Mom Falls From Grace

Karen stripped off her dress, panties, and bra, dropped the underclothes in the washer and slipped the dress back over her head. The dress was far too short to wear anyplace, but was fine for doing housework. She had closed her bookstore early and spent the afternoon running the vac and cleaning up in preparation for her next four weeks off. She, her son Brad and her daughter Lisa were going to take a much needed vacation to their cabin at Big lake in the northern part of the state. It was to be her first vacation since the death of her husband Bob almost eighteen months earlier.

Lisa had been devastated by her father’s death and was just now able to handle her life. She had been seventeen at the time and so was able to bounce back to a normal life. Brad had been eighteen at the time and the loss had been hard on him too. Since Bob’s death, she and Brad had gotten very close. He had taken over as the man of the house. Like his father, he was handy at fixing things. She hoped the cabin didn’t need much work to make it livable again. Mr. Rogers, who lived nearby was to keep an eye on it when they were not there, and do the little chores that needed done. She hoped he had it all ready for their stay.

Karen grabbed her receipts and her journal for the store and slid to the floor next to her big overstuffed chair in the family room. It was the place she usually worked on her books. She pulled her knees up and propped the ledger on them, stacking the receipts alongside her leg. She smiled to herself. It was the way she had sat to study since she was a girl. At thirty-eight, she was hardly a girl, she thought. Not at thirty seven, twenty four, thirty six and one hundred and ten pounds stacked on a five foot four frame.

Her auburn hair still was full and hung to her shoulders, and had lost none of the sheen of youth, nor had her green eyes changed. But her butt was sure rounder and stuck out more, and her heavy tits with their large nipples were certainly larger than they had been at sixteen. Still she hadn’t heard anyone complain about her figure. She still had men turn to stare at her as she passed them on the street. Even the high school boys whistled at her, at least when her son wasn’t around. Lately she had been more aware of their attention, for she had been eighteen months with no sexual contact, and her body reminded her that she was indeed a woman, and a very sexual one at that.

Her husband had been a man who needed a lot of sex, and she had become accustomed to sex almost every day in one form or another. The sudden loss of sexual excitement had been devastating, and although she had tried to put it from her mind, lately, it was rearing its head in many different ways. She had even found herself admiring her son’s physical attributes. His football practice had built muscle and broadened him until he was almost as big as his father had been. Lately she had been less and less careful about exposing her

self to him. Walking around in a skirt and bra or a housecoat with nothing underneath. She made excuses for her actions by convincing herself that he wasn’t interested in an old woman, and that she really wasn’t showing anything. She shook off her thoughts of sexual things and began to concentrate on entering her receipts in the journal.

A few minutes later, Brad came into the room and lay down on the floor across from her. Elbow on the floor, head in his hand.

“I’m all ready, the van is loaded,” he said.

“Great, honey, I have about thirty minutes or so worth of work on the books, then I’ll get ready and we can go get some dinner, I don’t want to dirty anything in the kitchen, so we can leave early in the morning. We can stop and rent a tape for this evening if you want. ”

“What about Lisa?”

“She’s decided to stay at your Aunt Susan’s and ride up with her and Cindy on Monday, so for three nights, until Monday night, it’ll just be you and me. She should be home in a few minutes to get a few things, and we are going to take her suitcase with us.”

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll hang around until you’re done.”

Karen went back to her books and Brad leaned his back against the sofa and stretched his legs out, his head still resting on his hand.

The sun, which was becoming lower in the sky, showed through the window and crept slowly across the floor. Brad followed the light as it slipped between his mother’s raised legs and suddenly there in front of him was her bare pussy, the auburn hair glowing in the afternoon sun. As he watched, her crack became visible and the lips were full and sexy looking and he felt the blood rush to his cock as it rose to full hardness. It was as though a spotlight had been set to flood her pussy with light for his viewing only. He was so fascinated, that he forgot to roll over or in some other way cover his hard on.

