Over the Sink

Chapter 01

Matt had recently graduated from high school after turning 18 and was spending his summer off just being lazy. Sure, he worked out a few times a week and hung out with his friends when he could, but when they go together they didn’t do much because they all had the same idea to just relax for as long as they could until they all had to go off to school again in the fall. The friends he had with jobs were even more lazy when they had time off, so it worked out well for all of them when the decision was to just be lazy and hang around in one of their rec-rooms. It was usually over at Matt’s house tough. His mother Julie, older sister Jennifer, and even older sister Sally were all attractive in their own ways, and everyone wanted to get a peek at them as often as possible, including Matt.

39 year-old Julie was average height and a little less than average weight. She had the wide hips and large 36C breasts of a woman who had mothered three children, but she had the stomach and butt of a teen. Her breasts although large, were also still quite taught. She had her children young, right out of high school (she conceived Sally in a maintenance closet during an assembly, and birthed her a week after graduation at the tender age of 17), and did her best to stay in shape for her husband, even if he wasn’t always around. Steve had always been a hard worker, but when he was home he knew how to take care of his woman and had always treated her right. He never cheated on his wife, and had given her the best sex of her life, year after year.

Sally, the oldest of the children at 22 years old, was a little short, and had a body similar to her mothers, only without having had children yet. She was more athletic than the other women in her family, which made her legs were a little thick, and her waist wasn’t as slim as it could be, but her skin was tight, her breasts were large at 36D, and she got as many looks as any woman could hope for. She worked at a bank, so she didn’t work long days, and got home quite early most afternoons. She spent most of her time working out between her getting out of work and her friends getting out of work.

At 20 years old Jennifer was the best looking of the bunch. She was tall, slender, with a set of full 34B breasts on her chest that were almost but not quite a C cup, and an ass that wouldn’t quit. She looked more like the women on her father’s side of the family than her sisters did which was the model type. Two of her aunts were prominent models in the catalogue scene, and Jennifer was planning on joining them after graduating college in another year. She was very popular on campus with both the students and faculty. And would be missed by everyone when she leaves.

As Matt lounged around the house all day, he felt like his sisters were constantly teasing about something or another. It didn’t bother him so much, because they were always nice and non-malicious about it, but some of the time the teasing just seemed a little off. It also seemed like they were wearing a lot less clothing around the house the last year or two. The touching had also increased. It was just harmless little touches of the hand, or the leg, but they seemed to linger just a little too long, or be just a little too close to his private areas. He knew it couldn’t be true, but sometimes it seemed like they were coming on to him. The other night he had made a lude and sexist comment about what he wanted to do to some actress on the TV which he thought would get an argument from his sisters, but instead Jennifer just slapped him on the ass in passing on her way to the kitchen, and called him a sexy beast. His mother was also acting strange around him. She would iron her blouse in just her bra, or stole leisurely back to her room in just her underwear after throwing her work clothes into the laundry, when she used to be so modest and composed around her children before.

“Maybe it’s just the heat getting to all of us”, Matt thought to himself as he went to bed one night after seeing Jen pull off her top with her back to her open door as he walked by her room. It had been especially hot that summer, to the point of being near draught conditions. The sun had been beating down on them for weeks on end, and it was barely July. He was convinced that was the reason they were all acting so weird.

From that night on Matt had troubled dreams. At first it was just dreams of him catching his sisters in various states of undress, but soon it deteriorated into full out sexual fantasies with both of them and his mother. Things weren’t that much better during the daytime. He caught Sally on her way to her room in just a towel, that wasn’t actually hanging down passed her butt. His mother started unbuttoning her blouse to iron it one morning but had neglected to wear a bra, nearly exposing both her breasts, but he only glimpsed one before she turned around and ironed facing away from him, still topless. And Jen was constantly bouncing around the house in a thong and a tank top. She also seemed to be touching herself even more than she touched him, and that had escalated as well. She outright grabbed his crotch one night while sitting next to him on the couch watching a movie. A bulge had developed in his pants during a sex scene, and she just reached over and grabbed it for a second to give it a good jostle before getting up to put her desert bowl in the kitchen. Matt’s dreams were that of a full out orgy that night.

When he awoke at 7:00 am the next Monday morning, Matt could hear the shower running as Sally prepared herself for work. He didn’t get up right away though. He just lay there on his bed waiting until he couldn’t stand to be in his room anymore. When he finally did get up an hour or so later, he threw on a T-shirt and boxer shorts before leaving his room. As he opened the door he could hear Jen humming to herself as she brushed her teeth with the bathroom door open. He stopped in his tracks as he looked through the doorway at her with her back to him, as she swayed her hips while brushing. He absentmindedly rubbed his member through his shorts when she bent over to spit and rinse her mouth out. She was only in a long and loose T-shirt herself, and he wasn’t sure if she was wearing any panties underneath it. He got quite hard staring at her like that. After she was done with her brushing and flossing, she began to brush her hair, and he was openly stroking himself through the thin layer of cotton hiding his erection from the world.

“Are you just going to stare at me like that from the shadows all morning?” she asked after taking a few tentative brushes, and glimpsing him in the mirror.

“I hadn’t planned on it, no.” he said as he continued rubbing himself openly.

“Well do something else. You’re making me anxious standing there like a letch.” She said as she went back to brushing her hair.

Matt just continued rubbing himself from over by his doorway, oblivious to everything but her. He was in a trance of sorts. All that he saw was her butt swaying under that shirt, and all that he could think about was bending her over and sticking it to her. She leaned over a bit as she brushed, and the shirt bunched up a little at her waist. When she was finished brushing her hair she started to scratch her eye up by the bridge of her nose, and then her shoulder as well with her other hand. She leaned down even more, which pulled the hem of her shirt right up, and Matt realized right then that she wasn’t wearing panties, and her butt was completely exposed to him. He himself absentmindedly took things another step further, pulled his dick out of his shorts, and stroked himself right there as he watched his sister in the bathroom.

“Matt? What are you doing?” She saw right away what had happened as she was watching for his reaction to her nakedness through the mirror. She was teasing him, but she didn’t expect him to ever do that. “Put it away before someone sees us like this. Matt? Are you listening to me?” she whispered as she straightened up a little, but didn’t adjust her shirt. She had slipped up before when she had said he was making her anxious. She had meant to say “nervous”, but the truth of the matter was that she was getting turned on by all of this playing around. She took a better look at his dick in the mirror, and while it wasn’t the biggest in the world at 7″, it was enough to make her heart race just that much faster, with thoughts of what it would be like to have him inside her as she gazed upon it.

Matt caught that lingering look, and slowed down his strokes as he stepped toward her. Before either of them knew what they were doing, or could even think of stopping it, Matt had a hold of Jen’s hips, and was slowly grinding himself up and down her naked and exposed crack, and she was enjoying it. She gasped every time he thrust himself up to her. As he thrust he moved his hands up her sides until he felt the swell of her tits, and gave them each a grope as he continued to push his member against her butt.

“Mom is gonna kill us if she sees this…” she moaned as she felt his strokes get longer and lower. His hands felt great up against her tits. He was just palming them, but the taboo of the situation was playing tricks with her mind and body. Her nipples felt hard, her center felt hot, and it was all that she could do to keep from crying out when his hands went back to her hips and he thrust his dick up into her cunt. “Oh god…” she gasped as he slowly thrust into her again and again.

“Oh god… Oh god we have to be quiet… or mom will catch us for sure…” she cried almost silently and out of breath as she tried to hold in her screams. Her brother was poking her from behind as her bent her over the bathroom sink with the door open to anyone who should pass it. As he pushed her down farther she grabbed the sides of the sink to support herself. She could feel his strong hands on her hips pulling her back into him, and she wished that they were back up on her tits, under her shirt, pinching her nipples.

Matt was in heaven as he pumped his dick into his sister’s quim. He wasn’t even thinking about her as he fucked her over the bathroom sink. He was only thinking about fucking, and how great it felt to be back inside a cunt again. He wasn’t a virgin, but for some reason he felt like he was doing something that he had never done before as he repeatedly jabbed at his sister’s slick opening. He slid his hands up her bare flesh under her shirt as it hung away from her body, and fulfilled her silent wish as her grabbed onto her tits again. This time it was skin against skin, and he used a little more finesse than last time as he pinched her nipples, and leaned over her to kiss the side of her neck.

“Oh god this feels so good” she groaned as they fucked each other as best they could in this position. Caution was forgotten as everything they did grew louder the longer they continued. Their mother was blissfully asleep on the other side of the house, but Julie was the farthest thing from their minds as he rammed his dick as hard as he could. Their flesh slapped together audibly as his hips collided with her ass cheeks. With all of the sensations attacking her at once, Jen yelled out something Matt never expected to hear her say. “Pull my hair,” she called out, as she looked him in the eyes through the mirror. “Pull it Matt… Pull my hair…”

He did as he was told. He let go of her right tit, pulled his hand out from under her shirt and grabbed her hair as he continued to thrust into her. His thrusts became more of a jerking motion, with slam after slam against her rump. He was bucking into her with all of his might when he did something that neither of them saw coming. He let go of her other tit and smacked her ass with a loud “THWACK!” After jabbing her a few more times he smacked her ass cheek again. “TWACK!” As they found their new rhythm, they picked up the pace, and so did his smacks. Every other thrust into each other he smacked her ass again with another loud “THWACK!”

“Oh my god I love this…” she cried out loud as she fucked back into her brother. Her left ass cheek was feeling red and swollen, but it felt so good every time he laid his hand into her.


“More…” she called out to him.


“Oh god yes…”


“MORE!…” she cried again.


He was now hitting her every time as he stabbed her from behind with his cock. They were quickly approaching their orgasms and Jen was being more and more vocal about it. Their mother would be waking soon and Jen’s cries and screams and moans would be the cause of it. They didn’t care. They were intent on finishing what they had started, and finishing each other off.

“Oh yeah… oh yeah… oh yeah…” she cried as she reached her peak. “Ohh… FUCK! Shit! Oh…”

Matt let out a groan as well as he released his seed inside his sister’s womb. They waited a few long moments as they gasped for air to fill their emptied lungs before separating. Jen pulled down her shirt as Matt pushed his dick back into his shorts.

“I think need another shower,” she said as her brother started to exit the room. “It’s a good thing I woke up early today, or I would be late for class. We’ll have to do this again sometime, when I’m a little more prepared.” With that she turned on the shower and closed the door to her again staring brother.

Matt went back into his room and changed his clothes so that the stink of sex on him wouldn’t be so powerful. After loading himself up with deodorant he went down to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He saw his mom standing over by the fridge with her robe hanging wide open, so he went to the cabinet to get himself some cereal. We he opened the cabinet he heard his mother jump and yelp in surprise, which caused him to jump as well. When he looked at his mother he caught just a glimpse of both breasts as she pulled her robe mostly closed, but leaving one breast still mostly showing. He also noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties as his mother pushed the material against her skin to make sure nothing was showing.

“I’m sorry Matt, I didn’t hear you come down.” She said she continued to compose herself, and finally covered up her other boob.

“Sorry I scared you, Mom.” He said with a smile as he moved over toward the fridge. He felt her crotch brush up against his own as the two passed, switching places with each other.

“Did you hear your sister screaming this morning? It sounded like she broke her leg.” Julie said as she sipped her coffee.

Matt nearly fell over when he heard her ask that. His legs went to jelly, and his gut tensed up and nearly hurled. If he had eaten he might have. But he was looking in the fridge at the time, and just simply went with the story his mother already made up. “Yeah, I did. Why do you think I’m awake so early during my vacation? She must have stubbed her toe.” He let out a sigh of relief when his mother appeared to buy his story. Later in the morning when Jen finally came down on her way out to school, she validated his story by saying she stubbed her toe, without even checking with him first.

The next few days went by fairly normally, all things considered. Matt and Jen were constantly touching each other, but nothing all that serious really happened between them. Someone was always around the house to keep the two from going further. They would make out, grope and masturbate each other a little when they were alone, just to get them turned on, but neither of them ever got to finish the job. When they were out in the public areas of the house they would cool it a little, but there would still be the ass-slaps, and the light stroking of one body part or another incognito.

On Thursday morning, Matt woke up to what he thought would be a change in routine from all of the playing it safe that they were doing. He could feel a mouth around his dick, sucking him as hard as it had ever been sucked. When his eyes opened, he looked down towards his lap where all he could see was his sister’s eyes staring right back into his own. It felt wonderful to wake up to a blowjob like this. He had been sucked off, but he had never had anyone there when he woke up like this before.

He motioned for Jen to turn around, but to continue sucking him as she was. When she got her legs up by his head he spread her knees apart and slipped two fingers into her already moist cavity, which made her scream into his dick, which thankfully muffled it. As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, he pushed his fingers in and out of her tunnel at the same pace. The faster she bobbed her head the faster he fingered her. She started to moan and groan around his member and the vibrations were driving him wild. As amazing as that was, her tongue was pushing him over the edge. It was all over the place as it swirled around his head and shaft.

