A Reluctant Nudist

Chapter 01

From my now, rather more knowledgeable experience of life, I’ve discovered that it’s not too unusual to find that the full erotic significance of a particular incident or situation that occurred some time in the past, was not always fully appreciated or even realized at the time in which that specific episode happened. However, on a few occasions when we sit back to recollect and further analyze some of those memories, usually at a time and place a lot further down the track, the true erotic content and latent value of that moment can sometimes resurface, at last enabling us to truly recapture that moment and finally fully appreciate it for it’s original worth.

Thus, after contemplating these memories with hind sight, it can conceivably enable one to again, more fully realize and understand those instances in a much more complete and satisfying way. They then become not just some vague, grey memories stored away in the back waters of our minds but much more like the meaningful, colorful experiences that they actually were and should always have been considered to be. Real life instances to be savored and replayed over and over again in the virtual reality of one’s conscious mind. These are the accounts of just some of those all too rare but now cherished moments.

Without doubt, the one most consequential episode that comes to mind occurred early in the Australian summer of 1974. Only having very recently arrived in Melbourne after migrating from England and making good use of one of our first free week ends to explore the northern beaches of Westernport Bay, south east of the city, Helen, my wife of just a few months and I, came across a beautiful stretch of beach near a small town called Somers. Getting down on to it required some considerable effort as it involved a hike down a fairly rough track from a makeshift car park and a further fifteen minute walk along it’s length to the area of beach that the owners of the many parked cars had painstakingly sought out and chosen to patronise.

Coming from conservative England, the sight of so many completely naked bodies stretched out on the sand, in the dunes and splashing around in the calm blue water came very much as a shock to the senses. Both looking straight ahead and fearing to make eye contact with any of these nude people, we walked a short distance past the last over exposed body on the beach to a point where we sat ourselves down and had a bit of a laugh about it.

“Well, what are we supposed to do now?” I asked.

“If we just walk straight back past them, it will look as though as if we were only going past to check them out and if we stay here we will look a bit odd if we don’t strip off too, and to be honest, that doesn’t appeal to me very much.”

Helen suggested that we move up into the dunes where we could not be seen directly from the beach and sunbathe there for a while, which seemed like a good compromise.

On finding what looked like a secluded spot and after laying down our beach blanket, I got changed, somewhat awkwardly, putting on my bright, liquorice all-sort coloured swimming costume with the help of a towel wrapped around me. Helen, without showing quite as much modesty as me, removed her dress and underwear and sat nude momentarily as she quickly put on her metallic green bikini which she had brought over from England with her.

Watching her apply sun lotion to herself, I appreciated just how lucky I was to be married to such an attractive girl. At a tender twenty one years of age, Helen was truly stunning. At close to six feet tall with long, redish dark brown hair, lovely ice blue eyes and a gorgeously well proportioned figure, she looked like she could easily have been a movie star. With her hair cascading down over her ample but firm breasts, she was truly a vision to behold. The curvy lines of her narrow waist flowing on down to those beautiful but lightly sculptured hips and then on down again to those long, slender legs which seemed to go on for ever, confirmed my belief that every part of her was indeed in perfect harmonious proportion. Even her skin was perfect, very fair and smooth, the only blemish being that of her many sexy facial freckles that gave away the subtle clue of her Irish ancestry.

“Would you put some lotion on my back where I can’t reach?” She asked.

Kneeling down in front of me with her back to me, her long dark hair falling forward over her shoulders, I rubbed in the coconut smelling lotion all over her back. Hesitantly, I untied her top bikini strap so that no area would miss out, half expecting that she might get upset by this. I was pleasantly surprised when she reached behind and undid the main strap herself and took the top off completely. Then resting back on her hands, whilst turning towards me, she teasingly asked me if I could also rub lotion onto her front as well. After looking around to make sure that no one would be able to see us, I did as she requested using both my hands to apply the lotion. Feeling her normally large nipples starting to shrink and at the same time go nicely erect as they pushed against the soft slippery skin beneath my palms, I began to get an ominous feeling down the front of my togs.

“Being a bit brazen aren’t we?” I said.

“What the heck, we’re on a nudist beach, no one is going to take too much notice of little ol’ me just showing off my titties, are they?” She replied, raising both eyebrows.

“In fact whilst in Rome, why not do as the Romans do?”

With this she slipped her hands down to each side of her hips and undid both side ties simultaneously, completely removing her bikini bottoms in one quick forward motion. She then took the sun lotion from me and started to rub the cream all over her backside and then after kneeling up a bit straighter and turning to face me square on, around her pubes. Now, embarrassingly there was a definite reaction in my togs that there was little chance of hiding.

“Come on, you as well, if I’m game to do it, then you should be too.” She said.

I took a while to think about it and then with some haste, after turning away from her, took off my togs and immediately laid down on my front in an effort to conceal my now swollen appendage. Helen knelt down over me, straddling the back of my thighs and started to massage the cool lotion all over my back. When she had finished she asked me to roll over so that she could do my front, which I did reluctantly. A big smile appeared on her face when she saw the effect all this was having on me and she took me by complete surprise when she firmly grasped my now fully aroused penis and started to rub lotion all over it as well. Looking up at her now kneeling over me, I couldn’t help myself, and by placing my hands on the cheeks of bottom, pulled her slightly forward so as to be in a better position to couple with her. She seemed to be offering no real resistance to this move, so I took myself in hand placing my member below her whilst gently parting her lips with my other hand.

Normally it would have taken at least ten minutes of foreplay to moisten her enough for penetration, what with her usually being so tight down there, but either the sun lotion or the excitement of the moment had lubricated her more than enough for me to ease all the way into her as she responded cooperatively by lowering herself down onto me. Usually when we made love, I was the one on top, so it was kind of strange for me to be looking up at her this way, her outline framed only by the cloudless blue sky as she knelt over me. Watching her glistening breasts sway gently as she moved to and fro mesmerised me somewhat, making me almost forget the fact that we were doing it out in the open where anyone might have been able to see us. Whilst not normally very proactive during sex, Helen obviously enjoyed the freedom of movement that being on top gave her. She didn’t hold back at all, not being in the least bothered by the fact that she was out in the open or now doing all the work by herself, lifting and lowering her lower half at an ever increasing pace. With her eyes now firmly closed and her breasts heaving up and down as she moved, she brought herself to a shuddering climax much more quickly than I had ever witnessed before. I could feel by the way she was still having some involuntary contractions, even after she had stopped moving, momentarily slumping forward, that her orgasm had been both very strong and extraordinarily intense.

At this point, we were both distracted by some rustling noises coming from further back in the dunes and Helen reacted very quickly, rolling off me, still with the presence of mind however, to think of throwing a towel over my still hard member.

A nude man, of fairly heavy build, looking like he was aged around in his mid forties, appeared from between some bushes behind us and proceeded to walk along a track, parallel to the beach but further up in the dunes, one that we hadn’t been aware of.

“Nice day for it.” He said as he smiled and continued walking.

I waited until he was completely out of sight before turning to Helen.

“Do you think he saw anything?” I asked.

“I’m not sure.” She replied.

“But to be honest with you, it doesn’t really worry me at the moment, I just can’t get over coming like that. It was probably the strongest I’ve ever come in my whole life and you know something, it just felt so exhilarating doing it here like this, you know, right out in the open, in fact look at me, I’m covered in goosebumps and still trembling.”

Although I had not come myself and had maintained my erection, Helen was not game to get back into it in case someone else came along so we just layed there face down in the warm sun to see if we could get a bit of a tan to cover up our all too obvious white bits. It did start to bother me a bit after a while though, that even though Helen was laying down naked in front of me, that I soon had become quite flaccid in the downstairs department, even though I had not ejaculated. Maybe the shock of nearly getting caught doing it had affected my mood. Thinking it over though, having passed literally many dozens of men of all shapes and sizes on the beach with as many nude female partners, I had not seen one sign of an erection between the lot of them, so maybe it was not all that odd after all and perhaps being flaccid all the time was generally a more normal state for nudists.

The sun was becoming really quite hot so after a while I suggested we go for a swim to cool down.

“You go and I’ll catch you up,” said Helen.

I put my togs back on and started to walk down towards the beach, having to start running before I got very far so as not to burn the soles of my feet on the extremely hot sand.

This beach, being located in a part of the bay which was protected by the centrally positioned Philip Island, didn’t have much of a swell and only very small waves lapped the foreshore so it was more like swimming in a large pool than in the ocean. The cool water felt soothing on my now slightly tingling skin and I swam around for a while, subtlely checking out the scenery.

Many more people had come along the beach and quite a few had spread along to not far beneath the dunes where we were camped. I hadn’t originally seen these people when first leaving our spot to run down to water so I felt relieved that I had had the foresight to put my costume back on.

After swimming back into the shallower water, I looked back towards where I had come down from. I caught a glimpse of Helen who was now standing up and looking like she was about to join me. Unlike me with my costume, she had not bothered to put her bikini back on and was still totally nude. I was about to call out to her, to warn her of the people below when I realised how silly it would have sounded, what with everyo

ne else there being nude also, so I just smiled and waved to her so as to let her know where I was.

When she started on down, she too quickly increased her pace, either because she had seen that there were now people below or possibly, like me, she had also felt the burning effect of the hot sand. Either way it didn’t take her very long to get down into the water with me. Once under the cover of the cool water, she soon started to relax and as if some kind of teasing game, continually kept raising her upper torso out of the water and shaking her breasts at me as if to rub in the fact that she was somehow misbehaving and being just a bit naughty. In a poor imitation of her mother’s Irish accent, I pretended to scold her in a tone that I knew she would have used, had she been here to witness her daughter’s lewd antics. Helen always appreciated this type of humour from me and we both laughed and joked around as we frolicked about in the refreshing water. It didn’t take too much longer for her to become even more daring and after a little while she started to stand right up out of the shallow water to reveal herself full frontal to me as well, exhibiting herself in an effort to impress me as to just how cheeky she could be.

After some time, which included a good portion of it with me having to scold her for continually showing herself off to all and sundry, I told Helen that I would get out first if she wanted me to, and go and get her bikini for her, just to save her any embarrassment when walking back up the beach to the dunes.

“Funny enough I don’t feel at all embarrassed,” she said. “I expected that I would do, but what with every one else the same way it just doesn’t seem to matter about not having anything on. Does it really bother you, you know, people seeing us in the all together?”

I replied, after a short while thinking about it, that I supposed it didn’t really, mainly so that I didn’t seem too prudish, and for myself, I guess it was half true but the thought of others seeing Helen naked did in fact bother me a quite a lot as I had always been very conscious about other guys checking her out all the time. Her attitude though, did come as a bit unexpected as I would have hoped that she would be displaying a bit more reserve and modesty in a situation such as this. She had always been very conservative in her choice of swimming costumes and had never even dared to go topless on a beach before, including when on our honeymoon at St Tropez where most of the women didn’t bother with tops.

“Well then, if it doesn’t bother you either, then take your’s off too.” She replied, standing there up to her knees in water with her hands on her hips in a most challenging manner.

In a show of solidarity but still remaining below the surface, I pulled off my togs and threw them up on to the drier sand. Then mimicking her challenging pose, I also stood up in the shallow water to reveal myself in all my glory, proclaiming.

“Voila, No togs!”

Laughing, we swam into deeper water and floated around au naturel for quite some time. Although I wouldn’t have expected it, it actually did feel so much more comfortable and freer than swimming with your costume on. Surprisingly, the almost undetectable current had soon pushed us some distance along the shoreline so we swam back to close to roughly where we thought we had got in and paddled around in the shallows for a while longer.

Eventually Helen decided that she had had enough so she stood up and casually walked out of the water and on to the dry sand.

“Come on lets go and get dry.” She called.

I followed her out and we both walked hand in hand up the beach. Funny enough, no one seemed to take any real notice of us, one couple just nodding a gentle acknowledgment as we walked past them up into the dunes. Strangely, in some small way I felt slightly disappointed, believing that our state of nudity should have been greeted as far more of an important event in the whole scheme of things than it obviously had been.

When we had reached our chosen spot, I realized that because we had got out of the water about fifty yards short from where we had got in, I had forgotten to recover my togs which were still sitting back there on the sand at the waters edge. Helen said not to worry and that she would go back and get them for me. Gratefully accepting her offer, I grabbed a towel and I started to dry myself off.

As I stood there watching her going back to fetch them, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. It was almost as if the girl I was watching, was someone else and not my own, usually prim and proper wife. Thinking that I should make a record of this moment for prosperity, I quickly got out my movie camera and filmed her as she walked down from the edge of the dunes to the water. When she had retrieved them, she made no attempt to hurry back but just leisurely strolled back up over the dunes to me, stopping for a short while to chat to the couple who had acknowledged us before. Even though she was nude, she looked so natural and relaxed as she chatted to them that I had to ask myself, why in all honesty should there be any reason for her to feel ashamed of being seen without her clothes on? I had never seen her naked from this distance before, especially in a situation where she could also be seen by others as well but it occurred to me that by having a partner as attractive as Helen, the situation was not too dissimilar to that of someone who was in possession of a rare work of art. One that they kept hidden away from the world in a vault or such like which no one else ever got to see. Why was it that I had always felt so protective towards keeping all this beauty hidden away, selfishly guarding her physical charms like some personal treasure, keeping them all to myself and never wanting to share them with anyone? Contemplating this notion a bit further though, it did occur to me that the very opportunity for Helen to show herself off like this had never actually arisen before and in all probability, might never happen again, so I was probably being just a little bit unfair to myself with all this self penitent examination. If I had to be totally honest with myself though, it was probably only natural for any young man like myself to have a few of these little insecurities, considering that in these days of so called free love, it wasn’t too unusual to lose your partner to someone else. I had even seen it happen to a couple of close friends of mine only recently before leaving England. Yes, this would be my main concern, a well justified and natural one at that, a genuine apprehension that most men with attractive partners would surely feel at some time or other. However, having considered this conundrum, whilst continuing to film, I couldn’t help but feel just a smidgen of almost smug pride as I watched her showing off her natural attributes to others because I knew that anyone with an eye for an attractive women would also be appreciating seeing her this way also.

Considering that neither of us had ever exposed our bodies in public before, well not to this extent anyway, Helen seemed to have overcome any shyness or self consciousness very quickly. Even so, it occurred to me that she might still be a bit upset with me when she saw me with the cine camera filming her naked as she walked back towards me. To the contrary and to my surprise, when she got back to our spot, she just smiled and stood there brushing her long dark hair, not even making a comment about it as I continued on with my seemingly daring cinematographic activities.

After doing some more sunbathing for a little while, we heard some people talking as they came along the track behind us. Although we both quickly rolled over on to our fronts to conceal ourselves, there came a voice from behind saying,

“G’day, how you both going?”

I turned over to reply only to find that it was the same man we had seen earlier (and who might also have seen us!). He was with another man who looked a bit younger than him, maybe in his late thirties. Both were nude and both had good all over tans.

“Having a nice day?” The older man asked.

I replied that we were and we chatted about the location and the lovely weather for a while. Helen also got drawn into the conversation and had half turned over and was now laying on her side, elbow bent and resting her chin in her hand. This I found very disconcerting as here we were, with two strange men standing over us and here was my normally shy and reserved wife totally starkers, laying out with her breasts and private parts completely exposed and on show to these two characters, seemingly without a care in the world. I had to quickly remind myself of my previous considerations about selfishness but regardless, I still had the urge to get her to cover herself up. This urge grew even stronger after she just as casually decided to change her position by sitting up a bit on her elbow and placed her hand on her upper knee and by bending it up at forty five degrees, raised it into the air. With her hand now locking her knee in position and with her foot now flat down on the calf muscle of her unbent lower leg, this new posture certainly left very little to the imagination. Even from where I was laying, towards and slightly below her, I was aware of just how much she was now showing. Through the triangular window, now opened up between her thighs, both cheeks of her arse, not to mention her slightly protruding inner lips which were just peeping out beyond her pubes and were on full view to one and all. This very great temptation to tell her to cover herself up, with unusually well controlled self restraint, I just managed to suppress. The older guy, who had introduced himself as Greg, was now

in a squatting position, below and just between us, almost touching the bottom of Helen’s feet. He made no pretence of the fact that he was thoroughly checking out every last inch of her as his wandering eyes scanned her whole body from her head to toe. All the while they chatted, he continued to meticulously examine her, whilst she just as casually remained laying there, half reclined, half sitting up, now with even her lower knee bent a bit so that she was even more open to these two guys inspection than before. It was almost as if she was inviting them both to have a better look. She would have had to been blind not to notice their all too scrutinising attentions but still she maintained her very overt posture.

When his eyes did eventually avert, he noticed my Canon cine camera which was still sitting on it’s case in front of where Helen was laying. He mentioned that he had exactly the same one up the beach in his bag. The younger man said, almost scoldingly, that like me, Greg often left it out of it’s case sitting a beach towel and it’s a wonder that it still worked, what with all the sand that it got on it. Greg, joining in, mentioned that they were both keen on photography and taking cine film and quite often on weekends they even went up to a naturist resort which was up in the countryside, north of Melbourne where they had become pretty much the unofficial camp photographers. Greg added that he had not seen us there at the beach before, me replying that it was actually our first time ever on any nudist beach. In an effort to make it look like I was only moving in front of Helen to put my camera back inside it’s case, I moved down and sat in front of her lower half, now blocking the very generous view that she had been giving them both.

“By the way.” Greg asked in a very unassuming tone.

“Would either of you two be at all offended if we came back with our own cameras and took a few photos of you both a bit later?”

Feeling slightly pressured, I nervously asked why he would want to take photos of the two of us. He replied that a lot of the nudists that used this beach had more than a keen interest in photography and it was considered pretty much just a common courtesy to agree to pose for one and other, mainly to build up their own personal collections of photos of their friends and others who came here. He added that they were mainly for their own albums but on some occasions, being pretty much semi professional, he did sometimes put a couple forward for publication in a naturist magazine, if they were good enough. With a somewhat false bravado, I replied that I personally didn’t mind but it was entirely up to Helen as to whether she wanted to have some taken or not (thinking that she would definitely refuse and get me out of this awkward predicament as well).

Helen surprisingly replied that she didn’t mind either, seeing as I was so agreeable, sounding almost keen on the idea. Her response came as a bit of a surprise to me and after they had departed, saying that they would be back a bit later, I had a go at Helen, berating her for just blindly agreeing with me. I told her that she didn’t have to say yes just because I had done so. She looked a bit bemused and argued that she had only agreed because she thought it might be a bit of a lark. Almost scathingly she went on to advise me that if I had not been as willing as I appeared to be, then maybe I should have said so in the first place, then she might have cottoned on and gone along with me. As a reaction to her slightly aggressive tone, I quickly responded by coming back and suggesting to her that she had not been overly discreet either, about the way she was laying before when those two guys were sitting in front of her.

“Oh, and what do you mean by that?” She replied.

“You know exactly what I mean, when you sat up and spread your legs apart, right in front of their faces”.

Screwing up her nose at me and shrugging her shoulders at the same time she replied that as they hadn’t seemed too concerned about showing everything they had to her, why should she be too worried about doing it right back at them.

“Anyway, if I’m going to have to worry about just how much I’m showing off to everyone, I might as well just put my swim suit back on mightn’t I?” Helen came back sarcastically.

“Well that might not be such a bad idea,” I replied instantly, expecting but getting no further reaction from her. On this point, I had half anticipated that she would excuse herself by possibly saying that she had been unaware of her actions but her comeback made it sound like she had been almost deliberate in the way that she had exposed herself so openly. Either way, although her somewhat defiant attitude surprised me a bit, I let the matter drop and it was not long before a state of calm returned, both of us soon getting back to our previously relaxed, sunbathing mode again.

Eventually after about another half hour, we headed down for another swim, this time both of us without our togs. Having had time to think it over whilst paddling around, I concluded that Helen was exactly right, I should have been man enough to say that I wasn’t really very keen on their idea. However, as neither of these guys had so far returned, I had an inkling that our new found friends may have been side tracked somehow or perhaps had forgotten about us and would not come back to take us up on our agreement to pose for them. All in all, I was mentally kicking myself for having been so gutless for not having had stood up to these guys by saying no to them. In all fairness though, considering the overall situation a bit more thoroughly, with two well built, totally nude, middle aged men towering over you, the situation would have felt pretty imposing for just about anyone they might have approached, not only us. Considering we were on their turf, so as to speak, and their demeanour had been both friendly and not in the least bit threatening at any time, this had somehow added to the reason why I had found it very hard to say no without possibly offending them in someway.

When we went back up into the dunes this time however, my heart sank when we found Greg and his mate (whose name we never did find out) sitting down near our towels, with not one but two very professional looking cameras and another bag of assorted equipment at the ready. Helen remained standing and dried her self off but made no attempt to cover her self up in any way. The younger guy was now wearing a pair of what looked like khaki coloured army shorts but Greg was still nude.

After we had both finished drying ourselves off, Greg said that, if we were still agreeable, that first he would like to take some shots of us both together and then individually. Helen nudged me as if she wanted me to speak up about my change of heart but the thought of now looking even more stupid by backing down after committing myself previously, again prevented me from saying anything.

There was this trunk of a large dead white gum tree that had fallen down about ten yards away from where our towels were. It’s bleached white roots now standing up out of the sand like the spokes of some rimless wheel, a couple of which stood upright in an almost perfect vee shape. Greg suggested that this would make a good back drop to have behind us, so we moved over to in front of it where his mate soon got us to pose in many different positions, some just standing close to each other and others with me behind Helen with my arms around her, both sitting and standing on the tree trunk.

Considering that neither of us had ever gone nude in public before or had ever had our photos taken like this, we soon started to relax and I even began to feel quite at ease about what we were doing. My previous feelings of nervousness and qualms about being photographed au naturel seemed to have been completely unfounded.

After changing cameras while his mate reloaded the first one with film, Greg then took some shots of me alone, standing, sitting and laying along the trunk of the fallen tree and also in amongst the roots system, one in an almost weird, cross like crucifix type of pose. All things being considered, I thought I made a pretty good model, well for a first time amateur anyway.

By now I was completely relaxed and was starting to enjoy being photographed. Helen was even assisting Greg and his mate, actively suggesting some poses for me, her making them and then getting me to copy her. The fact that she was now running around completely starkers in front of us all, didn’t seem to be bothering her in the least. After several more shots, Greg changed cameras again and asked Helen if she would now mind posing for him on her own. She agreed with an enthusiasm that was unexpected. She came over to where I was standing but Greg called her back, saying that he had a better idea. Unlike when we were together, this time he wanted her to put on the long white cheesecloth dress that he had seen her wearing when we had first walked up the beach and if she didn’t mind, also to put back on her white bra and pants that she had previously worn underneath as well. It occurred to me then that our initial walk along the beach had obviously not gone unnoticed, well not by these two guys anyway. This new idea seemed a bit odd to me as she was already starkers but she happily redressed for them.

As with me before, she was posed standing near, sitting on, as well as laying along the bleached ivory tree trunk. With the long white and almost transparent dress now gently moving with the slight breeze, Helen looked as good as most of the professional models you see in some of the fashion magazines. Whilst Greg was taking the shots his mate was positioning Helen and helping her pose, manhandling her limbs and arranging her dress into the required positions. They both seemed very professional in the way they went about it, working as a team and I got the feeling that they really had done a lot of this type of thing before. I was beginning to feel quite proud of Helen’s debut performance as a model. She seemed to be completely at ease with these guys and after every pose, both Greg and his mate were continually complementing her on how well she was doing and telling her what a natural she was at it. It was obvious by the way she was readily responding to their every suggestion of how to pose that she was genuinely enjoying herself and by the way that she was lapping up the attention and compliments now being bestowed upon her, I could tell that she truly didn’t mind in the least being handled or photographed by these guys.

For the next set of shots Greg asked Helen to remove her bra and then repeated most of the same poses again but after each one, getting her to progressively undo the buttons that went from the top to the bottom on the front of the dress. When the dress was undone to the waist, he asked her to cup her hands under her breasts, pushing them upwards and forwards, whilst arching her back slightly as she did this. This seemed a bit cheese cakey to me but again Helen cheerfully obliged, now with her breasts popping out of the dress. She laughed somewhat nervously and made the point that she was always embarrassed about the large size of these, pointing to her nipples but not using the actual word. I found it very interesting that although she was quite willing to show them off to these two guys, she was also at the same time, still too embarrassed about saying the word `Nipple’ in front of them. She added that she hoped that they wouldn’t look too ugly in the photos. Greg commented, rather rudely I thought, that Helen did indeed have extrordinary large nipples but said that regardless, he thought that they would still look interestingly good in the shots. To try to alleviate her concerns, I mentioned that the sun lotion might help with that problem and went and got it, offering her the bottle.

Greg’s mate said no problems, this was his job and he had something that would do an even better job than the sun lotion. He went to one of their bags and brought out a clear plastic bottle of baby oil. Then, to my utter amazement, he squirted the lotion into the palm of his right hand and then proceeded to massage it all over Helen’s breasts as well as over her nipples. Surprisingly, she made no protest as he did this, allowing him to handle her breasts as casually as if he were rubbing it onto her back. She even shut her eyes and tilted her head backwards as he all too casually rubbed the glistening lotion all over them.

It was at that moment that my first real feelings of concern started to set in as I watched on surprisingly passively, caught completely off guard by this unexpected turn of events. I started to get very agitated and nervous witnessing this, more so because of the fact that she looked like she was actually enjoying being handled this way rather than because of the fact that he was touching her in such an intimate fashion. It seemed perfectly alright when they had been posing her before by moving her arms and legs around but this all too brash escalation of actually touching her breasts did not go down with me as being in the same category of things at all. When he eventually seemed satisfied by his efforts and stood back to admire his handy work, he then asked Helen if she wouldn’t mind twisting and at the same time pulling on her nipples a bit so that they would really stick out as it always looked far more attractive in a photo if a girl’s nipples were firm. Again, Helen did not seem put out by his request and did exactly as asked.

This was now starting to really cheese me off, so I asked Greg’s mate, with just the merest hint of satire in my voice (so as not to sound too aggressive), that if he wouldn’t mind too much, could he refrain from being so personal with my wife’s body. He just shrugged his shoulders in a casual manner, as if not quite understanding my request. Helen just laughed and told me not to be such an old fuddy duddy which made me feel even more like a complete idiot. I apologised, more out of sarcasm than anything else for even mentioning it. Anyway, the baby oil, along with the self tweaking had definitely achieved the desired result, making both her nipples shrink to half their normal diameter and go very erect as well so that they now looked like enlarged versions of those rubber suckers that you see on the end of a kid’s toy arrow. Greg seemed very pleased with Helen’s and his mate’s joint efforts, rapidly clicking away at an increased pace as if he was worried that they would again return to their softer state.

Once he had finished his next roll of film (and it occurred to me that they had now changed rolls about four times compared to the one they had taken of me), Greg asked Helen to remove her undies. Again, he repeated most of the same shots as before, now with Helen having nothing on but the dress. This time Greg was the one who took the unnecessary opportunity to apply some more baby oil to her breasts, even pulling on her nipples himself without so much as a murmur of complaint from Helen.

One pose in particular that I found very provocative but also very erotic was when she was asked to stand up on the tree trunk, legs apart, hands on hips with the dress completely held open behind her hands and hiding nothing. Greg told her not to smile in this shot but just pout her lips and look seductive as he crouched below her, shooting upwards.

Interestingly, on both of the cameras he was using, he had a flash gun which he used in almost every shot. This seemed a bit unnecessary as we were in bright sunlight which should have been bright enough for any type of film. Helen, after a while, did ask him why he was using them and he explained that this prevented unwanted shadows because of the fact that the sunlight was so strong. This did make sense but it was something I had never witnessed before so I was glad that she did ask him. I had wanted to find out myself but was now too worried about looking stupid again, had I been the one to ask. After yet another roll of film was finished, Greg asked Helen to remove the dress, which strangely enough came as a bit of a relief to me as I thought that now the shots should be more like what I had expected them to be. Using the first camera again Greg posed Helen in many of the same positions including the cupped breast pose. This time I made sure it was myself who was holding the bottle of baby oil when Greg again (as I most confidentially expected he would), suggested that she needed another nipple touch up. I almost felt a sense of cheeky pride at being clever enough to cut them both off at the pass in my anticipation of this request. Whilst applying this deliciously smooth lotion, I could actually feel her nipples becoming harder against the palm of my hand. She gave out just the softest of sighs as I proceeded to give them both a pinch and a pull myself and this simple response from her was enough to manifest a similar but more noticeable reaction on myself. My member was beginning to get very aroused and I made what I judged to be anyway, an inconspicuous, if not clumsy attempt to hide my reaction by holding the bottle in my left hand, over my privates. Unfortunately it was not a very big bottle and it didn’t quite manage to hide as much as I would have liked to.

Although my predicament should have appeared only too obvious, no one, including Helen, seemed to be taking any notice. Whether this was to save my possible embarrassment or not, I didn’t really know, but their lack of reaction certainly came as a great relief to me.

Still ignoring my state of arousal, Greg asked if I didn’t mind, could I rub the oil all over Helen as the glossy look would look really sensual. Happy to oblige, but not so happy to leave my now engorged privates exposed again, I did most of her back and legs but when I reached her tummy, Helen took the bottle from me and said that it might be less awkward if she finished the rest herself, which she then proceeded to do. She could have probably done all of the applying herself if it had come down to it but it was curious how she only volunteered to do it when it was my turn. Perhaps she felt that I would become more aroused should I touch her more intimate parts. I couldn’t help but notice that Greg was also showing signs of arousal when Helen sat on the edge of the fallen tree trunk, opened her legs slightly and started to nonchalantly rub the thick, clear oil around her fanny area. His reaction was even more evident when she started pulling and twisting her own nipples again so as to make them stand out, as was obviously Greg’s and his mate’s preference.

Greg continued to take shots as she did this and even asked her to hold her pose momentarily, which she did without any hesitation, pulling her nipples out further to a point where the shape of her breasts became almost conical and it looked like this distortion should have been painful. All the while she did this she was smiling and pouting as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing.

I thought that his mate had probably the right idea having his shorts on, what with the obvious effect this was having on all of us and wished that I still had my swimmers on too.

With Helen now glistening all over from an excess of oil and her nipples standing out further than I could ever recall seeing them before, she was posed with her back up against the base of the vee shaped roots, half laying, half sitting along the white trunk of the tree with her arms up and outstretched over the two extensions of the vee above her head. Her legs were outstretched along the trunk of the tree, one ankle laying over the other. After a couple of shots in this pose, Greg’s mate got her to bend her legs at the knees so as to position herself with one leg bent sideways and laying flat along the main trunk and the other leg also bent but pointing straight up at a ninety degree angle so that both her feet touched, almost mirroring each other.

This absolutely amazed me. With absolutely no inhibitions, here was my normally reserved and shy wife completely naked, nipples hard, legs wide apart, showing every thing she had to two strange men and smiling on cue when asked to do so. I half expected her to panic any minute and call a halt to the whole proceedings or at least protest about these open leg shots but instead to my astonishment she just smiled and continued doing everything requested, even adjusting her legs angles herself so that they now were now in a `Ten minutes past nine o’clock position’. It seemed to me as though, even without their coaxing, she was trying to get into even more provocative and suggestive poses than even they were asking her to make.

I desperately tried to make eye contact with her so that she would be aware of my disapproval but she was so involved with posing properly that it was as though I wasn’t even there.

After many shots in this extremely revealing position, Greg asked her if she had a hair brush handy. Helen replied that she had one in her bag and asked me to get it for her. When I gave it to her she started to brush her long dark hair. Watching her do this, Greg and his mate exchanged glances and both started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Well,” said Greg’s mate.

“It’s not that hair that’s untidy.”

He then took the brush from her and told her to again pose exactly as she was before. With her legs again wide apart and her arms draped over the branches above, he then proceeded to brush her pubic hair away from the middle of her fanny, out to either side so that now both her inner and outer lips were clearly visible. As we had previously been doing it, her vaginal entrance was still slightly dilated and her inner lips quite pink and swollen making them protrude down and outwards. From the wetness showing, I could see that us guys were not the only ones being turned on by all of this and surprisingly, even now she still did not offer any objections to them handling her in such an intimate way. She just layed there with her eyes closed, even having to lick her lips a few times as Greg’s mate brushed her pubes aside to his satisfaction. After a couple of shots of her like this, Greg stood back and scratched his head, still not appearing to be completely happy with his mates efforts saying,

“No, it’s still not quite right but with your permission, I think we can fix that”.

Going over to one of his bags, he came back with what looked like a small pair of hairdresser’s scissors and a comb. With a the simple request of, “May I?” and without even waiting for Helen’s response, he proceeded to comb back and snip off the dark, curly hair that still covered her lips. As he did this, Helen just started to giggle, adding that she was very ticklish down there so to be careful not to cut off anything that wasn’t hair. Even now there was still no hint of her being in the least bit upset by these goings on and she was even helping him by pulling her swollen inner lips out of the way so that he could cut her hair shorter without nicking them. He then stood back a bit, as if to admire his handy work and then obviously still not completely happy, proceeded to trim the rest of her outer pubes as well. When he could cut it no shorter, he just stood there motionless, scratched his head again and then went back over to his bag. After rummaging around for a short while, he brought out a man’s brass face shaving razor. Retrieving the bottle of baby oil from me, he then handed them to Helen, asking her if she could finish off the rest of the job herself.

“How much do you want me to take off?” She queried.

“All of it,” replied Greg nonchalantly.

“You mean absolutely the whole lot?” She asked again, this time genuinely seeming surprised.

“Yes, I think that’s the only solution don’t you? It would look so much tidier, don’t you think?” He said, as both he and his mate looked at each other and nodded their heads in synchronisation as if to solidly enforce this idea.

“Well okay then………, if that’s what you want.” She replied, tilting her head with just the merest hint of a shrug of her shoulders.

Without any further hesitation, she immediately proceeded to do as they had asked. Liberally covering her pubic area with the clear, slippery fluid, she carefully removed every last trace of the now stubbly remnants of her once previously dark curly pubes, pulling and manouvering her lips around in such an expert manner that it looked like this was nothing more than an often practised proceedure. She even asked me to get a small make up mirror out of her bag for her so that she would be able to shave right underneath herself a bit easier. Greg handed her a small hand towel to wipe the clogging blade on and when she had finished, she used it to wipe away all traces of the offending oil and hair residue. Amazingly, unlike me when I shaved my face, she appeared not to have nicked herself, not even once.

While she had been diligently shaving herself, Greg and his mate had watched closely, Greg even taking a few shots of her in the process.

“You know Helen, you’re such a very lucky girl, you’ve got what we in the trade call outies, and what lovely ones they are too, you should be truly proud of them,” Greg said.

“Outies?” responded Helen inquisitively.

“Yeh, outies, you know your labia I mean, some girls lips are all tucked up inside and hidden away, we call them innies, but occasionally nature is kind and lips like your’s manage to show themselves off in all their fullest glory, they protrude and spread nicely outwards so we refer to them as outies.”

“Yeh, and what’s more, with nicely spread outies like your’s, it makes it so much easier for us to gauge just how aroused and receptive you’re getting and we have another expression for that as well don’t we Greg,” added his chum.

“That we do,” responded Greg.

“The wetter, the better,” he came back in a sniggering sort of tone.

Helen, without even seeming to think, instictively placed the middle finger of her left hand between her parted lips and then looked down as she retreived it, seemingly surpised by just how covered in her own juices it was.

“Wow, I guess that answers that question, doesn’t it” she said in an almost embarrassed tone, blushing slightly.

Although being in a mild state of shock and now completely spellbound by Helen’s behaviour and the conversation going on, especially the thing about her getting receptive, I couldn’t help but stare at the first clean shaven fanny I had ever seen. It’s hairless appearance looked nothing like I had imagined it would look like. I don’t know why but I had expected it to look like, maybe just a smooth patch of skin with perhaps a thin dividing line running up and down it. Instead, both the inner and outer lips were somewhat separated, possibly caused by the oil making her inner lips adhere to the outer ones. These spread inner ones appeared mostly a bright pink colour on the inside but surprisingly, a very dark shade of brown around the crinkly textured outside edges. These inner lips appeared quite swollen and protruded down and outwards, much more than I would have guessed they would have done looking somewhat like large ear lobes. It was even just possible to see the tip of her clit peeking out beneath the slightly stretched arrow shaped hood above.

It looked almost as if it had become slightly erect like the head of a miniature penis, again it was a bright pink colour but the hood that surrounded and stretched up about an inch above it was the same rich dark brown pigment as the outer edge of her inner lips. Between these well separated appendages, the glossy oval shaped outline of her vaginal entrance was contrasted against the small dark tunnel that reposed between. This inviting image was probably partially due to the fact that her fanny was still slightly dilated and the fact that as Greg’s mate had so off handedly pointed out, she was even wetter than before, which made this normally hidden part of her anatomy so clearly discernible. The area of skin either side of her outer lips was also a darker brown colour and slightly textured, almost like it was covered in goose bumps, something it was almost impossible to notice when the hair was in the way. Contrasted by the milky white skin surrounding her fanny, the various colours and textures made for a very fascinating picture. The oil had also made everything down there look very shiny and moist and this extra wetness really added to the overall erotic effect.

Coming back to my senses, reality started to kick in. Watching her unflinchingly touch and expose her most private parts this way in front of these two guys, not to mention me, seemingly without any regard for her own modesty, or concern for my feelings, had left me dumb struck. Also the fact that she had allowed both of them to touch her in such an intimate way, almost as if my presence didn’t amount to anything was starting to make my blood boil. Previous to this, even her showing off a bit too much cleavage would have been cause for concern on my part but here and now she was showing parts of herself off that even I had never seen. I could also see that Greg’s state of arousal was increasing to a point where his now semi engorged member was starting to gain a fair bit of rigidity as it raised itself to an almost forty five degree angle to the horizontal.

At this point, I could definitely feel myself starting to panic inside. Their penile reactions also made it easy for me to gauge, just how aroused these two guys were getting as well. Thinking that enough was enough, I felt that it was definitely time for me to make my well overdue and belated stand to stop all this before it went too far (as if the situation hadn’t already gone too far).

After what seemed like an eternity of weighing up what to say, I eventually summoned up the courage to speak up, saying that this had definitely gone far beyond what we had expected and that I thought that we should finish up right now.

Greg, who was at this point adjusting the lens on his camera, just turned towards me with a grin on his face and in a very calm and reassuring manner, told me that I really had no need to be so concerned.

“Seriously, this is only about photography,” he said.

“There are no degrees of nudity, you are either naked or you’re not.” He continued.

In a more berating tone of voice, he went on to continue his lecture, telling me that in a natural setting like this, no part of the human anatomy should ever be purposely hidden away or covered up as if there was something dirty or unclean about it, immediately making me feel like I was the one who had the less than healthy mind.

“We should never harbour any guilt about our own bodies,” he went on.

“Especially our more intimate parts, you should never let anyone convince you that showing them off is rude, dirty or obscene. Just look at your wife’s labia for instance, they are truly exquisite aren’t they?. What a shame it would be to keep them hidden away by all that encumbrance of hair.”

My previous thoughts about the hidden artworks came back to haunt me but logically, taking it one step further, he did have a point I suppose, even though I wasn’t quite sure what the word labia actually referred to.

“You must remember that there can never be any sin in beauty, and that is something we must all learn to fully understand.”

He went on to point out that regardless of the fact that I was getting a bit hot under the collar (not that I had one on, or anything else for that matter), Helen didn’t seem to be upset in the least about the way things were progressing and even looked like she was quite enjoying the whole experience.

Again, I found it useless to argue this point as he was obviously right, so now focusing my remarks more at Helen, I told her that the main reason that I thought that we should stop right now was because of the fact that I was becoming very concerned about the number of overtly sexual photos being taken, and because I was also less than impressed about the very intimate way she was allowing these guys to handle her, especially considering their present state of arousal. I attempted keep my cool and to use a calm tone of voice, similar to that which Greg had used so that it gave me the authority of someone of more advanced years but mainly to hide the extreme panic I was starting to feel inside. I felt that I had to seriously impress upon all of them the fact that there was no way that I approved of the direction that things seemed to be heading in, especially the lewd type of shots now being taken.

“Oh no.” Helen pleaded in a most disappointed tone.

“Please let me continue, just for a while longer at least. It would be such a shame to end it just as I’m really starting to enjoy myself, especially as I’ve now gone to all the trouble of shaving myself smooth. I mean, this is just what I’ve always imagined it would be like, you know, being a real model and these guys really do seem to know what they’re doing don’t they”.

“Helen!” I almost shouted, finally losing my cool demeanour.

“Just look at the way these guys are getting horny, can’t you see what you might be getting yourself into?”

As if what I had just said had come as a complete surprise, Helen turned to them both and lowered her gaze to below their waists, not being able to miss seeing Greg’s excited state or the bulge in his mate’s shorts.

“You guys wouldn’t try anything on, would you?” She asked almost rhetorically, speaking to them both with a very submissive tone in her voice.

“Of course not.” Responded Greg.

“As I’ve said before, this is only about photography, there really is no need to get all worked up about the situation. Listen Helen, I think you should continue if you really want to, and as for you Steve, you should allow her to, that’s if you really care about the way she feels.” He said, now making direct eye contact with me.

“That’s easy for you to say, but would you let other men touch your wife’s private parts the same way you’ve been touching her’s?”

“That would be a little bit difficult as it happens, because my wife passed away about two years ago.” Replied Greg.

“But when she was alive, she was a professional model and artist and yes, I did let other people touch her if they needed to, as long as it was done appropriately and she was totally comfortable with the situation.”

His unexpected reply caught me completely off guard and had left me feeling even more uncomfortable than before. I didn’t know quite what to say next.

“Look, I’m sorry about your wife, I couldn’t have known,

but that still doesn’t change things here. I don’t feel at all comfortable about it, especially what with both of you two guys starting to get so turned on.”

Greg looked down at himself and smiled.

“Believe me, I can understand your concerns”, he said and started to nod as if in acknowledgment of my point.

“At last,” I thought, here was some vestige from him that I might be in the right for once. This brief feeling of some achievement did not last too much longer.

“Look, this happens sometimes, it’s only natural after all. I mean, Helen is a very attractive looking lady but in all honesty, you would probably have even more right to be concerned or even insulted if normal red blooded men like us didn’t react as we all have. Look at yourself, you’re no different. Look at Helen, she’s obviously not unmoved by it all either, but we’re not animals, we’re professionals. Believe me, we see this all the time so we’ve learnt how to deal with it and control ourselves. I promise you, this is only about photos, nothing more.”

I looked over at Helen. She had remained reclining in her open leg pose and yes, he was right unfortunately, she had not been unaffected as her inner wetness clearly demonstrated. The fact that she had also remained in this pose with every last minuscule detail of her inner fanny still on show to all and sundry gave me a pretty good clue that she was quite serious in her desire to continue and obviously not yet quite ready or willing to end her very first modelling experience.

She now made direct eye contact with me but seemed to hesitate for a moment before replying.

“You know, if this is really upsetting you so much then maybe we should stop now, but I would have to agree with Greg, I don’t feel uncomfortable about what’s happening and I really, really would like to carry on,……….. but only if you say it’s okay though.”

At that point everything went curiously quiet, with me just left standing there, feeling very alone and now completely isolated as I postured there naked with my arms defiantly crossed, facing them all. With the three of them just silently staring back at me, I guess it was my turn to speak but with Helen’s added assistance, these guys had succeeded in making me feel as if I had been childishly stupid about the whole affair. I was obviously outvoted three to one as to whether she should continue to pose or not and Greg’s comments had been cleverly structured in such a way that it was hard for me to argue with him without sounding very puerile. Knowing that further protests would probably also be ineffectual and could also make me look even more foolish and immature, I collected my thoughts carefully before speaking up.

“Fair enough Helen, if that’s what you really want, carry on, but from now on I’ll just stay right out of it and keep my opinions to myself, but I’m warning you, you’ll only have yourself to blame if things get out of hand.”

Although my speaking up had obviously not had much, if any affect at all on the overall outcome of the situation, if nothing else I had at least regained some self respect and was now reasonably satisfied with myself, having finally stood up to them and made my point of view clear. The fact that Helen had gone along with them and not sided with me, angered me more than I can put into words but it certainly impressed upon me the belief, probably for the first time that day, that I now had little or no control over what was happening. Mulling over my options and to be absolutely realistic about the present situation, as tall as I was, I was only of slight build. If push came to shove, I would have little or no chance of physically overpowering either or both of these guys should I need to intervene at some point. The overwhelming feeling of being completely powerless came over me and I had to resign myself to the fact that probably all my presence amounted to now, to the three of them anyway, was just that of an interested, if not unnecessary observer.

Having said my piece, my back-down and present calm demeanor seemed to have been generally accepted as permission to continue with Greg and his mate turning away from me with Helen now being reposed again. With an increased attention to detail she was now positioned laying along the trunk, on her side, resting up on one elbow and supporting her chin in her hand. The other arm was also bent at the elbow but with this upper hand placed on her hip. Now with both knees also bent, one flat down, the other pointing straight up, so as to form that magic triangle as before, again absolutely nothing was hidden.

In this position, devoid of her usual dark curly fleece and with her lips sensuously parted, her vaginal entrance was again completely visible and her wetness even more obvious than before. After numerous photos being taken in this pose, Greg’s mate asked her if she wouldn’t mind being just a little bit more adventurous, to which she just shrugged her shoulders with a `In what way do you mean exactly?’ sort of manner. He then went over to her and after taking her hand in his, proceeded to demonstrate to her how to place her hand above her fanny and with two fingers held in a vee shape, showed her how to spread her inner lips even further apart with them. With the excuse that she might not be one hundred percent sure what was expected of her, his mate actually spread her lips with his own fingers momentarily so as there would be no doubt, again without any objections forthcoming. At the same time, he got her to cup her lower breast with her other hand and pull on her nipple as she had done before.

Thinking that at last she would see that they were now definitely going too far and well beyond any normal bounds of decency, I expected that now she would now at last refuse their request. Instead, as if in some hypnotic trance she calmly and unquestionably complied, asking him if she was spreading her lips wide enough apart and just how far she should pull on her nipple again with her other hand. She asked this in such a clinical way that I found it hard to believe what I was hearing. She was now even using the words `Tits, lips and nipples’ herself, seemingly devoid of any of the previous sense of embarrassment she had shown before.

I found it hard to believe that this was really the same reserved and shy girl that I had walked along the beach with just an hour or so before. I also found it hard to comprehend her seemingly complete reversal in attitude towards exposing her own body to others (or was this just perhaps an attitude that I had only imagined she had?)

Holding herself open like this, between her fingers, you could again see her clit peering out beneath the tiny hood that normally covered it, something I had only seen before in the privacy of our own home when I was going down on her. After each shot they were still both encouraging her and she seemed to be responding by spreading her legs even wider and even laughing and suggestively licking her lips as she was doing it. They were now both telling her how sexy she looked after every new position they put her in and there was no longer any hint of pretence in their suggestions for these open legged poses as to their what their photographic intentions were. I was beginning to doubt that there was anything at all that she wouldn’t do for them, especially as she was now spreading her lips automatically for each shot without them even needing to ask her to.

My doubts were soon confirmed when Greg’s mate got her to lay up against the tree root again with her back supported by the vertical vee part as before and to cup and squeeze her breasts with her hands. He then got her to bend her legs at the knees, bringing both ankles up to form an almost perfect triangle so that the bottoms of her feet were now pressed against each other just below her spread fanny. The fact that both Greg and his mate were now also flippantly calling her breasts `Tits’ proved to me that even they had now completely given up any pretence that they were only taking naturist shots. Greg positioned himself below her on the tree trunk and took quite a few shots, most looking straight up between her legs which made her fanny look about as wide open now as I thought it could ever get.

Boy was I wrong. Still not completely satisfied, Greg, not being quite so crude as his mate, now told her to place both hands between her thighs and with her fingers to pull apart her inner labia.

“You mean my lips?” She queried.

“Yes, your inner labia minora,” he responded.

“That’s the more technical term I like to use, but yes, your inner pussy lips are exactly what I mean.”

Zombie like she did as asked and now even I had become mesmerised by her display. I could not help but notice that her outstretched lips had taken on the appearance very much like that of the wings of a Manta ray, although I’m sure no ray’s wings ever looked as pink, swollen and sensuous as these ones did. As she posed this way, she still continued to smile at Greg as he clicked away below her. As he encouraged her to pull her inner lips further apart, her fanny hole was becoming visibly more open between them and now there was no way that the wetness now showing could possibly be mistaken for baby oil as a small, almost pearl like creamy globule of her juices started to slowly trickle down between the cheeks of her arse. I was amazed at how far out she managed to stretch those beautifully moist and bright pink lips. Greg actually took some close ups of this, crouching right down between her legs. I had no doubt that these shots were now well beyond the bounds of your average naturist photos but still there was no hint of Helen’s refusal to do anything asked of her or even questioning the type of shots now being taken.

