmm, love you,” she murmured with a smile and fell asleep.

I grinned and watched her drift off. She was so beautiful and she was mine. At least for now. My eyes closed and I slept too.


I woke to Mom sucking my morning wood. She noticed my eyes open and chirped, “Hi.”

“Hi,” I replied with a grin. “How did you get that thing up again? I thought you broke it last night.”

She smirked and stopped sucking to answer, “I’ll have you know that I am an expert cock restorer. I have never failed to get one up.”

“That’s good to know.” I grabbed her arms and pulled her up the bed to me, then rolled on top of her. She laughed with joy. I got my arms under her legs and lifted them until they almost touched her shoulders. All the yoga she did made her very flexible. My cock filled her wet cunt with one thrust.

“Oh God!” she groaned. “Fuck me hard, darling! You know how I like it.”

I knew. I rode her like she was a horse in the Kentucky Derby. She literally vibrated with the excitement of my rough handling. “Ah! Ah!” she gasped and shook in orgasm.

I came too, surprised I had anything to give after the previous night. When we calmed, I pulled out and slowly eased her legs down. She moaned.

“Holy shit, dude,” I heard Brad exclaim. “That was awesome.”

Jessica smacked him. “Brad, you’ll embarrass them.”

“It’s okay, Jess,” Mom replied. “It was awesome.” Both girls giggled.

Mom wanted to stay in bed all day, but Jess, Brad and I convinced her that we needed to eat. Then she reluctantly joined us on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted her too, but the break let me recharge my batteries.

But by noon Mom was sulking, so after a quick lunch I took her back to our room, much to the amusement of Jess and Brad. She still moped back in the room. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You promised you’d never say no to me again.”

“I didn’t. You agreed to go to breakfast and to the beach,” I reminded her.

“You know I didn’t want to. I don’t think you like it as much as I do.”

“I love it. You know I do.” I held her in my arms.

“Then why did you want to go to the beach?”

“Mom, even young guys can’t do it constantly like women. We need time to regain our strength. You know the saying, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

She frowned. “But last night you did it over and over.”

“I know. And again this morning. I’m tired. I needed to eat and rest,” I explained.

Something clicked in her mind and motherly concern kicked in. She hugged me. “I’m sorry, baby. Are you feeling better? We can go back out on the beach if you want.”

I chuckled at her quick change in attitude. Fucking your mom is complicated. “I don’t want go on the beach. I want to make love to you.”

“Are you sure?” she asked with real concern. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me,” I assured her.

Mom shucked off her bikini in a flash and crawled on the bed on her hands and knees. She waggled her round butt at me and enticed, “I want to do it doggy style.”

The sight brought my cock to a full stand and I dropped my swim trunks. I fingered her cunt from behind. “You’re wet,” I said.

“I’ve been drooling all morning,” she moaned. “Please, baby. I need you so bad.”

I obliged with athletic force and style. At the end Mom dissolved into a satisfied mass of giggles and nerve-endings. I didn’t cum but that was fine. Save it for later. I held Mom until she recovered. “Feeling better?” I asked as I toyed with her nipples.

“Mmm,” she purred. “I needed that. God, you make me cum so hard.”

I had to ask. “Dad doesn’t make you cum like that?”

She shook her pretty head. “Not even close.”

I knew it was wrong to make her compare us, but I was curious. So shoot me. “He isn’t a good lover?”

Mom shrugged. “He’s not as energetic or hard or big as you. You last longer and recover faster too.” She paused and looked in my eyes. “And I’m absolutely crazy for you. That makes it so much better.”

We kissed and petted for a long time. Nothing frantic. Just enough to keep us feeling good. Breathed each others breath. Traced every inch of skin with fingertips.

By mutual silent agreement, she got on her hands and knees again. She loved this position. “Mount me, stud,” she begged. Her enthusiasm infected me and it instantly became my favorite position too.

After we came again and slumped on the mattress she could tell I was exhausted again. “Poor baby,” she cooed. “I’m sorry for wearing you out again.”

I smiled. “It’s okay. It’s a great kind of tired.”

