Husband’s Roommate

It all started a few months after Kathy and I got married. Like many young air force pilots, I shared a place with a fellow junior officer in order to split living expenses, and to afford a place nicer than one I could afford on my own. John and I had been roomies at the Academy, so following my transfer to Texas; I was quite content to become his roommate once again. John was very bright (an air force intelligence officer), but a bit of a computer nerd who was painfully shy. He was tall, slender, and good lucking, but he seemed to have terrible luck with women. I often tried fixing him up with friends or some of the female officers on base, but John was too shy to ever follow through.

As an F-16 pilot, on a fighter base, I never had any problems picking up women at the Officers’ Club, and used to take a somewhat perverse delight in bringing home different women and “showing off” in front of John. I’m sure he jerked off more than one night to the sounds of me fucking some little hottie in my bedroom.

John and I had been living together for about 6 months when I met Kathy. Simply put, Kathy was the hottest woman I’d ever seen. She had the wholesome all-American looks of the high-school cheerleader next door. At 5’2, 105 pounds, she had perfect 34C tits and a tiny 22 inch waist. She had shoulder-length blonde hair, unusual light blue-gray eyes, and even white teeth that were perfectly set off by a smooth golden tan. Even though she had just turned 22, many people thought she was still a teenager, and when out of uniform, was often mistaken for one of the local high school girls. Fresh from an ROTC nursing program at Colorado State, her extraordinary good looks and her dynamic, outgoing personality, made her one of the most popular women on base with the guys.

Some of the other junior officers and their wives soon began to spread rumors about her being “easy” while in college, but her reputation as a party girl served only to enhance her stature among the sex-mad young officers. The worst rumors of gangbangs, public fucking, orgies, and scores of partners, were, however, soon discounted as lies and misinformation spread by other women jealous of Kathy’s looks and popularity. There was even talk that Kathy and some of her friends danced at a few clubs from time to time in Denver on weekends to earn some extra money to help pay for nursing school. That would have been a huge risk for her, and I doubted that could be true.

I must say though, that even if the most sordid of the tales did turn out to be true, it did not bother me–the rumors about her actually turned me on! Since high school I had always been attracted to “sluts” and would not have minded being married to one. It seemed, though, that Kathy did not fit that description

That said, I knew she had had many sexual experiences in high school and college; she used to tell me stories of her past sexual exploits to get me hotter while we fucked. I was sure she embellished some of the stories to make it better for me, and, from time to time, she hinted that she would not mind “acting out” some of my voyeuristic, “girlfriend and wife-sharing” fantasies if I really wanted her to. I told her I was eager to try that at some point in the future, but I did not really think she was serious about it; I thought she was only trying to please my more wicked nature.

Kathy and I started dating within two months of her arrival on base, and we were married a year later. She kept her own small apartment during our engagement, as she did not believe in living together before marriage. Wanting to save money for a house of our own, and unwilling to leave John in the lurch, I suggested that my new bride simply move in with my roommate and me. Kathy agreed wholeheartedly, and, following the return from our Mexican honeymoon, she moved into the house I shared with John.

From the start, everything went extremely well. Kathy and John liked each other well enough, and none of us had any personality quirks or bad habits that caused conflict. Kathy thought John was “sweet and cute,” though a bit of a nerd who was too shy for his own good.

After a month or so, I noticed that Kathy was becoming very relaxed around John. Not a modest woman by nature, she frequently walked around the house in half tops or baby-Ts and shorts. Oftentimes, the tops barely covered the bottoms of her bouncy tits and the shorts barely contained the curve of her ass. On occasion, she would even appear in the common areas of the house in nothing but bra and panties and then cover up only when she “discovered” that John was already in the room.

I also noticed that, during sex, she seemed to be more loud and vocal when John was home than when he wasn’t. At first, I thought I was imaging it, so I decided to conduct a little experiment.

One Friday, when John was out on a rare date, I purposely got Kathy a little tipsy and brought her into our bedroom for some hot fucking. She always seemed to be a tad bit louder when drunk, so I thought I’d see how loud she was without John around. She was wearing her usual summertime outfit of a cropped halter-top and tiny shorts, and I quickly removed them from her tight little body. Peeling off her panties, I lay between her legs and started to lick and fingerfuck her bald little pussy.

Cooing and sighing, Kathy spread her legs wider and shoved her cunt at my face. Her moans and whimpers filled the air as I expertly ate her hot fuckhole. “That’s it, Baby,” she sighed. “Eat that cunt…eat it good…make me cream all over your sexy face.”

Despite the fact that I had fucked about a dozen different women, I had never heard one talk as dirty as Kathy (Well, since this girl Dawn in high school, but that’s another story!) and her filthy talk never failed to greatly excite me. Soon I was humping the bed in rhythm to my licking and finger fucking as Kathy squirmed erotically all over the spread.

“Come on, Fucker,” she urged softly. “Suck that pussy, stick your finger in there while you suck all over it. Mmmmm, you sure know how to eat pussy, Baby.”

After 10 minutes of my licking and sucking, Kathy’s breathing became more ragged and she was panting continuously. Grabbing the back of my head, she churned her hips wildly in little circles and rubbed her shaved pussy all over my face. I could sense she was about to cum, and my cock throbbed widely as I brought my gorgeous new wife to orgasm.

“Ahhhhh!” She whined softly as she thrashed around feebly on the bed. “You did it, you fucking bastard, you did it. You made me cuummmm. You made my pretty pussy cum!”

The combination of her moans and whimpers, coupled with her dirty talk already had me on the edge. I should not have been humping the bed as I ate her, but the sensation just felt too good to stop. Kneeling up, I fisted my leaking, rock hard cock and pointed it at her drooling pussyhole.

Looking up at me with pure desire, her golden hair around her head like an angelic halo, Kathy begged, “Fuck me like a slut, Baby. Fuck me like the nasty whore I am.”

The incongruity of her naughty words with the picture portrayed by her wholesome beauty made my cock lurch in my hand.

“Push it in, Baby,” she whined as she pried her tiny cunt open with her fingers. “Push it in me now before you cum too soon. Please, Baby, get it in there, please!”

Biting my lower lip in concentration, I pushed my engorged cockhead against her smooth pussylips hoping to bury my 7-inch cock into her cunt before I sprayed my load all over her flat belly and golden tits. Kathy pouted seductively up at me as I finally slotted my cock between her slippery cunt lips and shoved hard.