Although I was getting more and more angry inside as to what was happening, I cowardly bit my tongue and stood passively by, pretending to myself that I was only doing nothing because of my previous commitment not to interfere and not out of any sense of fear or helplessness.

Next, after changing to the other camera again, Helen was told to pose in a kneeling position, sideways along the trunk but sitting back on her heels. At last, for the first time in this whole episode, she complained about the position she was being posed in. However, it soon became clear that it was not the pose itself that she objected to, rather than the fact that the tree trunk was hard on her shins. Greg asked me, or I should say, told me to fetch her beach towel which I did, and he folded it over a few times and layed it down over the trunk. Greg put her back into the required pose with her knees wide apart again, which now seemed to be the norm, getting her to hold her swollen bright pink lips open in the spread vee position with two fingers of her left hand. He then asked her, if she didn’t mind doing it, could she please touch herself around her clit area (and those were Greg’s actual words) with the middle finger of her other hand. She immediately obliged and positioned her finger down between her outstretched lips, whilst timidly looking up at Greg, almost child like, as if seeking his approval.

“No not like that.” He said, almost laughing.

“Higher up, you know, just as if you were playing with yourself.”

There was always the small possibility that she may have misheard the `As if’ bit but somehow I don’t think she did as she deliberately licked her middle finger and now successfully placed it exactly over her clit to the affirming nods of both Greg and his mate. Then unexpectedly, instead of just keeping her finger there, she started to rhythmically massage herself around her exposed clit and upper lips area, again asking if this was what they wanted.

“Yes, that’s lovely, absolutely lovely.” Greg replied.

She began quite slowly and gently but with both Greg’s and his mate’s verbal encouragement her pace soon began to quicken and eventually, as if no longer aware of the photos being taken, she started to writhe and moan, now rubbing much faster and harder, concentrating more on around her clit than anywhere else. She was still licking her finger every so often but seemed to be running out of spit as she tried to lubricate this obviously now very sensitive area. However, with just about everything displayed so openly and her juices visibly flowing, she must have realised that she had created an alternative source of wetness as she then began to run her middle finger down between her lips and up inside herself then back up to moisten this erect little button which was now becoming generously covered with her creamy coloured juices. None of us had any doubt as to the effectiveness of her self stimulation as her whole body was now physically shaking to the point where I thought she might even fall off the trunk. As she did this, Greg continued to click away and had to keep asking her to keep her eyes open and look straight at the camera which she tried to do without too much success, seeming now to be more engrossed in her own activities than she was in the camera or the other three pairs of eyes observing her.

Watching her do this, it occurred to me that I had never seen Helen touch herself in this way before. Although I knew that most women did this, I had never imagined that the first time I would witness it, I would be sharing the moment with two complete strangers and a bevy of cameras.

With her whole body glistening from baby oil, sun lotion and sweat, she had beads of perspiration running down her cleavage forming a small pool in her navel as she arched her back to and fro. She even had droplets forming at the end of her nipples which would be flicked off when her breasts heaved up and down as her body gyrated. Her usually white chest area was also now flushed with a blush red colour as she seemed to have achieved a rhythm not unlike that of native African women when they performed their ceremonial dances. This rhythm increased until she suddenly stopped, almost abruptly, letting out a loud gasp, almost a scream.

At this point, although obviously very hot, her whole body became covered in goosebumps and she now remained perfectly still as she seemed to concentrate her thoughts, possibly in an effort to sustain the ecstasy of her post orgasmic spasms.

Everything seemed to stop for a while, even the clicking sound of Greg’s camera halted. Helen remained motionless for a moment, she then opened her eyes and just smiled at us all, breaking in to a gentle, almost embarrassed laugh.

Even though my initial reaction to Helen’s exhibitionist behaviour had put me into a mild state of shock, it had not, in any way subdued the voyeuristic enjoyment that her erotic and somewhat unexpected performance had given me. My physical response to it had overtaken any mental objections to her behaving in this way and I had become very aroused and not surprisingly I was now completely erect as to my shock horror was Greg, not to mention his mate who now had a huge bulge poking out from the front of his shorts.

Helen, having now seemingly regained her senses, had started to compose herself somewhat. She was still in her kneeling pose but sitting back a bit more, now in a quite relaxed and obviously more comfortable position, apparently blissfully unconcerned that every minute detail of her usually well concealed private parts were still on display to one and all. Although retaining this overtly sexual pose, she still managed to project the image of a women who was at complete ease with her situation, with little or no real concern as to any possible ramifications of this unusually provocative and sexually tense situation. Now straightening her back and placing her hands on her hips, she looked amazingly serene and content, as she cast her eyes over the three of us. Smiling, as she saw the reaction we had all had, she finally seemed to become aware of the situation at hand and of the effect she had had on us. Staring at the three stiff dicks in front of her, I guess it was only too obvious. Greg kept repeating,

“Absolutely brilliant Helen,” over and over again.

His mate actually started to clap and asked Helen if there was any chance of her giving us all an encore. She just smiled at him and I’m sure I detected a small positive nod of her head.

“Just give me a mo to get my breath back,” she said quietly before finally looking over to me, making eye contact for the first time in what seemed like a long, long while. I half expected to get a look from her that would possibly beg forgiveness but instead her focus dropped from my eyes down to my member which had surprisingly still not lost any of it’s sustained rigidity.

She then, without saying a word and after rearranging the position of her towel, sat herself down in a more comfortable position, sitting upright and facing us all sideways along the sun bleached trunk. She then raised her legs up so as to place both feet flat down on the trunk either side of her so that from where we three were watching from, her legs formed a perfect M shape with her intentionally opened fanny as the centre piece. Her knees were now almost level with her chest. After seeming satisfied with this new and totally revealing pose and without lifting her eyes, she placed her upper hand down above her fanny and spread her lips apart again. She then brought her other hand down and after running her fingers up and down this now very moist little valley a few times, inserted what looked like at least a couple of the now well lubricated fingers up inside herself. Unlike before, she did not remove them, but just started pushing them in and out, quite gently and slowly at first but also extremely erotically whilst also massaging around her clit with the thumb of her spreading hand.

Greg had stopped taking shots at this point and was making some adjustments to his camera with his back to her. When his mate told him to have a gander at this, he immediately went back over to his bag and quickly brought back his movie camera, which as he had previously mentioned, was indeed the same model as the one I had. He crouched down in front of Helen, focusing his lens no more than eighteen inches from her now very busy fingers.

“Bloody marvellous Helen,” Greg uttered as he got his focus just right.

For once, she seemed to completely ignore his comments. This time, outside encouragement was no longer necessary to urge her on because Helen had again become completely absorbed in her own performance. She was bending slightly forward now and watching her self penetration as voyeuristicaly as any of the rest of us, almost like a fourth uninvolved observer. She seemed almost as interested in watching her own fingers disappear and re emerge from her now smooth and very wet fanny as the rest of us were as her swollen lips formed a perfect seal around her moist fingers each time they were inserted and retracted. It was almost as if she was having some kind of weird out of body experience as she began to repeat the phrase in the unusual vernacular of the third person.

“Yeh, come on, come on, you can do it.”

As she started to breath at a faster rate, she quickened her inserting pace to match it. With this speeding up, she also started to speed up her massaging around her protruding clit with the thumb of the hand she was using to spread herself open with as she plunged her wet, creamy covered fingers in and out of herself. Unlike the first time she had made herself come and had found it hard to keep her eyes open, she was now quickly alternating between looking down at herself, then up to check out our all too obvious hard ons, as if to somehow gauge her performance by the ever increasing rigidity that she could see in all of our members.

There was little doubt as to who was now in control of this little exhibition and she certainly had her audience exactly where she wanted us as she continued her constant repetition of,

“Come on, come on, you can do it.”

It soon began to sound almost like an invitation to join in and either because of the fact that his shorts had now become very uncomfortable or maybe he was in some way responding to Helen’s utterings, Greg’s mate pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them, his rather small but very hard dick flicking upwards as if it had been spring loaded.

Wary of this, I decided that if I didn’t put an end to it now, that there might be no way I could stop these two guys from taking her up on her all too welcoming invitation should they decide to accommodate her.

As if encouraged by his action, Helen again started to repeat her now breathless invitation of,

“Yeh, come on, you can do it, you can do it,” over and over again.

Now even I was starting to have some considerable doubts as to what preferred reaction she was trying to solicit from this unclear enticement. Was this just self encouragement, as I hoped it was or did she really want one or more of us to join in with her in some way? One thing that was certain though, Helen was definitely aware of the fact that it was her and her alone who was now in full charge of this particular little spectacle and that if she wanted to, she could play it out anyway she wanted to.

Greg and his mate were now both again encouraging her with comments like,

“Come on Helen, that’s absolutely brilliant, you can do it baby.”

Helen now responded by poking and rubbing herself even harder and faster, now starting to close her eyes with her head thrown back again and breathing heavily in the fashion in which we had seen a short while before, her blush red chest again covered in perspiration. All of us men were still as stiff as pokers but I couldn’t help but notice that Greg’s mate had now taken himself in hand and without any apparent show of self consciousness or embarrassment was vigorously pulling himself off, almost as if in direct response to Helen’s movements.

In the spontaneous excitement of the moment, I had the sudden impulse to do much the same thing myself and actually took myself in hand, giving my old fella half a dozen strong tugs before I realised just what I was doing. With just as much haste, I immediately removed my hand from my now straining member, hoping that Helen had not seen me touching myself that way.

I needn’t have bothered to stop if Helen’s reaction to Greg’s mates actions were anything to go by. Seeing him jerking himself off didn’t seem to intimidate her in the least. If anything, it only seemed to serve to spur her on even more as she was now obviously trying to make a conscious effort to keep her eyes open again, her focus now becoming totally fixed on his now fast moving hand.

Soon, both of them started to move their hips backwards and forwards in response to each other’s actions as if they were somehow actually engaged in the sex act. Although they were at least five feet apart, the way Helen was reacting to him made me almost as jealous as if they had been doing it for real. Rapidly increasing their pace harmoniously as if in some sort of pre-arranged dance, it felt almost like my own wife was being unfaithful to me in front of my very own eyes. Still I stood by, doing nothing as their tempo increased, now almost seeming to be in a race with each other rather than being together as before.

Now, what with their movements being out of sync, this seemed to placate my jealousy a bit as I could see that Helen was now deriving more pleasure from her own actions than by watching him. This being the case, it soon became clear that Helen was getting slightly ahead of her virtual partner as she started to arch her back, raising her chin to the sky and let out an uncharacteristic cry of,

“Oh shit, oh Christ, I’m almost there, I’m going to come again, yeh, I’m starting to come, yeh I’m nearly there now, I’m really close, I’m really close, oh shit I’m there, I’m there, oh fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she screamed.

This running commentary took me completely by surprise, not to mention her unexpected use of such foul language, the like of which I had never heard her use before. But more was to come.

“Oh boy, oh fuck, I can’t stand it, it’s just so bloody strong, I can’t stand it”, she protested as if requiring help from someone. Her cries for assistance would have been very much more convincing had she not continued to vigorously poke herself even harder, now licking her lips and looking to the heavens as if in search of some divine intervention.

Without stopping, and now bringing her head forward, she looked down as she started to thrust her hips forward as if in some final effort to manage to encounter Greg’s mate’s equally enthusiastic genitals.

Even though she had just loudly and crudely announced her orgasm to the whole world, this did not curtail her self pleasuring as she continued to poke herself and rub her clit with just as much vigour as she watched Greg’s mate pull himself off in front of her.

“Oh God, oh fuck, I don’t believe it,” she cried out.

“It’s happening again,” she screamed even louder.

“I’m about to come again, I am, I am coming again.”

“Oh God, oh Christ, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

Suddenly her body became completely motionless as she again seemed to be savouring those few fleeting sensations of post orgasmic pleasure as she again looked up to the sky, her hands still firmly clasped to her crotch.

After a few moments of remaining completely still, Helen suddenly brought her head forward again, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Wow, I’m really sorry about that language, I don’t normally swear like that do I Steve?, it’s just that I just couldn’t help myself then, I mean, I’ve never come as many times as that before,……….ever.”

Then looking down, she then did something even more out of character. Slowly removing her still inserted fingers out of herself, she brought her hand up to her face as if to examine her fingers in close detail. Even from where I was, some ten feet away, I could see that they were both covered in the creamy residue of her own love juices.

“Boy, am I wet or what?” she asked rhetorically, still closely examining her digits.

“Well guys, is that receptive enough for you?” She queried in a most inviting type of tone.

Placing these cream covered fingers up to her mouth, one at a time, she meticulously started to suck each one clean in the fashion of a little girl sucking on a lollipop. I noticed that as she did this, she still held her focus on Greg’s mate who, with an increased urgency now, was still continuing to unembarrassingly pull himself off.

I decided it was now or never.

“That’s it.” I shouted.

“That’s enough, we are stopping it right here before it goes any further,” moving in between Helen’s crotch and the end of Greg’s movie camera lens, which at this point was not a huge distance apart.

Greg got off what must have been the last couple of feet on this film, some of which must have included footage of me looking rather indignant but still with a full hard on, before he finally stood up from his crouching position. The fact that his penis was still, like mine fully erect and rock hard seemed to be of no apparent concern or embarrassment to him either.

His mate had turned away from me slightly and hearing Helen clapping her hands as in applause behind me, made me turn towards her to see what had brought this on. I couldn’t help notice that she was now sucking something off the middle finger of her other hand and just shrugged her shoulders at me in an `Oh well’ sort of attitude.

Looking back towards Greg’s mate, who had just handed something to Helen, I noticed that he no longer sported the short hard erection that he had before, although it was still considerably engorged. I had some suspicions that he might have actually shot his load because it was weird that he managed to lose his erection so quickly and both Greg and I, still had ours.

“No worries”, said Greg.

“We don’t want to upset you guys as you probably have some plans judging by the way you’ve aroused each other, not to mention us”, he added with a stifled laugh.

“Don’t let us stop you two from enjoying yourselves though, hey in fact I can get my other camera out again if you want me to add some more spicier shots to the album too”.

I looked up at Helen who was still laying on her side and now, casually as you like, brushing her hair. I concluded that this must have been what she had taken from Greg’s mate just before. He had since gone over to one of their bags and returned with a different, smaller camera and mumbled something to Helen about using the brush down there. She seemed to be nodding and responding positively as she kneeled up with her legs apart again then placed the round, smooth wooden handle of the brush between her spread fanny lips and started to gently slide it up and down a few times before gently inserting the quite thick handle end of it up inside herself a short way.

Greg’s mate was now in front of her and told Helen to hold the pose, taking several shots of her with the brush handle being increasingly inserted further up inside her fanny as she pulled and pinched on one of her nipples with her free hand. It wasn’t hard to see that in her present state of mind, she certainly had the appetite to take it as far as either of these guys wanted her to go. Witnessing Helen’s incredible behaviour, I got the distinct impression that had I not been there to watch over her, in her present sexually exited condition, these guys would have been offered no resistance from her should they have wanted to take full advantage of the situation. Considering the fact that she was now masturbating herself openly in front of them both with the use of her hairbrush whilst Greg’s mate continued to photograph it, I had little doubt that it would have taken very little further persuasion on their part (or perhaps Greg in this case as he still had a full erection) to convince Helen to let him go all the way with her. The image of him actually doing it to her whilst his friend continued to take pictures kept flashing into my mind.

Coming back to reality and seeing as my previous remarks had still gone unheeded, I loudly repeated my earlier request. “Okay, I said that’s enough now.” I shouted, again positioning myself between Helen and Greg’s mate.

“I think you’ve already got all the photos that you are going to get today.”

Helen now jumped down off the tree, looking more than just a bit disappointed. She started to brush her hair again, not even stopping to wipe the moist handle. With this Greg shrugged his shoulders and muttered something like,

“Oh well, Helen, you still did a bloody marvellous job anyway.”

Realising that this was as far as I would let them go they both went back over to where their bags lay. Greg’s mate put his shorts back on. I noticed that he carefully wiped himself with a small towel before pulling them up, making me even more convinced of the outcome of his previous activities. Both began to pack up their cameras. As they did this they were just casually chatting amongst themselves but when they had finished Greg came over to us and thanked us for our participation and commented that for first timers we had both done exceedingly well as models. He said that when we really got into naturism seriously, we would begin to realise that the human body is a gift that should be admired and displayed and that the worst thing you can do is to hide something so beautiful from the eyes of others.

“Remember, there is no sin in beauty,” he said again,

adding that he had the feeling that Helen obviously already had a good appreciation of this but that sometimes it took a while for others to fully realise it. There wasn’t too much doubt as to whom this point was directed at. He added that he hoped they would catch up with us again soon, promising that once he had printed these shots he would make sure that he got some copies to us. Greg said to Helen that seeing as she had enjoyed it so much, that if she was interested, his camera club could use someone as attractive and uninhibited as her as a model any time she was available and that she would get paid well for it. Helen was obviously flattered but also now for the first time seemed aware of her nakedness, wrapping a towel around herself. She replied that she would think about it.

Saying goodbye they then casually strolled off, back up the track down which they had come as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Only the fact that Greg was still obviously more than slightly aroused would have suggested otherwise.

When they were out of sight I had to compose myself before being able to talk to Helen. Eventually when I felt that the tension of the situation had diminished somewhat, I asked Helen how she could possibly have behaved so shamelessly in front of two complete strangers and let them touch her like that.

“I don’t know what came over me,” she said.

“I know you are probably shocked, I am myself, I would never have believed I could have done that in front of other people but I just seemed to lose all control. I wanted so much to be like a real model and they made me feel so good about myself and how I was doing that I really was beginning to enjoy being the centre of attention. I’m amazed that I let it go so far but I was so turned on, especially when they touched me that I couldn’t help myself and didn’t want to stop. I know you probably think what I did was wrong but please try to understand and not be too mad at me,” she pleaded.

I thought about what she had said and suddenly felt almost empathy towards her. I held back what I had intended to say which included the phrase `Acting like a slut’ and merely replied that I was probably more surprised than anything else about her behaviour but considering everything I could understand how she had been turned on by it all as it had had the same effect on all of us. I asked her however, what could I have possibly done to stop these two big guys if either or both them had tried to have their way with her.

“I don’t know,” she replied,

“I was too carried away with things to even think straight, but when I saw each of you getting horny, it made me want to try even harder to be sexy for you all. The idea that I had aroused three men at the same time was just the biggest turn on for me, and I began to imagine what it would be like, having all of you doing it to me at the same time. Although I knew it was wrong, I felt really selfish, as if I had earned the right to have all of you to myself”, she added.

“One thing I do know is that when that guy started to brush my pubes, I got a feeling, almost like electricity go straight through my whole body and I knew that I was getting very wet down there, I was just hoping that nobody noticed. Then when Greg started to cut my hair and rubbed the comb against my lips, I was so close to coming you would’t believe it. It was at that point that I really lost it, like having an itch that you just had to scratch, so that’s why when I got the chance and he asked me to touch myself, I just had to make myself come, knowing how close I was anyway and I felt like I would explode if I didn’t”.

I said nothing and just continued to look at her, not really knowing what more I could say being in the mild state of shock that I was. In a possible effort to explain herself better she went on.

“Look, when I was growing up, coming from such a strict Catholic family and going to a convent school, I was always being told to sit properly, to always keep my legs together, act like a lady, never have too much skin exposed, not even to wear patent shoes in case boys looked up your dress in their reflection. All my life I never ever saw my mother without her clothes on. At night I often used to dream that I was walking down St Albans High street, every thing was just as normal except that I had nothing on and everyone was watching me. I remember that when I woke up I was always disappointed that it was only a dream. I guess in this dream I was probably rebelling against all the suppression I got at home and school. Well, this was probably one of the few chances I have ever had when I really felt that I could finally live out that dream by doing what I did. And I can tell you, it felt so liberating doing something totally without inhibition for maybe only the second time in my whole life, and you can’t tell me it didn’t do something for you too, I mean most of the time you had a hard on as well. Didn’t it feel good, just for once having an erection in front of other people without shame and seeing them the same way too?”.

I had to think on this for a few moments before answering, not even being aware enough to ask why she had said `only the second time’.

“Yeah, I suppose it did feel a bit weird, yet not all together bad. Seeing both of them with hard ons did scare me at first because I thought that they were going to try to screw you, but I also know that even though I was obviously concerned, the thought of it made me go even harder. What were you thinking though when that guy started wanking himself off in front of you, weren’t you worried that he might try to rape you?”.

“No, it never even occurred to me, I just saw it as his appreciation of what I was doing for you all. To be honest, it took away some of the guilty feelings I was having about touching myself so openly in front of you all like I was. I Know that this will probably sound disgusting to you now but when I was making myself come that second time, I couldn’t help but fantasise about the three of you joining in and coming all over me or better still, all coming inside me. Who knows, maybe if you had have, then perhaps you and Greg could have enjoyed coming as much as his mate and I obviously did. If those two are anything to go by, probably nudists don’t mind getting hard or coming in front of their friends, Greg’s mate certainly didn’t have any inhibitions or hold back did he? I was amazed by just how far he managed to shoot his load when he ejaculated, did you see how far he spurted, some of his cum actually landed on my thigh from about four feet away. You know that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a man make himself come like that and it made me feel so special, special because I knew it was all because of me”.

What she had told me really surprised me, much more than I could have ever imagined. I knew that I would have to do some serious rethinking about my obvious misconceptions as to the way that I believed she thought about these things, especially her attitude towards this new found sexual freedom. Whilst it worried me that she would even fantasise about other men screwing her or pulling themselves off in front of her, it also excited me, probably more than I would have liked to admit at the time. Was her display in front of these guys fundamentally wrong and obscene or were our previous attitudes to something like this completely out of kilter with reality? I guess it really depended upon whose reality you measured it by. I was totally confused and yet somehow strangely excited by what had gone on but I knew that I had a lot of serious thinking to do to come to terms with all this.

Being quite hot, we eventually decided to go for another swim. I suggested to Helen that maybe she should put her bottoms back on this time but she replied that she would prefer not to if that was okay by me. I was used to taking no for an answer by this time so I did not push the point. This time on walking back up the beach, it obviously did not go unnoticed by some of the guys there that Helen was now showing off rather more of herself than she had been an hour or so before and I had my first doubts about Greg’s statement that there were no degrees of nudity. The admiring looks of approval on all of their faces were hard to ignore as we walked back into the dunes, Helen seeming quite chuffed with this new attention she had received.

After having this refreshing swim which gave us both some time to cool down, I felt that my feelings of anger towards her had subsided somewhat.

After a little while laying face down and soaking up the warm rays on my back, I turned over and asked Helen if she would rub some more lotion on to my front. She complied, again straddling me as before. Looking down at her hairless pussy, her lips swollen and hanging down, my penile response was immediate. This time Helen took the initiative and gradually positioned her self above me. With my hands, I carefully eased her arse cheeks apart as she lowered herself down on to me. We coupled so easily that with just one push I was completely inside her. She started to raise and lower herself, again doing all the work. We had both been very aroused by the previous events of the day and the amount of sexual tension in the air could almost be cut by a knife. Now having nothing in the way to stop me seeing myself slide in and out of her, the erotisicm of the moment was heightened to a new level that I had never before experienced. I had never before realised just how sensual her lips had looked as they palpitated to and fro with every movement or how her clit would protrude out beneath it’s protective little hood each time our bodies got closer. With all these things intensifying the sensations we were experiencing, it was not long before we both began to come, this time together. It was so overpowering that even some noise in the bushes behind us could not cause Helen to stop until she was completely satisfied although she seemed to focus in on the tell tale rustling even as she climaxed. The thought of someone watching us this time did not have the same effect as before. If anything it only enhanced the excitement of the moment. Something told us though that Greg may now have got the shots that he had offered to take before. But, you know, we really didn’t care.

If someone had bet me a few hours before that by this time this afternoon my normally shy and reserved wife would have walked naked on a public beach, had sex out in the open twice, posed completely starkers and unashamed for erotic photo’s, let two complete strangers play with her tits and fanny and then masturbated her hairless fanny to orgasm in front of them, I would have given odds of one million to one against.

I would have lost.

In the hour or so it took us to drive home to East Malvern, later that afternoon, barely a word was spoken between us. It was almost as if we were suddenly two strangers again and not quite able to communicate in our normally effortless way. There was a multitude of confused issues that were buzzing around in my head. Trying to come to terms with them in my confused but over stimulated mind was not easy as these issues were many and complex. This was without doubt the most sexually charged day that I had had in my quite short adult life but it had been both stimulating and frightening at the same time. Emotionally, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this paradox before me. Although Helen had remained quiet, she didn’t seem as disturbed by what had happened today as I had been. She appeared to have taken the whole of today’s events completely within her stride and it was because of this easy acceptance that my own more agitated state of mind concerned me. Had she no qualms that her intimate and uninhibited little display could have been seen by me in much the same light as if she had been unfaithful to me? Obviously not. Why then was I not mature enough to be able to let her have done this without all these self recriminations going around in my head? Was I perhaps feeling a sense of guilt because deep down I had actually enjoyed watching her do it in some way? My mind was spinning and it was only after having had our showers and had cooled down a bit that I managed to feel able to openly discuss that day’s extraordinary events with her.

Helen remained adamantly remorseful as to her actions, seeming to justify her overt behavior by making the point that had these guys just turned up and said we want you to pose for us nude, legs apart and playing with yourself there was no way in the world she would have agreed. However, she argued that because of the way that things had progressed and only gradually advanced from one stage to the next, there was no real escalation between the levels of explicitness to each pose. What with their ever continual encouragement and her intense involvement in trying to pose properly, this had somehow distorted any realization as to what she was actually being asked to do. I pointed out to her that I had actually jumped in a couple of times to remind her of this reality but she seemed to skim over my objection, adding that although now, in retrospect, she had surprised even herself, thinking about just how far she had gone, she still could not deny that she had enjoyed displaying herself the way she had done and this was something very important that she had learned about herself. Something that she may never have learned if today had not happened. She even went to the point of saying that if the same circumstances occurred again she knew she would find it hard not to want to do exactly the same thing again. She concluded by saying that the exhilaration and freedom she had felt whilst showing herself off was probably the biggest turn on she had ever had in her whole life and she just couldn’t bring herself around to feel bad about something that felt so good.

Two weeks later Greg turned up at the counter of the Water Resources office where Helen was employed, asking to see her. She must have let it slip out where she worked when she was first chatting to him. As you can imagine, his unannounced appearance made her rather nervous about his intentions but he assured her that he was only there to give her copies of some of the photos taken, as he had promised. They were sealed in an envelope, thankfully he saved her any embarrassment by not actually opening them at the counter. He got her to sign a model release form when he did this, Helen thinking this was some sort of receipt to say only that she had received them. He invited her, if she was available, to join him and his friends on a weekend photographic field trip up to their usual naturist resort. He said that they were taking up a couple of new models that he had spotted, to have some portfolios made up and he thought that she might enjoy the experience of modelling again for them. Apparently there was no mention of me being included, so she politely declined his offer, saying no thanks, maybe some other time. He also asked if she had had any more thoughts about modelling for his camera club to which she replied that she was still thinking about it. He added that a friend of his in advertising might have a small but paying job coming up soon for a photo for the box of a new type of sunray lamp and that he would put her name forward if she was interested. Helen said that she might be and he wrote down his home phone number and told her to give him a call if she was available. Saying he would catch up with her soon, he then left.

We are still not sure if Greg did get those final shots but some of the photos of Helen did appear in an Australian naturist magazine a few months later, much to our surprise.

They accompanied an article called`From Prude to Nude’ which was about a first timers experience on a free beach. The editorial that accompanied them did not seem to relate at all to Helen or that particular day, so they must have just added her photos to someone else’s story. However they did use her first name in the article and the captions below the photos, but not her surname, which was a saving grace. They were a good sequence of black and white shots, the first five being a quarter page size each and the sixth and final one taking up a whole page and positioned sideways on in the magazine.

The sequence started with Helen, posed standing in front of the tree in her cheesecloth dress, wearing underwear and with her hands on her hips. The next one was almost the same pose, but in this you could see that she had no bra on under the dress. The degree of transparency of the cheesecloth became surprisingly evident in the next shot as you could just about see every everything through it, nipples, pubes and all. The fill in flash probably had something to do with this effect. The fourth was of her, again almost the same pose but now standing on the trunk of the tree with the dress open and behind her arms with the pouting look on her face, hands still on hips but now standing legs apart .The next one was almost identical to the fifth one but now without the dress and a big smile instead of the pout. The sixth and final photo was the full page one, taken when she was posed on the white trunk of the fallen tree. In this one, she was shown laying along the tree trunk with her legs wide apart and arms above her head. Although she looked gorgeous in the first five shots, in this last one she looked absolutely stunning with her whole body now glistening from the sun lotion. Her hard, dark nipples were pointing proudly skywards on those beautifully firm breasts with her long legs, although bent at the knee, looking just as long as they were in real life. She looked so good that it took a few moments for it to register just how revealing this photo really was. Examining her nether regions, I was more than just a bit surprised that they could print this in a magazine as the clarity and definition of her private parts was almost gynaecological, due not only to the absence of pubic hair but also because of the fact that the photo took up a whole page. Absolutely nothing was left to the imagination. You could clearly see the texture of the wrinkly prune like skin surrounding her protruding and swollen inner lips. The fact that her vaginal entrance was very dilated and extremely wet with her juices was even more apparent. You could even make out just the tip of her clit peeping out from below the partially retracted hood. It was also quite obvious that between photos five and six that all of her pubic hair had mysteriously disappeared as well. I would strongly dispute the argument that any red blooded male looking upon this image could do so without an obvious physical response. Even American Playboy and Penthouse, some of the only adult mags that were available in Victoria at the time would never show pictures this explicit. We found out later that because this was a local naturist publication, it was classified as a recreational magazine and not as an adult magazine. Because different censorship laws applied to these categories, they were able get away with showing almost anything.

The way we managed to find out about them is a story in itself. A young female friend of ours, Liz, who lived in the same block of units as us, saw them in the mag whilst at her girlfriends place. Her friend subscribed to the mag, being a keen member of country nudist club. Liz thought that she recognised Helen’s photos in an article, being even more convinced it was her as her first name was mentioned. She borrowed it and brought it home to show us. Liz seemed really interested in finding out more about how Helen had come to pose for the photos. Helen did at first seem a bit embarrassed and slightly shocked that these photos had been published but never the less, this did not stop her from going out the next day and bringing home half a dozen copies of the same issue to keep for herself.

After having been told every detail about what happened and shown some of the more explicit photos that Greg had given Helen, Liz didn’t seem shocked in the least. She even asked us if we didn’t mind, that when we went back to Somers, could we take her with us as she had always wanted to go to a nudist beach. I asked her, as she had mentioned that her friend was a keen nudist, why hadn’t she ever gone with her? Liz explained that her friend belonged to a club which was full of old fuddy duddies and that she knew that she probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable around them, whereas with us, being her own age, she wouldn’t mind taking her clothes off. Little did We know at this time that this simple request was going to lead to many new and exciting experiences in our lives.

Chapter 02

Probably as a direct result of her posing nude that day for those two guys at Somers beach, Helen soon became much more at ease with own her body and a lot less self conscious about showing it off, especially with regards to nudity around our flat.

We lived at the back of the upper level of a two storey block of twelve units, at the end of the access balcony. Ours was the last unit and nobody walked past our door or large front window unless they were coming to see us.

Being in a slightly hilly position, from the front of our unit we looked out over a reasonably good panorama of the surrounding suburb of East Malvern and also over the next door neighbour’s back garden (that being a normal detached house.) During the day it was almost impossible to see into our flat from anywhere below. Being just a one bedroom unit, the only windows at the back were one in our bedroom and a frosted one in the bathroom. These both also overlooked the back garden of another detached single storey house on the other side.

On weekends and sometimes in the evenings, Helen often used to walk around the unit without a stitch on and as you can imagine, I never complained. Not only because I always enjoyed seeing her this way but also because she always seemed much happier in herself when she was au naturel. Although I never felt that she really had any need to justify her new dress code to me, or to herself for that matter, each time she decided not to wear anything around the unit, she always went out of her way to make the point that it was because of the very warm summer temperatures, both days and nights, that she found it far more comfortable to be that way and she always insisted on asking me if I minded. As Helen was one of the few people I have ever known who looked more attractive without clothes than with, I found absolutely no reason to object to her new summer dress code. Sometimes however, she seemed so completely unaware of her nudity that she often left the front door open with just the fly screen shut.

I myself never really had the inclination to dress likewise as I still hadn’t become as uninhibited as her in this direction. If it was a really hot evening though, I might just wear my underpants, or jocks as the locals called them. I would have to agree with Helen though about it being cooler and far more comfortable with so little on. Only on occasions when things got a bit more intimate between us would I strip off completely.

Some evenings when we were not going out, she would strip off as soon as she got home from work, have a shower and stay undressed until we went to bed with me always having to remind her to close the venetian blinds on our front window when it got dark as anyone walking up to our unit or in the back garden of the house below would have been able to see in, what with our lights being on.

Previous to our recent episode at the beach and Helen’s newly acquired dress code, I had only ever associated nudity with sex but now I could look at it a bit differently and see Helen naked without needing to jump her bones whenever she disrobed. This, however, does not mean that our sex life diminished, on the contrary it improved a lot to the point where she now initiated it as often as I did. Our activities were not now only restricted to just the missionary position in the bedroom as before. We often found that if the mood took us, we would have lengthy sessions in the lounge room with the coffee table and sofa and even the kitchen bench frequently receiving many a good bashing.

Up until Helen had put on that very erotic display whilst posing for nude photos at the beach, I had never seen her touch herself so intimately before, but on occasions now, often with my encouragement, she would sometimes lay back on the lounge and bring herself off whilst I watched. I was not adverse to playing with myself as well while I observed her and seeing me do this would spur her on even more. I would never have done this before now unless I was on my own and had complete privacy but now there never seemed to be any feelings of guilt associated with this mutual self pleasuring in front of each other, on either of our parts.

Since having her nether regions described as untidy by Greg and his mate that same day ay Somers beach, Helen had now also taken to keeping her fanny clean shaven, completely smooth and devoid of every last curly vestige of her normally soft and dark pubic hair. There was always an uninterrupted view of those most intimate and erotic parts whenever she so expertly indulged in her self stimulation. Mostly I would hold back and try not to make myself come, although watching her play with herself, my control was not always as good as I would have liked it to have been. If I couldn’t hold back and was about to ejaculate before we coupled, I would at least try to give her enough warning. She always pleaded for me to come all over her tummy and breasts so that she could witness every single last spurt as watching this seemed to be a huge turn on for her. Then she would enthusiastically rub it in all over her breasts, claiming that she did it because it would make them bigger because of the hormone content contained in the spermy fluids.

Whenever this happened and my member became too limp to use as nature had intended, I would always then use fingers and my tongue on her instead. Without her protective fleece getting in the way, I could usually zero in very quickly on the areas that I knew would bring her off with the minimum of effort on my part and this always excited her to a point that I would have to hold back for a while before repeating my attentions. She protested that the pleasurable sensations were just too much to handle again unless she had time to recoup her composure. She always seemed to enjoy this pleasuring almost as much, sometimes even more than normal intercourse itself. I perfected an almost infallible technique where I would insert two fingers and slide them in and out at the same time as I would flick my tongue over and around her clitoris. She never once complained about the effectiveness of my technique, regardless of which way it went so I never felt that I was under any pressure to perform or that I had let her down in any way when an accidental premature ejaculation did occur.

More often than not though, I could restrain myself enough to be able to hold back from ejaculating too early. I would usually wait until after she had brought herself to orgasm at least a couple of times and had come down from the peak of her climax before I entered her. Once she was past this point it was then extremely easy to make her come again when coupled, usually multiple times and she was always so wet that penetration was usually a doddle even though normally she was always of a very tight disposition down there. I used to like her to continue to touch herself as well while we were coupled as this always seemed to make her orgasm so much stronger and my job so much more enjoyable because it was so easy to bring her off.

One evening when I was having a shower and Helen was preparing tea in the kitchenette off the lounge room, someone knocked on the front door of our unit. As luck would have it the door was closed, but unfortunately the blinds were not and Helen was au naturel as she so often was nowadays. She ran into the bedroom and threw on a long cotton dress, popping her head into the bathroom to let me know that Geoff and Moira were outside and she was about to let them in. The fact that she knew who was there meant that they had probably seen her too.

After getting dressed I joined them in the lounge room. While I sat with them, not a word was spoken either way about them being witness to Helen’s previous state of undress and we all chatted away as if nothing had happened. Geoff and Moira were a couple we had met on the boat coming over from England. He was tall with dark, shoulder length hair, a bit on the thin side and very English looking. I always thought that he looked a bit like an anaemic version of Neil Diamond. She was shorter with a medium build and quite plain looking, never wearing any make up. I believe that she came from somewhere in Northern England as she had a very strong accent that I couldn’t quite pick but he originated from Sutton which was almost an outer suburb of south London. She was quite reserved and had what most people would describe as a mousy type of personality and his was not much different. They always seemed out of place and awkward when with the group of people with whom we mixed with, most of whom had quite lively and much more outgoing personalities. However both Geoff and Moira still made the effort to join in with us all despite of that fact which was something I always admired them for.

Making conversation with them was never really easy as it never seemed to flow naturally as with some of our other friends. You always had to initiate things and this sometimes took a fair bit of effort on my part. I often noticed that Helen sometimes couldn’t seem to be bothered to make that effort and habitually seemed indifferent towards them. I, myself always found them both to be very amiable but never what you would term stimulating company.

On this occasion they stayed for about an hour, although it did seem more like three and after they had left, Helen mentioned that their unannounced visit had irritated her a bit, what with them turning up out of the blue the way they had. I asked her whether she thought that they had seen her through the blinds when they had first knocked and she laughed as she said that it would have been hard for them not have done. Funny enough it was their impromptu arrival and not the fact that they had seen her au naturel that seemed to have bothered her most.

A few weeks later, Moira rang Helen at work to say that they might drop over in the evening on the way back from their night school. They were both enrolled in a photography class for beginners at Caulfield College which was just around the corner from where we lived. Helen, although I’m sure it didn’t enthuse her too much, agreed that it would be fine for them to come over and subsequently they turned up at about eight o’clock. This time Helen made sure she dressed appropriately. I discussed the night class with Geoff and he was genuinely interested in the subject. Moira said she was only going so as not to be at home on her own and did not really think she would continue to go as they only had one camera anyway and Geoff always used that. During this conversation Helen mentioned that she had recently been asked to do some photographic modelling by some guys at the beach and thought that she had been quite good at it. I couldn’t help but laugh at her self promotion as I knew she had only done it once and I contended that this didn’t exactly qualify her as a hardened professional. I was very relieved, however when she couldn’t find the photos taken that day or even the magazine that they appeared in to show to them, me regularly having to put them out of sight in a box in our wardrobe just because of a similar occurrence like this. Helen seemed to have overcome her initial concerns about them having been printed and often left a copy of the magazine out as if she wanted people to notice her in it. She now seemed quite proud of her uninhibited display in them and had even shown a girl friend at work the issue. Once when I had to go home at lunch time with a work mate of mine to pick up some extra cable, he found a copy laying out on the coffee table. Lingering over Helen’s spread and telling me just how much he would love to `root’ this chick, I had to agree, thankful for the fact that he had not yet actually met Helen face to face before.

Regardless of my disparaging comments, Moira said she thought Helen would make a perfect model and maybe she might pose for them some time soon as the next assignment they had in class was to use a live model and take a series of available light shots. Geoff agreed with Moira and asked Helen if she would be interested, adding that it would have to be for free though as they only doing it for the assignment. Helen jumped at the chance and said if they came back next evening, they could probably take the photos in the bedroom of the unit as the only thing in there was an inflatable air mattress that was our bed and a small sea chest that we brought over and used for storage and we could move them both out of the way quite easily. Geoff seemed pleased and accepted her offer but once they had left, I made the point to Helen that I was under the impression that she didn’t particularly get along with either of them so why, in all reason, did she so enthusiastically make the offer to model. She replied that the idea of modelling again appealed to her and that she wouldn’t mind doing it another time for the experience, maybe the more practise she got, the better she would get at it.

The next evening Geoff and Moira arrived at about seven o’clock with their camera and a tripod and not much else. As it was not the brightest inside, I asked why they didn’t have a flash unit. Geoff explained that all of the shots had to be taken with available light for the assignment so they could not use a flash. This flash thing never quite worked out the way that I assumed it would for some reason. Moira sat in the lounge watching the Ernie Sigley show on the telly while Geoff and Helen set up in the bedroom. We had partially deflated the air bed and pushed it into the bottom of the wardrobe but the trunk was still there. They pinned a pinkish coloured sheet to the wall and covered the trunk with it as well. We also had a rocking chair in the lounge room which Geoff felt we could use, so we put that in the bedroom as well. Helen asked him what she should wear and he replied that maybe they should go through her wardrobe and pick out a few outfits. They chose a silky black blouse with matching skirt, a red and white polka dot summer dress and her long white cheesecloth dress which brought back some vivid memories of her previous endeavour into modelling.

First of all Helen changed into the black silk outfit in our small ensuite and when dressed, Geoff posed her sitting in the rocking chair. We needed to place a bedside lamp on one side to increase the lighting. Geoff had his camera on the tripod as he explained that he would need a longish exposure because of the limited amount of light. He took a couple of shots with Helen turning her head in various positions using a remote plunger control device to trigger the camera, saying that you could avoid camera shake this way. I was very impressed with his level of knowledge as he hadn’t been doing the course very long.

Next he took some of her pretending to play an old guitar that I had in the wardrobe. Although she had to look like she was actually strumming it, she could not move her hands as Geoff said that this might blur the photo as he was using a long exposure time. Helen then changed into her red and white polka dot dress which was one of my favourites as it had a tight waistline and the top was fairly low cut and pushed up her breasts giving her a lovely cleavage. She was sat down in the rocking chair again and for extra light she held a candle in a saucer close to her face. The main overhead light was turned off so as the only light came from the candle but she had to remain very still while Geoff took some extra long exposures.

In between shots I would occasionally go back and talk to Moira as she seemed to be getting left out while the rest of us were in the bedroom. She didn’t seem concerned at all and said that she was just as happy to watch the telly and showed no real interest in what we were doing. I felt that maybe I should be keeping her company for longer as Geoff and Helen were now getting along very well and they were moving lights around and changing her position to suit, but Moira didn’t seem too bothered about being on her own in the least. This was probably the most I had ever heard Geoff and Helen speak to each other in the few months that we had known them. This obviously was a subject of mutual interest and not too much of an effort for Helen to discuss with him.

When I went back in to see how things were going, they had finished doing one set of photos and Helen was changing into her white cheesecloth dress in the ensuite. When she came out she looked very lovely but it was obvious that the only thing she had on under the dress were her panties.

“Did you forget something?” I asked, indicating what I meant by pointing to her chest area.

“Oh,” she said.

“I didn’t have a bra on under those other outfits, I didn’t even think, do you want me to put one on Geoff?.”

I felt that this question should have been directed at me, not Geoff, but he replied that it was fine by him as long as she realised that the dress was a bit see through and that her boobs might show through in the photos.

“Yeah no problems” was her reply.

“I’ve modelled nude before, so it really doesn’t bother me, in fact I’m happy to take everything off if you would prefer me that way.”

Geoff was taken back a bit by this offer and almost stuttered as he made the comment that he wasn’t actually expecting her to totally get her gear off. I added that I didn’t think Moira would appreciate it too much either. Helen just smiled and sat herself down on the rocking chair and Geoff set up the side light and gave her the candle to hold. He was mainly shooting her from the waste up and he was right about her boobs, even in this dim light you could clearly see her expansive brown nipples showing through. Helen had lovely breasts, not huge but a good firm pair never the less. When unexcited her nipples were very large covering perhaps half of each breast. This was always a source of embarrassment to her and one of the reasons that she had never gone topless on a beach before we had come to Australia. Personally, I always found their large proportions to be very attractive but Helen was always very self conscious about them.

Feeling a bit adventurous, I asked Helen if she wanted some baby oil lotion, which must have sounded strange to Geoff but Helen immediately looked down so I knew that she had caught on to my meaning.

“No I don’t think so, it would be nice to see them just as they are for once, in their more natural state, what do you think Geoff”?

Geoff was still puzzled but had to look away when Helen undid the buttons down to just above her waist and started to touch her nipples with the tip of her left index finger. Seeing him turn away she made a joke about how unattractive they must be that he had to avert his eyes. Geoff, being of a serious disposition, replied that the reason was to give her some privacy not because they weren’t attractive.

“Oh, come now, I’m sure it’s not as much as you saw the other night,” she responded with a knowingly sarcastic tone in her voice.

Thinking she must have finished by now, Geoff turned around and pretended not to look too surprised when he realised that she was still sitting there with both of her breasts exposed and was still caressing one of her teats that was refusing to co-operate and go hard.

“How’s that, do they look any better now?” she asked as she slowly covered herself up.

She was awkwardly attempting to do the buttons up when I suggested that it might look more attractive with the top left unbuttoned.

“What do you think Geoff?” I asked.

“Sure as long as it’s okay by you two,” he replied.

Helen made direct eye contact with me and gave the the broadest of smiles, she seemed overjoyed and soon began to actively suggest the poses that she should be getting into. Geoff was soon leaving it all up to her and was only taking the photos when she directed him to. She pulled the front of the dress open slightly, asking him if it looked alright to which he was now only nodding his obvious approval. After each shot she gradually opened it a bit more to the point where soon the shoulder parts of the dress were hanging half way down her arms and both her breasts were now liberated from their thin veil of white cheesecloth. I couldn’t help but worry about just what Moira would think if she walked in at this stage and saw Helen with het tits out. Helen had now taken complete control and although still sitting down, I recognised that she was carefully recreating some of the poses she had been requested to do that day at Somers beach. With her hands cupped under her breasts and back arched so as to project them out and forward, constantly tweaking her nipples in a failed effort to try to get them at least a bit erect, she carefully positioned her body to it’s best advantage. As before, Geoff was not saying too much, just clicking away and adjusting the lights a bit as Helen now sat completely topless with the dress only covering her lower half as she sat with her legs suggestively akimbo, the thin cotton gusset of her dark colored panties stretched enough to give good definition of what lay beneath. I had to admit it, she did seem to have a quite a natural flair for this modelling thing.

Finally after changing the roll of film a couple of times, Geoff got to the end of perhaps his third reel.

“That’s it, we will have to finish now, as I’ve run out of film,” he said, sounding almost relieved.

Helen, looking a bit disappointed stood up and walked around the room picking up her discarded outfits, putting them back on their metal hangars and returning them to the wardrobe. All the while seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was still completely naked from the waist up. She was about to return to the lounge room in this condition when I coughed politely and reminded her of her present, less than formal state.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” she said, finally pulling the top of the dress back on and doing up just a few buttons.

Expressing that she desperately needed a cold drink, she walked back out to the lounge room, with me, after echoing her sentiments, soon following. Geoff remained, packing his camera away and joined us after just a few minutes.

Meanwhile Moira, who was still glued to the telly whilst now also chatting to Helen who was in the kitchen, asked me if we were all finished. I replied that we were as I took a glass of cola from Helen. I couldn’t help but notice that what without her bra on, the thin cheesecloth material was quite translucent. Helen handed a glass to Moira as well and as if in some stunned trance, Moira just sat wide eyed as she took it, staring at Helen’s see through top.

“Well, I just hope Geoff didn’t take any shots of you with your bosoms showing through like that,” she said sharply.

“Oh don’t be such a prude,” quipped Helen.

“Seen one, you’ve seen ’em all and I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve both seen me like this is it?”

“Well he certainly wouldn’t get me posing for him with my bosoms showing through like that,” replied Moira.

“Well perhaps that’s why he didn’t ask you to then.” Helen retorted sharply.

Sensing an air of tension growing between the two of them, I suggested to Helen that it might be a good idea if we were to get an early night for once. Geoff caught on quickly and after thanking us both for our hospitality and getting Moira to drink up, they left fairly soon afterwards with him looking rather sheepish as she continued to berate him as they walked down along the balcony towards the stairs.

After inflating our air mattress and retiring to bed, we chatted about the events of the evening for a while. Helen remarked that except for Moira’s prudish behavior, she had really enjoyed being a model again and added that she had got on surprisingly well with Geoff this time. She added that she really hoped that he would show Moira all the shots he’d taken.

“Wouldn’t you just want to be a fly on the wall if she saw the last few with my “bosoms” exposed. You know, if only he had just one more roll of film, I bet I could have got everything off, that really would have knocked Moira’s socks off, don’t you reckon?” She said, laughing as she did.

“You’re not wrong there.” I replied

“But what was with that huge smile you gave me when I suggested that you leave your top unbuttoned?” I asked.

