How Do You Spell Relief?

Chapter 01

I’m your typical horny 18-year-old teenaged kid. I’m pretty good looking, have lots of friends, jerk off all the time and am a virgin. I am blessed with an extremely large cock and I can’t wait for the day I feel confident enough to whip this big mother out and take on the world. I have had no sexual experience whatsoever but I’ve been surfing porn sites long enough to know there’s a wild and wonderful world out there waiting for me.

I live at home with my beautiful mom. She’s a fox. When she stands beside my 6’4” frame, she looks like a frickin midget because she’s not even five feet tall. I must have got my height from my dad (who I never knew). I’d love to be able to tell you that my mom has the biggest tits in the world but I’d be bullshitting. She’s got a nice pair of B-Cups (I checked her bra) that look plenty big enough on her tiny little frame. I‘ve been able to pick her 90 pounds up with one hand for several years and we always joke about her giving me a spanking or something because she’d have to stand on a ladder to whack me. When we’re playing and horsing around, I often pick her up and sit her in the crook of one arm.

Mom is really, really pretty but because she’s so damn shy, because she’s got a big teenage kid (me) and because she’s small enough that she looks like a thirteen year old, she hasn’t dated since I can remember. Dad fucked off after getting mom pregnant and this tiny slip of a woman raised me all by myself.

I often feel more like her big brother, especially in public, like when I help her with grocery shopping and stuff. She’s so small she looks more like my little sister and she looks young enough to pull it off. I often pick her up and lift her up so she can reach things. It started out as a joke (instead of just getting it for her) but we both seemed to like it and it has become a bit of a habit. She will often say, “Please pick me up Tommy, I can’t reach this.” I am always more than happy to do so. I guess it makes me feel kind of like her big man and I sort of like the way mom seems a little helpless when she’s around me, even if she’s pretending that she needs me so much.

I love my mom very much and I worry about the day I leave home because sometimes I worry that I won’t be there to look after her and protect her. That’s preposterous of course and I have to remind myself that I wasn’t always this big and that she did a great job of raising me and looking after us until I grew up. Still, she seems so vulnerable and I care for her so deeply that it will be tough to leave home. I often fantasize about marrying my future wife and having my mom come to live with us just so I can watch out for her.

It was rather late on a weeknight and I should have been in bed already. I had a class first thing in the morning and I was working hard to maintain a high grade point average. I was feeling a little burned out after completing a big assignment and thought I’d surf a few porn sites before turning in. To help me relax a bit, I usually jerked off at least once before going to bed every night. It helped me get to sleep much faster and I seemed to have much better dreams.

I went onto the site and started reading some of the new stories. The stories have lots of themes and for some reason, I seemed to find the best and nastiest jerk off material in the ‘Mature’ and ‘Incest’ categories. There are times when I like a nice slow jerk off session but most nights, I just want to blow my load and hit the sack as soon as I can.

I retrieved the roll of jumbo paper towels I had stashed under my computer desk and doubled up two towels. Consistent with my nightly routine, I also tore off a third paper towel that I would use to wipe off the huge amount of precum that oozed out of my cock while I was jerking off.

I’m sure there must be a better system for catching cum but a couple of big paper towels seemed to do the trick. Once, I made the mistake of using only one thickness of paper towel and when I came, my cum blasted right through the towel and made a huge mess on my monitor and keyboard. I didn’t make that mistake twice!

Anyway, I found a particularly nasty story about a young man who was seduced by an older woman. She used her big tits to seduce him and in no time flat, she had her lips wrapped around his big cock and was sucking him off like crazy. She had a thing for cum and couldn’t wait for him to blow his load in her sucking mouth. The author jazzed up the story by making her say all kinds of dirty, nasty things that really made my dick hard.

I eased down my sweat pants until they were around my ankles and stepped out of them with one leg so that I could spread my legs more. This gave my big balls lots of room and I kind of liked the way they hung down and dangled over the edge of the chair as I jerked off. I started stroking my dick and looked down at it for a minute. I hadn’t yet got used to the size of my cock but I knew from surfing porn sites that it was a big one. With very few exceptions, my cock was much larger than most I had ever seen on the Internet.

One of my favourite techniques was to simply wrap both hands around the shaft of my cock in a baseball grip, apply a reasonable amount of pressure and start stroking. I’d try to develop a rhythm that caused by balls to dance around softly. Sometimes when I got really carried away, I could hurt my balls by making them crash around too much.

As I stroked my big cock I continued to read the nasty story on my computer. I went back and re-read the part where the woman offered to suck this dude’s cock and slowly unzipped him. She pulled out his big cock and before he knew what hit him, she plunged her mouth down hard over the head of his cock taking in a considerable amount of cock meat. Of course, his eyes rolled back in his head and he became amazed as she slowly and deliberately started to deep throat his big cock. She kept trash talking about wanting his big load of yummy cum. I was stroking pretty good by now and wasn’t far off from blowing my load. As always, I was trying to make it so that I could blow my load into the paper towel at the precise moment this lucky son-of-a-gun blew his load into the nasty woman’s sucking mouth.

Then, just like in so many of the stories I’d read, I got caught red handed. My mom was making her way down the hall to her bedroom and she opened the door and stuck her head into my room to say goodnight. Fuck! I was just a few strokes from exploding and there was my mom, standing wide eyed and paralysed in the doorway looking at my huge cock that I had a two fisted grip on. There was about five or six inches of cock showing above my two-handed grip and the big mushroom shaped head on my cock was swollen and red with anger.

I looked at mom and was just as shocked as she was and probably a lot more embarrassed. I squeezed hard down on my cock to try and stem my orgasm and for the moment, it seemed to be working.

I released the grip on my cock and as quickly as I could, yanked down my t-shirt to cover my private area. I had to strain to stop myself from cumming. I wore a thin white t-shirt and the outline of my very hard cock was plainly visible through the thin material but it was better than nothing. The t-shirt didn’t cover my balls and I tried unsuccessfully to scoot my chair under the desk to hide my big hanging balls.

Mom put both hands over her mouth as if she was trying not to scream. I could see that she was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, our relationship was so strong and so good that I knew we’d be OK.

“I’m really sorry mom. I should have locked the door or something” (Even though there are no locks on our bedroom doors). I could have jerked off in the bathroom and locked the door but I was kind of hooked on masturbating in front of a nasty story on my computer.

“It’s not your fault Tommy, I shouldn’t have barged in you like that. I should have knocked first. I’m so sorry Tommy.”

“Hey, it’s OK mom, I’m just really embarrassed that’s all. I hope you don’t think I’m a dirty little pervert or anything.”

“Of course not Tommy. I know you’ve grown to become a big healthy man and you need to get relief somehow. I actually feel much better knowing that you are taking care of your needs this way instead of running around with some dirty little sluts who would probably end up pregnant or give you some kind of disease.”

“I’m really sorry mom. It’s just with everything that’s going on right now, I get kind of wound up and stressed out and this is the only thing that helps me get to sleep.”

“Oh honey, I had no idea you were stressed out. Why didn’t you talk to me about it? There must be something I could do to help.”

“I’d be too embarrassed to talk to you about this.”

“Nonsense. You’re my little baby and I’d do anything for you. All you have to do is ask.”

“Thanks mom, I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure mom.”

“How often do you have to seek relief like that?”

“Usually a few times a day.”

“Every day?”

“Usually. In the morning, when I get home from school and before I go to bed like right now”

“And it helps you relax.”

“It’s about the only thing that seems to work. Sometimes it doesn’t work because it’s hard to get stimulated enough to ….er, finish and it just makes it worse. That’s why I had the computer on. I was trying to find some stories that aroused me enough to help me…… er, finish.”

“What type of stories seem to work? Can I see what you’re reading?”

“Aw mom, this is getting too personal. I’d be too embarrassed to let you see what I was reading.”


Mom walked right over to the computer and looked at the story. It was right at the part where the woman was trying to swallow several mouthfuls of cum from the young guys cock.

“This one is well written isn’t it?”

“Yes, I like the way this guy writes. Usually I just try and slip myself into the story and into the character’s shoes long enough to….finish.”

“ You poor baby, I had no idea.”

Mom was standing behind me looking over my shoulder at the computer. Thankfully, the screen saver kicked in and the story disappeared. She started rubbing my shoulders and kissed the back of my head.

I was still trying to act as if everything was OK. I was super glad that my mom was so cool about all of this but that didn’t help much. I was still trying to hide my cock with my t-shirt and it was painfully obvious that if she looked, she could see my big balls hanging over the edge of the chair.

“Tommy, I’m so sorry for interrupting. You know I would do anything for you. I’ve probably made things worse for you because instead of getting the relief you need, I interrupted you at just the wrong moment and you are probably feeling more tense than ever. Would it help if I gave you a massage with these little hands of mine? I know my hands aren’t big but they’re pretty darned strong and a good massage might help relax you.”

“That would be great mom but as you can see, I’m not really all that decent right now. I’ll just try and figure out how to deal with this. Maybe another time, OK mom?”

“Nonsense. You’re my son and there’s nothing you should be embarrassed about. Remember mister, I’m the one who changed your diapers.”

“Well mom, it’s a little different now. I’m not exactly a little baby anymore.”

“I can see that but you’re still my boy and there isn’t anything I won’t do for you. Now hop on the bed and let me give you a good massage.”

“I can’t mom, my…er, thing is really hard right now and there’s no point in trying to give me a massage while it’s like this. I’ll try and figure out how to make it go away and then maybe you can give me a massage tomorrow night. How does that sound?”

“I’m not taking no for an answer young man. It’s getting late and you need your sleep. I’m the one who wrecked it for you and now you have to let me make good. If we have to take care of that big thing of yours first, then that’s what we’ll do.”


“Sure, why not? I used to be pretty good with one of those things and if that’s what it will take to let my baby have a good night’s sleep, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well son, if it’s hard for you to get relief and you have to look at dirty stories to help you … finish as you put it, then maybe your mom can work some magic for you. I’m sure that having a strange pair of hands on that big guy will make it different enough from your own hands that you might….finish sooner. Then you can get to bed and have a good night’s sleep. Now turn your chair around so I can see what I have to work with.”

“Mom, I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m not sure it would work.”

“Why not?”

“You’re my mom for heaven’s sake. How am I supposed to get into the right headspace when it’s my mom that’s …. feeling me?”

“Do you remember when I helped you with your drama lessons and we used to read lines together?”


“Well this will be the same thing. If you’re able to project yourself into a story on your silly computer then you should be able to project yourself into a character. We’ll pretend it’s a little skit and in this scene, I’m not your mom. I’ll be an actress who can be anybody you want me to me. Just forget I’m your mom and go with it.”

“Go with what?”

“Improvise silly. I read enough of your story to know what turns you on. I’ll pretend to be a nasty little slut that craves your big cock.”


“Don’t ‘Mom’ me young man.” We’ll just be acting remember? It’s won’t be your mother saying all those nasty words, it’ll be your devoted little cumslut.”

“How do you even know those words?”

“I have access to the Internet too you know. I have needs just like you. Do you think you’re the only person in the world that has to masturbate to get relief? Fat chance. It just so happens that I surf that site too and I’ll bet we’ve both got off on the same stories. I know all the words Tommy, and as long as we’re acting and we don’t hurt each other, I want to help you get the relief you so badly need.”

“I don’t know mom.”

“Look, I’m your mom and its time you did what you were told, don’t make me stand up on a chair so I can whack you one upside the head.”

We both started laughing at her joke. We often made jokes about the difference in our sizes and she always joked about having to get up on a ladder to smack me in the head.

“Now spin that chair around and let’s start acting. We’ve got to get that t-shirt off you anyway, look at the size of that wet spot.”

“Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Of course, now turn around.”

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about all of this. This was a whole other side to the mom that I loved so much. I had a concern that this might somehow change the nature of our relationship forever. We were such a good team and I didn’t want anything to hurt that. On the other hand, I was kind of excited about the possibilities. The few words of trash talk that came out of mom’s mouth made my cock even harder. I couldn’t believe that she would even know those words never mind say them, and especially to me!

I slowly spun the chair around and faced her. Mom’s eyes seemed to be stuck on my big balls. They hung down several inches over the edge of the chair and my big, soft sack was gently swinging.

“My Tommy, I had no idea that you were so….. so well ….well, you know….big!”

“I’m sorry if I gross you out mom, you don’t have to do this you know.”

“You don’t gross me out, it’s just that I’ve never seen anything so big. You’re a lot bigger than most of the guys on the porn sites we’ve been talking about.”

“How can you tell, I haven’t even lifted my shirt up yet?”

“I’m not blind Tommy. For a starter, I can plainly see your huge balls. And in case you hadn’t noticed, that thin t-shirt of yours isn’t doing much to hide the size of your …penis.”

“What do we do now mom?”

“Let’s get into our characters. We’ll have to improvise because we don’t have a script to work from. You be who you want to be and I’ll try and be like some of the women in those stories. Remember, it’s just acting and anything goes. For the next little while, I’m not your mom anymore. To start with, you take the lead and we’ll see how well we can improvise. All we need to do is make your balls empty themselves so you can get the relief you need and then we can both go to bed and get a good nights sleep.”

“I’ don’t know where to start.”

“Oh for goodness sakes. OK, I’ll start. I’ll have to wing it so here goes….”

“Hi there young man, my name is Doctor Love, I understand you have a bit of a problem with your penis.”

“Why yes Doctor, when it gets hard like this it becomes very uncomfortable and I can’t seem to get to sleep at night. I’m not sure what to do about it.”

“I see. Hmmm. Have you ever masturbated young man?”

“What’s that mean Doctor?”

“Um, that’s when you rub your penis until it ejaculates.”

“Ejaculates, what’s that?”

“It would appear that you don’t have any experience with masturbation and in my professional opinion, it’s the easiest and quickest way to bring you the relief you need. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to show you how to masturbate. I will rub your penis until it ejaculates and then you’ll know how that feels. I’m sure that once you ejaculate, your penis will no longer be hard and you’ll feel much better.”

“If you say so Doctor.”

“Please remove your shirt. I’ll need to inspect your penis and testicles before we begin. We want to make sure there are no complications that will prevent you from masturbating.”

“Yes doctor.”

I took off my shirt and leaned back into the chair. I hunched forward a little so that my balls were hanging well over the edge of the chair. My cock would be hanging over the edge too if it was soft but it wasn’t. It was rock hard and was standing up straight and lying across my stomach. The head of my cock was several inches north of my belly button. I watched for mom’s reaction and interpreted her look as one of awe with perhaps a dash of apprehension.

“My, my, we certainly have a lot to work with young man. Has anyone ever told you that you are extremely well gifted?”


“Oh yes my boy, there are men all over the world that would give anything to have equipment like that.”


“Your penis and testicles my boy. Your big cock and your big balls. You are extremely well endowed and as a matter of fact, you have the largest cock and balls that I’ve ever seen.”

“Is that a bad thing Doctor?”

“Not as long as you use it properly. You could do serious harm to a woman with a penis that large but if you use it correctly, you can give untold pleasure.”

“What do I have to do to use it properly?”

“We’ll have to discuss that on another occasion. I think you should make at least two appointments a week to see me and we can teach you how to use that cock of yours properly. Right now however, we need to make you ejaculate so that you can relieve the pressure you’re feeling.”

“Whatever you say Doctor.”

“Good. Now typically, it is necessary for the patient to be sexually stimulated before beginning to masturbate. I can see that you are already in a considerable state of arousal but it is important to follow protocol. Because there are no pornographic materials I can give you, I will have to improvise the best I can. Fortunately, I am a woman and I have a hunch that if I let you see my naked body, it will provide the necessary stimuli to help you with this exercise.”

I wondered if mom was really going to take her clothes off or whether she was just kidding. In the next instant however, she unbuttoned her robe and slipped it off revealing her beautiful body.

“You may have noticed that I am very small but I think you can plainly see (as she held up her breasts to me) that I have all the right equipment and in fact, my breasts are rather large given my size.”

I continued to lean back in the chair and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Mom was naked and absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea her tits were so big. It’s not that they were huge by any stretch of the imagination but on her little frame, they looked huge. She had a tiny little waist and what appeared to be a shaved pussy. She removed her hands from in front of her and spread her legs a bit. It was shaved! If you looked at her from the waist down, she could have been a ten year old! So small and that little shaved pussy made her look so young!

She continued to feel her own tits and started pulling on her nipples.

“OK young man, I am going to attempt to arouse you so that we may begin.”

Attempt! I’m there! If I get any more aroused I won’t have to jerk off. I wouldn’t even have to touch it! It will just start spewing thick ropes of cum all by itself! But hey, I’ll play along. After all, it’s just acting right?

She sat on the edge of my bed and spread her legs. Then, she ran a finger in and around her little pussy lips before sinking a finger deep inside her. She slowly brought the finger up to her lips and very seductively, licked and then sucked the pussy juice off her finger.


Slipping “out of character” for a moment, my mom asked if I was still ok with this. I answered in one barely audible word….”Yes.” As soon as I said yes, she smiled and slipped back into the role of the horny diminutive Doctor.

“Well young man, you seem to aroused sufficiently to allow us to proceed.” (No shit!) “I want you to sit back and relax and let the Doctor take the pressure away from that extremely large cock of yours.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

Mom, er I mean the Doctor, slipped onto her knees and scooted over between my legs. She rubbed her tits back and forth against first one of my legs and then the other. Her tits felt so soft and I could feel her hard nipples digging into me as she dragged them across my legs.