“Ohhh God!” She whimpered softly. “That’s it, Troy! Fuck it! Fuck that pussy! Fuck your baby slut with that big ole cock! Come on, Baby; make me take it!”

I could feel her tight pussy clamp down on my throbbing cock as I tried hard to push my prick all the way into her clasping cunthole.

Looking up with me with her big gray eyes shining, Kathy urged, “Call me a slut, Baby! Call me a little slut and fuck me like I’m your bitch! You can do it! Come on, you can do it! I like being called those kinds of names, Baby. Don’t look at me as your wife, look at me like a cheap whore for you to use.”

Ignoring her incendiary words and holding my twitching cock deep inside my wife’s clenching cooze, I bit down hard on the inside of my cheek and started to stroke my throbbing boner in and out of Kathy’s gooey cunthole. No way could I call her a slut, but I sure could fuck her like one! I managed to work in five good strokes before Kathy’s filthy mutterings, coupled with the tightness of her velvet-like pussy, overloaded my senses.

“Agghhhh,” I howled as I fired a huge spurt of cum deep into her twisty belly. “Ohhh fuck! I’m cumming in you! I’m fucking cumming in you!

“Not yet,” Kathy whimpered. “Not yet! Oh no, don’t cum yet! Please not yet! Keep going Troy, don’t cum yet! Please, keep going!”

“Too late, Baby,” I responded with a happy, satisfied sigh as my cock jerked and throbbed in her cunt, filling her hot hole with sperm. “You are just to fucking hot for me to last long in you. Damn you are so fucking sexy. That was a great fuck!”

And with that, I rolled off her and fell asleep.

The next night, Kathy and I went to a party hosted by my boss. Almost all of the people in attendance were my squadron mates and their wives or girlfriends. Kathy did not know many of them, and I was a bit concerned she would be bored or feel out of place. Fortunately her two best friends, Amy and Beth, were there, and she spent much of the evening drinking and talking with them. Amy and Beth were also both attractive women and many of the false rumors about Kathy contained references to those “sluts Amy and Beth” as well. All three had been popular at CSU, and some of the other junior officers remembered them from their days there together in ROTC. As some of the single, and even married men, congregated around the three attractive women, I noticed that Kathy was doing a bit more flirting than I had ever noticed before; however, I figured she felt safer about flirting now that she was married and that people would not mistake her actions as a come on.

I was happy to see her enjoying herself with my friends and she even allowed by boss, Steve, and some of the other men to dance with her in the living room where the music system was located. Kathy was an amazing dancer, and I loved watching her shake her little ass in rhythm to the thumping music. Around midnight, though, I noticed Kathy with the flushed face that signaled she was getting a bit tipsy, so I decided to take her home and put part two of my test in effect.

At first, Kathy protested about leaving, but when I promised her I’d lick her pussy all she wanted, she quickly grabbed her purse and said goodbye to Beth and Amy.

As I opened the door to our house, I urged Kathy to be quiet so as not to wake John who was probably already sleeping. Sure enough, the house was dark and I had seen John’s car in the driveway, so I knew he was home. Leaving Kathy in the living room, I went to check the back door, as John had a tendency not to check the locks before turning in. When I got back to the living room, Kathy had already stripped off her tight jeans, halter-top, and bra and was sprawled on her back on the couch.

“Come on, Baby,” she smiled seductively. “Come fuck your naughty little wife.”

“In the bedroom.” I responded, trying to pull her up. “Let’s go into the bedroom, Honey. We don’t want John to hear us.”

“Aww, Baby,” she replied with a pout. “His door’s closed, he can’t hear anything. I won’t be too loud; I promise.”

She had a point: if she were as quite as she had been the night before, there was no way John would hear us. Now I’d get a chance to see if my suspicions were correct.

Kneeling on the floor next to the couch I begin to kiss Kathy and to caress her big firm tits. I felt her moan into my mouth as I squeezed her titties and lightly rubbed her hardening nipples. Sliding my hand down her hard stomach, I dipped into her panties and begin to slide my index finger in and out of her already slick pussyhole.

“Ohhh, yes!” She sighed softly, “Finger that cunt, Troy! Finger me good!”

I complied with her request and slide my finger slowly in and out of her as she lay back and gurgled her delight. After a few minutes she pulled my hand out of her panties and shoved my wet finger into her mouth.

“Damn, I taste good! “Mmy slightly drunk wife moaned as she sucked hard on my finger. “I love the taste of pussy cream. Not quite as good as cum, but I love it just the same!”

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “You love the taste of your pussy cream, huh, Baby?”

“Yesss!” She sighed blissfully. “Mine’s the best; it tastes sooo good.”

“The best” I wondered. What did she mean by that? How would she know how other pussy cream tasted? I quickly pushed that thought from my mind as Kathy pushed aside her panties and steered my head down towards her hairless cunt.

“You promised, Baby,” she whimpered. “You promised to lick my pussy real good for me!”

Lowering my face to her steamy cunt, I began to gently lick and suck her glistening pussy lips. Prying open the pretty pink slabs of her cuntflesh with my probing tongue, I blew hot air over her trembling pussy as I stabbed my tongue into the opening of her bubbly cunt.

“God yes!” She yelped as I slid my tongue in and out of her dripping cunthole. “Fuck it Motherfucker, fuck it with your tongue!” Kathy demanded loudly.

As I lovingly tongued her creamy cunt, I glanced up the length of Kathy’s bronzed torso. She had her eyes closed shut and was tightly squeezing one fat tit in each of her small hands as she slowly humped her bubbling pussy into my face. As I had suspected, she was getting louder and louder with each passing moment.

“That’s it, Honey!” She whined loudly. “Suck my precious little pussy. Suck Kathy’s precious pussy! Suck my clit for me! Suck it, suck it hard, please!”

Obeying her orders, I moved my lips up to her hard clit and sucked it into my mouth. Using my tongue, I batted her throbbing little clit back and forth, up and down, doing all I could to please my gorgeous, hot wife.

“Jesus! Oh God!” She bleated. “Suck that clit, Baby; swish it around with your tongue like that. Suck that clit for me!”

Kathy’s grunts became louder and louder as she squirmed her hips erratically. Gluing my lips to her clit I tried hard to keep on target as Kathy howled loudly.

There was no doubt in my mind that Kathy’s yelps and howls had awakened John, but the thought of him listening to me eating my wife’s pussy was strangely arousing to me. I knew John had not had much experience with women, and I was willing to bet he’d never had the heady experience of hearing a woman pant and moan in ecstasy as he ate her pussy.

