Future Shock

Richard was totally pleased during the ride home, clutching the trophy he had won in the science fair. At 18 years of age he was already the talk of the town and several universities had approached him to think of attending their schools after he graduated high school. His exhibit showing how the behavior of frogs could be controlled by emitting a radio frequency that was tuned to their DNA’s electrical signature had astonished everyone, most especially the judges. Little did they know the application that Richard had in mind for his invention, though.

He smiled as he thought of how proud his parents had been. Mr. and Mrs. Perfect, he thought. Mr. and Mrs. Beautiful Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Successful. And he had impressed them and made them proud of him. He knew the teasing he took from his teammates on the tennis team had been worth it, and he couldn’t wait to see their faces when he showed them his trophy. Just because he had won the state tennis title didn’t mean that he didn’t take his studies seriously.

John and Sara Forge were bursting with pride in their son. Already taller than John, Richard was destined to be every bit as handsome as his father. His muscular frame and grace of movement always attracted people to him. The fact that he was very handsome didn’t hurt either. He wore his blonde hair long, tied back in a pony tail that hung halfway down his back. Sara marveled that she had produced such a beautiful child, now almost a man. She had been a covergirl at the age of 16 and had continued to grace the covers of magazines ever since. She knew she looked to be in her early to mid-20s rather than her actual age of 34. And she worked hard to maintain that, with workouts and trainers daily. John too was in superb shape, being financially comfortable enough to be able to indulge himself in himself.

After a wonderful celebratory dinner at Richard’s favorite restaurant, Senor Pedro’s, they headed home, the excitement barely worn off the achievement of the day.

“So, what will you do now to keep your mind busy?” John asked.

“Oh, I still have some tweaking to do with it,” Richard replied. “I’d like to see what practical applications it might have.”

“I think you should patent your idea,” John said. “It might be very important and you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous people.”

“I already thought of that,” Richard said. “I’ve had the papers filled out for over a month. I was just waiting to see how it went at the science fair.”

“Good for you,” John said with a laugh. “You let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you.”

“I will. I promise,” Richard said.

The next morning on his way to school, Richard stopped by his mother’s dressing table and collected the hair from her hairbrush. Once at school, he couldn’t wait for science class to start so he could use the equipment. Finally the time arrived and Richard quickly went to the DNA separator and put one of his mother’s hairs into it. In several minutes he had extracted several strands of viable DNA from the follicle. Isolating it, he then took it to the frequency analyzer, carefully adjusting it and then double checking to make sure he had done it correctly. When he was certain, Richard activated the analyzer and slowly began turning the dials, watching the oscilloscope to see when he had found the correct frequency.

Suddenly, there it was. The lines all took that form which was so familiar to Richard by now and he realized that he had the information he needed. Writing down the numbers on the display, Richard put the remaining hair into a vial in case he needed to rerun the test. When the school day finally ended, and there was no end to the congratulations he received, he hurried home, eager to begin the modifications that he had planned.

A couple of hours later he sat up, stretching his back and putting the soldering iron down. He had changed the frequency setting and had added several additional filters and switches to his original control. Now the only thing was to test it and see if all of his study and theorization would bear any results.

He heard his mother calling him to dinner, so he put the control down on his work table and went to eat. He could barely contain himself at dinner, talking with his parents, watching his mother as she talked and served both he and his father.

Richard thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, he knew it. He also knew that his father constantly had girlfriends on the side. His mother hid it well, but he knew that she was bothered by this. He had seen a few of his father’s girlfriends and they all had one thing in common: They weren’t like his mother. They all dressed much more provocatively and were very openly affectionate towards his father. Richard couldn’t remember the last time he had caught his parents kissing, really kissing, not just a good-bye or goodnight kiss.

Well, he hoped to change all of that. If his idea worked, his father would have his hands full and wouldn’t need any more girlfriends and they could be a truly happy family again. He wanted this more than anything, especially since he was going away to college next year.

He caught himself staring at his mother and quickly averted his eyes, hoping she hadn’t noticed. Finishing dinner, Richard asked to be excused to his room, knowing that his parents, even now, had after dinner coffee and drinks in the living room, looking out the big picture window that showed the wonderful view. Getting his control, Richard carefully checked to make sure that each of the switches and filters were tuned to the correct output frequency. His studies had indicated that different frequencies caused different behavioral responses.

As he quietly let himself out of his room, Richard was surprised to see his father heading towards his own bedroom by himself. Usually they spent at least a half an hour in the living room after dinner. Getting to where he could see into the living room, Richard saw his mother sitting by herself on the sofa, her coffee in her hands and a sad look on her face. Trying to decide what to do, Richard finally pointed the control towards his mother and pushed a sequence of buttons.

As he watched, his mother’s eyes suddenly opened wide, as if in surprise. She put her coffee down and stood up, running her hands down her body like she was smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress. As he watched she slowly brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them. Richard couldn’t believe how well this was working. He could see a somewhat glazed look in his mother’s eyes as she continued to massage and rub her breasts.

Richard was totally surprised when she reached behind herself and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor at her feet, leaving her standing there in her bra, panties and stockings. Even though he had seen her many times in her bathing suit, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. The girls at school would die for a body like that. He watched as her hands stroked her entire body, sliding up and down until her hands again ended up cupping her breasts. He watched as she rubbed them, squeezing them tightly. His mouth about hit the floor when she pulled the front of her bra down, letting her big, full breasts spill out.

Richard had never seen his mother’s naked breasts before and he was blown away by how beautiful they were. Big and full, they barely sagged. And she had huge nipples on the ends, bigger than silver dollars, and with thick, protruding ends. He watched as she massaged her naked breasts, squeezing them. Then he was treated to the sight of his mother pinching her nipples between her fingers and pulling on them. He could actually hear her groan as she continued to play with herself.

This was working better than he had ever imagined. He knew that he had figured out the variation in the basic DNA frequency that controlled the inhibitions of the frogs, but he hadn’t expected the extrapolation to humans to work quite this well the first time. He smiled as he pictured his exhibit having featured people and wondered how the judges would have liked that.

As he continued to watch, his mother let one hand drift down to cup her crotch. He could see her finger rubbing back and forth between her legs as she rubbed herself through her panties. His own cock was as hard as it had ever been and he desperately wanted to go to his room and masturbate to relieve the pressure.

Suddenly she pushed her panties down with both hands, bending over to push them down to her feet and step out of them. Richard was treated to the sight of his mother’s ass and even a glimpse of her pussy between her legs as she bent over to push her panties down. She had just stood back up when his father walked back into the living room. He stopped in his tracks, his mouth dropping open as he saw his wife standing naked in the living room, moaning and running her hands all over herself.

“Sara! What the hell are you doing?” he demanded.

“Oh, John,” she gasped, “I’m not sure, but I feel so horny.”

“What if Richard were to come out here?” he asked. “What would you do?”

“Oh, John, please help me,” Sara begged, staring at him as her hands continued to touch and squeeze.

Quickly, Richard hit the off button on his control, trying to melt back into the shadows of the hallway to his room as his father moved towards his mother. He grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her.

“What’s gotten into you?” he demanded.

“Oh, John, I don’t know,” Sara said, looking confused. “One minute I was having my coffee, then next thing I knew you were in front of me and I was naked.”

“Pick up your clothes and get to the bedroom,” John ordered. “Quickly!”

Frantically, Sara gathered her clothes into her arms, running from the living room to the bedroom, John following her. Richard smiled to himself, knowing that his father wasn’t going to have any work to do at the office this night as he followed her into the bedroom. As the door shut, Richard tiptoed over to it, his ear to the door. What he heard convinced him that everyone was home for the night, so he returned to his room, a big smile on his face as he closed the door behind him.

Dropping his own pants, he quickly began to stroke himself, desperate to cum. He quickly stroked his nine inches of cock to an orgasm, filling his hand as spurt after spurt shot from his cock. Cleaning his hand off, he happily climbed into bed, looking forward to further experiments with his new invention.

The next day was Saturday, but as usual his father found a reason to have to go to his office and left early. Richard sat down in the kitchen to have breakfast with his mother and noticed that she seemed happier this morning than she had lately.

“Did you sleep okay, Mom?” he asked innocently.

“Just fine, Richard,” she smiled at him. “How about you?”

“Yeah, just great,” Richard replied.

“What are you going to do today?” she asked him as she sat down to eat.

“I don’t know, maybe play with my experiment some.”

“You should do more with your friends from school on weekends,” Sara admonished. “You’re still young even though you graduate next year.”

“I know,” Richard agreed. “It’s just that I have some ideas I want to check out while they’re fresh. What about you, what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I think I’ll just sit out by the pool for a couple of hours and get some sun. It’s going to be such a beautiful day.”

“That sounds great,” Richard agreed.

“Then you should join me,” Sara said.

“Maybe later,” Richard agreed, getting to his feet. “I think I’ll go study now for a while.”

“Okay. But join me later, all right?”

“Sure, Mom,” Richard said. “I’d love to.”

“You’re such a wonderful son,” Sara said. “I’m very lucky.”

“I think I’m the lucky one,” Richard replied with a laugh.

