A Week to Remember

Chapter 01

Samantha moaned gently and lifted her thighs up and off the bed, knees spread and toes pointing. I circled my first and second fingers around in her sticky pussy and lapped at her left breast, teasing the saliva-slick flesh with my teeth. Sam gasped and circled her hips in time with my fingers, her pussy gripping and relaxing as she moved. Flicking the tip of my tongue over her hardened nipple; I was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure. Excited by Sam’s slow writhing and the scent and squishing sounds coming from her pussy I wanted to get a good look at what was going on down there.

Shuffling backwards and to the side, my fingers slid from her body’s embrace. Sam slipped both hands down to her crotch, pressing her fingertips against damp flesh and stretching her labia wide open for me. The pink folds of skin glistened wetly, swollen with exquisite sensitivity. I moved my hand, making a pyramid of the three longest fingers (noting the thick strands of pussy honey clinging to them) and penetrated her again. Sam cried out quietly, turning her face to one side as I circled inside her, squelching and pressing against her hot, ribbed inner walls.

The warm August sunlight filtering through the drawn curtains lit up Sam’s pretty face. Her features were drawn in an odd expression of concentration as her hips began to gently rock back and forth, humping at my hand. Her lips pursed and she groaned louder, beginning to move more urgently. I quickly withdrew my fingers and replaced them again with only two, probing deeper into her and twisting to caress the hot bump of her g-spot.


Carefully plucked eyebrows drew into a frown as Sam started to breath quickly and heavily through her mouth, panting and thrusting harder against my hand. Her breathing came faster and faster, hips rocking, breasts shuddering back and forth, until she hardly seemed to be drawing in any breath at all, exhaling in a nearly continuous series of gasps until finally

“Ah! Ahhhh! O-OH!!”

Her slightly chubby thighs clamped together around my forearm, pussy contracting and relaxing as her orgasm hit. She bit at her bottom lip for several seconds as the sensation coursed through her, finally slumping back against the bed with a sigh, eyes closed and breathing heavily.

I waited about a minute for some other reaction, watching the rise and fall of her breasts before slipping my fingers out of her, provoking another moan. My cock clamoured for her attentions, the feeling of her soft hand, the hot and tight confines of her body. However, when Sam’s eyes opened she merely sat up, flicked her hair out of her eyes and swung her legs to the right, off the bed, walking (a little awkwardly) over to her bookcase and the box of tissues on it. Pulling some free she turned to face me, going up onto tiptoe with knees slightly bent to wipe her sodden pussy clean. She smiled and after another wipe, walked back over to the bed. Hope still burned inside me, but was soon smothered as she sat and reached down to the carpet for her knickers, slipping them over one small foot and beginning to pull them back on again.

I sighed inwardly. Yeah, all this bringing your girl to orgasm might sound great, but Sam hadn’t touched me at all. In fact I’d been down here in Shrewsbury visiting her for three days now and this was the most we’d done so far. And my train home was in three quarters of an hour. No sex, just goodnight kisses before rolling over to face away from me and Sam finally conceding to allow me to bring her off just now without her even touching me. Not even rubbing my cock through my jeans. Her kisses were still (almost) convincing, but I knew something was up, as even on my last visit three weeks ago, Sam hadn’t shown any interest in sex. I’d noticed one of her housemates; Ian, taking an interest in her though; looking at her from across the kitchen and smiling at her when he thought I wasn’t looking. God, what a smug idiot.

To be honest, I’d thought Sam was seeing someone else (guess who) for well over a month now. I suppose I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact. We’d been apart (Sam on sandwich placement for her degree and me still living in Leeds, having just finished my own degree and having moved out of student accommodation and into my own digs) for just under 11 months now and I’d noticed a gradual slide in Sam’s affections, both over the phone, through the letters she didn’t send me and when we were together.

Some of my friends told me they reckoned she was cheating on me and encouraged me to follow up when a girl in the pub or club showed interest in me. I didn’t want to believe my fears were true and (in addition to having turning down some very pretty and seemingly ‘up for it’ girls) decided not to confront Sam about the situation just yet. I guess I was being a coward, but rejection’s never easy to handle, is it? I decided to let things go one more time and make up my mind after my next visit at the end of the month. Now with her jeans pulled on, Sam leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek saying

“That felt nice. Fancy a cuppa before you go?” I grimly thought that I wasn’t Boy George and would much prefer sex to a bloody cup of tea, but instead manufactured a smile and said that I’d love one. And ‘nice’? Bloody hell…

I joined Sam in the kitchen, my hard-on now nothing but a distant memory and was amazed when I managed to keep my cool and a pleasant demeanour when she asked

“Would you mind walking to the railway station on your own? Sharon and I are going to aerobics tonight at the sports centre.” Funny that this was the first I’d heard about Sam and her housemate having planned this. Still, it was a nice day outside and after a brief internal struggle I said that no, I wouldn’t mind. If anything, I thought to myself; it would give me chance to clear my head and decide what I was going to do. After finishing the mug of tea, I started collecting my belongings from Sam’s room as she slipped into skin-tight cycling shorts and a t-shirt.

I watched her, feeling a pang of sorrow at having such a great-looking girlfriend and not having made love to her for weeks, nearly months. I missed feeling her soft warmth underneath and around me, hearing her gasp and moan, watching her face contort in pleasure as she orgasmed. Feeling solemn I gathered my belongings and we left her room, moving into the hall and to the front door. Sam kissed me goodbye on the doorstep, asking me to give her a ring to let her know I’d got back safely. Aw, bless. I smiled cheerfully (an Academy Award deserving performance, I can tell you) and said I would, turning and walking away.

I waved goodbye as I rounded the corner of the street and had got about 100 metres on when I went to turn on my MP3 player. Which wasn’t there. Crap! I suddenly remembered that I’d left it on top of some books on Sam’s bookcase. Aware that the amount of time I had left to catch my train was rapidly ticking away; I quickly headed back for Sam’s house. As I turned the corner onto the garden path and got halfway down it I glimpsed in through Sam’s window. Her room was on the ground floor, with Ian and Sharon’s’ on the first. Except that I knew Ian wasn’t in his room. I’d just made him out through the net curtains; sitting on Sam’s bed next to her, with his paw on her breasts and his tongue apparently down her throat.

I was so stunned I actually stopped dead in my tracks for a moment, feeling incredibly hurt despite my all my recent suspicions. I mean, hell, I’d been gone for what, two minutes at most and she was already making out with her other guy!? Aerobics my arse, now I knew why she was in such a rush to get rid of me. Anger kicked in and I quickly and quietly moved up to the front door. My mind raced. Should I bang on the glass and wave in at them and watch their faces? Ring the doorbell, then storm in when someone answered, go straight up to Ian and punch him in the face? I felt like doing both, but I stood frozen by indecision. Maybe I’d imagined it? Perhaps she’d pushed him away angrily only moments after I saw them, telling him that she wasn’t interested?

Carefully lowering my backpack to the path, I edged forward and crouched, peering round the edge of the window. The sun now glinted off the glass and I frowned to see through the net curtains. My heart sank to my boots. Ian was lying back on Sam’s bed, with her sat on top of him, giggling and smiling as she tossed her long hair and he clutched at her bum and breasts. As I watched, she bent forwards to kiss him, wriggling her groin against his. Ian closed his eyes and put his head back on her pillows, pulling her down against him. Her auburn hair shone in the sunlight. The soft flesh of her buttocks dented where his fingers pressed. Her tongue looked so pink and wet as she licked the tip of his nose. I moved back from the window anger flaring again, briefly overshadowing the pain. I wanted to raise a scene, to let them both know that I knew what they were up to and to finish with Sam in an explosive fashion. But why bother? I now knew Sam wasn’t worth any more of my time and effort.

Before I realised I’d decided to do it, I had stepped to one side and knocked loudly on the glass. Sam turned to look who had done this and jumped clean off the bed to her feet. Ian’s face went from looking puzzled to highly-worried in about point five seconds when he turned to see me grinning wolfishly in at them. The look of horror on Sam’s face made some small nasty part of me deep down inside rejoice. Her lips moved, but no sound came out. Ian just gawped.

Speaking loudly to be heard through the window, I apologised for disturbing Sam’s ‘aerobicising’ and told her I’d left my MP3 player on her bookcase. Could I have it back please? Sam stood frozen.

“I’d like it now, please, I’ve a train to catch.” This jerked Sam into action. She walked to her bookcase, frantically looked it up and down and then spotted my MP3 player, picking it up. With a very nervous glance in my direction she headed towards the door to the hall. As she left my line of sight I shot Ian a threatening look and felt a small moment of triumph as he failed to meet my gaze, looking away. I stepped to one side and in front of the door as I heard Sam rattling at the latch.

The door opened just enough for Sam to peer out, but not enough for me to squeeze through. An eerie calm had settled over me. As Sam started to blurt

“Steve, I…I…” I raised an eyebrow and held out my hand.

Sam faltered briefly, then opened the door a little wider and extended

a hand holding my player. I resisted a sudden urge to snatch it from her and instead; briefly ignoring her proffered hand, unzipped my jacket pocket. I slowly took the player from Sam’s (slightly trembling) hand, put it into my pocket and moved the earphones around my neck. At least a dozen things to say or shout at her whirled through my mind, yet I managed to hold on to my eerie sense of calm. Looking levelly into her eyes, I put one earpiece into place followed by the other.

Maintaining eye contact I said

“Enjoy the rest of your life, Sam.” Pressing ‘play’, I looked into her wide, glistening eyes for two or three seconds and then turned on my heel and walked away down the path, not looking back. Halfway to the station, my emotions seemed to kick in again. I fought back angry tears and concentrated on the odd feeling of satisfaction I had about the way things had ended. The look of horror on Sam’s face, the worry on Ian’s, my calmly spoken words.

I spent the train journey back to Leeds alternating between feeling upset and angry, listening to music and finally settling on relief that at least I knew where I stood, mixed with vague excitement about what the future could hold. When I got back to my flat at West Street it was after 10.00pm. Judging by the lights that were on, all four of my flatmates (Adele, Neil, Sheila, and Ruth) seemed to be in. I plodded back up to my room and unlocked the door.

We each had our own self contained bed-sit with separate kitchen and shared bathroom and toilet facilities. It wasn’t palatial, but for my first non-student accommodation, it was just fine. Sheila and I had the rooms next to each other on the first floor, where in addition, there was a bathroom and toilet. Neil and Ruth were downstairs with a second bathroom and loo and Adele was up in the largest room in the attic. There was no communal living room but we frequently gathered in one another’s rooms, usually mine or Neil’s. Being at the front of the building they were slightly larger than the others for some reason and it saved us trekking up the narrow staircase to the attic and Adele’s room, although it was by far the largest.

I stayed in my room and settled down for a good think. I didn’t really feel up to talking with anyone tonight. Well, I didn’t speak much to Ruth anyway; we didn’t really get on, due to a clash of personalities. But I got on just fine with Neil, who worked for BT; Adele who was studying for her Masters at Leeds University (and had a gorgeous girlfriend called Jane many a man would love to bed!) and Sheila, who had recently landed herself a new job and was going to be moving out on Wednesday. I quietly fancied Sheila something rotten and knew she liked me too. With it being a hot summer (for once) Sheila was often out in her cut-off denim hot pants, which showed off her slender, long legs and lightly tanned skin. She had a slim figure, not too much in the way of hips but a nice handful of bust, rounded buttocks and cracking legs. Her soft Geordie lilt did my head in too.

In truth, if Adele was straight I’d be quite interested in her as well. The old assumption that there’s a more feminine and a more masculine girl in a lesbian relationship just wasn’t the case with Adele and Jane. I mean, okay, Jane was better looking than Adele; in fact she was drop dead gorgeous. Neil and I would regularly lament man’s loss in the world with Jane being a lesbian. Jane was tall and slim, with good curves, long dark hair and striking looks. Not that Adele wasn’t attractive herself though. She had a pretty face with sparkling eyes, was of average height with brown hair and a fuller figure. Not overweight or fat, I’d seen her in a bikini and she didn’t really have flabby or wobbly bits, just a curvy, voluptuous figure; think Charlotte Church.

She told me that her and Jane were often both chatted up when they were out and that if she had ten pounds for every time a bloke’s face had fallen when he found out they were a couple, she would be quite well off by now. As it was, I didn’t really give her too much thought on the lust front. I mean, it was pointless. There was always the old ‘heterosexual male converts lesbian’, or the ‘man and two women’ fantasies to fall back on, but I got on well enough with Adele as a friend, although I secretly thought that Neil might be keen to have a crack at ‘converting’ her.

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate before I went to bed. The tap in my kitchen was still dripping and just wouldn’t turn off properly, so I made a mental note to ring my landlady about getting it fixed. I drank my chocolate and then turned off my bedside lamp. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if Sheila just might be interested to hear I was single again…

Chapter 02


I didn’t have to get up for work the next day. I’d secured a good job through my industrial placement last year, and would start working in Leeds City centre the following Monday. I had the rest of the week to myself and was glad about it; it gave me time to get my head together and to chill out and relax. I had a lie in and it was 10.30 by the time I got up. I stumbled into the bathroom on my floor and showered, the hot water waking me up and making me feel better. This would be the first day of the next chapter in my life, I told myself. Young, free, single and hopefully going places – I managing my first non-bitter smile for many hours. I opened the window a little wider to let out the warm air and clear the mirror, then shaved and rinsed the bristles down the sink.

As I stepped onto landing, wearing my jogging bottoms with toiletry bag in hand and with wet towel slung over my shoulder, I heard a door open as Sheila came out from her room, wearing an off the shoulder t-shirt and shorts. She briefly took in the fact I was only half dressed and then smiled.

“How did your weekend with Sam go? Did you have fun?” To my amazement, I felt myself filling up and was concerned I’d start to bawl! As I felt my throat tighten I swallowed and managed

“Not really, She. Long story.” Which it wasn’t, but I wanted to get away and compose myself. “If you’re in later, I’ll tell you all about it.” I looked down at myself and back up at her again, managing a smile. “After I’ve got dressed?” Sheila frowned slightly; looking concerned at the tone of my voice I guess. Then she brightened and lifted her hand to waggle several envelopes at me.

“I’m off to the post office and then to the corner shop. I’ll be back in half an hour. I’ll give you a knock then. D’ you want anything fetching?” I thanked her and said I didn’t.

Sheila trotted off downstairs to the front door. I went back into my room and got dressed, making a coffee and pouring a glass of orange juice, wondering what I ought to do next. You see, it was like this. Sheila and I got on well together. Really well. She’d a boyfriend of sorts up until recently. Last week in fact. He was called Stuart and they’d met on the bus Sheila caught to work. They’d got to know each other a little and had started dating. I thought Stuart was alright, but he didn’t seem to have too much by way of a personality. Sheila had grumbled to me that he wasn’t making any real moves on her and that she wanted him to make the first one. I suggested that if she knew what she wanted Sheila should take the bull by the horns and make the move for him. It was really sexy when a girl made the move for you.

I also thought that if I had Sheila wanting to have sex with me, then I’d be making moves bloody quickly. But then again, perhaps I did have that and wouldn’t (couldn’t?) do anything about it because I’d been seeing Sam. Agh, see what I mean? The fact Sam had been stringing me along the past few months had meant I’d missed out on any chance of having something with Sheila. We flirted gently and I’d been tempted to make a move many times, but hadn’t. I had been dating Sam then and if there’s one thing I don’t do; I don’t cheat on girlfriends.

Anyway, Sheila had seemed to decide to take my advice, as last week Stuart was still in her room when I turned out the lights and hit the sack. He’d usually been gone by about 10.30 on his previous visits and now it was past midnight. My bed was on the opposite side of the same wall as Sheila’s, if the wall wasn’t there, we could have reached over and touched each other. I could’ve rearranged the room if I wanted to move my bed elsewhere, but there was something about sleeping that close to Sheila that turned me on. Sheila knew full well about how close together our beds were, having been in my room many times, but never commented on it and hadn’t moved her bed away from the wall either. Interesting, perhaps?

Less than ten minutes after I’d gone to bed, I could just hear the faint creak of bedsprings as Sheila got into hers. And then another one as Stu joined her. They were both talking quietly, Sheila more so than Stuart. I felt a low burst of envy and strained my ears to listen to what happened, eager to discover if Sheila moaned loudly or sighed softly during sex. Their whispers died down. It seemed to have gone quiet. I soon heard Stuart saying

“Oh, your hair’s so soft. Your hair’s so soft.” over and over. Sheila seemed silent. There were no gasps or creaking bedsprings. I idly wondered if she was giving him a blowjob, her small mouth wrapped around his meat, head rocking back and forth as his fingers ran through her short dark hair and her blue eyes fixed intently on his.

The thought gave me a boner and I actually pressed my ear to the wall to listen (and don’t tell me you’ve never eavesdropped on someone having sex, c’mon, we’ve all done. Haven’t we?). I heard nothing else though. No sound from Stu that he was being pleasured. Then I could just make out Sheila saying something quietly. And that was it. After another minute of silence I lay back on my pillow, still listening. There didn’t seem to be any sounds of passion going on, unless they were both being really quiet about it. I fell asleep wondering how far Stu had got.

I didn’t ask anything the next day. Stu was gone by the time I got up and Sheila was out too. When I saw her that evening, she didn’t seem to be in the best of moods and I guessed the previous evening hadn’t gone down too well (pun intended). Sheila confided in Ruth, who then naturally told Adele, who went on to tell me; that Stu was useless in bed, didn’t know what to do and hadn’t even fondled Sheila’s boobs. All he could do was run his fingers through her hair and repeat himself. Unsatisfied, Sheila had pretty much rolled over to go to sleep, said ‘good night’ and that was that. She had no intention of seeing him again. I thought it was a little harsh. If she’d really wanted him to do stuff, she could’ve told him what to do, given him some encouragement. But I don’t know, it sounded like Sheila liked a man who took charge in bed and perhaps Stu was just a hopeless case. A small and mean part of me felt glad that they hadn’t got it on. Sounds nasty, I know; but in my wildest dreams it left a possibility of my getting closer to her.

So, being faithful to my ‘girlfriend’ had backfired on me. I’d had several chances to get close to some girl at a club or pub over the past months and hadn’t taken them, much to my friend’s (especially Adele’s) near exasperation. I’d only known Sheila and Adele for three months, but we’d regularly go out together and have a good time. Adele and I took great pleasure in comparing notes on the girls we fancied in whatever venue we were in. It was fun to letch over a girl with another girl and interesting to see what we both liked in a woman. Adele knew I liked Sheila and was sure she liked me too; encouraging me on more than one occasion to ‘go for it.’ I liked Adele a lot. We had a lot in common in our tastes – music, comedy, books and women! We had a relaxed friendship and Adele had commented more than once that it was nice to be with a bloke who didn’t seem intimidated or act awkwardly around her.

By the time I came out of this reverie, I’d finished my coffee and juice. I refilled the kettle, waiting for Sheila to return. There was a knock on my door and I swiftly opened it. Sheila stood there smiling prettily. I noticed she’d changed into her cut-off denim shorts. Now she knew I thought they looked sexy (I’d commented once during a good flirt) but then again, it was a hot day. Soon, the two of us had a steaming mug of coffee each and were sat chatting on my sofa. In broad strokes I told Sheila what had happened yesterday and she pulled a face saying she thought Sam was bonkers and calling her a ‘dumb bitch’, before turning pink and apologising. I laughed it off and said not to worry. As far as I was concerned, Sam and I were over.

Sheila and I talked some more about her new job and where she was moving to, as I stole furtive looks at her sexy, bare legs. The clock made it to noon and we agreed to go out and get some lunch together. I held the front door open and watched Sheila trot down the stairs, full of life with breasts jiggling wildly under her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples strained against the flimsy cotton. I marvelled at how Stu could have failed to respond so badly when invited into her bed. Just watching her coming downstairs started to give me a hard-on. If only I could have such a chance. At the café, Sheila insisted on paying to help ‘cheer me up’ and I began to wonder more about what might happen tonight.

All five of us living at number 23 were going out round town and then to a club to give Sheila a farewell ‘do’. She wasn’t leaving until Wednesday, but wanted to allow a full day between going out and moving to make sure she’d recovered enough to finish packing properly and sorting things out. But Sheila leaned in so close at the café when we chatted, her eyes bright and shining. I was so sure she was interested in me but did I want to risk our friendship in what little time was left? Or was that the exact reason I should make a move, before she was gone? I resolved to see how tonight went and if the opportunity presented itself to try and get closer to her.

Sheila spent some time that afternoon packing whilst I had a wander around town and treated myself to a new shirt ready for going out that night. The afternoon gave way to early evening and at half past seven, Adele, Neil, Ruth and Sheila all met up in my room. Sheila was wearing a tight fitting and backless L.B.D with black tights (or stockings?) and high heels. Her breasts were pushed together into an impressive cleavage and with her naked upper back and arms I thought she looked mouth watering. I looked at the zipper on her dress and marvelled how she’d only be wearing her heels, knickers and nylons if I undid the zip and slid the dress down from her shoulders. We all trooped out, with me fantasising about undressing Sheila and running my hands all over her nubile, naked body.

The night went well. We got on fine as a group, even Ruth and I could be pleasant to each other when there were more than just the two of us about. She looked good tonight with her dirty blonde hair fixed up and wearing a tight red dress. We were in Yates’s; a popular place to visit just before moving on to the clubs. It was packed in there. Neil was chatting animatedly with Adele who was looking great in tight black trousers, boots and a low-cut sparkly top that showed off her big boobs. Ruth was with her boyfriend (who’d joined us about an hour ago) and Sheila with several of her friends who’d come out with us. We were all several drinks worse for wear and ready to move on for a good dance. The prices in the club were so high that it was wise to have most of the alcohol you wanted to drink before you got there, or you could end up paying almost double the usual going rate.

I was at the bar talking with one of Sheila’s friends, Belinda. I’d only met her once or twice before, but I’d sure as hell remembered her! Belle was almost as tall as me, standing six foot easily, with dark, dark skin and long, tightly braided hair. Belle had a fantastic figure with large breasts, a shapely bum and long, well toned legs and arms. Just think Destiny’s Child and you’ll have the right picture, because looks wise, she would fit right in with Beyonce and co. Belle was wearing a black satin jacket, terracotta-coloured mini skirt and vest top, with fishnet tights and boots. She seemed to be just a little fed up that night and I tried to cheer her up by cracking jokes and making a bit of an arse of myself. More than one guy gave me dirty looks, thinking that the two of us were a couple and I managed to make her laugh and smile before we rejoined the others. Sheila gave me a warm smile as I handed her a drink and I decided then (the Dutch courage no doubt helping) that I would make a move at the club. Really, what did I have to lose? And to be honest, after the amount we were drinking that night, all our inhibitions would be lowered.

We all stayed in Yates’s for another twenty minutes or so, downing a last round of oddly flavoured vodka (I had a gorgeous shot of pear drop flavour, Adele had mint choc, Sheila Dime Bar flavour and Neil black pepper!!) and then met outside to walk as a group to the club. The air was quite cool and most of the girls pulled their coats tight to them. I was happy with my new shirt, but was beginning to wish I’d brought my leather jacket with me. Still, at least I wouldn’t have to pay to stash it in the cloakroom at the club. All told there were about a dozen of us by then and Sheila had had a text to say another of her friends was going to meet us at the club. I was glad she was having a good last night out on the town.

We got to the club and joined the queue. It looked like we’d be in before eleven and so not have to pay full entrance fee. A group of lads passing by looked over at Sheila, Belle and their girlfriends and wolf whistled; with a bit of playful catcalling. I didn’t quite catch what they said due to chatting with Neil. Then we were at the front of the queue and paying to go in. We agreed to all meet up by the bar on the upper dance floor and separated to go to the cloakroom, toilet and bar. Ruth and Sheila chatted happily on their way to the toilets, Belle was slow to make a move towards anywhere and I thought she looked a little down again. However ten minutes later we were all piled up at the bat chatting and waiting to be served. Sheila was a bit giggly already and I pondered when to try and make a move on her, deciding the dancefloor would be my best bet.

For just over an hour or so, everyone was having a good time. It had gone midnight and I was thinking I’d try and get closer to Sheila around one o’clock. I’d been to the toilet downstairs and as I came out, I saw Belle stood just outside the ‘Ladies’. She had that vague look of unhappiness again. Curious to see if she was alright and eager to practise my flirting on her at the same time; I went over. As she saw me Belle gave a weak smile and said ‘Hi.’ I said I thought she looked a bit glum, and asked was everything alright? Belle sucked in a breath; (my eyes flicked down to her cleavage as her bust swelled so much I thought her top might give under the strain) blew it out through her mouth and said.

“Yes and no. Aw, it doesn’t matter; you’ll think I’m daft.” Before I’d thought about what I was going to say in reply I’d said

“Well, maybe, but I also think you look gorgeous tonight, so if there’s something bothering you, why don’t you give me a try. Problem shared, problem halved and all that.” With another weak smile, Belle said

“I’m just a bit weary about getting wolf whistles and smart-arse comments about how I look all the time. Some guys tonight just seem to be real jerks.” I remembered the catcalling outside the club earlier and replied

“Yes, but if you can, see it as a compliment. You’re good looking and …” I glanced up and down, to take in her height and figure, and then returned my eyes to look at hers

“Well, you’re a big girl. You’re going to be noticed.” Oh no. what had I said wrong? Belle’s eyelids brimmed slightly.

“That’s the problem!” she blurted. I was a little confused and worried about what I’d said to upset her.

“Hey, hey I’m sorry.” I moved right up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“C’mon over here.” We moved away from the female traffic by the toilets and to the other side of an archway away from the lower dancefloor and opposite the main entrance. A couple were snogging in the opposite corner, but the area was otherwise empty. Belle dabbed at her eyes with a tissue from her handbag, saying she was sorry. I told her not to be and asked her what was wrong.

“I’m big.” She blurted out. I frowned back at her.

“Belle, you’re tall. You’ve got a big chest, a curvy figure. You’re nicely toned. You look great. You’re not big as in overweight. I don’t think there’s an ounce of fat on you!” Belle managed another smile.

“I know, but I’m going to go to fat. It’s a worry for black girls. I mean, my mum’s fat, my older sister’s piled on weight over the last five years and I’m much taller than either of them, so what’s going to happen to me as I get older? I wish I were more petite, I wouldn’t get so much attention from idiots and could stop worrying about my weight.” she paused for a moment, looked intently at me, then blurted

“I worry about it so much I’ve thought about stopping eating for a while or even making myself sick.” she stopped at what must have been the look of dismay on my face.

“No, no, don’t worry. I haven’t. I know that’d mean an eating disorder and that I had real problems, but I just worry so much. Aw, God, why am I troubling you with all this now?” her eyes started to brim with tears.

My mind raced. Talk about bitter irony. Sheila and Adele had separately said to me that they wished they were both taller than they were, Sheila specifically mentioned Belle more than once, saying she wished she had her figure and stature. And here was Belle worrying so much and wishing for a body more like Sheila’s. But that’s been the way with a lot of girls I’ve known. If they’ve got long, straight hair; they wish it had more volume and body. Girls with long hair full of body wish it was straighter. The ‘grass is always greener…’ I guess. I decided to try and cheer Belle up enough to get back with the others. And besides, I thought what I’d decided to say was the truth.

“Belle, really; you’re worrying too much. Look, I know girls who wish they had a body like yours. And even if you were more petite, I reckon you’d still be getting a lot of attention. It’s not just your height, or the size of your boobs. You’re pretty. You’ve got nice hair. Big brown eyes. Lovely smile. You’ve a nice personality, you’re easy to talk to – you’d still be attracting attention. But yeah, you are tall. You can’t change that. You’ve got a fabulous body and as long as you eat sensibly and get your exercise in, there’s no good reason why you can’t keep it. I mean, all this is in the future. You’re in the here and now, with friends on a night out. And. You. Look. Great. It’s a sad fact of life that as many idiots as decent guys are gonna find you attractive, but, to worry so much when you’re looking so good…” I trailed off, smiling at her and shaking my head slightly.

Belle was looking at me slightly oddly. I hoped I hadn’t said anything else that’d upset her and was aware I’d been away from Sheila for about fifteen minutes now. What if someone else was making a move on her? She did look great and was well up to party tonight. I was surprised as Belle suddenly leaned forwards and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Sorry.” she mumbled, blowing her nose on the tissue.” That was really sweet and yes, I guess you’re right.” I smiled back at her.

“Hey, don’t be sorry.” Sheila was suddenly just a little less in my thoughts than a few seconds ago, but I still wanted to get back to her. I pointed upstairs. “C’mon then, we should go and join the others. I’ll buy you a drink. Let’s dance your worries away, huh?” Belle gave another smile and nodded.

“I’ll just go and sort myself out a bit. Go on back upstairs and I’ll be up in a mo’.”

“You’re sure, now?”

“Yeah. Go on.”

Belle went into the toilets and I headed back upstairs, wondering about that kiss. Was it just possible I looking in the wrong place tonight? No. Sheila would be gone in two days; this could be my last chance. My only chance. I decided to buy Belle that drink I’d promised her and then try and get her onto the dance floor with the others and focus my attentions on Sheila. Reaching the bar I saw Adele placing an order and nipped over to ask her to get a drink in for Belle and I too. I gave her a tenner and as the bar staff set about pulling various bottles from the fridges behind the bar she turned to me, nodding in the direction of the dancefloor.

“Looks like you might’ve missed your chance, Steve.” I followed her gaze to where Sheila was dancing with several of her friends. A group of three guys had come over and were dancing with them. One was talking to Sheila with his hand on her back, between her naked shoulder blades. She was laughing and smiling. My heart sank. Oh, no. I’d built up my hopes up of getting closer to Sheila, even knowing I was on the rebound. But now what? I could still muscle in, but it’d seem awkward and forced. Damn it!

The bar staff brought the order and as Adele paid, I saw Sheila glance across at the bar. She seemed to be looking for Adele and seeing her and me stood alongside, she gave a small smile and a wave. I felt quite gutted and only managed a feeble smile back. She returned this and then the guy she was dancing with moved in closer to talk into her ear again, blocking her from my sight. I took a bottle of lager from the several Adele was gathering onto a tray and as an after thought, picked up one for Belle. I heard Adele say

“We’re sat over there by the fire exit.” and was vaguely aware of her giving me a quick glance as she walked past in the direction I thought she’d indicated. Then she was gone and another group of people surged onto the dancefloor as a new track began, blending in from the old one. I totally lost sight of Sheila in the press of bodies.

I took a long swig from the bottle, the cold lager chilling the back of my throat. I was wondering what to do next when someone said

“Is that for me?” and I looked to my left to see Belle, smiling and looking a lot happier.

“It is.” I handed her the bottle, condensation sliding down the cold, green glass.

“C’mon, I think the others are over there.” I gestured towards where Adele had gone and where I could see the green glow of the fire exit sign in the far corner. I started to move away, but halted as I realised Belle wasn’t following.

“I’m still feeling a bit, well, y’know, awkward about making a fool of myself back there.” I started to say that she hadn’t but Belle spoke over me.

“No. I feel I did. I’d rather not join up with the others just yet. I’d rather just chat for a while, if you don’t mind.” She looked oddly hopeful and took a long drink from her bottle with a nervous movement. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this but said

“No, of course not.” moving aside as three or four young looking lads barrelled over to the bar, almost knocking me to one side and leering openly at Belle’s body. I shrugged to her and motioned with my head over to the far end of the bar, where it was a little quieter and there was some empty seating. I was still feeling quite gutted about Sheila; perhaps chatting with Belle would take my mind off things, unless she was still feeling upset. Ah, hell, the night had started out so well…

We sat and drank from our bottles, making light and easy small talk about this and that. Belle had cheered up considerably and my fears of being a shoulder to cry on all night quickly evaporated. Plus, to be honest, there was no hardship in spending time looking at Belle, especially not the way she was dressed tonight! I had to keep being careful to maintain eye contact when talking, resisting the urge to examine the fabulous swell of her breasts. I felt a glimmer of hope for the night; I could always try and get Belle up on the dancefloor. I was just about to suggest we go and rejoin the rest of the group when Belle took a long swig from her bottle, which like mine, was now nearly empty.

“I think I’m going to head off after this drink.” She announced. I felt slightly taken back and glanced at my watch, which told me it was about 12.35am.

I thought about Sheila. By my rough timetable I should be getting ready to make a move in twenty minutes or so. But was there any point now? I don’t know if the drink was starting to make me feel dejected (I’m a bit of a depressive drunk, y’see) or if I had more hope that I’d consciously realised of something happening between Belle and myself; but I decided no, there probably wasn’t any point. I may as well walk Belle home. She lived within half an hour’s walk of West Street, just a bit further out of town. I could at least flirt with her a bit more.

“You sure you don’t want to dance?” I asked. Belle took another long drink, finishing her beer.

“Nah. I think some fresh air would be nice.”

On that, I had to agree. The warm summer temperatures added to the massed body heat from the clubbers made for sticky temperatures even with the air con. I finished my own drink and thought it was only fair to let the others know I was going.

“Okay, I’m just going to find Adele and let her know that I’m off.” Belle raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll walk you back.” I explained. “Some fresh air would be good.” Belle smiled.

“Cheers. The company’ll be nice. I’ll just find Sheila and let her know I’m going.” I felt a little miserable at the mention of Sheila’s name, but smiled back.

“Okay. Meet you by the front door in five then?”

“Okay.” With that, we went our separate ways.

I headed towards the distant glow of the fire exit sign, not looking at the dancefloor. I didn’t want to risk seeing someone all over Sheila. I searched instead for Ruth, Neil and Adele. As another new track started playing, more people got up to go onto the dancefloor. I saw Neil and Adele leaving a booth just ahead of me. I managed to catch up with Adele just as she was about to step onto the dancefloor. She smiled when she saw me.

“Coming to dance?”

“No, I’m going to head off.” Adele looked surprised.

“What? But what about -“

I pulled a face and flapped a hand at the dancefloor, making a negative noise. Adele looked like she was trying to find the words to persuade me to stay, but I didn’t want my nose rubbing in the fact I’d missed my chance with Sheila for the next two hours.

“Go on Adele. Your Prince Charming awaits you.” I pointed beyond her towards Neil. As she turned to look, I stepped away and hurried off. I didn’t want to cause a fuss and I knew Adele would try and talk me into staying. I was soon at the club entrance and couldn’t see Belle, but in less than a minute she arrived, pulling on her satin jacket and fastening the buttons up.

“Good to go?” I asked.

“Yes.” She grinned, the first proper smile I’d seen for over an hour. We walked out past the two dark long-coat clad bouncers and out into the early morning air. It was considerably cooler outside, with a gentle breeze. We had soon cleared the edge of the city centre and were in the student area chatting easily about this and that. I idly wondered if I might get invited in for a coffee when we got to Belle’s. Soon, we were ten minutes walk away from West Street and coming to where we needed to take a route away from there and towards Belle’s digs, which were still some twenty-five minutes away. I figured at the earliest I’d be back home by 2.15am, but wasn’t concerned. It wasn’t like I had to get up for work the next day.

Belle had been talking again about feeling down recently, but without getting upset like before. As we came to where we needed to divert towards hers, she paused. I looked at her questioningly. Belle hesitated a moment and then said

“I don’t really want to go back to my place just yet. My housemates’ll still be up. They’ve got friends over and won’t hit the sack before three at the earliest.” I considered this statement briefly.

“Well…where’d you like to go? D’you know which pubs are open ’til two?” Belle looked down and briefly hesitated again, looking up and saying

“Well, everyone’ll be out for a while longer yet, so I wondered if I could come back to yours for a bit?” This took a second to sink in. Well, I couldn’t say no to that now, could I? The only place we could go when we got there was my room. I decided to play a bluff.

“Well, sure. Come on in and have a drink, we can talk some more and then I can ring for a taxi for you when you want to go.” Did I see a flicker pass over her face?

“That’d be great. Are you sure you don’t mind?” Blimey, who was she kidding?

“Of course not.”

With that, we started walking again, taking the route back to West Street. We were there in about ten minutes. Unlocking the front door and letting Belle go in first, I stepped in, turned on the hall light and closed and locked the door.

“You know we’ve got no communal living room here? I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with my room.” Belle smiled again.

“I know, I’ve been ’round before to visit Sheila. Her room’s nice. It’ll be interesting to see what yours is like.”

Well, Belle soon found out. As we went in she stood and had a look around.

“It’s nice to meet a guy that doesn’t live in a pigsty. Most guys’ rooms, yurrghh…” I laughed.

“Yeah, I know. You don’t want to see Neil’s room. D’you want a drink? There’s tea, coffee, juice or I’ve some beers and spirits in. “

“Coffee’d be nice, thanks. Milk and no sugar please.” Before I could stop myself I’d said

“Yep, you’re sweet enough.” And mentally kicked myself for coming out with anything so cheesy.

“Make yourself at home. Have a seat.” I put my wallet and keys on the table in the corner and went through into the kitchen to make the drinks. As the kettle was boiling and I spooned Nescafe into two mugs, I wondered where all this was going to lead? In a couple of minutes I came back through to my living room with two steaming mugs of coffee and was surprised to see Belle sat on the end of my bed. She was still wearing her satin jacket. This gave me mixed feelings. Interesting that she was sat on the bed, but if she wasn’t planning on staying long enough to take her coat off… oh well, at least spending some time alone with her beat watching someone else pawing Sheila on the dance floor. I felt a little disappointed that Sheila hadn’t waited for me to make a move before responding to another guy so quickly. She’d seemed quite keen earlier. Then again, what did I expect her to be; psychic? I hadn’t come out and said ‘You look great, want to dance?’ or done anything else direct. I’d left it all too late, just as usual.

Now here was Belle in my room, sitting on my bed. I handed her a mug and joined her on the bed.

“Nice room. I like your taste in music.” She pointed to my CD collection on a shelf and we passed some time discussing what bands we liked and taking the piss out of Pop Idol. When that conversation finished I asked about what was going on at hers tonight. Belle told me about the party and that it involved some of her housemate’s friends that she didn’t really like too much. I was surprised when she said

“One of them’s this guy; Darryl. He’s an arrogant bastard, it’s ‘bitch’ this and ‘bitch’ that. That’s one of the reasons I don’t really like dating many other black guys, a lot of them have just got a shitty attitude towards women.” I told Belle that if I’d just said anything like that I’d be open to cries of ‘racist’ and that it sounded like more than a bit of a sweeping statement. She chuckled and replied

“I know what you mean. But sadly, it’s true in my experience. There aren’t many guys who’d have been as nice to me as you were back in the club.”

Interesting! I felt a small thrill of anticipation and decided to shift the subject slightly to see if Belle would return to it.

“Well, I just don’t like seeing anybody upset, especially when there’s no good reason for them to be. How about parties in general? You like ’em?”