I devotedly ate Kathy’s cunt for long minutes, sucking and licking continuously, as I brought her closer to orgasm. Her loud noises filled the room and I laughed to myself as I imaged John being tormented by the sounds coming from my sexy wife.

“Ohhhh fuck! ” Kathy whined breathlessly. “I’m gonna cum, Baby! I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face! I’m gonna cum so damn hard! Shove your finger in there and fuck it!”

As I rapidly worked my finger in and out of her clenching twat while simultaneously sucking her clit, I felt Kathy arch her back strongly and let out a loud wail, “Cummmingggg! Oh God, I’m cummminnng!”

I let go of her clit and watched her beautiful face in the throes of orgasm as her pussy exploded around my still pumping finger. After a few moments, Kathy opened her eyes and smiled lovingly at me.

“That was wonderful, Baby,” she sighed. “Wanna fuck me now? You wanna bury that big fat dick in my little bald pussy and make me cum on it?”

She squirmed upright and sat on the side of the couch, her tight little ass barely on the cushion and her oily cunt hanged off the edge. “Stick it in me, Baby! Stick that dick in me and fuck that cunt. It’s your cunt, Honey. You own it. I’m your wife and you own that cunt. Come on and fuck your cunt!”

Kneeling in front of her, I grabbed a hold of my belly-hugging cock and levered it down towards Kathy’s slippery shaved pussy. Her oily cunt cream oozed out between her cunt lips and slid down into her tight ass crack. I groaned loudly as the mushroom shaped head of my cock speared into her fuckhole and started to probe her cunt with slow, shallow strokes. I felt my balls begin to tingle as her pussy immediately tightened on my throbbing shaft.

“Fuck yesss!” Kathy squealed. “Do it, Troy, do it! Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Bending my head down to suck on her bouncing tits, I was feeling very pleased with my performance. Twenty, thirty, fifty strokes went by and, for once, I was not close to spewing my cumload into Kathy’s clasping cunt right away.

Kathy, of course, was not making things easy for me. Her progressive loud moans and squeals were exciting me tremendously, especially since I knew that John could hear every filthy word coming from her naughty mouth. Kathy, too, must have been turned on by the thought of John listening in, and she continued to spew forth a torrent of hot, nasty talk as I worked my dick in and out of her overheated pussy.

“Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!” she chanted loudly. “Yeah, fucker, that’s it–use that pussy good! Pump it in hard…you can do it! Drive it in to your balls! Shove it all the way in! Come on, all the way in. Fuck me like a bitch! Make me cum with your cock, Troy. Make me cum with your cock and I’ll let you fuck me up the ass; I’ll let you shove that fucker all the way up my tight ass!”

Her keening voice, whining for my cock, coupled with the promise of an assfucking, pushed me closer to the edge and I felt my balls begin to melt. Raising my sucking mouth from her plump tits I looked into her eyes with concern.

“K-K-Kathy!” I groaned, “I c-c-can’t hold back much longer, Baby. I’m about to cum inside you!”

“No!” She pleaded. “Don’t cum in me! Pull it out! Pull it out and squirt in my face. Cum all over my face, Baby!’

Her begging pushed me over the edge and I quickly pulled my ready-to-burst cock out of her clenching muff and stood up. I barely made it onto my feet as the first stream of cockcream exploded from my dick and nailed Kathy squarely in her open mouth. “Mmmmppphh,” she moaned as the sticky cream splashed onto her waiting tongue.

Splat! The next jet of cum hit her in the forehead and dripped down towards her nose. The third stream of jizz smacked her just above her left eye and quickly glued it shut. The forth and fifth ribbons of sperm hit her on the nose and covered her lips. I came a pretty good load, and Kathy soon looked like she had been hit in the face with a snowball. Whimpering softly, she shoved my still spewing cock into her mouth and swallowed the last few weak spurts of cum right down her throat.

Glaring up at me with one eye pasted shut by cum, Kathy released my cock from her mouth and used it to rub my sticky cum all over her cocksucking face.

“Ohhh,” she groaned loudly as she spread my glistening hot jizz all around her cheeks, forehead, and eyelids. “I love cum, I fucking love it. I love guys cumming in my face, it makes me feel like such a whore!”

With those last words ringing in my ears, I took her into the bedroom and we both quickly fell asleep.

For the next few weeks, Kathy made sure that John heard us every single time we fucked. I, too, was becoming addicted to this kind of kinky play, and did not protest when she insisted we even fuck on the couch with John’s bedroom door wide open.

One night, though, Kathy stunned me. The three of were sitting around watching a movie on TV and getting drunk on bottles of cheap wine John had gotten from a friend. HBO was screening “Cruel Intentions,” and both John and I were a bit turned on by the sexy action and innuendos from the movie. After the scene where Sarah Michelle Ghellar’s character promises her brother he can “put it anywhere,” Kathy suddenly asked John, “Do you like that kind of talk John? Do you like women who talk naughty?”

John, shocked by Kathy’s bold question, quickly became tongue tied as he tried to answer, “Y-Y-Yes, I think so. It’s k-k-kind of a t-t-turn on. I t-t-think all guys like that.”

Pushing further, my half-drunk wife shocked us both by slurring, “Do you like hearing me get fucked John? Do you like the way I talk and moan and squeal when Troy fucks me. Do you like hearing me holler like a slut? Do you like the sounds I make?”

“Y-y-yes, Kathy,” John responded guiltily as his face turned red. “I like listening to y-y-your s-s-s-sounds.”

Seemingly enjoying my shy friend’s unease, Kathy asked him if he ever jerked off while he listened to us. John nervously confessed that he did and a big smile lit up Kathy’s 23 year-old face. Seemingly unconsciously, her hand slid down to my shorts and she drunkenly fumbled with my zipper.

Too stunned and too turned on to stop her, I watched as her tiny hand pulled out my hardening cock. Looking over at John, Kathy teasingly asked, “Wanna watch John? Wanna watch this time? Wanna watch me suck of Troy’s big hard cock? I’ll let you!”

Slowly jerking my cock in her soft little hand, Kathy then looked up into my eyes and whispered, “Let him watch, Baby. Let him see me suck your cock off. Please?” It will be really hot, I promise. I like being watched!”