She reached behind her head and pulled the comb out of her hair. Her long black hair cascaded down and around her shoulders. Fuck she’s beautiful. She lowered her head and rubbed her silky hair up and down my legs and thighs and finally started rubbing the top of her head on my balls. She kept gently rubbing my balls with her hair. I could tell she was being as gentle as possible and from time to time she carefully lifted my sack and balanced it on her head. By now, precum was flowing out of the piss slit on the end of my cock and I resisted the urge to wipe it off.

Finally, mom leaned back and her face had become completely transformed. All of a sudden I didn’t think of her as my mom anymore. I had never really seen her let her hair down like this (pun intended) and from her kneeling position, she kept her head down but looked up into my eyes with a face that belonged to a sexy, lusty angel. She smiled at me and then turned her attention to my cock.

She reached up with one hand and scooped as much of the precum as possible off the end of my dick. Then looking me in the eyes again, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean. She repeated the process until most of the precum had disappeared. Then, she took both hands and grabbed the shaft of my cock about half way up. There were inches of cock above and below her two handed grip. She tried to squeeze my cock hard enough so that her little hands could meet around the shaft of my cock but with no success.

“My goodness young man, you certainly have a big cock. As a Doctor, I see many naked men and I have to tell you that I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a cock as big as this. This is truly a magnificent specimen.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

Reaching down to heft my sack with her little hands, she said, “Now let’s see if we can empty these big balls of yours and give you the relief you so richly deserve.”

She returned her hands and as best she could, gripped my cock in her tiny hands. She started slowly stroking my cock and I thought I was going to die from the pleasure. It felt so fucking good! I could see she was having trouble stroking me while she was on her knees. She is so little that she had to push my cock up on the upstroke. She stood up and resumed her grip. She was short enough that with me sitting in the chair, she was at the perfect height to play with my cock. And play with it she did. She started pumping and pulling and twisting my cock. At first she started off gently but soon started to become far more aggressive.

Until now, she had been silent but almost under her breath, she started muttering obscenities.

“Come on baby, cum for mommy.”

What happened to the Doctor? Was she acting as the Doctor or was she doing this as my mom? Either way, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my short life.

“Come on baby. God I love your big fuckstick. Look at the size of this fucking cock. Fuck. Come on baby, cum for mommy. Cum for me baby. Make this big, fat cock shoot. Cum buckets for mommy baby. Cum for me Tommy.”

Mom was working up a bit of a sweat as she pumped like crazy on my cock. I watched as her tits jiggled all over the place as she jerked me off. This was great. Fuck this was great. I tore my gaze from her bouncing tits and noticed that she was staring right at the end of my cock as if she was trying to will the cum out of my cock. I was getting pretty close.

She stood closer to me for a second and rubbed her tits back and forth across my cock. Man that felt good. I was really enjoying the feeling of her soft tits rubbing on my cock when she stood back and resumed pumping my cock.

Ok, I’m almost there. I reached behind me and grabbed the paper towels off my desk. I knew this was going to be a big one and I was worried that the two towels weren’t going to do the job. Mom looked at me and looked at the paper towels in my hand.

Slipping back into the role of the Doctor she said, “What are those for young man?”

“I’m going to use them to catch all the cum so I don’t make a big mess.”

“That won’t be necessary.,” she said and then reached up with one hand, took the towels away from me and threw them over her shoulder.

“Um, I don’t think you understand Doctor. This is going to be a big one and I’m going to make a huge mess. If you don’t give me the towels back.”

“Look young man, (she said as she pumped furiously on my cock. She was pumping so hard her speech came out jumpy, almost like she was working a jack hammer) with all due respect, I am the Doctor and part of your treatment will be to analyze the quantity and quality of your sperm. I can’t do that if you ejaculate into a paper towel.”

“Its just that I’m going to come a lot and I was worried about the mess.”

“You leave that to me young man.”

Whatever, man this was cool. I was right on the edge and ready to blast off.

“Um, Doctor?”

“Yes young man?”

“I’m going to cum now, is that OK.”

“Of course it is, you just go right ahead and let me take care of everything.”

“Yes Doctor.”

I didn’t know where to look. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to watch her sexy little hands working my cock over or look at her sweaty bouncing tits or watch her sexy face as she stared hard at the end of my cock.

“I’m cumming!”

As soon as I said it, mom whispered “yes” and plunged her mouth over the end of my cock. It was a tight fit but she got the whole head of my cock in her mouth and she continued to pump furiously on my cock. I’m sure my eyes just about bugged out of my head when she stuffed the head of my cock in her mouth. I had no idea she would go this far. I had never had a blowjob before but I had seen thousands of blowjob photos on porn sites. This was my first blowjob and I was getting it from my own mom!

I lost it. I felt the cum come boiling up the shaft of my cock and shoot straight into mom’s little mouth. I watched her cheeks bloat out as my load filled her mouth and then saw her work hard to swallow as fast as she could. I could see her working hard to swallow the thick mouthfuls of cum. She pulled her mouth off until she just had a lip-lock on the very end of my cock to make it easier for her to swallow and she continued to stroke me off into her mouth,

I saw stars. I got a body rush. I was glad I was sitting down because if I had been standing, I would have fallen down for sure. Without thinking, I grabbed mom’s head and held it onto the end of my dick while I continued to pump cum. It felt like I was pumping a half a gallon of thick lumpy cum into mom’s mouth and I had no idea how she was managing to swallow it all. Aside from a little bit that leaked out of the corners of her mouth, every drop was heading down her throat and into her tummy. She was mewing like a little kitten and seemed to be loving every second of this.

She reached over and grabbed my hands and with a bit of prompting, got me to hold my cock for her while she sucked it. “Pump the rest of your yummy cum into my mouth Tommy, I want it all…please.”

Her hands left my cock. One hand ended up pulling on one of her nipples and the other hand disappeared between her legs. In another few seconds, I watched as she arched her back and had what I assumed was a huge fucking orgasm. She half screamed onto my cock without releasing it from her mouth.

I started to mellow out as the flow of cum started to subside. I looked down at mom and fell deeply in love with her. It felt different than the love I have for her as my mom and I didn’t know what to make of it. She continued to suck me off and finally, took my cock out of her mouth and held it close to her face to look at it.

“I love you Tommy and I love your big cock. That was the best cum I’ve ever tasted and I’m not sure I could ever get enough of it. I want to drown in your cum.”

I didn’t know what to say and watched as she hugged my cock hard into her cheek. She stuck out her tongue and playfully tapped the end of my cock on her pointy tongue.

“I love you too mom. That was great! I’ve never felt anything as good as that. Thank you.”

“If it’s OK with you Tommy, I don’t want to be ‘the Doctor’ anymore tonight. I just want to be your mom, is that OK?”

“It’s very OK mom. I love you.”

She hugged my cock hard into her cheek again and then rubbed it all over her face. She licked it all over and then dipped her head down under my balls and planted dozens of kisses on the soft skin of my sack. My cock had softened considerably and was only half hard. I loved the way it felt when she rubbed it over her face.

Mom reached behind her and slipped on her robe. She got up and stood between my legs and pulled my head into her bosom, hugging me tightly.

“Do you think you’ll be able get to sleep now baby?”

“I think so mom. Thanks very much. I’ve never felt so good.”

“Me either son. I hope you’re Ok with what we did. If you’d like, I can help you out with your ‘pressure’ anytime you like. I think we should have a long talk about what just happened tonight but for now, you should get to bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow is Friday and if you don’t have any plans, maybe we can spend the evening tomorrow talking about this.”

“That would be great mom, I’d love to.”

“It’s a date then. Goodnight baby.”

With that, mom kissed the top of my head, squeezed my hands and left my room quietly shutting the door. It would take me the rest of the night to think over what had just happened and I wouldn’t know any more than I did right then. Where do we go from here? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.

Chapter 02

I was wondering if mom’s offer to ‘help me’ again was still in the cards. Unfortunately, I had to get up very early and left the house before she even got up.

After last night, I was very curious to see what might have happened when we looked each other in the eye in the morning but I guess I’ll never know. In any event, I went about my day, attended my classes and gave it hell during football practice. I had a lot of excess energy and I used it to good advantage on the field. Coach even remarked that I seemed really fired up today. I guess all it takes is the thought of my beautiful mom sucking my big cock to make me rise to the occasion (sorry, bad pun!).

I was really looking forward to spending time with mom this evening and in fact, it was pretty much all I could think about. From time to time, I became concerned that mom might freak out about sucking me off last night and that she might put an end to it. On the other hand, the vast majority of my spare time thinking was given to remembering every moment of our time together last night. I could still feel my mom’s soft breasts rubbing against my legs as she sucked my cock. It felt so good! And I remember being so amazed at the way she was able to handle my big load and swallow it all without complaining. In fact, it seemed as if she actually enjoyed eating my load and I could only hope that I would get the chance to shoot off in her little mouth again.

I rushed home and got into the shower. I wanted to be super clean for mom just in case anything happened. It took every bit of will power I had to not jerk off in the shower and my cock hung heavy with anticipation. If I was going to get the chance to cum in front of mom again, I wanted my load to be as huge as possible.

Mom finally got home and I decided I’d better play it cool. I still wasn’t sure if she would be filled with remorse or whether she might want to “help me” again.

She had a light bounce to her step and gave me a great big hug. Because she was so small, she ended up hugging me around my waist and I could feel my thick cock pressing into her.

“How’s my big man feeling today?”

“I felt much better after you helped last night mom. I really appreciate it. It made me feel a lot better but …”

“But what son?”

“Well, if you remember, I told you that I get all tense and usually masturbate several times a day. I got kind of thrown off a little because of last night and I haven’t masturbated since then. Now I’m feeling a lot of pressure down there. I didn’t know if we should work on the problem together again, like last night, or whether you would prefer that I deal with it myself. No pressure mom but I need to know. If you don’t think you can help again, I will disappear for a little while and try to take care of it myself.”

What a line of bullshit! I couldn’t believe I was so full of it! I was trying hard to let mom know I wanted more of her special attention without pressuring her too much but I wanted her to know that I was definitely into it. In my horny little mind, there was absolutely no question about whether I wanted to jerk off or get blown by my mom again.

“Oh Tommy. I want to be there for you, I really do. I was worried you might be grossed out by having your mom help you out with your problem.”

“You don’t gross me out mom, not at all. Why do you think I waited until you got home before trying to deal with this? I was really hoping you would want to help me again.”

‘Then help you I shall. I was planning to talk to you about this after dinner but it seems we have some catching up to do if you haven’t masturbated all day. My poor baby! Why don’t we see if we can relieve that nasty pressure right now, then we’ll have a nice dinner together and then we can help you out some more if we need to? Something tells me that it might take a couple of sessions to drain those big balls of yours so you can get a good night’s sleep. Does that sound alright?”

“Sure does mom, you’re the best.”

“Would you like to role play again like last night. Do you want some more treatment from Doctor Love?”

“If it’s OK with you mom, I’d like you to be yourself.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet Tommy, but perhaps we can compromise.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well, maybe I won’t slip into the character of Dr. Love in order to speed things along and help you get excited enough, but maybe we could pretend that your mother is a cum crazy little cocksucking whore. Do you think it would help if I acted all slutty and everything.”

“Sure mom, what a great idea.”

“Good, then it’s settled, you go into the family room and wait for me. I’ll go get changed and see you in a minute.”

“Um mom, can I ask you for one more thing?”

“Anything Tommy, what is it?”

“It really seemed to help when you showed me your beautiful tits. Do you think I can see them again tonight?”

“Does it really help you Tommy?”

“Oh yes. I love your beautiful tits and I’m dying to see them again.”

“Well, I guess it will be alright. After all, they won’t be my tits that you’re looking at, they’ll be tits that belong to a nasty little cumslut right?”

“That’s right mom. They’ll be beautiful tits that belong to my sexy, little, cock hungry blowjob queen. The one that can’t wait to eat another big load of my cum.”

“Then it’s a deal. Naked tits you shall have.”

“Thanks mom.”

Mom was just about to leave to go to her room and change when she turned around.


“Yes mom?”

“Do you really think my tits are sexy?”

“Yes mom, I think you have the nicest tits I’ve ever seen. I love them.”

Mom smiled and seemed very happy with herself. “You are a sweety aren’t you?”

“Go get changed my little slut!”

“Yes Sir!”

“Oh and Mom?”

“What baby?”

“Is it OK if I cum in your mouth again. I really liked it. I liked it a lot. I loved the way you swallowed my whole load.”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course mom.”

“Ever since you came in my mouth last night, I can’t think of anything else. All day I’ve been dreaming about eating another big load of your cum. Do you think I’m terrible?”

“No way! I love you mom and I’m so glad you love my cum. I’d hate to think you had to force it down.”

“Well now you know … see you in a minute.”

“K mom.”

I went into the family room and sat down in the big chair. I wasn’t sure if I should sit on the couch to leave room for my mom to sit next to me but for some reason, I just wanted to plunk down in the big old comfy chair. I was glad I was just wearing my sweat pants again because they were so easy to take off. I flipped on the TV while I waited for mom and turned to Speed Vision to catch a little bike racing. There was a hotly contested Formula Extreme race on the tube and I smiled at the thought that what we were about to do was kind of extreme too.

Mom came into the room wearing her housecoat and looked even smaller than normal because she was in her bare feet. I liked that housecoat because of the way it hugged her curves.

Without hesitation, mom walked right over to me and sat down on the floor between my legs. She gently laid her head on one of my legs. She sat up just a bit and slipped off her robe, letting it fall to the floor around her. She hugged my leg and again, I felt the beautiful softness of her breast as she pushed it into my leg.


“Yes sweety?”

“You know how much it turns me on to see and feel your breasts. Do you think it would be OK if I sucked on them for just a minute?”

“Would it help you baby?”

“Yes mom, I think it will help a lot.”

Mom slowly got up and stood perfectly naked in front of me. I didn’t know where to look! I could look at her beautiful breasts or look at her lovely little shaved pussy. Man, if you didn’t look at mom’s face or tits and just looked below her waist, you’d swear she was just a little kid.

“Are you looking at my pussy Tommy?”

“Yes mom, I’m sorry but it’s so beautiful.”

“Do you like it shaved baby? I did it because so many of the girls on the porn sites shave their pussies. I thought it looked nice.”

“I do too mom. I love it.”

“I’m glad dear. Just remember, it’s OK to look at my little pussy but not to touch it. We have to be careful we don’t cross the line. I’m really very happy that I can help you relieve your pressure but we have to be careful to make sure we don’t do anything that’s illegal or immoral.”

(Ya right!)

“Sure mom, I understand. I would never do anything that you didn’t approve of.”

“That’s my sweet baby.”

She stepped between my legs and hugged my face to her chest. I was looking right at one of her beautiful nipples and noticed that it had become quite hard. I moved my head slightly and sucked it slowly and gently into my mouth.

“Oh my Tommy, that feels do darned good. Do you think we should be letting you suck my tits?”

“Oh yes mom, I really need it. Look how hard it makes my cock.”

I took mom’s hand and had her grip the hard shaft of my cock through the thin material of my sweatpants. It felt great to feel her touch again. I felt a bit guilty because in my head, I was trying to come up with a plan to get into my mom’s pretty little pussy. I wanted to taste it, lick it, suck it, chew it and most of all, sink my bloated cock deep inside her through the little shaved passage. Let’s face it, I wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Mom gripped my cock and started slowly stroking it through my sweatpants.

“Well, if it makes you feel better I guess there’s no harm in letting you suck my nipples. Besides, I have to admit it feels real nice. As a matter of fact, it’s making me feel a little squishy.”


“Oh you know, I mean wet between my legs. My pussy gives off a fluid just like your cock when it makes all that yummy precum.”

“You really like eating my cum don’t you mom?”

“Yes I do Tommy, I love it. It’s a good thing too or we’d have to clean up a big sticky mess every time you blow one of your huge loads. Last night, it was all I could do to keep up. You filled my mouth so full and so fast that I thought I might drown in the stuff. But it was sure nice going to bed with a tummy that’s full of your yummy cum.”

I continued to suck gently on mom’s nipples and tried to give equal time to each. I loved her sweet taste and the way I could flick her nipple with my tongue. I reached around and gently cupped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her closer as I sucked on her tits.

“Can I ask you a question Tommy?”

“Sure mom, anything.”

“If sucking my tits help make this better for you, I was wondering if you would like me to get a boob job. I know mine are a little small compared to most of the girls on the porn sites and I thought if I had bigger boobs, it might help you more.”

“Your tits are perfect. Besides, you are so tiny that they look big on you already. If you got bigger boobs, you might fall over.”

“I know Tommy, but my sister just got a boob job and she’s the same size as me. She says they’re great and she’s really glad she did it.”

“How big are they?”

“She says they are a full C cup and although they look huge on her little body, she loves them. She says that because she’s so small too, they look like a D cup or even bigger.”

“I don’t know mom, some of the boob jobs you see make tits look king of funny and fake. Your boobs have a perfect shape and I love the way they come to a point at your nipples.”

“Me too honey. Tell you what. She’s going to visit in the next few days and maybe I can get her to show us her boobs. How does that sound?”

“Do you think she’ll let me see them?”

“I don’t see why not. I have a special relationship with my sister and she’ll pretty much do anything I ask her to do. She knows I’d never hurt her and I’ll just tell her that I want you to see them to help me make up my mind.”

“Sure mom, sounds cool.”

“Now, I think it’s time we took care of that problem of yours. Are you ready for mommy to suck all the pressure out of that lovely cock of yours.”

“Sure mom.”

“I’ve got one more favour to ask of you before we start.”

“What’s that mom?”