“Oh, yeah! In fact, we had one two months back that Sheila came to.” I remembered Sheila saying she was going to a bash at Belle’s. “I usually love parties and this one was for my birthday.” (Belle was twenty-one in case you’re wondering) “So I was in full hostess mode, opening the door and getting people drinks and everything.” She mimed opening a door and smiled dazzlingly. “After a few drinks though I was, like ‘Hi, I’m your hostess with the mostest.” She threw her shoulders back, pushing out her chest. Her satin jacket swelled as her large breasts pushed against it. I tried my best not to goggle at her boobs and wasn’t sure if I succeeded or not. “They’re the same size as Pamela Anderson’s, you know. Only mine are real.” Belle said this with the utmost simplicity. I took another mouthful of coffee and with some effort, looked her in the eyes again. The best I could manage was

“I thought they looked big.” I mentally kicked myself again. Belle laughed and drank more of her coffee, putting the empty mug on the floor, then, to my surprise, lying on her side and curling up on the bed, knees tucked into chest and eyes closed.

“I feel a bit sleepy.”

Anticipation mounting, I decided to call her bluff. I had to know if this was going to go where I now seriously thought it might; so I asked

“Do you want me to ring for a taxi to get you home, then?” Belle smiled dreamily, eyes still closed.

“No, I like it here. It’s cosy.” Well hallelujah! Okay, I’d messed up with Sheila tonight, but unexpectedly pulled Belle! Then one of those interminable moments of self-analysis kicked in. It suddenly struck me that if I slept with one of her close friends, it would almost certainly mean there was no chance of anything between Sheila and I, not that there was much time left. That said, perhaps she wasn’t that interested in me after all, given the events of tonight. And there was no way I was going to turn down an opportunity of being with Belle. I saw now that she’d wanted to come back to mine since saying she was going to leave the club. I didn’t know if her upset before was genuine. It certainly seemed to be. So either it was and my response had made me seem appealing, or it was all a ploy to get me closer to her and knowing my ‘nice guy’ nature, she hoped that I’d offer to walk her home. Oh, hell. I told myself to stop analysing. I could always ask her later. Possibly over breakfast.

“I’m glad you like it here.” I said. Belle opened her eyes and made an affirming ‘m’mmm’ sound, then lifted herself up on one arm and sat on one thigh; legs tucked side by side, her face less than a foot away from mine. I felt my heart start to beat more quickly.

“Is that your girlfriend?” Her eyes looked down and to the right. It suddenly struck me that I still had a small framed photo of Sam on my bedside unit. She was sat on a bed, wearing only an old t-shirt and a radiant smile. Her crossed legs hid her pussy. I’d taken it about a month after we’d started going out and we’d fucked like bunnies afterwards, enjoying our first mutual orgasm. The picture had been there for so long I was no longer conscious of it.

“She’s pretty.”

“Yeah, but she’s also a cheating ex-girlfriend.” I said, more bitterly than intended, reaching over to place the frame face down. Looking back towards Belle I noticed something small and the colour of burnt orange, folded on the seat of the chair under the desk at the foot of my bed. Then Belle spoke, and I looked at her again.

“She hurt you, huh?”

“Yeah. More than a little.” Belle’s right hand reached up to brush against her tightly braided hair. As it dropped down to her lap again I felt it just graze against my groin, almost as if by accident. Something down there began to stir.

I looked into Belle’s eyes. They were fixed on mine. My heart felt to beat even harder in my chest, my cock beginning to swell in my pants. Was this it?

“Sounds like we’ve both been pretty fed up recently, huh?” she stated.

“It does.” I felt her hand came to rest on my thigh.

“Did you mean what you said tonight? Do you think I look gorgeous? Great?” I threw caution to the wind and placed a hand on the side of her face feeling the hard braids in her hair against my fingertips. She didn’t flinch away, her eyes never leaving mine. Touch taboos broken. This was it.

“I wasn’t trying to impress you or anything, Belle. I meant what I said.” Then I went for broke, hoping I wasn’t going to be wrong.

“Belle, if that’s your vest top folded up under my desk, what have you got on underneath that jacket?” Belle smiled, looking happy and surprised at the same time, her eyes flicking down to the bed before looking back up at me with a cool air of confidence.

“Well, why don’t you have a look?”

Arms dropping to her sides, shoulders back, Belle pushed her chest out at me. I took my hand away from her face and put it onto the zip of her satin jacket. Using my other hand to steady the material at her neck, I slowly pulled it down. I could feel the pulse in my throat and worried it might be making my body shake with each beat. With a drawn out ‘zzzzzzz’ a widening ‘V’ of dark skin came into view, opening up as the zip travelled downwards into the swell of her naked breasts. I marvelled at the fact Belle had not only taken off her vest, but her bra too. She could only have done this whilst I was making the coffee, only minutes after arriving. Talk about decisive action! Then the zip was undone and her jacket hung open. The magnificent orbs of her breasts were barely covered by the black satin, nipples just hidden from view. Belle had a gold bar through her belly button which contrasted against her wonderfully rich, dark skin. My pulse pounded as my cock became uncomfortably trapped in my pants. I looked up into her eyes again. Belle was smiling expectantly.

“Same size as Pamela Anderson, huh?” I asked, not doubting it for a moment.

“But real.” She whispered, her smile broadening into a wicked grin. With tremendous effort, I resisted the urge to touch and squeeze her breasts, instead putting a hand on either side of her face. Belle’s lips parted, her breathing quickened, starting to come from both her nose and mouth.

“Let’s make each other happy.” she breathed and we moved closer together and kissed.

Her large, soft lips pressed against my own and the thrill of what we were about to share made my head feel light. All thoughts of Sheila were gone from my mind as I reached up and slipped Belle’s jacket from her shoulders and down her arms. Reaching up to her glorious breasts I felt their weight in my hands; their softness filling my palms. Belle quickly unbuttoned my shirt and we stood, lips still smacking together. Her hands moved down to my belt, whipping it undone and tugging down my trousers. I didn’t try and remove her miniskirt, instead reaching around and up under it. Her buttocks felt pleasantly firm under the rough texture of her fishnet tights and I could feel the slippery material of a thong. I ran a finger along its edge, from between her inner thighs, up to buttocks, over one hip and down to the heat of her mound. I shuffled back a step or two, quickly removing my shoes and socks. Straightening, I removed my wristwatch and gently tossed it so it landed cushioned by my trousers. Wearing only my bulging white Calvin Kleins, I looked up into Belle’s face.

Nodding twice almost imperceptibly, Belle undid her skirt and stepped out of it as it fell. I took in her body. She was amazing. I mean really. Amazonian sounds so corny, but by God, that’s what she was. Toned all over, but still with a feminine softness about her. Her legs were shapely and strong, not thin sticks like most tall girls and her hourglass figure was enough to make a man drool. Belle reached to the sloping plane of her bum and began to tug her fishnets down. Once at her thighs, she sat on the bed, undid her boots and threw them off. The tights followed. Now wearing only her thong, she lay back. I joined her and Belle’s arms wrapped around me. Her hands toyed with my hair, her parted legs allowing my cock to press against her groin. We kissed and kissed, breathing hard, our tongues darting together. Her large breasts cushioned my chest and our groins pressed together, thrusting and pushing. I raised myself to lick and suck at her swollen nipples. Belle gasped and simply moaned “Make love to me.”

I wasn’t short of condoms. I’d stocked up with my last free supply from the University health centre before I’d left and I’d hardly used any with Sam. I swiftly grabbed one from the drawer of my bedside unit and tugged my pants down to my thighs. My cock sprang free and Belle ran her soft pale palm up its length making me twitch as I opened a foil packet. As I secured the condom in place, Belle wriggled free of her thong and parted her legs for me, repeating

“Oh, make love to me.” I wanted to, I was going to, but I wanted to make sure Belle was ready for me first. I hate awkward thrusting and pushing, not quite being able to get your cock in and having to go back for more foreplay ‘cos you haven’t got a girl wet enough yet. Fortunately I also love pussy and so rarely have that problem! I knelt in front of Belle’s groin and looked at the tight curls of hair and dark labia there. Rubbing against her pussy in a circular motion with the flat underbelly of my fingers, I felt the delicate skin move and part. Belle gasped and pressed against my hand. As I circled in the other direction her labia parted with a moist sound. I was struck by how pink she was inside! The contrast was startling and emphasised her femininity even more.

Using my first and second fingers I opened her pussy wide and bent forward to lap at her clitoris. I felt Belle stiffen as my tongue rasped against her fleshy nub. She cried out quietly and arched her back. I lapped up and down with long strokes, tasting her excitement, and then stuck my tongue out as far as I could and sank it into her body. I circled and worked back and forth, saliva spilling and mingling with her juices, uncaring of the loud slurps and wet smacking noises as Belle writhed in pleasure under my attention. After a minute or so, she gasped out a long low moan. I felt her pussy twitch around me and withdrew my tongue, lapping with quick, short strokes at her clitoris.

Belle writhed so much I had to press down on her hips to hold her steady enough to continue licking and nuzzling her.

“Oh God!” she whispered. “Please, don’t stop, please-“her voice grew louder, more urgent “don’t stop, please don’t stop, please, don’, no, pleeeeehh-HaHH!!” Her thighs sprang together, only my forearms stopping my head from being trapped between them. Belle trembled all over as she came, making urgent, inarticulate noises. I waited until her orgasm seemed to have passed and softly kissed her pussy before wiping at my lips and chin with the back of my hand. Belle opened her eyes dreamily.

“That felt… so good. Steve, I want you. I want you inside me!” I wanted the same thing; my cock was throbbing, bursting. I burned with a desire that could only be quenched inside her body. I needed to be inside her. Belle lifted her head as I positioned myself above her and guided my cock to her entrance with the flat of her hand. We locked eyes as I pushed forwards.

My attentions had the desired effect. I slipped into Belle easily, her pussy slick with excitement. We both gasped and moaned as her pussy parted to take me fully. Eyes closed, Belle caressed her breasts, circling the nipples with fingertips. I took a moment to savour the incredible feeling of being inside her body, before breaking into a slow, steady rhythm. Belle matched me and I instinctively knew neither one of us wanted to go hell for leather just yet. This felt so good and we wanted it to last. Belle pushed back against me by circling her hips in an odd but effective way. I watched her breasts bounce and move as we worked, but Belle was looking down to our crotches and following her gaze I saw my length appearing and vanishing, coated with her juices.

We stayed like this for some time, Belle laying back and circling her hips, panting constantly. When their motion suddenly stopped, so did I. Looking down at her, Belle said “It’s about time you got something more from this.” and pulled her groin away from mine so I slipped from her body. “Get on your back.” I was happy to oblige and watched, enchanted by her stunning body, as Belle straddled me and took hold of my cock. Head back and eyes closed, she lowered her hips slowly. The dark and engorged head of my cock butted against her brightly pink pussy before starting to sink slowly into it. Belle removed her hand and ever so slowly impaled herself on my length. It must have taken ten seconds before her pubic hair tickled my balls. I was so turned on I now wanted to thrust hard and fast; to fuck. I tried to thrust up with my groin but Belle’s weight held me down. I only succeeded in rocking her upwards slightly, making her breasts sway.

With a precise movement, Belle pushed backwards with her hips; arching her back so her crotch pressed hard against mine. I pulled on her shapely hips and reached with both hands to cup her swinging breasts but Belle’s fingers intercepted mine. Firmly, she lent forwards more and more, pushing my arms up and back until they were bent flat on the bed either side of my head. Her breasts were resting heavily on my chest now and with a soft grunt, Belle rested her full body weight on me, pinning my arms and upper body to the bed. I was briefly impressed by the suppleness of her hips, before her luscious lips found my own and she softly and gently began to kiss me. With each kiss, she gently rocked her hips, riding me incredibly slowly. She kissed my face, my neck, pressing down all the time so she was in complete control. I could probably have thrown her off if I really tried, but I’m not 100% sure and besides; why the hellwould I want to?

The only sounds were the soft smack of Belle’s lips against my skin, the tick-tock of the wind up alarm clock on the bedside unit, the gentle squeak of the bedsprings and the odd moan and gasp from me. This was heaven, but this was torture too. I wanted to thrust in and out quickly but couldn’t do so, with Belle only making one slow thrust for every two ‘tick-tocks’ of the clock. I felt hot under her body, our combined body-heat making us both perspire. Our chests became increasingly slippery and Belle’s breasts moved more and more, skidding on my chest as her hips worked. I don’t know for how long Belle rode me like this, but it seemed like an eternity and yet she never once altered the slow speed with which she moved.

As her hips rose yet again, I felt my orgasm suddenly begin. I panted through my nose and tried to kiss her more quickly. But Belle lifted her head back from mine and the last thing I saw were her large brown eyes looking lovingly at my face before my eyes screwed shut as my orgasm hit. My hips jerked and thrust upwards spasmodically and I cried out as my orgasm ripped through me, making me tremble all over. As it passed, Belle gently kissed my face, blinking slowly and whispering into my ear

“That’s for being such a good friend tonight. And because you looked so good yourself.” I couldn’t reply and instead took long, deep breaths, getting my wind back. As I recovered, Belle slipped herself off me and released my arms. Cool air wafted over my chest and I opened my eyes to see her shiny breasts sway as Belle pulled the condom from my softening cock, wrapped it in a tissue from the box by the bed and then pulled another one out which she used to wipe me clean. She lay down alongside me and we kissed and cuddled.

I thought now was a good time to make an offer.

“Belle, you’re welcome to stay, y’know. For the night.”

“I’d hoped so. I don’t want to go anywhere else. This is cosy.” With the main light off now and the only illumination coming from the bedside lamp, wrapped in each others’ arms, warm bodies flooded with chemical rewards for our activities; I had to agree with her. But it wasn’t time to get too cosy just yet. We cuddled for a short while, whispering to each other and kissing. Then our hands gradually began to wander, exploring erogenous zones and slowly arousing each other. Our kisses became more urgent. My cock hardened and with nearly imperceptible motions in time with my heartbeat, stood erect once more. This time Belle snapped a condom into place and grinned at me.

“You’ve noticed how we’re pretty much the same height?” I had and what Belle appeared to be thinking of had crossed my mind too. I smiled and giving her a kiss, stood up. Belle stood too.

We clasped ourselves to each other, kissing and rubbing together. Belle’s feet were a shoulder width apart and I lowered my weight down so my cock nudged between her legs. Belle mumbled something happily and her hands again guided me against wet, soft flesh. I clasped her bum with one hand and her upper back to me with the other and straightened to stand more upright again. My cock slipped up and into her pussy and we both cried out.

“Oh! Ohh, that feels good.” She gasped.

“Oh, yeah.” Belle squirmed against me, pulling me tightly to her. The standing position felt unexpectedly intense. I was just a touch taller than Belle and had to stoop slightly to thrust in and out, which wasn’t too comfortable for my lower back, but the sensations around my cock more than made up for this. And from Belle’s expression and moans, it felt good for her too. Better than either position before.

There was just the two of us, standing there and sharing our bodies. I realised I hadn’t heard her gasps, the clock, or anything else for a short while, I was so lost in how good this felt. As we continued, Belle’s pussy became more and more slick with lubrication, making the motion easier and easier. I began to thrust harder and at one point, Belle lost her balance slightly and stumbled backwards a step or two. Somehow I managed to move with and stay inside of her. We looked at each other and grinned, then looking at where we were stood I slipped from her and taking her shoulders, pushed her gently back against the wall. I took hold of the inside of each leg and lifted her thighs up and out, supporting them with the palm of my hand. Belle leaned against the wall for extra balance and gasped as I penetrated her again. I wasn’t sure how long I could support her weight like this, but before I could muse about it too much, words spilled from Belle in a rush.

“Oh God, that feels good!” Her hands came up to my shoulders to take some of her weight and by supporting her bum with one hand and her back with the other, I felt more comfortable.

With her pussy more exposed and the wall to press against, I could move in and out of her more confidently and so broke into a faster rhythm. Belle gasped and muttered sweet nothings, then with her breasts pressing against my chest, each of my short, hard thrusts knocked the breath out of her a little. Soon, Belle had to stop kissing me in order to breathe through her mouth. She took in gasps of air and then frowned suddenly. Her eyes stayed shut as she began a quiet litany of ecstasy that grew in speed and volume until she was gently crying out, lost in pleasure

“Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Then her face contorted and her body stiffened. “Ohhhrrghh!!” her pussy squeezed and relaxed over and over as her orgasm hit. I stopped thrusting and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy pulsing around me. After she’d stopped gasping and relaxed a little I carried on thrusting more slowly and gently into her and then stopped as Belle’s face looked pained. “No, don’t stop, I’m okay. Carry on. I want to feel you cum in me again.” I squeezed her bum and eased her back down onto the floor.

“On the bed then.” I said and pulled out of her. Belle stepped forward and turned to sit on the end of the bed. I took her hand and squeezed it. “On your front please.” Belle grinned and settled down onto all fours

I knelt behind her and taking hold of her bum, found her pussy by touch; slipping my cock into her again. Soon I was slapping against her buttocks, watching her large chest bounce and sway. Belle groaned happily, laughing as I took hold of her long hair and pulled her head back. The penetration was so deep, her toned body felt so tight, I knew I wouldn’t last for long. I soon let go of her hair and held on to her hips with both hands, thrusting faster and harder.

“Oh, Belle.”

The impact of my groin slapping against her buttocks made small waves visible in her flesh. Belle gasped loudly as I moaned again. Then we were groaning in unison.



The sensations grew more and more intense. Her rich, dark skin felt hot under my hands, her pussy even hotter around my cock. Her shoulders hunched up, head down, fingers clenched, grabbing hold of the sheets in each fist. Her pussy rubbed and rubbed along my length, the friction delicious. The rubbing sensation seemed to sink into my cock, a warm glow spreading inwards towards its centre. Belle gasped

“Ohh, Steeeve…”

The heat filled my length; it flowed through it, surging and exploded from the tip. With a groan I thrust hard into her body, shaking and feeling light headed as cum fired from my convulsing cock. Belle cried out and shook too; we locked together in exquisite mutual pleasure, gasping and panting, then relaxing and breathing more regularly as the ecstasy drained away, leaving us filled with a warm afterglow.

We snuggled down on the bed, which creaked now in quiet protest under our weight. After cuddling for a while, my cock had softened and the condom was coming off. I reached for the tissues and handed some to Belle. We took it in turns to clean each other up a little and then lay on our sides, facing each other. I felt a little sleepy now, body awash with sexual afterglow. Belle seemed to feel the same, but as we quietly talked and I ran a hand over her thighs and bum, back, shoulders and hair, I was still excited by her body and turned on by her big eyes and bright smile. I slipped my hand onto her breast and gently stroked it as we whispered to each other. Belle’s hand found my balls, and gently tickled them. I winced in pleasure and her hand moved to my flaccid cock, gently taking hold of it. As we continued to whisper, her hand gently worked my cock, tugging and squeezing, circling around. It lolled about limply in her grasp. As she worked and we talked, I gasped in pleasure as it began to harden again and the sensations of her hand moving against me became stronger. I brushed her nipple with my thumb and Belle closed her eyes dreamily.

“Seems like you’re ready to make me even happier.” She whispered. My cock stood erect and Belle’s hand squeezed and relaxed around it. I kissed her and rolled over on top, reaching for a condom and replying

“Well, I know I’m going to have a smile on my face for days after tonight.” Belle giggled as I knelt back, put on the condom and then raised myself above her. “You’re fantastic Belle.”

“Well…you’re not half bad yourself.” She replied with a grin.

We went slowly, with luxurious long, steady movements, savouring each other’s bodies. I couldn’t believe I’d got it up again and that we were still at it. Still, I didn’t think there was any cum left in me and thoroughly enjoyed feeling confidence and an odd sense of power; feeling like I could just go on and on. We stayed that way – gently rocking back and forth, kissing and resting our heads side by side, moaning and gasping lazily, sometimes urgently, holding each other as we shared ourselves. When I knelt upright to take a good long look at Belle beneath me, to fix the moment in my mind forever; the change in position made her gasp and she lifted both knees up, thrusting back at me with renewed vigour. We’d been enjoying each other for over ten minutes and the warm night was taking its toll. I felt hot and tired and looking at Belle, her dark skin shone all over with fine perspiration, which ran in small trickles over her curves.

Belle’s breath suddenly came in sharp gasps, her face twisted, mouth open and eyebrows arching upwards. With a shudder and cry she came again. Still feeling hard and not ready to cum again yet, I carried on thrusting into her with more tenderness, but less than a minute after her orgasm Belle kissed me, pressing her lips against mine for several seconds and then putting her hands on either side of my face.

“Steve I’m sorry, but I’m feeling sore now. It’s felt great but,” she smiled apologetically “I’m shattered. You’ve worn me out.” I was tired too, and felt thoroughly satiated. I had no problem with calling it a night.

“Ready for bed then?” Belle smiled and nodded. I kissed her and slipped my cock free. Getting up I collecting the tissues from the floor and chucked them in the bin. Removing the condom I passed some tissues to Belle and she dabbed at her pussy whilst I cleaned myself up too. Shortly we snuggled down, pressed together nicely in the single bed. It was too hot for even a thin sheet so I tossed it back to the foot of the bed. Belle told me she’d booked tomorrow (well, today) off work to allow for a hangover from the night out and as she was off, her Mum was coming over to visit. Looking at the clock it was 4.15am and we agreed to set the alarm for 10.00am, so she could have some breakfast and still be home and ready for her Mum arriving at noon. Belle snuggled against my shoulder as I turned the lamp off and gently stroked her hair. We both fell asleep with a smile on our faces.

Chapter 03


The alarm seemed to go off far too soon. Switching off the annoying buzz I looked over at Belle. God, she was gorgeous. I could hardly believe I’d just been with such a stunning woman. My head seemed to feel okay after all the drinks last night. As Belle’s eyes focussed and she gave me a sleepy

“Good morning.” I asked what she would like for breakfast (tea, coffee, toast, cereal, juice and bananas were on the menu – not too bad, eh?) and headed for the kitchen to make us both a coffee. We had breakfast in bed (coffee and bananas to help pick us up a bit) before agreeing we both needed a shower. I selflessly volunteered to share my shower with Belle, y’know, to help save water and all that.

Both wrapped in towels I opened the door of my bedsit and peered out. No sign of life. I suddenly wondered what time Sheila had got in, then thought that she might have gone back with another man to his place and quietly grimaced. I glanced behind me at Belle and forgot all about Sheila again. Belle’s breasts were all pushed up by the towel wrapped around her midriff and looked poised to spill out. I nodded and Belle quickly walked out, across the landing and into the bathroom. I joined her and after putting the bolt on the door so we couldn’t be interrupted, turned to see her naked and stepping into the shower. She adjusted the temperature and turned on the water, which coated her skin making it look glossy and shiny.

Soon we were both under the hot jets of water, soaping each other’s slippery bodies and spending more time running our hands over each other than actually trying to clean each other up. I enjoyed feeling my hands skidding over Belle’s warm, firm body. The hot water, steam and the fruity smell of the shower gel excited my senses and combined with feel of Belle’s questing hands my cock soon stood proud. I circled my hands over her slippery breasts and buttocks, our tongues circling together. Her hand stole down to my cock and began to work back and forth. I kneaded her buttocks, enjoying the attention, before seeking her triangle of soft pubic hair and moving down from there to her pussy. Our hands worked in time with our tongues and I succumbed to the pleasure first, a small amount of cum (well, there wasn’t much left in me after last night!) pumping out onto Belle’s stomach and over her wrist. I slipped my fingers from her body and removed the showerhead, holding it over her and washing the thick globs away, chasing them down the plughole.

Inverting the showerhead I sprayed the water up against Belle’s pussy. She shrieked and giggled, her laughter turning to moans as overcome by lust, I dropped the showerhead, knelt down and lapped up at her crotch. Belle carefully leaned against the wall and lifted one leg up and over my shoulder, so I could nuzzle and lap at her more easily. Scratching my nails up and down her thighs to excite her skin I slurped and nuzzled for all I was worth and soon had Belle crying out and trembling one more time. Realising time was marching on; we finished cleaning up properly and towelled each other down, returning to my bedsit and getting dressed.

Belle complained good naturedly that she was going to look ‘a right slapper’ walking home at this time dressed in her night out gear.

“Everyone who sees me is going to think ‘well she’s on her way home from shagging someone last night’, eh?” I laughed and said

“Well, I’ll walk you home then and then I can look smug as they think ‘that must be the lucky bastard who shagged her’.” Belle flushed and laughed embarrassedly. Running a little late, we set off and I walked Belle home. We stopped at the path leading up to her digs and faced one another.

“Will I see you around?” Belle asked. I only really knew her through Sheila, and once she’d moved out, the chances of Belle and I crossing paths again would be slim unless we made arrangements to meet.

“If you’d like to!” I replied. She smiled dazzlingly.

“Of course I would.”

We quickly exchanged mobile numbers; Belle was on the same network as me and we agreed to contact one another with an eye to meeting up again soon. I noticed the time.

“Your mum’s gonna be here in just under half an hour. Best to get a move on, eh?” Belle smiled and nodded.

“Thanks, Steve. For everything.” I grinned as Belle gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked up the path, turning to glance over her shoulder at me as she got to the front door. I waved at her; she waggled her fingers back at me, unlocked the door, opened it and entered. As the door closed she gave me an exaggerated wink and blew me a kiss before vanishing out of sight. I drew in a deep breath, blew it out through my mouth and turned to walk back to West Street.

Half an hour later I was back. I needed to use the loo, but someone was in the bathroom on my floor having a shower. I guessed it might be Sheila. Complex thoughts and feelings flooded my head and I popped downstairs to use the toilet there, before quietly going back into my room. Did Sheila know I’d slept with one of her friends? Did she particularly care? Had she got off with someone last night? Did she fancy me at all? What had been on my mind for most of yesterday seemed more distant and less important now, after Belle. But Sheila was leaving tomorrow and I didn’t want for our friendship to end on a bad note. I decided to lay low for now and to try and ‘accidentally’ bump into her on the landing later.

I still felt a bit tired and decided to have a nap. Setting the alarm for just over an hour’s time, I closed my curtains and lay down on the bed. I must have dropped off pretty quickly as the next thing I knew, the alarm was going again. It was 1.45 and I got up and made some lunch, munching a sandwich and some salad whilst watching the news on TV. Shortly after, I heard someone on the landing and quickly got up to go out, thinking it might be Sheila. Neil and Ruth were working today and Adele would most likely be working on her dissertation at the library. As I opened my door I realised that if it was Sheila, I didn’t have the faintest idea of what I was going to say to her. Fortunately, perhaps, it turned out to be Adele. She was just mounting the stairs up to her room in the attic.

“Hi!” she said brightly. At least she didn’t seem pissed off with me for dashing away from her last night.

“Hiya. How did the rest of the night go? Enjoy your dance with Prince Charming?” Adele chuckled ruefully.

“Yeah, it was alright. Neiljust can’t seem to get it into his head that he’s not my type though, y’know? And the rest of the night was fine. Sheila ended up plenty pissed not long after you’d gone, but she had fun and we got her home okay, so yeah, rest of the night was good.” She grinned suddenly. “How about you? Sheila said that Belle left about the same time as you.” hers eyes sparkled cheekily. “Anything to confess?”

Three things quickly struck me. If Sheila did come back home last night, then a) that was most certainly her in the shower earlier, b) she hadn’t gone off with anyone else or brought them back here, because I hadn’t heard them at it during the night and most importantly c) Sheila could have spent some time last night listening to Belle and I screwing like bunnies!!! I could’ve kicked myself. Why on earth hadn’t this struck me until now? H’mm. Beer and whiskey last night, that’s why.

My delay in responding saw Adele step off the first stair to the attic and come over to me. She spoke quietly in a conspiratorial whisper.

Did you?” there was no point in lying, but I decided to be obtuse.

“Adele, you know a gentleman never discusses his conquests.” Adele squeaked excitedly and literally pulled me over to the stairs.

“No way! You shagged Belle?” she hissed in a low voice. “You lucky bugger, she’s fit as fuck! You’ve got to tell me all about it!!!” I laughed and tugged my arm free.

“Easy tiger! Yes. Yes I am. Yes she is and maybe I will -“I jerked my head in the direction of Sheila’s room “But not now, okay? Plus, I’m not sure anything I can do could live up to your vivid imagination.” Adele laughed.

“Alright, but I’m going to hold you to that.” Smiling, she turned and mounted the stairs again. “See you later.”

“Cheers, Adele.” With that, I went back into my room.

I poured myself a glass of juice and sat down to think. Okay, so Sheila came back last night, pissed. And at least Adele helped her back home, maybe Ruth and Neil too. But Adele didn’t seem to know Belle and I were at it. So, either they got back after we’d gone to sleep, or they’d got back and couldn’t hear Belle and I from the landing. Now, if Sheila was drunk (I’d seen her that way before, she was a cheery drunk but also prone to curling up and dropping off to sleep like a little hamster) when she got back in, she’d have most likely gone straight to bed and fallen asleep. Maybe she hadn’t heard us after all. And she’d got up to shower the best part of an hour after we’d left, so maybe hadn’t heard us chatting in the morning. She wouldn’t have heard us having sex in the shower unless her ear was pressed right up to the bathroom door. So maybe, just maybe, she didn’t know about me and Belle.

I guessed it would be wise to find out. So I gave some thought to how she might react if she did know and what I’d say if she was either okay with or angry about it. But why did I think she’d be angry about it? Because Belle was her friend (yeah, and so what?) or because I thought that she’d be upset I hadn’t tried to make a move on her? Hell, how much of all this was my ego strutting about like a peacock? I formulated a rough script of what I could say in either scenario and then suddenly remembered about my dripping tap in the kitchen.

I got my mobile phone and found Maxine’s number. Maxine and Tom were our landlady and landlord. I’d only seen Tom once though and Max dealt with most of the day to day stuff, including basic electrical and plumbing repairs. I guessed she was about forty to forty five years old, with long blonde hair always tied back in a ponytail, a cracking figure for her age and an acidic, dry sense of humour. Tom was a couple of years older than Max and seemed alright to me. He didn’t have Max’s sense of humour (or at least didn’t display it on the occasion I met him) but he was friendly enough, quite short and stocky. He enjoyed rock climbing and often worked away for days at a time. I guessed that was how and why Max had become so good at the day to day things.

My mobile wouldn’t ring out. Keying 453 the automatic voice told me I had only six pence credit left. I really ought to get around to getting a phone on contract. I decided there and then to buy myself a brand new one with the first pay packet from my new job and fumbled in my pocket for change to use in the payphone out in the hall. Armed with several ten pence pieces I went onto the landing and over to the phone. It was on the bathroom wall, just out of arm’s reach of Sheila’s door. Dialling the number I waited until Max picked up and pushed a couple of coins into the slot. I explained about the tap and Max said she’d be coming over tomorrow afternoon. She’d asked Sheila to be out by two as the new tenant was moving in that evening. Max said she’d fix it after she’d finished getting Sheila’s room ready for the new tenant, whose name was Marie. I said thanks and that I’d see her then and hung up. The coins clunked down into the body of the plastic phone and as I turned, Sheila’s door clacked as it opened and Sheila took a step out onto the landing. My heart beat a little faster as I thought to myself, ‘well, here we go!’

“The dead have risen!” I said in my best, ‘the end of the world is nigh’ voice. To my relief, Sheila laughed. She was barefoot, still wearing her pyjamas and looking like she was getting over a pretty bad hangover.

“How’re you feeling?”

“Like I had well too much to drink last night! I’ve kept some lunch down now though. And I’ve been packing. Still got some to finish.”

“Not easy with a pounding head, huh?”

“”You’ve got that right.” She seemed okay with me so far, but not quite her usual self. Mind you, she hadn’t usually drunk half a bar dry the night previously. I decided to press on.

“Well, do you want a hand? I’m not doing much this afternoon, so if you want some help…”

“You’re sure you don’t just want to rummage about in my knicker drawer?” Aha! The old flirting. A good sign things were okay.

“I didn’t think a slapper like you wore knickers, She.” Sheila laughed.

“Screw you.”

“Promises, promises.” Sheila smiled and pushed her door open.

“C’mon in then, you can help me out as punishment for taking the piss out of me when I’m suffering. I’m just off to the loo. I’ll be back in a mo’.”

I grinned and walked into her room. Sheila let the door close behind me and went about her business. The scent of burning incense reached me as I walked in. Sheila had both her windows open and was obviously trying to freshen the air a little. She had several cardboard boxes, suitcases and hold-all bags on the floor, as well as string, brown tape and a pair of scissors. Some of the boxes were already sealed. The bed was rumpled and unmade. I sat on the armchair and waited for her to return, relieved that she seemed to be fine with me. Sheila came back in and put the kettle on. We had a cup of tea (Sheila knocked back some paracetomol) and chatted easily about last night. Things definitely seemed to be fine, as Sheila didn’t mention a thing about Belle.

I noticed small flashes of naked flesh when Sheila was positioned to my right, in the gaps between the buttons on her pyjamas. As she bent forward at one point I saw the swell of her breasts shift freely under her top and caught a tantalising glimpse of naked curves. No bra. Probably no knickers either. Despite myself, I dwelled briefly on the fact that I could pop those buttons down one by one, remove her top and pull down the checked blue trousers and Sheila would be before me, stark naked. I was shaken from my daydream as Sheila excused herself and popped off to the loo again. Most of the obvious things that needed packing already seemed to be packed. Some books, folders and clothes, pots and pans were piled about. Then I noticed the backless little black dress that Sheila had been wearing last night. It was draped carelessly over the end of her bed. Her spike heeled shoes were below it, along with a pair of glossy, black tights. Sheila came back in and considered what to start on next. We began to pack up more of her belongings and I decided to push my luck.

“Did you pull last night then?” Sheila wrinkled her nose and snorted.

“God, no. There were these three guys, trying it on with every girl in the place. One of them seemed to have taken a real shine to me, but he was a pig. I think he finally got the message that I wasn’t interested when I told him to fuck off and get out of my face.” I smiled, surprised at how relieved I felt at what she’d said.

“Yeah, I guess that would let him know where he stood.”

“I’m glad it did. I’d have hated to have to try and beat it into him.” I laughed and suddenly realised I’d left myself wide open to Sheila asking if I’d pulled last night. I decided to quickly changed the subject and the fact I’d just finished taping up a box gave me the perfect chance to do so.

“Right, that’s finished,” I brushed my hands together theatrically “now then, which drawer’s got your knickers in? I selflessly volunteer to pack them and any other of your frilly bits for you.”

“Ye gods!” Sheila laughed “A man who’s more interested in getting your knickers into something than actually getting into them.” Was there a faint hint of something in her voice? Bitterness, perhaps? I answered quickly.

“Well, now I wouldn’t say that. But seriously, She, what do you need packing next?”

“That pile of books and folders, please.” I nodded and set about the task.

We chatted and as we both finished working on our respective boxes, Sheila stood up and looked around. She explained that after the pots and pans that was pretty much it for now. The only other things left she’d need between now and finally leaving tomorrow. Sheila explained that she’d already sorted out her new place, had the keys and just needed to get her various bits and bobs over there. She thought all her stuff would fit in her car and that one trip should do it. We set about packing the pots and pans and that was pretty much it.

“Right, I need to get dressed and go into town. I’ve some things I want to buy and then I’ll be dropping by to see everyone here one at a time tonight to say goodbye, with them all working tomorrow.” She smiled at me. “Apart from the gentleman of leisure, of course.”

“Hey, I’m merely resting. I’ll be hard at it next week, y’know?” Sheila grinned.

“Oh, yeah? Who’s the lucky lady?” More flirting. Or was that comment pointed? I took two steps over to her and patted Sheila on the head, grinning back.

“Well, sadly, it won’t be you now, will it? You’re flying the nest.”

“H’mm,” Sheila nodded.

Then to my surprise, she put both her arms around me and gave me a hug. I felt her boobs squash against my chest and my cock began to respond. What was happening? Was she about to…no. Sheila released me and stood back smiling pleasantly.

“Well, thanks for your help, Steve. I’d better get on, or the shops’ll be shut.” I glanced at my watch. It was half past three; time had flown.

“Yeah, suppose so. Make sure you drop by tonight, though, huh?”

“Course I will. You in all night?”


“See you later then, go on now- shoo.” She fanned her hands in the direction of the door, smiling. I returned the smile and opened the door, stepping onto the landing and looking back in.

“See you later, then?”

“See you later.” Sheila closed the door behind me and I went next door back to my own room.

I sat and pondered, the fullness of her breasts and that brief snatch of body heat through cotton pyjamas fresh in my mind. And she hadn’t got off with that guy last night. If I’d have stayed and made my move as planned, then I was pretty certain I’d have got the response I was looking for. And the way she’d just made that m’mm’ noise when I made the crack about her not being the ‘lucky lady’. The tone in her voice when she said about me being more interested in packing her knickers than getting into them. If only the alcohol hadn’t given me such a defeatist outlook last night. It all seemed to add up to the fact that I’d had my chance and fumbled the ball. Well, in a way. If I’d made a move on Sheila, I wouldn’t have just had a night of passion with Belle. Ah, Belle.

I remembered the feel of her hot, firm body pressed up against me in bed, her strong legs wrapped around my back as her soft lips pressed against mine and her pussy gripped and sucked at my cock. The feel of her hair. The vivid pinkness of her pussy compared to her dark skin. How good she looked when I woke and found her next to me. Hell, I couldn’t complain. I thought briefly about Sam, felt a small pang of betrayal and then pushed her from my mind with a burst of contempt. I’d far better prospects ahead of me now than her. Remembering the face-down photo on my bedside cabinet I went over and removed it from the frame, taking some satisfaction from ripping the picture in two and dropping it in the bin. I stashed the frame safely away in a drawer, wondering whose picture might be in it next. I was shaken from my reverie by the sound of someone trotting down the stairs. It sounded like Sheila had just gone out.

If I had got off with Sheila last night, surely there would have been time for Belle and I to hit it off over the coming weeks? H’mm… no, probably not. I only really got to see Belle through my acquaintance with Sheila and once she was gone, when would another chance like last night crop up? I couldn’t see how I could have had my cake and eaten it (or to be blunt, shagged both of them.) I sighed, put the kettle on and then killed time by blowing away bad guys on my Playstation.

I’d heard some of the others come back in from work and thought Sheila had returned to her room over the past half hour. After having tea and washing up, I settled down and put on a DVD at about half seven. I’d heard Sheila and Ruth’s voices downstairs as I went to the bathroom minutes earlier and guessed Sheila had started doing the rounds. I could just stop the film when she got around to me. Maybe I could at least have a goodbye kiss.

Time passed. I watched the movie and Sheila still hadn’t knocked. I flicked on the TV and got a beer from the fridge. At about 10.00pm, there was finally a knock on the door. I put down my beer and opened my door. Sheila was stood there, looking over her shoulder almost nervously. As the door opened, Sheila whipped her head round to look at me and I saw her features quickly change to appear more relaxed, the anxiety melting away. In one hand, she had a bottle of red wine, in the other a corkscrew. Most interestingly, she was dressed in her pyjamas! I realised I was staring at her, probably with a look of puzzlement on her face. She smiled, raised her eyebrows and said

“Well, er, can I come in?” I mentally shook myself and stood to one side

“Yeah, of course, have a seat!” I closed the door as Sheila moved to the sofa and sat down. Fuzzy dark purple pyjamas and lilac bedsocks., I noted. What was on underneath? Sheila held up the bottle of red wine and corkscrew.