A few minutes went by and when he made no comments, Karen looked up to see if he had fallen asleep. She saw that not only was he awake but, he was intently studying something. Then it dawned on her as she saw the position of the sunlight on the floor and remembered that she had stripped and was naked under the dress. There was little doubt that Brad had a perfect view of her bare pussy. She flushed hotly, and her knee–jerk reaction was to lower her legs, but though they twitched, she failed to move. There was something perverse about her son staring at her bare pussy. Instead of it making her angry, she felt a flood of moisture flow into her channel. Her eyes swung to Brad’s jeans, and she was amazed by the size of the bulge in his pants. God, she thought, he’s got a hard-on from looking at his mother’s pussy. She felt her pussy respond to the stimulus of what was happening and wondered if Brad could see her pussy react.

Brad was thrilled when his mother’s pussy slowly opened and beads of moisture formed along the parted pink lips. His cock throbbed in response to the obvious arousal of her body. Unbelievably he failed to realize that he was the cause of her beginning excitement. He was mesmerized, and couldn’t take his eyes off the sweetest thing he had ever seen. He had often dreamed of seeing her pussy, and masturbated many times with her image in his mind, but he had never really expected to have her bare pussy exposed just a few feet away. He had an almost irresistible urge to slide across the floor and stick his tongue between the now swollen lips.

“Hello, I’m home,” Lisa called as she entered by the back door into the kitchen.

Karen dropped her legs instantly and smoothed her dress. She stared at Brad’s jeans.

“You’d better roll on your stomach,” she said. “You don’t want Lisa to see you like that.”

Then she reddened as she realized she had given herself away.

Brad’s mouth dropped open in surprise as he did as she had suggested and rolled on to his stomach. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. His mother had admitted that she was aware he was looking at her bare pussy, and had done nothing to cover herself, and was aware he had a hard-on because of it. He was speechless.

Lisa bounced into the room.

“Hi. Just stopped to change this skirt and pick up a pair of shorts and a blouse, then I’m going back to Aunt Susan’s

“Ah okay, honey,” Karen said. “Ah Brad will be up in a little while to get your suitcase and put it in the van. Be sure you’re all packed.” She was having a hard time collecting her thoughts. Her mind was on the thought that Brad was aware she had allowed him to examine her wet pussy.

“Jeeze, mom, are you feeling alright? You’re all flushed. I sure hope you’re not sick and we have to postpone our vacation.”

Karen flushed even more.

“No, honey, I’m just fine. I’ve been ah, ah working hard and sitting in the sun must have caused it,” She said with a half smile. The smile wasn’t lost on Brad.

Lisa had entered the room and moved to a place right near Brad’s head. From his angle, he could see up her dress to her panties. Wow he thought, my mother’s pussy and my sister’s panties all in the same afternoon. He was doubly thrilled, for his sister was a ten on anyone’s scale. Her honey blond hair hung in waves to her shoulders, her face was movie star beautiful and her body rivaled his mother’s for a great figure. Her ass was partly exposed by the French leg panties she was wearing, and he could see the crack as they fit snugly into her crotch. He swung his face away just as she looked down, so he

was saved the embarrassment of getting caught. At least by Lisa, but when he looked at his mother, he saw she was aware of where he had been looking. A slight grin formed at the corners of her mouth.

Lisa left to go to her room.

“Brad, shame on you. Boys aren’t supposed to look at their sisters like that.” But she wasn’t scolding. Brad was surprised that she was taking it so lightly.

“I have to finish these receipts, just another ten minutes or so. You can go get ready to go and put Lisa’s suitcase in the van . . . or, you can wait until I’m finished and take it all out at once.” She wondered why she had left such an opening for him to stay.

“Uh, I think I’ll wait,” he stammered.

“Okay. As soon as Lisa leaves,” she said, “I’ll get back to work.” My God, she thought, what am I doing, I just invited my son to stay and stare at my pussy

A moment later, Lisa came back through the room on her way out the door.

