Boyfriend Gets It in the End

My girlfriend, Amber, and I returned to my dorm room with a friend of mine, Drew, after a party. We were all kind of drunk, and I could tell Amber was up to something. She usually gets pretty mischievous when she’s had a few.

“That sure was a fun party. But I don’t think the fun has to end just yet,” Amber giggled as she twirled around in my room.

Drew and I chuckled as we watched my petite girlfriend dance. Her demeanor slowly changed as she moved to the music. Her eyes smoldered at us as her lithe body undulated provocatively. She began to rub her small, firm tits while her slender hips bucked with the music. Drew looked at me quizzically, and I could only shrug my shoulders in reply.

Amber smiled impishly at me as she danced toward us. Her eyes locked on mine, she ground her crotch against Drew’s knees. My friend wasn’t sure what to do, but his hands tentatively lifted and began to stroke Amber’s breasts through her blouse. Amber raised her arms over her head and arched her chest toward Drew’s hands. She moaned softly as she fucked her pelvis against his legs. She then flashed a seductive grin at us and spun away.

“Sean, what’s going on here?” Drew breathed hotly as Amber began to writhe before us.

“I’m not sure, but just go with it,” I replied.

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyishly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew’s head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her smallish breasts. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

I could tell Amber was enjoying herself immensely. She was a bit of an exhibitionist and liked to dance for me. But stripping in front of my friend gave her an added thrill. It excited me as well. I love Amber’s hard, little willing body, but I also love her spontaneous and kinky mind. I knew she was really dancing to entice Drew, but it turned me on knowing my friend was getting hot watching my girlfriend.

I didn’t know how far Amber would go with this, but I was bound to find out. Her hips swayed side to side as her erotic dance continued. She then bent over and slowly shimmied out of her skirt. She kicked the skirt aside and, still bent over, tugged down her panties. They stuck momentarily in the wet crevice of her cunt, then slid down around her ankles. I heard Drew gasp as Amber’s firm ass waved in the air at us, her swollen pussy-lips visible between her slender thighs.

Amber gave us a long look at her delectable ass, then turned and gave us a full view of her nubile body. She grinned sexily at us as we lustfully eyed her beautiful face, small, pointy breasts, slender waist, and finely-trimmed bush. She then sauntered over to Drew and sat down on his lap.

“Holy shit,” Drew groaned as my girlfriend ground her bare snatch against his crotch. She took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked on it seductively as she squirmed on his lap.

Amber gave my friend a lap dance worthy of the best Las Vegas stripper. She pulled Drew’s hands back to her girlish breasts as she continued to suck on his finger and buck against his crotch.

“Uh, Sean, you don’t mind Amber doing this?” Drew muttered as he thrust upwards toward Amber’s grinding pussy and squeezed her spiking nipples.

“He doesn’t mind,” Amber cooed as she wriggled on my friend. “He loves me and will let me do anything, or do anything for me. Isn’t that right, lover?”

I nodded my head. I really was pussy-whipped. Amber was the dominant one when it came to sex. She’d have me do some kinky and wild things, and I enjoyed submitting to her domineering wishes. She once made me dress up like a woman and fuck her while wearing a bra. Another time she tied me up and ate lunch on my stomach, tormenting me by sucking my cock for almost an hour but not letting me cum. But when I did, was it amazing. I’d eat her pussy upon command, no matter where we were. One time she told me to eat her out in front of her roommate. Afterwards she had me masturbate in front of them while they licked each other. I was powerless to deny Amber anything, and we each got off on the dominating relationship.

I did feel kind of jealous seeing Amber bounce suggestively on my friend, but I had no choice. She wanted Drew and there was nothing I could do but go along with it.

“Mmmm, I can feel your cock all big and hard against my pussy,” Amber purred. She then reached down and began to unbuckle Drew’s pants. “Let’s see if your cock really is as big as the girls say.”

We both gasped when Drew’s cock sprang out. I had seen his cock in the dorm showers before, and it seemed pretty big soft. But now that it was hard, I was amazed at how enormous it was. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. And as I saw Amber playing with it I felt another twinge of jealousy. I’ve got a medium-sized dick, about seven inches, and Drew’s made me look like a midget.