Matt ducked his head between her legs and stuck his tongue into her folds as his fingers held her lips open. He liked all around her pussy and probed around for her G-spot now. He thought he saw his bedroom door move out of the corner of his eye, but it was still closed like it was before so he didn’t let that slow him down much. He went right back to licking around her opening trying to suck up every bit of nectar to come out of her, eliciting louder and more enthusiastic moans out of his sister as he went along. When he moved his mouth onto her clit and started sucking it her moans turned to screams around his cock, which triggered his own orgasm. He shot his load down her mouth and she swallowed as much of it as she could. He was cumming so hard he had to pause for a moment before he could go on. As he let off of her clit he heard some movement downstairs, and groaned as he fell back onto his pillow.

“Sounds like Mom is up.” He said as Jen licked up the last of his ejaculate from her face and lips. “You had better take a shower too. Did you cum at all?”

“I sure as hell did. Twice,” she sighed as she crawled up his body. “I was building to an orgasm, fingering myself when you woke up. You slipped your fingers into me and it was all over.” She straddled his lower body and ground her slit down onto his softening member as she leaned down to hiss his lips. He knew he had just cum in her mouth, but that didn’t matter. What they were doing was already so taboo, something like that was hardly in his mind after 69ing with his sister. He kissed her back and loved every second of it.

“You has better stop that, Jenny,” he groaned as he broke the kiss. “Mom is up downstairs, and you’re a screamer. Go take a shower.”

He grabbed her hips and helped her up off of his lap and sitting next to him as he himself got up out of bed. She did as he suggested and showered as he went down and started what was to be a normal day of teasing from all of his female family members from then on out. His mother was ironing in just a slip and panties when he went for breakfast. When sally got home from work she stripped off her blouse as she ran up the stairs giving him a great view of her knockers confined in a lacy white bra. Later that night he made out a little with Jen in her room, but they didn’t go any farther.

Their next chance for some real action came on Saturday night though. Sally was out with friends, and Steve was taking Julie out for dinner and dancing to celebrate being home from another long business trip. The moment their parents were out the door the two of them were tickling each other, and chasing around the house. Jen decided that now was as good a time as any to play hard to get, and Matt went along with it because it was a nice bit of fun having to work for his prize. When Matt finally did catch up to her they were in the powder room over by the kitchen. He had her pinned up against the sink by his hips, with him holding her arms folded up against her chest.

“Remember this position?” he whispered into her ear as he held her squirming body. “This is how we first met.”

He emphasized “met” with a pelvic thrust up against her ass through their jeans. He rubbed up against her a few times like this before she turned and kissed him. Letting go of her arms, he moved his hands down her torso, over her mounds on the outside of her jeans, and then up under her tight t-shirt. He mauled her breasts over her bra barbarically for a few moments before pulling it down and giving her nipples a good tweak, his hips still pressing her hard up against the sink with long and slow thrusts. She fumbled to undo her jeans, and pushed them down with her thong as far as she could while being pinned in the way she was. Matt let go of her tits for just a moment to do the same with his jeans. After slipping his own pants down enough to expose himself, he pushed hers down just a little farther, and returned his hands to her mammaries as he thrust up against her crack, flesh on flesh this time.

“Oh god Matt, that feels so good…” she cooed as he pulled her nipples out as far as they would go. “Fuck me damn it… Just fuck me…” Not one to ignore such a fun request, he bent his knees a little more and pushed the head of his cock up into her dripping hole. “Yeah, bro… Fuck me! Fuck me hard…”

He did just that. Right away he started pounding her as hard as he could. He drove his cock into her against and again with powerful and rapid strokes. She felt like he was using a heated dildo attached to a jackhammer on her twat. His hips were slapping up against her ass so hard and fast that she immediately needed to brace her hands up against the wall behind the sink to hold herself up to his vaginal assault.

“Oh yeah… Fuck that’s so good…” She cried out, just taking what he was giving her without adding much back to the experience yet. “Fuck! Matt… that’s so fucking good…”

“You like that… don’t you Jen… You like the way… your little brother… pounds your pussy… You like the way I stick it to you…” he said to her as he grabbed her hair without her asking this time. He just figured it was something that she liked. Make me run… and chase you… To give you what you wanted anyway… You’re a bad girl Jenny… You need to be punished…”

“Oh yeah Matt… I’ve been baaaad… Spank me Matt… Spank me while you fuck me…” she was shoving her ass back at him now, trying to get his cock deeper with each thrust.

“THWACK!” He smacked the side of her ass hard.

“Oh yeah Matt… Spank me…”


“Punish me for teasing you… Spank me for running from you…” she cried, out of breathe and sweating now.

He spanked the left ass cheek a couple more times, and then he did what he should have done earlier in the week. He switched hands and spanked her right cheek while pulling her hair with his left hand all the while they fucked into each other with reckless abandon. After a minute or two of this though, his hands started to hurt nearly as much as her ass cheeks, and so he decided to cool them off by groping her soft cool tits again. He eventually grew tired of this position though, as much as he loved it. He pulled her up by her breasts, turned her around, and pressed her back up against the wall as he entered her face to face and kissed her.

“Oh yeah…” she cooed with a pleased tone in her voice. “Do me slow like this Matt… A slow screw against the wall…”

This position was giving both of them a chance to catch their breathe, as well as holding off Matt’s orgasm which had been rapidly approaching before he paused to turn them around. Jen didn’t really care which way she was facing or which way he came at her from. She loved the taboo of having his cock in her, almost as much as she loved him as a brother for all the years before they started having sex. But this wasn’t love right now. This was raw animal lust, and she was getting the most out of it. She had already cum several times while bent over the sink, and he was preparing her for another one here against the wall.

“Fuck, Jenny… Your pussy feels so good… So wet and so tight…” he said in a hushed voice as he continued his slow and steady strokes. “Your little brother loves your tight and wet hole…”

“Bro… There is nothing little about you… and you can fuck me all day… any time you want to…” she said to him before kissing him again.

They stayed like that for another few minutes, just slowly grinding themselves against each other up against the wall for another few minutes before the urge to go faster again overcame them. She motioned for him to lay down on the floor where she quickly followed him and straddled his cock like she had the other day.

“We never did finish this the other morning, did we?” she said with a smile as she grabbed his rod gently, stroked him a couple of times, and eased herself down on him.

“No, we didn’t. This is about where we left off,” he said. Well rested and ready for me, he wanted his sister’s body more than ever.

“Fuck, bro, I love the way you fill me up…” She shifted around on his cock for a few moments before pulling up off his cock so that as little of him was inside her without actually letting him pop out. “Your cock feels so good, I just want to plunge it into me again and again.” She sank back down on him, which elicited a groan from the both of them. “I’m going to fuck you like this until you cum, Matt. I want you to cum inside me Matt. I want you to fill me up like you did last week.”

She pulled up off of him again, and slammed herself down a little faster than before. She repeated this a few more times, gaining speed each time she dropped herself on his cock until he started to thrust back up at her, until they were fucking each other. They built up their rhythm to a maddening pace of hot and wild fucking before Matt couldn’t take it anymore. When he announced to his sister that he was going to come she started fucking him even faster than before until she finally felt him squirt inside her. She then slowed down but kept fucking him until he started to soften up, and she felt him fall out of her.

“That was the best fuck ever Bro. You are the best fuck ever.” She said as she lay down on top of him on the powder room floor, with their legs out in the hallway. “I thought that first time was as good as it gets, but you proved me wrong Matt. You proved me so wrong.”

They kissed and made out until they regained their strength, and then they grabbed their clothes, got dressed and watched TV until their parents got home. They thought they had themselves a wonderful and private fuck session in their big empty house. What they didn’t know was that their oldest sister Sally had come home to grab a change of clothes for her night out, and that she not only heard, but saw her two younger siblings going at it in the powder room by the kitchen. She didn’t catch the whole thing, she came in as he was spanking her, and had to leave shortly after he pressed her up against the wall, but Sally could see from what little she was there for to know what was going on in the house, and that deep down inside she wanted some too.

Chapter 02

The next few weeks for Matt went pretty much the way that first one did after having sex with Jen, the younger of his two older sisters. The two of them went on fooling around for the most part, and only having sex when they thought that they had the house to themselves, like when their father and sister were at work, and their mother was shopping, or out jogging in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. What they never seemed to realize was that their older sister Sally had caught them during their second sex session, and had been secretly keeping her eye on them as well, wishing that she could join in. Her only problem was that she wasn’t as outgoing as the other members of her family. She was actually quite shy, unlike everyone else who seemed to have a well of courage as deep as the ocean.

While Sally was spying from the shadows, their mother, Julie, was noticing changes in them as well. She noticed that their playing around became a lot more familiar, and physical. She also noticed that they were spending a lot more time together, and in each other’s rooms a lot more than they ever had been before, even when they were young. Her husband was oblivious when she asked him, but she knew that something was up, even though she couldn’t quite place a finger on what was actually going on between her younger two children.

Even though Julie was in the dark about what was going on, she wasn’t that far behind her daughter Jennifer in her lusts for Matt. When his body had grown to it’s current shape, she found herself getting slightly excited when she would see him walk around in boxer shorts on the weekends, and she got downright wet when she noticed a sizable bulge in his pants from time to time. After a time, her guilt at her feelings went away, and started doing all that she could to encourage him to grow hard around the house. When he was growing up, she was a very proper mother who was always fully dressed, and not wearing anything too revealing. Lately though, she had been hardly wearing anything around her son at times. She would make sure to tease him just a little bit more each time she would see him. At first, it was just a few buttons undone on her blouses, but after time it became removing blouses to iron them in front of him while he ate breakfast, or running around in a half closed robe. The other day she had the lower half of her robe so open that if he chose to look he could have seen her pussy as she passed him.

Matt was looking. He saw that, as well as every other bit of flesh that she had decided to show him. He had suspicions that the flashes were intentional for a while now, but he had no idea what to do about it. He figured that his affair with Jennifer had been a fluke. Once he had realized what he had done, he was surprised that she hadn’t called the cops on him, and gotten him kicked out of the house. He was glad that things had worked out as well as they had, but he wasn’t sure that things would go as smoothly with his mother, and he didn’t dare push the line any further than she was willing to set it before hand.

One morning, after fooling around with his sister before breakfast, Matt found out just how far things could go with his mother. The two children had been groping each other up in his room until they heard Julie banging some pans and dishes around in the kitchen. Jennifer went to take a shower before going out with her friends while Matt decided to just show up for breakfast as is, in a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. He wasn’t worried about his erection tenting his shorts, as he was almost sure by now that his mother was showing off for him.

When he arrived down in the kitchen, he found his mother by the stove in a slightly darker than skin tone blouse with a nice floral pattern on it, and a slightly darker loose and flowing skirt hanging from her hips to her knees. It wasn’t until he got closer that he noticed it was flesh colored for a reason. It was practically see-through. The flowers that seemed scattered randomly around the back and sides were strategically placed on the front to camouflage, but not entirely hide her nipples. The skirt, upon closer inspection, proved to be almost but not quite as see-through as the blouse, it was a slightly darker tone. Matt couldn’t make out any details, but he could also tell that his mother wasn’t wearing any underwear. He could also see quite clearly that she was shaved down below (he had know for a while, as she had flashed herself to him many times by now, but it was still a nice sight), otherwise the skirt would have shown quite obviously any bush had she chosen to grow it out. She looked hot, and Matt couldn’t believe she was being so brazen about her sexuality.

“Good morning, Mom.” Matt said as he reached up to the cabinet above the stove for a coffee cup.

He could have gone to any number of other places for any number of cups, they were all over the place with five coffee drinkers in the house, but he didn’t. He chose that particular cabinet to judge her reaction when he glanced his boner up against her barely covered ass. He expected her to just continue frying up the sausages and pancakes, but she did what he had always dreamed she would do, but least expected of her. She pushed herself back up against him firmly.

“Good morning, honey. You’ve been Up and Able quite early a lot lately.” She returned, emphasizing “up” and “able”, while glancing just so quickly down to his crotch for a split second, and then smiling as she dished out the goods from the stove. “Would you like to have breakfast with me?”

“I’d love to Mom.” He said as he took his coffee to a seat at the table, with her right behind with plates and forks.

Just after he sat down, she followed suit and sat in the same chair right in his lap, pressing her back into him, practically spooning him as they sat at the table, his erection planted square between the cheeks of her ass, and no denying the motives behind it. She placed the plates and forks on the table, then hugged her son tightly from the side as she turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. She was trying to make a move on him, and desperately wanted to kiss his lips, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“I love you Matt,” she said with a wide-eyed smile, still struggling to hold herself back from devouring her son.

“Me too Mom,” said Matt. He saw the look of lust in her eyes, and was tempted himself to lean forward and suck her into him. But just before he could make both of their wishes come true, she quickly stood up as they heard Jennifer start the shower upstairs. “Would you like a glass of milk with that?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen again.

“That sounds great, Mom,” he replied as he grabbed a fork and started eating his breakfast.

They both ate in silence, each trying to figure out where this would all go from here, and stealing furtive glances at each other. Julie couldn’t believe that she had been so careless as to forget that her younger daughter was still in the house. She needed to change to keep Jennifer from seeing her like some kind of cheap whore. She waited until she was finished eating before quickly clearing her plate to the sink and went into her room to change into something more fitting for a mother to wear, but still enticing to a teenage boy.

When Matt was finished eating he too cleared his place and went to change into something for his basketball game with friends later in the morning. As he rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, he saw Jennifer through the bathroom door, which was open just enough to give him a peek at her as she brushed her hair naked. He pushed the door open wide as he watched her with a grin on his face.