“Bye. See you guys Monday,” she said and went out the door, swinging her tight little ass in form hugging white shorts.

Karen sat silent for a moment, then picked up her ledger and raising her knees laid it against them and began to examine the receipts. She knew she had just provided her son a full view of her hot and wet throbbing pussy. She blushed hotly all over, but she kept her knees together and her feet spread. She couldn’t remember ever being so hot.

Brad couldn’t believe that his mother was showing him her sweet clam shell, but there it was right before his eyes. The auburn hair covered her Venus mound and ran along both sides of her swollen lips. It tapered off half way down and the lower part of her pussy was sprinkled with only a few strands. Moisture had collected between the parted lips and droplets appeared on the inner lips and folds and then he saw her clitty. Like a little hooded prick, the sheath stuck out between the spread moist lips ending in a small opening where the hard nub peeked out. He felt the pre-cum spew from his cock and dampen his shorts as his cock grew into a rigid pole. He had returned to lying on his side, but now made no effort to hide his erection. Karen tried to keep her mind on her work, but from lowered lids she could see him staring at her. The thought that she was letting her own son view her nakedness and see her aroused pussy was a total surprise to her. She couldn’t imagine that she was capable of doing such a thing, yet here she was — legs spread for her son to see things only a husband or lover should see. The thought caused her passage to flood again. She wondered if she was dripping.

Brad had a big tent in his jeans. She wondered how big he really was. She wondered if he had fucked a girl with it yet. Finally she could concentrate no longer. She laid down the ledger, and sat with her head lowered. Then slowly she spread her knees. Now she sat with her short dress slid clear to her mound and her legs spread. She kept her eyes closed so she didn’t have to acknowledge his presence and could pretend that she was showing him her charms by accident. Inside she was boiling. A mere flick of the finger, or a tongue, she thought, would bring on the orgasm waiting just out of reach.

“You shouldn’t be looking at me when I don’t have panties on, and I shouldn’t be letting you.” She raised her head and looked at him, but his eyes were still focused on her spread legs and exposed pussy. “God, don’t ever tell anyone that I let you see my . . . ah see me this way.”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone that you let me see you with your panties off, mom. I never tell anything that goes on in the house.”

Karen knew she should close her legs and stop what was happening, but it seemed silly to close them now after she had allowed him to stare at her bare pussy all this time.

“I’m surprised that you’d even want to look at me with so many sexy young girls in town,” she said.

“Gee, mom you’re sexier than all the girls in this town put together. I’d sooner look at you naked than any one of them.”

“Well,” she said smiling, “I can see that you are enjoying yourself” Her eyes focused on the enormous bulge in his jeans.

Brad raised his eyes to hers and blushed. He couldn’t believe his mother was talking to him about his hard-on.

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“I can’t help it, I’m too big for tight jeans anyway and then seeing your . . . ah I mean, you know seeing you naked . . . well it just got bigger. Ah eight inches is hard to hide . . . oh, I mean ah . . . .” He couldn’t remember ever doing anything so stupid as telling his mother how long his cock was. He flushed red from head to toe. He didn’t see the look that crossed his mother’s face, A look of surprise and lust that caused even her pussy to twitch.

“Eight inches? My God, Brad, really? You really are that big? That’s hard to believe.”

Suddenly Brad was on the defensive. He didn’t like being called a liar, and he had had more than one boy doubt his claim, now his own mother was doubting him. He spouted out his reply before he gave it any thought.

“Well I can prove it. Do you want to see?” he rolled over and quickly stood up. Still without thinking he jerked open his belt, whipped down the zipper, and shoved the jeans down his legs. Karen sat stunned. It had all happened so fast, she was unable to speak. Hooking his thumbs in his jockeys, he thrust them down. His massive cock sprang up and stood quivering between them. Eight inches plus of red shaft and purple head with rigid cords running its length. He stepped toward her, stopping with his cock wavering back and forth only inches from her face.

“There,” he said. “See, I told you.”

