One Who Understands

Chapter 01

“Hey, Mister Ed!”

Edward Walters looked over his shoulder and raised his hand in greeting as the pickup cruised past him on the town’s main street. He recognized the speaker as Reggie Halston, one of the wide receivers for the Bearcats, the high school football team Ed played the Guard position for. Reggie was grinning as he leaned out the window of his buddy’s pickup. His buddy being Mark Thompson, their quarterback.

Mister Ed. He hated that nickname because… well, he didn’t like to think about it so he pushed it aside.

He gave his head a shake and continued down the street. He was on a mission. He had to buy his sister a birthday card. Grace was turning 22 tomorrow and he wanted to get her a really pretty card. A pretty card for a pretty woman! He blushed at the inappropriate thought. He’d known Grace since she was 10 and he came to live with her and her mom Shirley Wilson when he was just a young boy of 6.

When his mom died in a car accident, Shirley, being her cousin and the only living kin available, took him in. He found out later that her charity was mostly to get her hands on his mother’s limited estate and the insurance money. Shirley made sure he was aware that she was not replacing his mother. She also told him that while he was actually her cousin once removed he could call her Aunt Shirley for simplicity. She did make efforts to keep him fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. Through the years he’d spent with her she’d often remind him of those efforts. He heard her complain that he ate too much to afford keeping him fed, grew too fast to keep him in clothes that fit, was too big for their furniture, and most recently wasn’t smart enough to get a job to pay back those debts he owed her for taking him in. Shirley wasn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type.

Grace had been delighted to find Ed was an easy going little brother who pretty much let her do anything to him as long as he was allowed to hang out with her. Dressing up, make up parties, you name it, if Grace wanted to do it Ed would be right there indulging his new big sister. She had no idea the young boy was starving for the lost love of his mother and would take anything resembling affection. All she knew was that Ed was a fun new plaything. She had more of a nurturing nature than her mother and until she reached that age where boys suddenly became attractive, she would cuddle up to him on the couch to watch TV with him.

When the puberty fairy started to fill her out in areas Ed was secretly enthralled by she began to restrict her physical signs of affection to ruffling his hair, pats on the back, an occasional kiss on the cheek, and the even more rare hug but she always had a smile and kind word for him. She saved the boy from a very lonely childhood and he loved her deeply for it. Though they were second cousins they grew up together as brother and sister.

Puberty struck early for Ed and he exploded upwards and sideways as his frame grew to support the muscle mass it was destined for. His keen eyed gym teacher started him on strength training early and his body filled out quickly. Shirley’s food bills were the source of many a verbal flaying during those days.

When Ed got to high school he was immediately enrolled in the football team. He wasn’t particularly aggressive but he was good at the game as he was bigger and stronger than most of the others. He continued to grow bigger and stronger than his peers. He wasn’t as smart as most of them but he got along with many of them regardless of his shyness.

Then came the fateful day when the coach walked into the showers to get the guys to stop clowning around. He saw Ed delaying his own shower until the others had left. He’d pushed the boy into the room and told him to get to it. Red faced, Ed hung up his towel and stepped into the shower. The room went silent until the coach’s voice boomed out.

“Fuck, I guess we’re going to have to call you Mister Ed from now on.”

When some of the players asked him what he meant he just told them to look it up. Edward recalled the look of disgust on the man’s face as he left the shower room. When his teammates discovered ‘Mister Ed’ referred to a horse their laughter was a knife in his guts and his shame was complete. He couldn’t help that he was so big. Being called a freak by his teammates was particularly painful even if they did it as a joke. He did his best from that time on to avoid showering with the others either by being first or last. He avoided the coach most of all. When he could. He took to wearing loose fitting pants. Anything to hide his shame.

At home he moved his bedroom to the spare room in the basement. There was a small bathroom down there where he could take his shower without Shirley or Grace accidentally seeing him. He couldn’t bear the thought of them seeing his freakish nature.

Edward gave himself a shake when he found himself dwelling on that old history. He was eighteen now and he did his best to put up with the ribbing from the rest of his team though it still hurt.

He made his way into the card shop and began his hunt. He didn’t want something too drippy or sappy as Grace was not sentimental in the least. She was a practical woman. He wanted a pretty card with a simple heartfelt message.

While he was hunting he felt eyes on him and looked down the aisle to see Melanie Stanwell and Izzy Desmond looking at him and giggling. They worked in the store. With a bold look at Izzy, Melanie walked down the aisle towards him with a smile on her lips. She was a tall, slim girl with lovely brown eyes and long wavy brown hair which went to her mid-back. He’d heard the other guys talking about her, saying it was too bad she didn’t have big tits to go along with her sleek curves. Ed just thought she was nicely proportioned. She wore a lot of rings which always drew his eyes to her long elegant fingers.

Edward was watching her nervously as she approached and gave her a friendly nod when she stopped beside him.

“Hello Ed.” She glanced at the pink flowery birthday card in his hand and looked back into his pale blue eyes. “Buying a card for a girlfriend?” she said boldly.

He jolted a little then shook his head. “Sister. It’s her birthday tomorrow.”

Melanie’s smile grew and she leaned in a little closer. “You need help finding a card for her?”

“Nah, I think I’ve got this. Thanks!” he mumbled, a blush traveling up his cheeks. Melanie’s eyes twinkled when she saw the effect she was having on the big man.

“Well if you need some help just let me know,” she smiled.

He nodded his thanks and she strutted back to Izzy with a coy smile at him over his shoulders. She caught him looking at her sweet little ass and her smile got wider and the sway in her hips got a little more pronounced. He quickly looked away as he felt himself begin to stiffen. He cursed under his breath, closed his eyes and ran through his mantra to calm himself. His pants, which had been baggy two years back, were no longer that way due to the increased muscle mass he’d put on from training for the football season. He couldn’t afford new pants so he couldn’t afford to get excited in these ones. He had to make an adjustment so glancing around to ensure the coast was clear he shifted himself in his pant leg.

From the burst of giggles he heard he realized the coast hadn’t been as clear as he’d hoped. Blushing madly he quickly settled on a card and went up to the cash to buy it.

Izzy was the cashier and she was doing her best to catch a glimpse at what he’d had to adjust. He paid and hustled out of the shop. The evening air felt especially cool against his reddened cheeks.

Chapter 02

Grace Wilson cursed her life one more time as she left the big box store to head home for the night. That asshole Frank from HR hadn’t left her side all night, constantly watching her with his creepy eyes. He had taken a liking to her dark looks. She wasn’t Goth but she did like to dress in black and she and her co-worker Heather had taken to wearing black lipstick and smoky black eye shadow. With her pale skin, long straight raven locks, and curvy, well fleshed body she attracted more than her fair share of admirers.

Heather’s long, wavy white blond tresses, blue eyes, and her rail thin model’s body was a perfect counterpoint to Grace’s more ‘full figured’ look. She was saving up for a nose job as she hated the largish one she was born with and her braces only had one more year to go. They hung out together whenever they could as their work schedules allowed.

Grace’s job as a cashier had been the only one she’d been able to get since graduating and as her salary was keeping the family in their home and fed she couldn’t afford to lose it. Her mom’s disability cheque wasn’t enough to keep them going and Ed’s paycheque from his part time job in the home center helped but it was her money that kept them going. Now Frank was potentially threatening that by acting like a skeeze.

She got into her car in the employee lot which was far from the door and sparsely lit. She put her phone in the cup holder between the seats as she prepared to leave.

Suddenly there was a tapping on the driver’s window glass and she jumped. She looked left and there was Frank looking in her window with his greasy smile. She rolled the window down.

“What is it Frank? I’m on my way home. Isn’t it time for you to go home to your wife?” she reminded him.

“Aww Gracie don’t be like that. You should be nicer to me. I can do things for you. Nice things that will make your life so much better. All you gotta do is some nice things for me,” he said, slurring a little. Great, he was drinking on the job.

“Thanks but no thanks Frank.”

“I can also make things really bad for you if you’re not nice to me. Think about that!” he growled.

Grace looked up at his piggy little eyes and sighed. It was true. He could.

“Take out your cock.”

Frank suddenly grinned and quickly looked around but no one else was in sight. He was also partially hidden by the other cars. He quickly unzipped his pants and tugged his flabby little dick from his pants.

Grace had to struggle not to laugh then not to gag as the stench of him wafted in the window.

“Mmm bring that beast in the window,” she said with a seductive tone. He grinned and leaned in against the side of the car. He couldn’t see her but he was expecting to feel her mouth on him any second.

Grace leaned away as far as she could and took some photos with her phone’s camera. He had his hands on the window sill so she got them in the shot as well with his distinctive school ring. She grabbed her heavy metal travel mug and slammed it down as hard as she could on one of his balls on the window ledge.

With a scream of pain Frank crumpled to the ground beside the car. She saw he was clear so she drove a few feet away.

“Frank? I just wanted you to know I have some very disgusting photos of your junk sticking in my car window. I’ll send you a sample to your work address when I get home. You pull any crap like that again, I will see everyone you know gets a copy. You leave the women at the store alone now. Understood?” When he whimpered and nodded she began to move forward but stopped once more. “Oh and take a fucking shower with soap you smelly bastard!” He whimpered once more and she drove away.

Maybe she should have warned him earlier about her anger management issues.

When she got home all she wanted to do was take a shower to get Frank’s smell out of her nose. She stepped inside and her sinuses filled with the most wonderful scents of cooking food. Grace looked in the living room and there was her mother in the recliner, drunk or stoned or both. She hadn’t expected the smells of cooking to have come from her efforts but it would have been a nice surprise. At one time she was an excellent cook and Ed would watch her for hours. Since the accident at the factory and her subsequent chronic pain, she hadn’t felt disposed spend any time in the kitchen.

Following the delicious scents Grace stepped into the kitchen doorway and smiled at Ed, the mountain of a man who stood with his back to her. She couldn’t get over how he’d grown from a normal sized little boy to this broad shouldered, hard muscled man. She trembled. If he hadn’t been raised as her brother she would have been all over him. That thought made her stomach twist nervously like butterflies were duking it out inside her. She loved her ‘little’ brother but sometimes she got so confused.

She must have made a sound as he looked over his shoulder at her and his face lit up with a happy smile when he saw her standing in the kitchen entrance. “Welcome home. I’m making your favorite! Chicken and Chorizo Paella!” his deep voice rumbled out. She smiled in return and studied his innocent face. Fair haired, light yellow blonde to be specific, reasonably styled and short. She cut his hair so they could save some money. He had amazing pale blue eyes under light brows. His nose had a bump on it where it had been broken and badly reset. It had character. He had nice lips and was almost always smiling. His jaw was strong and square. The overall combination wasn’t classically beautiful but still pleasing to look at. He turned back to finish cooking.

She couldn’t stop her eyes from traveling over his body as his back was turned. Though it made her squirm with guilt to think this way about Ed she thought his body was incredible! Hard, dense muscles and lots of them. Huge arms hanging from broad shoulders, and supported by his broad chest and powerful back. He didn’t look overinflated like those professional bodybuilders but he did look ripped! Every t-shirt he owned was stretched almost to death over his torso. At home he wore sleeveless T’s as they were more comfortable for him.

His legs were sexy as hell too, currently hidden in sweat pants. She knew her brother preferred to wear baggy pants but she didn’t understand why he liked that look considering how great his legs looked. She’d even bought him a pair of stretchy but tight jeans using her employee discount but she had yet to see him wear them.

Grace spun around and made a bee line to her room before she did something she’d regret. She knew her brother loved her so she had to protect him from her lustful thoughts. It would destroy their relationship.

She got cleaned up and into her own comfy clothes. Before she forgot she sent off the incriminating photo to Frank’s work email. She was sorely tempted to send it to his wife too but she contained her rage once more with difficulty. She returned back downstairs just as Ed placed the plates on the kitchen table. She noted there were only two plates.

“Mom’s not eating?” she asked.

Ed’s face showed his upset. “I tried to get her to eat earlier but she just screamed at me to leave her alone. I think her pain is bad tonight. I’ll save some for her for later.”

Grace looked at Ed and wondered how he could still show so much compassion for a woman who had never said a single nice word to him since the day he arrived. It was more a sign of Ed’s strength of character than her mother’s.

“I’ll carry her up to her bedroom after I do the dishes,” he said.

Grace had a momentary flash of Ed carrying her instead, up the stairs to her bedroom in his strong arms to have his way with her. She trembled and he noticed.

“Something wrong? Your food not taste good?” he said looking concerned.

She forced her mind away from those evil, lewd thoughts and smiled weakly at her brother. “No! Everything is fine! It tastes wonderful! I was just thinking of something unpleasant from work.”

They ate for a while in silence both enjoying each other’s company and the excellent food. Grace had to restrain herself from wolfing the paella down. As he’d said it was her favorite.

He tried to put a casual expression on his face as he asked her a question. “Speaking of work, did you find out if you have tomorrow night off? It’s our final playoff game for the state championship. It would be nice if you could be there.”

“I’m sorry Ed. I wish it was possible but I was asked to work a double shift tomorrow. Mary Carson broke her ankle and they’re short staffed. And we need the money,” she winced seeing his look of disappointment which he quickly hid behind a shrug and a smile.

“Score a touchdown for me Ed!” she grinned as he rolled his eyes.

“That’s not what I do,” he groaned for the hundredth time.

She smiled at his frustration. “What is it you do again?”

“I knock people down,” he huffed.

She could always catch him with this little game of hers. At first she used to worry that Ed might be simple minded but he was actually quite brilliant with some things. Ask him to repair something and he’d figure it out and get it working in almost no time. He was a really good cook as mixing ingredients in the proper proportions in the right sequence at the right time intervals came to him naturally. Ask him to deal with math and he’d struggle but he’d get to the answer, eventually. Ask him to explain what was going on in any TV show involving human interaction and he’d get the surface stuff but miss most of the nuance. He was innocent in that way. Intrigue was beyond him. He was what you saw and people who weren’t confused him.

If he weren’t so easy going and just big he would probably have had a much harder time in school. Speaking of which…

“Have you asked out that pretty brunette at the card shop yet?” she asked him. Her love life may be on extended hiatus but that didn’t mean his had to be.

He blushed. “No!”

“Why not?” she pushed with a grin on her lips.

“I don’t have time for a girlfriend!” he smirked back. That was her favorite excuse for explaining why she wasn’t dating. The ‘I don’t have time’ excuse had been her automatic response for years. She shook her head at his victorious grin.

“You know you shouldn’t take such pleasure in using that excuse. It’s not like it’s made me hysterically happy,” she said in a rare moment of self-reflection.

“You deserve to find someone special,” he told her sincerely, looking at her with his beautiful blue eyes.

She snorted angrily as her mind went to Frank in the parking lot sticking his dick in her window. He was the perfect example of the kind of masculinity she was surrounded with now in her life. Well, them and Ed who she couldn’t have. Her anger flared again and she pressed her thumb against the side of the bridge of her nose as pain spiked behind her eye. Dammit! It was another anger induced migraine.

She heard the scrape of a chair then she felt his hands, his wonderfully large and powerful hands massaging the knots out of her neck muscles before they got a chance to really get started. Soon she was putty under his strong grip. The migraine dissipated as he worked her muscles. God his hands felt so good on her body! She wanted more and began to moan but locked that down in a squeak. She pushed herself to her feet as she felt her emotions start to go off the rails.

“Thanks for dinner, Ed. I’m going to bed. Not feeling well,” she blurted and rushed upstairs. She closed her bedroom door and managed to drop onto the bed to smother her sobs in her pillow. Life was so fucking unfair!

Chapter 03

The team ran out onto the field and the crowd cheered louder as they saw their heroes. Ed didn’t bother looking at the bleachers as he knew there was no one there cheering him on.

He was still a little bothered by how upset Grace looked the previous night. He said something stupid and upset her and he was really mad at himself for hurting her.

Mark Thompson was checking his teammates to make sure they were all pumped and focused on the game. He caught the angry and distracted look in Ed’s eyes and pulled him aside.

“Ed, where are you man? I can’t have you wandering around out there. You’re my protection!” Mark said into Ed’s ear.

“Sorry Mark. I’ll get my head in the game,” Ed apologized.

“What are you angry about?” the quarterback asked.

“I said something stupid last night and I hurt my sister’s feelings. I’m really mad at myself,” Ed blurted.

Mark looked at the big man. That wouldn’t do at all. If Ed was angry at himself he would be letting the other team roll over him. He had to get Ed to redirect his anger.

“Ed, keeping anger inside is bad. It will hurt you and your game. Here is what I want you to do. When we’re at the scrimmage I want you to look at the guy across from you and think, ‘there is the reason my sister is feeling bad’. Turn your anger on that and take it down. You have to direct that anger outwards. Don’t let it eat at you. CRUSH IT! Can you do that?”

“Yeah, I got it.” Ed nodded and looked at Mark with surprise. He was really pleased Mark was being so thoughtful and helpful. He didn’t realize Mark was just looking out for himself.

Play soon began and Ed was in his three point stance looking across at his man. No! It was him saying that stupid thing. He needed to punish that guy! At the snap he surged forward and crushed through the player and tossed him down to the ground. The running back shot through the hole Ed made and they soon had their first touchdown.

Surprisingly, Ed felt a little better. He grinned at Mark who was beaming a huge smile back at him.

The game was fierce as their opponent’s quarterback and receiver were very good. The score was close but no one got past Ed. Dave, their Center and Wally the Guard on Dave’s other side were inspired and tried to match Ed’s ferocity but they couldn’t match his strength. Ed gradually took the opponent’s offensive line apart. He slammed them down again and again and soon he’d broken their spirit. The game turned in their favor and once the clock ran out they were the new State Champions. The team went nuts and for once his coach patted him on the back and congratulated him.

When the teams went out onto the field to shake hands none of the opposing team would shake Ed’s hand. His teammates took exception to this and words were said and it got a little ugly until the coach got them off the field and back into the locker room.

“Jesus, did you get a burr under your saddle Mister Ed?” the coach asked. That drew a lot of laughs from the guys. Then Mark stood up.

“Before the game Ed was mad at himself for something stupid so I told him to use that anger in the game. Looks like it worked.” He smiled at his friends and they rose up to pat him on the back for his brilliant leadership. No one saw Ed’s look of surprise at his words except Mark.

Later the quarterback found him. “You feel better now, right?”

Ed had to agree so he nodded.

“Listen there’s going to be a party at my place later tonight starting at 10pm. Attendance is mandatory for the team so be there! And really, thank you, you were awesome out there tonight!” Mark said with a huge grin clapping him on the arm.

Ed felt better and promised Mark he’d come to the party.

When he got home he struggled to find something to wear. He didn’t have a lot of clothes and he understood that he had to look nice. The only nice pants he had were the dark blue jeans Grace bought for him but he felt they accentuated his issue rather than hid it.

Still, Mark said that the party was for the team so he assumed that’s who would be attending. They were already aware of his shame so it shouldn’t be an issue to wear the jeans.

He pulled on some socks, then the jeans and yanked on a clean black t-shirt and his one black, button down short sleeve dress shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror. He felt so weird with the jeans showing off what he wanted so desperately to keep hidden. With the dress shirt untucked the ends almost disguised him. He sighed. Luckily his sister was still at work. He didn’t want her seeing him like this.

He knew there would be drinking so he left his beat up old pickup at home and took the bus across town to the edge of a very affluent neighborhood. He had to walk quite a distance from the bus stop to Mark’s place as he realized the distances between the driveways was huge. He watched for #12 and as he walked a police car stopped in front of him to ask where he was headed. Once he identified himself and who he was going to see and why, the police were friendly again. He was even congratulated on his aggressive play during the game. He thanked them and they moved on.

Mark’s house, a mansion really, was set back quite a ways from the road. Ed walked up the long drive and saw many of his teammates had driven to the party. He shook his head as he could already faintly hear the pounding beat of music. They’d be drinking for sure.

He finally reached the front door and pressed the doorbell. Moments later the door opened and he was looking into the blue eyes of one of the prettiest women he’d ever met. She was tall and had red hair cascading down over her shoulders and framing her very impressive cleavage. He realized he was staring with his mouth open so he tore his eyes away in embarrassment and looked back up to her smiling eyes. She knew where his eyes had been and she’d enjoyed his appreciation.

“You must be Edward Walters. Please come in!” she said in a wonderfully smooth voice. As she stepped back and he stepped in she held out her hand and he took it in his. Her hand felt so soft!

“I’m Rachel Thompson, Mark’s mother. You were very impressive out there on the field tonight! So aggressive! You protected Mark very well!” she said placing her other hand on his large bicep with a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you,” he mumbled, completely dazzled by her beauty. He thought she might be in her mid-forties but she looked incredible! And that cleavage kept drawing his eyes.

Then he felt it.

He was starting to grow. He subtly moved one hand down to the bottom of his shirt as if he was just straightening the fabric but he saw her glanced down catching what he was doing. Her smile grew sultrier.

Mark came to his rescue as his face grew hot with a blush.

“Mom! Can’t you see my bro here needs a brew! Come on Mister Ed! Oops! Sorry Ed!” He was slurring just a little. Mark had begun celebrating early.

“It was very nice meeting you,” Ed said politely to Rachel as he was dragged away. He felt her eyes on his ass the entire way into the back room.

A cheer went up when Mark led him into the large family room at the back of the house. Mark went to Reggie and was handed some money. “I told you he’d show up! Get that man a beer!”

Ed didn’t drink but the entire team was holding those red plastic cups so he took the one offered to him and drank to the toast Mark bellowed out. The team responded in like and he smiled shyly. That’s when he noticed how many ladies were in attendance. Most of the team had brought their girlfriends. Some of those girlfriends had invited along their friends. Ed lost count of how many people were in the family room but they spilled out into the adjoining kitchen and a large dining room beyond that had been cleared and turned into a dance floor. That’s where the driving beat was coming from.

He finished the beer and another was placed in his hand and more toasts were raised.

Ed lost count of the toasts he had raised his glass to and he was feeling a little tipsy as he wasn’t a drinker. He found himself a spot on the sofa and relaxed.

A few minutes later Reggie was slapping his shoulder to wake him.

“Ed! Wake up, man! Someone wants to see you downstairs, man! Wake up!”

“Wha-? Right, ok! Where?” Ed struggled to get his head to focus.

Reggie turned away and seemed to be snorting or sneezing. He turned back. “Just follow me, ok?”


They left the family room and made their way through the dining room and the crowd of people on the dance floor. Ed’s head was still spinning but he swore every girl he passed rubbed up against him. He was starting to swell down there but luckily the lights had dimmed considerably. As they came out the other side of the dancers Ed was face to face with Rachel once more and he smiled shyly at her as he squeezed past her. Again he felt something stroke across his groin but he failed to see her eyes widen in surprise or how she began to follow them down the hall to the stairs to the basement.

Ed was grateful the fabric of his pants stretched as he was seriously hardening in his pant leg.

Reggie led Ed to a door and gestured for him to enter. Ed looked at him then opened the door and entered. The light was pretty dim inside but he could make out the shape of someone sitting on a couch on the other side of the room. The person held out their hand to get him to approach. He did and saw it was Melanie. He immediately felt a blush on his cheeks and was grateful for the dim lighting from a number of small LED candles. He turned back to the young woman.

“Hi Melanie! Enjoying the party?” he struggled to not sound like an idiot.

“Sit with me Ed,” she said. He did and she slid closer.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he croaked after a second of hesitation.

“I like you too. I’d like to kiss you. May I?”

Ed was too stunned to speak so he just nodded.

Melanie was suddenly pressed against his body thrusting her tongue into his mouth and sucking on his lips. He put his hands on her back and she moaned loudly and attacked his mouth more aggressively. He was starting to feel like his face was being licked by a dog, she was so sloppy. He had no experience with kissing but he knew it shouldn’t be like this.

She crawled onto his lap and the pressure on his groin sent his erection into overdrive. She moaned as she felt the bulge under her leg.

Ed was seriously starting to feel dizzy and he needed fresh air. He lifted Melanie off of his lap and stood up. He missed that she’d undone his pants so he was totally unprepared when she yanked them down from her position on the couch behind him. The lights suddenly came on and there were at least twenty people crowded into the room looking at him standing next to the couch naked from the waist down.

At first everyone was frozen in shock.

Then there was an absolute explosion of laughter, gasps, swearing, and a few screams from some ladies. He heard the term ‘freak’ and ‘monster’ multiple times from both male and female voices. Ed bent down and pulled his pants up but he could no longer fit his cock inside them. His shame. The reason they refer to him as a horse. Ten inches of cock when erect which it currently was and an intimidating thickness.

He did his best to force it back under cover and had to settle with closing his dress shirt over the length that rose above the waistband of his jeans. He surged forward and the group parted quickly until he was facing Rachel. He stopped suddenly and looked at her flushed expression. She’d seen him as well so his embarrassment was complete. Her eyes were wild and she seemed to be having trouble breathing.

“You- you’d better leave,” was all she could say and he rushed past her and fled the house. He ran down the long driveway, through the long street to the bus stop and kept going. He was gasping and wheezing by the time he got home. He caught his breath on the front steps cursing himself, then pushed into the house.

“Hey Ed! You’re home early,” Grace said from the living room. She felt bad for how she’d left him last night so she got up to give him a hug. He pulled back when he saw her approach and rushed downstairs. “Ed? What’s wrong?” she called after him. Grace walked down the stairs into the basement and saw his door was closed. She knocked.

“Don’t come in! I’m not decent!” he yelled from the other side.

She listened and she could hear what sounded like crying. “Ed? Please let me in.”

“NO! Stay out! I- I’m not DECENT! Please- please just leave me alone,” he said roughly.

Grace was worried about her brother. He was such an innocent. “What did they do, Ed?”

“Please- just let it go and let me sleep,” a trembling voice came through the door.

Grace wanted to punish someone for hurting her little brother. She would find out what they had done. She would get to the bottom of this. No one got away with hurting Ed. No one!

Chapter 04

Sleep came very slowly for Ed so he was jolted out of an exhausted slumber when Shirley slapped him awake in the middle of the night.

“Ow! What?”

“I’m hurting so bad. I need a massage. Now!” she whined. He could smell the whisky on her breath. No doubt with a Percocet chaser. The pain must be bad as she rarely climbed down the stairs into the basement. He’d have to carry her back to her room.

Ed sat up and got out of bed and prepared to lift her. Instead Shirley immediately laid down in his place. She allowed herself a secret moment to just absorb the feeling of his body heat from the mattress and his masculine scent on the sheets. Because of his size and weight they’d bought him a decent quality pillow top mattress years ago from a guy with a truck who had ‘found’ some mattresses.

“My back hurts so much!” she moaned.

He was still partially asleep so he started to rub her back through her nightie but she cursed at him and told him to remove it. She struggled to lift herself enough for him to lift up the nightie but he accidentally brushed the sides of her large breast as he pulled the garment up. His cock immediately woke up and he cursed under his breath. He got her nightie off but he couldn’t see how hard Shirley’s nipples had become from his touch.

He put his hands on her back and began his deep muscle massage routine he had developed for her. She whimpered and moaned and cooed under his strong hands and his cock got harder and more sensitive the more he touched the woman’s body. He had to sweep her ass length wavy brown hair from side to side so he could work unimpeded as he crossed her back. The ends of her hair tickled across her ass cheeks and she trembled with need. It had been a long time since she’d felt an intimate sexual touch of a man. The drugs in her system blunted the fact that the man touching her was related to her.

The pain shot through her again from her upper shoulders. She’d been struck in the spine just between the shoulder blades by a piece of suspended equipment being moved through the factory floor. That had been years before but her body had never recovered. The medical coverage was barely enough to cover the painkillers and she hadn’t been able to afford chiropractic care. It wasn’t in her health plan.

Ed was massaging on automatic as his sleepy brain dragged him back down. In his mind he was going over the material he’d read on spinal alignment. The body was just another machine to be repaired. He ran his thumbs up both sides of her spine and every time he felt a misalignment he’d push one side or the other or sometimes both. Her spine popped and creaked and Shirley was too stunned to speak. She was terrified at what he was doing but she couldn’t speak as the relief after every pop was immense. He reached the point where the main injury had taken place and there was a major misalignment. Before she could even squeak in protest he pressed hard and there was a loud crack. The intensity caused Shirley to pass out. Ed’s hands continued up on autopilot until he was sure every vertebrae was straight. He ran his thumbs back down her spine and everything felt right. His hands were on her ass and suddenly he was kneading them. His cock got harder and harder until it was tenting his baggy shorts badly. He frowned and woke up again realizing he’d pulled Shirley’s panties down and he was rubbing her deep in the cleft of her ass. Her hips were rolling and she was moaning.

Shirley resurfaced with the most delicious feelings coming from down below. Then she realized she wasn’t in pain any more. None. It was completely gone. The delicious feelings were going away as Ed was realizing what he was doing. She was so close to having an orgasm and she hadn’t had one in years. A decade at least!

“That’s helping make my pain go away! Keep doing that!” she growled desperately.

Ed’s hands twitched at the sound of her voice but they went back to squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks almost down to her pussy. She began to moan again but it sounded a little more frantic now. She exhaled noisily and her whole body shook. He throbbed painfully.

Shirley gasped and panted through her explosive orgasm and when it had finally subsided she felt something pressing against her leg. She sat up and realized she still didn’t feel any pain. She looked down and saw the enormous bulge in Ed’s shorts.

“What the fuck is that?” she gasped.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, looking away.

“You dirty boy! Did you get a boner when you gave me a massage?” she hissed, not able to tear her eyes away.

“I’m sorry. I- I couldn’t stop it.”

“Take those off!” she said pointing to his shorts.

Ed’s eyes shot up to look at her flustered and reddened face which he mistook for anger. He slid his shorts down and his cock bounced free.

Shirley gasped once more when it was exposed and she grabbed it with both hands. Ed gasped.

“You dirty, dirty boy! Getting a boner for your Aunt Shirley!” She was growling angrily but her hands were squeezing and stroking up and down.

Ed leaned back to pull away from her touch but she just started to stroke him faster in her tight grip. The sensations were flooding Ed’s mind and he moaned and shuddered as pleasure shot through him.

“You were thinking all kinds of nasty things about your Aunt Shirley weren’t you!” she said in a breathy voice, her eyes locked on her hands pumping his cock so quickly now.

“Wait! Some- something’s happening… stop, I- oh! I can’t hold it-” Ed desperately tried to get Shirley to stop but she just went faster and used one hand to rapidly stroke the top three inches and the head.

“OH FU-” Ed began to yell before Shirley slapped a hand over his mouth.

Ed’s mind whited out as stream after stream of cum exploded from him to splash over Shirley’s face, chin, neck and chest. When he came back to his senses he was leaning back on his elbows breathing hard. He looked at Shirley and saw she was covered in his cum but she was no longer holding his cock. Her mouth was open and she was trembling but he couldn’t read her expression. He thought she might just begin to scream at him but instead her voice was low and smooth.

“You are a wicked and dirty boy. Look what you’ve done to me!” She smeared her fingers in the cum and rubbed it on her neck and chest. He wasn’t sure how that was making it less of a mess but her glassy eyes never left his. “I have to go clean up now. I want you to think about how wicked you were. How you are going to make it up to me. Such a dirty boy!”

“I’m sorry-” he began.

“No! I don’t want to talk about it. You won’t speak a word of this… wicked act to anyone. Do you hear me?” Shirley hissed quietly.


Shirley stood up and wobbled a little. She wasn’t used to walking without being hunched over and her orgasm was still with her. With her back to Ed she stroked a finger through a streak of his cum and raised it to her lips and inside. She shivered at the taste as it brought back memories of the incredible sex she used to have. She left Ed’s bedroom with a final stern look back at him.

Ed was so distraught over what he’d just done he failed to realize that Shirley was able to walk all the way back to her room upstairs by herself.

Chapter 05

School the next day was a special kind of torture for Ed. News of his ‘big reveal’ had raced around the school populace so everyone seemed to be looking at him differently. The only saving grace was that not one of the people who’d been in that room had taken a picture. Some had their phones out but were too stunned to act in time.

The ‘Mister Ed’ nickname was being excessively overused, even by students he didn’t know. He endured this all day and by the last class he just wanted to get through it and go home. He saw Mrs. Dmitrov, his chemistry teacher, staring at him repeatedly during the class.

Near the end of the period she handed back a test they’d recently had and he saw he’d gotten a D, which in her class was a borderline failure. He saw she’d written instructions at the top of the page for him to stay after class to discuss the grade. She’d done this to a number of other students and afterwards there was always a vacant desk the following day. He needed the grade to graduate. Having to take a summer course to get the credit would screw up the job he’d gotten lined up for himself. A job he couldn’t afford to lose.

The bell rang and the students rushed out of the room as he packed up. He left the test and his chemistry notes out.

Mrs. Dmitrov never smiled and her thick Eastern Europe accent made her class especially difficult for many students. Generally most people were uneasy around her. Students were scared because she held their future in her cold, uncaring hands. Other teachers disliked her because she never fraternized with them and treated them with disinterest. She was smarter than everyone else in the school and no one else seemed to be worth the effort to get to know.

She had greying brown hair, always pulled back in a severe bun and she wore plain black framed glasses over her brown eyes. She dressed in brown and green almost every day. She didn’t wear any jewellery or makeup. She smelled like non-perfumed soap. She stood 5′ 10″ in flat shoes and while no one would call her beautiful she wasn’t ugly so much as plain. While she did appear to have large breasts, her large framed body was uniformly thick so if she had curves they were hidden under her drab clothes.

She looked up from writing something and gestured for him to come to the front of the class next to her desk. It was situated to the left side of the blackboard next to the windows. When he arrived she pointed to the spare chair next to the desk and he sat with his stuff on his lap.

She glanced at his test. “You are failing my class.”

“I really need this grade. Are there any assignments I can do, any make up tests available?” he said with worry in his tone.

“What is difficult in my lessons for you?” she asked.

“I had trouble with the last section and I’m worried about the next one,” he said honestly.

Just the smallest hint of a smile appeared on her lips. “You read next section? Good. You get seventy five in next section, you will pass.”

“Seventy five?” he gasped. “I’ve been getting sixties in your class so far. How am I going to get seventy five?

“I could tutor you but not for free,” she said, staring at him intently.

Ed’s heart dropped. “I have no money.”

A look of distaste passed over her features and she waved his words aside. “First I must know the truth.”

He looked blankly at her.

“There is a rumor I overhear two teachers repeating today. You were at football party?” she seemed nervous and Ed had never seen that on her before. Then he blushed as her words sunk in. Her eyes lit up.

“You are aware of rumor. Is true? You are big?” Her accent was getting thicker with her nervousness.

“Uh, I’m not comfortable talking about this-” he croaked before she interrupted.

“If I do not tutor you, how will you pass my class?” she pressed, her eyes locked on his.

He looked at her and realized he had no choice. He nodded.

“Is true?”

He hesitated then nodded again, his blush racing across his face.

She held out her hand for his notebook and she quickly went over his notes. “Yes, you are grasping basics. I can work with this. You will come to my house tomorrow at 1PM for three hours. Yes?”

Tomorrow was Saturday. He had the early shift at the home center, 7AM until noon so he could work that in. He nodded and she handed him his notes back with a slip of paper. He saw a map drawn on the paper.

“Map to get to my place. Do not be late, bring your text and notes, and be ready to study! I do not do this for anyone else so you cannot mention it to anyone. Understood?”

He nodded.

She looked back to her work and he was obviously dismissed. He got up and left the school as quickly as he could.

Chapter 06

Grace drove home thinking about how much better today had been than the day before. Still not wonderful but showing promise at least. She recalled how surprised she’d been when she was immediately called into Mr. Chambers’ office when she’d first arrived. He was store manager and the administration offices were definitely buzzing as she passed through them. She knocked and heard his voice calling out for her to enter. She stepped inside.

“You sent for me, Mr. Chambers?” she asked.

“Yes, please, have a seat,” the white haired older man said gesturing to the chairs across from his desk.

Once she was sitting he got right to the point. He was direct like that and the staff all appreciated that.

“Frank Gorely has been fired. Effective immediately.”

She couldn’t stop the smile from leaking onto her face.

“From your expression this isn’t unhappy news to you,” he said.

“No, it isn’t,” she agreed.

“So you weren’t having an affair with him?” he asked bluntly.

“God no! He was disgusting!” she growled then reined in her anger.

The manager hit a button then flipped his monitor around to display the image of Frank’s privates hanging in her car window.

“Your car? Your picture?”

“Yes, from his surprise visit in the parking lot last night as I was trying to go home. From his slurring I think he’d been drinking. He threatened my job if I didn’t do something nice for him. I took some pictures then did something nice for me instead. I guess having a travel mug slammed down on his nuts didn’t match his expectations.”

That drew a smile from the man. “My question is this. Are you going to sue the company over this?”

“What? No! I can take care of myself as I proved last night. I told him to stay away from the women in the store. I sent him the picture as a warning to heed my words. I appreciate having a job. I just want to keep it. Your action in firing him certainly fulfills my need for justice,” she blurted. She looked at the man. “How did you get the emailed image?”

“His own policy backfired on him. He implemented a mail filter on all company email to copy any messages containing ‘pornographic images’ and certain offensive words to a special HR inbox. Your message to him contained both so the first HR staff to arrive this morning got an eyeful of their bosses… parts. Frank is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery last night. Seems he had a little accident. I doubt he will press charges considering what he was doing when the ‘accident’ occurred.”

She nodded with a smile.

“Alright then. I formally offer you my apology for having to deal with Frank Gorely and my thanks for giving us the means to expediently remove him from the company.” Mr. Chambers stood up and held out his hand. Grace stood and shook the offered hand. She understood the meeting was over. He walked her over to his door and the staff saw they were both smiling when she left to go back to her cashier’s desk. She saw a few thumbs up on her way back.

When she got back to her desk after lunch she saw every station had a bright and shiny metal travel mug perched atop it. News of her dirty deed had passed quickly and for the rest of the day she had been accepting thanks from many of the women in the office.

She felt kind of warm and fuzzy about it on her drive home but that hadn’t added any extra money into their account. She had to keep in mind that she still had a job. And Frank’s job was gone, like his testicle.

Chapter 07

Friday night was pizza night. They had coupons which would get them one large pizza with one topping for half price. Ed would make salad and that was enough.

For the first time in a long time Shirley was sitting at the kitchen table with them. She still had her whisky but she was sitting in a chair.

Grace was looking at her in shock. Just yesterday Shirley was drunk out of her mind and in agony. Today, she was just tipsy and only showing the occasional grimace as she moved her back.

“How are you feeling Mom?” she asked quietly.

“Like I’m finally on the road to recovery!” Shirley gushed.

“What happened?”

“Edward has magic hands,” her mother replied.

Ed looked distinctly uncomfortable when Grace looked over at him.

“I was in so much pain last night that I climbed down all those stairs to his bedroom and woke him up to massage my back. He did something to my spine with his thumbs and it felt so much better afterwards. I think I’d feel even better if my damn mattress wasn’t so worn out. I felt better than this when I went to sleep last night.”

“Mom, we can’t afford to get a new mattress for you,” she said. Grace was remembering how upset Ed was when he got home last night. He’d been crying, she was sure. Typical that her mother would ignore his feelings and just demand he fix her… back. She looked at him as her eyes widened.

“Ed, did you fix Mom’s back?”

He looked troubled. “I don’t remember. I was pretty exhausted last night. I don’t remember much.” He glanced at Shirley.

“How much is a new mattress at your store? One with a pillow top!” Shirley blurted. Then she gave Ed a weird look and he looked away. Grace was lost. She had no idea what was going on.

“Even with my discount a basic mattress is at least $500 and the ones with pillow tops are all over $1000! Even a basic one would be a stretch on our budget!” Grace exclaimed. Shirley looked glum.

“But my back is sore after sleeping in my lumpy old bed,” she whined.

“We can’t afford it! OK?” Grace was starting to get angry again. It was always money! If she’d sued the store she might have gotten some money out of it but that would run out and then she’d still be in this stinking town but now with no job prospects.

Appetite gone she pushed back from the table. “I’m done in. Going to bed. See you in the morning,” she grumbled as she left.

Shirley stood up. “I’m going too. Goodnight.”

Ed looked at her back with relief. He was so worried she was going to say something about the previous night. Once she was out of the kitchen he cleaned up and packed the extra slices of pizza for Grace’s lunch. His stomach rumbled as he put the pizza in the fridge. He squashed that down and helped himself to more salad. It wouldn’t last another day. He washed the bowl when he was done and went to bed himself. He had the early shift so he might as well go to bed early.

Chapter 08

Sometime around 1AM he heard his bedroom door open and he looked over to see Shirley walking towards his bed. He tried to blink the sleep out of his eyes because he couldn’t figure out what she was wearing. It seemed to flow around her body like smoke. He got glimpses of too much of her skin and he had to look away.

“Ed, my back is hurting. I need you to massage it again.”

He crawled out of bed and saw her crawl in with a smile on her face. He looked down at her back in dismay as the gauzy fabric was so… transparent. She had a nice body though it was carrying too much weight in some key areas.

He touched her back and she hissed at him. “Under! You have to take it off!”

Again she struggled to lift herself as he tugged at the nightie and ended up touching her skin all up the sides of her body. When he reached the sides of her breasts she snapped her arms in trapping his hands against them.

“You tickled me!” she gasped.


He carefully peeled back her nightie until her skin was exposed. He began his routine and once more she sighed, cooed, moaned and writhed as he worked the knots out of her back.

“Do the thumb thing!” she moaned.

He wasn’t sure what she meant so he ran his thumbs over her shoulder blades. She groaned then shook her head.

“No! Along my spine!” Shirley growled impatiently.

Ed moved his thumbs to her spine and a memory surfaced. He closed his eyes and felt the memory take over and let his thumbs move up and up as the image of the text book flashed by in his mind. He did feel a few new misalignments but they were small. He popped them and moved on and Shirley gurgled her happiness as his thumbs reached the top and began their way back downwards. Her pain was gone once more!

His eyes were still closed and he was slipping into that semi-conscious state where he was most aware of his sense of touch.

Shirley’s skin was soft under his hands, her flesh pliable, her body receptive to his touch. Her coos became more sensual as he moved lower and lower. He was kneading her flesh once more when he surfaced from his Zen state and she was on the brink of release. He squeezed extra hard in surprise when he realized what he was touching and she cried out as she came.

She panted and gasped until she could catch her breath. She spun suddenly and sure enough he was tenting his shorts again.

“I can’t believe it! A boner for your Aunt Shirley again? You dirty boy! Take those off!” she demanded.

He looked down. “Please. I don’t want to.”

“After all I’ve done for you, you’re going to be disobedient?” she gasped but smiled secretly when he looked away and tugged his shorts off.

She looked at his monstrous cock and shivered in delight. So thick! So long! So wicked!

Shirley grabbed it like she had the night before and felt the heat of it flowing into her hands. Oh god, she wanted to put it in her mouth then her pussy but it was too soon for that. He wasn’t ready.

She began to stroke him firmly and he leaned away from her again but she just kept up her efforts. It took much longer to get him to the edge tonight. She was beginning to break a sweat and her hands were getting tired. Still, her eyes were glassy with lust and her panting breaths matched his. She could feel him thickening in preparation for his orgasm so she moved her hand to the top again and over stimulated the thick purple head. He cried out and his come burst forth over her face and down her chest as she directed the jets.

There was more than the night before! Some had shot straight into her open mouth. She savored it as she looked at his perspiring face. His eyes opened and he froze when he saw what he had done, again.

“Oh god! I’m sorry!” he gushed but he noticed she wasn’t looking angry like the night before. He was so confused. She- she liked this?

“Wicked boy! What am I going to do with you!” she breathed. She slid a finger down her cheek towards her mouth and sucked the digit clean as he watched incredulous.

She stood and slowly walked out of his room as he flopped back on the mattress. His brain spun and spun until exhaustion took him.

Chapter 09

The morning shift at the home center had been brutal. They’d gotten a shipment of patio stones in and he and one other worker had to move them from the truck to the outdoor garden center. There was no room for the stones so they had to move ten pallets worth of bags of crushed gravel to make a spot.

His muscles twitched from the workout and he was a sweaty mess. He wished he had time to shower before going to his tutoring but his instructions were not to be late. He drove quite a distance out of town and found her small farm house off the highway. The location matched the map directions so he drove up the long straight lane between the trees and parked beside the house. Glancing at the dash clock he saw it was 1:07PM. He grabbed his backpack and rushed up to the front door and pressed the doorbell.

The door yanked open and Mrs. Dmitrov was standing there looking angry and a little frantic. She pushed the screen door open. “YOU ARE LATE!” she yelled. Her bottom lip trembled slightly and her eyes were a little red like she might have been crying.

“I’m sorry. There was a surprise shipment we had to move. Sorry I’m so sweaty!” he stumbled through his apology. He entered the house and she pushed the door closed.

She froze as she took in his sweat stained shirt and the sheen on his skin. She moved closer and he saw her nostrils flare as she smelled the saltiness of his sweat and the heat coming from his overworked muscles.

“Put your bag down and take off your jacket!” she barked.

He dropped the bag by the wall and yanked his jacket off. He turned and hung it on a hook.

Suddenly she was pressed up against his back and her arms were under his arms and around his chest. She pressed her face into his sweaty t-shirt and breathed in deeply.

“Mrs. Dmitrov!” he gasped as she ran her hands over his broad chest muscles.

“Nina. You will call me Nina but only in this house,” she insisted.

Her hands were sliding lower and he was starting to react to her touch and the feel of her breasts crushed against his back. He froze as he recalled her words the day before. She wanted to know if he was big. Her hands were about to find out.

“What- what about the tutoring?” he stuttered.

“There is time for that later. Now I must know if you were telling the truth!” She undid his belt, button and zipper. Then her hands were inside his pants.

Ed gasped as her hands reached the root of his swelling cock. It was trapped pointing down in his pant leg. She couldn’t extract it so she made a sound of frustration and slid his pants down as she knelt behind him. He sprung free and she looked around his legs to see it.

“Ahhh… Oh god! Is true! It has been so long!” she moaned as she delicately ran her hands over his stiffening flesh. Her face was pressed against his butt and he felt her kissing his sweaty skin as she stroked him to full size. Her hands gently hefted his heavy balls in her palm. “You have much cum for me,” she whispered. It felt like she wasn’t talking so much to him as to his testicles.

“Mrs- Nina! Please! What are you doing?”

She released his cock and stood up behind him. She stepped back and he turned to face her with his cock hidden behind one of his arms.

“Do not hide yourself. Not from me,” Nina said as she looked down.

Reluctantly he pulled his hand away and his cock bobbed before her.

“It has been many years since I have seen one so large. My husband was large too but he died in war in my home country before I fled to the States. I want you to make me feel like I did when I was with him.” At Ed’s confused look she took his hand and began to pull him to the living room. He had to kick off his boots and step out of his pants and socks to keep from tripping but he followed her. He quickly looked around. Not much in the way of furnishings or personal touches. Very functional but that was about it. He turned his attention back to her.

“My husband was not a gentle man. He had coarse desires and took his pleasure. I was young and inexperienced but he brought me such pleasure by taking his own from my body. It has been years since I lost him. I wish to feel that again. You will do this.”

“I’ve never… done that,” he admitted with a blush.

She stepped up to him and looked him in the eye. “You will not fail my class if you do not fail me here. I will teach you chemistry and I will teach you how I wish to be used. Not all women enjoy it as I do.” She paused as she thought about that last statement. “Most do not, but I do. You will do this.”

It wasn’t really said like a question but Ed felt compelled to nod anyway. He didn’t have a choice as he needed the course credit.

“Good. First thing. His touch was not gentle. He gripped, squeezed, and pulled at my flesh strongly. He used my mouth, my vagina, and my ass for the pleasure of his cock as his mood desired. He slapped my ass when he fucked me. His favorite position was to take me from behind. He did not wait for my pleasure but I found it anyway. Is this understood?”

He stared at the woman whose expression was stern but her eyes were silently begging him. He nodded. He pulled off his shirt then pointed to hers.

“NO! You must take it!” she barked. He hesitated then reached over and gripped the bottom of her blouse and pulled it roughly up over her head. He was feeling a little panicked about this but her eyes were closed and her mouth had a little smile in the corners. He looked at her large, heavy tits bulging out of her ugly tan colored bra. He put his hands on them and squeezed. He watched her expression closely and saw she was beginning to frown as he caressed the soft fabric encased orbs. He yanked the cups upwards exposing her flesh and she gasped. He moved his hands to her skin and squeezed again. He tightened his grip until he saw her face show the first signs of enjoyment. Ed took her stiff nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinched them tightly and she moaned. He pulled them and she whimpered but made no move to stop him. He spun her in place and undid her bra and tugged it off. Then he pulled her back against his chest so he could get his hands on her tits again. They filled his hands so he dug his fingers in and she laid her head back against his shoulder and placed her hands over his as she trembled. He plucked at her nipples giving them little tugs and she made mewling sounds but ground her ass back against him.

He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down as he knelt behind her. Her ass was huge from this vantage point. It was wide and soft and covered by ugly tan colored panties. He grabbed the waist band and pulled them down after her pants.

Filling his hands with her ass flesh he squeezed and parted her cheeks. He was grateful she kept herself clean as it would have been very unpleasant otherwise considering how close he was. He stood and forced her to bend over the arm of the couch. This put her ass up in the air like she was prepared for a spanking. She said she liked that so…


She cried out and looked back with glassy eyes. He slapped the other cheek and she cried out again. He was beginning to smell a scent he suddenly recognized. Shirley smelled like this when he massaged her ass.

He parted her red cheeks and saw her swollen pussy lips. He stroked a finger across them then pinched her pussy lips together and rolled them together between his fingers.

“Ahhh! Fuu- ahhh!” Nina gasped.

Ed pushed his finger into her pussy and discovered where her channel was. She had flaps of skin covering her opening and pulling on them made her jump and twitch. At the top of her opening was a stiff, protruding bud of flesh that seemed very sensitive. He spanked it gently and she began to squeal. Her pussy began to drip and her scent got stronger. He watched her asshole winking at him as he spanked her. It seemed to be going through spasms and that was fascinating to see.

Ed’s cock felt like it might break off from being so hard. He stood up and moved the head to her opening and pushed it against her. He felt his dry skin sticking to her. He needed to wet it. He walked around to her head and knelt in front of her on the couch. He undid her hair bun and her hair dropped to her shoulders. He gathered it up in his fist and pulled her head towards his cock. She looked up at him and he pressed the head against her lips but she just looked up at him in trembling defiance. He leaned over her body and slapped her butt cheeks hard. It was amazing to see her flesh wobble and shake but soon he felt her running her tongue along the side of his cock. He pulled back and got a grip on her hair again. He pushed the fat head between her lips and she dragged her teeth on his skin. He pulled out quickly and looked at her.

Nina’s face was flushed with lust but there was still some defiance in her. He reached over her body once more and felt her brace for his slap so he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy instead. She gasped as he pumped them roughly in and out coating his fingers in her juices. He pulled them out and dragged his fingers up her smooth skin to her asshole. He rubbed the twitching orifice until it was slick with her juices.

Then he shoved a finger inside.

Nina cried out and her whole body was shaking strangely. He could feel her insides rippling against his buried finger and she moaned as he began to pump the finger in her ass. He pulled it out and she whimpered. He leaned back and took a grip once more on her hair. Her mouth dropped open automatically and he slid his cock onto her wet tongue. She kept her teeth back now and he was able to stroke deeper and deeper until he felt the head touching the back of her throat. She gagged but he pushed just a little further then slid himself out. His cock was slick with her saliva. She coughed and looked up at him with tearing eyes. He smiled at her and moved back behind her.

Placing the head of his cock against her opening he pushed forward. Her head snapped up as she felt his hot flesh forcing the walls of her pussy apart. She began to groan and tremble. She was so wet!

Ed thought he’d died and gone to heaven. It felt like nothing he’d ever experienced before. It was so incredibly good!

He pulled back a little then slammed forward until he struck bottom. She jolted and cried out in pain which made him realize she was not as deep as he was long. He looked down at himself and he was barely past the midpoint. He pulled back and began to stroke his cock in and out, stopping before hurting her again. He recalled Nina said her husband spanked her during sex so he gave her ass a firm slap and she cried out and pushed back against him. He alternated cheeks and her cries became frantic as did her thrusting. He gently rubbed the welts on her ass and she moaned loudly. He felt his release approaching.

“I’m going to come,” he groaned.

“INSIDE! Do it inside! I want to feel it deep inside me!” she screamed as her movements became erratic.

Ed slid his finger around his pumping cock and made it wet with her juices. Then he sunk the digit deep into her ass. She shrieked as her second orgasm ripped through her. He felt her body stiffen and she clamped down on his cock and finger. He pushed himself deep once more and the intensity of the sensation was too much. He exploded deep within her body and surge after surge of cum jetted into her.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUCCKKK!” she ground out as she shook and collapsed forward onto the couch. He rested for a few seconds then pulled out and saw he was still dripping. Ed moved to sit on the couch next to her. He grabbed her hair and lifted her head. She looked at him in surprise. He lowered her mouth over his cock and she took him inside. He felt her tongue lapping at his sticky flesh. He squeezed his cock from the base and ran his encircling fingers up to deposit the last load into her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” she purred with his softening cock deep in her mouth.

Ed pulled her off his cock as it was becoming too sensitive. She looked at his expression and saw he was done. She pulled herself off the arm of the couch and sat next to him. She hissed and her teeth chattered as her ass touched the cushions. He watched her eyes flutter as she adjusted to the pain.

Finally her eyes opened and she looked over at him.

“This was your first time with a woman?”

He nodded with a blush.

“You surprised me. You did things my Antov did and things I now wish he had done.” She studied Ed’s face with no expression on her own. “Is good. I was trapped in past with memories of him. You were better. I see now I can move on.”

She seemed to be having some kind of personal epiphany. Ed followed her eyes and noticed quite a few pictures of the same man in different places. He assumed this was Antov. He had obviously been very important to her.

“Get text book and notes. We work on your tutoring now. Leave your clothes off,” she said as Ed bent down to pick up his shirt. He looked at her in surprise then dropped the shirt over the back of a nearby chair. He walked into the front hall to get his bag. He also picked up his pants and socks and carried everything back to the living room. He tossed his clothes over the chair with his shirt and followed Nina into the dining room. He pulled his books out and placed them on the table.

“Now we study,” she said, sitting carefully next to him, still naked as he was.

The next 90 minutes passed in a blur as Nina learned how to teach Ed. As she explained it, each student had their own methods for memorizing and accessing information. If she could learn Ed’s method she could tailor a lesson for him that would have a much higher chance of maximizing his retention and recollection. When she was done she nodded to herself.

“Yes. I can do this. Next Saturday you will return and I will teach you the next chapter in the text. Then you will write the test on the chapter,” she explained.

“I can’t learn a full chapter in one day!” he gasped, feeling a little hopeless.

“Yes, you can. I will prove it next week,” she insisted.

He sat next to the woman hoping she knew magic or something as he knew his brain had so much trouble with Chemistry.

“Now we fuck.”

Ed’s eyes widened at her statement. “Aren’t you in too much pain?” he gasped. He’d seen her wincing through the entire time they’d been in the dining room.

“It does not matter. Now I want you to do with me as you wish. Anything you wish to do to learn the female body. Do not concern yourself with my pleasure or having me reach orgasm. Use me to learn,” she stated bluntly.

He looked at her and realized he’d probably never have such an opportunity again. He stood and helped her to her feet. They walked back into the living room. He looked at the couch then turned to her. He didn’t want her sitting on her welts. “Could we use your bed instead?”

She studied him then nodded. He wasn’t sure what test he’d just passed but was grateful he did.

Her bedroom was as sparsely decorated as the rest of the house. Just what needed to be there was there. He saw a few more pictures of Antov but she surprised him by placing them all face down. He gestured to the bed and she climbed on it and laid down in the center as he directed.

He climbed on next to her and she looked up at him.

“May I kiss you?” he asked.


“No? I can fuck you but I can’t kiss you?” He was more than a little puzzled by this.

“Kissing is for lovers. There is no emotional attachment between us nor can there ever be. We must keep this rule. Understood?”

He nodded. “Sorry, I’ve only kissed one other person and even I could tell she wasn’t good at it. I was hoping to learn how to do it better.”

“For that you will have to look elsewhere,” was all she said.

He nodded again. “Wait, you said that most other women don’t like it as rough as you do. Does this mean you won’t respond the same way as other women do if I try something gentler, something that they might like?”

She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at him. “I had not thought of that.” She frowned. “I can teach you anatomy only.”

“OK,” he said. He reached out and pushed her down on her back. Then he grabbed her tit and squeezed it to make the tit and nipple point upwards.

“This is your tit and this is your nipple.” He leaned forward and sucked the nipple and the whole area around into his mouth. She gasped. He suckled and thrashed her nipple with his tongue and she arched her back to get more of her tit into his mouth. He grabbed the other one and squeezed it as well. He tugged the first nipple between his teeth then let it go to move over to the second nipple for similar treatment. When he was done Nina was squirming uncontrollably on the bed. He kneaded the soft flesh in his big hands and squeezed them together. He bit down firmly, but not dangerously, on both nipples at once and Nina screamed her pleasure/pain.

He released her tits but kept the nipples in his mouth, sucking and almost releasing again and again.

His right hand slid down her soft belly to the small patch of pubic hair she’d left above her pussy. He released her nipples with a pop. “You trimmed this hair. Do all women do this?”

She panted as her erect nipples throbbed. “No, some leave it natural. Too messy for me.”

He slid his fingers a little further down and encircled the stiff little bud of flesh at the top of her pussy.

“My clitoris!” she gasped before he could say anything.

“This is very sensitive! I assume I will have to be careful how I touch it and when?” he said as he ran two fingers up and down her skin on both sides of it. Nina was gyrating her hips trying to get him to touch her harder but he continued to tease her.

“Yesssss! Oh! Oh fuck!” she hissed.

His left hand was still up by her tits so he pinched her nipple and gave it a tug.

“AHHH! OH! Oh fuck me! Mmmm!” she moaned as her whole body writhed under his hands. Her eyes closed to enjoy the tingles shooting through her body.

Ed let go of her nipple and slid down to lay between her legs. He looked closely at her pussy and saw the outer lips were becoming swollen and wet. He dipped his head forward and ran the flat of his tongue over them.

“FFFFUUUUUUUAHHHH! WHA- What was that!” Nina cried out.

“What? This?” Ed said as he stroked his tongue across her pussy from bottom to top ending with a flick across her clit.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH! OH FUCK! Mmmmore!” she threw her head back and screamed.

He did as she asked and lapped at her as she clung to his head. He sucked the folds of skin into his mouth and lashed them with his tongue.

“NNNnnnngggg ffffuck!” she moaned as she shook.

Her pussy was becoming very wet with his spit and her juices so he slid a finger into her channel then two as he gently sucked her clit between his lips. He reached as deep as he could then began to pump them in and as he ran his tongue across her little bud.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! FFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAHHHH!” she screamed as a colossal orgasm roared over her senses. She clamped her thighs around his head and shook.

Ed was having a little trouble breathing and his hand was trapped as well. He managed to extract his fingers and rubbed them against the sensitive skin between her pussy and anus. Then he slid a finger into her ass and renewed his efforts on her clit.

“AAAaaauuuu-” she began to scream once more then it just petered off as she went limp.

Ed pulled his face back from her pussy and gasped for a breath as she released his head from the grip of her hands and thighs. He looked up and saw her eyes were closed but he could feel she was still breathing. He got off the bed and stepped into her bathroom to wash her juices from his face then slipped back onto the bed to lie beside her.

He wanted to touch her but she was sleeping and it would feel creepy doing that. Her eye lids began to flutter and he watched her resurface.

“What-” She swallowed. “…what happened?”

“I think you passed out. I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said.

She considered him with no expression on her face. Ed found it uncomfortable when she did that. “Antov never did what you did. Again, I wish he had.”

Ed looked over at the clock and saw he needed to get moving. He had to pick up the ingredients for dinner tonight and tomorrow on his way home. “I have to go. Thank you so much for the lessons.”

He got out of the bed and she just waved at him as he went back to the living room to get his clothes.

Once he was dressed he gathered his books and let himself out. He hopped back into his truck and started back to town. He still had severe doubts about how he was going to get a seventy five on his next Chemistry test but he found himself actually looking forward to next weekend.

Chapter 10

The grocery store was quieter than Ed expected. Saturdays were usually when all the people who could do their shopping during the week decided to jam the aisles, aimlessly shuffling behind their carts. He sighed with relief as he made his way unobstructed to the meat department.

He had money in his pocket and two dinners to buy for. Saturdays they ate light, sandwiches and salads, but Sundays they had a family meal with a roast of some kind. Whatever was on sale at the time. It was a little tradition they tried to keep going no matter how tight their budget was.

He picked up a bag of day old Kaiser buns (they could be steamed back to freshness), a small tub of macaroni salad and one of creamy coleslaw, and hit the deli counter for some roast beef slices (not too many). The ladies who worked the counter all liked Ed and often added a few extra slices on the house. He always had a nice word and a big smile for them.

So dinner tonight was covered. Now for tomorrow’s roast. He pushed his cart over to the meat section and slowly made his way along the aisle. Chicken was always the cheapest so they had that the most often. The pork roasts he could afford were typically very fatty. Beef was good but again, the cuts he could afford were typically pretty tough. He’d have to do a lot of work to tenderize the meat. He stood before the beef section comparing a few roasts when he sensed someone approaching. He made a snap decision and placed a roast into his cart. He glanced over and froze as he saw the red haired beauty approaching with a smile on her lovely face. She pushed her large sunglasses up into her mane of red.

“Edward Walters? Remember me? Rachel Thompson?” she said with a cautious smile as Ed looked like he might bolt.

“Hi, Mrs. Thompson,” he croaked.

“Please, call me Rachel,” she said as she got closer. Much closer. “Listen, I just wanted to apologize for that cruel prank my son and his friends played on you and Melanie.”

Ed’s face blossomed into full blush mode as he recalled Rachel had gotten a very good look at his shameful secret.

Rachel was watching his face, fascinated by his blush.

“That’s ok. I think Melanie was in on it too and the guys are always teasing me. I’m used to it,” he mumbled.

“Now, Edward I can see that’s not true. It was mean and I gave Mark a good talking to the next morning. He promised me that he would find you and apologize first thing. Did he?”

Ed’s mind flashed to the memory of Mark bellowing his nickname in the hallway by the cafeteria entrance just before lunch. “Uh, yes. He did.” Ed looked away.

“No, he didn’t. You’re not a good liar Ed and that’s a very good thing! It means you’re a good person who has little practice with lying… unlike my son. Like father, like son.” She frowned when she said that and placed her hand on his which was still on the handle of his cart.

He glanced down at her perfectly manicured slender fingers on his larger hand. When he looked up again his eyes were trapped by the sight of deep cleavage that he could have sworn wasn’t visible seconds before. He struggled to lift his eyes and once more they were captured. This time it was her lush red lips which were currently showing a very pleased smile. He found himself getting lost in her smile. He blinked hard and looked into her eyes.

“You are just so sweet!” she gushed with her breathy voice and he felt himself begin to respond.

He panicked a little. “It was really nice meeting you again Mrs- Rachel. I should finished my shopping. I have to get home to make dinner.”

“All this and you can cook too?” she blinked her beautiful blue eyes in surprise.

Ed didn’t know what she meant by ‘all this’ but he nodded to her. “Yes, I like to cook.”

“Maybe you could make something for me one day,” she said with her sexy smooth voice. Ed was rapidly running out of room in his pant leg and was trying not to be obvious about adjusting himself as it was getting pinched.

He smiled nervously and she giggled. This caused her cleavage to jiggle in a most delightfully mesmerizing way. While his eyes were trapped once more she dipped forward giving him an even better look. He swallowed slowly as she stood upright again. He noticed she’d picked up the roast from his cart.

“I thought you said you knew about cooking. This is not a good cut of meat,” she chastised him gently.

“Yes, I know but it’s all I can get with my budget. I’ve learned how to tenderize meat so it melts in your… mouth,” he explained then his eyes locked on her mouth again and the smile came back.

She walked over to the selection of beef roasts and pulled out a large top sirloin dropping his roast back into the display. She put the roast into his cart and his eyes widened when he saw the thirty dollar price tag. He made to protest but she touched his lips sensually with a finger and shushed him. Her other hand tucked two twenties into the overly tight pocket of his pants then remained touching the taught fabric. Right over his straining cock.

“This is the least I could do to make up for the cruel behavior of my son. A big strong man like you deserves to treat himself every once in a while to the finer things in life.” She glanced down and his eyes were followed once more to her soft, inviting tits which were now pressing ever so gently against his broad chest. He could feel her stiff nipples sliding across his shirt. His cock reached maximum rigidity and she cooed as she felt it swell under her fingers.