“Oh my,” Amber breathed excitedly. “Look at huge his cock is. Sean, take yours out so I can compare.”

I reluctantly undid my pants and pulled out my cock. Like a girl in a candy store, Amber played with both of our cocks, humming to herself as she stroked my hard dick and Drew’s enormous shaft.

“Sean, you know I’ve always enjoyed your cock. But look at how much bigger Drew’s is. I can barely fit my fingers around it, and it’s even longer than two hands. Oh, I want both of you naked now. I’d love to get a mouthful of this cock. Then I want to feel this huge pole up my cunt. And don’t worry, Sean, your cock will suit well for my mouth,” Amber said flatly.

Drew looked at me and said, “Sean, I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.”

“He wants you to,” Amber interjected. “He likes me to enjoy myself. Sean, you know you’d love to watch this monster ream my little cunt.”

I looked at my girlfriend’s dainty hands pump Drew’s massive erection and whispered, “Yes.”

Amber giggled and sat back with anticipation as we undressed. When we were both naked, she had us sit next to each other on the couch. She gripped our raging hard-ons and licked her lips at the prospect of enjoying two cocks at once.

“Let’s see how much of this I can fit in my mouth,” Amber breathed as she guided Drew’s enormous organ toward her face. Her eyes closed in rapture, she spread her full lips around his bloated knob and lowered her mouth. Her lips were stretched in a wide “O” as she accepted barely a third of his massive tool. She slurped noisily on Drew’s member, her mouth clamped around his fat stalk while she jerked on my stiff rod.

I sat transfixed at the sight of Drew’s huge cock bulging from Amber’s wide-spread mouth, my own cock throbbing in her hand. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked wetly on his fat, veiny shaft, her lovely brunette head bobbing as far up and down as she could. She then pulled her mouth from Drew’s giant stalk and slid her lips down my shaft. She could accept more of me than my friend, but there were still a couple of inches left.

Amber sucked my cock wantonly for a few minutes, then went back to Drew. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head of his penis, lapping at the oozing pre-cum, then flickered down his meaty shaft. She pressed her mouth to the underside of his bloated pole and sucked. Her lips then flitted further down his elongated member to his enormous balls.

“Drew, your balls are absolutely huge. I bet you cum a lot,” Amber chirped as she lashed his golf-ball sized orbs with her tongue.

“If you keep that up, you’ll find out soon enough,” Drew muttered.

“Oh, I’d love to gulp down your cum. But I need your big cock inside me,” Amber panted. She gave his gleaming shaft one last lick, then knelt on the floor on all fours. “Fuck me like I’ve only dreamed about, you stud.”

Drew looked at me once again, his mammoth cock wobbling obscenely between his legs.

“Go ahead, Drew. Give it to her,” I said.

“Yes, give it to me. Give it to me good,” Amber rasped hotly. She raised her firm ass in invitation to my friend and smiled at me, “Thank you, lover.”

Drew got behind my lust-crazed girlfriend and mounted her. I could tell from Amber’s pained expression that he was doing some stretching of her tiny cunt. But her grimace soon turned to a mask of perverse pleasure as Drew filled her tight pussy with his horse-meat.

“God, it’s so big. It feels like you’re in my stomach,” Amber moaned as she skewered herself on Drew’s immense cock.

As I watched my petite girlfriend get fucked by my well-hung friend, I felt proud to be dating such a sexpot. Drew obviously loved her snug, wet cunt, and Amber seemed delirious with passion from his humongous spike. Her breath came in halting gasps and she mewled nonstop as Drew pounded into her. His heavy balls slapped against her splayed slit and his pelvis smacked her upturned asscheeks as he crammed her full again and again with his mutant dick. And Amber bucked back mindlessly against him, desperate to have his giant organ buried deep inside her.

Her eyes hazy with lust, Amber whispered to me, “Sean. Fuck my mouth.”