A little embarrassed, but extremely aroused, I moaned as Kathy began to lick her little pink tongue all around the head and shaft of my turgid cock. Careful not to look over at John, I nonetheless heard him moan as he watched Kathy polish my cockhead with her gifted tongue. Slowly and deliberately, Kathy licked my dick for long minutes; teasing it and making it swell hugely in her grasping fist.

“You like that, John?” She asked our roommate as she paused her licking for a few seconds. “Do you like it? Does it look as good as you thought it would?”

John, thankfully, did not respond, and Kathy went back to work on my steaming dick, this time sucking it slowly into her mouth. Bobbing her head ever faster, she took more and more of my hot cock into her mouth with each passing minute. Soon, Kathy had worked all 7 inches of my cock into her throat and mouth and was gurgling approvingly. With my cock wedged to the balls in her throat, Kathy looked over at John and let out a questioning moan, seeking his approval of her cocksucking prowess. Getting no response from my stunned roomie, she slid her hand down to her pussy and began to finger fuck her little cunt inside her lacy pink panties.

Despite the minor embarrassment I felt from having my roommate watching my wife finger her own pussy while sucking me off, I found myself ready to cum. Using her other hand to softly squeeze and caress my balls, Kathy worked harder on getting me off. My balls tightened from her touch and her noisy cocksucking sounds filled the small living room. I started to pump my hips at her face, urging her to swallow my cock to the balls on each stroke.

Sensing I was about to cum, my cocksucking wife lifted her face completely off my cock. “Where do you want him to cum, John?” She hissed wantonly. “Where do you want Troy to cum? In my mouth? Or all over my face? Do you want to see me swallow his cum? Or you want him to cream in my face?”

Not sure if he would offend me by answering, John sat silently, his hand rubbing the bulge in his pants.

“Tell meeeee!” Kathy whined loudly. “Tell me John; tell me where you want me to take it. Tell me or I’ll stop! Troy, make him tell me or I won’t finish!”

“Fuck, John,” I groaned in frustration. “Tell her! Just fucking tell her!”

“F-f-face” he stammered. “I w-w-want to see him c-c-cum in your face…”

Smiling wickedly, Kathy shoved my twitching cock back into her greedy mouth and continued kneading my swollen balls. Simultaneously, her hand rapidly stroked her clit inside her tight panties and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

“Cummmmmphhf,” she moaned around my hard cockmeat. “Cummpphfformeeeee! Mmmmmmcumforme! Mmm! Shoot…mmmphf…it all out…mmmm…spray my face with your stuff!”

“Agghhhh,” I roared as I pulled my erupting cock from the sucking confines of her hot mouth. “Here it cums!”

Kathy fixed her eyes on John as a huge wad of spunk exploded from my cock and smacked her in the face. Two, three, four, five, six ropes of jizz jetted out of my cock and covered her face in squiggly lines. I stared in amazement at the amount of cum I had shot out and how it had drenched Kathy’s pretty face.

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“Yesssss,” Kathy squealed when the first blast of cum splattered against her face “Yesssss! Cover me in it! I’m cumming! Cover me with cum. I’m gonna cum! Soak my face with it! Make a mess all over me!”

Kathy’s petite body spasmed and rocked as she came violently while my cock squirted cum on her. This was the fifth or sixth time I had seen her cum simply from having me cum in her face, but the sight never ceased to amaze me. Granted, she had been stroking her clit in tempo with her cocksucking, but the though that taking a facial could push her over the edge like that was still surprising..

As I finished emptying my balls all over my wife’s face, she took my semi-hard cock and began rubbing my cockcream all around her face in what I noticed was a semi-ritual with her. Muttering softly, she whimpered, “So good! Sooo good and nasty! I love it all over my face. It made me cum, you know? I came while you were cumming on me again! I love cum on me…such a slut…such a fucking slut…feels so fucking hot and naughty.”

Looking up from her sperm splattered face; I hazarded a glance at John. He was trembling and a huge wet spot had appeared on the front of his pants. Kathy noticed the same thing and giggled, “Look Troy, I made John cum in his pants. I guess he liked my show.”

Slightly ashamed and somewhat embarrassed for John, I dragged Kathy off the couch and into our bedroom without another word.

Things were a bit awkward around the house the next day between John and I, but Kathy carried on as if nothing had happened–as if John watching her suck my cock was the most normal thing in the world.

Two nights later, Kathy begged me to let John watch us fuck. For some reason, lust I guess, I agreed, and John watched me lick Kathy’s cunt and fuck her for a good five minutes before I blasted her full of baby batter. Over the next ten days, John watched us eight more times and I started to look forward to putting on a show for him. Unfortunately, Kathy excited me so much, I could never go for very long, but I was sure that no one could last for long in her tiny little pussy.

Two weeks to the date of letting John first watch us; Kathy stunned us both yet again. As she lay on our bed with me lying between her legs, sucking and licking her oozing pussy, she motioned John closer as she neared orgasm.

“C-c-come closer, John!” she panted, “Get close so you can see my pussy cum all over Troy’s face! Bet you never seen a shaved one before. Do you like it?”

John, who had grown less hesitant and bolder over the weeks, quickly replied, “No K-K-Kath, I’ve never s-s-seen a girl’s shaved p-p-pussy. I’ve only had sex with two women before.”

“Poor, Baby,” Kathy pouted teasingly at John’s confession. “You can look at mine while Troy sucks it for me.”

With that, she pushed my head down and slowly humped her wet pussy into my face. I knew that Kathy got off on teasing John and performing for him, but strangely it did not bother me–it made me hot too! I eagerly attacked her tight little twat with my tongue and lips, making her squirm her taut, tanned ass all over the bed.

As a licked and sucked, I heard Kathy encourage John, “Rub it, Baby, go on rub it. Rub that cock while you look at my pussy getting tongue fucked!”

She had urged John to do that a few other times, but I was shocked when she continued; “Take it out John. Take that cock out and jerk it for me.”

Not really wishing to see John’s cock, I kept my face buried in Kathy’s cunt as she sighed and moaned contentedly.

I wasn’t sure that John would do as Kathy asked until I heard the whirring sound of his zipper being pulled down. Suddenly, Kathy stopped squirming and started whimpering and gasping as if shock, “Ohhh… fuck…ohhh fuck…ohhh God…ooh fuck…ohhhh fuck!”