The squeak of another cart approaching broke the moment. She pushed back gently sliding her fingers up his cock then she smiled and lowered her sunglasses over her sparkling eyes. She turned and walked back up the aisle, hips swaying seductively the entire way. He couldn’t tear his eyes away until he saw her walk out the front door.

He then realized she didn’t have a cart or a hand basket. She didn’t appear to be shopping for anything. Why had she come to the grocery store at all?

He pulled the money from his pocket and saw how much it was. He reached into his cart and took the roast out. It went back into the display and he picked up a roast just slightly larger than the first one he’d grabbed. It was still a cut he would have to spend time with to make it tender but it was worth the effort. As much as he would have enjoyed the top cut, he could put the extra money to better use. Like his sister’s future.

Chapter 11

Grace had Sundays off and what she liked to do most was absolutely nothing. With the weather outside turning decidedly chilly, there was nothing nicer than snuggling deep under her blankets and sleeping the day away.

“Grace! Get up! I need you to drive me to the mall!” her mother bellowed through the closed and locked door. The lock had become necessary due to her mother’s drinking. More than once Grace had found her drunken mother wandering around in her room in the middle of the night. Freaked her out so the lock went on.

“GO AWAY MOM! It’s my fucking day off!” Grace yelled from under her blankets.

“Language Grace! I need you to drive. You know my license lapsed,” Shirley called through the door.

Grace pushed the blankets down and looked at the clock. 10AM. Ugh.

Then it hit her. Her Mom wanted to leave the house! She hadn’t done that for… well, not since she got back from the hospital. What the fuck was going on with her! It had to be more than Ed’s massaging her back.

She dragged herself out of bed and plodded over to her door to open it. On the other side was a stranger. Long, beautiful brown hair freshly washed and styled. Face scrubbed clean and wearing make-up? Not overly done either. Just a subtle application of eye shadow, mascara, a hint of blush, and lipstick. Grace blinked and rubbed at her eyes. She looked closer. Her mom looked, just a little… younger. She was smiling?!?

“Good morning love! Take your shower and get dressed. I need to get some new underthings. Mine are hideous!” Shirley chirped happily. She patted her daughter’s cheek then went down the stairs, her long hair bouncing and swaying. Her mom hadn’t moved that quickly down a staircase since before the accident.

Grace went back into her room and got some clothes. She took her shower, dressed, and met her mom down in the kitchen. There was an amazing smell coming from the room and Grace froze when she saw her mom scooping an omelette onto a plate.

“Here you go love. Eat quick then we have to go! Time’s wasting!” the woman smiled at her.

“Who are you and what have you done with my mother! Never mind, I’ll keep you instead!” Grace mumbled as she sat at the table with the delicious smelling breakfast.

Shirley laughed and patted her shoulder. “I just feel so much better now that my back hurts so much less. I know we can’t afford the new mattress for me right now so I’m going to do my part to reduce our expenses. I’m giving up the booze. That will be hard but it will also save us a lot of money. I’m also weaning myself off the Percocet. I’d like you to take me to the free clinic downtown to see what they suggest for helping me through the withdrawal. I might have to do it cold turkey and that terrifies me but I want my life back. I’m going to try to get a job, whatever I can get to help out around here.”

Grace was looking at her mother, waiting for her to start laughing and tell her it was all a cruel joke. Then she realized it wasn’t. “Are you back mama?” she said with a trembling voice.

“Yes, baby. I’m back. I’m so sorry you had to carry me for so long,” Shirley replied with trembling lips.

Grace leapt to her feet and pulled her mother into a hug as her tears burst forth. She didn’t grip too hard as her mother’s back had been bad for so long. Shirley couldn’t hold back her own tears as she clung to her daughter.

Once they got control of themselves again Shirley pulled away and said she had to touch up her make-up. Grace sat down and ate her breakfast. It was as good as it smelled. She put the dishes into the sink and saw Ed had set up the stove for one of his slow roasts. Her mouth was watering already.

Sleeping in she’d missed Ed this morning. He was working the early shift again at the home center. It was his last shift of the season. That little extra income of his would be drying up. He was hoping they could find another use for him in another department but it was likely he would be without a job for the next little while.

She’d tried finding out who had hurt Ed the other night but she wasn’t part of his social circle so she got nowhere. That just frustrated the hell out of her but she should have known better. They wouldn’t talk to the sister of the one they pranked.

He’d been a little distant with her lately and that made her worry. Ed was such an important part of her life she didn’t want to lose him.

Shirley returned looking refreshed. Grace pulled her thoughts back to the present and looked closer at her mother. “The skin on your face, it looks brighter, softer. What products have you been using?”

Her mother blushed oddly. “A woman has to keep some secrets. When you begin to show your age I’ll tell you the secret.” A coy smile slipped onto on her lips. “Are you ready? We have much to do!”

Grace looked at her mother and smiled. She’d have to thank Ed later for fixing her mother’s spine. It was good to have her on her way back from the drunk miserable mess she’d been. She only hoped she wouldn’t chicken out because of the withdrawal. She grabbed her keys.

“Let’s go!”

Chapter 12

Ed finished up his last shift (a double!) and collected his pay. He was sad to leave as he’d enjoyed working there. As expected there was no work left but they promised they would be calling him again as soon as they could.

He sat in his truck, not ready to go home just yet. The nightly visits from Shirley had continued last night and he was terribly confused about what she wanted from him. It was making him uncomfortable to be around her. He was terrified she’d say something in front of Grace and she’d discover his… issue.

Shirley was following a pattern. She would wait until he was asleep, wake him up demanding a massage, he would do that, then she’d make him touch her until she had an orgasm (now he understood that was what was happening), then she’d masturbate him and spray his cum over her face and chest. Last night he actually saw her rubbing it over her skin as she walked from the room. She’d called him a ‘dirty boy’ but now it was like she was talking to herself.

He was definitely beginning to feel used and that made him very uncomfortable. Grace would hate him for what he was doing to Shirley. He was certain of that so he desperately needed it to remain a secret but he was so bad at keeping those. Especially from her.

He felt his stomach knot up.

Ed started the truck and drove home. He was grateful to see Grace’s car wasn’t in the driveway. Aside from his current case of butterflies, he was glad the driveway was clear because he had to move his truck in and park it for the winter. With no job he’d be back to taking the bus… except for his drive out to Mrs. Dmitrov’s place on Saturday, he recalled. Then the truck would definitely have to be put away. He couldn’t afford the gas from then on.

He walked into the house and smelled the delicious aroma of his roast cooking. He was grateful for Mrs. Thompson’s contribution as the larger roast would help with his enormous hunger tonight.

He heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway so he hustled downstairs to have a shower. He was sweaty from moving all that stock. They’d wanted to get as much from him today as they could because that was it. Working a double shift was nice for the extra money but he was tuckered out.

He stripped down in his room and wrapped his towel around himself. Peeking into the hallway he saw the coast was clear so he moved over to the small washroom and closed the door. The shower stall was very small but he was able to wash himself so it got the job done. Once he was clean he dried himself off and brushed his hair. Wrapping his towel around himself he stepped out into the hall.

Suddenly he was captured in a big hug and he yelped in surprise.

It was Grace!

“Ed, you’re so wonderful!” she said against his chest.

“Grace! Let go! I’m not dressed!” he yelled. His voice was a little sharp due to his fear that his towel would slip off.

She released him and jumped back like he’d slapped her and the jostling was enough to loosen the towel so it began to slide down his hips. He spun his back to her and raced for his room and slammed the door shut behind him. He was shaking with dread. Had she seen it? Was she even now reeling in horror and revulsion? God dammit! Why did she have to do that?

Her voice came through the door. “I’m sorry Ed! I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just so happy about mom I got carried away. I didn’t see anything. Don’t worry!”

Relief pounded Ed to his knees as his body shook in reaction. His head spun a bit but once it cleared he looked at the door.

“You can’t ever do that! Please! Tell me you’ll be more careful in the future!”

“O- Okay. Are you ok?”

“Yeah… let me get dressed and I’ll come upstairs in a minute. Dinner should be ready soon,” he said as his muscles trembled in reaction.

“Your voice sounds a little funny, Ed. Are you sure you’re ok?” she pressed.

“YES! Go upstairs! I’ll be right up!” he barked then immediately regretted the harsh tone he’d used.

He heard footsteps climbing the stairs so he got up and pulled on his baggy track pants and his sleeveless t-shirt.

Ed walked up to the kitchen his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Grace was setting the table and she glanced at him and noticed his discomfort.

“I’m sorry Ed. I never meant to make you feel bad. I just had the best day with mom in… years. What you are doing for her has made such a difference in her!”

Ed’s eyes snapped to her face and he went still.

“She’s no longer in pain and she told me about the therapy you’ve been giving her for her back. It’s doing wonders.”

Ed relaxed as she explained and he just smiled and nodded his head in his humble way of accepting praise. Grace felt comforted to see his normal behavior.

“Now that you’re dressed can I get that hug?” she asked gently.

Ed walked over and wrapped Grace in his arms and gave her a firm hug. She felt so safe when he hugged her against his large body. His warm, muscular, hard body. He felt so good and she was feeling really good! She pushed back as her face pinked up. Ed saw her reaction and turned away to glance down. He wasn’t showing so he relaxed a little.

They both moved to get the table set and dinner on the plates. The delicious scent of roast beef, baked baby potatoes, and garlic green beans filled the room. The plates went on the table and Shirley arrived from upstairs.

“Very nice mom!” Grace said with a smile.

Shirley was wearing a new dress she’d bought on sale today. She’d touched up her make-up once more and was wearing her new sexy bra and panty set she’d bought which made her feel so good. The bra presented her girls very nicely which the low neckline of the dress accentuated.

Ed froze when he saw Shirley. She looked like a different woman. Her long brown locks flowed over her shoulders and framed her abundance of womanly flesh rising out of the front of her dress. She was beautiful and Ed felt incredibly awkward to be feeling like this in front of Grace.

“Yes, you look beaut- beautiful.” He cursed himself as he meant to tell her she looked very nice but his words got away from him.

Shirley’s smile was brilliant and Grace echoed her as they took in Ed’s blush.

“Dinner’s ready. Let’s sit and eat before it gets cold,” Ed said briskly.

The ladies took their seats and when Ed sat Shirley reached out and took his right hand in her left. “I’d like to say a special thanks tonight if you both don’t mind.”

Grace smiled and took Ed’s other hand.

“Lord, I know we don’t talk very often and I’m sorry for that but I just wanted to say thank you finally for bringing Ed into our lives. I know I’ve been a terrible excuse for a caretaker for him but in spite of my shortcomings he has turned out to be an exceptional man. From how he looks after us and makes these wonderful meals to how hard he works to help out around the house and most of all how he’s helping me with my back. Thank you lord and thank you Ed for being so wonderful to us both. Amen.”

Grace had tears running down her cheeks as she’d never expected her mother to acknowledge how important Ed was to them. “Here, here!” she said with a voice rough with emotion.

Ed just ducked his head with an odd smile and let go of their hands. His face was burning with embarrassment as Shirley had been stroking his palm with a finger through the entire speech. The sensual touch had made him stiffen up in his track pants which were tenting badly. He tucked himself under the table and tried to will it away. They all turned to their meals and as expected the roast melted in their mouths it was so tender.

“Oh Ed, this is so delicious!” Grace moaned. “You are such an incredible cook! You’re going to make some girl an excellent husband one day!” she finished with a grin. He smiled at her shyly.

“I learned from Shirley,” he said quietly.

Shirley froze. “What?”

He looked at her. “I learned how to cook from watching you.”

“I didn’t know that!”

“Mom! You don’t remember him watching you make dinner almost every night back then?” Grace said with a surprised smile.

“No! I don’t know why but I don’t recall that at all!” the mother blurted.

Grace just shrugged as her temper flared momentarily. She knew how her mom felt about Ed back then so it actually wasn’t much of a surprise she didn’t remember. Grace forced the bitter memory down so they could enjoy the night.

They ate quietly, enjoying the meal and each other’s company. Once they were done Ed surprised everyone when he pulled a small tub of ice cream from the freezer. It was chocolate as he knew Grace loved that flavor. He served up three small bowls and they sat eating ice cream with silly grins on their faces. It was the best family dinner they’d had in a very long time.

Chapter 13

The week passed quickly for Ed. Shirley continued to make nightly visits for the massage, the spinal adjustments, and always culminated the visit with her masturbating him to completion on her. The change was she no longer pretended to be upset about it.

She discovered it was taking longer to get him to his orgasm as his endurance was increasing so she upped the ante by stroking his cock between her big soft tits.

The first time she’d done this Ed hadn’t lasted more than three minutes and she’d received an enormous load on her face. From that night on she used her tits every time.

Thankfully Grace remained blissfully unaware of the actual activities on her nocturnal visits.

School wasn’t any better. He was teased unmercifully and did his best to ignore it. With football season over he no longer had to spend time with the team. He also no longer smiled at Melanie for now he saw her for the person she was. He kept his head down and concentrated as hard as he could on his classes. His grades weren’t very good. He was maybe pushing a C+ in his best classes but others he struggled to maintain a C-. He knew he had to improve the D in Chemistry and hoped Mrs Dmitrov had a miracle for him.

He was relieved that her treatment of him in class had not changed the tiniest bit. She was as cold and impersonal to him as she was to everyone else. The only sign that anything had actually happened the previous weekend was the note she slipped to him on Friday reminding him to come to her place at 1PM the following day. He hadn’t forgotten.

The next day found him driving up the driveway to her place at five minutes to one. He didn’t want her to be upset like she’d been the previous weekend. He walked up the steps and was about to knock when the inner door opened.

Nina was looking at him with a hungry expression.

“Tutor now or after,” Ed asked, stepping inside and kicking off his boots.

“After,” she growled.

He thought he’d surprise her this time so he quickly bent down and threw her over his shoulder and carried her into her bedroom. She wasn’t a light woman but he hid his grunt of effort with a growl. He threw her down on the bed and immediately began tugging her clothes off. She didn’t assist him in any way but instead made little moves to hamper his ability to undress her. He just flipped her over onto her stomach and flipped her skirt up to expose her ass. He yanked her panties down and spanked her until she was moaning and trembling. Her juices were flowing and he shoved two fingers deep into her pussy to see how wet she was becoming. Dripping. He pumped his fingers in her a few times to get her highly stimulated and she thrashed on the bed. He pulled his fingers out and sucked the juices off one finger then made her clean the other one in her mouth.

He pulled off the rest of her clothes as she lay on the bed moaning from the heat of her spanking and the residual tingles from his fingers in her pussy. Once she was naked he spun her on the bed until her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. Her large tits were flattened across her chest. He placed his hands on them and squeezed the flesh firmly. She moaned in response so he pinched her nipples and pulled them upwards.

“OOOoooooohhhhh! MMmmm!” Nina groaned.

Ed released her nipples and quickly undressed himself as he stood next to the bed. Nina had her eyes closed as she ran her hands over her tits squeezing them roughly between her fingers. She gasped when his hot flesh rested across her face and her eyes shot open. He leaned forward and grabbed her tits in his hands and rolled her nipples between finger and thumb.

“Ssssssssssyyyyeesss!” Nina sucked in a breath and moaned. She moved her hands to his cock, sliding them along his length as she pressed her lips to the soft underside. Her tongue slipped out to tease the tender area just under the head and Ed reacted by tugging on her nipples.

“AAAaaahhhh! Fuck yesss!” she gushed.

He pulled back slightly and pressed the head of his cock against her lips. “Get it very wet. It’s going in your ass.”

She gasped and he slid the head of his cock into her mouth. He reached forward and gently spanked her pussy. She jolted and moaned as his cock slid deeper into her mouth. He slowly fucked her mouth with the first three inches of his cock.

“MMMMMMMmmmmm!” Nina mumbled around his member and the vibrations caused him to slide a little further into her mouth. He could feel her running her tongue over his cock and he fucked her mouth a little faster. He slid two fingers into her pussy, curled his palm over her clit and rubbed her in tiny circles vigorously.

“UUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!” Nina groaned and his cock slid deeper still until he felt the head rubbing against her throat. He pushed himself upright and saw he had more than half of his cock in the woman’s mouth. He slid himself out and felt her take a deep breath. He slid himself in deep again and slowly withdrew all the way.

Nina was red faced and gasping as his cock bobbed wetly above her face. He walked around the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy lips glistened with her juices. He moved between her legs and slapped the thick head of his cock against her clit and she jumped. Before she could recover he pushed her legs back with his hands at the back of her knees. Her ass came off the bed and he pushed his cock deep into her pussy.


He pulled out and slammed it back in and set up a steady rhythm of pounding. She grunted with every impact and her eyes rolled with the intense sensations. The wet sounds of his cock driving into her pussy filled the bedroom.

He pulled out and pushed her ass higher into the air. Ed dipped down and fucked her pussy with his tongue.

“FUCK! FUCK! OH! OH! OH! OH GOD!” she chanted as he drove his tongue deep into her. Then he switched to driving his tongue into her ass and she shook, jolted, and squealed.

Once her asshole was thoroughly soaked with his spit and her juices he stood and pushed the head of his cock inside. Ed held still as the heat and tightness almost overwhelmed him. She squealed again and he began making little strokes. He kept up the pressure and gradually the little strokes took him deeper. He kept his eyes on Nina’s face in case it became too much for her. She was gritting her teeth, hissing, and panting but she was also clinging to him to pull him deeper. He couldn’t get over how tight she felt around his cock.

He started making longer strokes and Nina’s mouth dropped open as her eyes locked on his.

“So gooooood! Your cock opens me so well, Edward!”

“You feel incredible, Nina!” he groaned and picked up his speed.

“FFFFFUUUCK! FUCK MY ASS!” she screamed.

Ed began to pound her ass as vigorously as he’d pounded her pussy and her eyes rolled back as her tongue hung out of her mouth. He wanted to take her tongue in his mouth but she’d said no kissing. Nina rubbed her clit in rapid circles as he fucked her.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he gasped.

“MMmmnnnnaaahhhhhHHH! AH! AH AAAAAAAHHHH!” she screamed as her orgasm exploded over her. He felt the rhythmic clenching against his cock and he couldn’t hold it any longer as jets of cum shot up deep inside her.

She suddenly reached up and grabbed his head and pulled him down on top of her. Her mouth found his and she kissed him deeply. He was dazed and confused but it was super hot and his orgasm was intensified for it. THIS is what a kiss was supposed to feel like! She pushed back as suddenly as she’d started.

Nina looked a little wild eyed and embarrassed. “Please get off.” Her accent was thick as her agitation was high. “The kiss was mistake. Please forget we did that,” she mumbled. He nodded.

Ed slowly pulled himself from her ass and she shook with an aftershock.

“Would you mind if I quickly rinsed myself in your shower?” he asked.

“Please,” she said gesturing to the ensuite.

Ed got off the bed and padded over to the bathroom. He stepped into the shower, washed and rinsed in a minute and dried himself off. He walked back into the bedroom and Nina was sitting on the edge. She looked troubled.

“Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked.

“No. I am good. I should not have kissed you. My apologies,” she said with a shaky voice.

“I didn’t mind. It was amazing!” he gushed with a smile on his face.

“But we must not do that again,” she said sternly.

He just nodded.

“I tutor you now.”

Nina stood gingerly and put on her robe. That signalled to Ed that he should get dressed so he quickly did then followed her out to the dining room.

For the next hour and a half Nina ran through the materials of the next two chapters of study and by the end Ed was amazed that he felt like he was actually retaining it. She gave him some practice sheets to keep the information in his mind fresh. When they finished Ed was smiling as he’d never expected to be able to get this.

“You’re an amazing teacher!” he blurted.

Nina smiled at him. “Is much easier one on one and with a student eager to learn,” she replied with a smile of her own.

“Would you like to have sex again?” Ed asked awkwardly but hopefully.

“No. I don’t think we should have sex… again,” Nina said with a frown.

“Never? Did I do something wrong?” Ed asked.

“No. I did.”

“The kiss? I promise I won’t kiss you again and I’ll stop you if you try to kiss me!” Ed gasped.

“I am too weak. The sex is too good. It reminds me not so much what I had but what I should have had. I will become emotionally attached. This cannot be. Please. We must stop now. Please go.” She was looking into his eyes begging him to leave quickly. Her lips were trembling.

Ed looked away. “OK. Thank you for everything you taught me. I promise I will get that seventy five on my next test! I’ll work my hardest on it! Thanks again!”

He grabbed his books and left before he did something stupid like hug her. He was shaken by the experience but deeply grateful.

Chapter 14

The rest of the semester went as smooth as he could expect. He did get the passing grade in Mrs. Dmitrov’s class, a seventy eight to be exact, but it was the only class he managed to improve his grade in. The rest remained at the C- level no matter how hard he tried. Spring semester began and he no longer had a class with her. True to her word she never invited Ed over to her place again and word got out that she was transferring to another school in another city. He hoped she’d find happiness there.

Shirley continued to visit him on a nightly basis and he endured her visits. He lived in fear of Grace discovering what her mother was doing and worse, what he was doing to her. The woman struggled through her withdrawal of alcohol and Percocet but with her family’s support she managed to get clean by spring. The house became an alcohol free zone and with the extra money going into the house account they ate a little better. Shirley managed to get her old job back, the manager was sweet on her, so there was even more money coming in. It only took a couple of months to be able to afford a new pillow top mattress for herself.

The school year was coming to an end and Ed was ready to begin his full time job. He’d managed to get work off and on through the winter and spring but his real job, working for Drakos Heating and Cooling installing air conditioning and furnaces would start the moment he graduated. He had a great relationship with the owner as he’d done some unpaid apprentice work with the man the previous two summers. Mr. Drakos was a surly older Greek gentleman with a strict work ethic. Ed was a hard worker with a natural aptitude with anything mechanical so he’d learned quickly at the side of Mr. Drakos’ other workers.

Grace and Shirley attended his high school graduation ceremony and they went out to dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant to celebrate. There was a lot of yummy food and a lot of laughter at the table. Ed couldn’t remember ever being happier.

When Grace left the table to get some dessert Shirley leaned over to Ed and let him know that she wouldn’t be coming to visit him at night anymore. She had a boyfriend now who would be providing her with what she needed. Ed nodded and felt an enormous wave of relief wash over him. He smiled and nodded at Shirley as Grace returned with chocolate ice cream. He smiled at Grace’s look of delight then went to get his own dessert.

Ed showed up for work early on his first day and was immediately taken out to a job site to help with an installation. He didn’t have his certification yet so he mostly did the heavy lifting and left the connections to the professionals as he’d done the previous summers but he watched the technicians closely and asked questions when they were doing something unfamiliar to him. He’d picked up a lot of knowledge during his apprentice periods. He got along really well with the other workers and none took offence when he asked for them to explain what they were doing as they did it.

When they got back to the shop Mr. Drakos spoke with the installers then called Ed into his office. He smiled at Ed as the reports of his work had been favorable. He asked if Ed was satisfied that this was work he wanted to do as a career. Ed enthusiastically confirmed that it was. His boss smiled and told him he would enroll him in a six month night course for training in HVAC maintenance. He would pay for the certification exams as long as Ed would be willing to sign an employment contract to give the company time to earn back half of the course fees from salary deductions. Ed agreed and they signed the paperwork and shook hands.

Ed took to the training unlike anything he’d experienced in school. The information stuck in his brain and he couldn’t get enough of the training manuals. He just got it.

With full days working at the shop and attending night courses he was pretty tired by the end of the day. Luckily the work itself was strenuous enough to keep his muscles in shape though he tried to slip in a formal work out every now and then.

He was joking with two of the more senior installers as they all ate their lunch by their truck under the shade of a tree by the sidewalk. It was a particularly hot day in late August. Both were older men who enjoyed their idle time and beer a little too much and teased Ed about his lack of a beer gut. They were both strong men but they had large round bellies. The two installers finished up and went back inside to finish the job. Ed’s part inside was done and his last task was to break down all the packaging from the new appliance and put it in the van.

As he was alone he pulled his shirt off and set to work cutting and bundling the cardboard, lumber, and foam packing. He’d just loaded it all in the van and shut the door when he noticed a convertible had stopped next to the van. It was a beautiful silver sport coupe of some kind. Ed wasn’t good at recognizing brands of cars. It just looked sleek and fast. Then he noticed the red hair of the driver.

Rachel Thompson was watching him through her large dark sunglasses. He realized he’d left his shirt on the front seat in the van so she could see how sweaty he was.

“Edward! So nice to see you again!” she called out.

He walked closer. “Hello, Mrs. Thompson,” he replied.

“Rachel, please. No need to be so formal with friends,” she said with a sultry smile.

He felt the beginnings of trouble as he watched her lush lips curve into that knowing smile she did so well.

“Is this your summer job?” she asked, her eyes roaming over his muscles.

“This is my permanent job. I’m apprenticing and going to night school,” he replied.

“Oh! Do you enjoy it?” She was surprised he wasn’t going on to college but did her best to keep it from her face.

“Yes, very much!” he smiled and she returned it with a dazzling one of her own. God, she was pretty!

“Then you are a very lucky man! Mark whines all the time about how dull his summer job at his father’s law firm is but he’s going to University in the fall to become a lawyer. I doubt he’ll ever be happy.”

“That’s too bad. A man should be happy at what he does.” Ed frowned in sympathy. Now that he was free of the stress of school and working at something he loved the thought of taking a job that made him miserable was difficult to contemplate.

Rachel was surprised Ed showed any sympathy to her son considering the nasty trick he’d played on him. It raised Ed in her eyes.

Two large men were exiting from the house carrying tools so she saw her private time with Ed was coming to a close. She made note of the name of the company then looked back to Ed.

“It was really nice seeing you again, Edward!” she said, taking one more long look at his body. Fuel for her fantasies.

“It was very nice seeing you again, Rachel. Enjoy the rest of your summer!” he said with a smile.

“You too!” she replied as she drove off.

Ed quickly put away the rest of their tools as the installers arrived. He took a little ribbing for flirting with ladies when he was supposed to be working and he blushed at that. They climbed into the truck and headed back to the office.

Chapter 15

Grace paced nervously in the living room. She was pissed at herself for accepting the invitation to go out on a date with a co-worker. Leon Gabrielli worked in the Accounting Department and had begun dropping by her cash desk to say good morning and greeting her in the lunch room. Heather did some digging and found out he was single and lived alone with a cat. Grace told her that it was doomed to fail as she was a dog person but Heather gave her the evil eye and told her he was the most eligible match Grace had encountered and not to screw it up.

Leon wasn’t a bad looking man. Late twenties, relatively fit, had all his teeth and a good head of hair, and best of all he bathed and smelled good. When he asked her out to dinner and a movie she said yes because she couldn’t come up with a reason to say no.

She was actually wearing a dress, a black one, as he’d told her he was taking her to a nice Italian restaurant downtown then they would see a movie.

He pulled up to her house and she let herself out. When she turned she saw his car for the first time. A 1983 Chrysler LeBaron with the fake wood trim on its sides. She forced a smile on her face and walked to the passenger side and got in.

“You look lovely tonight, Grace!” Leon said as she buckled in.

“Thank you Leon. That’s a nice suit,” she replied. Leon was wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. A white carnation was in his lapel.

The car made a terrible whining sound as he turned the steering wheel. “My uncle is going to fix that this weekend,” he mumbled apologetically and she smiled.

It didn’t take too long to get downtown to the restaurant. She looked up at the elaborate signage projecting over the sidewalk. Cervara di Roma. Glancing in the front window she was pleasantly surprised. She’d never been to this particular restaurant and it looked really nice.

“My uncle Ronnie owns the place so I get a discount.” Leon said with an awkward smile. He stopped before they got to the door and his face went serious. “A word of warning. My family is kinda loud and… rough around the edges.”

Grace smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he said as he held the door open for her.

They went inside and up to the hostess station. An older woman with really big hair was standing behind the podium. She was well padded and wore a dress that barely contained her abundance.

“Leon!” she cried and came around the station to kiss the man on both cheeks. Leon suffered the treatment with his awkward smile and looked over at Grace. The woman turned her attention to Grace as well and gave her a good up and down examination.

“Hi Auntie Gene! This is Grace. Grace this is my-“

“Grace what? Are you Italian? You’ve got the coloring.” Leon’s aunt asked.

“Grace Wilson. Not Italian. I think way back my family came from England but we’ve never checked.”

“Huh. Ancestry is very important! You should know your past!” the woman said and dismissed Grace to turn back to her nephew. “Are you just visiting or are you here for dinner?”

“I’m here on a date with Grace. We’re here for dinner,” he asserted.

Auntie Gene’s eyes widened in shock and her attitude changed immediately towards Grace. “Oh! Oh my! Well, please! Please come in! There is a lovely table for two by the fireplace. Perfect for lovers!”

“First date Auntie Gene!” Leon blushed as Grace’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“Magic can happen!” the woman said over her shoulder as she led them to their table. They sat and after fussing over her nephew for a bit the aunt smiled at Grace and hustled away to greet some new customers.

“Sorry about that!” Leon said quietly, leaning towards Grace.

“It’s fine. She obviously cares a lot about you and that’s nice.”

A waiter came by and left some menus which they both spent a little time reviewing. Grace decided to keep it simple and when the waiter returned she just ordered a small portion of spaghetti with rich meat sauce with a side salad. Leon looked a little relieved and ordered the same.

There was a commotion in the kitchen and a short man in an apron with a large belly pushed his way out of the kitchen. Leon’s face paled as the man headed in their direction. “Shit! He wasn’t supposed to be in tonight.”

The man walked up to the table and stared down at Leon who was beginning to sweat.

“What have we here? Little Leon on a date? With a girl?” the man sneered.

Grace looked up at the man in surprise. What did he mean by that?

“Yes, Uncle Ramone. I’m on a date so if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to it.” Leon blustered.

“That’s cute. When do you plan on telling her?” Ramone grinned cruelly.

Other customers were beginning to watch the floor show and Leon’s face was starting to turn red.

Another man rushed out of the kitchen and headed straight over to them. He looked very similar to Ramone right down to the huge gut. He grabbed Ramone’s arm and pulled it. Ramone yanked his arm away and glared back at his twin.

“Leave the boy alone. We need you back in the kitchen,” the second man said.

“Leave HIM alone? He didn’t leave my Nate alone and now Nate’s dead. Because of this sick fu-“

“RAMONE! In the kitchen now!” the man growled and glared at his brother.

Ramone finally moved away but cast a look of disgust at Leon as he did.

“Sorry Uncle Renzo. I thought he wasn’t working tonight.” Leon mumbled.

“Maybe it’s not such a good idea you eating here tonight. Sorry Miss,” he nodded at Grace but his expression was stern.

Grace got the message and stood up. Leon scrambled to follow as she made her way to the front door.

Once outside Leon began to sputter. “I- I’m SO sorry about that. Uncle Ramone is…” he held his hands up helplessly. He looked like he was about to fall apart.

Grace suddenly understood. A dozen clues she’d seen at work with Leon but didn’t catch suddenly aligned in her mind and she understood what this date had been.

“Was I supposed to be your beard?” Grace asked quietly.

Leon’s eyes locked on Grace and his face flushed with embarrassment. She looked at him questioningly and he couldn’t look her in the eye.

“I’m sorry Leon. You should have been honest with me.” Grace said and walked away. The bus stop was around the corner.

An hour later she walked in the front door of her house and went straight up to her room and put on her comfort clothes. She went back downstairs and plopped herself on the couch in the living room.

Ed was there by himself as Shirley had gone to bed. He was watching something dumb but Grace didn’t want to be alone.

“That was a really pretty dress you were wearing when you got home. You looked really nice in it!” Ed said in his deep rumble as he slumped on the couch with his legs out on the ottoman. She looked over at him and felt a pang in her heart. She needed some human contact. She tucked herself against his body and he wrapped his arm around her. She sighed happily as she cuddled into the big man. They watched TV together like that until they fell asleep.

Grace woke up in the middle of the night with Shirley standing next to her.

“Get up Grace and go to bed,” her mother grumbled at her. Ed jolted awake and looked over at the two of them with a panicked look.

“You fell asleep watching the TV. I heard it on and came down to shut it off. Everyone go to bed.” Shirley scolded them and Ed looked relieved as he said his good nights and left quickly. Grace plodded up to her bedroom wondering why her Mom looked so disappointed.

Chapter 16

The rest of the summer was very busy with more installations and repairs. Ed learned a great deal on each job and was excelling in his night course. The year passed quickly and in January Ed graduated from the course at the top of his class. His boss was delighted and had him write the certification exams right away. He passed the State exam and got his Universal Certification which allowed him to work on any level of HVAC systems. Once more his boss was very pleased with his new employee’s performance.

There was a sudden cold snap in February of that year and all hands were called in to deal with a surge of furnace repair calls.

Mr. Drakos’ daughter Lydia worked the dispatch desk and received a service call requesting Ed specifically. She looked at her father and he noted the address. It was in Silverton Heights, a very posh neighborhood he’d been trying to drum up business in for years. He would have sent a more senior technician but that might upset the customer. He called Ed himself and asked him to be his absolute best on the call as this customer could lead to much more business.

Ed drove the van up to the front door of a familiar mansion. He zipped up his parka and walked around to the back of the van to get his tools. He didn’t even have to ring the doorbell as the door opened as he approached it and he stepped inside. The door closed and he turned to see Rachel Thompson wearing a form fitting ski suit and big furry boots. It was very chilly in the house.

“Edward! Thank goodness you’re here! The furnace won’t come on!” she gasped.

He took off his boots. “Can you show me the thermostat?”

She nodded and led him to a wall display. It was a touch tablet mounted on the wall. He made his way through the menu and turned the temperature up. There didn’t appear to be any issues at the thermostat. The furnace wasn’t responding to it.

“Where is the furnace?”

Rachel led him through the house to the stairs leading downstairs. He saw the room he’d been exposed in and caught Rachel looking at him with that knowing smile once more. They entered a room for the house’s utilities. Ed noted the furnace had no power. He looked at the electrical panel and noted the breaker was flipped for the furnace.

“There shouldn’t be anything else on this circuit. Did you notice a power outage? Did a light turn off or some other appliance shut down unexpectedly?” he asked.

Rachel thought for a bit. “The lights inside the garage won’t come on,” she replied.

“Can I see that?”

Rachel led him to the garage and he smelled ozone and burnt plastic when he entered the open space. He walked over to the far side of the garage and found a melted space heater plugged into a wall socket. He put on his insulated gloves and unplugged the dead heater. He then tested the receptacle and found it was dead.

“Didn’t you notice the smell of burning plastic?” he asked the woman.

“Yes, but it’s the garage. There are lots of smelly things in here,” she said defensively.

Remembering his boss wanted him to be nice to the customer he just nodded. “Luckily the breaker popped so you didn’t have a fire.”

She looked nervously at the space heater. The melted slag was close to a tarp which showed signs of bad scorching. Ed lifted the corner of the tarp and underneath were a number of plastic gasoline cans. He counted at least eight. He let the tarp drop again and looked over at Rachel.

“Any idea why someone would want to point a space heater at gas cans?” he asked.

Rachel’s expression showed fear as she looked at the evidence before her then it switched to a fierce anger.

“That BASTARD!” she raged. She pulled out her phone and dialed 911.

Once the police arrived they took Ed’s statement as to what he did and saw when he arrived. They questioned Rachel separately while Ed waited. While this was happening the fire department’s inspector was in the garage taking pictures. Once he’d documented the scene he had everything put in bags and taken out as evidence. He used the ladder in the garage to get to the access door to the attic space above the garage and discovered the firewall between the garage and the house had been compromised. He bagged a hatchet he found in the attic over the garage. That space butted up against the master bedroom.

Finally, Ed was given permission to get the furnace back online which was just a matter of resetting the breaker. He tested it and confirmed it was working. The house would be warm again in a number of hours.

He had to get back to the office as they had texted him to come back ASAP as they had more customers to deal with. Rachel paid him with her credit card and signed the work order. She gushed her thanks and he just nodded and smiled.

When Ed arrived at the office his boss greeted him with a huge smile.

“Edward! You did well! I just got off the phone with your customer and she was very pleased! She said she wants you back in the spring to service the air conditioner and said that she will let her friends and neighbors know about our excellent service!”

Ed smiled at the kind words. He nodded to his boss as he took the address for the next customer from Lydia.

Mr. Drakos patted Ed’s shoulder as he walked back to his office with a huge grin on his face. He was very pleased with himself for investing in Ed. It looked like it was potentially going to pay off with new business in a lucrative neighborhood.

Chapter 17

It was early spring when Ed was woken in the middle of the night once more by Shirley. She was sitting on the edge of his bed facing him. He flashed back to her previous middle of the night visits and his stomach clenched in worry. He glanced at his door but it was closed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, fearing her answer.

“I’m so sorry Ed. I stayed away as long as I could.” She looked at Ed hopefully.

“What- uh, what do you need?” he croaked.

Shirley looked down at his groin. “My skin needs a treatment,” she whispered and licked her lips with the pink tip of her tongue.

Ed felt the tug of his cock waking up. He glanced at the door again. “I thought you said your boyfriend was taking care of you- that.”

“Jerry just doesn’t have the energy to provide me with what I need on a consistent basis,” she answered. “And his cum doesn’t work as well as yours does. You have so much!” Her voice turned breathy.

Ed’s cock surged as he took in Shirley’s large breasts lifting under her shear negligee with her heavy breathing. She was biting her lip as she watched the swelling of his cock begin to tent his shorts.

“Oh my, you are so much bigger than Jerry too!” she gushed as she reached out and ran her hand along his shaft through his shorts.

Ed sucked his breath in sharply as her touch brought his cock to full size.

She took a grip on the waistband on his shorts and looked up into Ed’s eyes anxiously. “May I?”

Ed realized he could tell her no and she would leave. He really wanted to do that but he thought about how happy she’d been in those early days and how recently she wasn’t quite so happy. In fact, he realized that lately she’d been almost melancholy. He didn’t want her slipping back into her depression. It would break Grace’s heart. He looked her in the eye and nodded.

Shirley’s eyes lit up. He could see her mood swinging back to the positive already as she slipped the shorts down and off. He glanced at the door again. “Did you lock the door?” he asked.

She stopped and looked at him with an impish grin. She jumped to her feet and hustled over to his door to press the lock button. She turned and looked back at him lying on the bed with his thick cock stiff and throbbing on his belly. Her eyes flared with lust and she prowled back to his side and sat on the edge again.

“Have you been with a woman yet, Ed? I mean aside from what we’ve done.”

He looked up at her for a second then nodded.

“Would you like to show me what you’ve learned?” she breathed, sliding the fingers of her right hand along his shaft.

“She said most women wouldn’t like the things she did,” he said trembling.

“What did she like?” Shirley’s curiosity was piqued.

“Her husband, when he was alive, was big like me. He was rough with her. She liked that,” he said quietly.

“A widow? I assumed the woman you’d been with was your own age!” Shirley exclaimed.

He shook his head and closed his eyes as surprise tighten her grip on his cock.

Shirley’s mind was racing and her nipples were stiffer than they’d ever been. God, she felt so alive!

“So, she- she liked it rough? With pain?” Shirley had a difficult time imagining Ed inflicting pain on anyone.

“So-sometimes,” Ed stuttered.

“I’ve had a little too much pain to find it enjoyable. Did you do anything gentle with her?” she asked.

He thought for a bit. “Yes.”

“Could you show me?”

Ed looked at Shirley’s hopeful expression. “OK, but you have to promise to be quiet. She was very loud when I did it and I don’t want Grace to hear.” He stopped for a second then looked at Shirley. “If I do this can you teach me how to kiss?”

Shirley gaped at him. “You’ve been with a woman and you don’t know how to kiss?”

“I’ve only kissed a girl at a party and she didn’t know how to do it and- the woman… who didn’t want to,” he admitted.

“You forced a kiss on her?” she said surprised by his revelation.

“NO! She kissed me but then she broke it off as she’d broken her rule about no kissing.” Ed felt stupid even saying it.

Shirley saw how uncomfortable he was talking about this and saw her chances of experiencing something wonderful slipping away through her fingers… literally. He was shrinking fast.

“I’m sorry, Ed. I didn’t mean to pry. Of course I’ll teach you how to kiss! I used to get compliments on my technique when I was younger.” She smiled at him and saw him relaxing. “Why don’t we start with the kissing? That’s the usual order of things anyway.”

Ed grinned at that and nodded.

“OK, first things first. Kissing begins with the lips. Leave your tongue in your mouth until it’s invited to come out to play.”

“That’s what the girl at the party did wrong. She was all tongue and sloppy too,” Ed explained and Shirley nodded.

“Quite a turn off isn’t it! Subtlety is the name of the game. Sit up next to me and face me,” she said and moved back a little on the bed.

Ed was soon facing her just a short distance away. She took in how wide his shoulders were and how strong his arms were. He was a beautiful specimen of a man!

“I want you to mimic my actions and the level of pressure I’m applying. Alright?” she said. He nodded.

She leaned forward and he moved in as well. Her lips brushed against his and she felt his mouth gently caress hers back. A thrill shot through her as she leaned back. His eyes were closed and he was gently smiling.

“That was nice!” he breathed. His eyes opened with a look of wonder.

Shirley caught her breath and blinked at him. “Ok, that was a great start. Next lesson. Again, do as I do.”

She leaned in as did he and this time she pressed her full lips against his mouth with little more pressure and felt him gently sucking at her lower lip. A jolt shot from her lips straight to her pussy and she pulled back.

“Hey, no jumping ahead in the lessons!” she panted.

“It felt right,” was all he could say though his eyes hadn’t left her lips. She was getting so wet from his kisses and hungry looks.

She leaned in again and this time they both sucked at each other’s lips and the pressure went up again. He was really good at this. His gentle nature worked in his favor. He had a very sensual touch and she found herself slipping her tongue up to caress his lips. He nibbled his way across her lips with his as the tip of his tongue danced with hers. She tried sucking on his tongue but it proved elusive and she pressed harder until she found herself lying across his body with him on his back.

Shirley’s head was spinning. She was so charged up from his kisses! Her breath was coming out in gasps. His hands were in her hair and she felt his hard cock pressing against her. God, she wanted him.

“OK… lessons over… You’ve learned… all I can teach,” she said between breaths.

“Then it’s my turn,” he said and rolled her over onto her back with a loud squeak.

“Shhh! You promised to be quiet!” he hushed her.

“Sorry but you surprised me!” she hissed quietly.

Before she could say anything else he dipped down and kissed her again. Her mouth was so soft and inviting. He stroked her plump lower lip with his tongue as he sucked on it gently and she moaned softly.

When he cupped her breast in his palm through her nightie her back arched automatically to press the flesh more firmly in his hand. He slid his thumb up to stroke across her stiff nipple and a small whimper of desire slipped from her lips. Knowing she had no taste for pain he avoided pinching her but he did give the nipple a squeeze and slight tug.

“Oh fuck!” Shirley gasped against his mouth and her tongue slipped forward to explore his mouth. Ed sucked on it as she’d tried to suck on his and her kiss became more insistent as he squeezed her tit.

Shirley pulled back from the kiss. “Please! Let me take the nightie off.”

Ed slid off the bed and Shirley sat up and pulled the satin sleepwear up and over her head. When she laid back down Ed leaned over her and pulled her panties down. She lifted her ass and he slipped them down her legs and dropped them on the desk next to the bed.

He gazed upon the woman lying on his bed. Her thick brown hair was spread out behind her head like a huge mane. Her brown eyes looked up at him with a smile. She’d taken a beating from those years of chronic pain, alcohol and pills but she was still a lovely woman now that those burdens had been lifted. She’d lost a lot of the extra weight she’d put on in those years as she’d returned to her exercise program so her curves were returning. She still had extra padding in some places but it didn’t really diminish her beauty.

“You’re so beautiful!” Ed said in wonder as his eyes took her all in. He noticed that she’d shaved herself completely down below.

Shirley’s smile lit up her face and she reached up for him.

He laid beside her and leaned over to kiss her again. Their lips met and soon she was panting with need.

Ed moved his lips to her neck and kissed his way down to her large breasts. Her pink nipples weren’t large but they were stiff and sensitive when he stroked his tongue across them. She gasped and grabbed his head to hold his mouth over her tit. He sucked more into his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue in circles around the sensitive tip.

“OH FUCK!” Shirley gasped and writhed under him. He moved to the other tit and gave it the same treatment and her gyrations increased. He continued down her chest and across her stomach which she was still a little embarrassed about. He shushed her and moved further down.

“What! Where are you going? What are you-” she gasped as she lifted her head from the pillow. Her eyes were wide and worried.

He looked up at her. “You’ve never had a man do this?” He ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy in one stroke. He flicked her clit at the top.

Shirley slapped a hand over her mouth and cried out as her hips lifted slightly off the bed. Which was impressive considering Ed was pinning her legs down with his body.

She looked at him in shock once her senses returned. He looked up at her with a sly grin as she tried to catch her breath.

“So that’s a no?” he said breathing on her sensitive clit.

She trembled and shook as he stroked her again. Shirley grabbed a pillow and held it over her mouth so her cries were muffled.

Ed slipped his tongue deeply into her pussy and she moaned. He slowly dragged his tongue upwards as he felt her body jolt and shake. He reached her clit so he gently sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue around it in circles as he slipped two fingers into her pussy.

He had some trouble holding on as Shirley’s body writhed under him. He eased off on her clit and each time she relaxed he’d begin again. His fingers moved in and out in a steady pumping motion and he gradually increased his tempo.

Shirley was making wonderful mewling sounds into the pillow and he felt her body begin to stiffen as she got close. He sucked her clit back between his lips and strummed it quickly with the tip of his tongue as he pumped his fingers rapidly.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFKKKKKKKKKK!” came through the pillow as Shirley’s body stiffened and shook through her orgasm.

She pushed his head away when the sensations became too intense. He crawled back up the bed to lie next to her leaning up on his elbow to gaze down on her flushed face. She was gasping and panting and looked up at him.

“That’s the gentle thing I learned to do,” he said with a smile.

“That’s… a good… thing!” she managed to get out as her eyes struggled to focus on his face.

She felt the heat from his hard cock pressed against her thigh.

“Ed, straddle my chest and place your cock here,” she pointed between her tits.

He carefully knelt on the bed and lifted his leg over her torso. Once she was below him he leaned forward to hold the top rail of his headboard with one hand while he pushed his thick cock down between her large tits.

Shirley squeezed her flesh around his cock and felt its heat. Her face flushed with desire. He was so fucking big! The fat head of it was poking out from between her tits as he pushed forward. She watched it get closer to her face until it pressed against her lips. She opened her mouth automatically and ran her tongue over it. Ed gasped and closed his eyes. He pulled back and slid forward, the light dew of perspiration on her chest lubricating his way. Once more she kissed the head and stroked it with her tongue. Her nipples were stiff with lust and Ed lightly squeezed them and gave them a gentle tug as he stroked faster between her tits making her moan.

He was feeling really good and felt his orgasm approaching. With each stroke she sucked on the head of his cock and the intense bursts of sensation were tipping him closer to his release.

“Shirley, I’m gonna cum!” he growled as his strokes sped up.

“Oh god! Cum on my face Ed! Please, I need it so much!” she moaned.

That was it for Ed and he began to fire stream after stream over Shirley’s cheeks, chin and chest. It went on and on and Shirley was moaning loudly. Ed reached down and placed his fingers over her mouth to quiet her but she sucked them between her soft lips and continued to moan. A jolt ran through him and his body squeezed out a few more streams in reaction. He pulled back and lifted his leg back over her to slump back on his bed. He tried to catch his breath as he watched her spreading his cum evenly over her face, neck and chest.

As the thrill dissipated and his body calmed after getting what it wanted the guilt surfaced as it always did.

He immediately felt remorseful and nervous about Grace finding out. They’d been so loud! She was bound to hear them and come investigate. His worry became paranoia.

“Shirley, we can’t do this. Grace is going to find out.”

The woman looked at him in dismay. “She’s a deep sleeper. She’s not going to find out. Ed, this is too important to me to stop. I need my skin treatments!”

Ed looked at her with frustration. Didn’t she realize what was at stake?

Shirley got nervous. She had to be careful or he’d dig his heels in and that would be the end. “Listen, I don’t need it every night. We can do it every few days and see how that goes. That will reduce the risk, right? I still have Jerry who can fill in occasionally on the off nights. Please Ed! I had a lot of years of pain that ate away my youth faster than it should have. I don’t want to shrivel up too soon.”

Ed sighed when she started to get teary eyed. “OK. We can try the three day thing but we gotta be quiet! Grace can’t know about this!”

Shirley was grateful and nodded at him with a small smile. Her skin was tingling and she felt incredible from his attentions. “Thank you Ed!”

He nodded and made shooing motions. She grinned and jumped out of his bed. This did fascinating things to her tits and ass and he caught himself staring. Then he saw her watching him with a satisfied look on her face.

“Good night, Ed,” she whispered through smiling lips.

“Good night, Shirley.”

Chapter 18

For the next two weeks Ed had nocturnal visits from Shirley every three days. He restricted their activities to masturbating to give her the facial treatments she wanted. On one occasion she talked him into going down on her again.

Grace remained unaware of these activities but the longer it went on the more Ed worried she’d catch them.

Ed was also worried about Grace’s mood as she had been rather subdued lately. He wished he could find her someone but everyone he worked with was either married or too old. She deserved someone special.

One Saturday night while Shirley was out on a date with Jerry he overheard Grace’s friend Heather trying to convince her to join her at a party she’d been invited to. Heather rarely came by the house so Ed knew she was also worried about Grace too.

He stepped into the kitchen and saw the two women sitting at the kitchen table.

Heather immediately looked up at Ed with a broad smile. “Hi Ed!”

“Hi Heather! What’s this I hear about a party? Grace, you should go!” he said with a grin, trying to encourage her.

“You could come with us!” Heather suggested to him. She eyed his body like a tasty piece of chocolate.

That caught him flat footed. He hadn’t expected to be invited. Grace looked up at him and saw his startled look. She smiled.

“That’s an excellent suggestion Heather!” she said as she grinned at Ed’s discomfort. “You can finally wear those jeans I got you!”

“Ah, I’m beat from a long day. You should go out though. Have some fun!” Ed backtracked.

“If you’re not going, I don’t feel like going either.” Grace said with finality. Heather looked at Ed beseechingly.

He felt trapped. He knew Grace needed to get out of the house and get some kind of life started. She deserved to be happy. If he didn’t go she would stay home too and she might meet someone tonight. He thought he might be able to hide himself with that long shirt again.

“Oh- okay. I’ll go. But you have to wear that nice black dress again!” he said to Grace. She blushed and nodded.

“Give me a few minutes.” Grace said as she rose and went upstairs. Heather was looking at Ed with a huge grin.

“Thank you Ed! She needs this so badly!” she gushed.

Ed smiled and nodded shyly. She pushed him towards his room. “Go get dressed! Quick!”

He rushed downstairs and went into his bedroom. He pulled off his work clothes and realized he was a little sweaty from work. He grabbed the clothes he’d worn to Mark Thompson’s party and put his robe on. He peaked out into the hall but the coast was clear. He rushed over to the washroom and took a quick shower. He dried himself and got dressed, making sure the shirt tails covered the bulge then made his way upstairs to the kitchen.

Heather grinned at him as she checked out how good he looked in the tight jeans. She wished he’d tuck in the shirt.

Grace came downstairs and they turned to look at her. Ed smiled broadly and Grace blushed.

“Let’s go party!” Heather whooped.

Chapter 19

Ed drove as he didn’t plan on drinking and this allowed Heather and Grace to let loose. It didn’t take long to find the large house on the edge of Silverton Heights and soon they were walking in the front door. The host was a friend of Heather’s and she had no objection to Heather bringing a hunk like Ed to the party. The music was loud and the lighting was subdued so the three made their way out onto the dance floor. They danced to a few numbers then Heather and Grace went to get themselves some drinks. Ed moved to the edge of the dance floor and just enjoyed the music.

“Mister Ed?”

Ed turned his head and looked down at a petite blonde squeezed into a gold dress that struggled to contain her flesh. He looked closer trying to recognize the speaker. She was… Stacey… something. Reggie Halston’s ex-girlfriend. She’d been in the room with Reggie at Mark’s party when he was… exposed.

He gave her a little nod and turned back to the dance floor. The multi-colored lights hid his furious blush.

Her small hand landed on his arm and she tugged him back to face her. “How- how d’you know Ishabelle?” Stacey slurred. Isabelle was the host and Stacey was drunk.

“Just a friend of a friend,” he said politely.

“Are you gonna do your magic trick like last time?” she grinned wickedly, running her hands over his large bicep.

He looked at the woman and shook his head. “No.”

She pouted. “Oh poo! I wanna see it again!”

“Sorry. No.”

Heather and Grace arrived and Grace lifted Stacey’s hand from Ed’s arm. “Run along little girl,” she growled.

Stacey looked at Grace with wide eyes then looked back at Ed and winked. “See you soon Mister Ed.” She melted into the crowd.

“Why did she call you that?” Heather asked.

“Just a stupid nickname from high school. Can we dance?” he said changing the subject.

They rejoined the dancers and Ed tried to put the encounter out of his mind. Being tall he could see over most of the other dancers and he spotted Stacey a few times in conversation with several different women. Each time she’d point him out to the women and they’d look in his direction with wide eyes.

Great. She was telling the story of his humiliation. He suddenly felt the need to get some air. He gestured to Heather and Grace that he would be back shortly. They moved off the dance floor to get another drink.

Ed found his way out to a deck behind the house. He stood at the rail and looked out over the expansive back yard. The landscaping was beautiful and the grounds were large. There was a huge in-ground pool and a lovely cabana house beyond it. He walked down the stairs to the walkway and made his way around the pool. The doors were open and he noticed two women sitting on lounge chairs, drinking wine, and laughing. They noticed him and he apologized for intruding. He moved to go back to the house.


He stopped and looked back to see Rachel Thompson.

“Mrs. Thompson?”

“What did I tell you Edward?”

“Oh! Uh, hello Rachel.”

“That’s better! Come and meet my good friend, Angie Spencer,” she said.

Ed stepped forward and shook the woman’s offered hand. It was soft and beautifully manicured like Rachel’s. These were hands that didn’t see a lot of rough work. Considering the house she lived in, he supposed that made sense.

Rachel gestured for him to bring over one of the patio chairs. When he was seated before them he looked to Angie.

“You have a lovely home.”

“Thank you! It was the last gift my late husband gave me,” she said. Ed was surprised by her voice which was very gravelly. He found it incredibly sexy! Her straight blond hair hung to her shoulders and her bangs were cut in a straight line just above her eyes which were a piercing grey. She had wide shoulders, narrow hips and was very slim which made him suspect that her generous breasts may have also been a gift. Considering the size of the pool Ed thought she was probably a swimmer and got the impression that she might have been a little older than Rachel.

“Did I tell you that it was Edward here who found the firebomb Richard and Mark built to torch the house?” Rachel said to her friend.

Ed’s mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide. “What?” he gasped.

“Oh? Didn’t you see it on the news? My husband and his son tried to burn down the house with me in it to collect the insurance money. Richard was a good lawyer but an inept arsonist. He wanted to divorce me but he didn’t want to give up half of his money. So he and Mark hatched a scheme to burn the house, kill me, and collect the insurance money.”

“How could Mark kill his own mother?” Ed mumbled in shock.

“Stepmother. Mark’s biological mother died when he was ten. I married his father when he was eleven.” Rachel said gently as she saw Ed was having trouble grasping the horrific act of someone he went to school with. Angie looked at her friend curiously.

Ed’s expression turned to anger. He didn’t understand how Mark could be so evil. He just didn’t. Rachel seemed so nice and she was so beautiful! How could anyone want to hurt her?

Rachel smiled seeing him look so fierce. A little thrill ran down her spine. She glanced over at Angie with a smile and saw she was experiencing a thrill of her own.

“Where are they?” he growled, his voice gone cold.

Rachel felt her nipples stiffen as she heard his suppressed rage.

“They’re both in jail. It’s good! I got my divorce and the entire estate. I sold his law firm and I’m set for life. I’m free of both of them,” she said with a sexy smile and he nodded, calming himself slowly.

“Well, I’m glad you’re safe,” he said and smiled at her. He saw her lick her lips and his eyes locked onto her mouth. He felt himself begin to stiffen in is pants.

“I- I should get back to the party and see how my sister and her friend are doing. It was really nice meeting you Angie and seeing you again Rachel!” he said as he awkwardly stood. Angie’s eyes went wide as she caught the outline of his cock against his pant leg. As he walked away he heard them giggling and felt his face burning.

He made his way back into the house and tried to find Heather and Grace. He caught a glimpse of long, wavy blond hair on the dance floor so he began to dance his way over in that direction. There were a lot more women dancing now and getting through was difficult.

Then he felt the hands.

He looked down and saw a pretty woman grinning up at him while she danced in front of him. Her hands were rubbing up and down his pant leg over his erection. He thought he recognized her as one of the people Stacey was speaking with. Then a third hand began stroking him and he glanced over to his left to see Stacey leering at him. Two more hands landed on his ass and squeezed roughly jolting him forward. He pushed past the hands and made his way over to the blond hair. It wasn’t Heather but the blond turned and smiled at him so he smiled back until her hands went straight for the front of his pants. He lurched back and bumped into a dark haired man who turned and cursed at him. He tried apologizing but the guy punched him in the jaw. Ed caught the second punch in his fist and squeezed until he felt a pop. The man screamed and the dancing stopped as people looked to the noise. Ed let go.

“I said I was sorry,” he said to the man nursing his broken hand. Ed spotted Heather in the doorway to the kitchen and pushed his way over to her.

“Time to go,” he said.

Heather was quite drunk and grinned widely at him. She threw herself against his chest and tried kissing him but settled with grinding herself against his body.

“Fffffuuuccckkk you feel good!” she moaned.

“Hey bitch! That’s my brother you’re grinding on!” Grace’s slurred voice belted out behind her.

Ed looked up in shock. Grace was drunk as well! She never drank past a light buzz. It was time to take her home.

He took their hands and pulled them along behind him and made his way out of the house to his truck. He got the passenger door open and Heather crawled in first though he was trying to get Grace in. She climbed in after her friend and Ed carefully closed the door. He got in the driver’s side and made sure the two women had their seatbelts on though they giggled that he was tickling them. He got his own belt on and got them on their way.

Heather was leaning on him and rested her head against his arm. That was fine until her hand landed on his bulge. She gave it a firm stroke feeling its length before he managed to tug her hand away.

“HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE BIG!” Heather gushed.

“You’re drunk,” he replied feebly.

Heather whipped her head to look over at Grace who was trying to keep her head from spinning off.

“Did you know your brother has a huge cock?” she gasped at her friend.

“What?” Grace blinked in confusion.

“Heather!” Ed growled loudly.

“OKAY! Sorry! No need to scream… hey, was that a scream I heard back at the party?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” Ed responded after a pause.

“What happened? Who screamed?”

“Some guy. I accidentally bumped into him and he punched me so I broke his hand.” Ed admitted.

“Fuck, that’s so hot!” Heather was back to leaning on him and rubbing his leg.

Ed was going to remove her hand again but it felt really good and he had to concentrate on his driving. Her hand slid over to run across his bulge again and she moaned quietly which just made him harder.

“Please stop that.” Ed said quietly.

“I want you so bad.” Heather whispered loudly in his ear.

“Hey!” Grace complained when she heard Heather coming on to Ed.

“What? He’s your brother not your boyfriend!” Heather whined.

“Not really.” Grace mumbled quietly to herself but Ed heard her.

“How much did you guys drink?” Ed asked to change the subject.

Heather held up her hand and counted on her fingers. “One when we got there. One when you left the dance floor… then a third one in the kitchen from the hunky guy. Too bad he took off when he heard the scream.”

“You shouldn’t be this drunk from just three drinks! Wait, some guy gave you a drink?” he asked.

“He was hot but not built like you!” Heather purred and rubbed him again.

“Shit, you’ve been drugged,” Ed guessed.

He pulled into the driveway and turned off the truck. He undid their seatbelts then hustled over to the front door which he propped open. He went back to the truck’s passenger door and opened it. Grace began to topple out and he caught her against his body. She came around and looked into his eyes. There was confusion and desperation in her eyes then her lips were on his.

It felt so good! Her lips were so plump and soft and he tasted her tongue! Her tits squeezed against his chest-

Ed pulled back in shock. Grace’s eyes were closed and her face was flushed. He moved his right arm under her legs and carried her against his chest inside. She looked up at him the entire way, staring at his mouth as she licked her lips. He set her down gently on the couch and she pulled him down to her mouth again and he gave in to her deep kiss until he pulled back and rushed outside to get Heather.

She was almost tumbling out the door when he got there. He scooped her up in his arms as he had for Grace and shut the truck’s door with his back. As he carried her up the stairs she reached up and ran her finger over his lips and watched his mouth with fascination. Once inside the front door he kicked it closed and flipped the lock. He looked over the back of the couch and saw Grace was still conscious. He carried Heather up to Grace’s room and gently put her on the bed. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled his face down to hers. Her lips tasted like cherry and her tongue was tangling with his as he tried to pry her arms off of him.

Ed really wouldn’t have minded kissing Heather as he thought she was very pretty but right now she was very drunk and he didn’t know what drug she’d been given. If she was in her right mind and tried to kiss him he would have gladly participated.

He finally managed to extract himself from her clutches and she moaned in disappointment. He moved Grace’s garbage pail up next to her bed in case Heather needed to be sick. He turned her onto her side then went back downstairs to get Grace.

Ed scooped her up in his arms. Her eyes fluttered open as he carried her upstairs.

“Izzzz this a dream?” Grace mumbled.

“Shhh. Go to sleep Grace. I’ll take care of you.” Ed whispered to her.

“I love you Ed,” she whispered back to him.

“I love you too Grace.”

He gently laid her down on her bed and made sure she was on her side. He rushed over to the washroom and got the garbage pail to put on Grace’s side of her bed in case she needed it. He sat in her chair and watched the two women fall asleep.

In the early hours of the morning Heather woke and made sounds like she was going to be sick. Ed was up and immediately by her side with the pail in his hand. She leaned over the edge of the bed and threw up into the pail as he held her long hair back and braced himself against the bed to keep her from rolling off. When she was done Ed got a facecloth and gently cleaned her face. She fell back asleep. Ed barely got to Grace’s side as she leaned over and let fly. She managed to hit his hand before he got the pail positioned. He kept her hair back as well and held her while her body rejected the poisons she’d ingested. When she was done he rushed into the washroom with the pails and flushed them out and washed his hands. Then he brought the pails back with a warm facecloth to clean Grace’s face. She smiled gently and fell asleep. He replaced the pails and went back to his chair. He dozed fitfully as every sound made him jump to check if they were going to be sick.

Shirley got home Sunday morning at 9AM and went upstairs to find Ed asleep on the chair facing the bed where Heather and Grace were sleeping. She gently touched his shoulder and he jolted awake looking at the bed. He noticed Shirley and sagged with relief.

“What happened?” Shirley asked.

Ed got up and led her out of the room and closed the door.

“We went to a party last night and someone slipped something into their drinks. They were sick in the middle of the night but only the once. Can you watch them now? I’m exhausted.” Ed explained.

“Of course! You go get some sleep.” Shirley patted his arm. He leaned down and kissed her cheek then walked down to his bedroom to get some real sleep. Shirley watched him go with a look of surprise on her face.

Chapter 20

Grace grimaced in pain as she lifted her hand to her head. Everything hurt but her head was pounding. She heard a moan next to her and cracked her eyes open slightly. Heather was in her bed holding her own head.

“Who killed me and left this corpse in place of my body?” Heather groaned.

“Obviously the same person who killed me.” Grace commiserated.

“What happened last night?” Heather asked.

“Someone drugged you both at the party you went to.” Shirley said from the chair. “You don’t have any memory of the party?”

Grace pushed herself into a seated position and looked at her mother. She cast her mind back to the party. She remembered dancing and Ed looking happy. She recalled getting drinks and Ed going outside. She got another drink… then things got hazy. She had only brief flashes of memories from that point on.

“Bits and pieces. How about you Heather.”


“Ed brought you home and stayed up all night to make sure you didn’t choke on your sick.” Shirley said reproachfully.

“Hey! I didn’t intend to get drugged!” Grace’s anger flared and she held her head as it began to pound harder.

“I’m just saying you owe that man a debt of gratitude for how he took care of you both.” Shirley huffed as she got up from the chair and left the bedroom.

Grace couldn’t argue with that. She looked at Heather who was wide eyed staring off into space and touching her lips.

Suddenly she recalled tugging Ed’s face to hers and taking a kiss from his soft lips. The sensations flooded back and her body rushed with tingles. Her eyes went wide as she probed at the memory. It felt real. Ohmygod! She’d kissed him in her drugged state! She felt so guilty, subjecting him to her lust like that! She had another flash from the previous night of being carried in his strong arms. More tingles coursed through her body. She looked at Heather and her friend was looking back at her.

“Did we…with Ed?” Heather whispered.