“Because at that moment, I instinctively understood that this was your way of telling me I had been forgiven for the things I did that day at the beach. Just knowing that took such a weight off my shoulders that I couldn’t help but smile. I knew by the way you suggested it, that this was like giving me license to go as far as I wanted to.”

Her elation at my new attitude and the cheeky look on her face whilst expressing her desire to shock Moira made me appreciate, not for the first time, that she definitely had a devilish streak of mischief in her. It hadn’t gone without notice either that Helen showing off her body to others was starting to become very much of a turn on for her, dare I say, for the both of us as we feverishly consummated our mutual feeling of sexual excitement with one of the most intense sessions we had ever had.

It was starting to become clearer to me that just maybe, I was beginning to mature mentally, growing out of the jealousy and over possessiveness that I had always felt concerning her attractiveness to other guys.

As the song says, “When you’re in love with a beautiful women, watch out for your friends.”

However, as true as this line was, I couldn’t deny that this concern which had always been a major issue to me, the fact that other men were always ogling Helen, was now starting to give me more of a sense of satisfaction and pleasure than the usual feelings of resentment and insecurity than I normally would have felt. I realised that my new acceptance of sharing Helen’s charms with others had opened up a whole new world of sensations for both of us and rather than having a negative effect on our relationship, this new confidence was making me feel not only far more assured about how I saw myself but also more secure because I knew it had actually strengthened the bonds of our sometimes fragile relationship.

Just maybe, these events had lead me towards achieving a new level of psychological maturity in my so far quite short but very inhibited life. All this at the ripe old age of twenty two.

Chapter 03

Liz, our neighbor from the flat downstairs, had shown more than just a little interest in the events that occurred that day at the beach with Greg and his mate. Helen had even shown her some more of the photos that she had posed for after Liz had noticed the ones in that naturist magazine. Liz often commented that she would very much like to join us both the next time we went to Somers beach. We had not really planned to go back there but her frequent requests to accompany us made us think that maybe we might go there a second time, if only for no other reason than to get her off our backs. The other photos that Helen had let her see were relatively tame compared to some of the raunchier ones that Helen had been given by Greg the photographer when he turned up that day at her work place. They did, however include some of me, full frontally nude. Helen told me that Liz had made the remark when she was checking them out that she would love to see me angry down there considering how large I was unaroused. It surprised me that girls would openly discuss this sort of thing between themselves, especially as I was married to one of them to boot but Helen assured me that this was not at all unusual from her experience. She also added that Liz claimed that she never seen an uncircumcised penis in real life before and that this had also fascinated her. I was starting to realise that we men were not the only ones with an interest in the bodies of the opposite sex.

Getting home from work one evening, I found Liz sitting in the lounge room going through the Somers beach photos. Helen was in the shower at the time and I could see that some of the particular shots Liz was lingering over were the more explicit ones of Helen so I knew she had the whole set of them and not just the tamer ones. I remarked that Helen might not be too pleased if she found out that she was examining them but Liz responded by saying that it was Helen who had given them to her so she obviously didn’t mind too much.

I expected that Liz would probably have been shocked by the more erotic shots but she didn’t seem to be in the least. She just kept continually repeating the statement of how gorgeous Helen’s body was and that she would give anything to look that good. She casually mentioned that she thought that I had a good body too and I got a bit embarrassed, blushing quite a lot when she showed me one photo she thought was particularly good.

“You know, considering you don’t have a hardy in this shot, you’re pretty big, even on the slack,” she commented.

I had never heard this expression before but I had no doubt as to what she was referring to and again I’m sure that I was still blushing as I took the photo from her to look at myself. Never having had my body so critically examined in such an intimate way before, well not by someone other than Helen, I didn’t quite know whether or even how to thank her for this obvious compliment.

Liz was employed as a forensic assistant at Russel street Police station, the main headquarters of the Victorian State Police so I guess she had a more clinical, laid back approach to things that she had to investigate than the average person. However, I still felt that the very casual way that she was discussing this somewhat sensitive subject was still a bit off hand. It suddenly occurred to me that working for the Police, she might regard these photos as being pornographic so I asked her whether we could get into any trouble for having them. Liz said that just possessing them was not an offence but if the more explicit ones of Helen, especially the ones where she was touching herself were ever published in Australia, they would definitely be regarded as porno. Helen would not get into trouble though just being the model, she reckoned, only the publisher.

I quizzed her some more, asking her if she was surprised that we had agreed to be photographed like that. She smiled, telling me that as far as she was concerned, what people did in their private lives was their own business and nobody else’s. She went on to say that she was a bit surprised that I had done it as most guys she knew would not have the guts to strip off but added that as far as Helen was concerned, if she had a body like hers, she would most probably have done the same thing, unfortunately though, so far no one had ever asked her to model nude for them. Her tone of voice as she said this seemed to suggest that she considered it almost to be some sort of failure on her part.

Liz was quite an attractive girl, about twenty two years old with brown wavy hair coming down to just over her shoulders. She always wore glasses which made her hazel eyes look larger than they really were. She was about five foot six and had a fairly slim build but with noticeably large breasts. She claimed to have a hormone imbalance for which she blamed her problem with being slightly hairy. Liz normally wore jeans so the only evidence of this was a soft light down of brown hair on her arms which we probably would not even have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out to us.

She was single but having an affair with a married guy that she worked with so her personal life was not all she would have wanted it to be. He was also a part time volunteer bush fireman so she hardly ever got to be with him when she wanted to. This caused Liz to be very down sometimes but it was hard to discuss the subject with her as I don’t think she was particularly proud of their infrequent and covert liaisons. She told us that she was on a Lithium medication which she took to control the variable mood changes she often experienced so we were never quite sure if she was down because of her boyfriend situation or whether it was her medical condition. She told us that on a few occasions she had even contemplated doing herself in because she had got so depressed. Either way we always made sure to catch up with her nearly every day to be certain that she was okay.

Being probably some of her closest friends, we did feel a kind of responsibility for her welfare so when one Friday evening as we were all sharing a glass or two of moselle in her flat, she asked about when we might be going to the beach again, we decided that as we had nothing planned this weekend, it would be an opportune time to go again. Helen invited her to come along with us this time saying that she didn’t think it would be good for her to be on her own as she seemed a bit down. This really cheered Liz up, her saying that she was really looking forward to exposing her body to the sun again, warning us not to be too shocked when we saw how hairy she was without her clothes though. I suggested to them that it would be a good idea for us all to go to Chelsea beach as it was only about half an hour’s drive away but both girls argued that they wanted to go down to Somers beach instead and as we were going a fair distance, why didn’t we make a weekend of it. Helen suggested that we could camp at Balnarring caravan park on Saturday night, which was just a few miles from Somers. She added that as we had a three man tent anyway, there wouldn’t be any problem with sleeping space. I was again on the wrong side of a democratic vote and the decision was made to go with their idea. Call me suspicious if you like but I had just an inkling that this trip might have been somewhat pre planned prior to this little get together. Had I just become the victim of a small but probably enjoyable little conspiracy, I wondered?

Deciding to Leave at around ten o’clock the next morning, we packed up our EH Holden Station wagon and set off down the Nepean Highway for the one and a half hour trip, arriving at Balnarring not much before midday. We registered at the campsite and set up the tent before walking into the small township to get some lunch.

The girls were keen to hit the beach so after finishing eating at the local milk bar, we returned to our car and drove the five or six miles down to Somers, hiking down the track and along the beach to close to where we had settled the time before. I kept a vigilant eye open for Greg the photographer or his mate as we passed the many nude sunbathers on the beach but I didn’t see either of them. Their absence did give me a huge feeling of relief and I started to breath a bit easier. Helen also noticing their absence, suggested to Liz that perhaps this might be one of their weekends away up in New South Wales, sounding almost disappointed. Again the mutual decision was made to go up into the dunes rather than lay on the lower exposed part of the beach where anyone could see us.

Not being sure of the protocol when being on a nudist beach and disrobing in front of a friend, I decided to hang back before getting undressed. Helen was wearing a green and white stripped full length cotton dress under which she only had knickers. This, along with the pants came off immediately and Liz followed suit, taking off her white blouse and matching shorts to reveal a strapless leopard skin bikini. I sort of hoped that she would stop there so that I also had an excuse not to strip off but she proceeded to remove both top and bottoms without any shyness or hesitation, even going so far as taking her glasses off. I tried hard not to stare as she did this but I understood that I would now have to do likewise so I turned away and stripped off, immediately laying down on my front along side the girls.

Liz and Helen were soon chatting away and covering themselves with sun lotion. Liz was between Helen and I and asked if I would like some lotion on my back. Trying to sound completely at ease I replied that it would be great and she rubbed it in all over me. She described my bottom as being pommy white and said that I would have to be careful not to get too burnt. As she was massaging it in around my backside I felt a stirring that I hoped I wasn’t going to get and realised that I was not going to be able to turn over for quite some time. Helen joked that I had never been so pampered and teased me to roll over and let Liz do my front. I all but mumbled that I it wouldn’t be appropriate for a while which made both of them laugh as they both grabbed me and tried to wrestle me over. I resisted as best I could but not enough to prevent them both from seeing why it was so hard for me to turn over.

“Christ, it’s been a long while since I’ve had that sort of effect on a bloke,” said Liz.

Thankfully they both decided to have pity on me and let me be. I told them to give me some peace, saying that I was going to take a knap but in reality I was desperately trying to work out how I was ever going to turn over again without the risk of embarrassing myself.

This arousal thing seemed so unfair to us men as the girls could get turned on and nobody would know. I thought about trying to contemplate other things so that it would take my mind off the predicament that I was in. I started to mentally go through the colour coding of cable pairs on a one hundred pair link cable that I often had to sort out and wire up in my communications job. This started to reduce the problem somewhat as nothing could have been less exiting and before too long I was starting to really relax again without that uncomfortable feeling caused by my uninvited third leg.

The girls decided to go for a swim and wandered down to the beach. I could see them both from where I was and couldn’t help but check Liz out from a distance. As with Helen, she actually looked far more attractive without her clothes than with them on. Her breasts were like two large, round melons, just perched there above a nicely tapered waist and boyish looking hips. Even without a bra, her breasts didn’t droop at all and she even managed to maintain a nice cleavage to boot. She had a more impressive figure than I had imagined. Her skin was very pale but covered in freckles except where her bikini line showed and it was obvious that her body had not seen the sun for some time. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all if Liz didn’t have some Irish blood in her as well. Her last name was Bradley which didn’t have a Gaelic ring to it but I suppose her mum could have eminated from those emerald Isles. Even from a distance you could see that her nipples were quite small compared to the size of her boobs and they were also a very pink colour compared to Helen’s which were a darkish brown. Maybe because Helen was bald down there, Liz’s fanny did look comparatively hairy, but to be fair, she had pre warned us of this so I made a mental note not to make mention of it at all.

I now had my chance to turn over, so I did, applying sun lotion to my front and putting a cap over my face to protect me from the hot sun. I genuinely started to feel completely at ease for the first time that day. Possibly, I may have dozed off for a while because when I came to, I noticed that the girls had returned. As I became aware of their presence I realised that I was now laying between them and like me, they were both also on their backs, both up on their elbows and chatting to each other. As they probably thought that I was still napping, I decided not to say anything and just pretend to be out of it. Liz must have been starring at my privates because she openly mentioned to Helen that I was even bigger close up than in the photos and even added that this was the only occasion that she had ever seen one with a foreskin in real life. I had to start thinking about cable colour codes again as I just knew that this could become a very awkward situation if nature started to take it’s course again.

“How does he pee with it covered over like that?” Liz asked.

“Oh, he just has to pull the foreskin back and then it looks just like all the others,” quipped Helen.

“Watch this,” she said.

I felt a hand take my appendage and pull back on it so that the foreskin retracted. Laying the way I was and looking down beneath the peak of my cap, made for a very strange picture. All I could see was my penis with a hand still attached to it. Thinking about telephone wires was not about to save me this time. Instantly, as if with a life all of it’s own and in just a few seconds, my member quickly raised itself until it was fully erect, the foreskin now shinning as if the flesh below it was straining to break through. There was no way that the foreskin could now be pushed back over the head even though Helen tried a few times. Her efforts only made me even harder, than I thought was possible. Panic was starting to set in.

What could I do now? I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and continued to pretend that I was still asleep.

“Wow, I was right,” said Liz.

“It is huge, isn’t it!”

Both girls began to giggle and again I heard Helen tell Liz to,

“Watch this.”

Before I felt anything, I could smell the sweet aroma of the coconut sun lotion fill the air and shortly after a slippery hand was soon massaging it up and down my hardness, the slippery tactile sensations feeling extraordinarily erotic.

“Come on, why don’t you give me a hand?” said Helen.

I looked down again in anticipation, just in time to see a second hand from the other side take hold as well. Both were in a perfectly synchronised rhythm as they quickly gained momentum, expertly rubbing me up and down. Luckily being rather large in the penis department, there was ample room for both and the feeling of excitement became even more intense. This was like all my Christmases’s come at once but I knew that if I didn’t do something to stop this now, that very soon Christmas wouldn’t be the only thing coming.

I pretended to wake up, as if startled.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I protested, sitting up on my elbows.

Quickly removing their hands, both girls started giggling and I couldn’t help but notice that Liz now had her glasses back on.

“You must have been having a good dream,” said Helen.

“Just look at that, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Looking down, I was still standing to attention and the girls having taken their hands away had not caused any reduction to it’s oversize dimensions.

“Well that’s peculiar, because I don’t remember any coconuts being in my dream but then I suppose there must have been, how else could I have got covered in all this coconut oil?” I joked.

This humorous remark only caused the girls to giggle even more.

“I was just giving Liz a demonstration of how a foreskin works and it went off in my hand, you very nearly knocked our heads off with that thing, we even had to put some lotion on it to stop it getting too burnt,” said Helen.

I turned to Liz and apologised, saying that I was sorry if my completely unintentional reaction had offended her.

“Don’t be silly, it would take more than a hard dick to offend me, even though it is a rather large one,” she replied, looking down and smiling at my still erect and now glistening member.

The panic I had originally felt at being so exposed had now passed and although I would have thought that this situation would have embarrassed me no end, the fact that I was laying in front of two women with a full hard on didn’t feel as unnatural as I had expected it to, in fact I was beginning to feel quite proud of it, especially of it’s size and stiffness. “Well, aren’t you going to finish me off?” I asked.

“Yeh, we will, but not the way you want us to, you randy little bugger,” replied Helen.

She then poured lotion all over my chest, including into my belly button and the two of them then did me the honours of rubbing it all over my front, both being careful to avoid touching my still hard dick this time. Cheerfully wallowing in all this meticulous attention, I couldn’t help but think of all my mates back at the Post Office workshop in London, where I used to work. What would they think if they could see me now.

When they had completed coating my front, I carefully turned over, so as not to squash anything, and they both did my back. Immediately they were done, Liz then sat in front of me and asked if I could return the favour and now do her back. Kneeling up, I put lotion on both hands and then proceeded to rub it in. The texture of the skin on her back felt rather like that of a very fine sand paper and this quite surprised me as I had expected it to be completely smooth like Helen’s. As I was kneeling up behind her, Liz put her arms over her head, holding up her hair so that I could reach the side of her neck and back. I became aware that even though she was facing away from me it was still possible to see both of her breasts from behind. As I was rubbing cream on to her sides it really was hard to avoid touching them. I was probably pushing my luck but I decided, what the heck, she had already set the precedent by touching me so I ran my hands around the bottom of her tits in one motion as I was putting lotion under her armpits. She said nothing so I thought I might see just how far she would let me go, running both hands under her breasts again and up over her nipples which both felt nice and hard beneath my lotion softened palms. Unlike her back, this skin felt soft and smooth, even more so now that it was covered in lotion. Helen was closely observing my hands as I did this but the fact that she had a smile on her face helped to assure me that taking these intimate liberties with Liz’s tits was not really upsetting her. Liz even commented that it felt nice so I gave both her small but hard nipples an extra little tweak each as I gently bounced both breasts in my cupping hands.

“Careful,” Helen said.

“Or you’ll be leaving a bruise on Liz’s back.”

Looking down I could see what she meant. I was still seriously aroused and my hard on was rubbing up and down Liz’s backbone as we were so close.

“Yeah, I think you’re about done now,” I said as I layed back down between the two girls, again front down after having excavated a small depression in the sand to accommodate my still engorged appendage.

After sunbathing for a while, we all went down to the beach and had a swim, the three of us now brave enough to remain nude and not even take our towels down with us. Playing around in the water the girls took it upon themselves to try to duck me and keep me held under water. This rough and tumble gave me the opportunity to deliberately manhandle both girls in a very physical manner, and also them me. In the unspoken rules of this playfight, it soon became evident that to the girls, no part of the my body was considered to be off limits when used in leverage to hold me down. I responded in kind and received no objections from either of them when my hands accidentally on purpose, made contact with their breasts and fannies as I attempted to fend them off. At one point Helen was behind me with her arms around my chest and Liz was in front of me with her legs wrapped right around me. I threw Liz backwards but she somehow managed to hang on to me with her legs gripping tightly, her arms flailing around treading water, trying to keep her head from going under. This close physical contact had again aroused me somewhat and looking down, my engorged member was now resting on a soft mattress of Liz’s thick brown pubes. Like one of those moments when time becomes stretched, things started to happen in a kind of slow motion. Like a car jack, with each beat of my heart my erection became firmer and started to lift itself from it horizontal position and within just a few more pulses was standing upright and ready for action. I contemplated just how easy it would be to just to slip it right into her now as she struggled to keep her head above water. What could she possibly do in this position to resist? Liz called out to Helen to help her out as she was about to get pregnant and Helen managed to pull me backwards and under, me taking in about half a gallon of sea water at the same time. Coughing and spluttering, I almost choked my submission out to them saying that I was done for and was giving in.

By the time I got my breath back, the girls had got out of the water, their arms raised in mock victory salutes and both singing out some kind of feminist chant, the words of which I could’t quite make out. They then both disappeared back up the beach, returning to our spot in the dunes.

Remaining in the water, I swam along the shore line for a while, trying to look inconspicuous as I scrutinised all the other people on the beach. I wondered, as some of them had been watching our horseplay, if any of them had seen my previous state of arousal and what they would have thought about it. Would this type of conduct have me banned from here for life or was this just acceptable behaviour for a nudist beach? They all seemed to act so naturally as they sunbathed and swam around even though they were all naked. I estimated that you were probably only considered a real nudist when you could come here and spend a whole day without getting a hard on. It was effortless for girls to act normally as it was hard to tell if they were getting sexually aroused and even if they were, it was easy to hide. I noticed that quite a few of the girls there today, like Helen, were devoid of pubic hair and although some of them were probably in their early teens and still pre pubescent, others were mature enough to show that their complete depilation was obviously deliberate, meaning that they must have shaved it all off as well. I was wondering if this was purely a sexual thing, done just to show off more of their genitals or if maybe this was some sort of female nudist personal grooming etiquette, like shaving underneath their armpits. Greg the photographer had said that there were no degrees of nudity, either you were nude or you weren’t but I would have to disagree with this summation as the girls without pubic hair definitely looked nuder than ones with. I knew that Helen shaved hers because she claimed it felt better but she had also admitted that she enjoyed the extra attention she got down there as a direct result, so who knows? These very interesting questions ran around in my mind as I swam along taking in the free peep show but I soon decided that I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about them.

When I got back to our spot in the dunes both the girls were laying on their backs. Helen had her legs together with her knees up but Liz had her legs wide open and laying flat on the ground. My original spot between them was taken up with bits and pieces from the bags we had taken with us so I had to put my towel down in front of them after I had finished drying myself off. As I literally had a ring side seat from here and I half expected Liz to show some modesty by closing her legs but she brought one leg up by bending her knee and let it swing down sideways, if anything opening herself up even wider. Other than when she had her legs around me in the water, this was probably the first time that I had the opportunity to see all of her, close up with nothing hidden. She was, as she had warned us, very hairy around the fanny area with a small trail of hair that ran all the way up to her navel. Even with her legs wide open like they were, it was not possible to see any hint of her lips or anything else. Her breasts were large and round but still sat like two round globes that had been just stuck there, even though she was laying on her back. Her nipples were small and bright pink, the outside being about the size of a twenty cent piece and the actual nipples themselves small but continuously erect. She also had a light down of hair that ran down between her thighs to the top of the back of her legs. I must have been staring a bit too much as Liz made eye contact and remarked,

“I know what your thinking.”

I wondered what she was about to say as I was almost completely flaccid and hoped I was not about to be accused of having any deviant thoughts or anything.

“You’re thinking about how hairy I am aren’t you?” she continued.

“No, not at all,” I replied, lying through my teeth.

“I was just thinking about how much nicer you look without clothes on.”

Helen piped up and bailed me out somewhat saying that Liz should be very proud about how lovely her body looked, adding that she thought Liz had the most perfect boobs she had ever seen on a woman.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice those guys down there checking you out when we walked back, I’ve always dreamed of having boobs like yours,” she went on.

“That’s funny, ” said Liz,

“I was only thinking just before, the very same thing about your tits, about how perfect they were and how I would gladly swap them for mine and not have to carry these two huge jugs round for the rest of my life. If I could just lose some of these and some of this excess hair, it would make me a much happier little vegemite.”

“Well that’s not a big problem, at least you can shave most of your hair off, but I’ll never get my boobs to be that size now, can I?” replied Helen.

Now in my opinion, both of them had figures that any girl in their right mind would be proud of but it seems that the grass is always greener and there is always something about themselves that all women think is not quite good enough.

“Well I think you’re both gorgeous but if we stay in this sun too much longer we will all soon be looking like over cooked lobsters,” I added.

After another hour or so of sunbathing and swimming we decided to call it a day and make our way back to the campsite where we showered and changed before going to the local hotel at Balnarring for tea. I’m sorry to say but the sun had taken it’s toll on us all and we were all very tired quite early, only staying for a couple of drinks after tea before heading back to our tent. It still felt weird undressing in front of each other in the tent, especially with both Helen and liz comparing their tans by torchlight. The showers earlier had brought out the contrast between the sun affected areas and those that had been missed, the overall effect being more of a slightly burnt, red tone than the required tan colour that we had all hoped to achieve. They both concluded that next day they would have to raise their arms, open their legs and in Liz’s case, lay with the underside of her boobs facing the sun to eliminate some of the more whiter bits that they discovered by contorting their bodies every which way in front of each other. Although tired, their boob lifting and leg opening displays still had the ability to get my old fella standing seriously to attention again but as I was laying on my front as I watched, I was the only one aware of it. I decided to turn over so that they could appreciate the natural resource now available to them both but my manoeuvre was to be in vain as far as my intentions were concerned, the two of them now settling down either side of me. It was agony to be champing at the bit, so as to speak, me laying on my back making my own tent with the light cotton sheet that covered us all, with two beautiful, naked women laying each side of me, on their sides and both with their backs to me. They were both soon sound asleep, well before I was and I had to regrettably concede that there was to be no menage a trois as I had hoped, just three tired souls who all eventually got a good night’s sleep.

The next morning we got up early, having had more than our allocated eight hours of slumber. After putting on our togs we all went to have our showers which seemed to take the girls an eternity. Feeling refreshed we then went and had some French croissant rolls for breakfast at the same local milk bar that we had lunch at the day before. After returning to the camp site we packed up our tent and as the morning was still young, we decided to do a bit of site seeing further around the bay before going back to the previous day’s spot. We eventually ended up on a dirt track that lead to a deserted beach which appeared completely devoid of any sign of human life. As it seemed so quiet and unspoilt we thought that it might be nice to claim it for ourselves for the day. Curiously, there were no other people around at all and we soon worked out why as we walked along the beach a bit further. We came across a fallen over sign that said that this was a restricted naval reserve area and entry was restricted. The sign did not actually say who it was restricted to, so as we could still not see anyone in either direction, we didn’t think that there would be any harm in us staying there, at least until someone came along and told us to leave.

We went back to the car and got our things and returned to a spot just this side of the fallen sign, just in case we were challenged. This time we set up our towels on the beach itself and very soon we were all as nature intended. I even layed down on my back first up and quickly felt very content in the warm morning sun.

After a while Helen and Liz went for a swim. It wasn’t until they both returned and were walking back towards me that I noticed that something about Liz was obviously different from the day before. Liz, although not completely smooth, had shaved around her fanny, leaving just a nicely trimmed and cropped area around the water hole (so to speak). Even the soft down that had been on Liz’s belly and legs was missing. I couldn’t help but stare and as they came closer. Neither of them could have been under any allusion as to what I was starring at as they approached.

“Well, how do you like mine now?” asked Liz as she stood directly over me, legs apart and with her hands on her hips. My mouth became instantly devoid of moisture and I found it hard to swallow or even utter a single word as I looked directly up at her now clearly visible fanny lips.

Eventually I managed to croak the word “beautiful” which came out as more of a cough than as a spoken word.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Liz replied.

“Helen was right, she thought you might prefer it this way,” she added.

It occurred to me that this must have been the reason why they had taken so long in the shower block this morning. As was typical now, I could feel myself getting aroused down below again, so I excused myself and ran the ten yards or so to the ocean for a swim, both girls making whistling noises at me as they saw my predicament bouncing in the breeze. Even the cool water didn’t make too much difference to my privates as I swam around and considered the ramifications of what had just happened.

Looking towards the beach, I could see Helen and Liz still standing up. Helen had a small camera in her hand and was taking some photos of Liz who was obviously in the process of posing for her. Not wanting to miss anything, I decided to rejoin them, regardless of the fact that I was still at half mast. When I picked up my towel to dry off, Liz asked me if I could take a photo of her and Helen together so I let it drop, to raised eyebrows from the both of them. Thankfully, the cool water had taken care of some of my arousal problem but I was finding it very difficult to concentrate on what I was doing, what with two very attractive women posing nude right in front of me.

This was Liz’s own instamatic camera and she said she was going to surprise her boyfriend with these shots. Helen then took one of me and Liz together. I had a mental bet with myself that this was one she wouldn’t show him. Liz then took a couple of Helen and I together and I asked her if I could take a few of her by herself with her camera. Consenting, she put on some fairly suggestive poses, one with her hands pushing up her breasts and her tongue out licking her own nipples. Seeing as she was in a playful mood, I thought that I would put the challenge to her, just to see if she really would pose as Helen had done in the Somers photos. Liz looked a bit doubtful but replied that she would do it as long as Helen would be in them too. Helen, without hesitation joined Liz, asking me how I wanted them both. Unfortunately there were only about eight shots left on the film so I had to think carefully so as not to waste any of them.

Firstly, I got them to lay down on the wet, firm sand, side by side, resting up on their elbows almost facing each other. I had them put their inside legs straight out and touching each other and to bend their outer legs at the knee and point them outwards at a forty five degree angle with their outside hands resting on their raised knees. Both of their open fannies were now completely accessible to my view. Liz had even bigger inner fanny lips than Helen had and like hers they also protruded out, separating nicely. I couldn’t help notice how much her lips looked liked a large folded over dried apricot, even the texture was the same. With both girls smiling at the camera, I clicked off the first shot. Helen, as usual was concerned about the size of her nipples so I got the bottle for them so that they could give themselves another generous covering of sun lotion. This, as always, proved very effective, now producing a quartet of four nicely erect nipples. I got them to keep the same pose as before but this time I thought that I would see if they would take their hands off their knees and hold open their fanny lips with their middle and index fingers. I was fairly sure that Helen would do it but I had my doubts as to wether Liz would go that far. Helen immediately knew how I meant and did it exactly as I asked. Liz, hesitated momentarily, me thinking that she would back out. But to my unexpected delight, after scrutinising closely, the precise positioning of Helen’s fingers, she copied the pose exactly. Now with their lips spread so delectably, both girls displayed that moist inner glistening that normally meant just one thing, the evidence that they were both getting aroused sexually.

Next, I thought that I would really stretch the limits (and some other things as well) by suggesting that they retain the same pose but this time, hold each other’s lips open instead of their own. I again, had my doubts as to whether they would do it as it wouldn’t have surprised me if this girl to girl physical contact thing might have freaked them both out. Not only did they immediately oblige but they did it with the added bonus of both sticking out their tongues and touching each other’s with them, mouth to mouth.

In the kneeling position that I was taking the photos from, I could see that both girls were getting even wetter and for the next shot I dared them, not only to spread each others lips apart but also to place their middle fingers inside of each other. To my elation, there were still no objections forthcoming to this request either and they both inserted their fingers into each other, Liz having to lick her’s first before it would go all the way in. I got a couple of shots of this before, without prompting, Helen started to push her’s in and out of Liz’s fanny. Liz did seem a bit taken a back at first but soon she soon got over the initial shock and returned the favour by again copying Helen’s actions. They were both now in perfect unison as they began to increase the momentum, completely losing the pose I had got them in. This was without doubt, probably the most erotic thing I had ever seen, two beautiful naked women, uninhibitingly masturbating each other’s hairless fannies, now with their tongues openly exploring each others mouths, and all because I had asked them to.

I had but a single shot left, so as the girls were well into bringing each other off, I just stood up, pointed the camera down and took the final one of my now fully erect penis with the girls below me in the background. This might be more of a surprise for her boyfriend than she had meant it to be, I thought.

Watching them pleasuring each other so enthusiastically, I found myself feeling just a bit left out. I put the camera down on a towel, took myself in hand and started to slowly massage my own, now rock hard member. Even my personal self pleasuring couldn’t serve to distract me from watching both girl’s violently gyrating lower halves as they recoiled up and down on the sand, rapidly approaching their mutual orgasms. Helen was first to announce that she was coming and as if in a combined crescendo, Liz simultaneously began to wail that she was coming too. Like two exhausted athletes who had just completed the one hundred yards dash, they both uncoupled, breathlessly rolling over onto their backs in unison and commenced to suck in air as if it was now a rare commodity.

The next few minutes of time seemed to go on for ever as I touched myself whilst watching them both gradually regain their composure. Now the tables had been turned, instead of it being me watching them as before, it was now the both of them watching me. I couldn’t help but notice just how intently both of them were observing my performance either. The two of them were casually laying back on their elbows and just as calmly watching me pull myself off. Having now suddenly become the centre of attention, made me feel rather self conscious about what I was doing. Not enough, however, to make me want to stop my pleasurable activity, with me now speeding up in an effort to catch up with the girl’s evident state of contentment.

“Hey, take it easy or you’ll come before we get a chance to enjoy it,” said Helen.

“Yeh, don’t waiste it on the sand when you could be puting it to so much better use.” Liz added.

“And what would you both suggest?” I asked, still tugging away, having slowed down somewhat on her advice.

Helen then opened her legs and spread her lips again as if in answer to my question but to my astonishment she then put her other arm around Liz’s neck and pulled her head down to her opened crotch. Liz went along with it, instinctively knowing without words what was expected of her and within seconds she had her tongue diligently flicking all around Helen’s fanny.

“You should be able to work this one out for yourself.” Helen replied, now throwing her head back in delight.

Liz had moved around into a doggy position between Helen’s spread legs which left me almost immediately behind her. I positioned myself accordingly but hesitated momentarily, wondering wether Liz was going to voluntarily consent to my next move. As if in an attempt to allay any doubts, Liz then slipped her hand up from between her own legs and widely spread her inner lips apart, without lifting her head. Seeing this bright pink and extremely moist passage way opened up in front of me, the decision had been automatically made for me. Not having any hindrance of hair to get in the way, I didn’t even have to use my hands to assist me as I perfectly positioned my now rock hard member at her entrance and eased it forwards.

Although very wet, she was still extremely tight and it took at least three or four good hard lunges, with me pulling back on her hips quite strongly, before realising that I was about as far in as I was ever going to get. Even though I had forced myself in to her as far as possible, I still had at least an inch or so of myself to spare. Although her limited capacity to accomadate me surprised me a bit, it still did not manage to distract me from the duty ahead. As I proceeded to thrust my substantial member in and out of her even more vigorously, she gasped out loudly, waiving her hand around in the air like some sort of signal to halt. I instinctively stopped, thinking that I might have been too big for her. She lifted her head momentarily.

“No don’t stop, don’t stop, that’s great, I just want you to fuck me even harder,” Liz pleaded as Helen quite roughly pulled her back down by the hair, as if scolding her for discontinuing her oral activities.

Placing my hands around her big pendulous breasts, I commenced giving them both a generous fondling whilst at the same time, pulling on her nipples. All the while I did this, I had a good view of Helen adeptly manipulating the exposed tip of her own clitoris as she competently utilised her own fingers to make up for Liz’s lack of dedication. Watching my wife squirming around on her back with her eyes closed as she made ooh and ahh noises, only motivated me to root Liz even harder.

Liz reached climax first in a surprisingly short amount of time with a howl that would definitely have given away our position should anyone else have been around. Luckily we still seemed to be alone and Helen’s eratic breathing told me that was also very close to reaching climax again as she again pulled Liz’s hair, quite roughly this time, to get her to finish her own assignment. This task, fortunately only took just a few moments more with Helen’s fingers puting in probably most of the required effort. Her cry of rapture as she arched her back in ecstacy, banging her arse up and down repeatedly onto the soft sand, was almost as loud and as passionate as Liz’s had been.

All the while I had kept up my steady thrusting as far as Liz’s tight pussy was concerned. Now that she was freed of her own obligation, she raised herself up on her arms and started to make heavy breathing noises again. I was fairly certain by the way that she was now moving her hips aggresively backwards to meet me every time I pushed into her, that there was a good chance that I could get her to come again in a short space of time if only I could maintain my present energetic rhythm.

Meanwhile Helen had slipped out from below Liz and had positioned herself behind me. She had taken my balls in one hand and was gently squeezing them as I was thrusting in and out of Liz. I then experienced something so ecstatic that my senses were confused to the point of distraction. It felt like Helen had placed one of her fingers inside my arse and was massaging something inside. This extraordinary and completely unexpected sensation caused me to go quickly beyond the point of no return and I immediately started to ejaculate without the usual warning signs that my body normally gave me. This climax was stronger and more powerful than any other I had ever had in my whole life, reverbarating throughout every sinue of my now sensitive body. My cries of rapture seemed to elevate Liz over that final hurdle as well. Still with one hand fondling her left breast and the other now concentrating on vigorously massaging the area around her clit, she started to come within a few seconds of my first gush, me feeling her contract and release as strongly as I have ever felt a girl come in all my love making experience.

Feeling as if my balls had been completely sucked dry by Liz’s powerful contractions, my shrinking member was all but extruded out of her fanny with a popping sound as I watched some of my own cum squirt back out over me as she still continued to move her hips in an involuntary manner.

My member was so covered in this mixture of juices that I was at a loss to know how to wipe it all off, most things being covered in sand. I was coated in perspiration and extremely hot and I desperately needed to cool off. I ran down to the water and dived in. The instant cooling effect of the sea seemed to massage me all over and it felt so satisfying that I called to the girls to join me.

After about ten minutes the girls both followed. While Helen swam around, Liz was kneeling up in the shallow water and splashing water up onto herself. She couldn’t get over just how much spunk I had pumped into her as she repeatedly squeezed her inner muscles to dispel as much as she could. She said that she didn’t mind though as this was such a convenient way to clean herself off, being in the water and having no hair to get messed up as she washed the excess fluids out from between her legs. I had just cleansed myself in much the same way and I suppose at this point watching Liz wash my spermal juices out from inside of her most intimate parts, I reasoned that I should have been feeling at least the slightest bit remorseful. However, having just screwed one of my wife’s best friends right in front of her, the only emotion I was aware of was a serene sense of euphoria, not the guilt which I thought would accompany such an act of infidelity. I guess that there was no real reason for me to feel guilty about what I had done but as usual my subconscious mind could only conclude that as I had sexually enjoyed myself in a morally questionable way, then it was my innermost duty to have to somehow pay penance for this crime and subsequently mentally berate myself for some appropriate amount of time.

“Well not this time mister,” I mused.

I was not going to allow myself to start feeling rotten about something that had indisputably been so enjoyable. Anyway, it was not as though I had been unfaithful to Helen in any way because after all, it had only been at her personal instigation that I had gone all the way with Liz (or all of the way excluding an inch or so, in her particular case.)

Returning with me up the beach, Helen confided in me that although she had never discussed it with me, or anyone else for that matter, she had just fulfilled one of her oldest fantasies and it had turned out to be every bit as good as she had always imagined it would be. I thought that she meant having another girl touch her that way but she had used the term “menage a trois” a couple of times so with my limited knowledge of French, I concluded that it was probably the threesome thing she was referring to instead. In a while, after all covering each other in sun lotion, we all settled down to some more serious sunbathing again.

The girls got chatting and began to discuss our threesome in a very offhand fashion, both were relating the highlights of their own orgasms in intricate detail. Considering the intimate nature of this subject, I couldn’t help but compare their manner of conversation to that of a bunch of guys on a Monday morning at work debating the good and bad points of a footy match after a big game. Liz reckoned that because of my size and her doggy position, I had gone in further than anyone had ever done before and stimulated her G spot. This was all new to me as I had never heard of this before but I nodded in agreement as if I knew what she was talking about. Helen told Liz that this was the first time another girl had ever touched her that way and that she had loved every second of it. Liz mentioned that this was her first time with a female as well but she would love to let a girl go down on her sometime, just to see what it felt like. I interjected that the day wasn’t over yet so maybe she just might find out before too long. I asked Helen about her finger insertion trick and enquired how come she had never tried it on me before. She replied that she had read about it in one of the forum mags at work but this was the first time she actually felt game to try it. She said that it was the strangest sensation, feeling me come from the inside and rather than being jealous, the sight of my old fella raming in and out of another girl’s pussy had actually turned her on even more.

“Just talking about it now has made me wet again, look.” She opened her legs and pulled back her lips to show us that she was almost dribbling with juice down there. I put my finger just under her vaginal entrance and wiped off some of it that was running down between the crease of her arse. Liz looked at me saying,

“Taste it, go on, it really tastes good.”

I hesitated and Liz took my hand and licked the juice off my finger. The way she sucked on it was very erotic and while she did this she had put her other hand down to her own crotch and came up this time with another wet finger but this time it was also covered in a mixture of my cum as well as her own juices.

“Cum tastes even better,” she said as she proceeded to lick her other finger, interspersed with yum yum noises.

Both girls were laughing as she did this in a most sensual way.

“What do you think Helen, do you like the taste of Steve’s cum?” she asked.

“I don’t really know, I’ve never been game to taste Steve’s before, but that photogrhapher’s guy’s cum tasted really salty the last time we were here,” she replied.

“Wow, did you suck him off in front of everyone?” Asked Liz.

“No, of course not, but when his cum hit my leg after he pulled himself, I had nothing to remove it with so I just wiped it up with my fingers and licked them clean.” Helen replied almost with an inference of pride.

Although I had not quizzed her about that incident, I somehow knew that this was what had happened that day. I just couldn’t bring myself to ask her in case it had been true. I didn’t want to believe that she could actually taste and swallow some other guy’s cum, especially as she knew I was there watching her do it.

Liz layed back on her elbows and brought her knees up as she opened her legs widely.

“Well here’s your big chance to find out what Steve’s tastes like,” she said with an inviting tone in her voice.

Helen looked at me as if seeking permission, to which I just nodded positively. As she went down, Liz helped her by pulling apart her own lips and Helen started to lick around her fanny entrance. I kneeled down to get a closer look, not wanting to miss anything. She came up for air a few times and I could see that she did indeed have the white juices all over her lips and was licking it off and swallowing it as well.

Although I had ejaculated myself no more than half an hour before, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this girl on girl activity had quickly restored my manhood to all it’s former glory. A feeling of deja-vu came over me as I moved in closer behind Helen who had assumed Liz’s previous doggy position. This time I got all the way in on one long thrust, without any of my length being surplus to requirements. This sudden intrusion made Helen raise her head as if in surprise as I started to pump in and out methodically, giving her arse a bit of a slap for good luck as well as a sort of punishment for what she had just revieled.

Meanwhile Helen started to give Liz’s left breast a good old squeeze and was pulling on her nipple at the same time as well. This interested me greatly as it had never occurred to me that a girl would get any pleasure out of touching another girls tits, or having her own handled this way either but then in this never ending learning process, what did I know. She had also changed her tactics down below and was now giving Liz’s clit a fair old flicking with her tongue, much to her delight, with Liz enthusiastically responding with commands like,

“Up a bit more, faster,” and “Oh yes just there.”

This time I felt that I was far more in control of myself and knew that I could hold off shooting my load a lot longer, so I adjusted my pace and started to pump in rhythm with Liz and Helen’s movements. I knew just where to touch Helen’s clit with my middle finger as I pumped her in and out and the fact that she was completely hairless down there made it so much easier to locate. I started to caress it in a circular motion and could feel the bottom of my penis as it moved back and forth. Each time I heard Helen starting to breath heavier, I would ease off a little because whenever she started to do this, she would begin to raise her head like Liz had done to her before and I knew that this would detract her from her own efforts. It occurred to me that now for the first time in my whole life I was trying to control two girl’s orgasms at the same time by the way that I was pacing myself and I was aware enough to be genuinely enjoying every single second of it. Even though Helen did have the distraction of me trying to get her off, she still managed to make Liz come, again very loudly and surprisingly quickly. Seeing her get off like this, I knew that I could start to change my tactics with Helen.

I increased the momentum of my thrusting and associated clit rubbing on her whilst pulling back on her hair like a horses reins with my spare hand. With her head now yanked back, she responded by almost yelling,

“Harder, harder, yes, please fuck me harder.”

Hearing her use this type of profanity again caught me completely off guard as I had only ever once heard her use this language once before. I instantaneously slowed down to which I copped another barrage of,

“No, fuck me harder, fuck me just like you fucked Liz!”

Almost as a punishment for this gutter language, I pulled on her hair even harder and pumped her like I was taking part in a rodeo. There was not a hint of gentleness in my actions now as I almost violently gave her all I had.

Then just as suddenly she screamed,

“Oh God, stop now, please stop now.”

Oh Christ, I thought, not again, stopping mid lunge, I could only imagine that I had been too rough with her and that she was in pain. Her whole body was shaking like when you get goosebumps all over and you shudder from head to toe. She let out a loud sigh as if she had been holding her breath and was now letting go all the air inside her lungs. Even though I was still hard and half way in, I pulled out and she slumped forward off of her knees into a spread eagled position, flat out on her front. Neither Liz nor I quite knew what was happening and Liz asked her if she was okay.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” gasped Helen.

“It’s just that you’re normally so gentle with me that I can never appreciate the build up to a strong orgasm like I can when I do it myself, you know from start to finish without any distraction. And I just did. I could feel it building and building up over my whole body but only I know exactly when to stop so it doesn’t get unbearable. If you had kept going the feeling would have been too much, almost too painful. Getting you to stop like that, I managed to feel it explode inside of me at exactly the right moment and it fair took my breath away, I can tell you. Just give me a minute, I’ll be fine.”

Liz was now kneeling next to me on the sand and saw that I was still hard. With out anything verbal passing between us she put her hand around my dick which was now covered with Helen’s love juices. She squeezed it tighter than I really would have liked and started to pull me off. I was still kneeling up, so I stayed that way and just went backwards to put my hands down to support myself and to also give her an easier angle from which to get to me. Helen had now sat up and was watching. She came over to us both and placed her hand beside Liz’s.

“Looks like we’re both going to have to help you out here, unless of course you want to do it yourself.” Said Helen.

“Be my guest.” I replied.

At this, they both skilfully started to jerk me off with a vengence with Helen commenting that it was good to be a bit rough sometimes. As they were such in a synchronised rhythm, I couldn’t help but notice how their four beautiful breasts bounced up and down in unison. Seeing them kneeling in front of me with their gorgeous pussylips showing, I took the opportunity to slip a middle finger from each hand up into both of them. Despite their valiant efforts, I was nowhere near coming so I removed their hands from me and suggested that we all do ourselves instead, as it might be quicker. I got no arguments from either of them as they moved back slightly, Liz laying on her side but Helen remaining kneeling and all got stuck in to it. Knowing myself better than anyone it wasn’t too long before I knew that I was about to blow but I tried to show no sign of it to either of them. When I did come, it spurted out under such a huge pressure that most of the first payload managed to deposit itself all over Helen’s thigh. She reached down and wiped it up with the tips of her fingers and licked it off with just a hint of a smile and a shrug of her shoulders, a gesture reminicent of that time at Somers.

“Yum yum,” she announced as she smiled at Liz.

“It tastes so much better fresh, doesn’t it?” replied Liz as they both started to laugh out loud.

After my epic performance we all went for another swim where I managed to clean myself off. For the first time this week end, I can honestly say that even though I was alone with two beautiful naked women, not one sexual thought entered my mind as we swam and walked up and down the beach together. This complete lack of sexual tension felt quite peculiar but the overall feeling of euphoria that I was experiencing certainly made up for this total lack of gender awareness. I felt good, I think, because I knew that by doing what I had in front of them both, I had shown that I too had finally overcome a lot of my sexual inhibitions. I could now begin to fully comprehend just how Helen had felt that day when she had done the same thing in front of Greg and his mate.

As the best part of the afternoon was already gone, we eventually decided to pack up and head back to the car, which luckily for us was parked only about a hundred yards away today. I was not unaware that during this week end, I had probably fulfilled just about every man’s favourite sexual fantasy and probably a few more on top. I couldn’t help but wonder though if my sex life could ever be as good in the future as it had been today.

Driving home I was in for one more surprise. All three of us were sitting in the front of the car as the EH had one long bench seat. Helen was in the middle and fidgeting around a lot. I asked her to keep still but she complained that she had got a bit of sunburn on her shoulders and that her dress was making it worse by rubbing on it. Liz suggested she pull it down at the top but as much as she tried, she couldn’t get it down. In frustration she pulled it up over her head and took it off completely, throwing it agressively onto the back seat as if to teach it a lesson. She had not put her pants back on because of the same reason so she was now sitting stark naked in between us.

“Ah, that’s much better,” she sighed.

There was very little traffic on the road and it was single lane both sides so I suppose no one could see in unless you were a truck going the other way. It was also getting on dusk so the light was fading fast.

“Another one of your fantasies fulfilled I suppose, eh Helen?” I queried.

“No, not really, but it sure feels better,” she replied.

As the car was an automatic I was able to place my left hand between her legs and I started to tease her fanny lips. Liz could see what I was doing and said that I was just trying to make her jealous. Not wanting her to be left out, I took her right hand and placed it in Helen’s crotch too so that we could both work on her together. Helen soon got into the swing of things and wrapped her left leg over Liz’s and the other one over mine, opening herself up to her full extent. Placing her arms along the top of the seat behind the both of us she closed her eyes and licked her lips as many busy fingers now touched and massaged her innermost parts. I could see that she definitely wanted to fully savour all these good sensations to the maximum as she concentrated her thoughts into the build up of her coming climax. My fingers were getting quite tired and it took another five miles of attention before she finally came, shuddering all over with her nipples sticking out at least an inch long with the outside aerola now concentrated down to the size of a twenty cent piece from their normal tennis ball dimensions.

When she eventually came back down to the real world, she licked her dry lips one more time and suggested to Liz that they swap places, which they did rather awkwardly.

“Your turn now,” she said.

“Come on, get your gear off Liz.”

Liz had redressed and had her bikini on under her white shorts and top. She removed her shorts and pulled her bikini bottoms down to her knees but went no further.

“All of it!” insisted Helen.

Liz was obviously reluctant.

“No way, someone will see us,” she replied.

“So what, they can see me as well can’t they? I don’t care if they do, come on Steve, help me,” pleaded Helen.

I used my left hand to pull her bikini bottoms off, Liz lifting her legs to assist. Helen started to undo her blouse but Liz now helped her and took it off followed by her bikini top. As if in the same motion, both Helen and I took each of her legs and wrapped it around ours as we had done to Helen’s. Liz crossed her arms over her breasts, covering them both completely so that they couldn’t be seen by any oncoming vehicles. Again as if in one action, we both took her arms and placed them behind us laying along the top of the back of the seat.

“I’ve never felt so exposed in my whole life,” laughed Liz, nervously.

“I hope no one I know sees me.”

Helen was soon running her tongue around Liz’s left nipple and giving it a hard suck as well, while I was busy pushing my middle finger in and out of her very wet pussy. I was finding it very hard to concentrate on driving now so I slowed down considerably causing a couple of cars behind me to overtake. None of them had any idea what was going on in our car and just sped on till they were along way ahead. Helen’s hand had now joined mine and had one finger along side my inserted one whilst her thumb was rubbing Liz’s clit at the same time. Maybe she had a better idea than me of where to touch so I pulled out and put my arm around Liz’s shoulder and started to play with her left breast and tweak her nipple, leaving the hard work up to Helen. Liz’s moaning soon reached a crescendo as she began to move her hips up and down and started to come. Helen told me to feel inside her as she came. I inserted my finger again in time to feel some very strong contractions as Liz placed both her hands over mine as if to hold me inside her.

“Wow, four orgasms in one day, this could be my all time record,” said Liz.