Karen gasped, she caught her breath. Her throat tightened, her pussy throbbed and she felt like she was going to faint. She knew she should pull away, and get up and leave the room. She should stop this now before anything happened. Instead, unbidden, her hand reached out and encircled the massive shaft standing before her.

“Oh, Brad, its beautiful. It’s huge, I’ve never seen anything so big. And it’s so hard.” She continued to hold it and then slowly her hand slid up the thick meat until she was cupping the massive purple head. She felt the pre-cum seeping from the end wet her palm and as if that was a signal, she slid her hand down the throbbing member until it reached his balls hanging below. Brad groaned in pleasure.

Again, Karen’s hand began the slow climb up the rigid hard-on until she reached the bulb of a head, then she allowed her hand to start the slide to the bottom of the twitching cock. Brad groaned again and thrust his hips forward, forcing his prick tighter into her clutching hand. Karen responded by increasing the speed of her hand movement. In moments they had passed the exploring stage and it was obvious that Karen was jacking off her son.

Now her other hand cupped his balls and gently played with the large sack while her hand drove rapidly up and down the thrusting throbbing red shaft.

Moisture formed on Karen’s face and she felt her pussy flood with a passion like she had never known before. Her eyes glazed with lust and her mind was occupied only with the rigid meat she was pounding.

Brad didn’t last long, he had been hot too long while watching his mother’s pussy and her hand on his cock was the ultimate pleasure. He felt the orgasm start deep in his balls. He knew it was about to come roaring up his tube.

“Mom, mom it’s going to happen, it’s coming.”

“Yes, honey, let it happen. Let it come, let it come.” Her hand speed increased until it was flying up and down her son’s cock. She wanted him to shoot, she wanted to see his juice spurt out of that massive purple head.

“Oh, mom, now, it’s now. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum, cum, cum, ohhhh, mom.”

Gob after gob of the white juice spurted from his cock head as Karen kept pumping the mighty prick. White strings of cum hit her cheeks and rained on her shoulders and a few spurts even landed on her exposed pussy hair as it fell into her lap. Brad had never shot so much. More than a quarter of a cup full covered them both as the last sticky drops oozed from the slit in the massive head.

Brad stood for a minute in shock by the events of the past few minutes, his legs weakened then slowly he dropped to his knees. As he did, Karen released his cock, but misinterpreted his movement. He was now kneeling between her legs, his cock only inches from her crotch. She was past the point of any control of her emotions, she was deep in the sexual feelings of the moment. With out any thought or planning, she twisted until she was able to lie down on the floor. Grasping Brad’s shoulders she lay back and pulled him on top of her. He caught himself with his hands and for a moment was poised above her, then with instinct taking over he slowly lowered himself to her and they both watched in fascination as his still hard stiff shaft slipped into his mother’s waiting cunt.

“Oh, God, Brad, oh, God. You’re so big, so big. You’re like a horse. Ohh easy, honey, easy.” She moved to adjust to the monster cock slipping into her. “Ohh, baby, that’s it, easy, honey, push it into mommy easy. Ohh, God, Brad your cock is so good, I need it so much. Mommy really needs you to ride me good and hard.

Brad felt the end of his prick bottom out into her cunt, felt her womb give under the pressure, then he withdrew it until just the tip was inside his mother’s pussy, then he again thrust it back into her soaking passage. Karen grunted as the giant rod plunged into her pussy. In seconds Brad was fucking his mother with long powerful strokes as he drove his eight inches of meat in and out. Karen groaned and grunted with every stroke. She had never been fucked by so much cock, and this incestuous fuck was adding to her pleasure.

She knew it was wrong, she knew she would regret it someday, but as Brad’s dick drove in and out of her flooded channel, all she could feel was the lust that drove them both to fuck.

The early awareness of her son looking at her bare pussy, the jacking off of his massive cock had driven her to the edge of orgasm, so it didn’t take long for her son’s stiff prick to bring her climax rushing up from the depths of her pussy. As she felt the explosion start way down, she began lifting her ass off the floor to meet her son’s driving cock. Soon they were thrusting at each other with a fury.