“NO! No, I don’t believe so,” Grace said cautiously then she shook her head. “No, Ed wouldn’t have taken advantage of us in that state.”

Heather looked a little disappointed. She looked at the clock. “SHIT! My mom’s going to be home soon! I’ve gotta go!” She struggled to get out of bed and moaned as her head throbbed.

“Are you sure you should be driving?” Grace asked.

“I’ll be ok. I’ll take the side roads and that will only take me ten minutes to get home. I have fifteen,” she explained. With a final wave she left.

Grace slowly let her head rest back on the pillow. The thumping was settling down as long as she took it slow. What she couldn’t stop was the memory of Ed’s lips on hers. It kept repeating over and over in her mind and the tingles were driving her crazy.

She gingerly got out of bed and made her way over to her door. She listened and could just make out the sounds of the shower running and her Mom singing quietly. Grace closed and locked her door. Then she took her dress and bra off and slipped back under the covers of her bed. Closing her eyes she brought back the memory of Ed’s mouth on hers as she slipped her hand into her panties. Her other hand caressed her breast and she gently squeezed and rolled her nipple.

Running her fingers lightly over her pussy she felt her juices beginning to flow. She slid her middle finger between the lips and dipped it inside just a little as she imagined Ed taking his first tentative licks. Fuck that was so hot! She pushed her finger deeper and began to pump it in and out as she rocked her palm over her clit. A second finger joined the first and her hand rocked faster until she added a third finger.

Her breath was coming out in gasps and she was getting closer. Another memory fragment flashed into her mind. Heather saying something about Ed’s cock. It was too much for Grace and she grabbed a pillow over her face as she screamed out her release.

“Grace? Are you ok, dear? Oh, why do you insist on locking your door?” Shirley’s frustrated voice said through the door.

“I’m- I’m fine Mom! I’ll… be out in a minute.” Grace gasped, trying to keep her voice as normal as possible as she caught her breath.

Fuck! She’d never cum that hard before! All it took was thinking wicked thoughts about the man she couldn’t have. The guilt washed over her again. God it would destroy their relationship if he saw what she’d just done! She was going to have a hard enough time facing him after her behavior last night.

Chapter 21

Shirley made Sunday dinner for them this time and the house smelled amazing. Ed had woken up at noon and when he went upstairs he discovered Grace had gone out. He was actually a little grateful for that as he was embarrassed by his behavior the night before. He shouldn’t have kissed Grace and Heather like he had. They had the excuse of being drugged but he’d been cold sober so he should have resisted.

As penance he went outside and mowed the lawn. It was a fairly hot day for spring so he tugged off his shirt after he finished his yard. He still had to do the neighbor’s lawn. Mrs. Wilkins was a retired school teacher in her seventies and appreciated him taking care of her yard work. She always brought him out a lemonade as he pushed the mower back and forth and they’d talk for a while. She was nice and she didn’t seem to mind that he was sweaty.

She watched him with a smile on her lips as he finished up and gave him a wave as he headed back to his place.

He cleaned up his back yard a little then brought the lounge chairs out from their place in the rafters of the garage. He dusted them off then inspected the fabric. They were still good so they’d get another summer out of them.

He was still beat from his nurse duty so he stretched out on one of the lounge chairs to soak up the sun and rest his eyes. He fell asleep. Hours later Grace found him and woke him.

“Ed! Jesus! You look like a lobster!”

“Damn,” he growled and looked down at the burn on his chest and arms.

“Come inside and I’ll put some cold cream on that,” she said and tugged him up to his feet. She led him by the hand to the back door and into the house. They made a quick stop in the washroom to get the cream and went down to his bedroom.

“Ok, lie down and I’ll put it on. I haven’t had to do this since that time you were ten.” Grace gently scolded him. Ed grinned at the memory.

“I’ll start with your face which doesn’t look too bad,” she said as she gently applied the cream to his nose and cheeks. She didn’t press too hard and made sure he had a thin coating of the soothing lotion on his skin. He smiled as it already felt better.

Grace scooped a larger amount and spread it across his chest. He hissed quietly through his teeth as the cold cream shocked his hot skin but as she spread it around he relaxed and smiled blissfully. She moved down his arms then went back to his chest and added more cream to his stomach.

The tingles she’d felt this morning came back full force as she slid her fingers over his hard abs. She watched mesmerized as her hands touched his skin over his delicious muscles. She gave herself a little shake then moved to his upper thighs which felt like steel. The cream went on as she rubbed his legs all the way down over his knees and shins to just above his feet which had been covered by his shoes. She ran her hands back up his legs and felt his thighs trembling. She stopped and looked up at his face. Ed was biting his lip as if he was trying to keep himself from moaning.

“Ok, I think that’s got it. Thanks so much for doing that,” Ed said quickly as he sat up and pulled his knees up to hide his groin.

“Ed… I just wanted to apologize for my behavior last night,” she said with a blush. “And I want to thank you for taking care of Heather and me. I don’t remember everything that happened last night but what I do recall shows how out of control we were. I’m grateful you collected us when you did. Who knows what that guy would have gotten us involved in.”

“You know I’ll always be there for you!” Ed smiled and Grace returned it.

She looked at his lips and had the sudden urge to kiss him again. Instead she stood quickly and walked to his door. “Dinner will be in a few minutes,” she said and quickly went up to the kitchen to set the table. Anything to divert her mind from the memory of his body under her hands.

Chapter 22

On Monday Ed’s coworkers teased him about his lobster tan and he took a few playful if painful slaps in good grace.

Spring meant spring maintenance. The teams were sent out to ensure the cooling systems at the businesses they had contracts with would function when they were turned on. With his Universal Certification Ed was especially valuable to his boss as he could take on these larger jobs. His meticulous and methodical work habits ensured he took no short cuts and ensured the safety of him, his coworkers, and the customers. On the second job he found a cooling tower had been compromised by the installers of a new cell repeater tower on a low rise condo. There was a risk of a leak and potentially an explosion if the unit was turned on. The condo had no choice but to order a new cooling tower and sue the cell company for costs. Mr. Drakos was delighted for the money this job would bring in and gave Ed a little bonus in his cheque that week.

Ed did several installations that month and a few maintenance jobs. Soon it was time to start making house calls to their residential customers on service contracts. Ed had the first contract in Silverton Heights and Mr. Drakos was counting on him to do his usual exemplary work and bring in additional contracts. Rachel Thompson was their toe hold in the neighborhood and had promised to spread the good word to her neighbors if she was satisfied with his service.

The drive into the Silverton Heights neighborhood in spring was lovely as most properties there had flowering trees, maintained by expensive garden service plans. The Thompson mansion was no exception to this. The trees up the lane were filled with white flowers and he took in their beauty.

Ed parked by the side door and walked up to the front door with his clip board. He rang the doorbell. He knew he had to wait extra-long before ringing again with these big homes. He found the idea of living in such a monstrously large place to be crazy. Who needed so much space? Then he thought, who lived in this house now? Just Mrs. Thompson?

The door opened and all thoughts disappeared from his mind. Standing there was a vision in white silk.

“Hello Edward!” slipped from smiling red lips. Red hair fell down over her shoulders and framed her deep cleavage.

He jolted as he felt like he’d been standing there stunned for an embarrassingly long time. “Hello Mrs- hello Rachel.” he stumbled.

“Please, come in.”

He stepped in and she closed the door behind him.

“How have you been?” she asked.

“Good, really good. Very busty- busy!” he stuttered and she smiled at his slip.

“And you?” he asked, hoping to sound a little more intelligent.

“Bored. And lonely. This big house is so empty now,” she pouted sexily. He caught himself staring at her lower lip.

“Ah, I’m sorry to hear that. I find it hard to believe you’d have trouble finding someone who’d want to spend time with you,” he said honestly.

“Oh that’s not the hard part. It’s finding someone who isn’t after my money or just a quick fuck,” she sighed.

He blushed when he heard her swear and her eyes twinkled in delight at his innocence.

“I’m sorry Edward. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable with such a dirty word. I don’t normally let such words touch my lips,” she said drawing his eyes to her mouth once more which was her intent. She ran the tip of her pink tongue across her lower lip and his eyes widened. He unconsciously shifted his hips to loosen the fabric on his pant leg as his cock began to swell. She caught that motion as well and her smile grew.

Ed cleared his throat and looked at the clip board to straighten out his thoughts. “Uh, today I have a work order to take a look at your home’s cooling system.”

“How long do you think that will take?” she said with a little pout. Eyes back to her mouth then back to the clipboard.

“No more than 30 to 45 minutes.”

“You don’t have to run away directly afterwards do you? You can spend a few minutes to cheer up a lonely lady, can’t you?” she looked in his eyes with her beautiful blue eyes and he found himself getting lost in them.

“Of- of course I can… stay for a… time,” he managed to get out.

Her face lit up with a brilliant smile and he felt his mind blank again. “Well get started and when you are done please come back to the sunroom at the back of the house!” she gushed and he found himself nodding. She turned and walked away and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sexy sway of her hips and ass in the white silk robe.

He gave himself a shake and went back outside to get his tools. He let himself into the side gate and inspected the exterior equipment. It was in decent condition but perhaps just a little undersized for a building of this size. He went inside and did his inspection and ran his tests.

As promised he was done in 40 minutes and put his tools away. He filled out the paperwork as he walked through the house to find the sunroom. He just needed her signature on the papers and he was done. He would ask her about the performance of the existing cooling to see if she thought it was suffic-

He froze. He stood in the doorway of the sunroom unable to move. On a cushioned lounge chair reclined the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and she was wearing perhaps the smallest bikini ever made. It struggled to contain the bounty of her large round tits and her stiff nipples were poking up against the silky material.

Sunlight poured in through the glass and glistened on her oiled skin and caused her red hair to gleam and flair like fire. She was wearing sunglasses and turned her head in his direction languidly and smiled. She lifted a hand towards him and he found himself moving forward as if drawn magnetically. He only stopped when he was standing next to her chair with her hand in his. She tugged him down and he knelt next to her. She smiled broadly at her control over him. He was drawn to the feel of her fingers in his big hand. Her skin was so soft and her perfectly manicured nails were painted a deep, shiny red. She pulled his hand towards her stomach and placed it palm down on her stomach. He felt her trembling and something in him awoke. She bit her lip as his hand began to move on its own. He looked down in shock as he stroked her taught muscles and moved downwards towards her tiny bikini bottom. He willed his hand to stop but it continued to sensually knead her flesh and move from side to side. She reached out and took his other hand and placed it on her upper chest and that hand began moving as well. She parted her legs as his right hand reached the top of the bikini bottom and he was relieved when his hand stopped at the fabric and simply traced its outer edges.

While he was paying attention to his right hand his left betrayed him by slipping under Rachel’s bikini top to grip her entire left breast in his palm. He could feel her nipple pressing against his palm as he squeezed her soft flesh.

He glanced at Rachel’s face expecting to see her outrage but her mouth was open not to yell but to gasp. She was writhing in ecstasy and her eyes were closed.

He felt his middle finger on his right hand dip into wetness and looked to see his hand was under her bikini.

“Fuck, yes!” Rachel moaned.

He began to pump his finger slowly and sensually in and out of her silky wetness and the slick wet noises told him she was ready for a second finger. Her moans grew louder as two thick fingers drove deep inside the woman’s channel while he gently tugged and rolled her nipple between the fingers of his left hand. He moved to the other tit and her back arched to press more firmly against his fingers as she panted.

“Kiss me!” Rachel demanded so he dipped his face to hers and her incredible lips were crushed against his. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as she writhed under his hands. He tasted her tongue and nibbled on her plump lips causing her to moan and kiss him more aggressively.

When he pulled back her face was flushed with desire.

“You’re a great kisser!” Rachel said as her body shook from a gentle orgasm.

“It’s your lips,” he replied.

“What about them?”

“They’re so amazingly soft and sexy I just want to kiss them forever!” he growled, eyes fixed on her sexy smile.

“Let me see your body!” she gasped as her body rippled through another small release.

Ed slipped his fingers free of her pussy and looked at them. They glistened with her juices in the bright sun of the sunroom. She watched him slowly slide the fingers into his mouth and suck them clean causing her to moan quietly.

He stood up, towering above her and undid his coveralls. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves, dropped the shoulders and pushed it all the way down to his feet and stepped free. He was left with his white undershirt, socks, and boxers which were seriously tenting. Rachel bit her lower lip as she reached out to touch the straining fabric.

“Oh fuck you’re big!” Rachel whispered and Ed looked away in shame.

“Big is good, Edward! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yours may be a little frightening to some but it’s a good fear!” she purred and Ed looked back at her in surprise. “Keep going but do it slowly,” she smiled.

Ed nodded and pulled his shirt up and over his head exposing his hard abs, his pecs, and finally tugging it free. He looked to Rachel and her smile told him he was doing it right. She seemed to like to be teased so he turned around and slipped his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and slowly pushed them down, alternating sides until his muscular butt cheeks were exposed. He heard an appreciative growl behind him so he let them drop and stepped clear.

By this time his thick cock was hard as iron and he held it trapped against his body. He looked over his shoulder and saw Rachel was licking her lips as she waited for him to turn around. He did and hid his cock behind his arm. Rachel’s smile dropped as she saw nothing. Then he rolled his arm away and the heavy appendage bounced down.

“OH!” Rachel jumped slightly and her smile came back full force as she giggled nervously.

“My goodness Edward! It’s glorious! It seems impossible that it would fit inside a woman!” she gushed.

He smiled, finally relaxing as she seemed to genuinely appreciate his size where others had mocked him and called him a freak.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” she asked him, eyes locked on this gently bobbing flesh.


“She was able to accommodate your… size?” she asked nervously.

“Yes, well, some but… she enjoyed pain with her sex,” he admitted with a frown.

Rachel’s eyes shot to his face to see if he was serious then licked her lips. Ed got the impression that she might be reconsidering her earlier words. Then she sat on the edge of her lounge chair, reached out and wrapped the soft delicate fingers of both hands around his cock.

“Oh god, you’re so hard! My husband could never achieve this kind of strength. Limp cocked bastard! This is wonderful!” she moaned and he jumped when her tongue stroked the fat head of his cock. She smiled up at him at his reaction. She stroked his shaft with her tongue and Ed moaned in pleasure.

She took him into her mouth and slowly stroked the shaft with her hands. She tried to take him deep but she could only take the first four inches before she’d gag.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good in my mouth!” she gasped as she pulled his wet cock from her mouth.

“May- may I return the favour?” he asked.

Rachel smiled broadly and reoriented herself on the lounge chair. He leaned over her and kissed her mouth, sucking on her lower lip. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and he sucked on it. He moved his mouth down her neck drawing gasps from the woman. He tugged the tie loose on her bikini top and moved the small triangles of fabric from her tits. He took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue caressed the stiff flesh until she squirmed. He repeated this on her right nipple and felt her hips begin to gyrate.

His lips continued down over her trembling stomach and he felt her fingers sliding into his hair as he got closer to her tender flesh. He looked up as he slowly moved his kisses lower and saw she was panting with excitement. She was trying to guide his head down but he took his time and chose the places to press his lips which he could tell both frustrated and excited her. He ran his fingers down the inside of her thighs and her eyes closed as her head fell back against the cushion. She purred deep in her throat as he kissed the top of her mound which he noticed was clean shaven. Just smooth, soft skin for his lips to caress.

“Ahhh, you’re such a tease! I want to feel yo- FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” she finished with a yell as he finally ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom to the top of her wet opening.

“GEEZUS! OH Fuck that’s goo-AAAAHHHHH!” she cried as his tongue dipped deeply into her on the second stroke.

“Oh Edward, so good!” Rachel’s voice wobbled as he sucked her flesh into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. She gasped her breaths as he slid a finger deep into her pussy as he moved his lips upwards. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue over it.

“Mmmm! That feels wonderful!” she purred. Ed looked up when he noticed her reaction was less than Nina’s had been. He wondered if she was less sensitive than the other women had been. Shirley reacted more intensely as well. He applied more pressure with his tongue and her hips began to rock and her eyes opened and focused on him. She had an intense look of concentration on her face and her mouth dropped open.


He increased the pressure once more as he thrashed her clit under his tongue. He kept this up for a minute until he felt her body began to stiffen. He took a chance and bit down gently on her clit.

“OMIGOD FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!” Rachel screamed and pressed her pussy against his mouth. Her fingers were locked in his hair as she held his mouth tight against her while she convulsed. He released her clit and pressed his tongue firmly against the stiff bud of flesh.

She moaned loudly and shook as her body crashed through a second series of spikes. Finally she pushed at Ed’s head to get him to release her from his mouth. She let go of his hair and flopped back on the chair’s cushion, panting heavily.

Ed gently blew on her reddened flesh and she gasped loudly as her body crested through a small aftershock.

“Edward! No more! I- I can’t take anymore!” she whimpered.

He sat at the end of the chair and rubbed her feet while she came down.

“Oh god Edward! That was delicious and so intense! I’ve never felt it that strongly before!” she gushed while gazing at him in wonder.

Ed thought that was sad as her husband hadn’t taken the time to find out what made her feel good. He kept that observation to himself though. He glanced at the time.

“I should probably be getting back-“

“Don’t you dare leave until I’ve had that beast inside me!” Rachel growled. She sat up and swung her legs to the floor. Ed needed to help her stand as her limbs were still trembling. She clung to him with a sexy smile. “Let’s go upstairs. Get your clothes.”

She walked away and Ed was struck once more by how beautiful she was. He stood there stunned until she looked back and saw his admiring stare. “Are you going to stand there and stare or are you going to come upstairs and fuck me?” she asked with a coy smile.

Ed jolted out of his daze and picked up his clothes. He scrambled after her and watched her climb the staircase, her ass sensually rocking as they ascended. He was mesmerized once more.

Rachel looked back and saw his enraptured state and allowed herself a satisfied smile. He was doing wonders for her self-esteem which had taken a hit when her rat bastard husband had tried to kill her. Truthfully she’d felt neglected for years. But Edward made her feel attractive, desirable, and so naughty! She’d felt more pleasure from him than… she realized he’d brought her higher than anyone! She gave him another smile and giggled when he glanced up at her embarrassed at being caught staring at her ass.

She led him down the hall into the master bedroom and stood at the foot of the enormous bed. He approached and dropped his clothes in a pile on the floor. She enjoyed the view of his heavy cock swaying slowly and reached out to once more hold it in her hands. She smiled as Ed sucked in his breath at the feel of her fingers sliding over his cock. She felt powerful making the big man react like that. His erection throbbed in her grip and reached maximum rigidity. A thrill went through her body.

She reached up and gently turned his shoulders until his back was to the bed and pushed him. He sat on the edge and she gestured for him to move up the bed. Once he was fully on the bed she crawled up after him, holding his eyes with hers as she tracked her prey.

Rachel reached his cock and looked down at the size of him. She felt a shiver run up her spine. His last lover had taken him but she’d enjoyed the pain. She wasn’t into pain at all but she had to feel him inside her. She hadn’t been able to get the idea out of her head since the night of the party when she’d first got a good look at the beast.

She took a grip at the base and thrilled to the fact that her fingers didn’t wrap all the way around. She held his cock straight up and looked into his eyes as she pressed her full lips to the fat head. It was so hot against her skin!

Ed’s eyes glazed over at the feel of her soft lips on his cock. His body shook and a moan escaped his lips causing her to smile. When she suddenly took him into her mouth he twitched again and gasped loudly. It felt so good! She maybe had five inches of him and was struggling to get more. He could feel her tongue stroking him and her throat closing in on the head as she managed another inch. She pulled off with a gasp and he saw her eyes were glassy with tears. He felt concern she was hurting herself and frowned but she just smiled at him and pulled his cock deep into her mouth again. Ed gasped once more and his hips automatically thrust upwards. He heard Rachel squeal as the head of his cock pushed deeply into her throat. She frantically pulled him out and gasped for breath.

“Fuck! Are you trying to choke me with this?” she croaked.

“I’m so sorry, I had no control over that!” he exclaimed.

Rachel ran her fingers up and down his shaft and felt he was slick enough to begin. She continued climbing up the bed until her pussy was lined up with the head of his cock. She rubbed the slick head against her wet pussy and moaned with need. She lined him up and pushed back against it feeling the head begin to spread her pussy open. Wide. Her jaw dropped open and her eyes squeezed shut as she forced herself down against him.

He thought she was going to give up when the head suddenly surged inside.

“FUCK! Ooohhhhh… Okay, okay… shit that’s big! Mmm fuck! Relax! Just relax.” Rachel said to herself to psych herself into continuing. She already felt a tremendous sensation of fullness and she only had maybe two inches of his cock inside her.

Ed watched Rachel’s face to ensure he wasn’t hurting her. As she was controlling the pace she should stop if it became too much but if she was pushing herself too far he would make sure she stopped. He reached down and gripped her ass cheeks in his big hands. Now he could pull her off of him if he needed to.

“GOD! Edward! YES!” Rachel yelped as she felt him squeezing her ass. Her body relaxed a little and she slipped more of him inside her. Just another two inches but it was a start.

He waited for her to get used to his girth before he squeezed her ass again, lifting her three inches up then taking her four inches down.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuuuhhhh-” Rachel moaned then her lips were on his and her tongue was deep in his mouth. She kissed him fiercely and rocked her hips to stir her insides with his thick cock.

Ed pulled back again and slipped in another inch but she was getting tighter. He didn’t think he’d be able to get much deeper. He had maybe six inches buried in her wet channel. She wasn’t going to be able to take the remaining four. He marvelled at the differences between Rachel and Nina. Rachel was so much tighter but he was able to go a little deeper with her.

“So good! Fuck you’re so big, filling me up!” Rachel pulled her face back from his and moaned as tremors rocked through her body.

Ed began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her tight pussy and watched Rachel’s eyes roll up in her head as the sensations overwhelmed her. He was holding her tightly against his body as he thrust so her clit was being dragged across his pelvis. Her stiff nipples were also receiving a good rubbing against his chest. As he stroked into her she began to whimper and dropped her face to his shoulder. He could feel her breath gusting out of her each time he drove his cock deep into her. He realized he was deeper than before. It felt like he only had two more inches to go but he thought he’d reached bottom and knew from Nina that he should be careful not to push further.

He increased the speed of his thrusts and felt his orgasm getting closer. Rachel was making unintelligible sounds and chewing gently on the muscle of his shoulder.

Soon Ed felt like he was going to explode. “Rachel! I’m going to cum! Should I pull out?”

“NO! Inside!” was all she managed as he felt her body suddenly convulse. The pressure on his cock began to pulse and he only managed five more aggressive thrusts before he was firing streams of hot cum deep inside her body. He moaned deeply from his chest.

“Oh Edward! That’s so good!” Rachel gasped feeling the heat pouring into her.

He held her tightly as his orgasm gradually diminished in intensity. He felt her relaxing as well.

Ed slowly lifted her up his body to slip his slowly shrinking cock from her depths. She made the cutest mewling noises as he slipped out.

Her body was trembling as she rested on his chest. “Edward, that was so much better than I imagined! I really enjoyed that! We have to do that again… once I’ve recovered from this time.”

“I’d like that too!” he replied.

She smiled at him. “We have to be discreet. Can I rely on you to keep what we’re doing to yourself?”

“Yes,” he said solemnly. He saw the clock next to the bed and realized he was going to be questioned about the length of his visit. “I’d better get back or my boss will be cross with me.”

“You leave your boss to me. I’ll make some calls and set you up with a few more appointments in the neighborhood. Good friends of mine. You’ll like them. A lot!” She grinned at him as she slid off his body and he wondered what she meant.

“Oh my! I’m a little sore.” Ed began to apologize but she placed a finger against his lips. “Not to worry. I expected this and wouldn’t have changed anything,” she finished with a smile. “Why don’t you take a quick shower? Wouldn’t do to have you returning to the office smelling of a woman’s perfume… or sex, would it.”

“That’s a good idea,” he nodded and hustled off to the washroom. Ed stepped into the big shower stall and quickly washed his body. Once he was done he stepped out and saw Rachel in her robe drinking in the sight of his wet muscles. She handed him a towel after she’d had her fill.

“Do you know anything about servicing swimming pools?” she asked as she imagined him skimming her pool while wearing only a swim suit. Her pool boy fantasy come true.

“Yes. I had a summer job at the community pool a few years back. I was in charge of maintaining that so they trained me. Are you having trouble with your pool? I could come back to take a look at it later.” he replied.

“Are you busy this Sunday? I understand it’s going to be a beautiful day,” she asked.

Ed had Sundays off and did his home errands then. He could probably start early and free up some time for Rachel’s pool servicing. “Yeah, I could come by around 1PM or so.”

She gave him one of her brilliant smiles and he was dazzled once more. Her eyes twinkled when she saw the effect she had on him. He was SO good for her ego!

“1PM would be good. Bring your swimsuit,” she said.

“Depending on what the issue is with the pool we may not be able to swim on Sunday,” he said.

“Who said anything about swimming?” she grinned sexily at him and he blushed. So good for her ego!

They went back downstairs and Ed found his clipboard and she signed his work order and the service contract.

“Do you find the air conditioner properly cools the house on the really hot days in summer?” he asked.

“No, we had to close a number of registers to keep the bedrooms cool at night. Have you fixed that?” she asked.

“No. The condenser unit you have is undersized for a house this big. I don’t know why the original installer didn’t sell you the proper sized unit,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.

Rachel’s expression turned bitter. “It must have been that cheap bastard husband of mine.”

“Ex-husband.” Ed said softly and her smile returned.

She pressed herself against his chest and tilted her face up to him. He dipped his down and gently caressed her lips with his. She trembled in his arms.

“God, you’re a great kisser!” she gasped when he pulled back.

He smiled. “See you on Sunday?”

“Yes!” she smiled.

Ed went back to his truck and started it up. He glanced at the clock and realized he’d spent way too long on that one service call. His boss was going to chew his ass off for that.

He drove back to the office dreading the confrontation so he was completely stunned when Mr. Drakos pulled him into a bear hug the moment he got into the door.

“Edward! You were the smartest investment I’ve ever made!” the man boomed as he squeezed Ed tight.

“Thanks?” Ed said in confusion.

“One service contract signed and potentially five more in Silverton Heights! All because of you!” the man crowed.

Ed looked shocked. He hadn’t expect Rachel to act so quickly.

“She was so satisfied with your work she called her neighbors and they called in to make appointments. Mrs. Thompson is also ordering a new, larger condenser unit for her air conditioning and has asked for you to install it as you apparently know which one she needs! Such a good boy! I’m so proud of you!” Mr. Drakos grinned and pinched Ed’s cheek. He danced away back to his office leaving Ed wide eyed and holding his reddened cheek.

Lydia sat at her desk watching Ed with a huge grin. “You keep this up and he’s gonna adopt you! I’ve always wanted a big brother,” she teased and looked especially pleased when he blushed.

“Do- do I have any other homes I have to visit today?” he stuttered.

She smiled and looked at the dispatch log. “Nope. You can sit out the last hour in the lunch room. I won’t tell,” she grinned.

“I think I’d better place the order for the new condenser for Rach- for Mrs. Thompson.” His blush deepened with his gaff.

“First name basis with the customers, I see,” Lydia baited him. He was so easy to tease and she thought he was cute. Cuter than any of the others at least. She was holding out for a doctor or maybe a lawyer but she was open for a little fun while she hunted.

“Mrs. Thompson is the mother of the quarterback of the high school football team I played on. She doesn’t like being called Mrs. Thompson as she hates her ex-husband because he tried to kill her.” Ed explained.

Lydia was hoping for something a little juicier to continue to tease him with but he just ducked his head and walked into the back to start the order. She glanced at his ass as he left and grumbled at the baggy uniforms her dad made his installers wear. He said he played football so maybe he had a nice body under that blue coverall.

She shook her head. As appealing as the idea was, if her dad caught wind of her sniffing around Ed he’d insist they get married so he could keep Ed in the family business. She wanted out so no thank you! She went back to her crossword. She had bigger fish to catch.

Chapter 23

Grace dragged herself into the house after a late shift and saw Ed’s happy smile over the back of the couch. She couldn’t help but smile in return. He just had that effect on her.

“Did you eat?” he asked.


“Did you eat food?” he growled.

She smirked. He was concerned for her health. “Are toaster pastries food?”

“Augh! Sit here and I’ll make you a sandwich!” Ed jumped from the couch and rushed into the kitchen.

She plopped herself onto his spot on the sofa and soaked in the warmth he’d left behind. She heard him bustling around in the kitchen and smiled. He was so good to her.

Ed returned with a ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and mayo on white sandwich and a glass of milk. He placed the plate on the coffee table and she saw he’d cut the crusts off for her just like she liked. He cuddled in next to her and held the plate in front of her.

“This is food. Eat it,” he teased.

She fake glared at him and picked up half of the sandwich and took a bite. Her taste buds immediately cheered as the flavors of the fresh tomato blended perfectly with the saltiness of the ham, the creaminess of the mayo, and the crisp crunch of the lettuce. Most importantly the bread was soft and fresh! Ed had been generous with the black pepper like she preferred as well. Her eyes closed in bliss as she chewed. Four more bites and she was ready for the second half. She looked at the plate and it was gone. She glanced at Ed and he was about to bite down on it as he grinned at her.

“Hey! That’s mine!” she barked and launched herself over him on the couch to grab the sandwich back. She caught him off guard and landed on his sprawled out body. She snatched the sandwich from his frozen fingers and wolfed it down in victory. Once she’d swallowed the last bite and licked her fingers clean she looked down at Ed who wasn’t moving. She suddenly realized she was stretched out over his body with her heavy boobs pressing against his face. His eyes were a little glassy and his face was red. She pushed herself down his body and felt a large, hard lump in his pants pressing against her mound. As she slid down she suddenly realized the scale of the object she was feeling. She looked at Ed’s eyes in shock and he suddenly looked petrified. He sat up and lifted her onto the couch cushion so he could move.

“I’m going to head off to bed now. Good night Grace!” he mumbled and rushed away. She looked after his retreating form, her head spinning. Was that his cock? Did she make it that hard? She thought back to his expression when her tits were squeezed against his face. Embarrassment or had he been excited? She looked after him again and was about to follow when she realized she was probably projecting her own desire for him onto his actions. Fuck, he felt so big!

Chapter 24

The next day found Ed driving up to a familiar house on the edge of Silverton Heights. This was where the party had been when Grace and Heather had been drugged. Thinking of Grace made Ed squirm as the feel of her breasts against his face the night before came rushing back to him. Her body over his and her large tits almost smothering him had felt so good it was too much and his cock had sprung to life instantly.

Then she felt it! He almost died of embarrassment and barely managed to get away. God, she deserved so much better!

He gave his head a shake as he had to get back to work. Lydia told him he only had one work order for the day, one of the Silverton Heights prospective clients. Mr. Drakos insisted they keep Ed’s schedule clear as these customers were worth the extra time. The man gave him explicit instructions to be on his best behavior as he wanted all of the Silverton Heights properties under a Drakos contract.

He parked by the side of the house and carried his clip board to the front door. He rang the doorbell.

Moments later he saw the outline of someone approaching through the frosted glass and the door pulled open. His smile froze as he saw the tall, svelte form of the blonde encased in tight spandex. Sweat beaded on her limbs and she was breathing hard.

“Edward! Nice to see you again!” she greeted him with her gravelly voice which sent tingles directly to his groin. He’d never experienced a voice that did that for him before.

He glanced at the work order. “Hello Mrs. Spencer!”

“Angie, please!” she admonished him gently with a smile. He smiled in return.

“Have I interrupted something?” he asked.

“No, I was just torturing myself in my ongoing battle against the flab,” she grinned.

Ed looked at her incredulously. “Flab?”

She saw he was genuinely surprised and her grin widened. Rachel was right. He was good for the ego!

“You’re sweet but a lady has to fight to keep her figure toned and healthy,” she smiled.

“You’ve succeeded.” he said honestly.

Her eyes glowed in his admiring look. She reached out and took his arm to lead him to the kitchen. She noticed his attention to her hand on his forearm.

They took seats at the table by the large curved window. “What do you have for me today?” she asked and couldn’t stop herself from glancing down at the outline of his cock pressing against the leg of his coverall. She’d had an effect on him. That pleased her and her nipples began to stiffen in her tight spandex.

Ed tore his eyes away from the swell of her breasts and the developing projections of her nipples to look back at his clip board. He went through the steps he’d follow to inspect her air conditioning system glancing up from time to time. He gave her the details on the service contract and she listened attentively. A few times he lost his place when he found himself becoming fixated on her intense grey eyes. She’d grin and he’d start up where he left off. He finally had to keep his eyes on the clip board to finish the pitch.

When he was done he looked up and she was leaning in. He froze as their lips touched and he instinctively kissed her. The first gentle kiss led to a firmer one then her hands were in his hair and she was on his lap kissing him deeply. He dropped the clip board and his hands went to her back and slid down to her ass. She moaned into his mouth when she felt his strong hands squeezing the round orbs of her tight ass.

She pulled the straps of her workout top down and exposed her tits. Ed immediately sucked one into his mouth and ran his tongue over her salty skin and flicked her stiff nipple. Angie gasped and held his head tighter against her tit. He gently scraped her nipple with his teeth and tugged it. She threw her head back and cried out in bliss as she ground herself against his groin feeling his stiff cock throb in its containment. He moved to her other tit and her cries of pleasure filled the kitchen.

“Take off that coverall! I have to see your body!” she growled sexily and his cock surged under her. She felt that motion and moaned as her body trembled in response.

Ed undid a few of the snaps but looked at Angie as she was blocking him from taking it off. She pushed herself from his lap with a pout and he stood in front of her. He popped the rest of the snaps and pulled the coverall from his shoulders and let it fall. Angie reached for the bottom of his white t-shirt, tugged it up and over his head and dropped it on the table. Her eyes widened in delight as she ran her fingers over his chest muscles.

“Now that’s a nice body!” she murmured as she felt his broad shoulders and the power in his arms.

Ed stepped out of the coverall and socks and ran his own hands down Angie’s chest to cup her perfect, round tits. She glanced down and smiled.

“You like them? Another present from my husband. He got them for me when I exercised away what nature had given me,” she said with a wry grin.

“They’re lovely.” Ed whispered as he gently squeezed her stiff nipples. She moaned and leaned in against him and he caressed her lips with his. He ran the tip of his tongue across her lower lip. Her breath caught and he felt her tremble. She opened her eyes and that intense look came back as she gazed into his eyes. She hooked her thumbs into his boxers and slowly pulled them down as she knelt at his feet.

His thick cock sprung free from his underwear and bobbed before Angie’s stunned eyes. “Oh my god! I’ve never seen one this large!” She looked up at him in surprise and saw he was blushing once more. “It’s magnificent!” she breathed.

Ed relaxed a little when she didn’t immediately reject him. He stepped free of his underwear and stood naked before her.

Angie ran her eyes over his body and made him turn so she could appreciate his wide, strong back and his strong ass muscles. She was tingling like mad and when his back was turned she stood and pulled her workout clothes off. When she had him turn around his eyes widened in surprise when he saw the tattoo just above her shaved pussy. On the front of her right hip, a pair of deep red lips with a very long curling tongue protruded and led down to just above her hooded clit. The words ‘Demon Kiss’ were tattooed in a Gothic font on the left side to balance out the art.

He looked into her eyes and was surprised to see some anxiety there. “Demon Kiss?” he asked.

“My late husband’s band,” she said quietly and bit her lip anxiously.

Ed’s eyes locked on her lips and he leaned in and kissed her again. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and he felt her body tremble with desire.

When he pulled back from the kiss he saw her anxiety was gone and lust was in its place. “Do you want to go to the bedroom?” he whispered. She pressed her body tight against his, feeling his hot cock rubbing against her mound, and shook her head quickly. She looked up into his eyes.

“Take me. Take me here… on the table,” she pleaded quietly.

Ed was reminded of the look Nina gave him when she wanted him to take charge. He nodded and lifted Angie up against his body with his hands under her ass cheeks. She squealed in surprise at his sudden move and clung tightly to his broad shoulders. He turned and sat her on the edge of the table and laid her back. He leaned over her and kissed his way from her breasts, over her belly, to the inside of her thighs. He felt her twitch with every kiss and she tried to guide his head down between her thighs but he made her wait for it.

Angie was going mad! Ed was so young and hard and tight and she hadn’t had sex in years! When Rachel told her that she was going to take the young man from the party to bed she was so envious! When her friend called to tell her how incredible he’d been she almost ground her teeth in frustration. Then Rachel told her to call and make an appointment for him to visit her! She’d been confused but Rachel told her that he was just too good to keep to herself. She wanted her friends to enjoy him as well so they could share their stories about their encounters. Aside from the incredible sex he actually did good work and a service contract was an excellent excuse for future visits.

Angie had called immediately and managed to get the first appointment for the following day. Now she was counting her lucky stars for befriending her neighbor. Rachel had gone above and beyond in introducing her to this lovely young man who needed to move his lips to her- OOOHHH FFFUUUCCKKK!

Ed felt Angie’s hips leave the table as his tongue finally stroked across her pussy. He gauged her as being as sensitive as Shirley so he knew how much force to use. Speaking of force she wanted to be taken so he pushed her legs back to open her up to him and got back to stroking her with his tongue. He slipped two fingers deep into her pussy and pumped them as his tongue drove her crazy. She was gushing juices into his palm so he’d take this every few strokes and rub it over the head and shaft of his cock, making it slick and keeping himself hard which wasn’t difficult. Then he’d slip his fingers back inside her to pump some more.

Angie was squealing constantly now so Ed stood up and slapped her clit with the head of his thick cock. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at him with genuine fear. That put a damper on his enthusiasm so he just ran this cock across the wet lips of her opening, bumping against her swollen clit with each thrust. He did this for several minutes as she twitched and cooed under him. Once the fear was replaced with desperate need she was panting and her hips gyrated on their own. He made an adjustment on one of his strokes and the head popped into her pussy. She screamed and jumped but it was just from the surprise. He stroked that small amount in and out and soon she was accustomed to the pressure. Then he slid more of his cock into her. He was thankful that she wasn’t as tight as Rachel. He was definitely having an easier time pumping his cock deeper and deeper into the thrashing woman.

“OHGOD! OHGOD! FUCK YES!” she wailed as he passed the halfway point. He hadn’t encountered any sudden tightening so he relaxed and began to make longer and faster strokes. When Angie’s pelvis slapped hard against his Ed’s eyes went wide. She was taking all of him?!? He looked down and saw he was buried to the root and she wasn’t screaming in pain. She was screaming just not from pain.

“OMIGOD! YOU’RE SO DEEP! HARDER!” she cried out.

Ed followed her instructions and began pounding her against the table with his hips. Her eyes rolled back and her body went into convulsions as he continued to drive his cock deep into her. It felt like heaven to Ed as he’d never felt this before. The sensation of being entirely encased in a woman’s body was indescribably good! He was still a ways from his orgasm but he could tell she was becoming too sensitive for him to continue so he slowed to a stop, buried to the hilt.

“oh god… oh my… oh… I… I’ve never… so big…” Angie was mumbling as her eyes rolled in her head. “Still so hard and deep. Oh! You haven’t cum!” she said as her eyes snapped fully open.

Ed slowly pulled his cock from the woman and she cried out as her body shook through a series of gentle aftershocks.

“Holy shit Edward! That was incredible!” she gasped as she rested on the table. “Why don’t we go upstairs and take a shower together. We can finish you there. I’ve always fantasized about having sex in the shower!” she grinned.

Ed gathered up his clothes and Angie got hers. She reached out and took hold of his slick cock and he gasped as she led him upstairs in her grip. She directed him to the shower stall and stepped in with him. The space inside was enormous and Ed looked around at the jets on all sides. She stepped outside for a second and returned with a tube of lube. She engaged the shower and started the side jets.

Ed’s cock was still hard as iron from her grip and she added a slick layer of lube to it causing him to moan. She pressed herself against him in the hot spray and he kissed her deeply. She thrilled to the feel of his strong arms around her and his hot shaft pressing against her belly. He suddenly lifted her again only this time he lowered her onto his cock. They both moaned as she sank down over him, filling her up completely. He pressed her against the wall and began to slowly pull and thrust, driving himself deep into her wet pussy. She cried out as his cock spread her walls wide. He slapped his body against hers with every fierce thrust and she felt herself leaving her body as her nerves overloaded. She lost track of how long he’d been driving his thick cock into her.

He felt his orgasm rushing up as he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts. Angie had her eyes closed tightly and her mouth was open in a silent scream as she shook through a colossal orgasm. He didn’t have time to ask her where she wanted him to cum as he suddenly exploded deep inside her hot channel. She clawed at his back as he felt her pussy squeezing his cock in rippling waves. Her legs shook and she sagged against him, panting. He needed to put her down as she wasn’t a light woman but he could tell her legs were jelly as they were still trembling. He lifted her free from his shrinking member and she gasped and shook some more. He sat her carefully on the bench at the far end of the shower and went back into the spray to wash himself clean. Once he was done he carefully helped her to her feet and back into the spray so she could wash herself.

He grabbed the shampoo and washed her hair, massaging the soap thoroughly through her hair and drawing coos from the woman. He rinsed her hair and repeated with the conditioner. She whined a little when he finished and he grinned at her. They turned off the shower and turned to leave. The glass door had been open and Ed’s clothes on the floor were soaked.

Angie began to giggle at Ed’s look of dismay.

“We’ll just have to run them through the wash. You can remain naked until they’re dry,” she said decisively.

“Couldn’t I wear a towel or a robe?” he asked.

“My house, my rules,” she grinned.

They dried off and she slipped on a sexy silk robe. Ed had to remain naked and she oggled him all the way back down to the main floor to the laundry room off the kitchen. She dropped his clothes in the washing machine then turned back to face him.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

Ed smiled and nodded trying not to stare at her cleavage. Her eyes twinkled at his obvious admiration.

She looked in the fridge but the take-out she’d intended to heat up for him was gone. Probably her daughter. She turned back to Ed with a frown. “I’m sorry, I’m not much of a cook. My daughter usually does the cooking. We could order in some food,” she suggested.

“I’m a pretty good cook. Maybe I could make you something. Let me see what we have to work with.” Ed said as he looked into the fridge.

Angie grinned ear to ear as she watched the big, naked man peering into the fridge. Probably looking for the peanut butter and jelly.

“Do you like omelettes?” he said, looking back over his shoulder.

She blinked. “Yes!”

“I can sauté some mushrooms and you have a very nice light cheese here. I see scallions, onions, and red peppers. Oh! There’s some pancetta!” he said with enthusiasm collecting the ingredients and placing them on the island countertop including six eggs and a brick of butter.

He found a cutting board, a sharp knife and two small non-stick frying pans which he put on the stove top. Angie pulled up a chair on the other side of the island to watch. Ed stopped and faced her.

“Do you think I could maybe have an apron to wear so I don’t burn anything… sensitive?” he said with a pleading expression.

She smiled and went to a drawer to pull out a gag apron her daughter bought for her. It was a sexy French Maid apron. As she couldn’t cook her daughter said this would distract any man she had to cook for. Ed raised his eyebrows but put it on like a good sport. He turned back to the counter and began chopping the vegetables. He diced some onion and red pepper while Angie watched with a wide smile. He got the heat going under the frying pans to pre-heat them. He cracked the eggs in a bowl and mixed them. Then he asked for a grater and set it to the side. He placed a small amount of butter in one of the frying pans and spread it around. In went the sliced mushrooms. He buttered the second pan and dropped in the pancetta, onions, and red peppers. He alternated his attention between the two frying pans until the mushrooms were golden brown, the fat of the pancetta began to melt and the onions and peppers had softened. He poured the ingredients out of the frying pans into bowls and quickly wiped the pans and added a little more butter to each. Then he poured half of the eggs into each and carefully watched their cooking until they began to set. He added in the mushrooms, onions, peppers, and pancetta. Then he grated the Gruyere cheese over this and carefully folded the omelettes over. After a short time he flipped them once more. A short time later he slid them onto two plates and shut off the stove.

He turned to Angie with a flourish and presented the two plates.


Ed jumped but managed to keep from dropping the plates or spilling the omelettes. He looked over at the kitchen door and saw Isabelle, Angie’s daughter standing with a shocked look on her face.

“What are you doing home from University!” Angie barked.

“Never mind that! What are you doing with the air conditioning repairman!” she squealed.

“We’re having lunch as if it was any of your business!” Angie growled, her face turning red.

“What’s he wearing?!?” Isabelle’s voice was climbing in pitch.

“Not much!” Angie smirked.

“I can see that- wait a minute! I know you! You came to my party with Heather and her friend!” Isabelle’s voice was becoming screechy.

“Settle down for heaven’s sake before you lose your voice entirely.” Angie scolded her daughter. “This is Edward Walters. Edward you’ve met my daughter Isabelle.”

“Hello,” he said with a nod. He felt extremely exposed in the silly little apron. “Would you care for an omelette?” he asked, hoping to defuse the situation.

Angie grinned and picked up her fork. She cut a piece and scooped it into her mouth. Her eyes shot to Ed as she rolled the delicious food across her tongue. “Oh my god, Edward! This is delicious!” Ed grinned and relaxed.

Isabelle smelled the wonderful scent of the cooking and came all the way into the kitchen. She pulled up a chair next to her smiling mother and Ed handed her the second plate and a fork. He turned to get some additional ingredients out to make himself an omelette. Isabelle froze as she could see his naked back and ass. As he bent over to get the eggs she got an eyeful of what was hanging between his legs. She looked back at her mother in shock and received a wicked grin in return. Stunned she took a bite of the omelette and froze once more. It was a simple dish but it was the best tasting thing ever made in this kitchen. She closed her eyes in bliss and ate slowly.

Ed made quick work of cooking the next omelette and once it was ready he stood on his side of the island and ate his meal slowly, savoring the flavors.

He smiled at the two women who finished their own lunches and were just enjoying the show. Once he was done he stored the unused ingredients back in the fridge and loaded the dishwasher. He washed the frying pans and the grater and put them away.

Angie moved his clothes to the dryer and turned to face him.

“We have forty five minutes to kill before your clothes are dry. Do you have any ideas for what we might do while we wait?” she said to Ed with a coy smile and her daughter looked at her in surprise.

Ed looked nervous. His tiny amount of fabric he had to cover himself no longer seemed adequate.

“Dear, are you still seeing that loser Jeffery?” Angie asked.

“He’s not- ok, he was. No, I’m not seeing him anymore.” Isabelle grumbled.

“Anyone else.” Angie continued.


“Edward’s cooking isn’t the only thing he does which is delicious,” the woman smiled at him hungrily. She slowly ran her tongue across her lips and Ed began to react.

Isabelle looked at her mother then looked at Ed more closely.

He was nice enough looking and his eyes had a kind of innocent look to them that was… sweet. His body though. That inspired some not so innocent thoughts in her. Jeffery was a beanpole compared to this prime specimen. She looked down and saw he was trying to keep the apron down as something pressed firmly against it from behind. Her eyes widened and she looked back at her mother. They smiled at each other.

“Baby, you’ve never had someone this large so I suggest you just let him use his magic tongue on you.”

“Uh-” Ed began but Angie interrupted him.

“My house, my rules,” she said with a grin.

Ed looked at her then nodded. He didn’t want to risk losing this contract for his boss. Then he would have to explain what went wrong.

“Come here Edward,” Angie hooked a finger at him.

Ed moved to her side. She walked behind him and undid the apron. She took it off him and his hands immediately went to hide his cock.

“Arms at your sides please.” Angie said firmly and he reluctantly pulled his hands back.

Isabelle was becoming very excited with how compliant the big man was for her mother. She was more than a little intimidated by the size of the monster swaying gently between his muscular legs.

She forced herself to stand and walk towards him. He looked at her nervously and she felt powerful. He stood there naked while she was fully dressed. Her mother stood next to him in her dressing gown and smiled at her.

“Shall we go somewhere more comfortable?” Angie asked.

Isabelle nodded and watched her mother take a grip on his cock like it was a leash as she led him up the stairs to the master bedroom. When they got to the base of the king sized bed Angie turned Ed and pushed him back onto the bed. She gestured for him to pull himself up the bed which he did until she told him to stop. Isabelle could feel herself getting wetter by the second. She wanted to pounce on him but she knew her mother was preparing him for them.

“Get undressed dear.” Angie said glancing over at her daughter. “I want to share this beautiful man with you!” Her voice was a rough purr and Ed’s cock throbbed in reaction. The woman smiled as she delighted in her control over him.

Ed was feeling very uneasy. He was just learning how to make love to a woman and now he was going to have to make two happy at the same time. If he did a bad job would Angie get mad and withhold the contract? He’d just have to pay closer attention to make sure he didn’t make mistakes.

Isabelle took her clothes off quickly and climbed onto the bed on the opposite side of Ed as her mother.

“First, get familiar with this big boy here.” Angie said taking a grip at the base of the thick cock. Isabelle wrapped her fingers around his hot flesh at the midpoint and her eyes went wide. She could feel it throb in her grip like it was alive. The idea of this forcing its way into her small opening unsettled her. She squeezed it hard in reaction and he moaned.

“Gentle Isabelle! It’s not made of stone, though it may feel like it,” her mother gently scolded. She relaxed her grip and felt it swell larger still in her hand. She pulled her hand away and looked at her mother in shock.

“There’s no way that could fit in a woman!” she gasped.

“Really? You don’t think so?” Angie said with a coy smile.

Isabelle finally clued in as she looked at her mother in shock.

“Not all of us are young, firm, and tight as a… clam,” the mother quipped. She ran her fingers gently up and down Ed’s cock causing him to moan quietly once more. “Some of us appreciate a little extra… girth. He feels incredible!”

Isabelle watched Ed’s stomach muscle bunch and twitch as he reacted to her mother’s touch. It was mesmerizing. His body was so hard and ripped! She knew then that she wanted to try him.

Angie went into the washroom and returned with a jar of lube. She looked at her daughter who was looking at the jar. “Even with this I think he would be too big for you. How large was your biggest boyfriend?” she asked with a smile.

Isabelle frowned as she thought about that. She’d had three serious boyfriends and none of them had been larger than six inches and narrow. There was one man. Someone her mother didn’t know about. Someone she’d had a one night stand with. An older man she met at a party. His cock had been maybe eight inches and thick… not Edward’s girth but wider than any of her boyfriends. She still remembered the amazing sensation of fullness and the ache afterwards reminding her of their encounter.

“Six and narrow,” she said, keeping her secret fling to herself.

“No comparison. It’s like the Richter Scale. Each small increment of size exponentially increases the sensations.” Angie explained as she lovingly applied the lube to Ed’s cock.

Isabelle understood the reference as her older lover had definitely given her more pleasure than any of her previous boyfriends. She looked at Ed’s cock with wonder. How would it make her feel? Would it be agony or complete bliss? Maybe a little of both? She touched herself and jolted from how sensitive she’d become.

“Dear, give Edward something to do with the clever tongue of his. I promise you won’t be disappointed,” her mother said as she prepared to impale herself on the large, slick cock.

Isabelle couldn’t look away as her mother squatted above Ed and forced the thick appendage into her pussy.

“Ooo, I’m a little sensitive from the first two times. Not surprising I supposed considering it was the first sex I’d had in years.” She winced as she slowed her decent. Pausing to let her body accept his size.

Edward took a grip on her trembling thighs and added his strength to her legs to ease her down. She smiled at him gratefully.

Isabelle watched in wonder as his cock was gradually encased by her mother’s body.

“Ohhhh fuck that’s good.” Angie’s eyes rolled back as she reached bottom.

She’d taken ALL of it! Isabelle was stunned! She was also incredibly horny so she immediately swung her leg over Ed and sank her pussy over his face.

She sat facing her mother so she could see his cock. Then his tongue stroked across her pussy,

“OH FUCK! OH GOD YES!” Isabelle screamed as he went to work with his tongue. He hooked his arms over her legs and placed his hands on her ass giving her cheeks a good squeeze. It was so good she grunted in pure animalistic bliss.

“Fuck! Oh Geezus, that’s good!” Isabelle gasped. She opened her eyes to see her mother rising and dropping forcefully on Ed’s cock. Her eyes were tightly shut and she seemed to be trembling. Her face was red and she was gasping. Isabelle began to worry her mother was having a heart attack and was about to reach out to her when Angie’s eyes snapped open and she ground herself against Ed’s body.

“OMIGOD! I’M CUMMING! OH FUUUUUUCK!” Angie screamed and convulsed against him. She threw herself off onto the bed next to them, pulling herself free of his cock. The sudden withdrawal sent shockwaves through her body and she passed out.

Isabelle stared at her mother in shock. She saw she was breathing but she’d never seen anyone pass out from an orgasm before. She jumped as Edward’s tongue reached a sensitive place deep insider her pussy. She shook through a gentle orgasm and waves of pleasure rolled over her nerves. She looked down at Ed’s hard cock resting against the hard muscles of his stomach.

She wanted it. Inside her.

Isabelle pulled herself clear of Ed’s tongue and swung her leg clear of his body. She caught her breath as tingles continued to rush through her body.

Ed looked at Angie resting beside him and he thought she looked happy so he felt good about that and relaxed a little. He was worried that Isabelle wasn’t happy as she’d pulled free so abruptly. He was worried that he might have hurt her. Then she swung her leg over his body again taking her mother’s place.

“Uh, your mother said-” he began.

“Quiet!” Isabelle snapped, trying to emulate her mother’s control. She rubbed her wet pussy along his length and sparks shot through her body. “Oh fuck!” she gasped.

When she reached the head she lifted it and pushed back against it but her body was not having it.

“Are you going to help or just lie there?” Isabelle snapped.

“I don’t want to hurt you!” Ed said with a worried tone.

“I don’t have to take the whole thing! I just want to feel what it’s like to have it inside me. Just a little. Help me,” she said plaintively as she tried to make her pussy relax enough to get at least the fat head inside.

Ed reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them. Isabelle moaned then squeaked as his cock popped inside and drove in two inches. She immediately wanted it out as the intense pressure was overwhelming. He held her still so she could get used to it as he had for Angie.

Isabelle couldn’t talk. Her body had locked up from the onslaught of sensations. There was pain but it was pushed into the background by the overpowering feeling of fullness. She was stretched around the fat head of his cock and she was terrified he was going to drive it deeper into her. There was a roaring in her ears.

Ed was watching her face wondering if she was enjoying it or not. He decided to err on the side of caution so he gently pulled himself out. Isabelle’s eyes rolled back and she slumped forward onto him. He eased her off onto the mattress and slid down the bed to get off. He stood and looked back. The two women were out and he didn’t know what to do. He hoped he hadn’t messed up. He walked into the bathroom and closed the door. He took a quick shower then dried himself off. Exiting he saw the two ladies were still resting so he went downstairs and got his clothes from the dryer. They were dry enough so he got dressed and began his work.

When he was done he walked back to the kitchen to leave the service contract. Angie and Isabelle were sitting there. He saw the younger women wince as she moved on her chair and Angie shook her head looking at her daughter.

“Ah, Edward! I was surprised that you had left,” the mother said.

“You two were sleeping and I still had to do the servicing,” he explained.

“I was worried you’d had your fun and were going back to your office to boast of your conquest.” Angie said with a concerned expression.

Ed’s face showed his shock. “No! I would never do that! It’s not right or nice!”

“So you’ll be discreet?” she smiled, feeling much more comfortable seeing his honest discomfort with the idea plain on his face.

“Yes!” he said. He looked at Isabelle who seemed a little dazed. “Are you ok, Isabelle?”

The woman looked at him and nodded. Her eyes were drawn to his crotch but his coveralls hid the monster within.

“I told you to leave him be but you didn’t listen.” Angie scolded gently.

“He’s so big,” Isabelle said in a quiet voice and Ed looked at Angie with a worried look.

“Don’t worry Edward. Isabelle won’t tell anyone about this, will you?” the mother said to her daughter.

Isabelle looked at her mother and opened her mouth to protest but realized she was right. She couldn’t mention that she’d had sex with a man… and her mother. She shook her head.

Angie smiled. “Do you have paperwork for me to sign?” she said to Ed.

Chapter 25

As he drove back to the office he realized he’d been at Angie’s house for hours. He knew Mr. Drakos said to take the time needed to get the contract signed but he felt bad about how little work he’d done. He knew the other technicians did up to three calls a day. He’d be lucky to get two today, if they’d assigned him another call.

Angie had signed the contract and when he explained the issue he’d spotted with the filters in the furnace she agreed to have him install an air cleaning system on the air intake. It wasn’t that expensive and would help keep the air and the occupants of the home healthier. He called in the order on the way back to the office. He hoped Mr. Drakos appreciated that extra income.

When he got there Lydia called him over to her desk. “Dad is dancing again. You may want to protect your cheeks. Ah, too late.”

Ed turned at the noise behind him and received the now familiar cheek pinch from his boss. “Such a good boy! Another contract! You are fulfilling my dreams!” the man said as he danced back to his office.

“Do I have any other housecalls?” Ed asked the woman as he rubbed his face.

“No, but Anton and Geoff could use a hand down at the meat packing plant.” Lydia said with a smile. Ed returned the smile with a nod and went to join the team on the site. He liked working with the others.

Chapter 26

Saturday morning saw Ed driving the company van up a long, curving tree lined driveway in Silverton Heights to an enormous house. He parked by the side entrance as per usual and grabbed his clipboard. As he walked around to the front door he saw two women standing and talking next to a minivan filled with screeching and laughing kids.

The women were dressed so similarly it almost looked like a uniform; Pastel sweaters with shortened sleeves over a white collared blouse and dark slacks. They might have come from the same store. Suburban moms. Both were maybe 5′ 8″ and slim. Probably from vigilant trips to the gym when they weren’t carting their kids from activity to activity.

The one standing closest to the minivan had a softer look with light brown hair to her shoulders with blonde highlights. She wore glasses with the serious frames that screamed ‘I’m smart but still pretty’ and had hazel eyes. Her nose was slim and her lips were wide and a startling shade of peach. As she spoke her hands were always in motion and the peach color of her nails flashed brightly in the morning sun.

The second woman had pale skin and jet black hair in one of those tousled pixie cuts. She had intensely blue eyes and long black lashes above high cheekbones. Her nose had a slightly upturn at its end and her lush lips had the deep color of red wine which highlighted her brilliant white smile. Her hands were in motion as she spoke as well and like her friend her nails matched the lipstick.

Both ladies smiled broadly as he approached and shared looks.

“Hello, Ed Walters from Drakos Heating and Cooling.”

“Hi, I’m Stephanie Mathews and this is my best friend Carolyn Patterson,” said the dark haired woman.

Ed shook their hands and Carolyn definitely perked up when her small hand was swallowed up by his larger one. “I have an appointment with you next week so I’ll be seeing you then,” she smiled sweetly.

“I look forward to it.” Ed said and returned her smile.

The women exchanged another look then Carolyn crossed to the driver’s side and drove the van back down the driveway. Stephanie waved at her kids who waved back. Then she turned to Ed.

“How many are yours?” he said with a smile.


His surprise must have shown as his eyes travelled over her sleek curves before he could stop himself. Her smile told him he hadn’t gotten away with checking her out. He blushed.

“So tell me, how did you meet Rachel?”

“Mrs. Thompson? Uh, she’s the mother, I mean step mom of Mark Thompson who I played football with. I met her at the end of season football party at her house. When I started working for Drakos I serviced her furnace and then I worked on her air conditioner.” He smiled at the woman.

“And that’s all?” Stephanie pressed, staring at him intently.

Ed lost the smile and looked confused. “Uh, yes?”

Stephanie was suddenly all smiles. “Excellent, come this way.”

She showed Ed to the furnace room and he did his inspection. He noted the furnace needed a cleaning and the air filter was packed with dust. An air cleaner would be a good idea for this house as well. There was no humidifier so he asked if she had issues in the winter with dryness and kids catching colds and when he got a positive answer to that he suggested the cleaner and humidifier. He inspected the air conditioning components then he went outside to look at the exterior equipment. When he was done he knocked and she led him inside to the kitchen and they sat at the table.

Stephanie saw Ed was a little sweaty from working out in the hot sun in the coverall. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Water would be great, thanks!” Ed smiled. She handed him a napkin to wipe his forehead and got up to get him a glass of water.

He drank the water then set the empty glass down with a smile.

“I think your employer should invest in some summer uniforms so his workers don’t pass out from heat stroke,” she teased and he grinned.

“I’ll mention it,” he said with a shy nod. He then went through his findings which were good. Aside from the recommendations he’d made in the furnace room nothing else seemed to need to be done. Even with the enormity of the home there was more than sufficient equipment to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Unlike Rachel’s home.

“Some of the rooms upstairs don’t seem to be getting as much cooling as they should.” Stephanie said.

“Really? I can take a look at the registers to see if the duct work is providing the correct air flow and temperature,” he suggested.

“Would you?”

“Of course!” he smiled. “Just let me get my tools.”

A quick trip to his van and he returned with a handheld device. He met Stephanie at the door and noticed she had removed her sweater and several buttons on her blouse were now undone. He pulled his eyes away from the smooth skin now on display. He went to the thermostat and manually set the cooling on. He heard the air conditioning come on and turned to Stephanie and followed her up the stairs. Her hips were swinging a little more than before and he did his best to look elsewhere but her slacks were quite tight and showed off her ass really well.

She led him down the hall to one of the kid’s rooms and watched as he took a reading from the floor vent. It looked normal so she led him to the next room which was also fine. They went to each room and finally only had the master suite to test. He went in and was stunned at the size of the room. Ed thought it was as big as Shirley’s living room and kitchen combined. The bed was huge and the other furniture was equally large. There was a tall TV cabinet across from the bed then he gave his head a shake at being so nosy and headed for the register. Its reading was fine but with the size of the room there should be another register so he looked for it.

He couldn’t find it and resorted to crawling around on his hands and knees. Still nothing. He sat back on his heels and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asked.

He turned to her and saw she was sitting on the end of the bed with her long legs stretched out in front of her. Her shoes were nowhere to be seen and her bare toes, also painted the deep red, were slowly curling into the plush carpet. His eyes caught the motion and he had difficulty looking away. “Uh, there- there should be a second register for a room of this size.” He glanced up at her eyes and saw a look of satisfaction on her lips.

He realized it had to be under a piece of furniture so he took his flash light and shone it around the boundary of the room. The most likely spot based on the path of the ductwork would be under the TV cabinet. He put his head right down on the carpet with the flash light and pressed his hand to the front of the cabinet to tilt it back. He had to exert a lot of force but the cabinet finally lifted.

There it was. He let the cabinet settle back but it thumped a little as it landed.


Ed didn’t have time to move as the book slid off the top of the cabinet and dropped onto his head.

He saw stars and immediately put his hand on his head where the book smacked him. He felt something wet and pulled his hand back.

“SHIT! You’re bleeding!” Stephanie gasped and rushed into the bathroom and came rushing back with a small towel to press to Ed’s head. That hurt as well but it was better than bleeding on her carpet. He got to his feet and followed her into the bathroom. She made him sit on the toilet seat and carefully pulled the towel back.

“Ok, that isn’t too bad,” she said as she got a good look at the cut. It was small but like all head wounds it bled a lot. The blood had run down the side of his head, neck and got onto his coverall and t-shirt. A slow smile spread across her lips. “Hold the towel firmly in place. You’ve bled all over yourself. I’ve got to clean that up.”

Ed moved a hand up and took over holding the towel in place. Stephanie’s graceful fingers immediately went to the snaps on his coverall and started tugging them open. He looked at her in surprise. She got a face cloth and wet it to wash the blood from his head and neck.

“No, that won’t do. It’s going to stain. Stand up please,” she insisted.

Ed stood and she popped the remaining snaps and pushed the shoulder of his coverall over his free arm and had him switch hands to free his other arm. Down went the coverall and Ed made to protest but Stephanie shushed him and pulled the coverall free of his legs taking his socks in the process. She emptied the pockets on the counter. Van keys, wallet, and phone.

“Sit,” she directed and he did. She got his arms out of the white t-shirt and checked the towel. The bleeding appeared to have slowed to an ooze so she pulled the towel back and lifted the t-shirt up and off. “I’ll get these cleaned right away,” she said as she walked away. She took the towel as well.

Ed was left sitting on the toilet in his boxers. He walked back out to the bedroom and was relieved to see he hadn’t dripped blood on the carpet. He picked up his flashlight and turned it off. Then he picked up the book and was surprised by how heavy it was. He carried it into the bathroom where the light was better. He tried to open the book’s cover but it wasn’t a cover. It wasn’t a book at all. Looking closer Ed saw a small lens on the spine of the book and something that looked like it might be a motion detecting sensor. It was a recording device! He found the little spring loaded door and saw the controls and the connection ports.

Stephanie returned from the washing machine in the hall laundry room and saw him holding the book.

“That book belongs to my husband,” she said with a frown.

“It’s not a book. It’s a video recorder.” Ed said.

