Seduction of Debbie

The following story describes the sexual conquest of a beautiful but forbidden fruit. This story is intended to be titillating, and just plain fun to read.. but it is still fictional. On the other hand, real life love and passion with one’s own true love is an ultimate experience in life. My hope is that each of us searches out and finds our personal soul mate, that we fall madly in love, and that we experience the depth of love and passion that can only be experienced with this one very special person. But for this moment, let’s enjoy the …

* * * * *


Wayne and I have been close friends since freshman year in college. When we met, he was the slick, lady’s man, I the studious engineer. Although different in interests and goals, we hit it off right from the start. I helped him with school work (which seemed to be a frequent need). He gave me a social life. There were so many attractive girls on campus. These beautiful young women gravitated toward Wayne. I was happy to be nearby to receive some of the reflected glow.

My luck on the dating front took a dramatic turn for the best during my senior year. I met a sophomore named Debbie… through Wayne, of course. She was every man’s dream come true. At least she was my wet dream. Debbie stood 5′-7″, with blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders and framed the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen. Her lips were softly sculptured, full and yet subtle. She was the only women I’d ever seen who looked as though she was always ready to be kissed. Debbie was shy, but when she looked at a man and smiled, he usually melted into a puddle of adoration.

Debbie had the kind of breasts that drew men’s attention. They weren’t oranges or grapefruit. They were fully developed, ripe cantaloupes. Their roundness and fullness were matched by the flare of her hips. From an engineering perspective, I always wondered how breasts so full and a bottom so rounded could be wrapped around such a tight little waist. Or why this Venus would be balanced on legs so long and delicately crafted. Overall, she was a woman who caught eyes no matter where she was, what she was doing or what she was wearing. Debbie was simply a stunning woman. When she walked the streets of campus, she was responsible for more erections than the steel workers who were constructing the new library.

I joined a long list of men on campus who were determined to make Debbie theirs. Predictably, she was drawn to Wayne first. But I could see in her something that made me think I might have a chance with her. Debbie had a very practical side. She held conservative, mid-Western values. She was dreaming of one day having a stable family with a house and kids. And even at that time, I believed I wasn’t just an engineering student. I believed I was a damn good engineer who could reason through any problem and find a favorable solution.

While most men were trying to win her body, I used analytical thinking to develop an edge. I concentrated on Debbie’s dreams, not my own. I truly believed I had what Debbie was looking for. I’d seen Wayne in action for a couple of years and I wasn’t unattractive, so I made it one of my goals to make sure Debbie knew I was the one who could give her the life she wanted.

Things between us started slowly. Debbie has always been introverted and demure. Those who pressed her too hard crashed and burned. I wondered to myself how someone with her ravishing good looks could be so reserved. Her small town upbringing apparently had not provided her much in the way of dating opportunities. I used as much charm as I could muster (given that most of the time I was in awe of her body), but mostly I showed Debbie that I was building a career that would support her family. She liked that. We got serious.

When we finally announced our engagement, Wayne was very impressed. He knew that I had used my education to secure the most sought-after prize on campus.

After I graduated (with honors), Debbie and I got married. We never left our college town, because Debbie needed to finish school while I started my first job. Wayne stayed in town, too. We had become best friends, he still liked the girls on campus, and he landed a nice job with a local distributor. Wayne and I kept right on playing softball and basketball together. But now, Debbie and I also frequently socialized with Wayne and whomever his current flame was. Debbie and I laughed about how Wayne went through women. He had a well developed knack for getting intimate with the object of his attention. I had seen his system of seduction in action many times.

Wayne was like a cowpoke who enjoyed separating a filly from the herd, breaking down her inhibitions, stripping her bare, climbing into her saddle, and then riding her hard. I nicknamed Wayne the “Cowboy” because of his exploits. Predictably, Debbie was too embarrassed to acknowledge this nickname. The graphic image of him mounting a beautiful woman for a pleasure ride was not something she could even contemplate.

Unfortunately for Wayne, he never seemed able to find a woman who could hold his attention for long. And of course, because of her stunning good looks, Wayne would occasionally throw a line in Debbie’s direction. Probably as much out of instinct as anything. Debbie would get so red when Wayne told her how much her big breasts turned him on. She enjoyed the compliments, but even in marriage she was still a shy woman lacking in confidence. And we all knew who was really scoring with Debbie.

During the summer after Debbie graduated, she and I took a vacation to Jamaica. Deep blue water to match Debbie’s sparkling eyes, glowing sunsets, and mellow island beverages made the trip memorable. Late one evening after a number of daiquiris, I coaxed Debbie (with great effort) onto a secluded nude beach. It took every daiquiri I could find to get her to strip off her clothes, because baring her charms was absolutely NOT Debbie.

I took full advantage of the evening too, and kissed and caressed her nude body into a passion. Right there on the beach I laid her on her back, spread her luscious legs, buried my manhood in her, and rode her like one of Wayne’s fillies. Our lovemaking that night gave us Abigail, who was born the next May.

* * * * *

I – the Party

By Abigail’s first Christmas, Debbie and I had seen enough diapers for a lifetime. When Wayne invited us to his annual New Year’s Eve party, we were both ready for a good time. Wayne’s New Year’s Eve parties were just our speed. Wayne would invite four or five couples for a laid back evening of music, chatter, dancing and drinks. After spending most of our nights feeding Abby, dancing and drinks sounded pretty good.

The only possible damper on the party (for me) was the remote chance that I might be called away on an emergency response by the local utility company I worked for. I had moved up rapidly within the engineering staff of the company. The regional service manager warned me not to get too far away from my beeper on New Year’s Eve. If there was even a hint of trouble that night, fears of a-Y2K-like event made end-of-year reliability paramount. The manager would be calling me in.

As soon as the wrapping paper was torn off the Christmas gifts, Debbie started planning her outfit for Wayne’s party. It had been awhile since I’d taken her on a date that required dressy clothes. My mistake. Debbie let me know in no uncertain terms that she would be needing a new dress for the party. She ultimately decided on a fairly short, simple, dark blue satin dress with spaghetti straps.

When she tried the dress on for me, it was clear that it had been custom tailored for my wife. It scooped discreetly in both front and back, snugly hugging her breasts and hips with the softness of a mother’s embrace. I’d seen dresses on other women that fit tightly at these expressions of their womanhood… Debbie’s dress also dove in dramatically and clung to her flat belly and slim waist. Only a lengthy zipper allowed her to wrap herself in this figure eight of skin-tight fabric.

The dress was all Debbie: understated color and trim emphasizing the voluptuous figure within. I was certain that she would be the most beautiful woman at Wayne’s party. From a man’s perspective, Debbie’s new dress was very well-designed gift wrapping. As I gazed at her in her new party dress, I looked forward to unwrapping Debbie on New Year’s Eve. Of course I had no way of knowing that someone else would be having this honor, and much more.

We arrived at the New Year’s Eve party around 8:30, and were greeted by Wayne. As was his custom for this party, he wore a loose, short sleeved shirt adorned with a wild island print. Years ago he had told us that he thought this would drive away the cold for at least this one night of the year. I was surprised not to see Wendy, his latest companion. Wayne reported sorrowfully that Wendy, a flight attendant he had met on a trip early in December, had taken an early flight out. From the way Wayne said it, I think he meant she was taking flight, period.

Too bad. She was a dark-haired beauty that Debbie and I both liked in the short time we’d known her. And I didn’t mind looking at her thin figure and shapely legs. Wayne apparently didn’t mind looking around a little either, which proved to be a problem for Wendy. When Debbie shed her jacket, Wayne didn’t have any such problem. I chuckled to myself because it took quite a few minutes for Wayne to take his eyes off my wife. Debbie was ravishing tonight!

The other couples arrived soon after us. By nine, the whole group had arrived and were sharing stories about the best and worst gifts of the season. Lisa and Kevin were the couple we knew the best. Kevin was direct. He hit the mixed drinks early. He said the drinks were to cleanse his palette for the champagne later. Kevin could sometimes get too drunk, but I wasn’t too worried about Kevin. He was mostly harmless.

I was becoming a little concerned about Wayne however. He sucked down a few drinks and soon his forlorn expression was replaced by a more aggressive demeanor. Wayne must have been in dire straits with Wendy, because he appeared to have decided that he needed a new conquest. He looked as though he was ready to cut a new mare from the herd for his next pursuit… and he wasn’t waiting for tomorrow!