Quickly, I looked up and my jaw dropped in amazement. Shy, nerdy, computer geek John was slow stroking an almost grotesquely thick cock that had to be over 9 inches long; and he was doing it just a mere foot from my wife’s face! Neither of us had ever seen John in anything but his uniform and jeans, so we had no idea of his size: he was huge!

Kathy, John and I had come to an arrangement a few nights before: John could watch all he wanted, but he was not allowed to ever touch Kathy nor would she touch him; those were my rules for his continued “allowed voyeurism.” Both of them had agreed to the “rules”, but after seeing his massive cock, Kathy it seemed, wanted to renegotiate our agreement.

Staring at John’s hugely swollen cock as if in a trance, Kathy began to pant and plead. “Please. Please. Please. Please. Ooh please, Troy! Please, let me touch it, Baby. Just this once! Please! Please! Let me feel it! Let me touch it!”

Shocked, I looked up at her and said, “Kath…nooo Baby, you know the rules”

Never taking her eyes off John’s monster cock, Kathy continued her whimpering pleading as if she had not heard me, “Please! God, please! Just this one time, Baby. Look at it! Look at it! It’s so fucking big! So big! I need to. I have to. God! Oh God! Please, please, let me…”

And with that, totally ignoring me, she reached her hand up and grabbed hold of John’s thick dick!

John, let out a long, loud groan as Kathy wrapped her small hand around his steel hard prick. From where I lay, it looked like her hand only fit about 3/4 of the way around John’s cock, and Kathy moaned softly as she felt his hot dick burn in her hand. Drops of precum had already appeared on the head of John’s cock, and a few helped lube the way as Kathy began to slowly, carefully pump her hand back and forth along John’s amazing fuckstalk.

Mesmerized, I stopped licking Kathy’s pussy and watched her stare in adoration at John’s cock. “Mmmm! So big! So big; so fucking big!” She touted. “Damn your balls are huge too!”

John was already breathing raggedly from Kathy’s slow pumping hand job, signaling he was about to lose his load, and I saw him shudder violently as Kathy rubbed his balls softly with her other hand. Two weeks of watching and teasing came to a head in one moment, and John’s mighty cock recoiled in Kathy’s teeny hand and sprayed a huge load of cum all across her plump tits!

“Ehhhhhhhh!” Whined Kathy loudly as the scalding hot spunk splashed across her chest. She frantically gyrated her hips in an uncontrolled roll and I realized my wife was cumming hard as John hosed her big titties with his boiling cum. “Cum on meeeee…John cum on me! Shoot it on my tits! Shoot it all over my fucking tits! You’re making me cum, John! Making me cum!”

John had a stunned, dazed look on his face as he shot stream after stream of hot ball goo all over my wife’s tits and tummy.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhhh!” he moaned as he blanketed Kathy’s torso with a thick glaze of nut batter. “Oh my God, I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry Kathy! I didn’t mean to!”

Ignoring him, Kathy pulled his cock to her tits and rubbed it all over her nipples, smearing his cum all over her tits and upper chest as she coasted down from her own orgasm.

“So much cum! So much!” She muttered repeatedly, “Who knew? Who knew all this was in there? I have cum all over me. I love it! I fucking love all this cum.”

As if ashamed of what he had done, John quickly pulled away from Kathy and went into the living room. I looked down at her cum covered body and felt nothing but lust. Desperate to cum I kneeled between Kathy’s legs and tried to shove my cock into her slick cunt. Kathy squirmed and twisted as I tried to find the opening to her little pussy.

“Push it in,” she teased. “Come on; try to push it in!”

She stared at me, taunting, with a wicked gleam in her eyes, as my cock slid all over her oily pussy lips; she was not going to make it easy for me to slip my cock into her. I shuddered as I realized that her intent was to get me off before I could pump my cock into her, and I also realized she was going to be successful–I was not going to make it. Sure enough, my cock exploded all over Kathy’s shaved pussy as I attempted to force it up her tight drooling cunt.

“I knew you weren’t going to be able to get it in,” She giggled softly. “I knew you were overexcited again. Seeing my tits coated in John’s cum made you extra hot, didn’t it? Seeing me cum as he hosed my tits got to you! Admit it, you liked seeing him cum all over me! You liked seeing me jerk him off over my tits. You liked seeing that big cock shoot all that stuff on me. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, but I know you liked it!”

John jerked off over Kathy’s big tits the next two times she and I fucked. Each time, after watching him whitewash her luscious tits, I barely managed to get the head of my cock into her twitching pussy before I filled her fuckhole with my hot cockcream.

Not content with just jerking off John’s huge cock, Kathy was soon begging me to let her suck on it. Despite a few misgivings about her seeming addiction to cock and cum, I gave in. After all, John was my best friend and there was no harm in a little oral sex between friends. Plus, I was finally getting another girl to do the things that Dawn had done for me so many years before–so what if that girl was my wife!

Soon, Kathy was sucking both our cocks after I ate her pussy. She’d suck John all the way off, letting him cum all over her gorgeous face and hair or letting him spew a big load down her greedy throat. She’d save me for fucking, and I’d usually manage to last a good 3-5 minutes in her tiny cunt if she didn’t talk too nasty or tease too much.

This lasted for about two weeks until Kathy broke the rules again. When I told her she could suck John’s cock, it was with the stipulation that I would always be there and that it would always be in conjunction with her and I having sex. John was still not allowed to touch Kathy and he never made any move to do so. He was content with watching her perform with me, and with her sucking him off every few nights. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the fortunate position he was in.

One scorching hot day, I was stuck with an unusual number of meetings and tasks following my flying schedule. I called Kathy at work to let her know I’d be home late and she indicted she’d be home around 4:30, and would see me when I got in a 7:30 or so. Fortunately for me, the last meeting of the afternoon was cancelled and I left for home at 6:00.

I entered the house and did not see either Kathy or John in the living room or kitchen. Our bedroom was also empty, and the air conditioning was off, so I figured John and Kathy must be out for a run. After a few minute, though, I heard strange noises from John’s bedroom, so I cautiously went to the back to investigate.

What I saw stunned me. John was sitting, naked, on his bed with his back against the headboard and his legs spread wide in front of him and his eyes closed. Clad in nothing but a pair of light blue thong panties, Kathy was curled up on her side eagerly licking all over John’s huge boner, moaning and sighing with pleasure. John had an arm around her shoulder and was gently squeezing one of Kathy’s plump, sweaty tits.

“What the fuck!” I angrily demanded. “Kathy, what the hell is going on?”