Going back to his room, Richard couldn’t believe his luck. She was going to be laying around the pool in one of her bathing suits. Maybe he’d have the time to see just how far his control would let someone go. Waiting in his room for another fifteen minutes, Richard took his control and made his way to his father’s office, which had the best view of the pool area and which he knew was closest to where his mother liked to sun herself. Peeking through the window he saw her sitting down on the lounger wearing her light blue bikini. It was a really nice one that showed her body off without being too revealing. She always seemed so shy about herself, yet she worked so hard to look like that, he mused.

As he watched her for a few minutes, Richard could see that the gardener was working on the plant beds around the pool. It would be interesting to see if his presence would override the power of his control when his mother felt it. He waited until the gardener was within 20 feet of where his mother was laying before pushing the series of buttons.

There was an almost immediate reaction as his mother arched her back and slid her hands up her stomach to cup her breasts again. Richard watched in fascination as the gardener’s head turned to look towards his mother. She must have moan out loud and he heard her, for his eyes got bigger and bigger as he watched her on the lounger as she continued to play with herself.

This time she immediately pulled the top to her bathing suit down, freeing her breasts, and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. Then one hand went down and into the bottom of her bathing suit and Richard knew that she was playing with her pussy. Since her feet were pointed to where the gardener was working, he knew that he had a perfect view. The gardener just stayed frozen in place, his mouth hanging open as he watched. Richard felt jealous that it wasn’t him but he contented himself for now to continue his experiment.

Slowly the gardener got to his feet, an obvious erection in his pants as he watched Sara playing with herself. Cautiously he moved over so that he was standing next to the lounger looking down at her. Richard was shocked when she suddenly grabbed the gardener by the leg with both of her arms, hugging herself against his leg. He wished he could hear what was being said but he had to be satisfied with just watching this silent drama unfolding before his eyes.

He almost hit the stop button when he saw his mother grab the gardener’s cock through his pants, squeezing it and then opening his zipper and pulling it out. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to hit the button. His curiosity and excitement made him want to see how far this would go.

By the look on the gardener’s face, Richard could see that he was scared as well as excited as Sara pulled his cock out of his pants. He couldn’t believe it, though, when she leaned forward and sucked the gardener’s entire cock into her mouth. Obviously the gardener too was shocked, because he tried to pull away but Sara held him close, sucking on his cock. Releasing him for a moment, Sara lowered the back of the lounger and quickly pulled off the bottoms to her bathing suit, leaving her naked on the lounger. Then reaching for the gardener again, she pulled on him until he was laying on top of her, his cock in her mouth and his face between her legs.

Richard was astonished as he watched his mother in a sixty-nine with the gardener. He got to his feet and pulled out his own hard cock, stroking it to the rhythm of his mother sucking the gardener’s cock. He didn’t know how long it went on, but suddenly he was aware that the gardener was cumming in his mother’s mouth. He could see a dribble of cum at the corner of her mouth. His own cock erupted at this sight and he groaned at the ferocity of his orgasm. At the same time he pushed the off button on his control.

The response was unbelievable. Sara totally freaked out, choking and sputtering on the gardener’s cock as she tried to push him off of her. The gardener jumped up terrified and ran off, leaving Sara sitting up on the lounger, cum all over her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She was sitting facing him and Richard could see right up between her spread legs into her pussy. His cock spurted an extra shot of cum at the sight.

He watched as his mother wiped her face with her hand, staring at the cum that covered it. He could tell by the way her mouth was working that she was trying to get the last of the cum in her mouth. He watched as she suddenly burst into tears, burying her face in her hands as she sat there. Richard almost went out to comfort her when she jumped up, grabbed her suit and ran into the house.

With a satisfied look on his face and his own cum all over his hand, Richard quietly slipped out of his father’s office and went back to his room where he cleaned himself up. He knew what the next step in his experiment should be but he wondered if he dared to carry it out.

Quickly changing into his bathing suit, Richard went out to the pool with a towel and his control wrapped inside of it. Not seeing his mother there, he called out her name. When she didn’t answer, he went into the house looking for her. It all had to seem innocent. After calling her several times, Richard went and knocked on her bedroom door.

“Mom, you in there?” he called out. “I was looking for you. I’m ready to hang out with you by the pool.”

“I don’t really feel like it anymore,” Sara said from behind the door. “You go ahead without me.”

“Well, it wasn’t my idea,” Richard said. “I stopped working to come hang out with you because you wanted to. But if you don’t want to…”

“No, it’s not that,” Sara said from behind the door.

“I’ll just go back to work then,” Richard said.

“No, Richard, you need to do something besides work,” Sara said, opening the door.

He could see that her eyes were a bit red from crying and she had put on a robe.

“It won’t be any fun by myself,” he said. “I like hanging out with you.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, smiling in spite of herself.

“Come on,” Richard encouraged. “Let’s go.”

“Oh, all right,” Sara said. “I’ll be right there.”

“Great,” Richard said, turning and going out to the pool again.

He went out and laid down on a lounger, in a different area than his mother had been sitting just fifteen minutes ago. When she came out she came over to where he was laying and sat on the lounger next to him, letting her robe fall open. Richard could see that she was wearing another bathing suit but he now knew how beautiful she was underneath it. They laid there for several minutes soaking up the sun and talking about how college would be the next year. And he listened for the umpteenth time to how he needed to spend more time with his schoolmates, how it wasn’t good for him to always be by himself.

“I think I’ll go for a swim,” he said as Sara carried on. “How about you?’

“Oh, not yet, I don’t think,” Sara said. “You go ahead.”

Carefully picking up his towel, Richard went over to the side of the pool. Reaching down to put the towel down on the edge of the pool, he pushed a couple of the buttons on the control and dove into the water. When he broke the surface on the other side of the pool and looked back to where he had left his mother, she was playing with herself. He could hear her moaning all the way over on this side of the pool. No wonder the gardener had heard her.

“Mom, are you coming in?” he called out.

Hearing no answer, Richard swam back across the pool. Again he called to Sara and got no response but her moaning. Pulling himself out of the pool, Richard could now clearly see his mother as she played with herself, one hand pinching and pulling on her nipples, the other jammed down into her suit between her legs. Her mouth was open and she was gasping. She was looking right at him but she had a glazed look in her eyes and didn’t really seem to be seeing him.

Carefully picking up his towel and gripping the control inside of it, Richard went and stood next to his mother’s lounger and looked down at her. God, her nipples were so big, he thought. He imagined that he could hear her fingers between her legs as she played with herself.

“Mom, you okay?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, just gasped and continued playing with herself. Carefully positioning his fingers on the control, Richard hit the pause button and then asked again.

“Mom, you okay?”

“Richard,” Sara gasped, trying to orient herself. “What, what, what’s happening?” she asked, realizing that she was half naked and that her hand was jammed between her legs. “What…”

But she didn’t finish her question because Richard hit the resume button on his control. Her face contorted and she arched her back, once again in the throes of her ecstasy.

“Mom, are you okay?” he asked. “Can I help you?”

“Unghh, Richard,” Sara gasped, “oohh, yes, help,” she said, her hand between her legs increasing its speed. “I don’t — what’s — yes, help me,” she moaned, pinching her nipple and pulling on it.

“Uh, sure, Mom,” Richard said. “How can I help?”

“Unggghh,” Sara groaned. “Oh, yes,” she said, rubbing her pussy.

“Like this?” Richard said, nervously putting his hands on either side of her, his fingers entwined in the sides of her bathing suit.

“Ohhhh, yes,” Sara breathed, arching her hips.

As she lifted her hips up off the lounger, Richard slid her bathing suit down to her knees, then pulled it down to her ankles, pulling it off her feet, leaving her naked on the lounger. He just stared at his naked mother laying on the lounger, her legs spread and her hands busy in her pussy. He hadn’t realized it before, but her pussy lips were shaved smooth as a baby’s ass and he could see her fingers sliding between them and into her pussy. He watched her for a minute or so, then pushed the pause button again.

“Mom, are you okay?” he asked as her eyes cleared and she struggled to regain her equilibrium.

“Richard, what..” she began to ask, then realized that she was laying totally naked on the lounger, two fingers shoved up into her pussy. “Oh, my god,” she began as Richard pushed the resume button on his control.

Immediately Sara groaned and began to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. Richard just stared, mesmerized as he watched his mother, the idol of his dreams, playing with herself as he stood there and watched.

“Mom, what can I do?” he asked, feeling his cock growing in his pants.

“Oh, god, no control,” she gasped as she continued to play with herself.

“Can I help?” Richard asked, hesitantly reaching down and letting his hand cover one of her breasts.

“Yes, that’s…oh, yes,” she exclaimed as Richard squeezed her breast, feeling her in his hand. “Oh, yes,” she moaned, her fingers busy between her legs.

“How can I help you, Mom?” he asked, dropping to his knees next to her lounger.

Without answering, Sara put her hand behind his neck, pulling his face down until it was mashed against her breast. Not needing any advice, Richard opened his mouth and sucked her huge nipple into his mouth, almost cumming as he tasted his mother’s breast for the first time since he had been a baby. He loved the feeling and taste and texture of her nipple as he sucked on it, lightly chewing it as she continued to hold his face firmly against her.

Slowly, Richard let his hand slide from the edge of the lounger to his mother’s leg just below the knee. Not feeling any resistance, he slowly slid his hand upwards until he felt the moistness of her pussy against his fingers. He could feel his mother’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as he continued to suck on her nipples. Slowly he let his fingers slide up until they were between her pussy lips, feeling her fingers sliding back and forth against his as she pumped herself.