The sureality of the situation suddenly hit home. Here I was driving with my wife and her best friend on a main road, both of them nude and with me still with a finger inserted inside her wet fanny as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I managed to recover my hand and started to concentrate more on the road.

We had now just got back on to the Nepean Highway which was a relatively busy road and were about half an hour from home. Neither of the girls had made any attempt to get dressed again or even cover themselves up in any way.

“I think you should do something girls or someone will see you for sure, it’s a bit different here on a main road than it was before,” I said.

“No, I think I might just stay this way till we get home, what about you Liz?” replied Helen.

“Why not, it’s not too far now and besides I’m getting used to having no clothes on, in fact I feel quite comfortable now,” added Liz.

Thinking this was just a rouse and that they weren’t serious, that they were just doing this to gee me up, I thought that I would call their bluff and go along with them.

“Fine girls, it’s up to you if that’s what you want.” Thinking they would lose eventually their nerve, I continued to drive normally. As we approached Caulfield we came to our first set of traffic lights that were red and we slowed to a stop just as a bus pulled up alongside in the slow lane. Being on the drivers side I couldn’t see up to the bus but I mentioned to the girls that I bet the driver was getting an eyeful. Looking up, both girls grabbed an item of Liz’s clothing from the floor and put it over themselves.

“Not so brave now, are we girls,” I laughed as we pulled away. Expecting them now to put their clothes back on as we were approaching The Avenue, the street where we lived, It was beginning to sink in that their bluff was not indeed going to be called.

“You’re not going to get out naked when we pull up outside the units are you?” I asked.

“Of course we are, aren’t we Liz,” replied Helen.

“I will if you will,” came her reply.

Although it was now dark and we had an unlit slip road running down the side of our units, I knew that they would still have to walk about twenty yards along the front of the building to where the base of the the stairs were and the thought that they actually were going to do it started to excite me.

“Bet you won’t do it,” I challenged.

“Bet we will,” replied Liz.

Helen went through her bag and found our front door key.

“We can come back for our stuff after we have had tea, eh Liz,” said Helen.

As we drove down the driveway I was relieved to find that there was no one around, parking in bay twelve at the end of the alley right below our flat.

“You go and open up the front door and we will be right with you,” suggested Helen.

I got out and walked back the twenty or so yards to the stairwell and went up and along the balcony to open the door. I thought that they were probably getting dressed as I did this so I remained outside, looking over the balustrade, to see if I was correct. Both girls then got out of the car on the passenger side, still both starkers and carrying nothing. They proceeded to walk at a fairly leisurely pace towards the stairwell. The only thing they had on were their sandals. As they got to the top of the stairs a car started to pull in to the drive and both girls started to run towards me. Even though it was dark and there was only the bunker lights above the landing, all I can remember seeing were four bouncing breasts hurtling towards me. An extremely ludicrous sight as they just made it into the flat before the vehicle pulled up next to our car. We lived next door to an elderly German woman whose son used to have her over on Sundays and was bringing her home.

“If the old duck next door had seen you she would have had an heart attack, how would you have felt then?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly, she’s so short sighted she wouldn’t have even noticed,” replied Liz.

I went back down to the car and picked up their clothes from the front seat and took them back upstairs. I found it quite strange to see both girls still walking around the flat naked as nudity seemed quite in context on the beach but seeing them here, especially Liz stark bollock naked was very weird. Helen decided to take a shower and left me alone in the lounge with Liz for a while. Even though I had been naked with her most of the day, being alone with her like this made me feel somehow awkward. She, however seemed to be completely at ease with her nudity even sitting on the lounge opposite me with her legs up on the cushion, knees bent at a ninety degree angle giving me a completely uninterrupted view of every thing. Often when she had been in our flat before, I wasn’t adverse to sometimes deliberately sitting sideways on to her and trying to sneak a look down her open blouse, hopeful for a possible glimpse of breast or nipple. Not that it ever did me any good as she always wore a full tight fitting bra. Now here I was and not only could I see all of her breasts full on but also views of her inner anatomy that her own doctor probably never got to see. The way that her inner lips protruded out and wrapped themselves around and over her outer lips, the way her clitoral hood stood out like a miniature penis, the slight glint of moisture still visible in the midst of it all fascinated me so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her crotch. I was savouring every contour as if I had to commit each and every part to memory. I must have been staring for some time when Liz placed her hand over her open fanny.

“Five bucks if you want another look,” she said laughing as she did.

“Sorry, I guess today has all been too much for me,” I replied.

“I still can’t believe what we all got up to today, it all seems so unreal that my brain appears to be on voyeur overload at the moment, but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get over it, sooner or later.”

Helen came out of the bedroom, now wearing a full sarong, offering Liz one as well. She accepted this but put it on as just a skirt, Helen pulled her’s down likewise, both remaining topless for the rest of the evening. We had tea and then sat around for a while afterwards just chatting and drinking some flask wine that we had in the fridge. Liz eventually pulled her sarong up over her top and got up to go back to her unit. She had a busy day at work ahead and said she needed an early night. Normally when we said goodnight to each other a simple peck on the cheek was exchanged. Tonight both Helen and I received a full on, mouth to mouth kiss from her. This new found closeness we all now sensed gave me a very good feeling inside, a feeling that was exemplified by that kiss.

Our weekend was finally coming to a close but the incidents of this weekend had made an impression on me that would last forever. Today’s events had permanently changed my philosophy regarding all my preconceptions concerning the female attitude towards sex, nudity and relationships. However, I still had some unproven theories concerning these attitudes, theories that I would undoubtedly, one day soon, want to put to the test.

Chapter 04

I had indulged in a lot of soul searching over the events of the last few months. The confusing issues that now confronted me concerning our recent uncharacteristic sexually liberated behavior had left my mind in a sort of quandary. Growing up as a lad in London, being one of five kids with three sisters, my attitude towards the opposite sex had always been such that I imagined that girls were generally repulsed by the thought of nudity and sex. Going to an all boys grammar school also didn’t prepare me in any way for the outside world, especially concerning the fairer sex.

The first time I ever really had a real chance to find out anything regarding these maters was when I started going out with my first girlfriend while I was still at school. I was eighteen at the time. Stephanie was the same age as me and we met at a mutual friend’s party. She was also still at school and lived with her father and older sister, her mother having died some years before.

Because her dad was involved with purchasing military equipment for the Royal Air Force, he was often away overseas. This gave us the opportunity to spend a fair bit of time alone at her home. Things never got much beyond what was then known as heavy petting but this did give me some good grounding on what I could or couldn’t be expected to get away with. When things did look like progressing beyond just kissing and touching she often used to fain sickness, kidney pains being one of her most common excuses. Because of this, my impression of the opposite sex was that if they did ever go any further it would only be as a mater of duty or possibly by being forced to, not out of any free will. Although we occasionally touched each other intimately, I only ever got the occasional glimpse of naked flesh. Even though we went together for over six months, I never did get the chance to see her as nature intended. In fact I often got to see more of her older sister’s body as she lounged around the place with just a skimpy see through cotton hippy dress on, always with her knickers on but never with a bra underneath. However, these stolen glimpses of her slightly hairy nipples were not my ultimate achievement so far in my observations of the opposite gender.

Once when on holiday at our parents week end bungalow home on the south coast of England, in Kent, I did see my older sister nude. It was late in the evening and we had all been to the beach that day. By the time we had had some fish and chips for tea and returned home, the evening was drawing in. I was putting my bike away into the back shed when as I turned to go in the back door of the house I noticed that the light was on in the back bedroom where all my sisters slept. The curtains were still open and I could see Sarah standing by one of the bunk beds. As I had been making a fair bit of noise while putting the bike into the shed I figured that either she couldn’t see me outside or that she knew I was there and was ignoring my presence. I counted on the first option and ducked back along the side of the shed and watched as she was brushing some sand off of herself. She had on a one piece, black swimming costume and she had pulled the front down. Her back was towards me and I couldn’t really see anything except for her bare back and shoulders. I can still remember how I could feel my heart begin to pound as I watched her. My mind was confused and I was panicking inside as to whether to stay and watch or just quietly creep round to the front door so that she would not have known I had been there. All the strength in my legs seemed to have disappeared and they were feeling very wobbly. My hands were also shaking now but I decided to stay put and remain quiet. I wasn’t sure if my present condition was caused from a fear of getting caught or of the excitement of what I might be about to see next.

Still with her back to me, she pulled down her costume and stepped out of it, now giving me a full view of her naked back as she continued to brush sand off of herself. Still I had the urge to leave but now my curiosity had taken over and I was transfixed by my first sight of a real live naked girl, even though it was only my sister. Then miracles of miracles, it happened. She turned around to face me and started to wipe the sand off her front. My mouth was now completely dry and there was absolutely no way that I could raise one ounce of spit to swallow, which was a reflex that I seemed to need to do urgently. Although this was my sister and my whole body was going through a sort of nervous spasm, it still did not stop me from appreciating how stunning she looked. She had small conical shaped breasts that kind of ski sloped down to these long dark brown nipples that stood out further than I would ever have imagined, certainly more than any of the models I had seen in the girlie mags that were passed around at school. Her pubes were a light brown colour, with almost a reddish tint and the hair curly and very course looking, not like the hair on her head at all which was very fair, almost blond, straight and thin in texture. As I watched she looked up and I thought that she had caught me spying on her. I jumped back further along the shed and waited for any reaction. There seemed to be none. Instead she stood back from the window and started turning around slowly and making poses, turning all angles with her hands on her hips. It was as if she could read my mind and was giving me every best possible view of herself, all the time looking straight towards me through the window. I moved back closer to get a better look. Was she really doing this just for me? More likely, I thought, she was probably just posing for herself, seeing her own reflection in the glass of the window. Secretly inside I sort of hoped that she knew that I was there as this would have been the made the whole thing far more significant and brought a whole new dimension into this erotic situation. The magical ingredient that my later theory would come to call, “The connection”.

My whole body was trembling now and I don’t think I could have moved even if I had wanted to, so it came almost as a relief when she came up to the window, standing there momentarily with her arms stretched upwards to the pelmet, her nipples actually touching the surface of the glass, looking out and then closing the curtains, still not giving any indication that she was aware of my presence. I could still feel the pounding of my heart and could even hear the blood rushing through my veins around my ears as this one act play came to an end.

In the whole scheme of things this probably wouldn’t go down in history as a world shattering event, a boy seeing his sister naked for the first time, but to a young lad whose imagination was constantly filled with fantasies such as this, it was something that would always mark an important moment in his life. A memory only to be revealed to others for the first time on this page.

Whilst in my last year of school, I used to go out to many of the local pubs with my mates. Many of them now had topless and even nude go-go dancers performing. Like everyone else I used to check them out but after a while the initial fascination would wear off and they would become a secondary source of entertainment. You could look but you couldn’t touch and the lack of connection with these dancers made them seem so very unobtainable and remote. Unless there was something more than the visual stimulation, a possible chance that it could be taken further then the eroticism of just seeing someone’s body alone would never be enough to completely stimulate me. Even with a magazine eventually it would be your own hand and one’s imagination that became the major contributor to the actual excitement of the moment.

This is about the time that the importance of the connection thing really made itself much clearer to me. This was not the first time however that this thought had come to me.

As previously mentioned, until that day at the beach with Greg and his mate, I had never seen Helen touch herself so intimately before and it continued to intrigue me that the first time it happened, I had to share this special moment with two complete strangers. Even though Helen had explained her reasons for going so far to me at the time and I had done almost the same thing in front of her and Liz on the beach a few weeks before, I couldn’t help but probe a little deeper as her exhibitionist behaviour still seemed so out of character to me. It took me a couple of minor inquisitions before she finally confessed.

One evening at home, after she had brought herself off with me watching, she confided that the time at the beach wasn’t really the first occasion that someone had seen her play with herself. Although she had inferred that it was at the time, I always suspected that maybe she had done it in front of one of her previous boyfriends (of which she had a few before we met) but this was not to be the case.

She went on to recount the following anecdote which I will repeat as accurately as I can remember it being told to me, in her own words. She started.

“When I was Eighteen and in my last year at an all girl’s Catholic College in St Albans, I used to get home about four thirty in the afternoon. I used to do about an hours homework downstairs in the kitchen as this was the only place in our house where we had a table that I could use as a desk. When finished, I usually then went upstairs to my bedroom and changed out of my school uniform.

It was around November at the time when I first became aware of a puzzling coincidence. Being mid winter, it got dark before five o’clock in the evening and the first thing I did when going into my room was to turn the light on and then close the curtains as best I could. They hadn’t been made for that particular room and were a bit too narrow so there was always a gap of about six inches left between them when closed. There was a row of houses across the way from us whose gardens backed on to our’s. This row was identical to the one we lived in, being two levels and terraced, except that they were built as a mirror image of ours which meant that one of the back bedrooms opposite looked directly down into mine, theirs being a bit higher up the hill than our’s.

What began to intrigue me was that whenever I turned on my light and went over to draw the curtains, the light in the bedroom across the way always seemed to go off just as I was drawing them. Initially I thought that it must have been just a mere coincidence but it happened far too often for it to be that. Then I speculated that maybe they could see me when my light came on and whoever was there thought that I might be looking up into their bedroom. If this were true however, more likely they would just have shut their curtains and kept their light on, which wasn’t the case either.

One evening I remained standing at the window and watched to see if anything happened and as usual the light opposite went out, as I had come to expect. Keeping absolutely still, I could just make out a shadowy outline of someone positioned between the partially opened curtains. I left my light on and went into our toilet which was the next room along from mine. Without turning on the light, I stood on the toilet seat lid and looked through the small window which was ajar above. I could just make out a vague image of someone standing behind the now completely opened curtains opposite. The light was still good enough for me to distinguish the shape of a man holding something up to his head and I had a menacing sensation go right through me when I realised that it looked like it could have been a pair of binoculars.

For the first time in my life, an awareness that someone, most likely of the opposite sex was interested enough to go to this effort, just to see my body. Even the fact that whoever it was had been invading my privacy didn’t seem as important as the idea that anyone would actually want to go to all this bother just look at my body this way.

The thought that I had been spied on, probably for some time, excited my senses more than I would have expected it to. At the same time it also spooked me out as well. For the next week or so I made sure that I got changed in the bathroom and never took my clothes or house coat off in the bedroom until I had turned the light off. Whenever I did turn it off at night, I used to wait and watch the window opposite through the gap in my curtains. Almost without fail, the light would come back on again across the way after mine had gone out, convincing me that this was a nightly event not just the odd occurrence. Because the curtains opposite were always slightly open like mine, when his light was on and mine was off, I soon worked out that my admirer was indeed a middle aged man and I thought that I recognised him as Mr O’Keefe. I knew that he lived in that street but I was sure that he resided further down at the end of the row. I didn’t mention the fact that I thought I was being spied on but I did ask my mother about him, using the pretence that I thought I had seen him in the garden of the wrong house. She said that I was right, it was him and the council had moved him in temporarily whilst they were trying to repair some damage caused by a leaky roof. It seems that he lived on his own, his wife having been killed in a car accident some years earlier. He had two sons, but both had left home after their mother’s death, one going to university and the other going back to Ireland where they had come from originally. She described him as a lonely old sole who generally kept himself to himself. Even so, he didn’t look all that old to me. I had serious thoughts about reporting him but changed my mind as what mum had told me actually made me feel quite sorry for him.

Knowing that he was probably quite harmless made me feel a lot less uncomfortable about his activities and I resumed getting changed in my room. The thought that someone could actually be bothered to go to the trouble of watching me gave me a new strange sort of thrill and funny enough, it somehow made me feel more important or dare I say, needed. Sometimes I would even accidentally on purpose leave the curtains completely open and watch his window in the reflection of my dresser mirror. I started to genuinely look forward to seeing his light go off, as it always did within about ten seconds of me turning mine on, knowing that he was watching me. I would strip off, always with my back to the window, making sure not to turn around, then deliberately take my time unclipping my bra and stepping out of my knickers, all the time wondering what he was thinking or doing. Then I would slowly put on my very unsexy flannelette pyjamas and house coat without ever turning to face him before turning off my light and creeping over to the window. Every night I would intend to turn around and let him see me full frontal naked but I could never quite summon up enough courage to do it. I used to chicken out at the last minute but without fail I would always catch a glimpse of him still standing there as if waiting for more. I even borrowed my friend Linda’s polaroid camera and took some photos of myself nude, standing up, sitting on a stool and laying on the bed, just to see what I looked like. I remember even cutting my head off of some of the photos in case someone ever found them. (Lucky for me Helen had kept these photos and let me have a peek of them). Looking back now I suppose that as I could see his window in my mirror, it’s possible that he might have been able to see my front in it’s reflection as well but this never occured to me at the time. It dawned on to me that I was probably getting a bigger kick out of teasing him than he was by watching me. Either way I kept our activities to myself, only ever telling my best friend Linda about it. I often used to wonder if he realised that I knew he was watching.

Sometimes when I was walking in town, I would see him coming towards me down the street and my heart would go into a sort of flutter. I would always be polite and go out of my way to say hello but he generally just nodded without saying anything and shuffle past me as if only just noticing me. This distinct indifference towards me, made me angry as I knew that by now he recognised me and I deserved better than to be ignored like this. I was determined to do something so that he would have to acknowledge my presence in future. I was definitely going to show him that I wasn’t someone to be ignored. What I would do, I wasn’t too sure about but I knew I would do something dramatic all the same.

I considered not performing for him again but after a couple of nights changing in the bathroom I realised that it was me who was missing out on the only bit of excitement in my otherwise boring life, so I again began changing in my own room again, now never bothering to shut the curtains at all but also still too scared to face him as I would have liked to have done.

One Friday night after getting back from a dance at Hatfield College, I was a bit pissed, having had more than a couple of ciders bought for me at the bar. I silently used my key to unlock the back door, having taken my platform shoes off prior to this and carrying them so as not to wake up mum and dad who sometimes waited up for me. They would have killed me if they knew I had been out this late and drinking as well. Luckily they had both gone to bed as it was just after eleven o’clock. I crept up the stairs and tip toed into my room, not even bothering to go into the bathroom and clean my teeth which I always did religiously. I turned on the light and started to undress and as now was my habit, never bothered about closing the curtains. Desperately concentrating on not getting sprung by my parents, it never even occurred to me as to whether Mr O’Keefe opposite would still be up or not. This was much later than I normally would have got undressed and it wasn’t until I started to pull my pants down after having taken everything else off that it struck me that I was facing the window. Although I was still in a half bent over position, I hesitated about stepping out of my knickers, them now being between my knees and ankles.

Instead I raised my head and looked straight ahead. The light across the way was off but I hadn’t looked to see if it was on before anyway. It was a clear night with a full moon and I was sure that I could just make out the outline of someone behind the partially closed curtains opposite. I was certain that he was watching me, because the lens of his binoculars could be seen clearly, reflecting two perfect images of the full moon. They looked like two big white eyes starring back at me. For a moment I felt extremely vulnerable and just froze. The notion of rushing over to the window and shutting the curtains nearly overwhelmed me. Instead I forced myself to resist that course of action, and calmly just stepped out of my knickers and stood up, looking straight towards him. Being quite pissed my mind wasn’t working too clearly and as I stood there the only thought that had entered my head, kept repeating itself.

“Wow, I’ve finally dug up the courage to do it at last”. (although really I was quite aware that it was Dutch courage).

I couldn’t see through the window so well as my light was on and my own reflection was blocking out my view across the way but seeing myself naked like this excited me in a way I had never felt before. The reflection that greeted me was not at all unpleasant, in fact the more I starred at myself, the more turned on I was getting. Then the curious question of how close and just how much of me he could see through his binoculars began to fill my mind. My bed, which was immediately behind me and central to the window, was a divan type with a headboard but no board or rail at the foot end, so I stepped backwards and sat on the end of the bed. From this position I could still see all of his window so I knew that he should still be able to see all of me. I slowly pulled myself back along the bed until my head was touching the top of the headboard. I could still see all of his window but now the reflection of his binoculars seemed lower than they were before so I knew he had moved down a bit to get a better vantage point from which to watch me.

Although the temperature in my room could not have been much above freezing, the excitement of what I was doing had suppressed the urge to get beneath the covers of the bed. I just layed there pondering my next action. I thought of the photos I had taken and wondered if his view was like the ones on Polaroid. Rather than wanting to cover myself up, I was almost desperate in my desire that he should see every last little part of me. I knew that he had seen my bare arse nearly every night for the last couple of weeks and now at last he could see my tits and fanny but this still didn’t seem enough.

Whether it was because of the cold air or as a result of the excitement of my own nudity, I was not sure, but my nipples were quite firm now and were tingling all over. I started to run my fingers over them and to trace circles around them, causing me to become extremely horny. I brought my knees up, opening them at the same time and put my ankles behind my head for a moment, knowing that I would now be wide open down below (as from one of the photos I had taken). I then dangled both legs down either side of my quite narrow bed so that I was absolutely sure that he could see everything I had to show him. I then slowly slid my hand down between my legs and started to caress and play with myself with my right hand whilst still pulling on my nipples with the other. All the while I continued to look straight across to his window where I could still see those two big white bug like eyes peering back at me. I can still remember exactly my thoughts as I started to come.

“Just try ignoring me now you rude bastard.”

After that, all I can remember is turning off the light and hopping between the sheets and having one of the deepest night’s sleep I had had in a very long time. I do remember though, having that recurring dream again where I walked naked through the High street, but I was awoken by my mum half way through it, knocking on my bedroom door. I had a slight headache which was probably the result of a mild hangover so I was happy to see that she was bringing me a cup of tea because my mouth was very dry.

When she came in, she commented on how untidy my room was seeing my clothes and nightwear scattered around the bed. On noticing that I was wearing nothing, she scolded me for not putting my pyjamas on, saying that it was shameful to sleep naked and that I would catch my death of cold. She also got up me about the curtains not being closed and to make sure that I closed them up in future as you never know who might be watching. I laughed inside thinking, if only she knew. I made the point that they didn’t close properly anyway so why bother. She tried shutting them herself but had the same problem as I had.

The next week she made a new pair of curtains for my window and took great pride in closing them herself every evening before I got home only for me to open them again before I turned on my light and got changed. For a while after that, I made the point of always facing the window when I stripped off and I would walk around my room starkers until I had to go downstairs or went to bed. I never touched myself like that for him again as I couldn’t summon up the courage but I did make sure that he always copped an eyeful when I did my exercises next to my bed. Even now the thought of him watching me do my leg lifts still brings a tingle to my spine.

So regrettably, that was the one and only time I put on that show for my not so secret admirer. He got relocated to another council house on the other side of the railway lines fairly soon afterwoods. I never got the satisfaction of confronting him on the street again, which was a shame as I had carefully worked out what I was going to say to him if I did and he ignored me one more time. It went something like,

“Ignore me now and it’s back to the flannelette I’m afraid.”

She said that she had rehearsed that line over and over again in her head but didn’t really know if she would have had the guts to actually deliver it, had she got the chance.

Helen telling me this story brought back vivid memories of the previous incident that I have recalled concerning my sister and it only served to convince me that my theory concerning the connection did have some validity to it. It also made me very horny imagining her at fifteen showing herself nude and frigging off in front of that guy. It even became one of my favourite fantasies on the occasions when I was alone and needed to relieve myself, me naturally always taking the part of Mr O’Keefe.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that Helen went out of her way to make that definite connection with her voyeur neighbour by deliberately greeting him in the street when she came across him. Had she not known he was watching her she would have still known him but probably not bothered to acknowledge him. The fact that she eventually wanted to show herself off to him, even to the point where she tried to shock him into not ignoring her any more, makes this whole episode that much more erotic and meaningful. It must have also made his activities more exciting for him too, suspecting that she knew that he was watching her. If both parties had just been anonymous to each other then the only stimulation would have been visual and perhaps self generated, the vital ingredient of a truly erotic situation completely missing. It would have been interesting to see if he would have ignored her greetings in future, had he not been relocated. I find it hard to believe that he would have.

Chapter 05

Having been highly trained by British Telecom in London as a specialist telecommunications technician, the job I found myself in Melbourne did not challenge me too much and as such became a bit of a breeze as far as time allotted to do a job was concerned.

Here I installed mainly intercom systems which did not stretch my abilities too far. Each install I was given was allocated a particular number of hours to complete and generally, I would have completed them in half to three quarters the time allowed. I would generally then take a day off and then go back to my headquarters on Racecourse road, North Melbourne to get another job given to me the next day, still having booked less hours than had been available. This made me very popular with our control staff as most of the other guys took as long as they were allocated.

I soon worked out though that if I was to also stay on good terms with the other technicians, I couldn’t go back any earlier as this would surely show up their real work rate. This meant that most weeks I would get at least one day off to do as I pleased.

On one such day I decided to give the EH Holden a good wash as it had been a while since it had been cleaned and polished properly. I had almost finished it, just giving the chrome work a final once over when Liz walked down from her flat towards me with a basket full of washing that she was about to hang up on the communal Hill’s Hoist that stood at the end of our block of units below our unit.

“Got the day off, Steve?” she asked.

“Well not officially,” I replied.

“I can’t go back into the office until tomorrow, otherwise the other techs will give me a hard time.”

I went on to explain my time situation with her which she listened to with the comment,

“Yeh, over here, the guys are a lazy bunch of bastards but I suppose that’s just the way it is in Australia.”

I continued to do my polishing while Liz wound down the hoist and started to peg her wet clothes on it. She was wearing a full sarong and from the looks of it, not much else. It was not long since our expedition up the beach at Summers and memories came flooding back as I watched her.

“Anyway, how comes your’e home on a Thursday?” I enquired.

“My rostered day off,” she replied.

Not having heard this term before I asked to explain what it meant and she went on to educate me that public servants in the employ of the Victorian Government only had to work a nine day fortnight so every other week they got a rostered day off or RDO as it was better known.

“Sounds pretty cushy if you ask me, but I suppose I get much the same thing, only it’s not really rostered like your’s.”

As she stretched up to peg her clothes I couldn’t help notice that she had picked up a pretty good tan on her shoulders the week before and I commented on it to her.

“Thanks, I’m really pleased with it and it’s the first time ever that I didn’t get total bikini marks, look.”

Facing me she undid the loosely tied knot at the top of her sarong and pulled the front down to reveal those beautifully big, firm and now pleasantly tanned breasts.

“I think I’m losing my colour a bit now though, what do you think?” She asked.

“They’re lovely, yes very nice,” I replied.

“Well, what do you think, my boobs, are they still a nice brown?”

“Oh yeah, I see, well I suppose they could be a few shades browner.” I mumbled almost incoherently, still amazed that she was showing them to me here and now out in the open.

“Hey, do you fancy heading down to the beach a bit later, you know, that is if you’ve got nothing more you have to do?” she asked pulling her sarong back up.

The idea caught me by surprise but I couldn’t think of any good reason why not to take her up on her suggestion.

“Yeh that would be a good idea, I was only going to catch up on some reading I had to do anyway. Where do you fancy going? Maybe we should go down to a local beach as it’s a bit far to go down to Somers for just a few hours, what do you think?”.

“Sure, we can go down to Blackrock, I believe that’s not too far away. We can use my car as I need to give it a run to charge the battery up a bit. What say we leave in about forty five minutes, that will give me time to do a few things and get my stuff together.”

Liz picked up her now empty basket and strolled back towards her unit, leaving me to finish off the rest of my polishing.

Liz’s car was an old Volkswagen beetle, off white in colour.

She got the bus to work most days, only using the car during the week on the days that she attended college so most of the week it just sat there not getting much use. This was probably the reason that the battery was always going flat and many a time I had to give her a push down the road to help her bump start it.

I packed all I thought I would need in a small ruck sack and met Liz out the front dead on time. I had changed into a clean pair of shorts and a tee shirt but she was still dressed in her sarong as before. I had never been to Blackrock before and I soon found out that neither had Liz but it seems that one of her close friends recommended it to her as a good place to go midweek, so we had no idea how long it was going to take to get there.

Liz was a very good driver for a girl, quite fast but maybe just a bit too aggressive when it came to not giving way at to the right at junctions. Either way it took about half an hour to arrive at our destination, being further south along the bay than the closest beach to where we lived. I was surprised to find how remote it seemed to be. Unlike the suburban beaches where the road came up close to the actual beach, there was a virtual greenbelt of perhaps a hundred yards of vegetation before the track brought you out onto the sand. You had to go down a wooden stairway as there was a small cliff at the rear of the beach. This part of the bay was intersected by rocks jutting out from the small cliffs, forming several small individual bays. These rocks were formed from a black toffee rock type of base and a little bell rang in my head as to how the beach probably got it’s name. We walked around the first set of rocks and made camp pretty much in the middle of the beach between the two headlands. There were only about half a dozen people on the whole one hundred yard stretch of beach besides us, and only one other girl, with a guy further along. She was sunbathing topless and I couldn’t help but notice that except for one who we had passed, most of the guys there, who all seemed to be by themselves weren’t too far away from where she was laying. Being a work day in the middle of the week, it probably wasn’t too surprising that there weren’t too many people there. We both got out our towels and Liz removed her sarong to reveal that she was only wearing her leopard skin bikini pants underneath. I took my shorts off and got my togs out of the rucksack, placing a towel over me to get changed into them.

“A bit shy are we today?” Liz commented inquisitively.

“Well, this doesn’t seem to be a nudey beach you know, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” was my well rehearsed reply.

Looking around, there was only one person nude on the beach and that was the guy who was with the girl so I didn’t feel too bad about keeping my togs on. Liz rubbed sun oil all over her front, her nipples retaining their normally hard posture, and asked me to do her back for her. I knelt behind her and as before I could see her generous boobs from behind. Remembering the previous occasion I did this, I was careful not to let my hand wander this time, making sure only to touch her back and neck. It seemed really strange being alone with a semi nude girl in a situation such as this as this was probably the first time this had happened since well before I was married. She in turn did my back for me, me laying on my front.

“You’ve still got a good colour on you, you know, it seems a shame to get cosy marks again, why don’t you take these off as well?” she asked pulling them down slightly and rubbing lotion over my now half exposed bottom.

“No, I don’t think so, this doesn’t look like a nudist beach to me and we could get into trouble if anyone complains,

anyway I don’t feel quite right about it, what with Helen not being here.”

“Oh, I don’t think she would mind, in fact it was because of her suggestion that I asked you to come, she said it was alright as long as I was gentle with you.” she retorted with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m taking mine off and I don’t care what anyone thinks, besides I went to all the trouble of shaving after I saw you this morning, especially for the occasion.”

With this she removed her bottoms revealing a completely smooth and depilated fanny. Now kneeling up in an open leg position facing me, she started putting more lotion on her hands, she then started to rub it in all around where her bikini bottoms had been, being more than thorough with it when applying it over her fanny lips. Watching her do this had made my mouth go dry and I found myself unconsciously licking my lips in an effort to get a bit of moisture back on them.

“Think you can trust yourself alone with me like this?”

she asked, looking down at the newly formed bulge in my liquorice allsorts coloured togs.

“Well, I’ll do my best but I’ll warn you right now, I definitely won’t be taking these off any time soon.”

Without making it too obvious, I checked out the other people on the beach to see if any of them had seen what she had just stripped off completely. There was not one set of eyes that were not now directed at Liz, who was still rubbing the lotion over her breasts, including the girl to our left who was now in the process of taking her bottoms off as well. She probably only needed Liz’s moral support to do this, so that now she wouldn’t be the only girl or should I say, nude girl on the beach. Even another guy to our right decided that he would join in and was now nude as well. I felt inclined to go au naturel also but I thought it might be appropriate to wait awhile, at least until my member had once again resumed it’s unaroused state.

All this while I hadn’t noticed but Liz still had her glasses on (although nothing else). I asked her how well she could see without them to which she replied that she needed them for long distance and also reading. Seeming to be a contradiction in terms, I asked her how they could do both. Taking them off she gave them to me and told me to look through them. To my surprise, even though there was only one lens in each half, it was brocken or should I say divided into two different half sections making them bifocal, something I had never noticed before.

I decided to go for a swim and asked Liz if she wanted to join me. She replied that she would do a bit of reading first and maybe come in later. Bringing out a thick book the size of a bible from her straw bag called “Chemical analysis for advanced forensics” she layed back on my backpack, using it as a pillow and got stuck into it, her bookmark being about half way through it already.

I decided to swim from one end of this bay to the other so I walked back along the beach to where we had come round the rocks and dived in. The tide was fairly high and I didn’t have too go far out to get into swimming depth water, still only being about twenty yards out from the cliff edge where it met the beach. There were hardly any waves which made it easier for me not being a real strong swimmer. My favourite stroke was sidestroke which kept my head above the water and allowed me to remain fairly relaxed at the same time. This also enabled me to watch everyone on the shore as I swam. Although most of the guys were well spaced out along the beach, Liz’s present state of dress, or should I say undress, had caused most of these blokes to subtlely reposition themselves so that they could watch her without making it look too obvious. Even the nude guy was now laying sideways looking towards her, however his complete lack of tan marks made me feel that his au naturel condition was probably a regular occurrence and not in any way just a response to Liz stripping off.

As I reached the end of the bay, the couple who had been sunbathing came in for a swim also. Both were well tanned, him being of quite a dark complexion, looking almost Greek or Italian and her, being a little bit taller than him, very slim with long straight blonde hair, almost Scandinavian in appearance. Her beautifully long hair could only have been her natural colour judging by the large blonde bush of pubic hair she had. As I swam back past them, they both said hi, to which I responded in kind commenting on what a beautiful beach this was.

“Do you come here often?” I enquired, realising almost instantly how corny that must have sounded.

They replied that they used this beach only during the week on the occasions when they both got time off, usually going to Somers beach at the weekend. I told them that I also had been there on a few times but like them it was a little too far to go just for half a day, adding that I was reluctant to strip off here as I wasn’t sure if it was allowed or not. They told me that officially nudity was not allowed on any Victorian beach but as Somers beach came under Commonwealth control being mostly a Naval reserve, the local authorities turned a blind eye to it. They said that on this beach though, every so often there were raids by the local police but regular users had worked out that it only ever occurred on Fridays or Mondays when it did happen, which wasn’t that often anyway, so generally it was safe. She went on to say that they normally only stripped off here if there were other nudists on the beach as well because the occasional perve was known to frequent the area. She went on to say that she would only come here as long as she was with someone else and wouldn’t come here alone, although she often had done so at Somers. Having my togs on I felt a bit like an imposter but I bid them good day saying I felt much better about understanding the dress code situation now and swam back parallel to where Liz was still laying.

Liz had turned on to her side and had both knees bent in a nine o’clock position at a ninety degree angle to each other. One flat on the ground and the other straight up. Being only about twenty feet away from her in the water, I got a perfect bird’s eye view of everything she had. She noticed me in the water and without changing position she just gave me the gentlest of waves. At that moment the couple I had been talking to, swam past me and caught me by surprise as my attention had been elsewhere. Liz must have heard them say hi to me again as they swam past and she gave them a wave too, still without any concern for her apparent lack of modesty.

“Coming in for a swim Liz?” I called out.

Without responding she took off her glasses, put down the book and ran straight towards me, diving in and coming up just out from me a bit.

“Do you realise that we could just about see every thing that you had for breakfast from here before because of the way you were laying?”

“Sure, of course I did, why do you think I was laying like that in the first place?”

“You mean you were doing it on purpose so we could see everything?”

“Yeh, when you left me and went in for a swim, two of those guys along there just coincidentally, happened to decide to have a walk past me along the beach and it wasn’t too hard to work out what they really wanted to see, so when they returned and came back past me, I didn’t disappoint them. I gave them both something worth looking at, that’s why I was laying like that, why, does that upset you?”.

“Well no, not really, I guess it’s not my place to be upset with you, I just thought that you might not be aware of just how much of yourself you were showing off and that girl I was talking to reckons that you sometimes get perves here, what ever they are.”

“Oh she means perverts, don’t worry about them, they’re normally harmless but listen Steve, remember what you’re about to hear because if you never learn anything else about women in your whole life, then what I’m about to tell you is worth knowing. A women is always, and I mean always aware of what she is showing off, don’t ever be fooled into believing otherwise!”

“I find that hard to believe,” I said.

“Look if I didn’t want you to see my pussy lips, do you think I would have shaved all my hair off? And Helen, if she hadn’t wanted anyone to see her’s, do you think she would have allowed that photographer guy do what he did and then frig herself in front of everyone, of course not. Believe me and make no mistake, a women always knows what she’s doing when it comes to showing herself off to men.”

“What about that night in our flat then, you know after we had come back from Somers and Helen was having a shower, were you aware of the way you were sitting?”

“Get real, of course I was, do you think I could possibly sit starkers across from a guy with my pussy wide open in front of him without being aware of it? After the rooting you gave me that day I wanted to let you know how I felt. I was just showing you with my body language that when you want it, it’s available to you. I don’t think I could have made it any clearer than that, do you? Don’t tell me you didn’t realise why I was doing it?”

“Well I guess I must be just a bit naive, no one’s ever been quite so obvious in conveying it to me like that before.”

“Look Steve, that couple you were talking to, if she didn’t want anyone to see her tits and arse, why would she come to a beach like this and strip off, I mean there are hundreds of miles of beach around Melbourne where you could sunbathe nude and not be seen. Why would people go to Somers where there are other people around if they could go to that beach where we had the threesome. It’s because they want to be seen and they want to see others, it’s only natural. And him, her husband, if he didn’t get a kick out of his wife turning on all these men, do you think he would let her strip off in front of them, of course not. Those two guys who walked past, they’re probably up behind those bushes now pulling themselves off because of what I let them see and you know what, I don’t really mind because the very thought of it turns me on and makes me feel good, even if they are perves.”

Her words were very profound and I have never forgotten what she said to me, even to this day. As usual I had a lot to think about, especially the part about her being available to me when ever I wanted her. The day we had the threesome, I felt no guilt, probably because Helen was there and it wasn’t exactly being unfaithful. Now I was feeling guilty and I hadn’t even actually done anything yet, but I knew that given the chance I would find it hard not to take her up on her generous invitation.

After we had swum around for a while, we got out and dried ourselves off. Looking around I couldn’t see either of the two guys who Liz had exposed herself to and I wondered if she was right about them. She sat herself down and I remained standing

up, drying my hair. She reached up and pulled my togs down, me caught off guard but stepping out of them rather than making a fuss.

“I don’t know if Helen told you this?” Liz said.

“But that time at Somers beach was the first time that I ever had an orgasm by having sex with anyone, both with you and with Helen, that’s why I want to let you know that if you felt the same way, it would be good for us all to do it again sometime.”

“You mean that you’ve never had an orgasm before then?”

“No, don’t be stupid, of course I’ve had an orgasm before but only my doing it myself or using a vibrator, never with a guy, or a girl if it comes to it.”

“But what about Barry, your boyfriend, you’ve been with him for a couple of years now, surely you must have with him?”

“No, never actually, he’s so much smaller than you and he’s got no idea how to touch me when he’s doing it. I always fake it with him so that he doesn’t feel too bad but I was beginning to believe that I couldn’t ever get there with a bloke. That day made me realise what I had been missing out on. I told Helen all this just last week and she suggested I should spend some time with you, if I liked because you nearly always made her come.”

Hearing this should have cheered me up but I got the feeling that Helen had just been a bit too flippant about offering me out as a sort of stud service to her friends, or should I say our friend, without having the decency of consulting me first. On the other hand I had just been handed probably the biggest compliment a man could ever get so it wasn’t all bad. Of course, I was presuming that what Liz had just told me had been the truth, if it was then I suddenly had been given the licence to do what most blokes only ever dream about. If it wasn’t then I could be getting myself into some very deep water if I were to take Liz up on her very inviting proposal. If the situation had been reversed however, and it had been me and another guy with Helen that day, would I do the same thing and offer her services out, somehow I don’t think so.

Liz and I were now both laying down on our backs with me still contemplating the situation when uninvited she rolled over sideways towards me and started to rub some lotion on to my chest and shoulders then around my tummy area. The way she was angled was such that her right breast was resting on my right shoulder with her nipple just a tongue’s distance from my mouth. Without even thinking about it I, lifted my head slightly and ran my tongue around the outside of it. My right arm was underneath and around her so I pulled her just a bit closer to me, taking her whole nipple into my mouth and gave it a hard suck and a gentle bite. In response she lowered her hand down on to my dick and began rubbing her lotion covered hand up and down it.

Even though I had been contemplating the possible ramifications only moments before of such a situation as this, the spontaneity of the moment overtook and aroused me faster than I could have imagined, my dick becoming rock hard.

I don’t know what made me do it but I raised my head again looking sideways to see that our activities had not gone unnoticed and that there were more than just a few eyes watching Liz’s now increased efforts on my nether regions. I took hold of Liz’s wrist and pulled her back to a horizontal position beside me again, me turning now side on to her. She tried to pull me right over on top of her, probably thinking that I was about to fully consummate our newly verbalised understanding, but I resisted whispering that people were watching us.

“Let them watch if they like, I don’t mind.”

“Look, I can’t hide the fact that I want to, but this is not the time or place for it, I think that maybe we should wait till we go home, what do you think?”

Liz looked up and along the beach and waived to a guy who was obviously still observing us, him turning away most abruptly and indignantly as if to pretend that he hadn’t really been watching.

“Yeh, I suppose your right, but lets have another swim so I can cool myself down a bit, eh?”

She got no argument from me and we both ran down and dived in, me very conscious that my appendage was still rather firm and wagging like a dogs tail as I ran. Liz started to swim breast stroke along the shoreline and I caught up with her fairly quickly, grabbing her from behind around the waist. She did not resist and carried on swimming with me now moving my hands up and taking hold of each of her breasts. The mixture of sun lotion and water gave them a lovely smooth feel as I caressed her nipples between my fingers. Still she just continued to swim with me in tow, me using my own legs as extra forward propulsion. We were now quite a long way down the beach, away from the previously watchful eyes. The nude guy who was near here before had gone and there was no sign of his clothes so I assumed he had left. I lowered my right hand and located Liz’s clit remarkably quickly and proceeded to rub it gently in a circular motion whilst still tweaking one of her nipples. We bottomed out on the sand as we approached the end of the bay and came to a stand still with Liz and I now pointing in at an angle towards the beach. The water was still deep enough so that only our heads and upper torsos were above water and Liz remained in the same position as I had held her while we were swimming, her breasts now seeming to float half in and half out of the water. She put one hand down between both of our legs and took hold of my stiffness and started to jerk me off in rhythm with my own actions on her clit. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought as I took my hand off her fanny and proceeded to position myself for the now seemingly unavoidable conclusion to our foreplay. Liz read my mind and before I could take myself in hand, so as to speak, she guided me in and pushed herself backwards in the same movement until from previous experience I knew that I was all the way in. I could immediately feel the warmth inside her compared to the fairly cool water around us, the feeling being surprisingly pleasant but somehow peculiar at the same time. I repositioned my hand around her hips and continued to manipulate her clit as I now started to pump in and out of her, determined to live up to her previously stated expectations of me. Even though most of the people on the beach were now at least sixty to seventy yards from us, I was sure that none of them would be in the slightest doubt as to what we were up to should they now be watching us. I had never done it before under water and the warm cold, warm cold sensation as I went in and out was a new experience to me. Excited by the moment, I started to lengthen my strokes so that I soon began to feel the resistance inside her that prevented me penetrating any further. Now entirely committed to satisfying Liz, I was momentarily distracted by something above us. In the corner of my eye I caught the reflection of something silver and realised that the guy I thought had left was actually sitting atop the rocks that were jutting out at this end of the bay, no more than thirty feet away, his watch reflecting the sun being the culprit that gave him away.

“Liz, don’t look up now but there’s someone watching us on the rocks above.”

“I don’t care, just don’t stop now, please don’t stop,”

she replied, her breathing giving away her imminent state of climax.

Although now not so concerned about satisfying my own sexual needs, I speeded up my pace and rubbed even harder as I caressed the area around her clit. Liz not taking my advice, looked straight up at the guy and almost yelled out the fact that she was about to come as if it was him she wanted to know rather than me. The water wasn’t the clearest so although he knew what we were doing I was sure he couldn’t see too much.

Although on the verge I managed to hold myself back but I stopped my pumping and stayed inside Liz feeling her strong contractions, assuring me that she was not putting on an act just to make me feel good. Sensing that I was still unspent,

Liz started to move backwards and forwards on me, but with the minimum of effort I extricated myself and swam up beside her. “Look, we can’t do anymore, that guy must have seen everything, let’s swim back up the beach and away from here,” I said.

Liz looking up again one more time and smiling at the fellow, followed my lead and swam along side me until we reached our spot on the beach, getting straight out and laying on her back on her towel, me following.

“Sorry about that, but I was so close there was no way anything could have stopped me getting off, but why didn’t you come too?”

“I did want to come but I was too concerned with that guy watching us to finish it, I suppose I’m a bit more inhibited than you are, didn’t you mind him being there, watching us?”

“Not really, but if you had asked me would I do this a few months ago I would have said no way, but now having done it in front of you and Helen, it really didn’t bother me at all. When Helen told me how much she enjoyed frigging herself in front of you and those two guys that day, I must admit that I did find it a bit weird but now I can see what she meant, it really does turn you on more when you know others are watching you.”

“Yeh, I think I can start to understand that now, it’s as though you also lose your inhibitions when you lose your clothes, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, I’ve been topless on the beach before, lots of times but never nude until Somers, but once I had got all my gear off, it just seemed so natural, just like doing it in the open, who really cares if people are watching, I certainly don’t anymore.”

She was right about inhibitions, once a women was out of her clothes in public, the change in attitude was unbelievable. The first time Helen stripped off she ended up as Liz had said, masturbating herself and screwing in front of people and now Liz had just allowed me to give her one knowing that not thirty feet away we were being watched. Not only had they both gone this far but, I believe, both had enjoyed it more because of the fact they were being watched by others. Did clothes make you inhibited or did inhibition make you wear clothes, an interesting conundrum?

Maybe this was like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden being made to wear clothes because of the original sin, taking them off again gets rid of the sin or possibly just the guilt part. As we layed there I noticed that the other couple had swum down to where Liz and I had been before and were holding on to each other face to face and may well have been up to much the same thing that we had been a little while before. It was hard to tell but I gave Liz a nudge and said,

“Now look what you’ve started, every one wants to get in on the act.”

“She’s very attractive, don’t you think. I bet you wish it were you up there with them giving her one too.”

The thought had crossed my mind but I thought better about getting into a conversation with Liz which would only serve to complicate matters even more than my already confused mind could handle.

“Hey look Steve, I forgot but I’ve got something to show you,” said Liz bringing a white envelope out of her bag.

Giving it to me I had no idea what I was about to see but as soon as I took the contents out I realised. These were the photos taken at the beach the day we had our threesome. Going through them they became increasingly more explicit in their content. Even the one I took of my hardness with the two girls in the background had been printed and surprisingly was in focus too.

“Where on earth did you get these developed? I was certain that no one would actually print them being so explicit.”

“Well working in forensic we have our own lab and a lot of PJ’s go through it.”

“”PJ’s, what’s a PJ?”

“Private Jobs, you’d be amazed how much funny stuff gets done there on the sly.”

“But don’t you mind the people you work with seeing you like this, could’t they try to compromise you with them?”

“No way, Mick the guy who looks after the lab is a mate of mine and he’s also gay, so I’ve seen plenty of his own stuff that would make these look very mild, he did mention however that he liked the look of you and would like to meet you sometime, so you see it pays to advertise.”

“Have you told him what we got up to after these were taken, Liz?”

“Sure, he’s pretty open minded. I even told him you were the first guy to ever make me come. He’s actually a really nice guy, I’m sure you’ve seen him at my place before, he often comes over and has a bitch session with me.”

“Yeah, I might know which one he is, I suspected that he might bat for the other team, you can tell just by the way he walks. I don’t mind meeting him as long as he realises that I’m not the same way.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, after the way I described you, I’m sure he understands, although he did ask me if he could print an extra copy of that last photo you’re holding.”

Looking down at the shot of my erect penis in front of Liz and Helen finger fucking each other I must have had a stunned look on my face.

“Ah, got you there, I’m only kidding,” laughed Liz.

“Good job too.” I said.

“I wouldn’t want too many of these floating around.”

Liz assured me that there were only two copies of each made and handed me another envelope with another complete set in it. Most of them were very good considering her camera was only an instamatic, especially the ones I had taken. The one shot I liked most was the one I had taken of Liz standing full frontal on to me and attempting to lick her own nipple with a cheeky grin on her face. You could clearly see her fanny lips protruding out, giving her a look of innocence because of it’s hairlessness but conversely also a look of sexual provocation at the same time as she was obviously aware of how sexy and titillating (no pun intended) she was being.

“Mick liked that one too, he reckons when he first printed it, it made him wish he was a lesbian.”

The initial funniness of this comment went straight over my head, but as it sank in I couldn’t help but start to laugh

with Liz joining in to a point that I’m sure some of the other people along from us must have thought we were on some sort of drugs.