She was back in mom mode. “It’s not okay, honey. I’m going to call your father because I haven’t touched base with him in a few days. But when I’m done we’re getting you something to eat.”

She sprawled naked next to me in bed and called Dad. Talk about surreal. Her side of the conversation:

“Hi, Mark. How are you?”

“I’m having a blast. Much better than I expected.”

“Gary is having fun too, I think.” I reached out and groped her tit and pulled her nipple. She smiled at me but didn’t let on to Dad that anything was happening.

“Alright, Mark. Try not to work too hard. We’ll be home late Sunday.”

She hung up.

I sucked on her nipple, but she ordered, “Get up. We’ll shower then get you a snack. You need energy.”

I stroked her thigh. “Let’s stay in bed,” I replied. “I can rest here.”

“If we stay here we’ll fuck again,” she reasoned and I had to agree. “Please darling, get up. If you don’t eat I’m afraid you’ll get sick or something.”

She looked so genuinely concerned that I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower with her. She didn’t even let me fool around with her in there. She was all business. Wash, dry, dress, and out the door to find food.

I admit that I wolfed down the pizza and felt much better after. Moms really do know best.

Mom pampered me for the rest of the evening, constantly getting me food and drinks. She didn’t even want me to dance, but I finally convinced her to join me for a few songs. Brad and Jessica were highly entertained by all of it. They’d never seen Amy in mother mode before.

That night in bed I was recovered and raring to go. Mom and I sucked each other to readiness, then I arranged her naked body in the doggy position she loved so much. I tugged her long, platinum-blonde hair and pulled her head up. “Huh, huh, huh,” she gasped in time with my thrusts. Her perfect boobs bounced wildly.

I let go of her hair and grabbed those fucking tits. “Yes baby, yes!” Mom spurred me on. “Cum in me baby! Fill me up!”

I jerked and pumped my load in her like a fire hose. “Aii,” Mom squealed as she came too. We collapsed on the mattress and she giggled. “When I feel your cum it always sets me off.”

“I know,” I replied with a smile. “I love it.”


When I woke I was on my back and Mom was sprawled against me as usual, with an arm and leg across me. I loved the feel of her warm naked body. She was awake already and watching me silently. Her face was only a couple inches from mine. “Good morning,” I murmured. I put a hand behind her head and pulled her in for a long, gentle kiss.

Our lips eventually parted. “Brad and Jessica went out for breakfast about a half-hour ago,” she informed me.

I looked at the clock. Nearly ten o’clock. “You should have woke me.”

“We both needed the rest. Somebody kept waking me during the night.”

I grinned, remembering the night. “That’s because you’re irresistible,” I told her. My arms tightened and pulled her hard against me. I kissed her again. “You’re so cute in the morning.”

“You’re such a liar. I must look awful. My hair is a mess.”

“Your messy hair is what makes you look cute. You look like a little girl.” Another kiss. “You have a great body. Long and lean and fit. It feels awesome against me.”

“You’re not embarrassed to be with your old Mom, Gary?” she asked with concern.

I chuckled. “You’re not old. Gorgeous women like you are ageless.”

“You could have your choice of the young college babes running around here,” she told me. “I’ve seen the way they look at you.”

“They couldn’t be half as exciting as you, Mom,” I assured her and kissed her neck. “This is so kinky and hot. I love it and I love you.”

“I love you too,” she cooed. “I just don’t want to hold you back.”

“You aren’t. I only want you.”

“Me too, darling. Only you.”

It was raining that morning, so when Brad and Jessica came back, the girls decided we should go shopping. Brad and I rolled our eyes but dutifully tagged along.

I got interested when we discovered a sophisticated lingerie shop. We walked in and Brad promptly exclaimed, “Oh yeah, you got to get one of those, Jess.” He pointed at a mannequin wearing a fancy embroidered corset. Not the kind designed to super-compress the waist, these were mostly decorative.

“You like that?” Jess asked.

“Hell yeah,” he enthused. “Corsets are hot.”

“They’re actually bustiers, but close enough,” Jess informed him. We perused the display and Brad talked Jess into buying a red one. The fabric was sheer, but embellished by floral patterns embroidered along the edges and in swirls across the belly area. I looked forward to seeing Jess in it, but I didn’t say it of course.