I was sitting on the couch in front of where Amber was kneeling, so I simply guided my erection toward her opened mouth and fed her my steely rod. She immediately began to bob and suck on my hard offering while she pounded back against Drew’s brutal thrusts. She moaned and writhed with delight as her mouth and cunt were fucked by me and my friend.

I had never seen Amber so turned on before. She was acting like a woman possessed, moaning and slurping and gyrating wildly. She had told me of her fantasies about getting gangbanged, but this was the first time she was with more than one guy at once. And Drew’s cock was much bigger than she had ever had before inside her tight, little cunt.

Amber rocked back and forth between us, captured like a pig on a stick on our two hard prongs. Each time Drew pumped his over-sized pole into her squishy pussy, she was thrown forward onto my throbbing cock, her mouth sliding down my shaft. She would then buck back against Drew and resume the perpetual fucking motion. There was only so long I could contain my passion, but I could tell that both Amber and Drew were as excited as me.

“Sean, I’ve never fucked a cunt so tight or a girl so hot,” Drew groaned as he held onto her slender hips and thrust his massive penis hard and deep into her willing body.

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“I’m about there too, Drew. Cum inside her,” I panted as I pumped my own pulsating organ between her suckling lips.

“Mmmm!,” Amber squealed as her lithe form trembled. Her mouth slid off my cock and she shrieked, “Oh, I can feel it! Shoot your cum up my cunt! Ewwww, I’m cumming so good! Your big cock is making me cum soooo gooood!”

Her moans were then silenced as I stuffed my aching cock back into her mouth and erupted. My balls contracted and spewed load after load of creamy sperm into her eager mouth. Amber sucked and gulped down my copious torrent of semen while her body continued to writhe in the throes of her orgasm. When I finally stopped shooting, I had to pry my sated cock from her mouth.

Amber sat dazed on the floor for a moment, then smiled at us radiantly. She licked a sticky white strand of my cum from her lips and purred, “That sure was fun. My cunt is sore as hell, but I’m glad I was able to sample your giant cock, Drew.”

I smiled lovingly at my girlfriend and said, “I’m happy you liked it, so long as you continue to like my dick.”

Amber toyed with my limp meat and cooed, “Oh, I will. But there is still something else I want you to do for me.”

“Oh?” I asked curiously. I thought our lusty game was over for now, but again I underestimated Amber’s kinkiness.

Amber smiled impishly at me and said, “I’d like you to experience what I did. I want to see you suck Drew’s cock.”

I looked at her uncertainly, then at my friend, then back at her. “But he’s my friend,” I said plaintively.

“If you can’t suck your friend’s cock, then who’s cock can you suck?” Amber persisted. “How about it, Drew. Will you indulge me?”

Drew looked at us as if we were both crazy. I knew he ordinarily wouldn’t go along with something this perverted, but I could tell he too was under Amber’s spell.

“I don’t know. That’s kind of weird. And besides, I’m not sure I can get it up again so soon,” he said.

Amber reached out and stroked his long, wet, soft cockmeat and chirped, “I bet a stud like you can do it four times a night. Come on, Sean, give him a good suck for me.”

I knew I again had no choice. Under any other circumstances I would never have even thought about blowing another guy. But from Amber’s confident demands and seeing my friend’s enormous schlong dangling like a snake between his muscular thighs, I was actually turned on at the thought of sucking cock.

Amber directed Drew onto the couch and beckoned me to kneel before him. My eyes glued to the sight of Drew’s hose-like organ, I did as I was told. Amber took my hands and placed them on my friend’s crotch. I took his rubbery member in my hand and squeezed. I liked the feel of his soft, smooth meat, and I was soon pulling and massaging the pliable mass. Even though it was limp, Drew’s cock measured at least six inches.

I played with my friend’s flaccid tool for awhile, then traced my fingers along his low-hanging scrotum. I gently squeezed his enormous testicles, amazed at their size. They nestled in his wrinkled sack like two small oranges. I knew he must have filled Amber’s cunt to the brim with his cum.

“Take it in your mouth, Sean. Suck it,” Amber whispered to me. She took hold of Drew’s dangling organ and fed it to my lips.