Richard couldn’t believe how it felt as his fingers slid in between her pussy lips, so warm and soft and wet. He hadn’t stopped sucking on her nipples the whole time as his hand moved stealthily into her pussy. Then he felt his mother pushing on his head, pushing him away from her breasts, down towards her pussy. He willingly let her push his head until his nose was tickled by the sparse hair above her pussy. He could smell her excitement and it made his cock throb all the more.

“Yes, suck me,” Sara moaned as she pushed her son’s face towards her pussy. “Suck me.”

Absolutely willingly Richard planted his mouth on his mother’s pussy, tasting her and almost cumming in his pants at the same time. He couldn’t believe it as she held his face firmly against her pussy. He let his tongue probe between her pussy lips, really tasting her for the first time. He liked the flavor and continued to slide his tongue between her pussy lips, sliding it up and down, feeling her clit and also the depression that was her hole.

As he began to suck on his mother’s pussy, Richard felt her slide her hand up his leg until she had grasped his cock which was totally hard. In response he just stuck his tongue further up into her pussy, slurping at the juices that were beginning to gather. When she pulled his bathing suit aside and released his cock, Richard stifled his groan by chewing on her distended clit, eliciting a loud groan from his mother.

Wanting to continue his experiment, yet unwilling to stop, Richard reached for his control. Pushing on the pause button, he lifted his face from his mother’s pussy.

“Mom, are you okay?” he asked, feeling her squeezing his cock.

“Oh, Richard, what’s happening to me?” she gasped, freezing, his cock in her hand.

“You asked me,” Richard responded, sliding his tongue between her pussy lips.

“But this is wrong,” Sara cried, trying to push herself away.

But just at this moment Richard pushed the resume button and Sara groaned, arching her pussy up against his mouth as he sucked on her. Richard couldn’t believe how sweet and tasty his mother’s pussy was. It was so warm and juicy as he stuck his tongue as far up inside her as possible. He could taste her juices getting thicker and filling her pussy even more and he realized that she was going to cum. His mother continued to jerk on his cock while he sucked her pussy. Then he captured her clit between his lips, teasing it with his tongue. She moaned even louder and then her whole body began to shake. Richard slid his tongue down into her hole, gluing his mouth to her pussy as he sucked at the juices that were pouring from her as she came. He couldn’t believe how delicious this was as he drank her cum cocktail.

Wanting to test things again, Richard pushed the pause button while still sucking his mother’s cumming pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Sara gasped as she convulsively gripped his cock, her pussy pressed up against her son’s mouth as he sucked on her. “What — no, no, not right,” she cried, not releasing him.

“You taste so good, Mom,” Richard said, licking her pussy again.

“Oh, Richard, no, no….yes, yes,” she cried as he pressed the resume button, holding his head tightly against her pussy as his tongue slithered in and out.

Finally Richard pushed himself to his feet, his cock still gripped in his mother’s hand. She pulled him closer, opening her mouth and swallowing his entire cock into her throat. Richard almost exploded right then and there as she began to noisily suck on him. He pressed the pause button the next time his mother buried her nose against his belly to see how she’d react.

“No, no,” Sara said, realizing that it was her son’s cock she had buried in her mouth.

As she started to pull away, Richard hit the resume button once more and immediately she sucked his cock into her mouth again, moaning and groaning. Richard felt his balls churning and knew that he was about to cum. He couldn’t believe that his beautiful mother was about to suck him off. He felt his balls spasm and then jets of hot cum were shooting from his cock into his mother’s eagerly sucking mouth. He thought he was going to cum forever as she lustily sucked on him. As he felt his orgasm subsiding, Richard hit the pause button once more. Sara’s eyes got wide as she realized what was happening but this time she didn’t stop, she just continued to suck the last of the cum from his cock.

When she finished, she let his cock fall from her mouth and hands, a look of confusion and embarrassment on her face.

“Richard, I don’t know what’s happened to me,” she said, cum smeared across her face and dribbling down her chin, her eyes filling with tears.

“It’s okay, Mom,” he replied. “It felt great. And your pussy tasted so good.”

“But this is wrong,” she cried. “You’re my son. I’m married.”

“Yeah, we both know how married dad is, don’t we?” he asked. “I love you and you love me. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“I’ve got to get dressed,” Sara said, looking around wildly. “Put that away,” she said, gesturing to his cock. “Your father might walk in any moment.”

“You know he won’t be here anytime soon,” Richard said, tucking his cock back into his bathing suit and then bending down to pick up the bottom to his mother’s suit.

“Give me that,” Sara demanded, holding out her hand for her suit.

“Let me just taste your pussy once more,” Richard implored, holding her suit out of her reach.

“Richard, stop this,” Sara said, the color rising in her cheeks as she sat naked in front of her son.

“Please,” Richard said, reaching down to pick up his towel and pushing the resume button on his control.

“Oh, Richard,” Sara sighed as he parted her knees and lowered his face once again to her sweet tasting pussy.

She gently held his head while his tongue slithered up into her pussy, drinking up her juices. Surreptitiously Richard pushed the stop button while he sucked his mother’s pussy.

“Richard, you’ve got to stop this,” Sara said, regaining her senses and pulling his face up from between her legs.

“Don’t you like it?” Richard asked, a smile on his pussy juice covered face.

“That’s not the point,” Sara replied. “You’re my son.”

“I like eating your pussy,” Richard said. “And I liked it when you sucked my cock too.”

“I’m going in now,” Sara said, flustered, grabbing her suit from him and getting to her feet.

Richard smiled as he watched his naked mother quickly walking to the house. This had worked better than he had ever imagined. He had gotten to suck his beautiful mother’s pussy and she had sucked his cock. He fleetingly wondered if they’d ever see the gardener again as he went into the house, going to his own room to work on his control, modifying it and simplifying the way it worked. He realized that he would want to program it for different people, as he assumed that everyone would have a slightly different frequency. When he finally figured out how to have the control oscillate between different settings he realized that he was ready for another type of test. But now he needed another person’s DNA to test it with.

Tired from all the activity that morning and from wracking his brain to figure out some of his programming programs, Richard lay down on his bed to take a nap. He woke up a couple of hours later when he heard a light knocking on his bedroom door.

“Richard, it’s time for lunch,” he heard his mother’s voice say.

“Is dad here?” he asked, stretching in his bed.

“No, he’s not,” he barely heard his mother reply.

“I can’t hear what you’re saying,” Richard said. “The door’s not locked.”

He held his breath, waiting to see if his mother would open the door. He was rubbing his cock through his bathing suit as he waited. Sure enough, slowly the door opened and his mother appeared in the doorway. She still had her robe on and Richard imagined that she either still had her bathing suit on underneath it or maybe even nothing.

“Now, what about dad?” he asked, his hand wrapping around the control next to him on the bed.

He could see that her eyes went to his crotch where his cock had begun to harden and was sticking out against the material of his bathing suit. He let his hand slide down and slip inside his suit, obviously grabbing his cock.

“Richard, you shouldn’t do that,” Sara said to him, her eyes never leaving him.

“Why don’t you come in and help me,” he suggested, pressing the button on the remote at the same time that he pulled his cock from his suit.

He saw his mother’s eyes glaze as he pressed the button and her hands clutched at her robe.

“Oh, Richard,” she groaned, slowly moving into the room towards his bed.

Her hands dropped from the front of her robe as she got to the edge of his bed and he could see that she was indeed naked underneath. He watched as she dropped to her knees and bent over, opening her mouth and taking his cock in. He watched as she sucked on him for a couple of minutes, then he sat up, lifting her face from his lap. Getting quickly to his feet, he pulled his mother to hers and slid her robe from her body, leaving her standing naked in front of him.

Then pulling her onto the bed with him, he positioned her so that her pussy was right over his face and he felt her suck him back into her mouth as he stuck his tongue once again into her sweet bald pussy. He loved being in a sixty-nine with his mother and he eagerly sucked her pussy, chewing on her clit as he tried to make her cum. He was quickly rewarded as she groaned and pressed her pussy even more firmly against his face as he drank up her juices. When he had finished sucking up all of her cum, he pushed and pulled, getting her to change positions so that she was laying on top of him, her breasts pressing into his chest.

He was rewarded when she lowered her face to his, kissing him long and deep, their tongues intertwining as they sucked on each other. Richard could feel his cock sticking up between them, pressing against her belly as they kissed.

“Oh, Richard, I want you, I want you,” she moaned, reaching down between their bodies to grasp his cock in her hand.

“Fuck me, mom,” Richard said to his mother, kissing her again. “Fuck me.”

Kissing him fiercely, Sara pushed herself to an upright position straddling her son, her pussy sliding on his cock that stuck up between them almost to his belly button. Richard reached up and grabbed her super hard and erect nipples between his fingers, pinching them and pulling on them. Sara moaned as she slid her pussy back and forth on Richard’s cock, making it slick. Then bringing one knee up and planting her foot on the bed next to his hip, Sara reached down and grabbed her son’s raging cock in her hand, positioning it between her smooth pussy lips at the entrance to her hole.

Richard was holding his breath in anticipation as he watched his mother slowly lower her pussy onto his cock, inch by inch until it had completely disappeared into her pussy. Richard couldn’t believe how good it felt when his mother’s pussy enveloped his cock. It was so warm and moist and he could feel her muscles clamping onto his cock as it nestled deep inside her pussy.