Once we had stopped our cackling, a feeling of remorse came over me, the realisation setting in for what we had just done.

“Liz, do you think we should mention anything about today to Helen or just keep mum about it?”

“Oh no, if we said nothing, that would be like both of us cheating on her. I know how much you two care for each other so please don’t think I would do this with just anyone, especially as I’m already seeing a married man. I know what it’s like to always feel guilty about it. It’s just that we three are now so close to each other it doesn’t seem wrong and Helen did ask me to let her know every detail so that she could enjoy it too.”

“I know you said she suggested bringing me here with you but are you sure she realised what we might get up to?”

“Of course, I was serious when I said that she wanted me to be gentle with you. She even asked me if I was on the pill so that there would be no little accidents.”

“Christ, that never occurred to me, I thought all girls nowadays would be on it, you are, aren’t you?”

“Don’t panic, of course I am, there’s no way I want a kid at the moment, or if it comes to it, maybe ever.”

“Oh good, at least that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about then, anyway I didn’t come before so it wouldn’t really matter today.”

“Steve, don’t you know that you can get a girl pregnant regardless of whether you come or not. When you produce that wetness before you come, you know, seminal fluid, that contains sperm too and plenty enough to get a girl pregnant so don’t ever rely on that for protection, that’s why there are so many Catholics in the world. They think if you pull out before you come then it’s safe, no way.”

Liz never ceased to amaze me with her knowledge about these sort of things, I was learning a lot from her. Was it because she was a scientist or was it that I was just so naive and dumb about such matters. Maybe a mixture of both. It was getting towards four thirty and I had to pick Helen up from the train station at twenty past five so I suggested we go soon so that I wouldn’t be late. Liz said not to worry we could pick her up together on the way back. This worried me slightly as I still wasn’t convinced that honesty was the best policy concerning telling Helen about today but if Liz was with me there was no way that I could do otherwise. We both dressed, Liz only bothering to put her sarong back on, packed up our stuff and walked back to the Beetle. It was very hot inside so we left both doors open for a while to let it cool down a bit. As it was now about ten to five, there was no way I could get home and back to the station again in time so I agreed that we should both pick Helen up together.

The trip home was as before about half an hour with there not really being too much in the way of conversation between us, me being quite concerned about how Helen would react if told of what we had been up to. When we pulled into the station car park, the train was also just pulling in so our timing could not have been any better or later as it happened. I greeted Helen with my usual peck on the cheek and said I had a surprise for her, revealing that Liz was here to meet her too. She had remained in the car as she was in a no standing zone. Helen was genuinely pleased at this and gave her a big wave as she saw the car out front. I jumped into the back seat and Helen got into the front with Liz, squashing my foot under the back bar of the seat as she did. I didn’t make much of a fuss although it did hurt incredibly, landing on an in-growing toe nail as it fell. I was probably feeling so guilty that I assumed that this might be poetic justice or even punishment for sins committed today so best off not push my luck. Helen, seeing our beach bags next to me immediately asked,

“Well, what have you two been up today, you both have a nice colour, did you make it to the beach like you mentioned Liz?”

A feeling of relief came over me as I realised that Liz had told the truth to me before about Helen knowing about it. Liz confirmed that we had, telling her that we had gone down to Blackrock and had had a really nice day.

“That’s great, I knew you would both enjoy it, going for a day out together. I just wish I could have been there with you rather than being in a stuffy office all day. I know if I had told you to go Steve you probably wouldn’t have gone what with me not being there so that’s why I got Liz to ask you,

devious, don’t you think?”

“Yes, you are probably right about that,” I agreed.

“What is Blackrock beach like, did you get yer gear off?”

Liz replied that we both did eventually although she joked about me being a bit shy at first and how she had to take mine off for me.

“Good, I hope you took my advice and was gentle with him. Anyway I want to hear all about it later on, Liz why don’t you join us for tea when we get home, and we can have one or two glasses of wine to go with it as well.”

Liz gratefully accepted Helen’s offer with me saying nothing and remaining quite subdued, still concerned about the outcome of any revelations about today’s goings on.

When we arrived home about five minutes later, we all went up to our flat and Helen immediately went to get changed and have a shower as she always did after getting back from work. I said that I would go next as I was feeling quite sticky what with all the dried salt on me. Helen said that Liz should go next and that maybe I was forgetting my manners. It did not actually occur to me that Liz would have a shower here as her flat was only two minutes away but I apologised and said of course she should if she wanted to, Liz accepting gratefully. Whilst Helen was showering, I poured us all a large glass of Moselle each and gave one to Liz who was now sitting in the rocking chair, moving gently to and fro and looking very relaxed and content.

“You see, I was telling the truth about Helen saying what I said she had, she didn’t mind about us going out for the day at all, did she?” said Liz.

“I never doubted it for a minute Liz.” I replied, knowing that I was lying through my teeth and thinking that she probably knew it also.

“Anyway, are you going to mention anything about us two doing it?”

“Steve, I’ve already told you, she doesn’t mind about it,

I mean she was the one who got you to do it to me that day on the beach, she wouldn’t have let you if she had a problem with it would she?” was her rather sharp reply.

“What problem is that?” came a voice from under a towel as Helen came out of the bedroom and into the lounge, naked but with her head covered as she dried her hair.

“Oh Steve will explain while I grab a shower, do you have a towel I can borrow by the way?” said Liz as she stood up and walked into the bedroom dropping her sarong off as she went. Helen got her a clean towel out of our wardrobe and gave it to her, commenting on how nice her tan was coming on.

“Yeh, it will probably look even better after a cool shower, it normally does,” replied Liz going into the ensuite.

“Well, what’s this about a problem Steve?” Helen asked again whilst still drying her hair.

“I suppose there’s no use in me lying about it so I might as well just own up to it. When me and Liz were at the beach today, well you know how things just seem to happen, well we ended up doing it.”

“Doing it?, you mean that you made love to her, don’t you?”

“Well I don’t know if love had anything to do with it, but yes we had sex and Liz implied that you had said that you wouldn’t mind, what with us all doing it together before that time at Somers.”

“Did you make her come?”

“What do you mean?,” I retorted.

“Exactly what I asked, did you make her orgasm?”.

“Well yes, yes I did, actually.”

“Well then, in that case, I don’t mind at all, in fact that makes me very happy because that’s what I expected to happen. That’s why I told her to get you to go with her. Did she tell you about not ever having reached orgasm with anyone before that time with us two?”

“Yes she did, today as it happens.”

“Then I’m pleased that now perhaps you can understand why I told Liz to take you with her, I knew you would satisfy her. Anyway let’s wait till she gets out of the shower because I want to hear all about it, every little detail.”

“You mean you’re not mad at me or anything?”.

“Of course not, in fact I’m getting wet right now just thinking about it.”

I’m not sure what it feels like to have a ton of concrete lifted off your shoulders but I’m pretty damn sure that what I was feeling at that precise moment was very similar to it. I think the sigh of relief I gave out could have been heard out in the car park and the smile on Helen’s face washed any guilt I had inside, clean away. I took the first mouthful of wine out of my glass as Liz emerged from our bedroom. Like Helen all she had on was the towel on her head and my much changed demeanour must have given her a clue as to the outcome of Helen’s and my little chat.

“See, no problems eh?”

“Yea, none at all, I think I’ll have my shower now while you two have your catch up on today’s events,” I said leaving both of them supping on their wines.

Leaving the warm water turned off, I took a very long cold shower. All the time all I could think about was how lucky I was to have got out of this one intact. Helen’s attitude surprised me but I guess I was now having to get used to being surprised by this remarkable girl and her new philosophy on life and everything.

When I emerged from the shower, Liz was right, I did look a lot more tanned, maybe a bit too red if anything. Wrapping a towel around my lower half I went back into the lounge room.

Both girls were still both nude with Helen sitting on our double lounge chair and Liz in her favourite position on the rocking chair.

“You both picked up a good colour today but if you lay down on the air bed in the bedroom, I’ll rub some moisturising cream into you both,” said Helen, me catching the slightest hint of a wink in her eye as she looked towards Liz.

I went in and layed down on my front, Liz following and doing the same beside me. Helen went into the ensuite and came out with a large yellow plastic bottle and proceeded to rub some of it’s contents onto my back. The coolness of the cream felt magical on my now tender back and it was all I could do not to nod off as I started to relax and enjoy all of this attention. The movement of the air bed told me that Helen’s hands were now doing the same on Liz’s back and her oohs and ahhs confirmed that she was enjoying it as much as I had.

“Turn over now and I’ll do your fronts.” said Helen as we both complied, rolling into each other as we both went to turn over.

“Liz tells me you were very naughty and stopped yourself from coming today, is that true Steve?”

“Yes, it’s true but someone was watching us.”

“Well, I’m watching you now so I hope I don’t have the same effect on you this time, here help me with Liz.”

She dolloped some cream into my upturned palm and I started to rub it around Liz’s tits while Helen was rubbing it onto her legs and thighs. I knew that I didn’t have to pretend now to be doing anything other than what I wanted to so I soon moved my hand further down towards her fanny. Helen squeezed some more cream out of the bottle, letting it form a small puddle between her navel and fanny. I placed my hand over it and slid my middle finger through it and without changing the motion proceeded to rub it in and around her fanny lips, soon locating her now erect clit. While I was doing this, Helen had started to work on my legs and thighs and it didn’t take her too long until she was sliding her hand up and down my own hardness. I knelt up and made Helen lie down next to Liz on her back and started to rub cream onto her front as well, Liz helping by doing her breasts. I now had either hand on each of both girl’s hairless fannies and was rubbing them and inserting my fingers into them to see if they were ready to go on. They were both now very wet and were both caressing each others tits in a very tender way, more so than I can imagine a male ever doing it.

Decisions, decisions I thought as I looked down on them. I thought it was only fair to start with Helen as she was the one who instigated all of this. With my left hand rubbing Liz’s clit, I took my right hand and guided my self into Helen’s fanny, getting all the way in on one push. Wanting to do it to both of them, I knew that I had to pace myself, I started to slowly pull almost all the way out and then push all the way in quickly. Liz had now raised her head and although she was still fondling Helen’s breasts was more intent on watching me go in and out as I continued to pump Helen. Surprisingly it was Liz who started to give herself away first with some erratic breathing and exclaimed that she was about to come. I responded by rubbing harder directly on her clit as she continued to watch my penetration of Helen. Liz started to move her hips erratically as her pleasure was becoming more intense. Helen however, who up to now had been laying fairly composed with eyes shut and breathing fairly normally, synchronising with my forward strokes, was starting to get into rhythm with Liz’s utterings and proclaimed that she was close too. This made me feel that if I didn’t refrain soon I would lose my composure also and beat both of them to it. Liz’s back arched first as her body shuddered with Helen gritting her teeth and screaming out at almost the same instant. I pulled out before reaching the point of no return and just watched amazed as these two gorgeous young things started to calm down and compose themselves again. Wow, I was good, two at once, amazing.

Without anything being said I moved sideways in front of Liz and spread her lips with both hands. She started to adjust her position on the air bed and said to hold on for a sec, but I had used up my portion of gentlemanly manners for the day and got between her legs before she could finish off her new repositioning, successfully achieving penetration in one forward motion. I started to pump her with much more force and

determination than I had with Helen. Being a lot less considerate, I was also not giving Helen,s fanny the same tactile attention as I had with Liz’s in the reverse situation. She Kneeled up, sideways on to Liz and spread her own lips with her left hand, licking her middle finger of her right. As with Liz, she seem fascinated with the sight of me going in and out of someone else’s fanny and as she watched me she started to rub her own clit in the circular motion that I now knew so well as her favourite way. Liz lent a hand too and began fingering Helen internally at the same time as I increased my thrusting to an even faster pace. This was the first time I had done Liz from the front and seeing her breasts heave up and down in time with my movements gave me increased impetus to maintain my rhythm. After what seemed to be an eternity, Liz finally started to make all the right noises again, coming loudly with Helen following soon after.

Liz’s contractions were so strong that they seemed to be sucking my juices out of me and I knew now that there was no going back as I felt the build up of my own first contraction deep inside my pelvic area. My fascial expressions must have given away my imminent condition and I must have gone slightly deaf at that moment as I couldn’t hear quite what Helen was saying.

“Pull out, please pull out,” shouted Helen more loudly.

“I want to see you come, please let me see you come.”

I managed to withdraw just as I shot my first wad, it landing between Liz’s breasts. With the next five or six convulsions I managed to deposit a respectable load all over her tummy area with the last few gushes filling her navel and then running down over her fanny and between her lips. Liz lifted her head and looked down with a surprised but not unhappy look on her face. I thought she was about to say something but instead she ran her fingers between her breasts and started to lick off the seemingly tasty result. She did it again, then began to run her fingers up and down her fanny lips, pushing her fingers deep inside herself. It was almost as if her fanny had done all the work to produce this load but had somehow been cheated out of receiving it by me pulling out and Liz was trying to make amends.

Seeing Liz do this, Helen placed her fingers on Liz’s tummy and gathered up some of the juices herself. First she licked it off just as Liz had done but then she repeated the same action, this time gently placing her fingers between Liz’s fanny lips and began massaging them. Finally she retrieved one last load from Liz’s still full navel and with her fingers generously covered, inserted them right up past her second knuckle before slowly moving them rhythmically in and out.

“I’m sorry Liz,” she said.

“I just really needed to see it happen, that’s all.”

There were obviously emotions here beyond my understanding, so exhausted, I stood up and without saying anything, I went straight back into the ensuite, intent on having the first shower this time. It didn’t take me long to wash the afflicted area so I got bit of surprise on coming back to the bedroom to find the girls in a sixty nine position, Helen on top getting right into it. I had had my fun so I decided to sit on the edge of the storage trunk and just watch the ongoing proceedings. This was another first for me and it worried me somewhat that even though I started to play with myself, I was not getting more than half hard. Still it had only been five minutes or so since I had shot my load so I didn’t feel too bad about it. Without the sexual tension that a situation like this would normally provide, I could really enjoy the shear beauty of what I was watching. Seeing both of them giving and receiving at the same time was fascinating. Hearing their breathing starting to synchronise and encourage each other’s efforts with out a single word being spoken was an act of nature that came from within, something that was never taught but must rest dormant inside until an occasion such as this brought it to the surface. It was something that I hope I could keep in my memory for ever, and have done so, up to this day.

There was no obvious point where a mutual climax occurred, not that I witnessed anyway, I guess it’s hard to express yourself verbally with your tongue out and flicking up and down at an incredible rate but soon they both rolled over and just layed there, head to toe, both looking completely satisfied but exhausted.

“Drinks anyone?” I said, handing them each a now full glass of moselle.

“I think I need that,” replied Helen.

“Me too, I’m pooped,” added Liz.

“Well ladies, now we’ve got that out of the way, what’s for tea?”

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I did at this point, indeed now feel very hungry, but I would have to rewrite that last phrase with the much more appropriate expression that the way to a man’s heart is possibly through his stomach but more likely through his hard penis!

Chapter 06

Sitting alone one Friday evening there came an almost unfriendly knock at the front door of the unit. I had been watching TV and had just finished some fish and chips that I had brought home earlier. I sometimes did this rather than go to the trouble of cooking a meal just for myself in the rare event that Helen had to go away, leaving me to fend for myself.

On opening I found my surprise visitor to be Moira (of Geoff and Moira fame). She was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and looked a bit tasty compared to the very homely way she usually looked. She also had had her hair cut and styled which also came as a surprise. She did however seem a bit distressed, almost as if she had been crying. Naturally, I asked her to come in, offering her a glass of moselle, the flagon of which I had already made a healthy dent in. First she refused but then, just as definitely, she then changed her mind. I didn’t have any proper wine glasses clean so I poured her almost a full pot glass which she enthusiastically accepted, knocking back perhaps a third of it in one gulp.

Expecting her to open up and fill me in on her slightly stressed condition, I sat down on the lounge and she sat down opposite me in the rocking chair, looking very nervous but saying nothing.

Just as something to say, I complimented her on her new haircut which actually made her look quite modern compared to her dowdy shoulder length normal style which always made her look older and more mousy than she probably was.

She did not respond at all to my kind words.

“Is there anything wrong with Geoff?” I asked, hoping she would give me a clue as to her obviously upset state.

“Yes there is as it happens” she replied, removing an envelope from the camera bag she had at her feet.

“This is what’s wrong with him.”

I took the envelope from her and emptied the contents into my lap. In front of me were the photos that Geoff had taken that night they had both come around. They were very good considering he was new at photography.

“These are excellent Moira” I said as I continued to go through them.

“I don’t think they are as excellent as you think” she replied.

“Just wait till you get to the final ones.”

As I got to the last three or four, I had an idea why she had said what she just did. These ones were all of Helen completely topless, the last one of which she had her hands cupped under her breasts and this was just about all that was in the photo, two hands pushing up some very nice full nippled titties.

“Well these are very good too, don’t you think so Moira?”

She said nothing. She just put her head down into her hands and started to sob uncontrollably.

I went and got her a box of tissues and gave them to her. Pulling out about three in one go, she tried drying her eyes but her sobbing seemed only to get louder.

I put my arms around her and pulling her up out of the rocking chair in one motion, manouvered her over to the lounge. I genuinely felt sorry for her as she continued to cry as this was obviously coming from the heart. Stroking her hair, her head now being tucked into my shoulder, all I could say was

“There, there, surely this is not worth crying over.”

“If Helen was here she tell you the same” I continued.

“Where is the little trollop then?” she spluttered.

“Moira, I don’t think that kind of language is called for, do you?” I responded, releasing my grip like cuddle on her just a bit.

“Well she’s the one who’s caused all this trouble, isn’t she?” She sobbed.

“She’s away on a conference in Canberra until next Tuesday if you really need to know.” I responded, excusing Moira’s less than complimentary turn of expression somewhat.

“If she hadn’t flaunted herself at Geoff that night he wouldn’t be constantly on at me to model for him the same way would he?”

“It’s only because he’s away at his brother’s place for a couple of days and I was going to our photography class in his place tonight that I happened upon these photos in the first place so I thought that instead of going to the college I’d come straight over and have it out with your wife about it!”

“Moira, you were here the night she posed for him so surely you knew that she he had taken a couple of slightly risque shots of her, anyway it’s nothing to get so upset about is it?”

“Look Steve, this may seem strange to you but I’ve never ever allowed Geoff to see me totally naked, so another woman flashing her bosoms at him does upset me, yes it really does.”

“But what about when you go to bed, surely he sees you with nothing on then, doesn’t he?”

“No, never ever, I change in the bathroom and always put my nightie on before I get into bed and when ever I have a shower, I always lock the bathroom door.”

” So you’re telling me, you’ve never been nude in front of Geoff ever before.”

” Or any other man for that matter.” She replied.

“I find that just so hard to believe Moira, I really do.”

“Look Steve, I grew up on the west coast of Ireland on Achill Island, I went to a convent school and my parents were strict Catholics, the body is sinful, we learn that at a very early age.”

“That’s weird, both Helen’s parents come from the mainland just south of Achill, Castlebar to be precise, you may even be related.”

“What’s also strange is that being a strict Catholic and going to a convent school too, she used to have a very similar attitude to you but she’s managed to get over it.” I said realising that in my haste to comfort her, my right hand had managed to get itself comfortably into a position that it was now cradling her left breast.

With no protest forthcoming I squeezed it just a bit, not enough to make her alarmed but enough to let her know that I knew what I was doing. Surprisingly, I felt no trace of a bra under her black tee shirt but she did fidget a bit, raising herself up slightly so that my hand would have lost it’s captive had I not gone with the flow, so as to speak.

“And what got her over it?” Moira asked rather politely I thought as she finally stopped her sniffling.

“Well it’s a long story but I’ve got time if you have.” I replied.

Moving slightly away from her to a safe distance on the lounge, I then proceeded to tell Moira the tale of Somers beach, every single last detail. Other than a few occasional sharp intakes of breath she listened attentively, several times demanding that I get on with the story as if she couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I guess about half an hour passed before I got to the part about the pictures appearing in the nudist magazine.

I then went on to tell her just how great our sex lives had become now that Helen had managed to rid herself of her inhibitions. I even told her about Liz’s adventure into nudism, not everything of course, but enough to wet Moira’s appetite.

“How could you let your own wife do those sort of things in front of other men, weren’t you worried that it might get out of hand?”

“Well, I suppose it did get out of hand when you think about it Moira, but as scared as I was, I was also very aroused at the same time and the main lesson we both learnt that day was the truth that there is no sin in beauty and that there should be no guilt in nudity.”

Putting her empty glass towards me, I apologised for being a such bad host and re-filled it to the top with the sweet, fruity moselle, topping up my half empty glass at the same time.

“Wait here a moment, I’ll go and get the magazine that her photos appeared in.”

When I returned shortly, Moira had returned to the rocking chair. A thought went through my mind about me having squeezed her tit a bit and maybe this was her way of avoiding it again. I noticed that her glass was almost empty again. I had never really seen Moira drink alcohol so I began to wonder if I was doing the right thing, topping her up.

“Here, have a look, you’ll see that everything I’ve told you is true.”

Moira took the mag and started to thumb through it page by page. Her eyes opened wide as she digested every nude body on show.

“My God Steve, you’re not in here are you?”she asked.

“No I’m not, I think they were more interested in Helen than me, but now I’m used to the idea, it wouldn’t have bothered me if I had been.” I replied.

She then got to the `From Prude to Nude ‘article with Helen’s photos in it.

“My God!” she exclaimed, turning the mag on it’s side to view the full page photo of Helen.

“She really did shave off her vagina hair, I thought you were just making that bit up to shock me.”

Moira was like a kid with a new toy, flicking back through the previous pages.

“Could you be a dear and top me up just a bit,” she asked, hic-cupping as she offered her glass to me again.

“I don’t mean to be a kill joy or anything but are you used to drinking so much?” I replied.

“No, not really, but you won’t tell on me will you Steve?” she responded, actually smiling at me for the first time that evening.

I refilled her glass, but only to about two thirds full this time.

“Well, what do you think now you know the full story, who knows, maybe you would have done the same thing had it been you and Geoff there that day instead of me and Helen.”

“Oh, I don,t think so, thank you very much. Anyway do you really think that those guys would have asked someone like me to pose for them, I’m not exactly model material am I?”

“Well, I don’t know Moira, I’ve never really thought about you that way but I’m sure with your new hairstyle and more modern look, they would have to be crazy not to at least give you a go.”

“Steve, that night we just turned up and caught Helen running around in the nuddy, Geoff just couldn’t stop talking about it and he has continuously kept on at me to just once do the same thing. He said he would have preferred to take photos of me but I think he only said it to make me feel better, after all, I have to admit, Helen has got a very sexy body, hasn’t she?” She said, turning the mag on it’s side again as if to confirm her point.

“You have too Moira, you just have to get used to the idea that the human body is only natural and that there’s no sin in beauty. Believe me, nudity actually changes the way you think about the body. It’s not dirty and it’s not even rude. Since Helen has accepted her body as it is, our whole lives have changed. I mean, it’s sort of like having a nice convertible sports car that you never drive with the top down and never drive over 30 miles an hour, it’s just such a waste isn’t it, you’d be surprised just how normal being nude feels after a while Moira, believe me.”

Moira took another mouth full of wine and put her glass down on the floor. Bringing both hands down to her tummy and crossing them over at the same time, she in one movement lifted and removed her black tee shirt, surprising me but at the same time confirming my previous theory that she had nothing on under neath.

“Well, how do my bosoms compare?” she asked, cupping her hands under them and pushing them both forward.

Moira had nice breasts, very much like Helen’s actually but not quite so pert and in the instance I saw them before she pushed them together, they sat further apart from each other. Her nipples if anything were at least as big as Helen’s if not slightly bigger.

“Well, what do you think?” She asked again, more urgently.

“To tell you the truth Moira, sitting their like that, you and Helen could almost be sisters.”

This was probably the first time I had noticed the similarity but yes, they both had similar complections, freckles, blue eyes and the same dark Irish hair. Except for the fact that Moira was about four inches shorter and on the whole, slightly podgier, it could almost have been Helen sitting there in front of me.

“Well, do you think anyone would want to take photos of me, well do you Steve?”

“Yes, I’m sure anyone who appreciates beauty would Moira, yes I really do think so and I can understand Geoff wanting to particularly!”

“And what about you Steve, would you want to take photos of me without anything on?”

Moira bent forward and retrieved her half full glass from the floor and sat back making no attempt to cover herself up.

With her legs stretched out in front of her, she pushed herself back in the rocking chair until the back of it touched the wall behind. Saying nothing, I lent forward and slipped off the sandals she was wearing, placing them neatly together beside her camera bag.

“My my, are you undressing me now Steve?” she asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Is that what you would like me to do Moira?” I replied raising both mine so that she knew this was a question and not an answer.

Taking another mouthful of wine she undid the top button of her jeans. She was not wearing a belt so as she unzipped them the top opened up enough to see that she had nothing on beneath them as a nice mop of dark pubes came into view.

Even though she had been sitting there topless in front of me, it was only at that moment when I could feel myself responding in kind. I lent forward again, this time gripping her jeans on the outside of her thighs with both hands. I tried pulling them down but the fact that she was in a sitting position pretty much stopped them from moving. This was good in a way because her next move would determine in just what direction she was willing to go. I looked into her eyes as she took another mouthful of wine. Without blinking she raised her bottom off the seat slightly, arching her self in the air, the chair rocking backwards a bit in the same motion. This time they did move, almost down to her knees. Sitting back again she lifted her legs into the air enabling me to completely remove them in one swift movement. I folded them up and placed them on the lounge beside me.

Moira now for the first time looking a little embarrassed, crossed her legs above the knees and placed her arm across her breasts. She just sat there saying nothing, just looking at me.

“Does that feel better now Moira?” I asked.

She continued to say nothing.

“See, the world didn’t end did it, nothing has changed in the whole scheme of things and you incidentally look absolutely gorgeous with nothing on.”

I myself was wearing a white collarless shirt and a pair of rolled up white tie up pants. It was hard not to show Moira that beneath them I had a second and agreeing opinion as to just how lovely she looked. Moira did not let this go unnoticed either.

“Do you think we should shut the venetians Steve, what if someone comes up here?”

“Normally nobody usually does, but I’ll close them if it bothers you” I replied.

“No, on second thoughts, leave them open, after all, Helen doesn’t mind does she!”

“Whatever makes you happy” I responded.

“I need to use your powder room if I may.” She said as she placed her glass on the floor again, stood up and went into the bedroom, off of which was our ensuite. Moira surprisingly also had quite a nice arse which gyrated nicely as she walked out of view.

As usual, completely amazed by these female antics, I just sat wondering just where this situation might lead. Moira never appeared to be the type of person who would go out with no underwear. I wondered if she had known before that Helen would not be here and if this was all a little scheme. Mind you, it would have been hard not to have been convinced by her outbursts of grief when she had sobbed so genuinely in my arms before not too long before.

I was feeling quite proud of how I was handling this situation. Not so long ago I would have been a quivering wreck had something like this happened but here I was with a completely naked girl walking around my unit and yet I was remaining very calm and even enjoying the moment. I did however feel a bit on the hot side so I picked up my own glass and went outside through the still open door and rested my backside up against the cool metal balustrade. Standing there I gazed back into the unit. My heart was pounding slightly heavier than normal and I believe the excitement of not knowing what would happen next was the main contributor to this.

Moira came out of the ensuite, still naked which was not too surprising since the only thing there she could have used to cover herself up was a fairly small towel. She came back into the lounge room and momentarily looked around before spotting me on the balcony. She picked up her glass from the floor and walked straight out to me. Now I did start to feel a bit nervous as even Helen would not have done this.

“You might be right Steve, I’m starting to feel good about myself nude and I want you to take some photos of me here and now just as I am.”

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Just as she said this, the Irish taxi driver who lived on the lower level in unit one turned into the driveway and parked his taxi just along from my car which was below us, his headlights illuminating Moira’s body for an instant. She had her back to him as he got out of his car. Moira looked down and instead of running inside as I would have been almost certain she would have, just looked over her shoulder, raised her glass and bid him good evening. He stood looking up and did not move, almost like a stunned rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. I had no doubt that he could see that she was naked but Moira turned towards him and held back her shoulders so as to project her tits forward over the balcony so as there could be no doubt at all.

“Nice evening to be out” she said, laughing as she did so.

He did not return her greeting but slowly walked towards his front door which was below and to the left of where we were standing, looking back over his left shoulder as he did as if to confirm that this was really happening.

“Moira, you are brilliant, even Helen wouldn’t have had the guts to do that, I really proud of you, see the sky didn’t fall in did it?”

Moira took my hand and led me inside, shutting the door behind her. She then pulled the chord on the venetians causing them to turn and close.

“Steve, I want you to take some pictures of me, Geoff did your wife so you’re going to do me now.”

Moira bent down to pick up her camera bag, handing it to me. Not being too familiar with a proper SLR camera, I had to check it out to see how to put the flash unit on. I sat down on the floor in front of the lounge and as I did this the camera’s instruction manual fell from the bag to the floor and Moira crouched down on the ground on all fours sideways on to me and started to read out aloud how to set up the aperture and speed knobs. She looked so relaxed and natural like this that I couldn’t help but admire her new found courage (or was it Dutch courage?) She also looked really sexy with her arse perched so nicely up in the air that had I not been so involved with setting the camera I would have been tempted to take her doggy style there and then. She called out the settings to me and without giving her any warning, I took a shot of her in this reading position, the flash gun not firing on cue as I hoped it would have done.

The click of the camera seemed to surprise her a bit but she looked a bit annoyed that I had taken the shot before I had actually turned the flash gun on. Taking the camera from me she did something to the flash which caused it to whistle in a high pitched tone for a while before an orange light came on. She turned towards me, still in a kneeling position and asked me to take a couple more of her front on but requested me not to get her face in them. I argued that this was not the way it should be as the photos would be meaningless without being able to tell that it was her in them. Never the less, she insisted so I did take a couple this way, this time the flash actually worked.

“I want some like Geoff took of Helen as well,” she added.

“Well if you go through the wardrobe you might be able to find something nice to put on,” I replied.

“Come and help me chose Steve,” she came back as she walked into the bedroom.

Moira opened the sliding doors and started to go through the clothes hanging up. Standing behind her the temptation to put my hands around her waist was too much as she stood on tippy toes naked in front of me. She continued to sort through them umming and aring as she did but not reacting in any way to my touching her. A good result, I thought. As she moved along the rack I moved with her and lifted my left hand up and cupped her breast and at the same time placed my right hand over her pubic mound, using my middle finger to try to locate and separate her lips. Moira was quite hairy down below and I had a bit of difficulty finding the spot. This time she did react but not in the way I had expected. She stopped her sorting out and took my right hand in her’s. She then forced my finger between her lips so that I could immediately feel the wetness. Taking the hint, I ran my finger backwards and forwards along her slit until I knew it was lubricated enough to insert it all the way inside her.

“You men wouldn’t find anything if we weren’t around to help would you?” she said in a quieter but breathier tone.

I started to tweak her nipple as I slid my finger in and out of her fanny. Her teat started to harden giving me something more substantial to hang on to. She continued to sort through the hanging garments almost as if she were trying to ignore the fact that I was trying to get her aroused. The fact that I was pressing a rather large erection through my trousers and into her back I would have hoped would also not have gone unnoticed either. Taking my hand off her breast and undoing the chord that held my pants up, I was soon in a good position behind her. Still as if to ignore what was about to happen, Moira continued to shift Helen’s dresses along the rack. Moving both arms down to separate her thighs, I bent my knees slightly and with my left hand separating her now very moist lips managed to get my very stiff member all the way in from behind. She was so wet that it was no longer any use her pretending that this was not happening.

This time she did stop her searching and placed both her hands apart and onto the edge of the shelf above the hangers, her knuckles going white as she held on tightly. She even spread her legs a little wider which because of her wetness took away some of the friction that I had felt in my first lunge. I took hold of her waist once again and started to do some serious pumping. She did not make too much sound which made it hard for me to gauge if she were enjoying herself or not. I took my hands from her waist and took hold of both her tits squeezing her now erect nipples maybe a little too hard as she took in a deep breath. Now she did show signs of just how much she was getting out of this as her breathing started to increase not only in rate but also in loudness. She took my hands in hers and started to squeeze her own tits through my hands giving me a clue as to what she was wanting.

Suddenly she went quiet and then let out one last breathy sigh.

I was almost there too but before I got a chance to make the few extra lunges that I needed, Moira pulled herself off me and in the same motion removed a hanger holding a sexy red dress that Helen had never even worn and went off into the ensuite.

“What about me?” I called as she slid the door shut.

“You can use the toilet when I’m finished dressing” she called out.

My God, I thought, surely she knows what I mean. I pulled my pants back up, having more than a good degree of difficulty repositioning my still hard member at a comfortable angle as I did.

When Moira came out she had Helen’s new red dress on. She looked absolutely stunning. The top was totally see through so both her breasts were clearly visible. Helen had not actually worn this outfit yet as there had not been an occasion when she had been game enough to wear it. She had modelled it for me but I had to admit, Moira looked just as good if not better in it.

“Well don’t hang around, get the camera” Moira ordered as she opened the front door and posed herself up against the balustrade at the end of the balcony.

As she did this, the Irish taxi driver re emerged from his flat and walked towards his car. Moira again greeted him with a chorus of “Good evening to you” in a much stronger Irish accent than she had used before.

“You want to watch that you don’t catch your death of cold young lady” he said as he got in and drove off without waiting for her response.

Moira just looked at me and laughed and asked me to take the shot. I did, the flash bringing the old German lady out of her flat below to look around.

“It’s OK, it’s only us up here taking a couple of photos,” I called down.

“Oh hi Steve, hi Helen, thought it was lightning I was seeing, good night to you.”

“She thinks I’m Helen” Moira said laughing again.

“Well you do look alike, especially in her dress and all” I replied.

Not wanting to cause any more commotion, I took Moira by the arm and coerced her back inside. Now I did need to use the toilet for the reason it was meant for so I left Moira in the lounge room topping up both glasses of wine. Funny enough, I closed the sliding door which is something I never usually did. I could hear Moira in the bedroom as I washed my hands and wondered if she was looking for more clothes to model. She had returned back into the lounge when I finished and she caught me unawares when I went back in. She was back sitting in the rocking chair which she had moved to the other side of the room. She was naked again and reclined in a very revealing way. She had one leg straight out holding the chair in a layed back position and her other leg was hanging over the edge of one of the arms giving me an uninterrupted view of her fanny.

She had also almost half emptied her previously full glass as she sat there in a most contented fashion. In her other hand she again had the naturist mag, opened at Helen’s photos.

“That would make a lovely shot Moira” I suggested, bending down to pick up the camera.

“No Steve, no more photos tonight I think, lets just talk a while eh.”

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?” I replied.

“Well, for a start, haven’t you wondered why I’m wearing no underwear tonight.”

“It did sort of cross my mind.”

“Geoff left two nights ago and I wanted to be like Helen, you know, walk around the flat with nothing on and all…… so that’s what I did. Last night after I got home from work I stripped completely naked and spent all evening the same way. First of all I felt really dirty but after a while I started to get used to it. Our flat is fairly private like yours as you know so I left the curtains open. There’s no one close by who can really see in but strangely enough I hoped that somebody could see me. I started to fanaticise about boys watching me from the units over on the next hill. I got a bit pissed and even played with myself imagining that they were watching me. Today I even went to work with no knickers on and I’ve been juicy down here all day.”

As she spoke about being juicy, she gently touched herself down below, albeit through her generous mop of pubes.

“When I came across those photos and decided to come over here tonight, I made my mind up that I was going to strip off in front of you and Helen just to show you both that I’m not as much of a puritan as you think I am so I’m a bit sorry that she’s not here to witness this.”

“Normally things don’t surprise me too much any more Moira, but I must admit looking at you sitting there now, you don’t seem to be the shy, mousy little girl who I’m sure recall saying only a few weeks ago something that went like “I wouldn’t let Geoff take photos of me with my bosoms showing.”

“Steve, to be honest I,m not sure even now that I could let him see me like this but it’s different with you somehow, you don’t seem threatening or anything so it’s not the same thing.”

The thought went through my mind as to what she could possibly be saying. I mean to say, surely it doesn’t get much more threatening for a girl than to be taken from behind my a guy she hardly knows who then proceeds to give her a good Rogering. She had not even mentioned the fact that we had been there so I decided not to pursue this train of thought in words.

“Tomorrow Steve, I want you to take me to that beach in the magazine and I want you to photograph me the way that those guys did to Helen. If Geoff ever gets up me about being such a prude, I want to be able to prove to him that he’s wrong, that will teach him!”

“I’d love to Moira but have another look at her pictures, do you notice any differences from the first shots to the last one?”

“Yeh, in the first ones she has her clothes on and in the last couple she’s nude.”

“Anything else that strikes you in the last shot Moira?”

“Yes, I see what you mean, she has no pubic hair and she’s got her lips showing as well” she replied.

“Well why don’t we sort that little detail out now while we can eh?”

“You mean shave off my pubic hair, no way in a million years, it just wouldn’t be right and proper.”

“Moira, you, like we had to, just have to learn that there are no degrees of nudity and nothing about your body, not even your lips are dirty or rude in any way. Anyway from what I can see from here, you have a lovely pair of outies and it would be such a shame not to show them off. Just imagine how turned on Geoff will be when he sees them.”

“Steve, I’ve already told you, I’m still not sure that I will let him see me this way and as for outies, what the hell do you mean?”

I went on to tell Moira about our discussions on Somers beach that day and repeated the part of the story that I had already told her about Helen shaving herself clean in front of us all. My powers of persuasion were not as strong as I had hoped and at the end of the story, Moira again refused to become a smoothy. I topped up her glass to the brim, having to open a new flagon from the fridge.

“Steve, how can anyone in their right mind find these sexy?” she said as she pulled her lips out through her pubes and separated them just enough for me to see that her wetness had not subsided one iota.

Instead of answering, I untied the draw string on my pants and lowered them just enough so that my now hard member sprang out and stood at it’s full hight in all it’s glory.

“Believe me Moira, men do find the sight of a woman’s lips sexy, what more evidence could you ask for?”

Moira laughed and covered her eyes.

“Put that thing away Steve, you’ve made your point.”

“So you’ll let me give you a shave down there?”

“No way known!” came her very short reply.

“But I’ll be letting you give it a bit of a trim down there if you really think it will look better in the photos.”

Without saying more, I went into our ensuite and retrieved a pair of scissors and a small hair comb. Like a sled, I slid the rocking chair over to a better lit position in the middle of the room and lifted both Moira’s legs up and positioned them over each arm of the chair, opening her nether regions wide in the process.

“Now you’ll have to lay back a bit so that I can get to the offending parts a bit easier.”

Moira shifted her arse forward and rested her head back on the top of the back of the chair causing it to rock back slightly but achieving the desired effect. This new position was perfect as it opened her up even more than before, giving me a birds eye view of just what I needed to expose.

“Be careful down there Steve, only cut off the hair please.”

A sense of deja vu came over me as I combed back her pubes and started to trim off the excess. It soon became evident that I would need something on the floor to collect the curly ones as they fell so I put down the magazine on the floor in front of her, recovering by hand the ones that had already landed on the carpet. As I manouvered her lips around, Moira made no comment at all but I was encouraged by the way she was giving her nipple a tweak as she shifted just ever so slightly each time I pulled on each of her lips.

Soon, without having trimmed beyond the area surrounding her lips, I stood back to have a look. If I do say so myself, I had done a pretty good job, her slightly swollen lips now showing proud of the surrounding dark pubes and the wetness between glistening in the available light.

“Well, how does that feel now, cos it certainly looks better.”

Moira brought her hand off of her nipple and slid her middle finger in her now accessible slit.

“Mmmmm, feels real good actually” she sighed as she licked her lips and continued to rub herself.

“Moira, have you ever brought yourself off in front of anyone?”

Now as if shocked, she pulled her finger away, crossed her legs and threw one arm across her left breast, covering the other with her hand.

“Steve, I’ve already told you, no one’s ever even seen me naked like this before let alone seen me playing with myself.”

“So you do play with yourself then, because you did mention that you wished those guys in the unit across the way could see you before.”

Moira laughed as she came to the realisation that this was tantamount to an admission of masturbation.

“Yes, I know it’s sinful but sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

“Do it for me now, show me that tonight you’ve lost at least some of your inhibitions. And whilst you’re doing it I want you to play with your nipples the way you were doing before when I was trimming your pubes.”

“Fill me up please,” was her reply as she handed me her now empty glass.

“Moira, you know you can’t drive like that.”

“Steve, I never intended to drive naked!”

“No, I mean intoxicated, you can’t possibly drive home now in your condition

“Well, I’m just going to have to stay the night here then aren’t I”

I went into the kitchenette and topped up both our glasses. On returning Moira had started without me and was already well into the process of self stimulation. I sat back on the lounge and took hold of my own stiff member and gently stroked it but not at the pace that Moira was now up to. She was again laying back with both legs draped over the arms of the chair. Contrary to my request about the nipple squeeze, she was holding her self open with the middle and index finger of her left hand whilst making a circular motion with the middle finger of her right hand just above her spread and nicely visible lips.

I stood up and went behind her chair, nearly falling over as my pants dropped and ended up around my ankles. I leant over her and took both her tits in my hands and started to tweak and squeeze her now protruding teats. This obviously made a difference as her breathing started to become louder and more irregular. By bending the chair back a bit more, my hard member now managed to hoist itself over the back of the top of the chair and station itself no more than a bites distance from Moira’s mouth. I hoped that she would take the lead and complete our docking procedure but alas, it was not to be as she ignored it and continued to bring herself off. Almost as in a way to get my own back on her lack of generosity I squeezed her nipples really quite hard but this only served to get her to her desired destination as she let out a loud sigh and sank down further into the chair.

I walked around to face her, stiffy and all.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, but that was really lovely and I feel like such a hussy doing it in front of yerself,” she said, still sitting with her legs spread.

“See, the world didn’t end and we are still the same people we were a couple of hours ago and now you are one of us, a nudist and an uninhibited one at that.”

I rocked the chair back with my left hand and positioned myself by bending my legs so that my next intended move was obvious even to Moira. I moved towards her and without any real resistance, verbal or physical, let the chair rock itself forward so that in one movement I managed to get all the way into her now very juicy passage. She was fairly tight down there but the friction only added to my stiffness. I started to move in and out but Moira spoke to me but not in a threatening way.

“Stop Steve, don’t move.”

I thought that she was about to discontinue our little adventure but instead she began to rock the chair gently herself causing me not to need to move at all as her back and fro movement now did all the work for me.

Her breasts, not being as firm as Helen’s, swayed slightly each time we came together in our movements. This was quite erotic I thought, especially when she started to squeeze her tits together and pull on her own nipples again. This was obviously a very sensitive area for her.

“Touch yourself down there at the same time,” I said.

Keeping one hand at her breast, Moira did start to frig herself and I could feel the movement of her middle finger as she now started to breath a bit heavier. This was such a turn on that I soon started to come. Moira immedietly guessed my predicament, pulling away from me and taking my swollen member in her hand. Like an expert she moved her head forward and down just in time to receive my first gush of ejaculation. She did not even gag as she took each spurt willingly, swallowing at each interval. When no more of my juices were forthcoming, she layed back and smiled at me. I felt that as she had been so close to coming herself that I had cheated her somehow. I knelt down and pushed the rocking chair back at the same time. Using my tongue I gently circled her now prominent clitoris. She just closed her eyes and started to sigh gently. To try to add to her pleasure I placed two fingers inside of her as I continued to tease the area around her clit. I also had the presence of mind to take her left nipple between my fingers and pull and squeeze on it at the same time. The nipple thing seemed to do the trick and I could feel her vaginal muscles start to spasm as Moira arched her back and start to breath heavily again. She sounded almost like she was having an asthma attack as she moved her pelvis jerkily up and down for a few moments before again subsiding back into the chair.

Satisfied that I had done my duty I sat back on the lounge. Because of some residual dribbles I took out a couple of tissues and wrapped them around my now limp penis. Being a gentleman, I also offered Moira some too which she took willingly. She wiped around her mouth but probably didn’t actually have to as there was not a single trace of what would have been a considerable volume of my juices. The thought did occur to me at that point that in the movies after people had made love, never ever did you see them go for the Kleenex but in real life it was something you always had to do. Strange that.

“Thanks Steve, that was beautiful, I enjoyed it so much. That thing you did with your tongue was brilliant, I was shaking all over from head to toe. If only Geoff would do that for me.”

“I’m sure he would if only you told him you wanted it that way, I mean to say all you need to do is communicate your wants and fantasies to him and you might just get a bit of a surprise.”

Moira bent down and picked up her glass. This time there was no way I would discourage her from sculling the whole lot as I had never seen a girl take a full load as she has done without at least spitting a good portion of it out.

“Time for bed, thinks I,” she said.

Although I had just been as physical as you can get with a member of the opposite sex, her suggestion suddenly made me feel a tad nervous.

“Look, you take the bedroom and I’ll sleep here on the lounge, I’ll just grab a sheet and a pillow,” I replied, trying to seem very casual about it.

“No way known, If I’m good enough to screw, I’m good enough to sleep with aren’t I” she came back, now for the first time slurring her words just a bit.

I did not know quite how to answer this as I hadn’t considered that she would want any sort of commitment to her just because we had had sex. Christ, I thought, we’ve done the deed, I guess actually sleeping with her couldn’t get us into any deeper water, could it?

“Fine, if that’s OK by you then I would love to sleep with you, after all our partners have both left us to our own devices haven’t they. Who knows, maybe they are doing exactly the same thing as us right now.”

“My God Steve! Do you really think they’ve gone off together?”

“No Moira, I don’t really think so, but if someone asked either of them right now about us, do you think they would have the slightest clue as to what we’ve been up to?”

“No, I suppose not really, and in our own best interests, it’s probably better if they never find out either, I know Geoff would kill me if he ever found out.”

“Steve, I want you to take just one more photo of me tonight, I’ll go into the bathroom and I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

Moira left me to finish my drink and I heard her turn on the shower. I was summoned quickly and after picking up the camera, was surprised to find her squashing herself against the wire impregnated glass of the side shower screen.

“Don’t use the flash as it will reflect too much” she called out.

“Set it on a slow speed and rest the camera against the wall so it won’t shake.”

I followed her precise instructions and took one last shot for the night.

We slept that night, both nude but not once did either of us even touch each other except for a platonic peck on the cheek Moira gave me before she quickly fell into a deep sleep. Her snoring was something that thankfully Helen never did so there were quite a few times I woke up that night wondering just what was going on.

Probably as a result of being over tired from my continually having been woken up, I did not hear or feel Moira get up early next morning. I did however receive a nice surprise when I did eventually awake. Moira, still very much as nature had intended, carrying a tray containing two glasses of fruit juice and two very full plates of bacon, eggs and grilled tomatoes. Setting the tray down at the foot of the air mattress, Moira knelt down, pulled her shoulders back so that her lovely breasts sat proud and remained silent.

“Wow, this is a lovely surprise Moira, it’s not often that I enjoy this little luxury.”

“Well, I think you deserve it because of the way you acted like a perfect gentleman last night Steve.”

“Oh, and how is that?” I responded almost sarcastically.

“Well, I was naked most of last evening and all of last night and you never tried to take advantage of my nudity not even once even though I did get a bit tipsy.”

I had to think about this a bit before answering. Had she really forgotten that we has indulged in just about every intimate act that a couple could have done in the time available. Or was her memory faulty because of the copious amounts of alcohol we had consumed. Or might it be that this was her little way of pretending that nothing had happened and she was just trying to make it easier for me?

Regardless, I thought that discretion would be the better part of valour and just go along with her. Either way, I saw no point in arguing with her as this was obviously the line she wanted to take.

“Oh , you’re welcome,” I replied as I got stuck into the culinary delight in front of me.

To get into a comfortable position to eat, being just a few inches off the floor, Moira decided to sit cross legged on her end of the air mattress. The trimming I had given her the night before made itself very evident as her lovely lips came into view. I had only the remnants of the end of the sheet covering me and contrary to my desires, my old fella soon started to salute the wonderful job I had done.

Moira looked at the nice little tent now standing in front of the food tray. Her eyes raised to meet mine then down to where my eyes were still transfixed. She squinted her eyes almost as in disbelief as to the fact that she was exposing herself so openly to me. Maybe she really had forgotten what had happened last night. She was now blushing but said nothing. She just continued to eat her breakfast. The most encouraging thing though was that she did not readjust her position and the lovely view remained.

“My God, what did we get up to last night, I can’t remember too much about it,” she asked.

“Oh, nothing too much,” I responded.

“Do you remember me taking some photos of you?”

“Vaguely,” Moira replied.

“Do you remember what you wanted to do today?” I continued.

“That I do, you were going to take me to that beach and do some nudie shots of me,” she replied, making it sound like it had been my idea.