“Well, you know how we talked having me pretend to be a dirty little cumslut when I suck your cock?”


“I’m wondering if you would mind calling me dirty names and stuff when I’m sucking your cock. Last time I sucked you off, you barely said anything and I was worried you didn’t like it very much. Maybe if you talk dirty to me it’ll be your way of letting me know that I’m doing a good job for you.”

“Ah, sure mom, you really want me to say nasty things?”

“The nastier the better, it will help me get into the role of a dirty little slut who loves to eat your cum.”

“Ok mom.”

“Now, lift your bum up so I can slide off those sweat pants.”

I did as asked and mom slid off my pants. My cock sprang up and whacked itself against my belly.

“My goodness Tommy. I still can’t get used to the size of your cock. And look, your big balls are hanging way over the edge of the chair.”

Mom got down on her knees between my legs and just stared at my cock and balls. She reached up and took my ball sack in both hands and rolled them around in her fingers.

“Your balls feel so soft and silky, I love them.”

I didn’t feel the need to reply and just leaned my head back to enjoy the treatment. Mom grabbed the loose skin on my sack and started pulling it towards her.

“Fuck! I can almost pull your balls all the way to your knees! You are so hung Tommy!”

She released her grip on my sack and started running her hands lightly up and down the shaft of my cock. She would pause at my balls and then run her hands lightly and slowly back up to the big spongy head. She gripped the shaft more tightly in both hands and stroked it up to coax out a big, glistening drop of precum. She took a finger and wiped up the dollop of precum and brought it to her lips.

“Mmmm. Nectar of the gods. I could never get enough of this.”

“Me either mom!”

“Remember Tommy, I’m not your mom right now. I’m a dirty little fucking slut that craves your big nasty cock and I want to suck a big load of hot scummy cum out of these huge balls of yours.”

“Then quit talking so much and start sucking my cock you little bitch. Get that little cocksucking mouth of yours busy and blow me.”

Mom looked up at me and smiled. She hugged my cock to her face and then ‘got into character’.

“I love your big cock you fucking stud and I’m going to blow you so good you’ll cum buckets into my hot little cocksucking mouth.”

I was starting to get into this just a bit and thought I’d throw her a curve. I’d try a little role reversal just to see if it turned mom on even more. I decided to play off the difference in our size and besides, I couldn’t get my mind off her little shaved cunt that made her look like a little girl.

In a fairly gentle voice, I said, “Be a good little girl and suck daddy’s cock.”

It worked! With that one small sentence, it seemed that mom was instantly transported to some other parallel universe. She started whimpering and moaning and sucked hard on the end of my cock. She had both little hands wrapped around my cock and was pumping me into her mouth.

“That’s a good little girl. Suck daddy’s big cock and make me proud. You’re such a good little girl.”

I softly stroked her head while she sucked me and without taking her mouth off the end of my dick, she looked up at me with smiling eyes. She seemed to be truly enjoying what she was doing. Man, I didn’t want anything to ever happen that would make this stop. I was now and forever, completely hooked on my mom.

“Am I doing a good job daddy? Do you like the way your little slutty girl is sucking your big hard cock?”

“Yes dear, you are doing a wonderful job. You’re making your daddy very proud.”

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too baby.”

“Take my cock down your throat baby.”

“Um, I’ll try daddy. Don’t get mad at me. I’ll try as hard as I can. Your cock is so big it might take me a while to get it down my throat and into my little tummy. Gosh daddy, I can barely get this big gnarly head into my little mouth so I can suck it and now you want me to swallow the whole thing?”

“You can do it baby. Take your time. Daddy would never hurt you.”

“Ok daddy. Gosh I love you so much.”

She hugged my cock to her face tightly and then shifted around a bit to get at a better angle. She sucked in the head of my cock and gave it a few slurpy sucks, then she started to take it down her throat. She paused and held very still when my cock hit her gag reflex. She was sort of sitting and sort of standing off to one side and I could feel her softly humping her little shaved pussy into my leg. Man I wanted to get into that little cunt. All in good time.

A little tear formed in the corner of her eye as she pushed the end of my cock passed the gag reflex and into her throat. She was breathing hard through her nose and was making every effort to get my huge fuckstick down her tiny throat.

“If my cock is too big you can stop baby. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Taking my cock out of her mouth for a minute to catch her breath, she looked up at me and smiled again. Slipping into a little girl voice she said, “ I can do it daddy, you’ll see.”

She moved her mouth down over the head of my cock again and kept feeding it into her. There was a slight pause when it hit her gag reflex and she just kept feeding it into her throat. She had most of it in and I knew anymore could cause problems. She moved her head up and down and fucked her throat with short strokes that felt wonderful. It felt like my cock was gripped in a vice.

I was quite worried that mom would end up with a sore throat or something and I knew there would be lots of time to let her practice her deep throat technique. I figured I should put a stop to this but in a way that didn’t make her think I was disappointed in her in any way.

I gently gripped her head and slowly lifted her mouth off and way from my cock.

“What’s the matter daddy, didn’t you like it?”

“I loved it baby and there will be lots of time for you to take my cock all the way down into your little tummy. Right now though, I want you to use your beautiful breasts to tit fuck daddy’s big cock. Will you do that for daddy?”

“Oh yes daddy, that would be fun. I wish my titties were bigger for you.” (There she goes again with the boob job thing!)

“Your titties are just fine baby, now wrap them around daddy’s cock and make me shoot out all that white stuff you love so much.”

“You got it daddy!”

Because she was so fricking small and short, she simply stood between my legs. She lifted my cock off my belly and popped the head into her mouth. Holding my cock with her mouth, she moved even closer and taking a tit in each hand, wrapped them around the shaft of my cock. She started using her tits to jack me off and was able to stroke me a few inches at a time and still keep the head of my cock in her mouth.

Her soft tits felt great on my cock and I watched as she dug her fingers into the soft tit flesh and used them like a glove to jerk me off. From time to time I could see that she captured a nipple between her fingers as she mauled her tits around my cock.


“Yes daddy?”

“Daddy’s going to cum pretty soon. Be a good little girl and suck daddy’s cock really good so you don’t spill any of that white stuff.”

“OK daddy! Yummy! I love your sticky white stuff. Shoot it into my little cocksucking mouth daddy!”

She plunged her head over the end of my cock again and began sucking in earnest. I gently held onto the sides of her head and humped softly into her mouth.

“That’s it daddy. Fuck my little face with that big, fat, gnarly cock of yours. Fuck my face, please daddy. Fuck it hard.”

I wasn’t sure if she really meant it but I slowly started to increase the force of my humping. Pretty soon I was shoving my cock in and out at a fairly brisk pace. She started slurping and sucking my cock like crazy and was using both hands to jerk off what wouldn’t fit in her mouth at the same time.

“Cum for me daddy. Fill my mouth with hot yummy cum daddy. I’m your little cock sucking cum slut and I need your cum daddy. Fuck my face daddy and blow a big load in my little mouth. I promise I’ll swallow it all, every drop. Cum for me daddy. Cum for your little girl”

I did. Boy did I! I think it caught mom a bit off guard because a big mouthful of cum slipped out of her mouth and slid down the shaft of my cock and onto my balls. She recovered quickly however and sucked up my gushing load like crazy. She pulled her head back for a half a second to catch her breath and just then, a thick wad of cum shot right into her face, closed one eye and whipped across the top of her head. Fuck, she was getting covered in the stuff.

“That’s it baby, blow your bloated nuts all over me. Fill me up. Cover me in the shit. Fuck I love it.”

Mom had things under control again and managed to swallow everything that I pumped into her mouth. She attacked my cock with a vengeance and began using both hands to pump the rest of my load into her sucking mouth. She would suck very hard on the end of my cock as she jerked me off and then whip her head off for just a second to make a loud sucking sound and them shove her mouth over the end of my cock again. Over and over. It felt like I had pumped out a gallon of cum and as I looked down at my mom, I could see that we were a fucking mess. There was cum everywhere! All over me and all over her.

“That was great mom … thanks!”

“No, thank you baby. I’m sorry I lost it there but your load caught me off guard and I wasn’t ready for it. Fuck you cum a lot. I’ve never seen anything like it. Wait until my sister sees this.”

“Sees what mom?”

“Oh never mind honey, I don’t know what I’m talking about right now. Let me lick up all this cum and clean you up.”

“Do your balls feel better now sweety?”

“Oh yes mom, they feel great. You sure managed to relieve a lot of the pressure for me.”

“I’m glad I can help baby. Maybe that will hold you until later.”

She continued to lick and suck the rest of the cum that was on my belly, on my balls and finally, she licked and sucked my entire cock until it was shiny clean.

“I think I’d better go hop in the shower sweety. Thanks for the cream rinse”, she said and winked at me as she left to go into the bathroom.

I felt wasted and slumped back in the big, comfy old chair and dozed off. I had a really nice little nap.

We had an amazing weekend and mom was always there for me, without hesitation. In fact she appeared quite eager and would often suggest that it’s time to take care of the ‘pressure’. She seemed very comfortable walking around nude and it seemed that she liked me to be able to see her little shaved pussy. She wouldn’t let me touch it (yet) however and I was dying to ram my face between her legs and eat her out until her head caved in. I wanted to return all the pleasure that she had been giving me.

I told my mom that all this felt very selfish on my part and she just kept saying that she loved doing it for me and that she could never possibly get tired of it. She said she didn’t want or expect anything in return and was happy that she could help her baby.

She seemed quite excited that her sister was going to visit. They hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years and mom said her sister was dying to show off her new boob job.

I must have blown my load into mom’s mouth at least three or four times a day over the weekend and each morning, I would be awakened to the delightful feeling of getting my cock sucked. Mom took great pains to try and not wake me up. She seemed to enjoy sucking me off while I was asleep and always had a mischievous little smile on her lips when I woke up to find my cock in her mouth.

There was no way I wanted to go back to school on Monday. Again, mom started my day by softly sucking me awake and then swallowing my load when I came in her mouth. She called it her protein shake.

I was now completely addicted to blowjobs from mom. Her blowjobs seemed to be getting better all the time and since the other day, she hadn’t wasted a single drop of cum. I realized it was my responsibility to warn her when I was ready to cum so she could prepare herself to eat it all.

I went to school and went through the paces but couldn’t wait to get home to mom. I knew that as soon as I got home, she would kneel down in front of me, undo my pants and suck my cock until I blew yet another big load into her pretty mouth.

I knew that I would have to get a grip on things because I was starting to get a bit obsessed with all of this and I could think about nothing else. I had sailed through several classes today without hearing a word. I hoped that common sense would prevail and allow to me to think rationally but I wondered if it ever would. Mom was like a drug and I needed a fix every few hours.

Last on the agenda for the day was football practice. Practice came and went but I guess I was thinking about mom a little too much. I had to run a few extra laps and lag behind all my buddies at the end of the football practice so I wouldn’t have to walk around with a big hardon in the locker room. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t make my cock go soft. When the locker room was clear, I had a quick shower and got the hell out of there.

I remembered that I had to go over to the library to grab a book for a homework assignment. Besides, it gave me a way to kill a little time. Mom wouldn’t get home for another couple of hours and I was afraid that if I went home too early, I would have to jerk off a couple of times. I resisted because I wanted to be in good form and I decided to save my load for her.

I looked through the aisles of books and couldn’t find the book I was looking for. I guess the rather stern looking librarian saw my predicament and came to the rescue.

“May I help you young man?”

“Um, I was looking for some information on the Franco Prussian War for a history assignment.”

“Right this way young man.”

I followed the librarian over an isle or two and couldn’t help but notice her great looking ass. She rolled a ladder over to the rack and told me where I could find the books I was looking for. I climbed up the ladder and followed her directions. I handed a few books down to her and from my vantage point, noticed her massive cleavage. She held the books in both hands and the small stack of books were tucked up and under her boobs making her cleavage bulge out of her black blouse. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between her soft white milky skin and the black blouse.


My cock started to get hard again and began to grow down the leg of my shorts. She asked me to get one more book and as I reached up for it, my shorts lifted just a little and I felt the head of my cock slip out of the leg of my shorts. Fuck! My cock began to rise and sure enough, it started lifting the leg of my shorts in a rather obscene manner. I knew I should have worn some underwear!

I pushed down my cock and tried to hold it in place against my leg. I had to cover the head of my cock because it was sticking a couple of inches out of the leg of my shorts. My cock was doing its best to rise into its favourite vertical position and it was all I could do to hold it against my leg. I couldn’t swing it around so that it went up inside my shorts without her seeing me. As it turned out, she saw quite enough anyway.

“Just what do you think you’re doing young man?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know perfectly well what I mean. How dare you put on an obscene display like that in front of me?”

“ I didn’t mean to ma’am. I wasn’t trying to gross you our or anything, as a matter of fact I was trying as hard as I could to hide it from you.”

“Well you could have fooled me. I think you’d better come with me young man, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

“Yes ma’am.”

As I climbed down the ladder, I turned my back to her so I could move my cock into a position that would let me hide it and then I followed the big titted librarian to her office.

“Take a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“It wasn’t an offer, it was an order.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Now why don’t you start by explaining why you put on that obscene little show?”

“Honest, like I said, I didn’t mean for it to slip out, it just did.”

“It did more than just slip out young man, you were getting an erection and it was sticking out of your shorts just inches from my face.”

“I really didn’t mean for it to happen, honest. When I passed you the books I saw your er, things and my thing just started to get hard all by itself. It’s not like I have any control over it or anything. Really, I’m so embarrassed, please just accept my apology and let me go.”

“What things of mine?”

“Your er, um, you know.” I said looking at her chest.

“Spit it out, what things?”

“Well, when I was on the ladder I and I passed you the books, I had a great view from up there of your …breasts and I didn’t mean to look or anything. I looked away as quickly as I could but it was too late. My thing just started to get hard and I couldn’t hide it.”

“You were staring at my breasts?”

“Yes, er no, oh I don’t know. I wasn’t staring. I just got a quick peek. I saw your cleavage when you were holding the books. The way you were holding them made your breasts swell and bulge up out of your blouse. I didn’t mean to look but I couldn’t help it.”

“So now it’s my fault is it?”

“No, that’s no what I meant. I just meant that your big breasts made my thing hard and I couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t know what else I can say.”

“So now these are my ‘big breasts’ are they? Well, I think we’d better let your parents deal with this.”

“Please don’t. I’ve already apologized. Telling my mom isn’t going to help matters.”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Perhaps your father will deal with this in an appropriate manner.”

“I don’t have a father. I was raised by my mom.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Well I guess I’ll have to give your mom a call.”

“Please don’t.”

“You just sit there and think about what you’ve done while I get the office to contact your mother.”


The snotty, big titted librarian bitch left the office and I was by myself. I cursed my stupid cock. I didn’t need this. What was my mom going to say? Shit, shit, shit.

Almost an hour later, I saw the librarian walking towards the office with my mom in tow. The librarian looked like a frickin giant compared to my tiny mom. Mom had a worried look on her face and quietly sat down on a chair beside me.

The librarian closed the door and turned to address my mom. She stood there, towering over my mom full of attitude and placed her hands on her hips.

“Mrs. Peterson, my name is Ms. Owens and I’m sorry to have to drag you all the way down here, but something very serious has arisen.” (Ya, like my dick you bitch).

“Mrs. Peterson, I’m not sure where to start, but I think it’s important that you know what happened here today. While I was helping your son find some books, he saw fit to expose himself to me.”

“What do you mean, expose himself?”

“I mean exactly that. While I was helping him find some books, he revealed his large penis to me.”

“Tommy! Is that true?”

I saw the librarian bitch smile.

Ms. Owens said that she would leave us alone to discuss the matter and when she returned, she wanted my mothers assurance that this would be dealt with appropriately or she would have to go to the principal.

She closed the door softly behind her and I just sat there, staring into my hands that were folded in my lap.

“What’s going on Tommy?”

“This is so bogus. She just wants me to get in trouble.”

“What happened?”

It was pretty much like she said. I’m really too embarrassed to talk about this, do I have to mom?”

“I think you’d better Tommy. You heard what she said. It sounds like she can cause a lot of trouble if we don’t cooperate. You don’t have to be shy with me baby, especially now that we, well, you know. Just tell me what happened and we’ll get through this together.”

“We’ll I was up high on the ladder getting some books and handing them down to her. She stacked them up under her boobs and it made them bulge out. I could see a lot of cleavage and before I knew it, my darned thing just got hard and it slipped out of my shorts. I tried to cover up right away but she wanted to make a federal case out of it.”

“Was it because she has such large breasts, is that what did it baby? That’s it, I’m getting that damned boob job so my baby doesn’t have to lust after other women.”

“No that’s no it at all mom. I love your boobs just the way they are and don’t you forget it.”

“My poor baby. This is all my fault, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Now that I know you’re under so much pressure, I should have sucked you off twice this morning to make sure you’d be OK at school all day today. One blowjob probably wasn’t enough this morning was it baby, just tell me and we’ll do more?”

“Mom, your blowjob this morning was fan-fucking-tastic and I’ve never felt better.”

Mom smiled and I could see she was thinking.

“Look Tommy, just let me take care of this. I’ll say whatever I think I have to in order to make this go away. Then we can go home and I can help you relieve all that pressure. You poor thing, it must be hurting to get it all hard like that.”

Wow! This was great. I guess I had nothing to worry about. And mom seemed eager to help me out with my “problem.”

“Thanks mom, my cock is hard and it’s really uncomfortable. I’d sure like you to help me make it go soft. Right now, I’m hiding my hard cock under my shirt and no matter what I do, it just won’t go soft. I really need your help mom.”