“Sorry it’s late. It took longer than I’d thought to see everyone and I, well I thought I’d get changed so that I’m ready for bed.” She smiled and held out her arms.

“Prezzy for you. I thought it’d be nice to sit down and have a drink together.” I took the wine and corkscrew, mind racing.

“No problem, She. I’ll, er, go and get some glasses!”

With that, I popped into the kitchen, trying to decide what was going on. Was this what I dared hope it might be? ‘I thought I’d get changed so I’m ready for bed.’ Ready for bed?? She’s called on me, late at night, with a bottle of wine, dressed ready to go to bed. She hadn’t said hers. Oh, boy! Could I really be so goddamn lucky? Guess I’d just have to see where this went! I quickly found two wine glasses in my cupboard and returned, sitting next to her. My eyes flickered to the gaps in her pyjama top. With the only light coming from the bedside lamp and the TV I couldn’t tell if she had anything on underneath or not. Then Sheila asked

“What’re you watching?”

I started, thinking I’d been caught out ogling her boobs, then realising she meant on the TV.

“Nothing very interesting.” This was true, so I turned down the volume with the remote and uncorked the wine, pouring us both a glass and thinking about the little nervous look I saw on her face as she stood waiting for the door to open. Why would she be nervous about being seen going into my room? Unless she was planning something she didn’t want anyone else to know of…

I handed a full glass to her. Waiting until I had my glass in hand, Sheila raised hers.


I clinked my glass against hers and replied. We both took a sip. The wine had a delicious taste, rich and fruity. It wasn’t just cheap plonk. She’s splashed out on some quality stuff. Sheila snuggled down on the settee, drawing both legs up to one side underneath her. If she moved across another few inches, she’d be snuggled up right next to me. We both agreed on how tasty the wine was and some time passed with chatter between us and the odd bit of viewing when something either of liked appeared on the music show that was being broadcast.

“Want a top up?” I asked as the credits began to roll. Sheila grinned in affirmation and I refilled our glasses. The bottle was a big one. I guessed there were three and a bit glasses of wine each in it rather than the usual two and a dribble.

“Ta.” She said simply as I handed her glass back.

“So, you bought this when you went shopping this afternoon, huh?”

“Yeah. I bought you all a little something as a going away present. I thought it’d be nice.” I wondered what she’d bought the others and guessed it hadn’t been wine. Or if it had, that she hadn’t sat drinking it with them wearing her pyjamas.

“It is, thanks. And it’s nice to have a little time together before you go.” I thought Sheila looked slightly nervous for a moment.

“I’m glad you like it. I wanted to say goodbye properly.”

Meaning what, I wondered? The conversation lapsed for a moment, then picked up again as a stand up comedy show started on the TV. We spent the best part of the next half hour watching the show, getting through a second glass of wine each and starting on our third. We laughed and both relaxed more and more and as the show went on. As it finished, I shared out the last of the wine. Sheila sighed.

“Hard to believe this time next week I’ll be somewhere completely different, in a new job. New workmates, new neighbourhood, new neighbours.”

“Yeah, it won’t be the same without you, She. I mean I know there’s someone else moving in to your bedsit tomorrow night, so it’s not like your room’s going to stay empty for ages but; well it just won’t be you.” She smiled, looking pleased.

“Gonna miss me are you?”

“Yeah, of course.” I looked into her blue eyes. “We’ve had some fun in the time I’ve been here. Even though I’ve only known you this summer, it won’t be the same without you skipping up and down the stairs in those cut off shorts of yours, or bustling about-” I nodded slightly at her “-in your PJs, but, well, I mean…”

Her eyes were shining brightly.

“Go on…”

“Aw, well,” I shrugged and held up my hands “things just won’t be the same.” Sheila smiled and took another sip of her wine.

A trashy programme about America’s craziest car chases was starting on the TV. Sheila seemed to be thinking something through and as I was about to fill the uncomfortable lapse in the conversation she looked at me and said

“Y’know, sometimes it’s nice just to be able to have a cuddle?” My insides started to feel oddly tight as I took this in. Sheila shifted her weight across towards me, looking oddly… hopeful. A small voice at the back of my head shouted for me to get a move on and I lifted my arm to rest along the back of the settee and smiled, saying nothing. Sheila smiled back brightly and I felt her warm body press up against me as she snuggled in tight. I put my arm around her shoulders, hugging her to me.

“How’s that?” I asked. When Sheila replied, it sounded like she was still smiling.

“Nice.” She said, and stirred against me, snuggling closer. We both watched the TV for a couple of minutes, sipping at our wine and chortling at the programme.

I was enjoying the feel of her, warm and soft, my mind racing over what had just happened when she spoke softly again, without looking up.

“I almost thought you were going to make a move on me last night, y’know?” I got over my surprise quickly and thought about my answer for a second or two.

“Well, yeah. To be honest, yes I was. You looked fantastic, She. I’m not surprised you were having to beat them off with a shitty stick. But I saw you with that guy and er,” I thought about Belle “Well, I left. Chance gone, I guess?” I tried not to make the last bit sound too obvious.

Sheila made a quiet noncommittal noise in acknowledgement, and sat quietly for a few seconds before saying

“Remember that time we were talking about Stuart and you told me to take the bull by the horns?” She looked up at me now.

“Yeah, I do.” I looked down at her. Sheila smiled, eyes sparkling.

“It’s the only way I’m going to get you to give me a kiss tonight isn’t it, you eejit?” With that, she craned her neck up to me, closed her eyes and kissed me fully on the lips. I closed my eyes as her lips pressed against mine and moved away with a soft smacking noise.

“Well,” she asked “is it sexy as hell when a girl makes the first move for you?” I frowned, puzzled for just a moment before remembering I’d said just that to her when we’d been discussing Stuart. I smiled and put down my glass of wine.

“Yes. Yes it is.”

Sheila grinned , shaking her head.

“God, you’re hard work. D’you know I’ve fancied you since you moved in? I know you like me too. I was so sure you’d do something about it last night, with you having dumped Sam and me leaving tomorrow. I was waiting for you to do it all night. Adele and I even had a bet going about when you’d make a move. I bet her a fiver I’d have snogged you by one o’clock. You cost me money, mister. I even flirted with Mr. Fuckwit to try and get you a little jealous and make you get on with it. I couldn’t believe it when Adele told me you’d gone!” Her ‘you’re a bad boy’ humorous tone dropped slightly, becoming more serious. “I kicked myself.” Her eyes flickered away from mine, looking downwards. “Guess that’s why I ended up getting so rat-arsed. My own fault I suppose, farting around rather than just dragging you kicking and screaming onto the dancefloor and throwing myself at you.”

I was quietly amazed. Hellfire, even a bet with Adele? One thing was foremost in my mind.

“This… cuddle?” I asked. Sheila flushed slightly and looked back up at me (God I love it when a girl does that trick with her eyes, it’s sexy as hell)

“Well,” she answered quietly “girls like sex too, y’know?” She held my gaze, waiting for my response.

I briefly wondered how the hell Stu failed had to rise to this when he had the chance and as a second, then two, ticked by; wondered why the hell I was dithering now? Belle? Yeah, but she wasn’t here now. And for all I know, last night could’ve been a one night stand. I mean, I hoped not but… aw, fuck it!

I leaned forwards slowly. Sheila’s eyes flickered (relief, I guess. I kept her waiting at least five seconds whilst I dithered) and then she did the same, our eyes closed as our lips met and gently smacked together. We relaxed against each other. Her hand found the back of my head, mine coming to rest on her warm thigh. Her body heat excited me and my cock started to stiffen. I rubbed up and down her firm thigh, remembering how sexy her long legs were. My God, I was about to have sex with Sheila, they’d soon be wrapped around my back, hugging me to her.

Her hands found my chest and rubbed at me through my t-shirt. I slipped my hand up her thigh, onto her waist, ribcage and where I’d longed to put them for months; the swell of her breasts. They felt wonderfully soft and warm and as they moved freely under my hand I unconsciously compared their weight and fullness to Belle’s. With an effort, I pushed thoughts of Belle from my mind. I’d fantasised about this all summer. About Sheila. Wondering what she was like in the heat of passion. How she looked naked. My heart thudded more and more quickly in my chest as it sank in that I was about to find all these things out.

Our tongues slithered together lazily. I could feel the buds of Sheila’s hard nipples poking at the fuzzy cotton of her top. With a small moan of lust, Sheila began pawing at my erect cock through my jeans, her movements confident and eager. She certainly knew how to use her hands; tracing a finger teasingly up and down my length several times before using her thumb and forefinger to gently pinch and work up and down. Excited now and eager to feel her skin against mine, I popped open the lowest button of her top. It came undone easily and working upwards there were soon only one or two of the buttons still fastened. I had enough access to slip my hand inside her top and instantly felt her body heat envelop it as my palm glided over hot, smooth skin. I ran my hand round to her back, feeling the shape of her ribcage and the hardness of her shoulder blades before sliding back down and up to her breasts. Her nipple dug into my palm, feeling in contrast to her soft skin hard as a polished stone. I circled and squeezed it with my thumb, working it this way and that. Sheila moaned gently and moved her hand up to my belt, slipping her fingertips between the buckled leather.

As the leather cleared the buckle and I felt the belt come undone, she broke off our kiss and looked up at me for a moment, her jaw set slightly forward and eyes hooded with lust.

“You’ve got some condoms?” It was more of a statement than a question, but I nodded in reply. Sheila smiled cheekily, eyes twinkling. “Can you make me cum as hard as Belle did last night?” I think my jaw literally dropped open as surprise and worry cut through my lust.

“What? How did you? I mean… well…”

Sheila laughed gently, tilting her head forwards and screwing her eyes shut in mirth. After a couple of second’s chuckling she looked up at from under her eyebrows.

“I’m sorry,” she grinned “I couldn’t resist. Look – if I hadn’t have been playing hard to get and farting about, you’d have come home with me last night and not Belle. I can’t blame you though, she’s bloody good looking.” Her words came out in a breathless spill. Her hands rose and gently came to rest on either side of my face. “Yeah, I was a bit far gone, but you didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. Belle let’s me know she’s leaving and when Adele told me you’d gone too, it all fell into place. The odd look you gave me when I waved at you from the dancefloor, the way she’d been looking at you when you weren’t watching. I’d ballsed up my chance to pull you, made you think someone else had pulled me and Belle just stepped in.”

I looked at her, still feeling anxious. “Steve, it’s all right,” she said soothingly “Belle didn’t know I had plans, so it’s not like she stole you from me or anything. I’m not pissed off about it. I did kinda hope you’d just walked her home though, but when Adele and I got back in and she made sure I was in my room okay, I lay on my bed,” she breathed in deeply, blinking thoughtfully before continuing “and I listened. I couldn’t hear anything at first, but then I could just hear you both gasp and Belle tell you how good you felt. There was a soft bump on the wall and I realised you were taking her up against it.” She kissed me softly on the lips and lowering her right hand, whispered into my ear “Then you were at it for ages on the bed. I could hear the mattress rubbing up and down against the wall. I got really turned on, and even made myself cum listening to you both. I fell asleep listening to her having an orgasm and thinking, damn, that should’ve been me. I wished it had been.”

I was gobsmacked at this breathless confession. Sheila kissed my cheek. I could smell her hair; sweet and spicy. The wine on her breath. Her body was hot against mine where we touched.

“I’d still like it to be.” she continued quietly. Another kiss alighted, this time closer to my mouth. Head still alongside mine; her breath warmed my skin. My cock pulsed as all these sensations combined into a fiery ball of lust in the centre of my being. “I knew tonight was my last chance and just hoped you hadn’t planned to meet Belle. From what you said to me earlier, I figured you weren’t and decided to plan for tonight.” Another kiss, this time right on the corner of my mouth and suddenly she was moving away, rising and standing, in front of me. Her small, delicate fingers rose, undoing the last two buttons of her top. She grasped the collar and with a shrug, her top slid down her arms and to the floor. She looked down at me, one eyebrow quizzically raised.

I took in her naked torso, seeing her breasts for the first time. They were small yet full, with neat round brown nipples (I’d kind of expected them to be pink) that pointed upwards sharply. Her arms were slender, with narrow shoulders and a slim, elegant neck. Without realising how taken aback I was by her directness and determination to bed me (that would come later, as we lay together in herbed) I stood, saying the words that burned brightly in the front of my mind, flaring up from the lust within me.

“I want you.”

Her eyes bore into mine, searching; as her right hand slowly undid my belt and the button at the top of my fly. Her lips parted and she whispered a little breathlessly

“I want you, too.”

Then the zip buzzed down, her eyes closed and Sheila’s lips slowly found mine again, as she raised herself up on tiptoe. I felt the heightened sensation of Sheila’s small hand exploring my cock through my thin cotton pants, squeezing and rubbing it. Her pinching fingers caught against the ridge of my helmet, making me gasp and squirm. In return, I slipped my tongue from her mouth and watched her wet tongue lowly slither back between her lips; lowered my head to her bosom. I flicked at her left nipple with the tip of my tongue, still surprised by just how hard it felt. Sheila gasped and gripped my cock, drawing her breath in sharply. I fixed my lips over her nipple and sucked it whole into my mouth along with the soft flesh surrounding it, running my tongue around it in a circle. Sheila’s hand stopped working at my cock and came to rest on the back of my head, gently pulling me against her as she moaned.

Her breath shuddered as I repeated this with her other breast and then licked upwards towards her neck in one long motion. My saliva ran dry as I reached her collarbone, the salt on her skin registering to my taste buds as my tongue rasped against the sensitive skin of her neck. Sheila shivered as I leaned back; opening my eyes and slipping a hand down from the nape of her neck, over her shoulder, breast and down to between her legs. Her inner thighs felt like a furnace, smouldering with heat from her crotch. I stretched my arm, slipping three fingers along the curvature of her body, feeling soft flesh move beneath the fuzzy cotton of her pyjama bottoms.

Sheila moaned again and shifted forwards slightly, parting her thighs more. As our tongues slipped and slid over each other, we rubbed and caressed each others genitals. She felt deliciously soft and squashy down there and seemed to getting very wet – I could feel dampness seeping through the fuzzy material. God, she must be getting really wet for it to start to soak through. Then her hands were suddenly pulling my t-shirt up and over my head. I hurriedly crouched; removing my trainers and socks and then grabbing the waist of my jeans, tugging them down. Sheila bent forward, breasts elongating and swinging, to grab the bottom of my jeans; helping me to step out of them before tossing them carelessly to one side.

Shelia raised herself to her knees, breathing

“Where’re your condoms?”

I turned and quickly stepped over to the bedside cabinet, opening the drawer and grabbing one from inside. I turned and Sheila was on her feet, hand outstretched. I smiled and gave her the square packet. Taking it from me she moved against me, her lithe body pressing tight as her lips found mine again. We both gasped, wrapping our arms around each other, her nipples pressing into my chest as her breasts squashed against me. Kissing noisily, we thrust our groins together, pressing hard. Her arms came up over my shoulders and behind my head and I felt the movement in them as her hands tore open the packet.

Her kiss suddenly broke off and she took a step back, bringing her hands down and in front of her. With a quick movement the packet fell to the carpet and the squashed pink condom was in one hand. Her other slipped into my pants and I breathed in sharply as her hand touched my throbbing cock for the first time. Sheila knelt in front of me, easing my cock free and pulling my pants down to the carpet. Her hand tugged the foreskin back and fro slowly as she studied me for a moment, then she did something no other woman had done before or since. She simply kissed it, planting her lips against the purple helmet. I felt a brief pang of disappointment as her mouth moved away – I’d thought for a moment Sheila was about to go down on me, but my minor dismay was swiftly forgotten as her nimble fingers secured the condom over the tip of my cock. Holding it in place with one hand, she partially rolled it down my length with the other, then used both hands to pull at the thin material, tugging it out and down and letting it snap securely in place at the root of my cock.

I blinked long and hard at the sensation and as I opened my eyes, Sheila was standing up, sliding her pyjama bottoms down at the same time. My eyes fixed briefly on the neat triangle of dark fuzz topping her crotch then followed the progress of the trousers, down sleek, coltish legs. Straightening her knees with a quiet popping sound, she let go of her trousers and they slipped down her calves with a whisper. We openly looked over each other’s bodies. My heart was pounding. Sheila was breathing faster and faster through her nose and her lips parted as she moaned in a low, hoarse voice quite unlike her usual bright tones

“Oh, take me.”

I stepped forward and clasped her buttocks, bent my knees slightly and with a soft grunt, hoisted her upwards. Sheila grabbed at my shoulders and arms for support as I adjusted my hands to take her weight more comfortably and lowered her slightly, so we could kiss again. As our tongues slurped, I moved her so my cock nudged against the inside of her legs. Sheila murmured something inaudible and tightening her hold around my shoulders with one hand, used the other to locate my cock and guide it towards her. Then she spoke again, in a low whisper.

“We’ll have to be quiet. Everyone’s in.” The tip of my cock nudged against something yielding and Sheila gasped and held onto me with both hands again. I nodded, understanding her not wanting everyone to know what we were up to. The secretiveness made it all seem even more exciting, if that were possible. Our eyes met and held; agreeing without words that yes, this was it. Then I lowered her weight slightly and pushed with my hips. Sheila groaned aloud as my full length slipped into her body.

She was soaking wet, I had full and easy motion in and out of her as we clasped and worked our hips. She felt so tight and hot; I could feel her rubbing all around my length, the friction making me gasp. Sheila herself panted through her mouth with each stroke. She used her arms to brace herself, head turned away slightly to one side, eyes closed and lips pursed. Lifting herself up and down as I helped to support her weight. We fitted together well and with Sheila being so petite, a shade over five feet tall; I felt I could support her all night. But I didn’t want to. She’d heard me taking Belle against the wall last night and had wished that it was her? Well, you don’t often get the chance to grant someone’s wishes, right?

I turned towards the wall and spoke her name. Sheila paused at the zenith of another stroke and followed my gaze to look at the wall where less than 24 hours ago, Belle had stood. She smiled.

“Oh, yes.”

! moved over to the wall and carefully leaned her against it, so as not to bump her spine too hard. Sheila grimaced slightly as the cool wall pressed against her skin and she slipped down, filling herself with me again. We paused briefly to adjust our hold and positions, before Sheila pulled herself up and ground her pussy down again, gasping. I lifted and thrust alternately and we found our rhythm.

She felt wonderful and was an enthusiastic lover, grinding up and down and panting, often murmuring sweet nothings. We rutted against the wall for, I don’t know; a minute, perhaps two and then her lips curled back from her teeth in a snarl of pleasure and she moaned more loudly, starting to move her hips faster. My arms felt fine, but my lower back was beginning to twinge again, so I decided to compromise. I tightened my hold on Sheila’s buttocks and moved back from the wall, turning to my right. Sheila continued to hump and gasp at me, as I took a quick step or two back and felt the end of the mattress bump against the back of my knees. Tensing my stomach muscles, I sat down. Sheila moaned more loudly, pausing as I lay back to look admiringly up at her and run my hands up and down her hips. Sitting more upright she began to ride me harder, bouncing herself up and down more quickly, breasts jiggling wildly.

I held onto Sheila’s waist, pulling her onto me with each thrust. She began to make a small noise with every movement, each one louder than the last,

“Uh! Uh! Unh! Uhh!” She moved increasingly quickly, until she was almost vibrating against me. As the noises she made bled together into a low drawn out cry, I took her hands in mine, our fingers lacing together and squeezed her hands, softly whispering

“Shhh! Shhh!” and then gasping myself as her pussy rubbed, rubbed and then gripped my cock. Sheila’s orgasm made her judder against me, gripping my hands tightly; pussy trembling about my cock. My own orgasm hadn’t come yet, but this felt fantastic. Sheila’s eyes were screwed shut, teeth clenched and lips drawn back in beautiful agony. Her flat stomach sucked in a little as her muscles locked and for a few brief seconds it felt as if we were one.

Then her hands relaxed, her stomach flattened again and she sagged forwards onto all fours, gasping for breath. I stroked the back of her head and lifted up my own to plant a light kiss on her lips. A fine sheen of perspiration shone on her brow as Sheila opened her eyes and smiled tiredly down at me.

“That,” she panted “felt fabulous…oh, boy…” and she melted down onto me, head on my shoulder and chest. I stroked her back and bum and thought about how I didn’t want my erection to go to waste. My crotch was wet and slippery with Sheila’s honey, but my cock still felt to be erect, although not quite as hard as when we started. I yearned to fulfil my summer-long fantasy of having her gasping and moaning beneath me as I fucked her. After having Sheila grind and bounce on top of me, I felt happy she was content with ‘a bit of rough’ in her lovemaking and wanted to act before my cock got bored and lost the will to play.

“If you enjoyed that …”Sheila cut me off, interrupting with a hoarse

“Hell, yes!”

“Well then, there’s more where that came from!” I gently clasped her to me and with an effort, rolled over to one side, so I lay on top of her. Sheila whooped quietly, then giggled.

“I’ll take whatever you’ve got.” I grinned and having slipped out of her body, took hold of her hips, lifting them from the bed. Sheila was lying too close to the edge. If I tried to mount her where she lay I’d tumble off the bed. She twigged and laughed softly, moving first her shoulders and then feet, snaking her way into the centre of the bed. Smiling, I ran my hands up from her ankles to her knees and pushed her legs apart. Sheila ran her hands down to her breasts and pinched at her nipples, before squeezing them together. I glanced up at her cleavage, then realising I hadn’t actually clapped eyes on it yet; down at her pussy. Following my gaze, she parted her thighs for me, showing herself off. Her labia were dark like her nipples and very fleshy. Plump lips pouted almost spongeley from the neat tangle of pubic hair. They looked so soft and inviting and yet I knew they concealed a hard, hot grip beneath.

“See anything you like?” she asked playfully.

“So much I’m almost not sure where to start” I replied.

“How about inserting tab A into slot B?” she said innocently. I chuckled.

“Thought I’d just done that.” Sheila grinned and looked at me like a naughty schoolgirl; saying in a sing song voice

“Please sir, I want more.” I couldn’t help myself and laughed. Her eyes glistened in the lamplight and moisture shone in the folds of her pussy. I lowered myself into position, chiding her with

“Greedy girl.”

“Spank me.” She retorted. I checked my cock was aligned properly and rested my weight on her, looking deep into those big blue eyes and saying “Maybe later.” At the same time as I penetrated her, sinking in deep. Sheila cried out quietly; hands going to her pussy to feel me slipping into her, face taking on that odd look of… focus. She was so slippery I realised that would be able to break straight into a hard and fast pace. I put tenderness to one side and began to fuck Sheila hard, our bellies clapping together. Sheila grunted and panted with each thrust, managing to blurt out

“God!” and “Steve!” between gasps (not bad company, eh?)

This was it, my fantasy made reality and it was better than I could’ve dreamed. Sheila looked so small under me compared to Belle, her lightly tanned skin looking the colour of honey in the low light. She was certainly sweet. I watched her writhe and move under me, memorising her curves and the feel of her body. Her wildly jiggling breasts, the way her face looked in the throes of pleasure, the noises she made and the way her long sleek thighs came up towards me, lower legs crossing over my back. At one point I raised myself up on my arms to get a look at me sliding in and out of her pussy. Sheila spread her legs wide; knees raised and toes pointing, to give me a good look. Her labia were stretched tightly around my girth, almost as if I were a size too large for her. They contracted and dragged as I worked in and out. It was a very gratifying sight and turned me on no end.

Curiosity satisfied, I lowered my weight again and got down to the serious business of fucking Sheila the way we both seemed to want it. From her soft whimpers and murmuring, I was aware she was heading for another orgasm and knew that I wouldn’t last for much longer at this pace given what we’d just been up to against the wall. I surrendered to the moment; the wet smacking and sucking noises as I pistoned in and out of her body. The delicious rubbing and dragging around my cock. Sheila’s urgent gasps for breath. Her hands on my buttocks, pulling me into her. The sweat on her brow, her moist, parted lips. I gave up any pretence of holding back and welcomed the growing tingle in my balls and cock.

Sheila was just aware enough not to shout the house down, instead hissing

“Fuck! Yes!! Don’t stop, don’t stop!!!” My orgasm boiling and about to explode; I obliged and slammed into her as hard as I could, rocking her whole body against the bed and knocking the breath from her. I managed this three time, four, then my cock felt to explode like some orgasmic firework and I cried out as quietly as I could

“She, aw, She!” as I shuddered against her. Sheila’s head pressed back into the pillow and her face twisted in ecstasy. She came more quietly than me, with a strained, drawn out “Hnnnghh!” noise, hands gripping my buttocks, biting at her lower lip.

We sagged against each other, my cock still inside her. Neither of us spoke, we needed to draw in deep gasps of breath. Sheila lay with her arms either side of her head, elbows bent. I could feel her heart hammering against my chest, beating out a speedy rhythm next to my own. Gradually, the pounding grew slower and more faint. I raised myself up slightly and looked at her. Sheila’s eyes opened and looked into mine, moving about searchingly. Then their edges creased and the corners of her mouth broke into a grin followed by a soft laugh.

“That. Was. Splendid.” I raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly once in acknowledgement and thanks. I decided I’d best pull out from her, as I could feel myself rapidly softening. I took hold of the condom at the root of my cock and pulled backwards gently. Sheila’s breath hitched as my cock slid free from her still tight grip.

We lay together for a short while. Things were starting to feel messy down below so I reached over for the box of tissues, noting that there was less than half an hour to go before midnight, and pulled several out. I passed a couple over to Sheila, who mumbled a couple of words of thanks and then something about how wet she was. I smiled contentedly to myself as I removed the sodden condom and cleaned myself up. As we snuggled down on top of the covers again, the feel of Sheila’s silky, hot skin against mine still aroused me and I hoped that there would be more to come. If we only had tonight, I wanted it to last. Sheila was apparently thinking along similar lines.

“Are you feeling tired yet?” Came her quiet voice from down by my shoulder. I squeezed her arm and chuckled.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead, She.”

With a shuffle, she propped herself up on one arm to look at me.

“Only, well this might sound a bit daft, but … well, I guess it’s too late to be shy, now.” I smile in agreement and squeezed her bum. “Well, would you fancy coming through to mine? It’s just, well, I was fantasising last night, when I was listening to you and Belle.” in spite of myself, I felt heat rise in my cheeks as I blushed a little “Lying there and wishing I’d got you in my bed. So… y’know, it’d be great if…, aw bollocks.” She pulled a face at herself and grinned up at me. “We’ve done your place. Now I’d like to shag you senseless round at mine.” I grinned my affirmation and she whispered in a sexy, French accent “I’ve got some sleenky theengs I could slip into, before you slip into me again. H’mm?” Good Lord, it wasn’t as if I needed any more encouragement, but what the hell? I slapped her bum.

“Go on then, scat. I’ll knock in five minutes. Will that be long enough to doll up?” Sheila grinned.

“Make it ten?” I glanced at the clock; it was 11.50pm.

“The Witching Hour then, h’mm?” Sheila leaned in close and whispered

“Well, we’re under each other’s spell, aren’t we?” and planted a kiss on my lips. She slid off the bed before I could reply, quickly gathering and pulling on her pyjamas. I joined her over by my door, opening it. The coast was clear. Sheila looked at me.

“Ten minutes then,” she said “don’t be late.” I shook my head and eased open the door, careful to stand to one side as I was still starkers. The landing light was off and Sheila slipped past me with a quick glance back. I smiled and closed my door.

Unbelievable. What a night! With possibly the best still to come. I wondered what sight would greet me when Sheila opened the door and decided there and then to risk calling on her whilst still naked. At nearly midnight, everyone would most likely be in bed, having to work tomorrow. Perhaps it would give her a small thrill, before we went on to give each other bigger ones. I threw on my bathrobe, grabbed some soap and went to the bathroom, quickly freshening up. Returning to my room I checked the time, ditched the bathrobe, grabbed the paper bag of condoms and got ready to go. Turning off the light in my room, I opened my door just a little and peered out.

The landing was still dark. No signs of life from above or below. I slipped onto the landing and closed my door (thankfully having remembered to leave the latch off so as not to lock myself out) moving the few paces over to Sheila’s door and knocking softly on it. There was no immediate response. I had sudden visions of Adele coming downstairs and finding me bollock naked outside Sheila’s door. Or even worse; Ruth or Neil coming upstairs for some reason. I was thinking of the nervous look I saw on Sheila’s face when I opened my door about two hours ago and understood what she must’ve been feeling. I raised my hand to knock again and the door opened just a little, a narrow crack of warm light spilling out. Dark hair and a blue eye that widened as Sheila realised I was naked peered out at me. I could smell burning incense as the door opened further and heard Sheila’s ornate little clock quietly chime out midnight. Then the door swung open wide revealing Sheila in all her glory….

Chapter 04


Sheila was wearing a sheer, lace-trimmed black and purple bra that packed her small breasts into a stunning cleavage and making them seem larger than before. Matching long black gloves came up to just below her shoulders and across her shapely hips, completing the set; was a diamante suspender belt holding up glossy, black and purple lace-topped stockings. She stood taller than usual in the same high heeled shoes that she’d worn the night before last. Swinging in a circle from the tip of a forefinger were the missing pair of knickers from the set. Thank God for Anne Summers! I felt my cock begin to respond. Sheila’s mouth opened into a wide smile as she noticed the movement.

“Didn’t think I’d need these.” She whispered, looking at the twirling knickers before twitching her finger so they flew off across the room and out of sight. That finger then beckoned me into her rooms and I entered, my awareness of being exposed on the landing swept away by lust for this effervescent creature before me.

The door closed behind me and Sheila smiled. I’d been in her room many times before, but it somehow all looked different now. Not just because most of her belongings were packed in suitcases and boxes (I noticed a partially closed suitcase that looked to be filled with clothing and guessed that was where the lingerie came from). Nor because of the eight or so candles I counted giving off warm, flickering light but because of the way things had changed between us. From friends to lovers (lusters?) in less than an hour. Sheila brazenly ran her hands down from the back of her neck, over her breasts and down her body

“Does sir like what he sees?” she asked playfully. I walked over to her bed and dropped the condoms onto her bedside table, then turned to face her with my cock nodding its way to a full erection.

“Take a wild guess.” I replied. Still smiling, Sheila stepped over to me (God, her legs looked sexy with the high heel/stocking combo) and took hold of my cock, pushing it down and gently rubbing it against the smooth, segmented texture of her suspender belt

“I’m glad. I bought these a while ago to help make myself feel sexy after splitting with Ian. I was thinking about using them on Stu, but…” she wrinkled her nose and pulled a face.

I gasped a little as my cock grew fully erect and fought to spring free of her grip. She rubbed it across her belt again.

“His loss.” I managed. Sheila’s grimace turned into one of those bright smiles that lit up her face.

“Money well spent then?”

“Worth every penny.” I said, before gasping as the smooth head of my cock bumped over the diamante again. I could tell Sheila was enjoying this brief moment of power, her nipples had swollen up and now poked at her bra. I continued “Are you going to do anything with that monster you’ve created, or just play with it all night?”

“Bit of both, I think.” With that, she let go and brushed past me. My cock sprang up and as I turned, Sheila was mounting the bed and lying back, parting her legs. Boy, was she feeling confident! “C’mere,” she purred “We’re not finished yet.” I grinned in reply and climbed onto the bed, moving forward to lose myself in her again.

We kissed and kissed, exploring each other anew with energy and passion, enjoying the added thrill and sensations of her lingerie. I buried my fingertips in the tight grip of Sheila’s cleavage and teased her skin through the different textures. Sheila slid a hand around the back of my neck and pulled my head down to her chest, breathing

“Please. Lick my nipples through the bra.” I obliged and felt the sheer mesh, slippery to the touch at first, become rougher and rougher against my tongue as my saliva soaked into it. As Sheila gasped and moaned I turned my attention to her other breast, nibbling at the hard nipple. Sheila panted urgently and I felt her hand seize one of mine, guiding it to her crotch and pressing it against the warm skin of her pussy. I lapped at her nipple, gently tweaking and rolling it between my teeth and rubbed the flat of my fingers over her labia, feeling them part. Hot, wet skin slid under my touch and Sheila groaned, moving her hips and pressing up at my hand. I slithered over her clitoris and Sheila’s entire body twitched, then began to flick the tip of my tongue rapidly across her nipple. Sheila panted through her mouth and cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed again.

After composing herself Sheila started to stroke my cock, teasing me with her lace-covered hands, before pushing me down onto my back, moving alongside me and steadily working my foreskin up and down in her fist. I gasped and gave in to the feeling, making no effort to hold back. The more I could cum now, the longer I’d last when inside her body. Her firm steady rhythm was relentless, almost mechanical. Our tongues circled together and in less than a minute the urgent tingle sprang to life in my balls. Pearly cum spurted in an arc over the carpet, making me cry out and as Sheila turned her head to watch me cum, her hand wavered and another gout fired over her shoulder onto the carpet.

Sheila giggled as another hit her shoulder and a last jet splurged onto her hand. Smiling in mild fascination (and obviously happy with, dare I say it; her handiwork), she worked my cock to and fro a few more times, watching the cum ooze out to rest in stark contrast with the swollen purple hue of my helmet. She let go of my shaft and rubbed her thumb and first two fingers together, smearing the cum between them and chuckling to herself as she slowly moved them apart, making tacky strings of cum stretch form one digit to another. Turning to me again and giving me a bright smile (God, she looked so sexy when she smiled at me like that, so… alive) she stood and took hold of several tissues; beginning to wipe away the sticky fluid.

Watching her kneeling on the floor, hips and bum forming tantalising curves and shapes, long legs a warm dark colour in the stockings that pinched slightly at the flesh of her thighs; I decided I wanted to taste her. Getting off the bed, I crouched behind her, reaching forwards and cupping her breasts, squeezing and kneading them. Sheila made a low, happy noise and relaxed back against me, turning her head to kiss me over her shoulder. I brought my hands to the clasp of her damp bra and undid it, slipping it forwards and down her arms, where it dropped to the carpet. I squeezed her soft naked breasts, the nipples feeling hard as stone again and lifted gently upwards. We both rose until we stood, kissing repeatedly.

Taking hold of Sheila’s shoulders I gently twisted, turning her so the backs of her legs met the front of one of mine. Now she was off balance and by continuing the motion I swept her off her feet and lowered her quickly, but gently onto the bed. Finding her mouth again I kissed her lips twice more, moving to her neck, shoulder and further down, sliding myself onto the bed. I kissed each of her breasts only briefly before moving down to her flat belly. Sheila seemed to realise what I was intent on doing and lay back, parting her thighs for me as I kissed her skin just below the suspender belt. My lips brushed against the swell of flesh above the top of her stockings and then the inside of her thighs through their slippery mesh. Reaching her feet, I lifted each leg in turn, slipping off her shoes and running a single finger up the sole of each foot. Then I kissed the inside of each knee and the naked flesh of her thighs again, breathing in the sharp scent of her excitement.

Looking forwards, her fleshy lips were still slightly parted, revealing their pink inner folds. I lapped my tongue up the length of them, pushing to open Sheila up further, tasting the tang of her honey. She gasped and moaned

“Oh, yesss…” as I rasped my tongue in and out of her sticky tunnel, probing as deeply as I could. Pausing to allow my tongue and jaw a quick rest, I’d pull and tug at her swollen labia with my lips, rolling hers with mine before plunging deep into her again. With a sigh, Sheila raised her left leg and put it up over my shoulder, opening herself up for me even more. Wet smacks and slurps were soon drowned out by Sheila’s heavy breathing, then her panting and finally cries of pleasure as her back suddenly arched off the bed and she hissed quiet profanities as she came.

Sheila seemed to orgasm really easily. I’d love to say that was all down to me, but unlike most women I’d had sex with, she just climaxed easily and frequently, sometimes with small explosions of pleasure that would make her gasp quietly, other times with more force that would make her grit her teeth and swear under her breath. It made me feel great to see someone getting so much pleasure from being with me. Pausing briefly to fix a sheath into place; we went on to take each other again and again. I loved the feel of her legs in those stockings and rubbed and stroked them almost constantly.

By the last time we took each other, there was only one condom left. I had just particularly enjoyed taking Sheila doggy style, as the view of her legs and bum was magnificent. She had cum biting at her pillow (I didn’t think anybody really did that outside of movies and books!) and swearing quietly through clenched teeth. Now I was on top of her, slowly and tenderly rocking back and forth, almost unable to feel her pussy about my cock, she was so slick and I so overwhelmed by sensation. I wanted to see her cum one more time, to fix forever in my memory the way her eyes screwed shut and her face twisted into a mask of ecstasy, perhaps with her high pitched pants and moans of pleasure. I could tell Sheila was tired too, but neither of us wanted to stop just yet. I adjusted myself and circled my hips to stimulate her differently. This seemed to have a good effect as Sheila gripped my shoulders and then clasped my bum, pulling me into her. Within another minute, she came for the final time that night, gasping my name and shaking uncontrollably for several seconds.

We both agreed we were shagged out and as the clock told us it was nearly three in the morning, decided to settle down for the night. It would have been stupid to check if I was welcome to stay, so after making more use of tissues and peeling off her stockings and suspender belt I nipped back to my flat, got my key and locked up. We snuggled down together naked on top of her soft bed covers, heads swimming with wine, the smell of incense, the pleasure of what we’d just done and growing drowsiness. There were surprisingly few words between us, but I felt that the looks we exchanged spoke volumes. I pondered that I’d probably be a knackered wreck tomorrow after two such ‘busy’ and late nights, despite my boast to Sheila earlier about sleeping when I’m dead. And I still couldn’t quite believe her directness and determination in bedding me. Not that I minded, of course! Thank God for women who know what they want and have the confidence to go and try and get it. Arms around each other and legs entwined, I wondered where we’d go from here as I fell asleep.

I woke up as Sheila clinked a steaming mug of coffee onto the glass coaster on her bedside cabinet. Muzzy headed, I fumbled with my memories as I awoke in an unfamiliar setting. One look at Sheila’s naked, lithe body, the lingerie scattered on the carpet and it all came flooding back. My stomach sank as my brain mercilessly served up another nugget of information. Sheila was leaving. She’d be gone in – I checked the clock – five hours. At two. I then realised Sheila had a second mug of steaming liquid in her hand.

“C’mon, bedhog. Move over and let me back in.” I grinned and shuffled over closer to the wall that separated our rooms. Sheila put down her mug and got in alongside me. Moving the sheets she revealed my raging morning glory. Sheila grinned her cheeky smile as she took a sip from her mug. “Morning to you both.” I laughed and reached past her to get my mug of coffee. M’mm. Milk and no sugar. Hell, she even knew how I took my coffee in the morning.

Sheila’s sunny disposition and renewed flirting made me feel at ease. It looked like there were no regrets on her behalf for what had happened between us. I had a quick think. Nope. None on mine either. Taking another sip of coffee, Sheila reached under the covers and prodded at my cock as if it were an interesting specimen of some kind. Having caught my attention, she looked across at the solitary condom left in the bag and then back at me. She took another sip.