“Do you still want to do that?”

“Hey, what the hey, you’ve seen me like this, I guess there’s not too much left to see is there?”

“Do you remember saying that you were going to let me shave you smooth down there where you’ve trimmed?”

“That’s not true Steve, you know that’s not true. I’ll never do that.”

I started to realise that her apparent memory loss may not have been as genuine as I had first believed it to be it was worth a try anyhow.

Even though the moment was very erotic in it’s own right, when Moira finished her breakfast she immediately went into the shower, closing the sliding door behind her. When she came out she went into the lounge and came back into the bedroom now dressed in her jeans and black t-shirt.

“You had better get yourself showered and dressed otherwise we will never get down to that beach will we?”

This really cheered me up as I would have bet a cent to a dollar that she would have tried to reneg on this very inviting idea.

Within a half hour we were both in the car and heading for Somers beach. Moira even rested her hand on my thigh as we drove, both chatting away as if we were actually a couple. I did not feel in the least bit awkward with her and not once did I have to think about what to say next as we shared experiences with each other.

I decided to take Moira to the naval reserve part of the beach rather than the more populated area where Helen and I had first gone. The walk was not too long and except for one girl who looked like she was in her late teens sunbathing nude about fifty metres from the spot we chose, there seemed to be no one else along this stretch of beach.

I asked Moira if she would like to have a swim or do some sunbathing to begin with but she answered rather sternly that we were here to take photos, not enjoy ourselves. I replied that the two things did not necessarily have to be mutually exclusive but my point seemed to go unheard.

“Right, where should we start then Steve, where is that tree that Helen posed on?”

I had to tell her that that was a mile or two back down the beach and that I thought that having a lot of other people around she might have backed out of the shoot if we had gone to that part of the beach.

“Well then, we’ll just have to see if we can find one like it,” she came back.

Moira started to walk back along the shore, quickly passing the nude girl who was laying on her front and reading a book. I said G’Day as I passed and received a nice “Hi” back accompanied by what I thought to be, quite a cute smile. The fact that she was here alone and also nude gave me the impression that she must have been a very confident type of person as she got back into reading her book.

Moira did soon find a similar tree that had fallen towards the beach but had it’s roots still half buried in the soft sand. I put down the ruck sack containing the camera and towels and had a quick walk around to check out the best spot to take some shots considering the angle of the sun.

“How do you want me Steve, should I take my things off now?”

“No, I reckon that we might do it the same way that Greg and his mate did to Helen, take it off bit by bit.”

“Well that’s not going to take too long then as I only have my jeans and tee-shirt on anyway.”

“Don’t forget your sandals,” I came back.

She seemed a little comforted by the fact that I did not expect her to strip right off immediately and positioned herself up against the tree in quite a reasonable type of pose. I got her to turn towards the tree so that I managed to get a nice one of her looking back towards me.

Adjusting the controls of the speed and aperture so that the little needle sat right in the middle of the screen, just as Moira had previously shown me, I took another of her facing me.

“OK, top off please, Moira,” I said in as calm a voice as I could muster.

Moira looked down, folded her arms and held her chin in her hand.

“I’m not so sure I should be doing this Steve, I mean, is this wrong?”

“Moira, you’ve come this far and after all, you showed a lot more than boobs last night didn’t you?” I replied.

Moira turned around and I thought that she had chickened out but instead her arms came to either side and her black tee-shirt was off in one swift movement. She turned around but had her breasts covered by her hands.

“No hands please,” I said in a more authoritative voice.

Moira removed her hands and smiled at the same time as I pressed the shutter release.

“That looks smashing, really lovely, very sexy.”

Without any further request, Moira had her jeans off in an instant and I took another shot before she had time to get into a pose. This shot did not turn out so good but I have included it for your pleasure anyway.

The girl who had been laying down further up the beach was now up on her feet and casually walking towards us along the shore line. She smiled as she went past us and continued on up the beach pretty much not taking any notice of our activities. I decided to get Moira off the beach and a bit further up the fairly flat dunes. She seemed a bit hesitant at leaving her jeans and tee-shirt draped over the dead gum tree but never the less she followed me away from her only means of cover.

I myself, was still in my jeans and tee-shirt as I thought that seeing me running around in the all together as well may have put Moira off a bit.

I got Moira to kneel down facing me and took a couple of nice shots that way before making her sit up a bit and spread her knees slightly. At one point her lovely lips managed to separate and show themselves very nicely as she kneeled with her legs apart. I wondered just how far I could get her to go.

“Moira, sit facing me again but this time spread your legs out in front of you so that we can get a better look at those lovely lips of yours,” I said.

This did seem to phase her a bit but with a bit of coaxing I did manage to get her to half comply as she kept one leg folded and the other one straight out. Although this was not exactly as I would have wanted, it did the trick of opening her nether regions up to a point where her beautifully full lips became the star of the show again.

Her nipples although not really very erect did manage to feature also in most of the shots. Curiously the tip of each teat had almost a white appearance, something I had not really noticed before but once I had realised the fact, did seem to be quite prominent in all of the shots. Just to think, not too long before, this once mousy natured girl was proclaiming that she wouldn’t let anyone take a photo of her with her `bosoms’ showing. Now here she was with every little last bit of her lovely anatomy on show and smiling into the bargain. This initiation into nudity was indeed a wonderous thing. Before I could get her to go one step further which I had anticipated would have involved some self stimulation (on her part that is) she took off towards the beach and dived into the water.

“Come on in Steve, it’s lovely,” she called out.

Stripping off my gear I followed suit and soon we were splashing around like a couple of kids both now nude.

“Well Steve, do you think I’m a prude now?” she asked.

“Not now Moira, not now, I’m really proud of you and I think Geoff might be just a little chuffed too if he knew just how much you’ve come out of your shell.”

“Steve, I’ve been thinking, I might show these shots you’ve taken of me here today to Geoff when I get up the courage but I’ll have to tell him that I came here with a girl friend otherwise he could just get a bit nasty about things. What do you think?”

“Good idea Moira but if you also show him those ones we took last night, it’s going to be pretty obvious who and where they were taken isn’t it?”

“Yes, absolutely, so I’ll keep them to myself but I’ll print you a copy of them all if you would like.”

Leaving the water, Moira asked me to get the camera again. Cupping both her breasts in her hands she asked me to take just one more shot of her breasts but requested that I did not get her face in this one. Even though the water had been a bit chilly, the coldness had seemed to have a reverse effect on her nipples making them go quite soft. Never the less it still made a good shot.

I noticed that there was only one shot left on the film and asked Moira how she would like to pose for it.

“Why don’t you take a shot of that girl over there who’s been watching us,” she said looking over my shoulder.

Turning around I noticed that the young lady who had walked past us was now at the edge of the dunes and was indeed just standing there watching us. She now had a sun visor on and looked like she might be about to leave so I thought why not? I summoned up the courage which surprisingly was not too hard to do and made my way towards her.

“Excuse me,” I said as I walked up to her.

“But would you be at all offended if I took the last shot on our film of you as my lady thinks it would make a lovely shot.”

“Of course not, feel free, I don’t mind in the least but wouldn’t you prefer that I take one of the two of you together?” she came back with a smile.

Looking at Moira who had since followed me, we both shook our heads almost in unison so as to reply in the negative. I wished we had thought of bringing another roll of film with us as I never thought it could be this easy to get a girl to let me take photos of her completely nude as this one was about to.

I took the last photo as she stood there smiling and thanked her as she then proceeded to go on her way. No more conversation took place, not even an exchange of names. I wondered just how far this young lady would have been willing to go had not the time and situation been different.

Moira in the meantime had managed to get herself dressed and had picked up the rucksack we had taken with us.

“Time to get back,” she said.

This left more than just a little disappointed as my mind had already raced ahead as to what other little distractions we could get up to given my state of dress and her state of mind.

However, this was one little fantasy that had run it’s course as we set off back for Melbourne.

On the way back we talked about all sorts of things but not once were last night or this morning’s activities discussed. Moira seemed to have an almost perfect way of closing out those things she did not want to discuss. My time with this, not so mousy girl as I had previously thought, came to a sudden end with just a peck on the cheek and a wave goodbye as she jumped into her car without even coming up for a drink or anything as soon as we had got back.

“I’ll drop you off a copy of the shots when I develop them,” she called as she took off down the drive.

This really had been a surprising week end, pleasant but still, very, very surprising and most importantly, my opinion of Moira had changed by about 180 degrees.

Chapter 07

As I have probably mentioned previously, Liz was not always as cheerful as she might have been, suffering from unprovoked mood changes for no apparent reason on many occasions when in our presence. The Tuesday night she came up to visit Helen and I at our unit, just after we had finished having supper was not to be one of those times however. In fact her demeanor could only have been described as bubbling.

“Have you guys got anything planned for Easter at all?” She asked.

“Hadn’t really thought much about it yet, why do you ask?” I replied.

“Well, Pepper, a friend of mine and her husband are thinking of hiring a house boat out on Lake Eildon for the four day break. All the boats are normally booked out well in advance but because of a last minute cancellation, one has become available. They need two other couples to go as well to make it affordable because Easter is considered the high season and I told her you two might be interested if I went as well.”

“Sounds great, we’ve never done anything like that before, why don’t we go too Steve?” Helen enthusiastically answered before I could respond.

“Yeh, why not I reckon it would be great, but what about a partner for you Liz?” I added.

“Well as it happens my sister Jane is coming over from Tassie for two weeks over the Easter school holidays and she is staying with our aunt and uncle in Glen Waverly but I know it drives her mad so I’ll ask her if she wants to come along too, you’ll like her, she’s a lot of fun.”

“Great, well put us down as definites, we would love to come along, why don’t we have a glass of wine to celebrate?”

Between the three of us we knocked off almost half a flagon of moselle that evening as we made plans as to what we might take on our impending trip. Liz explained that Pepper, whose maiden name had been Sharon Pfeffer, but preferred her nickname, was an old school friend from Hobart who she had kept in touch with since they had both been to the same university in Melbourne. She was the same age as Liz, and she had got married the previous year, about the same time as Helen and I had, to a really nice guy, who coincidentally was also named Steve. Liz had even been one of her bride’s maids at the wedding. Liz described him as quite reserved and a cuddly teddy bear type of guy and Pepper as the complete opposite, outgoing, fun loving, tall and slim with beautiful long auburn hair. Liz said that even though they were so different in character they seemed to be a perfect match with Steve’s mild manner being able to tone down Pepper’s wild ways.

From what I could ascertain from the grade that Liz said that her sister was in at college, she must have been at least eighteen or more and still living with their parents in Hobart. Apparently, she loved coming over and staying with Liz but one time previously she had got into some trouble because of something to do with dope smoking when she had stayed, so now their parents preferred it if she stayed with her aunt and uncle when ever she came over to Melbourne. Liz said that she was quite grown up for her age and it wouldn’t be like baby-sitting or anything.

Everything was arranged, with Pepper’s husband Steve organising the boat for us all. It seems that almost all we needed was already to be found on the boat, so all we really had to take was clothes, food and drink. The boat even had fishing lines supplied with a dingy tender boat with outboard in case we wanted to go ashore anywhere.

We got to meet Liz’s sister Jane, a few days later as Liz had to pick her up from the airport. I was quite surprised, as she looked nothing at all like Liz. She was much shorter than her, probably not quite five feet tall and very slim. She had long straight black hair that which she kept in a ponytail. Maybe it was only because of her age but she certainly didn’t have Liz’s breasts, although what she did have was still quite noticeable compared to her small petite frame. Although nearly nineteen, with such a petite frame, she could have passed for a fifteen year old and I found it hard to imagine someone so youthful looking getting in to trouble for smoking dope. She seemed cheerful enough and always looked like she was smiling. She did have lovely dark, thick eyebrows and very long eyelashes, which made her look like she had make up on, even when she didn’t. I thought that she would be quite stunning looking when a bit older. Liz made the comment that Jane would like to become a fashion model when she was old enough to leave school. Knowing that most models were at least Helen’s height, I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her by advising her that she might be a bit too short, anyway she still had plenty of time to grow a bit more.

Liz had invited us to join her and Jane for tea that evening. Like her older sister, she certainly didn’t mind the odd glass of wine and it only took a couple of glasses before she became quite tipsy. Liz found this amusing and admitted that the family thought that she was a bad influence on her younger sister and still blamed her for letting her smoke dope when she stayed the time before. Although so young looking, she gave you the perception of being more worldly wise than someone of her few years had a right to be. She seemed to have the mind of a woman in the body of a young girl and this sometimes lead to confusion as to how you should treat her. Liz obviously felt that she was old enough to be treated like an adult, even letting her smoke and drink when around her, but I couldn’t help having some doubts about this attitude. Jane, for some reason, did take an obvious particular liking to Helen and vica versa. They both hit it off instantly, having a very similar, dry sense of humour which cheered me up more than I would have expected, knowing that soon we would all be sharing a fairly small boat together for four days. Helen either loved you or hated you, there was no in between so it was important that we all got along well.

Hearing that Jane wanted to be a model, Helen, who was also now a bit tipsy, told her that she had done some modeling and had even appeared in a magazine as well. Liz dared Helen to get the mag down from our flat and show it to her, me trying to persuade her otherwise as I wasn’t too sure how Jane would react to the type of shots they were. As usual I was outvoted and soon the girls were pawing through every page till they came to Helen’s feature.

“Wow, these are really great shots, did you take them yourself Steve?” Jane enquired.

“No actually a professional photographer took them one day when we went to a nudie beach, ask Helen about it, she’s bound to tell you all about it sooner or later anyway.”

“Is there a photo of you in here somewhere as well?”

“No, he did take some shots of me, but him and his mate were more interested in girls obviously.”

Jane was fascinated and continued to look through the rest of the pages, stopping on the few occasions where there were photos of men.

“I bet you would be too embarrassed to have a photo of yourself in here Steve, wouldn’t you?” Jane asked with a smirk on her face.

This sounded almost like a dare and like a fool I rose to the challenge saying that as I thought nudity was completely natural, it really wouldn’t bother me.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Liz came back.

“You were a bit shy the other week at Blackrock, I had to take your togs off for you.”

“This sounds interesting, tell me more, what have you lot been up to?”

Before I could interject, Liz had got out her set of photos, the ones taken that day we had the threesome at Somers beach.

Without even taking out the rude ones, the girls were going through them as if they were family snapshots. I think the alcohol might have had something to do with it but I felt seriouslyuneasy about the whole thing, especially as Jane was just a young girl. I had not shown my copies of these photos to Helen either just in case her new found liberated attitude changed suddenly but she was just as interested as Jane was. I always expected others to be shocked by such graphically explicit images but as usual they only seemed to conjure up more interest than anything else. Liz even showed them the one I took with both girls fingering each other with my hard dick standing to attention in the foreground. I was hoping that the girls would not go into detail about what had followed these shots but Liz casually informed Jane that I had given both of them the best rooting of their lives soon afterwards, making me blush to a point where I had to excuse myself, saying I had to fetch something from our unit. I found it hard to believe that she was telling her little sister everything that we had got up to without any embarrassment whatsoever.

I went back to our flat and just sat there for a while, feeling very uneasy. Soon afterwards, Helen came up as well and asked me why I had not returned. I explained how I felt about what had happened and she put her arms around me and said that they had not deliberately meant to upset me in any way. I asked her if she felt it was all right to admit to what we had been up to in front of a young girl like that.

“From what Liz tells me I don’t think there’s very much that would shock Jane, she might look young but I bet she could teach us three a thing or two on the quiet,” was Helen’s reply.

“I must admit, I got that impression myself, just a bit, she’s not disgusted with me doing it to her sister or you two doing it to each other is she?”

“No way, she’s down there now talking to Liz, asking her about what it’s like doing it with another girl, I think she already knows about the boy side of it, come on, lets go back down before they think that there’s really something wrong.”

We both returned and thankfully they had finished looking at the photos and magazine, but they were still out, sitting on the coffee table with the top one, face up, being one of me full frontal on my own that Liz had taken. I had to admit that it did do me justice, especially as regards to my more than adequate appendage. Now that my initial embarrassment had passed, the fact that this shot was still on display did not upset me too much and we all got back into the vino almost at once, all ending up more than a little under the influence.

The next day being a workday, Liz’s auntie dropped around early to pick up Jane and take her home. The thought came into my head about the photos possibly being left out, but thank goodness, talking to Liz later, she had remembered to put them away before she went to bed. They were about to leave at the same time that I was about to drop Helen off to the station so we got to say hello to her aunt. She was a nice friendly lady, nothing like the dragon that I was expecting from Liz and Jane’s description. She even invited us over to her place with Liz one weekend for a barbecue when next they had one which was a nice thing to do, I thought. Liz had told her how we were now close friends and her aunt commented that it was nice for Liz to have someone close by to rely on for once.

We were to meet her and her husband again soon, the following Wednesday afternoon when we went down to pick up Jane on our way to Lake Eildon. As our car was the biggest, we decided that us four would go down together in one car and meet Steve and Pepper at the lake. By the amount of luggage the girls took, you would imagine that we were going for a month rather than only four days, but somehow we managed to get it all in the back of the EH which luckily was a station wagon.

On the way, as luck would have it, we managed to get a puncture which meant that everything had to be taken out of the back to get to the spare tyre and tools, which didn’t put me in too good a mood to start off the long weekend. The girls made it up to me by giving me lashings of flattery, telling me what a hero I was for knowing how to change the wheel by myself. Although I didn’t think that this was such a great mechanical feat, I lapped up all their praise willingly and felt a lot better after a short while.

We arrived at the village of Lake Eildon about seven thirty and soon found Steve and Pepper at the boat hire office. They were both pretty much as Liz had described them, his glasses making him look a bit like a chubby version of John Denver, the singer. She, I guess the only word to properly describe her was vivacious, with beautiful long, orange hair, the colour that can never be matched out of a bottle. She also was the sort of person who when they meet you, has to touch you, and whenever they talk to you and have to place their hand on your forearm as if demanding exclusive attention. Something you only expect from family or a close friend. This type of body language immediately endears you to someone, even though you don’t really know them that well. She said she was glad to meet us both at last as she had heard so much from Liz about us. Not too much I hope, I secretly thought to myself.

She soon organised Steve and I to go down to the local bottle shop to get some grog while her and the girls started to unpack our car, theirs already having been unpacked. This seemed like a good deal to me as I had packed, unpacked and re packed our stuff already a couple of times.

Steve came across as a friendly type of bloke, telling me not to mind Pep’s ways, as he called her, organising and bossing people around too much, as she was a physical education teacher at Dandenong College and she couldn’t help but bring her work home with her. He went on to tell me how much they both cared for Liz and how they wished they could see a lot more of her but with them now living right over on the other side of town, it was not always as easy as it used to be when they lived close to us at Chadstone.

He went on to say that he didn’t know what we had done for her but she had certainly picked up a lot since they last caught up with each other.

“I don’t know if she has told you, but she suffers from manic depression and has to have medication to control it, otherwise she can get on a downer real quickly.”

I told him that we were aware of it and both Helen and I were also always concerned about it as well, making sure to check on her every day to make sure she was alright. He was genuinely pleased to hear this, adding that she rarely ever discussed this with anyone so she must think a lot of us to confide in us this way. He went on to say that half the problem was caused by her boyfriend Barry who was married and just used her for sex when it suited him.

“He’ll never leave his wife and kids for her you know even though she hopes he will one day.”

I had never heard Liz mention his kids before but I suppose she probably had her own reasons for not doing so. I did however have to agree with his summation of her problem though and could even notice a difference in Liz’s mood changes in the last month or two since she had been seeing less of him.

Either way, we bought our two cold cartons of VB and three flagons of moselle and made our way back to the boathouse. The girls had pretty much put every thing aboard and it didn’t take too long before we were cruising across the lake.

It hadn’t crossed my mind before but never having driven a boat of any kind, it was lucky that Steve knew what he was doing because I certainly wouldn’t have had a clue as to how to get this bigger than expected boat away from the dock. We moved slowly across the lake until we came to a sheltered cove where two other boats were moored. We managed to drop the anchor properly about fifty yards from the next moored boat and as it was still reasonably light we all went up to the roof deck and cracked a few cans and opened a flagon. The complete peacefulness and tranquillity that surrounded us was absolutely magical and the feeling of utter contentment as we all just quietly sat and took it all in is hard to describe.

The girls made a big pot of spaghetti bolognaise for tea accompanied by garlic bread. Italian food was not a favourite of mine but I had to admit I enjoyed it very much, being quite late and feeling famished. We all ended up playing a game of Monopoly for the rest of the evening, with Pepper giving us all a good hiding; me being bankrupt and out of the game before I even had a complete set of properties. The boat had two double cabins and one with bunk beds in it so it was relatively easy to sort out sleeping arrangements and by about ten thirty we were all tucked in and pumping out the zeds.

Helen and I both slept like logs that night, but were woken up just after daybreak by the noise of someone walking on the roof deck above our cabin. It sounded like a platoon of soldiers marching and Helen told me to go up and see what was happening. I put on a pair of shorts and went to the back of the boat and climbed the ladder type stairs to the upper deck. To my surprise there was only Pepper there, dressed in a black leotard sort of outfit doing some form of exercise routine. She let out a short scream when she lifted her head and saw me. I apologised, saying I hadn’t meant to startle her, explaining that the noise had woken us up and that we weren’t sure what was going on up here.

“Oh no, I’m the one who should be sorry, I didn’t even think about the noise, please give my apologies to Helen and I’ll hold off until everyone is up before I do anymore, sorry about that,” she said.

I returned to bed and told Helen what had happened. She said that Liz had told her that apparently Pepper did her exercises religiously twice a day regardless of whether it was a workday or not and had warned her that she would probably try to get a class going every morning.

“I said I would love to join in but this is just a bit too early for my liking,” she went on, covering her head with the pillow.

“Not to worry.” I replied.

“She said she won’t do any more until every one is up, so have no fear, you’ll not miss out,” I said, half way between yawning and dropping back off to sleep.

It felt like only a few minutes had passed but in reality it was at least an hour and a half later when again I was awoken by the same noise as before, only this time, a lot louder. I reached over for Helen but felt only her pillow where her head should have been. It still seemed quite early and I felt a bit annoyed as Pepper she said she was going to wait till every one was up before she was going to start again, obviously this did not include me. Reluctantly I got my self out of bed and strolled down to the kitchen lounge area. Steve was having some breakfast and asked if I wanted some.

“I think I might just stretch my legs first,” I said going out to the back deck and looking up.

“If you know what’s good for you, I wouldn’t go up there, otherwise she’ll end up roping you in as well,” came his reply while continuing to eat his corn flakes.

I climbed the ladder only to see the back of Pepper with the three other girls, in a line facing her, bending and touching their toes. Pepper still had her leotard on and Helen and Jane both had on shorts and a t-shirt. Liz looked like she only had on her leopard skin bikini bottoms and this was confirmed when they all stood upright, stretching their arms to the sky. When Liz caught sight of me half way up the ladder, she immediately covered her breasts with her hands as if to conceal them.

“Don’t worry, nothing I haven’t seen before Liz,” I said.

“Oh, it’s only you, I thought it was Steve,” she replied.

“What do you mean by that, I thought my name was Steve.”

“Oh you know what I mean, the other Steve.”

My interruption had put a temporary stop to proceedings and Pepper turned around with her hands on her hips.

“It’s not too late for you to join in you know, come up and take part,” she said.

“Thanks for the offer but I seem to have left my leotards in Melbourne, maybe tomorrow.” I replied backing down the stairs quicker than I had gone up.

“Well, was I right?” asked Steve.

“Absolutely, I would have liked to be part of it but there not enough room up there for all of us, especially with the danger of being hit by flying breasts as well.”

“What do you mean by that?” he mumbled.

“Exactly, that, Liz has got her top off and I’m afraid it could be a health hazard the way things are moving around up there.”

“You’re not serious are you?”

“Of course, go and have a bo-peep.”

With this Steve stood up and went to the foot of the ladder and hesitated.

“Go on, have a look.” I urged.

He climbed the ladder so slowly that it looked like slow motion. Without saying anything he came back down at about the same pace, probably without having been seen.

“Well, do I talk with forked tongue, white man?” I jested in my best John Wayne accent.

“No, not at all, I wonder what’s come over that girl? I’ve never seen her behave like that before, wow.”

“The only thing that surprises me with Liz or Helen is that either of them have got anything on at all,” I said with a humorous tone to my voice.

Steve did not come across as a man who could be put off his train of thought too easily but what I had said had obviously troubled him somewhat, him asking me to explain. I went on to inform him that the three of us often shared moments in our flat and on the beach where there was not a stitch of clothing between us and that I was now quite used to seeing them both undressed and as nature had intended.

“You’re having me on aren’t you Steve?” he queried.

“No, not at all, in fact if what I am saying is not true, how would I know that between both those two girls, there’s not one strand of fanny hair between them.”

Talking with so much authority like this to another guy was making me feel quite macho, something that I had seldom ever felt before. I had an advantage over him and this did give me a rush of power that made me go on.

“I bet you a six pack that by this time tomorrow they will have both stripped off completely in front of everyone and you’ll see that I’m right.”

“Well, it seems I would have nothing to lose, except a few beers, so you’re on, I think you’re crazy though, I sure

Wouldn’t want my missus showing herself off in public.”

“I used to think the same thing, but believe me, once you get over the initial shock, there are a lot of benefits.”

“Such as?”

“Well my sex life has improved so much, you wouldn’t believe it, and it was pretty good to start with.”

Hearing myself talk with such command, I couldn’t believe I was having a discussion like this with another guy, it was very unlike me to ever talk about matters such as this with anyone, let alone someone I had only just met. I suppose that I didn’t feel threatened at all by Steve the way I often did when in close quarters with Helen and other guys. He was so much like me, married young with very little previous sexual experience, as far as I knew anyway, and probably as naive as I was a few months before. For once I was the alpha male in a situation and I liked this feeling. If this situation had been reversed I could imagine myself saying exactly the same things he was now, but was it really up to me to enlighten him or was he better off going on the way he was now, never appreciating that there was more than a monogamous sex life to fulfil your needs.

When the girls finally came down, they all looked like they had had a good workout and were chatting about who would have the first shower. Pepper said that she was going to have a swim to cool off instead, removing her leotard to reveal an orange one-piece swimsuit underneath. Jane decided to join her.

I noticed that Liz had put on a t-shirt as well now and I asked her if she had turned a bit shy, in the same tone of voice that she had used on me that day at Blackrock. All I got for my smart remark was a flick from the end of her towel which made good contact with my arse and the resulting cracking sound brought a round of laughter from all the girls.

“Listen you guys, us girls have only brought you along for the week end to be our sex slaves, so just watch it,” Liz added.

“Pick me, pick me.” I retorted as all of the girls excepting Helen dived off the back of the boat.

It never ceased to amaze me how natural swimming came to all Australians. Every single aussie I knew could swim better and more effortlessly than anyone I had ever known in England. I was eleven years old before I learnt to swim and that was only because the method of teaching English kids was to throw them in the deep end on the first session you had at secondary school.

While Helen had her shower, the other two girls swam out further than I would have ever dared, out into the lake until it was hard to see them. We had both finished our breakfast by the time they had returned and clambered back up the ladder to the main deck. As most of the population lived close to the sea and those that didn’t were close to warm swimming pools, most kids could swim by the age of three or four and I suppose it was no wonder that they were so good.

Even in the middle of summer in England, the water temperature was only slightly above freezing at the best and within five minutes of getting in the cold did not feel so bad because your body had gone completely numb. Along with palm trees, parrots and beautiful lakes and long sandy beaches, warm water to swim in was one of those luxuries that could only be imagined back in the old country. I decided that I would have a swim myself, as it would also be a good excuse to give a shower a miss, as there appeared to be no more warm water. I had a pair of shorts on and as most aussie men wore them to swim in instead of the old style nut crushers, as they called them, I did not bother to change into my normal togs. I didn’t want to look stupid by slipping into the water over the edge of the boat so I put on my best dive position and launched myself over the side. The water was quite warm as you went in but as it got deeper following the fairly steep dive, it cooled off remarkably quickly to a point where it reminded me of back home. I soon worked out that if you kept swimming and your body was in the upper level of water, it was much more pleasant than treading water and it getting colder, the further down parts of your body were. It was a weird feeling, this swimming in a lake and it occurred to me that this was the first time ever I had done so. Not knowing how deep it was and what might be under you was a scary feeling but I tried to look confident as I swam around on my own.

Helen was sitting on the back deck, watching me and I encouraged her to get in with me, telling her that it wasn’t too cold. I could see that she wasn’t too keen and I asked her if she would get in if Liz came in too. Liz told Helen that she was going to get in and Helen then agreed, saying she would get changed into her swimsuit first. Disappearing inside, she soon came out wearing her green bikini swimsuit that I hadn’t seen for a while and waited until Liz had dived in before climbing down the deck ladder and into the water. Like me she was not a strong swimmer and immediately swam over and hung on to me. Being fresh water, I didn’t have quite the buoyancy that I would have had in the sea and I started to sink, taking in a mouthful of water as I went down. Liz seeing me go under must have thought that Helen was deliberately trying to duck me and came over to join in the fun. As I managed to come up and take a breath, my head was grabbed from behind and I felt myself being pushed under a second time. I managed to turn this next movement into a diving motion and swam away from both girls, coming up a couple of yards away.

“Heh, give me a break girls,” I gasped.

“You know I can’t swim very well.”

“What’s a matter with you Steve?” called Liz.

“A bit shy today are we?” she said as she did a duck dive under the water.

The water was a bit murky and I couldn’t see where she was but I soon found out as my shorts were pulled down and off of me. Liz surfaced a few yards in front of me waving my shorts in triumph.

“If you want them, you’ll have to come and get them,” she screamed as she took off away from the boat. I gave chase but it only took a few strokes before I knew this was fruitless and that I would never catch up to her. I swam back to the boat and asked Helen, who had since got out, to pass me a towel. Liz shouted out to her not to do it and Helen just smiled saying,

“Sorry, no can do.”

I looked at Liz who had now swum back towards the boat.

“Please give me back my shorts, Liz,” I asked nicely.

Liz threw them up and onto the roof of the houseboat with just the one word.


“Right, I’ll get you for that,” I retorted as I gave myself a huge push off from the side of the boat.

This turn of speed caught her by surprise and I managed to grab hold of her t-shirt before she could get away. Although she didn’t have my shorts now, I was still going to get even. Holding on to her bikini bottoms I managed to pull her shirt over her head in one movement and threw it towards the boat. It landed in the water about two feet short, but Steve managed to catch it with a boat hook as it started to sink. I then started to pull down her bottoms with both my hands, sliding down below the water as I did. Liz just about swam out of them as she attempted to keep her head above water, making it real easy for me to get them off. On surfacing, I imitated her previous triumphant cry and threw them on to the deck, this time getting them all the way on. This raised a huge cheer from our ardent and increased audience above, which now included the other two girls who had swum back to the boat while we were frolicking around. I think that Pepper and Steve might have thought that Liz would be upset but contrary to this, she just called up to them to all get in and join us. Pepper was the only one to accept and did an almost perfect dive off the back of the boat. Liz and I were now just treading water and Pepper soon surfaced just beyond where we were.

“Come on, get yer togs off too, it’s a great feeling,” said Liz taking hold of the shoulder strap of Pepper’s cossie.

“I’d love to, but Steve would kill me if I did, he’s very old fashioned that way and he’d never forgive me.”

“Not to worry,” said Liz.

“Let’s have a race to that spit at the edge of the bay, last one there’s a rotten egg.”

“Well, I just know who that’s going to be,” I tried to say as they both took off in the direction of the small point that formed the end of the bay. It didn’t look too far but not being used to swimming any distance further than a length of a swimming pool it seemed to take me for ages. I started to swim crawl style as the girls were both doing but having my head under water soon got me puffed, so I ended up doing my usual side stroke.

The girls were very fast with Pepper reaching the spit a long way ahead of Liz. Me, well I was only about half way there when Liz made it. There was a grassy beach along the spit at this point and both girls had climbed out and were lying on their backs, taking a breather.

When I finally got there, I was completely stuffed and it was all I could do to just stand up as I went ashore. Walking up to the girls and seeing Liz laying there starkers and Pepper just staring up at me, my own state of nudity suddenly became apparent to me and I quickly laid down next to Liz on my front.

“Guess I’m the rotten egg then girls,” I said looking back towards the boat.

The other two house boats that we moored close too the previous evening must have moved on between me waking for the first time and when I finally got up, as you could only see our boat now from where we were. We had swum about two hundred yards away from our mooring and there were no others in sight or around the next bay that I could see. Even though it was still not yet nine thirty, the sun was very warm and there was not an ounce of breeze to be felt. The sun being only half way up in the sky, reflected off the calm lake water causing a beautiful reflective light that cast watery dancing patterns on to all of our bodies.

Pepper was now sitting up and she pointed out to me how strange and unusual these reflective images were. She didn’t seem shocked by us being nude and made the point that this would make a great photo, Liz and me laying there, with the light as it was and the lake in the background.

“Do you think this will have upset Steve, you being here, you know, with us two in the nuddy?” I asked her.

“Well, he has always been a bit funny about people showing themselves off. Being a bit on the podgy side it makes him feel a bit self conscious about himself whenever he sees others undressed but it doesn’t bother me so much, in fact I’d love to strip off sometimes, but I just know how upset he’d get with me,” she replied.

I had now turned over onto my back and Liz was lying up on her elbows. Pepper was wringing out her beautiful long hair.

“Do you think it will bother Helen, you being here nude with us two girls?” asked Pep.

Before I could reply, Liz piped up saying that Helen was really good about it and that we often were all nude in each other’s company.

“It’s nice that you are all so relaxed about your bodies, but how comes you can be like this in front of each other and not get, you know, just a bit horny about the whole thing?” asked Pepper.

“Who says we don’t get aroused, you often get a bit carried away don’t you Steve. Believe me this little thing is not always so little is it?” Liz said as she gently took hold of my old fella and gave it a bit of a shake.

Blushing, as my member started to come alive and enlarge somewhat, I replied,

“Yeh, I’m afraid I haven’t qualified as a professional nudist yet, I still have big problems getting my little friend to behave himself the way that he should. I don’t know how some guys do it, being around nudity all day long and not getting turned on, you girls are just so lucky being able to hide it so no one knows.”

Liz laughed as she said that she didn’t know about most girls but she certainly wasn’t hiding very much. Looking down at her shaved fanny, Pepper, with an inquisitive look on her face, agreed but asked Liz why she had shaved all her pubic hair off. Liz told her that she had been embarrassed the first time she stripped off because she was so hairy all over and by doing this, no one would really know that she was.

“Anyway, Helen put me on to it because she reckons it looks so much nicer having a clean shaved pussy and it also feels a lot better, especially when you touch it, here feel.”

Taking Pepper’s hand she spread her self open with her right hand and placed Pepper’s middle finger into her slit, between her lips. Pepper first seemed taken aback, pulling her hand away but with Liz’s encouragement, Pepper allowed her to replace it and with Liz’s expert hand on hand guidance, started to rub it up and down. When Liz was satisfied that the action was what she desired, she removed her own hand, leaving Pepper to continue alone, which she did, all be it quite delicately.

“See, with nothing in the way, you can get straight to the point,” said Liz now spreading her legs slightly wider.

Pepper seem mesmerized by the situation and at one point started to pull her hand away again, but Liz gently took her wrist and repositioned it so that there was little or no Interruption to her rhythm. Pepper now put a bit more conviction into her efforts, having no doubt now as to what Liz expected of her. Not surprisingly, I had now achieved a full erection watching this and without getting in the way, slid my hand from her knee where it had been, to between Liz’s thighs, placing my finger between her lips and feeling her wetness. I inserted my middle finger into her passage and started moving it slowly in and out. With Pepper still massaging her clit area, this helped her on her way and soon began the heavy breathing that I understood only too well.

As I was now lying on my side, slightly below Liz, it was a relatively easy maneuver to slide my lower half around, at the same time carefully lifting her legs over me into a bent position as I did. This angle allowed me to get much closer to her. Liz sensed what I was trying to do and by using both hands, pulled her lips apart to make my entry that much easier.

Pepper, again started to pull back her hand but Liz caught it, placing her finger higher up over her clit where it would not get in the way too much. Pepper made eye contact with me and then dropped her focus to my erection, then back up to my eyes again. With a look of incredulity, probably in sheer disbelief and amazement at what she was in the process of witnessing, she continued her open-mouthed stare. I just nodded to her vigorously and with this action alone, gave her the impetus to carry on what she had started. With only a short hesitation and a lick of her middle finger to provide extra lubrication, she started to massage the afore mentioned spot.

With this I pushed my hips forward towards Liz’s nicely opened entrance, effecting full penetration in just a couple of urgent forward lunges, forcing myself in as far as I knew I could.

Watching her boobs move up and down in a wave like motion each time I pushed forward got me into a nice relaxed rhthym and Pepper seemed to lock into the same smooth motion as she continued to do her part. I hadn’t noticed before but Pepper’s swimsuit was almost transparent now that it was wet and even though she was not saying anything.T the fact that her nipples were clearly visible, stretching the thin Lycra type fabric to it’s limits told me that this joint effort was exciting her just as much as me and Liz. Soon I began to pump Liz with more force and on a couple of occasions Pepper’s long painted fingernail managed to scrape the top, or in this position, the side of my hardness as it went forward on it’s way in, causing me to take in a couple of short sharp breaths of air.

“Oops, Sorry,” she said almost clinically without missing a beat as she continued to rub Liz’s clit with enthusiasm that now didn’t need anybody else’s encouragement. Between the two of us we had made a good team and Liz’s back soon started to arch as she loudly announced that she was about to come. For some reason, even though I could have quite easily have synchronized my own climax with hers, I stopped my thrusting to allow Liz’s to feel her own orgasmic sensations to the fullest.

Even though I was now quite motionless, Liz’s contractions just seemed to go on and on. I pulled out and taking Pepper’s hand, moved it down slightly, guiding her fingers inside of Liz to where my hardness had just been.

“Can you feel it, can you feel how strongly she comes?”

“My God, I can, that’s amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that before, and you, just look at you, you’re still so hard.”

I took hold of her wrist again but this time placed her hand on my still rigid dick. She must have had doubts but hesitatingly took it in her hand. Starting quite slowly she squeezed it and massaged it up and down a few times before tightening her grip and began to expertly pull me off, rubbing it up and down quickly for a short while, until my breathing started to come in short, sharp gasps. Sensing that I might be about to come, she pulled her hand back quickly as if she had just handled a poisonous snake and was expecting to get bitten by it. Seeing this, Liz must have appreciated the funny side of it and told Pepper not to worry because it wouldn’t bite but to be careful because sometimes it did spit at you.

“Well do you see what I mean about having no hair, it feels so much better doesn’t it?” said Liz.

Liz, who was now sitting up on her elbows, ran her fingers around the inside of the leg hem of Pepper’s togs. Pepper had remained in a kneeling position, sideways on to her in an open leg pose the whole time. As she slid her fingers down near her thighs, she pulled the material aside to reveal a clump of light reddish orange pubic hair, the same color as that on her head. Although Pepper did nothing to stop her, her blushing gave away the fact that she felt uneasy about showing herself off in this way. Her pubic hair was very sparse and hid very little. I had never seen fanny hair this colour before and the absolute whiteness of her skin almost shone through.

“Come on Pep, don’t be shy, lets see what you’ve got,” said Liz.

With this, Liz pulled the shoulder straps of her cosy down over her arms until the top half of her togs were now around her tummy. Pepper again did not fight Liz, but also did not assist her. Liz continued to roll them down until they were now just above her knees. Kneeling down in this fashion and looking almost like a sacrificial virgin awaiting judgement made Pepper look very vulnerable as she kept her head lowered and eyes looking downward. She put her hands around the back of her neck and pulled her long hair over her shoulders so that nearly all the front of her body was concealed. Her hair did not quite reach down to her fanny but stopped just over it, confirming the exact colour match, if not texture of her hairs.

Her pointy breasts still managed to peep out through the wet strands of this expanse of orange and were so white that it would be hard to imagine skin ever really being, well just so white. Like Liz and Helen, she was covered in freckles but had none on the patches that a bikini would normally cover. Her nipples were also very light pink and did not have a distinguishing border between the actual sticky out teat bit and the round area that normally surrounds them. They were just like an extension of her small but pointy breasts with the nipple completing their conical shape. The nipples even seemed to shine like the head of my penis did when hard, as it was now. Because her nipples were obviously still hard, I found it hard to guess what they would look like soft. Her fanny hair was quite sparse and you could see the shape of her outer lips behind them, forming a tight double ewe, but you could get no hint of anything more than that.

Looking down at Liz’s swollen and protruding lips, I felt almost cheated by Pepper’s natural concealment. As if suddenly aware of the situation at hand, Pepper stood up, pulling her togs back on at the same time.

“We should be getting back to the boat or the others will wonder what we’ve been up to and by the way, please don’t mention anything about any of this to Steve, he just wouldn’t understand.”

It occurred to me as I watched both girls walk back into the water, that as usual, I always seemed far more concerned about the orgasms of others than they ever were of mine. Even though I was still sporting a more than adequate erection, I realised that by holding off to allow Liz to fully experience her own climax, and by not insisting that Pepper complete what she had started, I had again missed the chance to fulfil my own sexual needs. Thinking that I would learn from my shortcomings next time, I obediently followed the girls into the water and tried to keep up with them as we all swam back around the lake. Before too long the coldness down below took effect and I felt a bit more at ease as to not embarrassing myself away when I had to get a board.

It took longer to get back to the boat as the girls were not inclined to race now. Approaching, I noticed that the tender had gone and I could also not see anyone aboard. As Pepper climbed up the ladder to get out, Liz pulled her swimsuit down revealing Pep’s tits to one and all.

Pep took it very well, getting up a bit of a giggle as she readjusted her suit. For the first time you could make out her nicely hardened teats which was probably due to the coldness of the water. Jane came out of the main cabin and said that Steve and Helen had taken the small boat and gone back to the boathouse to get a few supplies that we needed and some more wine. Both Liz and I followed Pepper up, neither of us even thinking about the fact that we weren’t wearing anything.

Jane did not let it go unnoticed though, giving us both a catcall whistle as we came aboard.

“Don’t mind these two Jane, they’ve got nothing to hide from each other as you’re probably aware,” said Pepper.

“Oh, I know that, but I’m just glad that you’re not hiding it from us either Steve.” Jane said with a hint of sarcasm.

The boat had an outside tap with a small stainless steel flexible hose and a shower attachment at the end, so I hooked it up on the clamp under the roof and gave myself a quick cold shower on the open deck. Liz followed my lead and did the same.

“Oh, by the way,” said Pepper,

“If you want a warm shower inside, you have to remember to turn the gas knob on first, otherwise you will only get a cold one.”

Jane, who was now wearing a very small black bikini had sat herself down opposite us on the back deck and just watched as I started to dry myself. Liz was standing next to me was also drying herself, doing her back with her towel. It looked like she was doing the twist and when I started to imitate her by dancing as well, I could feel my thighs being slapped as my dick went back and forth. At this point Pepper re emerged from the cabin also wearing just a towel and started to join in but without removing it. Jane was fascinated and could not keep her eyes off my crotch as it began to stiffen and raise itself again. Seeing Liz gyrating totally nude in front of me certainly did not help and Pepper was caught by surprise when her towel slipped off and fell to the ground leaving her in the same state as Liz and I. She didn’t try to pick it up but just continued to dance opposite Liz and me, seeming almost intoxicated with her new found freedom from clothes. She swung her wet hair around wildly, whipping both Liz and I with it as she held her breasts in her hands to stop them moving around too much. The sound, in the distance, of an approaching outboard soon put an end to our little shenanigans and we all quickly ducked inside just as the tender came in to view around the end of the bay. Jane began clapping and whistling as I covered myself with my towel and started to climb the ladder up to the roof deck in an effort to find my shorts which Liz had thrown up earlier. Pepper regathered her towel wrapping it around herself and took off down to her cabin. Liz did likewise but climbed up to me on the roof deck, plonking herself down on a deck chair.

Now in more of a state of respectability I clambered down to assist them pull the tender alongside.

Helen and Steve had bought quite a lot of things and I helped them bring it all aboard.

“Where’s Liz?” Helen asked, looking around and not seeing her.”

Jane answered her, saying that she was probably doing some sun baking on the roof. This expression always intrigued me as in England we called it sun bathing, maybe because it rained a lot more and the bathing part of it was because of the showers. Either way Helen climbed up and said hello to her, telling her that she would join her soon and asked if she would like a cold drink or a glass of wine when she did. Liz must have gone for the wine option because soon there were two large glasses of moselle poured out and ready to go. Helen turned to Steve before going up and asked him if he minded if they sunbathed without their togs on as they normally did because they didn’t want to get tan marks. Steve must have misheard what she had said because he made the comment that they would still get tan marks on their bums. Pepper put him right.

“Helen said togs, not tops you dill,” she said in rather a terse voice.

“They want to get an all over tan, understand?”

Steve scratched his head, looking like someone out of a Charlie Chaplin movie and he somewhat nervously said it was fine by him as long as no one expected him or Pepper to get their gear off as well.

“Oh Steve, don’t be such a prude, it’s only natural and you’ve already seen everything I’ve got,” retorted Pepper.

“Well nobody else has and I would like it to stay that way, if that’s alright by the rest of you,” he came back sharply.

Pepper looked at me, half-smiling but I knew that she would not say anything about this morning’s little escapade. She remained silent only adding that at least she should be allowed to take her top down. Steve just gave her a penetrating stare and announced that he had some reading to do and certainly would not be joining them. Turning to Helen he asked her if she would be able to lend him the book she had told him about on their trip to the shops before, Helen returning to our cabin to look for it.

“I won’t be a minute, I’ll just get changed as well,” she called out as he waited for her.

I think that I was as surprised as all the others were when she returned, coming out of our cabin with just a towel in one hand and the book in the other, otherwise completely stark naked.

“I’ve left my book mark in place because I’ve still got a couple of chapters to go, so please don’t pull it out,” she said as she handed him the book and walked out through the door, retrieving the two full glasses of wine as she did.

“Well, it looks like you owe me a six pack Steve.” I said as he just stood there looking in the direction in which she had left but saying nothing.

“See, now that wasn’t too painful, was it Steve?” quipped Pepper with a big smile on her face.

Steve, still not having spoken turned around and shuffled down to their cabin, closing the door after him.

“Sorry about that Pep,” I said.

“But Helen has got a bit of a mischievous streak in her and I think that she likes to shock people.”

“Oh don’t worry about the old duffer, I’ll take care of him. He needs to be stirred occasionally just to bring him out of his shell, it’ll do him good to be around people with a bit of life in them for a few days,” she replied as she turned and headed for their cabin adding that she would have a word with him to sort him out.

All this time Jane had been sitting quietly watching what went on and keeping herself to herself.

“I’m going to sunbake with the girls on the roof too, are you going to join us as well Steve, or are you going to do some reading too?” she asked, putting her hands behind her neck and undoing the top straps of her bikini. She pulled them down until the top part the bra barely covered her nipples. As I hesitated as to my reply, it occurred to me that although this was only a young girl, she certainly had some womanly ways about her and she also knew how to use them.

“Well, are you?” she asked again as she pulled her straps further until two beautiful long, dark brown nipples appeared, almost popping out of the top as the resistance of the thin material no longer restrained them. I was so surprised by their colour and shape that like Steve before, I must have looked rather taken aback. If you cut the end off a piece of chalk to about three quarters of an inch long and covered them in dark brown chocolate and stuck these on in place of them, you might get something similar to what I was looking at now, but I’m sure, not quite as pleasing to the eye.

“Yes, I’ll be up soon, I’m just going to get myself a glass of wine before I do,” I eventually replied.

Standing up whilst unclipping the other strap, she came up to me and hung her now liberated top around my neck. Looking up at me she just smiled.

“Good, why don’t you bring me one up too while your at it,” she purred as she turned and disappeared up the ladder.

I know that Liz now was more than a little relaxed about her own nudity, but I contemplated what she might think about her little sister acting in such a forward way. How would she react seeing her sibling half-naked? Would she be shocked? Would she demand that she put her top back on and cover herself up? She had allowed her to smoke and drink in our company, but how protective would she be when it came to sins of the flesh. She didn’t seem annoyed at me before, when we had all danced around au naturel in front of Jane, so would it be any different in the reverse situation?

The fact that I was filling two glasses, not one with wine somehow confirmed my acceptance of her adulthood status. I also thought that never the less, it would be a good idea to also return her top to her at the same time. This would make it easier for her should Liz have any objections to her sister’s present state of undress. I grabbed my towel and proceeded up the ladder, placing the two glasses on the top step before going all the way up.