“Little miss naked sis isn’t afraid Mom is going to catch her with the door open like that?” he asked as he stepped into the room and hugged her from behind and pressed his bulging shorts into her rear.

“Look who’s talking? Aren’t you the one who fucked me from behind with that very same door wide open, while Mom was sleeping just a couple feet away downstairs?” she replied as she pressed back against him. She loved the feel of his cock between her cheeks, and wished that he wasn’t wearing his shorts so that he could fuck her where she stood.

“Why yes I am. Wanna try it with her awake this time? We just ate breakfast together.” He said, moving her hair out of the way and kissing her on the shoulder.

“You’re kidding! She’s up this early? And you still want to do it?” she gasped. The idea excited her beyond belief.

“Well we might have to gag you to keep her from hearing us, but that could be fun to do sometime anyway.” He said smoothly as he pressed tighter into her ass, grinding his covered cock into her soft posterior.

“And the spanking? You don’t think she would get just a little suspicious hearing you slapping the hell out of her daughter’s ass?” she asked, reaching back to push his shorts down and revealing his cock to the fresh air. He backed away for a moment to step out of them, and then picked them up before rubbing his naked cock up against her bare ass. He knew she was already talked into having sex with him. All that he had to do now was take her.

“Maybe I should just tie you up?” he suggested as he slid the shorts up her side, and then showed them to her. “Here, suck on these. They’re clean.”

She did as he requested, and let him stuff his shorts into her mouth, but she was reeling from a bolt of electricity that shot through her when he said he should tie her up. She had thought about being tied up before, but had never dared ask anyone to try it on her ever. She didn’t trust any of her boyfriends that much up to this point, but this was her brother who she could trust with her body, mind and soul. He would never do anything to physically endanger her, and if he wanted to tie her up while he fucked her senseless she was going to let him do it!

Matt had been thinking of tying her up for a week or so now, but the idea of bondage had been in his head for months, and he even asked a couple of his girlfriends from school if they would let him. The answer was always no, but the gleam in his sister’s eye told him that he might finally hear a yes, and have a subject that would be willing to go along with his perversions. It wouldn’t be today, but soon he would tie his pretty sister up and have his way with her.

For now though, Matt was content to just bend her over the bathroom sink for the third time in a month. He grabbed her by the hips and looked her in the eye through the mirror as he eased his cock into her from behind. She woke up excited every morning just at the thought of playing around sexually with her younger brother, and they had been fooling around just before she took her shower, so she was wet enough already that he didn’t have any trouble pushing into her in one long, slow, agonizing stroke.

Jennifer whimpered at how he was taking his time to plug her hole. She liked her sex hard and fast, and the pace he was taking was torturous to her. He took his time pushing into her, and he seemed to take even more time pulling out. She could feel every bump and ridge on his cock as it slid across the walls of her vagina. It was torture, it was driving her insane, and she was about to explode with an orgasm after only five or six strokes!

Matt grabbed his sister’s tits and felt their weight before adjusting his grip and pinched her nipples. They were so stiff and erect that they felt like pencil erasers between his fingers and thumb. Once he pulled them out he noticed that her entire body was convulsing in what must have been an Earth shattering orgasm. Her knees trembled, her head thrown back, and her eyes closed, and even though she was braced up against the sink he had to hold her up to keep her from falling to the floor, but he never stopped slowly pumping himself in and out of her pussy.

She was on the edge of insanity. All that she could feel was her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt, and his hands palming her breasts and pulling her nipples. The rest of the world had disappeared from her as she writhed in orgasmic bliss. Just as her focus started to return to her, she opened her eyes and looked into Matt’s through the mirror. As they locked onto each other he picked up the pace a little and she felt it start all over again. She cried out through the shorts in her mouth when he pulled her hair back and kissed around her neck. She was headed for another orgasm and she was getting there faster than she ever had before.

Matt could see the pleasure on his sister’s face. Even with his shorts stuck in her mouth. They weren’t muting the cries of her second orgasm in as many minutes as efficiently as he had hoped they would, but with any luck their mother still wouldn’t hear them fucking in the upstairs bathroom. After what they shared at breakfast, he wasn’t expecting her to be up here while Jenny was still in the house. His mother seemed to be making a move on him, but there was no way she could be dumb enough to attempt it with her daughter so close by, could she? At least downstairs there were other rooms to duck away to, but up here there isn’t much room to move. Maybe that’s why screwing his sister in the bathroom with the door open and his shorts in her mouth was so exciting? He was fairly certain that there was no chance of their mother coming up here this early in the day, but if she did then they would surely be caught with no escape.

No such thoughts were entering Jen’s mind however. She came twice with her brother pumping her hole as slowly as he could, and now that he was finally giving it to her at a good and steady clip she was headed for a third. She was proud of Matt for his control and endurance. Most other men that she had been with, if not all of them, would have just shoved themselves into her as fast as possible and blown their wad the moment that her pussy clamped down on their dicks, but not her brother. He started out slow and got faster from there, and even though she was coming for a third time…

She passed out from being fucked so well, and never finished that last thought. Matt was able to ease her down to the floor without much fuss, and keep the noise to a minimum. If he had let her drop the noise would be sure to arouse the suspicions of their mother, and he just couldn’t let that happen. He pulled her wet hair out of her face and petted her forehead to try to rouse her in a soothing manner, which he was thankful appeared to be working. He didn’t exactly know what to do with a fainting victim, and was just happy to see that she was going to pull through this.

“What happened?” she asked with a glazed look on her face.

“You came so hard you fainted,” he said as he brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “I was worried there for a moment.”

“The way you fuck me, I don’t think I’d mind if I died with you in my pussy,” she nearly whispered as she looked up into his eyes from the floor. She reached out for something to hoist herself up, but all that she could find was her brother’s stiff prick jutting out from his groin. “Unconscious girls turn you on there, Matt? Are you one of those guys who likes to take advantage of the first girl to pass out at a party? How many times have you done me in my sleep, Matt? Are you doing the rest of the family like that too? Even Dad?”

“Actually, I never finished. You passed out before I could.” He responded, helping her sit up. “And I would never do anything gay with Dad. There isn’t anything attractive about men.”

“Maybe not for you, but I love a nice hard cock to suck on. Now give it here and I’ll have that swelling down in a jiff. I’ll even suck all the bad stuff out for you,” she said as she tugged him closer and leant down to suck his dick into her mouth. She sucked in as much as she could as fast as she could before coming up again. “I just love the way you taste after being in me.”

After that last comment she went back to sucking him off as fast as she could. She gobbled him down and sucked as she let him back out. She swiveled her hand back and forth as she stroked him up and down along with her vacuuming mouth. His sister worked his cock for all that she was worth, slobbering all over it in an attempt to get him off and get him out of the bathroom so that she could finish getting ready for her day. She loved and needed the fuck that he had just given her, and she really enjoyed sucking his cock, but after the slow fuck he had just given her, she felt the need to do this fast. She looked like a porn star the way she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. Matt leaned back against the wall. Even though he was breaking a sweat just from the feelings running through his shaft, he was in heaven with his sister going hog-wild on his cock. She felt like she was going to suck his brains out through his dick, or that he would simply turn inside out. She paused her head bobbing for just a moment and her tongue went mad on his cock head. This was too much for her younger brother, and he uncontrollably spewed into her mouth without warning her. He didn’t have any warning himself. He was breathless one moment, and cumming in her mouth the next. She didn’t seem to mind at all that he came without warning her and just continued sucking on him as hard as she could, swallowing every drop until she milked him dry.

After unexpectedly sucking every drop out of her younger brother, Jennifer got up off of the floor, wrapped a towel around her, and said to Matt, “You worked up quite a sweat just now. You should take a shower before you go back downstairs.” And with that she left the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Matt just sat there on the floor for a few minutes until he could move his legs again, and as soon as he had enough strength to pick himself back up he took his sister’s advice and jumped into the shower to wash the sweat from their encounter off of his body. When he went for a towel to dry himself off, he noticed that he hadn’t planned this impromptu shower ahead of time, and had neglected to bring one into the bathroom with him. He really didn’t feel like donning his sleeping attire again, so he decided to make the quick trip to his room naked. Since the only person he expected to see was his sister, who had just sucked him off, and was unlikely to bust him for being naked in the hallway, he thought it would be the best solution to his problem.

When he reached his room, he quickly wished that he had put something on, as what he found was his mother kneeling on the floor, picking up his dirty laundry from around the room. She was leaning over away from him, showing off her ass in a white pair of short shorts as she reached under his bed. He could see the whale tail of her blue thong peaking out of them. When she moved around he could see that she was also wearing a light blue baby-t, and her big tits were hanging down and wobbling around bra-less as she picked up his clothes. For just a quick moment he thought about going back to the bathroom and waiting for her to go downstairs, but after thinking about the way she was acting at breakfast he decided to give her a show and see what her reaction would be to her naked son.

“Hey, Mom,” he said nonchalantly as he waltzed into the room as naked as he could be. He walked over to his bed where he still had a basket of clean laundry, grabbed a towel and dried himself facing his star struck mother. After tossing it back onto the bed he started rooting through the basket for a pair of boxer shorts. He ignored his mother’s gaze, acting like it was no big deal that he was naked in front of her, but saw enough to know that she was staring at him, and had paused her search for dirty clothes just to watch him. He spotted a pair of shorts in the basket, but he also knew that his mother couldn’t see them from where she was, and decided to ignore them for the moment and continue his exposure for as long as he could. He instead walked over to his dresser and looked in there for something to wear. Finding that he really didn’t have anything in there, he turned and gave his mother a goofy smile.

“I guess I’m going commando today,” he said as he walked back over to the basket. He was getting hard from showing off to his mother, and there was no way that she could miss it. He was on full display for her as he moved back across the room and went into the basket again, this time for a pair of khaki shorts. “Oh, here’s a pair of boxers,” he said as he “found” them, not really wanting to go commando today. He turned towards Julie to give his mother one last look at him as he slipped his shorts up and stroked his meat a couple of times before he stuffed his mostly hard penis into them. After giving them one last adjustment, grabbing himself and pulling the leg of the shorts tight against his dick, looking his mother right in the eyes, he noticed that she was only focused on his crotch, and oblivious to the rest of the world. “I have a basketball game with the guys before it gets too hot out. I’ll see you later Mom.” And with that he was off. He left the room, and his mother practically drooling over her son’s tool.

Julie finally shook herself out of her trance, but neglected to pick anything else up off of her son’s floor. She was still in shock at what her son had just shone her, and nearly bumped into her daughter as they both headed for the stairs. She freaked out as she was completely shaken from her daydreams of Matt stroking himself in front of her like some kind of porn star, and Jennifer actually had to grab her mother’s arm to keep her from falling down the stairs as she crashed back into reality.

“Are you ok Mom? You look like you just saw a ghost.” Jennifer said as she walked down the stairs in front of her mother.

For some unknown reason to her, Julie decided to go the honest route and tell her daughter the truth. “Do you know what your brother just did? I was in his room picking up his dirty laundry to finish up this load so that I could wash some stuff that I want to wear tomorrow when he walked in stark naked, with a semi-hard penis, and walked around like that until he put on a pair of shorts and left. The nerve of that boy!” Julie neglected that she had gone into his room while he was in the shower, and waited for him to return so that she could catch a glimpse of him before he dressed. She also left out the part about him stroking himself, knowing that would only disturb Jennifer, and not wanting to upset her like that.

“Wow!” Jen was shocked at her mother’s confession. “Really? What did you do? What did you say to him?”

“I didn’t say anything to him. It was over before I could get a handle on the situation. Once he left the room I picked up my basket and bumped into you.” She said as she hefted the basket up a bit to emphasize her statement.

“Wow. You should give him a good lecture for that. Where is he now?”

“He’s not here. He said he had a ballgame with his friends before it gets hot out. It’ll have to wait until he gets back,” she said as she headed into the laundry room.

“Can you wait until I’m back home before you do it? I want to hear that.” Asked Jennifer as her mother started loading the clothing into the washing machine.

“No Jenny. I wouldn’t do that to you, and I won’t do that to your brother. I’ll have a talk with him in private as soon as he gets back. We can’t have him acting like this house is a barn.”

“No, that would be uncouth.”

“Such big words! You’ve been studying!” said Julie as she finished placing the clothes into the washing machine. “I’m so proud of you!” she cried playfully as she hugged her daughter to her, immediately feeling Jennifer’s hard nipples poking into her own surprisingly hard nipples. She quickly broke the hug hoping that her daughter hadn’t noticed her arousal too. “So where are you off to so early today, Jen?”

“Oh, there’s a sale today that my friends and I are hitting up. The store opens at ten, so we are getting there when it opens to beat some of the rush.”

“Shouldn’t you get there early to beat the rush?”

“Hell no!” Jennifer called out with authority. “We don’t want to get trampled. We just want a good deal on some dresses. The store had plenty of everything last night when we checked it out. Even if there are a hundred crazy screaming women in front of us we’ll still get a good deal on a decent selection.”

“Well I wish you luck in your search. When will you be back?”

“Oh, I won’t be back until after dinner. We still have the normal things to do after we leave the store you know,” she said as she winked to her mother and walked out the door to her car.