I opened my mouth and accepted what was offered to me. Drew’s cock was slick with Amber’s cum and his own, and I found myself salivating. I sucked lightly on his soft flesh, enjoying the taste of his musky manhood and their combined juices. I took in as much of his spongy member as I could, but my mouth was soon crammed full with just the first few fat inches.

I sucked and licked Drew’s soft meat, making loud slurping sounds as I tried to revive it. After a few minutes, I could feel my work paying off. Drew’s cock began to inflate in my suckling mouth, growing harder and longer with each suck. My jaws were forced wider and wider and my head pushed upwards as his organ gradually swelled to immense proportions. By the time he reached full erection, it felt like I had a fence post stuffed in my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off of Drew’s now towering and gigantic pole and gazed at it with awe and wonder. I then looked over and saw Amber smiling devilishly at me. She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his engorged fuck-knob, then directed his hard pillar back to me.

I traced my tongue up and down Drew’s thick shaft, amazed at how turned on I was blowing another guy. I then took him back in my mouth, sucking my friend’s cock like a boy with a popsicle on a hot summer day.

“Oh, you dirty boy. That’s it, suck that big cock, Sean, my handsome, cock-sucking boyfriend. You like Drew’s cock, don’t you. Of course you do. Such a big, thick cock, so much bigger than yours,” Amber breathed as she held onto my head, guiding it up and down Drew’s massive pole.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I continued to suck on the throbbing mass in my mouth. I moaned again when Amber moved behind me, spread my asscheeks, and began to lick my puckering asshole.

I had never had my ass eaten before, but Amber’s tongue made me squirm with delight. She circled around my rosebud, rimming my anus slowly, then slid her tongue up my clasping backdoor. She pulled on my hardening cock as she tongue-fucked my asshole. I sucked wildly on Drew’s fat organ as my rectum spasmed around Amber’s slithering tongue.

After a few minutes of licking my itching brownie, Amber said hotly, “Sean, I think Drew’s hard enough. Now I want to see him fuck you up the ass.”

I stared at my friend’s huge dick and whispered, ‘There’s no way this will fit inside me.”

Amber replied, “It fit inside me, and I’m much smaller than you are. Come on, Sean, for me? Please? It would make me so happy, and I think you’ll like it.”

Drew and I were completely under Amber’s seductive control. As if in a trance, I turned around and offered my ass to my friend. I rested my head on my hands and waited with apprehension and curiosity for the perverse sodomy.

Amber spread my cheeks, exposing my dainty little anus, and guided Drew’s swollen staff toward my vulnerable orifice. I felt the spongy head of his penis prodding my winking asshole, but it just wasn’t possible for something so thick to enter a hole so small.

“I can’t get it in; he’s too tight,” Drew said after a few moments of insistent pushing.

Amber kept Drew’s massive member pressed to my unyielding sphincter and commanded, “Sean, relax your muscles. Drew, keep trying. You sure are big, but I bet my lover can take it.”

I tried to relax, but that’s no easy task when someone’s about to stuff a baseball bat up your ass. I bit my lip in pain as my anal ring slowly stretched and the fat tip of Drew’s cock finally slipped into the mouth of my bunghole. The ovalled rim of my anus clamped down around his engorged crown. It felt like my tender asshole was being ripped apart, but I knew Amber wouldn’t be happy until I was fully impaled by my friend’s enormous spike. I crouched obediently on all fours as Drew slowly stuffed a few more thick inches of his manhood up my clasping rectum.

Her hands still gripping my asscheeks and her face pressed close to the painful coupling, Amber murmured, “That looks so hot. Sean, do you like it?”

I looked over my shoulder and panted, “It hurts so much, but I’ll take it if you want me to. Keep going, but go slow, Drew.”

Amber giggled, “You heard him, Drew. Give your friend every inch of that great big cock of yours.”

My anal walls expanded around Drew’s delving pole as his enormous shaft insinuated deeper and deeper toward my bowels. The pain was still overwhelming, but an odd pleasure began to spread from my over-stretched rectum. After what seemed an eternity, Drew’s hairy balls rested against my upturned ass. The blunt head of his cock nudged my guts and his monstrously thick organ filled my ravaged anal cavern to the brim. I moaned softly from the obscene pleasure of being utterly stuffed with fuckmeat.