There were two of the older style of canvas deck chairs up there and Helen was laying in one of them. She had covered herself in baby oil and looked like a sculptured work of art with her arms stretched up over her head, nipples nice and hard and long legs sprawled down in a non conformist crossed leg type of pose with knees apart and lips protruding, glistening on display. Seeing her like this, so uninhibited and natural, it would have been criminal to even think about not letting her be as naked as she wanted to be. Liz was kneeling down over Jane who was lying face down on her towel. She was rubbing lotion all over her back. Liz was still as she had been before, starkers but Jane still had her bottoms on. I bent over and put the glass of wine beside Jane, dropping her bikini top alongside it as I did.

“Thought you might need this,” I said as I stood up.

“Yeh, thanks, I’m really thirsty right now, but I don’t have to wear my top, do I sis?” she replied picking it up and tossing it over the back of the empty deck chair.

“No, I don’t see why if you don’t want to, I’m sure Steve won’t mind another pair of titties to look at, do you Steve?”

“No, the more the merrier, it doesn’t bother me in the least as long as you think that she’s old enough to be seen like that, it’s okay by me Liz.” I replied.

Liz just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, which I took to mean that it wasn’t an issue.

“Mind you, I’m not sure what Pep’s Steve would think right now if he came up here and saw you lot without a stitch. I think you nearly gave him a heart attack before Helen, when you gave him that book, that was a bit mean of you,” I went on.

Helen just looked up at me and smiled asking me why I had said that he now owed me a six pack. I explained what had happened that morning with him seeing Liz topless when the girls were exercising and Helen said she would bet me a flagon of wine that by this time tomorrow, they could get him naked with them all up on this deck. I thought that this was a sure thing for me to win, as I couldn’t envisage Steve’s attitude changing one hundred and eighty degrees in one day, so I told her she was on.

I placed my towel down on the front side of the deck and removed my shorts. Each time that I stripped off like this, it was becoming easier for me, and now I hardly felt self conscious at all as I sat down and started to rub myself with the coconut smelling lotion that I preferred to baby oil. Using the slanting front bulkhead of the boat as a backrest, I settled down and contemplated the images that surrounded me. A beautiful blue cloudless sky, calm still water, as smooth as a millpond, the warmth of the sun beating down on me and nothing but gorgeous naked women all around. Oh boy, this really was the lucky country.

Liz had finished doing Jane now and had laid down on the deck chair next to Helen. She just about mirrored Helen’s pose and I wished that I had my camera with me to get a shot of this. It occurred to me that seeing as I had so many and such willing accomplices that maybe there could be a bob or two to be made if I could find a market for photos like these. I would have to get a better camera than I had now though, probably a thirty five-millimeter version, something like Greg had had. In the mean time my not so photographic memory would have to suffice as documentation of what lay before me.

After a while a food tray loaded with crackers and dips appeared over the edge of the deck above the ladder, followed by a whole flagon of wine and then the flaming red main of Pepper’s head.

“Food and nibbles anyone?” she asked, climbing all the way up.

“You little beauty,” said Liz, now sitting up and finding her empty glass.

Jane also turned over and sat up, giving me the first clear full frontal view of her uncovered breasts. They appeared bigger than I imagined they would be, and like Pepper’s were sort of conical in shape. Also like Pepper’s, there was no surrounding outer circle to her nipples, just half inch long, dark brown erect teats that had a thin inverted vertical line running down each one. It was amazing how many shapes and sizes these things came in but all of them were just as attractive as they were different, in their own individual way.

Pepper brought the tray around with every one keenly helping themselves. She seemed quite unconcerned about our nudity and acted so naturally that it cheerfully surprised me.

“How did you go with Steve, he isn’t too upset about us being like this up here is he?” I enquired.

“Oh, he’s not too bad, he even said I could go topless if I wanted to, which believe me is amazing for him. He just feels that he couldn’t strip off himself as you would all think he was too fat. Except for me, he’s not used to seeing naked women around and it makes him feel a bit uneasy. I’m sure he would feel better about it if we could just get him used to the idea.”

Helen told Pep of our wager concerning getting Steve up here with us all in the raw and Pep laughed and said that she should go and get me the flagon now as it would take a miracle to get him to strip off in public. The tray of goodies was now sat down in the middle of the deck along with the icy cold flagon. We all converged down around them, sitting and forming almost a complete circle. Pep joined us and completed the missing portion and got stuck in to the nibbles as well.

She had put her orange one piece suit back on and I noticed that although it was now dry, it was still semi transparent and I think she realised that I was looking at her.

“Nice nibbles Pep,” I said, making eye contact with her.

“Oh can you see them, I suppose it is a bit see through isn’t it”, she came back, covering her breasts with her hands.

Almost choking, I told her that I had said nibbles not nipples, meaning the biscuits and dip, making all the others laugh as well. Liz, who was next to her, said that it was a Freudian slip and leant across and pulled down Pep’s straps till her cossie was down to her waist. As with this morning,

Pep did nothing to stop her.

“That’s better, no one’s hiding anything now,” she said as she did it.

Pepper put her hands behind her head and pulled her beautiful hair forward, covering her front with it and assuming her shy, head down pose. Jane complemented her on how lovely she looked and told her that she shouldn’t hide under her hair that way, pulling back her own pony tail that had come forward, covering one of her breasts. Jane’s nipples had still retained the same shape and seemed to be in a continual state of erectness. They looked so appealing and suckable that I had to keep telling myself that she was Liz’s kid sister. She caught me looking at them and as if she were reading my mind she took a cracker biscuit and overloaded it with the yellow dip. She then scraped it over each nipple, leaving a small squelchy clump on each.

“Watch this,” she said as she bent her head forward and pushing her small breasts up to meet her mouth, ran her tongue around each one in turn and then actually sucked both of them fully, making a kissing, sucking noise as she released each teat from her between her lips.

“I wonder if anyone else can do that,” she said looking around at us all with a challenging smile on her face.

“Oh, that’s just too easy, I’m know I could, and I’d love to as well, but I don’t think your sister would really appreciate me sucking on both your horny nipples too much,” I replied.

Helen just looked at Liz and without saying anything they both grabbed me by the arm and pulled me backwards, pinning me to the deck.

“Right Jane,” commanded Helen.

“Grab the dip, we’ll just see about that.”

With this, Jane dipped her finger in it and at Helen’s command deposited a generous amount over both my nipples. Helen told her to rub the remaining blob onto the end of my dick, which she did, taking it in one hand and pulling my foreskin back with the other to achieve it. I’m sure if I had really wanted to put up a fight, I could have done a much better job, but seeing as I was being attacked by a gang of naked and semi nude girls, my resistance was intentionally minimal. Holding me down by kneeling on my arm, Helen started to lick the dip off my left nipple and Liz followed suit on the other. The feeling was more than just a little erotic and my old fella soon reacted accordingly, reaching it’s full length and stiffness at a remarkable rate. Although I had my head back and could not quite see past the two heads resting on my chest, there was no mistaking the fact that I could feel that my hardness was not missing out on the activity and looking down between the small gap I saw Jane’s tongue flicking over and around my glans head. For someone who was quite young, she certainly seemed to know what she was doing. She had one hand holding it back in a vertical position and was gently massaging it up and down as she flicked her tongue expertly around the head.

“Give me that dip bowl Jane,” said Helen.

Jane unfortunately stopped what she had been doing and passed the bowl over to her. Helen now scooped up some of its contents and dabbed it on her own nipples. She asked Pep to help hold me down by taking over her position kneeling on my arm and then proceeded to move around above my head and dangled her breasts in front of my mouth.

“Right, let’s just see how good you really are, start sucking,” she said in a commanding tone of voice.

With this I did as Jane had done and first ran my tongue around one of her nipples, I’m not sure which one as right and left get a bit confused when you are upside down to each other and you are looking up at them. I then sucked as much of her nipple and breast in as space would allow. The taste was not quite what I had expected, the dip flavour being over ridden by that of the underlying baby oil.

“Oh yuk, I think you overdosed on lotion.” I spluttered as she forced her other covered breast down over my mouth.

I repeated my actions with less of the distasteful flavour this time and when I could find no more to clean off, Helen knelt back.

“Well thank God that’s over,” I said giving out a loud and obviously fake sigh.

“That’s what you think.” Helen came back.

“We are not finished with you yet.”

With this, looking backwards over my head, I could just see her with the dip bowl in her hands again, but I couldn’t make out what she was doing with it. She then crawled over me in the proverbial sixty-nine position so that all I could now see looking up was her bare fanny with dip covering the upper part of her slit. I rose to the occasion, at both ends, lifting my head so that my tongue could make contact without pulling a neck muscle. I started to run my tongue up and down, licking off as much as I could before concentrating my efforts around her clit area. What the other girls were thinking at this point was beyond my understanding but none of them had eased up on their efforts to hold me down. I’m not sure who it was but one of them had taken my hardness in hand again and was doing a bloody good job of jerking me off.

The warmness that came next down there indicated that a mouth was now in use and I was sure that it must have been Helen’s. Just as I was getting close, Helen climbed forward off me and turned around to kneel in front of me.

“Right, whose next?” she demanded looking around at the group.

Liz volunteered, letting Helen take her place holding me down. The effort needed was not very much as there seemed no point in me pretending to struggle. Liz approached it from the other angle, kneeling across me front on. Jane did the honours by wiping some dip over her sister’s nipples and soon I was almost being suffocated by those melon size breasts. As I tried to suck and lick each one, she was teasing me by slapping my face with them as she swung them to and fro across me. I was still as stiff as a poker so I decided to get my own back by lifting my hips and very nearly entered her only to fall out as she moved forward. As I continued to lift myself and run my hardness against her, I again felt a hand take hold of me. I knew that it wasn’t Liz as she had both arms over my shoulders so it could only have been Jane. With this welcome assistance, on my next sortie upward, my aim was true, the warmth and tightness letting me know that the Eagle had well and truly landed. I thought that this would make her get off me, what with her kid sister at the business end watching her take my full length, but no, she just raised herself up and down a couple of times so that she could make sure she wasn’t wasting any and then bent backwards putting her hands on my knees so that it was obvious for all to see that I was well and truly choker block up her. Looking down at our bodies joined this way was so surreal. We had both stopped moving now and her hairless fanny with those beautifully full lips with her protruding clit completely engulfing my hardness appeared to be like a photo from a porno mag, but it wasn’t, it was real and the silence from every one gave me the impression that a state of shock had set in as this was probably the first time that a couple of them had ever witnessed others actually coupled this way.

“I wonder if anyone else could do that?” I enquired.

“Or are you going to finish me off Liz?”

With this, she just pulled backwards slowly, my hardness flicking back and slapping my tummy with a thwack sound as it did.

“What do you reckon girls, should we save him for later or what?” said Helen.

Pepper said nothing but Jane was already dipping her finger into the dip and spreading copious amounts over her beautiful long brown nipples. I looked up at Helen and she just looked back saying that now I would have to do what I said I had wanted to do in the first place.

“Well, let’s just see if you were right or wrong about Liz getting upset.”

Jane assumed her sister’s previous position and lowered herself down so that my tongue would reach her hard little teats. As I started to lick and suck these wonderfully long and tactile nipples, I could again feel my hardness rubbing up against the material of her bikini bottoms and I wished that the barrier would disappear. Knowing that this really was forbidden fruit made it that much more desirous and I hoped that as before a guiding hand would intervene. It was not to be and with the last morsel retrieved from those lovely long nipples, she stood up over me and sucked on them herself, one more time, making them stand out even further. I turned to look at Pepper.

“Looks like you might be the only one to miss out Pep, or aren’t you going to torture me as well?”

“I think if I want to stay married I will just have to do it myself,” she answered.

Taking the dip she dabbed some over herself and did exactly as Jane had done, managing to get the whole of her nipples inside her own mouth. The girls having now released their grip on me gave her a round of applause and a small cheer, Liz actually patting her on the back as if she was now the newest member of an exclusive club.

With all of them now satisfied, one way or the other, they all went back to their previous positions around the deck, leaving me still on my back and stiff in more than one way in the middle.

“Hey, girls, you can’t leave me in this state, I’m not finished.”

“That’s the torture part, you see. If you want to get relief, you’ll have to do it yourself and in front of all of us as well,” replied Liz.

Realising that I had not achieved the goal I set for myself this morning, I stood up and going to the edge of the deck, I climbed the railing and cupping my testicles in one hand and holding my nose with the other, jumped off into the water. Being at least ten feet above the surface, I kept going down further than I thought I would, until I felt the squelch of mud beneath my feet. The temperature of the water was also colder than I had remembered and the shock of it seemed to be the right medicine for my arousal problem.

On coming up, I swam around for a short while before going round to the back of the boat and climbing out. Steve was on his way out of his cabin and seeing me come aboard, threw me a dry towel. He didn’t seem too concerned about my nudity and rather than cover myself up, I just started to dry myself in front of him. I asked him to join us upstairs as he was missing out on the fun. He told me he could hear some of the goings on up there and didn’t think he was missing out too much.

“Look, Pep has explained that you don’t feel too comfortable about nudity, but believe me, it’s a nice thing to get used to. You don’t have to get yer gear off if you don’t want to, so come up anyway, there may still be nibbles and dip left, and believe me, I really need your support up there.”

Steve just shrugged his shoulders in a halfhearted way, which I took as a maybe. I climbed back up, keeping my towel around me, telling Pep that I had tried to encourage Steve to come up but had not entirely convinced him. Pulling up her togs she said that she would go and try to convince him some more. Liz put her towel around herself and said she would go too and followed Pep down the ladder.

Helen was now laying face down alongside Jane and asked me if I could put some lotion on her back. This I did and when I had finished, Jane asked me to do the same for her. She still had her bottoms on but had pulled them up into the cheeks of her arse so that they resembled a g-string. After what liberties the girls has taken with me before, I felt no guilt as I rubbed the lotion around the small tight cheeks of her bottom. As she was laying legs apart I could see some escaping jet-black pubes either side of the crutch part of her bottoms and I hoped that this was not as much as I would get to see this weekend.

Steve could not be persuaded to join us up top, but when we all eventually came down off the roof deck, we had a vote and decided to take the boat further around the lake to a spot where there looked like there was an almost sandy beach on one of the small Islands off the shore of the Lake. Steve showed me how to control and steer it and it gave me a real feeling of achievement to be able to be in command of something this big. Helen and Pep also took turns but neither really managed to keep it in a straight line.

The fact that the girls had remained dressed as they were up top, Liz and Helen still nude, Jane topless and Pep in her swim suit, did initially seem to cause a bit of embarrassment for Steve who tried to keep his gaze at eye level. He soon seemed to mellow out a bit though after a couple of glasses of white wine as he took full charge instructing the girls on how to steer. I even noticed that at one point he was standing very close beside Helen with one of his arms around her, his hand almost touching the bottom of her breast, whilst he helped her steer with the other. Helen probably didn’t know I was watching as she took his wrist, pushing his hand up until it fully cupped her left breast. Funny enough, all I could think of was “Good on you girl, that’s exactly what he needs, a bit of encouragement.” I don’t know what he must have made of her gesture but he made no effort to remove it until it was Liz’s turn and he automatically assumed the same posture with her breast also, Liz not making a fuss either.

After their lessons, I took over the captain’s chair. Liz had brought one of the deck chairs down from the top and placed it on the front deck, facing the driver’s or should I say Captain’s window, which gave you a magnificent view of her whole body. I interspersed my perving on her with the occasional look ahead to make sure we weren’t going to run into another boat.

Considering there were supposed to be nearly fifty boats on this lake, it was hard to see where they all were, only ever getting the rare glimpse of one or to of them ahead.

As usual, modesty was not a priority on Liz’s list of things to do on a boat. As she had once told me, a girl always knows what she is, or is not showing off, so I could only assume that her display was not entirely accidental. When she started to rub baby oil over herself, I didn’t pretend not to look and she put on a great show for me, rubbing her hands around her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Making eye contact with me, she purposely spread her legs wider and tipped the oil on to her belly so that it ran down between her legs before running her middle finger up and down whilst licking her lips.

Although I knew she could see me, the sun was directly ahead and I could see the reflection of my window shining on her and lighting her up better than any stage lights ever could have.

I was pleased that I had my towel around me because her little performance was definitely having her desired effect on me.

Knowing that she could probably not see me very well now, what with the sun reflecting off the window into her eyes, I quietly called back to Steve to ask if he would take over for a while. With a can of VB in hand, he quickly moved into the driver’s seat while I retired over to the other side of the cabin in a position where I could still see Liz. She was still continuing her tease act and from the look on Steve’s face, he wasn’t missing any of it either. I waved to Pep, who was in the galley behind me, indicating that she should come up front. When she did, I whispered to her to creep up behind Steve and check out the view. She silently got close behind him, putting her hands in front of his eyes.

“See, being nude isn’t all that bad now, is it?”

“I never said it was, I just said that you wouldn’t get me that way.”

Pepper lowered her hands to his front and found something to hold on to.

“Looks like you’re enjoying it a bit more than you’re willing to admit if Percy’s standing to attention is anything to go by.”

It wasn’t rocket science to be able to work out who Percy was, so having achieved my objective I went out on to the front deck and sat down on the deck by Liz who looked surprised to see me.

“Oh, by the way Steve and Pep asked me to tell you that they’re really enjoying the show.”

“Christ, I thought that was you driving all this time.”

“No, I’ve been down the back for a while, so what show is this they’re talking about.”

Liz looked at me and started laughing, putting her hands over her face at the same time.

“Is Pep mad at me?”

“No, doesn’t seem to be, from what I could see, what you had done to Steve seems to have made her very happy.”

At this point Helen came down from the roof and Liz told her what she had done, thinking that I didn’t really know.

“I guess you’ll just have to be more careful in future as to who you frig yourself off in front of, won’t you,” I said.

Pep popped her head out of the cabin and asked if anyone wanted to steer the boat as her and Steve were just going for a quick lay down. I volunteered and took over from Steve. As he started to leave, I caught him by the shoulder.

“You remember those benefits I told you about, well I think you’re about to realise one,” giving him a nod and a wink as he left, Pep dragging him impatiently down to their cabin.

“See what you’ve done now Liz, we probably won’t see them till tea time now.”

Helen was the one who replied.

“Well what’s the problem, Liz and I were only just talking about it before and you know, we’ve both come to the same conclusions.”

“And what are these conclusions?” I enquired.

“Well, number one, we’ve agreed that we both love being in the nude and what’s more, number two, we both get a kick out of other people seeing us in the nude as well and if that turns them on, well that’s makes it even better, so what harm can there be in that?”

Realising that my previous intentionally humourous remark had been taken seriously, I quickly defused the situation by telling both of them that they were preaching to the converted and that I was only having a lend of them.

Not long after we were getting close to the Island so I asked the girls to get ready to drop the anchor for me. There was still no sign of the happy couple so this would be my first attempt at parking a boat. There was one other houseboat there and it may have been one we were next to the previous night. I figured that if we could get into a similar position to that one, we would probably be all right. I managed to maneuver us into the beach a bit closer than the other boat, but when the girls dropped the anchor overboard we drifted back slightly before it took proper hold. This drift made us almost parallel to our new neighbours and about fifty feet away.

A woman, who from this distance looked a bit on the plump side and dressed in a bright pink one piece swim suit with a in-built skirt around the bottom, came out onto the front deck and waved to us. Jane, who was now at the front with Helen and Liz saw her and they all waved back.

“Might be a good idea to put something on if we are going to stay anchored this close,” I suggested.

“Might be a good idea to take my bottoms off so I’m not the only odd one out instead,” replied Jane.

“No way, I’m staying the way I am, if they don’t like it they can always move,” added Helen.

“Who’s coming for a swim to the Island?”

On saying this, Liz dived overboard and doggie paddled around while Helen climbed down the ladder into the water. Without turning around, Jane stood as if she also was about to dive but instead slowly pulled down her bottoms and wiggled her way out of them, now exposing her beautifully tight little cheeks. She then did a perfect swallow dive into the water, coming up close to Helen who was now about ten yards from the boat. I had made no reply and remained where I was. The trio, now realising that I was not joining them all started to head for the beach, which was about sixty yards away.

I could see that there was a man and a young girl of about ten or eleven years of age, walking along the beach and I wondered if they belonged to our neighbour’s boat. They had a tender like ours on the beach and I figured that they had not swum ashore as our lot were doing. There was a well-used pair of binoculars onboard so I got them and watched as the girls made it ashore.

Liz was first to leave the water with Jane and then Helen following. They all laid down on their backs on getting there, just as the man and his daughter got to that part of the beach. I was interested in how they would react to suddenly seeing three nude females appearing in front of them but I was almost disappointed when they stopped and seemed to be engaging in idle chatter. With these binoculars it was as though I was right next to them and the first thing that struck me was the view of Jane’s fanny. Unlike her sister, her pubes formed a fairly narrow line that only reached maybe an inch either side of her lips. Even from this distance I could see that there was not a curly one in amongst the whole lot, all being completely straight, quite long and more strangely, jet-black. To her credit, she was the only one of the three that had her legs together and as usual there were more lips on show than a Black and White Minstrel show.

As the guy moved away and came towards their tender, I could just make out a more than impressive bulge in his togs, so even though I thought that he had handled it well, it was reassuring to see that he was also quite human in his biological response.

A few months before, the thought of my wife showing herself off by laying naked in front of another man, with everything on display would have upset me more than just about anything else. Now it was becoming more a form of highly erotic entertainment for me. One that continually heightened my own sexual pleasure, as I my mind just about sucked and drained every little sensual moment out of each new situation. From what Helen had said before, both her and Liz were getting the same sort of value out of it as well. They both liked to be nude. They both loved other people to see them nude. They both initiated situations to make sure that they were seen nude and neither of them seemed to have any shame, embarrassment or bad feelings about it what so ever, so why the hell shouldn’t I get the same enjoyment out of it as well?

Probably the most amazing and unexpected benefit from all of this was Helen’s enlightened attitude in encouraging me to have sex with Liz and secondly, her own lack of inhibitions once she had her clothes off, especially in the way her and Liz had got it on together. I had always imagined that when partners allowed their other halves to play around with others that the core relationship would probably brake down but if anything ours had got stronger because of this new freedom. This seemed to contradict all that we were ever taught.

Pep and Steve finally emerged from their cabin, Steve asking where everyone was. I pointed to the beach and handed him the binos, not that he really needed them from this distance.

“Come on, let’s join them,” said Pep, preparing to dive overboard. Steve hesitated but jumped in after her as she hit the water. They both took off towards the shore with Pep getting there well ahead of him. The girls were all still lying down and sunbaking, when Pep came up to them. She pulled down her cossie and stepped out of it as casually as you like, stretching out alongside Jane who was at one end. Steve paddled around for a short while before going ashore and plonking himself down beside Pepper.

I supposed that because Steve had probably satisfied his own procreative appetite shortly before, that the sexual tension that would normally have presented itself here might have had the edge taken off it a fair bit. This was probably the ideal situation for him to be in at this point as far as potential arousal problems were concerned.

Steve did look a bit on the podgy side but not what you would call obese in any way. In some small way, I was proud of him having the courage to even be there with the girls. This situation had pretty much been forced upon him whereas I had had a longer run up and more gradual acceptance period to get to a point where I could handle being amongst a group of naked women and not run and hide away somewhere.

Thinking about this I decided to complete the team and dropping my towel, jumped in and swam ashore. On approaching them, Helen called out to me to sit beside her. Steve nudged Pep and I got the impression that he was indicating to her that she should put her cossie back on. She did say something to him which I couldn’t quite make out, but regardless she made no attempt to put her togs back on although she did make the concession of turning over on to her front which seemed to appease him somewhat. The shore turned out to consist of more a kind of fine gravel than the type of sand you would see on a coastal beach and it also stuck to you making it a little uncomfortable to stay in one position for too long. Helen asked me to come for a walk with her to see if we could get all the way around the Island and Jane said she wanted to come along too. Liz advised her to stay with them as we might want to be alone but Helen urged her to come if she wanted to. Leaving the three of them still sunbaking, we took off to the end of the beach and climbed up onto a rocky outcrop which without any footwear was not as easy to scale as it first appeared. I had to help both girls up at one point with me going first. Taking Helen’s hand, I pulled her up, putting my other hand around her waist as I did so. When it was Jane’s turn she grabbed my upper arm with one hand and I had to place both mine around her waist also as she came up. If my fingers had been just an inch longer, I’m sure I could have got both of my hands right around her incredibly slim body. I’m not sure if she had ever been nude in front of anyone like this before but she certainly didn’t seem to be having any hang ups about it her complete lack of clothing. After coming down the other side of the outcrop, I helped both girls down as I had gone first. Jane managed to get herself into a position where I got a fantastic view between her legs as she eased herself down towards me. Her smile as she caught me perving told me that she was not unaware of what she was showing.

We found another short stretch of beach, again with no one on it. Helen and I meandered along it holding hands whilst Jane proceeded to cartwheel her way along in front of us until she got to the end of the beach. On getting there, she turned around and did a hand stand and perfectly balanced herself by draping her legs over her back and lifting her head so that her toes were almost touching her scalp. She could see us coming towards her and called out for us to stop. With this she walked on her hands back towards us, stopping in front of us, still perfectly balanced. Looking down, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her fanny which was just about looking straight back up at me, her jet black pubes barely covering her lovely lips as her legs swayed apart in her attempt to remain on an even keel. The dark pink ring around her anus with it’s corrugated texture also fascinated me as she let her legs drop, still fully in control until she was in an upside down crab position in front of us. Bringing her hands and feet closer together, she managed, unaided to stand up without her back ever touching the floor.

“Pretty good, eh? I have to practice this for our school gymnastics class and our teacher says I’m the most flexible girl in my year, only one other girl can do that, what do you think?”

If I had told her what I really was thinking, it probably wouldn’t have surprised either of them too much what with the rush of blood that was concentrating itself around my nether regions. Helen managed to take my mind off it by attempting a handstand herself and not quite getting the balance to remain upright, her hands slipping in the gravel, and tipping sideways as she fell. Trying again, she managed to get upright for just a few seconds before not too gracefully hitting the deck another time. Laughing at her attempt, I gave it a go myself, doing no better.

“It’s been a few years since I’ve done this so I might need a hand to keep up.”

Helen and Jane stood either side of me and caught hold of a leg each as I succeeded in gaining my balance. Bending my leg backwards now I was able to sustain the position unaided and even took a few steps forward before losing it. Helen wanted to have another go with our help and was soon upside down with legs bent and swaying as she also managed a couple of steps before Jane assisted her by catching hold of her with both hands around one of her knees. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I took hold of her other leg, beneath her knee and licking my finger, gently ran it up and down between her lips which were exposed and presenting themselves in a very inviting manner.

“Hey, stop that, there’s children present,” she called out whilst trying to regain control of her legs.

Jane, like me, held on tight and the only way she was going to get back to earth was by collapsing her arms which would propel her head first into the gravely sand. Struggling with her dangling legs again I got round behind her and now held her in an upright wheel barrow position.

“Gees, I could do anything I want to with you now and there’s nothing you could do to stop me.”

Jane, taking pity on her, got behind me and started to tickle me under the armpits, me letting go of Helen in the scrum and then she getting her own back on me by rubbing a handful of gravel into my hair.

I ran into the water and dunked myself, brushing the course, offending material out of my scalp as I did. Helen and Jane sat down and were both checking me out as I came out and up to them.

“Looks like the cold water sorted you out a bit.” Helen said as they both focused on my now very diminished manhood.

“Yeh, I guess I needed that, but it’s easy to get a bit carried away. I reckon any normal, red blooded guy would, what with two stunning nude girls doing erotic contortionist tricks in front of him wearing nothing but smiles,” was my reply.

“Oh, I don’t know, you’re not too bad yourself, if you don’t mind me saying so,” answered Jane still looking at me below the waist.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever seen a man naked?” Asked Helen.

“I’m not a virgin if that’s what you mean,” Jane retorted quickly.

“But, yeh, I’ve only ever seen bits of a guy, you know when we’ve been doing it in the back of a panel van. I’ve never really had the chance of checking out a guy’s body like this before, completely starkers, well except for this morning and when we did that dip thing, of course.”

Helen looked a bit confused and I promised myself that I would tell her about this morning’s little episode when I got the chance. Being observed like this had aroused me a bit bringing back some respectability to my size down there. Jane at last averted her eyes from me and shifted it to Helen’s lower half.

“I like the way you and sis have shaved down there too, it looks so much nicer, I think I might do mine the same way the next time I have a shower. Does it feel better when you touch it without all the hair?”

This discussion gave me a feeling of deja vu. I’m sure I had heard almost the same conversation with Liz and Pep earlier in the day. Maybe Helen and Liz had discussed their depilatory preferences between themselves before and that’s why this was all seeming so familiar to me.

“You know, when your sister and Pep were sunbaking along the bay this morning, Pep asked almost the same thing, isn’t that just a weird coincidence?”

“And what was Liz’s answer?” enquired Helen, lifting one eyebrow in a way that I knew she genuinely wanted to know.

“Well, I don’t know that I should really tell you, as you might be a bit shocked.”

“Look, after this morning’s little escapade, do you think anything would really shock us, come on tell us what happened,” demanded Helen.

I recounted every thing that had gone on, including the part about Pep touching Liz and me doing it to her at the same time. I even told them how Pep had nearly made me come as well.

I told them in a way that I thought might make Helen at least a bit jealous but she did not rise to the bait, instead just saying how surprised she was at Pep, who she had pegged as a prude.

“Aren’t you mad at Steve for being unfaithful to you and making love to my sister, not just once but twice in the same day?” asked Jane.

“No, I’m not mad at him because he had sex with her, just mad at him because I wasn’t there to watch the first time. I can’t help it but I get so turned on when I see other people doing it, it just makes me so horny. Anyway it’s not being unfaithful to me if I’m there and I know about it,” replied Helen.

“Have you ever done it in front of other people, you know, besides sis, I mean?” Jane came back.

“Well we think a guy who took some photos of us the first time we skinny dipped was watching us when we did it a couple of times but after what I had just done in front of him and his mate, not to mention Steve, just made me so horny that I really didn’t care if he saw us or not.”

“Oh, and what had you done?”

“I allowed him to trim my pubes with a pair of scissors and then he got me to shave off what was left. I then let him take photos of me with my legs wide open whilst I used my fingers to spread apart my inner lips as Steve and his friend watched.”

“Wow, that’s a bit audacious isn’t it?”

“Hang on though, it gets even better. It got me so horny, especially after they got me to spread my lips apart that I started to play with myself in front of them all, getting myself off twice. They were probably the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had and one of the guys couldn’t help himself either and jerked himself off, spurting it all over my leg from about four or five feet away. It was just the biggest buzz. Ever since then, I’ve always kept my pussy shaved and just love everyone to see it this way.”

“Didn’t you mind Helen behaving like this in front of other guys Steve?”

“Well, at first it did upset me, but when I saw how turned on everyone was getting, I guess I got a bit carried away too, but I did put a stop to it before one of them had the chance to bonk her.”

“That doesn’t sound very fair, she lets you bonk my sister in front of her but you won’t let guys bonk her in front of you.”

I explained that nothing had ever been quite so premeditated as that and whenever I had done it with Liz it was always the result of a threesome, Helen correcting me and reminding me of the day at Blackrock.

“What would you do if I wanted to do it with another guy in front of you, would it make you jealous?” asked Helen.

“Well, I’ve seen you do it with Liz and that just turned me on more so I really can’t answer that, but yeh, maybe it would make me jealous.”

“You know, you guys are really cool, I’ve never heard anybody discuss sex so openly before, you guys have really got it together, it even makes me horny too, just talking about it.”

Jane’s nipples, or what more aptly should be called teats, were in a constant state of erectness and as we were talking she was twirling and pulling at them both, almost unaware that she was doing it. Helen also noticed it and asked Jane if maybe it was this rather than what we were saying that was making her horny. Jane stopped almost at once but Helen told her not to be embarrassed if it was making her feel good.

“You know, when I wasn’t much younger than you, I once let guy who lived across the way from me see me playing with myself but I don’t think I would have had the guts to do what you’re doing right now, showing everything off right out in the open like this. You’re the one who’s cool you know, not us.”

Jane smiled at Helen after this remark as she kneeled up at her side. Helen was lying on her back, resting up on her arms with her legs out stretched and I was kneeling down, just between Helen’s feet. Both of Helen’s hands were resting on her tummy, so I took her right one and pulled it down positioning it over her fanny. Her reaction was to part her legs a bit wider. I kick started her by moving her own fingers up and down her slit. Taking my hand away, she took her’s away also but thankfully only to put some spit on her middle finger and then replacing it as before and started to rub in a nice circular motion.

Jane was now pulling on her own nipples again, this time without any embarrassment but Helen took her right forearm and did as I had done, placing her hand over the jet black pubes that without a single curl, more than covered her beautiful young fanny. Jane was in no doubt as to what was expected of her and using two fingers, rubbed herself in an up and down motion whilst still pulling and pinching one of her dark brown nipples. Jane decided that she was not completely comfortable and laid down on her side at an angle to Helen and placed her legs into a nine o’clock position. She was completely open to view now and her pubes had parted as if brushed with a comb to reveal a thin, tightly sealed slit with just a hint of a button where her clit was. I had never been one to take pleasure at the sight of a butt hole before but her’s was what only can be described as inviting with it’s subtly changing hue from pink to brown and surrounding ring that looked like someone pursing their lips to kiss a baby.

The girls were at such an angle that both could get a full view of the other’s activities and I was now standing to attention as well. It wasn’t too long before Helen started to come but Jane was nowhere close from the expression on her face. She seemed too consumed with watching Helen than with her own goal but once Helen had stopped those jerky movements that were becoming now more and more familiar, she turned on to her side, almost mirror imaging Jane. Licking her finger again, she placed it between Jane’s bottom and fanny, slowly moving it up until it started to disappear inside of her tight little lips. In my mind there was nothing I could have wanted more at that moment but to move across and replace that finger with my own hardness but another equally inviting alternative was closer by so I moved Helen’s left leg up over my shoulder and with not too much disturbance effected full insertion in one movement. She was very wet and I started to pump with a fairly heavy forward stroke. Seeing Helen’s finger darting in and out of Jane’s beautiful little fanny gave me more impetus and it was not much longer before I just about exploded inside of my wife’s extremely tight but nicely lubricated fanny.

Remaining inside her, I continued to marvel at the sight before me. With Jane still rubbing up and down without an ounce of spit being used and Helen’s middle finger, piston like movement, Jane finally started to come. Without a single word or even sigh, as Helen pulled out her finger, a gush of love juice squirted out between those lovely lips like nothing I have ever seen before from a woman. I had heard of girls actually ejaculating before but had always thought of it as one of those urban myths that gets around.

“Boy oh boy, that was so strong, sorry about that but I don’t always do that, only when it’s really good,” she apologized.

Having now extricated myself, I sat back and couldn’t help make a comparison of what lay before me. Two beautiful and yet completely different fannies, both oozing with a mixture of love juices and my own, now limp dick, also covered in a creamy film of fluids. Without another word, we all walked into the cold water and washed ourselves off.

“Other than this morning, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen anyone make love before, it was really cool,” said Jane.

“I don’t want to disappoint you Jane.” I said.

“But that was not making love, it was just having great sex, making love is a much more intimate affair and normally lasts a whole lot longer as well,” I replied.

“Anyway, how did it feel being touched by another girl?”

“A bit peculiar at first, but seeing you two doing it took my mind off it and then I really got into it. It made me come so deep inside, that’s why I squirted so much, I’m really sorry about that, I’m just so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” replied Helen.

“That was just so amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do that, at least I don’t think I ever have. You know, the time I did it in front of those photographer guys was about the strongest that I had ever come and it really felt like I was coming like a guy too at the time, so maybe I did but I’m just not sure,” she went on.

Jane stood up in front of us and used two fingers to separate her lips.

“Yes, I think I will get rid of all this hair, I mean it only gets in the way doesn’t it? She remarked.

We decided not to continue our exploration of the Island as the next outcrop looked much harder to scale so as we were all still in the water, we decided to swim back around the point to the beach where the rest of the crew were.

On getting back to the spot, only Steve remained. He was fast asleep and Jane had to wake him by pouring a clasped handful of cold water over his back. I could see Liz and Pep back on the roof of the boat. Waking up with a bit of a startled look on his face he asked where Pep was, me telling him that she was back on board.

“You coming back with us Steve?” enquired Helen, standing above him with her hands on her hips.

“Yeh, I suppose so,” he replied putting his hands over his eyes to protect them from the glare.

We all swam back and climbed up the ladder to the back deck. Our towels had been hung over the rail to dry by someone who had been very thoughtful, so it was not long before we were dry again. I found my shorts but Helen and Jane just took their towels and headed for the roof.

Offering me a nice cold beer, Steve confided that the morning’s activities had indeed opened his eyes a bit to the benefits of not wearing clothes. He told me that he was still not completely comfortable with Pep showing herself off so openly in front of us all but that now she had done it, he didn’t feel so threatened by it all. He went on to tell me that he had never seen fannies that were shaved before and asked me how come I didn’t have a constant stiffy what with them all parading them around in front of us so blatantly. I explained that I was no different from anyone else when it came to getting aroused and very often I also was unable to control my reactions as I would have liked to but went on to tell him that whenever it did happen, the beauty of the situation was that the girls always knew what to do to help me overcome it.

“Believe me, if you strip off with us tomorrow on the roof, if you get a stiffy, I can guarantee that more than one of the girls will help you get rid of it, they can’t seem to resist it.”

“Somehow, I don’t think Pep would be too impressed with any of the other’s touching me that way.”

“Listen, I thought exactly the same thing about Helen, but once they’ve got their gear off in public, you might just be a bit surprised at what they’ll let you get away with. Anyway, don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy giving Helen’s titty a squeeze this morning and Liz’s as well, come to mention it, neither of them complained, did they?”

Steve shook his head, as if to agree.

“Listen, just to prove my point, this morning they all held me down and got me to suck dip off their nipples. I even managed to slip Liz a length while she was dangling those lovely tits in my face and they all saw me doing it but not one of them got upset by it.”

“Oh, and where was Pep while all this was going on?”

“Why, she was helping them hold me down.”

“Please don’t tell me she let you suck her’s as well.”

“Well no, she was the only one who didn’t, she did it to herself instead actually but she saw me choker block up Liz and seemed to be enjoying the show as much as any of them so I think you might get a bit of a surprise when it comes to what she’ll let you get away with.”

“I know what you mean Steve.” He replied.

“But Pep wants me to let her strip off completely on the top deck with the others but I just don’t know if I could handle it without getting too jealous.”

“Well she was nude on the beach today with the rest of us and you seemed to handle that alright.”

“Yeh, I guess I did, but as everyone else was the same way, it didn’t seem too bad. Funny enough, I was actually quite proud of her having the guts to do it in front of everyone when she did so maybe we’ll wait and see how I feel about it tomorrow.”

Helen came down and went to our cabin, coming back past us with a beaker of water and her toiletry bag. Still being as nature intended, I was amazingly proud of her ability to completely ignore the fact that she was starkers and act so naturally in front of everyone. I had finished my beer, so getting another one out of the fridge for both of us, I climbed the ladder to the top deck, Steve following me. He did not have his glasses on and sat down in one of the deck chairs before noticing what I had already seen. Jane was still nude and was now sitting on a bulkhead, feet perched on the attached stainless steel ladder, legs apart and was half way though shaving off all of her pubes with the razor and stuff that Helen had brought up for her.

Steve got up and stuttered an apology, saying he didn’t know that she might have wanted some privacy and commenced to head towards the hatch. Jane said that she didn’t mind if we stayed and I physically blocked his way, telling him to stay as obviously that’s what she wanted us to do. I could see that he was as fascinated as I was at this spectacle of a young woman wanting to show herself off so blatantly. Jane was very efficient and had soon managed to take off every single jet-black hair in less than five minutes whilst Steve and I looked on. Both of us had reacted in the same way and the fact that we both had our shorts on could not hide the fact. Once she had wiped herself clean, Jane walked straight in front of us and just as casually bent over with her back towards us. She retrieved a couple of strawberries from a bowl on the deck and then proceeded to sit back in the remaining deckchair, raising and spreading her legs widely as she did so. Jane ran her finger up and down her slit momentarily as if to feel the new sensuality that this new smoothness gave her. Using her free hand she then gently separated her lips a bit as if to give us boys a better view. Her slightly engorged lips looked absolutely gorgeous as she did this.

Insert photo

“Well boys, looks a bit tidier now, what do you reckon?”

She had one of the nicest fannies I had ever had the privilege to see and I thought that my shorts would blow a seam when she started to run her tongue around the head of the strawberry. She deliberately opened her legs even wider before taking a healthy bite out of it. This may have been just a bit more than Steve could handle as he excused himself and disappeared down the ladder in what seemed to be a bit too much haste. He was quickly replaced by Helen coming back up.

Looking at Jane lying there laughing to herself, knowing the effect she had just had on the both of us, she somehow appeared even younger than before, almost prepubescent. Only those pert little breasts with those oh so beautiful constantly erect teats gave away her true level of maturity. Normally it would have been Helen that would have been the main focus of my lust but the fact that this lovely young thing was also in front of me in all her naked glory only added to the aching I felt down below.

Helen was taking a more than a keen interest in Jane and now was sitting behind her and platting Jane’s long dark hair. Jane was sitting cross-legged in front of me and even in this position, her beautiful full inner lips were still on full view.

“Three down, one to go.” Helen almost whispered.

“Three what down?” I enquired.

“Three smooth pussies, only Pep’s to get done now, then we start on you guys.”

“No way, and you’ve got Buckley’s chance of getting Pep to do her’s.”

“Who said she will have any choice in it,” replied Helen going snake eyed.

“Or you for that matter, we had our way with you today, we might just do the same again, eh Jane?”

Chapter 08

After all the afternoon’s activities, the evening had become a fairly quiet affair, with us all having the main meal of the day which consisted mainly of sausages with chips and baked beans accompanied by copious amounts of wine and beer. Pepper again gave us all a good hiding at monopoly but with me being able to stay in the game this time until right up to the end.

It had become quite cool in the evening with all of us finding jumpers to wear over our otherwise light clothes. A breeze was blowing in a southerly direction over the lake and at one point we even considered moving the boat around to the other side of the Island to get some protection from this cool wind. We all felt slightly sunburnt, more so even than had we been at the beach. Steve’s theory was that the smoothness of the lake reflected the sun so well that it almost doubled the intensity of the rays hitting us. Accordingly, we all agreed to make sure that we put on extra sunblock the following day.

Jane told Pep that as she had won at Monopoly again, she would have to pay a forfeit to us all as a penalty. Pep argued that it was the rest of us who should rightly pay up, as we were all losers. This did seem to have some logic about it but Jane insisted that Pep would have to let the girls do to her, what she had allowed Helen to do, that is let them give her a smoothy. Although this did sound like some sort of fruity milk shake, Pep knew exactly what Jane meant. Looking at Steve she just smiled.

“Well babe, you wouldn’t want me to be the odd one out would you?”

“It’s not like I really have any say in these matters any way, so you just go and do what you want because you know you usually get your own way anyhow,” was his rather terse reply.

Pep bent over towards him and gave him a tickle under his armpit with Liz joining her from the other side. He screamed like a big kid and the laughter that erupted cheated him out of any seriousness he had intended to make in his previous statement.

“Anyway, once we’ve done Pep, who knows, we might just give you boys a dry shave as well, just so that you don’t feel left out either,” added Helen.

Next morning we awoke just after daybreak and Helen only remained in bed for a short while before getting up. Because it had stayed cool, she had worn her housecoat to bed, which was very unusual for her. Some of the others were already up and noises could be heard coming from the lounge and galley areas.

She left the louvered door to our cabin open when she went and the door to the toilet that was opposite opened and Liz came out with a towel in her hand. Seeing me awake and lying on my side, she did a stretch and stood at my door saying good morning whilst only just restraining a yawn. She had on a light blue nightgown that was all but transparent. Even though I had been able to see her naked for almost the whole day before and had even been intimate with her twice, this seductive image of her with lovely breasts and fanny only just concealed had an erotic quality about it that actually surpassed that of when she was completely uncovered. My theory that when you remove your clothes, you also to some extent remove your inhibitions came into play as Liz, sensing my wandering eyes, somewhat nervously covered her front with the towel.

“A bit shy are we today Liz?” I asked in the same way that we both now knew only too well.

For the first time, I think, since I had known her, I’m sure that this was the only occasion that I ever saw Liz blush.

Before she could answer, Helen returned, carrying two cups of tea and just managed to squeeze past her, the doorway being very narrow.

“Very sexy nightie Liz, are you trying to turn my man on or something?” she said as she made a not too convincing attempt to pull her towel away.

Liz held on to it tightly as Helen told her that they were going to do an exercise class on the roof deck soon and Pep wanted to know if we were going to take part.

“Is the other Steve joining in?” I asked.

“Pep wants him to but I’m pretty sure that he’s still in bed so I don’t think so,” was Helen’s reply.

Liz almost begrudgingly confirmed that she also wanted to be in it and so would leave her shower until after they had all finished.

This early in the morning, my body needed quite a while before it felt up to anything as strenuous as full body exercising so I declined, telling Liz to let Pep know that I might join them later. Helen, after finishing her cuppa, decided to take a shower before exercising which seemed a bit like a waist of time in my book.

Drinking the hot sweet tea had managed to wake me up a fair bit and my thoughts wandered back to the previous day’s erotic activities. I know for sure that if I had read all of this in a book as you are now, I would have had some trouble really believing that all these things had actually occurred as I have truly recounted them, but believe me, without one word of a lie, as I live and breath it amazingly did.

Most mornings it was not too unusual for me to wake up with a hard on and today had not been an exception. Often when I was alone or Helen was taking a shower, it was also not too unusual for me to give my old fella a bit of a tug. I normally refrained from making myself come, stopping before that point of no return, (or in the case of wankus interruptus, Helen’s return!)

With the ample practice I gave myself, I learnt how to get almost as much mental and physical satisfaction out of these dry runs as if I did climax. I justified this activity by telling myself that rather than masturbating, I was really engaging in a sexual activity that improved my ability to hold off from coming too soon when I did have sex and I suppose in some respects it was actually quite true. In reality though, the worst lie is always the one that you tell to yourself and I knew, as all of you do also, that I really only did it because it felt so good.

Recollecting the previous day’s experiences, I certainly had no shortage of mental images on which to keep myself aroused but it still seemed quite unreal that what I had been up to was actually more erotic than anything that I could have conjured up in my imagination. Fact was sometimes stranger than fiction and running back over all those memories of the previous day only served to reinforce this. For example, the most vivid things that came to mind were licking the dip off Helen, Liz and Jane’s nipples. Being chocker block up Liz when I sucked it off her tits whilst everyone watched us. Doing it to Liz again on the shore whilst she was also getting her clit attended to by Pep who then in turn, gave me an excellent wrist job, nearly making me come. Poking Helen whilst she fingered a self-pleasuring Jane, not to mention seeing most of them totally nude all day. All of this was almost more than my usually well disciplined self control could handle and I had to ease up on my pulling exercises a bit. It occurred to me that in just one day I had engaged in more sexual activity with more girls than I had done in my first twenty-two years of life.

Although, because of the fact that she was Liz’s younger sister, I was purposely trying not to dwell on the image too much, the most erotic memories were the ones concerning little Jane’s baptism into it all, especially the part where she was playing with herself with Helen’s help while I was giving it to Helen at the same time. As I began to think about seeing her get her cute fanny shaved, I nearly lost my normally well-disciplined self-control, getting almost past that non returnable point. I ceased my self stimulation abruptly, squeezing my old fella tightly at the base, just saving myself the embarrassment of a messy damp patch in the bed that would be have been hard to explain away.

Nearly dozing off again, I became aware that Helen had not returned to our cabin and I couldn’t hear the tell tale noises of exercises coming from above, so after putting on some shorts, I went down to the lounge area where I was surprised to find all the girls just sitting around. It was still quite breezy outside and they had decided that it was too cool to start, Pep saying that if the wind dropped, that they might commence a bit later. Helen, who never ceased to amaze me, had only a tee shirt on that just reached down to just above her navel, leaving her arse and smooth vagina exposed. Where as being totally nude now seemed normal or being fully clothed the same, this semi nudity had an erotic quality about it that seemed quite provocative, especially as it was her lower half that was exposed. The others were all completely covered up in one way or the other but Helen’s new style of dress didn’t seem to be bothering anyone in any way.

We all had breakfast, with Steve joining us, half way through. He hardly even flinched when Helen stood to get him a cup of tea, for the first time revealing her state of dress to him. Although she stood there facing him for almost a full minute with her beautifully exposed lips no further than fifteen inches from his face, he merely continued to debate his theory that as the wind was coming across the lake towards us, if we moved over to the other side of the lake, we might reasonably get some protection from the treed hills behind that bank. His indifferent reaction to Helen’s state of nudity was a good sign, I thought, compared to his reactions yesterday.