Julie spent the rest of the day straightening up the house, subconsciously waiting for her son to return, hoping that he would be hard, and at least as daring as he was earlier in his room. After washing the dishes and dusting the shelves, all that she could think about was the way her son looked naked in his room that morning. It had only been an hour since she had nearly creamed herself in front of him, and she was already creaming herself again. She dropped the feather duster on the coffee table and sat on the couch to watch some TV and calm herself. After flipping through the channels a few times she decided that there wasn’t anything on, and she was still moistening between her legs.

She absentmindedly started rubbing herself through her shorts with her left hand as she flipped blindly through the channels with her right. She stopped on an exercise program and just stared at the host’s pectoral muscles. He was a young guy in his late twenties, and he was fit. He looked a lot like her son when she thought about it. The more she thought about it the more she thought about her son’s body, the more she thought about his cock, the more she rubbed herself closer and closer to orgasm. She dropped the remote and used her free hand to grab her left tit through her shirt, and groped it as hard as she could.

Rubbing herself over her shorts wasn’t doing it for her though. She slipped her hand under the waistband and into her panties and started rubbing her fingers directly into her mound. But this was still too confining for her needs. She let go of her breast, pulled her other from her shorts, and undid her fly before pushing her shorts down to her ankles and rubbed both of her hands into her pussy. She rubbed and prodded at her pussy lips until she couldn’t take it anymore, and slipped the middle finger of her right hand into her steaming cunt.

She didn’t even see the TV anymore as she pulled her labia open with one hand and pushed the rest of the fingers of her other hand into her twat. All that she could see was the image of her son standing in front of her with his semi-hard cock right at her face level up in his room. She wanted to reach out and grab him so bad when it was happening, she wanted to replace his hand with her own when he stroked himself, but she had resisted. She had always been faithful to her husband. She hadn’t even been tempted by another man until now. It wasn’t until she saw her son get home from school all sweaty one day a year or two ago that she started having straying thoughts, and they were all about her son. She wanted him so bad that she was picturing what it would have been like to reach out and grab his cock up in his room. She imagined leaning forward and sucking his cock head into her mouth, and jerking him off until he came down her throat. She thought about him taking her and throwing her onto the bed, or pounding his man meat into her flooded canal as she lay face down on the floor and making her cum screaming. She heard the back door open and knew it was her son. She pictured him finding her like this, and crawling between her legs to fuck her right there on the couch. She was so close to cumming, but she just couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let him catch her like this.

Julie quickly pulled her shorts up while standing and finished zipping them just as Matt walked into the room. She was flush, her heavy breathing was causing her chest to rise and fall dramatically, and he saw her pull her hands quickly away from the waistband of her shorts and then cross them under her breasts, and then just as quickly drop them down to her sides again. He knew that she had been masturbating, just now in the living room, and she was trying to hide it. He pretended that he hadn’t noticed, and let her keep her dignity for a little longer.

“Hey Mom. I’m going to wash up real quick. What’s for lunch?” he asked as he headed towards the stairs.

“Lunch? I hadn’t really thought about lunch. I guess I could make up some sandwiches if you like?” She hoped he hadn’t seen how flush her face was, and she tried to hide her ragged breath from him as she answered as calmly as she could.

“That would be great. I’ll be back down in a minute.”

Matt ran upstairs and into the bathroom. He deliberately didn’t grab a towel for his shower this time, hoping that his mother would find another reason to be in his room when he got back out. He had a raging hard on in the shower as he thought about what they would do together when he was done washing himself. He didn’t play with himself though. As much as he wanted to, he had to restrain himself and save it up for his hot-bodied mother.

She wasn’t in his room when he got there though. After he left her in the living room she was shaking, and went to the kitchen to make lunch as she calmed her nerves. She thought that she had finally gotten herself under control when Matt showed up and sat at the table, but she was wrong. She grabbed the plate of sandwiches off of the counter and carried it over to the kitchen table and placed it in front of him. She grabbed one of them off the plate and sat herself across from him as he grabbed two and started eating. She didn’t know it, but he could see a wet spot on her shorts between her legs where she had pressed her shorts into herself as she prepared their meal.

Julie momentarily considered confronting her son about the incident up in his room that morning, but as soon as the thought crossed her mind she started getting wet all over again. Her breasts started heaving as she ate, and she started pressing her legs together to try to squash the pressure between them. It wasn’t working though, it only intensified the feelings, and as she finished eating she started rubbing her thighs together, back and forth, stimulating herself as best as she could do without being spotted. All that she could think about was seducing her son. She looked at him through the glass table and could see the bugle in his shorts. He was hard again, and she was wishing that he were naked again. All of a sudden, confronting him about this morning didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

“So, Matt, did you enjoy showing off your naked body to your mother in your room this morning?” she asked as he took the last bite of his sandwich, nearly choking when he heard her words.

Matt considered his possible answers thoroughly as he chewed that last bite, and settled on what he would say as he swallowed. “Yes I did, Mom. That was some of the most fun I have had all summer.” What the hell was that, he thought to himself? That wasn’t the answer he had decided upon? “Besides, I forgot to take a towel with me into the bathroom…” There was the answer he wanted to give her before. Why had that other one popped out?

“And did you have to be show off your erection as you walked around endlessly? Did you have to stroke it before stuffing it into your shorts?” Julie was trying to push him into a corner. What she didn’t realize was that she was cornering herself as well. This discussion was going to force the issue, and neither of them would be able to back away from it after it was all out in the open.

“I wasn’t that hard.” Matt said sternly, again wondering why he wasn’t trying to cover up his actions from the morning. “And I wasn’t walking around endlessly. I was just looking for something to put on. As soon as I found something, I put it on.”

“You could have at least turned away, and been a gentleman about it.”

“You could have been a lady, and turned around yourself you know.” Matt snapped back. “Heck, you could have left the room. Why did you stay for so long once you saw that I was naked? And why of all days did you decide to go into my room this morning? I don’t think you have been in my room since I started doing my own laundry two years ago. And all of a sudden, on the one day that I forget a towel, there you are gathering laundry from my floor just as I get back from my shower. What were you doing up there?”

“You said it yourself, I was grabbing laundry.” She quickly grabbed her plate, and the others and headed into the kitchen to wash up.

“So you weren’t trying to show me your thong clad ass by bending over, waiting for me to get back to my room and catch you like that?” he said accusingly as he walked up behind her as she fumbled around in the sink. “And what about all of the other times that you have flashed me over the last couple of years?”

“Oh really, my thong clad ass? What do you think I am, honey? Some kind of a slut?” She struggled to keep a level tone. His accusations were spot on, and they were making her even more wet than before between her legs.

“You could be. I haven’t seen a wet spot like that between a woman’s legs since I took this one girl’s virginity last summer.”

“Wet spot! How dare…”

“Maybe you should have waited until you were finished messing your shorts before starting that load of laundry?” he suggested as he pressed up against her and slipped his hand down over the crotch of her shorts.

He pressed his fingers into her mound as she rinsed off the last dish from lunch. She let out a gasp and pressed back up against him for a moment, reveling in the moment. She knew it was wrong to let her son touch her like this, and she wanted it more than anything else in the world. She carefully placed the last dish into the dish rack to let it dry as he cupped her breast with his other hand. She quickly placed her hand over his and helped him grope her tit through her t-shirt. She felt his hard cock press up against her ass through his shorts and her own, and pushed back against him, wiggling her butt to get it between her cheeks.

“You know what, mom?” he asked as he methodically squeezed her through her clothes.

“What’s that, Matt?” she moaned low, in almost a whisper.

“I think that you are a slut for me.” He whispered into her ear.

“I think that you might be right…” she was gone now. All of her resistance to this coupling was history, and she was there completely for her son to take.

“Show it to me…” he moaned into her ear. “Show me what a slut for me you are… Drop your shorts, and your panties… Open yourself to me…”

She didn’t respond immediately. She was lost in the feelings of his hands on her. It took her a moment to let the words sink into her, but once she got the meaning behind them, she quickly did as she was told and unbuttoned her fly, pushing her shorts and thong over her hips and down to her thighs where she couldn’t push them down any farther. She was pressed to tightly into the sink by her son, and couldn’t reach down low enough to fully remove her bottoms. She could reach back and grab his head though, and pulled him in for a kiss over her shoulder as he pushed her shirt up over her breasts with one hand as his other frantically undid his own shorts, and pushed them down.

He backed off of her for a moment to push down his shorts, and pulled hers down to the floor as well. Looking back up at her legs running up into her as, he couldn’t resist sliding his hands up the backs of her calves, and then between her thighs. When he reached her pussy he slid his right hand fingers across her slit from front to back as his left hand moved over her left butt cheek and started massaging it. He rubbed her lips back and forth along her slit a couple times before pulling his fingers away and licked her juices off them, enjoying her sweet taste. He then massaged both of her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and watching her sphincter pucker as he did. He used his thumbs to brush across her hole, and even probed it a little bit, but not actually penetrating her.

When Matt was finished playing with his mother’s ass, he slowly stood up, running his hands up her sides agonizingly slowly until his thumbs brushed the undersides of her exposed tits, and then he nestled his cock into her ass cleavage, pressing her hips back against the counter again. He turned his palms up to just barely cup her breasts, and pulled her back into his chest as he ground his cock into her ass some more. She turned back to him and they kissed again, sucking each other’s tongues trying to meld into each other.

Julie felt like her son was trying to tease her to death. He had now played with most of her extremities, but he hadn’t really penetrated her yet. She felt like she was ready to die of wanting when he returned his right hand down to her pussy and only played with her outer labia again. Her clit was exposed and it seemed like he was ignoring it. She broke off their kiss to beg him to penetrate her, but before she could get the words out he quickly removed his left hand from her tits and bent her over the sink as he rocked back, lengthening the strokes of his cock along her ass until it slipped under her, and was now pulling up against her labia, and moved his fingers to gently rub her protruding clit, finally giving her some of the pleasure that she needed.

“Please honey, stop toying with your mother…” she cried out as loudly as she could, which was almost inaudible. She was out of breath, and could barely speak. “You’re driving me crazy… Please baby… Put it in me… Please Matt… Please… Please fuck me… Please fuck your mommy…”

“Ok… Mommy…” He emphasized “mommy” as he used his fingers on her clit to push the head of his dick into her cunt. “I’ll give you what you want…”

Matt continued to tease her though, as he only inserted the head of his cock into her, and then circled his hips around to stir her up a bit, but still not thrusting into her. She whimpered when she realized that he still wasn’t fucking her, and tried to push back into him, but he just wouldn’t let her get any satisfaction just yet by pulling away from her. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them up across the sink to hold her still and keep her from fucking herself against him. He was going to give it to her, but he was going to do it on his terms.

“Tell me what you what, mommy…” he begged her in a somewhat harsh tone, but not menacingly. “Tell your son what you want him to do to you… Tell your baby boy how you want it…”

“Fuck me… Fuck me baby… Fuck me hard…” she cried out, almost in pain from the wanting. “Fuck your mother… She needs it Matt… Fuck her baby… Fuck your mother hard…” He still wasn’t sticking it to her like she wanted. He was groping her breasts, and toying around with her nipples as his cock sat at her opening, just waiting to be inside her, but he just wouldn’t give her what she was begging for. “Oh please god for heavens sakes Matt… Just fuck me already… Oh GOD YES!!!”

Matt finally did as she asked, and drove his cock fully into her mid sentence, but he was still playing around with her. He held his cock still in her as deep as he could get it. He enjoyed the feeling of being sheathed in his mother’s pussy, even more than he enjoyed being inside his sister, and he was going to keep himself there for just a bit longer and get the full effect as he shifted around and grinded his pelvis into her ass cheeks.

Julie didn’t care so much anymore that he was taking his time. Her cunt was full of cock, and she was enjoying him just being there as well. She did wish that he would fuck her already, but now that he had finally penetrated her, she could hold off her needs for just a little bit longer. She was going to fuck her son, and there was no turning back now that he was inside her to the hilt. Julie reveled in the feelings running through her body so much that she hardly noticed he was pulling back until she felt empty again, with just his head at her entrance as it was before. But he didn’t pause it there for so long this time. He only held it there for a brief moment to let her know what was coming. He was going to fuck her and fuck her hard.

“Here it comes Mom…” said Matt just before shoving his cock back into her as hard as he could, and then pulling it back out slowly again. He continued this for a half-minute or so, pulling out slowly and then shoving back in hard. She had her hands pressed against the backsplash of the sink willingly now to hold herself up, so he let go of her wrists and wrapped his hands around her boobs to pull her back into him as he thrust his cock as deep as he could. He increased the pace of his out-strokes as he straightened up behind his mother, now that he didn’t need to restrain her anymore. He used his thumbs to tweak her nipples as he pounded into her harder and faster. He even pulled them out away from her a few times, giving them some real rough treatment. He knew that Jennifer liked it a little rough, and he was going to see how far his mother would let him take it.

Julie and her husband Steve had never gotten into the realm of rough sex. They were intense, but not rough. He had smacked her ass every now and then, but more playfully than anything else. His nipple pulling wasn’t all that hard either. He was mostly a gentle lover at heart, not so much afraid that he would damage his wife, but more the type that wanted to please. So it was a shock to Julie to feel the way that her son was treating her, and even more shocking to her that she was enjoying it. She loved having her nipples pulled so hard, nearly torturing her. She loved having her pussy pounded so hard, with his cock reaching closer to her womb with every stroke. All of a sudden she wanted to be smacked, but not the love-taps that her husband gave her. No, she wanted to be full-on spanked, and spanked hard. But before she could ask her son to fulfill her wish, he started up the conversation again.