“Be a shame to let that one go to waste, h’mm?”

My mind boggled for a moment as I wondered if she were referring to my erection or the condom. What? I’d only been awake for a minute and she wants -w’ohh!! Her hand was doing interesting things under the covers. I gulped down a mouthful of coffee and looked at her.

“Y’know, I think you could be right!”

Sheila laughed cheerily and threw back the covers, pulling my cock until it was vertical and proceeding to firmly work it up and down. I gasped as my foreskin made a moist noise as it peeled back, tightening as her hand moved down, then crinkled back up over the glossy purple helmet as her hand moved upwards again. Sheila looked over at me reproachfully and said

“Better pass that coffee over here. I don’t want you spilling it all over the sheets in throes of pleasure.” I held back a retort at how she hadn’t been concerned about my shooting cum over them earlier on and handed her the mug, which she put down next to hers. She lay forwards with her knees bent and feet upwards, ankles crossed. Propping herself up on her elbows, she began squeezing and moving my cock to and fro as if she’d never seen one before.

I was struck by how small her hand looked as her fingers wrapped around my girth. Her administrations were starting to feel particularly good now. I considered putting my head back down on the pillow, but the view kept my attention.

“Surely after last night you…” I winced as her hand squeezed me in a particularly nice manner “know what that is and what it does?” Sheila made a noncommittal noise back at me.

“Yes, I do, but I was wondering…” she paused and then I felt something warm and very wet engulf my cock and brush against it, as Sheila suddenly lowered her head and took me into her mouth.

I dropped my head back onto the pillow and gasped. Sheila sucked at me once, twice – man, it felt good! But then she released me and smiled, narrowing her eyes and pulling a face. “…how it tastes. Yeeuch.” She smacked her chops a couple of times. “Sorry, not good.” A thought struck me.

“It’s probably the remains of the lubricant form the condom. I’ll bet that stuff tastes foul if it’s supposed to kill off sperm.” Sheila had sat up now and was taking a swig of her coffee, rinsing it around her mouth.

“Sorry, yeah, you’re probably right. I wasn’t trying to say -“

“Oh, no, don’t worry. Look, I wouldn’t particularly want to have that thing in my mouth either.” Sheila grinned naughtily, eyes twinkling.

“I bet you’ve tried, though. I’ll bet it’s every guy’s ambition to be able to suck himself off. ” I chuckled.

“Believe it or not, no. Well, at least not this guy, anyway. Besides, it’s much nicer when a hot young filly like yourself does it, She.”

She smiled and shrugged, putting down her mug again.

“Believe it or not, just then and giving you a kiss down there last night is the closest I’ve ever come to giving a blow job. Guess you could say I’m a blow job virgin.” I was surprised.

“Well, I wouldn’t have guessed. What you just did felt great. How come…” I trailed off. Sheila answered anyway

“Just never found a cock I wanted to suck on before. Not sure I fancy all that cum spurting into my mouth. I’d probably choke, or something daft.” I felt quite chuffed that Sheila thought I looked ‘tasty’ enough to finally have a go at. I really hoped she might have another go, too; it had felt good.

“I could go and have a wash, selflessly volunteer to be your guinea pig for blow job training?” I said. Sheila laughed and stroked her hand up and down my erection again, which had begun to fade just a little.

“I’d rather you put it back where it was earlier and give me another good seeing to, if you don’t mind?” God, was this girl horny, or what?

“Suit me up then.” Sheila frowned for a second, then twigged and reached over for the condom. Seconds later, my cock had taken on a pinkish sheen as the condom was snapped into place. Sheila looked at me, grinning.

“Come here then, you horny l’il devil.” I said, reaching out to take hold of her shoulders and pull her down on top of me. Sheila surprised me by dodging back, standing up and moving away from the bed. Oh, no what was wrong? What had …

“Catch me if you can!” she grinned and moved away slowly, running her hands over herself provocatively. I felt relief and a small amount of irritation, She wanted to play games? Now?! Tease. I got up, feeling conscious of the way my cock bobbed about in front of me.

“No fair, She!” Sheila merely giggled and shook her shoulders, jiggling her boobs at me. I walked closer to her, skating around the pile of boxes and then lunging forwards. Sheila squealed and shot sideways to avoid me. I missed her by millimetres. Now she was over by the doorway.

I turned and stalked slowly over to her. Sheila was up on the balls of her feet, swaying lightly this way and that. As I got within arm’s reach she tried to shoot past me again. I’d seen her tense up, ready to spring forwards and this time grabbed her arm. Sheila made a distraught noise and tried to pull free, breasts jiggling wildly. I whipped her about and hard up against me, wrapping my arms around her.

“Gotcha!” Sheila wriggled and struggled, but I squeezed and lifted her up and off the floor. She giggled and stopped struggling.

“Alright, you win.” Her voice dropped into a sexy whisper. “Where d’you want me?” I lowered her back to the floor, looking across her room to the desk in front of her window. I released her and pointed.

“Hop up onto your desk. Sheila looked over her shoulder, then back at me smiling.

“Alright,” she said, moving over and plonking her bum on the edge of the desk and lifting herself up and back onto it, swinging her feet to and fro playfully.

I stepped forwards and kissed her tilted back face, fondling her silky breasts again as her small hands found my cock, which bobbed just above her wet entrance. I bent my knees and felt my helmet nudge against her pussy. We both looked down at our groins as I took hold of her thighs and pulled her closer to me, so her pussy was further forward. Sheila spread her legs wider and whispered encouragingly

“Yes, that’s it, c’mon and ooohhhh!” I had increased the pressure and slipped into her hot body. Sheila grunted and moaned as I began to gently rock back and forth, holding onto her hips. Bracing her arms and sliding her tongue into my mouth, we slowly made love on the desk.

We took our time. Eyes closed and tongues slowly circling I felt oddly at peace, the warmth of Sheila’s body and our selfless intimacy combining to make me feel incredibly relaxed. I would cup her small breasts, squeezing their soft weight and rubbing my thumbs over her hard nipples; or run my hands over the curvature of her hips and thighs. Sheila’s’ hands would come up from the desk to briefly caress the back of my head or run over my shoulders and chest. The desk creaked as we moved, accompanying the odd low moan from deep in Sheila’s throat. It felt beautiful, but it didn’t last long. The gentle pace and tender kisses aroused me even more than the hard and fast fucking had previously. As I slid my hands up and down her parted thighs urgent signals suddenly blazed through my feeling of well-being. I started to pant and began to thrust more urgently as Sheila slipped her tongue from my mouth and sucked at her lower lip.

“That’s it… c’mon…don’t hold back.” She encouraged me breathlessly, shoulders hunched, hidden muscles tensing to squeeze me. “I’m almost there… cum with me!” I managed three quick, jabbing thrusts and obliged, crying out as cum spurted safely into the condom and I shook and trembled inside her. Sheila gasped as her orgasm struck too.

“Uh! Ohh!! Ohwwh …hhh…hhhahh”

I enjoyed feeling her pussy clenching around me, her warm thighs pressing against my hips, arms wrapping around me pulling me to her, before we sagged together, spent. Shortly, I lifted her up off the desk and carried her over to the bed, carefully putting her down. Lying alongside her, we embraced; holding onto each other for a long time.

Three hours later, we were washed and dressed, with all Sheila’s things packed in her car. We sat in my bedsit, finishing a light lunch. I washed up as Sheila sat watching TV, dressed in a white vest top, billowy patterned skirt and her trainers. I dried my hands and came through, sitting next to her. After a moment’s pause, I slipped my arm around her shoulders. Sheila looked up at me and smiled, rather weakly.

“I’m a bit worried you think I’m a real slag, now.” I’d expected something like this but still put on a look of surprise. “I mean, throwing myself at you the day after you’ve broke up with your girlfriend, basically saying ‘fuck me too’ after you and Belle got close. Complaining I hadn’t pulled you, God, what must you think -” I put a finger onto her lips to silence her before she could build up a real head of steam. She smiled weakly again and listened as I spoke.

“Okay, put the shoe on the other foot. What do you think of me? Since splitting up with my girlfriend three days ago, I’ve slept with my housemate and a friend of hers.” she didn’t reply. “See? It cuts both ways.”

“I guess so. So… we’re still good then?”

“‘Course we are.” A bright smile lit her face and she snuggled against me.

We chatted happily, discussing things and agreeing neither of us had any regrets about what had happened. I felt an odd mixture of relief and disappointment when we agreed that neither of us had any kind of claim on the other now; that we were both still young, free and single. I knew I wanted to see Sheila again, but a new girlfriend so soon after Sam, not to mention Belle..? But Sheila seemed understanding of the situation. It was hard to decide what to commit to each other mere hours before parting. We decided on an unspoiled close friendship and that once things had settled for her in her new job and digs, say in a week or so, we would discuss meeting up again and have a catch up. In the meantime, we had each other’s mobile numbers. An hour later, we hugged, kissed goodbye and Sheila got behind the wheel of her car and drove away, honking twice and waving at me as her car rounded the corner of West Street. A few days to try and get things straight in our heads would be good. I felt to be in a bit of a whirl. So much had happened so fast.

I decided to kill some time by going for a walk in the nearby park. It was a hot, sunny day, all blue sky, fluffy white clouds and warm breeze. I stopped off to pick up my wallet, keys and mobile and then headed out. An hour or so later, after a good stroll between the trees out in the fresh air with an ice cream cornet in hand I returned to West Street, feeling more settled in my own mind as to what the hell was going on. There was no deadline to make any decisions, I couldn’t predict the future, so why agonize over things? Relax and enjoy life I told myself, you haven’t had it this good for… hell; ever!

Feeling happy and humming to myself I was heading back to number 23 when my mobile phone rang. I dug it out of my pocket and didn’t recognise the caller number on the display. Answering, I soon recognized the voice of my dissertation tutor, Ann Green. She was ringing to tell me that the copy of my dissertation which I got to keep was back from external examination and ready for me to collect. I’d let Ann know I’d still be in the area all summer and that I could pop in to pick it up. Ann told me that she wasn’t in tomorrow but I made arrangements to call in to her office on Friday morning at about 11.15 and collect it. With that arranged, I was soon back at West Street

I’d not long settled down when there was a knock at my door. Opening it, I found my landlady, Max standing in the hall.

“Hi. I’ve come to fix that tap of yours and sort out Sheila’s old room before Marie gets here.” Of course, I’d almost forgotten. I invited Max in and dried the mugs and plates from lunch, so that the sink and draining board was clear for her to work. Max had a toolkit with her and was wearing an old vest top and jeans, with pale knees and paint splodges on it. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and the straps of her bra had intertwined with the thin straps of her tie-dye top. I snuck admiring glances at her good sized breasts and shapely bum as set down her stuff and got to work.

The infernal dripping tap was fixed in less than ten minutes. I was almost disappointed that Max hadn’t messed it up and sprayed herself with water. She’d be a good entrant for a wet t-shirt contest, whatever her actual age was. After she was done I offered her a coffee and we sat and chatted for ten minutes. Max let her hair down and I was taken by the way it softly brushed against her naked shoulders. Max was easy to talk to and the sort of older woman you’d love to show you a good time. I didn’t actually know if she had any kids (I’d never heard her refer to any) but if she did then you’d tag her as a M.I.L.F in a microsecond.! I’d have loved to flirt with her, but decided that risking upsetting my landlady was not a good idea, so I kept any comments or double entendres to myself (for once), enjoying her company and sneaking in the occasional ogle where I could. After finishing her coffee, Max excused herself and went next door to Sheila’s old room to see if anything needed doing there. I didn’t think that anything would. Sheila had cleaned around the day before and we’d left the windows open to let in the summer air and banish the smell of sex from our hours of passion.

Sure enough, less than an hour later Max knocked at my door again. She told me everything was fine next door and that she was off, but would see me later on. She was going to call round at about 7.00pm to meet Marie and give her the keys. I said I’d see her then and sat back down wondering what this Marie was going to be like? Given that she’d be living next door to me I hoped she wouldn’t turn out to be any kind of bunny-boiling hellraiser, but decided I’d find out soon enough.

Seven o’clock soon came around. I’d had a pleasant surprise when Sheila sent me a text to say she’d arrived alright and had just finished lugging her stuff into her new digs. I replied, saying I hoped her first night in her new place was a good one and had to smile a minute later when a reply came through

‘It should be just fine. It’d be nicer if I had u 2 snuggle up 2 tho!’

Then I heard voices on the landing and the sound of keys rattling in Sheila’s door. I recognised Max’s voice and guessed that the other voice I could hear must be Marie. I couldn’t make out what they were saying very clearly and decided to put in an appearance to a) see if there was anything I could do to help and b) be nosy. Sheila and Adele had helped me move my stuff in on my first night and it made me feel really welcome, so I thought it’d be nice to do the same for someone else (as well as giving me the chance to be nosy, of course!).

I opened the door and saw Max as I’d never seen her before. Her long, wavy hair was down, she had more make up on than usual and was wearing high heels and a sexy wine coloured dress that hugged her curves and showed off a generous amount of deep cleavage. I’d never seen her in anything other than jeans and trainers before! Max caught me staring at her and smiled. I shook myself and smiled back saying,

“Wow, Max. You look great!”

Max smiled at me (God she looked fabulous!) and said to someone stood just inside the other doorway

“And this silver tongued devil is your neighbour, Steve.” Before taking a step back to let someone come forward. A woman with long black hair came out of the doorway and over to me, smiling and holding out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Marie.” I took her hand and shook it.

“Steve. Nice to meet you.

“Thanks. You too.”

And it was nice to meet her. The first thing that struck me was the waist length black hair, then her piercing green eyes. I hadn’t been brazen enough to check so obviously, but the black jeans and scoop neck t-shirt showed off a good figure with all the curves still in the right places. Marie certainly had a killer cleavage going on! Then Max spoke up again and we both turned to look at her.

“I was just apologising to Marie, but it turns out I’m being taken out for a meal tonight and the table’s booked for 8.00, so I can’t stay and offer to help out. I’d said you might be able to help, Steve; if you were in?”

I didn’t mind this at all (if I’m being totally honest, especially not after meeting Marie!).

“No, problem! Going anywhere nice?”

“I don’t know. I just had to be ready for a meal at 8.00. It’s a surprise.”

I looked at my watch.

“Better get going then, Max. Have a good night.”

And with that, Max apologised to Marie again and swept off down the stairs. I briefly thought about how lucky Tom was, then turned to Marie again. She had started to speak.

“Steve, you don’t have to help out y’know. If you’re busy with something, it’s okay.”

“Hey, it’s no problem. What needs doing?”

“Fetching in my stuff from the car really. Then I can pop off to the supermarket, get some supplies and start unpacking properly.”

“Okay, let’s get started.”

And so I spent the best part of the next ten minutes helping Marie move her cases, bags and boxes in from her car, taking the opportunity to weigh her up. She was about five foot five and I guessed she was in her late thirties. Why was she moving into a two room bedsit then? Divorced maybe? A woman as good looking as her would usually be attached. She did have a good figure, with full breasts and broad hips. I guessed she might be a bit of a rocker with the hair, black t shirt, jeans and heeled boots she wore. Regardless, I warmed to her personality straight away, she had an easy going, confident attitude and was amusingly self deprecating.

After the ten minutes in which I’d made these observations and assumptions, I was lugging a particularly large case through the front door when I heard Adele’s voice, talking with Marie. Thumping the case down as gently as I could I turned to say ‘hi’. It looked like Adele had just got back from studying at the library, as she had a bulging rucksack with her. She waved to acknowledge me and chatted animatedly with Marie. I continued lugging the case in and up the stairs, realising Neil and Ruth were conspicuous by their absence and then remembering Ruth and her boyfriend Paul were off at the cinema and Neil was usually working late mid week . I heard Adele say something about lending a hand too and then she was coming up the stairs towards me, offering to give me a hand. I refused humorously, saying I could cope and that I didn’t want my masculinity threatening. Adele put on a mock scowl and laughed. Then we were on the landing and Marie joined us carrying two more bags. She certainly had enough stuff to unpack! Between the three of us though, we emptied Marie’s car in next to no time and less than ten minutes later she had set off for the supermarket for milk and other essentials. Adele came into my room for a quick chat.

It suddenly struck me that I didn’t know if anybody else had heard Sheila and I last night or perhaps, this morning. I didn’t know when Adele had set off. She could have walked right past Sheila’s door as we were goofing around, laughing like school kids, or on her bed or desk, rutting like bunnies. I waited for some loaded comment, but surprisingly, none came. We talked about nothing in particular for a couple of minutes. I was vaguely wondering if Marie might be Adele’s type when she got up and made ready to leave, saying she wanted to finish off the part of her dissertation she’d been working on. She suddenly grinned wickedly and I braced myself for one of her graphic comments. What I got instead was:

“I’m holding you to that promise.” I looked at her blankly. “Some gory details about Belle? You can report upstairs tomorrow at 8.00pm prompt and tell me all about it, h’mm?” This was a typical ‘Adelism’, queries disguised as humorous orders.

“As I recall, I said I’d ‘maybe’ tell you all about it.” I replied. Adele pulled a face at me. “Oh, all right, stop sulking! I’ll report for debriefing at 8.00pm sharp.” Adele grinned and said

“You should be so lucky.” Puzzled, I frowned and then as the penny dropped (debriefed) grinned. Adele headed out, stopping to add “I’ll supply some booze” before giving a cheery “See ya!” and leaving. I chuckled to myself and settled down with a book.

I heard Marie return later on and begin to unpack. An hour or so later, someone knocked at my door. Curious, I put down my book opened my door. It was Marie. I noticed she had both hands behind her back and was smiling at me.

“Hi. Do you drink?”

“I’ve been known to!”

“For you then!” Marie brought one hand from behind her back, holding up a four pack of beer. I took it, thanking her and inviting her in, parallels with Sheila from last night rushing through my mind. In her other hand was another four pack.

“It’s to say thanks for giving me a hand earlier. Mind if I join you for one?” she brandished her pack.

“No, c’mon in and have a seat.” My four pack was still nice and chilly to the touch; straight from the fridge. “Do you want a glass?”

“No thanks, I’m fine.” Marie sat on the settee, grabbed a can and tugged the ringpull. I pulled one from its plastic collar and sat next to her, opening it. With a simultaneous ‘cheers!’ we knocked cans together and took a swig. Swallowing her mouthful, Marie continued.

“I just wanted to say thanks and take the chance to say hello, find out a bit about the place and get to know folks. If it’s not too late.” she added, glancing at the clock. It was barely ten, so I shook my head.

“Not at all. Glad to help.” And so we started chatting. Marie described herself as a ‘happy, go lucky divorcee’ (I silently gave myself ten points). She’d been separated for a while and had moved here from the other side of Leeds for some breathing space after her divorce became final. She worked in the city for a law firm, had no kids and was determined to put the past few months behind her and as she put it ‘let my hair down a bit’. My earlier impressions were unchanged by our chat.

Marie seemed to be a fun person, with a laid back, good sense of humour. I wondered what had gone wrong with her marriage but didn’t ask. She asked me in turn about what West Street was like to live in, what kind of landlords Max and Tom made and what her housemates were like. I answered her questions with my honest opinions and we spent a cheery hour chatting and getting to know one another. By eleven, Marie said she’d better unpack a few more things and then hit the sack having had a busy day. I nodded and after she picked up her remaining cans, showed her to the door. She stopped at the threshold and turned, saying

“Thanks for your hospitality” before giving me a broad smile and moving off to her door. I said goodnight in return, and watched as she slipped into her room, giving me a quick glance and another smile. I closed my door and sat back down with my book, beginning to feel tired. After reading the same line more than six times and still not taking it in, I gave up.

Marking the page, I got undressed and slid into bed, turning off my lamp and resting back on the pillow. For a moment I fancied I caught a whiff of Sheila’s scent in the dark and turned my head to sniff at the pillow where last night, she lay. I couldn’t catch her scent again and put it down to my imagination. Tired as I was, the whirlwind events of the last few days circled in my mind, preventing me from succumbing to sleep. I was finally on the verge of dropping off when I heard the rasp of the mattress against the wall from Marie’s room and realised she had more than likely just got into bed herself. Careful not to move about too much and make a noise myself, I listened intently.

I heard several more shufflings as Marie settled, then fancied I could just make out something else. A low drone, just barely perceptible if there at all. I have to admit it, I’d had enough practise over the last few months at eavesdropping on Sheila’s nocturnal activities to have gotten pretty good at making out sounds through the wall by now. Was that a buzzing noise? I thought I made out a soft sigh, too. Then another and a shift in the pitch of the drone. No way! But then…

The more I listened, the more certain I became that Marie was pleasuring herself with a vibrator. It would make sense. A go lucky divorcee probably missing sex would most likely have bought herself a good sex toy and I guess she would have just unpacked it, before going to bed! It explained perfectly the drone I thought I could hear and the occasional shuffle and sigh. Marie was trying to be quiet on purpose, conscious of my still being up. Had she realised our beds were next to each other though? It crossed my mind to rearrange my room a bit tomorrow, but for now I strained to listen at the wall.

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The pitch of the drone seemed to shift repeatedly, gathering speed. I tried to picture Marie, naked or in just her nighty (she didn’t seem like the nightdress type to me though so I settled for naked!), legs parted and slipping her vibrator (what colour? Purple, black?) in and out of her pussy (shaved, trimmed, hairy?). My cock started to grow hard as I painted these colourful images in my mind’s eye to accompany the soundtrack currently playing and I became more and more turned on. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in there right now!

Then the drone seemed to just grow slightly louder and become constant. Scant seconds after I realised this I made out a distinct gasp and there was a soft thump on the wall, followed by sudden quiet. Then the rasp of the mattress again followed by silence. My imagination filled in the blanks. I visualised Marie close to orgasm, slipping the glistening vibrator out of her pussy and pressing its tip against her clitoris, the vibrations pushing her over the edge into orgasm, her body jerking in pleasure and her parted thighs twitching, her knee thumping against the wall. Recovering, she had got up off the bed. Probably to clean herself up and maybe to wash her toy too! As I fantasised I heard the mattress move again and after a couple of shuffles, silence again. Satiated, Marie had returned to bed to get some sleep.

I lay back now to try and do same. Finally drifting off to sleep, I wondered if Adele had received any thanks, or a gift for helping Marie out too? I thought about Sheila and felt felt an odd mixture of emotions; sadness at having got to ‘know’ Sheila so well only to loose her mixed with, I had to admit it to myself, lust for Marie. I thought about that smile she had given me as she slipped back into her room. Then remembered Sheila’s bright, happy smile as she lay next to me. Aw man, my head was going to be in a real mess if I kept this up! I tried to think about nothing at all, ended up thinking about pretty much everything under the sun and at some point, fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Chapter 05


I hadn’t set my alarm, so I could sleep for as long as my body felt it needed me to. When I realised I could hear sounds from outside (birds were twittering in the tree outside my window) and opened my eyes to look at the clock, it told me that it was a quarter to eleven. Over ten hours sleep! I must have needed it. I got up and doddered in to the kitchen to make a coffee with all the grace of a George A. Romero zombie. Settling for toast instead of brains, I had breakfast and then a hot shower to wake me up. Feeling better now, I returned to my bedsit and dressed, throwing back my curtains to reveal another gorgeous summer day. It stuck me that this was most unlike the usual British summertime and I wondered when the inevitable downpours would begin.

I decided to enjoy the weather while it lasted. I briefly considered calling on Marie to see if she wanted to go into town with me for some lunch (yeah, and then what, a small voice in the back of my head asked?) but there were no signs of life from next door. No radio or TV on and I’d helped to lug both items upstairs last night. Perhaps she was out? I left it and set off into the sunshine by myself. As I ambled along I wondered how Sheila was doing. I still felt odd about what had happened between us. Fantasising about her for months, getting to have her, and then having to let her go- all in the space of a day or so. Well, I’d probably see her again. Or was I just kidding myself? Ah, blast it. I had to get on with my life in the here and now; enjoy myself before I started my new job next week. Perhaps then I’d be too busy to keep thinking about her. I had a wander in the park (there were some pleasantly distracting pretty young things sitting on benches, jiggling along with their boyfriends or in a small group) followed by lunch in the city centre and then a movie at the cinema. I window shopped and treated myself to a new CD before heading home to make myself some tea. I’d had a good, relaxing day and made myself a tasty stir-fry for tea. As I was demolishing it and listening to my CD, there was a knock on the door. Plate in hand, I went to answer it.

It was Adele. She saw I was having my tea and started to apologise for disturbing me.

“Nah, don’t worry. D’you want to come in for a mo’?”

“No, no, you finish your tea. I just wanted to se if you were still coming up later on?” Whoa, I’d almost forgotten about that. It would’ve been a shame to miss out on it though, Adele was always good laugh.

“Sure. Eight o’clock?”


“See you later then.”

“See ya!” And with that, she moved off to the stairs to her bedsit. I closed the door and sat down to finish my tea. A quarter plate of beef stir-fry, slice of lemon cake and cup of tea later I was doing the washing up. It was only 6.30pm, so I settled down to watch the news and read for a bit.

I heard the front door a couple of times as people came back in from work and noticed Marie’s door open and close again at about 7.45. I remembered listening to her last night and pictured her long hair and womanly curves in my mind’s eye. I imagined undressing her, visualising her naked curves and how they would feel and shift as I moved my hands over them. I didn’t think for one minute that she’d be desperate for sex, But divorced and living on her own? I’d had the feeling Marie’d be highly enthusiastic with the next guy she got into bed! I’d bet she’d wear him out. Mind you, for all I knew, she could be seeing someone from work. She might have just got back in from seeing him now. I didn’t really have much of an idea about her private life and ‘status’. But I decided that it would be fun to try and find out.

Time ticked by and after finishing a good chapter I saw it was ten minutes to eight. I put away my book and went and brushed my teeth, not wanting to reek of stir-fry all over Adele. At a couple of minutes to eight, I left my bedsit and headed for the stairway. Mounting the narrow stairs to Adele’s bedsit I could hear music on Adele’s CD player. The Hives or something or the other. I didn’t envy Max and Tom in having to get the furniture and utilities up these stairs, nor Adele for having to cart all her stuff up when she moved in. Still, she did have by far the largest bedsit to show for her troubles. Hm. Max. She’d looked fantastic last night. I wonder if she’d shagged Tom senseless after their night out? I know I’d have wanted to do the same to her.

At the top of the stairs, Adele had put up a few amusing posters and pictures. A new one struck me. It was a photo of Adele from Sheila’s night out on Monday, in her low cut sparkly blue top. She was leaning back, breasts straining at the top (peering more closely I could just make out the buds of her nipples pressing against the material) and grinning knowingly at the camera. Adele had stuck this picture onto a piece of A4 paper and had written the caption underneath it ‘Come up and see me some time, big boy!’ I chuckled to myself. Reaching her door, I knocked on it. The music stopped (it was the Hives) and after a couple of seconds, the door opened.

Adele had changed into a tight pink t-shirt. I noticed where her bra pinched at the flesh of her torso and how the fabric stretched horizontally into ridges between her large breasts. A lilac skirt came midway down her thighs. I glanced down past her hands, clutching the remote for the CD player, at her shapely legs and back up to meet her eyes. Adele must have been reading or using her PC as she was wearing her glasses.

“Reporting for debriefing!” I saluted mockingly.

“If you’ve finished mentally undressing me, you nutjob, you can come on in.” she grinned. Moving forwards I noticed she seemed a little… flushed.

“I was just finishing watching something.” She said, moving back so I could enter her room. The door closed behind me with a click. Adele fixed me with a quizzical look. “Now then, tell me: you’re not offended by porn, are you?”

What the…? I frowned briefly and replied

“Er, no?” in a more uncertain tone than I’d intended.

“Good! C’mon then. You’ll like this, it’s a good ‘un.” Adele moved over to her computer desk. I followed, glancing around briefly.

Adele’s living area was half as big again as mine and she’d plastered the walls with posters, beermats, pictures and clippings from magazines. I thought that she was only missing a traffic cone to complete the full-on student look. In truth though, the myriad of images were carefully colour co-ordinated to run around the room in the colours of the spectrum and if you took the time to read the clippings they had a large number of interesting facts, figures, amusing sightings and speculations about life the universe and everything. I’d commented before now that Adele’s room should be put on display in an art gallery, where I could probably flog it for a cool million.

The velux window set into the sloping ceiling was wide open, letting in the warm evening breeze as I moved over to where Adele was sat at her computer desk

“Oh, grab a chair. Don’t stand.” She gestured at a director’s chair in a corner. Approaching it I found a lacy pair of knickers piled on top of a pair of jeans on the seat. “Oh, just plonk that stuff on the bed, would’ya?” I did as asked and returned with the chair, sitting next to her. Adele was fiddling with her mouse and the media player; muttering to herself. She looked up at me, all bright eyes and smile. “Tell you what; we’ll watch it from the start. D’you fancy a drink? ” Something Sheila had said yesterday sprang to mind and I couldn’t resist.

“Yeah, I’d love one. So have you spent the five pound winnings from your bet with Sheila on booze then?” Adele laughed.

“She told you, huh? Heh. Yeah, I’m well stocked. Can’t believe I won though. I was sure you two would get it on before she left.” So, she didn’t seem to know Sheila and I had been screwing like bunnies for hours then! I guessed it kept things simpler. Adele waved an arm at a collection of bottles on a shelf. “I’ve still got some vodka, whiskey, ouzo, or Southern Comfort left, or…” she slipped into the kitchen and rummaged in her fridge calling “Some cider or lager, fresh from the supermarket and purchased with my ill-gotten gains.”

“Cider please.”

A minute later, she returned with two glasses full of sparkling, cold cider, sat and fiddled with the mouse again. The computer faintly whirred as it retrieved several files that appeared on screen. Adele grinned at me.

“Ready for the show?” This felt a bit odd, a woman showing me her porn stash, but it was fun too so I grinned and replied

“Roll camera.” Adele moved the cursor over a file, tongue poking out onto her bottom lip in concentration. Double clicking she leaned back in her chair and took a swig from her glass.

“Let the show begin…”

Two gorgeous looking women, one a tanned, petite blonde and the other a creamy skinned brunette, entered what appeared to be a hotel room, each carrying a small travel bag. Once the blonde had closed the door and they’d both put down their bags, they were all over each other like a rash, sensuously kissing and caressing each others’ sizeable breasts. The blonde soon had her hand up the brunette’s denim mini skirt and a minute later, they had peeled off all their clothing bar the blonde’s stockings and were getting down to some serious action on the bed. I had a raging boner by now. These women were hot. Breasts were thoroughly licked before they twisted into a lip smacking 69 position. After some slurping and oozing they faced each other, legs spread and began to wank each other off, fingers slithering over shiny lips and dipping into pink entrances. Then their fingers rubbed over each others pussies in a blur. The wet fleshy noises were soon drowned out by the brunette’s gasps. The blonde looked pained, almost annoyed as the brunette gasped and cried out, clamping her thighs together and arching up off the bed as her orgasm ripped through her.

I saw motion in the corner of my eye and glanced across at Adele. Her left hand was gently rubbing against her inner thigh. I thought I began to understand why she looked flushed when she opened the door! Then a giggle from the film caught my attention and I looked across to see the brunette say

“I win” to the blonde, who scowled playfully and then hopped off the bed, picking up and opening the bag she’d brought with her. She tipped out its contents onto the bed; handcuffs, a blindfold and two candles. The candles were placed in two crystal holders on a bedside unit and lit, as the brunette dutifully clipped the handcuff onto her wrist. She was swiftly handcuffed to the metal frame at the head of the bed, her long curvy form stretched out. She was grinning happily as the blindfold was put in place. Next, Blondie tipped out the contents of the other bag which appeared to be vibrators of several sizes, some lubricant, a feather duster and a large, tremendously thick strap-on.

The brunette was slowly tickled pink with the feather duster; I mean that literally. Her skin glowed with arousal. Blondie paused only to fit herself into the strap-on, then seized the smallest of the vibrators, activated it with a practised twist of the wrist and used the angrily buzzing chrome shape to mercilessly tease the brunette’s clitoris. Her gasps sounded nearly painful as she soon climaxed again; muscles defined in her arms as her body went taut against the restraints as she came. But there was no rest as Blondie threw aside the narrow chrome tool and seized the next largest vibrator. Realistically sculpted in pink and of modest size it slid effortlessly up to the hilt into the brunette, who groaned and moaned, wincing and pulling at the cuffs.

I shifted in my seat, my throbbing boner making me a little uncomfortable. I tore my eyes away from the screen to glance at Adele again. Her hand was gently caressing the flesh of her inner thigh. The skirt had ridden up some as she’d sat down and I had a good view of her legs. But a moan from the brunette drew my attention back to the screen. Blondie was now gently sliding the pink length in and out at a slow pace and the brunette had seemed to relax a little. Then the pace sped up and slowed down, sped up and slowed back down. She wriggled, gasping, as the pace became constant and steady again. Blondie activated the vibrator and the brunette pursed her lips, humping with her hips at the added sensation. With her free hand, the blonde seized the third and final vibrator, a glittery red one that I thought looked much larger than myself, whilst still being far smaller than the purple strap on standing proud in front of her hips. With a deft movement, the pink tool slid out of the brunette to be replaced by the red one; Blondie didn’t upset the rhythm of the thrusts.

The brunette gasped more loudly, moaning,

“Fuck, yes. Fuck!” Blondie tossed aside the pink vibe and picked up the plastic bottle of lubricant with her free hand. She popped open the flip top with her thumb and lowered the neck of the bottle to the purple strap on, squeezing a line of lubricant up and down its length. Some ran down the curvature of the colossal fake cock, dripping onto the sheets. Speeding up the thrusting of the red vibrator with one hand, she used the other to run up and down the length of the strap on, spreading the lubricant. The brunette appeared to be heading for another orgasm, gasping and straining away. The blonde cocked her head slightly to one side, apparently concentrating. The brunette soon gasped a low drawn out growl that abruptly cut off to be replaced by a disappointed noise.

The red vibe had been whipped out of her pussy just as she was on the brink of orgasm. What happened next however, sent her over the edge. Blondie reached over and swiftly seized the two candles. She positioned them over the brunettes’ heaving breasts and tipped hot wax over her nipples, breasts and belly. As the brunette winced and sharply drew in her breath, Blondie blew out both candles, dropped them either side of the bed and dropped onto all fours ramming the huge purple dong into the brunettes’ sopping pussy. The brunette screamed, her voice catching as she orgasmed again. I was amazed, but the helpful extreme close up showed her taking the purple girth, her labia stretched so tightly they were smooth and shining. Blondie broke into a hard and fast pace, fucking her partner relentlessly, almost cruelly. There was no hint of tenderness, just hard, fast fucking, her features fixed somewhere between a toothy smile and a snarl. The brunette whimpered and almost sobbed, but amazingly, began to thrust her hips back up to meet the blonde’s.

I realised I could heard Adele’s breathing, which had deepened somewhat, but couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen to investigate if her hand had made it under her skirt yet. Blondie continued to fuck the helpless brunette, who seemed to orgasm at least twice more before growing more and more unresponsive; ceasing to thrust up with her hips. Eventually she sagged like a rag doll head lolling on the pillow as Blonde’s squeezed and clutched at her breasts. The hardened puddles of wax cracked and flaked as her breasts undulated. I remember thinking that I was watching someone literally getting shagged senseless.

Blondie finally eased the shining purple length out of the brunette with an audible plop and shuffled forward on her knees until the purple head was nudging the brunette’s lips. She gave no response until the blonde slapped her thigh with a resounding crack. The brunette’s eyelids fluttered and she lifted her head a little and began to slowly lap at the head of the dildo, licking off her own juices and being forced to take as much of the strap on as would fit into her mouth. Blondie lifted up the blindfold. The brunette looked exhausted. I mean really done in. The image faded to black as both women gave a wide smile to the camera (the blonde looking brightly triumphant) and the footage stopped.

I had one hell of a hard on and seriously felt I needed to go away and have a wank to calm down a bit. I found I’d drained my glass at some point during the show and now set the empty vessel down on the edge of the desk, glancing at Adele. Her hands were now resting in her lap, against her skirt. She looked up at me brightly and said

“Well? What didya think?” I leaned back, blowing out a sigh through my mouth.

“Jeez, I can’t believe she managed to take that purple strap-on.”

“Yeah, I know. You enjoyed it then?” Her eyes flicked down to the bulge in my jeans and she laughed. “Okay, moot point.” I surprised myself by blushing. Adele grinned, mercifully not pressing her sudden advantage and instead asking “Fancy another drink?” I nodded, smiling back at her. “What’d you like, same again?”



I felt the need to redeem myself for being outmanoeuvred and as Adele opened up the cans in the kitchen I waited until my boner had died down some and walked over and leaning against the door frame.

“So, you and Jane get up to such fun?”

“Not quite, we don’t have a dildo that big.” She turned and handed me my refilled glass (I noticed her eyes flicker down to check on my boner). “Besides” she added conversationally “I quite like taking it up the ass.” Not waiting for a reply and ignoring whatever look had suddenly leapt onto my face, she moved past me and back into her living room. Laughing to myself and shaking my head, I followed.

“You’re a real piece of work, Adele. Looking pleased, she chortled

“Yeah and don’t you forget it.”

We chatted for a good hour (briefly comparing notes on Marie), moving onto lager and getting through another couple of cans each. After we were out of the fizzy stuff, Adele grabbed the bottle of vodka and two shot glasses announcing we were going to play truth or booze, her version of truth or dare. I’d played this before. In fact last time it’d been four of us playing; myself, Adele, Neil and Sheila. Basically, you’d be asked questions and either answer truthfully or refuse to answer and have to down a shot in one. Okay, it was all bollocks really, but we got ratted and had a good laugh, so it was fun. Plus, sometimes someone’s silence as they knocked back a shot often answered the question!

With only two of us, it wouldn’t really work properly. Anyway, I knew it was all just an excuse to get me to talk about Belle, but buoyed by the mix of cider and lager in me I didn’t mind at all. Adele placed a tray on her bed (moving the jeans and knickers to one side) filled the two shot glasses and put them on it with the bottle between them. We both sat on opposite sides of the tray (I couldn’t resist a quick glance up her skirt as Adele settled down, but it was just long enough to keep her crotch hidden. She did have damn good legs though. Slightly chubby thighs with well develop calves. We started by asking fairly harmless questions, but I was just waiting for Adele to start asking about Belle. It didn’t take long.

“Out of the girls you’ve slept with, who looked the best naked?” Here we went. The answer was painfully obvious.

“Belle.” My turn now.

I thought for a moment, trying to remember what questions I’d heard answers to the last time we played this game. No point in asking Adele what she’d just asked me; the answer would surely have to be her girlfriend; Jane. She was quite a stunner. So I settled for

“Have you ever managed to talk a straight girl into bed with you?” Behind her glasses, Adele’s eyes twinkled and she smiled and said

“Oh, yes.” Her turn.

“Does Belle give good head?”