“Don’t you worry baby, mommy will take care of that big, thick cock for you was soon as we get home. Besides, I really need another helping of that yummy cum of yours. Mommy really needs it bad baby. Is your cock really hard right now? Let me see it Tommy.”

I looked around to make sure no one could see us and I pulled up my t-shirt. The head of my cock was sticking up several inches over the waistband of my shorts and was leaking precum.

“Oh, my poor baby. Look at that big hard thing. At least let me help you get rid of all that clear sticky stuff so you don’t ruin your shirt.”

She looked around and when she was happy the coast was clear for a few minutes, she shoved her head down and started sucking like crazy on the head of my cock. She practically inhaled the first few inches of my cock and was shoving her face hard into the waistband of my shorts.

She sucked very hard and made such loud sucking sounds that I thought we would get caught for sure. I could see that she was worried about getting discovered and so she stopped sucking and gave it a few licks, dipping her tongue into the piss slit. Then she used her hand to dry off the end of my cock. I just about lost it and blew my load when I felt her little hand mauling the head of my dick as she tried to dry it off.

“That will have to hold you until we get home Tommy. The minute we get into the house I think I’d better help you relieve some of that pressure so you can relax a bit.”

“Thanks mom, I’d really appreciate it.”

We got ourselves squared away just in time and as soon as mom was back in her chair, the librarian opened the door to the office, came in and stood there with her hands on her hips again.

“Well, Mrs. Peterson, what are we going to do about this disgusting little pervert?”

“First of all, I take great exception to you calling my son a disgusting little pervert. Tommy has an embarrassing and very rare medical condition that he is trying very hard to deal with.”

(What???? Where was this coming from? Mom was giving her a pure line of bullshit but I decided to go along for the ride. After all, what choice did I have?)

“And to what type of medical condition would you be referring?”

“Well, it’s got a long and complicated Latin type medical name but in plain English Ms. Owens, Tommy was born with an abnormally large sex organ and it causes him a great deal of discomfort. It is almost always in a state of erection and Tommy does everything he can to keep it hidden from view. He is unable to wear underwear like normal boys and that’s why he wears those baggy shorts and long t-shirts. It was simply a tragic comedy of errors that lead to this problem today.”

I could see the librarian taking great interest in what mom had to say and she seemed somewhat fascinated by all of this. “What do you mean, a comedy of errors?”

“Well for starters, it isn’t often that Tommy has to get on a ladder while a beautiful, large breasted woman is standing directly below him. And it isn’t often that he gets to see a lot of sexy cleavage while he up that ladder. Given his ‘condition’, I think he did a great job of trying to hide his problem and if you think back, I think you’ll agree that he didn’t do it on purpose.”

I could see that the librarian perked up a bit when mom spoke about her large breasts. In fact, she seemed to thrust her chest out proudly.

“Well, if what you are saying is true, then I suppose I can understand how this might happen. I’ve never thought of my breasts as being overly large but now that you mention it, from where Tommy was standing on the ladder, he might have got quite an eyeful. Before I can make this go away however, I’ll need evidence that Tommy has this problem you speak of.”

“I think we should be able to take care of that right now. Would it be possible to lock the door so that we aren’t interrupted?”

Ms. Owens went over to lock the door and then returned, taking her seat again.

Mom looked at me and knowing that Ms. Owens couldn’t see her face, winked at me. I knew that all I had to do was follow my mom’s lead.

“Tommy, please walk over and stand in front of Ms. Owens.”

I did. I stood right in front of her and was feeling pretty stupid not knowing what was going to happen next.

Mom looked at Ms. Owen and asked if she could assure our privacy and more importantly, confidentiality. Ms. Owens said that the door was locked and that we had total privacy. She promised to keep whatever she saw to herself. Because classes were over for the day and the library was about to close, we had the place to ourselves.

“Very well, Tommy, please take off your shirt.”

“Why does he have to take off his shirt?”

“You’ll understand as soon as he does. Go ahead Tommy, take off your shirt.”

I knew what mom was up to now and I thought it was a pretty good plan. We were going to prove to Ms. Owens that I was hung more than most boys my age and I guess she wanted to shock her a bit to make the point.

I slowly lifted off my shirt but still held it in front of me to hide the head of my dick that was sticking up past my waistband. I was horny as hell and the little bit of sucking mom had done to my cock left me rock hard.

I could see that Ms. Owens was a little confused.

“What does this prove Mrs. Peterson?”

“Just a minute please, this will be very hard for Tommy (no fucking kidding!) and I don’t want to traumatize the poor boy, do you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Tommy, please hand me your shirt.”

I was standing about two feet in front of Ms. Owens and slowly handed mom my shirt. I tried to pretend that I was very uncomfortable about all of this and while that might have been partially true, I was kind of turned on by the whole thing. I kept my hands in front of me in an attempt to hide my dick.

“Tommy, I know this is very difficult for you, but please trust me. We’ve got to prove to this lady that you weren’t doing anything naughty and that none of this is your fault. Please, take your hands and place them behind your back. Leave them there until I tell you to move them, okay sweety?”

“Ok mom.”

I placed my hands behind my back and held them like a good little soldier taking the “at ease” position.”

I saw Ms. Owens’ eyes just about bug out of her head when she saw the head of my cock and several inches of fat cock meat sticking out of the waistband of my shorts. She didn’t say anything however, and seemed happy to sit there and stare at my cock.

It became obvious to my mom that her little plan was working and she started to take it to the next level. She came over and knelt at my feet, just off the side so she didn’t obstruct the view that Ms. Owens was getting.

“I’m really sorry Tommy, but I think Ms. Owens needs to see more in order to be convinced, isn’t that right Ms. Owens, or have you seen enough?”

Ms. Owens just choked a bit as she tried to speak. “Why yes, I think if I could see more that it would be helpful.”

“Very well. Ms. Owens, do you think I should pull Tommy’s shorts down so that you can see his entire penis and his very large balls?”

Ms. Owens just nodded her head in the affirmative.

“I’m really sorry Tommy but I’m going to ask you to be a brave little soldier and let mommy pull down your shorts so Ms. Owens can see all of your penis and your testicles. Is that Ok Tommy?”

“I guess so mom, I just wished that Ms. Owens believed you so that I wouldn’t have to be so embarrassed like this.”

I checked into Ms. Owens eyes and could see my little play on her guilt worked. She didn’t say anything however, and I’m sure she wanted to come over and take down my shorts herself.

“Alright then, let’s get this over with. Tommy why don’t you stand a little closer to Ms. Owens so she can get a better look.”

You have to be kidding! Shit! I was already just two feet away from her! But I knew mom had a plan and I wasn’t going to wreck it for her.

“Ok mom.”

I took another step until my legs were almost touching Ms. Owens legs as she sat there all prim and proper in her chair. Her gaze hadn’t left the head of my cock since I first revealed it and I could see her chest rising and falling faster as her breath quickened.
I was so close to Ms. Owens that I had the same view I had from the ladder, right down into her massive cleavage.

“Is this close enough Ms. Owens?”

She had to clear her throat and finally said ,“Yes Tommy, I think that will be close enough.”

Mom placed her hands on the waistband of my shorts and said (kind of teasingly), “Are you sure you want me to pull down his shorts Ms. Owens?’

“Yes! Please!”

“Very well.”

Mom made it look like she was struggling to get my shorts down and dragged out the process as much as she could. She pretended that she couldn’t get the waistband of my shorts down and over the lump that the rest of my cock was making in my shorts. Of course this was completely ridiculous but what the hell?

“Ms. Owens, if you don’t mind, I wonder if you might be so kind as to help by holding the top of Tommy’s penis against his stomach while I pull down his shorts. I don’t want to hurt him and we have to be careful not to hurt his large penis when we remove his shorts.”

This was getting completely and utterly ridiculous and for some reason, it didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Ms. Owens reached out tentatively and almost touched my cock and then withdrew her hand as if afraid to touch it.

“Come on for heaven’s sake, we don’t have all day, now, you hold his cock and I’ll pull down his shorts!”

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Whoa! Way to go mom!

I guess her stern words shook Ms. Owens up a bit and she reached out again and placed her fingers around the shaft of my cock, just under the head.

“Squeeze it tightly Ms. Owens, we don’t want it to slip from your grip.”

Ms. Owens did indeed squeeze my cock, she wrapped her fingers around as much of the shaft as she could.

“Come on Ms. Owens, you can do better than that! You barely have a grip on it. You don’t want my little baby to get hurt do you?”

“Uh, no, of course not.” and she squeezed even harder. “Um, I can’t get my fingers completely around the shaft of his huge cock.”

“Well hang onto it as best you can, I’m going to pull down his shorts now.”

Mom slowly and seductively pulled down my shorts. She would pause just a little bit as more and more of the shaft came into view.

“Could you reach down and into his shorts with your other hand and cradle his big balls while I slip his shorts off the rest of the way? I don’t want them to get hurt.”

I looked at mom and thought she had crossed the line to the completely silly side but as I said earlier, it just didn’t seem to matter any more.

Ms. Owens reached in with her other hand and slid her hand slowly down the remainder of the concealed shaft of my cock and reached under to cup my balls.

“Oh my, I can’t fit them in one hand!”

“Just hang onto them as best you can and make sure you don’t let go until I tell you it’s safe to do so. Do you understand?”

Ms. Owens just nodded her head and I felt her feeling up my balls pretty good. The loose silky skin on my balls was overflowing her fingers.

Then mom slowly slipped my shorts down and off making quite a production out of it.

“Don’t let go of him yet!”

“Ok Tommy, step out of your shorts.”

Ms. Owens was gripping the shaft of my cock with one hand and holding my balls with the other as I stepped out of my shorts. Her hands felt great holding me and I took my time hopping from one foot to the other as I stepped out of the shorts.

I just stood there enjoying her touch and I guess it finally dawned on Ms. Owens that I had been standing in front of her for a minute or two while she held my cock and balls.

“Um, Mrs. Peterson, should I let go now?”

“I think it will be OK now.”

Ms. Owens reluctantly and slowly released her grip on my balls and then my cock. I was standing so close to her that when she let go of my cock, it leaned forward and was pointing straight at her face as she sat there in the chair. The head of my cock couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches from her mouth. She just stared at my cock and made no attempt to move further away.

“Well Ms. Owens, now do you believe us? I think you can agree that Tommy’s cock and balls are much larger than normal and as such, are the source of much discomfort. Not only are they large and heavy to pack around, but he also produces a tremendous amount of semen that had to be released on a regular basis or he is crippled with pain.”

“I believe you, I believe you. Tommy has the largest cock I’ve ever seen, and look at the size of his balls. My goodness, he’s hung like a horse.”

“Now, I’m going to ask you to think back and ask yourself if what occurred in the library was something inappropriate or perhaps something quite understandable given the circumstances.”

Ms. Owens was still staring at my cock and mom snuck another look up at me and winked again.

“I suppose you are right Mrs. Peterson. I wish I had prior knowledge of this poor boy’s condition. I would never have made an issue of this had I known that he was so well endowed, er, I mean that he is cursed with this problem.”

“Just one final bit of proof, why don’t you push up your beautiful breasts again and create the cleavage that started this whole thing. I think you’ll see what your tits have done to create this whole problem in the first place.”

“Are you saying this is my fault?”

“Just push up your tits and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Ms. Owens was putty in mom’s hands. She cupped a big tit in each hand and pushed them up until she created a long line of cleavage as her breasts mashed against one another.

My part in this was easy, with a wink back at my mom, I just twitched my cock so that it danced up and down.

“You see, you see! Look at that. Look at what your tits did to my poor baby.”

“I’m so sorry, I should have known better. Please forgive me.”

“ Well Tommy, why don’t you tell Ms. Owens that you forgive her.”

“There’s nothing to forgive mom. Ms. Owens didn’t know any better and at least now she knows I couldn’t help what happened. Now we just have to figure out how to make my cock go soft so I can put it away and we can go home.”

“I guess we’ll just have to do what the doctor said we had to do when this happens.”

“Aw mom, do we have to?”

“You know there’s no other way to deal with this. I wish there was another way Tommy but it’s what we have to do. You heard the doctor”

Mom looked at Ms. Owens, “Do you think you could give us a hand? We need to make Tommy’s cock go soft before we go home and sometimes, it takes a lot of work.”

“What would you like me to do?

“According to Tommy’s doctor, we have to masturbate his big cock until he ejaculates.”

“Can’t he just do that himself in the bathroom?”

“I wish it was that easy. Because of the size of his huge cock, Tommy is unable to masturbate by all by himself. He is unable to stimulate himself well enough to achieve the orgasm he really needs to properly drain his big balls. I would really appreciate your help in this. I’ll have to ask you to try and take a purely clinical approach to this. As soon as we can get him off, we can be on our way and get out of your hair.”

I was afraid mom was going to get caught winking at me. Man she had Ms. Owens going. This was fucking great. I love my mom!

“Of course Mrs. Peterson, I’ll do anything that you think will help, what would you like me to do?”

“Tommy needs an extraordinary amount of stimulation, both mental and physical in order to achieve orgasm. One of the fastest ways to help bring him relief is to expose him to the naked female body. If we were at home, I could put on a porn movie and he could masturbate to his heart’s content. Because we’re stuck here in your office, we don’t have any of our usual masturbatory aids, I don’t suppose you have any pornography here in your office?”

“Um, no I don’t.”

“Well this could take hours then. I know! I have an idea! We already know that Tommy was aroused by the sight of your big tits, it would probably speed things up a lot if you would take off your blouse and your bra. You could show Tommy those big tits of yours that started this whole nasty affair. I’ll bet that if Tommy could see your big tits he would be able to ejaculate faster.”

“I suppose it’s the least I can do under the circumstances.” Ms. Owens stripped off her blouse and reached around to undo the five snaps that help her huge black bra in place. She held the bra cups in place as long as she could but finally removed her hands taking the bra with them.

“My goodness, look at the size of her huge tits Tommy. Look how fucking big they are.”

Mom looked at Ms. Owens and told her that ‘the doctor’ told them that it would speed things up to ‘talk dirty and to use as many obscenities whenever they could.”

“Ya mom, they’re fucking huge knockers. You’ve got great fucking tits Ms. Owens.”

“Thanks Tommy, and you have a great fucking cock.”

“Aw shucks.”

“Ms. Owens, why don’t you play with your big tits so Tommy will get aroused more quickly?”

It was as if Ms. Owens had been waiting for an excuse to play with her big tits. She still had on her little black skirt and sitting down, her tits seemed to hang almost in her lap. She scooped them up and started massaging them.

“Play with those big nipples of yours you fucking slut. Tommy likes that too, don’t you Tommy?”

“Yes mom. Please play with your big, beautiful fucking nipples you cunt. Hey mom! I can feel it starting to work. I can feel the pressure building.”

Mom looked at the big titted bitch that was mauling her own breasts and said, “You are doing a good job Ms. Owens, keep it up. “We’ll help Tommy relieve that pressure, won’t we Ms. Owens?”

“Under the circumstances, I think you should call me Becky. And yes, we’ll gladly do everything we can to relieve the pressure that Tommy’s feeling.”

“Alright Becky, my name is Carol and I guess we’d better get to work. According to Tommy’s doctor (another wink) we have to stimulate him in order to drain his big balls. It takes a lot of stimulation so I hope you’re up to it. I’m glad I don’t have to do this all by myself, it’s such hard work (another frickin wink).”

Mom was too much. This would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t such a turn on. Even as an inexperienced 18 year old, and a virgin no less, I knew that this had become a little role playing session where everyone was going to do whatever they had to do to get what they wanted. It was all a game now.

“What would you like me to do now?”

“Well, you could start by grabbing his cock with both hands and jerking him off towards your big tits.”

Ms. Owens quickly jumped to the task and grabbed my big cock with both hands. She started ‘pulling me off’ towards her and pointed the head of my cock at her tits. “Look at the size of his fucking horse cock!” As she pulled on my cock, her big tits sort of crashed around and smashed into each other. They wobbled and shook and swung wildly. Man she has big tits!

“Jam the head of his cock into your big, soft tits”

No problemo. Ms. Owens pulled me another couple of inches closer to her and started fucking the end of my dick into her mountains of soft breast flesh. From time to time, she would push the head of my cock into one of her nipples and press it as far into her soft breast flesh as she could. If felt so good and so soft. Her nipples were hard and erect and from time to time, she would try and insert one of her nipples into the piss slit on my cock and fuck me with it.

Mom stood on the sidelines and coached Ms. Owens.

“Come on you big titted fucking bitch, pull hard on that big cock! Let’s see if you can make him blow a nice big load. You have to help my little baby relieve the pressure building up in his big, beautiful balls. Pull hard on that cock you big titty slut!”

I wondered why mom wasn’t getting into the action and I guessed it was because she was still rightfully concerned about being accused of practicing incest and wanted as best she could to maintain our cover. She was however, making sure that I got my rocks off and seemed to be enjoying herself. I vowed to make it up to her later.

“Come on you big bitch, jerk off my boy’s cock and make him blow his load. You love his big cock don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do. I love it. It’s the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen and I love it.”

“How much do you love it?”

“More than anything, it drives me crazy. I crave it.”

“Then why don’t you suck his big cock you fucking slut. Ask my boy for permission to suck his big, beautiful cock.”

Ms. Owens looked up at me with lust filled eyes. It was almost as if she was stoned on something. She kept yanking on my cock and jamming it into her tits. I wanted to tit fuck this woman but since mom talked about getting her to blow me, I was more than happy to let this play out.