“Are you enjoying this mommy?” he asked as he continued fucking her. “Are you enjoying fucking your son?”

She couldn’t hold back her emotions, or her answer. She just blurted out “Yessss… Oh fuuuuck yes…” as she pushed back into her son trying to get him deeper.

“You like it when I fuck you hard… You naughty girl…”

“Yes… I am naughty… so naughty… a naughty little girl…”

“You need to punished… The tables are turning Mom… I’m going to punish you for once…”

He was reading her mind. That was the only way that she could explain it. He was reading her mind, and now he was going to grant her deepest wish to be spanked. He grabbed her hair with his left hand, and she looked back as he pulled his right hand back and brought it down to her ass cheek, hitting it hard. Julie let out a yelp in pain, and then moaned in pleasure from it. She hadn’t even thought of hair pulling, but now that it was happening to her she was into that as well. She repeated her high-pitched yelp and followed it up with a similar moan to the one before as he smacked her ass again, with the same intensity and power as before.

“What’s this?” Matt asked before spanking his mother again THWACK!!! “is my mother enjoying being punished?” THWACK!!! “Does she like her son spanking her?” THWACK!!!

He continued beating on her right cheek as he fucked her, and asked her how much she enjoyed it all. She couldn’t find the words this time though, She just continued yelping like a dog when struck, and moaning as the sharp pain dissipated and she anticipated the next strike. She never imagined that she could get so excited from being treated like a slave by her son, her very own son that she was fucking. It just hit her what she was doing, and it hit her hard that she was not only cheating on her husband, but she was fucking her own flesh and blood son. It hit her like a ton of bricks, and it was about to send her into her first orgasm of the day she loved the thought so much.

But just as she was about to go over that edge and let that blissful orgasm wash over her, she heard a car pull up into the driveway as she looked out the window above the sink. Matt saw it too, and quickly pulled his dick out of his mother’s cooch. His oldest sister had some of the worst timing sometimes. Matt was glad he hadn’t tossed his shorts across the room as he stepped into them and pulled them up while running up to the upstairs bathroom to wash himself off real quick. Julie didn’t have any such luxuries. She had to regain her sense of her surroundings, find her own shorts (that were still around her legs), and just as she got them pulled up she saw Sally opening the door. Julie quickly remembered that her breasts were exposed, and pulled her shirt back down over them just as Sally came into view.

“That fucking bitch!” yelled Sally as she stormed into the house, passing her mother and the kitchen as she ran into the laundry room, and continued yelling as she stripped off her jacket and blouse, and tossed them into a pile next to the washing machine. “I can’t believe that bitch had me fired! I’m going to call my union rep! She’s going to have fun with this one! No one likes that bitch, we all want her gone, and I’m going to get her fired while getting my god damn job back!”

Julie was glad that her daughter was so outraged and running around the house like a mad woman. It gave her a chance to clean herself up with a washcloth before asking her eldest daughter “What the hell are you talking about dear?”

“The one manager at the bank had me fired while we were eating lunch today. She heard about me making out with her nephew at some club the other week, I didn’t even know he was her nephew until after the fact, and she had me fired for it. And to top it off, she tossed MY drink onto MY blouse and jacket, which I have to get drycleaned now. That fucking bitch can’t do this, and I’m going to get her for it. I’ll be the hero of the bank for it too. No one likes that whore, she rides on everyone like she’s a fucking god, and it’s about time someone got to her the way she gets to all of us.”

“Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job, especially over something so silly. I wish you luck getting it back though.” Julie said with a smile.

“Are you ok, Mom? You look flushed?” asked Sally, which nearly made Julie run away. But she didn’t. She stayed calm and answered her daughter’s question as best as she could.

“Yes dear, I’m fine. I was just washing up after lunch when you came barging in. The steam started it, and your screaming must have sent me over the edge. I am now totally exasperated from all of the heat and emotions in the room.”

“Sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to startle you. I’ll be up in my room on the phone with my union rep trying to get my job back. Don’t be surprised if you hear more yelling.” Said Sally as she went up the stairs and disappeared into her room.

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Julie couldn’t be more disappointed and yet so pleased at how the day was turning out. Disappointed at how her orgasms kept being interrupted and delayed, and pleased at how she had finally seduced and fucked her son, even though he technically just took her, but she was still pleased that she was finally getting some from him. So what if their first encounter was broken apart by the rude entrance of her daughter? This wouldn’t be the end of it. If not today, then tomorrow she should be able to continue things right were they left off, with her son’s cock drilling her to the brink of insanity.

Chapter 03

Steve was very happy with where his life was. He wasn’t as young as he used to be, but even at the age of 40 he was still in the same shape he was in when he was 30, which was pretty good for a 30 year old. His job worked him hard, for long hours, but he liked what he did and was good at it, and the extended vacation time more than made up for the long hours on most days. He lived close to the office, so travel wasn’t a problem either. Steve owned a nice car, a big house, and had a wonderful family of two daughters Sally and Jennifer, a son Matt, and his sexy wife Julie. When he wasn’t on the road he always made sure to get home in time to see them all off to bed, especially his wife, who he loved to slip it to whenever he could.

The only thing that disturbed his perfect suburban life was something that his wife had said a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t anything big, and he wasn’t sure if he even believed her, but it had gotten him thinking a lot of things that he normally wouldn’t have thought about. She had mentioned suspicions of their son and younger daughter being a bit touchy feely with each other, and she thought that something dubious was going on between them. Steve didn’t see it though, and he highly doubted that anything was going on with them. They were growing up, and around the age where petty childhood differences didn’t seem so big anymore, and siblings started acting like family instead of bickering prisoners of the same warden.

It wasn’t the accusation of something going on between the siblings that was getting to Steve, though it did start him paying a little more attention to the goings on around the house. He noticed how little clothing each of the women living under his roof had been wearing lately, and how sexually they had been acting. A few weeks ago he had two daughters that were his little girls, and a couple of angels. Now, after a good deal of retrospection, he could see that for the last few years they were acting like a couple of sexpot devils. Both Jennifer and Sally were always running around the house in skimpy outfits, or wrapped in just a towel. They were always sashaying their hips as if vying for the attentions of men with every step they took.

It was Sally that he noticed more than Jennifer though. Before her dismissal at work, he saw Sally every morning as the two of them got up at the same time each morning. They showered right after each other (though in different bathrooms on different floors), and they ate breakfast together each and every morning. Steve would shower first, get dressed , have breakfast, and then head out for work. Sally would shower right after him, show up for breakfast usually in a panty/tank top set, and head up to get dressed after eating with her father, sharing the paper with each other. If she wasn’t wearing underwear to the breakfast table, she was wearing a thin and short silk robe, or short shorts pajamas with some tight top of some kind. After work was more of the same, with both of his daughters. They were always running around in their underwear, or in some dramatically sexual and revealing outfits. It wasn’t like they were overtly showing off, but they weren’t trying to hide anything either.

Steve was very perplexed by what was going on. He had kept it out of his mind for a good long while, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how there was no way his little girls were virgins anymore, and fantasies about what kind of adventures they must be getting in filled his head on a daily basis now. As the fantasies continued, he stopped picturing so many faceless men getting it on with his daughters, and he started picturing himself with them. He would picture Sally coming onto him as they ate breakfast, or he would imagine Jennifer slipping into the shower with him after a long trip. His mind was all over the place and he wasn’t sure if he could take all of the “innocent” teasing that they had been putting him through lately.

While his father was in agony over what he was seeing around the house, Matt was in heaven because of it. The flesh he had been seeing from not only his sister’s but his mother as well over the last few years had been quite a turn on, and the flesh he had been getting his hands on over the past few weeks was even better. He had caught his sister Jennifer in the bathroom brushing her teeth wearing just a t-shirt, and he lost control, taking her from behind and bending her over the sink, spanking her ass until she came screaming, and waking up their mother Julie. His mother was another chapter of the same story. She came onto him strong the other morning, until he was forced to bend her over the kitchen sink as she washed their lunch dishes. That encounter had been interrupted by the appearance of his oldest sister Sally coming home early after being fired from her job.

Matt was sure that Julie and Jennifer didn’t know about each other, but he had been getting funny looks from Sally the last week or two. They were knowing looks, and they were piercing his soul. He wasn’t sure if she knew about he and their sister or something he had forgotten about, but he was sure that she knew about something, and that was the only recent atrocity in his life that he could recall. Matt was also sure that he could get Sally into bed with him as he had done with Jennifer and Julie. She had been giving him the same looks that the other two had been giving him for about the same amount of time, since puberty had made him more manly. If he wasn’t so sure that Julie and Jennifer were oblivious to each other, he would have thought that all three of them were in on it together, but that was too ridiculous even for this situation.

Matt turned his attention to the sex he had gotten from his mother the day before as he stroked himself before getting out of bed. They didn’t finish, though he wished they had, but there would be time for that later. He was wondering whether he should go wake up his sister and give her a taste of his morning wood, or should he go to his mother and give her the ending that they both missed the other day. He decided against going to his mother, because that could tip Jennifer off that something was amiss. She was probably waiting for him to go to her right now, if not on her way over to him right now.

Then Matt remembered that Sally wasn’t working anymore right now, and that she was probably in her room down the hall right now. She was seducible, but she could throw a wrench into his affair with his sister if he got caught going in or out of her room. There was a chance he could turn that into something even more fun, but there was also a chance that everything could blow up in his face if not done properly. He was so torn about what was going on in the house, he decided to not go to anyone’s room, and to just get himself off in the shower before going downstairs for breakfast.

Jennifer was lying in her room, playing lazily and gently with her pussy, wondering if Matt would be making a trip to her room. She too was worried about Sally catching them, but not so much as she should have been. She too had been seeing those knowing looks from her older sister, and was pretty sure that they were about the sex she was having with their younger brother. The amazing, ear piercing, Earth shattering orgasmic sex that they had been having over the last few weeks. She really enjoyed sucking her brother off, or letting him fuck her when they could be caught at any moment. She stroked herself more actively as she thought about their encounter in the bathroom the other night. She was completely unaware that she had been caught the second time her brother did her, and that Sally had seen her get bent over the downstairs sink, and that she had been masturbating to the thought of joining the two of them for the last few weeks.

Sally was awake in her bed too. She heard the shower start, and wondered if it was her brother or sister. She didn’t hear any doors open, so she was unsure of which room the person had come from. She thought about surprising whoever it was, and joining them in the shower regardless of which sibling it was. She never really thought of herself as bisexual, but she was. She hadn’t done anything with another woman yet, but she was always fantasizing about getting down and dirty with any number of hot women she had known over the last few years. But what she really wanted was her brother, though she wouldn’t turn down a roll in the sack with Jennifer, or her mother, or her father for that matter. Her father…

She had been noticing him looking at her a lot the past couple of weeks. They were leering stares, and they were sexual to the point of giving him an erection when she was around. Every morning for the past two weeks she had noticed him getting hard at the table as they ate. She wondered how big he was, and if she could seduce him along with her brother, and maybe have the two of them bed her at the same time. When she was in college, two men had taken her at once one night at a frat party. She was bent over the edge of a couch by her then boyfriend, who went on to urge his best friend to stick his cock in her mouth. They fucked her from both ends for a good five minutes until her boyfriend came in her pussy, and then his friend came around behind her and stuck his cock in her ass. It was her first anal experience, but not her last. She had talked her boyfriend into it a few times before they graduated and split up, and had gotten it a couple of times since then. She really enjoyed having a cock up her rectum, and she wanted it from her brother and father now that all of them had crossed her mind so quickly in succession.

As Matt ate his breakfast, he thought about how many times he had bent his family members over the sinks of the house in the last month. He had bent Jennifer over the upstairs sink twice, and the downstairs sink another time. He also bent his mother over the kitchen sink yesterday afternoon. He appeared to have a fetish for that type of thing. If he did get into Sally’s pants, he would have to be sure to do it over a sink. Maybe he could lure her into their mother’s bathroom, or the laundry room, and get the trifective of women over different sinks?

The moment Matt finished that thought, he saw his mother in a white tank top and a black thong coming down the hall towards the kitchen from one direction, and Sally wearing boy-shorts and a short sleeve pajama top coming from the stairs in the other direction. He had made pancakes for breakfast, and assumed that was why they were swarming in on him. He made enough for everyone, not just because he wanted pancakes (which he did), but because he wanted to keep on the good side of his mother, and console Sally over the loss of her job, and make up to Jennifer the lack of any playing around this morning.

“You made pancakes? Oh how sweet of you Matty,” said Julie as she hugged her son from behind.

“Yeah, bro. Way cool of you,” said Sally as she kissed him on the cheek from the other direction.

Yes, Matt was in heaven as his mother and sister sat down around him and started eating. He had two sets of tits and cleavage to gaze at, as well as his mother’s panties and his sister’s camel toe. They both seemed to be stealing long looks into his eyes. He wasn’t sure who to focus on more, so he chose his food and only took occasional looks at either of the women, until Jennifer made her way down to investigate the wonderful scent of food permeating the house. She came down in a white silk negligee and white lace panties. He could see her nipples sticking out, and on the other two as well, but he could also practically see through the lace on her panties. Oh yes, Matt was in heaven as he slowly ate his breakfast.