I remembered what Wayne humorously called “the predator’s assessment”, and he was already boldly using this selection technique with the women at the party. I didn’t want to see his ego hurt, but his tricks were sometimes pretty fun to watch. A number of years ago Wayne had instructed me that this “predator’s assessment” started with an innocent one-on-one chat with a woman. At a certain point in the conversation, he would look intently into her eyes. When he had her full attention, he would purposefully drop his gaze to examine her breasts and nipples in detail, making sure she was watching him. After enough time for her to clearly recognize that he was evaluating her potential for his later use, he would raise his eyes once again directly to hers. If she smiled at him, he knew he had found the filly he would probably be riding that night. If she frowned, he figured she would be a difficult filly to break in. Not impossible, just more work.

After watching him move around the room from woman to woman, virtually ignoring his male guests, I headed for the kitchen to freshen our drinks. He quickly closed on Debbie. I watched as they bantered for a couple of minutes. Then I saw him lower his eyes to examine Debbie’s pride-and-joys with the precision of a surgeon. He looked back up at my wife, and she predictably gave him the infrequent third response. Debbie blushed profusely and nervously covered a breast with her hand. This was Wayne’s favorite response. He knew this type of woman would make for a wonderful pursuit… and Debbie also offered the attraction that she would be the most gorgeous woman he had ever captured.

At this point, I remembered what Wayne was most accomplished at. It was indeed breaking a woman’s inhibitions and bending her spirit to his will. I stopped being worried about Wayne, and started worrying instead about the women at his party, especially Debbie. I felt for my beeper and was sorry that it was still there. I hustled back to break up Wayne’s fun.

Ten o’clock rolled around, and those of us who’d been to one of Wayne’s New Year’s Eve parties knew it was time to dance. A few years ago, there had been a nasty case of bruised feet and egos caused for the most part by uncoordinated John Travolta wannabes. Since then, Wayne had strongly suggested that guests remove their shoes to dance “Waikiki-style”.

Four of the women (Debbie included) knew this in advance. They had arrived at the party without nylons, but decorated with painted toenails. Bill’s wife Anne Marie must not have gotten the memo. After a few heated Beach Boys tunes, she had developed runs in her nylons from Wayne’s berber carpet. I saw her slip away during a break, and when she returned, her stockings didn’t.

I was having a great time, and had forgotten about work for at least a half hour. Just after 10:30, my beeper went off. When I called the office, I got the bad news. They needed me at the power command center, probably until morning. Debbie didn’t take the news well either. Wayne must have seen our long faces, because he drifted by. I expressed our regrets and we headed for our coats. Wayne was thinking fast, and came up with an idea. He convinced me that Debbie was having such a good time that it would be a shame for her to miss out on the fun just because I had to leave. He was right, but I didn’t realize the type of fun he had in store for my wife.

I could see that Debbie was as happy that evening as I’d seen her in some time. I gave her a questioning look. She was too shy to declare her feelings in front of Wayne, so I suggested that she stay. Her face lit up, almost imperceptibly. Wayne promised to drive her home as soon as the party broke up. I was worried about leaving Debbie with Wayne, but I knew something he didn’t. Debbie had highly developed FM reception. FM reception? The volume on her “Faithfulness Meter” was always turned up. I was confident in Debbie’s fidelity.

At that same moment, Wayne was confident as well. He had found the object of his desire for this night, and his only true competition was withdrawing. In his somewhat drunken state, he intended to separate Debbie from the rest of his guests, break down her inhibitions, and with some luck saddle up her wonderful body for a pleasure ride later in the evening.

Debbie may have had strong FM reception, but Wayne knew that she, like all women, also had an AM channel… an “Animal Meter” hard-wired into her being. It was not Wayne’s intention to convince Debbie to succumb to him. Instead, he intended to dramatically turn up her AM volume until her own body drowned out her FM channel. At that point, she would be his. With my departure, he hoped to bury his rising manhood between her smooth and luscious thighs within hours. He had one more ace in the hole. He intended to use Debbie’s lack of confidence to his advantage.

* * * * *

II – Fondling Debbie

My departure didn’t disrupt the party for long. After I left, Wayne queued up one of his favorite oldies: “Devil with a Blue Dress On”. This fast paced tune soon had his guests enthusiastically shaking and gyrating, just as they had been before I left. Even shy Debbie was caught up in the moment. Her dress was so tight that it could conceal little of her beauty or her movements. She shook her big tits, and Wayne’s male partiers watched in admiration. She swayed her luscious hips and her smooth thighs were briefly exposed to view. But most enticingly, every now and then, by instinct more than anything else, she thrust the magnificent V between her legs directly at Wayne. The fabric of her dress strained to maintain its integrity and conceal her charms.

She was no devil with a blue dress on. Energized as she was, she was a radiant Victoria’s angel in her blue dress. The men in the room, however, were all having evil thoughts. Every male eye was on my wife, some furtively, some more bold. Although she didn’t realize it, she was a one-person construction crew. Erections were creating tents in all of the slacks in the room. Wayne in particular had enjoyed the view of her very sensuous dance. This angel in the blue dress had now very graphically confirmed his desire. He was determined to intimately experience the thrusts she was innocently performing for his guests, … with his cock buried between her tender thighs. For now, however, he needed to cool down his raging erection, which was large enough to draw everyone’s attention. He headed to the kitchen to freshen some drinks.

While Wayne was attending to his guests, Kevin ducked in to pull Debbie onto the dance floor. Kevin by now was very drunk, and was still displaying a good-sized bulge in his pants. When sober, Kevin was direct. When drunk, he was much too forceful. He closed too fast, which immediately put Debbie on the defensive. He immediately went for the ass that had figured so prominently in his recent thoughts. Debbie tried to twist away. Kevin reacted by holding her fast and grabbing one of the breasts that he had watched shake so enticingly. This time Debbie did extricate herself from his grasp. She practically ran to Wayne. Her red face spoke volumes. No words were spoken, but Kevin stayed away for the rest of the night. Debbie hung on Wayne, which was just fine with him.

Wayne had started to mix slow songs with the upbeat tunes. Couples mostly stayed together, which suited Wayne’s purpose well. He was being very careful not to push Debbie very hard, which meant that he needed some extra time with her. His present goal was to keep her drinking, and brush into her “accidentally” every now and then.

My best friend also made a point of guiding Debbie near the most demonstrative couples. Kevin had found his correct target and was bumping and grinding at Lisa on fast tunes, kneading her ass and tits on slow songs. Lisa was relieved to see that Kevin had returned and appeared intent on maintaining his attention. She was returning his advances, pressing her hips against his crotch. Wayne was making sure that Debbie was taking this all in.

Wayne was a bigger man than me, which Debbie couldn’t help but notice. He had some cut in his upper arms and his chest was broad. Debbie could see but not quite feel the curly red hairs that poked through the neck of his shirt. She liked his chest hair, and glanced at it furtively. Wayne noticed her gazing at him, and acted on this shy woman’s inquisitiveness. He pressed his body full length into her, compressing her breasts into his chest.

During one slow song, Wayne put Debbie’s arms around his neck and caressed the small of her back. He slipped his hands lower and lower. Two other women were getting butt massages from their dance partners. Wayne slid his hands to Debbie’s silk-wrapped waist and down onto the curve of her bottom. Debbie stiffened. With a great deal of courage, she whispered into his ear “Wayne, please don’t”. He withdrew.

On the next slow song, he tried again, and again she stiffened. He wondered if he had not coaxed enough drinks into her. Instead of withdrawing this time however, he simply cupped her silky bottom in his hands, but did not fondle her cheeks. It wasn’t enough of a transgression for her to overcome her shyness and complain. They danced. He subtly started to caress her buttocks, using movements that might feel accidental to her. His movements were having the desired effect. Her cheeks were becoming more sensitive to his touch and wanted to be held.

He became bolder and was soon able to knead her bottom as he wished. He was developing an erection, and she could distinctly feel him growing against her belly. At the end of the song, he cupped her round posterior and pressed her firmly to his crotch. For the first time that evening, there was a significant spike in her AM volume. Debbie’s face was red. Was it from embarrassment or from arousal? Her AM and FM dials were competing to be heard. Debbie’s body began its preparations for what was to come. Her vagina started to become moist.

As they danced, Debbie’s bottom wasn’t Wayne’s only focus of attention. On one romantic slow song, he took Debbie’s hand in his and placed it on his heart. In this position, he had to give up contact with her right breast, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to achieve his next objective. Pressing her close to him, he moved their hands to her breast. Again, a subtle movement and not enough for a hesitant woman to protest. He leaned to her ear.