“Tommy, can I please suck your beautiful cock. Please let me suck you off. I want to suck your big nasty throbbing fuckstick and blow you. Blow your nasty cum down my throat. Please Tommy, can I suck you off?”

“Go for it Ms. Owens. Eat my cock.”

My mom gives great head but by comparison, this was an unreal blowjob from a woman possessed and consumed with lust. It was almost scary the way she attacked my cock.

Mom watched and seemed fascinated with the whole affair. I couldn’t wait for our nightly chat to talk about this but for now at least, mom seemed to be content in her role as a spectator and a coach. Then she surprised me a little. She went around behind where Ms. Owens was sitting in her chair sucking me off and reached down and over her shoulders to play with her Ms. Owens’ tits.

Ms. Owens had both hands on the shaft of my cock pumping me into her sucking mouth so mom had easy access to her big tits.

“Fuck you have big tits you bitch. They’re fucking huge. She cupped one big tit in each of her tiny hands and started flipping them up and down, making them jiggle like crazy. Then she reached down and took one nipple in each hand and starting pulling and twisting them. This seemed to rev Ms. Owens up even more and she started sucking like a crazy woman.

Up until now, Ms. Owens had been keeping up with the flow of precum and saliva as she sucked me off but now, she seemed to lose it and saliva was running down over her hands, down over my cock and soaking my balls before running down my leg. She was drooling like crazy and was making loud, wet sucking sounds as she urged the cum from my balls.

“Cum for me. Cum for me Tommy.” Every few strokes and sucks she would take her mouth off my cock long enough to utter a few obscenities. “Fuck my face you stud. Fuck my fucking throat.”

Was she serious? Then she released her grip on my cock while holding a few inches of my cock in her mouth. She held onto my hips and starting forcing her face further and further down the shaft of my very hard cock. Fuck! I could feel the end of my cock bumping up against something and saw and heard her gag a bit but she just kept pushing her face onto my cock. Sure enough, my cock slipped down her throat and before long, her nose was resting in the hair on my tummy. She had the whole fucking thing down her throat. Un fucking believable! She held very still and I could see that she was struggling to breathe. Her nostrils flared out as she tried to take air in through her nose. She whipped her head off my cock and took a deep breath of air and as she did so, a line of cum or saliva or both stretched from the end of my cock to her puffy lips. Then she rammed her face down again and took the whole fucking thing down her throat.

I hoped mom wouldn’t be too jealous because she couldn’t quite take the whole thing yet.

That did it. I was almost there. I watched as mom was mauling Ms. Owens big tits and reached down for a handful myself. I pulled hard on her nipples just as I began to cum in her mouth. She let out a little scream and pulled my cock out until it was almost out of her mouth and started pumping my cum like crazy into her mouth. She gagged and choked on my load and tried to swallow it all. I guess some of it went down the wrong way and she started to choke. She pulled my cock out of her mouth for a second to deal with the choking and started pumping my load all over her face. Rope after rope of hot scummy cum sprayed her face. She looked like one of those fucked-up Japanese girls on the porn sites that let men cum all over their faces. Fuck it felt good.

Mom looked over at me and smiled. Ms. Owens had her choking under control and was back to sucking the life out of my cock. While she was busy sucking, mom leaned over her head and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She held my cheek and whispered into my ear that it would be her turn later.

I started to feel weak at the knees and had to sit down. I pulled my cock out of Ms. Owens mouth and sat down in my chair. Ms. Owens followed me and got down on her knees and started rubbing my cock all over her face. She used my cock to wipe some of the cum off her face and would lick it off my cock. She seemed to crave the stuff as much as my mom!

Mom was playing it very cool and went back to her chair and sat down. She sat there kind of business like, all prim and proper. She straightened her dress, folded her arms and just watched as Ms. Owens continued to make love to my cock. She leaned her head down and started nuzzling her nose into my balls and then held my balls in both hands and started kissing them.

I was done for now and to be honest, was feeling pretty darned guilty because mom never got anything out of this. I wanted to get her out of here and get into our car so I could whip out my big cock and let her hold it all the way home. I loved it when she held my cock. Maybe she would let me drive so she could suck me softly as we drove home.

“I hate to break up this little party but I have to get my son home and make dinner. I hope you don’t mind.”

All of a sudden, Ms. Owens looked kind of guilty and pretty sheepish and I guess it finally sunk in what she had just been doing. She looked over at my mom who was sitting there all prim and proper and then looked down at herself, kneeling there between my legs hugging my cock to her face. She reached into a gym bag that was on the floor beside us, opened it and took out a towel. She carefully cleaned off my cock and balls and wiped off my legs. She did a very thorough job and when I was clean, she started to clean off her own face, but not before scooping what she could onto her finger and into her mouth.

“Is it safe to assume that Tommy is no longer in any kind of trouble?”

“Yes Mrs. Peterson, that would be a safe assumption.”

Mom looked at me. “Do you feel better now Tommy?”

“Yes mom, I feel much better.”

“Then perhaps you should thank Ms. Owens for helping relieve the pressure you were feeling.”

“Of course. Thank you Ms. Owens. I really needed that and I want to thank you for being so helpful and understanding. And oh, by the way, I loved the way you sucked my cock and ate my load.”

Ms. Owens seemed to blush and said, “It was a pleasure and a privilege to be of assistance. If your mom says it is OK, you can stop by my office any time you like and I’ll be happy to help you relieve the pressure again.”

“I want to make it perfectly clear that my son is a virgin and I intend for him to stay that way until he decides the time is right, do you understand me Ms. Owens?”

“Perfectly. If you decide that I should be afforded the privilege of helping Tommy again at some point in the future, I promise to keep my pants on and I’ll help him just like I did this time, just using my mouth to suck his magnificent cock.”

“Then, if you have no objections, we shall be on our way. Put your clothes back on Tommy and we’ll get going.”

“Sure mom, thanks again Ms. Owens. Bye for now. And by the way, you’ve got great tits.”

“Goodbye Tommy and thank you very much. And thank you Mrs. Peterson for, well for everything.”

Ms. Owens was still sitting on the floor as we left. She had reached into a desk drawer, pulled out a cigarette and was looking quite contented as we left.

“Want me to drive mom?”

“You know I do! Just make sure you pull that big cock of yours out of the leg of your shorts before you do up your seat belt. My mouth has been watering for a taste of that beautiful piece of meat for an hour and I’m going to suck you off all the way home if that’s OK with you.”

“It’s very OK mom,”

Chapter 03

Another morning, another perfect blowjob from my mom.

I could get really used to this. I felt like I should be pinching myself to see if this was all just a wonderful dream. I doubt that it could get any better than this. Now that mom seemed so eager to help me with my ‘problem”, I might have to seriously reconsider my plan to go away to college. Before, all I wanted to do was leave the nest as soon as I could but now, I wasn’t so sure. Going to the local college was starting to look like a much better idea.

I looked down at my beautiful mom. She was lying between my legs slurping happily on my cock and making sure that she had cleaned up every bit of cum that I had pumped into her mouth. She had developed a bit of a habit in the mornings wherein she would suck me off, lick me clean and then lay there relaxing for a few minutes while holding my cock to her cheek. Sometimes, she even dozed off for a little while and had a little nap as she hugged my big cock to her face.

This morning, true to form, she had fallen asleep with a little smile on her face and I looked at my cock as it lay draped across her face. I marvelled at the way she could take that monster down her throat. She couldn’t quite get it in right to the balls yet but she was getting closer and I know she was determined to swallow the whole enchilada. I reflected back to the way Ms. Owens had easily taken my entire cock down her throat and remembered thinking that I saw a twinge of jealousy from mom.

I thought about how proud I was of my mom and the way she had taken control of the situation in the library. I was surprised at the attention she paid to Ms. Owens’ big tits. All this thinking was making my cock get stiff again and it slowly lifted off mom’s face. She was sleeping like a baby and I quietly snuck out of bed to hop in the shower.

I realized that in the heat of the action yesterday, I never did get the books from the library that I needed for my homework assignment. I had a spare class first thing and decided to pop back to the library to get them. After what happened yesterday, I was more than a little curious about the reception I would get from Ms. Owens when she saw me.

I threw on my favourite baggy shorts and an old Harley Davidson t-shirt and headed off to school. I made a be-line for the library and was anxious to see Ms. Owens again. I went straight to her office because that’s where I had left the books but was disappointed to see that she wasn’t there. I looked for her throughout the library but without success. Shit!

I took the books from her desk and headed over to the counter to sign them out. Just then, Ms. Owens came into the library carrying a number of parcels.

“Hi Tommy, how nice to see you.”

“Hi Ms. Owens. I came looking for you (no pun intended) to get these books but you were out.” (How clever of me! What a brilliant conversationalist! )

“I’m glad you found them. I was wondering if you might have a spare moment, if I could see you in my office.”

Things are looking up, I hope! I followed her curvy ass to her office. She put the parcels down on her desk and asked me to close the door. I did as she asked and plunked myself down in the same chair I sat in yesterday.

“Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time Tommy. I’m sure you’re a busy boy, er man.”

“No problem, it’s really good to see you again. I was worried that you might be mad at me or something.”

“Mad at you! No way. Quite the opposite. I was hoping you’d stop by and as a matter of fact, I was doing a little shopping this morning with you in mind.”


“Yes, I went to Freddy’s and picked up a few things I thought you might like.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I wanted to. Before I show you what I bought, I’d just like you to know that I’ve been thinking about your um, er, ‘problem’ and if you ever have a build-up of pressure while you are at school, or at anytime for that matter, you can count on me to help you out in any way I can.”

I’m in! This is going to be great! I inwardly smirked. I had to almost laugh at the way Ms. Owens pretended that this was about my “problem”. Who gives a fuck? I don’t care how much play-acting goes on. This was the E-ticket and I’m going on every ride I can.

“Geeze Ms. Owens, that’s awfully thoughtful of you. You must be a very nice person.”

“Well, I can’t just sit there on the sidelines and see you suffer. If that pressure ever builds up again, just come and see me and I’ll do whatever I can to help you. Can I ask you a question Tommy?”

“Of course you can Ms. Owens.”

“Tommy, just how often do you feel that nasty pressure building up?”

“Well, it varies depending on the day. Sometimes it happens a lot and other times, just a few times a day.”

“A few times a day?”

“Yes Ms. Owens. All I know is that my doctor told me I should get relief as soon as possible or the build up of pressure in my system might be harmful.”

“Well young man, we won’t just sit there and let that happen now will we?”

“No, thanks to you Ms. Owens, you’re a lifesaver.” (Whew, it’s getting thick in here!)

“Oh Tommy, I’m nothing of the sort. I’m just glad to be able to help. Do you want to see what I bought today?”

“Sure Ms. Owens.”

She reached into one of the bags and pulled out something that was carefully wrapped.

“Do you know what this is Tommy?”

“No Ms. Owens, what is it?”

“Well, you know how your mother said that there are times when you need extra stimulated before you can get rid of that pressure?”


“And you know how she said that it would help matters if I showed you my big breasts?”


“Well I went out and bought a couple of sexy bras that I’m hoping will make you like my big tits even more. Want to see them?”


She opened the package and pulled out something that didn’t look very much like a bra.

“That’s a bra?”

“Well, almost.” She giggled. “It’s really just a shelf that my tits lay on and makes them stick out even more than they already do.”

“I’d sure like to see that!” (duh, no kidding Mensa boy!)


“Not if you don’t have time.”

“I will always make time for you Tommy, just a minute.”

I could see she was a little nervous but more than that, very excited. She went over and locked the door to her office. Thank goodness there were no windows to worry about. She walked back over to her desk and slowly pulled her top over her head. She got it stuck on her head a bit and I just stood there and gawked at her big tits. She had on a very big but very sexy black lace bra that covered most of her major melons but left a mile of cleavage showing as she strained to get her top off.

Her top finally came off and without further ado, she unsnapped the big front loader and shook the bra off her tits making them shake around like two big, soft fun bags.

Man she has big tits. Huge fucking tits. Monster mammaries. Humungous hooters.

“You know Ms. Owens, I’m sure that your new bra is very pretty but you what?”

“What Tommy?”

“I don’t think we’ll be needing it. I can tell already that your tits don’t need a bunch of new bras to help get me going, in fact it’s working already. Why don’t you return them and save the money.”

“Are you sure Tommy?”

“Very sure, look at this.”

I dropped my baggy shorts and released my big cock. It was well on its way to a full woody and was standing thick and at about 45 degrees from my body, aimed right at her face.

“Mmmm. I see. You know I wondered if your cock was as big as I remembered it but you know, I think it’s even bigger. I sure hope it’s OK with you and your mom if I help you out whenever you feel the need. How are you feeling Tommy? Do you feel that nasty pressure again?”

“I think I’m starting to.”

“Is there any way I can help you out right now?”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t had a chance to check with my mom yet to see if it’s OK with her. I sure hope she okay with it because you seem really nice and I really appreciate your help.”

“Sure Tommy, I understand. I have to be very careful about this because you are a student here. I could lose my job if I’m not careful and I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything that your mother didn’t approve of.”

She kept staring right at my cock and I was in no hurry to put it away. She could see I was thinking this over and perhaps, the thought went through her head that my mom might not want her to “help” me any more. She looked a little desperate and was shuffling her weight from foot to foot making her big tits sway back and forth. My cock kicked it up a notch and I knew she could see that she was having a positive effect on my state of arousal.

“If your mom thinks it’s OK for me to help you, do you think you’d like to slide that cock of yours in between my big tits and fuck them Tommy? Maybe you’d like to relieve your pressure by blowing your load all over my huge tits.”

She was obviously going for a full frontal assault (pun intended) and was using her mammoth tits to seduce me into “letting her help”. She was holding a hand under each big breast and was hoisting them up and shaking them for my viewing pleasure. She held them out to me and asked if I thought her tits were ‘pretty’.

“You’ve got great tits Ms. Owens, the biggest I’ve ever seen. And for sure, they would help make me relieve the pressure faster. I just have to check with my mom first, you understand don’t you.”

“Of course Tommy, would you like to call her now and ask?”

Man she was horny and ready to go. She was still shifting her weight from one foot to the other and I wondered if her little cunt was getting wet.

“Sure, she’ll be at work already but I know her number, can I please use your phone?”

“Yes of course.”

“Um Ms. Owens, would you mind doing something for me while I call mom?”

“Sure Tommy, whatever you want.”

“Would you please get up on your desk and get on your hands and knees. I’d like to see what your big tits look when they hang down. That really gets me going.”

“Oh, no wonder you didn’t want me to wear a bra, you like to see tits when they hang down do you?”

“Yes, I sure do Ms. Owens.”

“Very well, then hang they shall. These big tits of mine hang down a mile so I think you’ll be very happy with them. Here, have a look!”

She quickly got up on her desk and got onto her hands and knees. She was right, her tits hung down so far that they almost touched the surface of her desk. By bending her arms just a little, she could make them touch the desk. Man, she has big fucking tits. She looks sexy as hell. All she has on is a little black skirt, black nylons with a black stripe running up the back of her shapely legs and black high heeled shoes. Naked from the waist up, she reached up to remove something from her head and all her long black hair came falling down. Man, she’s fucking gorgeous!

“Um, Tommy, I also remember that your mom said that it helped if you heard us use dirty language, is that correct?”

“Yes Ms. Owens. It does seem to help.”

“Very well, I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

The phone was right beside her on the desk and I sat down just inches away from her in her chair. Her big tits were hanging down right in front of my face and I couldn’t resist reaching out to softly cup one of them. It felt amazing soft and cool to the touch. I gently cupped it in my hand and lifted it to feel the weight. Fuck me it felt good! As I was holding it, I could feel her nipple start to harden and dig into the palm of my hand. Her boob felt like it weighed ten or fifteen pounds.

I couldn’t help myself and twisted the nearest big tit until the nipple was sticking out sideways, pointing right at me. I leaned forward a few inches and sucked that big, pointy, pink nipple into my mouth.

Ms. Owens started moaning and arched her back. Gosh she looked sexy!

“I think you’d better call your mom right now Tommy!”


I stopped sucking her tit and let her big boob drop. It swung down, crashed into the other one and swayed for a moment before becoming still. I loved the way her big tits came to a nice point when they hung down like this.

I dialled the phone and was lucky to get through to mom right away.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi baby, how are you, is everything OK?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well, you don’t usually call me at the office in the morning, that’s why Mr. Smarty Pants.”

“Um, mom, I’m calling from the library and I’m in Ms. Owens office again. I just dropped by to pick up those books for my homework assignment and was lucky enough to run into Ms. Owens again.”

“How nice, how is she doing today.”

“Um, she looks great mom. I was wondering if it was OK for Ms. Owens to help me out again. I’ve been talking to her about it and we both agree that we wouldn’t do anything without talking to you first. If you don’t want her to help me, we both understand and respect your decision.”

“My, my. You work fast don’t you my boy.”

“Aw mom, she’s just trying to be nice.”

“I think it’s great but I’d like to speak to her, can you put her on the phone?”

“Sure mom, hang on.”

I passed the phone to Ms. Owens. She seemed quite nervous.

Ms. Owens swung her legs over the edge of the desk and put the phone to her ear.

“Hello Mrs. Peterson, how are you today?”

“I am fine, thank you Becky. I hope my son isn’t causing you any problems.”

“Oh no, not at all. He just dropped by to pick up the books for his homework and we started chatting about his problem. I felt it appropriate to ask you how you felt about all of this and to see if Tommy should feel free to see me when he needs, er, um, help.”