Stephanie went still as her eyes widened. She snatched the device from his hands and looked at it closely. “That SON-OF-A-BITCH!” she screamed. She looked at Ed fiercely and shook the recorder at him. “How do I see what’s on this?”

He looked at her with a nervous expression. “Uh, it’s got a USB port so maybe you connect it to a computer?” he suggested.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the next room which appeared to be set up as an office. There was a laptop on the desk and she pulled open a drawer which had a number of computer odds and ends in it. “Will one of these work?” she asked as she turned the laptop on.

Computers weren’t his specialty but he found a USB cable easily enough and connected the recorder to the laptop and stood back. The device popped up on the computer’s desktop as a storage device and there were dozens of files with date stamps going back a few days.

“It looks like it may be motion activated and it made a separate file per activation,” he offered.

She opened the first video and a man’s face appeared. He was looking directly into the lens as he placed it in position on top of the cabinet. He put something under the back edge to tilt it down.

“Sue me for divorce will you? Fucking bitch,” he growled then left the picture. The video stopped a few seconds later.

Stephanie was trembling with rage then she suddenly went calm. Ed found that more frightening.

“This is what I can expect from him now. It’s fine.” She looked at Ed. “Thank you for saving me a lot of grief by finding this camera. I caught my husband having an affair three years ago and we got through that. He promised to change his ways and I trusted him. Then he started behaving like he had before. I hired an investigator who got me photographic and video evidence of his cheating. He had three different women! I had my investigator share the photos with the women then I filed for divorce last week. He’s been staying in a hotel ever since,” she explained.

She frowned. “I gave him the best years of my life and four children and this is how he shows his gratitude.”

Ed didn’t know how to respond to that so he fell back on the standard response. “I’m sorry.”

Blue eyes flashed up to his and she suddenly softened. “No, I’m sorry to dump all this on you. Outside of a few friends in the neighborhood I occasionally get to see there’s no one to talk to up here on the hill and this big house is so empty when the kids are out with their friends.” She flashed him a brilliant white smile made all the more dazzling by her dark lips which he was having trouble pulling his eyes from. The smile grew wider.

“Do you have a girlfriend Ed? Anyone special in your life?” Stephanie asked.

He was startled by the personal question but she’d just opened up to him so he guessed it was ok. “No.”

“Really? I find that difficult to believe. You’re a handsome man! You must have girls chasing you all the time,” she teased as she let her eyes roam over his muscular chest.

“No, not really. I- I’m not so good around girls- women,” he blushed.

“You seem pretty at ease with me. Does that mean you don’t see me as a woman?” she said with a pout.

Ed felt trapped. He didn’t mean to hurt her feelings but telling her how pretty he thought she was, how lovely her eyes were, how incredible her mouth looked… Ed froze as he felt that familiar throb. He started reciting cooling specs in his mind to distract his body.

“I’m just teasing you Ed,” she smiled again and put her hand on his large bicep. “Ooo! Your muscles are so hard and you aren’t even flexing!”

Ed’s concentration shattered as she squeezed his bicep with her fingers. She bit her lower lip as she stared at his muscular arms and Ed’s eyes were drawn to her pearly white teeth against the deep red of her lip. The throbbing became more insistent and he moved the arm she wasn’t feeling to cover and hold down his rising erection.

She glanced down and saw him hiding himself. “Did I do that?” she said with a sexy smile and Ed blushed again and nodded.

A thrill ran through the woman’s body as she saw how she was affecting him. Her husband had turned cold on her a long time ago and he never told her she was attractive or sexy. Here was this beautiful young man with an incredible body standing before her showing exactly how sexy he thought she was. She felt wonderful!

Stephanie stepped closer to Ed and placed her hands on his chest. She felt him trembling under her fingertips. “Am I frightening you?” she said breathily as she leaned in.

He shook his head and she pulled his arm away from his boxers. She felt something thump up against her thigh and looked down. She couldn’t seem to focus as she tried to make out what she was looking at. It just wasn’t registering in her mind. Finally she just reached down and grabbed the tenting fabric.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried and Ed stepped back at her exclamation, tugging free from her grip. He looked upset.

“I’m sorry Ed. I didn’t mean to yell like that. You just… surprised me!” she said trying to salvage the situation all the while feeling her eyes drawn to his boxers.

“Maybe I should just go,” he mumbled.

“No! Please don’t go! I’d like you to stay. Besides your clothes are still in the washing machine,” she said carefully.

Ed looked at the woman with a worried expression. Her reaction was one he was more familiar with. Much like Isabelle had been originally.

Stephanie’s confidence had taken a hit. She had been so excited about his visit ever since Rachel told her about him. She’d said he was big but not how big. Now because of her stupid reaction she’d ruined everything. First her husband and now this beautiful man. She put her face in her hands and the tears began to flow.

Ed saw her begin to cry and felt horrible. He never meant to make the pretty woman cry. He stepped forward and pulled her into a firm hug.

She squeaked when she felt her body suddenly squeezed against his solidity. He was just… so big… everywhere and a big part of him was currently pressed very firmly between her legs. She looked up and saw his compassionate pale blue eyes looking back. She moved her hands to the back of his head and pulled his lips to hers.

It was Ed’s turn to squeak but it came out as more of a moan as her soft lips pressed against his and her tongue slipped into his mouth. She ground her pelvis against him and he moaned again. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and her kiss became a little frantic. He moved his hands to her head and gently pulled her back so he could slow her kiss.

She looked at him with wide eyes wondering what he was doing then felt his lips slowly caressing hers and she moaned at how sensual it was. She slowed her pace to match his and he smiled and moved his hands to the buttons on her shirt. Each time he popped one open she gasped as he was so deliberate in his actions. Her nipples were so stiff she was sure he could see them through her bra. When the last button popped he put his big hands inside the blouse over her stomach and slowly slid them up her body until he reached her bra. Shivers were running up and down her spine from his touch and she trembled as he went around her breasts and over her shoulders. The blouse slid down her back and her arms were pinned to her sides. He took that opportunity to kiss her deeply then immediately move his mouth to her neck and earlobes.

Stephanie moaned loudly as the shivers became shocks across her nerves. He released the blouse and she let it drop to the floor. She was desperate for his hands on her breasts so she undid its clasp and pulled it off. He looked down at her chest and smiled. She was suddenly self-conscious about the humble size of her tits. She knew Rachel had magnificent breasts while hers were barely a handful and his hands were rather large.

Then she felt his hands on her breasts and her concerns melted away. He was almost reverent in his touch but she felt the power and desire lurking there. He leaned down and kissed his way from her neck, down over the slight rise of her breasts and finally his lips were caressing a stiff nipple. She gasped as he sucked it into his mouth and she grabbed the back of his head to hold him against her. The tip of his tongue circled and stroked at the firm button of flesh sending waves of pleasure through her. His lips caressed the larger areola. He released her nipple and she pulled him to her other breast which he worshipped as well. He released her nipple and stood up to kiss her once more. He held her tight against his body as his tongue explored her mouth.

She felt the sparks all the way down to her pussy and ground harder against his thick cock. She still couldn’t get over his size and she hadn’t even seen it yet! She desperately wanted to now.

When he pulled back from the kiss she dropped to her knees in front of him and seized the waistband of his boxers and tugged them down. His cock was forced down by the elastic but the moment it was clear it sprung back up and almost struck her in the face. She leaned back to look at him, her eyes wide and her jaw dropped. She timidly reached out and took a grip on it and he moaned with pleasure. She smiled and pressed the fat head of his cock against her lips drawing a louder moan from him.

Stephanie had never used her mouth on her husband. He was weirded out by the idea of using his mouth on her and quite frankly that killed the excitement for her. But for Ed, he had a cock she wanted to take into her mouth. If it was possible! Taking a firm grip at the base she ran her tongue up the underside feeling the heat of him and how it throbbed in her hand when her tongue stroked it.

Ed ran his fingers through her short hair but he didn’t try to force himself down her throat. She was grateful for that considering how she would likely choke if he did. She kissed the tip and felt his hips twitch. She pushed forward taking the head into her mouth. She felt so raw and primal! She ran her tongue all over the head then slowly moved forward again, taking more and more of his thick shaft into her mouth until she could take no more. No matter how she relaxed her mouth and throat she could go no further. Ed was moaning constantly and she wrapped her fingers around his cock by her lips then pulled back. She looked at how much of him she’d taken and it was less than half. She was disappointed but she knew that was all she was capable of. She took him back in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his hard flesh as he hissed at the intensity. She frantically undid her pants with one hand as she sucked on him.

He pulled back suddenly and she looked up at him in surprise. He lifted her to her feet then hoisted her over his shoulder as she shrieked. He carried her back to the master bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. She was giggling nervously as she was overwhelmed by the casual way he carried her. He was so strong!

Ed pulled her pants off then reached up to pull her panties down as well. He looked at her with a hungry expression and she felt a thrill rush through her. He was more than a little intimidating standing at the end of the bed, huge cock bobbing with his pulse, looking like he was going to ravish her.

She moved further up the bed towards the pillows and he followed on hands and knees until he reached out and grabbed her foot. She yelped as he lifted it and kissed the inside of her ankle. He trailed kisses up the inside of her leg and the feel of his lips on her skin made her tremble.

God she wanted this so bad! She’d never felt a man’s mouth on her pussy. She’d heard friends talk about it but since her husband hadn’t wanted to do it and he was her first and only sexual partner she felt left out.

When Ed’s lips finally reached her pussy she squeaked and her ass lifted off the mattress. God! It was better than she’d imagined it would be! He stroked her with his tongue, dipping deeply into her and she cried out. When he slipped a finger deep inside her as he sucked on her clit the strength of her orgasm caught her by surprise. He continued to pump his finger into her as she squealed and writhed on the bed.

Finally she pushed at his head to indicate she needed him to stop. He pulled back and she lay panting on the mattress, her head swimming with the tingling sensations throbbing between her legs.

God she felt so naughty! Ed was only the second man she’d ever been intimate with and he was so much better than her husband had ever been! She wanted to do something different with him. Something she’d never done before. Something raunchy! She tingled madly at the idea.

Stephanie smiled wickedly at Ed and rolled over, getting on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at him and licked her lips. “Take me from behind Ed,” she said, her voice trembling a little. She was excited and terrified at the same time. He was so big and she’d never had sex in any position other than missionary. ‘Doggy Style’ felt so dirty and daring for her.

Ed leaned forward and ran his tongue roughly over her pussy and she shrieked. He pulled back and looked at her in surprise.

“Sorry!” she gasped and her face went bright red. “You just surprised me!”

He nodded and moved forward again. He saw she was still wet from her last orgasm so he gently slid his finger into her pussy and gathered up some of the juices. She moaned and pushed back against his hand. He inserted a second finger and pumped them in and out for a minute as she gasped and moaned. He finally pulled them out and rubbed the fluids over the head of his throbbing cock and a little ways down the shaft. He positioned himself behind her and put one hand on her hip. He felt her trembling and paused.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“YES- I mean, yes. Just fuck me!” she squeaked.

He slapped the thick head of his cock against her pussy lips and she jumped and twitched.

“FUCK! Oh fuck! Ed! Fuck me!” she groaned.

He pushed forward and the head forced her lips apart slowly.

“FFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” she moaned loudly as she struggled to relax her muscles.

The head finally managed to slide in and another inch as well. “GOD! OH FUCK YOU’RE SO BIG! WAIT-WAIT-WAIT!” she screamed.

Ed held himself still and just enjoyed the heat and pressure on the tip of his cock. She was much tighter than Rachel but not as tight as Isabelle so he hoped that meant she wouldn’t pass out or get hurt. He moved his hands to her ass and squeezed the tight orbs in his palms. She cooed.

She felt like she was relaxing a little so he pulled back about an inch and pushed in two.

“FUCK! WAIT-WAIT-WAIT!” she cried out so he did. She was panting hard and he ran his hands up her back and massaged her tense muscles. This brought more coos and moans from her and he felt the clamping down on his cock ease off slightly. “Ok… ok…do it,” she whispered.

He slowly eased back two inches and felt her shaking. He slid in four. It felt so good!


Ed was seriously worried. She was so loud and he wasn’t sure if she was even enjoying this.

“Should I pull out? You don’t seem to be relaxing.” he said gently.

She laughed then groaned as this made her muscles spasm and he slid in another inch. “Oh god Ed, you are stretching me open.”

“That’s a bad thing, right?” he asked.

“No… no, it’s just… it… so full… god this is hot!” she mumbled as her head hung down.

“So I should keep going?” he asked as he grunted from the pressure she was applying to his hard cock.

“Slowly… so good… FUCK!” She squealed again when he slid out almost to the head and back in in one thrust. “OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK!”

Ed took hold of her hips and began to pump his cock in and out of her. She was shaking badly and her arms gave out, dropping her face to the mattress leaving her ass in the air. He was only able to get half of his cock into her tightness but it was enough. He increased his pace. She lifted one of her hands to rub at her clit and began to wail and tremble as her body went through an enormous release.

He was quickly reaching his own. “Stephanie, I’m going to cum. Where should I do it?”

“Inside- NO WAIT! On my tits!” she gasped in surprise at her slutty thoughts. She felt so wicked!

He pulled himself from her body and she yelped, dropping to the mattress as her body convulsed through an aftershock. He flipped her onto her back and she looked up at him in surprise. He moved forward on his knees and she grabbed his heavy cock in both hands. Three strokes later he was firing streams of hot cum over her stomach, tits, neck and face.

Stephanie’s eyes were wide and her mouth was open in shock as she felt his cum splashing all over her body. “Oh god! So much! All over me!” she breathed as her body trembled and shook. This was beyond her most sinful thoughts… and she loved it!

Ed’s eyes opened and he looked down to see the mess he’d made on the woman. She was smiling and running her finger over her skin between her breasts, rubbing his cum over her. Her face was flushed and her nipples were stiff.

“We should get cleaned up,” he said.

She looked up at him with wide eyes. “Together? In the shower?” her voice almost squeaked with her excitement.

He hadn’t meant together but it looked like she wanted that so he nodded. She grinned as he swung his leg over her and climbed off the bed. He held out his hand and helped her to her feet. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. His cum squished between their bodies making her moan into the kiss. She pulled back and led him into the bathroom and opened the glass door on the large shower stall. She stepped inside and looked back at him biting her lip. He followed her in and she grinned as she started the water.

The hot spray felt good and they let it rinse the cum from their bodies. He pumped some body wash into his palm and rubbed his hands together to make some lather. He ran his hands up her arms, over her shoulders and down over her breasts. She moaned and arched her back to press her tits more firmly against his hands.

Stephanie’s hands went to his cock and she felt it begin to swell in her fingers. It was so hot! She looked up into Ed’s blue eyes and bit her lip again. This was like that scene in the movie she’d watched the other night while she was alone in bed. She’d never been in the shower with her husband. His bathroom time was his alone. Asshole! The gorgeous man in front of her was looking at her like he wanted to fuck her all day! God he was so HOT!

She stepped forward against Ed and he kissed her. His hands moved to her ass and he squeezed the cheeks. She gasped into his mouth and he lifted her in his arms causing her to squeak in surprise. He leaned her back against the wall and she squeaked again at the shock of the cold tiles against her skin.

Then she felt the heat.

His thick cock was sliding into her pussy and he had her pinned to the wall. He was having his way with her and it was SO FUCKING SEXY! She hooked her heels against his ass as he began to pump his cock into her body. She swore he was going deeper than before! She felt like a leaf in the wind, carried away on his passion.

She took his face in her hands and she kissed him, driving her tongue into his mouth and sucking on his tongue frantically as her body raced towards another titan sized orgasm.

“I’m going to cum!” he growled.

“DO IT!” she gasped.

She felt his cock swelling even larger and her eyes rolled back as she screamed out her own release. Hot jets of cum filled her as her body convulsed and shook against his hard muscles pinning her in place. He kissed her neck and her body shook with the sensation of lightning running through her nerves. She felt all of her muscles trembling and she felt weak as a kitten in the big man’s arms.

Ed push back from the wall carrying Stephanie with him under the spray. He felt his cock relaxing within her and he lifted her off causing her to whimper quietly. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“Oh my God Ed! That was incredible! So sexy!” she breathed when she was finally able to speak. He gently set her back on her feet and held her until she could stand on her own.

He washed her hair and massaged her scalp as he did it. She purred under his hands.

Finally they were clean so she shut off the water and they dried themselves with big fluffy towels. They tucked the towels around themselves and smiled at each other as they walked out into the bedroom. He looked at the TV cabinet. This brought his mind back to his job. Which he wasn’t doing.

“Uh, you need to unblock the register under the TV cabinet. That will let the air conditioner and furnace properly cool and heat this room,” he advised.

She grinned at his earnest look. She nodded.

“I think I will just change all of the furniture in this room. I’ll get one of those big flat screen TVs mounted directly on the wall so I won’t need the cabinet at all.

Ed looked around and saw all the pieces of furniture she’d be replacing. That was going to be expensive. His eyebrows went up.

She caught on to where his thoughts went. “Not to worry, my soon to be ex-husband will pay for it!”

He smiled.

She walked out into the hall and moved his clothes into the dryer. They had 40 minutes. She collected his boxers and her clothes from the floor of the office then went back into the master bedroom to slip on some fresh panties and put her clothes back on. Ed put his boxers back on and she enjoyed the view while he did.

“Hungry?” she asked with a smile. When his eyes lit up she giggled. She felt so good!

They made their way down to the kitchen, Ed only in his boxers. She made them some roast beef sandwiches for lunch while he sat on a stool at the island. She enjoyed looking at his muscular chest while she worked.

She poured him a glass of milk and slid the plate over to him.

“Thank you!” he said politely.

She grinned as she picked up her own sandwich.

“You have a lovely home,” he said admiring the kitchen. He imagined how nice it would be to have this much work space and a six burner oven when he prepared meals at home.

“Thank you. Where do you live?” she asked.

“Over on Gramby Road near Corporate Drive,” he said between bites.

She shook her head as the names meant nothing to her.

“The other side of town. The far side near the industrial park,” he explained.

“Oh!” she said and tried to keep her surprise from showing on her face. Now she knew why the names were unfamiliar. She avoided that side of town as it was supposed to be dangerous. Looking at Ed’s size she assumed he wouldn’t have any issues there. Time to change the topic.

“Do you like working for Drakos?” she asked.

“Yes! I really enjoy the work and the other workers are really great to work with! Nice guys!” he gushed. “Mr. Drakos paid for my night school and my certification exams! He’s a great man!”

Stephanie smiled at his enthusiasm and realized he really was an innocent. She thought he was adorable… and sexy as hell!

They finished their lunch and made small talk until they heard the buzz of the dryer. They made their way back upstairs where Ed got dressed and gathered up his wallet, keys, and phone. He noticed a flashing light on his phone. A message. With a worried glance at Stephanie he listened to the message. It was Lydia telling him they needed him to go back to the meat packing plant as soon as possible. The message was from an hour ago so he had to run.

Stephanie walked him to the door and signed the service contract.

Before he headed out the door she grabbed his arm and looked him in the eye.

“Everything we did this morning is private between you and me, not to be shared with anyone.” she said with a serious tone.

Ed looked at her with wide eyes. “Of course!”

She saw no guile in him at all so she smiled and kissed him, leaving him breathless.

“I- I’ve gotta go!” he stuttered, eyes locked on her beautiful lips.

When she closed the door behind her she felt amazing! She wondered how soon she could arrange to get him back!

Chapter 27

Sunday morning Ed got up early to begin his chores. He mowed the lawn and his neighbor’s. He tidied up the yard. He went inside to vacuum and dust.

Shirley was puttering around in the kitchen preparing dinner. Grace was sleeping in as she liked to do on her day off.

He knelt to get the cleaning supplies from under the sink and had to rearrange the stuff he found there as they’d all been knocked over. He suddenly felt fingers running through his hair. He looked up at Shirley in surprise. “What are you doing?” he said quietly, glancing at the doorway.

Shirley smiled but there was lust in her eyes. “I was just thinking about the last time you used your wonderful mouth on me.”

“Shhhhh!” he hissed.

“I need a treatment soon!” she whined.

“What about Jerry?” Ed asked in frustration.

“He’s been complaining that we have sex too often. The man can’t keep up. Besides I told you yours is so much higher in quality!”

“Morning.” Grace mumbled as she shuffled into the kitchen.

Ed froze in fear but Shirley just walked over to her daughter and gave her a hug. “Good morning sweetie! What are you doing up so early on a Sunday?”

“Somebody decided to mow the lawn at an inhumanly early hour,” she growled at Ed’s back. She noticed his ears were red. “Did you sunburn your ears?” she said in exasperation.

“What? No!” he said and grabbed the furniture polish and a rag. He left the kitchen and Grace saw his whole face was red. He was embarrassed about something? Grace tried to recall what she’d overheard as she approached the kitchen but she hadn’t really been paying attention.

“Sorry about the mowing!” he called out from the living room. He really did sound sorry.

“You’re forgiven… THIS time!” she called out.

“Would you like me to make you some breakfast?” Shirley asked.

“Thanks but I think I’ll just have cereal this morning,” Grace replied.

“What are your plans today?” her mother asked.

Pouring a bowl of cereal the young woman sighed. “No plans.”

“Why don’t we treat ourselves to a little time at the beauty parlor? Manicure, pedicure, talking with gossipy women. It will be a fun mother and daughter outing!” Shirley exclaimed.

“That sounds expensive.” Grace said with a frown.

Ed overheard and walked back into the kitchen. “How much does it cost?”

“For both of us combined, probably $150 at Betty’s or $200 at the spa but you get a massage there as well.” Shirley said excitedly.

He pulled his wallet out and counted out $200. That left him $40 for today but that was plenty as he wasn’t going shopping. He put the money on the kitchen table between the two women. “Treat yourself at the spa!”

Shirley beamed a smile at him but Grace looked shocked. “ED! You shouldn’t throw your money away on such extravagances!”

“I’m not! I’m investing in two wonderful people who deserve a relaxing day together. I don’t do it often so once in a while shouldn’t be an issue. Go, have a good time!” he insisted.

Shirley scooped the money up and Grace looked at her in frustration. Ed poked a finger in the crease between her brows as he used to do when they were both much younger and she’d get angry. He’d flatten the wrinkle that formed there as if he thought that was all it took to fix her mood.

She immediately smiled and jumped up to hug him. He wrapped his big arms around her and squeezed her tight. God he felt good!

Ed released her and went back to his chores.

Grace sat back down feeling all warm and tingly and smiled at her mother who grinned back.

“Wait! What are you doing today, Ed?” she called out.

“I’m servicing a pool for one of my Drakos customers in Silverton Heights,” he said.

“Are you getting paid for that?” she asked.

“Uh, I don’t know. We didn’t talk about that,” he replied.

“Oh Ed. You’re too good natured! People are going to walk all over you!” she groaned.

“Oh leave the poor boy alone! Eat your cereal then get ready. I want to go to the spa!” Shirley exclaimed.

Grace’s temper flared again but she tucked it away. Best not to spoil what promised to be a good day.

Chapter 28

Ed was looking through the pool shed at Rachel’s to see if he had everything he needed and he didn’t.

“When did they open your pool?” he asked.

“The man showed up two weeks ago but he didn’t do a very good job. The pool looks dirty,” she grimaced.

“You don’t seem to have a pH tester and I can’t find the pool crawler,” he said.

“What’s a pool crawler?” she asked.

“It’s an automatic cleaner you put in the pool when you’re not using it. You don’t have a lot of overhanging trees but there’s still a lot of debris in the pool that needs to be cleaned out. A crawler would take care of that,” he explained. “If you don’t have one you should get one.”

Rachel jingled her car keys. “Let’s go!” she smiled.

He followed her to the garage and sat in the passenger seat of her convertible. He’d never been in one before. He watched Rachel get in and his eyes were drawn to her legs as the dress she was wearing slid up her thighs. He pulled his eyes away and caught her knowing smile.

She got them on the road and he gave her directions to the shop where she could get the supplies for the pool. As they drove Ed leaned his face back and enjoyed the sun on his face and the wind in his hair. Rachel had a beautiful silk scarf tied over her hair to protect it from the wind.

She was also wearing her sunglasses which hid her eyes so he couldn’t tell she was glancing at him occasionally. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt which showed off his powerful arms and shoulders and hugged his chest and tight belly. She only wished the board shorts he was wearing weren’t so loose. To her disappointment he’d told her that it was his swimsuit. His thrift store sunglasses were too small for his face and the beat up running shoes on his feet needed to find their way into a garbage can. She realized he needed a makeover. A plan began to form in her mind.

The shop was busy with customers but they managed to get what they needed and were back in the car in under thirty minutes. Rachel turned to Ed before she started the car.

“I have one stop to make before we head back. It shouldn’t take long,” she said. He smiled and nodded.

They made their way over to the mall. Ed followed Rachel in and she hooked her arm through his with a small smile on her lips at his blush. They went into a swimwear shop and were greeted by two very pretty and young sales clerks. They glanced at Rachel but focused on Ed’s hard body which made her smile to herself. She led him down the aisles as she looked through the bikinis. She pulled one off the rack and turned to Ed as she held the glittery fabric triangles over her chest. She looked up into his wide eyes and gave him a coy smile.

“Would you like to see me in this?” she said breathily.

Ed could only nod as he struggled to think of something else to prevent the tingles he was feeling.

Rachel felt a rush of power and deep satisfaction course through her as she saw him struggling with his desire for her. She felt so DAMN SEXY when she was with Ed. He was so good for her and her confidence was at an all-time high.

Now, something for him! She guided him to the men’s section. She looked at him, gauging his size and pulled a jammer swimsuit from the rack. The skin tight stretchy material would cling to his legs from hip down to three inches above the knee. More importantly, it would show off his thick cock! That’s what she wanted to be looking at while he worked on the pool. Not his baggy shorts. They had to go!

She pulled another more traditional pair of board shorts off the rack and liked the sophisticated style of the graduated grey background crisscrossed by black, white, and deep grey lines. It wouldn’t be as tight as the jammer swimwear but it was definitely tighter than what he had on now. It would also upgrade his look. She also spotted a black singlet in the same stretchy fabric as the jammers and picked that up. It would go with either swimsuit. She turned to Ed.

“I want you to try these on. Your board shorts are atrocious and do you no justice,” she said firmly.

“I can’t afford a new swimsuit!” he said.

“These are a gift from me and I won’t hear any arguing,” she smiled up at him.

He looked at the jammers. “Uh, these are going to be a little tight.” He gave her a nervous look.

“You’ll look delicious in them! I want to see you wearing them as you are working on the pool,” she smiled wickedly. “In you go! Try them on before the grey swimsuit. I want to see how they all fit.”

Ed took the clothes with a worried look and the red haired sales clerk opened a change room for him. She gave him a big smile and told him to let her know if he needed anything else. She put a little extra emphasis on ‘anything’ as she looked him in the eye and he swallowed.

He locked the door and took off his board shorts. He wasn’t wearing anything under them as he hadn’t expected to go shopping today.

The jammers slipped up his legs and he immediately saw he was going to have a problem. The fabric stretched but the waist was low so he had to tuck his cock down one of the legs and squeezing his soft flesh down the tight legging wasn’t easy. Finally he got everything in place and looked at himself in the mirror.

It was exactly what he was trying to avoid. While the black material partially hid him, from close it accentuated the contours.

“How is it going in there?” Rachel called out.

“Uh, this- this is really snug. It doesn’t really hide much,” he responded.

“Let me see,” she insisted firmly.

Feeling like he was naked he opened the door and peered out. He only saw Rachel and she had already seen him naked so he walked out into the store. He froze when he heard twin gasps and saw the heads of the two sales clerks looking at him in shock over one of the racks.

Rachel looked like the cat who ate the canary as she saw the beast pressed against the tight fabric. She knew she had to buy this swimsuit and he would wear it today!

“Yes, next!” she grinned.

Ed rushed back to the change room but the door had locked behind him. He looked back and saw the red haired clerk approaching cautiously.

“You- you want me to open that for you?” she squeaked, trying unsuccessfully to keep her wide eyes above his waist.

“Yes please.” Ed mumbled in embarrassment. He stepped back and she unlocked the door. She stepped back but Ed still had to pass close to her to get into the small room. She openly gawked as she got a good look at the tight swimsuit and what it was squeezing against his leg. Her face went red and she fast walked back to her brunette friend with a huge grin, barely containing her giggles.

Ed peeled the swimsuit off and pulled the grey one on. He pulled his shirt off and put on the tight black singlet. He was surprised how cool the shirt felt against his skin. It let the air through. He looked at himself in the mirror and had to admit the combination looked really nice. He could still make out the shape of his cock hanging down the left leg but it was far more subtle than the other swimsuit. He stepped out and Rachel’s eyes lit up.

“Oh yes! You look very nice! Much better!” Rachel said with a hungry smile. She looked over at the sales clerk. “We’ll take them. He’ll wear them out.”

This time it was the brunette who came forward as she had scissors. She walked up to stand close to Ed and carefully removed the tags. The red head rushed up to his side with a device for removing the security tags pinned to the clothes. She then opened the change room again and Ed handed her the stretchy swimsuit.

“We’ll take that too.” Rachel said with a smile. The clerk smiled and headed to the cash. Ed collected his board shorts and transferred his wallet and keys to the pockets of his new swimsuit. He stuffed his feet into the sneakers and walked out of the change room.

“No! Those shoes won’t do!” Rachel said as she took in how they ruined his new look. She turned to the red haired clerk. “Do you carry those sandals you can wear into the water?”

“Yes, what size?” she asked.

Rachel looked at Ed. “Twelve,” he said.

The clerk rushed off to the back and moments later returned with a shoe box. She opened it and pulled out the black sandals. She undid the Velcro straps and Ed kicked off his shoes and stepped into the sandals. The clerk knelt at his feet to adjust the straps. This allowed her to glance at the ridge line running down the leg of his shorts from very, very close.

She stood up with her cheeks burning and Ed looked at the sandals. They were really comfortable and he had to admit, they looked far better than his beat up sneakers. He walked around a little and they still felt great.

“Almost perfect!” Rachel said. She crooked a finger at him. He walked over to her and she reached up and pulled his cheap sunglasses off.

“These aren’t good for your eyes. Substandard UV protection! We’ll pick a pair from the display case by the cash.” She looked back at the clerk and handed her the bikini she was carrying. “We’ll take this and the sandals too. He’ll wear them out.”

The red head smiled, tucked his running shoes into the box and carried them to the front.

“This is too much! The sandals alone are eighty bucks!” Ed exclaimed.

They were alone in the store so Rachel moved up to stand right next to him and placed her hands on his chest. Tingles ran through her at the feel of the smooth, tight fabric on his big muscles. She pulled her mind back from that.

“Edward, listen to me. I sued my ex-husband for everything he had and I won. I am set for life. I have all the money I’ll need for two lifetimes! I have a huge home to live in and a sporty car to drive. But I’m all alone. I have no family to buy presents for. It makes me happy. You make me happy. Let me be happy.”

Ed considered her words and while he still felt uncomfortable with how much Rachel was spending on him he nodded. She smiled and patted his chest.

“Let’s go pick out some new sunglasses!”

When they left the store Ed looked like a new man. The classic design of his new $200 sunglasses combined with the rest of his outfit gave him a more mature and stylish look. Ed almost choked when he saw how much she’d spent on him but she just patted his hand and smiled.

Rachel couldn’t stop smiling as she walked towards the mall exit with her arm wrapped around Ed’s.


She stopped and looked towards the voice. She froze. Her? Here? She quickly slipped a smile on her lips. “Victoria! Fancy meeting you here!”

Ed looked at the woman who’d called out and saw she was very well dressed, wore some very expensive looking jewellery, and must have spent some time in one of those spas that Grace and Shirley were going to today. Perfectly styled gleaming yellow gold hair made her look like one of those movie actresses from the 1940’s. It looked so luxurious and soft his hands itched to run through it.

Smooth and lightly tanned, her skin was free of any blemishes, creases, or wrinkles. Arching brows, hazel eyes, aquiline nose, bold red lipstick, and a tall slim physique completed the image of a Hollywood star. He couldn’t tell how old she was and she looked just a little too perfect to be real.

She sighed theatrically and rolled her eyes. “My twins dragged me here to look for some short shorts they just had to have because all of their friends have them and this is the only place with the store that sells them!” the woman moaned. She looked at Ed and her perfect left eyebrow began to rise. “And who do we have here?”

Rachel smiled at the big man but Ed saw her jaw flex like she was gritting her teeth. He’d seen Grace do that when she was angry. He didn’t know what was going on so he decided to introduce himself. He slipped off his sunglasses and leaned forward to take Victoria’s hand. He looked her in the eye and smiled to make a good impression.

“Hello, I’m Edward Walters. It’s very nice to meet you Victoria,” he said, his voice rumbling just a little as he was distracted by how incredibly soft her hand was.

Victoria was trapped by the big man’s pale blue eyes and deep voice. She blinked. “Hello, I’m Victoria Rutledge,” she mumbled then blushed in embarrassment at her behavior.

Ed released her hand. “Rutledge… I’ve heard that name recently.”

Rachel was back to smiling. “Victoria is a neighbor of mine and her husband Nelson is a Judge. He’s been in the news this past week.”

“Yes, Nelson is making waves again.” Victoria sighed, grateful to move on from her momentary lapse.

At Ed’s confused look Rachel explained. “Judge Rutledge is speaking out against a ruling from the Supreme Court. He’s very contentious!”

“He’s a stubborn old fool, you mean.” Victoria grumbled.

“Well, he does love the spotlight.” Rachel said.

“It’s true,” the blond nodded then looked back at Ed. “What do you do Edward?”

“I work for Drakos Heating and Cooling. I’ve been servicing the air conditioners in a few homes in Silverton Heights recently. Today I’m servicing Rachel’s pool,” he said with an open smile.

“You work in Heating and Cooling and… Pools?” Victoria asked, confused.

“Oh! Sorry, I’m just looking after the pool because she asked and I know how to do it,” he clarified.

“Well! That’s excellent customer service! I should call Drakos and set up an appointment as well!” Victoria said with a smile, taking in his large muscular body. Rachel froze and went back to clenching her jaw though the pleasant smile never left her lips.

Suddenly two giggling blonde teens rushed up to Victoria clutching shopping bags in their hands. They stopped and looked up at Ed as he smiled at them. They smiled shyly back as they oggled his large biceps.

“That’s my cue to head home. It was delightful to bump into you Rachel and lovely to meet you Edward. Expect to receive a call from me in the not too distant future!” she waved as she guided her giggling girls down the hall.

Rachel had caught the self-satisfied smile on the blonde’s face when she’d turned to leave.

“She seems nice.” Ed said looking at Rachel as the smile slipped from her face.

“Let’s go home,” was her reply. She headed for her car and Ed walked beside her.

Rachel’s mood was taking a tumble. She shouldn’t let it happen but Victoria got under her skin like no one else did.

The woman had wealth which was necessary because she spent a fortune maintaining her looks but it was working. She was a member of the most exclusive clubs and rubbed elbows with the upper crust of society. She had a husband who was fifteen years older than her but at least he hadn’t tried to kill her. She had children who obviously loved her. Her mansion was grander than Rachel’s. Her car was… well, Rachel’s was nicer. But now she was after Edward! Rachel didn’t mind sharing his time with her friends but Victoria was another story.

She looked up at him and he smiled at her. He saw tension in her face and his smile slipped away.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, concerned.

She smiled and shook her head. “No, I’m just being silly. Let’s go.”

They drove back in silence but soon Rachel noticed Ed casually moving his arm down to hide the bulge forming in his new shorts as he snuck glimpses of her legs and cleavage. Her good mood began to bounce back.

After they parked Ed carried the pool supplies around to the pool shed. He’d have to assemble the pool crawler and manually scoop out the bulk of the debris first.

He heard Rachel calling him from the patio door at the back of the house. He walked back to see her and she was wearing the new bikini. Ed’s eyes widened and he tried not to stare at her incredible breasts and the amazing things the bikini was doing to them. She smiled at his appreciation then she held up his new stretchy swimsuit.

“You should be wearing this one,” she said with a sexy smile.

He looked nervously at the small suit then reached out for it.

“You can get changed in the washroom off the kitchen,” she said pointing to the door.

Ed slipped off his sandals and walked over to the bathroom. He took off the grey shorts and struggled once more to position himself down the leg of the tight swimsuit. He stepped out and saw Rachel had moved out onto the patio. She’d pulled a lounge chair out so she could sun herself and watch him work.

He walked out and headed for the pool shed when Rachel called out to him again. He turned and approached her chair. “It’s a beautiful day, you should take off the shirt and soak in a little vitamin D. I’ll put lotion on your back.”

He nodded and peeled the shirt up and over his head as she watched. That satisfied smile was back on her lips as she approached with the bottle of lotion. She poured some in her hand and handed the bottle to Ed.

The back yard was very private but she wasn’t about to take a chance of someone walking in the side gate. She’d keep the activities PG while they were outside. The Triple X activities were reserved for the privacy of inside. She moved to his back and started with his shoulders and neck. She worked her way down his broad back feeling the muscles there bunch and slide as he applied lotion to his face, chest, and arms. She got him to squirt a little more in her hand so she could finish his lower back. She was getting a little flushed touching his body and had difficulty restraining herself from sliding her hands under the swimsuit. He bent over to apply lotion to his legs and feet and she saw his strong ass muscles shifting under the tight swimsuit and she bit her lip to stop the gasp from escaping. She moved around to his front to make sure he’d rubbed the lotion in properly. When he stood up she saw some streaks on his face so she reached up and rubbed them away. He smiled and slipped his sunglasses back on and handed her the lotion.

“That’s a very nice bikini,” he said as his face turned pink.

She smiled wickedly and turned to walk back to her lounge chair. She heard his sharp intake of breath as he finally saw how little of her ass was covered by the tiny swimsuit. She smiled over her shoulder at him and saw his bulge stretching down his leg. A thrill shot through her and she felt her nipples tingling as they pressed against the bikini top.

She settled herself on the lounge and began rubbing lotion on her skin as Ed stood watching. She stopped and smiled at him.

He came out of his daze with a start and moved quickly over to the shed. He found the leaf skimmer and saw it had a telescoping handle. He extended it to its maximum length and walked to the side of the pool to begin cleaning. He was surprised by how much debris was on the bottom of the pool. He looked up at Rachel.

“Did you see him clean the pool?” he called out.

“I didn’t watch him so no,” she responded. “Why?”

He looked around at the trees in the proximity of the pool. He scooped up some leaves from the bottom and they looked like they’d begun decomposing. “I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think he cleaned the pool.” He made his way along the side scooping out the gunk on the bottom of the pool. It wasn’t heavy but the awkwardness of the position was tiring and he was working up a sweat.

Rachel rested back on her lounge and drank in the view of Ed’s glistening muscles as he worked on the pool. This was infinitely better than her pool boy fantasy because it was real! The man in her fantasy hadn’t been as beautifully built as Ed either! Or as well hung! Rachel was so glad she’d insisted on buying him that swimsuit. She was becoming seriously wet and had difficulty resisting the urge to slide her fingers under her bikini bottoms to rub her tingling clit.

Ed finished scooping all the solid debris from the pool and it was time to put the crawler together and get it working. He got the wisk broom and dustpan from the shed and picked up the stuff he’d scooped from the pool and put it in the yard waste bin beside the garage, after confirming no one was around to see him in his swimsuit.

He rushed back to the shed and began assembling the crawler. The one they got would reach all surfaces of the pool.

Assembling things was Ed’s forte so he made quick work of the crawler and soon had it making its way along the bottom of the pool. He watched with a satisfied smile as the surface of the pool behind the crawler showed it was working as it was supposed to. He went back to the shed and returned with the pH tester and a bottle of algaecide. The water’s pH levels were fine so he just poured the algaecide in as it didn’t look like the service technician had done so.

He’d done all he could do so he packed the chemicals away and carried the packaging to the trash cans, once more making a dash to the bin and back into the backyard. He walked up to the lounge chair and Rachel watched him approach with a smile on her lips.

“Are you finished?” she asked.

“Yes, the crawler just needs some time to remove the rest of the gunk from the bottom of the pool,” he said looking over at the pool.

“Does this mean you’re free to rub some lotion on my back?” she said with a smile.

“Uh, sure!” he replied picking up the lotion.

Rachel turned over on the lounge and reached back to untie the strings on the bikini top. She pulled them back so Ed wouldn’t have to work around the straps.

He rubbed the lotion between his hands then started at her neck and shoulders. He heard her sigh as his hands moved across her skin. He massaged the lotion in, drawing moans and coos from her. He worked his way down towards her ass which he couldn’t take his eyes from.

She must have known he was looking as she clenched the muscles making him jump and his hands stopped. She chuckled. “Don’t let my bottom get burned. It needs lotion too!”

Ed moved his hands back up and rubbed lotion down the sides and back of her arms. Then he ran his hands down the sides of her torso, fingers stroking the sides of her breasts. She gasped then purred from the tingles running through her body.

He added a little more lotion to his hands then held them over her ass cheeks and froze. There was no way to do this without it being sexy. He lowered his hands and kneaded her lovely round ass. She moaned deeply and pushed her ass up against his hands.

“Oh Edward, that feels so good!” she whispered. “Don’t forget to get under the waistband and along the edges of the bikini.”

Ed’s cock was hard as iron and straining against his swimsuit. He ran his fingers up under the fabric and massaged the lotion in firmly, feeling her tremble under his hands. He slid his fingers down her crack and she gasped.

“Edward! Wait! Oh my god! You almost made me cum!” she whispered. She quickly retied her top then glanced around the yard. She looked at him and saw his massive erection pushing down his leg under the tight fabric. She moaned at the sight.

“Come with me,” she said as she rolled to her feet and quickly walked to the patio door.

He was right behind her, staring at her ass flex and bounce as she moved. He wanted to reach out and grab it again but kept his hands to himself.

They got inside and Rachel closed and locked the patio door. She took his hand and pulled him up the stairs to her bedroom. She knelt before him next to the bed and rubbed her face against his fabric encased flesh.

“Oh fuck you are so deliciously big!” she sighed.

Ed moaned at the wonderful sensations she was sending through him.

She grabbed the waistband of his swimsuit and pulled it down until his heavy cock sprung free. He stepped from the fabric at his feet as she wrapped the fingers of both her hands around his hot, hard flesh.

“Oh Rachel, that feels so good!” he moaned then gasped as she took him into her mouth. She moaned when the head reached the back of her throat causing him to gasp once more from the vibrations.

She pulled him from her mouth and looked up at him with hunger in her eyes.

“Fuck me Edward! Take me!” she growled sexily.

Ed picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She squeaked in surprise then gasped as he plucked the knots on her bikini bottoms undone and pulled the suit from her body. He lifted her legs and ran his tongue over her pussy and found her to be hot and wet. She cried out in bliss so he strummed her pussy with his tongue a few more times until she was panting with need. He quickly flipped her over onto her stomach and slid his body over hers, his knees forcing her legs apart.

Rachel was terrified he might drive his thick cock into her ass but when the head pushed against the wet lips of her pussy she moaned and shook. She felt the heat begin to slide into her, stretching her open.

“OH FUCK, YES!” she gasped.

Ed was in heaven! She was so hot and wet and her pussy gripped his cock so tightly. He had to resist the urge to slam forward. Instead, he slowly pushed forward driving himself deeper and deeper. He pressed her down against the mattress and she squirmed under him.

“Oh my god Edward, you’re so fucking big! That feels so good!” she moaned.

Finally he reached as far as he was going to get. Just as slowly he withdrew his cock from her body all the way to the tip. She shuddered and shook through the entire stroke. He pushed forward, faster this time and she cried out.

“FUCK! So big!” she whimpered as her head dropped to the mattress.

Ed couldn’t get over how tight her pussy was and how good his cock felt inside her. His hips were beginning to move on their own, pulling out and driving in faster and faster. Rachel was making little whimpering sounds as she clawed at the sheets. He began to pound her down against the mattress and her whimpers became grunts each time he slapped her ass with his pelvis.

“OH-OH-FUCK-ME-AH-AH-GOD-AH-FUCK!” she cried out, one word per slap.

Ed was getting close but he remembered she needed stronger pressure to cum so he drove himself deep and covered her with his body. Then he grabbed her hip and rolled over onto his back, taking her with him until she was lying across his body. She squealed in surprise.

This new position freed up his hands so he moved his left down to rub her clit in little circles as he filled his right hand with her tit.

“OH YES! LIKE THAT! OH EDWARD! OH YES!” she cried out as her head fell back against his shoulder.

His hips continued to thrust and soon she was bouncing on his pelvis as he hammered up into her. He rubbed her clit firmly and her hand landed on his to make him press harder. She was making unintelligible sounds and he felt her tensing her muscles. He was right there with her as her orgasm exploded across her senses. He tugged on her left nipple as she pulled on her right one and she screamed silently, her muscles clenching and twitching.

Ed felt the walls of her pussy rippling over his cock and that pushed him over the edge. He jetted stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her pussy. She moaned feeling him fill her with his seed.

They rested like that, Ed deep inside her, her on top of him, both breathing hard as their orgasms slowly ebbed. His right arm was wrapped around her to keep her stable, his hand cupping her tit.

Finally Rachel was able to speak. “Edward, that was amazing! You are amazing!” she gushed.

“You’re more than a little amazing yourself!” he panted. His stomach muscles were a little sore from their activities. His cock slipped free of Rachel’s warmth and both trembled at the sensation.

Rachel rolled off Ed’s chest to the mattress and lay there trying to catch her breath.

She glanced over at the clock and saw it was getting close to dinner time. “I had plans to go out to dinner with some friends but I could cancel if you’d like to stay. We could order in,” she suggested.

Ed smiled at her. “Thank you but I have to head home. Sunday dinners are kind of a tradition in our house.” She smiled back.

“Would you like to take a quick shower before you head out?” she asked and he nodded. They got off the bed and walked into the master ensuite and walked into the large shower stall. The water was wonderfully hot and they refrained from touching each other as they knew where that would lead and it was getting late. That didn’t stop Ed from drinking in her beauty with his eyes.

Rachel felt so incredibly sexy! And beautiful and desired! This gorgeous young man couldn’t get enough of her and that was the best medicine for her soul. She was looking forward to dinner tonight. Angie and Zoe were so much fun to go out on the town with and she and Angie had some tales to share with their friend who would be meeting Ed soon as well.

They dried off and Ed recalled his clothes were downstairs in the kitchen. He ran downstairs to get them while she dried her hair. Once he was dressed he went upstairs to let Rachel know he was leaving. She put on her robe and followed him down to the front door. She kissed him before she opened the door and she felt it right down to her toes. She patted him on the chest and they said their goodbyes. He slipped out the door and she locked it behind him with a happy sigh.

Ed drove home feeling pretty damn good. He helped Rachel by cleaning her pool. Then they had amazing sex! All in all a pretty damn good day!

He saw Shirley and Grace were back from the spa and he was right on time for dinner. He walked in the door and smelled the wonderful scent of Shirley’s pot roast with roast potatoes, peas, and biscuits. His mouth watered. He pushed his new shades up on his head as he walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face.

The two women were looking happy and relaxed from their time at the spa. Both had fresh nail polish on though Grace stuck with her favorite color, black. Shirley went with a bold red color.

“Don’t you two look relaxed! You have a good time at the spa?” he grinned.

They looked over at him with smiles which froze on their faces as they took in his new sophisticated look. The black skin tight singlet with the grey shorts and the new sunglasses perched on his head. Shirley’s eyes went wide with delight and her smile turned into a grin.

Grace, though, her smile went away. Her expression was swinging between worry and anger.

“Ed, where did you get the money for the spa and those new clothes? I’ve seen one of your paystubs and I know what you put in our account. You couldn’t have afforded both,” Grace said, her voice sounding strained.

Ed blinked. “The two hundred dollars was from my pay. These new clothes were a gift from the customer whose pool I worked on today. She said my shorts were terrible and my sunglasses weren’t real protection for my eyes,” he said earnestly.

“Did she pay you for working on the pool?” Her voice still sounded odd to Ed and he was beginning to worry.

“No… did- did I do something wrong?” he cringed. He didn’t like making Grace upset.

“No, of course you didn’t do anything wrong Ed! That was very sweet of your friend to buy you this gift. You look very handsome!” Shirley blurted with an annoyed look at her daughter.

Grace was back to looking worried. “It doesn’t concern you that a rich woman may be taking advantage of Ed’s good nature and may be trying to lure him into her bed?” she exclaimed to her mother.

“Ed’s an adult! He can make his own decisions! He has a job with a good income. He’s meeting new people and some of them may be attracted to him and may wish to take him to bed. Like I said, he’s an adult! He can make those decisions for himself!”

Ed’s face was beet red from the conversation they were having about him. He turned and went downstairs to his room. He didn’t want any part of this argument.

“Now look at what you’ve done! You embarrassed Ed!” Shirley complained.

“I EMBARRASSED HIM!?! You were the one talking about his sex life in front of the man!”

“Well at least we both agree he IS a man!” Shirley barked back.

Grace got up and rushed after Ed. His door was closed so she knocked.

“Ed? I’m sorry if we embarrassed you,” she said through the door.

“It’s OK, but I’m not talking about this with you or Shirley,” he called back and Grace felt her chest tightening with dread. She recalled another time recently when he’d locked her out. She automatically tried the doorknob and discovered it wasn’t locked this time.

“I’m coming in alright?” she called out.

“…ok,” he replied.

Ed was sitting on the bed watching her nervously. Grace agreed with her mom that he did look very handsome in his new clothes. He looked… delicious! She pulled her thoughts back from that dangerous path. She walked over to the bed and sat next to him.

“I’m just looking out for you. It’s an old habit that’s hard to break.” She bumped his arm with her shoulder. He felt like a brick wall.

“I appreciate that but like Shirley said I’m an adult and as an adult I… choose not to discuss this.” Ed finished.

She stared up into his eyes, wondering what the woman had done to him. Then she imagined exactly what she’d done with him and tingles shot through her body. She leaned against his arm and enjoyed their closeness. She needed this. When he wrapped his arms around her she sighed happily.

“I love you Grace. You know that, right?” he rumbled and she felt the vibrations travel through her body.

“Oh, Ed, I love you too! You’re the best thing that’s happened to me!” she sighed.

“I distinctly remember you saying your boobs were the best thing that happened to you,” he teased.

“ED! I DIDN… oh wait I did say that, didn’t I!” She began to giggle and Ed smiled having made her happy again. He wished they could stay like this forever.

“Dinner’s ready!” Shirley yelled from the kitchen. They sighed in unison then laughed.

“Let’s go eat.” Grace said as she glanced down to admire Ed’s new shorts. Then she saw the clear outline of what Ed had been trying to hide all these years and her eyes went wide. It was her turn to blush as she quickly stood and made her way to the door. Ed watched her haste in surprise.

“I, uh, have to use the washroom before dinner. I’ll be right there.” Grace called over her shoulder as she left his room.

Ed followed at a slower pace and went to the kitchen and heard Grace rushing upstairs. He hoped she was alright.

Grace closed the door behind her as the flush bloomed on her cheeks. Her mind went back to all the clues she’d had over the years. His insistence in wearing those awful baggy pants. The way he hugged when standing. How he’d behaved when he came back from that party.

He was ashamed! He had an enormous cock and he was ashamed of it! His need for privacy suddenly made so much sense. Moving his bedroom to the basement. Taking his showers in that cramped little bathroom. How he freaked out when she caught him wearing only a towel. She shivered at the memory.

She heard her mom calling her so she splashed water on her face and headed back downstairs. She’d play it cool as that’s what Ed needed. For now.

Chapter 29

Lydia told Ed when he arrived in the morning that her father was looking for him. Ed walked down the hall and poked his head in the man’s door.

“Good morning Mr. Drakos!”

The man looked up from his PC screen. “Ah! Ed please come in and take a seat! I’ll be with you in a second.”

Ed sat in front of the desk and watched him hunt and peck at his keyboard for a few minutes. Finally he moved the mouse carefully and a few clicks later he sat back in his chair.

“I miss the days before computers,” he grumped and Ed smiled.

“I called for you for a few reasons. First, I am very pleased with your performance so far. Your customers, especially in Silverton Heights, have been very pleased. Each one so far has signed the contract. So keep up the good work! You have some more homes on your schedule so keep doing what you’ve been doing and we’ll have most of the homes in that neighborhood under contract!”

Ed grinned at the good news.

“Now our competition isn’t very happy about us taking their customers so I need you to keep your eyes open. That bastard over at Victory Whole Home Comfort isn’t above sending his boys out to do a little rough stuff. Keep a crowbar in the cab of your truck,” his boss suggested. Ed’s eyes went wide.

“You’re not much of a fighter, are you?” Drakos said, seeing the worried look on his face. Ed shook his head. “Just hold it in one hand and tap it against your other palm.” He demonstrated with a pencil. “Look them in the eye and smile. With your size they’ll probably be too intimidated to actually do anything. Listen, I’m probably just being paranoid and they won’t try anything but I just want you to be careful out there.” Ed nodded again.

“The next thing I wanted to talk to you about is a call I received this morning from a potential new client in Silverton Heights. This one would be a real feather in our cap if you can get them to sign on. The Rutledges are the most connected people in this city. We land this home contract and do a good job we’ll have a toe in the door to getting some very lucrative commercial contracts later. How did you meet Victoria Rutledge?” the man asked, fixing him with an odd stare.

“We bumped into her and her daughters at the mall.” Ed explained.


“Rachel Thompson and me.”

“So you were with Mrs. Thompson this weekend… Mrs. Rutledge mentioned something about servicing a pool?” Drakos’ said uneasily.

“Yes, on Sunday afternoon I cleaned the pool and checked the chemicals. The technician who opened the pool didn’t clean the bottom properly. He did a poor job!” Ed said with disapproval clear in his tone.

“Earning a little money on the side?” his boss asked.

“No, she’s a friend. I played football with her step-son.”

Drakos was feeling a little better. Ed wasn’t having financial trouble so there didn’t appear to be a danger of him leaving. Nothing he needed to worry about.

“You’ve got a busy schedule this week. You have two more potential contracts in Silverton Heights, one today, the Pattersons and one on Saturday, the Sandovals. I need you to do the final inspection of the meat packing plant, so I’ve scheduled that for tomorrow. Mrs. Thompson’s new condenser will be in on Wednesday. Mrs. Mathews air cleaner and humidifier is coming in on Thursday. Friday I have you working with Terry and Pete on an installation at a mall expansion in the city’s north end. Next Monday you are scheduled to visit the Rutledge estate. Sometime next week the air cleaner and humidifier will come in for the Pattersons, probably Tuesday.”

“That’s great! I like to be busy!” Ed smiled and his boss beamed at him. Ed had quickly become his favorite employee.

“Off you go! Make me proud!” Drakos barked.

“Yes SIR!” Ed said as he sprung to his feet and snapped a salute with a grin. His boss just made a shooing motion as he turned back to his PC with a small smile on his lips.

He collected the work order and the new contract from Lydia, put his crow bar in the cab of his truck and headed off to Silverton Heights once more. As he’d promised, he kept an eye open for service trucks from his competition but the drive was uneventful so he breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled into the long driveway leading up to the Patterson’s house. He parked by the side of the house and walked up to the front door. He heard the sound of another vehicle coming up the drive and saw a large red SUV which stopped in front of the door. He heard the chatter of happy kids and saw Stephanie Mathews behind the wheel.

Ed smiled and walked over to her side of the truck as the window went down.

“Hi!” he said looking into her lovely blue eyes.

“Hi Ed!” she said with a wide smile.

“Did you get a call from the office? Your new condenser will be ready for installing on Thursday,” he said.

“Yes, I got the call and I’ve made arrangements for Carolyn to watch the kids to keep them out of your way,” she said with a sexy smile and Ed’s eyes were drawn to her lips.

“Uh, ok, great! Well, I’ll see you then!” he said pulling his attention back from the distraction. Her eyes were almost twinkling with glee.

He waved and walked back to the front door as it burst open with the sound of squealing kids. Two munchkins raced past him and climbed into the truck. Carolyn was standing in the doorway waving at her friend. Once the kids were buckled in Stephanie drove them back down the driveway.

“Hi!” Ed said looking up at Carolyn.

“Hi, come on in!” Carolyn said standing back. She led him into the kitchen after he kicked off his boots.

She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and he caught sight of some intriguing tattoos on the back of her neck leading down to her shoulders. He recalled Angie’s rather unique tribute to her late husband’s band. He wondered what Carolyn’s tattoo’s commemorated. He’d never seen anything quite like it.

“So what’s on the agenda today?” she asked as they took their seats.

Ed described what he would be doing in his inspection and what was covered under a service contract should she decide to sign up for one. The entire time he spoke her eyes were on his and he was just a little unnerved by her unwavering attention but he got through the whole speech without flubbing. He was rather proud of himself for that.

“That sounds pretty good. How long does the inspection take?” she asked as she looked at the clock.

“It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes,” he replied.

She nodded to herself. “45 minutes would be perfect.” She looked back at Ed. “I’m going to be in my office which is just down that hall. With the kids out of the house I need to use this quiet time for writing. When you are done just come find me in my office. The door will be open. Leave the front door unlocked so you can come and go to your truck as you need. Ok?”

“Sure, that’s great.” Ed replied.

With a final smile Carolyn nodded at him and hustled away.

Ed walked back to his truck and smiled to himself. This job was going smoothly already. He got his tools and began his inspection. He spotted the same issues with Carolyn’s furnace as he did at Stephanie’s and realized the homes looked identical structurally. It was even the same make of furnace. He continued his inspection.

Forty minutes later he packed away his tools and filled out the paperwork as he walked back into the house. As he was done he locked the front door and walked down the hall to find Carolyn. At the end of the hall was a room filled with papers, maps, artifacts, trinkets, and books in cases right to the ceiling. Wedged into all of this was an antique and ornate wood desk with a fancy, large screen computer perched on top. He couldn’t see Carolyn but he could hear the rapid tapping of keys.

“Hello?” he called out as he knocked on the door jamb.

Carolyn’s face peered around the screen. She pulled her earphones off and smiled at him. “All done?”


She rose from behind the desk and led him back to the kitchen.

Once they sat she listened attentively as he delivered his report.

“Alright, order the parts and I take it you’ll be the one installing them?” she asked.


“Where do I sign for the service contract?”

Ed smiled and handed her the contract. He pointed to the spots she was to sign and clarified what each section meant. Once it was signed he gave her a copy.

His curiosity was burning in him so he had to ask. “Your office is so full of papers. Are you a professor? It looks like a professor’s office I saw on TV.”

She smiled. “I’m actually trained as an anthropologist. When I was your age I travelled to far away places and lived with different tribes of people in their natural habitat.”

Ed grinned. “That sounds exciting!”

She smiled. “It really was though sometimes it was very scary. I did it for fifteen years then I met my husband who was also in the field. We fell in love and came back to the states to start our own tribe.”

Ed looked confused. “A family. We came back to have kids. I was also offered a position at the university but I got pregnant almost immediately. I turned down the position as I wanted to concentrate on the kids. My husband took the position and we wrote some books about our time in the field. We did very well financially with those books and my husband went to signings and conferences. It turned out he’s really bad at public speaking. Dull and uninspiring. I was always the articulate one. After a few years he decided he needed to go back out into the field. We had kids so I stayed home to look after them. He phones in his notes now and I create books from them. He’s currently researching ‘happiness’. What it takes to be happy in different cultures around the world. He’s in Thailand now. Shacked up with two ladyboys.”

“What’s a ladyboy?” Ed asked curiously.

Carolyn blinked as she looked at his innocent face and a smile slipped onto her lips. “Pretty young men who dress up as ladies and have sex with men.”

Ed’s face showed his surprise. “They have sex with your husband?”

She nodded. “After a few years of marriage and just before he headed back out into the field Rick told me he wanted an open marriage. He wanted to be free to explore the world and all it had to offer him… including other sex partners. He knows all our finances are in my name so he doesn’t want a divorce. He also knows I am a far better writer than he is so I do what I do and he does what he does. What he does introduces him to a lot of new people many of whom he takes to bed. The ladyboys are just the most recent divergence for Rick.” Her earlier smile faded.

Ed heard the sadness in her voice. “I’m sorry.”

She looked at the compassion in his eyes and smiled. “With the kids and the writing taking up most of my time I don’t get to meet many people like he does. Even with the open marriage I never get the opportunities my husband does.”

Ed thought how unfair it was for her husband to go live out his dreams while she was trapped here. “Would you go back to being an anthropologist if you could?” he asked gently.

“No, I’ve gotten that out of my system. I really enjoy the writing and have begun writing my own memoires. When it hits the shelves people are going to realize who the author of my husband’s books has been from the start. That should be an interesting time!” she grinned.

He smiled at her. She was really easy to talk to. He wished she’d been one of his teachers back in high school. He had one more question to ask.

“I couldn’t help notice the top of a tattoo on the back of your neck. I don’t recognize it at all. Is it something from one of the tribes you lived with?” Ed asked.

She smiled broadly and lifted her top off in one quick motion. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath so he got a very close look at her naked tits. She turned around and he saw the full tattoo. The geometric shapes were mesmerizing.

“It’s gorgeous!” he exclaimed. “Who did it?”

“There was a small group of indigenous people I came upon in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. They were the last of their people and I was lost. They took me in and after eight months I was honored with this tattoo. It’s the only written record of their people,” she said with sadness in her voice.

He looked closer and saw there were distinct symbols within the swirling lines. Writing? “What does it say?”

“We’ll never know. Before I was able to get enough information on translating it they were killed by a group of guides leading my husband’s expedition in the region. I was shot too but Rick got me medical attention and saved my life. Considering it was his people who killed off this peaceful tribe I wasn’t too keen on him at first. It took a year of wooing before I’d agree to marry him.” She sighed and turned back to face him.

Ed was trying to look anywhere but at her tits but they were really lovely. She was looking him right in the eye. She seemed to be making a decision.

“Do you know what an open marriage means Ed?” she asked.

“No promise to be faithful?” he said.

“And no expectation to be faithful but I have been. Initially just because I didn’t want an open marriage. Then when he began video calling me from his lover’s bedrooms I wanted to have revenge sex but I had no opportunity. That was a good thing because I was pretty upset and might have done something very stupid. I’m over that now. I’ve had time to adjust to the idea. What I want now is just to be happy. Would you make me happy?” she asked looking up in his eyes.

Ed wasn’t explicitly clear on exactly what she was asking of him but he suspected she wanted to have sex as she was still topless.

In case he was wrong he risked a question. “How- how would you like me to make you happy?”

“Upstairs in my bed. Hard and fast. I don’t want to be hurt but don’t worry about being gentle. I want passion!”

He nodded and they stood to go upstairs. Ed reached out and grabbed her, pulling her to his chest and capturing her lips with his. She squeaked then moaned as his lips caressed hers and his tongue dipped into her mouth. She began to swoon so he bent down and threw her over his shoulder causing her to shriek then giggle nervously. He ran up the stairs as she squealed. He turned at the top of the stairs but he wasn’t sure where the master bedroom was.

“Left!” she yelped and he set off in that direction. He came up to double doors and pushed through.

He saw the large king size bed which faced an enormous flat screen TV. He tossed her on the bed bringing another shriek from her and began to undress. She watched him as she pushed down her yoga pants and panties. She tugged off her socks and lay naked on the bed watching him with a grin while he took off his clothes.

When his shirt went up his stomach and chest she began to moan as she took in the dense muscles. He stepped from his coveralls tugging his socks off in the process. Then he was standing in front of her in only his boxers which were tenting significantly. Her eyes were drawn to that tent and she licked her lips. He watched her tongue and felt his cock throb in response. She quickly got on her hands and knees and moved to the end of the bed to get closer. He slipped his thumbs under his waistband and slowly pushed them down. When his cock bounced free of the elastic her eyes went wide.

“Holy hell you’re big!” Carolyn gasped. She reached out with one hand and wrapped her fingers around his thick cock. “Mmmm! Rick is big too but not this wide!” She pulled him closer and ran her tongue over the fat head causing Ed to jump and moan. She smiled and took him in her mouth. Ed sucked in a breath between his teeth and his hips thrust forward in reaction, driving his cock to the back of her throat. She squeaked then purred as he took a grip on her ponytail. He began to slowly fuck her mouth. He leaned forward and cupped her breast in his hand and gave it a squeeze tugging on the nipple. She moaned and tried to suck faster but his grip on her hair let him set the pace.

She tapped him on the leg so he pulled free of her mouth and she rolled onto her back with her head hanging over the end of the mattress. She opened her mouth again. Ed moved forward and slid his cock into her mouth. Her hands went to his ass and she pulled him deeper until he reached the back of her throat. She took a deep breath then she pulled him deeper still. His cock squeezed into her throat and he felt her struggling to pull him deeper but there was no way he was going to fit. He was just too wide. She seemed to come to that realization as well as she pushed him all the way out and gasped a big breath. “Your cock is so wonderfully thick!”