Drew kept his immense tool buried to the hilt up my churning shitter, then slowly pulled out, leaving a vacuum deep inside my pit. It felt like my intestines would be sucked out from my splayed asshole as a sense of emptiness took the place of where his giant cock had been. But when he had only the head of his mighty penis wedged between my tautly-stretched anal lips, he thrust forward again. I moaned again as I relished in the feeling of being filled again with Drew’s immense manhood.

The painful sodomy began to become easier the longer Drew fucked me. His cock, slick with his pre-cum and my saliva, slid smoothly in and out of my buttery tube. My sheath was still expanding almost to the point of breaking, but I was so turned on from the kinky situation that I looked forward to the next delicious cock-lunge. I was soon bucking back at Drew as he thrust into me, skewering my tight asshole on his massive pole.

“That’s how it feels to have a real man inside you,” Amber cooed as she watched intently the horny sodomy.

“Unnnnh, fuck … fuck me Drew,” I squealed mindlessly as I humped backwards toward my friend. His balls slapped against mine as he plowed into me.

Through my lust-crazed fog I could hear Amber giggle. I knew she was getting off seeing me emasculated. But I was getting off too. By accepting Amber’s sordid commands, I was able to let myself go and enjoy something new. My entire asshole tingled and spasmed around Drew’s horsecock as I writhed in pleasure from my first assfuck.

Encouraged by Amber’s cheers and my wild gyrations, Drew began to increase the tempo of his thrusts. He rammed his steely pipe up my splayed rectum, causing me to squirm and moan in tormented delight. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could withstand the brutal sodomy, the pleasure and pain making my head spin.

“Fuck him, Drew. Fuck my Sean like the cock-crazed boy he is. Ream out that tight little asshole of his,” Amber said huskily. I looked at her through half-closed eyes and saw her fingering her wet cunt while her face remained close to my abused ass. I then lowered my head back to my arms and eagerly accepted my friend’s constant assault on my churning bunghole.

I moaned with unexpected pleasure when I felt Amber wrap her delicate fingers around my throbbing erection. She pumped my raging member once, and I shot off immediately. She laughed with glee and continued to jerk on my spurting cock. She captured my streams of cum with her other hand while she milked me like a cow.

While my cock flexed and spewed load after load of cum into Amber’s hand, my asshole contracted around Drew’s plunging member. My anal sheath clamped down on his thick shaft, an electric current radiating from my over-stuffed rectum and out through my erupting dick. I then felt Drew’s cock swell even larger and I knew he was about to cum.

“Oh God, Sean. I’m gonna cum,” Drew panted as he thrust his engorged organ balls-deep up my convulsing shitter.

“Ewwww, how exciting!” Amber chirped. “Shoot your load inside him. Fill his ass with your cum!”

I moaned as torrents of hot jism splattered against my intestines. My anal walls spasmed uncontrollably as my friend’s ass-splitting cock reared again and again deep inside my burning confines and pumped me full with his hot, creamy sperm. My churning bunghole squeezed every drop of Drew’s thick cum from his massive balls until finally his magnificent cock was silent.

I groaned as Drew’s softening meat sloshed out of my ravaged asshole. No longer plugged with the huge column of fuckmeat, I could feel my insides try to resume their normal shape. Rivulets of hot jism oozed from my ruptured asshole as I gingerly sat down on the floor. Though my ass hurt and throbbed, my body tingled with rapture.

“My dear, sweet boyfriend,” Amber said soothingly as she licked the pool of my cum from her hand. “Taking it up the ass for me. That’s why I love you so much; you’ll do anything for me.”

I smiled at her and grinned sheepishly at Drew. I then took Amber’s cum-dripping fingers in my mouth and lapped up my own creamy, white sperm.

Not only did I get fucked up the ass by my best friend, I loved it. Going out with Amber opens up whole new experiences. And that’s why I love her.

And my friendship with Drew had certainly taken a strange and interesting turn.