Like a madwoman, Sara began to slide her hips back and forth as she began to fuck her son. Richard couldn’t believe what it felt like as his cock slid in and out of his mother’s pussy as she fucked him. He watched her breasts swinging from her chest as she rode him with her mouth open, gasping each time his cock slid completely into her pussy. Richard knew that he was going to cum soon so he gripped the control in one hand and with the other reached down between his mother’s legs and began to rub her clit as she continued to ride him.

She was moaning and groaning as she thrashed his cock with her pussy. She felt herself beginning to cum at the same time she felt Richard’s cock swell inside of her. Just as his balls exploded, sending hot cum shooting into his mother’s pussy, Richard pressed the pause button on his control. Sara’s eyes cleared and she got her bearings, realizing that her son’s cock was spurting cum into her pussy as she sat on top of him. She cried out, trying to push herself away, but Richard gripped her by the hips, holding her firmly atop his cock as he continued to cum inside of her.

“Richard, no, no, stop,” Sara cried, her shame and embarrassment obvious on her face as she struggled to push away from her son’s cock.

“Oh, mom, I love your pussy,” Richard said, holding her tightly against him. “Do you like my cock inside of you?” he asked, pressing the resume button at the same time.

“Oh, Richard, yes, yes, I love your cock,” Sara gasped, her eyes glazing again. “So big, so deep,” she moaned, her pussy clamping onto his cock as she milked the last of his cum.

“Suck my cock, mom,” Richard said, releasing her hips.

“Yes, yes, suck your big beautiful cock,” Sara panted, sliding off of his cock and down his body. “Mmmm, suck this beautiful cock,” she said, grasping his slippery cock in her hands and inhaling it into her mouth.

Richard watched in shock as his mother sucked on his cum-covered cock, slurping the juices off of him as she sucked him into her throat. When she was almost finished, Richard pressed the stop button on his control. Again, Sara’s face was a study in contrasts as she realized that she was sucking her son’s cock that was covered with both of their cum. Lifting her face from his cock, but not releasing it from her hand, Sara looked at Richard with a stricken look on her face.

“Oh, Richard, I don’t know what’s happening to me,” she lamented.

“Mom, it’s okay,” Richard said. “I love sucking and fucking with you.”

“But I don’t know what’s going on,” she complained, her eyes filling with tears.

“Mom, you just came in to get me for lunch and you fucked my brains out,” Richard said. “It was fantastic. I loved it. And then you sucked my cock clean for me,” he said, smiling at her.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing,” Sara said, her hand still wrapped around Richard’s cock.

“Whatever you say, just keep doing it,” Richard laughed. “I mean, you’ve got me hard again,” he said. “Can I fuck you again?”

“What?” Sara asked, flustered, realizing that she had been holding his cock in her hand and was gently working it.

“Come on, let me fuck you once more before dad gets home,” Richard implored, his hand resting on the control.

“This has to stop,” Sara said, releasing his cock and pushing herself up.

“Are you sure?” Richard asked, pressing the button on his control.

Sara’s eyes glazed and suddenly she was grasping Richard’s cock again.

“Yes, Richard, fuck me again. Fuck me,” she said, opening her mouth and engulfing his cock.

“Well, since you insist,” Richard chuckled, watching his cock disappear into his mother’s mouth.

When Sara had sucked him for a minute or so, Richard gently pried her face from his cock, getting to his feet and standing by the bed. Positioning his mother on her hands and knees on the bed, her bald pussy pointing at him, he pressed his cock into her pussy, watching as inch after inch of it disappeared into her. Sara was moaning and thrusting back at him, out of control as she writhed on his cock. Richard fucked her with abandon, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy, loving the way it felt, all velvety and warm. Several times Richard would turn off the remote control, seeing if it made any difference. Each time it would take longer for Sara to react to her freedom, and when she would start to pull away or say anything, Richard would resume control, enjoying the power he had over her. When he felt himself ready to cum, Richard pulled his cock from his mother’s pussy and urged her to turn around, where he fed his gooey cock into his mother’s eager mouth. He came almost instantly, filling his mother’s mouth with his hot seed as she greedily gulped at it, swallowing every bit. When he had finished cumming and Sara was just sucking on him, trying to coax just a little more cum from his cock, he turned off the remote.

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“Oh, Richard, what’s happening to me?” she asked, not releasing his cock, licking it and sucking it into her mouth.

“I love the way you suck me, mom,” he said. “And I think you like it too, don’t you?”

“This is so wrong,” Sara said, still sucking on him. “I don’t understand.”

“Well, I don’t care,” Richard said. “But I think we’d better stop now, dad’s going to be home any minute.”

“Oh, god, your father,” Sara said, releasing his cock and staring at him. “What will I tell him?”

“Why tell him anything?” Richard asked, staring at her. “He’s always fucking some girl at the office. Why shouldn’t you get some pleasure too?”

“What will I do?” Sara cried, looking panic stricken.

“Look, when he gets home he always goes to the bedroom to change, right?” he asked. “Well, when he does, fuck his brains out. Maybe that way he won’t have anything left for his girlfriend and you’ll get some cock that you deserve.”

“Where did you learn to think and talk like this?” Sara said as she got to her feet, reaching for her robe.

“Go on, it’ll be okay,” Richard said, putting an arm around her shoulders, his other hand slipping between her legs to stroke her wet pussy.

“Stop that now,” Sara said, moving away from him.

“When he leaves in the morning, I’ll come to you,” Richard said, “before I go to school.”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked, flushing.

“I think you know,” Richard replied, hitting the remote for just a couple of seconds, long enough to cause Sara’s knees to weaken.

“I’ve got to go,” Sara said, moving by him to the door.

“I just heard his car,” Richard said. “If you hurry, you’ll make it to your room before he does.”

“Oh, my god,” Sara said, a stricken look on her face as she rushed out the door.

“Just do to him what you did to me and you’ll have no problems,” Richard said to her retreating form as she ran down the hallway.

He waited until he heard his father come into the house, and then a minute or so later he carefully crept down the hallway to his parents’ bedroom, listening at the door. He heard his parents talking, then he heard the bed squeak and he knew that everything was okay. Smiling, he went back to his own room, thinking about tomorrow.

They ate dinner together, and Richard was amused by how silent both of his parents were. His attempts to engage either of them in conversation failed, so they basically ate in silence. But, after dinner his father didn’t go to the office to work, he disappeared into his bedroom, his mother following. Satisfied that his plan was working, Richard went to his room to work on his plans for tomorrow.

In the morning Richard heard his father leave, the car pulling out the driveway. Picking up his remote, he went down the hallway to his parents’ room, softly knocking on the door.

“Yes, what is it?” he heard his mother’s voice sleepily ask.

“It’s me,” Richard replied. “Can I come in?”

“What is it, Richard?” Sara said.

“I just want to see you,” he replied. “Is that okay?” he asked, opening the door.

“Come in then,” Sara said, pulling the sheet up to her chin as he stepped into the room. “What is it?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing,” he explained, walking over to stand by the bed near her. “Did you have a nice night?”

“Yes, thank you,” Sara replied, blushing slightly as she remembered.

“Did dad fuck you?” he asked, leering at her.

“Richard, how dare you talk to me that way,” Sara said indignantly.

“Let’s see,” Richard said, suddenly grabbing the covers and pulling them off of his mother, only to reveal that she was totally naked in the bed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Sara said, shocked by his bold behavior, trying to pull the covers back over her nakedness.

“You said you’d fuck me after dad left this morning,” he replied, pressing a button on his remote.

“Oh, Richard, what are you doing to me?” Sara moaned, feeling her whole body become alive. “What are you doing?” she said again, sitting up and pulling him towards her.

“Here,” Richard said, pulling his cock out from his shorts, “try this.”

“Mmm,” Sara said, engulfing his cock in her mouth.

“That’s nice, mom,” Richard commented, his hands entwined in her hair, “but I want to fuck you. Lay back,” he said, gently pushing her back on the bed. “Yeah, like this,” he said, grabbing her ankles and putting them on his shoulders.

He could see right into her pussy, see the cum that his father had left there. Rubbing his cock between her bald pussy lips, Richard slipped inside of his mother’s pussy, sinking all the way in and hearing her sigh as he bottomed out. Holding her ankles out in front of himself and well apart, Richard slid his big cock in and out of his mother’s pussy, watching her as she played with her nipples, pinching them and pulling on them. When he felt himself ready to cum, he pulled his mother into a sitting position in front of him, sliding his gooey cock into her open and ready mouth where his balls exploded, filling her mouth with his hot cum.

It was at this point that Richard hit the pause button on the remote, but this time Sara did not relax one bit the intensity with which she was sucking her son’s cock, swallowing his cum as he filled her mouth. When he had finished cumming and Sara had sucked the last of his cum and swallowed it, Richard tilted her face up to his.

“You are just incredible,” he said. “I just love this.”

“Yes, well,” Sara stammered, coming to her senses. “Maybe you should go now so I can take a shower,” she suggested, staring at his cock in her face.

“Okay,” Richard agreed, “until later, that is. Okay?”

“Yes, later,” Sara said, not really hearing him.

Richard had just tucked his cock into his shorts as he opened the door to step out into the hallway. He almost ran over Juanita, the maid who came twice a week to clean the house. She stopped short, her hand going to her face as she saw him standing there only in his shorts.