It struck me that I didn’t actually know, but I didn’t want to go too much into detail about what Belle and I had done, (or not as the case may be). It wasn’t fair to her, so I downed my shot, grimacing as the vodka bit. Adele raised an eyebrow and refilled my glass. I followed on from my last question.

“Who did you ‘convert’, then?” Adele smiled but then downed her shot, pulling a face too. My turn to raise an eyebrow. Why didn’t she want to say? Oh, well; back to her.

“Is Belle’s pussy trimmed, bald or wild?” I had to play along to some extent and this wasn’t too dire a question, so I answered ‘trimmed’ and thought about my next question. And on we went.

After a while, Adele knew more about Belle than perhaps she should and I knew more about her than I perhaps might want to! We were both however, getting well and truly bladdered. We’d got through well over a quarter of the bottle of vodka, not far off half. I’d decided I couldn’t stand another shot of the stuff and declared I’d very much like to move on to something else that tasted different; Adele enthusiastically agreed. Standing up with a wobble and snapping her fingers.

“I know jus’ the stuff.”

Adele nodded to herself and headed off, fetching some fresh glasses from her kitchen, each containing several ice cubes. She poured a clear spirit into each one, half filling each glass. Coming back over to the bed and handing me my glass, I saw that the clear spirit was becoming cloudy; opaque swirls drifting up from the ice cubes. I recognised the aniseed tang of ouzo. We clinked glasses and each took a sip. Adele looked at me

“Les’ move to the sofa. You might get some funny ideas sitting here on m’ bed.”

“You should be so lucky.”


We moved over to her sofa and plonked down.

“Was good of you to help out Marie the other night. You’re just a nice guy, aren’t ya?”

“I do my best.”

“Heh, yeah, I know. Mr. ‘Red Hot lover’ too, pullin’ Belle.”

“Took two to tango that night, trust me.” I wondered where she was going with this. Adele’s eyes wandered a moment, and then fixed back on me with a naughty grin.

“C’n you keep a secret?” A whole world of possibilities swam through my mind: ‘Jane and I have always fancied a threesome’, ‘Guess what, I’m not really gay’ etc, etc; but I winked (or at least tried to) and said


“Cross your heart and hope your knob falls off?”

“Yes. And eww.”

“Alright. Wanna see Jane naked?”

I blinked in surprise and the sarcastic bastard in me kicked in automatically.

“What, y’got her waiting to leap outta your cupboard or sumthin’?”

“No, but I’ve got sum photos.”

“Y’ really shouldn’t … y’know…”

Adele looked at me, eyebrows raised.

“”G’wan, then.”

Adele flashed a grin and stood, wobbling over to the computer desk, rummaging briefly in a drawer and returning with an A5 manilla envelope with bent corners.

“Y’ never saw these, right?” she grinned mischievously.

“Saw what?” I replied, unable to quite believe this was happening.

“Atta boy.” she said and pulled out the contents of the envelope, manoeuvring the top one to show me.

It looked to be a digital camera picture, printed onto glossy paper just that bit thinner than normal photograph 35mm prints. Jane was kneeling on the very bed that was behind us, stark naked. Her long dark hair tumbled over her narrow shoulders and her breasts. Both arms were held up over her head, hands clasped behind and she was winking exaggeratedly at the camera. Her breasts were just about perfect. Creamy globes with round, pale pink nipples that pointed perkily. There was a butterfly tattoo on her left hip and her dark tangle of pubic hair looked neatly trimmed. She looked bloody fantastic. Then the image moved away as Adele shuffled it to the bottom of the pile and I focused on the next one.

This was Jane lying back on the bed, legs parted so her pussy was exposed. Her pubic hair stopped below her mound, her pink labia were shaved and smooth and … the picture moved; replaced again. A close up of Jane in the same position: with the camera just a couple of feet away from her pussy. She was obligingly tugging at her labia, crinkled skin stretched tight and her inner labia glistening wetly. Another shuffle and this time Adele’s hand was in the shot (I recognised her rings and besides, who else would it be?) pressing a purple vibrator against the exposed shiny flesh. I glanced up at Adele.

“Jesus Adele, are you sure you…”

Another shuffle as Adele revealed the next picture, leaning in closer to me, her breast brushing against my arm. This didn’t help the hard-on pounding into life in my pants as I looked at the purple vibrator half-buried in Jane’s pussy. In the next photo it was in her up to the hilt. The picture moved away again and I silently wished for a good, longer look at each one.

In two of the following three photos the vibrator had been replaced by Jane’s fingers, probing tentatively in the first and plunging deeply in the second. The third showed four of Adele’s fingers buried in Jane’s pussy up to the second knuckle, the skin of her crotch now shining wetly with her juices.

“She came just as I took that picture” Adele casually informed me. “Jerked her hips so hard I dropped th’ damn cam’ra.” she shuffled again and sighed quietly at the next photo. This was an even more close up (and a little blurred as a result) shot of Jane’s pussy, now empty and gaping so widely I could see shadows in her pink tunnel. The next one caught my attention even more, as it was Jane and Adele, both naked, kneeling on the bed and clasping themselves to each other, breasts flattening together and looking sideways at the camera, smiling happily. The photos quickly moved away.

“Shit, I f’got about tha’ one.” Adele actually looked a little flustered. I smiled and said

“Nice boobs.”

Adele grinned back.

“Course they are.” She recovered her composure quickly. “Had to balance th’ camera onna stool on the end of the bed t’ get that one. And the next few.” she looked up at me from under her glasses. “Which y’ won’t get to see.” Images of Adele and Jane getting down to some action like the blonde and brunette on the computer formed in mind’s eye and I pulled a face, making a disappointed noise. Adele grinned and turned the photos face down, shoving them back into the envelope and taking another sip of her ouzo. I had a raging hard-on again and shifted slightly to make myself more comfortable, picturing the wholesome curves of Adele’s naked breasts as they pressed against Jane’s smaller pair. Adele smacked her lips a little, saying “This is a very sociable drink.” I murmured an agreement. She went on.

“Here we are, havin’ a drink, a good ol ‘chat, an’ s’all so comfordubble that ‘m sharing m’ porn collection with ya. I don’ feel I could do that w’ Neil, y’know. Whenever we’re out, I always feel he’d like somethin’ more, y’know what I mean?” I nodded solemnly. She looked thoughtful for a moment and then raised her glass to her lips, knocking back the remaining ouzo in one gulp. I heard the ice clink against her front teeth. “God, I feel horny.” She proclaimed, putting her glass down. I knew what she meant. That video clip, the truth or booze, photos of Jane and- what the fuck!? Adele’s hands had settled against her breasts and were rubbing and squeezing them together. Her eyes were closed and she made a low, happy noise. As I gawped, her palms dropped to her smooth thighs and to my amazement; they began to slide up them, reaching her skirt and bunching up the lilac material. I glanced across at her face; head back on the sofa, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I dithered over what to say and looking down again, said nothing.

Adele’s skirt was now bunched about her hips, she had spread her legs and her right hand was stroking between them, her left resting just below her breasts. As I looked in dumb amazement and growing arousal, Adele’s feet came up onto tiptoe and her hand moved closer in to her crotch. Her eyebrows drew together a little and she licked her lips, sighing. With a start I realised that I couldn’t see any knickers. Not even the slender straps of a thong or g-string! I suddenly thought back to the jeans and lacy knickers that had been shuffled about several times tonight. The same jeans she was wearing when she knocked on my door earlier. I’d spent the past two hours in here with Adele wearing that short skirt and no knickers! How brazen had she been sitting opposite me on the bed earlier? But my god, Adele was now playing with herself, right in front of me!

Without realising I’d decided to speak, I heard myself say

“Er…Adele?” Her eyes opened and she looked up at me through heavy lids.

“Shocked?” she asked quietly. I made a ‘what do you think’ face and managed

“Well, yeah.” Her hand stopped moving as she carefully regarded me, glancing down at the bulge in my jeans.

“Turned on, tho’.” It wasn’t a question.

I struggled for a response and couldn’t find one. Adele looked at me patiently for a few seconds and then spoke again.

“D’ you know what’ the problem is wi’ dildos?” I thought for a moment and said.


“They just don’t feel th’ same.” Something struck me, cutting through my bewilderment.

“The same as what?”

“A cock, stupid.”

“Well, how’d you know?” Adele smiled.

“I’ve had ’em balls deep in me in my time.”

What? That couldn’t be right!? Adele had fucked some bloke? Who? When? She was… I voiced my confusion.

“I…but, Adele you’re gay!?” She grinned and moved, slinging her right arm casually onto the back of the sofa behind me (had her fingertips on that hand looked wet?) shuffling her bum across to her right and turning to look at me, face inches away from mine.

“Wha’ gives you that idea?”

“Well, you’re shagging Jane, for starters.”

“Ye-ah. And..?”

“And what?” I almost felt a little angry. I was turned on as hell. Why was she fucking with me? “And in case y’ didn’t realise; girls who shag other girls are lesbians!”

Adele rolled her eyes, shaking her head slightly. Then she smiled and put her head against my shoulder. Her left hand came to rest on my thigh. My body stiffened as her hand slid upwards, its warmth coming to rest on my crotch.

“Or perhaps, like me; they’re bi-sexual.”

I gaped at her. Opening my mouth to, I dunno; protest perhaps. But my mind was racing, trying to process what was going on. What Adele was saying and more urgently, what she was doing. Now that she’d said it, it did make sense. I’d never heard her refer to herself as a lesbian. Ever. She had a girlfriend, true, so we all just assumed she was…ohh. Her hand was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I breathed out heavily. Adele was Bi? Why hadn’t I figured this out any-

“Y’ like that?” Adele purred. I did. But…

“Adele, what about Jane? We can’t… I mean, we’re friends, you’re seein’ someone, I -“

“She’s not here. An’ you haven’t asked me t’ stop yet.”

This was true. I didn’t want her to. But I – there was a ‘zzzzz’ noise as my zip was lowered. Soft lips press against my neck in a kiss. She whispered into my ear; “Consentin’ adults? A moment of madness? Y’ said y’ could keep a secret.” then planted another kiss, just below it. “I’ll tell y’ mine. Jane and me; yeah, we’re okay. But every so often I jus’ crave cock. A real one; not some fuckin’ plastic toy.” Her hand was in my jeans, squirming to get into my pants and against my hot skin. I could smell the soft fragrance of her hair. “S’ been over a year since m’ last cock, well ‘fore I met Jane. Over a year, Steve. Wouldn’t y like to put this into me-” her hand tugged the front of my pants away and slipped in; grasping the underbelly of my erect length and beginning to work. “-I know y’ fancy me. Y’ look at m’ tits an’ bum an’ I can see y ‘thinkin, ‘I’d love me some o’ that. But she’s not interested in me.'”

Her tongue licked my ear, breath hot against my skin. Her warm hand squeezed and worked up and down, making me gasp. I couldn’t think straight. I felt rock-hard. She wasn’t gay? She wanted me to fuck her! To cheat on Jane with me and keep it our secret? I didn’t know she was really like this. Was it just the drink? Oh, god, that felt good. My head swam. I did fancy her. She had a great body. She was right that I looked at her legs andtits. I could feel them, soft and warm against my arm right now. Why shouldn’t we fuck? Those tits would look great bouncing about as I nailed her. Adele was throwing herself at me. Offering herself on a plate, with no strings attached. But we were friends. Damn! Her thumb circled over the tip of my cock. She breathed in my ear

“I am innerested. An’ I’d like y’ to put this cock into me, just this once; an’ fuck me. C’mon. Y’ know y’want to. I want y’ to. Let’s fuck, Steve.”

I squirmed in growing pleasure as Adele kissed down my neck, stroking my hair as well as my cock. The tiny part of me that knew I should say no and push her away kicked for the surface, drowning in a rising tide of lust and desire.

“But what about us?” I managed to blurt. Her hands stopped working, eyes looking earnestly into mine.

“We’ll be okay. Get over it an’ still be able t’ be friends.” I wanted to believe this. Oh god, I did.

“Are y’ sure?”

“Yeah. Sheila an’ I got on fine afterwards.”

I blinked. What had she just said? She hadn’t…


“Yeah, New Year. Several J.D’s too many. A heart t’ heart about bein’ curious; wha’ wussit like, wi’ another woman? So I kissed her. She looked so surprised. Bit like you now, actually. Then she kissed me back. Next thing w’ were naked an’ I was eating out her pussy. You’da loved it, Steve. So pink n’ tight. She came all over m’ face almost as soon as I went down on ‘er, too.” My mind froze. I couldn’t believe this. Sheila and Adele…?

“Y’ mean you two were…”

“Jus’ that once. Was great. Bit awkward a’ first afterwards, but in a week, all fine. We din’ talk about it much, but it brought us closer. Better friends. She was straight an’ I was still bi, – din’ change us. Jus’ let us explore ourselves a bit. An’ bloody good fun, too. Y’ know us. Still good friends. No regrets.”

She squeezed my cock again.

“So, how ’bout it? One night o’ sex.” her hand began to move. “You an’ me. Our secret. We’ll still be friends. No regrets.” I still didn’t feel quite with it. Adeleand Sheila had had sex?The thought made me feel weird. Turned on and… almost betrayed, somehow? No. no, that was stupid. But one revelation after another, having Adele come on to me so hard, the porn, the photos of Jane, the drink, her hand on my cock and stroking my hair. Her tongue flickering against my neck. Hot breath, warm scents, sticky noises. And my lust. Oh God, the cloying, sizzling need to throw Adele down and just fuck her.

Everything snowballed into a state of mind I can’t quite put into words. I felt turned on, relieved, confused and almost angry all at once. I remember saying “Fuck.” I don’t remember if it was supposed to be a question or a statement. Adele took it as a statement though, answering “Yes.” and letting go of my cock. She stood up, swaying slightly and starting to yank her t-shirt off over her head. I stood too, I don’t remember exactly what I intended to do. Fuck Her? Shout at her? Then her t-shirt was on the floor and I gazed at her breasts, their creamy upper halves jiggling above the full cups of her bra as she moved. Then I grabbed her naked shoulders and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed me back. And that was that.

We practically tore each other’s clothes off. I remember pushing Adele down onto the bed. She hit it hard, bouncing a little and then laughing; reaching for her bedside unit. As I got on the bed, cock bouncing in front of me, she’d opened a drawer and had a condom in her hand. I didn’t stop to wonder why she had some so conveniently. Maybe her and Jane used them on bananas or something? Grinning, she tore open the condom and her hot hands set to work about my cock. I took the chance to have a damn good look at what was on offer. I remember neatly trimmed pubic hair followed the curves of her mound. Fleshy labia forming a twisting seal over the entrance to her pussy. My heart pounded faster and in turn, my cock throbbed in anticipation.

Then Adele was pushing herself up onto her elbows and clambering into a kneeling position. She chortled in a very self satisfied way that somehow grated on my nerves. Her eyes bore into mine as I found myself reaching up to cup her breasts (thinking that they were as big as, if not bigger even; than Belle’s) squeezing and pawing at them more roughly than I really should. I think I wanted to somehow make her stop laughing; but mostly I know I just wanted to fuck her. Adele placed her hands over my own, pushing and kneading her incredibly soft breasts with me, looking down at our handiwork. We both watched as her cleavage deepened and shallowed and her large nipples sprang back up erect as my thumbs passed over them. Then her hands came up to either side of my face and we made eye contact, holding it for a heartbeat or three, before falling against one another as if some silent signal had been given. We kissed noisily, breathing hard through our noses as our tongues slithered round and round.

I felt the palms of Adele’s hands come to rest on my chest, her fingers groping, then she broke off our kiss, looking at me with a wolfish grin on her wet lips. Suddenly she pushed me away from her with the heels of her palms. I swayed backwards, fought and won a quick battle for my balance and shot a look at her, feeling annoyed. Adele had reclined and was laughing. She threw me a naughty wink and her thighs slowly opened to welcome me. I heard her labia part with a soft noise as her fingertips prised and stroked.

Fuck me, Steve” She demanded (pleaded?) removing her glasses and dropping them at the side of the bed. I moved forwards, planting my arms either side of her. Panting hard with excitement through her open mouth, her hazel eyes boring into mine, Adele tilted her head back to follow me as I moved up and above her. I felt her hands take hold of my cock and tug it down towards the heat of her entrance. My heart hammered, my head swimming with the intensity of it all. I obligingly lowered my hips and as her hands came back up I tensed my stomach and quickly grabbed them, our fingers interlocking into fists. I fell back onto all fours, pushing our hands down either side of her head. Adele wriggled experimentally against my weight, discovering that she was pinned fast. I pushed forwards slightly, feeling the tip of my cock nudge tantalisingly against her pussy. A moan escaped from her lips. Mirroring my own groan of desire.

“Yes,” she murmured “Put it in me…

What followed is all pretty much a blur, with only snippets of clarity. The bed rocking and creaking, our bellies making clapping noises, Adele’s pussy squelching. I remember our lips were locked together, tongues circling, our mouths and chins wet with saliva. I found it hard to breath, but could smell her scent; a sweet, lightly spicy aroma that reminded me of cinnamon. I pistoned in and out of the tight heat of her body, on and on and feeling hard as iron, lost in the moment. We just fucked and fucked, at a constant fast pace. Adele’s breasts shuddered up and down, her knees drawn up either side of me. I don’t know how long we were at it, but finally Adele began to struggle slightly under me, making a strained ‘mmmmmnn’ noise from deep in her throat. She unclamped her mouth from mine, moving her head to one side to gulp in air. The breath was forced back out of her almost as quickly as she could draw it in. After several gasps, she swallowed hard and suddenly twitched under me.

“Oh, yes!” Her arms pushed up against my grip but I kept her pinned to the bed, slipping one arm behind her shoulders to pull her up against me. Our bellies smacked together. “Ahhhh!” Her head pressed back into the pillow, teeth gritted. “Ghnnn!” Adele’s thighs lifted, I remember the hard feeling of her heels on my butt as she pulled me into her even as I pulled her up against me, still rocking my hips, my stomach muscles protesting at it all. The sounds of my cock moving in and out became wetter, more noticeable, she gasped with each thrust “Ohh! A-huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” then her head jerked forward, sparkling eyes opening to stare down to where we were joined. Mouth open wide, teeth parted, she made a silent ‘O’ with her lips, eyes squeezing shut momentarily to open again looking straight into mine. I stared back into her hazel eyes as Adele suddenly looked shocked, sucking in a deep breath as if to scream in horror.

And then the world exploded a dark red as we came together. I hadn’t even realised I was close to orgasm. Adele cried out repeatedly, arms and thighs trembling, her pussy dancing around my twitching cock. I cried out too, I don’t remember what; her name, something unintelligible? My heart made my chest and head pound as my ears rushed and liquid fire pulsed through my cock. My muscles froze and locked into place. We were suspended in time together for a few seconds at the zenith of our pleasure and then gravity seemed to crash down on us and we slumped into a hot and wet tangle of limbs. Gasping for breath, hearts pounding, head hammering. It was as if a fever had broke; my almost dark desire to somehow make Adele pay (for what exactly I don’t know) was gone. I look back on all this and can only think it was the closest to pure, animal lust that I have ever been.

It was a full minute before either of us spoke or moved. Adele groaned. The noise brought me to my senses again. My head was pounding as I opened my eyes to look and see how she was. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly as she got her breath back, hair plastered to her forehead in places with the sweat that covered both our bodies in a slick sheen. My left arm was thrown out across her belly and rose and fell in time with her breathing. Hell, how long had we been at it? Wait, we’d actually been at it. I couldn’t quite believe it. Implications loomed at the back of my mind, but I ignored them. Shifting my weight to lie alongside her better, I patted her on the stomach, the slick flesh around her belly button shining under the light. I said her name and Adele’s eyes flickered open and found mine. I moved my hand up to the side of her face, patting it and asking.

“Are y’ alright?”

Her heavy eyelids blinked slowly, her mouth opening and closing once before Adele could find her voice.

“Y’ kiddin’? Tha…’ was great. Really. Fuckin’ Great. You’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted that. ” she paused a moment and I wondered if she meant me specifically or just cock in general. “God, you’ve worn me out. M’knackered.” I felt the same way too. But knew I’d need to do something about my head before I could get any sleep.

“Mind if I get a glass o’ water?”

“Nah, help y’self. Y’know where th’ glasses are.”

“Want one y’self?”

“No, ta. S’alright.” With that, I slowly sat up and swung my legs off the bed. Standing, I wobbled briefly, looking down at the sodden condom hanging from my now mostly flaccid cock. Weaving my way over to a box of tissues by the fireplace, I removed the condom and quickly cleaned myself up. Scrunching three soggy tissues into one larger ball, I tossed it into the bin by her computer desk and glancing at the bed; headed into the kitchen. Adele was laying back with her eyes closed, her marvellous breasts now rising and falling more evenly.

In the kitchen, I removed a glass tumbler from the cupboard and after letting the cold water tap run for a few seconds, filled it. I drained it in four large gulps, swallowing so much on the third that my throat hurt. Squinting against the discomfort, I refilled the glass and sipped the cold liquid more slowly. Feeling a little more refreshed I had my first opportunity to wonder how Adele and I would go on from here. And what the implications might be for my relationship with Sheila. I felt a twinge at the thought of her, high up in my chest. Dismissing it with some difficulty, I decided that now was not the time to go on a guilt trip. I needed some sense of closure on tonight’s events, if only a reaffirmation that it had been ‘a moment of madness’. I finished my water, half-filled another glass in case Adele had changed her mind and took it back through to her.

Adele’s eyes were still closed as I put the glass down on her bedside unit, admiring the curves and slopes of her naked body. It was only as I said

“Hey, sleepy-head…” and sat down next to her, that I realised Adele was out like a light. A crumpled tissue was in her right hand, damp where she had wiped at the fluids that coated her pussy and trickled onto her inner thighs.

“Adele..?” There was no response. Her breathing was deep and even. She was well gone. I tried one more time, gently nudging her shoulder “Earth to sexy, naked Adele…” Still no response.

I sighed and smiled to myself, feeling an odd mixture of disappointment and relief. I tried to think what to do, through the weight of the tiredness bearing down on me and my muzzy head. I could stay, be alongside Adele when she woke, making us both face what we had just done, or I could go back to my room now and wake up in a different bed, putting a degree of separation back between us. Surely that would be best. But it seemed lousy to screw her and then just split. But then again; Adele wasn’t after much by way of emotional connection from this, was she? She just wanted cock and mine was to hand. Was that just it? I looked at her pretty face, features peaceful in repose and was struck by the comparison with before; sly and cunning then snarling with lust and finally twisted in passion. I looked around the room, listening to the ticking of the clock. Another glance at Adele. With a sigh, I made my decision.

Gathering the throw from the bottom of the bed, I covered Adele so she wouldn’t wake up feeling cold. Pushing the window to, I took a piece of paper from her desk and wrote ‘I can keep a secret, but I’m always there to talk to.’ on it, putting the cross of single kiss underneath. I folded this in half, wrote her name on one side and stood it by the half full glass of water on her bedside unit. I quickly dressed and then checked in case there was any sign of her waking up. Adele was still out like a light. With a faint smile, I turned down her lights and opened the door, quietly slipping out onto the landing and gently shutting it behind me. On the way downstairs, I turned to look at Adele’s photo and gazed at the full breasts straining against the fabric of her top; struck by the fact I no longer had to wonder what they looked like naked. ‘Come up and see me some time, big boy!’ I wondered if I would ever have the chance to see her like that again? Would I really want to? I slipped quietly into my room and two minutes later; was lying face down on the bed, fully dressed and fast asleep.

Chapter 06


When I woke at about 9.00am, I felt like hell. I’ll spare you the gory details, but an hour later, after some time on the porcelain telephone, several glasses of water, a hot shower and some paracetomol, I felt almost human again. By half past ten, as I risked keeping down some buttered toast, I was pondering the events of the night before when I remembered that I need to go and see Anne, my old tutor, to collect my dissertation. I’d arranged to call in on campus before 11.15. If I was going to make it, I needed to leave now. I took another mouthful of toast, washed it down with more water and grabbed my jacket to head off. The summer sun was hidden behind some clouds today and a spot of rain looked likely. As I was locking my door, I glanced at the steps up to Adele’s. Was she awake yet? How did she feel about last night? I resisted the urge to go up and knock on her door, instead heading downstairs out into the morning air.

A fresh breeze helped to clear my head a little and as I headed towards campus on autopilot, I reviewed the past few hours. I couldn’t decide how I felt about what Adele and I had done. I felt awkward and excited about having sex with my friend. I didn’t regret having sex with such an attractive woman (and felt a guilty thrill about the possibility of doing it again, perhaps the next time Adele decided she needed a real cock) and the memory of her coming on to me, writhing naked beneath me, her body sliding back and forth around my cock and the sudden, massive orgasm we shared gave me a hard-on as I walked. I thought about the photos of Jane and wondered how I’d feel the next time I saw her? Hell, I’d seen a large purple dildo stuck in her pussy up to the hilt last night. What’d I say the next time we met?

‘Hi, Jane. Love the way you trim your pubes?!’

Thinking about Adele, my mind wandered to my other ‘encounters’ over the past week. Belle had been a bolt from the blue, an unexpected night of passion that had lifted my spirits and given me a confidence boost just when I needed it, with me feeling down after splitting with Sam. I’d fantasised about Sheila for months, but had given up any hope of getting any closer to her. I liked her a helluva lot and we got on like a house on fire. When, against the odds, we’d gone from being friends to lovers, there felt to be a real connection. We’d agreed we both wanted to see each other again and even though she’d moved away (and not that far) I found myself thinking about those few hours with her more than anything of the other events this past week. Had I fallen for her? I didn’t quite know. But then there was Adele. She’d had sex with Sheila too(!) and we’d spent god knows how long shagging each other senseless only hours ago. Man, my head was in a spin. I’d split with my girlfriend, shagged two of my housemates, found out one wasn’t what I’d thought she was for the last three months and screwed one of their friends to boot! This had the potential to be come a real mess…

Keeping up a quick pace, I soon made it onto campus. I checked my watch; it’d just gone ten past. Phew, still on time. I slowed down my pace and started to head past the grand brick and stone buildings in the direction of Anne’s office. Anne was in the final year of doing her PhD and as such, had been given an office among the portacabin units. Sounds grim, but I’d been in there many times over the past year getting advice on my dissertation (which’d helped me to get a 2:1 grade in my degree) and the cabin offices were actually quite good. Anne had an office to herself and had kitted it out with several plants, pictures and a rag-rug; it was quite homely. Getting to the grey cabin, I mounted the three slatted wooden steps and entered the carpeted hallway. I noted that all four office doors were closed as I walked to the end of the corridor and stopped at the second door on the right. Raising my right hand I knocked.

There was no immediate response and I was just beginning to question whether Anne was actually in when I finally heard her answer

“Come in.”

Opening the door, I looked round it and into the office. Anne was sat behind her desk and one look at her told me something was wrong. Her eyes were red and slightly puffy and as I stepped forwards and pushed the door to behind me, she sniffled and dabbed at her nose with a sorry looking tissue.

“Anne, are you alright?” What a dumb question. Of course she wasn’t. She sniffled again and put on a smile for me.

“I’m alright thanks.”

“I can come back later if you like.”

“No.” She paused for just a moment, seeming to think. “No, it’s alright. Please, take a seat. How’ve you been?” I took a seat alongside her desk.

“I’m fine thanks. Y’ sure you’re okay?” Another smile and a quick wipe of the eyes.

Anne took in a deep breath and started to speak.

“Yeah, I will be. I just dumped my boyfriend last night. I’d found out he was …” her eyes brimmed and a blink sent a tear running down her left cheek “I found out he’s been cheating on me since… well, for the past two years.” A stifled sob made her shoulders heave (I couldn’t help but notice the way it made her breasts jiggle) and she removed her glasses, mopping at the tears. “I’m suh-sorry… I shouldn’t be…” I’d seen enough. I pushed my chair closer to hers and slung an arm around her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s alright, just let it out.” Part of me questioned what I was doing as I did it, but I didn’t feel comfortable just sitting there watching her brake down in tears. Anne plonked her forehead against my right shoulder and her right hand on my arm, sobbed in a deep breath and with several more, quickly got her breathing back under control. She drew in a deep breath and sighed. I could smell the fresh scent of her hair and her musky perfume. Her body heat and warm breath on my neck had started to arouse me. I hoped not to get an obvious boner. Hell, it’d be so embarrassing. She stirred against me and spoke.

“I shouldn’t… be troubling you with this Steve.” She took another breath and raised her head, her eyes looking into mine (searchingly?), her mouth only inches away from my own, lips moist and slightly parted. I looked into her brown eyes. I’d never seen her without her glasses on before. She was pretty enough with them on. Without them, her eyes were beautifully framed by her dark eyebrows. She held my gaze. Her lips were so close. A part of me shouted

“For god’s sake, give her a kiss!” whilst another bawled “You’ll get a slap and be in shit if you do. Trying to take advantage of her in this state!” Anne was good looking; only two or possibly three years older than me with shoulder-length dark hair, she made a trim, tempting figure around campus in her white blouses and knee-length skirts or trouser suits. Many a fellow student had expressed a desire to me to ‘give her one’ and I’d agreed with them. Now here we were. I blinked. Anne was still looking into my eyes. A heartbeat passed. Two. Neither of us had moved. I – aw, damn! Anne had blinked again and sat back, clearing her throat and running a hand through her hair. The moment had passed. I wasn’t sure whether to kick myself or not. That had been a spark, hadn’t it..? Oh, but what If I’d kissed her and I’d got it all wrong. I – hold on, Anne had started to speak again.

“I’m sorry Steve; I’m letting my private life get in the way of my work. You’re here to collect your dissertation, not to have to comfort me over my troubles.” To her credit, she didn’t look at all flustered and her composure was now almost fully regained. She sniffled once, and then found my eyes again. “I’ve got it here. She pushed back her chair and stood, walking over to the filing cabinet in the corner. I ran my eyes over her. A white blouse today, bra just visible against the warm flesh tones that showed through the material. A knee length charcoal grey skirt, glossy tights (stockings?) and black, heeled shoes. She stopped at the cabinet and bent to open the third drawer down. I watched the skirt stretch tightly over her shapely bum as she flipped through folders and noted I couldn’t see any visible knicker line. ‘Thong and stockings’ part of me purred, mentally undressing her. Then she was straightening and turning to face me again, a file in hand.

“Here we are.” She said, walking back over to her chair and sitting down.

Crossing her legs (I noticed the positive body language as the toe of her left foot pointed in my direction) Anne opened the folder and produced a document I was only

too familiar with after working on it for so long.

“One dissertation. A rather good one to, if I may say.” She smiled.

“Well. I had some good advice and guidance for it.” I smiled back. Anne extended her hand, offering the dissertation to me. I took it and placed it in my lap.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Steve?” The question hung in the air, all manner of possible weights being attached to it by my fertile and still somewhat alcohol-fuelled imagination. ‘Y’ could say “say yes to going out for a drink with me” ‘my inner self purred, among other somewhat cruder suggestions. I realised an answer was due quickly now and replied

“Er, no, I don’t think so.” instantly wanting to kick myself. Anne smiled pleasantly and said.

“Okay then. I’d better not keep you. Good luck with the new job, I hope it goes well.” She stood and extended her hand.

I was being shown out. I stood too and taking her hand, shook it.

“Thanks for all your help, Anne.” I took a step away from my chair. “Don’t let your loser ex get you down. The guy’s obviously nuts, cheating on you.” I winced as the words came out. Oh Christ, for a means to know when to keep my gob shut! But Anne actually looked quite pleased and smiled warmly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Her eyes shone. Was that a naughty sparkle or was she filling up again. I tried to finish the conversation on a positive note.

“See you around, then?”

“Maybe, yeah. Take care, Steve.”

“You too. See ya.” And with that I was stood in the hall again, closing the door. As the latch licked to, I decided to get the hell out of there before I made any bigger a fool of myself. Leaving the portacabin I sucked in a deep breath of fresh air. What the hell had just happened? How much of that was my recently much-inflated ego saying ‘G’wan, you can have anybody at the moment. Give it a try?’ My autopilot kicked in again and I decided to head for Starbucks and a large coffee, turning the events of the past few minutes over and over in my head. That had been a spark. I was certain of it. Well, almost certain.

An hour , one coffee and Danish and a walk back to West Street later, I’d decided I’d never find out, nor stop wondering about it for a good while. But I had a more pressing concern. Adele. A low weight settled in my stomach as I entered number 23, climbed up the first flight of stairs and opened the door of my bedsit for long enough to toss the dissertation onto the carpet just inside it. Closing the door again I turned to head upstairs to call on Adele. Mounting the stairs to her attic room, I wondered what I was going to say and realised that I didn’t know. This was strictly going to be by ear. All I did know was that I wanted to make sure things were still alright; to at least get some sense of where we were. Climbing past the ‘come up and see me sometime, big boy’ picture, and looking at Adele’s straining breasts in it, I remembered the feel and motion of them last night, the sensation of sharing her body. The explosion of pleasure as I came in her. Then I was rapping on her door. I heard movement from within and a quiet dismay settled in my gut as the door began to open. Here we went.

Jane raised her eyebrows and flashed me a brilliant smile.

“Hi, Steve!” I was momentarily flummoxed. Jane was about the last person I expected to see. The picture of her naked on Adele’s bed flashed through my mind. Uh-oh, did she know – no, surely not. I’d have just been greeted with a smack in the face if Jane knew about Adele and I. I realised I was standing there like a fool.

“Er, hi! Are you all right?”

“Yeah, fine ta. You here to see Adele? Well, duh, who else, huh?” I grinned in reply. “Her ladyship’s ill, I’m afraid. Nearly drank herself into a coma last night, apparently.” I heard Adele’s voice from the far side of the room.

“C’mon in if you want. Just don’t talk loudly!” Jane smiled and stepped back to let me in. I stepped forwards and into the room, eyes darting about for any signs that the two of us had been letching over photos of Jane before shagging each other senseless only hours before and seeing none.

From her bed, Adele gave me a weary smile.

“Y’ alright?” she spoke to me just as she always had before last night. There was no hint of nerves, or any awkwardness. I smiled back.

“Better than you by the look of it.” She chuckled.

“Heh, yeah.”

Jane spoke from behind me.

“Fancy a drink? I was just going to put the kettle on.” I turned to look at her.

“Er, yeah. Could I have a coffee please, milk no sugar?”

“Sure.” She looked at Adele, who replied to the unspoken question.

“Tea again, thanks.” Jane nodded and with a smile, turned and walked into the kitchen. I watched her wiggle out of sight and turned to look at Adele. But she was already studying me, with an impenetrable look on her face. I met her gaze and smiled, giving a quick ‘we-ell…’ shrug. Adele smiled back, nodded and winked. Then Jane re-entered and I heard the kettle starting to boil.

We had our drink and made small talk. Adele told me how she’d just ‘tied one on’ last night. Jane had called round to meet her for lunch as planned and instead, with Adele still feeling crap; they’d stayed in. I realised early on that our secret seemed to be safe. Adele was too shrewd not to have tidied up after last night and Jane was fine with both of us. It was as if last night hadn’t happened, which was probably for the best. It struck me that seeing Jane today was probably about the best thing that could have happened. It let me see her and Adele together, reinforcing the status quo and firmly putting last night into the past. It also meant Adele and I didn’t have to discuss what we’d done, but I knew we’d have to cross that bridge at some point soon. Just before I excused myself and left, I felt confident enough to say to Adele that I hoped she’d enjoyed herself last night (referring of course to her solitary drinking session). Without batting an eyelid, Adele said that, oh yeah, she’d had great fun. Not long after that, I said goodbye and went back down to my bedsit.

Tired of rerunning my visit to see Anne through my mind to see if I should have acted differently and yet unable to stop returning to it and fantasising about what could have happened between us if I had kissed her (were those stockings, was she wearing no knickers?) I decided to eat early, hoping that making tea would help take my mind off things. By half past six, I’d had something to eat and had just finished doing the washing up. I sat down with a coffee and flicked on the TV. BBC 2 was showing an episode of the original series of Star Trek and I figured it’d be as good a way as any of killing some time while I decided whether or not to go out on the town tonight. I could invite Adele (and Jane?) to join me, but guessed Adele wouldn’t want to have anything else to drink (I didn’t want much, but hey; it was Friday night) and things could be a bit uncomfortable for us. Marie wasn’t in. Neil was away and Ruth wasn’t even an option.

After about fifteen minutes, I still hadn’t decided what to do when there was a sudden knock on my door. I muted the TV and got up to open it, wondering if it might be Adele. But I pulled my door open to reveal Marie’s cleavage. Er, I mean Marie; wearing a sexy, tight-fitting black dress.

“Hi.” She said and beamed a smile at me.

“Hi,” What was this?! “Er, c’mon in.”


Watching her walk past me and over to the sofa, I noted Marie was barefoot. I saw that the dress was a backless number – naked shoulder blades moved smoothly under her skin and Marie’s buttocks wiggled as she walked. When the black material stretched tight over her bum as she sat on the sofa, there was no hint of panty line. No bra or knickers? I took a deep breath, walked over and sat alongside her.

Marie was looking at me… oddly. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I was about to ask her if she wanted a coffee when she spoke.

“Had a good day?”

“Yeah, it’s been alright. Pretty quiet. How about you?” I glanced down to her dress and back up again. “All dressed up for going out? You’re looking great.” I was suddenly wondering if I was about to be asked to go on a night out with her. That would solve my micro-dilemma and feeling anxious about asking me might explain whatever it was about Marie’s expression, no, her body language, that I couldn’t put my finger on. Marie chuckled and shook her head. Her long, dark hair swished from side to side.

“Oh, no, I’ve been out for lunch with some friends-“(disappointment began to creep into my head) “-to celebrate being young, free and single again.” Another beaming smile as she flicked a strand of hair out of her face; “They’ve all had to get off ready for their other halves getting home and it was going to be so dull sitting in on my own, so I thought I’d pop round for some company!” The disappointment was forgotten as I took this in and she smiled; suddenly coy. “Thanks for the compliment, by the way.” The smile stayed on her face, which was tilted down slightly to look up at me.

I decided to play for time while I caught up with events. I returned a smile.

“You’re welcome. Would you like a drink?”

“Nah, I’m fine thanks.” Drat. No quick breather. She was still smiling, her green eyes flickering about my face. I wanted to look down at her breasts, there was a lot of cleavage going on and they were a good size and shape, so I decided to take the plunge and glanced down from her eyes to her chest, legs and back up to her face, to signal quiet appreciation of her figure. When I met her gaze again, her eyes twinkled merrily. If she was coming on to me (oh for God’s sake, I told myself, what the hell do you think she’s doing) then I wasn’t going to play all shy and coy. I’d perhaps already wasted an opportunity today with Anne and wasn’t about to do it again with Marie.

“Well, I was thinking about going out for few drinks tonight. Fancy joining me for a couple?” There, I’d done it. But Marie pulled a slight face.