“Look Becky, I think you will be able to provide very good ‘help’ for Tommy and I encourage it. As a matter of fact I’d like to speak to you more about this but I have to get to an important meeting in just a few minutes. Perhaps you could join us for dinner one evening soon and we can talk about it. There is one thing I have to say however.”


“Tommy is still a virgin and I do not want you to change that if you get my drift. You can do anything you want to him with those pretty lips of yours and with those big, beautiful breasts, but that’s it! Do you catch my drift?”

“Perfectly, you don’t have to worry about that with me Mrs. Peterson, I can assure you of that. As much as I’d like the opportunity to …well, you know, I respect you decision and will willingly abide by it.”

“Good girl, feel free to help my poor boy relive some of that horrible pressure and I’ll get going to my meeting. Have a nice day my dear.”

“You too, and thank you very much.”

I sat there watching Ms. Owens as she chatted with my mom. I couldn’t really figure out what they were talking about but then again, at that point in time I didn’t really give a fuck. I was completely awe struck by Ms. Owens’ beauty and her unreal body and was perfectly happy to sit and watch her forever. She was sitting on the desk with the phone to one ear and was using the other hand in a very animated way as she spoke to mom. Her animated movements caused her huge tits to sway heavily back and forth and I noticed that the undersides of her big tits were actually brushing against her lap. Fuck they hang low! I started to study the ever-changing shape of her tits and found that for the most part, they hung low but came out to nice rounded point, much like a football. A shiny pink nipple capped each big tit.

Ms. Owens put down the phone and looked at me with a very sexy look.

“Well Ms. Owens, what did my mom say?”

“Your mother is a very nice lady, she even invited me over to join you two for dinner. I must have made a half decent impression on her. She said that I should feel free to help you out but ….”

“But what Ms. Owens?”

“Well, she reminded me about the fact that you are a virgin and that I wasn’t supposed to do anything to change that.”

I started blushing like crazy and just stared at my feet.

“What’s the matter Tommy? Did I say something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that I’m embarrassed about being a virgin.”

“Why for heavens sake?”

“Because I really want to know what it’s like to um, do it.”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that young man, plenty of time and opportunity I dare say.”

“What do you mean?”

“If the word ever gets out that you are hung like a horse, you will have no shortage of opportunities to bed lucky wenches.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I know so. You’re going to have a lot of woman lusting after you, and I’m going to be one of them.”

“Why Ms. Owens?”

“Because, aside from wanting to help you relieve that pressure by sucking hard on that big cock of yours, I’d love nothing more than to have you stuff it up my wet pussy.”

“Really! You’d like me to fuck you?”

“Absolutely, and I would let you fuck me in a heartbeat if your mom approved. She’d kill me if I took your virginity and I just want you to know that when it’s time, and when your mom says it’s OK, you come and see me and I’ll fuck you silly. I’d wait in line forever to know what it feels like to get my cunt stuffed with that much man meat.”

“Cool, man I wish I could fuck you! I’m dying to know what it feels like to get my cock into a real live pussy.”

“For now young man, you’ll just have to make do fucking my face. At least your mom thinks that’s OK and I have to admit, you’ve got one very cool mom there.”

“Thanks. I think she’s pretty cool myself.”

“I can see that. It’s so nice that you two can be so open about your, um, problem and it’s nice to see that she’s so supportive of you and your need to relieve all that pressure. It must be frustrating to feel all that pressure and not be able to do anything about it. It’s too bad you can’t just jerk off but on the other hand, if you could, you probably wouldn’t need me to help you. And in case you didn’t notice, I really enjoy helping you.”

“You’re awfully nice Ms. Owens. You really scared me yesterday and I was sure embarrassed.”

“I’m very sorry about that Tommy but you can imaging what I thought you were up to. I thought you were a nasty little pervert and I had no idea you suffered the way you do. Is the pressure still building?”

“It sure is Ms. Owens.”

“And what do you think we should do about it?”

“Gee, I’m not sure, but it is starting to hurt a bit.”

“Let’s start by getting you out of those shorts and let that big cock of yours get some air.”

“OK Ms. Owens.”

“You might as well take off you shirt too, it will just get in the way.”

“Um, OK, but I will be completely naked, is that OK?”

“Sure, no one is going to bother us, I’ve seen to that and now that I know what kind of a mess you can make when you, er, relieve yourself, it might be smart to get rid off all that clothing so you don’t get anything on it.”

“I guess you’re right. Gosh, I sure love looking at you and your big tits. You are a very beautiful woman. Can I ask a favour before I take off my clothes?”

“Anything my dear boy, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I was wondering whether you would help me with something I’ve been thinking about a lot of things ever since I saw how big your tits really are?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Well I saw something on a porn site that really turned me on. Ms. Owens, can you suck your own nipples?”

“Why yes Tommy, yes I can. Would you like to see me suck them?”

“I sure would.”

She started stretching and leaned back with her bum against the desk and then leaned way back putting her arms as far back behind her on the desk as she could. This had the effect of tightening the flesh across her tits and making them stick out a fucking mile. Her pointy nipples were aimed right at me and it was all I could do to stop from jumping up and starting to suck them.

“Before I show you how I can suck my own tits, I think you should get rid of those clothes Tommy.”

“Sure Ms. Owens.”

I whipped off my Harley t-shirt and dropped my shorts. My cock was rock hard and was already leaking precum. I sat back down in the chair and let my cock go where it wanted. Of course, the head was aimed right at Ms. Owens’ face.

“Tommy, pull your chair closer, take a seat, relax and let Ms. Owens show you how she can suck her big beautiful tits.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice.

She was still leaning back and I just stared at her tits and was completely in awe of the way they were sticking out. Fuck she’s stacked. It reminded me of an old black and white picture I saw of Jayne Mansfield in a low cut dress with her large pointy boobs hanging there. Ms. Owens’ boobs looked pretty much the same except a lot bigger. “Is that a big drop of that clear stuff leaking out of the end of your cock?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, does it gross you out?”

“No, not at all, quite the opposite in fact. I love the taste of it and I was thinking that I should suck it up for you so it doesn’t start running all over the place.”

“Well, if you really want to.”

She almost leapt forward and grabbed my cock around the shaft with both hands. She had a strangle hold around the shaft and could barely get the fingers from both hands to meet. She squeezed hard and pumped the shaft of my cock with two hard, firm strokes. She paused at the top of the stroke and was pleased that she had managed to coax up a big, glistening drop of precum.

“Mmmmm.” She had a slightly crazed look in her eye. Fuck this woman loves to suck cock! She leaned down and positioned her mouth just about half an inch or so away from the end of my dick and her glistening reward and blew gently on the end of my cock. Fucking tease! Then, she got down on her knees and pushed her giant soft tits firmly into my naked legs. Man they felt good. So soft!

She was sort of sitting on the floor and shoved her huge tits into my legs, and the head of my dick was too high for her to reach with her mouth.

She reached up with both hands and grabbed my cock about half way up the shaft. Then slowly, she pulled my cock closer to a horizontal position. Fuck me, I thought she was going to break it off. She just kept pulling it down until it was right in front of her face.

Very slowly, she moved her lips to within a fraction of an inch from the end of my cock. It was all I could do to stop from lurching forward to drive my cock deep and hard into her mouth. Her lips just hovered over the end of my cock. Then, to make matters worse, she let go of my cock and reached over to her purse. What now!

She pulled a couple of lipsticks out of her purse and finally chose one, it was bright red in colour. She looked up into my eyes and started applying a thick coating of the lipstick. She made a really big deal of making sure I saw her painting her lips over and over again with the bright red lipstick. Still looking me in the eyes, she pressed her lips together and then stuck out her tongue and ran it across the front of her teeth. This is one sexy fucking bitch.

She slowly put away the lipstick and then grabbed my cock in both hands. Again, she pulled it down until it was positioned in front of her lips and again, she just hovered her lips a fraction of an inch above the surface of the head of my cock.

Now I knew what they meant by the word cock tease.

Then slowly, painfully slow in fact, she closed the distance to the head of my cock and finally made contact. I thought I would blow my load right there. She gently made a seal around the top half of the head of my dick and applying just a little suction, using her tongue and swirled it around and around the head. Her tongue would dip into my piss slit from time to time and all the while, she maintained a gentle suction. Then, she started to suck so hard her cheeks caved in and she used a mighty grip with both hands to milk another dollop of precum out of the shaft of my cock. As soon as she was happy that she had my cock clean, she pulled her face back and just stared at my cock. I was a little embarrassed because her bright red lipstick was smeared around the top half of my helmet although I had to admit, it did look kind of sexy.

She slowly rose off her knees and leaned back against the desk again. Without removing her eyes from mine, she reached down and with both hands, hefted her right breast. She held it high and away from her body. It looked fucking huge! She squeezed it and massaged it and even pulled on her nipple a bit. Then she took it both hands again and brought it up to her face. She just had to bend her chin down a little bit and before I knew it, she was happily sucking her own beautiful nipple. She would suck softly and made wet sucking sounds that drove me crazy and then she started to suck much harder. The sound of her sucking noises increased and was sexy as hell! From time to time, she would take the nipple out of her mouth and blow on it. I watched as her nipple grew and grew until it was about the size of the end of my little finger. It was so pink and so beautiful. She looked especially sexy because some of her lipstick was smeared around her nipple. Man she looked tasty. What a set of knockers!

“Do you like watching me suck my own tits Tommy?”

“Um, yes I do, it’s very sexy.”

“Is it helping to get you aroused so that we can pump a big load of juicy cum out of your big balls?

“Yes, I think so.”

“Maybe I should give my other breast a little attention too, what do you think?”

“By all means, please do.”

And she proceeded to repeat the process with her left breast. Man, this woman is one sexy bitch!

She stopped sucking her own tit for a minute and said, “I’m just curious Tommy, do you think it would help you become more aroused if you saw your mom sucking on my big tits?”

“Um, yes, I think that would be very sexy.” Where was she going with this?

“I noticed the way that your mom seemed to like my tits. She was giving them a pretty good work-over when I was sucking your big cock yesterday and I couldn’t help wondering if she wanted to suck on them. If it makes you more aroused, perhaps we should ask her if she’d like to suck my tits when I visit you two for dinner.”

“Sure! That would be great. I’d love to see her sucking your big tits. Know what else would be cool?”

“What Tommy?”

“Well, my mom is such a trooper and helps me out all the time. She’s very unselfish and I often feel guilty when I think about the fact that she gets no pleasure out of this. I was kind of wondering…. oh never mind.”

“No, please, ask me. Ask me anything!”

“Well I can’t help her because she’s my mom and that just wouldn’t be right. You know, that would be incest and everything. I was wondering if maybe, well I was wondering if you might eat her pussy so she can cum too. I would really appreciate it.”

“What a thoughtful son you are. I have to tell you that I don’t often see a boy who looks out for his mother the way you do. She’s a very lucky woman.”

“Well, I was just thinking that because of my condition, we’ve had to become very open about sex and it makes me realize that everything she does for me is very one-sided. I just wish that there were something I could do for her. I was hoping we could surprise her and if you would lick her cunt and help her get off. I wouldn’t have to feel as guilty. I would let you suck my cock as much as you want if you’d do this for me.”

“Young man, you have yourself a deal. If you let me help you by letting me suck that big cock of yours, I’ll eat your mom’s pussy until she comes all over my face.”

“Will you be naked while you eat her cunt?”

“I’ll be anything you want me to be. I have to tell you about one concern I have though.”

“What’s that Ms. Owens?”

“Sometimes I really want to help you in different ways.”

“What other ways Ms. Owens?”

“I completely respect your mothers desire to protect your virginity but I have to tell you that if you weren’t a virgin, I’d really like to help you by letting you cum deep inside my cunt. Sometimes I get so wet thinking about it that I have to take matters into my own hands.”

“Geeze, Ms. Owens, I had no idea. (ya, right!) I’d love to be able to see what it feels like to slide my cock into your pussy and move it back and forth and everything but my mom would kill me. I’m going to ask her when she thinks it would be OK to lose my virginity because if you’d really like to, um, do it, I would too. I am dying to know what it feels like.”

“I’d sure like to show you but we both have to respect your mothers wishes. Now what do you say we take care of all that pressure that’s building up inside you. Look at the time, if we don’t hurry, you’re going to be late for your first class.”

“Sure Ms. Owens, thanks!”

“Why don’t you sit up on my desk and spread your legs for me and you can just relax and let me take care of everything?”

“Sure Ms. Owens.”

I sat on the edge of the desk and spread my legs as far apart as I could. It felt great to let my big balls swing free like that. They hung down over the edge of the desk and dangled there, gently swaying. Because of all the chatting we had done, my cock was now only partially hard and it stood heavy at a horizontal angle from my body. It looked huge as it stuck out a foot or so beyond the edge of the chair and was pointing right at Ms. Owens.

Ms. Owens reached into her purse and took out a small container of Vaseline. She scooped a big gob of it out and started coating her hands with it. She rubbed it in and all over her hands making them a slimy mess.

“I just have to rub my hands a bit more to heat up the Vaseline. I’m going to try and give you a sense of what it’s going to feel like to shove your cock into a nice wet cunt.”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t have to. My cock was doing all the speaking for me. As I listened to Ms. Owens, my cock starting ratcheting upward with little jerky movements until it was at about 45 degrees.

“OK Tommy, now just close your eyes and relax. I’m going to ask you to use your imagination. There’s no way I can make this feel as good as a real pussy but I’m going to try and give you a small taste of what it might feel like.”

“I closed my eyes and waited in breathless anticipation. What was she going to do?”

All of a sudden, I felt some of my cock wrapped in a warm, wet, squishy grip. Because she had to use both hands to encircle my cock she wasn’t able to cover much length but it still felt wonderful. She had grabbed it about half way down the shaft and then she slowly started pumping it and jerking me off. Unlike when I jerk off however, she would let her slippery hands slip a bit and slide along the length of my hard shaft. Man it felt good!

I did as I was told and sat back and relaxed. Man it felt good. So warm, so slippery, so wet. I opened my eyes to take a peek at what she was doing and just about started spewing cum all over the place. Man this is one sexy bitch. Her hair had come undone and was cascading around her shoulders, her huge fucking tits were swaying all over the place and she was stroking my big cock with both hands in a long pull/push motion. Her pretty face was just inches away from the end of my cock.

Suddenly, she leaned moved forward and into me and shoved a big tit on either side of my cock. My dick was still covered in Vaseline and she had a hard time containing the slippery mother between her tits. She reached down, picked up a towel and wiped her hands off as best she could. She grabbed a big tit in each hand and started pumping my cock with her soft, pillowy tits. Because my cock was so slippery, she couldn’t get any traction with those big tits of hers and I could see she was getting frustrated. I didn’t really care. Everything she did felt great and I loved watching her do her thing to me.

Ms. Owens let out a little groan of frustration, picked up the towel and wiped the Vaseline off her tits, off her hands and finally off my cock. She was pretty much jerking me off with the towel when she cleaned it and the towel felt so rough and so good that I was that much closer to losing it.

When she was happy that everything was as clean as it was going to get, she grabbed my cock in both hands and just fucking plunged her mouth over the end of my dick, started sucking like crazy and jerking me off into her mouth. I guessed that she felt now was not the time for subtleties and she seemed like she was on some kind of mission to get me to blow my load in to her mouth as soon as fucking possible. Man, she looked possessed! Talk about a cumslut! I love this woman! And I felt pretty lucky to have a big cock that drives her nuts!

I remembered her discussion about the use of dirty language and I thought I’d give it a try to see what happened.

“That’s it you cum hungry slut, suck my big fucking cock you cunt. Suck it good bitch.”

Thinking there was no point in pushing my luck, I stopped there to see what happened.

She just moaned and shoved her big soft tits into my legs harder as she sucked. She rubbed her tits back and forth across my legs and I could feel her nipples digging into me.

I grabbed her head and shoved it hard down onto the big bloated head of my cock and started to fuck her face. I would hump up into her mouth while I forced her head down onto my cock with both hands wrapped into her long hair.

“Suck my cock you big titted whore.”

Ms. Owens grabbed her tits and started working them over really good while she sucked hard on my cock.

I placed both hands on my cock and started jacking off into her mouth while she mauled her tits. Fuck she’s a sexy bitch!

She popped her mouth off my cock for a second.

“Cum on my face Tommy. Cum on my tits. Cum all over my fucking slut body. Fuck I love your cum you big cocked bastard. Give it to me! Jerk off in my face you big prick.”

You don’t have to ask me twice! I was about two strokes away from popping my cookies and decided to let her have it.

“You’re sure you want it in the face? It’s going to make a huge fucking mess you know?”

“Just do it!” (A small advertisement for Nike?”)

“You got it Ms. Owens!”

“Call me a slut, call me a cum hungry big titted fucking slut. Tell me to eat your cum and swallow it. Make me eat your slimy ass and suck your big fucking cock. Choke me with it.”


I was just trying to figure out how to get all that nasty language into a sentence when my balls decided it was time to unload. I leaned back a bit to get some distance between us and watched her continue to work over her big tits and nipples. (Chicks are lucky to have those big fun bags to play with all the time. If I were her, I’d be feeling myself up all the time!)

Blat! (Did they use the ‘Blat’ word in the Batman movies? I saw the word ‘blat’ in a story on and thought it was a pretty cool and clever way to describe the sound that cum makes when it’s travelling at a high speed and finally finds its target. Full credit for the word “blat” goes to someone else.)

Anyways …. “BLAT!”