“Put your arms around my neck. I want to feel your fingers in my hair”, he whispered. Without contemplating the impact of this action, she complied. Rather than moving his hand to her back, however, he left it where it was, right atop her breast. She stiffened in sudden recognition, but didn’t speak. He pretended not to notice. They continued to dance, but her steps were measured. He had placed his hand carefully. After one full minute of inaction, she had settled down.

He gently extended his thumb. It found her silk-wrapped nipple. More stiffness, more very careful movement. Her nipple began to harden. He pressed more firmly, all the while acting as though they were simply dancing among friends (which they were). Andy noticed that Wayne had captured her breast, and winked in admiration. Andy knew how hard it must have been for Wayne to warm quiet Debbie up to this level. Debbie’s nipple was now in full extension. Finally Wayne moved his hand to comfortably cup her entire breast. As they danced, he kneaded the soft tissue through her dress until her AM volume once again spiked.

Wayne had programmed the music so there were few fast dances now. Debbie was flushed and a little confused. The alcohol had started to take effect. She wasn’t sure she could continue dancing with Wayne. When the music began again, without giving Debbie time to sort out her feelings, Wayne swept her into his arms. He reaffirmed his control over her right breast. With friends surrounding her (in similar embraces), Debbie silently allowed Wayne to tease her. He surprised her by moving in on her left breast as well. By the end of the song, Wayne was aggressively milking her without remorse. Her breasts were silky, soft and getting very warm.

Debbie was all woman, and Wayne was enjoying his exploration of her body. He kneaded her ripe globes, pressed his hips into her firm belly, and took in her gorgeous face and hair. If she hadn’t noticed the volume on her AM dial earlier in the evening, she was hearing it very clearly now. Her AM volume had risen considerably. Debbie was getting aroused.

The song ended, and the couples separated to find their beverages. Debbie’s very distended nipples poked prominently through her dress and caught the attention of Wayne’s guests. Two of the women gave knowing smiles to Debbie. While Debbie was too straight-laced to contemplate it, the other women would love to have been pursued by Wayne. They would gladly have traded places with Debbie in order to feel Wayne’s large hands caressing their bodies.

Wayne mentally surveyed his progress. Although Debbie didn’t realize it, in less than an hour, Wayne had felt up nearly all of the clothing on her body. He had carefully researched her satin wrapping, and now knew that she was wearing a dress with thin straps and a long zipper in back, a lightweight underwire bra, and panties with an unexpectedly narrow crotch. To get her naked, he only needed to remove three pieces clothing.

In addition, on numerous occasions he had been able to press his cock into her belly. He loved how she felt, and he knew she could feel that he carried a larger weapon than her husband. But he had not yet challenged her crotch. Nevertheless, he took a moment to wonder what kind of ride she would give him when he forced his manhood into the love nest between her legs.

Midnight was soon approaching, and Wayne had poured Debbie a string of concentrated daiquiris to prepare her for his next step. She was well-lubricated and giggling like a school girl. Midnight came, and couples embraced. At precisely midnight, Wayne had carefully danced Debbie under the mistletoe. They saw the other couples kiss, Wayne nodded at the mistletoe overhead, and his lips slowly closed in for the first time. Debbie’s feet were riveted to the floor. She didn’t know what to do, but Wayne did.

His face approached hers very slowly. He kissed her so softly on the lips that she could hardly feel his velvety touch. He moved back, but then approached again. If Debbie was going to be kissed, she wanted to feel it. He pressed his lips to hers, and she responded with more urgency than she had intended. She felt an intense pleasure from his smell. It wasn’t so much a perfume as it was his own masculine scent. In truth, he had found a wonderful musk perfume not long ago and had dabbed it on his cheeks just a few minutes before. He knew that she would be pressing her nose directly on this spot at midnight. While Debbie’s attention was concentrated on his aroma, Wayne caressed her lips with his.

After a full minute of contact, Wayne gently parted his lips and probed softly with his tongue. If she had been sober, Debbie would have objected immediately. But fully intoxicated and surrounded by friends, she giggled to herself and let Wayne lick her lips. He pressed his tongue firmly against her lips, in order to part them. They held firm. Her FM reception was still too strong to allow this invasion.

He pressed again. Still her lips held firm, but the caressing was having an effect. He slid his tongue from side to side the length of her lips. He pressed his tongue against her lips a third time. She stood very still, but the firmness in her lips was gone. Like the petals of a flower, her lips opened demurely to his advance. Wayne extended his tongue, and intertwined it with hers. After a few moments of this oral intercourse, he proceeded to gently explore the inside of her mouth. She permitted him to invade her mouth with his tongue as completely as he wished. Later, in similar fashion, she would allow his rigid manhood to penetrate her moist pussy for his complete pleasure.

Wayne smiled to himself. It had been delightful that she had surrendered her mouth to him, but he knew he mustn’t savor it too long. There would be time for that later. They broke their embrace. The other couples were staring. Kevin and one of the other men hooted. Debbie blushed beet red. Her eyes fluttered. Her slightly smeared lipstick hid her trembling lips.

The couples talked and danced for another half an hour. Wayne continued to make advances. Debbie alternately objected and submitted. She was clearly in conflict. She was also clearly getting quite hot.

As the couples started to leave, each offered to drive Debbie home. Wayne objected strenuously, pointing out correctly that he had promised to deliver Debbie himself. Two of the women strongly suggested that Debbie leave with them. They feared what would happen once Wayne got Debbie alone. Their instincts would prove to be well founded. In little more than an hour after his guests’ departure, Wayne would have stripped the clothes off their beautiful friend, would have gently forced her into position for sex, and would have climbed between her legs and ridden her for his total enjoyment.

Wayne was as insistent as his women guests, however, and Debbie was too shy to pick a side. In the end, the last couple reluctantly left at 12:45 and Wayne looked over the filly he intended to saddle up within the hour. His cock was ready to bury itself between her thighs right now. He would proceed with as much urgency as he could.

* * * * *

III – Stripping Debbie

Wayne asked Debbie if she would mind helping clean up for just a few minutes before he took her home. Debbie complied with his wish, as he knew she would. While Debbie bussed dishes to the kitchen, she didn’t recognize that Wayne was quietly preparing his living room for her passionate surrender.

He turned the temperature up to 80 degrees, and daydreamed about plying her mouth with kisses. He placed six numbered CDs into their special places in his changer, and imagined nuzzling her smooth neck. He placed a glass of ice (without a beverage) on a stool near the bar as he envisioned suckling her voluptuous unfettered breasts. He checked his oversized chaise lounge for the spare remote, and imagined the pleasure he would have stripping off her panties to discover whether her pubic mound was covered with the same silky blonde hair that framed her lovely face. And finally, he dimmed the lights until he could see shapes but not colors. He needed just enough light so that later on he would be able to see his first thrust into Debbie’s moist pussy.

Debbie walked into the living room and nearly tripped over the nearest chair. “Turning off the lights for the evening?” she asked.

“Yes, it was much too bright,” he replied. She started for the hallway and her coat. He blocked her way.

“Please Debbie, just one or two more dances before I take you home.” He had said it as a statement, not a question. Her FM told her to be very wary. Her lack of conviction would not deny a close friend’s request, however. It would be this same shyness that would ultimately lead her to yield her body to him.

He pressed disc 1 on the remote, and the music sprang to life. The tunes on this disc were only those most romantic songs that make women swoon. After only a few bars, she had eased into a very comfortable place in her mind. Wayne took her in his arms. She loved this song. He intended to make love to her. And he started by nibbling on her neck. This was innocent enough that she didn’t protest.

Over the next few minutes, as he sucked up and down her neck, he made sure that she remembered just how much of her body he already possessed. Her arms were around his neck, but as he reestablished each of his silken beachheads, her grip tightened, only to soften as her body responded to his touch. He concluded with a thorough kneading of her breasts in order to once again tease her nipples to full extension.

God, she was so beautiful. It was finally time to start the pleasurable task of removing the clothes from this unsuspecting woman in his arms. He started with the straps on her dress. With her hands around his neck, his hands glided from her breasts, under her arms and to her impeccable shoulders. He touched the bare back above her dress for the first time. His hands slid under the straps of her dress. Her legs stopped moving, and she was frozen in fear. He continued stepping and because he made no further advance, she started moving once again.

“I love this song, don’t you?”, he whispered.