“Oh, hi, Juanita,” Richard said, smiling. “Sorry about that. I should watch where I’m going,” he said, reaching out and plucking a long black hair from her shoulder. “Looks like you’ve lost one,” he said, holding it up for her to see. “Well, I’ll see you later,” he said, strolling down the hall to his own room, her hair in his hand.

It didn’t take Richard long to get cleaned up and dressed to go to school, and for once he was on time. He diligently applied himself, eager for his chance in the lab. Once he got there, he had Juanita’s DNA mapped and programmed into his remote. Now he just had to get home before she left for the day. He finally had his chance to leave and he did, getting home as quickly as possible, pleased to see that Juanita was still there working.

“Hi, Juanita,” he said, going up to her. “How’s your day been?”

“Well, okay, I guess,” she said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. “It’s a big house.”

“Yeah, I know,” Richard laughed. “Hey, if you don’t mind, will you bring me and my mother a pitcher of lemonade out by the pool. And bring yourself a glass too, okay?”

“Sure,” Juanita agreed, smiling. “I could use a break.”

Richard went and found his mother sitting in the living room reading a magazine.

“Hi, mom,” he said, bending over and kissing her cheek, letting his hands rest on her shoulders. “Nice day?”

“Quiet,” she said, “but what about you? How was school?”

“Great,” he said. “I asked Juanita to make up a pitcher of lemonade to bring out by the pool. Want some?”

“Oh, Richard, that’s a great idea,” she said, getting to her feet. “That’s okay,” he said, letting his hand slide from her shoulder down her back to brush across her ass. “Want to see her take her clothes off for us,” he said, smiling.

“You what?” Sara asked, looking at him.

“Do you think she will?” he asked.

“Well, why should she?” Sara asked him, puzzled by this.

“You did,” he said, smiling at her. “Why shouldn’t she?”

Sara opened her mouth to reply then thought better of it, just shook her head as they sat down by the pool. Shortly Juanita came out with the tray of lemonade, setting it down on the table. Sara looked at her carefully, wondering why Richard had made the comment he had.

“Juanita,” Richard began as she poured the lemonade, “would you mind taking your clothes off?”

“Excuse me?” she said, turning to look at him. “You want me to take my clothes off?”

“Well, if you don’t mind,” Richard said, pressing a button on the remote in his pocket.

“Oh, oh, I, I..” Juanita stammered, a glazed expression crossing her face.

“Would you like me to help you?” Richard asked, standing up.

“I, I, I feel like…” Juanita tried to say, hugging herself with her arms.

Sara watched in amazement as Richard gently unzipped Juanita’s uniform from behind, pushing it down over her hips to the ground where she stepped out of it, standing there in her bra, panties and shoes. Richard stood in front of her, reaching around behind to open her bra. Juanita just leaned up against him, molding her body to his.

“Your panties now,” Richard whispered into her ear, flicking it with his tongue. “Your panties.”

Moaning, Juanita pushed her panties to the floor, stepping out of them to reveal her thick black bush between her legs. Her big heavy breasts had large dark nipples that were sticking up hard and straight at the end.

“See, mom, she didn’t mind,” Richard said, turning to smile at his open-mouthed mother. “She has a nice body too, doesn’t she?” Richard asked, standing behind Juanita and reaching around under her arms to cup her breasts in his hands, rolling the nipples between his fingers as Juanita leaned against him moaning.

“Richard, what are you doing?” Sara asked finally, her cheeks flaming as she watched her son play with the suddenly uncontrollably sensual maid.

“Take off your clothes, mom,” Richard said, letting one hand slide down Juanita’s stomach to slip between her legs and feel the warmth inside her pussy lips.

“What are you talking about?” Sara asked indignantly, standing up.

“Here, I’ll help,” Richard said, releasing Juanita and pressing his remote again, then moving over to his now helpless mother.

It took him only a minute and he then had both his mother, blonde with a shaved pussy, and Juanita, black hair and a big full bush between her legs, completely naked. It was quite a contrast. He pulled the three of them into a huddle, their arms around each other, kissing first his mother on one side, then Juanita on the other, his hands sliding down their backs to their asses. Then he encouraged them to kiss each other and they did, so out of control were they. Richard slipped out of the huddle, leaving them in each other’s arms kissing, their hands wandering over each other’s bodies, feeling and exploring as Richard quickly undressed.

Moving back over to them, Richard gently pulled them down onto the pool deck, easily manipulating them so that they lay with their faces between each other’s legs. With no prompting from him they each began to eat the pussy in front of them. Richard loved seeing his mother’s pink tongue slipping in and out of Juanita’s dark pussy. He could see her glazed eyes and she slurped at Juanita’s furry muff. Moving around so that he could see Juanita sucking his mother’s pussy, Richard was amazed at the fervor with which she ate her pussy. She was using both of her hands to hold Sara’s pussy lips wide open, her fingers and tongue all sliding in and out of her hole. She was actually making noises as she sucked, noises of lust and pleasure.

Moving back around to where his mother was sucking on Juanita’s pussy, Richard knelt down with his knees on either side of his mother’s head, his balls resting on her face. Rubbing his cock in between Juanita’s pussy lips, feeling his mother’s tongue licking him as well as Juanita, he slowly began to push his cock into Juanita’s pussy, feeling the incredible warmth and wetness of her pussy as his cock slowly slid all the way in. Now Juanita was like an animal, growling as she continued to suck Sara’s pussy, but also writhing on his cock as he began to fuck her, pressing back against him, her pussy muscles seeming to milk his cock. Every few strokes Richard would let his cock slip from Juanita’s pussy into his mother’s mouth so she could suck on him, then he would slam it back into Juanita, loving the feel of her pussy as it clasped his cock.

When he finally felt himself ready to cum, Richard buried his cock deep inside of Juanita’s pussy, feeling his balls explode and cum shoot into her. Juanita was grinding her ass against him, milking his cock as he filled her pussy with cum. When he finished cumming, he slowly slid his cock from Juanita’s pussy, letting if fall all gooey into his mother’s open and waiting mouth. He looked down and watched as his mother sucked all the combined cum from his cock, Juanita’s pussy gaping open and a bit of cum starting to dribble. When he withdrew his cock from his mother’s mouth, she immediately returned to sucking Juanita’s pussy, slurping at his cum inside of her and drinking the cum cocktail that filled her pussy.

Reaching for his remote, Richard pressed the stop button as he watched them sucking each other’s pussies. They didn’t miss a beat. Even without the remote controlling them, they just sucked on each other until finally they both just collapsed, laying there breathing hard.

“Oh, Richard, I can’t believe what’s happening to me,” Sara said, looking at him from between Juanita’s thighs.

“How are you, Juanita?” he asked, rubbing her pussy.

“Oh, I’m so surprised by all of this,” she replied, pressing back against his hand. “I’ve never done anything like this before. But I like it.”

“Did you like sucking mom’s pussy?” he asked.

“It tastes so sweet,” she replied. “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“Neither have I,” Sara said. “It’s very exciting. And you’re so juicy. Is my pussy like that?”

“Oh, yes,” Juanita laughed, pushing herself off of Sara and sitting on the deck. “Like drinking a cup of sweet nectar. And the way you shave yourself, it’s like a little girl.”

“Here, mom, you kneel on top of Juanita for a minute,” Richard said, pulling his mother so that her pussy was over Juanita’s face. “You two have made me horny again,” he said, slipping his cock into his mother’s pussy.

He heard her gasp as his cock filled her, the first time he had tried this without the remote helping him. But she didn’t complain, just pressed back against him as he began to fuck her. Almost immediately he felt Juanita’s nose pressing against his balls and her tongue on his shaft as he slid in and out of his mother’s pussy. Reaching forward, he gently pushed Sara’s head down until she willingly buried her face in Juanita’s pussy again. He fucked his mother for more than five minutes before he felt himself beginning to cum, and then he pulled his cock from her pussy and let Juanita suck on him as his balls exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. When she had finished sucking him, she glued her mouth to Sara’s pussy, sucking on her until she too came. Then the three of them just lay on the deck resting from their exertions.

“I guess we’d better get dressed before dad gets home,” Richard finally said. “He should be here soon.”

“Oh, my god, your father,” Sara said, scrambling to her feet. “I forgot all about him.”

“Will we do this again?” Juanita asked as she pulled her clothes on.

“Sure we will,” Richard said, ” right, mom?”

“It was nice,” Sara said, blushing.

“I’d like to,” Juanita said, “that is if you want to.”

“Sure we will,” Richard said. “Whenever you’re here. But don’t wear any panties when you’re here any more, okay?” he asked. “That way we can have fun easily.”

“Okay,” Juanita laughed, pulling her panties back off and throwing them to Richard. “Here’s a souvenir.”

“Thanks,” Richard laughed, hugging Juanita and kissing her, letting his hand slide under her skirt to caress her pussy. “You too, mom, no more panties around the house, okay?”

“You’re so silly,” Sara laughed, also stepping out of her panties. “What will your father think?”

“If he finds out, I’ll bet he likes it,” Richard said, taking her panties from her. “Here, Juanita, a souvenir for you,” he said, giving her his mother’s panties.

“I’ll never wash them,” Juanita said, holding them to her face and breathing in deeply. “I always want to be able to smell you.”