“So Mom,” Jennifer started to ask as she sat down and pulled up a plate of food. “Did you give it to Matt yet for what he did yesterday?”

“Yes Jen, we had a good long discussion after lunch yesterday,” replied Julie as she winked at Matt, remembering their experience over the sink.

“I doesn’t look like he learned his lesson,” quipped Jennifer pointing towards his erection.

“Didn’t learn what lesson? What was he getting it for after lunch yesterday? What does this have to do with his crotch?” asked Sally with a perplexed look on her face.

Julie nearly spit the food out of her mouth after hearing the last two questions. All that she could think of was how SHE was getting it good and hard after lunch with his crotch. “It was nothing dear, eat your breakfast.”

“It wasn’t nothing,” butted in Jennifer. “Mom was picking up some clothes off of his floor yesterday to even out a load of laundry when he walked in on her after his shower, and he was totally naked!”

Sally had a mixed look of shock and jealousy on her face after hearing that. She wished that she could catch him in the buff like that so that she could take advantage of him. She wouldn’t scold him, she would reach out and grab his tool, and massage it, and reward him for his boldness.

“Not only that, but he paraded around for like, five minutes with an erection before getting dressed!”

“Five minutes? You saw all this too?” asked Sally, begging for answers.

“No, she wasn’t there too,” said Julie, trying to diffuse the situation, “and it wasn’t five minutes, it was more like one. I already warned him to keep it covered when in mixed company, which he is doing. So don’t bother him or me about it anymore.” There, she thought. That should keep them at bay for a little while.

“So mom,” Sally continued. “How big is he? Did he touch himself at all? Did he touch you?”

“Sally! I think I’ve heard about enough of that!” scolded Julie, but feeling a little hypocritical she added with a smile, “He was about seven inches long, and no, he didn’t lay a hand on me.”

“Did you lay a hand on him?” asked Jennifer, just fishing for some dirt on her mother.

“Jenny! I never!” insisted Julie. “Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold. These really are delicious, Matt. You should make us breakfast more often.”

They quit teasing Matt as he finished up his breakfast, but the gossip machine turned on full strength when he left to get dressed for the day. None of the women gave up any private info about what they had really seen or done, but they discussed his package quite thoroughly before splitting up to get ready themselves. Julie had agreed to take Sally out for a celebration of her freedom until she got her job back, and Jennifer was just going to spend the day with friends. When Matt learned of their plans, he made some calls and got together with his friends, and spent the day just hanging with them until late that night. He knew that Jennifer was just teasing him when she pushed things that morning, but he was planning her punishment all day. He was going to enjoy getting even with her, and he had a feeling she would enjoy her punishment too.

Late the next morning, Sally woke up on top of a bed, naked, with a sore ass. After a quick moment of panic she was relieved to find that she was on her own bed in her room at home, and relaxed a bit before trying to figure out what she had done the night before. The last thing that she could remember was being out with her mother and having drinks with dinner. She sat up in her bed and tried to focus on what happened next, but it just wasn’t coming to her. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror, and was pleased to see that she didn’t have any unusual bruises on her body, and recalled bumping into her friends as she and her mother left the restaurant. “Ok, good, the night is coming back to me” she said quietly to herself, “slowly, but it is coming back, and that’s a good sign.”

She looked at the clock to see that it was 11:30am, and the day was well under way already as she tried to recall where her friends had taken her last night. She could picture a club, not sure which specific one (and not really caring, they were all the same around here, and all fun), and she remembered dancing with a lot of men. This wasn’t very different from her normal nights out, but she didn’t usually wake up with a sore ass. That was why she was trying so hard to remember a night that she wouldn’t normally mind forgetting. She tried to remember what had happened after the club, but it just wasn’t coming to her.

As she concentrated on what happened when she left the club, and with whom, she decided to take a shower and freshen up a bit. She grabbed a towel, and feeling naughty ran out into the hall and over to the bathroom without covering her naked self up. She was actually a little disappointed that no one had caught her, as she was hoping Matt would see her and make a move on her like he had their other sister, but there was no one there, and her siblings doors were open which means they are either in the rest of the house, or out for the day with other people.

Sally didn’t close the door all the way as she showered. She left it open a few inches so that prying eyes could see, but her shower went by uneventfully. Even after brushing her hair in the buff, and waltzing slowly back to her room without her towel, she still didn’t see anyone around to witness her naked glory. Deciding that her exhibitionism wasn’t going anywhere, she got dressed back in her room and went to the kitchen to have something to eat. She was famished from whatever she had done the night before, and she needed food now.

Dressed in a pair of light blue shorts and a white baby-t, she headed for the kitchen, noticing that Matt’s door was now closed. She hadn’t heard him come up the stairs, but she was lost in her own world, and continued to her destination. Once there she rummaged through the cupboards before settling on a bowl of cereal and some toast. After sitting down at the kitchen table, she heard someone coming down the stairs, and then saw Matt round the corner and proceed to the laundry room next to the kitchen. He went through the load that their mother had probably run through the other day after catching him naked. She wished that she could have caught him naked that morning, or this morning, or any morning.

While watching her brother rummage through the basket next to the dryer, Sally finally remembered a key piece of the night before. Her eyes bugged out as she remembered being bent over the kitchen table, and being fucked from behind. It wasn’t a clear memory, in fact it was down right fuzzy, but she was sure that her brother was there somewhere. Seeing him in the laundry was what sparked it, so that was the key. He was in the laundry. “Then who was fucking me from behind?” she asked herself as she ate her breakfast.

“What was that?” Matt asked as he entered the room, changing his shirt as he did.

“I’m just trying to piece together last night,” she said after swallowing her last mouthful, glad that she had said that first bit with food stuffed in her face. “I must have been hammered, because I don’t remember a bit of it,” she said, hoping maybe he would fill in a couple of blanks, and especially hoping that he had filled in her blank last night.

“I don’t know what you did before you got home last night, but I was out here putting this laundry through the dryer when you got home last night, and yes, you were hammered. I had to help you up to your room after some guy helped you inside.” He lied. He was in the laundry room when she got home, and it was morning instead of night, and he wasn’t doing laundry. He was hiding in there when the guy she mentioned helped her into the house naked, but he watched from the shadows as the man bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her from behind before leaving her in the kitchen. Once the coast was clear Matt showed himself and helped her up to her room, where she immediately passed out cold.

“So you took my clothes off me after dropping me on my bed?” she asked coyly, hoping that the answer was “yes”.

“No, I didn’t. I don’t know how you ended up naked.” Which was true. He didn’t know. He was actually curious where her clothes were. “Maybe you stripped off in the middle of the night?”

“Yeah, maybe…” she said, a little disappointed that nothing had happened. “so where is everyone? Mom? Jen?”

“Mom decided to start running again. She thinks her ass is getting flabby. Jenny is out with friends at the mall or something.” He lied again. His sister was up in her room, just out of view from her open door, and indisposed.

“Ok, well, I guess I’ll just have to live with the fact that I can’t remember last night,” she said as she went back to eating her breakfast. “Unless there is something you left out? Maybe something you’re embarrassed about?” She smiled as she finished her sentence, fishing for something that she could use to get him to fuck her. She was sure that someone had fucked her from behind the night before, and if he had been there when she got home, than he had to have seen it, or been the one to do it.

“Well, ok, I admit it. You were naked when you got home last night, and weren’t wearing anything when I helped you up to your room.” Her eyes opened wide with shock when she heard this. Seducing her brother in private was one thing, but showing up at home naked after a night out clubbing was definitely serious, “and I had to grab you by the tits at one point as I carried you up the stairs.” He was honest again.

“I think I need to call my friends and find out what happened last night…” she said as she left her plate and bowl on the table and ran upstairs to her room.

Matt on the other hand, grabbed all of his stuff out of the laundry basket and went back upstairs to Jennifer’s room, where he found her just as he had left her. She was tied naked to her bed by her hands and feet with some nylons he stole from the laundry and a scarf stuffed in her mouth. Matt smiled as he approached her, remembering sneaking into her room and tying her down. She woke up just as he was securing her left leg, and he quickly stuffed her mouth and told her to be quiet until he was finished.

He was glad that her bed wasn’t visible from her doorway at the hallway. You actually had to enter the room to see what was going on in there. He kneeled down on her bed just left of her head and pulled the scarf from her mouth and told her to be quiet, and not to make a sound before kissing her passionately. His left hand moved down and fingered her as they made out. She pulled gently but firmly against her restraints, trying to pull her brother to her body so that they could fuck, but she was tied tight, and could barely move. She bucked her hips up to his fingers as he sunk them into her repeatedly.

“How long do I have to stay like this?” she asked as he broke their kiss, but before he could gag her again.

“Until after Mom gets home from jogging,” he said as he kissed her deeply again. “I hope you have an excuse for where you were all morning, for when Sally asks you. I said you were at the mall with friends, so don’t contradict me too much.” With that he stuffed her mouth back up again, gave her forehead a kiss, and left the room with the door still open.

Jennifer was really enjoying her punishment. She was tied to her bed, hungry, and thirsty, her door was opened and she could get caught at any minute, and it thrilled her so much that her pussy was constantly dripping. She laid there spread open for anyone to see if they would just walk into her room. She heard footsteps earlier, and assumed they were her older sister’s as she padded to the bathroom and back, and then downstairs and back up. It excited her thinking about getting caught, but no one showed up except her brother to tease and fondle her every hour or so. No one showed up that is, until she saw Sally poke her head in and look around.

“Jen!” she said about as surprised as she was when she found out that she showed up naked the night before. “What are you doing tied up?” she asked as she walked into the room and sat next to her sister, taking the gag out of her mouth. “What’s going on here?”

“I think that’s a pretty long story…” said Jennifer, reluctant to tell her sister the truth.

“I thought that I heard voices before while I was calling my friends. It sounded like you and Matt, but he said that you weren’t here, and then I heard kissing sounds, and then someone walking down the hall. I came out to investigate, and found you here like this…” she said in all one breath, trying to piece this together. Her sister tied up all of a sudden took precedence over her ordeal the other night.

“Well…” Jennifer really didn’t want to tell her older sibling anything, but it appeared that she was out of options at this point. It didn’t matter though, as Sally wasn’t quite finished yet.

“Oh my god! Did Matt tie you up like this? I knew you two were fucking each other but I had no idea the two of you were into bondage…” It was Jennifer’s turn to be shocked. She knew they weren’t exactly being careful and suspected Sally knew, but she was never sure they had been caught yet.

“You knew we were fucking?” she asked, about as perplexed as Sally was at the moment.

“Well, yeah.. I kind of caught you two in the downstairs bathroom a couple of weeks ago… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy, but it was so hot I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Wait… A couple of weeks ago? Why didn’t you say anything to Mom or Dad?” she asked her older sister, still wondering what she was getting into with this conversation.

“Shouldn’t I untie you?” Sally suggested, trying to change the subject, unwilling to reveal her own perverted desires for their brother just yet. She reached for the nylon at Jennifer’s right hand, but was stopped from doing anything.

“No, Matt can’t know that you found me.” Said Jennifer, almost panicking. “If you didn’t tell anyone we were fucking than you have to keep this a secret too. Please?”

“Ok, I’ll keep quiet, but you owe me big time for this.” Said Sally as she stood to leave. She almost left with the scarf still in her hand, but she noticed it in time and placed it gently back into her younger sister’s mouth and closed the door on her way back to her room and calling her friends.

Jennifer squealed trying to get her sister’s attention, trying to beg her to leave the door open, but Sally never heard her. She was gone in a flash, and Jennifer was left alone to come up with an excuse for how the door was now closed when it had been left open all morning. “It had to have been the wind,” she thought to herself. That was the best excuse that she could come up with. She had to go to the bathroom, and hoped that her mother would be back soon so that Matt would let her go.

Julie wasn’t out jogging though. She was in her room naked, spending some quality time in bed with her son. She had gone to bed early the last night fucking her husband halfway to death, trying to work off the excitement that she had built up getting started with Matt in the kitchen after lunch, before being so rudely interrupted by her oldest daughter after getting fired from her job. Julie needed to climax, and Steve had delivered in spades. After fucking for an hour or so the two of them passed out for the night. When Steve’s alarm woke them the next morning they went at it again until he left the door. They started with some sucking in bed, moved to fucking in the shower, and then she sucked him off as he ate breakfast. Since Sally didn’t have a job anymore she wouldn’t be getting up early enough to find them fooling around today, and so Julie kneeled under the table and sucked her husband until he got up to go to work.

The next night and morning had followed the same pattern, but with a different order, and positions, ending again with her sucking her husband’s cock just before he walked out the door for work. She went back to bed, only to be woken again at 9:00 am by her son climbing into bed with her. At first she thought her husband had decided to come back to her for a day off and playing around, but his oral technique on her pussy was different, and a little sloppier than normal. But when she looked down between her legs to see Matt happily gobbling up her juices, and fingering her cunt she was even more excited than ever. She came for a good minute, muffling her screams with a pillow. After eating her he crawled up between her legs and fucked her good and raw, giving it to her from several positions.