My first end-over-end volley of cum slammed into Ms. Owens face. It hit her just under her left eye and travelled up and over her eye, into her hair and the rest sailed over the top of her head. She had to close that eye and just managed to do so when the second big load hit her right in the mouth and nose. She had her mouth open and I could see a big pearly load swimming around on her tongue. She let go of one tit to start smearing cum around on her face and directed it into her mouth. I almost got kind of grossed out when she blew a cum bubble with her right nostril.

I thought I’d better give her face a rest and aimed, as best I could, at her big tits. I hit her tits with a couple of big shots and she seemed to go crazy. Moaning and rubbing in the cum. It actually started to foam up a bit for fucks sake. Then, she wiped the cum out of her eye, opened both eyes and stared at my cock for a brief moment before diving on it. She pushed my hands off my cock. Replaced them with her own and started pumping the rest of my load right into her mouth. She would suck hard, then softly, then she rested my cock on her tongue and slowly push her head forward taking my cock down her fucking throat. I pumped my last few shots straight into her belly. She had her nose right in my pubes and had the whole fucking enchilada down her throat. She just held it there. She kept perfectly still and just held it there. Man it felt weird. Good weird.

She held my hips and it was obvious she wanted me to remain still. I could feel her swallow or flex her throat somehow and her throat massaged the shaft of my cock. I was hoping that my cock would go soft because I wanted to see what it felt like to have my long, soft cock down her throat. I’d have to find out later because my bad boy wasn’t ready to go soft yet. It was still pretty hard and showed no signs of relaxing.

I looked down at Ms.Owens and saw that she was pretty much covered in my cum. Fuck, what a mess. I started to ease my cock out of her mouth and she reluctantly released the pressure she had on my hips to let me pull my cock slowly out of her mouth.

How was she going to clean this fucking mess? I was wondering the same thing about my self but I need not have worried. She looked up at me and smiled contentedly.

“Do you feel better now Tommy? Did Ms. Owens help you relieve all that nasty pressure?”

“I feel much better now, thank you Ms. Owens. It’s really very nice of you to help me out like this.”

“I love your big cock Tommy and I’ll do anything I can to help you, any time, day or night. I want you to know that if you ever feel that nasty pressure building up, you can rely on me to help you. I want to be there for you Tommy.”

“You are really nice Ms. Owens, maybe one day I’ll be able to fuck you too, wouldn’t that be great?”

“Yes Tommy, it would be fantastic. There are so many ways that I can help you with your problem. We’ll just have to take it a step at a time. For now, I hope you don’t mind if all I do is suck your cock quite a bit.”

“Not at all Ms. Owens.”

I glanced at my watch and realized I had to get out of there.

“I hate to leave you like this but I’m going to be late for class. Will you be OK?”

“I’ll be very OK Tommy, I’m just going to sit here for a minute and then I’ll get cleaned up. You run along now sweety.”

“Thanks Ms. Owens, and oh… you know when you’re coming over to the house for dinner with me and my mom?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“Cool, see ya then. Bye Ms. Owens.”

“Bye Tommy.”

I slipped out the door and heard Ms. Owens lock it behind me. I had no frickin idea how she was going to get cleaned up. Probably go to the school gym and have a shower.

The rest of my day flew by. My mood was much improved and I was feeling like a very lucky guy. Sometimes I found myself daydreaming about what it might feel like to get my dick into a pussy. I can’t wait for that to ‘cum’.

I got home before my mom and decided to help out by getting dinner ready. I found that she had left out some of her most excellent spaghetti sauce to thaw. I got out a big pot and had just got the water to a boil when mom arrived home.

“Hi baby.”

“Hi mom.”

Mom put her briefcase on the table and plunked down, she looked tired.

“Tough day mom?”

“Not so much tough as just really busy. Thanks for getting dinner started. You’re a sweetheart. I’m just going to jump in the shower and I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

She pulled down my head and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and went to her room.

I pretty much had the dinner ready by the time she finished her shower. Her hair was still wet and she had put on one of my old football jerseys. She liked wearing them because they were so comfy and I smiled inwardly because the jersey was so big on her tiny body that it made her look like a little kid. She looked really cute with her hair all wet and she just padded around the kitchen ion her bare feet.

We sat down and started in on dinner.

“So, I take it that Ms. Owens had the pleasure of your company this morning?”

“Ya, I had to get those books I left there yesterday and I ran into her.”

“I’ll just be you did! She’s really nice and I like her a lot. Was she able to help you out this morning?”

“Yes, she’s great. She said that as long as it’s OK with you, that I can see her anytime I want to and she’ll be glad to help.”

“What did she do for you?”

“Same as yesterday afternoon, she sucked my cock dry.”

“Tommy, the reason I ask is because I want to protect you. I have no objections about her sucking your magnificent cock but I do worry about the day when someone might take advantage of you and take your virginity.”

“She was very clear about that mom, she said that there’s no way she’s going to go against your wishes. She also said that if it ever becomes appropriate, that it would be fine if I wanted to put my thing in her pussy. She said there are lots of ways she can help me get rid of the pressure but not unless you say it’s OK.”

“She really is remarkable. I underestimated her. Good for Ms. Owens. I guess she knows she’s onto a good thing and doesn’t want to mess it up.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Oh, nothing. Why don’t you go have your shower while I clean up the dishes? That movie you wanted to see is on tonight and I wouldn’t mind seeing it with you.”

“Sure mom.” I started heading to my bedroom.

“Oh Tommy?”

“Yes mom?”

“Don’t bother putting on any pants tonight sweety. Just throw on one of your old t-shirts. Mommy wants to suck your cock while we watch the movie. We can kill two birds with one stone. I can get rid of all that pressure building up in your balls and we can watch the movie at the same time.”

“That sounds cool mom, you’re the best!”

“Never mind that, now go get into the shower.”

As I showered, it was all I could do to stop from jerking off. My cock was hard in anticipation of sitting on the couch while mom sucked my cock. She’s the best and I’m a lucky bastard.

I finished drying myself off, threw on an old sweatshirt and headed for the TV room.

“You ready mom? The movie is about to start.”

“I’ll be right there sweety.”

I sat down in the couch and arranged the sweatshirt so that it covered my dick. I couldn’t do anything about my big balls and they just hung out. I was feeling a little cheeky and hunched forward a bit so my balls would hang over the edge of the couch. I knew that seeing my balls hang like that turned mom on.

I was right.

Mom walked in and I could see her eyes go straight to my balls. She walked over and cupped them in both hands.

“These big beautiful babies aren’t cold are they?”

“No mom, but your warm hands sure feel good on them.”

She let go for a minute and came to sit beside me. She took one hand and gently placed it back on my balls.

“You sure have lovely balls Tommy. They’re so soft and silky.”

“Thanks mom, I love the way you roll them around in your fingers.”

She leaned her head into me and continued to fondle my balls gently as we started to watch the movie.

I thought that now might be a good time to talk about my virginity. I waited until the first set of commercials started.


“Yes dear?”

“Can we talk about something?”

“What’s on your mind sweety?”

“Well, the fact that I’m a virgin keeps popping up. I’m just wondering when you think it might be OK for me to loose it.”

“Oh my! I wasn’t ready for that question. But it’s a fair question Tommy. I think that you should save your virginity for someone you truly love. You only lose your virginity once and it’s something you will remember your whole life. It should be special. I’d hate to see you waste the special moment on a tramp or a one night stand.”

“I know what you mean mom. I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I’d like to tell you what I really think but you would probably hate me or think I was some kind of perverted monster.”

“I don’t think you are capable of bad thoughts like that. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been thinking about?”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am baby.” She cupped my balls and lifted them for emphasis.

“I’m not sure where to start.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just spit it out and we can take it from there.”

Mom reached over and hit the Mute button on the remote control so we wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Um, OK mom. First of all, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you helping me out with my problem the way you do. Between you and me, it seems like a very thin line between what we do already, like the way you suck me off, and the types of things that would make you think our relationship is inappropriate, like incest and stuff.”

Mom looked a little hurt. I’m sure she wasn’t far off having a tear form in her eye.

“Are you saying that I shouldn’t suck your cock any more Tommy?”

“No! No way! I love the way you suck my cock. I need it and I need you to do it for me. I don’t know how to say this, but it makes it really special to know that my mom loves me enough to suck my cock and swallow all my cum. The last few days have been heaven on earth and I hope that you will always be there to suck my cock.”

“Then what is it?”

“Well, it’s a whole bunch of things.”

“Like what?”

“Like, the way I feel guilty because you won’t let me give you pleasure too. You suck my cock so good and I know it makes you horny. Shit, you don’t have anyone in your life right now and I see you play with yourself to get off. How come you can help me and I can’t help you? It’s the same damned thing!”

“I love you so much Tommy. I had no idea you were concerned about me. It’s true, I have needs too but the most important thing to me is to make sure that you don’t go crazy when that big cock and those big balls of your s are telling you that they need relief. You are not just your average 18-year-old. You’ve got a huge foot long cock and testicles the size of tennis balls. You have been gifted with very special equipment and you have very special needs. I completely understand what your raging hormones are doing to you and I want to be there for you.”

“Ya, but I see you playing with yourself when you suck me and I want to help you feel good too mom. You just finished telling me that I should save my virginity for someone special. I can’t think of anyone more special than you. I’d really appreciate it if you made me a man and helped take my virginity.”

“But Tommy….”

“Just let me finish. If in ten or twenty years I look back, I know I’m always going to feel wonderful that I got to give my virginity to you. I want to make love to you mom. I want to know what it feels like to slide this big cock into a nice wet cunt and I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. I need it mom and I need you. Please let me make love to you. Please let me put this big cock into your cunt. I want to fuck you.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say yes. You won’t even let me touch you except for your tits. It drives me crazy to see that little shaved pussy of yours. I want to touch it, eat it and fuck it so bad it hurts.”

“I had no idea Tommy. Do you really want to fuck your mother’s little cunt?”

“Yes mom, I do. The only thing I worry about is whether my big cock will fit into your tiny body. I don’t know much about the way women are put together but I go to sleep every night hoping that my cock will fit into your little cunt. I keep wishing I just had a normal dick so it would fit for sure.”

“Oh baby.”

She wrapped both arms around me and hugged me tightly.

“What about the whole incest thing Tommy?”

“Look, let s get real for a minute. I hardly think that it makes sense that sucking me off is OK but fucking me isn’t.”

“I was wondering how long it would take you to figure that out. I guess I’ve been kidding myself. I guess that I thought that if I didn’t let you touch me, it wouldn’t really be incest.”

“Mom, I don’t give a shit about incest and about what’s right and what’s wrong. No one has to know what we do in our own house and we’re both smart enough to know that one day, I’m going to leave the nest, get married and lead a normal life. I’ve been waiting for you to stumble upon Mr. Right too. One day you’re going to meet him and I will be very happy for you.”

“I can’t believe you can think the way you do. Now I know that I have nothing to worry about. I was afraid of messing up your head. Do you really want to make love to your mother?”

“Yes mom, I really do.”

“Then it’s settled.”


“Really. But I want you to think about it for a few days before we do this. If you still want to fuck me in a couple of days, we’ll do it.”

“Mom, I don’t need a couple of days, I know right now that I want to fuck you and that it’s the right thing for us to do. I want to fuck you right now. Right this minute.”

“Oh Tommy, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, just show me what to do.”

“You don’t have to do anything tonight, there will be lots of time to experiment. Right now, all I want you to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Your mommy is going to fuck you tonight Tommy. I want you to be patient with me because it’s been a long time since I’ve made love to anyone. I’m worried that your big cock might not fit into my little pussy but I have a hunch everything is going to be OK.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well, I have to admit I’ve been fantasizing about making love to you for a long time. After the first time you let me suck you off, I went out and bought myself the biggest vibrator I could find and have been practicing with it every chance I get. It’s not as big as you but it’s darn close.”

“An it fits inside you?”

“Yes it does. It takes some doing but I can get pretty much the whole thing into my pussy.”

“Now you’ve really got me going mom, you’ve got to let me put my cock into you. I need you so bad.”

“Like I said, all I want you to do is sit back and relax. You let mommy take care of everything.”

“On one condition.”

“What’s that Tommy?”

“Tonight, I’ll sit back and let you do your thing, from now on however, I get to do whatever I want to that sexy little body of yours. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, we have a deal Tommy.”

I sat back in the couch and was fully prepared to just sit there and let mom have her way. No matter how she went about it, I was going to get fucked and as of tonight, I would no longer be a virgin. Ya!

“Let mommy suck on this big beautiful cock of yours for a bit. Sucking your cock always makes my pussy good and wet. Take your shirt off for mommy please Tommy.”

“I’ll take mine off if you take yours off.”

“You are a cheeky little bugger, aren’t you?”


She reached over and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head. She had to stand up on the couch to get it all the way off. She sat back down and put her head into my chest and started softly sucking and licking one of my nipples. Man, I never knew they were so sensitive!

She reached down with one hand and started softly caressing the length of my cock and ran her hand down until she was feeling my balls and then back up the shaft of my cock again. My dick was rock hard in anticipation.

I pushed her mouth off my nipple and reached down to pull my old football jersey off her little body. I’m sure my tongue must have been hanging out as her little shaved pussy came into view and then her beautiful tits.

I remembered how turned on she got when we did that the little role reversal thing and decided to give it another try. As much as I wanted her to show me the way, I somehow felt the need to be in control. Let’s face it, I might be a virgin but I’ve seen hundreds of porn movies and even though I’ve never done it, I knew the basics of how to fuck. You put your cock into her cunt and fuck it back and forth. How hard can that be! It wasn’t a matter of whether I could do it, it was more like, what would it feel like?

“My what a pretty little girl you are. And what a pretty little pussy you have”

Mom looked up and me and I could actually see her brain switch gears. She got into it right away and I could see that it turned her on. So far so good!

“Do you really think I’m pretty daddy?”

“You are beautiful my dear. Hop onto my lap and let me take a closer look at you.”

” Oh goody, I love sitting in your big lap.”

Mom had quickly transformed herself into a little girl and seemed to really love the role- play. Maybe it was because it made everything seem so unreal that what we were doing couldn’t possibly be wrong anymore.

“Daddy, what’s that big thing sticking out from your body?”

“That’s just for fun, you’ll get to play with it in a minute. Just hop onto my lap and let me take a look at you.”

“How will I fit with that big thing in the way?”

I pushed my cock down between my legs. It was a bit uncomfortable but it gave me my lap back again. Mom giggled like a little schoolgirl and sat sideways on my lap.

“Gosh Daddy, that big funstick of yours is sure hard. It’s kind of lumpy to sit on.”

I looked down at her and cupped one of her breasts.

“Look how beautiful your titties are. They are quite large for such a little girl.”

“Do you really think so Daddy? Do you like them?”

” I love them sweetheart. They’re beautiful. And you have such beautiful nipples too.”

“Gosh, thanks Daddy. What are they for?”

“When you get older and have children, you will feed them breast milk from these beautiful nipples.”

I very gently pulled and twisted her nipples.

“Gee Daddy, it makes me feel all tingly when you touch them like that. How will I feed babies from my titties?”

“Stand up and I’ll show you.”

“Stand up where Daddy?”

“Stand up on the couch. Just put one leg on either side of me.”

She stood up and placed one leg on each side of me as instructed. She was so darned short that her breasts were staring me right in the face.

I leaned forward and ever so gently, sucked in one of her nipples. How could she taste so good? She must have used some kind of strawberry shampoo or body wash or something when she had her shower because I could swear that her nipples tasted like strawberries.

I held her breast very gently and sucked on her nipple. I could feel her nipple start to harden and become erect.

“Oh Daddy! That feels so good. I love it when you suck on my titties. Will you do the other one too?”

“Of course baby.”

I took my time and spent the next several minutes suckling first one nipple and then the other, all the while gently kneading her beautiful breasts.

“Oh Daddy, when you suck my titties like that it makes me all squishy! Gosh, look how big my nipples are now. It feels so good when you suck on them. Now I wish you would have sucked on them before. I hope you’ll suck on them everyday from now on Daddy.”

“So my little baby is squishy is she?”

“Gosh yes, just look Daddy!”

Mom leaned back a bit and spread her legs even more. She kind of hunched her hips a bit so that her pussy would stick out as far as possible.

I ran a finger into her pretty, hairless little slit and came away with a wet finger.

“My, my, it seems you are right baby, look at my finger, it’s all covered in your little love juices.”

“Love juices, what’s that Daddy?”

“Love juice is sweet tasting, very slippery stuff that your little body makes when it gets excited.”

“What’s it for Daddy?”

“It’s to make you nice and wet and slippery so that you can put my big funstick into your little pussy.”

“Gosh Daddy, that sounds like fun, can we try that?”

“In a minute darling, first things first. I have to taste your love juice to make sure you’re really ready.”

“Really! How do you do that Daddy?”

“First, I lick off my finger. See baby, I’m licking all your love juice off my finger.”

“How does it taste Daddy?”

“Delightful sweetheart. Now I have to taste it right from the source.”

“Whatever do you mean Daddy?”

“It means that Daddy is going to stick his tongue right into your lovely little pussy and lick you.”

“Ewww! Isn’t that gross?”

“Not at all, here, I’ll show you. I have a feeling you’re going to like this.”

“OK Daddy, if you say so. I trust you Daddy.”

I picked her up and sat her down on the couch. I kneeled down between her legs and stared into her little shaved cunt. Fuck it looked tasty!

“Spread your legs for Daddy.”

“Like this Daddy?” she said as she spread them wide open.”

“Yes, darling, just like that. Now Daddy’s going to put his face between your lovely little legs and eat your little cunt. Okay darling?”