Ed carefully climbed over her onto the bed and lifted her hips to drag her body further up the mattress. She giggled at how easily he moved her around. Then his cock was over her face again and descending. She grabbed it and aimed it at her mouth. Just as the head slipped between her lips Ed ran his tongue firmly over her pussy. She cried out but his cock blocked the noise as it sank down into her throat once more. He went to work on her wet lips and lapped at her opening. He slid his hands under her ass and ran a finger down the crack.

Carolyn squealed and pushed his hips up to clear her mouth. “My bum! Stick your finger in my bum! Oh yes!” she cried and sucked his cock deeply into her throat, jamming the head in the tight channel. Ed moaned and ran his finger between the lips of her pussy to make it slick with her juices. Then he pushed it against her rosebud until he felt it give in to the pressure and his finger slid deeply inside. He sucked at her clit and her body heaved under his and she screamed around his cock as she was taken by her orgasm. When her body was reduced to twitching he pulled his finger free and got off the bed. She lay there with her eyes closed, gasping for breath so he quickly went into the bathroom and washed his hands in hot soapy water. He walked back out into the bathroom and saw she’d gotten her breath back. She watched his bobbing erection with a look of hunger and rolled to her hands and knees.

“Remember what I said about passion! I want it fast and hard!” she gasped as she looked over her shoulder.

Ed felt his cock surge at her words so he got behind her and grabbed her hips. He ran his tongue over her pussy and it was wet and slick. He shoved two fingers in deep and pumped them to get them coated in her juices.

“OH! OH! OHHHHH!” she cried out.

He rubbed his fingers over his cock then knelt on the bed behind her and slapped the head of his cock against her swollen pussy lips. She jolted and moaned with each slap then screamed as he pushed it in deep.


She was almost delirious with the sensations exploding through her body. Rick had never made her feel this good! She was riding waves of raw pleasure and a little pain from his girth. Occasionally the thick head of his cock would bump her cervix causing a little discomfort but it was soon buried under the bliss of his stroking in and out of her tight pussy. She reached under and rubbed her clit as she felt her release approaching.

Suddenly there was a weird warbling and beeping noise and Ed slowed his pumping.

“NO! Ed keep going I’m almost there. Whatever you do just keep going! Promise me!” she yelled.

“Uh… ok,” he mumbled and picked up the pace again. He squeezed her ass cheeks and she groaned as the strange noise returned.

She slipped a hand under the pillow and pulled out a remote. She pressed a button and the TV to their left lit up. On the screen was a man’s face. Older, unshaven, hair disheveled, and a little tired looking but a smug smile was plastered across his face.

“Hello dear- WHAT THE FUCK!” The smile was gone in an instant.

Ed began to slow again so Carolyn slammed her hips back and Ed picked up the pace once more.

“He- hello- Rick! How- AHHH!- How are you?” Carolyn gasped out between strokes.

“What… what are you doing?” Rick mumbled as he stared incredulously at the screen of his laptop.

“I’m- getting an- amazing- fucking- dear. What does- it look like?” Carolyn grunted as Ed continued to drive his cock into her quivering pussy. She was right there and seeing Rick’s expression of dismay was the trigger she needed.

“OH MY GOD! IIIIIIIIIII’MMMM CCUUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNNGGG!!!” she wailed at the top of her lungs as her body shook uncontrollably. “Oh oh oh oh oh oh… so good!” she moaned then dropped to the bed, completely spent. Ed’s cock popped out of her and Rick’s eyes bulged a little as he saw what had been in his wife seconds before.

“Carolyn! When did you take a lover? Where did you find him?” Rick said, beginning to get angry.

Ed looked at the screen nervously as Carolyn was still too worn out to answer. He’d never spoken to someone over a TV before.

“Hello. My name’s Ed. Carolyn seems to be…” he looked and saw her eyes were closed. “…asleep. That took a lot out of her.”

“Listen here Ed, that’s my wife you’re fucking!” Rick growled.

Ed blinked at the screen as a beautiful dark skinned woman with small breasts and… a cock… walked past behind the man. He recalled what Carolyn had told him. “Didn’t you ask her for an open marriage?” he asked. The woman in the background suddenly saw Ed on the screen and gave a surprised and happy cry. She rushed over for a closer look with a big smile on her face. She was saying something very quickly as she looked at the screen. Rick and his chair were suddenly pushed back and away as a second face rose up from between his legs. The woman’s lipstick was smeared and her face looked a little wet. She also grinned as she saw Ed. The two ladies waved excitedly at Ed with big smiles and he smiled and waved back which made them giggle and talk faster.

There was a crashing sound as Rick jumped from his chair sending it tumbling. He grabbed them, pushed them aside and started to yell at them in their language. Ed watched in awe as the two naked ladies started to kick and slap at Rick. He was much taller but was also naked. There was lipstick smeared over his cock and kiss marks over his little pot belly. Soon there was a full blown fight with screaming, slapping, kicking, and yelling. The two ladies screamed something angrily at Rick and left.

Eventually he turned back to the screen and Ed saw the man’s lip was bleeding and he had scratches on his face. He looked a little ill as he’d taken a kick to the nut sack. He glowered at the screen.

“My marriage is none of your business asshole! You keep your dick out of my wife!” Rick yelled.

Carolyn had woken up when the fight was raging and had a broad smile on her face. She saw Ed hadn’t come yet so she reached out and grabbed his cock in her hand. It was still slick with her juices so she stroked him as he moaned.

“Sorry dear, you don’t get to set the rules anymore. You wanted an open marriage and you’ve certainly made the most of that in the past years so I’m done depriving myself of happiness, passion, and earth shattering sex. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had and I want more of them. I have orifices I haven’t used yet. Ed gets to be the first.” Carolyn said, watching Ed’s cock as she stroked it back to its iron hard state.

“Honey, wait a minute. I think we need to talk about this. Like adults. Like husband and wife.” Rick blurted, starting to sound a little panicked.

“I don’t understand. I thought he was the one who wanted the open marriage.” Ed said looking to Carolyn for an explanation.

“SHUT IT! YOU SHUT THE FUC-” Rick started screaming but Carolyn just muted the TV.

“What you are seeing is the reality and truth of Rick’s concept of an open marriage. It’s open only for him,” she said angrily to Ed. “He knew I wouldn’t stray but I’ve had enough of this lie.” They saw Rick react to that last statement. Obviously he could still hear them. He looked like he was pleading. She turned the sound back on.

“-lease baby! Don’t do anything rash! You know we’re meant to be together! Don’t let this cock with legs confuse you into doing something you’re going to regret! You need me!” Rick babbled.

Carolyn’s eyes flared with anger. “I did need you Rick but you left me here at home with the kids so you could go off and stick your dick in anyone who’d let you. If anyone should be called a walking penis it’s YOU! And yes, I once thought we were meant to be together but you threw that away too. This is goodbye Rick. Don’t bother coming home. You’re no longer welcome. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer shortly.”

“What about the kids! You can’t do this to them!” he yelled desperately.

“What are their names and ages?” Carolyn asked coldly.

Rick’s mouth was opening and closing like a fish but there was no sound. He couldn’t answer the question.

“They don’t miss you either.” Carolyn growled and shut down the connection. She pressed another button on the remote and the TV went dark. “Now he can’t reconnect.”

Ed looked at the woman in surprise. He was conflicted. She was making him feel wonderful as she stroked his cock but he’d just witnessed the destruction of their marriage… and he was a participant!

“I’m so sorry your marriage didn’t work out,” he said sympathetically.

“Don’t worry Ed, I cried all my tears months ago. I’ve been sharing my woes with Stephanie and she’s been awesome.” She suddenly leaned forward and took Ed’s cock into her mouth.

“Fuck!” Ed gasped.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock quickly taking half of it deep into her mouth. She pulled away with a pop and grinned up at the dazed man. “I want you on top of me. Take me Ed! Make me feel wonderful!” She stretched out on the bed and he leaned over her. He dipped his face down to hers and kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth as he sucked on her tongue and nibbled on her lips. He ducked down and sucked her nipple into his mouth and she cried out, gripping his head tight against her tit. He teased the stiff bud with his tongue then moved to the other and she tossed her head side to side as she called out his name.

He suddenly moved once more and pushed her legs up to her chest. She was completely exposed to him and she squirmed at his hungry look. He stroked her pussy with his tongue and she jumped at the burst of pleasure. He fucked her with his tongue then sucked on her pussy lips until he felt her grab his head and force his mouth against her. Then he pulled back and she cried out in dismay. Until she saw his cock lining up with her wet opening. She hadn’t seen how large he was when he’d taken her from behind. This way was far more intimidating. It seemed impossible that he’d fit.

He pushed forward and she felt an ache from the first time he’d fucked her then it felt like bliss. He was in and sliding deep. He surprised her by kissing her as his pelvis rocked and thrust forward and back, driving the heat of him in and out of her body. He was grinding slightly against her clit and she was having difficulty catching her breath as her body spasmed with shocks.

Ed was getting close. He had to warn her but she was looking more than a little dazed.

“I’m close!” he growled and she clung to his body as she ground herself up against him.

“Me- me- me too!” she chirped as her muscles began to tighten up.

Ed could no longer control his thrusts. They got faster and deeper and he was slapping his body against hers. She was making little whimper sounds and her nails were almost drawing blood as she clung to his wide body. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth was open as she began to tremble uncontrollably.

Ed’s release was huge and he struggled to keep from dropping his large body onto the smaller woman. He finally rolled over onto his back pulling her with him, his cock still deep inside her. He grabbed her ass and dragged her up and down on his chest driving himself into her quivering pussy.

Once he was spent he let go of her ass and blinked his eyes open. She was drooling on his chest with her eyes closed. Her breathing was deep and even but she wasn’t waking up when he nudged her.


He gently withdrew from her body and rolled back to the center of the bed to gently lay her on the mattress. She was completely limp. He pulled the blanket over her and went to take a shower. When he was done he checked on her but she was still out and he couldn’t wake her. She moaned when he gently shook her so he knew she was ok. He got dressed.

Ed was unsure of what to do next. He needed to get back to the office but he couldn’t lock up behind himself when he left. She was good friends with Stephanie so he looked up her number on his phone and dialed her as he stepped out into the hall.


“Hi, Stephanie?”

“Hi Ed. What’s up?”

“Uh, I’m here at Carolyn’s and I need to go back to the office but she’s… unable to lock up behind me,” he said uneasily.

“Why can’t she- Ohhhhhh!” Stephanie clued in quickly. She began to giggle.

“Why are you laughing?” Ed asked.

Stephanie was snorting now but he could hear her trying to get control.

“I really have to get back to the office but I don’t want to leave her alone with the door unlocked,” he pleaded.

She finally got control. “It’s ok Ed. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I have to wrangle up the kids and get them into the truck. Hang tight.” As she hung up Ed could hear her giggling once more.

He went back into the bedroom but Carolyn was sleeping peacefully with a faint smile on her face. He kissed her forehead and she sighed. He closed the door on his way out, went downstairs, collected his paperwork, and went outside to wait on the front steps. Eighteen minutes later the SUV was back and the screaming kids poured out of it and rushed towards the front door.

Ed spread his arms wide and the kids stopped. He held a finger up to his lips as he looked them all in the eye. “Carolyn is sleeping inside so don’t make too much noise.” They all nodded at the big man sitting on the steps.

“Gregory, take everyone downstairs to the playroom. You can watch a movie.” Stephanie instructed and the kids scooted past Ed quietly and rushed for the basement stairs.

“You have a way with kids!” Stephanie said with a grin.

Ed smiled then his face went serious. “Could you look in on Carolyn? She broke up with her husband tonight and while she says she’s fine I’m worried about her.”

Stephanie’s eyebrows went up. “She broke up with Rick?!?”


Stephanie’s eyes lit up. “While you were with her? Intimately?” She was grinning madly and practically vibrating with excitement.

Ed’s face went red and he stared at the woman without saying anything. He knew the meaning of discretion.

“Oh! Right! Sorry Ed! I’ll look in on Carolyn. You’re sweet for worrying about her but trust me, she’ll be fine. This has been a long time in the making. She was ready. Thank you for making it easier for her!” Stephanie assured him and he just nodded.

“Have a good day Stephanie!” he said as he headed back to his van at a trot. He looked at the time and winced. He’d better double time it. He went down the driveway and headed down the hill towards the main road.

He missed seeing the pickup truck slip in behind him. He was almost to the end of the road passing through a section with a ravine on both sides of the road. He thought of it as a moat to protect the good citizens of Silverton Heights.

A silver sedan passed him on its way into the neighborhood. Suddenly he heard a roaring engine as a pickup with oversized tires shot around the van and swerved in front of him. Ed stomped on the brakes but the truck was too close and he slammed into the truck’s rear wheel. The pickup did a weird bouncing hop, spun around, hit the guard rail… and rolled over it down into the ravine. Ed grabbed his phone and dialed 911 as he parked the van. He jumped out and ran to the edge of the road. The truck was on its roof and there was smoke pouring from the engine. The emergency operator came on and he gave a quick report as he ran back to the van and grabbed the crowbar. He hung up and jumped over the damaged guard rail. He climbed down to the truck and looked in the passenger window. He heard groaning.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

The driver was still belted in upside down and he looked unconscious.

“Are they hurt?” came a call from up on the road. Ed looked up and saw a tall dark skinned woman in a sharp grey business suit looking down the hill at him.

“I think so but I have to get them out of the truck!” he called back.

The smoke was really billowing out of the engine compartment.

“Be careful of their necks!” the woman called out.

Ed tried the door handle but the door was bent and stuck. He jammed the crow bar into the gap in the door and heaved on it with all his strength. There was a loud creak and the door popped out of its latch. He pushed it back and saw a man lying on his back against the roof. He carefully reached in and grabbed the man’s jacket collar with both hands cradling his head between his wrists. He slid him out of the truck and dragged him up the embankment slowly. The woman took over protecting his head as Ed pushed him further onto the road.

There was a loud boom and the truck undercarriage caught fire. Ed leapt back down the embankment and crawled into the cab. The man was coming around but there wasn’t time so Ed positioned himself under the man and hit the seatbelt release. He braced the man and slowly dragged him out. It was getting really hot in the truck and Ed was feeling a little woozy so he went faster. He felt a little better once he was outside. He looked up at the road and he saw a police officer and two firemen. He put the driver onto his shoulder and heaved himself up the embankment. He was suddenly doused with an extinguisher then hands carefully took the man. He sputtered and glared at the fireman but then he saw his coverall had been burning.

“Ow!” he said as the minor burns on his leg and arm made themselves known. He was helped over the railing and they pulled the coverall off but he grabbed his stuff from the pockets. He was left wearing just his t-shirt, boxers, socks, and boots. Once the firemen made sure the coverall wasn’t going to reignite they gave him the tattered and soaking wet garment.

A paramedic led him to an ambulance while the firemen made quick work of putting out the truck fire. They put a blanket around his shoulders and put an oxygen mask on him for his smoke inhalation. He put some ointment on the burns and covered them with a light bandage.

“I didn’t realize the heating and cooling business was so violent!” the woman he’d seen earlier said as she walked up to him. He finally got a good look at her. She was tall, almost as tall as him! She was also quite slender and her suit was nicely tailored. She had jet black, straight hair currently woven into a tight braid running down her back. She had very expressive brown eyes, high cheekbones, and her nose was just a little oversized for her face but it gave her so much character he found it very attractive. The dark plum lipstick on her full lips made her white teeth seem even brighter. Her accent was strong and fascinating but Ed didn’t know what she meant about the business being violent so he gave her a confused look.

“Didn’t you recognize the emblem on the shirt of the man you carried up to me?” she asked. He shook his head.

“Victory Whole Home Comfort. Does that mean anything to you?” she asked as a police officer approached.

Ed’s face showed his shock. He pulled the mask aside. “My boss told me to keep an eye out for them as they might try some ‘rough stuff’.

“Why would they do that?” the officer asked.

“Our company has just recently been signing service contracts in this neighborhood which means they are losing them. I guess they don’t like that.” Ed explained.

“Well they are very lucky you came to their rescue!” the woman said. “I believe I will be calling your company to switch as well. If Victory uses these underhanded tactics I won’t use them. I’m Mishka Shyamalan by the way,” she smiled and shook his hand.

He smiled and tried to pull his blanket tighter around himself but it just wasn’t meant for people his size. “Nice to meet you. Ed Walters.”

The paramedic returned and put the oxygen mask back on his face with a scowl.

“I will see you later Ed,” Mishka said with a grin and walked back to her silver sedan.

The police officer took his statement then the paramedic said he was ok and had him sign a form. Ed climbed back into his van and carefully drove out of the neighborhood. He was late getting back to the office and the other service techs had a good laugh as he arrived in his undershirt and boxers. He gave his burnt uniform to Lydia as he filled her in on what happened then she got busy on the phone and Mr. Drakos called him into his office.

Ed explained the events after he left the customer’s house. His boss’ face got redder and redder as he listened to Ed’s story.

“I’m sorry Mr. Drakos, I forgot to retrieve my crowbar. It may still be there but if it isn’t I’ll pay for a new one. Also my uniform got burnt and I dented the front bumper of the van on the pickup.” Ed finished.

“Don’t worry about that. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Go home and rest. I will see you tomorrow. I have a call to make.” Drakos said. He still looked very angry.

Lydia poked her head in the door. “Papa! We are getting more calls from Silverton Heights! More requests for quotes! Word must have gotten out about what Victory tried and what Ed did but only one caller specifically asked for you. Oh! There’s the phone again!” She darted away.

Drakos’ look of anger had been replaced with a grin of satisfaction. “Maybe I don’t need to make that call after all.” He chuckled and rubbed his hands together as he smiled at Ed. “You, go home! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He waved at Lydia who was on the phone as he left. The drive didn’t take long and Ed was soon pulling into his driveway. He went inside and immediately went down to his bedroom and dropped onto his bed. Seconds later he was out.

Sometime later Ed was dreaming of Rachel and her amazing mouth. He was very excited and woke to the most exquisite sensation of his cock sliding deeply into a hot, wet mouth. His eyes snapped open and there was Shirley taking him all the way down to the base. The shock was enormous but the feel of her throat squeezing his cock was too much. He rolled his head to the side and grabbed the sheets. Then he saw the time.

“Fuck! Shirley, oh god, you can’t do this now, Grace will be home soon!” he croaked.

Shirley responded by pumping him faster into her throat. That brought his release racing up on him.

“Fuck! GEEZUS! I’m gonna cum!” he gasped and Shirley released him from her mouth but continued pumping his cock with her hands as she aimed it at her face.

He groaned as he sprayed her with stream after stream of hot cum. Her look was one of bliss as she got what she wanted. She squeezed the last of the cum from his cock and licked her fingers.

Ed was gasping for breath on the bed. He looked at her angrily. “What the fuck Shirley? You can’t do that in the middle of the day! Especially when Grace will be home in any minute!”

Shirley was only paying partial attention to Ed as she rubbed his cum into her skin on her face, neck, and chest. “I had time and you haven’t given me a treatment in a week. It was supposed to be every three days!”

Ed was going to respond but they both heard the sound of the front door closing. Shirley darted out of his room but had to duck into the bathroom as Grace was coming down the stairs.

“Mom? Are you alright?” Grace asked as she saw her mom duck into the washroom.

“Fine dear, just a touch of upset stomach. Give me a minute,” she replied through the door.

Grace moved forward and saw Ed’s door was open and he was in bed with the sheets pulled up to his chin. But he was awake so she gave him a big smile.

“There’s my hero!” she grinned.

“What?” he blinked.

“We heard it on the radio at work. You rescued two men from a burning truck!” Grace said as she walked over to his bed and sat on the edge. He looked nervous for some reason. “Are you ok?”

“What? Yeah, I’m fine. Why?” he babbled.

“You’re acting funny,” she said with a frown.

Ed flipped over onto his side with his back to her. “I- I’m just real tired and I wanted to get some sleep before dinner,” he complained. His cock was still semi-stiff and with Grace so close and looking so sweet it was showing signs of waking up again. And he couldn’t find his boxers!

“Sorry! I didn’t know.” She thought for a second. “Did mom wake you up? Is that why you’re so grumpy?”

“NO! I mean yes, she woke me up and I need to sleep,” he stumbled. “I’m still half a sleep. Can I get back to it? I just need another 30 minutes please.”

Grace reached over and ran her hand down his big arm and gave him a pat. “I’m sorry Ed. I’ll let you sleep and I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

“Thanks!” he mumbled.

She heard Shirley rushing upstairs and wondered what she was up to. Probably trying to escape being chastised for pestering Ed.

“Uh, Grace?”


“You can stop stroking my arm now. I’m going to sleep, remember?” he said.

“OH! Sorry!” she blurted and got up from the bed and closed his door behind herself. She leaned against the wall and trembled. She’d been caressing him and hadn’t even been aware she was doing it! She put her head in her hands and gave it a shake. She had to keep it together.

Ed rolled over onto his back and the sheets tented over his stiff cock. Grace’s touch had sent tingles through him but now he was stuck with this! So much for sleep. He’d take a cold shower instead. He rolled out of bed and put on his robe. It was a little small for him now and pretty threadbare but it was all he had. He opened his door and stepped out only to collide with Grace who squeaked in surprise. She bounced off his chest and tripped on her feet. He reached out and pulled her to his chest as she began to fall.

Grace felt his arms wrapping around her and that felt so good. When she was pressing against his chest that felt even better. Then she felt it. Hot, hard, and huge. Pressing against her belly. He pushed her back, and yanked his robe closed. She looked down to see him tenting the front of his ratty old robe. Her eyes went wide. How big was he? She glanced up at his face and saw his fear, anguish, and shame.

“Ed! Stop that! You have nothing to be ashamed of! It’s wonderful!” she scolded him gently. He seemed to relax just a little as he covered himself up more tightly. He stepped around her and went into the tiny bathroom. She heard the shower start up. She understood then. A cold shower. He was trying to make it go away. He must have gotten one in his sleep. Typical for her Mom to just barge in and embarrass the poor man.

Grace went upstairs and saw her mother’s door was closed. She knocked. “Mom, I need to speak with you.”

“Give me a minute dear, I’m getting changed.” Shirley said through the door.

There was something off about her mother’s voice. Knowing there was no lock on the door she opened it and walked in.

“Grace!” Shirley barked angrily.

“What are you doing?” Grace asked as she saw her mother quickly rubbing something into her skin.

“I told you I’m getting changed. Now get out!” her mother shouted.

Grace took three strides forward and quickly ran her finger across Shirley’s temple to scoop up a drop of the face cream she was using.

“Give me that!” Shirley shrieked but Grace hopped back out of reach. She watched the look on her mother’s face go from anger to worry to fear as she brought her finger closer to her own face. She glanced down at her finger and saw the ‘cream’ wasn’t like any product she’d seen before.

She moved it towards her nose.

“no…” her mother moaned quietly as she stared at Grace with desperation.

Grace’s eyes snapped to Shirley’s then she sniffed at the stuff on her finger.

It didn’t smell like any facial cream she’d tried before. Maybe it was food, like meringue? She’d heard of lemon meringue facials. Staring her mother down she put the finger in her mouth.

Shirley squeaked.

Not sweet. Salty. Weird. She’d never tasted anything like this before. She needed another sample to figure out what it was but she couldn’t see any more.

“What the hell is this stuff?” Grace growled in frustration as her eyes welled up.

Shirley sagged in relief and shook her head.

It was suddenly too much for Grace. Her frustration boiled over into uncontrolled rage. “Why the fuck won’t you tell me what you’re using to make your skin look so good?” Grace screamed at her mother. “Why the secrecy? I’m your daughter! Maybe if my skin looked fresh I could attract someone to love-” The rage was suddenly gone and in its place was soul crushing grief. Grace broke down in tears and dropped to her knees. She sobbed into her hands.

Shirley looked at her daughter’s breakdown in shock and felt a stab of guilt. She had no idea her daughter was so lonely! She moved to hold her but Grace screamed at her. Ed showed up at the door in his boxers, his hair still wet from the shower. He looked at Shirley questioningly but she didn’t know what to say.

Ed knelt down and scooped Grace up into his arms and cradled her against his body. She clung to him as she sobbed. With a final glance at Shirley Ed carried Grace to her bedroom and gently set her down on the bed. She pulled him down next to her and after a momentary hesitation he settled himself on the bed and cuddled her against his body.

Her sobs were calming and he stroked her hair as he knew she liked. Soon she was relaxed and nuzzling his chest.

“Ed?” she whispered.


“Do… do you ever wonder… if we weren’t related… would you… like someone like me?” she said in the quietest voice.

Ed smiled. This was an easy question to answer. “Of course, silly! You’re beautiful and smart and wonderful and I love you!”

She looked up at his happy smile and felt a pang in her heart. He was still thinking in terms of siblings. She bit her lip and looked at his mouth. She had a flash of memory of his lips on hers and she wanted that so bad.

But she couldn’t inflict her lust on Ed. Sweet, loving Ed. Sweet, forbidden Ed. She tucked her head in against his chest and just enjoyed the closeness. She could have this and for now it had to be enough.

Chapter 30

Inspecting the installations they’d done at the Meat Packing plant went like clockwork for Ed. Then he discovered the electrical contractor had taken a shortcut and tied in one of the conveyor systems to the dedicated line for the main condenser assembly. He contacted Mr. Drakos to fill him in then went to speak with the site foreman. The man was livid and fired the contractor on the spot. Because of this setback they’d be delayed another week as another electrician ran new lines for the conveyor.

Ed finished his inspection and all of their work was done to spec and ready to be used. He triple checked all the connections on the assembly and signed off on the work. He’d have to come back to review the alterations the electrician did but their job was essentially done.

He went back to the office and Mr. Drakos was all smiles.

“Benny just called me to thank me for sending you to do the inspection. Catching that issue now just saved them tens of thousands of dollars in lost inventory and worker productivity. There will be a little extra in your paycheque this week, courtesy of Benny,” his boss said with a smile.

“Wow! Thanks!” Ed grinned.

“Just keep up the good work. Once you’ve logged your report why don’t you take the rest of the day off,” the man said generously.

Ed smiled and nodded. When he got to the spare office where they did the data entry he looked at the clock. It was just past 3:30PM and it would likely take him over an hour to finish entering his report. So much for leaving early.

He left the office at five minutes after 5PM and headed home. Shirley had a date and Grace was working a double shift. He recalled how upset she was the night before so he decided to surprise her at work. Her dinner break was coming up so he stopped by one of her favorite restaurants and picked up some Pad Thai for both of them plus an extra order for Heather if she joined them. If she didn’t it would be for Grace’s lunch tomorrow.

He didn’t go to the big box store very often but he knew this would cheer Grace up. He parked and made his way inside and spotted her working her cash desk. He checked the time and saw she had five minutes to go until her break. He poked about until he saw her turn off the light on her station. When she looked up she saw Ed standing in the aisle with a grin and take out Thai food. Her happy smile told him he’d got it right.

Heather snuck up on him and grabbed him around the waist.

“Hi big guy!” she smiled wickedly up at him.

“Hi Heather,” he replied.

“Hey you skank, get your paws off my delivery boy!” Grace said with a grin.

“Ooo! The Delivery Boy fantasy! I have one of those too!” Heather giggled.

Ed blushed and Grace rolled her eyes.

Heather tried to peek in the bag. “Whatcha got tonight? Is it better than a peanut butter sandwich?”

“Pad Thai.”

“Awww! No fair!” Heather moaned.

“I got an extra serving.” Ed smiled and Heather’s eyes lit up. She jumped up and kissed Ed surprising him and annoying Grace.

“You’re the best!” the blonde grinned at him.

“That’s true,” he smiled with false modesty causing Grace to chuckle.

She led them out to the picnic table on the little patch of grass behind the loading bays. He opened the bag and Heather leaned over it to breathe in the scent. She yanked her face back as her eyes started to burn.

“What the fuck!” she gasped as her sinuses instantly cleared and her eyes teared.

“That would be Grace’s spicy Pad Thai. I got mild and no spice as well. Take your pick.” Ed said with a grin.

Grace’s eyes lit up as Ed handed her the container. “Thanks Ed! This is so nice!” She smiled even wider when he handed her the extra peanuts and lime wedges.

“Gimme the mild.” Heather said and took the offered container.

Ed took the remaining one and the three got down to the business of enjoying their dinners. A few coworkers walked by and looked at them with envy as they carried their brown bagged dinners.

The scent of the spicy Pad Thai wafted across the table and Ed’s eyes began to burn as well. He wiped his eyes with a napkin and grinned at Grace. “I have no idea how you eat food with such hot spices! My mouth would be on fire!”

Heather was trying not to look like a wimp but her mild spice was giving her trouble. Her tongue was burning. She stared at Grace like she was from another planet.

“It’s GOOD!” Grace said around a mouthful of the noodles.

“I’ll take your word for it.” Ed chuckled.

Their dinner break was only 30 minutes so they quickly finished and packed the trash back into the delivery bag. They headed back and decided to take a little walk around the building to the front doors as they had some extra time.

“Thank you so much for doing this Ed. It was really sweet of you! And expensive considering you had to feed this one too.” Grace said pointing her thumb at her friend.

Heather grinned and jumped in front of Ed. She pulled his head down and gave him a deep kiss which went on a little too long but he didn’t push her away. Grace felt a stab of jealousy.

The blonde pulled back and her eyes were dazed and dreamy. “Wow Ed! You’re a really good kisser!”

Ed’s tongue was feeling the afterburn of the residual spices from Heather’s dinner. He was also a little dazed by the kiss so he was unprepared when Grace stepped in front of Heather. She crushed her body against his and planted her lips on his.

God! Grace’s body felt so good and her lips were so soft and full and her tongue was so… HOT! OMIGOD!

Ed pulled back and stuck his tongue out to wave at it. “HAWWT!” he gasped.

Heather was looking at Grace with wide eyes. “You French kissed your brother?!?”

“Ssssecond cousins… I think.” Grace said quietly watching Ed’s mouth as her body tingled madly. Heather was right, Ed was an excellent kisser. How had he gotten so good?

“Second cousins? I thought you were brother and sister!” Heather gasped.

“No, Ed’s mom and my mom were cousins. Ed came to live with us when his mom died in an accident,” she explained.

“Still, he’s family, right?” Heather was starting to get defensive as she was worried that Grace may have plans for the man she wanted.

Grace looked at Heather, annoyed. “Yes.”

“Good!” Heather finished, feeling a little ruffled by the conversation.

“I- I should head home.” Ed said around his burning tongue.

“Thanks again Ed.” Grace said with a sweet smile. He smiled at her but his eyes were trapped by her lips. He unconsciously licked his lips then nodded and headed off towards his truck. She felt a thrill run through her body. He was recalling the kiss.

Grace turned for the front door and Heather fell in step beside her.

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“What was that about?” Heather demanded.

Grace looked at her friend. “What was what about?”

“I saw you go all dreamy eyed when he left. Are you planning on hitting that?” she pressed.

“What? It was just a kiss and I’m allowed to love him as I grew up with him!” Grace growled.

“Exactly, you grew up with him. As brother and sister!” Heather insisted.

Grace’s first instinct was to lash out at Heather but this was her only friend so she bit down on her harsh words. She looked closer at the blonde and saw the worry under the anger. She sighed. “I know.”

Heather felt somewhat better by Grace’s admission. The two entered the store and went back to their assigned cells.

Chapter 31

Ed had a surprise in store for him when he arrived at the office the next morning. Lydia had picked up a new coverall for him. It didn’t have the company badges sewn on it yet but he’d have something to wear on his service calls until they removed the badges from his old uniform.

He went into the washroom to change and realized Lydia had gotten him a much smaller size. It fit and he could move freely but it didn’t hide anything. Specifically in the groin area. He didn’t have time to fuss about it though he did let her know he needed a larger one on his way out. She watched his yummy ass as he left and she disagreed.

Ed pulled up in front of the side door of Rachel’s house at 10AM. The new condenser was in the back of his van. The installation wouldn’t take him long.

He walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

Moments later it opened and Rachel was smiling at him. She was wearing her silk robe again. “Edward, please come in! Good morning!”

“Good morning!” he replied as she took in his new uniform.

“Yes, now THAT’s more like it! A big improvement on your last coverall! It really accentuates your body!” she smiled sexily.

“Maybe it accentuates it too much?” he cringed.

“Nonsense! You have an amazing body and it deserves to get some attention!” Rachel asserted. “Trust me, it will help your business dealings as well.”

“Not with men it won’t.” Ed replied, thinking of his football teammates.

“Envy, jealousy, and fear. All emotions that diminish the quality of their character if they give in to them.” Rachel said as she smiled at the big man.

Ed hadn’t thought of it in that way before. He got a thoughtful look on his face as he considered her words. This pleased her and she leaned against him to give him a hug which sent tingles through both of their bodies.

“I should… probably do the installation first- now,” he blurted as she looked up at him with a hungry smile.

She pushed back and nodded. “Alright, but I want you to come find me in the backyard the moment you are done!” she purred and opened the robe to show she was wearing another skimpy bikini. Ed’s wide eyes took in the smooth skin of her cleavage and the round orbs straining to get free. His new coverall reminded him he had much less room in the legs than he did before. Rachel glanced down with a pleased smile.

“Much more like it!” she purred with satisfaction.

He went downstairs to the electrical panel and flipped the breaker on the furnace and air conditioner. Then he hustled outside and concentrated on the job at hand. The process steps all lined up in his mind and he began his work. His meticulous attention to detail meant he took a little longer than the other workers on the Drakos team but his work was flawless. The removal of the old condenser and the installation of the new one went smoothly and once he’d triple checked all the connections he went back inside and turned the breaker back on. The thermostat noticed the house was too warm and turned on the air conditioning.

Ed confirmed the temperature and flow of the air coming through the vents in the upstairs bedrooms and he was seeing what he was expecting to see. He was done.

He went back out to the van and stored away his tools. He loaded the old unit into the van with the packing materials for the new one. He locked the van and went through the side gate to the backyard. He saw Rachel was lying on her lounge chair once more. Her skin glistened in the sun and he had to tear his eyes away from her tits. He headed for the pool.

“Not without your bathing suit! It’s in the washroom off the kitchen where you left it.” Rachel called out.

Ed winced at the idea of wearing the skin tight suit again but he walked over to the patio doors of the house and went inside. Sure enough the jammer swimsuit was in the washroom. He got undressed and squeezed himself into the suit. He left his clothes in the washroom but brought his phone with him outside. He went to the shed and left his phone there.

He walked over to the side of the pool and saw the crawler and the algaecide had done their job. The water was crystal clear right to the clean bottom of the pool. He went back to the pool shed and got the pH tester then checked the levels in the pool. It was fine. He put the tester back then came back out with the leaf skimmer.

He made his way around the pool’s edge conscious of Rachel’s eyes on him. It didn’t take him long to clear away the debris this time. He collected the baskets from the pool skimmers and emptied these out with a quick dash to the bins and back into the back yard.

When he returned Rachel was rinsing her body under the shower next to the pool. He watched in a daze as the water glistened on her skin. She turned towards him and leaned her head back into the spray. This also had the benefit of pushing her chest up and out. How the bikini top withstood the pressure was a mystery to Ed as he came to a standstill next to the pool. She opened her eyes and a satisfied smile slipped across her lips as she saw his enthralled expression. She looked lower and something was waking up to greet her.

“I’m going for a swim. Care to join me?” she asked him with a coy smile.

“Yes,” he breathed and she giggled.

Ed broke out of his stupor and rushed to pull the crawler out of the pool. He coiled it up and put it into the shed. He left his sunglasses there as well and came out to see Rachel stepping into the pool. He walked over to the shower and rinsed himself off. It was his turn to stretch and flex under the water and Rachel was enjoying the show from the pool. Ed walked over and went down the steps into the water. The temperature was lovely. Refreshing but not too cool.

He ducked under the water and swam the length of the pool before surfacing at the far side. He grabbed a breath then swam back under the surface again. He stopped when he was at a depth where his shoulders just reached the water as he stood on the bottom. Rachel was a few feet away and he saw the tops of her tits bobbing a little.

“Oh Edward, you’re so sweet! They’re just breasts! How can you find them so fascinating?” she teased.

He blushed and smiled guiltily. “Yours are… pretty spectacular,” he rumbled.

Her smile became a grin as she pushed them up from under the water and watched Ed’s eyes grow wider. She giggled again and swam away to the other end of the pool. Ed did a few laps until he was breathing hard. He chastised himself for letting his exercise routine lapse as he shouldn’t be this winded.

He felt tits pressing against his back as hands slid around his torso to slip under the waistband of his swimsuit. Rachel’s hands wrapped around his cock and she gave it a squeeze, feeling it grow.

“Oh fuck Edward! You feel so good in my hands!” she moaned quietly.

Ed bit his lip to keep himself from moaning aloud.

Suddenly he heard his phone chirping the distinctive tones of Mr. Drakos’ cell. He froze.

“Do you have to answer that?” Rachel groaned.

“Yes, it’s my boss. Sorry,” he grimaced looking over his shoulder.

She released his cock and he surged forward and got to the phone by the sixth ring.


“Ed! Are you finished the Thompson install? We need you right away at the mall expansion. The units came in early and the builder is offering a large bonus if we can move our installation forward.” Drakos said excitedly into the phone.

Ed looked over to Rachel who was pouting but made a shooing motion.

“Yes, sir. I can be there in twenty minutes depending on traffic,” he replied.

“Quick! I’m sending the rest of the team now.” The line went dead.

“I’m terribly sorry. A very large job just came in and he needs me to get there as soon as possible.” Ed apologized.

“Duty calls. I understand but I will be calling you later so we can finish what we’d just begun,” she said staring him in the eye.

He nodded and jumped under the shower to rinse the chlorine off. He grabbed a towel from a stack to quickly dry himself off. Then he grabbed his sunglasses and phone and dashed to the house. He finished drying and dressing in the washroom and stepped out into the kitchen. Rachel was standing at the end of the counter, completely naked.

“I want you to take this image with you to your job and know that this will be waiting for you when I call,” she said with a hot look.

Ed took two strides forward, pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard and deep. She squeaked then moaned as the kiss went on. He pulled back gasping for breath.

“Sorry about that. I- I don’t know what came over me!” Ed stuttered.

Rachel was swooning and she couldn’t take her eyes off his mouth. “Ssokay,” she slurred quietly.

“I have to go,” he murmured and adjusted his stiff cock in his pant leg. She watched him do that and bit her lip. He spun and rushed from the room. She heard the door open and close seconds later.

FUCK, she was horny!


Ed was the first to arrive on the site and spoke with the foreman to see how ready the building was for their team to begin. They reviewed the plans and the foreman confirmed the plumbing and electrical had been installed in the required locations. Mr. Drakos arrived and grinned to see his favorite employee already working. The rest of the team showed up over the next thirty minutes and Drakos organized the team to get them all working on the installation. The delivered equipment was inspected and nothing was missing. Cranes lifted it up onto the roof in the proper order and the workers there made sure it was securely fastened down. Then the real work began.

Even with the whole team working as quickly as they could, it was midnight before Drakos sent everyone home with his thanks. There were only a few things left to do and he’d get Ed to do them on Friday with Terry and Pete. As they’d done the bulk of the work the other teams would be able to move forward. They were going to get their bonus!

Ed dropped the van off at the lot and climbed into his truck. He checked his phone before he got moving and saw a response from Grace for the text he’d sent earlier indicating he was working late and didn’t know when he’d be home. Her response was just for him to be careful.

There was another text. It was Rachel from twenty minutes ago asking him to call! He thought she’d have gone to bed by now so he sent a text saying he just finished and was heading home. He pressed send and started the truck. Before he could put the truck in drive there was a ping on his phone. He looked at it again.

“I need you now!”

He raised his eyebrows. Had something gone wrong with the air conditioner? He put it in drive and quickly made his way to Silverton Heights. As he pulled up the driveway the garage door opened so he pulled into the empty spot. The door closed behind his truck. He shut the engine and made his way to the inside door. It opened and he stepped in calling out for Rachel.


She sounded a little frantic so he kicked off his boots and rushed upstairs. He saw orange light coming under the master bedroom door so he quickly made his way to the doors and pushed them open.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he gasped. He walked to the foot of the bed.

Rachel was reclining back against the pillows, completely naked once more. He struggled to ignore her incredibly sexy body and looked up to her eyes. They glowed in the candle light. He looked around and saw the bedroom was filled with candles. This was the orange light he saw.

He felt the bed move and looked back at Rachel to see her prowling across the mattress towards him on her hands and knees. Her large tits swayed under her and his cock immediately began to stiffen.

“What’s wrong is that you left me in a very bad state when you ran out! Your kiss was so… passionate! I’ve been hungering for another kiss desperately all night. I couldn’t eat! I couldn’t sleep!” She reached him and pulled herself up to a kneeling position in front of him. She began to pop the snaps on his coverall and pushed it off his shoulders when she’d opened it down to the last button.

Ed was looking at her in bewilderment. He’d caught on that there was no emergency but he wasn’t sure why she’d sounded so frantic before. She certainly wasn’t frantic now.

His coverall was dropping past his hips and she was tugging up on his t-shirt as she drank in the hard muscles of his stomach and chest. He tugged the shirt free and stepped free of the coveralls and socks.

She leaned forward and licked and sucked on his nipples. Ed gasped at the sensation. While her lips were busy she moved her hands down and tugged his boxers down. He stepped free of them as well. Her slender fingers wrapped around his heat and she moaned. God she wanted him so much!

Ed felt that rush of wild need once more. He dipped down and pulled Rachel against his chest as his mouth took hers. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue stroked across hers. He stepped up on the bed then laid her out on the mattress. He kissed his way down her neck and his hands immediately moved to her tits. He squeezed them and rolled the stiff nipples between his fingers. She gasped at his rough handling which sent shivers down her spine. He wanted her so intensely!

He sucked a nipple into his mouth and she cried out in bliss. He moved to the other one and Rachel had a hard time catching her breath. He moved down to her pussy and pushed her legs back. She gasped at his boldness then cried out once more as he fastened his mouth on her wet opening. He pushed two fingers into her and pumped them until she thought she’d go out of her mind. He rubbed his wet fingers on his cock then knelt between her legs and ran the thick appendage across her pussy lips, bumping her clit. She squealed with each stroke as she had lost all control of her body by this point. She wasn’t prepared for Ed to suddenly point his cock down and drive it deeply into her. He covered her with his body and kissed her deeply as he began to drive his cock forcefully in and out. She felt her mind being carried away on a tide of bliss. She felt an ache from how he was stretching her wide but she never wanted him to stop as the intensity of her pleasure was transcendent. Her body was shaking uncontrollably and she clung to him with all her strength but he just kept slamming her clit with his pelvis as he hammered her into the mattress.

“Fuck! Ohfuckmeplease! OhEdwardFuck! OhEdward! OhEdward! OH EDWARD!” she screamed as she exploded through her orgasm.

Ed growled menacingly as he began to cum deep inside her and this set Rachel off on a second series of smaller explosions. He was so big, strong, and dangerous! She bit down on his shoulder as her muscles spasmed through her release. Ed was rolling his hips against her and this was sending sparks through her pussy to her extremities. Ed pushed himself up to look down at her.

“I think I got a little carried away there,” he said cautiously.

She couldn’t talk yet but did grin at him.

When he’d shrunk and slipped from her body he quickly rinsed himself off in the washroom. When he came back out he looked at her watching him from the bed.

“I guess I’d better get home.” he said.

“Stay. Please,” she said quietly.

Ed looked at her pleading eyes and nodded. She tried to get up but she was too sore down there to move easily.

“Do you need some help?” he asked.

“Yes, I need to use the washroom but I can’t move very well.”

“Oh, I’m sorry if I hurt you!” he gasped.

“Edward! It’s ok. I wouldn’t change a thing about tonight. Well, maybe the waiting. Everything else was perfect!” she sighed.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the washroom. He left her to do her business then he carried her back to the bed and laid her down. He crawled in the other side and sent a quick text to Grace for her to see in the morning.

“Finished late. Staying over at a friend’s.”

She shut off the light and snuggled in against Ed’s chest. She sighed happily and was soon asleep.

Ed wasn’t used to sleeping with anyone else, except Grace that one time, so he had difficulty dropping off. He wondered how he’d ended up here. He was amazed that such a beautiful woman wanted to spend time with him but he didn’t know what her intentions were for them. He wondered if he should ask her.

That question circled his mind until he slipped into sleep.

Chapter 32

Ed woke up first and didn’t know where he was for a few seconds. Then he heard Rachel sighing in her sleep and recalled the evening before. He watched her sleep for a bit then slipped from the bed. He carried his clothes downstairs and dropped his boxers and t-shirt in the washing machine on a quick cycle. He pulled on his damp bathing suit then unlocked the patio door. He did laps in the pool to get his blood pumping and exercise his muscles. When he’d worn himself out he got out and dried himself enough to stop dripping then went into the house and took a shower in the small stall in the washroom off the kitchen. When he was done he moved his clothes to the dryer and looked in the fridge.

He saw the ingredients for omelettes so he quickly prepared the ingredients, no mushrooms or chorizo this time, and made himself breakfast. The coffee maker clicked on so Ed knew Rachel would be getting up soon. He finished his breakfast and tidied up his dishes. The dryer announced it was done so he put his clothes back on.

No sign of Rachel so he made her the omelette, a slice of toast, a glass of orange juice, and coffee. He found a tray and carried the meal upstairs. Rachel was sitting on the edge of the bed looking distinctly uncomfortable.

“Sore this morning?” he asked gently.

She nodded.

“I made you breakfast. Is there anything else I can get you?” he asked.

“In the washroom in the cabinet is a red bottle of pain killers. Could you bring me two?” she said quietly.

He got her the pills and she took them with the juice.

“That smells delicious, Edward!” she sighed appreciatively.

He moved her up on the bed so she could sit against the pillows and set the tray before her. “How do you like your coffee?” he asked.

“Black is fine. Thanks,” he replied.

“I’m so sorry I was so rough last night-” he began.

“Edward! Stop. There is nothing to apologize for. It was a night of intense passion and I will never forget it. I still wouldn’t change a thing,” she said holding his eyes with hers.

She crooked a finger at him and he leaned in to kiss her. She smiled at the sweetness of his kiss.

“I have to get to work,” he said when he pulled back.

“If you push the garage door button on the inside and drive out the door will close automatically behind you,” she explained.

“Great!” he replied as he watched her take a bite of her breakfast. Her eyes snapped to his.

“Oh my god! This is REALLY GOOD!” she gushed.

“Glad you like it. I’ll see you later?” he asked and she nodded as she turned back to her breakfast.

He headed down to the garage and hit the button as directed. After he pulled out, he saw the door close so he headed off to work.

Mr. Drakos was in a very good mood and subjected Ed to another pinched cheek. Ed just grinned at Lydia as she rolled her eyes. He went outside to move the van up to the loading bay then removed Rachel’s old condenser and packaging. He labeled the condenser as functioning so it could go into the spare parts inventory. The trash would be taken out by the new interns.

He moved Stephanie’s appliances into the van then headed off to her neighborhood. Once he got to the entrance he suddenly recalled he should look for the crowbar. He stopped the van on the side of the road and set the hazards flashing. He climbed over the guard rail where the truck had gone and made his way down carefully. A moment later a police cruiser stopped next to the guard rail.

“Hey! You can’t park your van there!” the officer yelled.

“Sorry! I was just looking for the crowbar I dropped after getting the truck door open,” Ed explained.

“Shit! That was you?” the cop exclaimed.

“Yes, sir.”

“Well… be quick about your search and be on your way,” was the man’s reply as he pulled away.

Ed went back to hunting. He was just about to give up when his foot hit something hard. He pushed the leaves aside and there it was. He picked it up and climbed back up the slope. Just as he got to the guard rail he saw a silver sedan slowly pull up. The passenger window went down so Ed dipped his head to look in.

“Good morning Ed!”

“Good morning Mishka!”

“Have you grown so attached to our ravine that you must now play in it on the way to work?” she teased with a grin.

Ed was delighted by her accent and couldn’t help but smile back. “Actually I just had to find the crowbar I lost from that day.”

“You are a very responsible young man!” she grinned.

“I try to be.”

“Well I’m on my way to the hospital but I spotted your van so I stopped to let you know I will be seeing you next Wednesday for my appointment.”

“Hospital? Is everything alright?” he asked with a concerned tone.

She smiled at his sweetness. “Quite alright. I work there. I’m their best surgeon and I’m going to be late so have a good day!”

“You too!” he said as the window went up and she drove away.

He went back to his van and drove the rest of the way to Stephanie’s house. As he pulled up the drive the front door opened and she stepped outside. He noticed she looked a little anxious. He parked, grabbed his clipboard, and headed over to see her.

“Good morning!” he said.

“Good morning! I was worried you weren’t coming when you didn’t arrive at 10,” she said.

Ed glanced at his phone and noticed it was only ten minutes past the hour. “Sorry about that. I stopped down by the ravine to find the crowbar I lost the other day,” he explained pointing down the hill.

“How did you lose a crowbar in the ravine?” she said with a confused look.

“I used it to open the door of the pickup that rolled over the guard rail. I had to drop it to carry the guys away from the truck as it was on fire.”

“OH MY GOD! Were you hurt?” she rushed to his side and gripped his arm, coincidentally where he’d been burned. He winced a little and pulled his arm back.

“It’s not too bad. Just a minor burn on my arm and leg. The fireman doused the fire on my coverall before I got too badly burned. It doesn’t hurt more than a sunburn.”

“I’m sorry I grabbed your burn!” she fretted.

“Hey, it’s ok!” he said with a smile and her frown slowly eased. “I should get started. I have the humidifier and air cleaner to install.”

She nodded happily and he went back to the van to get the boxes. He went in the side door and carried the parts downstairs and into the furnace room. Stephanie was hovering so he paused and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She seemed to catch on.

“I’ll just be upstairs in the kitchen… making cookies.”

Ed’s eyes lit up and she skipped away with a grin on her face.

He went back to the van a few times to get the other parts and his tools. Then he was ready to begin.

He shut off the power to the furnace and confirmed he had access to power, water, and a drain once more. There really wasn’t too much complexity to the installation and he made quick work of both the electronic air cleaner and the humidifier. He noted the dates of the first service calls these units would have on Stephanie’s service plan. He’d add this to the company schedule when he got back to the office.

He carried all the packaging materials out to the van and returned for his tools. Once everything was packed away he went in the side door once more, slipped off his boots, and found his way to the living room to ensure the fan was set to on to keep a continuous flow of air moving through the cleaner. That done he went into the kitchen.

“All done,” he said as he closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet smell of baking cookies. When he opened his eyes he saw Stephanie was only wearing an apron but she was wearing it very well. She had a coy smile on her lips as she took in his admiring gaze.

“Do you… want to taste my cookies?” she said with an innocent voice.

Ed felt a surge down below as he slowly walked towards the raven haired beauty. He saw she was trembling so he dipped his face down to stroke his lips across hers and she sighed and melted against him. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue, sucking on it gently until his hands settled on her back and slid down to her bare ass. She whimpered and sucked harder, pressing her mouth more demandingly against his. At the same time she arched her chest back to get her hands between them so she could undo the snaps on his coverall.

Ed undid the ties on the apron and went back to touching her skin which drew gasps from the woman.

Stephanie loved the feel of his strong hands on her body. She could feel his desire and need when he touched her and she wanted that so much! When he squeezed her ass she almost came right then.

He had to help her remove his clothes as she was too distracted. He pulled back from the kiss and she swooned, her eyes opening slowly. He quickly pulled his shirt up over his head and she bit her lip when she saw his broad chest.

She dropped to her knees and tugged his underwear down. She pressed her face against his hot cock and he moaned.

“Fuck Ed, your cock is so sexy!” she said breathily. She ran her tongue up the underside and felt Ed’s body jolt in response. She wrapped her fingers around its base and pressed her lips against the fat head to give it a kiss.

“Oh Stephanie…” Ed moaned and she felt a thrill shoot through her body. She ran her tongue around the head and Ed’s legs trembled. She took the head into her mouth and he gasped. Slowly, ever so slowly she slid his hot flesh deeper into her mouth. She’d done a little reading to get instruction on this so she could take more of him in. When she got to midpoint she knew it was working. She reversed and retreated just as slow. Ed’s legs were trembling and she loved that she could affect him so strongly.

Once he was out of her mouth she looked up into his dazed eyes and kissed the head again. He gasped and she took him into her mouth slowly again. She only managed to get a little ways passed halfway but his muscles were shaking with need so she reversed and slowly pulled it out.

Ed suddenly lifted her to the edge of the countertop and yanked the apron away. He knelt down and lifted her legs over his shoulders. When he began to kiss the inside of her thighs she cried out and grabbed his head. She wanted his mouth on her but he pressed his lips to everywhere but there. The teasing felt amazing and excruciating at the same time.

The timer on the oven chimed and he looked up at her.

“Get them out. Be quick!” she gasped.

Ed took two wide strides across the kitchen, grabbing the oven mitt on the way, opened the oven, pulled out the tray of cookies, set it on the range top, and was back between her thighs in under ten seconds.

This time he didn’t make her wait for his mouth.


He fucked her deeply with his tongue, bumping her clit as she gripped his hair. With her on the edge of the counter and his mouth pressed firmly against her pussy he had some trouble getting his fingers involved. He moved his mouth up to her clit as he slid two fingers deep into her opening, palm up.

“YES! YES! FUCK! YES! DO THAT! JUST LIKE THAT! FUCK!” she blurted as she fought to catch her breath.

Ed’s wrist was bent at a weird angle so instead of thrusting he curled his fingers inside and rubbed them against her inner walls.

“SSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTT!!!!!” Stephanie wailed through her gritted teeth as she squeezed Ed’s head tight between her thighs. Her cries went on and on as her body shook violently. He began to worry she’d shake herself right off the counter.

She suddenly pushed at his head to get him to stop so he moved back and slipped his fingers free. She sagged back against the cupboards gasping for breath with her eyes closed. Her brows were furrowed as she continued to twitch and shake. A full minute later her brow finally smoothed and she opened her eyes to look at Ed in wonder.

“What- what the hell was that?” she gasped quietly.

“I don’t know. Was it ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he said, concerned.

“Ok? Oh my god Ed, that was the single most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced in my life! It was also the hottest sex I have ever had… well, maybe second to our time in the shower. She noticed Ed’s face was covered in her juices and his cock was still standing at attention. The idea of the shower made her tingle once more but her muscles were still weak and trembling.

“Could- could you carry me upstairs to my shower so we could rinse off and… take care of that?” she said with a timid smile pointing towards his erection.

Ed smiled and scooped her up in his arms and rushed up the stairs while she squealed.

He held her while she adjusted the taps and then moved them under the spray.

Then her mouth was on his and her tongue was slipping in deep. He moved her in his arms to press their chests together and get his hands under her ass. She gasped as she felt his strong grip on her cheeks. She shrieked a little when he slid her up his chest to move her tits before his mouth. He sucked one into his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue around the nipple as she wrapped her arms around his head to pull him tighter.

“Oh damn that feels so good! Mmmm- FUCK!” she shrieked as he slid his fingers across her swollen pussy lips. An arc of electricity shot from his tongue on her nipple to his finger on her clit. He moved to her other tit while she was dazed and once more she clung to him as her mind careened from one bliss to another. He touched her again and she was only able to squeal and whimper in response. She was reeling from the overload as he released her tit and slid her down his body towards his stiff and throbbing cock. Her eyes flew open when the thick head forced its way inside.

“Oh FUCK! Wait! Shit. Oh geezus you’re big…” she panted.

Ed was having a difficult time waiting as his cock was so sensitive and he needed release. He gently bounced her on the head of his cock and her eyes rolled back, her jaw dropping open. He kept bouncing her, slowly lowering her down over his cock. The hot, velvety heat of her pussy felt incredible on his cock and he needed more.

Stephanie rested her head on Ed’s shoulder as she felt him stretching her open over his cock. There was only a little pain this time but the feeling of being full was overwhelming her. It definitely felt like he was deeper than he’d ever been in her before. The embers of her first orgasm began to smoulder. Then he lifted her back to the tip and thrust back in. The embers burst into a wildfire as again and again he lifted and dropped her on his thick cock. Her senses whited out from the overload as she began to cum again, hard.

Ed felt her begin to tremble through another orgasm and her pussy walls rippled against him. He felt his release begin so he held her tight against him as he came deep inside her. Once he’d caught his breath he moved them under the spray and lifted her clear of his shrinking member. Stephanie was limp in his arms so he shut off the water and carefully carried her out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it and carried her to her bedroom. He laid her out on the bed and dried her as best he could.

Stephanie came back to her senses feeling a warm, tingling glow running through all of her nerves. She felt like she was floating. There was an ache between her legs but it was only a small nuisance compared to this euphoric state of bliss. Something was touching her body gently and she opened her eyes. It was Ed. He was standing next to her and he was drying her with a towel. She smiled at him.

Ed relaxed when he saw the smile on her face. “How are you feeling?”

Her eyes blinked slowly. “Wonnnnnderful!” she purred.

He heard his phone ringing and he rushed out of the room to race down the stairs. His coverall was piled on the floor in the kitchen and his phone was in the pocket. He got to it on the seventh ring.

“Hello?” he said panting.

“Ed? Are you ok?” Lydia said.

“Yeah, why.”

“You sound like you’re out of breath.”

“No, I just left my phone in the kitchen. Sorry.”

“You should keep it in your pocket,” she chastised him.

“I do- I mean I did- until this time,” Ed stumbled and bit his lip hoping she didn’t ask what he meant.

“Whatever. Dad wants you to head over to the mall to get started without Pete and Terry,” she said, moving on.

“Sure, I can head over there now. Thanks!” he said with relief.

“Bye,” she said and hung up.

Ed yanked on his clothes, even though he was still wet from the shower. He went back upstairs and saw Stephanie walking slowly out of her bedroom wrapped in her dressing gown.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes, Ed. More than ok! I feel amazing!” she smiled as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and gave him a light kiss on the lips. “Do you have time for lunch?”

“No, my boss wants me to head over to North Ridge Mall again. We were there until midnight last night,” he explained.

“Well I’m giving you some cookies to go!” she insisted and he grinned at her. She giggled at his enthusiasm. She ran her fingers through his hair as it was still wild from the shower. “There! It will dry properly now.”

They went down to the kitchen and she put six cookies in a paper bag for him. He kissed her again and she sent him on his way.

Thirty minutes later he was up on the roof of the mall and confirmed the assembly was correctly installed. He ran through the plans again and got started on finishing the connections.

Four hours later Ed’s phone buzzed. He snapped a plate back into place and looked at the phone. It was Mr. Drakos.


“Ed! Where are you? I expected you back in the office two hours ago!” he said with a grumpy voice.

“What time is it?” he asked.

“Just past seven.”

“OH! Sorry, I guess I lost track of the time.” Ed said sheepishly.

“Where are you?” Drakos asked again.

“I’m at the mall. I just finished the installation.”

There was silence at the other end of the phone. “…you finished?”

“Yes, it’s ready for its power on tests but I’m not sure if the electricians are ready to power the building’s main panels yet.” Ed remarked.

“Ed, you’re WONDERFUL!” Drakos shouted into the phone.

“Thank you sir,” he smiled at his boss’ enthusiasm.

“Tomorrow, I want you to take the day off! Relax! Go see a matinee movie!” the man said, positively gleeful.

“Thank you!”

“Don’t forget you have the Sandovals on Saturday though,” his boss reminded him to bring him back down to Earth.

“I’ll be in bright and early on Saturday sir!” Ed grinned.

“Have a good night!” Drakos said and hung up.

Ed looked around and he really was done. He’d actually finished triple checking everything fifteen minutes ago. He packed up his tools and made his way down to the van. He stopped by the foreman’s office to let him know that the air conditioning system was in place and ready for its testing. The man’s smile told Ed his boss was going to get a happy phone call. He nodded to the man then got back in his van and took it back to the office. He switched over to his truck and headed home.

When he got inside he saw Grace sitting on the couch watching TV. He kicked off his boots and flopped down on the couch next to her. She was wearing a frown on her face so he bumped her shoulder.

“What’s up?” he asked gently.

She looked at him and he saw her eyes were glassy with unshed tears. “I was sent home from work today and I have to speak with HR on Monday to see if I still have a job.”

“What happened?” Ed gasped.

“Dwight Gorely, Frank’s brother, came into the store to pick a fight with me. It seems his brother not only lost his testicle and his job, he also lost his wife and life savings. So he got drunk, went for a walk along some train tracks and fell off a bridge into the river and drowned. Dwight was coming back from the funeral you see and decided I was at fault for all of this.” Grace said quietly.

“That’s crazy!”

“Yes, but he decided I needed to be taught a lesson. He hit me- ED! SIT. DOWN.” she yelled when he leapt to his feet.

He sat though he was breathing hard and had a murderous look in his eye. She turned her face and he saw the other side. She had a black eye and Ed began to growl. She put her hands on his and tried to keep the thrill she was feeling from showing on her face.

“The security cameras caught it and he was coming at me again. He got a few kicks in but we were in the sporting good section and I got my hands on a baseball bat… he’s in intensive care. When security arrived they pulled me off him and took us both to the hospital. I just have bruises. A rep from HR met me at the hospital. She saw the security footage and said she put me on medical leave. I’m to go in on Monday so they can let me know what they are going to do with me,” she finished with a whimper so he gathered her in against him and held her tight. She nuzzled against his chest and immediately began to feel better.

“I’m glad you have tomorrow off because I do too! I finished a job early so my boss told me to take tomorrow off! He told me to go see a matinee movie so that’s what I’m going to do. I’d love it if you’d go with me. You can even pick the movie.” Ed told her and she pulled back with a big smile on her face.

“I’d love that!” she whispered.

“It’s settled then. What’s playing? Is that new Monster Trucks in Outer Space movie out yet?” he teased as he recalled how much she hated the commercials for that film.

“NO! We’re not seeing Monster Trucks! You said I could pick!” she growled and jumped from the couch to pick up the newspaper. She plopped down right next to him and opened it to the movie section.

“Horror, horror, horror, bad comedy, dull international film with subtitles, horror, romantic comedy…” she looked up at him with a grin to see him smiling painfully. “Don’t worry I won’t drag you to a rom-com. What else is there… How about this one?” She pointed to the picture of the movie poster. It looked like a war movie but there was an American pilot and a young Japanese woman in a kimono.

It had the signs of being a romantic film but there was a look in Grace’s eye so he nodded. “Sure, that one looks good. Where’s the theatre?”

“It’s just outside North Ridge Mall and there’s a mini-golf place nearby,” she looked at him with challenge in her eyes.

“Do you really need another schooling in mini-golf?” he grinned at her.

“Schooling?!? You beat me by two strokes!” she gasped.

“Two hole in ones,” he corrected her.

“Flukes!” she snorted.

Ed’s stomach took that moment to growl in complaint.

“See! Even my stomach is offended by that remark!” Ed barked.

“You haven’t eaten?” Grace gasped.

“Well, no… I worked until seven tonight to finish up that job.”

“Did you at least have lunch?” she growled.

“Does six cookies count? They were really good cookies!”

“ED! Is this some kind of role reversal? Aren’t you the one who carefully watches MY diet?” she scowled.

“I got busy!”

“We’ll order pizza. I have an extra coupon. Do you have any money?” she asked.

He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and saw he had eighty bucks. That would cover pizza and tomorrow’s activities… he hoped. Then he remembered he was getting paid tomorrow. He’d check his balance at the bank machine then.

“Yup.” He looked up. “Where’s Shirley?”

“Out on a date.” Grace said with a growl and left to call for pizza. She walked back into the living room and saw he was still wearing his coverall. “Go get changed into something comfy!”

Ed hopped to his feet and saluted Grace then goose stepped to the stairs where a pillow hit him in the head. He grinned back at her then rushed down to get changed. He dug in his bureau for something clean to put on but everything that fit was in the wash. All he had was the new stuff Rachel bought him. He wasn’t going upstairs in his boxers so he pulled on the black shirt and the grey checked board shorts. He was a little conscious of their tightness but hell, she’d almost seen him naked, right?

He grabbed his laundry bag and got a load started so he’d have something to wear tomorrow.

When he went back upstairs Grace grinned at him over the back of the couch and froze when she saw him.

“Everything else is in the wash,” he explained.

She nodded and turned back to the TV. A favorite show of theirs had begun so they sat together to watch it. After ten minutes Grace scooted over and rested her head against his shoulder as he put his arm up along the back of the couch. She smiled and cuddled in. He felt so good and the material of the black shirt was so soft and tight. Grace smiled and settled in to enjoy the show.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and Ed answered it to pay for the pizza. Grace went into the kitchen. He brought the large box back and set it on the coffee table on the newspapers and opened it up. The warm scent of pizza wafted up to his nose and his stomach growled again.

Grace brought paper plates, glasses of water, and napkins.

“You’re eating too?” he grinned at her.

“You thought that was all for you?” she snorted.