Mom held up a pale pink one. “What do you think, Gary?”

I pictured her in it and my cock twitched. “You’ll look hot in that,” I answered.

She smiled. “I’ll buy it then.”

Garter straps dangled from the bottom of the bustiers, so the girls decided to buy stockings too. And fancy panties to complete the sets. My imagination worked overtime visualizing both girls in the lingerie, and from the look of Brad his was too. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had shopping,” I told them.

“That was for you boys,” Jessica said. “Now we’re going to look at dresses.” Brad and I groaned.

It took an hour for Jess and Amy to find dresses for the clubs that they liked, which was faster than I feared. Jess chose a sequined red tube dress that seemed to vacuum-form to her little body. Mom picked a metallic gold mini-dress made of stretchy lycra. It had spaghetti straps, showed lots of cleavage, and left the top half of her back bare. She couldn’t wear a bra with it, and I loved the way her boobs jiggled in the dress.

We were back at the hotel by 11am. Brad requested, “Give us a fashion show, ladies. We want to see you in your new lingerie.” It was still raining and there was nothing else to do, so the girls agreed.

They went into the bathroom to change and were in there a long time. We heard lots of giggling. “What’s taking so long?” Brad asked them through the door.

“We’re shaving,” Jessica answered.


“Shaving our pussies,” Mom’s voice replied and both girls giggled.

“Whoa! Take as much time as you need,” Brad said. They giggled again.

The bathroom door opened and two visions of loveliness walked out. “We’re ready,” Jess said. “Thank you for being patient.”

Both of the women acted a little shy, but I think that was an act. They had to know how great they looked. The thin bustiers cupped and held up their boobs, and fitted snug around their torsos. Mom’s pink bustier perfectly complemented her platinum blonde hair and made her look remarkably innocent for a garment that was so blatantly sexy. Her garter straps held up white lace-top thigh-high stockings. Little pink lace v-string panties completed her hot outfit. Jessica look just as sexy. Her bustier was red, with black stockings and panties.

Brad was agog. “Don’t you like it?” Jessica asked him, and did a full turn to show him the back too.

“I love it,” the big guy answered. He scooped her off her feet. She squealed and kicked her legs until he deposited her on their bed. “I don’t think you need the panties, do you?”

“No,” she cooed and lifted her ass to let him pull them off. Brad threw off his clothes and was on top of her in a flash. I watched until he jammed his big cock in her shaved little pussy.

Mom sidled up to me and pouted, “Brad likes Jessica’s lingerie more than you like mine.”

“No, his lust just distracted me for a minute,” I assured her. I walked a circle around her. “You look sweet and innocent and totally seductive at the same time.” I picked up my phone and began taking photos.

“Gary! Don’t,” Mom protested.

“I have to preserve this for posterity, Amy. You’re drop-dead dazzling. Pose for me. Come on … hands over head.” Mom was genuinely bashful in front of the camera, but she lifted her arms, which wonderfully lifted her boobs too. “Great. Now let your inner model loose. Pose.” She stuck her tongue out at me, but relented and got into it after a moment. She posed with hands on hips and behind her back, twisted and turned this way and that. She pretended to adjust the bustier’s hold on her tits, which made super hot pics. She even sexily toyed with her panties, but wouldn’t pull them off for the camera.

Brad noticed what I was doing and stopped fucking Jess right in the middle of the act. She protested but soon was giggling and provocatively posing for Brad’s camera phone on their bed. Without panties.

Mom crawled onto our bed and I snapped pictures of her on her hands and knees, on her stomach, and lots on her back. She got into it and squirmed around like a bitch in heat. “Enough pictures, Gary” she finally moaned as she rubbed her puss through her panties. “Come to bed. I need you.”

I stripped and pulled off her panties, then jumped on top of her. We kissed and rubbed our bodies together. Her smooth lingerie felt damn enticing against my skin. “You’re a naughty boy for taking pictures of me dressed like this,” she whispered. “They better not end up on the internet.”