She responded, “It’s one of my all-time favorites.” As she said this, he hooked his thumbs under the straps and started to pull them to the sides. He was able to get one strap off her shoulder before she stopped him. She pulled away, looked straight at him, and as defiantly as she could, asked what he was doing.

“I’m so sorry Debbie”, he lied. “I’ve had a terrible time with women lately, and just once this Christmas season I was hoping to feel a woman’s bare breasts press against my chest”. She was filled with embarrassment at the thought that he might want her to bare her breasts right here in his living room. As she blushed, he reached for her love jugs and rolled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. She moaned for the first time, in spite of herself. He smiled knowingly to himself.

“You know how much I’ve always admired your breasts. I was hoping this might be your Christmas gift to me.” He had played perfectly on her sympathy. With this perfect request, and the warmth she was feeling in her breasts, Debbie simply melted. Was this a victory of emotion or of the body? She looked around, as if expecting to see if someone was watching them. If someone had been watching, they would have seen Wayne wink and play his last card on this hand.

“Won’t you do this for me, just this once?” She couldn’t speak in reply. She gave a weak nod, her silky locks shimmering in submission.

Wayne placed her hands around his waist now. Like the experienced predator that he was, he closed in carefully on his exquisite prey. He kissed and kissed her neck, until she wondered if he had changed his mind. He had not. He slipped the other strap off her shoulder and slid his hands for the last time along her silken bodice to the zipper on her dress. He moved his lips to hers, and as he gently kissed her, he slowly lowered the zipper. Without the tightness around her bust to support it, the dress quickly lost its resolve. It would have fallen on its own, but Wayne wanted the pleasure of removing it.

He maintained contact between his chest and hers. He moved his hands once again to her breasts, massaged them for a moment, released his chest and lowered the top of her dress over her brassiere and down to her hips. She flinched even though she had known this was coming. He loved her body, and he loved her distress as he pursued her. Subconsciously, her body had recognized its jeopardy. But her mind didn’t realize that within minutes, not only would he have exposed her breasts, he would have removed her dress and panties as well to reveal her true loveliness. Wayne would then be moving quickly to position her so he could climb on top of her and force his manhood into her.

Wayne lowered his lips to her bodice. He kissed the upper portion of her chest, then the top of both breasts. She combed her fingers through his hair as her breathing became more ragged. She was being tested to her limit. He moved his right hand from the bottom of her breast, and around her side to her back. His left hand continued to knead her right breast, and he continued to kiss her chest.

He was a master at removing a brassiere with one hand. With a deliberate motion, he drew the sides of her brassiere together, drew them toward him, and unclasped her brassiere. Because he was holding it with his left hand, the brassiere did not fall. He raised up, looked her directly in the eyes, and removed her brassiere. Her breasts fell free. Just as he had done three hours earlier, he lowered his gaze to her bust. But this time he was able to see her soft naked melons in all of their wonderful glory. They were magnificent!

Debbie instinctively covered her breasts with her hands. He slid his hands down her now bare sides, enjoying the softness of her skin. He released his grip, stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head. She averted her eyes, but in curiosity she finally turned her gaze back to his body. She had seen his chest before, and secretly, very secretly, had admired the sharp angle between his chest and his rib cage. His well-developed chest was covered with a down of red hair.

He moved toward her, but was blocked by her arms. He punched the remote and disc 2 turned into the play chamber. A single guitar resonated in a soulful melody. A flute joined in. It was so quiet in the room. Debbie was getting hot, both physically and sexually. With all of the alcohol she had consumed, her judgment was clouded and slow. She was flushed, and assumed that it was due to a passion that she was fighting to deny. He knew she was in distress and gently kissed her hands.

He drew her hands up and continued to kiss them. She thought he was reassuring her. In truth, as he moved her hands to his chest and then to his neck he was accomplishing two things that would bring him pleasure. By raising her arms, she had slightly elevated her firm, young globes. Her perky nipples now winked up at him, begging to be stroked. He caressed them with his fingers and they pressed forward to receive his favor. If he had driven her home right then, he would not have needed headlights. Her nipples were on high beam.

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His second purpose for raising Debbie’s hands was to remove this last barrier between their bare chests. With her nipples now fully prepared for him, he moved forward toward her. Without the layers of clothing between them to dull the sensation, her nipples hungered for his touch. His chest hairs softly teased her nipples to a painful erection. AM current coursed through her torso.

His hands eased onto the bare skin of her stomach, around her tiny waist, and onto her soft back. Finally, and so satisfyingly, he pressed into her and kissed her on the lips. She fought him mentally, but he was able to kiss her deeply. The kiss meant much to her, but she could not allow herself enjoy it. With their chests now bared, and his hands on the smooth skin of her back, his penis doubled in size and wanted attention badly.

He was being as deliberate as he must, but he was starting to impatiently yearn for the warmth of her womanly sleeve around his cock. In this state of arousal, the kiss to him meant that he had stripped off half of her clothes and was closing in on his ultimate goal. Her body would be begging for him soon. He needed to push ahead. He pressed the remote, and disc three entered the chamber.

The syncopated beat of New Orleans jazz filled the air around them. He caressed her back with quick strokes, first side to side, then up and down. It was an uplifting interlude. As he continued his up and down strokes, he was gauging the tenacity of her dress. It was fairly tight, but he was delicately rolling it down her hips with each stroke. Finally, he had lowered her dress enough so that it was supported only tenuously on the widest flare of her womanly hips. Now he danced her to the stool where he had positioned the glass of ice. He ran his left hand through her hair. It drew her attention. At the same time, he grabbed ice with his right hand, coughed and rubbed it against his belt buckle.

Now without touching her skin, his hands went to her sides and pushed her dress down. Debbie’s dress fluttered to the floor. Her eyes opened wide. She was suddenly naked except for the skimpiest panties she had ever owned. She intended to pull away, but just at that moment, Wayne pressed his waist into her. The ice cold belt buckle sent a cold chill through her newly bared belly. Debbie jumped back in shock.

“Debbie, I’m so sorry. I forgot how sharp this belt buckle can be.” Wayne quickly stripped off his pants. Debbie would normally have been mortified or even terrified at the clothing that had just been removed, but instead burst into laughter. Wayne was wearing the silliest boxers inexperienced Debbie had ever seen. Wayne, the “Cowboy”, was wearing shorts adorned with cowboys brandishing six-shooters and lariats, and astride snorting stallions. These were boxers that might look good on an 8-year-old, she thought, but not on a fully grown man.

While Debbie laughed, Wayne delighted in the fact that through his use of distraction, he had been able to strip off her dress with virtually no resistance. He reveled in the knowledge that now only her panties protected her beautiful honey pot from him. He stared at the V of material between her legs, trying to imagine what lay beneath. His thoughts engorged his penis.

As Wayne was admiring the moist patch between her legs, Debbie had been examining his boxers. His dancing cock now abruptly turned her thoughts from the pictures on his shorts to the fully grown man inside them. She was receiving vivid visual confirmation of what she had felt while dancing. Wayne was packing a very large six-shooter in his holster.

Debbie now fought to process everything that was happening. Her FM system warned her to get out of Wayne’s house before she heated up any further, but her AM dial made her to wonder in detail about the cause of the very large tent in Wayne’s shorts. Wayne sensed this conflict in her, reached for the spare remote under the chaise lounge and clicked in disc four. Bob Marley’s Caribbean beat jumped to his aid. Debbie vaguely recognized this music, but couldn’t place it exactly. Wayne spoke.

“Debbie, we’ve known each other for a very long time. I’ve been friends with your husband Tim even longer. I hope you won’t think less of either of us when I tell you that Tim told me about you baring your bottom on the beach in Jamaica. I love both you and Tim, and I believe I deserve the same view of the most beautiful woman I know as a bunch of strangers in a foreign country. I want to see everything I’ve been missing from you, Debbie.”

As Wayne made his request, her shoulders slowly slumped in shame. She wasn’t thinking as much about Wayne’s request as she was about her own nudity in Jamaica. It was true, of course. She had bared everything in Jamaica. She couldn’t believe Tim had told Wayne. Had he also told Wayne about their wild love-making that night? She hung her head in embarrassment and confusion. She was searching for an answer.

While she struggled, Wayne continued to take in her newly-revealed beauty. First, the length and shape of her luscious legs. Then the joining of those smooth legs at his ultimate destination, the barely concealed lips between her wonderful thighs. The aching between his own legs reminded him that he needed to get into her pants as quickly as possible. He decided to be forceful, and once again played on her lack of confidence.