“Brad, do it, baby. Push it in me, honey, push it in mommy’s pussy. Push it deep. Ohh, Brad do it, do it, ohh fuck me, ohh fuck me hard, yes, yes, honey fuck mommy. Ohhhh, Brad, I’m going to cum, mommy’s going to cum, ohhhhhh”

Karen felt the flood rush down her passage. She had never actually shot fluid from her pussy before, but this time she felt the liquid gush from her to soak her son’s dick and balls. She was embarrassed, but thrilled that he had made her shoot pussy juice for the first time in her life. She lay in a contented stupor, her son’s massive meaty cock buried in her saturated pussy, her legs wrapped sensuously around his legs. Gradually she realized that the cock in her was still hard and Brad was moving back and forth in her cunt. Suddenly she remembered he hadn’t cum with her, but was still in need. She pulled his head down to her mouth and stuck her tongue in his ear, then whispered to him.

“Go on push it in me, baby. I know you want to. It’s alright, do it. Do it to me good. Give it to me deep and hard, I’ll cum again with you.” She thrust up against him. “Come on, baby. What can I do to make it good for you?”

“Say the word, you know, the f word” he grunted as he thrust into her.

“Do you like me to say that? Does that make you hot when I say it?”

“Uh huh, real hot.”

“You mean you like me to say f u c k?” she teased.

“Yeah, oh yeah.”

She put her mouth by his ear. “Fuck me, honey, fuck me fuck me fuck me. Fuck . . . fuck. . . fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck your mommy . . . fuck me.” she crooned on each stroke as he drove into her pussy. The dirty words triggered something in her also. There was something about whispering ‘fuck me’ in her son’s ear that hit a primal chord in her brain.

She felt the orgasm start in her belly and was surprised by the intensity of the feeling.

“Mom, I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot again, do want me to pull it out?”

“No, honey shoot in me, shoot in mommy, Cum for me. I’m cumming too, Ohh, Brad

you’re making me cum again too. Ohhhhh, I’m cumming I’m cumming.”

“Me too, me too, Mom, I’m shooting I’m shooting in you, Shooting up in you.”

“Yes, baby, In my pussy, you’re shooting in my pussy., now, noooooooow ohhhhh.”

“Yeah, in your pussy, mom, in your hot pussy, shooting ohhhh, mom” Brad shot squirt after squirt into Karen’s grasping pussy shooting as much as he had shot the first time. And as he shot he continued to thrust into his mother’s hot channel.

Karen continued to raise from the floor to meet his driving cock strokes as he filled her passage with his meaty cock and his gobs of white cum. Gradually they slowed and Brad rested on her belly, his cock still buried in her throbbing twitching pussy.

“Ohh, Brad,” she said. “That was the absolute best fuck I have ever had. I hate to have you take it out.”

“I don’t want to take it out either, can we just lay here awhile?”

She hugged him and grasped his cock with her cunt walls. “Yes,” she said. “I’d like that too.”

“Ohh,” he said. “What ever you just did, you can do that again. When you did it, I could feel my cock getting hard again.”

Karen snickered. She again clutched his cock with her cunt muscles. “You mean like that?”

Brad groaned. “Oohh yeah, like that. It’s getting hard again.”

“Oh my, God, Brad, you are. I can feel you. Ohh, ohh it feels so good in there.” She lifted her ass off the floor and took more of his cock inside. “Ohhh, baby.” She felt the hardness return to the giant hunk of meat in her pussy and moments later she was again filled until she stretched even wider than before. “Ohh, baby, you’re so big, you fill me up like nothing I’ve ever felt.”