“They won’t,” I promised. “You’re mine. I don’t share.”

Her eyes bored into mine. “Don’t share. Ever. Take what’s yours, baby, and don’t ever let me go.”

I drove my cock into her with a mighty thrust. “Ah!” she gasped. Her pussy was wet with excitement but clamped down on me right away. I pushed through the tightness and buried myself over and over. She squirmed and moaned under me until two orgasms ripped through her, one after another. “Maybe I’ll wear this for you every day,” she teased and grinned delighted.

I decided I wanted to see her better, so I rolled us over without disengaging cock from twat. From below my hands were free to roam over the bustier and her boobs. “You have a real lingerie fetish,” she laughed.

“I have a fetish for what’s filling the lingerie,” I corrected her. I held her thin waist and guided her into riding me with long strokes. Then I want back to feeling her up. She rode me that way for a long time. She adjusted her speed to prevent me from going off because we both were enjoying this immensely. Eventually the urge did build in me and I put my hands on her hips to speed her up until she she was fucking me like a jackhammer. I emptied my nut in her and savored the euphoric buzz in my brain. God I loved cumming in Mom’s incestuous little snatch.

She came too, then rested on top of me. I liked the light weight of her, and the feel of the bustier and stockings too. “I love how we cum together so often,” she said with a satisfied sigh. “We’re synchronized. It’s cool.”

“Yeah, it is,” I agreed. Orgasming was more fun when there was a girl cumming on my cock at the same time.

Mom noticed that Jessica and Brad were resting too, so she asked, “Y’all want to shower first?”

“Okay,” Jess agreed. But when she tried to get out of bed, Brad pulled her back to him. She squealed and giggled. Brad rolled on top of her and rammed his cock in. “Uff!” Jess grunted.

“We better shower first,” Mom giggled and raced me to the bathroom.

“Brad is really into that sexy lingerie,” I observed. “The guy is out of control.”

“You don’t have much room to talk, buster,” Mom teased. “My poor pussy is sore from the pounding you gave it.”

I smirked. “We better get you out of that evil outfit then.” When she reached for her garters I smacked her hands away. “Let me do it.”

Mom rolled her eyes and smiled. “Yeah, Brad is one who’s out of control.”

I ignored her jibe. Her panties were already off, so I began by unfastening her stockings from the garter straps. The sheer stockings looked just as sexy coming off as they did going on. The sight of Mom in that bustier was too much to resist. I backed her against the wall and lifted her by putting my hands under her ass.

Mom giggled but wrapped her legs around my waist. “Gary, you’re just as bad as Brad.”

“Maybe,” I admitted. I drove the length of my cock into her with one stroke. I was overexcited and didn’t last more than a few minutes. Mom didn’t cum, but she didn’t mind. She thought my lingerie fetish was funny. When I put her down she quickly took off the bustier.

Back out in the room, Brad was on top of Jessica, fucking wildly. Her had her arms pinned to the mattress. “Y’all go ahead without us,” he rumbled in his deep voice. “We’ll be a while.”

Jess giggled. “Yeah, a while.”

It was still raining, so we put on jeans and t-shirts and grabbed an umbrella. We left to give them privacy, not that they were paying any attention to us anyway.

Mom and I walked hand-in-hand down the boardwalk. The rain kept most people inside, but the little waves still rolled in and the sound of the rain on the umbrella was relaxing. We huddled closely together beneath it as we walked. Mom seemed to be deep in thought. “Do you think Brad will marry Jessica, Gary?” she asked, apropos of nothing.

“Maybe,” I answered. “He hasn’t mentioned anything to me though.”

She stopped and looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “I’m glad we’re already married, honey,” she said, “because I have something to tell you. I think I’m pregnant!” She jumped against me and threw her arms around my neck to give me a long kiss.

Pregnant?! Fuck! My head spun and my knees wobbled. I sat down hard on a nearby bench, and Mom went down with me.

“I knew you’d be excited!” she giggled, terribly misreading my reaction.

“Y-you’re not on birth control?” I asked pitifully.

She laughed. “Obviously not, dummy. Mark got a vasectomy after I got pregnant with you. I’ve never used birth control in my life.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?”