First he did her missionary, pounding at her between her legs. She held back her screams of pleasure now, not wanting to give her other children reason to think she was cheating on their father, and not wanting to block her view of her son. She wanted to make more noise than she ever had while fucking, but she just couldn’t let herself get caught either. She grabbed her breasts with one hand, and pulled her son’s mouth to her own with her other. She was lost in the moment and groaned into his mouth as she came, but he was still fucking her good and hard, so she flipped them over to ride him.

She bucked like wild, posting up and down on his rigid slab of meat. Now he reached up to grab her tits to stop them from flopping around madly. It was sexy, but it was distracting, and threatened to make him cum early. He pulled her down a little so he could chew on her nipples, which made some small yelps escape her lips. She quivered when he bit into her flesh, and moaned long and low as she came again. Matt couldn’t hold back this time, and came with her as her pussy clamped down on him like a vice. He couldn’t believe the strength she had down there as she milked every drop out of him with her cunt. They collapsed together, and relished the feeling of their incestuous affair.

Matt told her to stay in bed until lunch so that they could play around all morning. He told her that he would cover for her if either of his sisters asked questions, but deep down he was sure no one would be bothering them for a while. He knew that Sally had come home just after their father had left for work at 7:00 am, and that she would be passed out for at least a few hours. He also knew that Jennifer had been tied to her bed since about that same time, as he was grabbing her nylons from the laundry when Sally had gotten home for her morning bang. He just told his mother he was checking up on a noise when he would disappear to Jennifer’s room to tease her a little, and when he would return they would play around a little more.

After checking on his sister the first time, he returned to his mother to get a class act blowjob from her. She sucked him into her mouth the moment he neared the bed, and pulled on his sack as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. She used her other hand to either pull his ass closer to her, or to stroke his shaft when it wasn’t all down her throat. She was one of very few women who could take all of Matt’s cock. He wasn’t huge at seven inches, but it was more than most high school girls could handle. Matt always hoped that he could find some better cocksuckers when he got to college in the fall, but since both his mother and sister could both take what he had to offer, he was pleased with what he was getting on his vacation. After sucking him she pulled him out of her mouth and placed his cock between her tits. Her husband seemed to always love a good titfuck, and she enjoyed giving them. She was curious how her son would take it.

Matt loved the feeling and came all over her tits. After finishing and then making out with his mother a little longer, he left again to check on Jennifer, and also made sure Sally was still passed out naked above her sheets. He was already planning his story for when she asked what happened. He didn’t have the full picture himself, but there was no way he was letting her know that he watched her get fucked by some guy in the kitchen, bent over the table. He had been tempted to take her into the laundry and bend her over the sink in there when her stranger left, but she was too wasted, and he wasn’t going to take advantage of someone who couldn’t even stand, let alone make a decision of any kind.

This time when he returned to his mother’s room, he found her in her private bathroom washing herself with a wet clothe. He grabbed her saying there would be time for that later, and then bent her over her sink to take her from behind. It was his thing. That is what he does. He bends girls over sinks and fucks them until they can’t take anymore.

He fucked his mother hard as he looked her in the eyes through the mirror like he had done to Jennifer the morning before. He grabbed her breasts and pulled her back into him. The flesh of her ass smacked against his abs, and Julie wasn’t holding back her moans and groans of pleasure anymore. Matt had told her about Sally being passed out, and said that Jennifer was out with friends, so she let loose and gave him everything she had to give. She started screaming loud when he started fingering her pussy and clit, and she nearly collapsed when she came. He had to help her back into the bedroom, and lay her down as he continued to fuck her from above as she laid on her side now. He played with her breasts some more, and pulled her leg over his shoulder as he straddled the other one, and he even slipped his thumb up into her ass and toyed with it a little before making her cum again, at which point he spewed his load into her again. His mother complained about her ass being flabby. He tried to convince her it wasn’t, but she was sure that was why there were so many smacking noises between them when they fucked doggie style.

Shortly after that they heard the shower upstairs running, and Matt went to investigate. He hid upstairs in his room with the door open just a hair to see Sally walking naked down the hall to her room. He then waited for her to go downstairs before following her, and having a conversation about her blackout. Afterwards he went up to check on Jennifer, and played with her for a bit. Since he had the siblings all wrapped around his finger, he went back to his mother to tell her Sally was up, and 69’d with her for a bit without finishing before telling her to dress for a good jog, since that was the excuse he gave to Sally for her, as she was all sweaty and couldn’t risk taking a shower until after being spotted.

Matt then left her room, and went to watch some TV for a bit. Julie came out of her room first, waiting for Sally to see her in her jogging outfit. Shortly after that, Sally did come downstairs and indeed saw that her mother looked like she had been jogging, as she was all sweaty, out of breath, and very mussed up. Julie said she was going to shower and Sally said she would make lunch as Matt just sat there pleased with himself. After Julie went back to her room and Sally busied herself in the kitchen, Matt ran up to Jennifer’s room to untie her.

When Matt reached the top of the stairs, what he found left him dumbstruck. He was 100% sure he had left her door open when he had left her the last time. It turned him on knowing that she could be found by anyone who would happen to walk by. In fact, deep down inside he was hoping that someone would find her tied up to her bed like that. It would be fun to hear her explain how she got like that, and what she had been up to. It also turned him on thinking of her being naked when she was caught. He’d have to ask her what happened to the door, and see if she was honest with him.

Matt slowly and quietly opened the door, and snuck over to the bed as stealthily as he could. When he reached Jennifer’s head she saw his shadow and looked over at him. It was now 12:30, and her brother was pulling his cock out as he ungagged her. He told her to suck it, and she did greedily. He was still hard from 69ing with his mother, and Jennifer sucked him as hard as she could. She didn’t recognize the taste on his cock though, and made a metal note to ask him about that later. The thought was quickly forgotten though as he creamed her mouth and face. He then gagged her again, and went down between her legs to her crotch to finger her until she came. He played with her the same way he had played with his mother earlier, as he pulled her lips apart, sucked on her cunny and clit, and even stuck a finger or two up her butt. Jennifer groaned loud at his manipulations of her pussy, and came hard from his ministrations. He then untied her, and told her to be careful when pretending to get home. He then said she could explain about how the door closed later and left her sitting on her bed dumbfounded.

Jennifer wiped the drying cum off of her face, and then looked through her closet for something to wear. She was worried about what Matt had said about the door, but she also really had to go to the bathroom, but it was too risky right now, and she would have to wait until pretending to enter the house without anyone seeing. She put on a simple black miniskirt, a loose-fit white tank top, and a red vest. She opted to go without underwear since she would be going straight up to the bathroom to piss and shower, and she could worry about the details after all of that. She carried a pair of heels with her as she peeked out into the hall, and then went down the stairs as quietly as she could. She looked down towards the kitchen to see Matt sitting there waiting for food, and guessed that this was her chance to make her entrance. She quickly slipped on her heels and opened the front door.

“I’m home everyone!” Jennifer called from the front door just as Sally rounded the corner into view of the front door, handing Matt a bowl of soup for lunch. Jennifer waved to her sister to show that she was home, closed the front door, and then ran back upstairs to freshen up.

“That seemed a little rude,” said Sally as she sat down next to her brother. “she just ran upstairs without stopping in here.”

“Maybe she really had to pee badly, as if she was kept from a toilet for the last few hours?” said Matt with a wry smile, knowing full well that was the reason for it.

Sally let out a chuckle at that as she ate, but then caught herself, trying to figure out how to cover herself. “Where was she then? The mall of ‘No Toilets’?”

Matt laughed at that, and then left well enough alone. He was pretty sure that Sally had found Jennifer tied to her bed, but he would wait until later to press the issue with either of them. He was fucking Julie and Jennifer, mother and daughter, and would be fucking his other sister soon enough, and he didn’t need any of them finding out about each other just yet. He heard the upstairs shower start just before the master bath shower stopped, and assumed that his mother would be out soon, while his sister would be another few minutes or more.

“Well, I guess I’ll go do some laundry.” Sally said as she finished eating. “even if I can’t find my clothes from last night, I still have stuff to wash.” She still couldn’t remember all of the details, but parts were coming back to her. After talking to her friends she found out that she had been to a party that lasted until dawn, and that a couple of guys had double teamed her right on the middle of the dance floor. She had at least figured out why her ass hurt. She had gotten it in her butt a dozen times or so, but she wasn’t that experienced with it, and like this morning, she usually felt sore afterwards.

Matt cleared his plates to the kitchen sink and then sat himself back at the table to wait for his mother and sister to join him for lunch. He had both of them occupied for the better part of the morning, and was wondering what they would discuss with each other to cover up their meetings with him. Julie popped out of the master bedroom first, and Matt handed her the meal Sally had left for her. As she ate Jennifer showed herself and sat down on the other side of Matt as he read a magazine while the two women ate. There wasn’t much conversation, so Matt didn’t have anything to tease either of them with, but he was still pleased with the way events were unfolding.

While Matt was simply pleased with everything, Julie was ecstatic with excitement. She had received the fucking of her life over the past couple of days, and she was glowing with the fires of passion burning deep inside her. First she got that teasing fuck from Matt, and then her husband gave her the royal treatment two nights and mornings in a row, and then the marathon fucking she got from her son again this morning. She was as happy as she could be, and as well fucked as anyone had ever been. She felt a little guilt from cheating on her husband with her son, but it wasn’t anything she was going to let get in the way of her enjoyment. After finishing her lunch, she cleaned the house with a smile on her face the entire time.

That evening Steve came home to his three children and his wife sitting in the living room and chatting with each other around the TV. Yes, it sure seemed like him to be the perfect suburban household. Of course, he was unaware of his oldest daughter having sex in the kitchen just outside his door the night before, or that his other daughter was fucking his son two days ago, or worst of all, that his wife was fucking their son just this morning after he left for work. Steve didn’t know about any of this, but was acutely aware that the three women of the house were dressed to kill. His wife Julie was wearing a tight light cream-colored button up blouse with a loose fit skirt that came to mid thigh. Sally was just sitting around in her same pajamas as always, the short shorts and short sleeve button up top that was a little too tight for her massive chest. Jennifer was in the tight black miniskirt and loose fit tank top that she put on after being untied, and looked like a knockout.

Steve was getting hard looking at all of the female flesh on display around the room. He barely noticed the presence of his son as he walked in and sat between his wife and their younger daughter. He put each of his hands a thigh of each girl just outside the hem of their skirts and asked how everyone’s day was. Everyone lied and said that not much had happened, not wanting their clueless patriarch to find out about their secret perverted love triangles. He was sure that each and every one of them was lying to him, holding something back, but there was no way he was going to get the details out of this group all at once. He would have to segregate them and interrogate them one at a time, and he just didn’t have the time, energy, or want to do that tonight. It had been a long day at work, and all that Steve wanted was to have some dinner and fuck his wife into a coma.

Julie reluctantly got up off the couch to prepare her husband’s dinner. She was enjoying the way he was rubbing her thigh, but the sooner she made him dinner the sooner they could get away from the children for another night of fun. If tonight was anything like the last two nights, she would be in for a real treat when the lights are out later. As she left the room Steve continued subconsciously rubbing the other thigh he had placed a hand on, not even thinking that it was his daughter’s and not his wife’s leg.

Jennifer wasn’t sure what had brought on her father’s attentions like this, but she decided to just sit back and enjoy it, hoping that her siblings didn’t take notice of his hand on her leg. She was a daddy’s girl, and like her sister had her fair share of crushes on the man. Her affair with her brother also had a hand in making her more receptive to living out her fantasies with her father as well. If she could sleep with one, why not the other? Every once in a while his rubbing would go a little higher than normal, and his pinky would slip under the hem of her skirt just a little. It was turning her on, and she found herself wishing that he would just push his hand up and touch her through her panties. Then she remembered that she had neglected to put on any panties after her shower this afternoon, and couldn’t wait for her father to find that out.

Julie called for dinner in the other room, and everyone stood to go eat as they had been waiting for Steve to get home for their meal. Steve’s hand never reached his daughter’s sex, but it did pull her skirt up quite a bit as they stood. Lucky for her they were behind her siblings in the line for the dining room, and she gave her father a smile as she pulled her skirt back down.

“Better be careful Daddy, I’m not in the mood for flashing my nakedness to everyone else right now,” she said over her shoulder as she smoothed her skirt down her thighs and went to the dining room.

“Did she just say everyone ELSE?” Steve asked himself as he adjusted his dick in his pants. “Does that mean that she wanted to flash me? She’s naked under that?”

His thoughts were all jumbled as he sat down at the table and began eating. Julie was a good cook, and tonight’s meal was no exception. The food tasted wonderful, but his mind was elsewhere. His attention kept flitting back and forth from Julie to Jennifer. He focused on their cleavage, he focused on their faces, and he noticed how both of them were watching him half of the time, with naughty looking smirks on their faces. A couple of times he saw a look or two from Sally, his preferred daughter, but he wasn’t getting any firm signals from her tonight, so he spent most of his time concentrating on the other two.

Dinner was pretty much uncomfortable for everyone in the household. Julie and Steve wanted to go to their room for some good fucking, Matt wanted to corner Jennifer about the closed door, and Sally just wanted to escape to her bed to masturbate and sleep away the memories she had pieced together in the last few hours. After they were all finished eating they separated off to their own rooms, except Matt who waited behind and followed Jennifer to her room.