They all laughed and went back into the house, Juanita to continue with her chores and Richard and Sara to the kitchen where they were just in time to greet his father.

“Hello, dear,” Sara said, leaning up to kiss him.

John noticed that Sara’s mouth tasted different than what he was used to, but the thought of what that taste was seemed impossible to him so he just shrugged it off. When he went to his room to change, Sara went with him, dropping to her knees and sucking on his cock when he had dropped his pants.

“Sara, what’s gotten into you?” he asked as he stood there.

“I’m just so horny,” she replied, looking up at him. “I hope you saved enough for me too.”

“What is this?” he demanded, pulling her to her feet.

“Please fuck me, John,” she said, smiling at him. “I want to feel your cock inside of me,” she said, pulling him with her as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Laying back, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the bed, Sara flipped her skirt up, exposing her pussy to him, still bright and pink from the fucking it had just received from her son. With a growl, John grabbed Sara by the ankles, pulling them up onto his shoulders. Then he jammed his cock into her wide open pussy without any preamble, liking the way she gasped as he filled her suddenly. Then he was fucking her and Sara was trying to lift her hips to meet every thrust, trying to fuck him back. Even though he had fucked his secretary twice that day, when he did cum he filled her pussy to overflowing as his balls emptied themselves into her. When he finished, he released her ankles, his gooey cock hanging in front of him as he stared down at her. Then to his total surprise Sara sat up, leaned over and began to suck on his cock, something she had never done before after they had had sex together. When she had finished sucking him clean, she smiled up at him.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked. “You’ve never done that before.”

“Well, if I want you, I’m going to have to be at least as creative as your secretary, aren’t I?” she said, her smile never leaving her face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” John tried to bluff.

“Of course you do,” Sara said. “It’s just that I’ve never known how to deal with it. Now I do. If you want to fuck her and those other women, fine, just leave enough for me too. Because I’m going to expect it every day before you go to work, when you get home, and when we go to bed. If you can service all of us, good for you. But I’m your wife and I expect to get mine.”

“You really don’t mind?” John asked, astonished.

“You can bring her here if you like,” Sara said. “But you better have enough for me, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’m not going to let this go to waste,” she said, blatantly rubbing herself between the legs, feeling his cum dribble from her pussy. “If you’re not going to take care of me, I’ll find someone who will. Got it?” she asked, bringing her hand up to her mouth and licking her fingers.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he glowered.

“You just try me,” Sara replied. “I’ve had enough. Or I should say I haven’t had enough.”

“I’m going to take a shower,” John said.

“That’s okay,” Sara said, sitting up. “I’ll go see if Juanita is finished yet.”

Sara smiled to herself as she got to her feet. Now she understood why she had been acting the way she had lately. She was just horny. And somehow because of it all she had been able to finally deal with John. She looked through the house for Juanita and didn’t find her. Then thinking about it, she went to Richard’s closed door and listened. Hearing what she thought was Juanita’s voice, she smiled to herself and opened the door and walked in.

What she found was Juanita laying on her back, her head hanging off the bed while Richard was on top of her, fucking her. When Richard saw the smile on his mother’s face he didn’t stop his cock from sliding in and out of Juanita’s sweet pussy. Sara moved closer until she was standing right by Juanita’s head. Then smiling even more broadly as she had an idea, she lifted her skirt and lowered her pussy to Juanita’s mouth and was instantly rewarded by Juanita’s tongue sliding up into her pussy.

“I finally confronted your father,” Sara said to her son as he fucked the maid while at the same time she sucked her pussy.

“What did you do?” Richard asked, surprised by his mother’s sudden bold behavior.

“I told him I knew about his secretary and the others and that I didn’t mind,” Sara told him, sighing as Juanita’s tongue lathed her pussy. “But I also told him he had to satisfy me three times a day or I’d find someone who would,” she said, laughing. “He didn’t like that.”

“How did you convince him?” Richard asked, laughing with her.

“Well,” she said, looking her son in the eye, “I sucked his cock after he fucked me. I’ve never done that before with him.”

“Oh, god, I’m going to cum,” Richard groaned, his mother’s story exciting him beyond control.

Sara lay forward on Juanita’s body, pulling her son’s cock from her pussy and sucking it into her mouth just as the first gush of cum came shooting from it. She greedily sucked his cock until his cum stopped leaking from the end, then she released him and lowered her face to Juanita’s swampy pussy, sucking on the juicy wetness of it until she felt her stiffen in orgasm. When she had finished sucking all of Juanita’s cum she pushed herself to her feet again.

“I told your father I was looking for Juanita,” she explained. “Now that I’ve found her,” she said with a smile, “I’d better appear with her.”

Juanita got to her feet, a smile on her face and followed Sara from Richard’s room. When they got to the kitchen John was there getting something to drink.

“So, you found her,” he said, smiling at his wife.

“Yes, and she’s finished for today,” Sara replied. “But I’d like you to come twice a week from now on, Juanita, okay? Can you do that?”

“Certainly,” Juanita smiled. “It would be my pleasure. Thank you.”

“See you next time then,” Sara said, a smile on her face.

All through dinner Richard realized that his remote control was nothing more than an inhibitions bypass mechanism that unlocked a person’s inhibitions so they could do what they’d really like to do anyway. It was the only explanation for his mother’s behavior today and also Juanita’s. Obviously it had been harder to break down his mother’s inhibition towards incest with her son, which explained by Juanita was so easy. Boy was life going to be interesting, he thought.

The next week went by quickly and Richard was a little disappointed not to see so much of his mother. But on the other hand, he was very happy to see his parents seeming to be really getting along. His father was getting home at a normal hour and then staying and his mother seemed to be positively glowing. Her strategy must have worked. When Juanita came to clean, Richard loved grabbing her two or three times and fucking her. She was always totally willing, and if his mother wasn’t available, at least she was. Then one morning at breakfast it all changed again.

“I have to work late today,” John said at breakfast, so I won’t be home for dinner.

“Do you have to?” Sara asked, smiling at him, still glowing from her morning fuck, wearing only a long t-shirt.

“I really do,” John admitted. “But I’ll be home before you have to go to bed,” he assured her, smiling back.

“Well, if you have to,” Sara acquiesced.

When his father left for work Richard and Sara were still sitting together at the table, though she hadn’t said a thing since.

“I think I’ll go visit your father at work,” she said finally.

“Really? When?” he asked.

“Oh, about a half an hour after I know that he should have gone for the day,” Sara said with a smile. “I’d like to see the work he’s doing.”

“You two seem to be getting along a lot better lately,” Richard said, keeping a neutral expression on his face.

“Yes, we have,” Sara smiled. “And I think it’s thanks to you.”

“Oh, why?” Richard asked, blushing.

“I think you know,” Sara laughed. “But I’ve neglected you, haven’t I?”

“Oh, no,” Richard protested. “The only thing I care about is you two. I’ll be fine.”

“Yes, I know you and Juanita have fun when she’s here,” Sara said. “And your father has been keeping his word.”

“And you don’t wear panties any more,” Richard said suddenly.

“How do you know?” Sara asked, blushing.

“Juanita does the laundry,” he explained.

“And what do you think of that?” Sara asked, getting to her feet.

“Just how easy it must be to reach under your shirt and touch your wet pussy,” he said, doing just that.

“Richard!” Sara said, trying to step back but unable to because of Richard’s fingers up inside of her. “You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Don’t you like it?” he asked, his thumb finding her clit and gently rubbing it.

“We shouldn’t,” she protested, a soft moan escaping her as her son’s talented fingers worked on her.

“Just sit here,” Richard said, releasing his hard cock from his shorts. “Please,” he said, pulling her closer so that she was standing with her legs on either side of his, his cock pointed up towards her pussy.

“Oh, Richard,” Sara sighed, caressing his cheek with her hand. “What have we come to?” she asked, reaching down beneath her to grasp her son’s cock in her hand.

Richard smiled as she lowered herself onto his cock, her warm wetness enveloping him as her pussy gripped his cock. Sara began to move back and forth, slowly fucking her son as he pulled her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her naked on his lap with his cock inside of her. Cupping her breasts in his hands, Richard leaned forward and began to suck and chew on her nipples, sending jolts of excitement coursing through her body as she rode his cock. Even though it had been a week, Sara marveled at how big and strong he was, the way his cock filled her as she fucked him. When she felt him ready to cum, Sara slipped off his cock down to her knees between his legs, capturing him again in her mouth, tasting herself on his cock as she sucked him until he started cumming in her mouth. Richard watched his mother’s face as she swallowed his cum, loving her even more as she sucked him until he was drained.

“Gosh, mom, there’s just nobody like you,” he sighed as she stood up, a smile on her face.

“I wish your father thought so,” Sara said, picking up her t-shirt, “then I wouldn’t have to go spy on him tonight.”

“Can I come with you?” Richard asked, reaching out to rub his mother’s wet pussy.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Sara said, stepping back out of his reach before she succumbed again.

“Why not?” Richard asked. “We could tell him we came to take him to dinner. That way he wouldn’t necessarily think you were just coming to catch him with his secretary.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Sara mused. “It’s actually a good idea. He might act differently if you were there too.”

“Then I can come?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes, you can come with me,” Sara said, stepping forward and leaning over and kissing him, their tongues meeting.