Mom shrugged. “I was so carried away the first time that I didn’t think of it, and after that it just didn’t seem important, you know? Besides, I knew you’d be as happy about it as me.” She kissed me again.

“Are you sure?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t.

“No, but I felt this same way when Mark knocked me up.” A far-away dreamy look passed over her face. “You know I married your dad when I was 16 because I was pregnant. He was 20 and accepted responsibility like a man, and took care of me and you. You’re ready to do the same, aren’t you, Gary? I mean, we’ll stay married, right?”

“But we’re not really married,” I argued.

She smiled sweetly. “To me we are. We’ve been married all week and this has been the best week of my life. For the first time in my life I’m in love. You opened my eyes, honey. I love you so much.” Again she kissed me.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. My Mom had gone off the deep end! She wanted me to be her husband and the father to our incestuous child! Shit, shit, shit! Frantically trying to get her to see reality, I asked, “What about Dad?”

“I’ll find him another woman,” she blithely said. “It won’t be hard. My friend Tina likes him a lot, and I kind of think his secretary is in love with him already.”

“Mom,” I desperately whispered in her ear, “we can’t have a baby!”

She giggled. “Too late. I’m pretty sure we have one on the way.”

“But it’s wrong,” I groaned.

“I know,” she giggled again and humped her pussy against my leg. “It’s so kinky and hot! Take me back to the hotel. I want to celebrate.”

I let her pull me to my feet and lead me back to the hotel. I was too dazed and confused to resist.

When we got to our room, Jessica and Brad were getting dressed. “Why are you back so soon?” Jess asked.

“We decided to come back to celebrate,” Mom answered.

“Celebrate what?”

“I might be pregnant.”

Jess squealed and hugged Mom. They hopped up and down together with excitement.

“I didn’t know you were trying for a baby!” Jessica said. “No wonder y’all fuck like minks.” She and Mom giggled.

Brad shook my hand. “Nice job, dude,” he congratulated me with a grin. “You must be happy.”

Terrified was more like it. But Mom needed me. I couldn’t expect Dad to be a father to a baby that wasn’t his. I had to take responsibility like he did 18 years earlier. “I’m ecstatic,” I lied.

Mom heard that and jumped me. She kissed me over and over while our friends laughed.

I gave in and went to crazy-land with Mom. Planting a baby in her belly was definitely a kinky thrill. A super-hot kinky thrill. I yanked off our jeans, and rolled on top of her. “Let’s make sure you’re pregnant,” I growled with lust.

Mom giggled and nodded. “Do it, Gary. Be my stud.”

Fucking to breed seemed totally different than fucking for fun. The intent electrified me. I had a vision of Mom’s belly growing and her tits swelling with milk. For the first time I understood why some men want to keep their women barefoot and pregnant. If I knocked up my gorgeous mom, it meant I was her alpha male. Me. The feeling of power was intoxicating.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, doing everything we could to insure that Mom was knocked up with my baby.

When Jessica and Brad got back from dinner at 7pm, she wrinkled her nose and laughed, “It smells like pure sex in here.”

Mom and I were resting, sprawled naked on our bed. Our bodies were slick with sweat and Mom’s pussy leaked cum. Her hand slowly stroked my tired cock, trying to coax it to another stand. We didn’t try to cover up. Our friends had already seen everything this week. “Sorry about the stink,” I apologized.

“No problem,” Jess replied. “I kind of like the smell. It makes me horny. Hey, we are still going to the club tonight, aren’t we?”

I wanted to stay in bed, but I wisely looked to Mom before I answered. “You promised to take me back to that great slow-dancing club, Gary,” she reminded me.

I sighed. “Yeah. I did.”

“And we have new dresses to wear,” Jessica excitedly reminded Mom. That settled it. We were going to the dance club.

Mom was stunning in her gold mini-dress. She attracted even more attention than when she wore her little black dress the first time we went there. “Are you going to let other men dance with me tonight?” she teased me.

“Hell no,” I answered. “You’re mine.”

She giggled. “Yes, I am.”