Ed paused. “Wait a minute! You scolded me for not eating and you didn’t have dinner either?”

“Shut up! The pizza’s getting cold,” she said not looking at him and trying not too successfully to keep a smile from her lips.

They ate as they enjoyed the show and once they’d had their fill Ed took it into the kitchen and wrapped up the remaining slices for lunches. They dumped the garbage and Grace suggested they watch a DVD.

He knew where this was going. Whenever she was feeling a little down she dragged out her favorite feel good movie. It was romantic and light and he thought he could survive it one more time. He rolled his eyes and nodded. She squealed and hugged him.

“But I’m making popcorn!” he insisted.

“Fine but make lots!” she called out as she ran upstairs to her room to get her movie. She’d gotten into the habit of keeping all of her stuff locked in her room from Shirley’s drunken days. She’d smashed some of Grace’s DVD’s in a drunken pain fueled rage.

He worked in the kitchen making a double portion of popcorn and she got the movie set up. She came into the kitchen to fill their water glasses once more. She got the jug from the fridge and poured the cold water into the glasses and refilled the jug from the tap. She watched Ed shaking the two popcorn packages over two stove elements and grinned at his display of popcorn making prowess. She carried the water into the living room.

“Hurry up!” she called out.

“Woman, can’t you hear the popping? Popcorn will NOT be rushed!” he yelled out with a sassy attitude. She started laughing.

Soon enough he carried two bowls of popcorn into the room and handed her one.

“Wait a minute! Let me choose!” she scowled playfully, like he’d given her a smaller portion. They were equal but she moved a handful from his bowl to hers and nodded with satisfaction.

“THIEF!” he cried in fake dismay.

“Shut up! Let’s watch the movie!” she barked.

He settled himself onto the couch and she scooted over the three inches he’d left between them to snuggle against him. He caught her eating from his bowl and she giggled when he slapped her hand away.

The movie started and soon they were both deeply involved in the story.

They shifted and moved during the movie getting comfortable until Grace was lying partially over Ed’s body, his right arm wrapped around her to keep her in place. Her head rested back on his shoulder and her left leg was crooked over his right on the ottoman. When Ed laughed out loud Grace bounced on his chest which just made her laugh harder.

It felt right.

Ed had seen the movie too many times to be affected by the, in his opinion, sappy ending so he just stopped watching and held Grace, enjoying their closeness.

She sighed when the credits rolled. “That is such a beautiful ending.”

Ed must have snorted or made some other noise indicating his disagreement as Grace suddenly rolled over onto his chest completely to stare him in the face with a look of shock.

“Don’t you dare try to tell me that wasn’t the most beautiful movie ending EVER!” she growled.

“Oh I would never do that,” he smirked.

“EDWARD WALTERS! How can you say that?!?” she gasped and beat gently on his chest.

“What? I didn’t say anything!” he chuckled with a wide grin. He knew laughing was just digging him in deeper but her incredulous look was hitting his funny bone pretty hard. He couldn’t stop himself.

“TAKE IT BACK!” she squeaked, pummeling his chest.

“Take what back? I didn’t say anything!” Ed was lost. His chuckles had become a full out belly laugh and Grace was bouncing on his chest. She tried to stay cross with him but with his laughing and her bouncing it was impossible and she sagged to his chest as she began to laugh as well.

He wrapped his arms around her as she was starting to slip off.


Grace looked up from Ed’s chest and saw Shirley glaring at her over the back of the couch. Instantly her mood soured. “Sorry, that’s a secret.”

Shirley scowled and Grace’s rage struggled to get free. It had been such a good night without her mom in the house so she didn’t want to ruin it. She knew she had to leave before she said something really damaging. Reluctantly she climbed off the warm comfort of Ed’s body to stand next to the couch.

Ignoring her mother she faced Ed and smiled at him. It was instantly returned and she felt a little ping of joy in her heart. “Thank you for a lovely evening! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!” She popped the DVD from the player and stared at Ed again. “Most beautiful movie ending EVER!” she insisted with a grin then marched upstairs to her room and closed the door.

Ed sat up and turned to look at Grace. She was looking up the stairs with a sad look.

“Why did you have to say that?” he said quietly.

Her head swung back to him. “What!”

“We were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Why did you yell at us?” Ed asked.

“She was on top of you and you were holding her in your arms.” Shirley blustered.

Ed just looked at her expecting her to continue. When she didn’t but instead just scowled at him he shook his head. “I don’t understand. Spell it out to me because I must be as stupid as you say I am.”

Shirley winced as her words came back to haunt her. She didn’t want to hear how cruel she’d been to Ed. Not when she needed him more than ever.

Her date with Jerry had been a bust and he’d almost broken up with her. He claimed he loved her and suggested that she sell her place and move in with him. He wanted to know if she was stringing him along until someone better came along. Her frequent requests for sex made him think she was looking elsewhere. There had been shouting and tears but by the end of the night they’d reconciled. She said that she couldn’t leave her daughter and son in the lurch as they lived in the home too and Ed was just beginning to earn enough to begin saving for a place of his own. Jerry was disappointed but he’d finally agreed to wait a little longer. She realized she’d have to cool their sex life if she intended to keep him. Maybe once a month was his speed and he’d have to be the one to ask.

It had been a close call. She liked Jerry but truthfully he couldn’t give her what she needed and as long as she had access to Ed she was staying put.

“I’m sorry Ed. I had a bad night and I took it out on you and Grace,” she said with a cautious tone.

“Maybe you should apologize to Grace,” he said.

“She won’t listen to me until I tell her ‘my secret’. Should I do that?” she snapped then immediately regretted it. “Shit! I’m sorry. I- I think I should just go to bed. We’ll talk in the morning. Good night.”

Shirley walked upstairs.

Ed sighed. Shirley was right. He didn’t want her to tell Grace her secret. She would hate him.

He picked up the bowls and glasses, washed them in the sink and headed off to bed himself. Then he remembered his laundry and moved it to the dryer.

Finally he dropped into bed and thought about how wonderful Grace felt when she was lying across his body. With that warm thought in his mind he slipped into sleep.

Chapter 33

Ed couldn’t get over how expensive it was to go to the movies. Even with the matinee ticket price once you got yourself and your date a popcorn and a large pop you were spending a small fortune. Comparatively their movie the night before was far more economical.

Stadium seating? Seating for tiny people they meant! Grace discovered the armrest between their seats folded back so Ed could use a little of her space as long as he put his arm around her. Her smile told him she didn’t mind.

The popcorn wasn’t as good as the stuff they made at home and he would have preferred water to drink but the only beverage that came in a large size was pop.

Still, Grace looked happier than he’d seen her in a long time so it was all worth it.

The theatre was empty except for them so that was a treat. They were sitting two thirds back from the screen and in the center of the row. She snuggled in beside him and sighed.

The lights dimmed and the previews played. They critiqued the previews, each guessing at its hit-or-miss future and Ed had to laugh at Grace’s reaction to the trailer for Monster Trucks in Outer Space. She found it highly inappropriate to show that before this movie as if she’d want to see both.

The movie finally began and it didn’t take long for Ed to figure out it was a romantic movie. Yes it was set in the Pacific Theatre of World War Two. Yes the planes were cool and the effects were very good but Ed struggled with following the story. What the actors were saying in some scenes confused him. He glanced over at Grace and she was enthralled so he just kept quiet.

The lead actor, a daring pilot, was ruggedly handsome and smart yet his fiancé sent him a Dear John letter, leaving him for another man. He vowed never to fall in love again. Grace moaned quietly when she heard that and Ed smiled hearing how involved she was with the story.

Then came the huge dogfight scene where the hero saved his buddies but his plane was badly damaged so he set course to limp back to the base.

The plane’s radio was out and unknown to him the navigation system was damaged. When he realized he was lost he didn’t have enough fuel to go back. He spotted an island and decided to land on the beach but his plane ran out of fuel. The pilot had to bail out over the ocean and swim to the island. He hurt himself on the reef and barely managed to make it to the beach before he passed out.

When the pilot woke up he was in a hut with a beautiful and young Japanese woman who was tending to his wounds.

Much to Ed’s discomfort the movie started to become very steamy from that point on and he wished he’d worn baggier shorts. He glanced at Grace but she was riveted to the screen. He was overly aware of her soft warmth pressing against his side and tingles were spreading outwards from where her body was touching his. Her arm was resting on his left leg, mere inches from the bulge forming in his pants.

When the pilot’s resistance finally broke and he fell in love with the young woman they made passionate love under the stars. Grace’s fingers were gripping his leg tightly and she was breathing hard. Ed was breathing pretty hard too because her arm was now resting against the bulge and her hand had slipped down to hold the inside of his thigh.

When the scene was over Grace suddenly realized what she was doing and Ed’s condition. She blushed fiercely, thankful for the darkness as she pulled her arm back.

“Sorry,” she whispered with an embarrassed smile.

“It’s ok,” he croaked through his tension.

She smirked and glanced down spotting what she’d been leaning her arm against. Her eyes widened and she looked back at Ed but he was keeping his eyes on the screen.

Now Grace was overly aware of the heat coming from Ed’s body and how good it felt.

Both remained rather distracted through the rest of the movie. When the lights came up Ed stood quickly and turned his back towards Grace as he made his way to the end of the row, adjusting himself as best he could in his shorts. The tightness wasn’t allowing his erection to diminish.

“I- I’ve got to use the washroom,” he stammered over his shoulder as he hustled down the stairs. Grace followed at a slower pace, a pleased smile on her lips.

Six minutes later a far more at ease Ed met Grace in the lobby and walked out to the truck. The mini-putt was just a short drive down the road but Grace took that opportunity to tell Ed how it was his turn to be schooled and how she was going to beat him so badly. He just grinned at her.

The mini-putt course was pretty busy and there was a rather large number of almost identically dressed young ladies. They hosted parties at the mini-putt course so that was likely the cause.

Ed was surprised to see Reggie Halston working the booth, handing out putters.

“Hey Reggie!”

Reggie’s eyes snapped to his face when he heard the familiar voice. “…Mr. Ed,” he mumbled.

“How are you doing?” Ed asked.

Reggie just looked at him. He seemed dazed by the question. He saw money in Ed’s wallet. He saw Ed with a babe at his elbow. Mid-afternoon on a Friday and Ed is playing mini-putt with a hot girl. Reggie’s face twisted into anger.

“How the FUCK does it look like I’m doing!” he hissed. “I didn’t get into college because my grades sucked and this is the only job I could get! Stacey dumped me just before graduation. My dad is riding my ass, calling me a loser, and the one person I thought I was better off than is standing on the other side of this fucking counter with a hot bitch asking me how I’m doing!”

Ed instantly bridled when he heard Reggie call her the bad name.

“Grace is not a bitch! Apologize. Now!” Ed growled low in his chest as his eyes burned into Reggie’s.

“Fuck you, you retard!”

Not exactly armed with a quick wit, Ed struggled for a comeback. “That the best you can do… caddy?”

For some reason that pushed Reggie over the edge. He screamed in rage and leapt across the counter at Ed who just dodged back and to the side, sweeping an arm around Grace protectively.

Reggie slid across the counter on spilled golf balls, missed his target and fell out of the booth. He slammed into the cement path face first, crumpled into a ball and groaned. The young woman working the cash register next to Reggie looked at Ed in surprise. He looked back with the same expression.

“I think you’d better call an ambulance,” he said. She grabbed the phone.

An older man wearing a badge identifying him as the manager rushed into the booth.

“I’m terribly sorry for the trouble sir!” the man said to Ed. “I saw what happened on the security monitors. Tell you what, this round is on me. For you and your lady friend.”


“-very grateful! Thank you very much!” Grace finished for him as she took his arm and guided him around Reggie who was still groaning. The manager handed them two clubs, two balls, a scorecard and a pencil.

“Have fun!” he wished them as the sound of an ambulance could be heard in the distance.

Grace smiled and pulled Ed up the stairs to the first hole.

“Because you think I’m hot you can putt first,” Grace said with a grin.

Ed looked at Grace in surprise.

“What? Reggie called me a hot bitch and you only corrected him on the bitch part. So you think I’m hot,” she explained.

Ed’s face flushed with embarrassment. He couldn’t deny that he thought she was hot because it was true but he couldn’t say that.

“Putt big man,” Grace chuckled, thoroughly enjoying his unsaid admission.

Flustered, Ed misread the slope and ended up far from the hole behind an obstacle. Grace laughed at his look of dismay. Then he smiled back at her.

“I see what you’re up to! Trying to psych me out! Sneaky girl!” Ed growled playfully.

“Sneaky HOT girl according to you,” she smiled wickedly.

He shook his finger at her but he was smiling. He’d have to up his game as Grace was pretty good. He’d never admit that to her of course.

Grace took her putt and it was perfect. It caught the banked slopes and rolled true until it plunked into the hole.

“YES!” she squealed.

“Fluke!” he cried.

It took him three more strokes to get his ball clear of the obstacles and into the hole.

“Three behind already!” Grace giggled as she filled out the scorecard. Ed groaned.

“I just want you to have a false sense of security,” he explained.

“Nice try,” she grinned.

They moved on and Grace managed to keep her lead at the ninth hole but by then she was only one stroke ahead of Ed. There was a snack bar between the ninth and tenth hole so they went inside to get some water. The noise inside was intense. So many young girls all talking at once!

They got their water and exited out to the tenth hole. Ed almost bumped into a tall woman and stepped back.

“Sorry about that!” he exclaimed.


“Mrs. Rutledge?” Ed gasped, taking in the shining blond hair spilling out from under her wide brimmed sun hat. Once more she looked like the epitome of Hollywood star transplanted from the 40’s.

“Edward, no need to be so formal in this setting. Please call me Victoria! And who is this?”

Ed smiled and looked back at Grace. Her expression was… hard to read. “This is my sister Grace. Grace this is Victoria Rutledge.”

“Hello.” Grace smiled. “How do you two know each other?”

“Edward and Rachel were shopping in a mall I took my daughters to. I believe I will be seeing you this coming Monday for my appointment,” the woman said with a smile.

“Appointment?” Grace looked at Ed.

“For a service contract quote from Drakos,” Ed explained.

“Yes, that,” Victoria said while her eyes roamed his body. Ed missed this but Grace didn’t.

Grace wanted to end the conversation before the woman sunk her talons into Ed. “It was very nice meeting you. We still have nine holes to go and I’m winning,” she smiled.

“By one stroke!” Ed protested with a grin.

“Have fun and I’ll see you on Monday!” Victoria said as she went into the snack bar.

Grace was looking at Ed as they walked to the tee for the tenth. “Who’s Rachel?”

Ed looked at her surprised by the sharpness of the question. “Uh, she’s the Drakos customer who needed her pool looked at.”

“The one who bought you the stuff?”

“Yes,” Ed said, starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Did she expect anything in return for those gifts?” Grace asked point blank.

Ed stopped and looked at her. “I told you then and I will tell you again. I will not talk with you about this. This is not a conversation we will be having. Let’s just play golf.”

Grace’s nervousness grew.

“Victoria seems to think you are very handsome.” Grace said as they waited for the tenth to be clear.

Ed looked at her in surprise. “What?”

“She looked at you… in an appreciative way.”

“Oh. Well that’s nice. She’s very pretty.” Ed said like they were discussing the weather.

“She might make advances on you,” Grace suggested.

“Don’t be silly! She’s married. To a judge! A famous one at that!” Ed snorted.

Grace looked at Ed with a worried expression as he checked to see if the hole was clear. She knew he had some trouble grasping how relationships worked and how some people behaved contrary to expectations. He was innocent in that way. She found his honesty to be endearing but she worried that he was a ripe target for being abused. Shirley told her that he was a grown man and he could make his own decisions. She agreed with that but she wished she could protect him from the pain he’d experience.

Lips pressed against her forehead and shocked her out of the funk she was slipping into. She looked up at Ed in surprise and saw his smile.

“It’s your turn to putt.”

“Oh! Right!” she blurted and prepared her ball. She swung and the putt was awful! She went down the tube to the lower level. Putting up the ramp to get to the hole was tricky.

Ed set up his shot and sunk it in one! He turned his grin on her and she growled.

Sure enough after they moved to the eleventh Ed was ahead by three. His little victory dance was premature though as she rallied in the eleventh and twelfth to tie it up. From that point on the competition was fierce though they were laughing after each hole as they tallied the strokes.

They were tied at the seventeenth so the last hole was the deciding one.

“Ok. This is the closest our score has ever been. Before we proceed we have to sweeten the deal with a bet. If you win, like that could happen, what would you want?” Grace asked with a grin on her face.

Ed pretended to ponder his options then he thought of a really funny one. “I got it! If I win you will go see the movie Monster Trucks in Outer Space with me!”

The look of horror on her face was priceless! Then she slapped his arm with a grin. “You are SO MEAN! Now I CAN’T lose!”

“What do you want?” he asked as he chuckled at his clever trick. He had this one in the bag.

Grace’s eyes went a little dreamy and he was worried she might ask him to see the movie they saw today again.

“I want you to take me to that new restaurant they just opened at the North Ridge Mall. The one with all the cheesecakes. But I want it to be like it was a real date. I just want to feel what that would be like,” she sighed.

He looked in his wallet and there wasn’t much left. He recalled he had to check his account and he’d do that once they left the mini-putt. The bank was by the mall. He could probably swing that.

“You are so going to enjoy that movie!” Ed chuckled as he lined up his putt. This hole only gave you one shot. It was basically a Skee Ball game. A long straight section leading to a ramp with concentric circles for the ball to land in. The largest target was worth three strokes. The smaller center ring was worth two and the smallest ring at the top was worth one. He knew exactly how hard to putt to get the ball into the one stroke hole. In. The. Bag.

He looked down the green felt and there was no debris or tears. It looked smooth. He pulled back and struck the ball perfectly. It shot down the felt and up the ramp directly into the side of a beetle running across the top of the ramp. The ball did a weird little hop and landed directly in the three stroke hole.

“WHAT? What the heck was that?” Ed barked. The black beetle regained its feet and crawled up and out of the course. “A BUG?” Ed gasped.

Grace was in stitches. She couldn’t stop laughing. It was too perfect. She struggled to get control over herself as she knew she could easily blow it. All she needed was to get it into the less difficult two stroke hole and she’d win. She took some deep breaths and tried not to look at Ed as that would be the end of her. She dropped her ball and lined herself up for the stroke. She pulled back and let it swing.

The moment she hit the ball she knew she’d used too much force. The ball was moving too fast.

“NO!” she cried and Ed watched with a grin.

The ball launch up the ramp and was headed for the two stroke hole when it hit the edge of the ring and bounced. Directly into the hole in one.

Grace shrieked and jumped in the air. Ed was staring at the hole like he couldn’t believe it.

She pulled out the scorecard and carefully wrote down their last score and tallied it up.

“Oh look Ed. It seems I have won. It seems I have beaten your score by two strokes. It seems I got a hole in one on the last and, I must say, most difficult hole,” she said calmly but with a voice full of glee.

He smiled at her ribbing and bowed to her as the champion. Her smile was beautiful and Ed was stunned for a few seconds. He came out of it and gestured for her to lead the way. She did with a little skip in her step. They handed in the clubs and went back to the truck. He got them back to the mall but stopped outside the bank. He went in to check his balance and to withdraw the money he’d need for dinner.

When the number came up on the screen he froze. There was seven thousand, five hundred dollars extra in his account above the expected amount from his pay. He glanced back at Grace who smiled at him. He smiled and raised his finger as he pulled out his phone and called the office. Lydia put him through to Mr. Drakos.

“Are you not enjoying your day off so you called in to hear my voice?” the man joked. Ed chuckled.

“No, I am enjoying it quite a bit. Thanks again. I just called to ask you if there was a mistake on the deposit in my account. There seems to be a lot extra this time.”

“Don’t you remember me telling you there would be a bonus from the Mall job?” was the reply.

“Yes, but-“

“Bruce was very impressed with you and how you worked so hard to finish so early. You saved him a lot of money. He added to your bonus but don’t go telling the others what you got. Understand?”

“Yes sir! Thank you sir! That’s… amazing!” Ed was speechless.

“See you tomorrow!”

“Yes sir!” Ed said and hung up. He quickly did a little money transfer and took out twice what he planned. It was the most money he’d ever had in his wallet.

He went out and got into the truck where Grace was looking at his big silly grin.

“You don’t normally leave the bank looking that happy. What happened?” she asked.

“The last job I did, the one where I worked late? We all got a bonus on that job for completing early but I got an extra bonus for working late to finish the installation extra early. Mr. Drakos said it was because I saved the builder so much money!”

“What’s that mean?” she asked.

“It means you can get dessert with your meal tonight!” he grinned.

“Very funny. How much extra?” she said poking him in the arm.

“You’ll see when you check the account this weekend,” he said bouncing his eyebrows at her.

“Don’t keep me in suspense!” she growled.

“Hey you’re getting the dessert of your choice tonight! Don’t whine about a little suspense!” he grinned.

She gave him a fake glare then they drove over to the restaurant. The place was hopping so they had a thirty minute wait. They went for a walk through the mall and Ed spotted some earrings that would look really nice on Grace. He pulled her into the store.

“Why are we going in? I thought we were window shopping?” Grace complained.

Ed ignore her and caught the eye of a clerk. “Hi, can we see the earrings in the window? The gold and black ones? Thanks!”

Grace was looking at Ed wondering what he was up to. She didn’t remember black and gold earrings in the window.

The clerk returned with the earrings and Grace’s eyes lit up. She looked at Ed with a big smile. He knew exactly the style she liked. The woman put them on the counter and Grace saw the price tag and paled.

None of her jewellery cost this much. Even combined. She looked at Ed in confusion. What was he doing showing her something she would fall in love with but couldn’t have?

“Hold them up to your ears,” he said.

With shaking hands she held them next to her ears as she looked in the mirror. She was right, she loved them and her heart was breaking.

“I was right. They look beautiful on you,” Ed said softly. He looked at the clerk. “We’ll take them.”

Grace looked at Ed in shock. Her mouth moved to tell him they were too expensive, that she couldn’t accept them, that he shouldn’t waste his money buying her baubles, but none of these words left her lips. He smiled at her and her heart soared.

The clerk rang up the bill and Ed paid cash. As he waited for his change he looked at Grace who was still holding them up.

“They’re yours now. Put them on,” he said.

Grace placed them on the counter and removed the small studs she had on. These went into her pocket. She looked down at the new earrings and shivered. They were so lovely! She picked one up and put it on but didn’t look in the mirror until she had both on. Then her breath caught as she took in the whole effect.

She thought they made her look sophisticated and alluring.

Ed was putting his wallet away and stopped when he saw her turn to look at him. “Wow. Those are stunning on you! You look… beautiful!” Ed breathed as he took in her new look. He couldn’t get over the change from something as simple as a pair of earrings. Then he realized it wasn’t the jewellery. It was how the jewellery made her feel. Those emotions were affecting her attitude, her behavior, how she felt about herself, and her true beauty was shining forth. “Oh my…,” he whispered, unable to tear his eyes away.

She felt more beautiful and desired than she had ever felt before and that was coming from Ed who was completely mesmerized. When she heard his whisper she felt such a rush of confidence she swayed a little on her feet.

Ed stepped forward to catch her arm and she looked into his eyes with hunger. Ed was captured by her dark eyes. He found himself moving closer.

A loud angry bleating shocked them both from their daze. It was the beeper the restaurant gave them. They both took a step back with embarrassed grins. They smiled and nodded to the clerk who was a little red faced herself and left the store. Ed saw an ATM so he rushed over to it and made another withdrawal to cover dinner.

Grace took his arm and they walked back to the restaurant. She felt the earrings sway and touch her neck and a wave of warmth flowed through her body. She glanced up at Ed and smiled.

Ed handed in the beeper and a hostess guided them to a nice table for two. They looked at the menu and both were a little intimidated by the sheer variety of food available. A waitress appeared next to the table.

“Let me guess. You’re first visit?” she asked, seeing their bewildered looks.

They nodded and smiled.

“I’ll give you some time with the menus then. Can I get you a drink in the meantime?”

Grace looked at Ed and he nodded. “I’d like a margarita please.”

“Lemonade for me, please,” Ed said.

“I’ll get those for you right away!” the waitress said and was gone.

When they were alone Grace reached across the table and held Ed’s hand. “Thank you so much for the earrings! They’re gorgeous!”

“You deserve them and you look amazing in them!” Ed replied.

“They were very expensive-” she began but Ed held up his hand to stop her.

“Just look in the account tomorrow,” was all he said but he grinned as he said it.

Her curiosity was burning but she settled back and went back to the menu.

Their drinks arrived and the waitress let them know what the specials were and asked if they wanted an appetizer. Ed ordered them the loaded nachos.

It took some time but they finally decided and when the nachos arrived they placed their orders. Grace ordered another margarita and Ed got a refill.

They munched away on the nachos as they talked about the movie. Grace explained a good portion of the beginning of the movie and Ed shook his head in wonder at how she’d managed to follow that part.

“Did you find Miko to be pretty?” Grace asked with a coy smile.

“Did you find Alec to be handsome?” Ed asked in return.

“No, I thought he was too pretty,” she grinned. “Answer my question.”

“Yes, I thought she was very pretty.”

“Prettier than m-“

“NO! You are much prettier.” Ed interrupted her with a grin.

“What made you think I was going to say me? Maybe I was going to say Mrs. Rutledge,” she insisted with a raised eyebrow.

Ed just stared at her with a fake scowl.

“Do you think Mrs. Rutledge is pretty?” she asked carefully.

“Yes, she is very pretty.”

“Prettier than m-“

“NO! You are much prettier.” Ed interrupted her again with a grin.

“Oh please! The woman is gorgeous! Admit it!” Grace scoffed, maybe a little louder than she should have. She glanced around but no one was watching.

Ed was slightly taken aback at her outburst. He needed to set her clear on something. “Do you remember the china dolls they had in the display at that jewellery shop?”

Grace thought for a second. “Oh, yes. I remember.”

“Mrs. Rutledge is very pretty but she’s like one of those dolls. Pretty to look at but it’s not real. They’re just for display,” he said with a frown.

Grace looked at him with raised eyebrows. She was impressed. She’d thought he was completely captivated by the woman’s beauty. The woman was stunning! Grace just nodded to him and they went back to the nachos.

When their meals arrived they were both feeling a little full. Grace ordered a third margarita and Ed switched to water. The waitress brought Grace a water as well. She knew the bartender mixed drinks a little too strong and Grace was beginning to look very relaxed.

Ed managed a few bites of his delicious burrito but decided he had to stop. He’d take the rest to go. Grace did the same and grinned at Ed.

“They have so many desserts and I don’t have room for any of them!” she giggled, sipping from the margarita.

“Hey! Fancy meeting you two here!”

Ed and Grace looked up and saw Heather and Isabelle. He saw Heather was looking at Grace with a funny expression. She was trying to look happy but it looked like it was mixed with frustration and annoyance.

“Hi Heather, Isabelle,” he greeted them, trying not to give away how well he knew Isabelle. She wasn’t trying very hard as she stared at him a little too intently.

“Hey Heather!” Grace said with a smile, oblivious to her friend’s signals. “Hi Isabelle!”

“Oh my god! Look at those earrings!” Heather gasped as she caught sight of them. Grace beamed and pushed her hair back so the ladies could see them more clearly.

“Ed bought them for me.” Grace said with a sweet smile for him.

Heather looked at Ed in surprise. Those weren’t cheap earrings and Ed never had much money. What changed?

Ed saw the question in Heather’s eyes. “I got a performance bonus.”

Isabelle snorted loudly and tried to cover it up by heading for the washroom with a wave. Her face was flushed.

“Well I’ve got to go too. See you on Monday?” Heather asked her friend.

“Bright and early.” Grace nodded.

With a final look at the two of them Heather hustled after her friend.

The waitress returned and they asked for their meals to be boxed to go. They both shook their heads when asked about dessert and Ed settled up the bill. He was glad he took more money out because they’d spent close to a week’s grocery budget on one meal!

Ed carried the take out bag and had his other arm around Grace as she leaned into his body. She insisted she wasn’t drunk but she was wobbling a little.

As they made their way to his truck they missed seeing Isabelle and Heather watching them. He opened Grace’s door and helped her in. Then he went around to his side and drove them home.


Isabelle turned to Heather. “I thought you said she was his sister.”

Heather frowned as she watched the tail lights disappearing. “Second cousins apparently.”

“Oh! That’s not very close.”

“Family is family!” Heather growled. “She told me she wasn’t going after him but that looked like a date to me. And those earrings!” She fumed then she looked at Isabelle’s pensive expression. “What were you going to ask him anyway? Something to do with your sorority party on Saturday night?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Isabelle said. She’d had second thoughts when she saw how happy Ed looked. He was better off. She’d have to call her friend Sophia and change their plans.


Ed got them home and helped Grace out of the truck and into the house. She had faded quickly in the truck with all the good food and drink. Especially the drink.

He put the food bag on the counter and guided Grace up to her room and over to her bed. She took off her earrings and placed them on the end table with a smile as he pulled back the sheets. He lifted her in his arms and laid her down on the bed.

He pulled the sheets up and went to kiss her forehead when her arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him down to her lips.

Ed felt her wonderful mouth on his and his brain derailed for a time. He kissed her back, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and it went on and on. Finally he managed to come to his senses and pull back.

Grace had a blissful smile on her lips as she looked up at him. He froze when he realized what he’d just done.

“I’m drunk. What’s your excuse?” she said quietly and closed her eyes. She was asleep in seconds.

He left her room and closed the door in a daze. What was his excuse? He desired her more than any other woman. But she was his sister. Ok, technically she was his second cousin but they grew up together so that counted more, right? He went down to the kitchen and put the food in the fridge. Then he went to his room with his head spinning in circular arguments. He dropped onto the bed and closed his eyes but sleep was slow to arrive and save him from his torment.


He felt something wonderful. Grace was kissing him with her amazing lips. Grace was kissing him down there with her amazing lips. His eyes opened as his cock was sucked deep into a mouth. He couldn’t stop the moan from escaping. In the dim light of his room he couldn’t see details but he recognized the hair.

Shirley. Again.

He growled deep in his chest and felt her freeze with him halfway in her mouth. She took a grip at the base of his cock and drew him out of her mouth.

“What are you doing Shirley?” he asked.

“I needed a treatment. You haven’t been keeping up your end of the agreement. Every three days you said,” she whined with a pout.

“What about Jerry?” he growled after she mentioned the agreement he was sorry he’d been emotionally manipulated into.

“He can’t do it more than once a month,” she said sadly as she began to move her hands up and down on his shaft.

Ed sucked his breath in through his teeth as the tingles raced through his nerves.

Shirley smiled then sucked him all the way into her mouth until her lips were pressing against his pelvis and Ed’s cock was deep in her throat.

“FUCK!” Ed cried out then immediately listened for noises from upstairs.


He looked back at Shirley who was looking up at him with him still in her mouth. He began to tell her to leave when she began to surge her head up and down, driving his cock deep into her throat again and again. He felt the head striking the back of her throat but he was overwhelmed by how amazing it felt. It was too much and his release was imminent. Then it was there.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” he whispered fiercely and Shirley immediately pulled him from her mouth and pumped him with her hands. His cum surged out and splashed across her face and chest. She milked him dry and he fell back against his pillow, exhausted. Finally Shirley pulled her hands away from him and began to rub the cum into her skin.

“Oh god Ed, that’s so good. You have so much!” she moaned, her voice raw from the abuse her throat had taken.

Ed had thrown his arm over his eyes as he gasped for breath. He was really angry and was struggling to control it. “Enjoy it because that’s the last time!” Ed growled without looking at her.

Shirley froze. “Ed, don’t be hasty.”

“Hasty? I didn’t tell you to come into my room in the middle of the night and help yourself! That’s the second time you’ve done this while I was sleeping! I don’t want to do this anymore!”

Shirley looked at him. She wanted to scream at him. She needed this! This was her house and she needed this! She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She sucked the slippery cum from her finger and felt a shiver run down her body. So good!

“We’ll talk in the morning when we are both rested and can be reasonable,” she said calmly.

“Good night Shirley. Close the door on your way out,” he said tersely.

She stood and left quietly. Ed heard the door click shut.

He shook with rage. Directionless rage. He wanted to be angry with Shirley but he couldn’t put all of it on her. He should never have let this begin. He wasn’t even clear how it had.

He had to work in the morning and needed to get back to sleep but his mind spun and spun. Exhaustion finally pulled him under.

Chapter 34

As Ed drove to Silverton Heights he yawned mightily. Mr. Drakos was still in a great mood and when he saw the bruises under Ed’s eyes from his poor sleep he told him to head home directly after the service call and get some sleep. Ed thanked his boss and headed out immediately.

He was still angry from the conversation he’d had with Shirley when he came upstairs for breakfast. He played it over in his head trying to see if there was something he should have said differently to prevent the blow out. He’d just been so tired.

Shirley had been waiting for him when he came upstairs. She smiled nervously at him. “Good morning Ed.”

“Good morning,” he replied as he poured himself some coffee. He didn’t normally drink the stuff but he needed something to wake himself up with this morning. He grimaced when he drank the bitter liquid.

“Can I make you something for breakfast?” she asked.

“No, thank you.”

“I wanted to apologize for surprising you last night,” she began.

“We shouldn’t talk about this now,” he said tilting his head towards the doorway leading to the stairs.

Shirley ignored his signal. “I don’t want this to become a big thing. We can discuss it like adults.”

“I don’t want to discuss this at all right now,” he insisted, becoming frustrated.

She’d obviously prepared as she seemed to have a speech ready.

“Just listen then. I think you’ll agree that I’m being reasonable and fair.”

Ed looked at her wondering if she had heard a word he’d said. He didn’t want to talk about it when Grace might come in at any moment. There had been too many close calls as it was.

“When I took you in I knew there was going to have to be some sacrifices as there was only my paycheck covering our expenses…” She stopped when she saw Ed’s face was red and he was glowering at her.

His voice was strained as he struggled to control his temper. “Are you actually going to use the ‘I owe you’ story, AGAIN?”

She huffed and scowled at him. He wasn’t listening!

“I’m not asking for much in the way of repayment and you enjoy it too!” she blurted.

“Shirley, I will be eternally grateful for you taking me in when my mother died. But what I owe you is gratitude not THIS!” he barked pointing at his crotch.

“I need it! Jerry won’t do it and you’re young and have so much! Why won’t you share? It’s the least you could do for all the years I’ve-“

“STOP! I’m not a fucking cow that you get to milk whenever you want. That’s how you’re making me feel! Have you ever considered my feelings about this? No, of course not! Buy face cream like other women do!”


Ed recalled seeing red and knew that if he hadn’t left at that moment something terrible might have happened. He’d spun on his heel and walked right out of the house.

He shook off the mood and turned into the Silverton Heights entrance.

Today’s call was to the Sandovals. They lived further up the hill. Not at the top with the Rutledge mansion but close. None of the other homes in the neighborhood were surrounded by a privacy hedge. The wall of tall evergreens at the edge of the road hid any view of the grounds. A lane curved in and led to another difference this estate had over most of the others. The second line of defence was a tall brick wall with a huge motorized gate. Ed pulled up to the entrance and pushed the button on the intercom.


“Hi, this is Ed Walters from Drakos Heating and Cooling. I have an appointment this morning.”

“Ah yes, please come ahead.”

The gates buzzed angrily and began to open. He waited for them to open all the way then he continued to follow the curving lane until he could see the home. A third difference from every mansion in Silverton Heights, it had a modern design which reminded Ed of three stacked boxes of different sizes. The levels were slightly offset to look random. Ed immediately wished he could straighten them. He felt the need to fix them intensely and that surprised him.

The building was huge and rather cold looking as it was clad in grey stone. Large, mirrored windows reflected the grounds and showed nothing of the interior. He didn’t care for the design of the house at all but then he didn’t own it.

He grabbed his clipboard and made his way to the front door. It opened just as he arrived and he found himself looking down into large deep brown eyes beneath thick black lashes. The woman was a good foot shorter than Ed but she packed a lot of eye catching features in that petite package. Straight black hair fell to her shoulder blades, flowing over her shoulders. Straight bangs just covering her dark brows. Surgically perfected nose and oversized lips certainly made for an eye catching face. The woman was gifted with dramatic curves but her breasts couldn’t have been natural for her otherwise tiny 5′ 3″ body. Her ass also seemed a little large for her proportions but Ed hadn’t heard of ass implants so it might have been natural. Maybe.

She was wearing tight white yoga pants and a black shirt which was both low cut and short. The top was tight across her chest and showed off her abundant cleavage and hung loose over her soft tummy with the prerequisite belly button jewellery. She was wearing a number of gold rings and numerous gold bracelets which jingled as they bumped each other on her arms. Her gold chain necklace was in danger of being swallowed up by her cleavage. The gold of her jewellery looked very nice against her caramel skin tone. She’d painted her nails gold as well.

The work she’d had done to her and how she was dressed made guessing her age difficult but Ed thought she might be in her mid-thirties?

“Hi, Ed Walters,” he said with a smile.

“Hi Ed. I’m Zoe Sandoval,” she smiled.

She led him into the living room after he took off his boots and they sat on a very plush couch. Ed found himself slipping deeper into the cushions.

“I see from the quote that you have questions regarding the services Drakos can offer. You have a very large home. I’m curious about the heating and cooling system it uses. We can service pretty much any equipment you may have,” he said as he tried to dig himself out of the sofa.

She was watching him speak but he got the impression that she wasn’t really listening and he found that a little annoying. He was still tired so he guessed his irritation was just from that.

“I’m having the house torn down. It was built to my husband’s tastes and I hate it!”

Ed looked at her in surprise. “Oh! I suppose you don’t need a service contract on the old furnace then.”

“No, I’m speaking to a designer this evening to have plans drawn up for a new home to be built on this property and that home will need a new furnace and air conditioner. And a service contract.” She smiled at Ed.

“Ah, ok. Does your builder already have a heating and cooling contractor?” he asked.

“He’ll use whoever I say. I’ve heard very good things about your work Ed. I want you to take care of me. Personally,” she said with a coy smile.

Ed was feeling a little awkward. She was looking at his body while she talked to him and he was beginning to think she wasn’t really interested in Drakos’ services at all. He also felt like he was trapped on the couch. Then he realized he was. He was going to have to roll out to get free. So much for looking professional.

“Are you alright?” she asked as she saw him trying to shift on the cushions to get some leverage.

“I seem to be stuck in this very soft couch,” he said sheepishly.

“Really? You’re trapped?” she smiled.

“It seems so.”

“So if I were to move over here…” she said as she knee walked on the cushions to move right next to him. “…you wouldn’t be able to stop me from doing this?” She laid her body down across his as his eyes widened.

“Mmmm you have a nice body!” she purred as she pressed her firm tits against his chest.

Ed thought she felt wonderful but his unease was getting worse. “Uh, you’re married!”

“Separated. My husband is Matias Escobar. You might have heard about him on the news. He’s doing 25 to life with no chance for parole for a triple homicide. I’m not waiting. I still have living to do.” With that she pressed her plump lips against his mouth hard and slipped her tongue inside.

Ed squeaked as her demanding tongue wrestled with his. She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands tight against her big tits. He automatically squeezed them and she moaned into the kiss then pulled back from it.

“Fuck, you’ve got big strong hands! I love big strong hands!”

This felt wonderful and all but Ed was still feeling off after his fight with Shirley, someone else who just took what she wanted. He pushed Zoe up and off his chest, his hands still held firmly against her tits.

“FUCK YES!” she squealed at his rough handling. She ground her crotch against his and purred when she felt the thick cock hidden within. “That’s a big cock! You gonna fuck me with that hot meat? You gonna pound my little pussy with that beast?” she growled.

Ed was shocked by the words coming out of the mouth of the woman he’d just met. He was starting to get really frustrated by this whole situation. And he still couldn’t get any purchase on this fucking couch!

Zoe released his wrists and reached down to yank open the snaps on his coverall. She pouted when she saw the white t-shirt so she grabbed it and yanked it up. The fabric ripped so she tore it open to see his hard, dense muscles. She cooed as she ran her fingers over his chest.

Ed was stunned that she’d ripped his shirt. “What the fuck!” he growled.

“You don’t like it when it gets a little rough baby? I do.” She pinched and pulled on his nipples.

That hurt! Ed surged up from the couch and Zoe grabbed the front of his coverall and yanked it off his shoulders and down his back as she fell back onto the couch. Ed’s arms were pinned by the fabric so he couldn’t stop himself from falling over Zoe’s body.

“God DAMN! You’re big!” she grunted from under him, wiggling against his bulge.

Ed managed to pull his arms free of the coverall and pushed his torso off of the woman who gasped. She was pinned to the couch by his pelvis and her eyes fluttered as her pussy ground against his cock which had reached maximum hardness.

She reached up and grabbed the tattered edges of his t-shirt and pulled it hard to bring him down but Ed resisted as he gritted his teeth. The shirt tore some more and Ed got mad.

“What’s wrong baby? Did I tear your favorite shirt? Whatcha gonna DO!” she taunted as she thrust her pussy roughly against him.

Ed pushed himself upright and Zoe came with him as she was still clinging to the t-shirt. She shoved her right hand down into his coverall and boxers and grabbed his cock.


Ed tried to get free again but Zoe tangled her legs around his and he fell off of the couch onto the thick carpet with her following him down. She yanked his coverall further down his legs and for the first time she saw his cock.

“HOLY FUCK! Look at this bad boy!” she said with a huge grin.

Ed was tangled in the ripped shirt so he tore it free from his body and tried to reach for his underwear. Zoe got in the way of his hands with a grin and he ended up with a fist full of her blouse instead. Her tits popped out from under the fabric and Zoe grinned wickedly as his eyes widened, taking in the gold piercing in her nipples.

“You gonna tear my shirt now big man? You wanna play with my big titties?” she said as she pushed herself towards his face. She leaned forward and his grip pulled her blouse up and over her head. Then she fell forward on him and squeezed her tits around his face.

Ed couldn’t breathe with her soft flesh squeezing his head from three sides and he was becoming seriously pissed off. She was back to grinding her pussy against his cock but now there was just a thin, and wet, piece of fabric between them.

He rolled over on the carpet but she clung to him. Damn, she was strong! She was under him now and he was able to catch a breath until she forced a nipple into his mouth. Her legs were wrapped around his hips squeezing him tight. His cock was trapped between them and he felt the dampness of her yoga pants. He didn’t want to hurt her but he wanted loose so he bit down on the nipple firmly. She cried out but just pushed her tit harder against his mouth. He thought she would pull away so he just released her nipple and she let go of her tit as well. He glared down at her and her large brown eyes were glassy with lust. Her cheeks were flushed and she was panting with need.

“FUCK ME PICHA BRAVA!” she growled as she reached down and tore the crotch open on her pants. She then guided the head of his cock to press firmly against the soft, wet lips of her pussy.

Ed jolted when her wet flesh slapped against his cock. He wasn’t prepared for her to knock his arms upwards causing him to fall forward. They landed with a thump on the carpet and Ed’s cock slammed deep into her pussy. She screamed and thrashed under him. He tried to pull back but she was still squeezing her legs tight around him, pulling his cock deeper and deeper into her. When his pelvis finally rested against hers Ed was stunned. She was so tiny yet she took all of him!

“FUCK! Give me your meat!” she cursed at him.

Ed had a flashback of Shirley’s demanding tone. He realized he was just being used again.

She wanted to be fucked? Fine.

He pulled his hips back and drove them forward. Brown eyes flew open and her mouth opened wide to scream but he kissed her hard. He pulled out to the head again then slammed himself deep once more. She screamed into his mouth. Ed began to accelerate his thrusts. Her legs slipped from his hips and he hooked his arms around them and pushed them up to her chest. This lifted her ass off the floor and gave him better access to pound himself into her. Soon she was moaning constantly.

“fuck…shit…god…FUCK!…big…cock…fuckme…” she babbled as she clawed at his back.

He’d had enough of her nails so he pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach as she yelped. He yanked her ass up in the air and slid his hard cock deep into her once more. He grabbed her hips and aggressively yanked her back against his legs until each impact sounded like a wet slap. Her ass jiggled like mad from his pounding and her moans became cries.


He reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. It was silky soft and thick in his hand. Her voice went quiet but she was still chanting a steady stream of curses. Ed began to make quick, short strokes, his balls slapping her clit like a machine gun.

“FFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” she screamed as her body convulsed with a colossal tidal wave of an orgasm. Ed slid his thumb over her sweaty ass and pushed it into her asshole. Her voice went hypersonic and her pussy clamped down on his cock. It was too much and he erupted deep inside her. He fell over her body, trapping her against the carpet as he tried to catch his breath. He was still buried to the hilt inside her twitching pussy.

A minute passed as they both gasped.

“holy fuck that was good… best ever…” she breathed.

Ed was exhausted. Lack of sleep, the fight with Shirley, and now this… it was too much. He pushed himself off of Zoe, pulling his semi-rigid cock from her.

“AHHH! MOTHERFUCKER! Warn a girl before you do that!” she gasped and her body shook through an aftershock.

He dropped onto his back and stared at the ceiling. His arm was still trapped under her tits. His mind was racing but he was just too tired to make sense of it.

Zoe propped herself up on her elbows and smiled at him. “It took a bit of effort to get you moving but you didn’t disappoint!”

“Why?” he said quietly.

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“Why did you make the appointment? To inquire about Drakos’ services or to have sex with me?” he said wearily.

She looked down at his slowly shrinking cock and grinned. “Why can’t it be both?”

He rolled his head to the side so he could look at her.

“What made you think I’d want to have sex with you? We’ve never met each other before. We’re strangers. Yet you made an appointment to have sex with me. You said I didn’t disappoint you which means you expected us to have sex,” Ed reasoned slowly, trying to put the pieces in order but a key piece seemed to be missing and his mind just couldn’t spot it.

Zoe watched his face waiting for him to get to the answer. It was so obvious but the poor man just couldn’t connect the dots. She wanted to tell him but Rachel and Angie made her promise not to mention their talk.

“You don’t think I’m pretty?” she said instead. “You don’t think I could seduce you?” she said with a pout.

Ed’s eyes locked on her face. He was worried that he’d insulted her in his fatigue.

“I think you are very beautiful but I don’t think what you were doing was seduction,” he said carefully.

“Are you a master of seduction? Do you know all of its forms?” she asked directly.

Ed’s eyes were wary. “No.”

“Then you should take my word for it that what I was doing was seduction. Did I make your big thick cock hard? Did it feel good to roughly fuck my little wet pussy and make me scream? Did you shoot a big load of hot cum in my tight little body?” she stared into his eyes with lust in her gaze and Ed could only swallow and nod as his cock began to stiffen again. She caught the motion and smiled. “Then you were seduced. Hard, rough, passionate and raw. The best kind of sex! Strip away all the pretty bullshit and truly feel it as it’s supposed to be. The rutting of two animals in their most natural state!”

She reached down and grabbed his cock once more and gave it a rough stroke.

“Fuck!” he gasped.

She grabbed his coveralls and jumped to her feet. “This is going out the window upstairs into the pool. Unless you catch me.” Then she was off at a sprint. He didn’t doubt her for a second that she’d follow through with her threat and his wallet and phone were in the pockets. He pushed himself up quickly and tore off after the sound of her running feet. He poured everything he had into his run as he had to stop her. She was halfway up the stairs and shrieked as he leapt up after her two stairs at a time. She reached the top and raced for the doors at the end of the hall.

Ed wasn’t far behind her now and she was beginning to laugh as she saw the open window just ahead of her. She pulled her arm back to let the clothes fly but Ed snatched them from her fingers and grabbed her around the waist. He threw her onto the big king sized bed and quickly followed her on before she could scramble away on her hands and knees. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her flat on the bed on her stomach.

Zoe shrieked as his big hands gripped her ankles. He was so fucking strong! God that made her so wet! Then he was sitting on her legs so she couldn’t move.


She screamed as he spanked her ass cheek. Hard! Before she could recover her other cheek got a slap of its own and she screamed again. Then those big hands were squeezing her ass cheeks hard. The pain mixed with pleasure and he parted her cheeks so he could press his tongue firmly against her asshole.

“AHHHHH! GOD DAMMIT YES!” she yelled as his tongue forced its way into her tight sphincter. “FUUUCK! OHFUCKOHFUCKYESYESYES- EEEEEEEEEE!” she ended with a squeal as his wiggling tongue sunk into her tight orifice. He pulled it out and spit onto the dilated muscle. Before it could tighten up he forced his thumbs into her ass and pulled her open even farther.

“MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she screamed but her body was trembling hard. God she wanted this so bad!

Ed quickly crawled up her body, not letting her up for a second and pressed the head of his cock against her twitching asshole.

“OMIGOD!” she yelled.

The head popped in with the pressure he applied and she lost the ability to speak as her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled back. He slowly pumped his cock in and out but always driving it in a little deeper with each stroke.

She began to whimper so he rested on his elbows over her and slid his hands under her body to squeeze her big tits. He took the nipples between his finger and thumb and he squeezed them, rolled then, and tugged them as he continued to stroke in and out of her ass. She was hissing her breath out between her teeth and whimpering.

His nipple play was making her crazy. Just enough pain to keep her attention on his fingers but surges of pleasure that shot between her nipples and her ass which made it impossible for her to think straight.

Her ass was aching with the monstrous invader forcing its way in and out. But there were other physical sensations and mental aspects of the new experience which were overwhelming her. The indescribable fullness, the maddening tingles shooting through her body, the intense heat, and his overpowering strength and dominance all swept through her mind, scattering rational thought and bringing her to her purest primal form, able to only feel and react.

He slid his left arm under her to brace himself, grinding into her ass harder. He cupped her right tit in his left hand and moved his right to the back of her head where he gathered her silky strands in his fist once more.

“UH! UH! UHHNNNN!” she grunted as he slowly pulled her head back and turned.

He kissed her hard as his cock was fully buried in her ass. Then he pulled on her nipple and she was lost to her release.

“MMMMMNNNNNN!!! MMMMMNNNNNN!!!” she screamed into his mouth. He pulled back from the kiss and watched her face as her body shook and trembled under him.

“AAAAAHHHHHHNNNNN! AAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNN!” she wailed incoherently as her body began to convulse.

The clamping of her muscles on Ed’s cock pushed him over the edge as well and he felt himself jetting stream after stream of cum deep into her ass.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNNN!!!” Zoe shrieked as she felt the hot liquid filling her insides.

Her body tremors were beginning to subside so Ed slowly pulled his cock from her ass. Zoe was only able to whimper from the tingle and ache as she was completely drained by the experience.

Ed rolled onto his back next to her. He was frightened by how aggressive he’d been with her. It wasn’t like him at all to be that way but something about her brought it out. He looked over at her and her eyes were dazed and glassy. He hoped he hadn’t hurt her. That would be… incredibly bad.

Ed’s exhaustion washed over him and he struggled to keep his eyes open. He must have fallen asleep as he surfaced momentarily when he felt her lips gently caressing his.

“Thank you Ed. That was beautiful…” he heard the whisper and he was gone.

Chapter 35

When Grace woke up, two demons were pounding on her temples with hammers. She tried to ride it out and slip back into sleep but something was pushing her to wake up. She cracked her eyes open and immediately regretted it as her headache spiked from the bright light.

What? Oh yes. The tequila. She should have recalled how bad her reaction was to that particular vice. But what had woken her up? She opened her eyes again and slowly sat up. Her eyes landed on the earrings and her heart warmed, thinking of Ed’s generosity.

Ed. That was his voice and he didn’t sound happy.

She stood and made her way to her door and opened it quietly.

“…actually going to use the ‘I owe you’ story, AGAIN?” Grace heard him gasp incredulously.

Then Shirley “I’m not asking for much in the way of repayment and you enjoy it too!”

“Shirley, I will be eternally grateful for you taking me in when my mother died. But what I owe you is gratitude not THIS!” Ed yelled but Grace had no idea what he meant by his emphasized ‘this’.

Her mother began to sound desperate and Grace left her room to intervene. Shirley continued as Grace walked towards the stairs. “I need it! Jerry won’t do it and you’re young and have so much! Why won’t you share? It’s the least you could do for all the years I’ve-“

“STOP! I’m not a fucking cow that you get to milk whenever you want. That’s how you’re making me feel! Have you ever considered my feelings about this? No, of course not! Buy face cream like other women do!” Grace froze when she heard Ed’s words. There was a roaring in her ears as the picture suddenly became clear.

“YOU UNGRATEFUL-” Shirley screamed then stomping footsteps and the front door slammed but Grace heard none of that as she was recalling her mother rubbing the fluid into her skin. How she’d stolen some from her mother’s face. How she’d tasted it. It was from Ed.

Shirley came running up the steps and shrieked when she saw Grace standing in the hall ashen faced.

“What did you do to Ed?” Grace whispered with a trembling voice.

Shirley’s expression closed up and she crossed her arms defensively. “Nothing you wouldn’t have done! I see how you look at him! I know you want him!”

“You had sex with Ed?” Grace gasped.

Her mother looked away. “No… not exactly.” She huffed with annoyance. “I just need his cum. It wasn’t too much to ask. He got to cum so he had to enjoy it. I don’t know why he was so resistant! I need it!”

Grace stared at her mother and realized she hadn’t changed at all. The bright and shiny woman who came out of the pain and drug addiction was still as self centered and petty as the one she’d been before the accident. There had been a few brief moments when Grace had enjoyed the idea that her mother had found something to redeem herself from the terrible experience she’d endured. Now she saw that happiness and calm was just the product of her abuse of Ed for her own selfish needs.

“You abused that gentle man who showed you nothing but love and respect. After everything he’s done for you.” she said, her voice trembling with suppressed rage.


Grace looked at her mother with disgust then turned and walked back into her bedroom to get some clothes. She was going to get showered, dressed, and then she was going to find Ed. She didn’t know what she was going to say to him yet but she had to protect him from Shirley’s abuse.


When she left her bedroom Shirley was still in the hallway.


Grace’s eyes flashed to her mother’s and Shirley took a step back when she saw the fury in them. “HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME! YOU’RE NO BETTER THAN I AM! YOU’D FUCK HIM IN A SECOND!”

Shirley rocked back against the wall and grabbed her cheek in shock, the hand shaped welt already rising on her stinging skin. Grace was shaking with rage, baring her teeth and breathing hard. “Get the fuck away from me,” she growled menacingly. “We are NOTHING alike!”

Grace stepped past her and close and locked the bathroom door. She wanted to strangle the woman but that wouldn’t help Ed so she proceeded with getting ready. When she exited the bathroom Shirley was gone. Off to visit Jerry no doubt. Grace felt bad for the man who, for some reason, was a little soft in the head for her mother.

She dialed Ed’s cell but it went straight to voicemail so she called his office and spoke with a woman. She was told that he was on a service call but he would be returning home directly once he was done as Mr. Drakos had given him the afternoon off as he was exhausted.

Grace thanked the woman then sat on the sofa to wait for Ed’s return. She hoped he wouldn’t be long.


When Ed’s eyes opened again he could tell by the faint light coming through the blinds that it was late in the evening. He rolled onto his back and jumped when he saw the young woman sitting on the edge of the bed watching him sleep.

“Hello,” she said.


“I’m Sophia. Sophia Sandoval.”

“Ed Walters.”

“Hi Ed. Did you enjoy fucking my mom?” she said frankly as she looked into his eyes.

He looked at her warily but didn’t answer. Discretion.

“Pussy got your tongue?” she smiled at her own cleverness.

Ed saw the similarities between mother and daughter now though Sophia’s black hair was wavy and she didn’t have large breast implants. Her nose looked natural as well but she had her mother’s dark brown eyes and thick lashes.

He realized he was naked under the sheets someone, likely Zoe, had pulled over him. He looked around but couldn’t see his underwear or coveralls. He knew his t-shirt was a write off.

“Uh, where’s Zoe?” he asked.

“On a plane to San Francisco to speak to her house designer. She’s tearing down daddy’s castle and building some Spanish monstrosity,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “She told me to keep an eye on you and to give you a drink of water when you woke as you’d be dehydrated.”

She stood up and walked over to the end table to pick up the glass. Ed was feeling a little parched so he gladly accepted the glass and drank the cool water. He handed the glass back and went back to scanning the room with his eyes looking for his clothes.

“Looking for something?” Sophia asked innocently.

“Yeah, my clothes.”

“I haven’t seen them. What did they look like?” she asked with a smile.

“A pair of boxers and my work coverall.” He looked at the window again and realized how late it was. “I really should be heading home.” He pulled the sheet up from the mattress and wrapped it around himself. When he stood up the room suddenly slid sideways and he hit the floor with a thump. The room continued to spin and noises in the room began to sound like they were coming down a long tunnel. His vision began to fade as well. He couldn’t stop the room from spinning then he felt his mind sail away into the spinning vortex and nothing.

Sophia stood next to the bed looking down at Ed. She knelt and checked his pulse. His heart was beating strong and steady.

“It’s done!” she called out.

The room’s door opened and two more young women came in and walked over beside her. Stacey knew Ed from the victory party for the football team but the third woman, a tall willowy blond named Helen, was a representative from the sorority headquarters in Georgia. She was in charge of ensuring the official secret initiation rituals were followed properly.

“He seems intimidating enough but how big is his cock? The new girls need to be frightened. Terrified would be better,” she said.

Stacey was looking down at Ed with a hungry look. “He’s got a monstrous dick!” she grinned.

“Help me roll him over,” Sophia said and the three women strained to flip him onto his back.

Helen’s eyes widened and she smiled. “Oh yes, he will do very well! You chose wisely. Where is Isabelle? I was under the impression that she was supposed to be here as well.”

Sophia smirked. “She got cold feet about using him for this. She’ll be at the ceremony tonight but I didn’t want to take a chance that she’d warn him off.”

Helen nodded, pleased with Sophia’s planning. “Do you have the necessary bindings for him?”

Sophia smiled and pulled a bag out from behind the end table. She poured the contents onto the bed. She separated the items so they could see them clearly. Bondage gear.

There was a leather hood with flaps to cover his eyes and mouth. A leather collar with d-rings. Leather wrist and ankle straps with d-rings to attach spreader bars to or to fasten to a rack. Bondage mitts. Finally a pile of strong but light chain.

“It’s time to get him dressed.” Helen smiled. They got to work.

Chapter 36

Grace was going out of her mind with worry. Ed should have been home after lunch but he didn’t show. She called his office and spoke to the woman again, Lydia, but she said he hadn’t returned to the office and his pickup was still in the parking lot. By the time dinner rolled around and passed she’d had enough of waiting. She grabbed her keys and drove over to his workplace. She walked in as Lydia was packing up to head home.

“Any word from Ed?” Grace asked.

Lydia looked up and shook her head with a worried look. Her father walked into the lobby with a frown on his face.

“Ed didn’t come home yet?” he asked.

“No and I’m really worried. He had a fight with my mother this morning, you mentioned he was exhausted and he should have come home. It’s almost ten and there is no sign of him.”

“A fight? Maybe he’s just blowing off some steam.” Drakos suggested.

Grace just frowned. “I have to go look for him. I’ll go to the places he sometimes goes. If you hear from him please get him to call me.”

They nodded and she headed back out to her car. A cold feeling of dread was settling into the pit of her stomach. She didn’t want to be alone so she thought she’d pick up Heather who’d be finishing her shift.

She kept her eyes open for the van as she drove but she didn’t see it.

Heather was just walking to the bus stop as Grace pulled up. “HEATHER!” she called out.

“What a sight for sore feet!” Heather grinned as she moved to the passenger side. She groaned as she sunk into the tired seat springs. She glanced over at Grace and saw the worry in her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Ed’s missing.”

“Missing? How does someone that big go missing?” she grinned then dropped the smile as she saw Grace’s eyes well up with tears. “Hey! I’m sure he’s just relaxing with his friends somewhere.”

“He doesn’t have any friends! Aside from the people at his work but they haven’t seen him since this morning.”

“He has no friends? He must hang out with someone!” Heather exclaimed.

Grace froze. There was someone. One of his Drakos customers! “Thomas? Thomason? Thompson! Rachel Thompson!” she gasped out loud.

“Who’s that?” Heather asked.

“One of his Drakos Heating and Cooling customers who lives in Silverton Heights. She’s the mother of one of his football teammates. He made friends with her. She bought him some gifts. Expensive gifts.”

Heather’s eyes widened and she smiled. Grace just frowned. “Yeah, I think so too but Ed won’t talk to me about her so that seems to confirm my suspicions.”

“Let’s go speak to this bitch!” Heather said.

Grace nodded and started the car. She looked at Heather in dismay. “I don’t know which house she’s in or what she looks like.”

“How many houses are there in Silverton Heights?” Heather asked. “We start from the bottom and work our way up.”

Grace nodded then leaned over and hugged her friend.

She put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb. It was time to find Rachel Thompson.


Sophia stood at the front door of her home in her ceremonial robe and mask, welcoming the new initiates inside. There were only eight who’d managed to make it this far. Not a very large number but sufficient to keep the house going. Tonight’s final test would confirm they were worthy of being initiated into the sorority.

She’d impressed Helen and that pleased her. It was wise to cultivate powerful allies. She’d thought Isabelle was going to be one of those but she’d proven to be weak.

Speak of the devil, Isabelle was walking up to the door from the parking lot next to the garage. Sophia had driven Ed’s van into an empty spot in the garage and left his clothes on the front seat. When they were done with Ed tonight, they’d put him in the passenger seat and she’d drive him out to the edge of town and Stacey would follow to drive her back. Ed would come out of the drugs in the morning with no memory of the previous night.

As Isabelle stepped inside she pulled her mask down to cover her face. “Good evening Sister,” she greeted Sophia. “My apologies again for not fulfilling my part of the plan.”

“Good evening Sister. It’s alright. Alternate plans were put into effect.” Sophia said calmly as she indicated where the group was gathering. Isabelle was last to arrive so it was time to get started. She locked the door and shut off the outside lights. The house was supposed to be empty after all and the ceremony required darkness.

She headed down the hall to the large ‘family room’. As they were preparing for demolition, there was no furniture in the room except for the many, tall candle stands. This gave the chamber a disturbing echo which added to the somber ambience. Cushions were placed on the floor for the initiates to kneel on and the sponsoring Sisters stood behind them. Candles lit the room and she took her position at the center of a group of Sisters facing the initiates.

“Good evening Pledges. Congratulations! To have made it this far you have succeeded in fulfilling nearly all the requirements necessary to be accepted into our house. Tonight is the final test. I will be blunt. Some of you won’t pass. It isn’t the last test because it’s the easiest. This will prove if you have the will and inner strength needed to be considered a Sister of our house. You will be given a few moments to prepare yourselves. Once ready, you will be led one at a time down that hall…” Sophia gestured to the dark opening behind her to the left. “…where the challenge awaits. Should you… prove yourself worthy you will return to this room a full Sister wearing the uniform.” She looked at the eight faces and saw nervousness, excitement, and on one face amusement. Sophia felt a wave of anger flash through her. That pledge was going to get a very special test. She looked over at Helen and saw that she’d noticed the insolent attitude as well. They shared a look and both nodded slightly.

“If you do not prove worthy, you will be led from the house and our House’s interaction with you will be at an end. You will be one of the shunned until the time you leave our college.” She cast her eyes over the group once more and saw the smirking one hadn’t lost the look.

“I will make one offer at this time only. You may choose to leave now, giving up any chance of being a Sister but sparing yourself the humiliation of the Shunning. Look inside and make your choice now.”

She waited to the count of ten but none of the initiates moved from their spot. Good.

“Prepare yourselves,” she said and turned with a sweep of her robe and walked down the darkened hall, Helen at her heels, followed by Isabelle and Stacey. When they got to the door at the end there was a single candle in a tall stand casting feeble light in the space. Sophia turned and looked at Isabelle, identified by the small but unique symbol painted on the left temple of the otherwise blank mask.

“Isabelle, you will take on the role of guide. Stacey is now the inner chamber guide.” Sophia instructed.

“But-” Isabelle began in shock.

“The word of the Judge is final.” Helen snapped and Isabelle went quiet.

“Wait at the end of the hall for the signal then send the first pledge.” Sophia said with a satisfied smile hidden by her mask. Isabelle hesitated then moved back to the other end of the hall. The three remaining women stepped into the room and closed the door behind them. They pushed through the black curtain they’d hung just inside the door and walked into another large, mostly empty room. Their heels clicked on the ceramic tiles and echoed eerily. Arranged in the center of the room was a padded saw horse with shackles attached, a small table with several small horse whips, and a full length mirror angled just enough so the occupant of the saw horse would be able to see the surprise behind them.

Against the back wall there was another black curtain hanging down from a suspended rod. It stood five feet out from the wall and was hiding something behind it. Sophia looked at Helen and they nodded. Each stepped forward and pulled one side of the curtain to open them. Chained to an x-cross bolted to the wall was their main event.