When it was time to leave later that afternoon, Richard’s eyes popped open when he saw how his mother was dressed. She had on a see-thru silk blouse with nothing on underneath, her nipples standing out clearly, and hard. She was wearing a skirt with it, halfway up from her knees which showed her beautiful legs off.

“Mom, you look good enough to eat,” Richard said, hugging her.

“I am,” Sara said with a laugh, liking the feel of her son’s hard body pressing against her as he hugged her.

“And are you…” Richard began, letting his hand slip under her skirt to cup her naked pussy.

“Now, stop that,” Sara said, stepping away from him. “Not now.”

Richard smiled at her, following her out to the car. They didn’t talk the whole way into town, but Sara smiled at him when she got to the office door and found it locked, having seen John’s car still in its parking space. Using her own key to the office which John didn’t even know she had, Sara opened the door, quietly stepping inside, Richard right behind her. Moving over to the door into John’s office, Sara listened at the door for a second, then turned to look at Richard, a sad look in her eyes. She nodded once, saying everything with that look, then took a deep breath. Putting her hand on the doorknob, Sara turned and breezed into John’s office at the same time that she spoke.

“Hello, John,” she began, “we just came to see if you wanted to go to dinner with us, but I can see you’re already eating,” she said as she saw her husband sitting at his desk, Fawn, his secretary, laying on top of the desk, her feet dangling over his shoulders and her head dangling off the front of the desk as he bent forward to eat her pussy.

“Sara, what are you doing here?” John demanded, a red flush suffusing his face as he sat up, then getting angry when he saw that Richard was in the room with her. “And why did you bring Richard?”

“I told you, we thought you might come to dinner with us,” she said, the smile never leaving her face as she slowly walked towards the desk.

Fawn began to struggle to get up, but in the position that she was in she needed a little help.

“Oh, don’t bother, Fawn,” Sara said, moving so that she was standing with her legs on either side of Fawn’s head. “I’m sure you’re more comfortable this way.”

“Sara,” John began, “you said you didn’t…”

“Yes, I don’t mind, actually,” Sara said. “She’s got really warm breath, doesn’t she?” Sara said suddenly, lifting her skirt so her husband could see that her naked pussy was only an inch above Fawn’s face. “Has she eaten yet?” Sara asked, pressing her pussy down and rubbing it all over Fawn’s face.

“Sara!” John said, staring as she continued to rub her pussy all over Fawn’s captive face.

“Are you going to satisfy both of us?” Sara asked, still smiling. “That was the deal, remember? You can have all the Fawns you’d like, but you always have to satisfy me too, right?”

“What do you say, Fawn?” Sara asked, lifting her pussy from her face. “Is he man enough for both of us?”

“Sara, I don’t know what to say,” Fawn began.

“Oh, that’s all right,” Sara said. “Really. And you have the cutest little pussy, don’t you,” Sara said, reaching out and rubbing her finger between Fawn’s spread pussy lips.

“I want to watch you fuck her, John,” Sara said, smiling at him.

“Sara, quit being ridiculous,” John said. “What about Richard?”

“Oh, I think Richard’s old enough to be able to see exactly what kind of a father he has, to see if he’s the kind of man he’d like to grow up to be,” Sara replied. “Come over here, Richard,” she said. “I want you to stand close so you can see,” she said, dropping her skirt so that her pussy was covered.

Richard’s heart was in his throat as he saw the look on his father’s face as he slowly moved over to stand in front of the desk next to his mother.

“No, stand over next to your father,” Sara said. “Look at how cute Fawn’s pussy is. I want you to see your father fucking her.”

“Sara, this has gone far enough,” John said.

“If you do, I’ll suck your cock for you when you’re done,” Sara said, a twinkle in her eye as she smiled at him. “And if you don’t, you can’t come home, ever,” she said, just as sweetly. “So that’s your choice, either fuck her in front of me and then I’ll suck your cock, or find someplace else to live. It’s your choice,” she said. “How would you choose, Richard?” she asked, smiling at her son who stood so nervously at his father’s side

“That’s how you want it?” John asked, staring at her. “This is what you want?”

“Yes,” Sara replied simply, “and use your tongue this time, Fawn,” Sara added, again lowering herself until she felt her pussy on Fawn’s face again.

Richard watched in amazement as his father dropped his pants to the floor and pulled out his cock. He was surprised to see that it wasn’t quite as big as his own, but then he remembered how snug his mother’s pussy always felt and he understood. Fawn’s pussy was beautiful to him. She had a small thatch of brunette hair above her slit but her pussy lips were hairless, like his mothers. He could see that she was wet between her parted pussy lips and that her clit was swollen and sticking out from between them. He watched as his father slipped his cock into her, easily burying himself deep inside of her.

“Use your tongue, Fawn,” Sara said, grinding her hips on her face as she watched her husband begin to fuck her. “Yes, that’s better,” she sighed, stopping her motion. “You’ve never done this before, have you?” Sara asked, squeezing Fawn’s breasts through her clothes. “This is in the way,” she said, unbuttoning Fawn’s blouse.

Fawn’s bra was one of the type that fasten in the front and Sara quickly unfastened it, freeing her breasts.

“Oh, these are nice,” Sara commented, squeezing Fawn’s full breasts in her hands, her fingers finding her hard, erect nipples and pulling on them. “Would you like to see?” she asked, smiling at her husband as he pumped his cock in and out of Fawn’s pussy.

As Richard watched in shock, his mother lifted the front of her skirt, showing him and his father Fawn’s tongue slithering around in her open pussy. John groaned and Richard realized that his father was cumming in Fawn’s pussy. Sara smiled and moved off of Fawn’s face and came around the desk. Richard moved out of her way as she reached between John’s legs from behind and cupped his balls in her hand as he continued to cum. Then she dropped to her knees next to him, suddenly pulling his cock from Fawn’s pussy and taking it into her mouth. John groaned loudly as Sara continued to suck on his cock, her tongue teasing the slit at the end as she sucked him dry.

“Umm, that’s tasty,” she said as she released his now clean cock and licking her lips. “Very tasty,” she said, turning to the side and lowering her mouth onto Fawn’s cum-filled pussy in front of her.

Richard watched in delight as his mother ate Fawn’s pussy. He saw the look of disbelief, quickly replaced by what could only be called lust on his father’s face as he watched his wife eating the pussy of his secretary that he had just cum in. Richard saw his father’s cock getting hard again as he watched his wife eating Fawn’s cum-filled pussy. Sara lifted her face from Fawn’s pussy, turned and smiled up at first her husband, then at him. He was surprised by that. When she saw her husband’s hard cock she got to her feet.

“That’s what I want,” Sara said, holding his cock in her hand. “Now fuck me too,” she said, Fawn’s pussy juices smeared across her mouth.

Sara crawled up onto the desk, laying on top of Fawn with her face returning to Fawn’s pussy. John moved around the desk behind her, pulling up her skirt and jamming his cock into her hot pussy, his balls sliding across Fawn’s face as he fucked her. Richard watched in astonishment as his father fucked his mother while she ate his secretary’s pussy in front of him. His own cock was raging in his pants and he didn’t know what to do. He saw the look of anger combined with lust on his father’s face as he fucked his mother hard. Then he noticed that he was looking at him with a strange smile on his face.

“Well, Richard, what do you think of your mother now?” he asked. “You didn’t know she was such a slut, did you?”

“I didn’t know you were either,” he replied without thinking.

“What well, I guess you’re right about that,” John said, laughing as he continued to fuck Sara. “But I’ll bet you’re ready for some of this, aren’t you?” he asked.

Richard just looked at him dumbly, not believing that his father was asking him if he wanted to fuck his mother. John saw the look on his face and laughed again.

“No, why don’t you fuck Fawn,” he suggested. “I know she’d enjoy it, wouldn’t you Fawn. Go on, let’s see what you can do,” John insisted. “Get your face out of the way, Sara, and let Richard fuck Fawn.”

Sara lifted her pussy juice smeared face from Fawn’s pussy, smiling up at her son as he stood there.

“Do as your father says, Richard,” she said, sliding two fingers in and out of Fawn’s pussy. “I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Hardly daring to believe what was happening, Richard stepped forward towards the desk, undoing his pants at the same time. When he stood in front of Fawn’s spread legs, looking into her pussy where his mother’s fingers were plunging in and out, he dropped his pants, pulling his hard cock out. John’s eyes narrowed a little bit when he saw the size of his son’s cock, realizing that it was bigger than his. Then Richard moved forward, rubbing his cock between Fawn’s pussy lips which his mother was holding open for him. Placing the head of his cock where his mother’s fingers had been just a few seconds before, Richard pushed himself into Fawn’s pussy, feeling her envelope him as he slowly buried his cock deep inside of her. Fawn groaned and John could feel her tongue on his balls and cock as he continued to fuck Sara. Richard was now fucking Fawn, loving the feel of her pussy as his cock slid in and out.

He noticed that his father was watching him with a strange look in his eyes. Richard didn’t know if it was because he was fucking his secretary/girlfriend or what. But that didn’t stop him from slamming his cock in and out of Fawn’s tight pussy. Her moaning was filling the room as Richard fucked her. It must have really excited John, plus the fact that he had been fucking Sara for quite a while now, but he grunted a couple of times, slamming his cock into Sara as deep as he could, then throwing his head back, his mouth open in a silent scream as he began to cum. It was so exciting and Richard had been so aroused for so long that he too began to cum, his cock spurting into Fawn’s grasping pussy as he and his father came at the same time, each filling the pussy he was fucking.