Without removing his gaze from her crotch, Wayne simply informed her of what would happen next. “Debbie, I’m going to remove your panties now. Then I’m going to take in your beauty as only your most devoted admirer can. And finally, I’m going to drive you home.” He failed to mention that before he drove her home, he intended to take a leisurely pleasure drive himself… through the love tunnel that was the center of his attention right now.

Debbie could plainly see where Wayne’s interest was focused. It made her nervous and embarrassed, but she could not bring herself to imagine exactly what Wayne had in mind. He had no such problem. Wayne knew precisely what he wanted of her and her body. He knew the position he wanted her in, and he knew where he wanted to be himself. This gave him a significant advantage in the battle for control of her body. She did not accede to Wayne’s request, but neither did she have the courage to challenge him.

He approached. She was riveted to the ground. He kissed her eyes, then her cheeks, nose, mouth and neck. He moved his lips toward her magnificent breasts, and at the same time slid his hands down her bare sides to the waistband of her panties. She was soft, smooth and supple to his touch… and breathlessly immobile. As he lowered his head to one of her nipples, in her aroused state she ever so gently offered encouragement. She raised her hands to his hair, presenting the fully erect nipple to him.

As Wayne closed on her nipple, he also gently slid his hands for the first time into her pants. He was so excited about this first chance to caress her bare bottom. His touch confirmed that she was a firm and fully developed woman, a marvelous piece of fruit ready for him to harvest. With a fire in his eyes that she couldn’t see but could certainly feel, he eased her panties very slowly over her full hips.

He took over a minute to complete the very pleasurable task of removing her last piece of clothing. For his own enjoyment, Wayne was removing her thong with all of the drama that a stripper might employ. He caressed her bottom and inched the fabric down. But to lower the front of her panties, he also now eased his hands to her stomach. As he lowered the fabric, his hands dropped down to the hairy mound she had been concealing from him for a lifetime. For the first time, he slid his fingers around and delicately into her little love nest.

Debbie was frozen in fear as a family friend completed stripping her naked. She could not move. But as she felt the sensuous touch of his hands on the most intimate parts of her femininity and her final garment sliding over her pussy to expose it to him for his use, her knees buckled. She fought to remain standing. Finally, his lips hit her nipple and her panties hit the floor.

Although he still had work to do, he took a selfish moment to suckle first the maid and then the mistress before him. Debbie closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his tongue on the pointed tips of her breasts. He had fondled these globes of flesh on and off for over three hours. Her soft skin could not have taken much more. It would not be required to. His attention had now been drawn elsewhere. This would be the last significant attention that her breasts received from him tonight.

Now he raised up and took in her whole body, just as he had said he would. In only a few minutes since getting her alone, he had stripped bare the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Without clothes, she was simply more gorgeous than with them. Hers was not a thin model’s beauty. She had the figure of a model on steroids… a Barbie with hips… a curvy, winding road waiting to be used by a powerful car. She was hot. He wanted her… now!

For the first time he took in her pubic mound without it’s protective covering. Her blonde love nest had the color and softness of a lioness’s mane. He intended to bring out this wild cat in her very soon. For now, Wayne knew he couldn’t keep this voluptuous object of his desire standing nude in the middle of his living room for long. She was watching him make his first visual inspection of the pussy he intended to force his cock into shortly and it was making her very nervous. Still, he paused to etch this vision of her beauty into his brain.

* * * * *

IV – Positioning Debbie for Sex

His examination of her body had stiffened his cock once more. He wanted so badly to take her right now. She could see this in his eyes and in his pulsing erection. He wanted to drive his manhood into her and fuck her until she cried out for him, but the last few minutes in this play of passion would pose his biggest challenge… and would yield his greatest pleasure. Wayne now began his conquest of her last frontier, the core of sexuality between her legs. He punched in CD no 5.

His best hope for success began it’s first strains… “When a man loves a woman…”. In fact, he had looped this song so that it would continue to play for an hour. He hoped to need it for only about ten minutes.

“Take me home now, Wayne,” the nude woman before him pleaded. Her request fell on deaf ears. Now that she was naked, he was intent on fanning her passion into flames, and positioning her for sex.

“Debbie, earlier tonight you said we heard one of your favorite songs. This song is my all-time favorite. Dance with me just until this one song finishes.” Her FM said no, but he took her in his arms anyway. She knew where he wanted her arms. She clutched his neck and offered him her very large breasts, but held her waist away. Without clothes to protect her any longer and having seen Wayne’s obvious interest in the puffy lips between her legs, Debbie was rightfully concerned. She was stiff in his arms and he could feel it. He was stiff in his shorts and she was intent on not feeling it.

As they danced, Wayne caressed her sensuous naked body, from her smooth back down the curves to her waist, and out over the softness of her bottom. His chest hairs pressed against her breasts. She was experiencing intense feelings of yielding. Even so, Debbie tried to keep her hips away from his. She didn’t want to feel his penis. As fate would have it, they shared this same goal.

He wasn’t ready to force his cock into her in this awkward position. Instead, his goal was to heat her honey pot to a boil, using her own AM system to drive out her FM objections to being taken in this very room, and within minutes. Debbie was alert enough to try and keep her knees and feet together. He was stronger though, and gradually wedged his right foot between her delicately painted toes. He bent his right knee and with great satisfaction slid it deliciously up between her naked thighs.

Since getting her naked, Wayne had now parted her legs for the first time. He was in the process of gradually preparing her both physically and mentally for sex. She realized how close his leg now was to her damp pubic mound. In a vain effort to keep her pussy away from him, she spread her legs and raised up on her toes. By doing so, she was temporarily successful at keeping her honeypot from him. At the same time, however, she had attractively tightened up the muscles in her thighs and buttocks.

He caressed her now firm ass cheeks, kneading the bare tissue with his hands. He could have pressed forward and easily brushed her pussy with his leg if he had chosen to do so. Instead, he cupped her smooth, round cheeks and raised them gently but meaningfully toward him. Debbie realized instantly what he was doing. He was forcing her to be the aggressor, to move her most sacred area into him. She squirmed and physically resisted his pressure. He loved her attempts to get away. But he had much better leverage. She could not escape his strong grip.

Without her approval, her bare bush wrapped itself deliciously around his leg even as she slid from side to side in an attempt to resist.. Her eyes opened wide and her grip around his neck tightened. How long could this song be? He allowed her to ease away, and again he impaled her pussy onto his leg. The combination of the in and out movements he was directing, and the side to side movements she was unknowingly contributing, had the effect of heating her up very rapidly.

With the third collision between her love nest and his leg, he realized his good fortune… she was very wet. Debbie was mid-cycle. Regardless what her mind wanted, Debbie’s body was demonstrating that it wanted to be fucked His cock stiffened at the thought that her receptive orifice was spreading its nectar on his leg, preparing itself for his entry.

He continued to force her honeypot into him. At first she resisted with all her mind, but in a very short time her FM was being drowned out by her AM. His upper leg was slippery from her enticing lubrication. He no longer forced her crotch in and out. Instead, he was now sliding her up and down on the slippery saddle she had helped fashion. She felt so hot, but didn’t recognize that the temperature in the room was contributing to her inner passion. She moaned, without realizing it. He increased the pressure with his leg, raising his leg so high that her weight was resting more on her pussy now than on her feet. She was a rag doll in his grasp, a sex toy for him to play with. She wantonly spread her legs to heighten her pleasure.

Soon her side to side movements were no longer to resist, but were intended to stimulate the fire between her thighs. She began to grind her hips into him. He looked down at this voluptuous woman in heat, and enjoyed the striking similarity between the innocent but sensuous movement of her hips and the same motions an exotic dancer would make if she was dancing in his lap and trying to arouse him. Debbie’s sexual dance was most certainly affecting Wayne. Blood was rapidly filling his penis. Unlike the exotic dancer, however, Debbie was unknowingly preparing him for the pleasure of forcing his rigid cock deep within her when next she thrust her hips to him.

In response to her movements, he roughly pressed the length of his body into hers and matched her thrusts with some of his own. He bounced her up and down on his leg, until she felt like a rider trotting the stallion below her. As Debbie rode Wayne’s leg in an ironic metaphor of what was to come, her torso again coursed with AM current. Her stomach twitched in preorgasmic pleasure. Wayne knew for certain now that he would have his way with her. She was his. He could take her however he pleased. His cock pulsed, knowing that his sensual victory dance would begin soon.