Caught in the act, both John and Kathy looked up with alarm and guilt coloring their faces.

“Ohhh, Baby, I’m sorry!” Kathy said as she continued to slowly pump John’s cock with her hand. “I was just so horny. I really didn’t think you’d mind. After all, it’s just John and it’s nothing we haven’t done before. I would have told you about it later, you know, to make you hot. Besides you aren’t supposed to be home anyway,” she said trying to rationalize her actions.

John, wisely, kept his mouth shut. He knew there was no real excuse for breaking the rules we had agreed on.

“Come on, Baby, don’t be mad,” Kathy implored. “It’s just a little blow job.”

It may have been just a blowjob, but I noticed that John’s hand was still cupping and kneading one of Kathy’s sweaty flawless tits, something he had never done before.

Seeing that I was not going to intervene, Kathy ducked her head back down and began to once again lave John’s cock with her saucy little tongue. Looking up at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye, she slid one hand down to John’s swollen nutsack and caressed his huge balls while gently lapping at his cock.

John, still avoiding my eyes, moaned in appreciation and spread his legs wider to allow Kathy’s hand unimpeded access to his balls. His hand moved back and forth between Kathy’s tits, now crisscrossed with tiny rivulets and drops of sweat, squeezing and rubbing them more vigorously than before.

Licking slowly up and down his shaft, Kathy soon had John’s cock glistening under a fine sheen of saliva. Shifting a bit lower, she ran her tongue all around John’s wrinkled ballsack, making him shudder in delight. Without the air conditioning running, the heat in the house had soared to well over 85 degrees and Kathy’s little tight body looked amazingly sexy all covered in sweat as she sweetly licked John’s massive cock

For a good 3 or 4 minutes, I stood at the entry to John’s bedroom, transfixed, watching my petite, sexy wife skillfully lick all over his cock and balls, making them wet and shiny with her warm spit. She never really stopped looking me in the face, and the sight of her clear gray eyes flashing in obvious pleasure made my cock ache.

Finally, despite the fact the spectacle of my wife’s tongue-lashing of John’s cock was making my own cock throb, I decided I had to show my disapproval of this blatant “rule breaking.” With a scowl at Kathy, I tramped on into the living room and turned on the TV. I was confident that my show of displeasure at her actions would soon have Kathy by my side seeking forgiveness.

Five, then ten, then fifteen minutes went by, and Kathy had yet to emerge from John’s room. More curious than anything, I quietly made me way back to John’s door and peered in.

Kathy and John had changed positions. Now, Kathy was lying back against the headboard, her kegs bent up at the knees, head supported by a pillow, while John straddled her torso. Kathy was grasping John’s clenching ass in her hands as John face fucked her harshly with his throbbing boner. I could clearly see little lines of drool running out of the corners of Kathy’s mouth, down to her sweating, heaving titties, as John feverishly worked his blood-engorged erection in and out of her mouth

Without the sound of the TV as cover, I could hear John urging Kathy on with words I’d never use: “Suck it, Bitch! Suck it! Suck that cock down your fucking throat! Take it all you fucking cocksucker! Take all my cock! I’m fucking your face hard you little cunt, just like you want! Suck it, Bitch!”

Squealing excitedly at John’s filthy talk, Kathy used one hand to push and pull John’s sweat covered ass forward and back as she helped him face-fuck her. She was using the other hand to gently fondle the back of his balls and his asshole. Despite John’s massive size, Kathy was taking 7-8 inches of cock down her throat on each thrust.

“Mmmpphhh, Mmmmppphh, Mmmmppphhh,” she moaned repeatedly as John reamed her tight, clenching throat with his spit-covered cockmeat. “Face fuck me! Fuck it down my throat!”

John grabbed the back of Kathy’s head and announced, loudly, that he was about to cum! “Aaagggh, gonna cum Kathy! Gonna cum cocksucker! You’re gonna make me cum, you little slut!” Holding her head tightly, John fucked Kathy’s face hard and fast, making her gag repeatedly.

Around a huge mouthful of gagging cock, Kathy urged him on, “Cummphhhfff… cummff for meeeee… baby…” Moaning loudly for his gooey load, Kathy suddenly slid a finger up Mark’s asshole as he stabbed her in the face with his dick.

Mark let out a huge roar as he pulled his cock out of Kathy’s mouth. Her naughty finger up his ass drove him right over the edge, and he hosed Kathy’s cocksucking face with a torrent of jizz. Jet after jet of hot spunk sprayed from his cockhead and drenched Kathy’s cheeks, lips, and nose. The force of John’s ejaculation left him practically sobbing,

“All over your face! All over your pretty little face! All over your fucking face,” he repeated softly as he looked down at the mess he had created.

Seeing me at the door did nothing to prevent Kathy from pulling John’s cock to her face and using it to rub his huge load of jizz around her eyes and nose and cheeks.

“So much cum, so fucking much cum!” She whimpered in her little sing-song voice as she looked up fondly at John. “I love all this cum…so nasty…so slutty…I’m such a little cum slut. You like the way it looks, John? You like seeing your nasty stuff all over my face?”

Kathy shifted her eyes and smiled wickedly at me as she used John’s semi-hard cock to push his gooey sperm all around her cum-covered face.

Slowly getting up, she made her way to where I stood. In a flash, she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. Looking down at her sticky face, I lasted only seconds before I added my own dose of hot goo to the creamy sperm already coating her face.

“Mmmm,” Kathy sighed softly. “I knew you weren’t really mad at me.”

Kathy was soon regularly sucking John’s cock with, and without me, being home. On occasion, I’d come home from work to find Kathy on her knees in the living room with John’s cock buried down her throat, as she whined and whimpered for cum. Other times, she’d curl up next to him as we watched TV, slowly licking and sucking his big cock or balls until she’d coaxed a steamy load of fuckcream out of his twitching nutsack. She’d gotten to the point where she could take almost 8 inches of his thick cock in her mouth, and she loved to have John hold her head tightly while he stroked his fuckstalk down her throat and shot his hot load directly down into her belly.

A few times, I’d walked in just as John’s cock was shooting a huge fountain of cum all over Kathy’s begging face, and thought I detected a gloating look on his face as he glared at me while drenching my wife with his boiling hot jizz. Kathy assured me that those looks were only the faces he made when he came, and, since, I was getting all the pussy I needed from her (just about daily), I was not concerned about her sucking John off so often.