“Well, I’ve just got back from town. So to be honest, no…” (hello- disappointment again..) “but if you fancy staying in…” the disappointment dissipated again as I wondered about the implications of the way she left the sentence hanging.

“Well…yeah, sure. Like you said, being by yourself’s dull anyway, I wouldn’t want to go out and look like billy-no-mates.”

“I mean, I don’t want to stop you from going out…” Marie added. I sensed the test this question posed and decided to go for broke, quietly hoping I wasn’t about to screw up.

“No, no. Let’s stay in.” I raised an eyebrow, “I hope you’re good company though…” I finished off with a cheeky grin. Marie immediately returned it and sat up a bit.

“I can be exceptional company…”

Her body language had totally changed and in that change, I recognised what I hadn’t been able to put my finger on seconds ago. It was indecision, self doubt. She’d looked how I felt before taking the plunge just now; ‘I hope I’ve not about to make a mistake.’ I’d obviously just passed some small test and I felt my heart begin to beat faster and was deciding what to say, how far to push it next, when Marie flashed a quick smile and suddenly turned her attention to the TV.

“What were you watching before I interrupted..?”

I groaned inside. Bloody Star Trek of all things. But as Marie looked at the TV she broke into a wide smile.

“Oh, Star Trek? I love these old episodes. They’re so cheesy now, but they’re still fun!” She looked over to me “Turn the sound up, I haven’t seen one of these for ages.” A little taken aback by the sudden shift in the conversation, I thumbed the sound back on as Marie leaned back on the sofa and gave her full attention to the screen. We both watched for a few minutes, until one of the old clichés cropped up. Several red-shirted security guards had turned up, so their imminent deaths were inevitable. Marie turned to look at me, grinning. I grinned back and nodded, emphatically saying


Marie chuckled and looked back at the TV.

“Oh, don’t go in there…” she warned a guard as he stooped to enter a (polystyrene) cave.

“You’ll have your brains sucked out of your ears…” I warned, Marie interjecting with

“Or you’ll get shagged to death!!!”

I frowned and chuckled, looking across at Marie to find her looking at me too, grinning.

“Never seen that happen to them before.” I ventured. Eyes twinkling, Marie replied,

“I bet it happens to them all the time.”

“Huh? Example?”

“Well, y’know how Captain Kirk always ends up shagging a green alien woman or some other exotic extra terrestrial hotty?” I laughed and nodded. “Well, I bet security hunks go into caves on ‘Mysterious Planet X’ and inside…” she suddenly stood up and lightly skipped several steps in front of where I was sat, stopping between me and the TV. I was struck by how light on her feet Marie was. Turning, she flicked her head, long hair swishing back and eyes gleaming assuredly “-there’s some sexy, I mean red hot, alien woman.”

I goggled openly before getting a hold of myself and finding my cool, replying

“Yeah? Well, er…what does she do?” Marie grinned and more than anything else, the look on her face (so…confident) triggered off the first hints of building pressure in my cock.

“She walks right up to the security guy,” she took three steps towards me, hips swaying “and BAM!-“she stepped forwards a fourth time, planting her left onto the sofa on tip-toe, just to my right. Simultaneously, she rolled the material of her dress back up and over her left hip. Her bare legs were revealed almost all the way up to her crotch, which remained hidden by only a couple of inches of black fabric. My cock bulged as my heart began to pound harder yet, in anticipation of what could happen next. I savoured the view, looking up from her toes (nails neat and glossy) to her shapely calves and thighs when Marie continued with “she seduces him with her otherworldly charms.”

It was only as she finished her sentence that I realised Marie had theatrically left a dramatic pause of a couple of seconds between thrusting her leg out at me and speaking again. In total, this little show could only have lasted for ten seconds so far. I realised Marie was looking down at me and that I had so far not been able to tear my eyes away from her legs, not to mention her barely concealed pussy. I looked up. Marie looked down- eyes sparkling; obviously enjoying herself. It struck me as being the look of someone who was seeing a plan go just how they had wanted it to. Well, who was I to throw a spanner in the works?

“So…” I paused, looking at Marie, who remained still and silent, eyes expectant and daring. I realised she wasn’t going to say anything else before I did. “What happens next? I mean this security guy’s got to die, right? Does she turn out to be some hideous creature who kills him horribly?” I grinned. Heh. Okay, so maybe just a small spanner.

Marie chuckled.

“Oh, no. It’s all quite unintentional, really. She’s seen him from her cave. She’s curious about him. Fascinated. There’s nobody else that interesting around on Planet X right then. She wonders what he’s like? Can their two species mate? Are they compatible? Would it be good? Possibly even… stellar?” She leaned forwards suddenly. My eyes remained fixed on Marie’s cleavage as her breasts came to within inches of my face. I smelt her perfume (musky and arousing, but what the hell else would you expect from this woman, eh?) and felt her left hand gently take hold of my right and place it on her knee. As she straightened, I realised Marie hadn’t moved her legs at all. Her right leg had remained straight as she moved. Hm. Flexible as well as light footed. Did she dance? Was she an- omigod, who cares!? Marie had raised up the hem of her dress even further. I could see the dark shape of her vulva, the wisps of pubic hair. I slid my hand down her warm, silky shin to her foot and back up to her knee again, unashamedly transfixed by this supremely confidant display. “She’d like to find out.”

I sat still, unsure if it was now my turn to move the narrative along or if I was supposed to let Marie continue.

“But you say he gets shagged to death?” Marie bent forwards again, slowly this time and took hold of both my hands with hers. Straightening, she tugged. I shifted my butt forwards and stood up as she straightened. We were stood less than an inch apart. It could have been my imagination, but I swear I could feel heat radiating off of her- almost as if Marie was glowing with anticipation and desire. She looked up mischievously.

“Her kind could be hard to satisfy. They might sexually exhaust a man. Take him to the edge and beyond and yet still want more. A man might expire right under her whilst she’s grinding away on top of him” I cocked an eyebrow at her, smirking. She returned the smirk with a steady gaze. Enough of this. I was being offered sex giftwrapped and on a silver platter and all I’d done so far was sit and ask coy questions. Time to do something more. After one final coy question that given the circumstances, I simply could not resist.

“Sounds like a helluva way to go. To ‘boldy go’, huh? Marie chuckled, keeping her eyes on mine whilst quietly replying

“Perhaps not quite where no man has gone before, though.” and then gave me a look so demure that I just wanted to eat her up whole. Which is exactly why I moved away from her.

Away, around and behind. My hands came round and up to cup her breasts. I felt their soft heaviness fill my palms.

“Thank God for that.” I replied to her last statement, before nuzzling her ear, breathing in the clean scent of her hair. Marie sighed and pressed her bum against me, finding my erection and pushing against it. My fingers moved from the fabric of her dress to the naked skin above it. I scratched my nails out to either side, along her collar bone to her shoulders and then cupped her breasts again. My cock pounded. God, I wanted her. My fingertips sought and easily located her nipples and I gave each protruding bud a measured tweak before following the material of her dress upwards to the thin straps over her shoulders. Marie’s fingers joined mine there as I began to ease them out and down, tugging her dress gently downwards. Looking over her shoulder as I licked the skin behind her ear I saw Marie’s breasts bounce into view; full and rounded, with slightly oval shaped areola and nipples standing erect. Once they were both free of black fabric I luxuriated in the feel of them in my hands. Their heat and volume, texture and motion. Marie laughed happily, raising her right arm up and behind her to ruffle the hair at the back of my head, enjoying the feel of my hands on her body.

She suddenly paused. With a humorous, soft snort she broke away from me and bent to grab the remote control from the sofa. Turning, she flicked the TV off, casually tossed the remote back onto the sofa (it bounced off the cushion onto the floor, but I couldn’t have cared less) and bent forwards (her heavy breasts swung momentarily) to seize the hem of her dress. Eyes flashing at mine to check that she had my attention; Marie tugged it upwards and off to land in a crumpled little heap. My first impression of Marie had not been mistaken. A good figure all right. Probably a little wider in the waist and hips than in her youth, but her skin was smooth and soft and all her curves were most definitely in the right places Marie looked after herself, all right. Seemingly happy with the response her disrobing had returned Marie gave me a look that plainly spoke ‘your turn’. I had my t shirt off in seconds and held it out briefly in front of me.

“Well whaddya know? This shirt’s not red. Maybe I’ll survive after all.” I dropped the white t shirt and after pausing to consider my upper body, eyes hooded with lust, Marie stepped forwards. Wrapping her arms around me, warm breasts flattening against my chest she breathed

“Well, thank God for that.” Before kissing me long and hard. I was about to slip my tongue in to join hers when she pulled back, smacked her lips once against mine then dropped from sight. I felt the metal button on my fly come undone and heard the drawn out rasp as my zip was carefully lowered. There was a firm tug as my jeans came down from my waist to my thighs, partly taking my pants with them. Looking down, Marie was eying the purple head of my cock as if she might devour it. Strands of her raven hair played across her face and I saw them move back and forth, tugged and pushed by her increasingly heavy breathing. A sharp tug saw my jeans and pants bunched around my ankles and my cock standing proud. Marie wrapped one hand around its girth, looked up at me with those daring green eyes, then tilted her head back; brought her mouth towards my cock and rasped her tongue up its smooth underbelly. I groaned aloud. God, it’d been ages since I’d had a blow job. The girlfriend before Sam, well over a year ago. Ohhh, yes

Pulling my foreskin back with her hand she sank her open mouth down onto my cock. Her lips closed around it and I felt her hot, wet tongue go to work. She sucked hard, cheeks hollowing; and worked her head back and forth, eyes closed peacefully. I gasped and put my fingers into her soft, black hair to guide her head back and forth. Marie knew what she was doing. Her pace slowly quickened and her right hand worked my shaft, her left cradling my balls and softly stroking them. With a smacking noise, she let my cock slip from her mouth and tugged the foreskin back tightly, blowing on my helmet. Her breath chilled the saliva there and I clenched my butt in pleasure, making my cock bulge even more in her firm grip. Her hand quickly worked back and forth, gliding smoothly around my cock as she looked up at me challengingly. I moaned again and her tongue snaked forth, its tip tickling around the bulge of my helmet, licking at the precum now oozing from its tip. As if French kissing, she worked her tongue in circles around the tip of my cock, before taking me deeply into her mouth again. I watched, fascinated as almost my full length vanished and then closed my eyes and groaned in pleasure as with noisy smacks and slurps; her head began to work back and forth more quickly. Both of Marie’s hands clasped my shaft, so she could work more vigorously.

Her pace was relentless. I panted and massaged her scalp with my fingertips. This was the best and most enthusiastic blow job I’d ever had in my life. After another minute, my cock plopped out of Marie’s mouth again and a thin trail of saliva stretched from my cock to her lips, slowly lengthening to eventually snap and drop down against her chin. Eyes fixed on my cock, her right hand wrapped tightly around it again and she proceeded to wank me at a steady pace, licking at the tip and grazing it with her teeth. I threw my head back and moaned,

“M’mm, Marie!”

Mouth open and head lolling I looked down at her again. Encouraged by the reaction she’d just got, her hand continued to speed up, becoming a blur. Her mouth was open, jaw thrust slightly forwards with a look of lust in her eyes as they flicked up to mine and then focussed back on my cock.

“That’s it, c’mon.” she whispered. I felt like I was going to oblige very soon. Suddenly, her hand stopped and I was back in her hot mouth. The feeling that I was about to cum died down as the sensations changed. Then, as her cheeks hollowed, lips pressed and tongue worked; they started up again.

I forced my eyes open, gazing down at her. Marie’s eyes were closed, eyebrows drawn in concentration as she worked. I felt I needed to warn her I was about to cum in her face.

“Marie! I’m gonna, awwrhh…” She made an urgent ‘mmnn’ noise in acknowledgement and started to snort through her noise as her head worked even more quickly, not far off the speed of her hand seconds ago. Then I felt her tongue rubbing against the underneath of my helmet again and my balls tightened as I lost it. Feeling my body tense, Marie slipped her mouth from my cock, grabbing it in one hand as the first gout of cum surged thickly into her open mouth, onto her protruding tongue. My eyes squeezed shut as my orgasm boiled forth, gasping and panting as gout after gout of cum pulsed out of me and onto her.

As the most intense sensations passed and my frozen muscles relaxed a little, I looked down; expecting to see cum dripping from her face and streaking her long hair. Instead, Marie had managed to neatly take every drop in her mouth. Her tongue was coated in cum, which was now oozing over its sides onto her lower lip. Green eyes boring into mine, Marie worked the last gobbet from my cock, a final pearly blob splurging onto her tongue, which now looked as if it had been iced in cum. She withdrew her tongue into her mouth, closing it and smacking her lips, before swallowing and blinking languidly. Taking my softening cock in hand, she licked the oozing remnants of my orgasm from its tip; then satisfied that there was no more to be had, licked her lips a final time, smacked them together and then swallowed once more. She sighed through her mouth and stood up, knees popping.

A single fingernail traced its way up from my groin to my chest as she looked at me challengingly again.

“Man enough to give a woman a kiss after she’s done that to you?” I was caught off guard by the question and no, I didn’t really want to risk having my own cum in my mouth. But her lips looked clean and Marie did have a point. I took the back of her head in one hand and pulled her face to mine, kissing her full on the lips. Marie responded, wriggling up tight against me and kissing first my lips, then my face and neck.

“That felt sooo good…” I murmured to the side of her head as Marie nuzzled my neck and began to nibble at my earlobe.

“I’m glad,” she murmured back lazily. “And you should last longer for when you get it back up.” I felt a brief pang of nerves. God, what if I couldn’t? I pushed the thought aside. By now, I knew damn well that the more you want to get it up, the less likely you are to succeed.

Her hot tongue was licking my ear, her breath quietly roaring in it like waves hitting a distant beach. I responded by reaching up and finding her breasts, gently rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I started to wonder at how all of this had just suddenly happened, but cast my thoughts aside as Marie purred

“Mmmm. Nice hands.” One of hers dropped down to my groin, rubbing against my balls before sliding its way back up and around to my lower back. There were no more words as we kissed and nuzzled. At one point I took hold of her shoulders and pushed her back slightly, dropping my face down to her breasts and licking and sucking at them, teasing her nipples further as I ran my fingers through her hair. This made Marie draw in her breath sharply and moan just a little. They were the first signs of, I dunno, vulnerability that she had shown. Up to now she’d been totally confident and taking the lead, so it felt good to be able to provoke such a response from her.

When I thought both of her breasts had had enough attention, I dropped to my knees, kissing slowly down her stomach. Reaching her belly button (a definite ‘inny’ that reminded me crazily of a baked bean in a hole) I probed with my tongue and licked and kissed the flesh between there and her pubic hair, kneading her buttocks. I wanted to go down on her, but couldn’t reach from this angle. Marie shuffled her feet slightly and with a quick movement, was suddenly kneeling on the floor with me. It was only as she reached around me to take hold of my jeans that I remembered I was still (technically speaking) wearing both them and my pants. I stood a little awkwardly and Marie freed me from my clothing. As I’d been scruffing around my bedsit on a reasonably warm early evening when she’d called, I was barefoot, so as she helped me step out of my pants, I was now naked too. Marie remained on her knees, putting her hands on my thighs and scratching down them with her nails. It felt good and as her nails went on to drag down the back of my legs and over the sensitive skin at the back of my knees, I felt a reaction in my cock. Perhaps Marie saw the slight motion too, as her hands gently seized my cock at its root The nails on the thumb and two forefingers of one hand raked gently down my length, pinching at the helmet, before gripping my girth, sliding back up and repeating the whole move over again.

As this motion was repeated I realised I could feel the sensations more and more strongly with each stroke and felt the familiar stiffening begin as my cock started to grow hard. Marie smiled up at me and stood, kissing me again whilst working back and forth with her right hand. In less than a minute I had another full boner, my cock erect and throbbing hard. Then I remembered. I didn’t have any bloody condoms left!! My stomach lurched. No, I couldn’t not. Not now! I had to know what it was like to be inside her. I smacked my lips against Marie’s and put a hand either side of her face. She looked at me expectantly. Aw, crap, this was going to ruin everything.

“Marie, I haven’t got any condoms.” She blinked once and I expected to see frustration and disappointment etch themselves onto her face. Shit, this was it. It had all just gone tits up. How could I – eh? Marie was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“I was married for five years Steve. Condoms are a pain. I use the pill.” What? She didn’t use… I could shag her without…?I felt a moment of quiet unease and excitement as I contemplated sex without protection. I guess Marie picked up on this, as she guided my hands down to her breasts and said in a cheery voice “So then, have you got any diseases I need to know about?”

“No…” I replied, taken aback by her directness.

“Great. Well I don’t either.”

“It’s just that I’ve er, never not used a condom.” Marie smiled kindly as she took this in

“Well, I guess we’ve not got anything to worry about. And there’s a first time for everything.” Her smile broadened into a grin again and she turned, taking a few quick steps over to my bed and surprising me by kneeling down facing it, rather than getting on it. She turned to look over her shoulder, pushing her bum up in the air, a hand on each buttock pulling at them to better show me her enticing pinkness. Both arms then stretched out in front of her, hands together and resting on the quilt. She turned her head away to look at the wall. “Come and get me.”

In a screwy way, sinking my cock deep into Marie’s pussy was like losing my virginity again. A whole new set of sensations; wetter, hotter, just… I don’t know. More. I gasped as my balls nudged against her buttocks. God, all the sex earlier this week, it had felt good, of course it had. But it hadn’t felt like this! In that instant I never wanted to have to use a condom again. I’d known that it was supposed to feel better without one; that the condom supposedly deadened some of the feelings, but with them being so thin, I didn’t think there could be much difference. Man, was I wrong! I’d knelt behind Marie and rucked my cock right into her, holding onto her hips. Despite her cool, she must have been getting turned on too, as she was slick and wet. I’d glided straight in easily and I’d never felt such a wet pussy.

I’d never felt so much from being in a woman before. The heat, the sensation of flesh rubbing against flesh. I was kind of overwhelmed and just stayed like that, balls deep in her, not thrusting. Marie had gasped as I entered her, lowering her head and clawing at the quilt with her fingers. In retrospect, I guess she must have been puzzled at that moment. What the hell is he doing? I think she must have realised though. Her pussy suddenly squeezed me. I gasped and clutched at her hips.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Fuck, yeah!” I blurted, instantly regretting using such harsh language. But it didn’t seem to matter. Hidden muscles squeezed me again and Marie growled into the quilt.

“Then give it to me, Steve.” So I did.

I took her from behind, enjoying slapping against her bum and admiring the view. By leaning back a little I could see my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and watch the delicate skin there contract and stretch. Marie pushed back hard against me in silence, no moans or gasps. Blindly, she reached back behind. Her questing hands found my arms and gripping them. With a soft grunt she pulled back, lifting her torso up off the mattress. I slid my hands around to her juddering breasts and cupped them my groin now slapping hard against her smooth buttocks. The friction felt just amazing. I worried I might cum far too soon, but no sign of another orgasm appeared. Yet after several minutes of almost silent shagging, I’d begun to wonder if Marie was actually enjoying herself. I pulled out of her body and gently tugged at her hips. Marie released my arms and took her weight on her own. Pushing back off the bed she turned to face me. Although she’d been quiet, her face bore the heavy, slightly slack look of someone enjoying a good fuck.

“You okay?” I asked. Marie smiled and nodded emphatically.

“Oh, yeah.”

“You’re so quiet.” She grinned, her whole face suddenly brightening; and replied.

“Don’t want our housemates to know what we’re up to, do we?”

This was fair enough. I was thinking of what to say next when Marie sat on the edge of the bed. As I looked down at her she lay back, lifting her knees (the skin there was reddening from resting on the carpet) and parting her thighs for me. As I stood and gazed down at her parted, glistening, swollen lips I was suddenly conscious of the lack of shadows on the bed. In fact, my curtains weren’t drawn and the light would soon be fading outside. I glanced over my shoulder for a moment and Marie caught me looking, quietly saying

“Leave the curtains. If anyone across the road sees in, it’ll give ’em a thrill.”

There was a chance that someone in the row of terraced houses on the opposite side of the road would see in from their upstairs windows (the road sloped slightly up in that direction, making the houses opposite a bit higher up than this one), but only a slight one. And if we left the lights off, we wouldn’t be easily seen anyway.

“Thought you didn’t want people to know what we were up to.”

“Only our housemates. Don’t have to live with folk from across the way. Now c’mon,” she chided “I was enjoying myself.”

Marie’s arms reached up behind her, fingers wedging down between the mattress and the wall. Her legs remained raised as I moved between her thighs and took hold of them for support; burying my cock deep in her again.

I broke into the same kind of hard and fast rhythm that had previously made Belle, Sheila and Adele writhe in pleasure. Marie remained silent, eyes closed, mouth ever so slightly open. Her breasts shuddered, her head nodding slightly in time with my thrusts. I could make out the muscle tone in her arms as they arched behind her. After going hammer and nails for a minute, I pressed down on her thighs to part them even more. My stomach was beginning to ache, but as I acknowledged this Marie made a sudden ‘h’mmm’ noise and sucked at her bottom lip, turning her face slightly to one side. Next came a pained face and a long sigh. This was the most reaction I’d got from her yet. Encouraged, I ignored my stomach and determinedly continued thrusting hard and fast. Marie’s eyebrows suddenly knitted, her eyes opening slightly to become glittering green slits as an


of pleasure escaped her lips. I moaned out loud in return.

Oddly, it was as if some hitherto unrecognised barrier between us had suddenly gone. Marie began to breathe harder, gasping and moaning a little. I realised that I hadn’t really been making much noise myself up to that point. We locked eyes, both obviously happy to be sharing our passion audibly. As Marie made quiet, strained noises, I wanted to get her more fully under me, yet couldn’t whilst still stood up. My stomach was aching more noticeably now, so I slowed the pace right down, reaching forward and taking Marie’s hands from between the mattress and wall. Holding her hips again, I turned her to lay more along the bed than across it. In scant moments both of us were laying on the bed, my tongue in her mouth, arms wrapped around her back and fingers gripping her shoulders. Her arms were clasping me to her, feet warm on the backs of my calves as we resumed a slower pace, with me now grinding my crotch against hers.

After a minute of this, Marie began to push her hips back up more firmly, humping at me. The sudden return to deeper penetration increased the feeling of friction around the tip of my cock and several thrusts later, I recognised the signs that I was about to cum. Marie met my gaze and seemed to recognise whatever expression was on my face, as she whispered

“Go on, yes, go on.” and gave me another squeeze with her pussy. That tore it and I began to pant, managing five more thrusts before surrendering to the exquisite fire, allowing it to consume me. I stifled my moans of pleasure as best I could as Marie firmly clutched at my bum to better feel me cum inside her. As the spasms of pleasure passed, I sagged down against her and Marie stroked the back of my head and neck.

I surely couldn’t have pumped much bodily fluid into her after the amount of cum Marie had coaxed from me earlier, but her pussy still felt incredibly slick around my softening cock. Getting my breath back, I whispered into her ear

“I feel bad that I… didn’t make you cum.”

“Oh, no… don’t.” She kissed the side of my neck. “It doesn’t happen very often. It’s hard enough… with my Rampant Rabbit… (I thought back to Wednesday night and smiled to myself) so don’t beat yourself up about it.” I raised myself up a little onto my forearms, so I could look into her eyes. What a fantastic shade of green. Well defined by dark eyeliner and with laughter lines just beginning to crease their outer edges. With a wry smile, Marie carried on. “I still enjoyed myself – you’ve got a nice cock and… you know what to do with it. And you never know, you might get another stab at it.”

“Thanks.” I replied and kissed her.

“You’re welcome.” She sucked in a deep breath and blew it out through her mouth, wriggling contentedly under me.

I could just make out that faint scent of sex that carries on a woman’s breath around the time she gets really turned on (or is that just my imagination?). “It’s good to know this ol’ ‘alien woman’ still hasn’t lost the ability to pull a fella.” I rolled my eyes and prodded her playfully.

“Spock himself would have wanted you. Now enough with the bad Trek puns, eh?” She grinned

“Phasers to orgasm?”


“Fuck me up, Scotty?”

“I mean it. And, eewww…”

“Heh. Not a good image, thinking about it.”

I withdrew from her (the sucking feeling as I did so made me gasp) and rolled onto my back. We both lay side by side for a few moments, each with our own private thoughts. I’d just finished replaying that last orgasm when Marie propped herself up on one elbow, head resting in the palm of one hand.

“Hey, I just thought. Did that feel different for you?” she asked

“Without a condom?”


“Oh, yeah. Very different. Much better, just… I could feel a lot more, y’know?” Marie smiled and wound a finger into her dark hair.

“Good, I’m glad it was good for you, too. I hate condoms, myself. Bloody fiddly things. They give me a rash too. All red n’ itchy. Not sexy.” Her eyes seemed to drift for a moment, as if something had occurred to her. “Say that means that this’ll be your first cream pie too, huh?” She grinned wickedly.

“First wha’- oh.” The penny dropped. “Yeah”

“Let’s have a look then.”

To my surprise, Marie lifted up her knees, spreading her legs and pulling them up towards her, tilting her pelvis up whilst craning her neck for a better look at her pussy.

“Oops. Unless you want messy sheets, you’d better pass me a tissue or something.” Pearly, viscous fluid was oozing from Marie’s pussy, coating her labia in a glossy sheen and trailing slowly down past her anus and towards the bed. I looked on for a moment or three in quiet fascination. My first proper wet patch. Marie intercepted the flow with a forefinger and looked up at me questioningly. I shook myself free from my reverie and hopped off the bed to grab the ever useful box of tissues. I made a mental note I’d need to buy a new box tomorrow, (I’d gone through loads this week-lucky me) and passed some to Marie. After a quick mop up, I lay on my side between Marie and the wall, with my right arm around her and my left stroking her soft stomach.

Outside, the light was beginning to fade. Marie looked at the window and then back at me. I was feeling horny as hell and was keen for the ‘second stab’ she’d mentioned earlier. Marie didn’t seem to be in a rush to go anywhere either, so things looked to be promising.

“It’ll be dark soon. Should be a clear night, we’ll be able to see the stars.” I hadn’t expected her to talk about the fading light, so I blinked, thought for a second and then grinned at her.

“What, space; the final frontier?” She chuckled and prodded me with her elbow.

“Hypocrite. That was all a spur of the moment thing. Honestly? I guess the couple of glasses of wine I had at lunch helped, but I thought, when I get back in, I’ll call round and see Steve. I know I look pretty good in this dress, so I thought I’d call round and be a flirt. Maybe set things up for making a pass at you over the weekend. But I just… well, decided to go for it. You can thank the ‘Dutch courage’ effect. And, you didn’t exactly run off screaming in horror at what I did, so… here we are.” Indeed. I didn’t quite know what to say to follow on from this. I decided to ask after something I’d noticed earlier.

“Yeah, and I’m glad we are.” Marie smiled. “Y’know, you move well! Do you go to dance classes or something?” Marie looked a little surprised that I’d picked up on anything and happily replied


“”Ah, that makes sense.”

“H’mm. Anyway, what I was going to say was…” she shuffled and propped herself up on one elbow to face me “…it’s given me an idea.”

“Sorry? What has?”

“The stars coming out.”

I was puzzled, but eager to se what had made the corners of Marie’s mouth raise into this naughty smile.”

“Go on.”

“Ever had sex out under the stars?” I smiled back.


“Well, I know we said we’d stay in, but with a short drive we can be out of the city and should be able to find somewhere nice and quiet…” The idea appealed to me. Not only because it’d mean more sex with Marie, but I’d never done it in a car before, or under the stars. The thought of the journey there (wherever ‘there’ was), the knowledge there was more sex to come, the anticipation building towards the first touch… what a great way to spend a Friday night!

“Sounds good to me.” I leaned closer to her. “Is there plenty of room in the back of your car?” Marie’s naughty grin widened.

“Oh yes. But I’ve an even better idea than the back seat.”

“Go on.”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” She teased, before kissing me again.

We arranged to go our separate ways and clean up. Marie would leave number 23 first and drive two streets away, to where I would walk and meet her. That way, nobody else at our digs would know what we were up to. From there we’d go on to wherever she had in mind and have our fun. We agreed to consider ‘ease of access’ in what we chose to wear and I was curious to see what Marie would put on. After washing myself and brushing my teeth, I put on just a pair of black jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers. I heard Marie leave her bed-sit and resisted the urge to look out of window towards the garden path to see how she was dressed. After hearing her car start up and drive away I waited another minute and departed too. Thankfully, I didn’t bump into any of my housemates on the way out and was soon walking through the pleasantly warm night air, on my way to our rendezvous.

A couple of minutes later I rounded the corner to the street where I’d arranged to join Marie. I saw her red Vauxhall Corsa and felt anticipation swell within me. Walking alongside, Marie started up the engine and I opened the passenger door and looked in before entering. Marie had put on a black vest top and short black skirt that was showing off a lot of leg (the muscle tone in the side of her thigh turned me on). Her long hair was tied back in a pony tail with a purple scrunchie. She looked at me and grinned, suggestively running her left hand over the gear stick. “Hop in, stranger.” I obliged and closed the door. Fastening my seat belt I put my hand on Marie’s warm thigh, unable to resist using the line that had just popped into my mind from an old Bond movie.

“Do you go all the way?” Marie tilted her head to one side slightly and smirked.

“Oh, yeah.” She reached over and squeezed my crotch. “I give a damn good ride.” We grinned at each other knowingly before Marie put the car in gear and we set off.

Surprisingly, the journey didn’t seem to take that long. In less than three quarters of an hour we were well clear of Leeds and into the surrounding countryside. We made relaxed and happy small talk whilst listening to a rock channel on the radio. Marie admitted she hadn’t gone out to lunch wearing that black dress, she’d put it on for added effect when she called round to see me. We skirted around the issue of how we’d come to be shagging like bunnies just over an hour ago, seemingly content with the fact that we were both single, consenting adults who fancied each other and weren’t afraid to show it. Marie seemed to have a good idea of where she was going and I guessed she may be taking me to a spot she’d been to before, perhaps with her ex or maybe with someone else she’d dragged into bed with her. I briefly wondered if I was the latest in a line of men she’d pulled and shagged to make herself feel good after her divorce and rapidly decided that I didn’t care. Good for her if she had; I certainly wasn’t in any position to be critical after my bedroom shenanigans this week.

Just under an hour after we set off Marie turned the car off the B road we’d been on into a country lane. Hedges were on either side of us, enclosing farmland. It was now almost nine and had dropped fully dark. Marie slowed the car and as we came alongside a metal gate, she pulled over and turned off the lights. She undid her seat belt and turned to me.

“Won’t be a mo’.” She opened her door and slipped out into the night. In the moonlight I could make her out, walking over to the gate and fiddling with it. Next, the gate was swinging inwards and Marie lifted its weight up slightly and walked it forwards until it was wide open, dropping the gate down so it stayed in place on the grassy earth. Marie quickly re-entered the car and drove it through the gate and to the right, driving along for about an additional 5 metres before parking parallel to the hedge. She turned off the engine and left the car’s light off.

“C’mon out and give me a hand with the gate.” I nodded, wondering whose land we were on and what’d happen if we were caught. Opening my door and leaving the car, I felt the mild night air wash over me. It had cooled, but was still warm. The gentle breeze carried no chill, even though there were hardly any clouds obstructing the marvellous view of the night sky.

I helped to get the gate shut and was surprised to see a chain and open padlock hanging from the gatepost. I cast a glance at Marie who simply smiled enigmatically and led the way back to the car. Once there, she took me by the hand and turned me to face the hedge. The field we were in was slightly lower than the road and I figured that the hedge was high and dense enough to mean we couldn’t be seen. I had several questions and was bursting to ask them, but Marie saved me most of the trouble.

“You’re wondering where we are, right?”

“Yeah and how you unlocked that gate.” She grinned wickedly.

“Promise not to freak out.” I wondered what on earth that meant, but wasn’t about to back out now.

“We-ll, yeah, okay. Promise. Go on.”

“We’re on my ex’s land. He owns a good few acres. I made sure I kept a copy of most of the keys to it before we split.”

Excitement and worry whirled through my mind and I opened my mouth to reply, but Marie beat me to it again.

“Don’t worry. Can you see those lights way over there?” she pointed away across the field and I squinted to make out what looked like the faint lights of a dwelling in the distance.

“Yeah, just about. Those ones… there?”

“Uh-huh. That’s the house. Trust me; it’s so far away he’ll never know we’re here.”

“I hope not. I don’t want to end up on the receiving end of a shotgun blast!” Marie laughed. I still felt curious though. “So, why here, of all places?” She stopped chuckling and fixed me with her green eyes.

“Because I know we won’t be spotted here.”


“And there’s less light pollution so y’can see more stars.”

“Uh-huh. And..?.”

“And shagging you here is a major turn on for me.”

“And a ‘fuck you’ to your ex, too.”

“You’ve got it.” With that she stepped forwards and draped her arms over my shoulders, kissing me. Our tongues slid together and as her body pressed against me in the night air, Marie felt even hotter than before. To hell with questions, I had all the answers I needed for now. Time to get down to business.

After squeezing her boobs through the cotton vest top (her nipples felt like little pebbles already and I loved the way her heavy breasts filled my palms) I slipped my hands down to her bum, lifting the skirt and clasping her buttocks. Marie’s hand snuck down to my cock, which was beginning to turn the front of my jogging bottoms into a small tent. She gave it a squeeze and my lips a firm smack with her own before leaning back, sporting what I was coming to think of as her trademark wicked grin.

“Shall we start in the car?” She purred. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had any back seat action.” I kept the fact I’d never had any ‘back seat action’ before to myself and nodded in reply. Marie moved to the car and opened the rear door nearest to her. “After you.”

“Why, thank you, my good lady.” I found the seat with my backside and swung my legs in, being careful not to catch Marie’s shins with the toes of my trainers, shuffling along until I was sat in the centre of the back seat.

To my surprise, Marie went around to the front of the car and sat in the passenger seat. I was about to say something when she lifted the bar underneath the seat and slid it forwards, freeing up more leg-room in the back. She quickly did the same with the driver’s seat and then opened the opposite rear door to the one I had come in through. Then she was sat alongside me and with a clunk, the door was closed. With one quick look into each others eyes, we moved together, kissing again, hands exploring smooth skin. After teasing for a minute or two, I tugged at Marie’s right thigh in a ‘come here’ manner. She carefully swung herself up and to her right, using the drop down handles above each rear door to support herself so she could drop into my lap. Her weight pressing down onto my crotch made me gasp, but Marie just chuckled and kept hold of each of the handles, arms stretching out either side of her. She tossed her head back, stirred her groin against mine and purred

“Get to work. Make me good and wet.”

I caressed her breasts, neck and arms, teasing skin with fingernails, teeth and tongue. Marie made a low, drawn out noise and rhythmically rubbed her groin against the bulge in my trousers, arms still extended to either side. Deciding I’d teased her enough for now; I rolled up her vest top to start on her naked breasts in earnest. I remembered that licking her nipples had got a good reaction earlier. History repeated itself and as I sucked her warm flesh into my mouth and rolled it between my teeth, Marie let out a moan of pleasure.

Letting go of the handles, she lifted her top up and off, carelessly dropping it to one side. Supporting herself on my shoulders, she got a foot in each foot well, lifted herself off my lap and tugged at the waist of my jogging bottoms. I lifted my bum off the seat to assist and my cock sprang free. Bending her knees and lowering herself forwards at the waist (it was easy to see Marie was something of a back seat veteran from the ease and confidence with which she worked the space), she tugged my trousers down to my ankles and gently took hold of my cock. Pulling down my foreskin Marie took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, one hand working my shaft up and down at the same time. Seconds later, she straightened, unhooked something and unwrapped the skirt from around her waist, dropping it into the footwall. With a nonchalant air of purpose she straddled me again, her hand wrapped around my now slippery cock and I felt the tickle of her pubic hair, before soft flesh nudged my helmet and it was suddenly engulfed by the heat and tightness of her pussy.

Marie grabbed hold of the top of the back seat either side of my head as I grasped her hips. I wasn’t able to quite fully get inside her, so Marie rocked her hips back and forth, pressing downwards, working the walls of her pussy. I slid into her a bit further. The next motion of her hips made us both gasp in pleasure and the third saw my full length penetrate her. She began to work up and down, back and forth. I moaned in pleasure and Marie seemed to acknowledge my sentiments with a throaty groan of her own. Oh, she felt tight, and the sensuous unhurried pace she was setting, felt wonderful. I soon realised I could hear the smack and squelch of my cock moving about inside her and let my head fall back, surrendering to the feelings and savouring the sensations. Marie rode continued to me at a slow, even pace. I relaxed even more. Letting her completely take charge for now

Man, this was fantastic; lusty sex with an older woman; a “happy, go lucky divorcee” in the back of her car. The stuff of fantasy made real. Her heavy breasts juddered as Marie moved. She would stop each motion of her hips just before our groins met and then lift up until my just the swollen tip of my cock remained inside her, expertly judging how far to move so that I never once slipped free form her grip. Her thigh muscles felt firm and defined under my hands as they worked, rippling gently under her skin. Marie’s head had been dropped forward slightly as she rode me and now I firmly grabbed her hips and with an effort, shunted my weight up and forwards, pulling her to me so her knees met the back of the seat. The penetration deepened and as we both gasped our faces came within millimetres of each other. Brushing some loose strands of hair aside we kissed hungrily, tongues snaking together. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, my hands helped her to work up and down. Saliva built and ran in our mouths as her pussy felt to become slicker and increasingly slippery. The slap of our groins meeting mingled with the sticky sound of my shaft rubbing inside her body as I began to surrender to a desire to fuck her faster and harder.

Despite this feeling so good, I now wanted to take things outside so we could shag each other stark naked in the night air under the cold eyes of the distant stars. I wanted to feel Marie under me, to be able to watch myself sliding in and out of her. I wound my fist into Marie’s pony tail and gently tugged her head back from mine. Her hips paused, low at the end of a rocking motion and she came to rest impaled on my length. Marie absent-mindedly brushed saliva from the corner of her mouth as I took in a breath or two, ready to make my suggestion and tugged the purple scrunchie down and off, allowing her long hair to fall free around her shoulders. Again though, she beat me to it, a smile appearing as her hand left her lips.


“Outside!” Her pussy squeezed me and I gasped, breathing “How d’you do that with your…” and trailing off over what word to use. ‘Vagina’ just seems so clinical and I’ve found some women don’t like the word ‘pussy’. Marie just smiled and said

“Practise.” Squeezing me again for emphasis. Then she slid off me with a combined sigh and audible ‘squick’ noise as my cock popped free from her body. Moving to my left she opened the door and agilely stepped out. As I joined her, tugging up my trousers so I wouldn’t fall over them, I couldn’t help but glance around to make sure we were actually still alone. In contrast, Marie just stood naked without an apparent care in the world.