Richard had almost finished cumming when he felt his mother grab his cock and pull it from Fawn’s pussy, sucking it into her mouth and swallowing the last of his cum and cleaning him off at the same time. Richard couldn’t tell if his father had noticed or not as his mother released his cock, diving into Fawn’s cum-filled pussy and sucking on her, eating and swallowing their combined juices. As Richard stepped back, out of breath, his face flushed, he could see that his father had pulled his cock from his mother’s pussy and let it fall into Fawn’s mouth where she was busy sucking on him, essentially doing the same thing that his mother had done for him. He could hear her gasping as Sara’s tongue drove her over the edge again, then he watched as she released his father’s cock and grabbed Sara by the hips, pulling her pussy down to her mouth and sucking on her, drinking up the juices that filled her sweet pussy.

There was a profound silence as everybody finally stopped, catching their breath. Then Richard was surprised by the smile on his father’s face as he looked at him.

“Welcome to the family, son,” John said, holding out his hand.

“Thanks, dad,” Richard said, firmly grasping his father’s hand. “Thanks a lot.”

“How did you like Fawn’s pussy?” he asked.

“Just great,” he replied, wondering what else there could possibly be to say.

“And what about my son’s cock, Fawn?” he asked. “Did that satisfy you?”

“Oh, yes,” Fawn gasped as Sara carefully got up off of her. “He stuffed me but good.”

“Thanks for sucking my pussy, Fawn,” Sara said, leaning over and kissing her, her eyes wide open as she watched Fawn’s face go from astonishment to closed eyes as she kissed her back, their tongues swirling as they tasted each other.

“Oh, you taste so nice though,” Fawn said as they broke their kiss. “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“Well, now I know why John likes your pussy so much,” she said. “So do I.”

“Me too,” Richard added, and everyone laughed.

“Pull your pants up, Richard,” Sara said. “We’ll go to dinner because your father said he had some work to do and I know he wouldn’t lie to me. So let’s let him get his work done and we’ll see him later at the house. And, Fawn, please don’t hesitate to come visit us. I’d much rather you do that than me having to come down here, you know what I mean?”

“Oh, Sara, thank you,” Fawn stammered. “I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any grief. I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh, I know it’s not your fault,” Sara said. “He’s always been like this. I’ve just learned how to deal with it, that’s all. Besides, I do like you and I would like to see you again, especially at our house. And if you have a boyfriend or something like that, please bring him. I’m sure he’ll be made welcome,” she said, staring at her husband. “Won’t he, John.”

“Definitely,” John said, totally taken aback by the turn of events. He couldn’t believe that this was his wife Sara who was acting so brazen, walking in on him while he was with Fawn and then joining in, even to the point of going down on her. And bringing Richard with her. What was she thinking? And she had watched as Richard had fucked Fawn right under her nose. His whole world felt like it was coming apart, yet at the same time he felt as though it was coalescing in a much better configuration.

Richard was in a daze for the rest of the evening, hardley noticing the wonderful meal that he and his mother had. All he could think of was the fact that he had fucked his father’s girlfriend right in front of him. The only thing worse would be if he got caught fucking his mother. He couldn’t believe that his father hadn’t noticed when Sara had sucked his cock after he had fucked Fawn and cum. When they finally got home, Richard saw that John’s car was there. When they walked into the house, he was sitting on the sofa, a large drink in his hand.

“Oh, there you are,” Sara said, a smile on her face. “To think we got home after you. We had such a nice dinner. It’s a shame you had to work.”

“Sara, I don’t even know what to say,” John began. “You’ve just totally blown my mind.”

“Well, don’t say anything then,” she said, “let’s just see if there’s any life left in that cock of yours,” she said, reaching down and unzipping his pants. “Hopefully Fawn left me something,” she said as she fished his cock out. “Yes, I think this will do,” she said, dropping down to her knees and beginning to suck on his cock, feeling it rapidly grow larger in her mouth.

“Richard, don’t you have something to do?” John said in a strangled voice as Sara sucked on his cock.

“No, let him stay,” Sara said, lifting her face from his cock. “I want him to know us better and there’s no better way,” she said, getting to her feet and lifting her skirt as she sat on John’s lap, his cock sliding easily up into her pussy. “Are you ashamed of loving me?” she asked as she began to slide her hips back and forth, fucking him.

“You know better,” John said, reaching under her skirt to grab her hips.

“This feels so good,” Sara said, sitting upright and keeping her hips moving. “Yes,” she hissed, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it off, her breasts swinging in John’s face, her nipples hard and firm. “Suck my nipples,” she said, holding her breasts in her hands, the nipples pointing at John.

Eagerly he reached up and cupped her breasts, bringing them together so that he could suck on both of her nipples at the same time. Sara arched into him, enjoying the feeling of his teeth nibbling on her nipples as she slid back and forth on his cock. She reached down and unzipped the zipper on her skirt, then pulled it up over her head, causing John to release her breasts for a moment. Then she sat naked on his cock and Richard could see it as it disappeared in and out of his mother’s bald pussy.

“Let me turn around,” Sara said, lifting slightly and turning so that she was facing Richard, her back to John. “Yes, that’s nice,” she said, lifting her feet so that they were on John’s thighs, her pussy spread wide and her swollen clit easily visible to Richard as he watched his father’s cock moving in and out of her pussy. “Yes, that’s good,” Sara said as John reached around her to grasp her breasts, squeezing them as they fucked.

Sara reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit with a finger, licking her lips and smiling at Richard at the same time. Richard couldn’t believe it as he watched his parents fucking . This was actually more erotic than what had happened at the office not a few hours ago. His cock was hard in his pants and he really wanted to cum somewhere. Then he heard his father groan and he knew that he was cumming. Quickly Sara climbed off of his cock, kneeling on the floor and directing the stream of cum into her mouth as her lips closed around the shaft of his cock, sucking on him as he came in her mouth, tasting herself on his cock as she sucked all of his cum that he had to offer

“God, Sara, I’m dying,” John gasped, sprawled on the sofa. “I can’t take any more.”

“Well, you’d better not be wasting so much energy on Fawn,” she said, smiling as she stood up, “because I’m going to be wanting more and more and more, I just know it.”

“I’ve got to go to bed,” John said, exhaustion on his face.

“Well, you go right ahead,” Sara said. “I’ll be there in a minute and I’m sure you’ll be ready for some more, won’t you?”

“Oh, Sara, you’re going to kill me,” John said as he staggered to his feet.

“No, but I will fuck you to death if you’re not careful,” she said, kissing him. “And maybe I’ll fuck you to death even if you are.”

“Night, dad,” Richard said as his father staggered out of the room.

“Night, son,” John said, “sleep well.”

“You too.”

“Well, I think I’ve got everything under control now, don’t you?” Sara asked Richard, her face shining.

“I’d say so,” Richard agreed with her, staring. He couldn’t believe he had caused all of this with his science project.

“But I’d say you’ve got a problem, am I right?” Sara asked, staring at his cock bulging in his pants. “Come on, fuck me real quick then go to bed, okay?” Sara said, smiling at him. “Go ahead,” she said, turning around and leaning over the sofa back, her pussy pointing at him. “He’s too exhausted to come out here and catch us.”

“Gosh, mom, you’re the greatest,” Richard said, tearing open his pants and pulling his cock out, stuffing it into her pussy. “Oh, yes,” he said as he felt her familiar pussy clasp onto his cock and begin to milk him while he fucked her.

“You’ve got a much nicer cock than your father,” Sara said, one hand busy between her legs rubbing her clit as Richard fucked her. “Fawn thought so too, I could tell.”

“What do you mean?” Richard said, not missing a beat.

“Well, you are bigger than he is, so it feels much nicer, especially since you use it so well,” she said, wriggling her ass against him as he fucked her. “I want you to cum inside of me,” she said. “Come on, fuck me, cum inside of me,” she said, pressing back against him.

Richard groaned as he lost control, feeling his mother’s pussy muscles clamping down on his cock and milking him as he began to cum. He came what felt like gallons before his cock finally slid from his mother’s pussy.

“That was wonderful,” Sara said, turning around and kissing her son. “You’re a good fuck, Richard,” she said, dropping to her knees and sucking his cock clean. “Yes, a very good fuck,” she said, getting to her feet. “Now I’m going to go get your father to eat my pussy because I know he’s too tired to fuck me any more.”

“But you’re full of my cum,” Richard said, staring at her.

“Yes, I am, aren’t I,” Sara agreed, smiling at him. “I’m sure he’ll love it, even if he doesn’t know about it.”

“You’re really doing a number on him, aren’t you?” Richard observed.

“Do you think I’m being unfair?” Sara asked, glaring at him. “How many years has he been cheating on me, on us? I’ll either change him or kill him. Either way, he’ll enjoy it, won’t he?”

“I guess,” Richard said, smiling at her, marveling at her tenacity and admiring again her beautiful body.

“I just want him to look at me the way you do,” she said softly. “Your eyes adore me when they look at me that way, don’t they?”

“I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world,” Richard said. “I can’t believe you’re my mother. I can’t believe any of this, actually.”

“Good night, Richard,” Sara said, leaning up and kissing him tenderly.

“Night, mom,” he said, turning and wandering down the hallway to his bedroom. “Wow!”