I had made both John and Kathy promise to never do anything more than have oral sex and they both agreed. Occasionally, I’d catch John tittyfucking Kathy while she knelt in front of him, but Kathy convinced me that that was a step below oral sex, so I let it continue.

I did get a bit concerned one day, however, when I came home early and heard noises for our bathroom. Kathy, clad only in a tiny, tight white halter-top with the word “Tease” emblazoned across it, was perched on the vanity, wailing like a banshee, as John smeared shaving cream all over her cunt.

Kathy liked to keep her cunt smooth, and usually shaved it every 3-4 days. She’d let me watch and help before, but I had no idea she would let John do the same. Keeping quiet, I decided to see how far this little show would go before I was forced to step in. They did not notice me, as John took my razor and begin to carefully shave Kathy’s tiny little cunt.

John was wearing only a t-shirt himself, and it was obvious that shaving Kathy’s pussy was extremely exciting to him. His huge cock bobbed and jerked spasmodically as he shaved my squealing wife’s slick cunt.

“Ohhhh God, Kathy, this is so fucking great! I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m so fucking hot from just shaving you! This has always been a big fantasy of mine. Look at my cock; it’s leaking drooling!”

Kathy moaned and squealed softly as John deftly shaved her pretty little fuckhole. Grabbing a tit in each hand, she squeezed and stroked her boobs in rapturous pleasure. When John was finished, Kathy handed him a bottle of baby oil and had him rub it all over her newly shaved cunt.

With her pussy now glistening with oil, Kathy urged John, “Kiss it! Go on, Baby, kiss it for me. Kiss it nice! Kiss it nice and show me you love my little bald cunt!”

“Are you sure?” Asked John.

“I don’t want to break the fucking rules,” he said with a snicker.

Kathy gave a responding laugh and replied, “He said we could have oral sex. He didn’t say who would do it to whom! Now kiss it for me!

John got on his knees, cock jerking erratically out in front of him, and planted little kisses all over Kathy’s freshly shaved pussy. Soft kissing soon turned to full-blown licking and sucking, and a few minutes later, Kathy was squirming all over the vanity, shaking and whimpering, as John ate her baby-smooth pussy. As John worked to bring her to orgasm, his hard cock bounced and jerked in response to Kathy’s sexy wails and sobs.

Fiercely rubbing her tight cunt into John’s wet face, Kathy suddenly came loudly. Her cries and mewls proved too much for the overexcited John and he quickly stood up as his jerking cock twitched and erupted. He and Kathy both watched motionless as his untouched cock jerked helplessly and fired stream after stream of ball batter onto Kathy’s hairless cuntflesh.

“Waahhhhh!” Howled Kathy as she came all over again from feeling John’s hot cum splash against her pussy lips and clit. “It’s sooo fucking hot! Look at it! Lookatit! Lookatit! Lookatit! look at all that cum!”

John did indeed look, standing there shuddering and shaking, as his cock jerked up and down, shooting out a fountain of creamy sperm all over my wife’s pussy.

I slowly backed away from the bathroom so as not to be discovered spying. I knew then that it was only a matter of time before John would bury his cock in Kathy’s tight cunt, and cum in her pussy rather than just all over it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I was upset at the constant rule breaking, but Kathy was acting like the slut I had always wanted. I loved seeing her lick and suck John’s cock-it turned me on tremendously. I’d just have to wait and see how I’d feel if and when they ever did fuck.

Of course, the inevitable finally happened, but not in the way I thought. One night, about two weeks after the pussy-shaving incident, I was feeling pretty sick. Kathy, though, was horny and wanted to have sex. I had taken two Nyquil cold capsules and was feeling kind of surreal, as if existing in a dream world. That did not faze Kathy, however, and she had me lick and suck her bubbling pussy to two explosive orgasms as she whined and wailed, squirming wildly on the bed.

After cumming, she grabbed her legs by the ankles and spread them open wide for me. Teasing and taunting, she wiggled erratically as I tried to push my now throbbing cock into her. Kathy would not hold still, and my cock rubbed all against the outside of her slick, bald pussy, making my dick throb and jerk spasmodically. Not surprisingly, my twitching cock seized up before I could get it in her, and I fired 4 or 5 bolts of cum all over Kathy’s little belly.

For some reason, I woke up about three hours later. Reaching over, I did not feel Kathy next to me, and, opening my eyes, I realized she was not in the bed. Nyquil normally knocked me out for a full eight hours and I guess that was what Kathy was counting on.

Heart in my throat, I headed directly to John’s room to look for her. “Carelessly,” they had “neglected” to close the door, and I carefully peered into the room.

The room was illuminated only by the moonlight shining in from the small window above John’s bed, but I could see clearly, and what I saw took my breath away. Kathy, wearing a light blue baby doll, was sitting on John’s cock and slowly and rhythmically bouncing up and down on it, her heart shaped ass looking impossibly small and tight.

Kathy’s plump tits were set outside her baby doll and John was twisting and squeezing them roughly as she slowly pumped her hot cunt onto his massive boner. Hearing sounds of a quiet conversation in progress, I listened carefully, and heard John whisper, “Did he even get it in?”

“No,” giggled Kathy softly as she fucked slowly up and down. “He came all over my tummy again. Second time this week. He did get it in on Sunday, but he only lasted about 20 strokes! Thank God you can go forever!”

“You got that right, Baby,” John replied. “I love fucking this little pussy.”

It was clear that John and Kathy were being extra quite in order not to wake me, and all I heard were her sighs and moans, and his grunts and groans as his big cock relentlessly stuffed Kathy’s tiny pussy. It must have been 15 minutes later when I heard Kathy whimper, “He’s sooo big, Baby, he’s so big in my little pussy, you have such a big fucking cock for me. Always feels like you are going to split me open when you stick it in me! You’re ruining my pussy for all the other guys, you know!”

“What about your ass, Baby? How does it feel slipping up your hot ass, Kathy? Am I ruining that too?” John asked as he gripped Kathy’s tiny ass in his hands.

My mind reeled as the meaning of John and Kathy’s words pierced my Nyquil addled brain: not only had he been fucking my wife behind my back and in violation of our agreement, but he had also fucked her in her little tight ass, something I had never done! And what did she mean by “ruining my pussy for all the other guys?”

“Yours is one of the biggest I’ve ever had fuck me there. Took a little while to get it in the first few times,” she responded. “But I’m getting used to it just fine! Why? Do you wanna fuck me there now?