She winked at me,

“Get your kit off, then.” and reached in to take something off the parcel shelf. With a quick glance around I lifted my t-shirt off and opened the passenger door, tossing it onto the seat. Marie had produced a large travel blanket and moved to the front of the car. The outside air was cooler than in the car and for a moment I thought goose bumps might break out, but then the breeze sighed again, carrying warm air over my skin. I tugged my jogging bottoms over my trainers, one hand on the car for support and they soon joined my t-shirt in a heap. I pushed the door to, avoiding any slamming noise and glanced down at myself. My cock was nodding downwards a bit and slick to the touch with Marie’s lubrication. I didn’t have any concern about managing to get it back up again though, not with this woman! I walked round to the front of the car, where Marie had been busy.

The travel blanket was spread out over the bonnet and as I reached the bumper, Marie had just finished straightening it out. She hopped up onto the bonnet with a huff of breath and a hollow metallic noise. Crawling forwards on all fours and rolling over onto her back she propped herself up on her elbows and playfully waved her thighs at me, knees coming together (so she almost looked like she needed to pee) and parting wide like erotic clockwork. The bonnet protested slightly with another hollow clunk. Marie glanced at my semi erect cock.

“Well, lover. Think of anything to do for a few minutes whilst you get it together?” There was no sneer or challenge in her voice, just playful teasing. I moved forwards until my shins met the grey bumper and realised shagging her whilst stood here would be tricky due to the curve of the front of the car. Tricky, but not impossible. To answer her question, I smiled and took hold of her swinging knees, cupping one in each hand. As their motion stopped, Marie chuckled. “Ohhh. Masterful.”

Looking into her eyes, I slowly parted her legs, scratching down the inner thighs with my fingernails. My fingertips found the damp folds of skin around her swollen pussy and I pulled them apart, stretching her wide open. Moonlight glinted against pale, pink flesh, casting a soft, blue-grey light over everything. Right there and then Marie’s pussy looked like the sweetest candy on the face of the earth. I wanted to gobble it up, taste her musky, sticky flavour, and explore every fold, ridge and crevice of her with my tongue.

I went down on Marie with abandon, holding her thighs apart and lapping at the sticky skin either side of her pussy lips before plunging my tongue into her body, fastening my lips against her and sucking, slurping away. I could hear Marie’s moans over the slow ticking from the cooling engine. She pushed her groin against my face, her pussy slowly, rhythmically contracting. Her lubrication mingled with my saliva into an oily mixture that coated her crotch as well my nose and chin, matting her pubic hair. I could hear the wet noises of my work, the tick of the engine, Marie’s moans and the odd clunk from the bonnet as she stirred in pleasure. I rasped my tongue around inside her as hard as I could, darting deeply into her every so often. My nose and the stubble on my chin and jaw added extra friction and after several minutes her pussy suddenly clenched more violently. For a moment I thought Marie was about to cum, but she settled back onto the blanket with a sigh and continued moaning. Blast. It’d been another spasm of pleasure and not a climax.

As my jaw began to feel fatigued, I decided to give her clitoris some attention. I realised with a brief surge of joy that I’d become sufficiently turned on and that another erection was in full glory. I wanted to put it to use A.S.A.P but was curious to see how far I could push Marie towards orgasm by going down on her first. I quickly wiped my face first on her right thigh, then her left and flicked my tongue upwards.

“Ohhh!” Marie moaned and muttered as I teased the tiny nub of flesh. This was by far the most reaction I’d gotten from her, so I continued, flicking my tongue back and forth rapidly. “Awww!” Marie’s hands were suddenly clasping my head, pulling me into her, but then there was a sudden motion as she began to slide down the bonnet towards me, her balance lost without her arms resting on the bonnet. I somehow straightened, getting my head out of the way and hooking my forearms behind her knees; taking her weight and stopping her descent. This brought her pussy just within my reach, but it was only my resistance actually keeping her on the bonnet.

Marie splayed her arms out to either side, squeezing at the bonnet. Our eyes met and we somehow instantly and silently acknowledged we wanted to try this (It sounds weird, I know, but we agreed afterwards, we just knew). Bracing my left arm I took her weight, Marie’s right leg rising up as she began to slide down to her left. Marie adjusted her hips, lifting her foot up and allowing her leg to come rest on my shoulder as I took hold of her left ankle to help her distribute her weight. Going up onto the balls of my feet, I lined myself up with her pussy as best I could. Relaxing my arms a little, Marie slowly slid down towards me, the blanket rucking and creasing. I angled my hips, Marie raised her crotch up a little and we were rewarded with the glorious feeling of friction as my cock socketed itself into her.

The feeling was incredibly intense. If I were to let go of Marie’s legs, I’d be trying to keep her on the bonnet using only my groin. As it was, to thrust back and forth into her I had to brace myself to take her weight, pull back my hips whilst doing so, then relax as I thrust forwards, her weight dropping against me as our groins thudded together. The penetration felt tremendous and we both gasped with each thrust. Marie’s mouth was open, tongue running repeatedly over her top lip or resting wetly in her mouth as she panted; her face showing that odd expression of concentration again.

After a minute or so, I began to feel a little frustrated. I decided I couldn’t keep going in this position for too long and that it didn’t let me go at Marie the way I now longed to. What I really wanted to do was get Marie onto the ground, where I could go at her hell for leather. I slapped hard into her once more and came to rest, my cock wholly inside her and our pubic hair brushing together.


“Huh? Yeah?”

“Let’s get onto the ground.”

God, yeah.”

I carefully let her slide down until her feet reached the grassy earth, my cock slipping free in the process. The blanket came mostly with her and Marie grabbed at it, snapping it into the air and down onto the ground. She turned to me and took hold of my cock, squeezing it and tugging me forward towards the blanket.

“C’mon, quickly…” she panted “Get back inside me.” She was kneeling and I lowered myself with her. She let go of me to lay back on the ground, her head just on the edge of the blanket and strands of her raven hair trailing amongst the blades of grass. I looked at her; green eyes, long hair, full breasts, shapely hips, wet yawning pussy; and my cock felt like an iron bar wrapped in flesh (a ‘Terminator boner’ some portion of my mind crazily suggested?). I seized her legs, lifted them until the backs of her ankles rested on my shoulders and pushed forwards into her again.

Marie actually cried out in pleasure and her legs struggled briefly in my hands as I was about to find my rhythm. I let go and she adjusted herself, toes still pointing up at the stars but legs yawning even wider apart, away from my shoulders. Her hips humped almost impotently up at me and I dropped down, hands either side of her shoulders and ground my groin into her, a forwards motion that thrust upwards at the end. Marie gasped again

“Ohwh!” and we had our rhythm. Oh God yes, this was it. Time to really go. I started slowly, Marie clasping me to her; then began to go faster. Marie gasped and writhed under me. My stomach clapped fully against her belly with each thrust. This sound filled our world as we screwed under the stars; the slap of flesh on flesh, my breathing against her neck as I worked, Marie’s as she panted and moaned. Marie lowered her legs, placing her feet on the bare earth and suddenly rocking her hips up to meet mine. We went faster still, full speed ahead, warp factor bloody fast. Marie’s face suddenly contorted in pleasure and laughter burst out from her; a quickly trilling and almost musical

“Ha ha ha ha ha hah” followed by an intake of breath then “Ha ha hah” a gasp, “Aha”, gasp “Hah,” gasp “Ahhhhrrr.” Then in time with each thrust “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I realised what was going on before my ego had any chance to query what the heck Marie was laughing at and I gave her my all, trying to send her over the edge and into ecstasy. Marie’s cries became closer together and more high pitched as I increased speed until with a final, almost disappointed-sounding “Oh.” she came. Her eyelids fluttered, hands gripping my shoulders and thighs clamping together, ensnaring me like a fist. Oddly, her pussy didn’t feel to contract that much. Although I could feel her gently pulsing around me, I’d fancied that given the ability to grip with it she’d displayed earlier; my cock might be yanked off in the throes of her orgasm. Marie rode her orgasm silently, unable to vocalise anything for seconds as the pleasure ripped through her. Her features slowly relaxed little by little and she sucked in a huge gasp of air, panting to get her breath back.

I’d slid to a standstill to enjoy watching and feeling her cum and was smiling down at her when her eyes flickered open. Marie now looked weary, but she smiled and stroked a hand down the side of my face uttering one word that made me feel particularly happy.


Then I relaxed onto her and we lay together for a few seconds, feeling our hearts pounding and the sweat on our bodies drying in the night air. After a minute, Marie broke the silence.

“Did you cum?”

“No, but don’t worry. That felt great. Really great.”

“Yes, but…” her voice trailed off.

“But what?”

“Well, you’ve made me see stars, in more ways than one, but all you’ve had to look at has been my mug.”

“Like that’s a hardship.” She chuckled again.

“Thanks. But even so…c’mon, up you get.” And she pushed at me.

We finished in that field with me on my back on the travel blanket and Marie on top of me, riding me luxuriously slowly, as she had done in the car long minutes earlier. Hands behind her, resting on my shins, hair playing about her face and shoulders in the breeze, she worked away, squeezing me every other stroke with her hidden muscles. Her large, but still firm breasts were pushed forward as her back arched. Marie sucked gently at her bottom lip with her teeth.

I marvelled up at her, this confidant, brassy, raven beauty of a woman. I ran my hands over her hips, thighs, waist, the fullness of her breasts. She looked down at me from under hooded eyes and smiled softly, then let her eyes slide shut again and returned to her work, confident in herself and her ability to give pleasure and enjoy that giving almost as much as the receiving.

Stars glowed in the velvet sky above her as I let my hands fall back either side of my head and gave myself up to her. Had she been some ancient goddess, demanding a mortal sacrifice to appease her hungers I would have, there and then, given myself up to her. As it was, she soon drew form me what she sought, for scant moments later I scrabbled at her thighs and moaned her name aloud as my panoramic view of the distant stars was cut off by the dark red of my eyelids and my orgasm pulsed from me into her, milked by her hidden muscles.

We cleaned up using some wet wipes and tissues Marie had thoughtfully put in the car and freshened using some deodorant she’d brought in a bag, along with some (slightly) less provocative clothing. This lady could plan in advance. Closing and locking the gate behind us, we departed. On the drive back to West Street, I wondered if we’d be sleeping together tonight, or if Marie would want to draw a line between us on our return. When we arrived back at about 11.45pm, only Adele’s lights were on, so we said to hell with it and went back in together. I felt quietly concerned at being seen with Marie by Adele, not having had the chance yet to really talk over what had happened between the two of us last night. Yet we got back to our landing without incident. Unlocking her door, Marie beckoned me into her rooms with a grin, whispering that she had been having far too much fun tonight for it to stop now. As it turned out, we both discovered that we still had some fun left in us and that fun continued until the early hours of the following day.

Chapter 07


If I hadn’t already woken up with an erection, I’d have started to get one only seconds after I first opened my eyes. I realised that I was awake and the room was bright with morning sunshine. Stirring on the sheets I also discovered that I was alone in the bed. Where was Marie? We’d fallen asleep together at some point in the morning. I remembered watching the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. Curious, I turned to look across the room and see if Marie was still actually there. Maybe she was in the shower, or the kitchen, or perhaps she… oooh-kay! Sunlight gleamed off naked curves. The curtains were thrown wide open and Marie’s body seemed to be lit by the sunlight streaming in through the window. She was standing, stark naked, in the middle of the room. Her long black hair, straggly in places with that very sexy ‘just out of bed’ look, fell down around her shoulders and against her back. As I watched, she began arching to one side, her right arm held aloft and stretching across over to her left. It took my sleep fuzzed brain a few seconds to realise what I was seeing.

Marie was going through a series of Yoga exercises (I recalled her telling me about doing yoga at one of the few points when we weren’t busy screwing each other senseless yesterday), but why was her body gleaming like that? It didn’t feel that hot in the room yet, it couldn’t be perspiration that was … ah. I noticed the plastic, squeezy bottle of baby oil on the desk by the window (where Sheila and I had made love on Wednesday morning) its pink flip lid standing open. I decided to keep quiet and just watch. My eyes were drawn by Marie’s smooth movements and the gliding of the muscles under her skin. As she was facing away from me, I could watch her unobserved.

My cock throbbed and demanded attention, half a foot or so of hard pressure under the thin cotton sheet. Marie leant forwards, placing her hands on the edge of the desk, lifting her face towards the window and raising her right leg, toes pointing and slightly curled, up away from the floor. The sunlight from the window meant that between her legs was mostly in silhouette, but I could just make out the line of her labia and felt a pang of lust at remembering plunging my cock deep between those pouting lips. Her leg descended and its partner began its own journey back and upwards. Her flesh of her left buttock dimpled slightly as she held her leg out, arching her back. Then her leg descended and Marie brought her feet together, beginning another set of exercises.

I ogled her curvy body, her proximity to the desk raising memories of what Sheila and I had got up to there only a couple of days ago. I pictured her sitting on the edge of the desk, ankles crossed and feet swinging playfully. Sheila had such a contrasting figure and looks to Marie; petite and lithe where Marie was broader and more curvy; small, pert breasts compared to Marie’s much (much) larger, fuller pair. Short dark hair compared to long, straight raven locks. Sheila was naughty and playful where Marie was just damn horny and so confident about her sexuality. Marie gave fantastic head where Sheila had never gone down on anyone. There was no need to use a condom with Marie, but Sheila had had sex with another woman! Adele. Oh, there was another story. Heck, Adele and I hadn’t even talked properly over what had happened that night, but I hoped that all would be okay between us on what little we had said. And then what about Belle…?

I remembered her dark curves, perfect breasts, the rough feel of her braided hair, the animal excitement of taking her up against the wall and the tender kiss and thanks she had given me for being ‘such a good friend’ to her. I mused over how much I actually had to think about. But looking across the room again; in the here and now, there was just Marie. I looked over at her, now on down on her knees, stretching forwards towards the window and then arching back in what looked to me like almost religious supplication. Yes, I should get in touch with Sheila and Belle later. But for now, I’d enjoy the view. I lay there with my eyes half closed for the next five minutes or so, barely resisting the urge to seize my cock and stroke it up and down. Marie carried on through her set of exercises and it was only as she was bent almost double, stretching down to touch her toes (and giving me a fine view of her bum and pussy at the same time) that I shifted slightly on the bed, making it creak. Still mostly doubled over, Marie looked around at the noise and seeing that I was awake, gave me a bright smile.

“Morning, sleepy.”


“Been awake long?”

“A couple of minutes.” She tutted and pulled a face of mock indignation.

“Have you been perving over me then?”

“Absolutely.” She smiled and straightened, turning and walking over to the bed, sitting next to me. The oil had mostly been absorbed into her skin by now and looking at her breasts I saw her nipples were swollen and hard. Her eyes flickered down.

“Been having naughty thoughts have we?” A hand came to rest on top of the covers, right over my erection, and squeezed it experimentally. “Ohh, you feel hard.” I breathed more heavily and forced a smile to replace the look of pleasure and longing that wanted to dominate my face.

“Afraid so. Waking up to find a contorting, oily beauty a few feet away has a particular effect on me.” She chuckled, repeating

Contorting oily beauty..?” under her breath and grinning. “Well, I do a bit of yoga every morning,” she explained “and doing it naked just… feels better. It’s a good time to do a bit of skin care too; the baby oil can soak in whilst I work out. It keeps my skin nice and soft.” She pushed her shoulders back, sticking out her mouth-watering breasts. “Don’t you think…?” The following silence was accompanied by an ‘innocent’ smile. I accepted her unspoken invitation and sat up, reaching over to cup her breasts, caressing them thoughtfully.

“H’mm, they do feel nice, but I think they might just need a little more baby oil.” Marie’s eyebrows arched with exaggerated surprise.

“Really? I’m so glad you noticed that. Would you be a sweetheart and do the honours for me?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” She squeezed my cock before standing up.

“Actually, I think it might be ours…”

With that, Marie set off across the room, collecting the baby oil from the desk. On her return trip, she stopped in the middle of the room, looking at me. I returned her gaze, albeit quizzically. She extended a single forefinger, beckoning me over to her. I smiled in return and stood, the thin bedsheet sliding off my body, my cock bouncing slightly in front of me. Joining her in the middle of the room, Marie’s left hand oh-so-gently took hold of my engorged purple helmet between thumb and forefinger and squeezed a line of oil up my length. As the oil dribbled around my girth (I thought back to the video clip I watched with Adele two nights previously) Marie moved quickly; squirting oil above each of her breasts, just below the collarbone, before snapping the lid shut and tossing the bottle carelessly across the room and onto the bed. Then both her hands were working my cock, slipping up, down and around its girth.

I watched the oil run down her body in shiny riverlets, spreading left and right to follow the swell of her breasts and gasping in pleasure at the feeling of her hands gliding around me. As the flow of oil reached her ribs I intercepted it with the palms of my hands, smearing it back up and around each breast. The plentiful flesh slid and slipped in my hands. Our eyes met and Marie said, quite matter of factly;

“I’d love for you to fuck me right here, but I’ll end up with lint from the carpet stuck all over my back.” I winced in pleasure as her hand circled the ridge of my helmet, briefly wondering if getting baby oil inside her pussy would give her any kind of allergic reaction, before replying.

“Why don’t you go on top then?” Marie’s nipples repeatedly skittered from under my fingers as she paused to consider this with exaggerated thoughtfulness.

“I’m feeling kind of… submissive this morning. Yes, I think I’d like you in control, giving it to me hard.” Heck, was there no end to this woman’s directness? I was about to suggest we try the bed when Marie’s face betrayed the fact she’d just had an idea.

“In fact, y’know how a woman should be good for fucking and cooking?” I thought that I’d never dare say that, but smiled.


“Well, how about you take me in the kitchen, we both have some fun there and then I’ll make us some breakfast to get our energy back, h’mm?”

“Best offer I’ve had so far today.”

With that she took both my hands in hers and led me through into the kitchen, walking backwards, eyes locked on mine. As her buttocks bumped against the edge of the worktop she dropped into a crouch and pressed her large, soft breasts around my cock, rubbing it between them and looking up at me from beneath her eyebrows; green eyes sparkling.

“Wanna fuck me?”

I gripped Marie’s shoulders, pulling her upright and crushing my lips against hers before twisting her around to face away from me. I knew I’d have to stoop to penetrate her and thinking back to taking Belle up against the wall of my flat, and Marie on the bonnet of her car last night, I knew that this eventually wrecked my back. I also remembered how supple Marie’s hips had seemed when she fooled around in my bedsit last night. I slid my right hand between her legs, enjoying the moist heat there, and gently pushed up and out, whispering

“Leg up.”

Marie shifted her balance onto her right leg and lifted her left up and out to the side. I guided the back of her knee until her foot was up on the surface of the worktop and slid my hand up her leg whilst fondling her breasts from behind. They were so slippery with the oil that as I squeezed them they squirmed out of my grasp, despite their size. Supporting herself with one arm, Marie used her other to reach behind her head and pull me closer to her. My cock prodded her buttocks as we kissed over her shoulder and as her tongue darted into my mouth I pulled my face away from hers, seized her hips and aiming my helmet for her spread, exposed pussy; thrust forwards hard.

Marie groaned and lowered her head (narrowly avoiding banging it on the kitchen cupboard). I held onto her hips and thrust into her again, slipping deeper inside her and smacking against her soft buttocks. The baby oil helped my cock to slide back and forth easily and the friction felt like an intense, fleeting tickle. Marie huffed and gasped as I rammed into her. I felt an odd sense of elation and power as I took her from behind in this manner and rose up onto the balls of my feet to be able to penetrate her even more deeply. Marie gasped and with a bang, jerked her right hand up flat against the door of the kitchen cupboard in front of her to brace herself. She couldn’t quite push back against me because of her somewhat precarious balancing act. Instead, she lifted her head and turned it to one side, eyes closed, teeth gritted, hissing between gasps.

“Yes. Fuck me. Hard. Fuck me. Hahrr-r-r! Oh!”

I did as she asked, her soft buttocks cushioning my groin as I worked.

What a start to the day! God, I could get used to this. Marie always felt so tight. The sensitive tip of my cock scraped against the ribbed walls of her pussy so nicely. I could feel the friction with every single thrust. And her bum. So round and soft. Her hair; sticking to her skin where it was damp with oil and perspiration. Her bouncing breasts, toned shoulders, soft gasps and grunts as I took her. Awh god, this was good. No, don’t think about how good it feels. Think about something else. Look at the cupboards. Do they open up to the left or right. The left. How many tiles are there on that wall? How many down… nine? No…seven, eight. Across… seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. What’s eight times nineteen? Eight twenties are a hundred and sixty. Oh, listen to her moan. One hundred and sixty minus the groove down her back either side of her spine. A trickle of sweat just ran down it. The friction against my cock. No, one hundred and sixty minus eight… one hundred and fifty two. Fifty two. How big are her breasts? Forty four double d? Bigger? Look at them move. Oh, look at her face. She’s really enjoying this. The way her eyebrows are set, the tingling in my cock, that wonderful, wonderful soft, glowing burn. Oh, keep going. Listen to my groin smacking against her bum. Feel that burning. Oh God, I’m going to cum!!! It’s starting, it’s ahhhhrrr-

Snarling in pleasure; my orgasm coursed through me. Marie moaned as I spasmed inside her for several seconds, her forehead coming to rest against the cupboard with a soft bump. My own forehead felt damp with perspiration, my balls sticky with oil, sweat and Marie’s honey.

“Wooo…” Marie said softly to no-one in particular. I think I knew what she meant. I pulled free from her sticky embrace and eased her leg back onto the kitchen lino. Marie slowly turned to face me.

“Now that…” a slow smile grew at the corners of her mouth “should be how every morning begins.” I slowly nodded in agreement.

“What time is it, anyway?”

“Still early. Hang on.” Marie made to move forwards and away from the worktop but paused as one leg came forwards and wiped at her pussy with the flat of one hand. Cum and honey glistened on her fingers.

“Would you pass me some kitchen roll? I’d better not drip all over the carpet.” I followed her gaze to a quilted roll of tissue paper and tore off three sheets, handing them to her. As an afterthought, I tore off one for myself and as Marie re-entered her room, dabbing at her crotch, I wiped the excess gunk from my cock, scrunching the tissue into a ball and dunking it into the kitchen bin before joining her. Marie was sat on the bed, pulling at her labia and studiously cleaning her pussy. She smiled at me and nodded at the clock on the mantelpiece.

“9.45am.” She looked down at her pussy again. “Jesus, Steve; how much bodily fluid have you got in you anyway?” I chuckled and joined her on the bed.

“A lot less than when I woke up.” She laughed and apparently satisfied, threw her tissue into the bin.

We took it in turns to go and clean up. After my trip to the bathroom I went back to my room and freshened up, putting on clean clothes. Marie had said to call back round for breakfast afterwards. I was conscious of possibly bumping into Adele, but met no-one on the landing or on the stairs. Around half an hour after our kitchen antics had ended I stuffed my mobile phone into my pocket and called back next door. Marie had left her door unlocked and I let myself in, finding her in the kitchen working on a fry-up. She’d was barefoot and wearing pair of black jeans with a purple vest top and black bra, her hair tied in a pony tail.

“Bacon and eggs sound good to you?”

“Sounds fantastic. What can I do to help?”

“You could get some plates and cutlery and pour us both a drink. There’s some fresh orange juice in the fridge. If y’want a coffee, feel free to put the kettle on.”

I gathered some plates and poured us both a tall glass of juice. Within minutes, we sat down to a good ol’ greasy breakfast. My keys bit into my thigh a little as I sat down, so I removed both them and my phone from my pocket, placing them on the Marie’s desk. Outside, a fine and warm day was shaping up nicely. I reflected that today was getting off to a very good start and just looked like it could only get better.

After breakfast, we chatted and I began to wonder what we might go on to do later today. Would we perhaps go out together tonight or stay in, enjoy more sex, sleep together again, or end up going our separate ways after breakfast? I liked Marie a lot, but had enough sense to realise that the last thing she’d be looking for now was another relationship. This was probably all ‘just fun’ and I felt that I could handle that. I didn’t think I was ready for a full-on relationship myself yet, although I was conscious of the way my thoughts kept drifting back to Sheila. The only thing was, I’d had such good fun with Marie that I fancied more. I decided to buy some time in case Marie brought up the topic of what would happen later and told her that with her having done the cooking; I’d do the washing up. If she hadn’t raised the topic of how we were going to spend the rest of the day by the time I was finished, I’d raise it myself.

Marie helped me to carry through the dishes and as I squirted lemon-scented washing up liquid under the hot running water, she went back through to the living room and put on the TV. I was a couple of plates and utensils into the washing up, when I heard the settee creak as Marie stood up. I wondered if she was coming into the kitchen to talk. Then a new sound reached my ears. My mobile was ringing.

“I’ll get it for you!” Marie called. I wondered who was ringing me. Could the next few seconds be awkward? Nah, it could be anybody, I was fortunate enough to have lots of friends. Marie entered the kitchen holding out the phone to me as I quickly dried my hands on a towel. “Someone called ‘Belle’ for you”. Oh boy.

Mind racing, I smiled and took the phone, thumbing the answer button. Marie flashed me a quick smile and turned to go back into the living room.


“Hi Steve, it’s Belle.” Man, did I suddenly feel awkward. I bit down my irrational unease. Then again, so much had happened since Monday…

“Belle, hi! How are you?”

“Fine thanks. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering what you were doing later on? If you fancied going out for a few drinks tonight? I thought we might have a laugh, y’know?”

I thought I did, but what to say, what to say? I remembered Belle naked and grinding slowly away on top of me, the sensation of her perfect breasts pressing against my chest, the brilliant flash of her smile. Then Marie, horny ‘fuck me now and do me hard’ Marie, hips rocking, long hair swinging, as she took me in a field under the night sky. I didn’t even know if she and I would do anything tonight, let alone have rampant sex again. This was crazy, four days ago I’d have jumped at the chance to see Belle again, but now I felt… bloody hell, yes. I actually felt hesitant! I had to say something; we’d both agreed on Tuesday that we’d like to meet up again.

All this flashed through my mind in just a second and I answered before I was really aware I’d made a decision.

“Sounds good! I’m just not sure what time I’ll be free later. It’ll be after six though, I’ve got some things” (God, how lame?) “to do. How about we meet up after tea? Say…eight o’clock?”

“Yeah, okay! We’ll go round town then?”


“Where d’you want to meet? I can call round at yours if you like..?”

H’mm. But by now I’d got up to speed and was in full bullshit mode.

“Could do. Why don’t I give you a call later to make arrangements? It might be easier to meet you in town.”


“Okay then, I’ll ring you by six and let you know, is that okay?”

“Yeah, fine. I’ll see you later then. Looking forward to it, Steve!”

“Me too.” (I noticed with some disbelief that this felt almost like a lie). “Speak to you later then?”

“Okay. Cheers, Steve.”


Belle hung up and I thumbed my phone off. I looked at the kitchen door. Marie would have heard all of that conversation. I felt I’d pretty much committed to going out with Belle whilst still managing to leave time and room to… h’mm, to what? Screw Marie and then say ‘Cheers love, I’m off out to hopefully fuck someone else now”? What kind of reception would I get when I entered the room? One way to find out.

I walked back into the living room, putting my phone back next to my keys. Marie was sat on the settee and turned to look at me. To my relief, she didn’t look angry, or even put out.

“Girlfriend?” she asked. Despite the potentially volatile nature of the question, her tone of voice and demeanour were as relaxed and friendly as usual.

“Nooo,” I replied, shaking my head and smiling “Last girlfriend I had was cheating on me. I finished with her last Sunday. Belle’s a friend.” Marie raised a single eyebrow and grinned.


“Yeah.” I suddenly felt comfortable with the way things were going and decided to be frank.

“Well, we only really got to know each other on Monday night at Sheila’s leaving do.”

“Sheila had this bedsit before me, right?”

“Right. Belle was feeling down and I was fed up with what had happened with Sam, my ex, so we chatted, I set off to walk her home and instead we ended up here and…well, y’know.” Marie grinned again and nodded.

“I get the picture. You two are friends like the two of us are friends, h’mm?”

“I guess so. Well, I don’t know her as well as I do you. I never really talked with her much before Monday night. I don’t really know much about her and vice versa. We said we’d meet up again so I guess we’ll get to know each other a bit better then.” Marie nodded and asked

“Do you feel ready for another relationship yet?”

“Not a serious one, no. I think I’d like to enjoy being single for a while.”

“Footloose and fancy free, huh?”

“Ha! Yeah, something like that.”

“Yeah, same here.” She paused for a moment. “You should go out with her though, it’ll do you good to have some fun if your ex shit on you from a great height.”

“Yeah… yeah it would.” I thought about what we’d been up to to. “Well it is. I’ve had plenty of fun since you called ’round last night.” Marie chuckled and smiled. “I, er… well I just feel a bit awkward. After what we’ve been up to, to go tearing off with another woman, it…doesn’t really seem, well… fair to you. I mean, I was wondering if we might go out somewhere tonight?”

Marie looked genuinely pleased.

“That’d have been nice. But no worry, I’m fine with it.” I looked at her doubtfully. “Look, Steve – you’re looking for some fun from life, right now, yeah?”


“Well, so am I. If we’re both cool with it, then there’s plenty of time for us to have… wee-lll, some more fun together, h’mmm?” She lowered her voice and smiled wickedly “If you know what I mean?” I chuckled and nodded.

“Well. Hell, that’s great then. Almost too good to be true.” Marie gave me a stern look and waggled a single finger at me admonishingly. I shrugged and grinned. “Okay then! Friends and perhaps just a little bit more then, h’mm?”

“Bit of a mouthful, but yeah, I’d raise my glass to that.” Marie laughed as I spared her the cheap shot. Feeling relaxed now (could life get any better!?) we carried on chatting for the best part of the next hour.

By noon, we’d parted and I was on my way into town to do some shopping (for more tissues if nothing else!). I felt very happy with how things were between us (no surprise there though, eh?) and decided I’d get my shopping done and then chill for a while, before ringing Belle back to make arrangements for tonight. I supposed meeting her at mine would be the best idea. That way she wouldn’t have to go all the way into town by herself. I was soon back in my flat with the shopping packed away, eating some pate and cheese for lunch. I thought about going up to see Adele, but having been with Marie since our little night of passion and having arranged to go out with Belle, I felt awkward about seeing her. I decided to chicken out for now and to see her later (brave of me, huh?), maybe go for a walk in the park with her to clear the air between us, if she wasn’t with Jane this afternoon.

I pictured the photos of Jane I’d seen up at Adele’s the other night; her perky naked breasts and the livid pinkness of her shaved pussy. Then enjoyed my memories of Adele’s naked curvy body, her large boobs juddering, chubby belly creasing into rolls as she lifted up her parted knees so I could sink my cock into her. Hell, I’d seen more naked women in one week than over the past two or three years put together! It felt as if all my lifetime’s quota of one night stands had come at once, all in a single week. Only from the looks of things, not all of them would be one night stands, given what Marie had said to me earlier and that I was seeing Belle again tonight. I found mymind wandering, comparing breasts and bums, smiles, noises made in the heights of passion. I thought it might be a good way of killing some time to try and get my thoughts down and fired up my PC. Sitting down and starting work, I decided on some categories and began awarding marks out of ten for the recent women in my life (trying to be impartial about Sam, to whom I just felt like giving minus figures).

Half an hour later I looked at what I’d come up with. Hardly scientific, but it was amusing, kind of helped put things into perspective and would no doubt get me neck deep in crap if any of the women concerned saw it. That said, I thought Adele would probably just find it amusing.

I saved the file and switched off the computer, wondering what to do next. The sudden knock on my door almost made me jump. Now who was this? I supposed it could only be one of two people; Marie, or Adele…

Moving to the door I readied myself and opened it, smiling as I did so. Adele grinned back at me.


“Hi Steve. Can I come in?”

“Course you can.” I stepped to one side and Adele walked in, moving over to the sofa and plonking herself down. I closed the door, feeling nervous about how this conversation was going to go. Turning, I quickly took in Adele’s short skirt and T-shirt and decided to break the ice straight away. Sitting next to her, I blatantly looked down to her bare legs and then up to meet her eyes.

“Are you wearing any knickers today, then?” Adele threw back her head and laughed. Getting herself under control, she wiped at her eyes and shook her head.

“Oh, thank Christ for that. I was worried you might be all hung up over what happened.” I chuckled and shrugged.

“Well, y’know; I’m still trying to get it all straight in my head.” She sobered and became more serious.

“That’s fair enough, I can understand that. I just wanted you to know that we’re still friends. I meant everything…” she paused and wrinkled her nose in thought for a moment “Well, everything I think I remember saying to you. I’ve no regrets about what we did and I don’t want it to balls up our friendship.” I took this in for a moment.

“Me neither.” Adele smiled again, seeming to relax a little more. “You must think I’m a right cow though. Regarding Jane and all.” I chose my words carefully.

“No, I don’t. More than anything, I was surprised.” Adele looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “I couldn’t quite get it into my head that you were coming on to me. I’d just always assumed that you were… well, y’know; that you were gay. I was more taken aback by the fact you wanted me to… well, you were there, you know what I mean; than that you were going to, ah, sleep with someone other than Jane.” I smiled, feeling what I’d said all sounded pretty lame. Adele nodded, smiling sympathetically. She shuffled in a little closer and spoke in a lower tone of voice.

“I know. Believe it or not, I didn’t really plan for everything that happened. I had my knickers off that night so I could rub myself silly over that video. I just lost track of what time it was. Then watching it with you, the drink, the ‘truth or booze’..,.” she looked at me oddly “The fact that I think you’re pretty fit.” I smiled, feeling flattered. “I do like Jane. A lot. We’ve argued a bit recently, I know, I know, don’t look so surprised.” She sighed. “If I’d gone off with another woman, she might just be able to accept that, but with another fella?” I nodded. “That’d really fuck her up and I don’t want that. Sounds a bit too late, I know, but what I’m trying to say is; I don’t regret what we did and I still want to be friends, everything like it was before, if you think you can do that. And I’d like to keep all of what happened between us our secret.” She smiled a little sadly. “I don’t ask for much, do I?”

I felt incredibly relieved by what I’d just heard and I guess it must have showed, as Adele took in my expression and her face brightened.

“No, you don’t. But I’m fine with all that. Really. It’ll be our secret.”

“No regrets?”

“No.” I looked away thoughtfully, then back at her.” Other than never getting to see you naked again. You’re pretty fit yourself, girl.” I grinned at her cheekily. Adele chortled and threw her arms around me, giving me a hug. I felt her breasts brush against my chest and then squash there as I hugged her back. Her body felt so warm in my embrace. Her hair smelled fresh and tickled my cheek. Bloody hell, where we going to…again… ah. No. Adele had let go of me and leaned back. I felt an awkward mix of relief and disappointment, but hid it with a smile.

“You’re the best, you know that?”

“If you say so.”

“Ha!” Silence fell between us, but didn’t last for long enough to become uncomfortable.

“Listen, I’m off out for a bit, but could you pop up to see me when I get back? Say about Six?” I raised an eyebrow. “No, nothing like that tonight, y’ dirty minded bugger.”

“Okay, but can I pop up a bit earlier? I’m supposed to be ringing Belle at about six. We were kinda planning on meeting up tonight.”

Adele looked very taken aback for just a split second, before composing herself. In that moment her face and body language seem to scream ‘Oh SHIT!’ It was only a flicker, but it still struck me. What exactly did it mean?

“Er, right. Just let me think for a mo… yeah… sure. How about you call up at half five instead? I can be back by then.”

“Sure. Adele…is this about anything in particular?”

“Ahh, you’ll find out. ” she teased. “Just don’t worry, huh? It’s nothing nasty.”

“Well, okay then. But I’ll have to go by six, yeah?”

“Yeah, no problem. See you later then.” She got up to leave.

“Yep, see ya.”

. “Adele?” She half-turned to face me.


“I’m glad we’re, y’know…okay.”

“Me too.” A wicked grin appeared. “See? Told you we’d be okay.”


“Bite me.”

“Maybe later, then.” Adele stuck her tongue out at me and smiled.

“Half five then?”

“Yep. See you.” And off she went.

I sat down and puzzled over what had just happened. Why the apparent shock at my seeing Belle again? What was it I had to go up to see Adele for later? Ah well, if Adele said it was nothing to worry about, then I trusted her enough to believe her. I tried to put it out of mind and began to figure out what ironing I should do so that I had some fresh shirts and pants for going out later on tonight and ready for starting work on Monday. Groaning as I remembered how much I detested ironing, I set up my board and got on with it, unable to stop wondering if Adele just might be after a repeat of Thursday night? That would explain her looking put out when I said I was seeing Belle. But then I was still going up to see Adele for only half an hour. Not much time for anything other than a ‘quicky’. No, it just didn’t seem right and would be especially brazen given that we were just coming to terms with what we’d done a couple of nights ago. The iron hissed and spat and I carried on, wondering what tonight would bring.

Ironing done, I read for a bit and hit the Playstation for a while. Before I knew it the clock was telling me it was 5.25pm and I turned things off and got ready to go up and see Adele, an odd feeling of anticipation making my stomach feel a little tense. Leaving my bedsit I took to the stairs leading up to Adele’s room, pausing at the top to look at the ‘Come up and see me sometime, big boy!’ picture and remembering the feel of those straining breasts in my hands and pressing against my chest. What was going to happen in the next half hour? Getting to her door, I rapped at the magnolia-painted woodwork.

“C’mon in!” Adele’s voice called. Swallowing, I turned the handle and swung the door in. Was she going to be in bed, wearing only an enticing smile, sat on the sofa, legs akimbo and pussy exposed or… no. She was in the kitchen, pouring hot water from the kettle into a coffee mug. “Would y’ like a cup of coffee?”


“Have a seat.”


A couple of minutes later (I thought it took Adele a bit longer than usual to make the drinks, for some reason) she came through with two steaming mugs of coffee. Taking one from her I set it down on the carpet to cool as Adele sat next to me, shuffling slightly to turn to face me.

I wanted to try and cut to the chase, to come right out and ask her what she wanted, but thought it a little too direct. I could wait a few more minutes. Adele flicked a stray hair away from her eyes.

“So, are you all ready for starting your new job on Monday?” Hm. Hadn’t been expecting this line of conversation, but no matter.

“Well, to be honest, with everything that’s happened this week-“It suddenly struck me that perhaps Adele had cottoned onto Marie and I. My stomach tightened a little as I wondered if she might be about to throw a hissy fit about it. No, surely not. She’d be more likely to want to know all the gory details and to go ‘phwooar’ in the right places, knowing Adele. I carried on without pause “I haven’t given it much thought.” This was true. Thinking about it, I needed to give it some consideration; first impressions being what they are and all that.

The next few minutes were spent chatting about my new job, what Adele hoped to go on to do after finishing her degree and drinking our coffee. I was about to change the subject when Adele’s mobile phone warbled from her bedside unit. She looked around and then back at me.