I didn’t take any chances. When we weren’t dancing I held her hand. When she went to the restroom, I waited outside the door. When I went to the restroom, I had Brad stand guard over her. Call me paranoid, I don’t care. I knew how hot Mom was and I wasn’t letting anyone near her.

“Darling, I love the way you’re protecting me,” Mom told me while we danced. “Tonight you’re the man I always knew you could be.” We danced until midnight and returned to the hotel.


Mom loved to go to art museums and galleries in any city she visited. So we did that on Saturday while Jessica and Brad went on an Everglades tour.

Mom held my hand as she led me from gallery to gallery in the trendy arts district. She chattered about the art and coaxed me into talking about what I liked and didn’t like. “This is so much fun,” she chirped. “I feel like a high school girl on a date with a guy she has a huge crush on.”

She didn’t simply look at the art and move on. She discussed the pieces she liked with the gallery staff. She was an art history major, and I was impressed with the apparent depth of her knowledge. The gallery employees seemed impressed too, but that may have partly been due to her beauty. She was wearing a little red dress in her favorite style – tight and short.

There was a lesbian employee in one gallery who kept Mom talking for a half hour. She was a sultry Hispanic girl with short black hair and a terrific round ass. I gave them plenty of space, and Mom outrageously flirted. The girl gave it right back and looked Mom up and down with hunger. It was exciting to watch and I got a chubby. I eventually took pity on the poor smitten lesbian and told Mom, “We need to get going, Amy.” The girl gave me an ugly look and scribbled her number on the back of a business card for Mom before we left.

Outside the gallery, Mom clung to my arm and giggled, “You liked that.”

“Yeah, I did,” I admitted. “But you said you wouldn’t flirt anymore.”

“I said I wouldn’t flirt with any more men,” she corrected and giggled again.

“You seemed to be into it. Have you ever thought about girls?”

“No, but there’s always a first time,” she answered with a smirk.

I laughed. “You minx.”

She laughed along with me. “I only flirted with her because I thought you’d get off on it. You’re a kinky boy, Gary Moore.”

I rolled my eyes. “Pot calling the kettle black.”

Mom playfully poked me in the ribs. “Thank you for being so patient, honey. I know that touring galleries isn’t your idea of a fun day.”

I shrugged. “I like being out alone with you.”

She smiled and kissed me. “No wonder I love you so much. You’re a dear.”

That night, Mom eased me down on my back and climbed on top. “I want to make love, not fuck,” she said softly. We kissed and explored each other with our hands. I wanted to touch every inch of her skin. When she finally lined up my throbbing cock with her wet pussy, she whispered in my ear, “I know it’s awfully late to ask, but do you want to use a condom, Gary? I might not be pregnant yet.”

I didn’t hesitate. “No condom.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Certain.” I held her hips to slowly impale her on my bare cock. I wanted to plant a baby in Mom’s belly. That was the way to win her. First Dad, and now me.

She smiled but tears formed in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” I asked. I hate tears.

“Tears of joy, silly,” she told me. “You really love me and you want our baby.”

I kissed away her tears. “Of course I do.”

Mom practically glowed with joy as she very slowly and lovingly rode up and down my cock. She paused frequently for kisses. This tender lovemaking was worlds apart from our frantic fucks of the last few days. I liked it.

I watched her in the near-darkness of that hotel room, and it fully sunk in that this gorgeous creature was going to be my wife and the mother of my baby. The pride I felt was exhilarating.


We were leaving Fort Lauderdale bright and early for the long drive back to Memphis. I rolled out of bed and pulled Mom into the shower with me. We didn’t have time for sex, but kisses and caresses were nice eye-openers.

While Brad and Jess showered, Mom and I put on jeans and t-shirts. I sighed, “I don’t want to go home, Amy. I’m happy here.”

“Me too, Gary, but we have things to take care of back in Tennessee. You have to finish school and I have to divorce Mark.”

I groaned. “Poor Dad. It sucks that he’s getting screwed over in all this.”