“Yessss,” John hissed in answer. “I sure do! I wanna fuck your little ass and cum in it! But first, will you tell me again? Please?”

“Tell you what, John?” I heard Kathy answer teasingly, “I have no idea what you are talking about!”

“Yes, you do, you little cunt! You know what I want to hear; tell me!” John insisted. “Tell me what you had him do!”

“I had him lick it out, John,” Kathy confessed, moaning lewdly. “Two times so far. Two times he’s licked your nasty spunk outta my pussy. He was kinda drunk anyway and I convinced him I was just extra turned on and gooey. He had no idea he was eating your cum outta me. The first time, I came as soon as he stuck his tongue in it; it made me that hot!”

“Ohhh fuck, you don’t know how hot that makes me, Baby,” John moaned. “I love that thought of you feeding him creampies. Especially knowing that it’s my cum he’s scooping out of your pussy!”

Kathy’s revelation startled me. In high school, I had eaten cum out of a girl’s pussy (Dawn’s) on numerous occasions, and I was sure I could tell if I was slurping up more than pussy cream when I ate Kathy’s bubbly cunt. Evidently, I was wrong, and my naughty wife had fed me two doses of John’s cockcream without my knowledge.

Kathy uttered a soft complaining whine that focused my attention back on the action on the bed. John had pulled his massive tool out of her clasping cunt and was in the process of rolling her over onto her stomach.

“Get the lube,” Kathy hissed. “Lube us up so it slides in easy!”

Digging into his nightstand, John pulled out a tube of what had to be some type of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto his hand. Using his fingers, he packed Kathy’s tight tush with a glob of lube and took a few minutes to work it into her butthole with first one, then two, fingers. Whimpering softly, Kathy humped back slowly to help John work the slippery mixture into her yielding asstube. Using his other hand, John rubbed lube all over his swollen cockmeat until it glistened obscenely in the pale moonlight. Extracting his fingers from Kathy’s now well-greased ass, John prepared to buttfuck my wayward wife.

On the bed, Kathy lay flat on her stomach, legs splayed wide, with her hands holding open her impossibly tight buttcheeks. She bleated piteously, softly, as John began to work his monster cock into her tiny backdoor.

“Nnggghhhh, nnggghhhhh, nngggghhhh!” She whimpered as the huge head of John’s cock passed through her rubbery assring.

“Fuck yesssss! ” John groaned as he felt his cock knob bull past her yielding ass muscles. “In your ass, Kathy!” He gloated. “Troy’s sound asleep and I’m fucking his cute little wife in little baby-soft ass.”

For the next three or four minutes all I heard was Kathy’s soft mewls and sobs as John forced his huge cock up her butt. Bit by bit, inch by thick inch, John fed his monster dick up my wicked wife’s twitching, wiggling ass. Kathy’s small feet beat a rapid tattoo on the bed and her hands grabbed tight hold of the bed sheets as John’s invading fuckstick lewdly stretched her asshole.

With a loud groan, John finally announced, “You got more this time than the other times little girl! You got about 7 inches of my cock in your tight butt.”

Bleating continuously, Kathy shivered as John eagerly drilled his throbbing boner in and out of her amazingly tight asschute. Ten minutes went by as John grunted and groaned in pleasure derived from nailing my wife’s hot ass. Faster and faster he pumped as Kathy pulled the sheets into her mouth to stifle her sobs and whimpers.

“You love this don’t you, Kath!” John demanded harshly, “You loved being fucked in your asshole, don’t you. I didn’t know girls liked it in the ass this much! You like it even better that you’re doing it behind Troy’s back don’t you?”

“Yessssss,” Kathy sobbed in agreement, “I love it up my butt. Feels so nasty and naughty that way. Most guys think only plain girls take it up the ass, but I’ve always liked it there. I love surprising guys by telling them they can fuck me up my little bitty ass! And you know I love sneaking! I know it’s naughty, but I just can’t help it!”

Suddenly stopping, John rolled Kathy onto her side. Holding one of her legs high in the air, he continued his relentless assault on Kathy’s quivering butthole. Kathy slid a hand down to her smoothly shaved pussy and began to toy with her clit as John pummeled her ass from behind. . Grunting and groaning loudly, John punished my cheating wife’s clenching asshole with his huge cock.

“Fucking cunt! Fucking your husband’s best friend!” He taunted. “You’re gonna fucking get it now! You’re gonna get it for being so bad! I’m gonna fuck your ass until you can’t fucking walk. I’m gonna split it open! I’m gonna make you cry again!”

“Y-y-you’re gonna make me cum, Baby,” Kathy whimpered, “Your cock is about to make me ass cuuuummmmm.”

Stroking her clit rhythmically, Kathy threw her ass back onto John’s cock more forcefully, signaling her close proximity to climax.

“Ohhhh fuck!” She wept softly. “You’re gonna do it, you’re gonna do it now…you’re making me cuuuummmmm!

A huge spasm wracked her petite body as Kathy erupted in orgasm. “Agghhhh!” Grunted John as Kathy sobbed and shook helplessly. “Your ass is grabbing my cock, it’s choking it! I’m gonna blast your fucking ass!”

As his prick exploded in her soft buttery ass, John pushed Kathy half onto her tummy and pounded her butthole furiously.

“Do it!” Kathy demanded in her fuck-frenzied voice. “Fuck it hard! Use my ass! Fuck it as hard as you want! Nail that ass! Cum in my butt, Baby! Shoot your cum up my butt!”

It was over a few seconds later. Grimacing and panting harshly, John filled my wife’s asshole with a hot load of ball batter. Leaving his softening cock in Kathy’s well-fucked ass, John kissed the back of her neck and her face as she came down from her orgasm. Trembling and sobbing softly, Kathy curled up into a little ball.

Two months later, John was selected to deploy to Bosnia for six months. I knew that he and Kathy had probably fucked on a number of times before he left, but, despite many attempts, I was never able to catch them in the act. On occasion, I though I detected a slightly tangy taste when eating Kathy’s hot pussy, but I was never quite sure if it was real or just my imagination.

By the time, John returned from Bosnia, Kathy and I were ready to get a place of our own and he got an apartment a few miles away from us. About three months after seeing John cum in Kathy’s ass, I finally told her about me spying on them that night. She expressed no guilt or remorse, and with a knowing, teasing smile said, “But, Baby, I only did what you really wanted me to do!”