Brad began a slow movement in and out of her and she responded by lifting her ass to meet his thrusts. Gradually their speed increased and a few moments later Brad was driving his cock into Karen with long hard strokes while Karen arched off the floor and engulfed his massive rod with her cum filled channel. Karen was suddenly hotter than she had ever been in her life before. She didn’t know where the heat had come from, but she felt like she was about to explode. She wanted to do all the dirty things she could think of with her son, including sucking his massive cock, but she didn’t want to lose the big cock in her cunt. She decided right then that she would fuck him again in the future and suck

his cock and let him suck her cunt. But right now she needed more.

“Talk dirty to me, Brad. Tell me you want to fuck me, that you want to stick your cock in mommy’s cunt, talk to me, honey and fuck me hard, I have to cum again hurry do me, fuck me hard.”

“I want to ah . . . fuck you, mom. To fuck you. I want to stick my prick in your pussy, I want to fuck you hard in the ah . . . in the cunt. In your hot tight cunt. I want to cum in my mother’s steaming pussy.” Brad drove deeper into Karen’s hot box. Then it happened quick for them both, the heat even hotter than their first fuck.

“Mom, I’m going to shoot, I’m going to cum in your pussy, now, mom, now, now ohhh”

“Yes, yes, ohh, God, yes shoot gobs of cum in me, Brad baby fuck me I need it now I need it ughhhh ughhh ohhhhh, Brad, fuck mommy fuckkkkkkkk”

Brad collapsed on to Karen body, and they both lay as if dead. His massive hunk of meat still buried in her cunt.

Ten minutes later, Karen stirred. “Honey, Lets get up and we’ll drive to the cabin tonight. Even if we stop to eat, we will still be there in four or five hours. Then if you want, you can sleep with me tonight. I wouldn’t want to take a chance of anyone finding us in bed together here.”

“Really, mom. Can we do it some more tonight, and can I feel you and feel your t . . ., ah breasts?”

Karen unbuttoned her dress, and pulled back the top. Here 37c breasts were exposed to her son’s gaze.

“Is that what you want to see, honey? You can suck them for a minute if you want, but not too long or you’ll get me so hot, we won’t be able to get off the floor without doing it again.”

Brad lost no time in taking a large pink nipple into his mouth sucking in a generous portion of hard tit in the process. “Ummmm,” Brad said.

“You like, baby?” Here, give me your hand. Karen took hold of Brad’s fingers and pushing them between their bodies, swiped along her cunt, then took her hand away, and allowed him to continue feeling her saturated pussy, and his own cock still inside. “Does if feel as good as you thought it would?” she teased.

Brad tried to nod and talk at the same time he was sucking on Karen’s hard nipple. It came out as a grunt.

“Enough, baby. If you keep up, I’m going to need you to fuck me again, and if we keep doing that we will never get to the cabin, and you won’t get to spend the night with me.”

Brad reluctantly released the swollen nipple from his lips and pulled his wet fingers from his mother’s dripping cunt, but his rod had hardened while he felt her dripping pussy.

“Later, if you want, you can reverse your position and you can feel my tits and suck my pussy if you want, honey.”

Brad groaned at the thought, and the thought triggered his massive balls, he shot another load into his mother’s pussy. Karen was thrilled and was suddenly on the verge of another orgasm. She had never had such a hot, lover. She pushed aside all thoughts of the illicit actions she was engaging in.

“Finger me, baby. Finger mommy.” Brad stroked her clit, and tickled her lips, and thrust his cock to the bottom of her channel and held it there, pressing her clit between them.

“Oh, god, oh god,” Karen screamed, as the orgasm tore through her. “Enough, honey, enough. No more. Save it for later. Save it for me for tonight.” Brad lifted his cock from her pussy with a sucking sound, and lay down next to her on the floor.

“Did I do alright for my first time?” Brad asked.

“Your first time? Oh my god, honey, your first time — baby, your father wasn’t that good after eighteen years of trying.” Brad smiled and stretched his arms out, his cock, still half hard, wiggled in the air. Karen watched it, mesmerized, licking her lips.

“It’s amazing,” Brad said, “Moms fuck just like other girls.”

Karen smiled a knowing smile. “Honey, how do you think they became moms!”