Debbie had just about lost the ability to reason. Her sole interest was to stoke the fire between her legs. Wayne danced her to the chaise lounge. His next task was to put this beautiful creature on her back so that he could climb on top of her and fuck her. As Debbie approached her pinnacle, Wayne brought her down from the precipice.

“Debbie,” he whispered to her. “We’ve been on our feet dancing for over four hours. We’d better sit down for a minute.” Debbie’s legs were rubbery and weak, both from physical exertion and from her present state of passion. Wayne brushed the backs of her legs against the lounge and gently pushed her down.

His next move required careful balance. He knew that with Debbie’s change in position, her mind would become more alert. And he still had his boxers on. He needed to complete one more task before his cock, rather than his leg, could match thrusts with the center of her womanhood. Still, his cock throbbed in anticipation, knowing that it would be forcing itself inside her within minutes.

As Debbie’s bottom hit the lounge, Wayne slid to the left of the lounge and gently laid Debbie down. She looked for the back of the chair. The lounge chair was carefully designed so that the back was out of her reach. He completed laying her down so she was flat on her back, her tits pointing skyward. Wayne was almost directly above her. She instinctively clamped her knees together, but not before Wayne had inserted a finger deep into her vagina. He had wanted to approach this last bastion slowly, but was forced to declare ownership of her sexual core while the opportunity presented itself.

Four hours ago, she had been simply his best friend’s wife. Now he had caressed every part of her sexy exterior, and was beginning the serious assault on her inner being. Soon this voluptuous creature would be wrapping her powerful legs around his engorged organ, urging him to fill her with his seed. With his free hand, he queued up the final disc, disc six. The sensual strains of Bolero filled the air.

Wayne was becoming less subtle now. He was already relishing his impending victory. Bolero was for his pleasure, not Debbie’s. He had been less than truthful when he earlier told Debbie “When a Man Loves a Woman” was his favorite song. In fact, when Wayne made love to a woman, he wanted to hear Bolero. He looked down at Debbie, and surveyed her body. If she had styled her hair with corn rows, she could have doubled for Bo Derek. Surprisingly, this gorgeous woman still didn’t realize that within minutes, Wayne would be pummeling her so aggressively that she would be bouncing around on the lounge chair. Or that she would have her legs locked around his waist, matching his powerful thrusts with thrusts of her own.

Wayne hit Debbie’s magic button with his thumb while his fingers continued to strum her instrument. Debbie parted her legs eagerly. He stirred her honeypot. She was simmering. He needed her at near boil. As he stirred her nectar, he spoke to her.

“Debbie…, Debbie”. It took two tries to bring her out of her reverie. “You’re a wonderful, loving woman. You’ve done everything I’ve asked of you tonight. I want to give you a final Christmas gift.” He continued to stroke her and play in the softness of her love nest. She gave him a questioning look.

“I’m going to tease you to orgasm.” Even in arousal, she blushed at this mention and looked away. But her lovely hips arched to meet his fingers. Wayne didn’t even think about asking her approval. He was simply telling her what was going to happen. In two minutes, she would be ready. His shorts needed to be removed.

The Cowboy in Wayne sometimes made him arrogant. With his impending victory, this was one of those times. He decided to make shy Debbie lower his boxers, the last obstacle between her fidelity to her husband and her animal desire for him, the last obstacle between his cock and her pussy. She was near orgasm for the second time. He slowed his stroke. She begged for release.

“Debbie, I’ve seen everything you have to offer. It’s only fair that you receive the same from me. Take down my shorts, so I can tease you some more.” He emphasized the last sentence with three quick strokes. At that point she would have done anything. She reached over, caressed his chest hairs down to his belly, and slid his boxers down.

Against the syrupy sensuality of Bolero in the background, it was a surprise to hear her gasp loudly. She didn’t lay back down. She simply stared at the large slab of manhood between Wayne’s legs.

“I’ve seen Tim’s penis in the gym showers, Debbie. I know I’m a little larger than him.” Larger, she thought, you’re double his size. He wasn’t fully erect, but the head of his penis was as large as the exercise ball she squeezed during aerobics. Wayne had enviously seen her squeeze that exercise ball. He intended to test her hand strength right now.

With his free hand, he guided Debbie’s hand to his member. She didn’t want to touch him, but with his hand over hers, he stroked his penis in rhythm with his petting of her pussy. She finally noticed the coincident rhythm and startled in recognition. They were in essence having intercourse without touching organs.

He speeded his pace on her honey pot. She was approaching boil for the third time, and was anxious this time to reach the peak. He laid her back down and moved his cock to her face. He knew she could not swallow his whole member, but he wanted her to suck the head of his cock in. He wondered if she would. She was shy, but he had now spent a great deal of time preparing her. The least she could do would be to pleasure him for a few minutes before he fucked her.

He brushed the head along her cheek. She would not open her lips to him. He tried again and again, each time closer to her lips. She had never blown a man’s cock before. The thought was much too distressing for her. Wayne was angry. He would remember this slight when he was asked to make an important decision minutes later.

He pulled away. Debbie smiled at him in relief. Still he stirred and stirred the sauce in her sexual kitchen. Debbie was approaching for the fourth time, and was bucking in an attempt to finish. Wayne smiled and took in this wonderful, sensuous creature in the throes of heat. Perspiration was forming on Debbie’s broad breasts. She was hot from the temperature in the room, she was hot from exertion, and she was boiling hot with lust. Wayne knew that her AM was now at full volume. He would make his most important move now.

“Debbie,… Debbie”.

“What!”, she snapped in reply. She was so frustrated, she had lost all pretense of propriety.

“My fingers are too tired. I’ll need to finish you off by dry humping you.” She looked at him with questioning eyes. He smiled at how naïve she was. “Didn’t a high school boy ever make love to you without putting his penis in?” She had settled down enough to regain her modesty. Embarrassed, she nodded no.

“It’s teasing, but I use the head of my penis instead of my fingers. And it isn’t sex because I don’t put my penis into you.” He strummed her clit a few times to remove her mind from the decision. Without waiting for a response, Wayne rolled onto the lounge and right between Debbie’s unsuspecting legs. He completed the maneuver so quickly that Debbie was taken by surprise. She tried to close her legs. It was too late. Wayne now had her sandwiched between himself and the lounge chair, with his legs between hers and his semi-rigid cock dangling down toward her.

Because her knees were tight to him, he would not be able to enter her in this position. Wayne smiled down at her and watched her flat stomach rise and fall as she searched for breath. He needed to make one final adjustment to her position so that he could begin his conquest of her inner sanctum.

Wayne gently started to caress his way up her body, starting at her knees. He glided his hands up her smooth thighs to her full bottom, over her flared hips and finally to her tiny waist. He firmly grasped her waist to keep her from moving, and gently but firmly spread his knees and raised them up toward her bottom. She immediately recognized what Wayne was doing and tried to wiggle away. She could not, however, because he had her torso firmly pinned to the lounge chair. Her knees elevated slightly. Her tender thighs were forced apart. Without any further assistance, for the first time the tip of his cock brushed the bulls-eye of the moist target before him.

Debbie’s eyes opened wide. She looked vainly for help. Willingly or not, her legs were now spread wide, with his very large cock poised at the entrance to her womb. She was now in the perfect position to be fucked.

* * * * *

V – the Act of Love

He eased his body down onto hers, to prepare her for what was to come. First his stomach onto hers. Then his chest to her receptive breasts. Finally, he leaned down and nuzzled her neck, knowing that he would be buried inside her very soon.

It was no longer a question of whether Wayne was going to fuck her, it was only a question of how gently or roughly he would take her. He was positioned in the saddle of this beautiful little mare and now it was time to see how hard she would buck when he mounted her.

During his recent exploration of her love tunnel with his fingers, Wayne had discovered a wonderful surprise. Debbie’s prior lovers had apparently been relatively small, and her C section delivery of Abby had not stretched her sex channel either. Debbie would be a nice snug fit around his very large manhood. The warm tissue of her womanly glove would be clasping his cock tightly as he stroked into her. He realized however that he would need to be very rigid to fight his way completely into her belly.

So he began his final preparation for penetration. Wayne raised up off her torso, grasped the head of his organ and began teasing it to complete erection. In the process, he was strumming her clit just as he had with his fingers. He knew that very soon he would be feeling her delicate flower sucking the length of his shaft in. His penis stiffened and arched in anticipation.