The huge man was wearing the black leather mask with the flaps closed so he was blind, partially deaf, and could only breathe through a small slit under his nose and through small holes over his mouth. Leather straps crossed his broad chest and his hands were disabled by the hard leather mitts. His body was coated in sweat and his skin was flushed. Most disturbing was the massive erection rising and twitching between his powerful legs. It seemed to be bobbing with his heartbeat, which was probably accurate as he’d been given a dose of Viagra as well as another drug to make him manageable. He was basically a zombie with a raging hard-on for the next few hours, maybe until morning. Sophia wasn’t exactly sure when the drugs would wear off. But she was pretty sure there would be no lasting effects of her little drug cocktail.

“Is he supposed to be wheezing like that?” Stacey asked with a worried tone.

Sophia looked at her crossly but realized with the mask it was a wasted effort. “Pop open the mouthpiece on his mask,” she snapped and Stacey rushed forward to do it. Sophia liked how quickly she jumped to her command.

Stacey reached up and yanked at the leather flap. The snaps released and Ed’s mouth was exposed to the air. He took in some deep gulps of air and seemed to relax a little. He wasn’t moving around a lot as the drug Sophia had given him from her father’s stash made him very compliant. Just as the little blue pills made him very hard.

“His heart is still beating pretty hard. Is that safe?” Stacey whined.

“Listen, who’s studying chemistry and pharmacology in college and who’s taking social sciences, whatever the fuck that is?” Sophia growled and Stacey shut up. She took one more nervous look at Ed and stepped back as Helen and Sophia closed the curtains.

“It’s time. Turn off the room lights and bring in the first pledge.” Sophia commanded. Stacey rushed off to the door and flipped the light switch. The room was lit with the dozen or so candles. Ed’s breathing could barely be heard from behind the curtain. He was breathing a little hard. Sophia shook her head. She had more important things to think about.


Grace pulled into the first driveway in Silverton Heights and went up the lane to a nice sized ranch style home. What she could see in the dark looked like it was well maintained. She and Heather got out and walked up to the door.

Grace rang the doorbell. A minute later there was a pop sound of the intercom coming on.


“Uh hello! I’m looking for Rachel Thompson.” Grace said.

“I’m sorry, no one by that name lives here,” was the reply.

Grace was feeling a little desperate. “You wouldn’t happen to know an Ed Walters or where he might be?”

“Ed? I know an Ed Walters. Who are you?”

“I’m Grace, his sister. I can’t find him,” she blurted.

“Hold on,” the voice said and the intercom popped once more.

“Did you hear that accent? So freaking beautiful!” Heather gasped.

Grace looked at her friend with a confused expression then the inner door opened. They looked up into beautiful brown eyes. The woman was very tall, slim and her gorgeous black hair poured down her back.

“Neither of you look very much like Ed,” the dark skinned beauty said suspiciously.

Heather was captivated. She couldn’t take her eyes off the woman.

“I’m Grace Wilson and this is my friend Heather Connors. Ed lived with my mother and me since he was six. He’s technically my second cousin. Have you seen him today?” Grace asked.

“I’m afraid not. I will be seeing him next week to set up a service contract and I spoke with him a couple of days ago. Is he alright?” she asked with concern.

“He was supposed to be home just after lunch and his office doesn’t know where he’d be now. He was exhausted this morning and I’m worried he had an accident. I can’t reach his cell phone. Do you know where Rachel Thompson lives?” Grace asked, her lips trembling.

“Please come in. I will look it up on my tablet. I’m Mishka Shyamalan by the way.” She let them inside then led the way through the house to the kitchen where the tablet sat on the table. Grace gawked at the beautiful décor but Heather could see nothing but the woman before her. “Would this Rachel know where Ed is?” she asked as she picked up her tablet and ran an address search for ‘Rachel Thompson’. There was only one in this neighborhood and it was #12.

“Found her. Her house is further up the street. Number 12.” Mishka smiled and Heather moaned a little when she saw her brilliant white teeth between her dark lips. Grace and Mishka looked at her and Heather blushed.

“Sorry, it’s just… you’re so beautiful!” Heather gushed.

Grace just stared at her friend and Mishka blushed with a sweet smile. “Thank you. That is very sweet of you to say,” the woman said humbly.

“Sweet nothing. That’s just the truth!” Heather exclaimed.

“Heather! You’re embarrassing Mrs. Shyman!” Grace scolded.

“Shyamalan. I’m not married and it is quite nice to hear a genuine compliment now and then. I live alone and I don’t get to hear them very often in the operating theatre of the hospital” She smiled once more at Heather, eyes twinkling and Heather smiled back. Grace just looked between the two of them. Then she cleared her throat.

“Thank you so much for your help! We’d better go to Rachel’s to see if Ed is there.” Grace reached out to touch Heather’s arm and she jumped.

“Right! Sorry! It was really nice to meet you Mishka!” Heather blurted.

“It was delightful to meet you as well.” Mishka said. She seemed like she was going to say something else but Grace moved for the front door and Heather fell into step behind her.

They said their goodbyes at the door and Mishka wished them luck. Heather fumbled with the door handle looking back at the woman then leapt in as Grace backed out of the drive.

“Since when do you play for the other team?” Grace asked.

“What?” Heather blinked at her.

“You were two steps from kissing the woman!” Grace exclaimed.

“What are you talking about?” Heather growled.


Heather stopped and thought about their visit. Her mind kept going back to the woman’s incredible smile. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Her eyes went wide as she looked back at Grace. “Holy crap! I went totally lesbo back there!” she laughed. Then the image of Mishka’s eyes and her lips and her… damn. “Would that be bad?” she asked quietly, looking over at Grace cautiously.

“You’ll have to stop giving me crap about my interest in Ed!” Grace barked.

Heather grinned and nodded.

Grace pulled into the driveway for #12. They got out and she pressed the doorbell. After a minute she pressed the doorbell again. Another minute passed and no sign of anyone. No van in the driveway either.

She looked at Heather in desperation. Lights went on at the house up the street. All they could make out was a sudden increase in light. “Let’s go ask them,” she said and rushed back to the car. “Maybe they know how to reach her.”

Grace spun the car and raced down the driveway. She pulled out onto the road then pulled into the lane for the next house. A big SUV was coming towards them down the drive. It slowed and the driver’s side window opened. Grace opened hers.

“Can I help you?” said a woman with a short pixie cut.

“Hi, I’m looking for Rachel Thompson. She’s friends with my brother, Ed Walters, and I can’t find him.”

“Ed?” the woman blinked.

“What happened to Ed?” blurted her passenger. The woman hushed her then turned to Grace again.

“Rachel’s at Angie’s. We’re headed over there now. Just follow us.”

Grace nodded and moved forward to turn her car around. She followed the big SUV back down the hill and into another long driveway. They parked and made their introductions. Stephanie and Carolyn led them up the walkway to the front door. A short time after ringing the doorbell the door opened and a tall blonde woman was standing there smiling.

“You brought extra guests?” she asked with a gravelly voice.

“This is Grace Wilson, Ed’s sister and her friend Heather Connors. Ed’s missing. Grace needs to speak with Rachel.” Stephanie explained.

“Ah! Follow me! I’m Angie.”

They walked into a large room at the back of the house where Grace saw a gorgeous red haired woman sitting on a couch. She looked around the room at the four woman and realized they were all lovely. She felt like a troll compared to them. The doorbell rang again.

Angie turned around and headed back to the front door.

Stephanie made the introductions while they waited for Angie to return.

A minute later she appeared in the doorway with another woman. It was Mishka who was looking nervous and flustered. Heather’s eyes lit up and she grinned at the woman who relaxed and smiled shyly when she saw her.

“Everyone, this is Mishka Shyamalan. She’s our neighbor from down the road. She’s here to help with the hunt for Ed.

“Ed’s missing?” Rachel was immediately on her feet. Grace noted her genuine concern. She was both relieved and jealous that this woman seemed to have feelings for her brother.

Grace filled everyone in on the events of the day and they all had concerned looks by the end.

“Could Ed not be out with some friends or just decide to go to a movie or out to dinner?” Mishka asked.

“Ed doesn’t have any social friends…” she looked at Rachel who smiled, “other than you ladies it seems. He is extremely dependable and doesn’t vary his patterns. He doesn’t make spontaneous changes to his plans. He goes to work. He comes home. Sometimes he goes out but until recently it was only with me. He… has difficulty understanding some human behavior. He doesn’t lie and he doesn’t understand those that do.”

“He’s an innocent.” Rachel said with a sweet smile on her lips. The other women all smiled as well.

Grace suddenly understood why all these women knew Ed. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. “You’re all sleeping with him?” she murmured, stunned.

Rachel had a pained look on her face. “Initially we were just infatuated with his physical… attributes. But we got to know him and he really IS an innocent and such a good man. You can’t help but want to protect him.”

Grace smiled. They understood. She looked at the four women and they all had the same expression. Suddenly she didn’t feel so threatened. But this didn’t help her find Ed. She looked to Rachel.

“Do you know where he is? Have you seen his van today?”

“He had his appointment with Zoe this morning but she flew to San Francisco this afternoon. No one’s home at her place to my knowledge so Ed would have had to have left when she did.” Rachel said. She walked back to the couch and opened her purse. She frowned. “I must have left my phone at home.” She looked at Angie. “Do you have Zoe’s new cell number?”

“She has a new cell?” Angie asked.

“That answers that. I’ll go get my phone and be right back.” Rachel walked out of the room with her purse.

“Well, take a seat people while we wait.” Angie said. “Anyone like a drink?”

Grace took a can of pop and looked for Heather. She was seated next to Mishka talking a mile a minute while the woman just smiled at her. Grace saw the tips of Heather’s ears were red so she knew her friend was nervous. She sat down to wait on the couch where Rachel was sitting and looked at the women Ed was having sex with. They seemed really nice which surprised her. She was sure they’d be using Ed like her mother did. Without concern for his feelings.

If only she could find him.


A high pitched scream echoed through the empty rooms of Zoe’s home. The remaining five pledges jumped and shifted nervously on the pillows. They’d seen three of their group led into the hallway and none had returned with the garb of a Sister. Two had screamed like this one. One made no sounds at all but she hadn’t returned. They looked up as they saw two of the Sisters conferring at the entrance of the hall.

Stacey was in a panic. The girls they led down to the room were being strapped down on the saw horse. Each had freaked out when the curtain opened to show the masked man and his enormous red cock. Two screamed then cried uncontrollably and one simply passed out. She’d ushered them out the side door of the house.

Sophia was in a rage as the pledges were all failures and she was taking her frustration out on Ed. He had several cuts on his chest from her whipping him. Stacey had gotten a lash herself when she tried to stop her from slashing Ed. When she was sent out for the next pledge she rushed down the hall to speak to Isabelle.

“What’s going on in there?” Isabelle hissed quietly to Stacey.

“It’s too frightening! When Sophia and Helen open the curtains the pledges are terrified. Sophia is losing it. Helen isn’t helping and worse I think something is seriously wrong with Ed!” Stacey hissed.

“ED? Ed’s in there?” Isabelle said in shock.

“Yeah, Sophia drugged him but something is wrong. I think we’ve got to call someone. Sophia is whipping Ed and she whipped me as well when I tried to stop her!”

Isabelle pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed a number. She hoped she’d get through.


Rachel returned to the house and her face showed her confusion.

“What’s wrong?” Angie asked.

“I got through to Zoe. She said Ed was asleep in her bed when she left and her daughter was just arriving. She told Sophia to make sure Ed got home. I just went up there and the lights are all off.” Rachel said.

“You rang the doorbell?” Stephanie asked.

“No I couldn’t get past the gate but there was no sign of any lights.” Rachel said.

“I have the entry code.” Angie said.

Heather’s phone started ringing and she glanced at it. It was Isabelle. She was about to press the ignore button but Mishka playfully touched the phone’s screen and the call connected. She grinned at Heather as the blonde shook her head.

“Hey Isabelle,” she said hoping the call would be quick.

“Oh thank god I reached you! Can you find Grace and get her to drive you to Silverton Heights. Ed’s in trouble.” Isabelle blurted into the phone.

“You have ED?!? Where are you?” Heather gasped and stood waving her arm for quiet. Grace leapt to her feet as did Rachel.

“We’re at Sophia Sandoval’s place. Up on the hill. Ed’s been drugged and he’s not doing well. Get here fast.” The phone went dead.

Heather looked at the worried faces. “Ed’s in trouble. He’s been drugged and he’s at Sophia Sandovals place.” Everyone raced for the front door. They piled into Stephanie’s SUV and she raced up the hill. On the way Mishka called 911, identified herself and gave the address.

They got to the gate and Angie called out the numbers as Stephanie punched them in. The gate opened and as they pulled through a police car with its lights flashing followed them in. They all piled out of the car and Angie pointed out the side door location to one of the police. She had the code for the front door lock too so she opened it and they all rushed inside. They followed the candles to the back room and found several young women in some kind of ceremonial garb.

Isabelle yanked off her mask and threw back her hood. “Thank god! He’s down the hall in the last room!”

Angie grabbed her daughter’s arm and looked at the police officer. “She’s with us.” He nodded and Isabelle yanked off her robe as the officer rushed down the hall.

Grace, Rachel and Mishka were right behind the police officer with the rest following as he pushed into the room and through the curtain. They saw a woman tied down to some kind of bondage bench and three hooded and masked people. The woman had red welts on her exposed ass.

Stacey pushed her hood off and yanked off the mask. “She’s nuts!” she gasped and pointed at the masked figure with the horse whip clutched in her fist.

Grace took three strides forward as Sophia raised the whip to strike her. She got a fist in the middle of her mask before she could act. She crumpled to the floor as the mask fell into pieces.

Angie and Isabelle went to undo the shackles on the young woman crying on the saw horse. Rachel and Grace pulled the curtain open and cried out in dismay when they saw Ed’s abused body. His erection looked red and swollen.

“Undo his shackles!” Mishka barked and whatever hands were closest moved to his wrists and ankles. They carefully laid him down and began working on removing the rest of his bondage gear. When the mask came off they saw his vacant stare and cried out in dismay once more.

Sophia was coming around so Mishka knelt beside her. “What drugs did you give to Ed?”

“Fuck you!” Sophia grunted angrily as she gingerly touched her broken nose.

“As a doctor I can’t physically coerce you into telling me but I believe this woman would gladly remove some of your teeth.” Mishka pointed at Grace who looked like she definitely would.

“You can’t do that! There’s a cop standing right there!” the injured woman complained.

“I’m not in the room yet. I think I’m still in the hallway so I can’t see what’s happening in here yet,” the cop growled and Sophia realized how much danger she was really in.

“I’m taking out her front teeth.” Grace growled as she moved forward.

“WAIT! WAIT! Fine!” Sophia yelled. “Two Viagra, Devil’s Breath and something else. I think it may have been LSD,” she said begrudgingly. The cop had to seize Grace’s arms to keep her from attacking the woman on the floor.

“I need samples of these drugs to do a chemical analysis. Where are the rest of the drugs?” Mishka asked.

“On my bureau in my bedroom upstairs. Second door on the right.” Sophia mumbled as she began to fathom the extent of the trouble she was in.

The paramedics arrived and Mishka immediately began filling them in as they got Ed onto the gurney. She then ran upstairs to get the drug sample then went to the ambulance. The group of women ran out of the room after the paramedics. They all piled into the SUV once more, minus Mishka. Angie sent Isabelle home. She’d talk with her later.

The drive to the hospital was excruciating as they were all worried about Ed. They got as far as the waiting room and saw Ed being wheeled into Emergency. Carolyn contacted her babysitter who had all the kids at Stephanie’s place. The girl assured her that she could stay overnight if needed.

Then they waited. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter 37

Stephanie drove Grace back to Angie’s in the morning to get her car. Heather took the bus home from the hospital after exchanging numbers with Mishka.

Ed was no longer in the ICU. His heart rate and blood pressure were back to normal and the swelling had gone down but he hadn’t woken up yet. The doctors weren’t sure why so they were keeping an eye on him. His insurance from work was thankfully covering the bill and Mr. Drakos had stopped by first thing in the morning after Grace sent him a note letting him know where they were. Rachel, Angie, and Carolyn had stayed behind. Stephanie had to relieve the babysitter but when she could arrange for another one she was heading back.

Grace wanted to grab a quick shower, put on some fresh clothes and get some clothes for Ed for when he could leave the hospital. She hugged Stephanie then got in her car and drove home. As she turned onto her street her eyes went wide with shock. There was a moving van in the driveway and a ‘For Sale’ sign on the front lawn with a large ‘SOLD’ sticker across it.

She parked on the street and ran up to the front door. She had to move to the side as two burley men carried the couch out the door.

Once the way was clear she ducked inside. She saw Shirley standing in the living room.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Grace yelled.

“You have until Friday to get your room cleared out. Ed too.” Shirley said coldly.

“What did you do?” Grace sputtered in shock.

“Something I should have done a long time ago. You two will never learn the value of money if you continue to sponge off me. You have to get out there on your own. I sold the house to that developer who keeps nosing around. I’m leaving and moving in with Jerry,” she explained.

“You can’t do this! Ed’s in the fucking hospital in a coma!” Grace gasped.

Shirley looked shocked then her face closed up. “That’s hardly my doing. This is for your own good. Both of you.”

Grace stared at the woman in shock. She didn’t know her at all. More, she didn’t want to know her. “You really are a monster,” she murmured.

“GET OUT!” Shirley screamed.

“You said I have a week. I’m taking a shower, getting dressed and I’m going back to the hospital as that’s what a human with compassion would do.” Grace said calmly.

“LIKE YOU’VE SHOWN ME COMPASSION.” Shirley continued to yell.

Grace blinked at her mother, shook her head and went upstairs. She unlocked her door and entered. She grabbed a change of clothes and locked her door again as she left. She went into the bathroom and saw Shirley had dumped all of her products into the trash bin. Getting a clean shopping bag from under the counter she salvaged what she could from the trash. The shampoo, soap, and towels were gone so she couldn’t take a shower. There was Ed’s shower downstairs. She headed down, spotted Shirley outside on the front lawn, and went to Ed’s room. The door was open and she saw Shirley had taken the sheets from his bed. The pillow top mattress had been torn and ripped.

Grace went into Ed’s closet and pulled out a large duffle bag. She packed the clothes that still fit Ed into it, setting aside some for him to wear when he left the hospital, then collected all of his personal items. There really weren’t many. Once she had his life packed into the bag she carried it upstairs and locked it in her room. She went back downstairs and found Ed’s big towel hanging behind his door. She took the clothes and the towel into the small washroom and locked the door. Ed’s products were still there so she took a hot shower and wrapped herself in the towel afterwards. It smelled like Ed and she spent a few moments just taking it in.

Getting dressed she made sure she had everything and went back to her room. She locked Ed’s towel and cleaning products inside and then carried his clothes out to her car. As she pulled away from the curb she took one last look at Shirley standing on the lawn. The woman turned her back on her daughter so she just drove away.

When she walked back into the waiting room there was a new woman standing with the four from last night. A petite Spanish beauty with long, straight black hair. And curves! The woman looked horrified as Rachel described what Sophia had done to Ed. Her head turned when the others noticed Grace enter the area. The woman rushed up to her.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry for what my daughter did to Ed. She has the devil inside her, planted there by her father but I didn’t do enough to counter his evil. I take responsibility for what she did to him!” Tears were running down her face. After the cold and callous behavior of her mother, this woman’s genuine remorse and compassion was a soothing balm for her soul. She gathered the beauty in her arms and they cried together.

“Grace! The doctor!” Rachel called out.

Grace released the woman and they all turned to see him approach.

“I’m looking for a family member for Edward Walters,” he said.

“That’s me.” Grace squeaked nervously.

“He’s coming out of it. He’s beginning to move voluntarily and we think he’ll be waking soon,” the man smiled. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back at him.

“Can I go see him?” Grace asked.

“I believe that would be fine. Maybe limit it to just one… of… you,” he began then six pairs of eyes almost burned him alive. “…or all of you. Sure. Room three oh three.”

Grace headed off down the hall with the others following. She led them into the room the doctor mentioned. There was a second bed in the room but it was currently empty. Grace leaned over Ed’s sleeping form and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead.

“hello grace…” said a quiet voice.

She looked down and smiled at his half lidded eyes. “How did you know it was me?”

There was a sleepy pause. “Your lips are unforgettable and unmistakable,” he breathed.


Ed’s eyes opened a little wider and he saw where that sound had come from. Five beautiful faces were at the end of his hospital bed. “Did I say that out loud?” he said and they chuckled and smiled at him. Grace’s smile was the widest and she had quite the blush.

He looked up at Grace. “I’m in the hospital?” She nodded. “What happened? Why is everyone here?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Grace asked and after a moment Ed’s eyes snapped to Zoe who grinned back at him and licked her lips.

He cleared his throat and Grace helped him take a sip of water. He glanced at Zoe once more. “I was at Mrs. Sandoval-“

“Zoe,” she interrupted.

“I was at Zoe’s house and… I was really tired. I… fell asleep.” Ed’s eyes took on a haunted look. “I had the worst nightmares but I couldn’t wake up. It was like I was trapped in my own body.” His body shook and Grace took his hand. “Then I woke up here.”

“You were drugged but they’re wearing off. It took all night and we were all worried. The drugs are mostly gone. You’re better now.” Grace explained.

Ed looked around. “Where’s Shirley?” he asked.

Grace’s jaw clenched and she looked away so she could get control of her anger. “She- she’s not coming,” she was finally able to say.

“Is she ok?” Ed asked with concern, misreading Grace’s emotions.

“Oh Ed, you are so sweet. She is- well, she’s not coming because she sold the house and kicked us out on the street. We’re homeless, Ed.”

Ed’s eyes widened and his mouth opened but he was horrified. “Oh god! It’s my fault! I’m so sorry Grace! I’ll talk with her. I’ll get her to take you back in!” Ed said frantically.

“NO!” Grace growled. Faces looked at Grace in confusion.

“Ed, tell them what she was making you do,” she said quietly.

“You know?” he said in dread.

“It’s ok Ed. She told me. You’re not to blame. You were the victim of her abuse.” Grace said gently and she heard gasps from the other women.

Ed looked at the faces of the women standing at the end of the bed. He looked back at Grace but he couldn’t say it.

“I’ll do it, ok?” she said looking him in the eye. He nodded. “When was she doing it?” she asked.

“In the middle of the night,” he said quietly.

“How long has it been happening?”

Ed hung his head. “Since the night I fixed her back.”

Grace rocked back. That was over a year ago! She got control over her expression and looked at the curious women. “My mother was ‘milking’ Ed for his cum. She used it as face cream. She’d wake him and get what she wanted from him.”

Rachel gasped and looked like she wanted to hug Ed. Grace liked this woman.

“I overheard you and Shirley arguing Saturday morning and I confronted her when you left. All she kept saying was that we were selfish for not letting her have what she needed. I slapped her. That’s when she left and made arrangements to sell the house I suppose. We have until Friday to get our stuff out. My room is locked but she slashed your mattress. I moved a lot of your stuff into my room. We can get it later. I’m sorry Ed. We’ll have to find an apartment. Quickly.”

“You can move in with me!” Rachel exclaimed. The other ladies all looked at Rachel in surprise though Angie looked like she was a little jealous.

“What?” Grace blinked looking at the woman.

“I have a huge house all to myself. I was just telling Edward. It feels so empty! You two could move in with me! There are plenty of rooms and they’re already furnished!”

“That’s extremely generous of you but you hardly know us! Me, anyway.” Grace muttered.

“I know Edward and I know what a good person he is. He obviously vouches for you so that’s good enough for me!” Rachel was getting excited about the idea of having company in the house again, especially Edward. She didn’t see the growing concern on the faces of the others.

Grace looked at Ed who was struggling to comprehend what was happening. “What do you think, Ed? Would you like to live at Rachel’s?”

Ed looked into the hopeful eyes of the beautiful redhead and blinked. “If you’ll have us that would be very nice.”

Rachel’s face had a wide grin and Angie snorted.

“Will- will Ed still visit us?” Stephanie quietly voiced the worry of the remaining ladies.

Grace smiled, understanding completely. She looked down at Ed’s innocent face. “I’m sure Ed would love to visit all of his new friends.” He smiled and the women’s smiles returned.

Ed gestured for Grace to move closer.

He moved his lips closer to her ear and whispered. “I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us. It was painful and I never want that to happen again. I have to tell you… I’ve been… intimate with them.” He looked up at Grace with worry in his eyes.

“I worked that out on my own. It’s not a problem. These women are really nice people.” Grace whispered back with a smile.

“And I love you. More… more than brother and sister.” Ed forced out, fearing her response.

She turned her head and took his lips with hers and kissed him deeply. After the initial shock Ed’s big arms wrapped around Grace and held her tightly against him as they shared the kiss.

The ladies were staring in shock at the two on the bed.

“I- I thought- Didn’t she say she was his sister?” Angie sputtered.

“I heard that too.” Rachel gasped.

Only Carolyn seemed unfazed by the display. With what she’d seen and experienced as an anthropologist in the field this was nothing.

Grace pulled back from the kiss. Her heart was soaring and Ed looked so beautiful resting below her.

“Second cousin. She’s my second cousin.” Ed replied to Angie’s question as he gazed into Grace’s eyes. He turned to look at the women. “I’ve lived with her since I was six but I’ve always loved her.”

The unease disappeared as they saw the love in his eyes. Second cousin. That wasn’t THAT close.

Ed face began to show discomfort. “What’s wrong?” Grace asked.

“It… it hurts… down there.”

“That’s my cue to ask you all to leave and let my patient relax, ‘down there’.” Mishka said with a smile as she walked further into the room. She’d been listening from the open doorway. “He’s had enough trauma to that region and it needs to stay dormant so it may heal.”

“There’s no permanent damage though, is there?” Grace asked as Ed locked a nervous stare on the doctor.

“No, you may think of it as a bruise or an overworked muscle… which may be a more accurate analogy,” she explained. “Now that the other medications are clear of your system we will be giving you something to suppress the ability to rise ‘down there’. This will let it heal. You should only be on this for a short time, less than a week. No driving, no operating heavy equipment. The medication will leave you light headed. Then you’ll be good as new.”

Ed sighed with relief as did a few others in the room. They waved at Ed and Rachel took Grace’s arm as they left together. A nurse came in with a little paper cup. In it was a pill.

“This is the medication you need to take for the next four days. After that you can stop. It will take a few more days after that before this medication is clear of your system and you’ll return to being able to have erections,” Mishka explained. “We’ll give you another pill tomorrow before you head home and you’ll get more to take over the following days, one a day. Is that clear?”

Ed nodded then took the pill and rested back on the bed.

“Are you friends with Heather?” she asked as he settled into his pillow.

“Heather? Grace’s best friend? We’ve hung out a few times,” he replied.

“Do you know if she has a girlfriend? Boyfriend?” Mishka asked softly.

“I don’t think so. You’d have to ask Grace… or Heather,” Ed responded.

“Do you like her?”

“Yeah, she’s a good friend to Grace and I love seeing Grace smile.” Ed’s face showed his joy then he yawned hugely. “Sorry, I’m just a little tired I guess.”

“That’s ok. You get some rest and I will see you later,” she smiled and left.

Ed was asleep before the door closed.

Chapter 38

After they left Ed, Rachel and Grace drove to Rachel’s to switch cars. Grace’s stayed in the driveway and Rachel drove them in her sporty car to Zoe’s place to get Ed’s stuff from the Drakos van. Seeing Ed’s truck keys she asked Rachel if she could help her get their stuff from the house. She just needed someone to watch the truck while she loaded it. Rachel grinned and said she could do that.

Grace drove the van back to his office and switched over to Ed’s pickup. Mr. Drakos met her in the parking lot and she handed him the van’s keys. She mentioned that Ed would be on medication for a week which prevented him from driving. The man nodded and told her Ed could have the week as medical leave but he wanted him in the office on the following Monday. He’d have to juggle his appointments. Grace thanked him then drove the pickup to her house. Rachel pulled up to the curb in front of the house.

“It’s smaller than I expected. Edward is so big! It’s hard to think of him living in something small.” Rachel said quietly as she gazed up the lawn at the building.

Grace grinned at her. “I’ll be right back.” Surprisingly her key still worked on the front door. She’d expected Shirley to change them out of spite. She breathed a sigh of relief until she realized that Shirley wouldn’t want to do anything to complicate the sale of the house. She let herself in the front door and propped it open. She saw the house was empty. The rooms echoed eerily. She walked upstairs and discovered her key wouldn’t fit in her lock. Taking a closer look she saw a broken key already in the hole.

“You fucking bitch.” Grace growled. She stepped back and savagely kicked the door next to the lock, pouring her frustration and rage into the kick. There was a terrible crack sound and the lock mechanism tore off the door jamb inside the room. The door swung open and she stepped inside.

Rachel was standing beside the truck in the driveway and saw Grace come out of the house carrying a large duffle. “What was that sound?” she asked.

“Shirley fucked up the keyhole on my lock so I had to use an alternate method to open the door. I wasn’t going to need the lock anymore so… no loss.” She smiled at Rachel’s impressed look as she dropped the duffle on the passenger seat. She went in for more. It took about thirty minutes but she salvaged everything she considered important. It all fit into the back of Ed’s truck. She took no furniture as it wouldn’t fit and Rachel said the rooms were furnished. She locked the front door and threw the key through the mail slot. She wasn’t coming back.

They drove back to Rachel’s place and Grace parked the truck in the garage.

“Let’s go in and you can see your options.” Rachel said with an excited smile.

She led Grace upstairs, pointed out where the master bedroom was and showed her the other three bedrooms, though one was set up as an office.

“This was my step-son’s room. Ed might like this one. It’s large, has a king sized bed, its own ensuite bathroom, a large walk-in closet, and a great view of the pool.” Rachel said pointing out the features like a real estate agent. Grace was stunned at how large the room was.

“This is perfect!” she whispered and Rachel beamed.

“The next one is a guest room which has never been used. It’s not quite as large as the last one but it is much more feminine as I got to design it.” They went in and Grace’s eyes went wide. The room was beautiful. The bed was queen sized but it had a canopy. There was another fully equipped ensuite bathroom in this room and a huge walk-in closet.

“Oh my god, this room is gorgeous!” Grace gushed and Rachel was very pleased. “If you don’t mind I’d like to use this one.”

“Of course!” Rachel exclaimed.

They went back downstairs to the kitchen. “Can I get you something to eat? Drink?” Rachel asked.

“Just some water, please.”

“Chilled from the fridge?”

“Sure!” Grace grinned.

Rachel got two glasses of cold water and they sat at the table.

“I can’t thank you enough for taking us in. This is so above and beyond generous! Ed and I can contribute. We clean and Ed’s a terrific cook! We don’t have a lot of money but we can pay rent.”

Rachel shook her head. “You don’t need to pay rent and I have a team of cleaners who come in once a week to take care of tidying up the house. I have had a breakfast Ed made for me which was delicious so I will take you up on the offer to have him cook from time to time. Truthfully, this house is far too large for just one person and it gets terribly lonely. I welcome the company.”

“I suppose we should discuss the elephant in the room.” Grace said.

Rachel nodded and looked down at her glass.

“I love Ed and I want to be with him.” Grace began and she saw Rachel wince slightly, expecting bad news.

“Ed is a very special man as you know. He’s sweet and innocent in many ways. I worry about how he’ll manage out there in the world with his inability to comprehend some types of bad human behavior. He’s not comfortable when dealing with dishonesty, greed, envy, or hate. Even sarcasm confuses him. But I’ve also seen him grow up quite a bit since he got his job with Drakos. I will be forever thankful to that man for taking Ed under his wing and I’m so glad Ed has found work that fulfills him. Ed is blossoming into an amazing adult.”

Rachel smiled and nodded and Grace saw the woman’s eyes were just a little bit glassy.

“Ed loves me. He said as much today but he’s also strongly attracted to you. I can see it in his eyes.” She grinned. “He gets a little dazzled every time he looks at you.”

Rachel smiled and blushed. She still didn’t trust herself to speak.

“You make him happy and I want him to have all the happiness he deserves. You’ll have to speak to Ed to see how he feels but I want you to know I have no issues with you continuing your relationship with Ed as long as you’re not abusing him like my mother did. No coercion of any kind and no emotional manipulation. He’s not up to it. I’d rather live on the street than subject him to that again,” she said firmly, looking deeply into Rachel’s eyes.

Rachel was stunned. She was expecting to be told that Ed was off limits. She looked at Grace with new respect. This was a strong, self-assured woman sitting before her!

“I would never hurt Ed!” Rachel gasped.

“Then we’re good.”

It had been a long day, night, and most of another day for Rachel. She was exhausted. She was elated! She was coming apart at the seams. She began to cry. Grace wrapped her arms around the woman and they shared their tears.

When they felt they were done they sat apart once more and dabbed at their eyes.

“If you don’t mind I’m going to catch a few hours of sleep.” Rachel said with a tired smile.

“Do you think we could get together with the others later tonight? They should know where they stand with Ed as well.” Grace asked.

“I’ll make the arrangements. THEN I’m going to sleep. I’ll set my alarm for 7PM,” the woman said.

“I’ll bring some stuff in then I’ll take a nap as well.” Grace said. “Thank you again.”

Rachel patted her hand then walked up the stairs.


Nine o’clock found Grace sitting in a comfortable chair in the family room of Angie’s house with a plate of finger foods on her lap. Stephanie, Carolyn and Zoe were enjoying their dinner as well. Isabelle was doing babysitting duty for the children of the two ladies.

Zoe had just finished informing them that her daughter was going to be spending some time in prison for the severity of her crimes. She was being charged with Kidnapping and Assault and Battery, for drugging Ed as well as beating him. She had priors for violent altercations and drug possession so the DA wasn’t in favor of being lenient. Zoe felt responsible and apologized once more but Grace assured her that Sophia was old enough to know right from wrong and to control her own actions. Her father had obviously had a much stronger impact on her behavior.

Once they finished their meals Angie and Rachel cleared the plates away and they all took their seats once more. Grace had the floor and their attention.

“Thank you very much for dinner and for hosting us in your home,” she said looking at Angie who smiled and nodded. “I spoke with Rachel and I need to speak to you about Ed and I.” Faces began to show some nervousness. “Ed told me he loves me and I love him. I want us to be together.” More tension appeared.

“Ed is a wonderful man and I want him to be happy. He’s had some bad things happen to him in his life but recently some really good things too. I want you all to know that I’m not in any way resistant to the idea of Ed continuing to visit you as he has been doing. You will need to speak with him directly to see how he feels about it. I will be letting him know that I don’t object. One critical caveat to his spending time with anyone is that I will NOT tolerate Ed being used. He has to have a say in anything he’s asked to do. My mother used him. Manipulated him into a relationship he was not happy with. Made him feel trapped and humiliated. That will NOT happen again.” She looked into the hopeful eyes of the women around her and saw Zoe was struggling with something.

“You have something you want to say, Zoe?” Grace said.

“The first time I had sex with Ed, it was Saturday morning and he was resistant at first. I didn’t know why he was acting that way but I was… insistent. He got this look in his eye and he finally took me. Hard! It was amazing! Then I goaded him, made him chase me, and the second time he took me it was intensely passionate and raw! I have never had better! But I don’t think that is his normal way of having sex.”

All of the women were squirming at the thought of Ed being aggressive during sex. Stephanie was particularly affected and moaned quietly. This caused the others to realize their own states of lust and a nervous chuckling erupted.

“You, especially, will need to speak with Ed about continuing your relationship with him. He has to know he has a say in the decision. If he isn’t comfortable then it’s done. It’s as simple as that. Is that clear?” Grace said, pinning the woman with her eyes. Zoe nodded, biting her lip.

“When is Ed coming home?” Rachel asked.

“Mishka told me it would be tomorrow. He’ll be off limits for about a week as he has to heal.” Grace once more caught the eyes of the women and saw they all understood.

“I have to say Grace, I’m deeply moved, and thankful, for your trust. Most wouldn’t be able to cope with the idea of another woman in their mate’s life.” Angie said with frank admiration.

“I love Ed. He loves me. As I said, he’s a special man. Even after ‘being intimate with you’ as he called it he wants to be with me. He’s not capable of being dishonest. That gives me strength. I want him to be happy. I see how much you all genuinely care for Ed. I saw how you were all there for him when he was hurt. I wouldn’t deny him friends like that!”

“I feel a group hug coming on,” Carolyn teased and they all laughed.

“We should have a barbeque tomorrow as a welcome home for Ed!” Rachel said with enthusiasm.

Faces brightened up. Everyone started speaking at once about what they’d bring. This turned into happy laughter.

“It’s settled then!” Rachel said beaming at her friends.

Chapter 39

Ed stood in his new room looking in awe at where he’d be living.

“If you don’t like anything, the paint color, the window coverings, the bedspread, even the furniture, we can change it,” Rachel said nervously, standing with Grace behind him.

He turned to look at her in shock. “Are you kidding? This is amazing! So much better than my old room in the basement of Shirley’s home.” At the mention of her name he frowned sadly.

Grace stepped forward and gave him a hug. “I know it hurts but she made her choice and she has to live with it. Speaking of decisions I have to go to work and see if I still have a job. Wish me luck!”

She leaned up and kissed Ed on the lips and he sighed with happiness. She giggled and left with a smile on her face.

Rachel looked up at Ed’s happy expression. She felt a little nervous and almost chickened out. Then she steeled herself and cleared her throat to bring him back to the present.

“Ed, did Grace speak with you about us? Specifically Angie, Zoe, Stephanie, Carolyn and myself?” she asked cautiously.

“Yes, we talked on the way back from the hospital. Grace is the most amazing woman,” Ed said with a smile.

“She certainly is.” Rachel agreed. “Have you made any decisions?”

“She wants me to speak with each of you. To tell you how I feel when I am with you. So you know if I’m feeling forced into something I’m not comfortable with,” he explained.

“And…” Rachel breathed, her chest tightening.

“I’m in awe that you’d want to spend time with me. You’re so beautiful and elegant. You take my breath away and I can’t think straight when I’m with you. It may be selfish but I don’t want that to end,” he said and watched her face burst into a dazzling smile. Once more he was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of her beauty.

Rachel wanted desperately to pull Ed down onto the bed and make love to him all day long but she knew he needed to heal. Tears of joy welled in her eyes and she wiped them away. “Thank you Edward. I’d also like that very much.”

“I also can’t thank you enough for taking us in. I don’t understand how Shirley can do this to Grace who was there for her mother for so many years. I… don’t understand,” Ed said softly with a troubled expression.

Rachel knew Ed had trouble comprehending some behavior and it had to be painful to receive it from someone he admired. She wanted to ease his pain. She knew a way to distract him.

“Ed, do you know how to use a barbeque?” she asked and he looked at her in surprise.


“Could you come with me to the grocers to pick up the steaks we are going to have tonight? We should also pick up extra groceries as we have two more mouths to feed,” she asked.

“Sure!” he smiled.

They went to the garage. “When you are feeling up to it I was going to ask you to move that stuff in the third space back against the walls so Grace can park her car in the garage as well,” Rachel said.

“That would be great! Thanks!” Ed grinned.

They got into her sporty little coupe and Rachel drove them to a grocery store Ed had never been to before.

“Wow! This place is fancy!” Ed exclaimed as he pushed the cart down the aisle. “I don’t recognize most of these brands.” Then he caught sight of the prices. He leaned closer to Rachel and she smiled up at him. “Uh, this place is kind of expensive. I’m sure we could get our groceries at a much better price over at Duncan’s Superfoods,” he whispered.

She grinned and whispered back. “You can do that next week.”

When he stood back upright he wobbled a little and she braced his arm. “Sorry, Mishka warned me the drugs would make me a little light headed. I guess she wasn’t wrong,” he said with a strained smile.

“We’ll just get the groceries and go home so you can relax,” Rachel said patting his arm.

“Is he alright?”

Rachel turned around and saw Victoria. Damn!

“Hello Victoria. Yes, he’s just a little light headed from his medication,” she answered.

“Hi Mrs. Rutledge!” Ed smiled.

“Victoria! Please, ‘Mrs. Rutledge’ makes me feel old!” she pouted her perfect lower lip out and Ed’s eyes locked on to the red kissable flesh.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and her pout quickly became a smile.

“When I was called yesterday and told you wouldn’t be able to do the service call they offered to send someone else. I told them I’d wait until you were back. They told me you were out on medical leave for the week. Imagine my surprise to bump into you here,” the blonde said looking between them. There was a strange edge to her tone.

“Ed was just released from the hospital this morning. I need to keep an eye on him but we needed groceries,” Rachel said.

“Oh! Are you his nurse now?” Victoria said sweetly but the edge was still there.

“Rachel is amazing!” Ed gushed and the redhead looked at him in surprise then struggled to contain her grin.

“Thank you Ed. We should get moving. I don’t want to keep you out for too long,” she said seriously.

“It was really nice seeing you again Victoria. I look forward to getting back to work and doing that service call,” he said to the blond taking her hand.

Rachel saw the woman’s cheeks pink up with a flush as he engulfed her hand in his. Victoria could only nod and smile distractedly. Ed really undid the woman’s poise. Rachel quite enjoyed seeing that.

She led Ed away and they began to pick up the items they needed. Ed continued to quietly cluck his tongue at the prices and Rachel kept the grin off her lips but couldn’t suppress the twinkle in her eyes.

They reached the butcher’s counter and Rachel greeted the man standing behind it. She let him know how many guests she was going to have for a barbeque dinner. The man smiled, nodded, and raised a finger to indicate she should wait then walked into the back. He came back with a tray of freshly cut steaks. Ed’s mouth began to water. Rachel nodded and the man packaged them all up.

Ed’s eyes bugged out when he saw the price sticker.

Rachel patted his hand and led him to the next aisle. When they were done she led him to the cash and their cart was full. Victoria was two carts behind in the next aisle but her cart was only half full. She looked a little out of sorts about how Ed was paying so much attention to Rachel.

Truthfully Victoria was feeling something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Jealousy. She was far more familiar with being the center of attention and getting what she wanted. For her it was more than a simple annoyance. She needed the attention. She glanced over at the big man once more. She thought he was handsome enough and his body was incredible but there was something else about him she was drawn to… She couldn’t put her finger on it but she wanted it. She felt slightly ill knowing that Rachel was getting the attention she craved and deserved.

Rachel led Ed out of the grocery store but she didn’t let him carry any of the bags. Instead they were followed by a young man pushing their cart. The grocery clerk proceeded to load the bags into the trunk. With a nod he rushed back to the store with the cart.

Ed got into the car with Rachel and she patted his leg as he looked so confused.

“I don’t think I could get used to being treated like that. I’m capable of carrying my own groceries,” he said.

“Like I said, next week when you are better you can get groceries where you like to shop. I like being treated so well and Ed, you make me VERY happy!” she smiled over at him.

He smiled shyly at her and she felt a warmth flow over her. She left the parking lot with a wide smile on her face and missed catching Victoria’s look of envy and frustration.

They unloaded the groceries back at the house and Rachel shooed Ed out onto the patio to rest on a lounge chair in the shade. Within minutes he was asleep.

He awoke with the feeling of lips on his forehead again. Grace. He smiled without opening his eyes. “Hi Grace.”

“Hi Ed.”

There was something in her voice that wasn’t right. He opened his eyes and blinked at her. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“I lost my job,” she said quietly, her lips trembling.

“WHAT?” Ed gasped. This made NO sense! She was an excellent worker and always took on extra shifts when they needed her. How could they treat her this way?

Rachel rushed out onto the deck. “I heard Ed yell. Is everything ok?”

Ed was shaking his head and she saw him slump back to the lounge chair and put his hand to his temple. Dizzy again.

He looked over at Grace. “How could they do this to you?”

“It wasn’t Mr. Chambers or anyone in HR. They fought for me but head office wouldn’t accept it. There was just too much of a risk for a lawsuit if they didn’t distance me from the company,” she said sadly. “I had to go.”

“I’m so sorry.” Rachel said.

“I didn’t like the job but it was the only one I could find,” Grace said. “Worse news is, Shirley cleaned us out. I connected to the bank and our account is empty. There was only five grand in there but it was partly ours. Getting it back will be a nightmare. She’s a vicious bitch.”

“Actually there was seven grand in there. I added two last Friday,” Ed said.

Grace’s face began to show her rage surfacing. Ed struggled to sit up and that defused her as she helped him. He wobbled for a second then looked into her eyes. “Woo, this stuff is strong!”

She chuckled and smiled at his sweet grin.

“I don’t want you to worry about your job. I don’t want you to worry about the money Shirley took. She didn’t have access to all of our accounts,” Ed said.

“Yes she did! It’s all gone!” Grace asserted.

“No, she didn’t,” Ed said looking her right in the eye. “I’ve been saving money in a separate account. For years. Whatever little money I had extra. The bonus I got last week, I only added two thousand of it to the house account. The rest went into my account. I don’t want you to look for a full time job. You’re so special! You’re so smart! You were supposed to go to college before Shirley’s accident. I want you to apply to college again. I have about twenty four thousand in the account. I should be able to pay for your tuition. For the first couple of years at least. I’ll keep adding to the account. I get a good paycheque now and if I keep working as hard I may get more bonuses.”

Grace sat back stunned. She had no idea Ed had been doing this. Depriving himself to save up to get her dream of college back. The scope of his generosity was staggering.

Rachel’s eyes were glowing. This is what made Ed so special. “What field are you going to go into?” she asked the young woman.

She looked at Rachel and her mouth worked but she wasn’t able to say anything.

“Finance,” Ed replied for her. “She was going into accounting.”

“Forensic Accounting.” Grace mumbled, still overwhelmed.

“They offer a course in that at the local college?” Rachel asked.

“Yes. Grace had been accepted as well but when Shirley hurt her back Grace had to give up on her future to take care of her mother and I. This is why I don’t understand how Shirley can treat you like this!” Ed insisted.

Grace shared a look with Rachel.

Ed’s stomach rumbled and the ladies chuckled. “Did I miss lunch?” he asked.

Once they’d eaten Rachel and Grace went online and got on the phone to sign Grace up for her courses. There was still availability for the fall semester and they still had her old transcript on file so she was in. Grace was ecstatic! She squealed and hugged Rachel and Ed especially.

They spent the rest of the day relaxing and planning for the barbeque. When the ladies went into the kitchen to prepare some salads they sent Ed upstairs to unpack and put on something nice.

It didn’t take him long to unpack. He came back downstairs in the black singlet and the grey checked shorts. The ladies smiled at him.

“These aren’t the only nice clothes Edward has are they?” Rachel asked Grace.

“I’m afraid so. Ed only dressed himself in cheap baggy pants and discount sleeveless t-shirts. He won’t spend money on himse-” she stopped as she realized why. All those years. She looked at Ed again as her eyes welled up with tears.

“Hey! No crying at the party!” Ed said as he walked over and pulled her against his chest.

“I think it may be time for a fashion make-over.” Rachel said with a grin. Grace turned her head to look at her and nodded with a grin of her own. “I just so happen to have a few friends that would like to get in on that!” Rachel continued and Grace’s grin got wider as Ed began to look a little worried. “Something to discuss at the party tonight!”

Grace released Ed and rushed over to give Rachel a hug.

Ed’s smile and look of admiration warmed Rachel to her toes.

Their guests began arriving a little after seven. Ed was on the patio preparing the barbeque. Angie walked out to speak with Ed as he preheated the grill.

“Hi Edward. How are you feeling?” she said.

“I feel good as long as I don’t try to move quickly or tilt my head too much. Then the world starts spinning,” he said with a grin. She returned his smile then her expression became a little nervous.

“I understand Grace spoke to you about our interest in continuing to see you. She’s asked us to speak with you individually.”

“I would love to continue visiting you. I’m not extending that to Isabelle. I hope you don’t mind. She’s not ready.” Ed said seriously. “Grace told me that she helped save me and I’m grateful for that. I hope she didn’t get in trouble with the police.”

Angie smiled and gave Ed a hug. “You’re a good man Edward. Isabelle isn’t in trouble with the police. She’s in trouble with me. She’s on probation, doing babysitting duty until I’m assured she’s reformed. She has the time now that the college expelled her. However, she showed good judgement when she called out for help. So that’s a start.”

She went back into the house and passed Stephanie who was almost shaking with nerves. She was carrying a large platter of steaks.

“Hi Ed!” she squeaked.

Ed glanced at her and smiled. “Hi Stephanie! Those for me?” he grinned.

She giggled and he took the platter. He had a selection of spiced sauces he’d prepared earlier. He understood some liked their steaks a little spicy while others did not so he made two different mixtures.

Stephanie stood at his elbow chewing at her bottom lip.

“How goes your divorce proceedings?” he asked.

“GOOD! Sorry, it’s going well. My lawyer tells me I should have it finalized by the end of next week. The documentation I have of his infidelity is damning and the judge should find in my favor very quickly. I even have two of the women he was sleeping with willing to testify against him. He knows he can’t win.”

Ed smiled. “End of next week. We should celebrate when the paperwork is finalized,” he said with a wink. Stephanie’s smile was huge and she was back to trembling but now it was excitement.

“Could I ask you for a glass of water? Working next to the barbeque is hot work!” he said.

“YES! I mean, coming right up,” she bounced on her toes and skipped back to the house.

Ed smiled. He liked seeing her happy.

Carolyn was up next and she brought him a tall glass of chilled water. She watched Ed brush the mixtures onto the steaks and place them on the hot grills. The steaks sizzled and Ed brushed their tops once more being careful to use the proper mix on each steak. He had an intense look of concentration on his face as he did this.

Once he closed the lid he took the glass and drank half in one shot. “Oh, that hit the spot! Thanks!”

“You’re most welcome,” she smiled.

Ed was still a little unsettled by how he’d been… involved in Carolyn’s marriage ending. “So… have you uh… heard from Rick?” he tried to say nonchalantly but Carolyn smiled at his awkward delivery.

“Rick’s in the hospital in Phuket, Thailand. He’s in pretty bad shape,” she said sadly.

“What happened?” Ed gasped. He opened the lid of the barbeque and flipped the steaks, meticulously brushing more mix onto the cooking meat. He closed the lid again and gave her his full attention.

“Do you recall the two ladyboys Rick was partying with that night?” she asked and Ed nodded. “It seems their friends weren’t too happy about the injuries Rick inflicted on them. A large group of them returned and beat Rick to within an inch of his life. I’m his emergency contact but the doctors told me he’s not going to make it.”

“I’m so sorry! That’s terrible!” Ed exclaimed.

“I’ve been preparing myself for this kind of news for years. Rick really wasn’t very smart about his immersion methods. He always went in too deep without understanding all of the social rules. It was just a matter of time. That said, I’m still sad that this part of my life is ending so badly. I had hoped he would realize how much he had thrown away.”

Ed reached out and hugged Carolyn. No words were necessary. She sighed with contentment. “Thank you Ed. That’s exactly what I needed. I’m going to spend a little time getting perspective on how my life has changed. Would it be alright if sometime in the future I called on you?”

“Yes, I’d like that.”

She gave him an extra squeeze then released him to walk back into the house.

Ed checked the steaks and they were done. He transferred them back to the platter and kept their order so he knew which ones were which.

He shut off the barbeque and carried the platter back into the house. The table was set and the women were sitting around it talking. Zoe glanced up at him then looked away quickly and licked her lips nervously.

Ed served the steaks to the ladies ensuring each got the correct one. The need for his meticulous order keeping was done so he allowed himself to relax.

When he sat the salads were passed around and Ed discovered someone had brought a Jello salad. Orange with little mandarin orange wedges and marshmallows. His eyes lit up and he put a large scoop on his plate. He heard giggling and looked up to see Stephanie’s huge smile and Carolyn rolling her eyes.

“I told you!” Stephanie said to her friend.

Ed grinned and grabbed a roll and some butter.

“Oh my god Edward! This is delicious!” Rachel gasped.

Grace was grinning ear to ear until she took a bite of her steak as well. She was expecting the delicious flavors of his homemade basting mix, spicy hot for her, but the meat was so tender and juicy it seemed to melt in her mouth. “This is so good!” she moaned.

The others were soon chewing the delicious meat and smiling. Zoe also had the spicy seasoning and her eyes locked on Ed when she tasted the steak. When she finally swallowed the piece of meat she wiped her mouth and turned to Ed.

“Where did you get the recipe for your basting mix, Ed?” she asked quietly.

“The cuts of meat we could afford weren’t so good so I experimented with different spices and oils I thought would go together well. Eventually I found this mix and a mild version. I have a nice marinade as well but the steaks would have had to soak in it for eight hours and these were already tender enough.”

“May I try some of your spicy steak?” Stephanie asked Grace.

Grace cut a piece off her steak and Stephanie traded pieces. Grace popped the meat in her mouth and smiled. “That’s really good too! Similar flavor but without the heat!”

Stephanie nodded vigorously but her eyes were watering. She waved at her tongue and giggles erupted around the table. Ed tore off a piece of bread and placed it directly on her outstretched tongue.

“Bread absorbs the oils and spices,” he said with a smile.

She smiled gratefully at him as she took the other half of the dinner roll from his fingers.

Zoe cleared her throat again. Her nervousness was back. “Ed, I own a steakhouse downtown. I get a lot of executive business from the offices in the neighborhood as well as wealthier tourists but the competition is fierce. If I could serve steaks with this seasoning it would be an incredible differentiator for my restaurant. If your marinade can tenderize less expensive cuts and add such rich flavor I could introduce a whole new value price line to my menu and bring in a higher volume of customers.”

“You should taste his hand-cut French fries. He has a seasoning for them as well! Really complements a steak. So yummy!” Grace sighed.

Zoe’s eyes lit up. She looked back at Ed.

“What’s in it for Ed?” Rachel said with a grin.

“Oh oh, here comes his agent.” Angie teased.

“I’m ok with that. Rachel can be my agent.” Ed smiled.

Rachel and Zoe looked at each other with grins.

They all turned their attention back to enjoying their meals though the small talk continued.

After Ed had indulged in a third large scoop of Stephanie’s Jello salad he pushed back from the table and patted his stomach. The woman was looking at Carolyn with a very self-satisfied smile because Ed had eaten half of the salad by himself.

He yawned mightily as the food and his medication was making him groggy.

“I think it’s time to send Ed to bed,” Grace smiled.

Zoe approached him. “Could I speak with you before you go?” she asked timidly. Ed nodded and she led him out onto the patio for privacy.

“First I want to apologize for what my daughter did to you. I am horrified by her actions,” she began and Ed nodded. “I also want to apologize for how I behaved the first time we met. I was overly aggressive because I did not understand your true nature. If I made you uncomfortable I am truly sorry. For me, it was incredible, perhaps the best ever. I know you probably don’t feel the same way. You are a much gentler person than I expected you to be which makes the intensity of the experience so much more special for me.”

Ed frowned as he recalled how he’d felt when she’d pushed him beyond his comfort zone. “I’d never behaved that way before. I mean, I’d been with a woman who wanted me to use her for my own pleasure but that was my first time ever and I was nervous about everything. You pushed me pretty hard and I found myself reacting in ways I never thought I would, or could. It was a little frightening to be truthful. Like discovering someone else living in your head.”

Zoe looked sad and dropped her eyes. She nodded, knowing that she would never again experience the big man’s rough touch but understanding his fear.

Ed’s fingers slid into the thick silky hair on the back of her head and took a grip. He tilted her head up so she could look into his fierce eyes. Her eyes widened with shock.

“You bring something out in me Zoe. Some primitive… need and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be comfortable with this side of me. But I can’t deny it. I need to know more about it. Do you understand?” he rumbled softly.

“YES!” she gasped breathily as lightning shot through her nerves setting her body aflame.

He kissed her hard and she whimpered into the kiss, overwhelmed with the sensations crashing through her. He pulled back suddenly, his desire raging as he struggled to control himself.

“The doctor said not to do this so you’d better go inside while I try to settle down.” Ed choked out, his deep voice trembling with repressed lust.

She nodded quickly and rushed back to the house, wobbling slightly. Grace and the others saw her come in and conversation died immediately. Her lipstick was smeared, her lips slightly puffy, cheeks flushed and she had a wild look in her eye. Grace picked up two napkins and handed one to her as she went towards the patio doors. She heard the others begin to interrogate Zoe as she stepped outside. Ed was standing there, staring up at the stars.

“You ok Ed?” she asked carefully.

“yes,” he sighed.

“Did Zoe force herself on you again?” she growled.

“NO! No. It- the opposite happened,” he mumbled.

“What?” Grace jolted.

“Have you ever surprised yourself?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Found something in yourself that you weren’t expecting and weren’t sure you were happy with?” he continued as he looked skywards.

Grace remembered the first time her rage overwhelmed her. She’d had an argument with her mother about something stupid as she left for school one morning. On her way there a boy from her class and a friend of his began to taunt her about her boobs which had begun to grow quickly that year. Grace broke his nose and dislocated his friend’s elbow before they managed to get away. Until that day she’d never been in a fight. Ever.

She looked at Ed. “Yes.”

He relaxed and turned to her. He held open his arms and she pressed herself against his broad chest as she was wrapped in his big arms. She sighed happily.

“That’s one of the reasons I love you Grace. You’re the one who understands. Everything I’ve been through, everything I’m feeling, you get it. When I’m confused you’re there to explain things to me without making me feel stupid. I know I’m not very smart. I’m OK with that as long as I have you with me. I need you. I love you.”

She felt her heart bursting and she hugged him tightly. “I love you Ed!” she whispered against his chest. He kissed the top of her head.

When they pulled back Grace wiped Zoe’s lipstick from his lips. “No kissy stuff for a week!” she scolded him gently and he smiled. They walked inside and once more conversation died. Five pairs of wide eyes looked back at him.

“How are you feeling Ed?” Rachel asked gently.

“Tired. I think I’m going to go to sleep now. Thank you very much for the lovely barbeque! Good night!”

A chorus of good nights sounded and he made his way upstairs.


Grace turned to Zoe who looked at the young woman and bit her lip. “I didn’t come on to Ed-“

“I know Zoe, it’s OK. He told me what happened. Ed is full of surprises tonight,” she smiled. That comment got some smiles out of the ladies.

Rachel smiled at her friends. “Another reason I wanted to get together tonight is to ask if any of you would like to be involved in shopping for a new wardrobe for Ed. Aside from the outfit he had on tonight everything he owns is…” She glanced at Grace who answered for her. “Cheap shit and ugly as hell!”

The redhead smiled and nodded. “I want to take him to the boutique district tomorrow, make a day of it,” she said.

“Ooo! Count me in!” Angie said.

“Me too!” Zoe gasped.

“I’ll have to sit this one out.” Stephanie frowned. “I have to see my lawyer and accountant tomorrow.”

“I’m out too. I have to make arrangements for Rick.” Carolyn said.

The ladies once more gave her their condolences and a hug. Then each made their way home except for Zoe.

“Do you think Ed could come by the restaurant one night this week to show Marcus the recipe for that seasoning mix and the marinade? We could have dinner afterwards,” she asked.

“Are you thinking of a one-time payment or a percentage of sales?” Rachel asked.

“This is going to be fun!” Zoe said with a grin.

Grace snorted and moved to the kitchen to tidy up while the women negotiated.


Ed sat in the passenger seat of Angie’s Land Rover as he took in the area they’d be spending their day in. He’d never been in this part of the city before and was surprised by how many pretty women were walking in small groups. Not too many men though. He saw some older men browsing or following the women carrying their shopping bags.

Grace bowed out of the trip at the last minute when the college called her to adjust the schedule for some classes she had registered for. She decided to go to the college to take care of that instead.

So the trip was just Ed, Rachel, Angie, and Zoe. The way the three women interacted Ed got the impression they hung out together frequently.

They parked in a lot at the far end of a block of small three story brick buildings. There was a small four story shopping complex in the middle of the block which was under construction. Ed’s eyes were immediately drawn to the construction site but Rachel tugged him into one of the shops.

They made their way from boutique to boutique, each of the women taking turns selecting an article of clothing or an outfit for Ed to try on. The trio would critique the clothes and make adjustments (there was a lot of touching) once he exited the change room.

Each woman had a distinct idea of how they wanted to dress him. Rachel loved a more sleek classic style while Angie leaned towards a more relaxed casual look which Rachel called Bohemian. The outfits Zoe chose had a tendency to emphasize strength and aggression and all three ladies got a little fidgety when he’d exit the change room in these ‘bad boy’ clothes, Angie’s term. Even with the different styles they would listen to the other’s assessment and they most often came to an agreement. Only when there was a consensus were the items taken to the cash desk. It was a little tiring for Ed but the ladies seemed to be having a really good time. He recalled the days of playing dress up with Grace and supposed this was a lot like back then. Except now he wasn’t putting on dresses.

Each of the ladies only wanted hugs as thanks for buying him the clothes and he ended up giving them a lot of hugs which made him happy too. By the tenth shop Ed was wobbling a little so they stopped for refreshments at a little café across the street from the construction site. Ed drank his expensive imported lemonade and ate his muffin while he watched the trucks delivering components for the site. He saw men in suits and hardhats standing in a group looking at construction plans while the site foreman gave them an update.

When Ed saw a flatbed truck come in with the air conditioning equipment he stood up in surprise.

“What’s wrong Edward?” Rachel asked.

“I’ll be right back,” he muttered and exited the café to walk across the street.

“Excuse me!” he called out.

The group of men turned to look at him.

“You weren’t going to install these air conditioning units were you?” he yelled over the noise of the site. He didn’t enter the property as he didn’t have the appropriate safety gear.

“Hey! Mind your own fucking business! We’re working here!” the foreman yelled back.

“These are faulty units! They are supposed to be properly disposed of, not installed,” he continued to press.

“What does he mean by that?” the man in the dark grey suit asked the foreman.

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! The units are brand new! They’re fine!” the man replied and turned to one of his workers. “Joe, get rid of this guy.”

“All Shenzchun HC-4300 units are considered to be environmentally hazardous due to their inferior quality seals which degrade within the first year of operation.” Ed explained as the big construction worker approached him.

“Don’t make me knock your teeth out. Get lost!” Joe growled at him.

“I’m not on property you have control over-” Ed began then yanked his head back to avoid the man’s fist as it swung past. His head swam from the sudden movement, the world tilted and Ed went down on his ass.

Joe was laughing at the fallen man when he suddenly had three well-to-do but angry women screaming in his face. He backpedalled until his back hit the chain link fence. The worker didn’t know how to deal with this and glanced over at the foreman who was looking seriously pissed. Grey suit was arguing with him then turned with the two other men in suits and walked up to Ed who was carefully picking himself up off the sidewalk.

“Who are you and how do you know about these air conditioners?” he asked tersely.

“My name is Ed Walters. I have Universal Certification for HVAC systems. It’s my job to keep track of this kind of information. Shenzchun Industries made thousands of these, sold them at discount pricing then dissolved the company and disappeared. Our shop had six of the units and when we heard about their failure rate we safely disposed of them. I’m sure it cost the company quite a bit but it would have been far worse had we installed them. They leak. The coolant is an environmental hazard. If you’re caught you get heavily fined. You’d have to replace them within the year anyway as they can’t be fixed.” Ed looked at the truck. There was easily a dozen units on the flatbed. “Why are you installing so many individual units instead of one high efficiency unit rated for the square footage?”

The man’s face was red from suppressed anger. “We were told our operational costs would be lower and we’d get a deal this way. What’s the name of your shop?”

“Drakos Heating and Cooling.”

“And you’d never try selling one of these units to a customer?” the man asked.

“No sir. That’s unethical and just plain bad business.” Ed insisted and his head swam a little more. Angie and Zoe were there instantly and took his arms to steady him. Rachel kept her eye on Joe until the goon turned and went back into the site.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked the man wearing the dark blue suit and a silver and black tie.

“He’s recuperating from an injury. It’s just a little low blood pressure. He shouldn’t get so excited,” Angie responded to the gentleman and smiled. He smiled back.

“Thank you very much Mr. Walters. I’ll be contacting your office today,” grey suit said and walked away. The foreman looked like he wanted to kick Ed’s ass then he turned and quickly walked back to his trailer when he saw grey suit talking to someone angrily on his cell.

The third man who was also wearing a dark blue suit but a deep red tie stepped forward while his partner made the call. “Did you know they were installing these units today?” he asked Ed.

“No, I just saw them on the truck as I was having a snack in the café across the street. I’m on medical leave this week. My friends brought me down here to do some shopping,” Ed answered the man.

“It was a damn lucky thing for us then. This job has been one surprise expense after another. This sounds like it would have been very costly.”

“Yes, it would. I don’t understand why they told you it would be more cost effective. Just the maintenance fees for all these separate units would have been very high. They’d need separate ductwork which is an extra cost and considering the length of the runs needed some of these wouldn’t be delivering sufficient cooling. Then there’s the operational energy costs which would have been much higher. Nothing about this is right.” Ed frowned in confusion.

“Has your company done any larger projects?” Mr. black and grey tie asked.

“Yes and we just completed our work on the North Ridge Mall expansion.” Ed said and felt a wave of fatigue wash over him. He looked over at Rachel and she instantly read his expression.