“What do you want Matt?” She asked as she opened her door and let him in. “Are you going to tie me up and spank me, and punish me some more for the way I teased you the other morning?”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” he said before pulling her in for a kiss. “No, I was just curious how the door closed itself this morning? I’m pretty sure I left it open when I left you here tied up to your bed, and yet when I returned to untie you, I found it closed shut. But you were still tied down. How did the door get shut?” he asked as he teased his right index finger over her chest and stomach.

Jennifer was breathless, but she managed to answer. “It must have been the wind. You know how it is when someone opens the front door, all of the other doors swing closed sometimes. It must have been from Mom coming back from jogging…” she was really excited, and rushed the words out so that she could concentrate on the way his finger was making her feel.

Matt was in turmoil over that answer though. He knew damn well his mother wasn’t out jogging, so that couldn’t be the way her door got closed, but he couldn’t tell her that he was fucking their mother all morning while she was all tied up in her room. He decided not to press the issue with her, and to take a shot with getting it out of Sally later instead as he sat them on her bed. In the meantime, he continued running his finger all over Jennifer’s body as his other hand reached around and groped her left tit from behind her. He didn’t bring her off though. He was still punishing her, and he told her so. He got her to the brink of excitement and then left her high and dry.

He went over to Sally’s door, and knocked quietly before letting himself in. She was glad that he had knocked first, because it gave her a chance to pull her hands out of her cunt and pull her shorts back up before he walked into the room. He sat down on the bed to her left and asked her how she was doing after a long day with a hangover. She informed him that she wasn’t hung over at all today, despite how drunk she got the night before.

“In fact, I might have still been drunk when I woke up this morning. That could be why I couldn’t remember anything,” she said as she sat there, wishing she had the courage to make a move on her youngest sibling.

“Could be, could be…” he replied. “So what did you think when you walked in on Jennifer tied naked to her bed this morning?” He dropped a bombshell on her, and she let the fact that it was her show.

“She told you? That bitch…” she said as she slumped back onto her bed and covered her sobbing face with her pillow.

“No, Sally, Jenny didn’t tell me anything.” He said as he rubbed her bare left knee with his right hand, half trying to comfort her and half getting turned on by touching her. “That’s actually why I had to come in here. I had left the door open when I left her there, and you had closed it. I knew Mom hadn’t been upstairs, and that Jenny hadn’t gotten out of her restraints, so it had to have been you.”

“You mean that instead of her breaking my trust, and telling you about me, I broke her trust by telling you about me?” she asked with a confused look on her face, pulling the pillow off to the side as her brother continued rubbing her thigh now.

“Pretty much, yeah. Though I didn’t give you much of a chance to get away with it.” He rubbed higher and higher up her leg, now pushing his fingers into the underside of her shorts with each stroke. “Were you surprised to find her naked?”

“A little bit, yeah.” She said as she wiped the tears away from her face. “But I was more surprised to see her tied up.”

“So what did the two of you talk about?”

“Nothing really… It all happened so fast. At first I asked her why you tied her up, and she didn’t say. She just begged me not to tell anyone that I saw her like that.” Sally was fully collected now.

“How did you know that I had been the one to tie her up?” he asked, truly puzzled. He thought he had given that bit of info away just now as he confronted her about it all.

“Well… Uh… I guess…” she sputtered, trying to not answer his last question, and then the answer came to her. It was mostly honest, but most of all it was true. “I heard the two of you talking from my room, but you said she wasn’t here, so when I went to check it out, and saw her like that, I just assumed it was you.”

Her answer was good enough for Matt, but he wasn’t finished with her yet. “So what did you think when you found her like that? Tied up, naked, and helpless?”

Sally knew now that he was trapping her. That question was asked to see her reaction, and her next answer was very important. It would define their relationship for the rest of their lives. She could lie and say that she was disgusted with them for it, or she could walk right into the trap and admit to him that she was turned on, and wanted to have a turn with her stud brother. She was so confused she didn’t even notice that his hand had moved up her thigh from her knee, and was now rubbing her upper thigh along the edge of her shorts, pushing under it a little at a time.

“I don’t know how I felt about it.” It was a lie, but it was closer to the truth than she should have told him. She should have said that she was disgusted, and just remained his older sister for life.

“Sure you do,” he said as he replaced his right hand with his left on her leg, and placed his right hand on the small of her back and pulled her to him, playfully jostling her, but really just trying to touch her and get her a little excited. “It must have been shocking, knowing that your brother tied up your younger sister to her bed naked like that? I know I would be surprised to find you tied up like that, and to hear that Jennifer did it.”

“I don’t know…” she said as she stood up. She had to get away from his touch or he would drive her insane. A part of her wanted him to do that to her, but her conscious was winning the battle right now. “I guess I feel confused about it. A part of me is freaked out by what my brother and sister are doing, and another part of me is wondering…”

She paused just a little bit too long for Matt, so he resumed his questioning. “Wondering what, Sally?” he asked as he stood behind her and tried to wrap his arms around her waste.

“I don’t know what,” she said, breaking away from him again. She didn’t want to keep her distance from him, but she felt that she had to. “I need more time to think about it. I think you should go now.”

Matt knew when it was time to quit. Even though his mother had put up some resistance, and his other sister hadn’t put up any, Sally was always a special case, and she would take time to break. He was going to give her all the time she needed, and so he big her goodnight, left her room as she requested, and then went to bed hard and unsatisfied. He thought about going over to see Jenny, but just didn’t feel like starting anything with Sally awake in the next room, even if she did know what was going on.

After giving his wife a good fuck or two before bed, Steve finally fell sleep at around 11:00pm. As pleased as he was with life, it was a troubled sleep. During dinner, he hadn’t paid much attention to it, but when the women of the house had been looking away from him, they had all been looking at his son. During his dreams though, this became more than obvious. They weren’t looking at Steve at all anymore. They were hanging all over Matt as if he was the alpha male of the house, and Steve was now just the beta male. They were all rubbing themselves against his strapping young body, and stripping him of his clothes, as well as each other’s. The dream ended in a big orgy between his son, daughters, and wife, and they were all laughing at Steve as they fucking his son.

Steve was glad to wake up before his alarm sounded, and turned it off before it had a chance to wake his wife. He showered and dressed as quickly and quietly as he could, and left the master suite without Julie ever hearing him. He ate breakfast quickly as well, trying to forget the dream that had disturbed him so deeply. “It couldn’t have been real,” he thought to himself. “My son isn’t stealing my family from me… Is he?”

He was about to rush out to the garage over a half hour earlier than normal when he heard someone stirring in the living room. He looked into the dark room to see his oldest daughter sleeping on the couch in just her short pajama shorts. She was on her stomach, so he couldn’t see her breasts, but they were sticking out on her sides, and her ass was barely covered by her shorts. He could just barely make out an empty bottle of liquor under her hand, hanging from her dangling arm off the front of the couch to the floor. He decided to wake her. He told himself it was so that her mother or siblings wouldn’t find her like this, but it was really so that he could see her sit up and see her with her top off.

“Sally, baby, wake up…” he whispered into her ear as he shook her gently. “Sally…”

She stirred a little, and rubbed her eyes before opening one of them and looked around. Seeing that she was in the living room, on the couch, with her father shaking her shoulder, she was curious what was going on. She felt drunk, and was concerned she might be becoming and alcoholic. She was about to sit up, and even started the motion until she felt her bare tits pulling across the upholstery of the couch. Indeed, as she looked down in the dim light she saw that her tits were uncovered, and would be exposed if she sat up.

She dropped back down and asked her father, “Daddy? I think I’m drunk.”

“The bottle on the floor suggests as much, honey,” he said with a smirk, and upset that she hadn’t sat up yet. “why are you drunk dear?”

Sally thought back to the last night, and making out with her brother. She played with herself for two hours, completely turned on, but unable to get herself off, so she came downstairs for a drink to sooth her nerves. She opened a half-finished bottle of vodka, and that was all that she remembered. She didn’t know where her shirt was, or why she was on the couch still. She should have gone up to her room if she was going to get this drunk, again.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said in her baby voice. She looked at the clock on the mantel and saw what time it was. “Daddy? Shouldn’t you be eating breakfast, and getting ready for work?”

“I already ate breakfast. I was about to leave when I heard you.” He said as he placed his hand on her bare back and patted it, “but thanks for caring.” After he pat her back twice, he held his hand there, just barely rubbing his palm against her naked flesh. He absentmindedly adjusted his package in his pants as he grew harder, and Sally noticed it.

“Why are you up so early Daddy? Trying to ditch your one night stand with Mommy, and sneak out before the regrets sink in?” she joked. She was laying the baby voice on really thick now.

“Yes, dear. I don’t want her other lover catching me here with her.” He was joking as he stroked his daughter’s back lovingly, but neither of them had any idea how right he was about his wife having another lover. “And besides, I have an early meeting to get to, like all men do when they leave their affairs behind.”

“Daddy!… You can’t have an affair with your wife…” She was definitely still drunk when she said this, as she was not only taking her baby voice to an extreme, but she was slurring her words quite a bit too. “You would have to fool around with me to have an affair before work today…” She grabbed his package with her dangling arm after she finished saying that, and started rubbing him through his trousers.

“Baby…” His voice was choked. “I don’t think you should be doing that right now…”

“How about later than Daddy?” she said with a giggle as she continued stroking him through his clothing. “Don’t worry Daddy, I won’t tell Mommy about us.”

Sally rolled onto her side, finally exposing herself to her father as she reached down to his pants with both of her hands and started undoing his fly. Steve just stared in a mix of lust and confusion as his daughter pulled his cock out into the open and stroked him in the dark living room while the sun came up. She stroked him with both hands as he sat there dumbfounded, but she was still drunk, and took one of her hands to move his hand from her back to her breast, and used his fingers to grope her own tit.

“It’s more fun when you join in Daddy.” She continued stroking him, and urged him up onto his knees, and then to his feet in front of her as she sat up. “It’s always more fun when Daddy joins in.” she said as his pants fell to the floor at his feet.

She leaned forward and sucked her father’s cock into her waiting mouth. A little bit of drool escaped her lips and hung down to her breasts, while the rest of her saliva was coating his shaft copiously lubricating him as he slid in and out of her sucking orifice. She stroked what she didn’t have in her mouth, and fondled his balls with her other hand. His hand had fallen lifeless to his side though, and she had to stop stroking him for a moment to place it back on her tit, and get him fondling her on his own.

Steve was lost in the pleasure of his oldest daughter’s mouth when all of a sudden he was convinced that his son wasn’t replacing him as the head of the house. If there was anything going on, and it wasn’t all in his imagination, he definitely wasn’t being replaced. His daughter wouldn’t be sucking him right now if Matt were the alpha male. At most this was just a restructuring of the family unit. He was impressed with how well his daughter was sucking his unit. He was enjoying it so much he reached down with his other hand and fondled her other breast. He was then enjoying her breasts so much, he decided to free himself of her mouth and stick his dick between her tits and fucked her like that.

“Oh Daddy… You like it kinky…” she said as she held her tits together for her father, and rubbed them up and down his length. She gave his head a lick each time it exposed itself to her open mouth. She squeezed her thighs together in time with her breasts rubbing his dick, and her shorts were getting soaked through. “Daddy?” she asked looking up into his eyes.

“Yes… dear?” he asked, out of breath, and loving his daughter’s body.

“Could you fuck me before you leave for work?”

“Is she serious?” he asked himself in his mind. He didn’t care about the answer to that though. He pulled her hands from her tits letting his dick free again. He then pulled her to her feet, turned her around so she was kneeling on the couch and bent her over the back of the couch. Once she was in position he pulled her shorts down as far as he could, lined his member up with her cunt, and pushed himself in slowly. When he reached full depth with no problem, he realized that he didn’t need to hold back with her, and began fucking her at a steady but considerable pace. He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, but if he hadn’t she would have still be fucking him right back with all of her might.

“Oh yeah Daddy… Fuck your baby girl good… Fuck me hard Daddy…” she cried softly as she met his thrusts with enthusiasm. “Yeah Daddy… You fuck me so good…”

He did just that. He fucked her as hard and fast as he could. He wanted to cry out, as did she, but they held in their moans as they fucked just one room away from his wife, her mother, and Jennifer and Matt a floor above them. He felt himself ready to explode. The moment was too much for him and he couldn’t last as long as he normally did with his wife. He groaned a little louder than normal, and Sally knew that he was about to cum. She finally had an orgasm herself shortly after they began fucking, so she didn’t care if he finished in her or not, she wanted to suck him off now. She quickly jumped up off of his cock, turned around, and sucked him back into her mouth while jerking him off. She sucked until she tasted cream, and then she sucked until there was no more cream left. She showed the prize she had retained in her mouth to her father, and then swished it around with her tongue before swallowing.

“Daddy, your jizz tastes so good… and I came so hard on your cock…” she said as she continued stroking his softening member, and licking him clean between sentences. “But… it’s getting late… and you have to get to work…” She pointed at the clock, and Steve looked to see that it was indeed time to leave for work. He thanked his daughter for the quickie, told her to put her shorts back on and get to bed in her room, and then woke up to the sound of his alarm as he realized he was having yet another dream.