Mom shook her head. “Mark is no innocent. Don’t forget that he knocked me up when I was 16 and he was 20. 16! It’s nice that he married me but it wasn’t exactly a hardship since I came with money from my inheritance and half the boys in Memphis were hot for me. He got a good deal, but now it’s time for me to move on.”

I smiled. She was right. He did get a good deal. “18 years with you is a hell of a deal, I’d say.”

Mom grinned, “And I’m going to find Mark a new woman. I’ve already thought of three to set him up with. My friend Tina, his secretary Sarah, and Becky Boardman.”

“Becky? She’s like 25,” I said. Becky was the daughter of one of Mom’s older friends.

“I know, but she’s a gold-digger and a slut,” Mom explained. “She’ll fuck him. I guarantee it.”

I chuckled. “Dad’s dating life is about get wild and mine has come to a screeching halt. Something’s not right about that.”

Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and asked, “You want to date other women, Gary?”

“No, no. That was a joke,” I assured her. “There’s only one woman for me.”

“Good answer,” she said and kissed me. “It’s you and me forever, honey.”

“I’m the luckiest man in the world.”


Mom and I got a really nice apartment in Knoxville, almost 400 miles away from the people who knew us in Memphis, and everyone we knew in in our new hometown thought we were married. The apartment was close to the University of Tennessee where I was a student. Mom didn’t work or go to school. Her inheritance was more than enough to live on, and she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and take care of our daughter.

Mom laid naked on her back on our bed. I gently rubbed cocoa butter on her big round belly. “Thank you, honey. That feels so good,” she purred.

“My pleasure,” I answered. “I love taking care of you, Amy.”

Her face glowed. “I know you do. You’re the best husband, and you’ll be the best father too.”

“I hope so.”

She covered my hands with hers and looked in my eyes. “Try not to worry so much, honey. Doctor Gale says the baby is strong, healthy and normal. She’ll be a beautiful baby, I know she will, and you’ll be a great daddy.”

I sighed. “I hope she isn’t as beautiful as you. I don’t want all the boys chasing her.” I slid a hand down to diddle her pussy.

Mom giggled. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach her how to fend off boys. I don’t want her knocked up at 16 like me.”

“I think I’ll keep her locked up until she’s 20,” I replied.

She giggled again. “Your dad called today,” she told me.

It made me jealous that Mom and Dad spoke on the phone two or three times a week. They were divorced for God’s sake! But they stayed friends and I couldn’t exactly object. I mean, I stole the guy’s wife and they are my parents. I should be happy that they’re still friends. “They’re back from the honeymoon?” I asked politely.

She nodded. “They got back yesterday. Mark says Hawaii is awesome. I talked to Tina too. She’s still a little uncomfortable around me because she married Mark so soon after our divorce, but she’s coming around.”

“That’s good,” I said. Dad’s new wife, Tina, was one of Mom’s best friends. Mom pushed them together while she was divorcing Dad. Tina was a couple years older than Dad and not nearly as hot as Mom, but she was really nice. And she was crazy about Dad. I was glad they were happy, it made me feel less guilty.

Dad didn’t know about me and Mom of course. He thought I was a dutiful son helping his mom through an unwanted pregnancy. He didn’t find out about the pregnancy until the divorce was well underway. It understandably made him mad because it proved Mom cheated on him, but he didn’t guess I was the father. Mom smoothed it over by cunningly hooking Dad up with a few women, including Tina. Dad got so distracted by new pussy that he forgot to stay mad at Mom.

My jealousy of Mom and Dad got the better of me, so I rolled Mom over and helped her up on her hands and knees. I got behind her and stuffed her full of my cock. “Uff!” she grunted. But then she giggled. “Every time I mention your dad, you fuck me, Gary. It’s cute, but you don’t have to be jealous. I love you and only you.”

I blushed but didn’t stop humping her, and I also squeezed her boobs which had grown from D to DD-cup because of the pregnancy. “I didn’t know I was so obvious.”

She looked over her shoulder at me with a sly smile. “I’m not the ditzy blonde that you think I am, honey.”

I shook my head and smiled. She was so cute. “You’re not?” I teased. “How did you manage to get knocked up by your own son then?”

Mom giggled. “Careful planning.”