Debbie could not believe the wonderful sensations she was receiving from his cock head. She couldn’t resist looking down between her legs to see the size of the large knob that was teasing her sex. As he hovered above her, ready for his first thrust into her, she had a fleeting thought about what it might feel like to have the walls of her dark tunnel stretched by his massive penis. Debbie tried to force this thought out of her head, but her mind was clearly succumbing to her body’s urgings. In a now futile attempt to honor her fidelity, she reminded herself that she was married and could not let someone other than her husband into her pussy (or so she thought).

Wayne must be telling me the truth, she reasoned. He is going to tease me to orgasm using his huge purple penis. Her stomach twitched for the second time. It had not when Wayne’s fingers teased her sex, but the danger of his penis so close, and its massive size were sending Debbie into ecstasy. Wayne continued to strum Debbie’s pussy with his cock head. Soon the head of his organ was wet enough for him to enter her, even though, amazingly, this naïve woman had no idea he was about to fuck her. It was time for his assault on her pussy to begin.

“Debbie”, he lied. “There is too much friction. My skin can’t take it. I need to wet the shaft so I can finish you off. Can you lick it a little for me, … just to get it wet?”. Debbie frowned. “Okay, I understand” he lied. He paused and made an alternative proposition. “Then let me put a little of it in… just once… for lubrication”. He continued to play Debbie’s instrument with his cock head as he spoke. Debbie’s FM rose up for nearly the last time.

He strummed two fast strokes, and stopped. He looked in her eyes, pointed the purple head of his massive cock directly at the heart of her pussy, and pushed. Her body stiffened. Her pussy lips did not part. Her FM system had abandoned her useless mind. It was instead clamping her vaginal lips tightly together. He strummed, he primed and he pumped. Her pussy held firm. She would not allow the intruder to enter.

Wayne was livid. He had gotten her drunk, he had stripped her, he had put her on her back, and he had primed her well in preparation for his penetration into her. He couldn’t believe that this shy woman could now resist him. Regaining his composure, Wayne lowered his head and licked her ear. The slurping sounds of sex pushed her mind over the edge. She moaned once and softened beneath him. She instinctively snaked her arms around his neck, her broad breasts and pointed nipples beckoning him to her. He believed that she was now ready to receive him, but if she resisted again, he would need to take her forcefully.. His lips reached out for hers. He began to strum again in preparation for his first thrust.

He positioned his cock at the entrance to her tunnel and pushed with a firm resolve. Just as her lips had parted for his tongue two hours earlier, now her pussy lips demurely parted to his insistent pressure. The petals of her sexual flower opened, exposing her most intimate reproductive organ to fertilization. She drew his sexual organ into her.

Even with the head lubricated, Wayne could still proceed only slowly. He was quite simply as large as her body could handle. It took him four forced thrusts to gain half penetration. Debbie looked up at him with begging eyes. He had said only halfway, and only one time in. Reluctantly, he withdrew. Wayne was now fully erect, and huge. She looked down between her breasts and saw that his cock was as large than a cucumber, with a tip as large as a tomato!

Debbie had a new and very real fear. Not only had she dodged a bullet by convincing him to remove his penis from her vagina, but she was now understanding the impact of his size. Using only half of his cock, he had stretched her as much as anyone before.

Wayne returned to strumming Debbie’s pussy with the tip of his manhood. He kissed her neck. After two minutes, mock pain.

“Ouch, Debbie. I can’t do it. The friction is too great right at the base of my penis. I need full lubrication. Just one stroke in. And right back out.” She could no longer trust herself to challenge him using words. Her body talked for her. She stiffened for the next-to-last time (her last stiffness would come during the throes of orgasm). She needed release, she craved release, but her FM protested.

Just as she would not challenge him verbally, he would no longer argue with her using speech. As planned from the beginning, he would make her body decide, and he knew how this mare in heat would answer. She wanted to be fucked, and he was going to make her admit it to herself and to him. He kissed her neck and he pushed. Her arms were clenched tightly around his neck, her eyes filled with both fear and desire. He kissed her cheek and pushed. She held tight. He bent down and tenderly kissed her lips. She now accepted his penis willingly and he began his sensual dance into the core of her flat, youthful belly. He had broken this gorgeous woman, and he would now ride her for his complete pleasure. Minutes later he would learn that her flat belly would be bulging soon as his child grew within her.

Earlier in the evening, Debbie’s nectar had started to bubble and percolate inside her. Over time this bubbling brook had started to flow with more force. Now her natural flow was a river overflowing. Her honey poured down her thighs, puddling on the lounge chair, and soaking her bottom. Even with this current of love juice, Wayne had to push into Debbie a number of times to regain half penetration. He was now at the height of pleasure. Thrusting to achieve full penetration was his favorite aspect of breaking a woman. He enjoyed the pain he inflicted while stretching a woman to the limits of her tissue. As Debbie’s sleeve opened gradually to accept his massive cock, Debbie was indeed in fear that Wayne would rip her apart.

She now did everything she could to help him enter her. She was no longer worried about her fidelity. She was trying to keep from being split open by the dominant male who had her pinned down and who was intent on burying his huge organ deep within her, regardless of the consequences to her delicate frame. Debbie splayed her legs wide apart to help Wayne force his huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke. Not satisfied with only this encouragement, Wayne lowered his hands to his sides and slid them to her fabulous, shapely legs. He brashly fondled her inner thighs, knowing that this would have been impossible just a few minutes earlier. He grasped her soft legs and raised her painted toes until they were high above him, waving in complete surrender.

While Wayne continued to thrust, Debbie’s sexual temperature was moving from half boil to near full boil once again. With a final thrust, Wayne buried his cock fully into Debbie. His pubic bone pushed her harshly into the lounge’s cushions. The hair around the base of his cock mingled and fought with the mane above her love mound. He stopped to enjoy the moment.

Debbie’s womb was filled to its extreme, her sexual glove tightly clenched around his cock. She could feel Wayne’s penis probing her very sensitive cervix at the end of her inner chamber. She couldn’t believe that she had been able to take in his entire, massive penis. At the same time, however, she couldn’t help luxuriating in the feel of him. She felt so full. Debbie ran her hands through his chest hair, then draped her arms around his neck, raising her tits toward him in thanks for the pleasure he was giving her.

Wayne smiled down at her in victory. He savored his position. Here he lay, with his cock finally embedded completely in the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He remembered for the last time that night how just a few hours ago he had admired her simply as his best friend’s wife. Now in only a few hours he had separated her from her friends, stripped her bare, coaxed her onto her back, spread her legs in preparation for him, and now he would fuck her as he liked.

He looked down at her face, her hair, her neck, her breasts, her flat belly. She was perfection, and now she was totally his. Amazingly, Debbie still believed that Wayne’s primary motivation was to please her. Even with his engorged cock forced fully into her belly, she didn’t understand that everything Wayne had done was in fact to satisfy his own desire. Her release was only secondary to him.

Finally, he knew he must withdraw in order to enjoy his next thrust into her. But as he did, he whispered to Debbie, “Debbie, tell me honestly, which feels better… with my cock inside you… or outside.” She started to answer. “Wait, Debbie, feel both ways before you make your decision.” “Inside… or outside. Inside… or outside.” Each time he withdrew his magnificent manhood, Debbie’s pussy slurped in protest. His cock was now shiny, fully coated and dripping with the nectar that was intended to entice him to her sexual flower bud. Each time after he withdrew, he again forced her pussy lips aside and slowly buried his manhood deeply into her. With each stroke he pushed her down until his pubic hair mashed into her lioness’ mane. Even at this slow pace, they were nearly on fire now. Debbie’s breathing was coming in strained gasps. She wanted him to increase his pressure on her.

In final frantic desperation she cried out, “Wayne, stop. I can’t take any more. Your penis is too big for me. Take it out NOW. I’m not on birth control. If you keep forcing yourself into me, I know you will explode and I will get pregnant.” Wayne recognized Debbie’s plea as her mind’s last futile effort to avoid the intercourse that was now so inevitable. Her FM system had lost its battle with her body. She now desperately wanted to be fucked by the strong male on top of her. But her FM made its final plea to the man who was at that moment instinctively increasing the pace of his attack on her inner being.

Her request had little effect on how he chose to fuck her. He didn’t slow his thrusting as he contemplated his options. He knew he could withdraw, and strum Debbie to orgasm. He could fuck her, and withdraw just before ejaculation. Or he could fuck her fully and completely, discharging his seed deep into her womb, making her pregnant.

His pride was stung that she had not sucked his cock earlier. He was angry that she had challenged him by withholding her pussy from him for so long. In his inebriated state, he decided to fuck her for his complete enjoyment and to spray his semen far into her belly. His last task was simply to convince this mare to improve the quality of his ride. As he fucked her, he wanted her to enthusiastically fuck him back.