“OK, that’s enough excitement for today. It’s time to head home.” Rachel said with a no nonsense voice and the men stood back while the ladies guided Ed back across the street to collect the parcels from their waitress. Rachel settled up the bill as Ed watched the man in the grey suit take pictures of the truck with the bad air conditioner units in front of the construction site.

The group made their way back to the SUV. Angie drove them back to Rachel’s place and they walked Ed out to the patio to rest on the lounge chair under the umbrella. He was out in seconds.

The ladies sat in the family room where they could keep an eye on Ed.

“It was kind of exciting watching Ed at work!” Angie smiled. “He certainly seems to know his business!”

Grace walked into the room as she’d just returned from the college. “Ed went to work?”

Rachel smiled. “No, he just schooled some developers on how to properly install a cooling system on their new construction site downtown while we were shopping.”

Grace grinned as she looked out the patio door at the sleeping man. “Ed knows his shit!”

A cell phone started chirping from the kitchen counter and Grace walked over to pick it up. It was Ed’s and the call was from his work.


“Hello… is this Grace?” a gruff voice asked.

“Yes, hi Mr. Drakos,” she replied recognizing the voice of Ed’s boss. “Ed’s taking a rest after his busy morning.”

“Did he tell you about meeting with the Klein Group?” the man asked.

“No, but I just heard he ‘schooled’ someone about their cooling system.”

Drakos chuckled. “He’s such a good boy! They are coming in to speak to me about taking over the project. They fired their foreman and some of the contractors and are looking for us to quote on the work. I just called to thank him and to tell him to get better soon as we are going to be very busy.”

“I’ll make sure he gets the message when he wakes up.”

“Thanks. Goodbye!” he said and hung up.

Grace turned to the curious ladies. “Ed’s boss called to thank him and to tell him to get better soon as it’s likely they are going to be working on that construction project downtown.”

Angie looked at Grace in surprise. “His company is getting the project just because Ed informed the developers they were being given defective air conditioning units?”

“More likely it’s because Ed was honest with them.” Grace shrugged.

“How did it go at the college?” Rachel asked.

“Really good! I’m all signed up,” she replied. “I’m so excited about going. I never thought this would happen!” She looked out the patio door at the man she loved.

“I have to head home. It was a lot of fun today!” Angie said.

“I’m off too.” Zoe added.

Hugs were exchanged and the two women went home leaving Rachel and Grace sitting in the family room. After a short time Rachel leaned forward.

“May I ask a personal question?” she asked cautiously. Grace nodded.

“You… you haven’t been with Ed yet have you.”

Grace looked surprised but shook her head.

“Have you been with a man?”

Grace looked even more surprised but shook her head.

“Ed is… big. The first time can be a little painful even with a man of regular proportions. Take it slow. I know he will be as gentle as possible. He loves you. I can see it in his eyes.”

Grace blushed and beamed a smile at the other woman.

Chapter 40

Ed rested for the remainder of the week and saw Mishka at the hospital again on Friday. She assured him that there didn’t appear to be any long term damage. He was off the pills and by Monday he would be able to go back to work. He was very pleased to hear that. He’d call his boss to let him know when he was out of the hospital.

She told him that there was a dinner planned for the whole group at Zoe’s restaurant that night. She and Heather would be there. Mishka’s smile spoke volumes about that. Ed gave her a hug and said he was very happy for them both.

Rachel and Grace took Ed to the grocery store after hearing the good news about his recovery. He picked up the ingredients for his meat seasoning (spicy and mild) and the marinade. When they got home he made up some large batches and sealed each in a plastic container to take to the restaurant that night.

Ed spoke with Mr. Drakos who was delighted to hear he’d be back at work early Monday morning. He learned that he’d be working with the Klein group to get their development back on track and completed on time if possible. Bonuses were involved if that could happen. Ed liked the sound of that!

When it was time to get ready for dinner, Grace selected an outfit for him from the clothes the ladies had purchased for him. When he was dressed she stood before him, admiring his new sophisticated look. He smiled, pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Her lips were so wonderful and soft! He could kiss them all night. She moaned then patted his chest to get him to stop.

“God Ed! Your kiss is amazing but we have to go!” she panted then tore her eyes away from his mouth before she let herself be drawn in for another kiss. She hurried off to her room to get dressed.

Ed went downstairs to the kitchen to collect the containers. Rachel came downstairs in a red sheath dress and he stopped to admire her incredible figure. Once more her cleavage drew his eyes and he struggled to refrain from staring. Her coy smile indicated she knew he noticed and she was happy about it. She walked up to him and ran her fingers over his collar as if to straighten it. She gave him an up close and personal view of the tops of her incredible tits and his eyes couldn’t resist their almost magnetic pull. Her wide smile drew his eyes up to her crimson lips and up to her sparkling blue eyes.

“You- you look very pretty tonight,” he stuttered with a blush.

She leaned in against his chest and kissed him. More than a chaste peck but less than a French kiss. He stroked her lips with his and she purred as she pulled back. “You are so good for me!” she said with a smile.

He wasn’t really sure how to respond verbally so he just shifted slightly to give room to his growing erection. It wasn’t at full strength considering he still had the residual medication in his system but it was a start. Rachel’s satisfied smile told him his response was just fine.

Grace entered the kitchen and gave them a knowing smile when she saw the pleased cat in the cream smile on Rachel’s lips.

“Ok Romeo, let’s get to the restaurant,” she growled playfully. The earrings Ed purchased for her swayed from her ears and he noticed with a smile.

Rachel drove and Ed squeezed himself into the small backseat so Grace could ride shotgun. They left the car with the valet and went into Zoe’s restaurant with Ed carrying the containers.

Zoe’s face lit up when she saw Ed. A tall slim man in the white garb of a chef walked out to stand next to her and she reached out to touch his sleeve. “Marcus, may I introduce you to Ed Walters. Ed, this is Marcus Renard, my master chef.”

Ed’s hands were full so he bowed slightly to the man who smiled back. Marcus gestured the way back to the kitchen and Ed followed him. Zoe turned to Rachel with a huge smile. They hugged and Zoe pulled Grace into a hug as well.

“I’m SO excited about this!” the smaller woman gushed. Grace took in the number of gold rings and bracelets Zoe was wearing. The bright metal looked lovely against her skin though she might think about wearing a shorter necklace than didn’t slip so deeply into her abundant cleavage.

Stephanie walked in the front door wearing a tight, black sheath dress much like Rachel’s but without the boobs rising up out of it. Stephanie also caught sight of Rachel and blushed furiously. “Dammit Rachel! Do you have to bring those out every time?” she growled.

Carolyn walked in behind her and laughed at her friend’s frustration. “Now Steph, you know how much he likes what you have as well,” she chastised her friend with a smile.

Stephanie couldn’t maintain her frown as the memory of Ed’s touch flashed through her mind. She glared back at Carolyn for stealing her wind but there was no heat in her eyes when she did it.

The Anthropologist had dressed a little more conservatively in a simple black skirt and grey silk blouse. She had chosen the colors for her mourning period. Still, she looked damn good in the silk.

Grace perked up when she saw Heather coming in and her eyes went wide when she saw the short, skin tight cocktail dress she was wearing. Mishka entered right behind her and touched the blonde’s back in a possessive way. Grace’s eyebrows went up but Heather looked so happy she couldn’t help but share that happiness for her friend. She walked over and gave Heather a hug and tears of happiness were threatening to spill from the young blonde’s eyes. She’d found love from this dark exotic beauty and acceptance from her best friend. Her joy was complete.

Angie was last to arrive and she also made a comment about Rachel’s twins though hers weren’t exactly hidden from sight in the deep v neckline of her silvery dress.

Grace looked at the women and realized she was the most plainly dressed, least styled of the bunch. She felt a little down then she remembered Ed’s kiss from earlier in the evening and she felt a little better.

They found their reserved table in a cozy private corner at the back of the restaurant and took their seats. Zoe ordered some wine for the table and announced the bill was on her for the evening.

Ed returned with Marcus and both men were smiling.

“Monsieur Ed is a culinary genius! His is a scientific method not so much artistry but his results speak for themselves!” Marcus said and Ed’s smile faded as he struggled to translate that.

Grace frowned at the chef. “Sorry Mr. Renard, Ed doesn’t like to be called Mr. Ed.”

The man’s face showed surprise. “Oh! My apologies! I meant nothing by it other than to express my respect for him. The seasoning is delightful. We will roll out a test tomorrow of the marinade for the lower quality cuts as a lunch special to see how it is welcomed. Tonight we will offer the use of the steak seasoning for select guests should they so desire.” He turned to Zoe with a frustrated look. “I understand you have invited that vile and bitter food critic Constance Graham to try the new steak seasoning.”

Zoe tilted her chin up in defiance. Her eyes flashed in challenge. “Yes. As much as you don’t like the woman she is very well respected by the public and we need her voice.”

Her eyes moved as she caught sight of the woman in question approaching the table. Zoe stood and moved to press cheeks with the tall, skinny woman who had to bow considerably to do it. Ed thought she reminded him of his old librarian when he was a kid. That woman had read him the best stories. He smiled at the warm memory then he was being introduced to the woman.

“Hello, it’s very nice to meet you,” he responded automatically having missed the introduction. He saw the pinched expression on the woman’s face relax a little and a small surprised smile was returned to him. She lingered just a little, seeming to enjoy the warmth of his smile then moved on to the chef.

“Mr. Renard. I understand you are preparing something spicy for me tonight? I’ve tasted heat before,” she said flatly.

The man stiffened ever so slightly but forced a smile onto his lips and bowed a little to the woman. “I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. If you will excuse me.” He nodded to the others with a special look for Zoe then went back to the kitchen.

“Would you care to join us?” Zoe asked Constance.

“No, but thank you for the offer,” she replied then glanced over at Ed who’s happy memory hadn’t faded completely yet. Another hint of a smile passed across her face then she focused on Zoe. “Most kind but I’m working tonight and I must stick to my protocols.” With a final nod she moved off to her table for one.

Everyone took their seats and Ed found himself between Zoe and Rachel and across from Grace. He gave her a grin as he was excited about Chef Renard’s enthusiastic acceptance of his seasoning. He wasn’t completely clear on what the man was saying about scientific methods but the man was a chef and he was happy so Ed must have done something right.

The waitress came by and they placed their orders. When Ed saw everyone was ordering salad with their steaks he placed an order for a large basket of seasoned fries.

Grace’s eyes lit up when she caught the smile Ed was trying to hide. She quietly asked the waitress for the seasoned fries with her spicy steak. She whispered into Heather’s ear and her friend ordered the fries as well.

The ladies caught up with the latest news. Zoe’s house was slated for demolition within the month. She would be staying with Angie. Like Angie’s daughter Isabelle, Sophia had been expelled from college. She had pleaded guilty at her arraignment so she was also going to get counselling during her incarceration in a medium security women’s prison. Zoe was keeping in touch with her, trying to salvage something of their relationship.

Stephanie was a free woman. Her husband had no ground to stand on and had caved on Stephanie’s demands. The woman knew exactly what assets he had and they were now hers. The kids would be fine, the house was paid off, and she would be very comfortable. Alone, but very comfortable. She caught Ed’s eye and he gave her a nod which caused her to blush furiously. She couldn’t keep the grin off her face.

Each took a turn speaking then the food began to arrive. Ed directed the waitress to leave the large basket of seasoned fries in the middle of the table. Once everyone was served, Zoe raised her glass in a toast.

“I would like to officially welcome Ed and Grace to our neighborhood! Health and happiness to you both!”

They all called out the toast and took a drink. Ed was sticking with water as he wanted to flush his system of the drugs.

First bites were taken and everyone shared a look of rapture.

“Oh my fucking god! This is the best steak I’ve ever eaten!” Heather blurted before she realized where she was. The embarrassed blonde’s face was bright red but Mishka just looked at her with a huge grin and Grace had a happy ‘told-you-so’ expression on hers. Mishka stole a French fry from Heather’s plate then looked at her date in surprise as she ate it.

Zoe’s eyes were sparkling with joy. This was exactly what she was hoping for. “Ed, I think we have a very big success here.”

He pointed to the basket and she looked at him questioningly. She picked up a fry and popped it into her mouth. Her eyes widened as she chewed. She jumped up and threw her arms around Ed’s neck and kissed him on the cheek causing him to laugh. Marcus came out of the kitchen and Zoe rushed over to him and hugged him.

“The steaks are perfect! The fries! How?” she gushed.

“A surprise from Monsieur Walters. He told me his recipe for the seasoning and we had the ingredients,” the chef smiled.

“The perfect counterpoint to your incredible steak!” Zoe smiled then suddenly jolted. “We should make sure Constance gets the fries too!”

“I included a plate of them with her order with my compliments.” Marcus said raising his palms to assure her it had been taken care of. “The marinade is prepared. The steaks you had me purchase will go into it before we shut down tonight. They will come out in the morning for serving at lunch. I have not used this type of marinade before so I do not know how they will turn out. We will have to see.”

“Have faith Marcus!” Zoe said happily and went back to her seat. The man rolled his eyes and went back to the kitchen.

The rest of the meal passed in relative silence as everyone was enjoying the meal. Salads were only partially eaten though the bowl of fries quickly disappeared and a second one was ordered.

They sat back afterwards sipping at their wine and making small talk. Dinner wrapped up and hugs were exchanged in the lobby as they prepared to head home.

Mishka and Heather were the first to leave and Grace could tell it was going to be a good night for her friend by the attention the doctor was giving her.

Carolyn got a hug from Ed then went out to get the car for her and Stephanie who slipped up against Ed for her hug. He whispered something naughty into Stephanie’s ear and she crushed herself against him. She was practically panting as she left and gave him a very hungry look.

“Good thing that woman was fed or I think she’d be gobbling Ed up right here in the lobby,” Grace commented after the woman left. Rachel, Angie, and Zoe chuckled and Ed blushed.

Angie hugged Ed, squeezing her large tits against his chest and smiled as his face reddened further. She gave him a quick kiss then hugged her friends and left.

Rachel went outside and Grace went with her after a glance from Zoe.

When it was just the two of them Ed smiled down at the beautiful woman.

“Thank you so much Ed for agreeing to let me serve your seasonings at my restaurant. We do good business here but now we’re going to do so much better,” she was saying but her eyes were on his mouth.

Ed nodded to her as he looked down into her amazing dark eyes. The gold of her jewellery glinted in the light and his mind flashed back to their first meeting and how she’d driven him beyond his endurance. His need for her flared strongly followed by a familiar stirring. He knew it was too early to begin doing anything about that but his need wouldn’t let him tear his eyes away from her sexy lips. God he wanted to kiss them!

His mouth was on hers before she was able to react. She squeaked then clung tightly to him as he sucked on her plump lower lip and slid his tongue boldly into her mouth. She felt the beginnings of his erection and moaned deep in her chest as she ground herself against him. His hands were beginning to slide down her back to her ass when he suddenly pulled back from the kiss. He was breathing hard and so was she. Their eyes were a little wild and she wobbled on her heels as she looked up at him.

He stared at her mouth again then pulled a tissue from his pocket to wipe his own clean of her lipstick.

Zoe did her best to not stare at his mouth… or the bulge now showing on his slacks. A thrill ran through her.

“I- I’d better go,” he said quietly but to Zoe it felt like he was yelling. She knew he wanted her. She could feel his need pulling at her. He wanted to take her right there, he almost had, and it was intoxicating.

Not trusting her voice she just nodded her head. He turned and was gone.

Constance was standing in the doorway as she’d been on her way out of the restaurant when she happened upon the couple. She was stunned by the passion she’d just witnessed and wondered how they’d managed to part at all. She could see that Zoe hadn’t recovered yet and gave herself a shake to move forward once again. She nodded to Zoe with a knowing smile as she passed by.

Outside Constance saw the man folding his large frame into the back seat of a sports car. He was having some difficulty fitting into the small space and she smiled to herself as she imagined it was due to his excitement. The woman snorted in amusement and headed for her own car. She’d had a delightful night and had a review to write.

Grace looked over the seat at Ed who seemed seriously uncomfortable in the backseat. He hadn’t had this much trouble on the way there. Had he eaten too much?

She looked at Rachel who had a strange little smile on her lips as she started up the car and got them underway. The woman glanced over at Grace and saw her confused look.

“Remember what I said about his… size?” she whispered to Grace. She turned back to the road and got them on their way home while Grace turned her face back to Ed and looked over the seat to see him holding his hands over his groin. They locked eyes and Ed was first to look away. She could see he was still having trouble with the idea that she knew his ‘secret’. She didn’t know why, with her, it was still a problem for him.

Grace turned back to face forward.

She was going to have to work on deprogramming his shame.

Chapter 41

Ed met with Mr. Drakos and the Klein group early Monday morning. He recognized the men from the construction site down in the shopping district. They seemed pleased to see him. Louis Klein was their senior officer and was the man in the dark grey suit. The man next to him was Dan Siegelman, his real estate lawyer and partner.

His boss did all of the talking and Ed did his best to follow along but this was business talk and he may have zoned out a number of times. Then the construction blue prints were brought out, that’s when Ed’s attention snapped back in focus. His eyes devoured the diagrams and his mind began to fill in the blanks of what needed to be changed to properly service the building’s heating and cooling needs. He factored in the location of the building, its exposure to sunlight and the wind tunnel effect downtown corridors had. He recalled seeing a new skyscraper being built on the edge of the shopping district he thought was out of place in that neighborhood. He believed there would be issues with it as it was likely to introduce a venturi effect for the street. This would impact the efficiency of the heat exchange towers on the building’s roof level. They’d also need to do something at ground level to make walking more comfortable but at rooftop the additional wind speed needed to be assessed.

Ed was so engrossed in the working out the physics he missed the question directed his way.


“What? I mean, sorry,” Ed stumbled.

“I said, is your schedule open to do an inspection this afternoon?”

“Oh! Yes, sir! I’d like to visit the site as soon as possible and get some wind velocity readings as that new tower at the corner of Granville and Callista is going to have an impact on the site’s air conditioning needs. I’d like to run some tests of my own, check with the city to see the wind studies the other developer submitted, and see how the tower is compensating for their narrowing of the corridor in the neighborhood.

Louis looked nervous. “That sounds expensive.”

“It’s far less expensive than not compensating for the wind tunnel effect that tower will have. You may get too much cross breeze and need to erect baffles around the heat exchangers or not enough air flow and need a larger, more expensive unit. Additionally if the winds at ground level pick up considerably once the tower’s cladding is added, as I expect it will, then you won’t have anyone walking on the streets. No shoppers. I don’t understand how a building that size got permission to be built so close to the shopping district.”

“Judge Rutledge is one of the principle investors in that new condo tower. He can get past any permit issues easily,” Dan grumbled.

“Ed, why don’t you head out now and get started on that while I finish off here.” Mr. Drakos suggested. Ed nodded happily and stood up.

“Dan, go with Mr. Walters and get him whatever access he needs,” Louis suggested and received a nod from the man.

The two headed out and Ed grabbed some tools he’d need for the testing he’d be doing. Dan drove them to the site and brought Ed up to the roof of the building. They were wearing their safety gear this time so Ed felt comfortable moving around at the site. He ran his tests and they went back to street level where he ran some more.

“That new tower is already having a definite effect on the air currents. When they add the glass it’s only going to get worse. I need to see the wind studies for the new tower they filed with the city.” Ed said with a frown. He was envisioning the baffles they would need on the roof around the heat exchangers.

Dan led them back to the car then drove to city hall. They went inside to the city planner’s office and asked to see the documents for the new tower. The clerk asked them to take a seat.

Ed looked around the beige office space and silently thanked his lucky stars he got to work in more interesting environments. They sat waiting for a significant amount of time and Ed was seriously bored. Dan was becoming very impatient and went to speak to the clerk several times.

Dan was at the counter once more then a voice boomed out from the office doorway. “I should have known it would be you, Siegelman!”

The lawyer turned to face the voice. “Judge Rutledge, why am I not surprised you’d show up when I’m asking for documents for your building that should have been simple to produce but are seemingly missing?”

“Don’t be a smart ass Siegelman! What are you up to?” growled the older man who pushed his way up to Dan. The Judge was short but broad shouldered and had probably been a strong man once but it was buried under a thick layer of fat now. Dan was a head taller than the man and better dressed as the judge’s clothes looked slept in.

“Your monstrosity of a tower is having a detrimental impact on air flow in the neighborhood. There should be an environmental impact plan to indicate how this is being addressed,” Dan insisted.

“That stuff is all managed by the developer. Maybe they misfiled the documents or it’s in the process of being submitted. Who’s saying the tower is having any effect?” Rutledge blustered. Dan turned to Ed who stood up and walked over to join them.

“Hello, I’m Ed Walters,” Ed said with a smile and offered his hand to the Judge who looked at him like he’d discovered something nasty stuck to his shoe.

Ed pulled his hand back and just looked at the man in surprise. They’d never met before so why was he being so rude? His wife was so much nicer.

“Who the fuck is this? Are you trying to pull something here? Introduce a so called ‘expert’ to delay our project which I remind you has full support of the city councillors-“

“Most of whom are partners in the building project! A clear conflict of interest-” Dan barked back.

Ed backed away as the two men took turns accusing each other of serious breaches of ethics. He leaned back against the counter and felt something poke him in the elbow. He glanced back just in time to see the disappearing back of a woman with short brown hair as she slipped away between the aisles. He looked down at the counter and picked up the thick docket sitting there. Its label indicated the address of the tower in question. Ed turned to the counter and flipped open the docket. There were numerous papers filed for the building but once he’d made it all the way through to the back he realized the environmental impact study wasn’t there. He went back to the beginning and looked at the page which listed the supplied documentation. There was a single entry on this page indicating ‘Environmental Impact Study’ with a hand scribbled note beside it saying ‘passed’… which meant what? He took a picture of the page with his phone as he’d have to ask Mr. Drakos what this meant.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” boomed a loud voice behind him. A hand shot around his side and knocked the entire docket onto the floor behind the counter, papers flying everywhere.

Ed tucked his phone away and turned to see the angry man’s red face. He still didn’t understand why he was being so rude. “I was reading those papers before you knocked them on the floor.”

Dan stepped up to the counter and looked over at the mess of papers on the floor. “Was that the documents we were after?”

“It wasn’t in the docket,” Ed told him.

Dan turned to smile at Ed. “Really? Isn’t that interesting?”

“Siegelman, I’m going to give you some friendly advice. You said it yourself. There are a lot of powerful people involved in this little project. Walk away. You’re in way over your head.” The judge took in the confused expression on Ed’s face. “And take the retard with you.”

That hurt and Ed scowled at the fat man as he followed Dan from the office. They were silent until they were back in Dan’s car in the basement. The man pounded on the steering wheel surprising Ed.

“God damn it! That fat bastard is right! We can’t touch him.” He sat silently in defeat for a bit then he looked at Ed. “What did you see in the docket?”

“All kinds of permits and plans but there was no Environmental Study inside. Only a reference to one in the table of contents with a note indicating ‘passed’ but I don’t know what that means.”

“Passed?” Dan perked up then slumped again as the document would likely be long gone now.

Ed pulled his phone out and showed Dan the picture. The man’s eyes widened as he recognized the scribbled handwriting. “Can you send me that?” Ed nodded and sent it to the address Dan showed him.

“Very smart of you to get a picture of that page. Very helpful… if only we could get past the Judge.” He sighed. “Let’s get you back to your office.” Ed nodded and they headed back.

When they arrived the lawyer dropped Ed at the door and went on his way. Ed found Mr. Drakos in his office. He explained how they were going to need baffles to control the wind because the tower was going to be an issue. His boss got on the phone to Mr. Klein and Ed went out to check with Lydia what his schedule looked like. He was helping the team on an installation for the next two days then he had one last home in the Silverton Heights neighborhood to do a first inspection on, the Rutledges.

Ed scowled but remembered how nice Victoria had been. He did his best to forget how rude her husband was. It wasn’t easy but he tried.


Thursday at noon, Ed found himself driving the company van through the now familiar streets of the posh neighborhood. This time he was driving up to the top of the hill to a huge white mansion surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns, gardens, a tall stone privacy/security wall, and an intercom entry system. Ed reached out and touched his finger against the button. He heard a buzz then he waited.

“Hello?” Victoria’s voice said from the speaker. She sounded a little breathless.

“Hi, Ed Walters from Drakos Heating and Cooling. I’m here to do the inspection.”

“Edward! Come right up to the house!” she said with a smile in her voice.

The gate slowly opened and he drove up the long curving lane. He parked by the side door, grabbed his clipboard and walked around to the front door. He rang the bell and moments later the door opened.

Victoria stood in the hall with a brilliant white smile shining against her red lipstick. Once again he was impressed with how perfect and cultured her look was. Beautiful gold blond hair fell in waves over her shoulders. Her white silk blouse clung to the slim contours of her torso and accentuating her breasts which were not too modest and not too generous. Khaki capris drew attention to her shapely legs, the flare of her hips, and her toned ass. Small tan slippers adorned her feet to complete the outfit. It looked like she just stepped off the movie screen and he couldn’t keep the smile from his lips. She certainly was pretty. He didn’t understand how someone like her could be married to a man like the judge.

She saw his eyes quickly take in her ensemble and the smile slip onto his lips. She was hoping for something more. Some sign that he was captivated with her beauty, desperate for her. Something… like the look he gave Rachel.

“Come right in!” she said gesturing to the living room.

Ed glanced around and was very impressed with how clean and neat everything was. The furniture was antique but perfectly cared for. It reminded him… of a museum.

She led him over to a delicate sofa which forced them to sit closer together than he was entirely comfortable with.

“How are you feeling?” Victoria asked as she leaned forward.

“Much better thank you!” he said with a nod.

“What happened to you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, no that’s OK. I, uh… was drugged and chained up by some girls for a sorority swearing in ceremony. The drugs really messed me up for a while.”

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed and placed her hand on his knee in sympathy.

Ed glanced at her hand but he wasn’t getting excited as he knew she was married and she was just being nice.

“You were tortured?” she asked as she leaned forward just a little more.

“Uh… yes. I don’t have any memory of it but I was told I was whipped with a riding crop. I still have marks on my skin but they’re fading.”

“That’s terrible! Those wicked girls!” Victoria sounded angry but Ed noticed her eyes were wide, her hand was gripping his leg tightly, and her breathing was a little fast. When she licked her lips Ed decided they needed to change the topic.

“So, I usually start with inspecting your existing furnace and air conditioner and ask you questions regarding how effective they are during their seasons of operation.”

Victoria leaned back slightly and blinked at Ed. He was showing no signs of being enthralled by her looks yet she felt like a giddy schoolgirl. She was so confused so she just nodded.

He stood up and she caught herself staring at the crotch of his pants. She dropped her eyes and blushed.

“Could you direct me to the furnace room?” he asked.

She forced a smile onto her face and looked up at him. He was holding his hand out to help her to her feet. She placed her hand in his and marvelled at his solidity. Nelson was so old and shaky these days. When he touched her at all that is.

“It’s this way,” she said as she walked from the room.

Ed’s eyes slipped to her hips then down to her ass. He watched the play of the tight muscular orbs and was impressed at how fit she was.

She took a chance and glanced back catching him watching her ass sway. A thrill ran through her as she turned back and she found herself swaying her hips a little more than she normally would. God! She felt so slutty and that was strangely empowering. He was finally beginning to show signs of his desire for her. She now knew what it took to make Ed respond. She could play that game. She could beat Rachel at it she was sure.

It was Ed’s turn to blush. He knew better but he’d allowed himself to admire the view and she caught him. He felt like he should apologize but when she began to exaggerate her hip sway it looked so odd on her he couldn’t say anything.

Victoria’s nipples were very hard as tingles radiated from her pussy. She had a wicked thought. She was going to remove her bra so he could see her excitement pressing against the thin fabric of her silk blouse. Just the idea made her so wet. She was such a wanton slut!

They went down to the basement and as they passed the media room with its large comfortable couches Victoria fantasized about dragging him in and tearing his clothes off. She turned the corner and was so distracted that she almost passed the door to the utilities room.

“Ah, sorry. Here it is,” she said as she spun back to point at the door.

Ed was following too closely, stumbled to a stop and bumped into her, chest to chest. He stepped back quickly and nodded to her in apology. He opened the door and ducked inside.

Victoria was reeling from the burst of tingles she’d had from her nipples when they squeezed against his broad chest. She slipped away back to the media room and stepped inside. Quickly, she took off her silk shirt. Next came the bra and she gave her tits a quick squeeze and tugged at her stiff, pink buds. The sensation cascaded through her body and a moan slipped free before she bit her lip to contain it. She put her shirt back on quickly as she heard Ed calling for her.

The bra got tucked behind a cushion then she walked back out into the hall. Even though she was still fully dressed she felt like she was parading herself naked before him. Her tits swayed freely and her blouse did nothing to hide her ‘pokeys’ as she’d heard her daughter’s call them. The cool fabric teased the sensitive flesh deliciously!

She rounded the corner and he stood in the doorway of the utility room.

“Ah there you ahhh…” Ed began before he lost his train of thought. Her nipples, he swore he couldn’t see them before but now there they were… very prominently displayed. He felt a familiar twinge of his own and twisted his head to look back in the utility room.

“The uh, the furnace. It- I mean- is it hot? Does it make you hot? Does it heat the house properly?” Ed crashed through his questions, his face getting redder and redder. He felt like such an ass!

This! This was… almost what she was after! He was tongue tied and… yes, getting excited. Mmmm that looked very promising! She just needed him to act!

“The furnace? Yes, it makes me very hot!” she said with a wicked smile.

“And- and the air conditioner? Is- does it cool properly, all your areas” eyes flashed to nipples “-the ROOMS. Do all the rooms receive proper cooling?” he finished with a gasp, clearly affected by her now.

She smiled to herself and felt her nipples grow even stiffer. “Yes, it can get very chilly in the house!” She wrapped her arms around herself under her tits as if she were cold and squeezed, forcing her breasts up and forward.

Ed looked like a dear caught in her high beams. He swallowed and tried to look away but he was mesmerized. She moved closer and he stepped back automatically, thumping his shoulder against the doorway. That seemed to bring him back to his senses and he mumbled something about needing his tools and stepped around her to scurry upstairs.

Victoria pouted. She obviously had him interested but why wouldn’t he act? He wasn’t gay as he was clearly becoming excited. Her self-doubt reared its ugly head. Maybe he didn’t find her attractive? His smile from before, was it admiring… or was it amused? Her excitement suddenly plummeted. Maybe she was making a fool out of herself as he thought she was too old. He obviously liked Rachel but she had those enormous breasts she was always flaunting.

She heard a noise and saw Ed coming back towards her holding a large toolbox in front of himself. Her insecurity flared and she stepped forward to block his way.

“Edward? Do you think I’m ugly? Old?” Once the words were out of her mouth she felt enormously foolish. Like the ugly duckling she’d been all the way through her school years until college when she’d blossomed. All those years of insecurities came rushing back to her. Tears sprung to her eyes and she tried to run past him.

Ed set the toolbox down beside him and reached out to block Victoria from running away. He saw tears in her eyes and he was sure it was somehow from his disrespectful behavior earlier.

“No! I think you’re beautiful! I’ve always been amazed at how much you look like a classic Hollywood movie star!” Ed insisted.

In her state Victoria latched onto the word ‘classic’ and took it to mean ‘old’. “So you do think I’m old!”

Ed pulled back in surprise. “No! I- I can’t tell how old you are! It’s just your style is from one of those classic movies. Very glamorous and sophisticated!” he said struggling with his words. She was still upset and he wasn’t sure how to deal with this. Rachel would know but he didn’t think Victoria would appreciate him calling her now.

Her hazel eyes looked up at him through the tears pooling in her long lashes and her voice reverted to her schoolgirl timidity.

“If you think I’m beautiful, why haven’t you tried to kiss me?”

Ed’s eyes went wide in shock. “Buh- because you’re married!” he blurted.

She blinked in surprise.

Ed was completely flustered. “I’d never do anything to ruin a marriage! You’re married to Judge Rutledge and you have two daughters! I’m not going to destroy your happiness just because I think you’re really pretty and wondered what it might be like to kiss you!”

Once more Victoria only heard the words she wanted to hear. “You want to kiss me?”

Ed was shaking. That wasn’t what he said, was it? She was making him so damn nervous because she wasn’t hearing him! “Yes- but I CAN’T because you’re MARRIED!” he said slowly and carefully, hoping to end the conversation quickly.

Victoria had her answer. She stepped back and watched as he gave her a relieved smile and got his tool box.

He made his way into the utilities room and got to work. He heard her moving away further down the hallway so he turned his mind to the job at hand.

Victoria went upstairs and sat in the living room to think. She wanted Ed. Ed wouldn’t accept her while she was married. Her marriage was miserably unfulfilling but safe and provided for her girls. She’d resigned herself to living within his trap until the girls were out of the house but she wanted to escape so badly.

She’d taken a lover once but Nelson found out. He’d had the poor man beaten and run out of town. He’d shown her the pictures of his bruised and bloodied body. Years later she’d flirted with another man and Nelson had threatened to show her the pictures again as a reminder.

She thought about her husband and his lack of trust. He hated everyone and was driven by his greed these days. He wouldn’t keep those pictures… or the video he’d taken of his and Victoria’s ‘sex play’, outside of the house. This was his domain. He had total control here. There had to be a place in the house he kept these items. If she could find them maybe she could find something even more incriminating she could use to blackmail him for her freedom while maintaining her lifestyle.

She quickly rushed up to the master bedroom and did a quick search. The door to Nelson’s walk in closet wouldn’t open and she saw it had a lock. She’d never noticed before and she wondered why. The door seemed far sturdier than her closet door as well. Visually it matched but his door didn’t rattle like hers did.

She knew he’d have the key on his ring of keys with him.

Victoria thumped her fist on the door in frustration. She needed inside but she didn’t have the strength to open the door.

A slow smile slipped across her face and she headed back downstairs to the utilities room. She saw Ed putting his tools carefully back in the toolbox.

“Ed? Do you have one of those metal bars for opening stuck doors?” she asked in a sweet voice.

He looked at her with a smile, grateful she wasn’t still after him to kiss her.

“Yeah, I have one in my truck.”

“Could I ask you to help me open my stubborn closet door? It’s stuck.”

“Sure but maybe a crow bar is a little too strong for a closet door. It would likely damage it and the door frame. Maybe I could just try to see why it’s stuck and work it free,” he suggested.

She looked at him with frustration. “I don’t care if the door gets damaged. I’m… going to replace the doors anyway. Please get the… did you call it a crow bar?”

“Sure… ok.” Ed pickup his tools and went out to his truck. He put the case in the back then got the metal bar from the passenger’s seat. He carried it inside and met Victoria who smiled when she saw the heavy tool.

She turned and led him upstairs to the master bedroom.

Once more Ed was impressed by the exquisite décor. When she pointed to the door in question he took in the beautiful woodwork and looked back at her questioningly. She just pointed at the door. He gripped the handle and it wouldn’t turn.

“It’s locked. Do you have a key?”

“I don’t have a key.”


“Edward. Is this my house?”

He blinked at her. “Yes.”

“Then please do as I ask and open that door. I’m aware it will get damaged. I. Don’t. Care.”

Ed nodded and gestured for her to stand back. She grinned excitedly. Now that Ed knew what she needed he slammed the end of the bar into the gap beside the lock with a loud thunk. Victoria squeaked then gave him an embarrassed smile.

He tested the door and found it was actually a metal door with wood cladding. Serious stuff. He looked at her. “Just to warn you, this is going to be really loud.”

She nodded and put her fingers over her ears.

Ed wrapped both hands around the bar, dug his feet in and gave it a mighty shove. There was a terrible screech of bending metal and several sharp pings of metal items breaking.

The door swung outwards as the deadbolt fell from the broken door.

Ed stepped aside as Victoria walked in. The lights came on and Ed could see a rack of men’s suits. So it wasn’t her closet. He felt a shock go through his body. What had she involved him in?

Victoria ignored the clothes and went directly to the shelf of video tapes. She made a sound of joy as she spotted the tapes Nelson had taken of her. She rushed over to the clothes and yanked a dress shirt off its hanger and placed the shirt open on the top of the island in the center of the large walk-in. She then scooped the video tapes off the shelf and piled them up on the shirt.

Ed looked at the tapes lining a shelf in the room. He was surprised to see so many of the old technology recordings.

She pulled out a file drawer and rifled through the papers until she found her prenup. Nelson didn’t trust anyone so she knew this was the only copy. All of his personal business was managed by him alone. She added the papers to the stack of tapes. She turned back to the drawer and pulled out Nelson’s will. A quick look confirmed that he had excluded her from it. That document went on her stack too.

On a whim she looked for ‘Aldovar, Miguel” the name of her lover so many years ago. She found a file folder with pictures in it but when she looked this time she saw images Nelson hadn’t shown her before. She saw her lover being lowered into a commercial meat grinder in a factory while two grim men looked on.

The pictures fell from her numb fingers. Nelson had him killed! Oh my god! He was a murderer!

Ed watched Victoria freeze in fright and pictures fell to the floor. He bent down and picked them up. He saw what she’d seen and his face paled. He stepped out into the bedroom and dialed 911.

Victoria came out of her daze when she heard a quiet voice from the bedroom. She bundled up the shirt and walked out into the room. She saw Ed was on his phone. He still had the pictures of Miguel being murdered in his hand.

“What are you doing, Edward?” she asked quietly.

“The police are on their way,” he said with a grim look.

Her eyes went wide and she ran downstairs and out into the backyard by the garden shed. She dumped the shirt and rushed into the shed to bring out the canister of gasoline. She poured this over the shirt, papers, and tapes. She had to go back into the house to get matches and heard the sound of a siren approaching. Ed walked into the kitchen with is crowbar as she ducked outside. He watched her set the pile ablaze in a huge whoosh. She fell back as the fireball rolled up into the sky.

Ed lifted Victoria to her feet and watched the pile burn rapidly. “What was that?”

“Just something Nelson could use to hurt me. I’m free of the monster!” she sighed feeling lighter already.

“I’m a monster, am I?

Victoria screamed, grabbed Ed’s arm and hid behind him.

“IS THIS YOUR NEW LOVER!?” Nelson bellowed.

“No sir!” Ed said.

“You shut the fuck- YOU!?!” Judge Rutledge screeched as he recognized Ed from the city planner’s office.

“Victoria and I aren’t lovers. I’m just here to check the status of your furnace and air conditioner.”

“What are you doing home?” Victoria yelped at her husband.

“You broke into my closet! The silent alarm contacted my cell!” he barked at her.

“But you were at work!”

“It’s Thursday you stupid cunt! I fucking play golf on Thursday. I was on my way to the clubhouse so I was only a couple of blocks away. I used the car’s siren to get here faster.”

Ed frowned at the judge’s use of profanity against his wife. “You’re a very unpleasant little man,” he said.

“Would you listen to this retard? This is what you’re fucking now?” Nelson yelled at his wife pointing at Ed.

Ed was getting seriously angry with the judge but he knew he didn’t have to stay if the customers became abusive. That was Mr. Drakos’ rule.

Ed turned back to Victoria. “I’m sorry I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish your home’s assessment. I’ll arrange for another appointment with a different technician.”


“HE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE!” Nelson yelled as he pulled a nasty little snub nosed gun from his pocket and pointed it at Ed. “I told you what would happen if you took another lover.”

“YOU KILLED MIGUEL! I SAW THE PICTURES AND SO DID EDWARD!” Victoria screeched at her husband as she clutched Ed’s arm and hid behind him.

Ed was looking at the gun and everything else just faded away. He was seeing the end of his life and the injustice of it happening just when he’d told Grace how much he loved her took his breath away. His muscles began to bunch and tremble with rage.

“He saw them too? Well then I guess he WILL have to join that Spic! I’ll ask my contacts in the syndicate to add him to the dog food like Miguel. Tie up the loose ends and remove this thorn in my side about my building development downtown.”


Nelson froze. His eyes flashed to Ed and Victoria and the latter wore a triumphant smile on her face.

“Edward called the police before you arrived. It’s over!” she gloated.

Ed looked down at is chest pocket and pulled out his phone. He remembered the 911 operator asking him to stay on the line so he was still connected. He lifted it to his ear. “Hello? Did you get all that?”

“Yes sir. Are you safe?” the woman’s voice asked.

Ed looked back at Nelson. “He’s still pointing a gun at me.”

The judge was reeling. His plans, his life and fortune all destroyed by this fucking moron.

“DROP THE GUN JUDGE RUTLEDGE!” the officer yelled once more.

He started to lower the gun then he screamed in rage and brought the gun back up to kill Ed.

The impact lifted him off his feet and the shock of the steel tearing into his body stunned him into oblivion.

His body hit the ground with a deep thump, the crowbar sticking out of his chest.

Ed stood frozen, his left arm still pointing in the judge’s direction and the phone still held to his right ear. He gaped at what he’d just done with his mouth open in shock. He’d completely forgotten he was still carrying the bar then just reacted to the threat. The officer looked at him then ran to the judge. He kicked aside the gun Nelson had dropped.

“Dispatch, I need an ambulance sent to my location immediately,” he barked into his shoulder mic.

“Sir! Sir! What’s happening?” the operator called into Ed’s ear.

Ed’s legs went to jelly and he sank down to sit on his ass. Victoria finally released his arm as he dropped and looked at her husband lying on his back with a metal bar sticking out of his chest. She felt like she could fly, lighter than air, and she had Ed to thank for it. She turned to look at the man she could now be with.

The officer looked at Ed as well and saw the signs that Ed was going to be sick. “Sir, it’s ok he’ll live.” Victoria’s head snapped to look at Nelson.

Ed nodded and turned his attention to the phone. “I’m alright. I… uh… he was going to…” Ed just had time to lean to the side before he threw up into the grass. The violence he’d just done was too much and he passed out on his back.

Victoria aimed the gun she picked up while the officer moved to check on Ed and put three bullets into Nelson’s chest. The slimy snake wasn’t going to get away this time. Now she would be free to be with Ed. The cop tackled her from behind and took her to the ground.

Chapter 42

Ed spent the rest of the day and on into the wee hours of the night at the police station giving his statement again and again, speaking to one detective after another. Finally they sat him alone in the waiting area. When the police left him he sent a text to Grace to let her know where he was. He was exhausted by his ordeal and fell asleep leaning back against the wall.

Grace pushed through the doors and scanned the area until her eyes landed on the big man. She rushed to his side and dropped down on the bench to cling to him.

He jolted awake and looked down to see the top of Grace’s head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. He then saw Rachel, Angie, and Zoe standing in a group in front of them. They all wore expressions of worry.

“Hi” he said and his voice cracked. His throat was still raw from the questioning he’d received.

The door burst open behind the group and Mr. Drakos barged his way in. He saw Ed and his bushy brows dropped down as he relaxed. He greeted the women and turned to Ed.

“How are you doing son?”

“I’m ok.”

“The news is saying all kinds of crazy things about Judge Nelson, his wife, and a repairman she may or may not have been having an affair with…” the gentleman gushed.

Grace pulled back and looked into his eyes. Love and concern fought for dominance in her gaze.

Ed grimaced. “There is nothing going on between me and Mrs. Rutledge. I think she may have wanted there to be but I told her no. She’s a married woman. She tricked me into opening her husband’s locked closet and there was all these horrible photos. I called the police but Judge Nelson got home first. He held a gun on me and confessed to killing his wife’s lover. The 911 operator was still on my phone and recorded it all.” He twisted with discomfort. He didn’t like thinking about this part. “He- he was going to- shoot me. I threw the crowbar I was holding and it got him in the chest.”

There was a collective gasp from the women and Mr. Drakos who glanced at them in embarrassment.

“I didn’t kill him! The police told me the injury I caused wasn’t fatal. Victoria killed him. She shot him with his gun.” The group gasped again. “She’s in there somewhere.” Ed pointed back in the station but stopped talking as his throat was raw. He rubbed it.

Angie rushed off and returned shortly with a cold bottle of water. He thanked her with a smile and nod and drank half the bottle immediately.

“Sorry, the van is still at the Rutledge mansion and the police have the crowbar,” Ed apologized to his boss. Mr. Drakos just smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about that. Please take tomorrow off to recover from this. I will see you on Monday, yes?”

“Thank you sir!” Ed gushed and the man’s smile just grew. He nodded to the ladies then left.

Ed looked at the four women. “Can I go home now?”


Grace clung to Ed in the back seat of Angie’s SUV all the way back to Rachel’s place. Ed could see she was still shaken by his brush with death but then so was he. His mind shied away from the event and his stomach flipped when he thought about the crow- <urp!>. Best not to think about that. He concentrated on how wonderful Grace felt against his side.

There were two police cruisers parked at the entrance to Silverton Heights but Angie was waved through. The press tried to take pictures but the tinted windows thwarted their efforts.

Soon they were pulling into Rachel’s driveway and everyone got out.

Grace smiled at Ed and released him so he could kiss the ladies goodnight.

Angie crushed herself against him and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against his chest. He felt her trembling slow and stop as she relaxed, feeling his strength and solidity. He leaned his face back and looked into her eyes and she smiled at him.

Seeing that she was feeling better he tipped his face to hers and she eagerly met his mouth. When Ed pulled back he was halfway to becoming fully aroused and Angie had a twinkle in her eyes. She stood back as Zoe stepped forward.

She smiled up at Ed with her dark eyes. She was so much shorter so he scooped her up instead of leaning over, his hands gripping her ass cheeks. She squeaked then purred as he kissed her hard. Angie had gotten him going and Zoe… well, she did something to him. He still didn’t understand it. He squeezed her ass and she moaned. He pulled away from the kiss and set her down, feeling a little wobbly. Zoe’s eyes were locked on his mouth as Angie pulled her back to the car.

Rachel smiled and waved to her friends as they drove out of her driveway. She led Ed and Grace inside and noticed that Ed was showing quite visibly against his coverall. She locked up and turned to smile at him when he pulled her against him and took her mouth with his. He was desperate in his need and she was almost swept away by his passion.

Then it dawned on her. He was reacting to almost being killed! His ability to be gentle was lost until he got over that. She felt the heat of his cock pressing against her and she was panting with need herself when she managed to push back from him.

“Edward! Go to the kitchen and drink a glass of ice water to help your throat,” she gasped.

Grace was looking at her with a puzzled expression as Ed moved away. She caught the fact that Ed was tenting his coverall and she looked back at Rachel.

The woman looked to make sure Ed was out of hearing distance then she turned to Grace. “He’s had a near death experience. He’s not his usual gentle self at the moment. If you’d planned on being with him tonight please be aware that’s why. He may be a little rough in his desperation.”

Grace wanted to share his bed and more tonight. She was also reacting to almost losing him and needed to be with him. But she was frightened of being hurt on her first time. She looked at Rachel pleadingly. “Could- could you…” she was too embarrassed to finish.

Rachel’s brows went up in surprise. Then she saw the young woman’s eyes tearing up.

“I- I’ll calm him down then you two can be alone. How’s that?” she blurted to ease Grace’s distress.

Grace’s face burst into a smile and she nodded quickly as she wiped her tears away.

Ed walked back into the room and looked at the two women suspiciously. “What’s wrong?” he asked quietly.

“Nothing!” Grace blurted and rushed to his side. She couldn’t bear to be away from him. She needed him so badly.

“Let’s all go upstairs. It’s been a very trying day.” Rachel suggested as she held out her hand to Ed.

He nodded and took her hand as Grace clung to his other side. They went up the stairs like that, with Rachel leading the two. They stopped outside of the master bedroom.

“Grace wants to be with you tonight but we think you need to be a little more relaxed first so we’re going to take care of you. Is that ok with you?”

Ed’s eyes widened and he looked at Grace. She was biting her lip and looking up at him with a worried expression. He nodded.

Rachel led them into her bedroom and stopped at the end of her bed. Grace released Ed’s arm and stepped a little to the side. Rachel smiled as she began to unzip his coverall. She pushed it off his shoulders and dropped it to his feet. Ed was standing in his undershirt and underwear which he was tenting badly. Grace’s eyes were fixed on the bulge and Ed began to feel uncomfortable. Rachel saw this and reached out to take Grace’s arm. She pulled her closer and moved the woman’s hand to touch Ed’s chest.

“Do you feel his beating heart?” the red head asked.

Grace felt the quick thumping under her fingers. She nodded and looked into Ed’s eyes.

“Some of that is because he’s excited. A large part of that is his fear that you will reject him when you see how large he is. I don’t know why Edward feels that way but he does. You wouldn’t do that would you?” Rachel said.

“No! I love Ed!” Grace gasped. “I just haven’t seen many penises and I- I’m a virgin.”

Ed’s eyes widened in surprise at Grace’s statement and he smiled at her confession of love.

“First off, it’s a cock. Penis is a dull word for such a wonderful example as this one.” Rachel moved Grace’s hand down to grip Ed through his underwear. Ed’s breath hissed between his teeth in pleasure as Rachel made the young woman squeeze his shaft and run her hand up and down.

Grace’s jaw dropped as she felt the heat and hardness in her palm and that was through the fabric of his underwear!

Rachel had an idea. “You know Edward can do absolutely incredible things with his mouth. While I take the edge off, he could show you. You’d like to do that wouldn’t you Edward?”

There was a fire raging in Ed’s eyes. He wanted so badly to pull Grace to the bed and kiss her all over and take her. He knew Rachel was smarter about these things so he struggled to control himself and just nodded as he licked his lips.

Grace looked at Rachel with a timid, embarrassed expression. “I’m not attracted to women,” she said quietly.

“Neither am I. This is for you and Edward. Once you’re both relaxed you can experience the joy of becoming one.”

Grace’s smile lit up her face and she nodded.

Rachel gestured for her to kneel before Ed with her. Once they were both down Rachel smiled at her. “As you haven’t really seen such a magnificent cock the best first impression you will have is to see one from this vantage point. Edward, please pull your shirt off, slowly.”

He nodded and gripped the fabric from the bottom and pulled upwards slowly. He really wanted to yank it off but this was for Grace so he controlled his urges.

Hard abs came into view as Grace smiled as she bit her lip. Ed smiled and kept pulling the fabric up. The thick slabs of his muscular pecs were next then the shirt was up and over his head, falling to the floor.

“Mmmm, he’s yummy.” Rachel said and Grace nodded once more.

Rachel took hold of the waistband of his boxers and slowly slid them down. She pulled the front out so the elastic wouldn’t catch on anything important. Grace’s eyes grew wider and wider as more and more of the thick cock became exposed. Then the underwear dropped and Ed stepped out of them, his work coverall and his socks. He was naked before them. Grace was smiling as she drank in his raw masculinity.

Ed relaxed as he saw how happy Grace was. His heart soared and his fear slipped away. He loved her so much! His eyes moved to Rachel and his heart swelled with gratitude for her helping them be together. Then he realized it was more than that. He loved this woman. The thought shook him. He hadn’t realized how important she’d become to him. He still loved Grace, maybe more than ever. He’d have to talk with Grace about this as she could help him work this out. He was lost.

“Most times a cock like this will need a little attention to get as big and hard as this but Edward’s pretty excited right now as you can see.” Rachel smiled, unaware of Ed’s turbulent thoughts about her. She wrapped her graceful fingers around the base of Ed’s cock and gently squeezed drawing a moan from the man. A small bead of clear liquid also appeared at the tip of his cock and Grace’s eyes locked on it.

“This is a little lubrication to ease this big beast into a woman’s pussy.” Rachel gently rubbed one fingertip through the liquid to coat the thick head of Ed’s cock as he moaned once more. “Of course, this little amount isn’t enough for someone of his girth so we’ll have to add a little extra wetness.”

She pulled his cock down until the head was pointing at her lips. She ran her tongue over the thick head and his hips thrust forward involuntarily bumping into her mouth.

“S-sorry,” he stuttered as she looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. Rachel shared a look with Grace who giggled as her nerves relaxed a little. She saw how aggressive Ed was being and was grateful for the instructions and support from the older woman.

Rachel turned and took the head and the first two inches of his cock into her mouth. Ed’s body jerked with the strong sensation and he gasped. She did her best to pump him deeper as she made several strokes on his cock. She maybe got half of it before her throat clamped down.

“Oh geezus Rachel!” Ed gasped and she felt a zing shoot through her body at how she was affecting the big man.

She pulled back and released his cock. With a smile she turned to Grace. “Your turn.”

Grace’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“You can do it. Just remember to keep your teeth back and use your lips and tongue only,” she instructed gently.

Grace took hold of Ed’s cock and her eyelids fluttered as sparks shot through her body. She wanted this so badly. She’d dreamed of this for so long. Of course she’d never suspected he’d be so big!

She stuck her tongue out and ran it against the side of the shaft. It was hot and smooth. When her tongue stroked across the head she noticed how different it felt from the shaft. More spongy and suddenly she needed to have it in her mouth. She opened wide, conscious of her teeth and slid his cock into her mouth.

“God! This is heaven!” Grace and Ed thought simultaneously.

Rachel watched with wide eyes as Grace’s eyes closed in rapture and she slid more and more of Ed’s thick cock into her mouth. She saw her jolt to a stop as it hit the back of her throat then Grace seemed to make an adjustment and down it went into her throat. She made odd purring noises as she slowly bobbed on his flesh.

“Oh my god! Oh- Oh Grace! So good!” Ed moaned and shook. His hips began to move involuntarily and his hands reached for Grace’s head but Rachel caught them. Maybe he’d be gentle or maybe he’d start to fuck her mouth roughly and scare the girl. Rachel wasn’t taking that chance this early in their relationship. When he was calmer they could do this again.

She pulled Grace gently back from Ed’s cock and Grace kissed the head as it left her mouth.

“That was exceptionally well done Grace!” Rachel said with a smile. “Lie back on the bed Edward.” Rachel was really beginning to enjoy role playing as their teacher. Her juices were flowing as she eyed Ed’s throbbing cock. She wanted it inside her as soon as possible but she had to get Grace positioned first. “Grace it’s time for us to get undressed. It’s only fair for Ed that we give him a little show as well. This is only for him. Ok?”

Grace smiled mischievously as she looked at Ed’s eager expression. She was only wearing a loose sweater, leggings, her bra and panties. She looked over at Rachel who was enjoying Ed’s rapt attention.

“It’s all about the tease… men loved to be teased as long as that’s not all they get.” Rachel said to Grace as she kept her eyes on Ed who licked his lips when Rachel slipped the silk blouse from her shoulders exposing her lace bra. Grace began to feel a little self-conscious as Rachel had such a great figure.

Rachel noticed her hesitation and turned to her. “Grace, look at that man! He wants you! He thinks you are the most desirable woman he’s ever seen. Best yet, he loves you. Show him how much you love him!”

Grace smiled at Rachel and returned her attention to the naked man on the bed. She lifted her sweater slowly while she watched Ed gulp. Her breasts strained at the fabric of her plain bra and Rachel made a mental note to go shopping with Grace before she went back to school.

Rachel let her skirt slip to the floor and Ed’s cock jumped in reaction. God she loved how he looked at her with such hunger!

Grace turned her back to Ed and pulled down her leggings and shook her ass at Ed with a grin over her shoulder. He made a snort sound but he was obviously entranced.

Rachel released the clasp on her bra and let it slip down her body. Again the jump of his cock let her know he was becoming desperate. When Grace’s bra came off he surged to his knees and the two woman gently pushed him back down on the bed.

“It’s time Grace. He can’t wait any longer.” Rachel said with a smile.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Edward does. Just climb up above his face and he will do the rest.”

Ed smiled at Grace as she timidly pulled down her panties and knee walked up the bed beside him and swung her leg over his head. When his lips began kissing her inner thigh she gasped aloud and gripped the bed’s headboard.

Rachel slipped off her own panties and climbed onto Ed’s torso facing his feet. She lowered her wet pussy to his hard cock and rubbed herself up and down his length. She thought she might need to add more lube but she was so fucking horny! She reached down and pointed his cock up as she lifted herself up to position herself above the thick head. She eased herself down and felt Ed take a grip on her waist and push himself deeper. He was losing control.

Grace cried out with bliss as Ed stroked his tongue across her pussy. She found herself pushing down against his mouth but he just kept his clever tongue moving, teasing and touching, bringing her pleasure higher and higher. She’d never felt anything so good in her life! She held onto the headboard as the bed was beginning to rock.

Rachel was lost in the sensation of his thick cock slamming deep into her again and again. She could feel his need to connect with her, to feel alive again, overwhelming him. It was so raw and passionate, Rachel found her own release roaring up at her like a freight train. She was completely in his power and it was delicious! That thought was the final trigger for her and her body began to convulse through her orgasm as her mind flashed white. His movements became erratic signaling his own imminent orgasm.

Grace screamed as Ed sucked roughly on her clit and she curled over his face as her pussy clenched and quaked through a monstrous release. She gushed over his chin as she tried to catch her breath.

Rachel came back to herself lying across Ed’s legs. His cock was semi hard in her aching pussy. He’d been a lot more aggressive than she’d suspected but the pain wasn’t so bad and the rest of her body felt like it was glowing. She pulled herself free and his cock flopped back onto his stomach. She looked to see Grace leaning heavily against the headboard gasping and shivering.

“Are you ok Grace?” she asked.

The young woman was only able to nod.

Rachel slipped off the bed and stood for a moment until the ache eased. She went into the washroom and returned with a couple of warm damp facecloths. She cleaned Ed’s cock with one and felt his flesh begin to revive. She hoped she’d removed the urgency because Grace needed his gentleness for her first time.

“Grace, are you on the pill?”

Again the young woman nodded.

“Alright, slide down his body until you are face to face.”

When Ed’s face was exposed Rachel cleaned it with the second facecloth. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Grace gasped when she felt the hot flesh of Ed’s cock brush up against her sensitive pussy.

“I think you two know what to do from here.” Rachel said with a smile.

“Don’t leave!” Grace blurted.

Rachel looked at her in surprise. She thought that’s what Grace wanted.

“I feel more confident with you here. Please stay.” When Rachel looked over at the chair in the corner Grace reached out and took her hand. “No, I mean on the bed. Ed won’t mind.” She looked into his eyes and confirmed her suspicions. She smiled softly. “He loves you too.”

Ed’s eyes snapped to Grace’s in surprise then he was kissing her and she made sweet little mewls of need as she ground against him.

Rachel looked at Ed in shock. He loved her? Love?

Ed pulled back from the kiss with tears in his eyes. “Oh Grace, I love you so much.”

“I know baby. I love you too!” Grace said quietly. She looked at Rachel’s shocked expression. “Ed’s special in many ways. You love him don’t you?”

Rachel’s eyes were pooling with tears. She hadn’t let herself hope for love. She’d only thought she could prevent the loneliness of living alone. Now Grace was offering to share Ed’s love. And Ed loved her. She nodded to Grace, unable to speak.

“Then stay.”

Rachel climbed back on the bed and Ed leaned over to give her a kiss that rocked her to her toes. It felt so much better now that she knew there was more than lust involved.

“I want him inside me but I’m so scared.” Grace said.

Rachel struggled to regain her emotional balance and smiled at Grace. “Not to worry, there isn’t a gentler lover than Edward… when he’s not recovering from events like yesterday’s that is.”

“I hurt you?” Ed gasped with concern.

“It’s OK. You were wonderful, just a little overly enthusiastic. It’s fine. Let’s concentrate on the beauty you have in your arms now. Hold still and let her do all the moving for now, alright?”

He nodded at her with wide eyes and her heart surged. He loved her!

Rachel moved down until she could see Grace rocking on Ed’s hard cock. “Ok Grace slide up his chest a little.” She did and Ed took the opportunity to lift one of her tits up to his lips. He sucked on the nipple and Grace threw back her head with a gasp. Rachel lifted Ed’s cock up to point the head directly at Grace’s wet pussy. “Slide down Grace.”

When the head pressed firmly against her opening, Rachel moved back up to their faces. “Ok Grace, you can take it at your own pace. Slide down to get him past your hymen. If it’s too uncomfortable you don’t have to do it tonight. It will take a while to get used to his size. If you do get him inside, just hold still and adjust for a moment. The pain will go away. You may ache for a while from his size but that goes away too.”

Grace already felt full just feeling the head of Ed’s cock pressing so firmly against her. Ed’s naked body felt so right under hers! The pressure was uncomfortable but she felt an almost desperate need to have more. She began to pant as she pushed down harder. She needed more!

Then she felt it. A sharp pain. It was so sudden it caught her off guard and she hissed. Rachel stopped her movement and brushed her hair back from her face to see her expression. The tenderness of the woman’s touch distracted her from the slowly receding pain. She felt Ed’s cock swell and throb inside her and it felt like he was all the way in but when she moved again she realized there was more to take. The pain wasn’t so sharp and the ache was bearable as her need for more of him began to return to her.

“Take it slow Grace. Just a little at a time.” Rachel whispered to her.

Ed moaned as the pleasure was intense. Grace looked at the bliss clearly showing on his face and smiled. She listened to Rachel and gradually, slowly she managed to take all of him inside her. When she did she held still and just let the sensations wash over her. It was happening! She was having sex with Ed and it was so much more intimate and loving than she had expected.

Ed’s hands were on her ass and he was boldly kneading her flesh. That was triggering the most wonderful cascades of sparks up and down her spine!

She began to move in long, slow strokes.

“Oh Grace, oh, that’s so good!” Ed moaned then he lifted his face to hers and kissed her deeply. She whimpered at the combination of his kiss, his hands, and his thick cock filling her up. It was too much. She began to move faster and faster, driving him into her pussy. Her need for release quickly became all consuming.

Ed pulled back from the kiss suddenly. “I’m going to cum! Grace! I can’t stop!” Ed gasped.

“Don’t stop! Ed, I love you so much!” she cried.

Rachel had tears in her eyes watching the two lovers. It was so beautiful and she felt so honored to witness their first time.

Ed pulled Grace tighter against his body as he rocked her up and down on his cock. This rubbed her clit against him and her eyes clenched tight as a fierce orgasm rocked through her body. Ed threw his head back against the mattress as his own orgasm struck.

Grace felt his warmth spreading into her and she smiled as she rested her forehead on his chest. She felt his strong heartbeat and felt connected to him in a deep and spiritual way. His love was all she ever wanted and now she had that and more. She turned her head and smiled at Rachel.

“Oh my god that was good,” she breathed.

Rachel wiped her happy tears away and grinned at the young woman. She knew she was still in the afterglow stage. She knew the aches she was going to be feeling for the next day or two… or more. They had been very passionate after all.

Ed reached out a hand and took the red head’s hand in his and kissed her knuckles while he looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” he said. “You aren’t upset that I’ve fallen in love with you are you?”

Grace and Rachel both burst into giggles.

Ed looked at the two ladies with a puzzled expression.

“No Edward. No woman would be upset with you telling her you were in love with her.” Rachel said gently with a sweet smile.

Ed recalled Mrs. Dmitrov’s reaction to something as simple as a kiss but decided it would be too difficult to explain that without being indiscreet.

He eHeHerelaxed inside Grace and slipped free. She felt his cum begin to spill out so she tried to get out of the bed but the ache was beginning to set in. She looked at Rachel with concern but the older woman just smiled and helped her off the bed and into the washroom.

Rachel came back with another damp facecloth and washed Ed’s cock and balls carefully but quickly so he didn’t become aroused again. He smiled at her then yawned mightily. He made to move to go to his own room but Rachel placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Could you stay here tonight? It would be nice to not have to sleep alone for once,” she asked quietly.

He looked at her and nodded.

Grace exited from the washroom with a pained look on her face.

“That will go away. Just give it a day or so.” Rachel said. “Would you like to share this big bed with Ed and me tonight?”

Grace smiled and nodded. With a wince she got into the bed on Ed’s right side and Rachel got in on his left. Both snuggled up to Ed and sighed contentedly. It didn’t take them long to slip into sleep.

Ed was in heaven. He couldn’t believe how his life had turned out so amazing. He hoped Shirley would find happiness with her boyfriend. He hoped Mrs. Dmitrov would find happiness in the new city. He didn’t know what to think of Mrs. Rutledge.

He had Grace’s love and he had Rachel’s love as well. He had a job he loved with a great boss, a beautiful home to live in and amazing friends in Angie, Zoe, Stephanie and Carolyn.

He kissed Rachel’s head tenderly and she smiled in her sleep.

Ed looked at Grace and his mind filled with wonder. He couldn’t figure out how she was able to understand him so well. She’d even figured out that he loved Rachel and he’d only discovered that himself moments earlier. It was like she was the missing part of his brain. She really did complete him!

He remembered the night when Shirley gave thanks for bringing him into their lives. Ed wasn’t one to pray but he suddenly felt like he should be giving thanks for the wonderful people who’d come into his life. When his mom died he felt his world become a colder place. Grace had saved him from that and now she was surrounding him with love. He gently kissed the top of her head and she sighed.

Ed felt sleep tugging him down into its embrace. He thanked whoever was in charge of this crazy thing called life for letting him share it with one who understands.