“Oh, ‘scuse me a mo’, I’d better get that – I’m expecting a call.” She trotted over to her bed, plonking herself down on its edge and answering the phone. “Hi! Yeah? Oh, good. No, no, it’s all right,” she looked across at me and flashed a quick apologetic smile. “Really? Heh, you didn’t say that the other day.” My attention wandered down to Adele’s legs. What she was wearing and seeing her perched on the bed reminded me of Thursday night all over again. Man, Adele had been a good in bed. I wondered what she was like in bed with Jane. Now that’d be something to see. Unable to see much, I stopped ogling her before I was caught out and turned my attention to look at Adele’s myriad of posters and clippings on the walls. Less than a minute later, Adele said ‘goodbye’ and I heard the beep as she hung up her phone. She came back over and sat down again.

“Sorry about that,” she grinned “It was Jane.”

“No worries.” I guessed that explained the barely concealed look of happiness on Adele’s face right now. She must be meeting up with Jane later. Perhaps she’d been worrying Jane might have noticed something different about Adele and I the other day when I called up to see her? If they were meeting up happily this weekend then it must mean we’d got away with our secret night of passion.

“Meeting up with her this weekend?”

“Yeah, I’m going over to hers for a change.”

“What I’d give to be a fly on the wall…”

“Heh! Well, whenever we produce our first down and dirty girl on girl webcast extravaganza I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“Thanks, that means so much.”

“Oh, shut up you nutjob.” We both laughed. I glanced at my watch, it was 5.50pm. Time to think about making a move if I was going to phone Belle tonight.

I still felt a bit weird about seeing her again. What would Sheila think if Belle and I got it on for a second time? I know we’d agreed that we weren’t going to go round in each other’s shadow until we’d met up again and agreed where, if anywhere, we were going. But the thought of Sheila with another man made me feel… I dunno, just wrong inside. Not that any of this had stopped me from jumping into bed (or in/on a car, in a field and her kitchen) with Marie, though. Man, life was-

“Earth to Steve?” I jerked around to look at Adele, who was smiling patiently. “Ah, you’re still in there. God, you were miles away. C’mon then, penny for your thoughts.”



“Sorry I guess I was just…” what to say, what to say… “getting carried away visualising what could be in your little webcast.” Adele chuckled and pushed at my arm.

“One track mind.” She admonished. I laughed.

“Well, when you get to meet such interesting people on that track…” I paused for effect, giving her a good humoured and meaningful look “It’s well worth sticking to, y’know?”

“H’mmm. Guess I do.”

Adele glanced at her watch.

“Well, I guess you’d better be going then, eh?”

What? Was that it? We hadn’t really discussed anything.

“Er, yeah. ” I made to get up, then turned to her again. “Adele, why did you want to see me up here?” She looked defensive for just a moment, then smiled.

“I know we said everything’s all right between us, but I just guess I wanted to see things happen just like they always did before. Us, just chatting, y’know before…” She trailed off.

“Before what?”

“Before… you walk out of here and start your new job, with me being away most of this weekend.” This didn’t quite sound right somehow, but it was a nice enough thought. I knew what she meant.

“Alright. Thanks…” We both smiled and I stood up to go. Adele joined me at the door. As I moved through and onto the top of the stairs she grinned at me again.

“Well, have fun tonight.”

“Ta. You too.”

“And don’t worry about anything…” Eh? That was a bit odd. I thought about asking her what she meant, but Adele was closing her door with her grin still in place. As the door clicked to, I paused for a moment, then shrugged and went back downstairs, looking at Adele’s straining breasts in the ‘big boy’ photo as I tried to remember where I’d put down my mobile before I left my bedsit.

Reaching my door I glanced at Marie’s room. She’d told me earlier that she was probably going to visit her Mum’s tonight, to show her she was doing fine and might stay over to give her some company. If Adele was going to be out too, at least it’d be pretty quiet around West Street. I supposed it made coming back here an easy option in case Belle and I hit it off big time again. I pushed open my door and looked into my room opposite and at my bed… where I saw Sheila sat; stark naked, leaning back on one arm with legs akimbo and a brave-looking little smile on her face! Her smile widened as she cocked an eyebrow at me almost apologetically.


I was absolutely gobsmacked and just stood there, mouth open, trying to take in what I was seeing. I blinked. Sheila was still there, smiling nervously. I blinked again. Nope, I wasn’t hallucinating.

“Sheila?” Three fast little nods and a grin. “But you… I mean howwhen did…” I trailed off, lost for words for the first time in recent memory.

Sheila softly crossed her arms over her perky breasts. Just before they vanished behind her forearms I saw that her small mocha nipples were pointing sharply. She giggled.

“Could you close the door please? Before someone sees in…” Still lost for words and without looking, I pushed the door shut behind me and then turned and as an afterthought, set the latch so it was locked. As I looked back at the bed, Sheila was unfolding her incredibly sexy legs and standing up. Her arms dropped to her sides, breasts jiggling slightly as her arms brushed past them. She started to walk towards me. I found my voice again, but my brain was still not working properly.

“You, you’re…”

“Are you glad to see me?” She smiled, reaching me and coming up onto the balls of her feet, slipping her arms around my neck.

At her touch it was as if a switch had been thrown in my head. I was suddenly aware that I had a raging erection. That I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest, even through my t-shirt. That her hair smelt fresh, fruity, that my hands were on her slender, warm waist, fingertips just reaching down to the start of the soft swell of her buttocks.

“Yes. Yes, but I-” Sheila gently put the pad of an index finger against my lips.

“Shhh, don’t say anything. Just kiss me.” Golden-coloured eyelids slid down over her deep blue eyes and her face moved up closer to mine, tilting slightly to one side. Still feeling to be in a daze, I automatically moved closer to her. Out lips met, pressed together. I felt the crackle of our attraction and my lust surged. Her small hands squeezed my arms, her hot buttocks flexing against my hands as she adjusted her balance.

Then we were on the bed, kissing, almost devouring each other. I don’t remember how my t-shirt ended up on the floor, but Sheila’s nimble hands undid my belt and fly and between us we tugged my jeans and pants down to free my cock. Sheila reached down beside the bed, and when her hand reappeared I recognised the golden disc packaging of an ‘easy-on’ brand of condom. I was still too bewildered to make any disappointed comparisons to riding ‘bareback’ with Marie and as Sheila began to working my foreskin back and forth, and I stretched a hand down to find the tropical heat of her pussy, any more logical thoughts just weren’t there. Sheila was here, now, naked. Here for me. God, I wanted her.

Sheila planted a smacker of a kiss on my lips then pushed my shoulders, moving me away to one side. She fiddled briefly in front of her chest before tossing aside ripped, golden foil. I felt something cool and moist cap my helmet and experiencing a feeling of enclosure; looked down as Sheila tugged the condom into place. Snapping it against the root of my cock, her eyes looked up and found mine. She was breathing heavily through her open mouth, eyes looking wild and needy. I shot my right arm around her back, clasped her right shoulder in my hand and pulled her onto her back, rolling on top of her. Hampered briefly by the clothing around my knees, I paused long enough to read her face and confirm she wanted this as much as I did. In answer to my unspoken question, her hands encircled my shaft and tugged me down towards her groin. I shifted my arms to take my weight, Sheila parted her pussy with two fingers of her free hand, we locked eyes, I pushed forwards and ohhhwwh god, yes.

Sheila moaned and panted with carefree abandon, totally lost in the moment as I rocked in and out of her, glancing down to see my shaft slurp in and out between her fleshy labia, tugging and stretching at the pink skin. Taking her hands in mine, I pinned her to the bed, watching her pretty face look strained and almost as if she were in pain, as we found our rhythm, bodies moving together in harmony.

Scant minutes later, legs raised and pulling me into her, Sheila scrabbled at my arms, panting out sharp little breaths. Her hands clasped my shoulders, white teeth clenched and a sudden jolt ran through her body as her orgasm exploded. The walls of her pussy gripped me with surprising strength (I think Sheila could’ve fired a ping pong ball out of her body if she’d been loaded!) and the increased sensation, coupled with watching her squirm and moan, briefly lost in pleasure, was enough to bring me to climax too. I relaxed and allowed the hot fluid to burn forth, my own body trembling and my lips hissing her name. It was a most… complete sensation.

I absently wiped at a bead of sweat on my temple before it could run into my eye, or drip off onto Sheila. Looking down I saw her panting through her open mouth, getting her breath back. I had only just about got my own breathing under control as her gorgeous eyes flickered open and she blew out a deep breath. Our eyes met and she smiled up at me; looking radiantly happy and alive. It could’ve been that exact moment that I fell in love with her.

“Hi, you.”

She laughed breathlessly; a musical, happy sound.


“So…how are you doing?”

“I’m good…just had… a huge orgasm, thank you very much.” She grinned and we kissed again. I withdrew from her body and tilted myself off to Sheila’s left, between her and the wall. We hugged and she snuggled her head against my shoulder. I closed my eyes and relaxed against her. God, yes, I lusted after other women, of course I did. But, yes, I thought that this petite creature was the one I really wanted. I smiled and breathed in the sweet smell of her hair, also noting the underlying tang of our congress in the air.

After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes, which fell on my bedside unit. I absently noticed that the time was 6.15pm. Six fifteen, why was that…Shit! Belle! Oh, no, I was supposed to be ringing her at six, but… but Sheila was here and we, I…oh, damn it. What was I going to say to-

“Steve?” I looked into Sheila’s face. She gave me a comforting little smile. “It’s all right, don’t worry.”

“Huh? Yeah. She, I’m sorry but there’s something you don’t…y’ see I’ve got to-“

“Ring Belle?”

WHAT? How the hell did Sheila know about..?

“Sheila… what’s going on? How on earth did you know…” I let my head thump down on the pillow. Her hand came to rest on my chest.

“Steve, I’ll explain everything, I promise. I’m just … worried that you might feel mad with me.” She lowered her head to make eye contact. “I’ve been incredibly selfish and made a huge assumption, but… well, look. I’ve booked us a table at The Cherry Tree” (my favourite Chinese restaurant!) “for seven thirty; my treat. If you can wait for just a few more minutes, why don’t I tell you everything over a drink. If we get ready now, we should be able to get into town for…” she checked the clock “seven fifteen at latest.” She hesitated for a moment, looked down uncertainly, then back up again. “Y’see…Belle’s not expecting to be seeing you tonight anymore.”

I tried to take all this in. It sounded like my entire night was planned for me and yet I didn’t even know how Sheila had come to be in my room! I looked up at her and folded a hand over hers.

“She, I’m glad to see you… well, I think I just made that obvious, but I’m just… I don’t understand – what’s happened? How come I don’t need to ring Belle?”

“Are you feeling angry?”

I had to think for a moment. I was in such a spin that I didn’t know how I felt. Was I angry?

“No…no, She I’m not.” I slipped an arm around her shoulders and hugged her to me, feeling her exciting warmth against my bare skin. “I’d just like to know what’s happened.” I held my next inhalation without realising I was doing so, came to a decision in my head and blew out a soft sigh. “But I guess I can wait a few more minutes. Right then; shall we freshen up and get gone?”


“Okay.” I pulled her close to me and we kissed, before sitting up and reaching for the tissues.

The next half hour felt odd. We took it in turns to go and freshen up. I really, really, wanted to know what the heck was going on, but at the same time I felt so glad to see Sheila again and at the prospect of the evening ahead of us (a meal in my favourite restaurant, drinks on the town and then back to mine for a night of passion, assuming Sheila was going to be staying) that I was distracted enough to feel I could wait and let Sheila do as she’d asked. I could tell Sheila was feeling anxious; she just seemed a little… twitchy. I wondered what it was she had to say that worried her so much? Would I end up feeling angry after all? I hoped not.

Shortly, wearing shoes, a pair of chinos and a black t-shirt, I was locking my door and joining Sheila at the foot of the stairs. She had put on a clingy pair of black trousers, the same strappy shoes she wore on Monday night (which she knew I found sexy) and a low cut lemon-coloured top. I’d enjoy gazing at the tight line of her cleavage tonight if nothing else and thought she was sure to spill sauce down it at some point. Wearing a light coloured top when going out for a Chinese, Italian or Indian is just asking for trouble in my experience!

We walked into town passing Sheila’s car; parked around the corner from West Street, not far from where I’d rendezvoused Marie only last night. I noted that Sheila had parked so I couldn’t easily have seen her car. Events seemed to have been carefully planned. We made sparse but light and frivolous conversation and were only slightly late for our booking. The waiter showed us to our table and took our drinks order. The table was a booth made quite private by ornately carved wooden partitions at either side. We’d both asked for a Tiger beer and when the bottles arrived and the waiter left us to choose from the menu, I tried to lighten the atmosphere a little by raising my bottle in a toast.



Our bottles gently clinked together and we both took a swig. I put the menu down.

“I don’t suppose that for starters, I could have the story of what the heck’s just happened?” I saw Sheila flinch ever so slightly, perhaps afraid I was about to become irritable. I took her hand over the table and gave it a squeeze. “Please? C’mon She, the suspense is killing me.” She smiled nervously.

“Okay. But if this makes you angry and you want to leave, I’ll understand.”

Oh, boy, what was I about to hear?

“Go on, She.”

Sheila began to explain.

Eight minutes later I’d had to tell the waiter that ‘sorry, we weren’t ready to order yet’ and Sheila had finally finished her story, sitting back with her hand still on the table to await my reaction. I thought over what she’d just said and I’ll paraphrase it for you next. But how had her story made me feel? To be honest; I was quietly impressed.

Sheila had been in touch with Adele on Wednesday evening, to let her know she’d moved into her new digs with no problems. The two of them started to have a good gossip and at some point the conversation had apparently turned to me. Sheila admitted to Adele that she thought she liked me more than she’d actually said and was beginning to regret not having said so. She suspected that I felt the same way about her, but felt she needed more reassurance before saying anything. Adele offered to help out, by inviting me up to hers and having a few drinks with me to loosen my tongue, asking me what I thought about Belle to see if I fancied her more than Sheila, or if things were as Sheila hoped. Of course, you and I know what went on to happen that evening!

Adele had rung back the night after to say she was as sure as could be that I didn’t really have any strong feelings for Belle and that as such; the coast was clear for Sheila to declare her interest. I thought about the side of this story that Sheila didn’t seem to know about; that Adele and I had fucked each other’s brains out that night; and that was after Adele had revealed to me that she’d had a lesbian fling with Sheila one night last year! I guessed Sheila didn’t know about Adele and I, or that I knew about Adele and her, or else she probably wouldn’t even be here. Funny how even when the ‘truth’ is being told, there’s still things you don’t know. I guess we all have our secrets, even when we’re being open with another person. But, back to Sheila’s story.

Adele, mischievous as she is, came up with another idea to help get Sheila and I together again, so things could take their ‘natural course’. Both Sheila and Adele plotted and came up with a plan, the result of which I’d just experienced. Adele would arrange for me to go up and see her, late on Saturday afternoon. Sheila would travel over to West Street an hour or so before hand and park up away from there to avoid being seen. Adele would let her in and they’d go up into Adele’s room to drop off her stuff and kill some time. Before I was due to call around, Sheila would leave and go for a walk around the block. A few minutes after I was due to arrive at Adele’s, Sheila would ring up, pretending to be Jane, to find out if the coast was clear. She’d then go back to West Street ASAP, sneak into my room (“‘cos you always leave your door off latch unless you’re going out proper- it’s just as well we’re all honest in number 23!”), get naked and wait for me to walk back in, seducing me with her charms and then taking me out for a meal where she could tell me how she really felt.

All the preparation had seemed to go to plan, until I’d mentioned to Adele that I was going to go out with Belle that night. This screwed up everything with only a few hours to go. (I though back to that ‘oh, shit‘ look on Adele’s face at the time, which suddenly made sense). Adele duly reported this to Sheila, who after a brief “panic” came to a decision. Now here was the bit that impressed me. Sheila had rung up Belle and told her the basics of what had been planned for that night; that we’d got together after Monday night, had no choice other than to part so Sheila could move out, and now Sheila regretted not doing more to express her feelings for me and had made plans for a surprise visit just to do so. Sheila said she was all but sure Belle would be likely to agree to what she was requesting, after hearing her story, especially after asking her as a friend.

I was kind of surprised that Belle didn’t tell Sheila where to stick her request, I thought it was quite a ballsy thing to ask. But Belle apparently took it all quite well. She’d said if it were anyone else, then she’d have told them to go to hell (aha, there we go) but because it was Sheila… well, she had to admit she wasn’t 100% happy with the situation, but fair enough – Sheila could go ahead and carry out her plan. I thought about belle and felt quite bad for her. I made a mental note to be big enough to at least give her a ring and say ‘thanks’ for everything after this weekend. I supposed that offering to go out for a drink with her to try and make up might be taking the piss though…

With all of this arranged, the plan had gone ahead. Sheila confessed that after sneaking into my bedsit and stripping naked, she saw my mobile on the desk and turned it off, in case Belle changed her mind and rang me up part way through (she blushed adorably at this point and said ‘well, through, y’know…) Having given Sheila enough time to get ready, Adele shooed me out of her room (events there all made more and more sense now, especially what Adele had said to me just as I left) I went back down to my room and walked in to find a naked Sheila smiling up at me from my bed. The rest, as they say, was history.

After explaining all this, Sheila paused and visibly swallowed hard.

“So, like I said; I’ve been incredibly selfish and made a huge assumption – that you would rather have been with me than Belle. I’ve manipulated things to get my own way.” A very nervous smile. “And… I guess that’s everything, my confession in full; signed, sealed and delivered.” With a little shrug her eyes looked down at the table. I thought very quickly. How did this make me feel? Was I angry…no. Although I guess I easily could have been; having what I wanted to do determined by someone else who’d gone as far as to cancel my date and insert herself into the proceedings. That could really piss someone off. But it hadn’t.

I’d felt oddly noncommittal about seeing Belle again earlier, but then with what had happened with Sheila, Adele, Marie and the enticing ‘what if’ of my meeting with Anne (part of regretted not just giving her a kiss when I had the chance, if I’d been in the wrong I could have apologised and buggered off pronto and if I’d been right… that woman did have fantastic legs…) I’d been more distracted than either Belle, Sheila, Marie or even Adele could actually know. Not one of them knew exactly what I’d been up to with whom this past week. I wondered how different things might be if any one of them actually did? As it was, I’ve have to watch my words carefully around Sheila for a while, given events with and revelations from Adele alone.

Whoa, dammit! My mind was wandering. Was I angry? No. Was I glad to see Sheila? Yes. Is there anybody else I’d rather be with tonight? I briefly thought of the intense feeling of sex without a condom with Marie; the way her cheeks hollowed as she went down on me, looking up as her long, long hair fell over her shuddering breasts as she rode me on the bonnet of her car; a starfield blazing away behind and above her. I really fancied Marie. Sex with her was without a doubt the best, the most… liberating I’d ever had. I wanted more of it with her and probably always would; she was just so damn horny. But I just didn’t feel the same way about her inside as I did about this (now quite worried-looking) woman in front of me.

I smiled at Sheila. Relief fluttered at the edges of her expression, not quite daring to fully appear.

“D’you know what I think about all this?”


I leaned across the table and motioned for her to lean closer too, then whispered in her ear

“I’m thinking you must really like me if you wanted to go to all this trouble. Am I right?”

“Well, you’re not wrong…”

“And also…”

I moved back slightly and gently tilted her chin up so I could kiss her on the lips. Her eyes opened to look at me as if she were about to burst with emotion.

“…I don’t think there’s anybody else I’d rather be with tonight.” Even as the words escaped my lips, my mind unhelpfully replayed the heightened sensation of sinking balls deep into Marie’s tight pussy

Eyes shining , Sheila darted forwards and kissed me long and hard.

“Oh, I’m so happy, I was worried sick this would all go wrong and you’d think I was just a manipulative cow and instead it’s..” her breath hitched a little and I stepped in to try and help out.

“It’s all gonna be great, isn’t it?”

“Hell, yeah.” She chuckled, regaining some of her usual gutsy spirit.

“Oh, just one more thing I’m not clear on,” Sheila frowned and leaned forwards to meet me midway over the table again “You staying for the night, h’mmm?”

“It’d take a crowbar to get me out of your bed tonight.”

“Yeah? What’d it take to get you in it, then?” I chuckled. She grinned mischievously.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ve got what it takes.” We both laughed and after another kiss I motioned over a waiter, we both relaxed, ordered our meal and another drink and an exceptionally good night out got underway.

West Street, half past one in the morning. As Sheila panted, grinding away on top of me and I moaned her name aloud, I wondered if Marie was awake and listening just on the other side of the wall…

Chapter 08


Sheila moaned gently and pushed her groin up and off the bed hard against my face, my tongue slipping even more deeply between her fleshy lips. I circled it around in her sticky pussy and felt the stubble of her recently-shaved labia gently graze against my upper lip. Lower down, saliva-slick flesh skidded and slid wetly against my chin. Sheila gasped and gave a deep moan of pleasure as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her prominent clitoris. Excited by her writhing, the scent, taste and squishing sounds coming from her pussy, my cock throbbed demandingly. I considered breaking off to use a condom so I could slip into her soaking wet pussy, but decided I was enjoying going down on her far too much to stop.

The towel under her bum was already damp with a cocktail of my saliva and Sheila’s excitement. We’d just taken a shower together, come out all pink and squeaky clean and got back into my bedsit only to fall on each other as if we hadn’t just spent hours last night making love. I’d hit that elusive peak last night where I’d drank enough to still be able to get it up, but too much to be able to cum. I’d been hard as a rock and good to go all night. Frustrating in a way to not be able to reach orgasm, but cool to see your girl gasping and writhing under or on top of you, having orgasm after orgasm.

Now, shuffling to one side, I slipped a forefinger into her sticky body, pressing forwards and circling it inside her, squelching and pressing against her hot, ribbed inner walls whilst continuing to lap at the small bud of oh-so-sensitive flesh. I could just make out Sheila’s pretty face; lit by what little morning sunlight filtered through the curtains. Her features were drawn in that odd expression of concentration that I by now knew meant another orgasm was imminent. Sure enough, Sheila began to gently hump at my hand, moaning more loudly. Oh, boy, this was going to be a big one. Sheila would usually cum really quickly, with a sudden burst of pleasure making her swear under her breath. This one seemed to be a slow burner. I flicked the very tip of my tongue over her clit one more time and popped my finger free from her embrace.


Shapely eyebrows drew into a frown as Sheila started to breath quickly and heavily through her mouth, panting. Quickly, I put a hand over the bump of bone at the front of each hip and pressed down, trying to hold her fast so I could finish her off in style. My forearms wedged her thighs open as I spread her pussy with my fingers and began to lap up along her shiny, pink inner labia at a rate I knew she would find maddeningly slow. Her breathing came faster and faster, hips rocking under my hands, thighs pressing against my forearms, trying to clamp shut; small breasts bobbing, until finally a series of high whimpers and an explosive


as her head and shoulders lifted up off the pillow, eyes wide open in a look of shock , mouth a near perfect ‘O’. Her knees just managed to bump together above my head (hard enough to leave bruises on the inside of each a couple of hours later) and I had to fight not to be clamped between her legs like a man in a bear trap.

She would probably have burst my eardrums if her thighs were free to clap against the sides of my head! Sheila’s expression changed from one of shock to pain (well, intense pleasure, but like the ‘Queen’ song says…) her face crumpling as she trembled, lips pressing into a thin tight line. Then she gasped in a deep breath and fell back onto the bed, eyes closed and breathing heavily.

I watched the rise and fall of her breasts, my cock clamouring for attention. Looking down at her plump labia, I wanted to thrust my cock between them, to feel the explosive rush of pleasure as I came there, heart pounding, head buzzing with the sensation. Sheila’s eyes flickered open and she sat up, flicking a hair out of her eyes and swinging her legs to her right, off the bed. Her hand wrapped around my cock, squeezing it firmly.

“That’s it…” she said somewhat breathlessly. “You’ve given me… I don’t know, I’ve lost count. I’ve never cum so much in my life. An’ I couldn’t make you cum last night.” I started to protest

“Yeah, but I’d drank-“Sheila cut me off, tugging gently on my cock as if were a leash.

“C’mere, you.”

She was a couple of paces away from the bed, I had to stand to move with her.

Sheila took a couple of deep breaths, glanced down at my cock and then up to my eyes. She grinned.

“I was going to do this to say hello yesterday, but, well I kind of got carried away. I just had to get you inside me.”

Hello? What was Sheila talking about? Before I could muse over this or ask her what ‘this’ was, she had crouched down, snuggled one hand against my thigh and butt and used the other to guide my cock towards her mouth. I just had time to remember her pulling a face and saying ‘yeeuch’ last Wednesday morning before I was inside her hot, wet mouth and her hand started to work back and forth, matching the nodding motion of her head. Ohh, I could feel her small, nimble tongue working around my helmet, her hand running tightly over the ridges and veins in my cock. My God, all this from a self confessed ‘blow job virgin’? What had changed? I – ohhh, man who cared, this felt -ah- felt so good!

I looked down to watch her work; eyes closed, lips forming a tight seal around my cock, small fist encasing my shaft as her mouth engulfed my helmet and top couple of inches. With a sudden slurp and plop, my cock popped from between her lips and her eyes looked questioningly up to mine. I gazed down, mouth open and mumbled

“Oh, She, that feels…”before I could finish, she gave me a quick grin and sank down onto my cock again, looking up at me with lusting eyes. I put my hands on her head, fingers in her short, tousled hair ready to guide her to and fro, but her motion had changed. Sheila now took me deeply into her mouth and slipped back until I plopped out of it, saliva wetting her lips and chin. After a minute of repeating these satisfying strokes she took her mouth away from my length, bringing her free hand up to carelessly brush through her hair, as the one wrapped around my cock began working my foreskin back and forth in a blur. I groaned and shut my eyes, buttocks clenching in pleasure. Her hand stop moving and her mouth engulfed me once again. As my fingertips kneaded her scalp, Sheila made a small, happy noise from deep in her throat and lovingly fondled my balls.

Her attentions had the desired effect. If the sensations alone weren’t enough, I was hugely turned on just by watching what she was doing. Sheila was so petite that my cock looked large in comparison to her small hands and face. I’d been laying in bed, months ago, listening to Sheila and her then-boyfriend only inches away next door, imagining what they were up to, whether or not she was going down on him? To now see her doing that to me. A tingle started in the centre of my cock and I groaned. Sheila’s head worked to and fro, her eyes closed. I remembered her telling me her thoughts on someone cumming in her mouth, and groaned a warning.

“She, m’ gonna… oh, don’t stop, ahhrr-“

Sheila slipped her mouth from my cock as her hand sped up, plunging me towards orgasm. I saw her face, eyes fixed on my cock, her hand moving in a blur, breasts jiggling wildly and then, before I could find the breath to warn her further, my orgasm hit.

The first gout of cum splashed off her chin, her eyes widening in surprise as a second hit her, spattering across her nose. With a low whoop of surprise, she wobbled and fell sideways and back, landing with one leg under her, still holding on to my spasming cock and giggling, lips pressed together. I think another ribbon of cum shot past her shoulder and I saw a fourth and fifth, now splurging out with less velocity, hit her cheek and neck respectively. A final teaspoonful oozed out onto her hand. I didn’t know whether to apologise or laugh, but couldn’t do either for gasping and panting. With my cum dripping from her nose and chin, Sheila’s face split into a wide grin and resting back on one arm, she giggled and then laughed heartily as she let go of my cock and wiped at her face with the back of a hand, making cum drip down onto her perky breasts.

Regaining my composure, I reached over to grab some tissues and knelt down beside Sheila, looking apologetic as I offered them to her. With a last

“Ha ha hahh, ohhhhh…” she shook her head and wiped at her face. Cleaning the worst of the gloop away, she gingerly poked her tongue out and probed to the right of her mouth, sampling the taste. She screwed up her face and with a ‘thhbbbptt’, blew a raspberry at me, chuckling and wiping again until all the globs were gone. Grinning, she grabbed my t-shirt from the back of a chair and slipped into it; on her, it came down to her knees.

“Back in a mo’.” she said, and headed off to the bathroom. I wiped the last traces of cum from the tip of my cock and smiled to myself. Poor She. With all the action and no orgasm last night and how excited I’d got going down on her just now, I’d built up a right head of steam. When that pressure popped, she’d literally got a face-full. But at least she seemed to see the funny side of it, although I guess most of that could be down to surprise. I faintly heard the toilet flush and then could just make out voices on the landing. Sheila’s bright tones and… those of Marie. Uh-oh!

I gave myself a quick dowse with some body spray and lay back on the bed, waiting for Sheila to reappear and feeling a little anxious. I’d told Marie yesterday that I was off out with Belle last night. Now, okay, Marie didn’t know what Belle looked like, but her encounter with Sheila could be a little awkward. Marie… ahh, Marie. I closed my eyes and remembered her going down on me the night before last. How it felt to slide inside her without having to wear a condom. The form and motion of her huge breasts. Her long, long hair. And Belle. Rich, dark skin, the texture of her hair in my hands, her oh-so-soft lips pressing against mine. And the secret thrill of shagging Adele. A shared moment of madness and passion and the revealing of her and Sheila’s secret. I…aw hell. I’d just spent the best part of the last week reminiscing about Sheila. Now I had her in my bed again all my mind can do is remind me of how great other woman were? For God’s sake. Sheila had just gone down on me. That was the first time she’d done that to anyone and I was pretty certain she’d done it more to please me than because she enjoyed it herself. And wasn’t it only her previous failure to display any blow-job skill that put her into second place just behind Marie in that stupid matrix I’d compiled yesterday?

I hissed out a frustrated breath. Now I had the girl I’d fantasised about for months, all I could do was fantasise about the other women I’d been with this past week? Bloody fool. And just what were Sheila and Marie talking about out there? It’d been a couple of minutes now. Did I need to brace myself for any flak from Marie later on, after Sheila had gone? Nah – surely not. She’d as good as said she was cool with us being, I dunno; fuck-buddies. Yeah, that door (heh, or perhaps more accurately, those thighs!) were still open to me as far as I knew, as long as Marie was still up for it. Yeah, but even though I was (how could I not be, she was the hottest woman I’d ever slept with!), I couldn’t. I was with Sheila now. I think. The way I’d felt about her yesterday- Waitaminit! No, the way I feel about her. Oh, hell. I’m in a whirl. And I start my new job tomorrow. I’ve got to get focused, ready for that, too!

With a click, the door opened and Sheila breezed back into the room. I put my thoughts to one side and got up, crossing over to give her a hug.

“You okay?” She smiled brightly in reply. Phew, everything looked like it was fine.

“Yeah, I just hadn’t quite expected to get a face full for some stupid reason.”

“I’m surprised you did what you did at all.”

“You mean after Wednesday?”

“Yeah. Not that I’m complaining, what you did then felt nice.

“Well, I felt a bit bad about going ‘yuk’ the way I did and I know all guys enjoy a good blow job,” she prodded me accusingly, so I did some ‘research’ on the internet and decided to give it a whirl. Just for you.”

“Research?” I chuckled.

“Watching porn, y’ fool. I saw a couple of things that seemed to look good and” she tittered briefly “I’ll kill you if you tell anyone, but I practised on that rock-candy cock Adele bought me from Blackpool last month.” I laughed out loud.

“I wondered what you’d done with that!”

“Yeah,” she sighed “If only all the research I did at Uni was that much fun!”

We both chortled and sat down on the bed.

“I just spoke with your new flatmate, Marie.” Oh hell…”She seems nice.”

“Yeah, erm, Adele and I helped her to move in and she came round the other night to say thanks and have a chat, find out about the place and her flatmates. She seems like good fun.” Owch. Was the last bit too much? Sheila didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Yeah, she seems to be alright.” She grinned wickedly and added in hushed tones “Adele likes her.” Raising an eyebrow and comically tapping the side of her nose. I smiled back and chuckled. Hoo boy, what a tangled web we weave…

“Anyway,” Sheila proclaimed “All that sex has made me hungry. Have you got enough stuff in to do some lunch or shall we pop out to the shops and get something?”

“Well, I’ve got stuff in the fridge and cupboard, but why don’t we go out and get something nice, eh? I feel like celebrating. Sexy girlfriend, new job…”I squeezed her waist and then realised what I’d just said. I’d just slapped a huge label on what we had. How did Sheila react to…, ah, she had a huge smile on her face. She leaned in and gave me a kiss.

Girlfriend, eh?” I shrugged, she beamed at me and we kissed again. After a brief hug we resisted the urge to go back to bed to screw each other again and began to get dressed ready to go the shops.

Sheila headed out just before me, so she could get the car and bring it round. I heard her trotting down the stairs and closing the front door as I slipped my wallet into my jeans, I left my bedsit, locking the door. I was turning to go to the stairs when I heard the click of Marie’s door opening, just a fraction. Marie peered out and seeing I was alone, the door opened wider. She was wearing a black, satin dressing gown that came only partway down her thighs. From the fall of her breasts and the bumps of her nipples through the material it looked like that might be all she was wearing. Oh, hell. How would this pan out?

“Hi Marie!” I was surprised at how cheerful and carefree I managed to sound.

“Hi. You alright?”

“Fine, thanks.” Okay, so far so good. Marie seemed okay, so I decided to be open with her. I mean, let face it, less than twenty four hours ago we were swapping bodily fluids! “Although to be honest, I’m still in a bit of a spin after last night.”

“I can imagine. That was Sheila, right?” Oh, dammit.

“Er, yeah.” Marie grinned.

“So, what happened to Belle?”

I blew out a breath through my mouth. Yeah, what about Belle? I thought matters had kind of been taken out of my hands last night and Sheila had said that everything was alright. But I still felt bad about.., well, let’s face it. Ditching her for Sheila. But then, if Belle had really been unhappy about what Sheila was proposing, she would have refused to go along with it and probably phoned me up to say something. Right? I dunno… I resolved there and then to ring Belle after Sheila had gone. See how we were. I could at least arrange to meet her for a coffee and talk about what had happened. I realised I’d been stood silent for a couple of seconds and looked up with a small sigh.

That is a long story.” I shook my head, then quickly added “And I will tell it to you later. But for now…” I gestured to the stairs and put on an apologetic expression. “Sorry, Marie, I’ve gotta go. We’re off to the supermarket to get some lunch – can I fetch you anything?”

I felt awkward. How was Marie going to react?

“Yeah, go on. Can you get me two pints of milk please?”

I nodded, looking relieved despite myself. Marie grinned and spoke quietly and quickly.

“Look, I know you’ve got to go; but just quickly? Two things. One; remember what I said yesterday morning. I’m looking for some fun from life for now, yeah? Well, as far as I’m concerned there’ll always be time for us to have some more fun. Nostrings attached, non-bunny boiler fun. If you’re up for it.” She flicked her long hair and shrugged her shoulders, her gown ‘accidentally’ slipping down to reveal her splendid breasts. She glanced down at them, looked up at me and said “Oops.” in a totally unconvincing manner. She threw me a grin and a wink, her eyes flickering to the stairwell to make sure we were alone. “And the second thing. If that girl’s ever up for a threesome?” I think my heart skipped a beat.

“You mean Sheila?” Marie nodded.

“Count me in. She’s cute.”

I stood like a dummy for a moment, then got a hold of myself

“I’ll remember that.”

“Be sure you do. Now then, you’d better go. She’ll be wondering where you’ve got to.” Breasts still exposed, Marie brazenly stepped out onto the landing and stopped less than an inch away from me. It took a lot of willpower not to gaze down at her chest, but that point became moot as Marie arched her back and wiggled her hips slightly, brushing first her left breast and then her right against my chest. My cock began to respond instantly. I looked down only to see Marie’s breasts retreating. As she stepped back into her room Marie pulled open her gown, fully revealing her breasts, stomach and the ‘v’ of her crotch. She rolled her shoulders, nudging her breasts with her forearms to make sure I had good look at them. I tore my gaze away and looked up to meet her eyes just as she slowly began to close her door. “I’ll look forward to you… telling me your story. Later on perhaps? I’m in all night…” I gazed at her fleeting smile and knowing eyes, which stayed fixed on my own until the slowly closing door cut Marie from my view and locked with a click.

I took in a deep breath, blowing it out through my mouth before starting down the stairs. Good God. Talk about being offered it on a plate. That was an offer that was going to be hard to refuse. And I knew that Marie knew it too. And where had that suggestion come from? A threesome?! The thought of having Sheila and Marie in bed at the same time! My God, I hardened at the thought, then tried to push it away, as I realised walking out to meet Sheila with a boner in my trousers may lead to some awkward questions. Yet the idea wasn’t totally implausible either, was it? I mean, Sheila had had sex with Adele. My God, what about her? Adele and I had had sex, Adele and Sheila had had sex, was there any chance that all three of us might…naahh, surely not. But then again, just perhaps… maybe?

With a grin on my face I left the house, striding out into the sun and down the path to where Sheila was waiting for me in the car. As I got in and fastened my seat belt, she grinned as she flicked the radio on.

“My God, you look pleased with yourself!”

“Hey, I’m just happy. I’ve got good reason to be, haven’t I?” She leaned in and kissed me.

“Damn right, you have.”

“And I just feel that things are going to get even better from here on in, too.”

“Well, what makes you say that?”

I decided to throw it in and see what reaction I got. It was exactly the kind of thing we bullshitted each other about in our playful way and I could easily get away with it just as a shock-value joke.

“Well, have you ever fantasised about having a threesome?”

She looked at me in surprise for a moment, then focused back on the road, laughing hard and grinning as she pulled away from the kerb.

“What, am I not enough for you?”

“Ah, you know me; I’m just greedy!”

“Hah. Well, let’s see if there’s anyone fit at the supermarket then, shall we?”

I laughed and we settled into our usual banter. I noticed that Sheila hadn’t said no to the idea, though…

Well, I’d had a helluva time this past week. I’d gone from feeling sad and angry about Sam to happy and surprised at my unexpected intimacy with Belle, to… well let’s be honest, pretty much overwhelmed at what had happened next. I’d seemingly blundered my way into bedding more gorgeous women in the space of a single week than I had over the past two years. I still had unfinished business with Belle – I couldn’t leave things the way they were between us, it just wouldn’t be fair. I shared more than one secret with Adele. It looked like Sheila, the girl I’d fantasised about for months, and I were an official item, even if she did now live a few miles away. Last and by absolutely no means least, there was a raven-haired temptress living only inches away. One who would be there, both in my thoughts and the (extremely ample) flesh, all of the time that Sheila herself was not. I knew I’d find Marie’s offer hard to refuse and considering the possibilities that raised made me feel both excited and scared at the same time. She’d planted the seed of an idea that seemed more and more plausible each time I returned to it, which I couldn’t seem to stop doing.

Marie’s words, from mere minutes ago, echoed in my head.

If that girl’s ever up for a threesome? Count me in. She’s cute.” Adele’s from three nights ago-

Next thing we were naked and I was eating out her pussy… she came all over my face almost as soon as I went down on her…” Belle, moving closer to me six nights ago, eyelids slipping shut, moist lips parting.

Let’s make each other happy…”Sheila on Tuesday night,

“Girls like sex too, y’know.”

Well, I’d certainly learned that this week. It had sure as hell been a week to remember and one I could never forget. Myself and Belle, Sheila, Adele and Marie. Sheila and Adele. What about the next few weeks? Myself and Sheila… and… Marie? Heh. Boy oh boy. Would that be a night to remember…