“Okay Daddy, I’ll do whatever you say.”

“That’s a good girl. Now, I want you to play with your nipples while Daddy eats your little cunt. Will you do that for me baby?”

“Sure Dad, that’s fun!”

Mom picked up on all the clues right away. She knew exactly what was going on and was happy to go for the ride. Happy probably isn’t the right word, more like eager. She cupped a beautiful tit in each hand and massaged them. She leaned her head back against the couch and closed her eyes as she started to pull her nipples.

I cupped one of my hands under each of her little butt cheeks and lifted her ass up in the air a bit. She weighed absolutely nothing, it was as if she was made of air. I pressed my nose into her slit and took a big whiff. Heaven! Mom’s little pussy smelled very clean and tasty. The smoothness of her pussy struck me and my nose felt like it was rubbing against wet velvet. She must have shaved this morning or maybe even when she had a shower after work. There wasn’t a trace of pussy hair or stubble.

I dipped my tongue into her slit and gave it one long lick from the bottom to the top. I did it again, and again. Just long, slow licks up the length of her slit. Then I cocked my head a bit and slowly sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. I sucked on it and even chewed on it a bit. I could feel it loosen a bit. I sucked the cunt lip in and pulled my head back until it slipped out of my mouth. Looking at her cunt, I could see that the lip had loosened a little. Compared to its counterpart, it was a bit larger and puffier looking.

I took the other pussy lip into my mouth and gave it the same treatment.

As I sucked on her cunt, I looked up and saw that mom’s eyes were tightly closed and she was thrashing her head from side to side. She had a nipple between the fingers of each hand and was pulling them far away from her body. This distorted the shape of her tits and made them come to a sharp point. Fuck she looked sexy.

“Oh Daddy, eat my little cunt. Lick my cunt Daddy.”

I decided I had teased her enough and shoved my face firmly into her cunt and screwed my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. Mom’s ass just about jumped out of my hands and then she started pushing her cunt into my face.

“Eat me baby, eat my fucking little cunt Tommy. You’re such a good boy. Eat mommy’s pretty little cunt. Shove your tongue way inside mommy’s pussy.”

What happened to the role reversal?

I decided I didn’t give a shit. I was actually eating my mom’s cunt. And I loved it!

Before I got my face in there, I had a small fear that I might not like it. I was wrong, I fucking loved it and I would be happy eating her cunt all fucking night! Man, this is great!

Now, on to phase two. I could feel mom’s little clit with my tongue. I reached down with my fingers and gently exposed it. It was beautiful. A little jewel. I flicked it with my tongue and again, mom just about jumped out of the grip I had on her ass.

“Oh Tommy!”

I must be onto something good here. I flicked it again and again she jumped. Hmmm. I very gently took it between my lips and sucked on it. I sucked on it very softly and started rolling my tongue around and around it. Mom was squirming around and moaning like crazy. I had to really hold onto her ass now. I kept up my gentle sucking on her clit and I could feel mom tense up and then tense up some more.

All of a sudden she clamped her little legs to the side of my head and let out a huge fucking scream.

“FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK ME!” and followed her little string of obscenities with a really loud scream. Her legs were wrapped around my ears and it was still loud. I realized she was calling out my name.

Her pelvis went into little convulsions and she spazzed out a bit, softly humping my face in jerky little motions. I could tell that she was coming down from what I hoped was a really good orgasm and I slowly backed my lips and tongue away from her very sensitive little clit. I blew softly into her hot, steaming cunt and she seemed to love it. All of a sudden she just reached forward and hugged me like crazy.

“Oh Tommy, that was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt. I never knew I could cum like that. I love you so much.”

“I love you too mom.”

“Can I ask you a question baby?”

“Of course mom.”

“Do you mind when I pretend I’m your little girl?”

“Not at all mom, it kind of turns me on.”

“Me too. Sometimes I like being your mom, sometimes I like pretending I’m a little cumslut and sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a little girl and am all innocent and everything.”

“Well mom, you’re small enough to be my little girl, that’s for sure.”

“And you, young man, are big enough to be my everything. Now you just sit back and let mommy suck on that big cock of yours.”

I realized it was going to be a bit difficult keeping up with just who in the hell my mom was at every moment but fuck it, I’ll just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Whatever was good for her was definitely good for me. Whether she was my mom, a slut or an innocent little girl, she was still mine and she was still focused on my rather large pleasure centre.

I sat back in the couch again feeling proud that I was able to give mom a good orgasm with my face. She deserved it after all the pleasure she’s given me. I vowed that there would be many more where that one came from. Besides, mom’s cunt was super tasty and I loved to eat it. I am a lucky guy!

Mom sat on the couch beside me and leaned over and put her head against my tummy. She slowly rubbed one hand up and down the length of my cock.

“It’s going to take a long time to get used to the sight of your big beautiful cock. It’s perfect. It looks like it was carved out of a solid block of marble and I love the way these big veins run all over it.”

She traced the outline of the big bulging vein the ran up the length of my cock. Without another word, she slowly lowered her head and softly sucked the head of my cock into her little mouth. I could feel her tongue dancing on the head and every once in a while, her tongue would dip into my piss slit.

I gently patted her head and started to run my fingers through her hair as she sucked me.

“You are Daddy’s good little girl, aren’t you sweety?”

Holding my cock in her hands, she took it out of her mouth for a second to reply; “Yes Daddy, I’m your sweet little baby. I love sucking my Daddy’s great big huge cock. Am I sucking your cock good Daddy?”

“Yes you are baby. You make Daddy feel very good. I love the way you suck it.”

“Can I lick it like an ice cream cone?”

“Yes baby, you can do anything you want to that big old nasty cock.”

“Mmmm goody, maybe if I’m really good at sucking it, it will shoot out all the yummy white stuff for me. I’d love to have a big mouthful of that yummy stuff Daddy. Would you please make it shoot into my mouth again, please Daddy?”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Daddy will be happy to pump a big load of the yummy white stuff into your little mouth. Right now though honey, I want you to stand up again so Daddy can suck on your titties again.”

“Oh goody, I love it when you suck on my titties!” She stood up on the couch and again, put one foot on either side of me to straddle me. She had her hands on the back of the couch and leaned forward so her tits were hanging right in front of my face.”

I reached around to cup her little buttocks and let one pointy nipple slip between my lips. As I gently sucked it, I could feel mom melt in my hands. I rubbed her little ass cheeks while I sucked her tits and then I slipped one finger into her little slit.

“Oh Daddy, what are you doing? You have your finger in my little pussy?”

“Don’t you like it baby?”

“I love it Daddy, it feels so good.”

I began to slowly run my finger in and out of her little pussy. There’s no question about it, her little cunt was very tight. But it was also very juicy from when I ate her and I could feel her getting wetter by the moment as I stirred my finger inside her.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good!”

I sucked a bit harder on her tits and continued to fuck her little cunt with my finger.

My cock was jerking around all on its own and I was about as horny as I had ever been in my life. If I played my cards right, I was about to have intercourse for the very first time. I was really glad it was going to be with my mom. It would create some kind of bond that would last forever,

“Does that feel good honey?”

“Oh yes Daddy, it feels really good. I love you so much Daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart. I think it’s time we tried to put Daddy’s big cock into that beautiful little cunt of yours, what do you think baby?”

“Gosh Daddy, what if it won’t fit.”

“We’ll just take our time, if it hurts, we’ll stop right away, okay sweety?”

“Sure Dad. What should I do first?”

I reached around and discovered that my cock had been spewing out copious amounts of glistening precum. I used my fingers to coat the entire head of my cock with the stuff. My dick was as slippery as it could be. I knew mom’s pussy was wet so I guess there was nothing left to do but try and stuff it in.

“Okay honey, why don’t you let Daddy hold his big cock straight up in the air and you can just slowly lower your little pussy onto it.”

“Oh goody, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this chance to put that big thing inside me.”

“Just go slow baby. Take your time. We have all night.”

Mom looked into my eyes and all of a sudden it wasn’t my little girl staring at me, it was my mom. She leaned down a bit and gave me the softest kiss on the lips. I felt her little tongue run into my mouth and I gently sucked on it.

“Baby, you can’t imagine how much I want this.”

“Me too mom.”

And with that, she squatted down until my cock came into contact with her pussy lips. I had a firm grip on my cock and was holding it as still as I could. I kept my fingers crossed and if I had but one wish to make, it would be that my cock would fit into her little cunt.

I got my wish! The head of my cock slowly eased its way into mom’s cunt and all of a sudden, it popped inside her. So far, I had the head and about two inches of fat cock inside her.

“Oh my! I’ve never felt anything like it Tommy. It’s so fucking big. But it feels so good!”

“You feel wonderful mom, I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. I love you.”

Mom became rather focused. She humped up and down in little strokes, maybe a couple of inches at most. Before long, I could begin to feel more and more of my cock entering her tight little body. She was doing a combination of short choppy strokes with slower more forceful strokes that were designed to get me deeper inside her.

Man it felt good. Her pussy was so tight I couldn’t believe it. I had never been this hard in my life and I just prayed that mom liked this as much as I did.

“Be patient with me baby. I’m going to get the whole beautiful piece of meat inside me, it just might take a while. Gosh it feels good.”

I held onto her hips to help steady her as she continued to fuck herself up and down on my cock. We had about half of it inside her and for a minute, it didn’t seem as if we were going to make any further progress. Then mom lifted herself almost all the way off me and came crashing back down with all her might. Whoa! Another several inches slipped in. It felt like my cock was being squeezed in a vice. Fuck she’s tight!

She just held me and seemed to be taking a bit of a break. I hugged her to me and gave her a kiss. “I love you mom and I love your little cunt. Fuck me mom.”

“Oh Tommy, I love you so much.”

After taking a quick break, mom started humping up and down on my cock. Her pussy seemed to stretch out a little bit more with every few strokes. Soon, it didn’t feel quite so tight and we were actually fucking. I still hadn’t got the whole thing in yet but we were fucking. And I loved it. My first fuck!


“Yes baby?”

“Does this mean I’m not a virgin anymore?”

She threw her head back and laughed and pushed down hard on my cock. Another inch slipped in. She made a sexy little grunting noise each time my cock slid back in

“It’s almost in all the way mom. Can we try something a little different?”

“Sure baby, what?”

“I can tell you’re getting a bit tired. This position has got to be hard on your legs. Just slip that little pussy of yours off my cock for a second and I’ll show you what I have in mind.”

She slowly lifted up and off my cock.

“I have to admit Tommy, my legs were getting a little tired. I can see that you and I will have to do this a lot to get me back in shape.”

“Does everyday sound Ok to you mom?”

“Perfect son. Now what do you have in mind for your cock hungry mother.”

I lifted her little body and cradled her in my arms. With just a little bit of a grunt, I was able to stand up and I held her in my arms like you would a little baby. I lifted her up a bit so that I could plant a soft kiss on her lips.

I turned around and sat her on the couch.

“Just wait here for a second mom.”

“Hurry baby, my pussy is on fire and I need you back inside me.”

I ran into the bathroom and got a tube of KY jelly. I came back into the TV room with my cock flailing all over the place. It felt good to run around naked. I saw mom’s eyes just about pop out when she saw my hard cock swinging in an arc from side to side.

“Holy shit! You’d better be careful Tommy, you’re going to hurt yourself with that big thing.”

I was standing in front of mom with a tube of KY in one hand and a silly smirk. My cock was pointed somewhere over mom’s head. I looked at it and noticed that the precum was oozing steadily out of my piss slit and ran down the shaft of my cock.

Mom grabbed my cock with both hands and bent it down to her face. She licked off the precum and started to suck noisily on the head of my cock. I wasn’t far from losing it and as much as I’d like to let her blow me, now and forever, I wanted my cock back in her cunt! I wanted to blow my entire steamy load deep inside my mom’s belly.

Directing mom with my hands, I turned her around until she was on her hands and knees on the couch. I could see right away that this wasn’t going to work. At 6’4″ I was way too tall or the couch was too short or she was too small or whatever. There was no way I could comfortably get into her from behind at this angle. I’d seen this in a porn movie and thought I’d give it a try. Either they used a really big couch or the guy was a short ass. I thought about throwing her on the floor but was worried she wouldn’t be comfortable. (Little did I know that the floor would soon become one of our favourite places.)

A light bulb went off in my head. Of course! I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the guest bedroom. It had an antique bed that was much higher than normal. I put mom on the bed and flipped her around onto her hands and knees again. Perfect!

I was beginning to feel like a real dork and thought that it must be obvious that I really didn’t know what I was doing. But what the fuck! I am a novice. But not for long with any luck!

Mom looked back at me over her shoulder and pleaded with me.

“Put that big cock in me honey! Fuck me with that monster. Fill my little cunt with my baby’s cockmeat. Fuck me rotten baby.”


I stood behind her, took the cap off the tube of KY jelly and ran a thick bead of the shit down the entire length of my cock and squished out a huge dollop of the stuff on the head of my cock. I smeared it around until my cock was covered in the stuff. I stepped closer to mom and leaned over to kiss the small of her back.

“Put it in honey. Please baby. Fuck your mommy with that big nasty cock.”


I held my slippery cock with one hand and held onto mom with the other. I guided the head of my cock into mom’s smooth shaved little cunt. The head popped in and then, right or wrong, I just went for it. With one mighty shove I pushed my cock all the way in and felt her ass on me. I was in. All the fucking way. I pulled out really slow and could feel her cunt grip my dick every inch of the way. Then I shoved that bad boy in hard and deep.

“Oh fuck Tommy. Oh Fuck! It feels like it’s coming out my fucking mouth. Fuck! Fuck me baby. Fill my cunt with that big cock.”

This was fucking (pardon the weak pun) unbelievable. I decided right then and there that I liked to fuck. Wrongo! I loved to fuck! And I loved to fuck my mom’s little pussy. She could take the whole thing after all. This was fanfuckingtastic.

I held her hips and pumped in and out of her tight little cunt. I was fucking! We were fucking! I was fucking my mom! My mom was fucking me! Fuck!

“Tommy, fuck me baby. Fill me up with hot juicy man cum. Fill my belly with your thick cum baby. Fuck you feel good. Never stop fucking me baby. Oh fuck. I’m cumming baby.”

And with that, mom arched her back, then shoved her face down into a pillow and used it to muffle a scream.

Holy fuck! She came like a freight train. She was whimpering and uttering shit that was completely incoherent. Her whole body felt like it was turning into jelly and then from out of nowhere, she started shoving back hard onto my cock.

“Fuck you, you big cocked motherfucker. Fuck my little cunt. Fuck me hard. Blow your load you big fucking stud. Fill my belly with hot cum you prick.”


I slapped mom’s ass really hard and like I had turned a switch, she instantly became someone different.

“Please fuck my little pussy Daddy. Fuck my little pussy with that big gnarly cock. Does my little cunt feel good Daddy? Do you like fucking your little girl?” She humped back hard against me.

“You feel great baby. Daddy’s almost there. I’m going to fill your little cunt with hot cum. Are you ready for it baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. Fill my tummy Daddy.”

That pretty much did it for me. As was usually the case, I could sense the onset of my orgasm and I got ready to let ‘er rip.

“Get ready baby. Daddy’s going to fill your little cunt. Fuck you feel good baby. Here it comes!”

I’ve had some pretty intense orgasms before but this one was about to set a new personal best. My fucking knees just about gave way as my cock starting pumping gallons (well it seemed like gallons!) of cum into mom’s little pussy. I held onto her hips and continued to fuck in and out of her.

“That’s it baby. Fill mommy’s cunt. Blow your load in mommy. You’re such a good boy. Fuck me baby.” (Shit, it’s hard to keep track, first she’s my little girl and then I’m her little boy. Like I said, I just went with the flow.)

I slow stroked her cunt and could still feel cum pumping into mom’s pussy. This was the best. As my load subsided, I stopped humping her and leaned over to kiss her sweaty back. She tasted great. I reached under with one hand and cupped one of her hanging tits. It just fit my hand nicely and I was in heaven holding the soft treasure.

After a few minutes of standing there, a little stunned I guess, I slowly pulled my cock out of mom’s pussy. A big gob of cum pumped itself out of her cunt and ran down her leg. I guess mom could feel it because she reached under herself and scooped it up in her fingers. She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked the cum from her fingers. I sat back on the edge of the bed and mom collapsed beside me. I laid back with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed and grabbed a pillow to put under my head. Mom put her head on my chest and caressed me.

I looked down and saw my still half hard cock bent down in a big arc towards the floor. It was thick and wet with our combined juices. Mom took my cock into her hand and pulled it up until it was lying on my belly. She moved her head down just a little and sucked the head of my cock softly into her mouth.

“Let me clean you up baby.”

She got onto her knees and licked my cock from one end to the other, sucking and licking my cock clean. She licked my balls and when finished, cupped my balls in her hand and put her head back on my chest.

“Did you enjoy that Tommy?”

“Yes mom. It was the best. You felt wonderful.”

“You felt good too Tommy. I’m hoping that you will want to do this again because I sure loved it. I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough of you and your big cock.”

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too Tommy.”

We scooted up the bed until we were lying properly. Mom’s head was still on my chest and she gently held my balls. We were starting to drift off to sleep. Just as I began to fall asleep, I wondered how what we just did might change things. Not at all I hoped.

I remembered that Ms. Owens was visiting for dinner tomorrow night and I wondered if her visit might turn out different now that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I’ll have to have a chat with mom about that.

And with a the beginnings of a dream in which Ms. Owens big tits were hanging down into mom’s face, I fell into dreamland. Tomorrow would be another day.