One last time he used his predator’s instincts and played on her lack of confidence, her lack of experience.

As he continued to forcefully stroke into her, he said “Debbie, I’m one of your best friends. I’m hurt that you wouldn’t know that I’m taking care of this situation.” She was happy to hear these words from him. She was used to being told what to do. Unfortunately for her, in her aroused state and with his cock sending waves of pleasure through her, she misinterpreted Wayne’s words to mean that he was protecting her from harm, from pregnancy. Nevertheless, her FM evaporated, and the airwaves opened for her AM to take full control of her being.

The animal in her for some time now had wanted Wayne to fuck her fast and hard. Her body so badly wanted to be his whore. Now her mind joined her body in the desire to be taken by him and his huge cock. Finally, both Wayne and Debbie wanted exactly the same thing: a hot passionate fuck.

She snaked her arms back around his neck for the last time, seductively shook her heaving tits at him, locked her beautiful blue eyes to his, and surrendered as fully as any woman could. “Okay then Cowboy, ride me as hard as you want!”

His most beautiful conquest was now asking to be fucked, just as planned. Wayne started fulfilling Debbie’s request in earnest as he began to plough the fertile field he had prepared. At first his strokes continued to be long and slow. Wayne wanted Debbie to remember the length of his strokes, the size of his cock. On each upstroke he withdrew until he hovered a foot above her, only the tip of his organ playing in the puffy lips of her opening. Then he thrust his huge member into Debbie once again.

Soon, he was thrusting himself into her so forcefully that his cock head bottomed sharply on her sensitive cervix with each jab. Each time he bottomed, she cried out. The pain, and the impact on her pussy’s mane brought out the cat in her, as he hoped it would. She bared her claws and used them to scratch his back raw in retribution.

She splayed her wonderful thighs wide in submission. Then she hooked her powerful legs around his waist and sucked him into her pussy. Her heaving breasts were covered with sweat, and were bouncing back and forth like beach balls caught in an ocean tide of passion. Wayne was as big as he would get and he was using his massive organ to nail her to the cushions. It was hot in the room, and Debbie was even hotter. She wanted his cock, all of it. She wailed and moaned.

“Come on Cowboy, fuck me hard” she cried. He was pounding into her, and she was bucking back at him, expressing the wild mare that resided deep within her. He fought to stay in the saddle. She was giving Wayne the ride of his life. Wayne held out as long as he could. He wanted this fuck to last, but Debbie’s body was on fire from the extended foreplay.

Soon she had reached the boiling point for the last time. “Give me all of it now Cowboy. I’m ready to explode!” He thrust as hard as he could. He was impaling her deeply into the lounge chair, which now added its voice to the chorus of their lovemaking. The chair creaked and groaned under their violent bonding. Debbie was on fire with passion, the hottest fuck Wayne had ever had. With a scream of triumph, she arched high into the air, stiffened, and exploded into orgasm.

Now it was time for Wayne’s release. His soft sack of jewels had long ago become a hard bag of rocks, stuffed full of sperm and aching for discharge. He thrust powerfully and mashed her into the lounge. She thrust back with all of her strength and threw them into the air again. Using all of the power in his hips, he forced her back down. Her head pitched from side to side as her body convulsed beneath him.

He looked down at this gorgeous creature and fired his weapon deeply into her. As I sat in front of a control panel miles away, ensuring power to the people in our community, I had no way of knowing the sparks and sperm that were flying in Wayne’s living room at that moment. Wayne’s first stream of sperm splashed against the back of my wife’s belly. He spewed three more deep streams into her, but the first stream had been all that was needed. He was very virile, and the sperm were strong. They aggressively started their pursuit of her eggs, much as Wayne had pursued the rest of her body all night.

They finally lay still. Her heartbeat began to return to normal. She was soaking wet. Her hair was matted to her scalp. Puddles of sweat streamed down between her mighty breasts. He slowly started to shrink inside her, and was still the largest intruder she had ever known. Sperm dripped from her spent cunt, but the strongest of the sperm continued their ascent inside her. Soon one would find an egg, penetrate its protective shell, join intimately with her, and she would be pregnant.

“How did you protect me Wayne”, she whispered. “Have you had a vasectomy?” He answered her honestly.

“Debbie, I’ve adored you from the first time we met. I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman alive. You married Tim, but I needed to have you at least once. Tonight was my night. I’m quite virile.” She was silent, deep in thought. Finally a single tear streamed down her cheek. He kissed it away, and then kissed her deeply on the lips, forcing his tongue inside her for the last time.

He withdrew his shrinking penis and left her in puddles of sweat, sexual juice and emotion. She raised her depleted body and quietly put her wrinkled clothes back on. He watched as the last of his sperm soaked through her panties and dripped slowly down her leg. For the first time, Debbie fully realized that Wayne had broken and ridden her solely for his own pleasure. Wayne had completed his seduction of Debbie.

* * * * *

VI – The Next Day, the Next Generation

When I arrived home the evening of New Year’s Day, I was dead tired from working all night. But Debbie was an invigorated tigress. Once we were in bed, she in essence attacked me. She quickly primed my pump and climbed upon my weary stallion. I thrust with as much energy as I could muster, but it wasn’t my best effort. I came with a soft drivel rather than with any kind of strong drive.

She was quite pensive afterwards, but I was just too tired to be supportive. Our love-making didn’t seem that satisfying for her. Still I must have done well enough, because Debbie had a son in September. I wanted to name him Todd, but Debbie was very firm that the baby’s name would be Dwayne. I thought it was a funny sounding name, but Debbie knew I’d do anything for her. She prevailed.

It is 18 years later now, and Dwayne has grown into a strong, handsome man. His hair is much fairer than mine, probably because Debbie is so blonde. And he has a special bond with “Uncle Wayne” that makes us both happy.

When we socialize with Wayne these days, Debbie always talks him up to whomever he is dating. Occasionally I’ve seen the women tittering among themselves and Debbie blushing profusely as she points something out about Wayne. For someone as shy as Debbie, I’m surprised that she can be so outgoing in an effort to find Wayne a mate. We both hope that someday he’ll find someone as special as Debbie.

* * * * *


Once Wayne got Debbie alone, he seduced her in about as much time as it took to read this story. Clearly he had carefully planned and then successfully completed the sensual dance that led to their sexual union. But Wayne’s seduction of Debbie was not the only seduction that took place that night. It may not have been even the most important seduction. It was simply the most obvious.

In addition to Debbie’s seduction as a whole, one must remember that the animal passion within her seduced her to break her own promise of fidelity. The importance of marital fidelity has been reinforced over generations since the dawn of civilization, and Debbie’s sense of fidelity was strong. Animal magnetism, however, had been a core essence of every being since the beginning of time. Debbie’s animal instincts to reproduce proved to be stronger than her civilized teachings.

Of course, every battle between these two fundamentals in a woman’s life could have a different outcome. In this case, her internal battle was decided by two pivotal factors. First, Debbie was at the peak of her reproductive receptiveness and was listening intently to her AM dial. And second, when Debbie was aroused and saw the size of Wayne’s cock for the first time, it triggered within her every woman’s most secret desire… the urge to be filled and stretched by a dominant male’s huge organ.

And what about Wayne. It is true that he sought out the most attractive female he could find. But was he in fact seduced by her body to pursue and pleasure her? It must be remembered that it was her beauty that attracted him to her in the first place. It was her continued beauty that caused him to select her for his attention on this night. At the end he was finally able to stuff his manhood into her and fill her with his seed, but along the way he worked very diligently to please the body that had enticed him to her. She received hours of teasing, every form of stimulation he could devise, and she was finally able to achieve an incredible orgasm. One might say that her mind failed her,… but that her body completed the seduction it had designed.

In the end, mother nature may have instrumented the most important seduction of all. Mother nature selected a beautiful ovulating female, and instructed her by instinct to make herself as attractive to the opposite sex as she possibly could. She then placed this female in close proximity to a handsome, well-hung, virile male. She instructed this dominant male to devote his full attention to arousing the waiting female. After they were both fully prepared for a successful coupling, they were rewarded with a long-awaited, strong physical stimulation,… but only as the male was enticed to fertilize the female and produce a strong offspring.

The lesson of the “Seduction of Debbie” is this then: if you think you are in control of a situation in life, take a hard look around you. There likely are much larger forces at play.

Thanks for reading this simple little tale!