We all agreed that his theory had some merits, none of us being any the wiser either way. I backed him up, saying moving across might not be such a bad idea anyway so as soon as we were finished with washing up the breakfast things we up anchored and commenced the twenty-minute voyage across.

The water was surprisingly choppy and we had to stow some loose articles away as a few bits and pieces fell off benches and the table as soon as we started moving.

Quite a few others must have had the same good idea as there were about five or six boats there to my reckoning, all fairly close to each other. We managed to set anchor at the end of the row and after sorting ourselves out, we decided to try our luck with a bit of fishing with some hand lines that were on board. The new agreed order of dress for the girls was to be the sarong, with only Pep being the odd one out, having on her one piece cossy with a pair of track suit pants over them. Helen kept her tee shirt on and wore the sarong as a skirt which she did only as a concession to the fact that we were now amongst many other lake inhabitants.

The air temperature this side was much warmer, with the tree-covered hills behind us, as Steve had predicted, effectively cutting down most of the cool breeze. The sun even made a short appearance, which gave us all hope of the day possibly clearing up. At least it wasn’t raining which would have dampened our spirits somewhat. Using only a bit of left over sausage as bait, Jane managed to catch a rather large and ugly eel which sent the other girls into a bit of a panic when she pulled it aboard.

Steve, with the aid of one of our dish towels got the hook out of it’s mouth but it slid out of his grip and slithered around the front deck floor for a while until to the girls relief, it disappeared over the side. This sudden upheaval certainly put a damper on the girl’s fishing enthusiasm, leaving just Steve and myself as the sole members of the angling squad.

The next houseboat along was the very same one we had been alongside at the Island the previous day. Funny enough, we soon realised that none of us even had noticed that it had gone before, but the plump lady in her pink togs (with the attached built in skirt) gave us all a wave after her daughter started pointing over at us, making her aware of our presence. Neither Steve or I had any success in the fishing activities so we all just sat around the lounge reading or talking for the next few hours until, at last the sun finally showed it’s face. The lake had smoothed off a fair bit as well and about half the boats had moved off in various directions across the now calm and almost pond like waters. It seemed that although there was safety in numbers, most of the people there did not relish the company of too many others for too long. I suppose this was the reason why they had probably chosen this type of break instead of going to a crowded beach or campsite.

Steve suggested that if the girls were going to strip off again today, it might be a good idea if we also found our own quiet and hopefully private spot as well. He seemed almost keen on the idea and his suggestion almost an invitation which was a big change from his previous attitude the day before. Again we up anchored and cruised around, keeping close to the shore of the lake this time until we found a sheltered cove on the same side of the lake that we were already on. This quiet little spot appeared to have been fortunately overlooked by all the other migrating houseboats. Being a bit hungry, I made the suggestion that we have an early lunch but Pep said that we should get our exercises over and done before we ate. As it had warmed up a lot in the last half hour she deliberated that there was no time like the present and headed up to the roof deck with the girls all following her.

Steve and I looked at each other and with him shrugging his shoulders, we also tagged along. Pep took off her track suit pants and without even waiting for any of the others, completely peeled off her orange togs. Steve didn’t even bat an eyelid and acted as if this was all absolutely normal to him. The shock value of her new state of dress made my mouth go dry as it often did in times of mental stress. I didn’t even notice that by the time I was able to produce a bit of spit, except for Steve, the rest of them had followed her lead, all disposing of their sarongs (and Helen, her tee shirt) and were now all as nature intended.

I started to sit myself down in one of the deck chairs but Pep, using her firmest schoolteacher voice, told me to get back in line. Steve was already there but in the front row, Liz, Helen and I forming the back one. Pep said that if any of us needed to put on sun lotion, now would be a good time. Helen asked me to go back down to our cabin and get her Hawaiian coconut bottle for her so I climbed back down bringing some towels back up with me when I returned. I did Helen’s and Liz’s backs for them while Steve did Pep’s and Jane’s.

Considering that only yesterday he wanted to excuse himself when seeing the girls stripped off, today he could only be described as enthusiastic when it came to applying this protective cover to the girls, even being so brave as to doing Jane’s little titties when she provocatively arched her back and pointed them at him, almost daring him to touch her there. I must admit that this made me very jealous. Jane from behind looked even younger with her hair done in two very neat plats, now even more so giving the impression of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. Also, while we had been sitting around waiting for a change in the weather that morning, Helen had done Pep’s long red hair in the same fashion. This look also suited her, but more importantly, it now made it almost impossible for her to cover herself up as she had done the previous day. Having her hair in this style presented her lovely small but pointy breasts on full display and her nipples still remained as nice, pert and shinny as I had remembered then the day before. It was also fairly obvious that whilst not shaving off all her pubes, she had removed it totally around her lip area, leaving just a small tuft of red curly hair perched above her lovely big outer lips. Like Jane, you could still not see any sign of her inner lips, but the nice double ewe outline of her plump outer ones certainly made up for it.

I knew that if I took my shorts off now I would be sure to embarrass myself, so I left them on, as had Steve and nobody made any reference to the fact. We started off doing general stretching movements and were soon in positions where we were standing up and touching the ground in front of our toes. This was not as easy as I had remembered it to be when I had done it the last time at school but it got easier when Pep told us to spread our legs and we didn’t have to keep our feet together as now it wasn’t as far to bend down. Jane was in front of me, between Helen and myself and by looking up when she went down, for the first time I got a good look at her from behind as she bent over with her legs spaced wide apart. Although her outer lips were now separated, her inner ones appeared just like rolls of loosely rolled skin with a small button at one end. Her fanny entrance looked just like her beautiful little butt hole, both round, open and inviting. They made up an almost a matching pair. Feeling my tightening shorts take the strain, I found it hard to believe that anything my size could ever invade such a small space but if it were ever to happen, I reckoned this would be an ideal position to give me any real chance of success. Jane, being so flexible managed to look backwards between her legs as she bent forward, giving us a big smile as she did, her two plats sweeping the deck each time. Like her sister, I suspected she knew just how much she was showing and I’m sure she opened up even wider, remaining in the down position for much longer than necessary just to make sure we all got a good look.

It was almost a relief when Pep got us all to sit down with our legs out in front of us and then try to touch our toes in this new position. Steve was sitting right in front of Pep and I was wondering how he was holding up seeing as I had not done too well at the arousal stakes so far. I was starting to feel in control again until Pep, still in this new sitting down position, swung both legs outwards until they were almost in a straight line across her body, very much like she was doing the splits. She now placed her hands on her knees and brought her legs forward and together again, bending down at the waist until her hands were now touching her toes. I knew that this was just about anatomically impossible for me to do so I didn’t even bother to attempt it, continuing to keep my legs stretched out in front of me. Jane managed it with ease, Helen almost made it as well but Liz’s poor effort was not much better than I could have done.

Steve, like me just sat and watched as Pep repeated more of these moves. With her legs now in the horizontal stretched out position, her plump outer lips had parted, finally making it possible for me to see what lay beneath. The rays of the sun, glistened as they reflected the wetness of this, up to now, well hidden place. I knew that although she was trying to give the impression of being completely at ease with her new found state of undress, the excitement of showing herself this way was obviously more than she was able to conceal. I wondered if she was aware of the fact that she was so wet down there and if any of the others had also noticed that beautifully moist little target which I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of.

The title of the article in which Helen’s photos had appeared, “From Prude to Nude” came to mind, as she continued to move her legs to and fro. Had she been wearing her togs, I’m almost certain that she would not have attempted such a blatantly overt maneuver in front of us guys but true to my theory, when the clothes disappear, so do the inhibitions. Again, it never ceased to amazed me just how exhibitionist women could become when all is revealed. It seems that when they have their clothes on, it is their sole duty to keep as much hidden as possible, yet when nude, the reverse is true and they have to show as much as possible. It also couldn’t go unnoticed that the closeness to a body of water like the ocean or this lake, also seemed to act as a catalyst in ridding females of their clothes along with their inhibitions.

After many more positions and some not too strenuous exercises, which took about another fifteen minutes, Pep gave us the good news that we had finished for the session. Not even bothering to take her discarded items of clothing, she disappeared downstairs with Steve, with Liz soon following close behind them. Helen, Jane and I stayed on the top deck to do some more sun bathing, the two girls bagging the deck chairs for themselves whilst I laidout on my towel.

“Well, would you still consider our Pep a prude now?” I asked Helen.

“After that little display, I’d say she certainly couldn’t be accused of prudery any more, but it’s Steve who’s surprised me most. Considering his attitude yesterday, how’s that for a complete turn around, what on earth did you say to him to change his mind so much?”

“I’m not sure, but I did mention to him that there were a lot of advantages in getting used to nudity and I think he’s already realised some of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s realising another as we speak.”

“Well, if you had seen what I did, sitting right in front of her, there’s no doubt that he would have seen one big advantage, I mean she was so wet you would have to have been blind not to notice it. It even got me a little bit the same way down here just looking at it.” Jane added, pointing down and probing between her thighs, bringing out a shiny, wet fingertip. She appeared almost concerned about this new revelation.

“Helen, do you ever find yourself getting turned on looking at other girls bodies or is it just me? Do you think it’s abnormal to get wet when you see others doing it or getting wet themselves? I’m a bit troubled that maybe there’s something wrong with me,” she went on.

“No, don’t be so silly, it’s only natural to get aroused when others are the same way, I’m not blind, I noticed it as well and it even made me a bit wet too, look,” replied Helen using two fingers to part her lips to reveal another very moist and beautifully lubricated little target.

Keeping herself held open in this way, she used her other index finger to give her clit a gentle little touch, letting out a quiet, almost muffled sigh as she did. She then, without hesitating, placed her middle finger in her mouth and then back down and started to rub her clit which was now protruding out as a result of her stretching open her lips so wide. Using the circular motion that she liked best, she had spread her legs either side of the deck chair, which gave both Jane and I an uninterrupted view of everything. Her nipples were already quite hard and puckered due to the coconut lotion but without them being touched, they became even more erect making her breasts look even firmer and tighter than they normally did. As she did this she continued to speak in an almost unaffected manner, reassuring Jane that there was nothing wrong with getting those feelings. From experience, I knew that by now, normally Helen would now have had her eyes closed, but on this occasion she managed to keep her eye contact with Jane as she rubbed herself and continued to talk as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

“Don’t worry if this make you feel horny, seeing me touch myself like this Jane, it’s only natural,” she said.

“Not too long ago, in fact only a few months back, I also thought that pleasuring yourself like this was somehow dirty and abnormal but now I’ve come to realise that it’s the most normal thing in the world and I just love touching myself this way. To be honest, I like it even more when others watch me do it. Didn’t you get turned on just a bit yesterday, you know, frigging yourself in front of us?”

Jane just nodded her head as if to indicate the affirmative.

“So you see, it’s only natural that watching me do this would make you horny and want to touch yourself as well.”

I don’t know about Jane but it certainly made me feel that way as the bulge in my shorts clearly testified.

“You’re right, it does make me want to do it, actually an awful lot to be honest, look,” she replied spreading her legs over either side of the deck chair to show her own little wet spot.

“Well, don’t be shy then, just do what comes naturally, remember, if it feels good, do it, that’s my new motto,” Helen reassured her.

With this, Jane licked her finger and then spread her inner lips with her index and middle fingers of the other hand, holding herself open from above in the same fashion as Helen was doing. She then uninhibitedly began to massage the area around her own little button, slowly up and down at first and then more quickly in a circular motion, again imitating Helen’s actions.

I had come to really love Helen’s spontaneous bouts of open exhibitionism and it had now obviously become so infectious that even a novice like Jane was able to follow her lead regardless of the fact that I was sitting almost between them and watching every single movement of their, oh so nimble fingers. I was getting mesmerized by this double act but before too long from behind me I heard a noise at the top of the ladder and Jane instantly stopped what she was doing. Helen, taking Jane’s hand, replaced it back to where it had been. Looking around, I saw that it was Steve, followed closely by Pep climbing up. He hesitated when he saw what was going on, turning around as if to go back down. Pep was right behind him blocking his way and physically turned him back to face the girls again. Helen had continued to pleasure herself, with probably even more renewed enthusiasm than before. Seeing Helen’s unconcerned reaction to this situation, Jane must have felt more at ease with this unexpected intrusion, and soon got back into her previous rhythm, now almost oblivious to her new and keenly observant audience.

“Hey, guys, no reason to leave, why would you want to miss this show, the girls both want you to stay and watch, don’t you girls?” I reassured them.

Jane looked at Helen who just nodded in affirmation as she again licked her finger for extra lubrication.

Pep, who had remained nude and Steve still with his shorts on, stayed halfway between the ladder and the girls and they had obviously had second thoughts about departing. Pep was standing in front of him now and had pulled both his arms around in front of her waist, holding him by the forearms. Still sitting on the deck and being between the whole lot of them, I felt spoilt for choices as to what I should feast my eyes on. Helen with her lovely swollen lips and dark brown erect nipples, Jane with her smooth little fanny and even longer teats, or Pep with her little red tuft of pubes and lily white breasts.

Pep, who was now obviously getting turned on by what she was seeing, had guided one of Steve’s hands over her left breast and he was giving her rosy pink nipple a good old tweak whilst enthusiastically squeezing her pert white breast. The girl’s increased level of arousal was infectious with Pep pushing Steve’s other hand down to her crotch and getting him to locate and rub just above her own still moist spot, which he started to do as vigorously as were the two in front of him. Feeling like she now wasn’t left out of the goings on, she raised both her arms back around Steve’s neck and gave him the tenderest of pecks on the cheek as she almost seemed to be doing a belly dance in response to Steve’s stimulation of her private parts. I could sense from her breathing that Helen was getting very close, so I moved closer to her and easily inserted two fingers up inside her now gloriously wet pussy to give her that extra impetus that I knew it would. With all this additional stimulation, she came almost instantly, without a lot of noise but with an arch of the back that could well have broken my deeply inserted digits had I not extricated them just in time.

Giving her time to come down and feeling that I had achieved my objective, I moved around to the side of Jane who was still frantically frigging herself like a good’un whilst she keenly watched Steve’s fingers do an equally impressive job on Pep. Kneeling down beside her deck chair, I put my right arm around her shoulder and cupped my hand under her firm pointy little breast. I took possession of one of her lovely long nipples between my thumb and index finger and did what Steve was doing to Pep, pulling and squeezing it in one motion. Getting from her only an increased rate of breathing as a reaction to my physical advances, I decided to take it a bit further and carefully placed my left hand down between her thighs and cautiously inserted just my middle finger inside of her. She shifted herself slightly downwards in the deck chair, as if to more easily accommodate it, bringing her legs up so that they were in an almost horizontal position across the tight canvas. Surprisingly this had opened her cunt up much more than I would have imagined possible and I easily managed to squeeze a second finger alongside the middle one as well. She was tight but very wet and warm at the same time and as I moved them in and out to in a rhythm that now matched her breathing, I so wished that it were something else and not just my fingers located so intimately. I’m sure that I could feel the head of her cervix as I moved them in and up but was soon distracted by Helen pointing at Pep who looked like she would be the next one about to achieve orgasm. Although her and Steve were now engaged in a full on, tonsil tickling pash, her immediate state of arousal became apparent by her whole body suddenly becoming limp with her knees almost giving way, Steve just managing to keep her on her feet as she almost slid from his grasp.

Jane, who seemed to get some increased motivation from Pep’s unexpected early arrival at climax, started to make some really jerky movements herself and took hold of my hand, gently easing it away from it’s now very contented position.

“I’m going to come, I want you all to watch me come,” she gasped arching her back and projecting her hips forward at the same time.

True to her performance the day before, she literally squirted a stream of milky coloured juice out of herself, the first of it landing about six inches out on the stretched canvas. As with the first time I had seen her do this, I was still absolutely amazed by her ability to actually ejaculate and I think from the surprised looks on their faces, Steve and Pep were both equally impressed as well. Mesmerized, as if in a trance, I ran my finger over the deposit of juices and without even thinking about it, licked it off. It had a pleasant, salty taste not too dissimilar to that of a fresh oyster.

Realising what I had done and seeing the others just starring at me, made me feel like I had to justify my actions in some way, saying that as the girls all knew what ours tasted like, it was only fair that we blokes should appreciate theirs as well.

At this point Liz appeared at the top of the stairs telling us that she had prepared lunch for everybody and that we should come down soon. Catching us all off guard, she must have realised that she had missed out on something.

“What have you guys been up to? You all look a bit guilty about something,” she enquired.

“I’ll tell you over lunch,” Jane responded.

Observing all that I had, left me in a state of unbearable stiffness that was almost painful considering the tightness of the shorts I was wearing and looking at Steve, he was not much better off. Helen was not going to let this get past her.

“After lunch, it’s going to be you boys turn to put on a show for us, seeing as we all put on a performance for you,”

she quipped, running her tongue around her lips in an extremely suggestive way.

“Hey Helen, don’t forget Liz.” I said.

“She missed out too, so she is going to have to do something as well.”

“Well now, let me think, me starkers with two boys, yeah I think I can come up with something that will entertain you all and just maybe, seeing what you boys still have down your pants, help you guys out at the same time, that is, as long as you ladies don’t mind of course.” Liz responded whilst pushing both breasts up and bouncing them up and down in her hands.

Steve looked at Pep rather nervously as if trying to induce a negative response from her. Instead she just smiled and told us both what a lucky pair of boys we were. I, on the other hand knew that there would be absolutely no objections to any menage a trois that might occur coming from my newly liberated better half.

We had lunch which consisted mainly of sausages wrapped up in slices of white bread and covered in tomato sauce, washed down by beer for the boys and copious amounts of wine for the girls. None of them had bothered to put any clothes on and for once I realised that it seemed almost normal to now see them all this way. All of them were remarkably different in their appearance from each other. Black hair, brown hair and flaming red hair. Tall, medium and petite. Large melon sized breasts, small pointy breasts, medium firm breasts. Dark brown nipples the size of tennis balls, nipples that were dark chocolate coloured, long and constantly erect and some shiny bright pink ones that were somewhere in between. They say that variety is the spice of life and observing all the shapes and sizes here, certainly proved the truthfulness of that saying.

Over lunch, both Pep and Helen definitely indulged in too much of the grape juice than was really necessary and both were goading Steve about how they were finally going to get his shorts off his arvo. Jane and Liz had more than their share too and joined in, also giving him a hard time. Although I probably should have come to his defense, I believed that it was unfair that he should be the only one to enjoy the sight of the girl’s naked bodies without giving something back to them in return. More than anything else, I had a strange curiosity as to how he would respond to the girls when he was also as nature intended. Would shyness or fear subdue the normal process of arousal or would he react as I normally did and stand to attention when confronted by the temptation of sins of the flesh. Greg, the photographer’s words came to mind about their being no sin in beauty and that it should always be shared rather than hidden away. Looking around me now, his words really did make sense. Surely the most pleasing sight to any red blooded man’s eyes was the vision of the uncovered female form in all it’s glorious shapes and sizes.

When you sit back and think about this “No sin in beauty” saying though, to be absolutely honest about it, most of our lives, we deny ourselves the opportunity to take full advantage of this truth, retaining some sense of inner guilt about enjoying this visual and sensual delight of the flesh when we do. I made myself the promise that for as long as I was able, I would always try to retain a proper perspective of these liberal ideals. Looking at the visions before me now, I knew that I would always take the opportunity of fully appreciating these situations whenever they might happen. For all I knew, this might be a once in a lifetime occurrence that might never come my way again, so why not enjoy it as much as I could, just in case.

After a few more drinks, I decided, in anticipation of the girl’s previous rhetoric, to retire to the upper deck on the pretence of improving my tan, but not before going back to our cabin to remove my shorts. As Helen had done the day before, I casually returned wearing nothing, but for my towel draped over one arm and a bottle of sun lotion in hand to keep me company. Strolling through the lounge area, I felt confident that my demeanor gave away no hint of my actual pent up feelings of excitement and arousal. However, I was only able to get away with this illusion because the drape of my towel was hiding the fact that my old fella, although still flaccid, was engorged to about twice it’s normal size. If not for this accident of gravity, I am sure that this would have given them all a big clue as to my short-term expectations. Again this feeling of guilt about showing my true state of arousal troubled me somewhat. The girls had all pretty much overcome their inhibitions when it came to showing that they were excited or ready to indulge in more advanced sexual activities. This was clearly evident by all of them being willing to display their shaved fannies in an open and obviously lubricated, receptive state, even to the point of our pre lunch entertainment that had included masturbating themselves to orgasm in front of everyone. However, even though I had been erect in front of them all at one time or another (with the exception of Steve) and had actually indulged in the sexual act in front of all the girls as well, it still gave me a sense of guilt or feeling of dirtiness to be seen by them in this semi aroused condition. This would be something that I would have to overcome if I was truly to live up to my previous promise to myself about enjoying every moment as if it was my last.

Maybe it was because Steve was also here that I felt this way, but it did not seem to bother me that day at the beach when Greg and his mate were there as well, so I was not clear as to what was making me feel this way. Maybe the reason I felt intimidated was that us guys were out numbered two to one in the girl’s favour and somehow I felt threatened in some way. Regardless, I made a conscious decision that I would try to overcome this, hopefully short-term mental condition and not let any sort of guilty feelings stop me from enjoying myself in any way this afternoon.

It was not too long before Liz and Jane came up to the upper deck, Liz claiming the remaining deck chair. Jane still had her hair up in plats and only her pert little breasts and extraordinary long brown nipples gave away the very deceptive truth of her actual age. Having no hair around her face accentuated her thick eyebrows and her long eyelashes gave her the look of a porcelain doll. She had managed to get a quite acceptable tan in the last few days and even the white area around her fanny had caught some colouring from it’s newly found exposure to the sun. Her almost complete lack of any form of self consciousness or inhibition to her unclothed condition was a testament to the fact that, in her mind at least, nude wasn’t rude and I started to feel more at ease with my still slightly aroused state. Liz also looked very relaxed and was glistening from the lotion she had generously applied all over herself.

“What would your mum say if she could see you both at this very minute?” I asked.

“Well, I doubt she could say anything as her mouth would be just about be permanently stuck open,” replied Liz.

“I would be banned for life from coming over, that’s for sure,” added Jane.

“I’ve got a surprise for you all and I hope nobody gets offended,” said Liz bringing something, creamy coloured out of her beach bag.

It appeared to be made out of a very smooth plastic, was about eight inches long, around the thickness of an erect penis with a knurled cap at one end and tapering off to a rounded point at the other.

“Da daa, presenting Erik, my vibrator,” she announced whilst holding it aloft like an Olympic torch.

I had never actually seen one of these before in real life but I had immediately known what it was even before Liz had so calmly introduced us to it. It surprised me that a girl would even admit to having one, let alone show it to anyone or say that it had a name.

“Well, is this going to be a part of your show for us?” I asked.

“Don’t be impatient, you’ll find out soon enough,” was her reply.

An awful thought went through my head at that point as to whether she intended to use this instrument of possible torture on herself or if Steve and I were to be included in her potentially erotic plans. Because of it’s shape I imagined that it was used to penetrate rather than anything else and I certainly was not going to volunteer to be the recipient of this particular phallic substitute.

“Don’t look so worried Steve, this is for my use only and it’s going to help me fulfil one of my oldest fantasies.”

I must have had a puzzled look on my face so Liz, obligingly went on to explain.

“How many men can have sex with one woman at the same time?” she asked.

“Just one I’d imagine,” was my confident reply.

“Have another go Steve,” she came back pushing her long tongue against the inner wall off her cheek whilst opening her mouth wide.

Before I could re-evaluate my original answer, Jane came back with her own solution before me.

“No, I see what you mean, two,” she said whilst opening her own mouth and doing a good impersonation of a goldfish as she did.

“Both wrong, in fact it’s three, look.”

At this, Liz who was now in the deck chair and had spread her legs indicated down to her butt hole which was now on full view. Touching it with her Erik, I soon got the picture.

“So, with two boys and this, there’s nowhere that’s going to get left out is there?”

“I don’t think you’ve got a hope at getting away with it. I know Pep won’t be too happy about it even if Steve agrees.”

“Well that’s not exactly true, cos I’ve already told Pep what I’m intending to do and she says it’s alright as long as I only blow Steve, in fact by now, if she’s told him, he’s probably quite looking forward to it, what with all the grog she’s been giving him.”

Liz’s description of what she was going to do was enough to make me very hard and the shininess of my foreskin showed just how much strain it was under at that moment. I felt pleased that I could now be this way in front of them both without feeling any embarrassment and it was noticeable even to Liz that Jane, could not take her eyes of this now more than

Disproportionate part of me. This ogling seemed only fair seeing as I had been much the same way watching her this morning. I was trying to imagine the position we would all be in to successfully achieve this fantasy for her when she dropped an even bigger bombshell.

“If you can both hold off from coming, Helen wants to try it too, as she has told me that she has also had some three guys rooting her fantasies but she says that you’re the only one she wants to go down on Steve.”

This initially excited me even more than before, if that was possible, until I realised that if she was going to go down on me, then the other Steve would be at the opposite end and this did concern me more than I thought it would. What Jane had mentioned earlier about me doing it to her sister while Helen was there came back to haunt me, especially the part about me not being fair to her by not letting other guys do it to her as well.

“Let’s just wait and see before we take it any further than your little fantasy shall we.” I said.

“Oh no, if they both get to do it, so do I,” exclaimed Jane, crossing her arms in front of her chest in a very defensive posture.

Now this did make it a much more interesting proposition and even my concerns about Helen’s involvement seemed to diminish somewhat with this possible added bonus thrown in. Liz looked at Jane and just smiled.

“You know, maybe mum and dad are right, I just might be a bad influence on you, but I guess you’ve got to learn about the ways of the world sometime.”

The thought occurred to me that my own morning exercises might now really come in to their own in a big way and I was determined that if we got that far, I would try to remain unspent so that at least Jane would not miss out.

Helen, Steve and Pep soon joined us and to my surprise, Steve needed no extra encouragement in removing his own shorts and old fashioned looking Y-fronts when Pep asked him to. Without making it too obvious, I checked out his own block and tackle and was happy to see that even though he was obviously semi aroused, I had nothing to worry about as far as feeling in any way inferior in the size department. He did actually appear a bit pissed and when he eventually laid down on his back and all the girls joined in massaging sun lotion all over him, he also looked amazingly relaxed about the whole thing.

For the first time on this trip, we were all there without a stitch between us and it did give a new sense of achievement. A sort of equality that only occurs when clothes don’t make you different from everybody else. An intimacy than can not be experienced until you have been nude with a group of friends.

Liz laid out her towel in the middle of the deck and told everyone that she needed complete silence so that she could concentrate.

Her dedication to her task at this moment surprised me and her absolute authority over everyone was also very impressive. Kneeling up with her legs apart, she began by pouring more baby oil over her breasts and gently massaging it in, pulling on her nipples as she did. She then took her vibrator and after turning it on began to run it over her now hard nipples. The oohs and aahs she emitted as she did this did seem a bit put on but it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s concentration as we all watched attentively. Steve’s manhood, like my own, was now standing to attention and it pleased me to think that he was also getting into the spirit of the occasion. Once Liz had finished exciting herself up top, she moved the vibrator down to her fanny and again tipped some more oil over her tummy, it running down between her open crack as she parted her lips with the fingers of her other hand. The buzzing sound did detract a bit from her performance but the way she ran the head of this artificial penis around her protruding clit put all of us in no doubt as to her experience in it’s use. It took only a short time before those familiar noises of heavy breathing gave away her soon to be reached climax and her timing was spot on as she positioned the head of her friend between her swollen lips and plunged it into herself, almost the full length of it disappearing up to the knurled switch part like some sacrificial dagger.

After slowly removing it and taking a moment to get her composure back, she signaled to Steve to lay down on her towel as she handed me the vibrator. Steve did as asked and plonked himself down with a bit of a thud to his head, confirming my earlier suspicions about his very likely state of intoxication. He had lost some of his penile stiffness during this maneuver, probably because of the bang to the head, but Liz, now kneeling between his legs, didn’t take long in getting it back up using her very supple wrist to massage it back to full attention. I kept my eye on Pep as she did this, conceivably expecting some possibly adverse reaction from her but the fact that Pep was now not too discreetly giving her own little slit a good old working over convinced me that like Helen, seeing her man attended to by another women did not seem to upset her as much as I would have expected. I guess I should have got used to this type of reaction from women by now but it still surprised me when I witnessed it.

With one hand still working on Steve, Liz asked me to get in position behind her. She gave me the bottle of baby oil and told me to tip some of it over her bottom as she leaned forward and down. It wasn’t hard to work out why she would want this so I made sure that her butt hole was generously covered. Not being convinced of my thoroughness, she rubbed it in herself, sliding her own finger in and out of her butt hole just to make sure. Even before applying the oil, I could see her fanny was already wet and ready and needing no further instructions from her I moved up closer and penetrated all the way in with just one movement. As if this was the go signal she lowered her head down and even though it was beyond my field of vision, I knew that she now had the other Steve in her mouth by the up and down motion of her head. All the other girls started to clap and cat call as if this was some type of big achievement for womankind. Liz, having her mouth full brought her hand around to her bottom and gave it a couple of slaps and I soon worked out that Erik was required to now completely fulfil her fantasy. Never having so much as touched this part of a woman’s anatomy before I was a bit cautious as to how forceful I should be. Liz managed to take hold of my wrist and with her added assistance and with just the gentlest of pressure I managed to get about four of it’s eight inches in before Liz removed her now outstretched hand in a an obvious signal to go no further.

“Turn it on you twit,” came a call from Helen.

By revolving the knurled part of the handle, it started to buzz and the reason it was called a vibrator soon became apparent, even to my hand.

With all of this activity going on at the same time, I had almost lost concentration regarding my own penetration and had just about stopped any pumping movement in and out. I could feel the vibration all along my penis from inside her and this gave me the strangest of sensations too. Seeing her head bobbing up and down, I now started to pump her again, trying to keep in sync with her own up and down rhythm. Before too long I started to feel Liz spasmodically contract her muscles around my member, getting stronger as she raised her head and gave out a huge groan to another round of clapping and cheering from the girls.

The speed of her climax had probably done both us boys a favour as I at least had not come close to ejaculating. I pulled out carefully and Steve just remained where he was but now with his own hand just keeping his equipment hard. Before I even had a chance to work out what was going to happen next, Helen came over to me and pushed me back into a laying down position and immediately went to work, kneeling down in front of me and taking me in her mouth. From experience I knew that this was a fairly uncommon occurrence between the two of us but watching Liz had obviously taken away any reluctance she may have had to perform this often requested but seldom fulfilled erotic act on me. Liz at the same time had, after giving her Erik a wipe with a Kleenex, started to rub some oil over Helen’s backside. I wasn’t at all sure how she would react to this anal intrusion which up to now she had never shown any desire for but Liz, with the skills of an expert seemed to get success relatively quickly and with minimum discomfort, Helen lifting her head momentarily as it went in. I pulled her back down again as Liz, still keeping one hand firmly attached to the now buzzing vibrator, helped Steve up from his still laying position and got him to nestle in between Helen’s now spread thighs. Liz took his slightly limp member in her own mouth and soon got it back up again. I guess the thing that was about to happen would have been most men’s worst nightmares and up to recently, mine too, but I had to admit that I felt nothing more at this point other than excited anticipation as he maneuvered towards her. I raised myself a bit, resting up on my elbows. Looking down at Helen’s face, I noticed that she had now closed her eyes so I asked her to keep them open and look at me, which she did. Every time she moved her head up and down, her long hard nipples were touching my thighs and just watching her beautiful breasts squash up and down with only this gentlest of friction, added an extra dimension with some brand new sensations to the whole thing. As Steve moved up close, Helen’s ceased her up and down motion momentarily, as her eyes seemed to open even wider than normal. The catcalls of the other girls confirmed to me that every available orifice was now successfully accommodated. The strange vision that went through my head at that precise moment was not a sexual one but rather that of a hotel with it’s no vacancy sign turned on. From where I was laying I could get a full view of Pep and Jane and now, both of them were touching themselves as enthusiastically as before, without Pep showing any hint of jealousy as to what was happening. I was intent that Helen should reach orgasm this way and Steve was managing to keep his rhythm constant enough so that it looked like she might get there in a fairly short space of time also. Looking up and seeing another man’s spectacled face as he pumped away, choker block up my wife, did for an instant feel a bit disconcerting but watching Liz also in attendance at her side and expertly manipulating her plastic friend, seemed to take any over possessiveness that I maybe should have been feeling away from the moment as Helen, raising her head, screamed out that she was nearly there. With me now left with only Helen’s hand to comfort my stiffness, Liz and Steve upped their tempo as Helen finally closed her eyes and gritted her teeth in what can only be described as a ripper of an orgasm.

Sucking on my manhood had obviously produced an excess of saliva in her mouth and it dribbled down one side of her mouth involuntarily as she came down from her peak of orgasm. I knew that I hadn’t come but to the others it must have looked like I had. Steve’s power of control was not proving to be as good as mine and he started to grunt and groan in a manner that let the rest of us all know that he was about to blow his own wad too. Now grabbing hold of Helen’s hips quite roughly he started to increase his tempo as he almost struggled to get there. Liz pulled away, probably worried that his new heavy handedness might cause Helen some injury if he accidentally forced the still buzzing vibrator too far in. Helen, sensing what was about to happen, made eye contact with me as her whole body was being forced backwards and forwards by Steve’s now frenzied pumping. Knowing that another guy was about to fill my beautiful wife’s innards full of spunk felt really weird as I took her now swinging breasts into the safe custody of my hands to stop them from moving to and fro too much. I could tell the exact moment he came as Helen momentarily lost the eye contact with me and raised her head slightly as she now forced herself backwards and forwards a few times onto his now still torso as if to drain as much as she could from him.

Everyone there remained silent as Helen pulled herself off of him and stood up, quickly placing her hands between her legs to prevent any leakage.

Looking around, even though my own wife had just been well and truly rooted by another guy, the sole thought that came to mind was, two down, two to go. Jane, who had taken possession of the vibrator from Liz, was giving it a well deserved clean with some tissues from the box that somebody had wisely left between the two deck chairs. At Liz’s instruction, she promptly handed half a dozen of them to Helen. Liz mentioned that she was pooped and dying for a glass of wine and asked if anybody else wanted one too. Helen, who was attempting to clean up some dribbles that were now running down her inside leg, said she needed a drink too and would go down with her to clean herself up a bit as well. The pair of them made a lovely sight, as they stood side by side in all their unashamed naked glory, both almost glowing from their rampant sexual exploits. “Just look at you two, you both look like the cat who got the cream, well are you both satisfied now that you have lived out your secret fantasies in front of everyone?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t talk for Helen, but I certainly am,” replied Liz.

“Me too and you knew that me wanting a threesome wasn’t exactly a big secret either, but I can certainly recommend it,” added Helen aiming her last comment towards Jane and Pep.

The activity had left both of them looking a bit fatigued and also a bit ruffled at the same time. Both of them had that red flush on their chests that I had seen so often and the other thing, or should I say things that stood out were their swollen fanny lips. Uncovered by any trace of hair, both girls’ inner lips were protruding out like the two plump halves of dried apricots and you could even see Liz’s clit still hard and erect. Telling Helen to stay still, I reached up and gently pulled her’s out some more, making them look like butterfly wings as I knew they would. She reached down and taking over from me, extended them even further saying that she would have to put some sun cream on them other wise they might end up a bit burnt what with all the exposure they were getting. She quickly released them as another globule of semen started to form at her opening. Laughing, and either intoxicated by sex or more likely still both under the influence of too much wine, her and Liz descended the ladder leaving the rest of us all just sitting there.

Both Pep and Jane were in the deck chairs and Steve was now over by his wife’s side, now having lost his erection.

“I want to go next Pep, if that’s alright,” said Jane, rather clinically, still giving her sister’s vibrator a good wipe down.

With a motherly, almost protective tone that I had not heard so far from Pep, she asked Jane if she felt that she was old enough to get involved with what was going on.

“I’m not a virgin if that’s what you mean, and I am legally old enough” came back Jane quite sharply.

“And I’m on the pill if that’s what you’re worried about,” she added quickly.

“I’ve already told my sister that I’m not going to be the only one to miss out, but if you really want to go first, then I suppose I can wait my turn.”

I half expected Pep to reply that she was not in line to take a turn but instead she just smiled at Steve and said that she wasn’t trying to push in, she just wanted to make sure that no one would get into trouble because of some underage thing.

“Oh don’t worry, there’s no problem there,” Jane assured her.

“Great stuff Jane,” came an unexpected cry of support from Steve, making almost his first sentence since this session began and giving her a defiant clenched fist salute.

“That’s what I like, teamwork, we all work together,” he added in an almost incoherent mumble, more brought on by alcohol than his appreciation of what he was really saying. Realising that he wasn’t fully compos mentis, I made eye

contact with Pep.

“So Steve, are you going to let Pep be a team player as well?”

“If you can save some for me, I’d love to be,” came back her unexpected but welcome response before Steve even got a chance to reply.

This seemed only fair as I had had the good grace to let her hubby share my own good wife’s physical charms but it just showed how people’s attitudes could change in just a few days of new found freedom. I had heard about the seventies being the age of free love but this was more of a share than I had ever expected to get.

“You might have to do me the honours though as Steve always falls asleep after he comes and he’s not likely to get it up again for quite some time.” she said looking down at Steve who was now laying down on his back with his eyes shut.

Still keeping her eye contact with me, she slowly and very deliberately, raised one foot onto the end of the chair, opening herself up to view very nicely in the process.

“I’m not having that thing stuck up my arse though, no way known,” she added looking at the now buzzing instrument in Jane’s hand.

“Me neither, the very thought of something going up there gives me goose bumps,” Jane added whilst rubbing it over the top of her legs.

“I never even knew sis had one of these, she’s always full of surprises, who would have thought it, I know it’s a bit rude but it sure feels good if you touch yourself here with it though.”

Jane’s legs were now apart and she was moving it around the top of her slightly parted slit, soon finding out that keeping it just above her diminutive little button, gave her the best sensation.

“Wow, no wonder sis and Helen came so quick, this is brilliant, it’s really making me wet, look.”

Pep bent forward and checked out what Jane had said.

“Boy, you’re soaking,” she acknowledged.

Moving over to her, I asked Jane to let me have the vibrator, which she begrudgingly handed over to me.

“Open wide,” I said trying to put on my best doctor voice.

With this, I gently positioned it at her beautifully round and wet little opening. She, obviously comprehending my intentions, took my hand and guided it into herself with my assistance. We inserted about the first three inches of it up inside with just one push. With it still buzzing away and after taking in a short, sharp intake of breath, she managed to take it all the way in, right up to its on/off switch. If nothing else, this convinced me that if she were as game as she appeared to be, then I also would have no problems as far as size was concerned.

Even though we were witnessing something that most men were unlikely to get the good fortune of ever seeing, Steve seemed to have nodded off and was now having a little snooze, accompanied by a loud grumbling snore that sounded more like the roar of a small lion.

“See what I mean, it’s going to take a lot of work to raise the dead,” Pep said.

“Thankfully, you don’t seem to have any problem in that department,” she added noticing that so far I had not lost even one iota of my hardness.

Jane had removed the vibrator and bent forward towards me with it, placing it beside my own flesh and blood version.

“Crikey, they could be twins,” she exclaimed as they stood side by side and appeared almost identical in proportions.

“Try it Pep, if this fits, so will his,” she added.

“My thoughts exactly,” I echoed quite unintentionally.

Pep looked down at Steve as if to make sure that he was still out of it before giving the vibrator a quick wipe over and positioning it between her own lovely plump lips. With one slow but deliberate thrust inwards, she got it all the way in and could have probably gone further had the end not started to disappear as well.

“No problems at all,” she said giving me a real nice smile and licking her lips at the same time.

“Keep yourself amused with that for a moment Pep, I just want to try something out for myself,” I said, indicating for Jane to change places with me and let me recline in her deck chair. Sitting with my legs straight out, I asked Jane to stand up in front of me and turn around facing the other way, which she did. I then got her to back up over me with her feet either side of the deck chair and bend forward to touch her toes, just as she had done this morning when we were doing those exercises. The idea was perfect but in this position, I could not raise myself high enough to make contact with her fanny and she could not come down either. Although sweet and innocent looking, Jane had no doubt as to what my intentions were and she soon solved the problem by standing up a bit and holding on to the end of the deck chair arms with her hands which allowed her the flexibility to then bend her knees to lower herself down towards me. At the same time, Pep had taken my hardness in her baby oil covered hand and started to give it a good old rub up and down. Jane, looking between her legs and watching this, held herself up for a bit until Pep put her other hand on her thigh and gently motioned for her to lower herself down. Pep continued to guide my member until Jane’s cute little fanny started to miraculously engulf the head of my penis, stopping momentarily before one final quick plunge down, and just about taking me all the way in. Pep’s other hand grabbed my still free right hand and pulled it down towards her own crutch, positioning it on to the protruding end of the now inserted vibrator. Turning it on in the same movement, I started to ease it in and out just as Jane started to raise and lower herself on and off of me. Steve was noisily still pumping out the zeds which made me feel less guilty about playing with his wife’s fanny whilst Pep had begun pulling and squeezing her lovely pink nipples at the same time. Jane was not as tight as I had expected her to be and it surprised me that she could take my whole length where as her sister couldn’t. I reckoned that if I could hold off from coming for a while, I might even get a shot at getting it up Pep’s nice little fanny too.

Knowing that penetration was not the problem that I had thought it might have been, I got Jane to try to turn around to face me. Without us even disengaging, she managed to do what I would call a cart wheel turn and now I could see her in all her glory. As she went up and down, her plats were bouncing on and off her elongated, chocolate brown nipples. Her breasts seemed to have swollen somewhat and she even managed to get some independent bouncing movement in them as she moved vigorously up and down. Although she was so petite overall, I still could not get over just how minuscule her beautifully thin waist looked. Looking downwards, another erotic sight greeted me as her thin roll of inner lips formed a perfect seal around my engorged member as she raised and lowered herself with all the finesse of an skilled athlete.

Whilst watching Jane so intensively, I almost missed Pep getting there as she raised herself up off the chair in a crab type of pose, giving a long, air expelling sigh as she relaxed back down to a laying position again. This really did it for Jane who announced that she was coming within a few seconds of Pep’s arrival. I didn’t want to pull out so I pulled her right down onto me as she started to physically shake, pushing my full length as far as I could up into her. With her head thrown backwards I felt her coming and she almost pushed me out of her as she jerked up and down a few times more before bending forward and putting her arms around my neck. With both my hands squeezed tightly around her lovely pointy breasts, I gave each nipple a long hard suck before slipping my tongue into her mouth to which she responded immediately, giving me back as good as I had given. With this added ingredient of passion, I now really got the urge to come inside of her and I started to pump her quite aggressively as our tongues fought for space in each other’s mouths. Putting my hands around her exquisite little waist, I easily managed to start lifting her petite little frame up and down in a bouncing fashion on my rock hard dick before I was distracted in none too gentle a fashion. Pep had grabbed the hair on the back of my head and turned it to face her, taking the wind out of my sails just a bit.

“Hey, don’t forget about me, I want some too,” she pleaded.

Jane, looking more than a bit frazzled and mumbling some words of disagreement, raised herself up and reluctantly pulled herself off me. You could almost hear the pop as we disengaged from each other, my member being absolutely covered in her love juices. It actually made a thwacking noise as it slapped against my now perspiration covered tummy.

She and Pep changed places as if it had been a well rehearsed and choreographed movement, with Pep not even bothering to wipe me before guiding my still hard member towards her moist little target.

Facing me she lowered herself down but surprisingly, she was ever so tight and it took a couple of goes with Pep having to manually stretch her lips apart before I managed to force entry into her. Once I had made headway, it still took quite a lot of up and down movement before I successfully got all the way in. Somehow the sight of her beautiful red pubes seemed refreshing after all the bare fannies I had seen that day and the tightness gave me a lot more tactile sensation than I had felt with any of the others, including Jane. I had my hands around her also very trim waist but she took them and moved them up so that they were covering her breasts.

“I want you to squeeze and suck my tits while you fuck my cunt,” she said in an almost Marilyn Monroe breathy fashion.

Bending forward as if to whisper in my ear, I thought that I was about to get another obscene request, but what she was about to tell me was nothing like I had expected.

“I’m not on the pill so try to pull out if you think you’re going to come.”

“You’re joking, aren’t you, don’t you think this is just a bit risky?” I nervously responded.

“Look, me and Steve have been trying for a baby since even before we were married so we don’t take precautions any more.”

Looking down towards Steve, he appeared still to be completely out of it and for the first time I did feel a sense of remorse, being chokers up his wife while he slept. Not enough however to want to stop as Pep started to move her well sculptured body up and down over mine. Again, forbidden fruit tasted so good and even the appearance of Helen and Liz did not serve to dampen our efforts when I noticed them coming came back up the ladder. Jane, also seeing them, put her finger up to her mouth in an effort to make them keep their silence, pointing down to a still sleeping Steve. I think that they both got the picture and Helen actually gave me a knowing wink as if to say well done as her and Liz quietly sprawled themselves down in front of us. The friction of Pep’s very tight fanny combined with the almost metallic taste of her strangely shaped pink nipples had it’s desired effect well before I had time to counteract it and Pep’s sudden announcement that she was also about to come didn’t help as we both managed to start getting there at the same time. Sometimes when you come, the pleasurable feelings emanate from only around the groin area and nowhere else. Sometimes though, only every once in a while, more is the pity, it starts to build up from the very end of your fingers and toes and explodes through your whole body like a pleasure wave going right through you. When one of these big ones hit you it’s like an electric current surging through your whole nervous system, and incredibly this time, it was one of those good ones. The type you don’t want to hold back. As I started to ejaculate, it was so strong that Pep knew immediately that I had not honoured her request as she cried out to me that she could actually feel me coming, even from the first convulsion.

After we stopped moving, we both just remained motionless in our coupled position, almost as if confused about the protocol of what to do next, neither us nor our audience uttering a word. I was fascinated by how my still semi flaccid member remained firmly engulfed between her plump white lips as she laid back and looked down at our still fused genitalia. It was almost as if her fanny was refusing to give up its hard-earned spoils. She didn’t seem at all upset or even really annoyed at me for not having to been able to hold back. She even gave her clit a quick, congratulatory flick herself before grabbing a handful of tissues and passing me a couple as well. She put her finger up to her lips as if to indicate that she didn’t want to wake Steve and then by standing up slowly, we uncoupled gently, her disappearing down the ladder without another word being spoken, leaving me to bandage my cream covered privates with the Kleenex.

“Sorry we missed most of the fun, you could have at least waited for us to come back up,” said Helen.

“Yeah, and now Jane will have to go without as well,” added Liz.

“Oh no I won’t, I made sure that I didn’t miss out sis, and I don’t mean just this,” she said holding up Liz’s vibrator.

At this point I had to excuse myself as I needed a pee and even more urgently, also needed to give my now old fella a bit of a wash down, being now generously covered in a multitude of creamy juices and bits of sticking tissue.

“Don’t worry about us, we’ve still got Erik to play with, not to mention Steve if we can wake him,” called out Liz as I descended the ladder.

As I was about to open the bathroom door, it opened for me, with Pep nearly bashing into me as she came out into the narrow corridor.

“Sorry about not being able to hold back up there but you made me feel so horny, I just couldn’t stop myself,” I said to her, trying to look as apologetic as I possibly could.

“Look, don’t be sorry, I know exactly how you felt. Don’t tell Steve but that was probably the only time I haven’t had to fake it for quite some time so there’s no need to apologise at all.”

“But what about you not being on the pill and me coming inside of you, that’s what I’m more sorry about,” I added.

“Look, what Steve doesn’t know, won’t hurt him, as long as none of the others mentions it to him, we should be alright, I just wish I hadn’t told everyone that I could feel you coming now,” she came back.

“Anyway, Liz had already warned me about how good you were but not about just how big, and let’s just say that so far I don’t think any of us have been in the least bit disappointed, Helen really is a very lucky girl isn’t she?” she said looking down and again taking my now flaccid manhood in her hand.

“Do you want me to wash it for you?” she asked moving her hand slowly backwards and forwards as if in an effort to bring it back to life once more.

“Er, no, no thanks, I think I hand handle that myself,” I said moving around her whilst trying to retrieve my penis from her hand.

If I had previously been required to give all four girls a score out of ten for just how randy I thought they might have been, Pep would probably have scored a low four or five at best even though she did look so vivacious. Judging by her performance before though, she certainly would have proved me wrong in a big way, more like an eight and a half at least. I reckon by her saying to me “I want you to squeeze and suck my tits while you fuck my cunt” as her hubby laid no more than three feet away was worth an extra point or two for randyness, if not for shock value, all on it’s own.

When Helen and Liz had returned up top, they had brought a flagon of wine and a couple of beers with them and the thought of a nice ice cold Victoria Bitter got the better of me, so after giving myself a good wash, I went back up to join those up top.

For the first time in a while there was no sign of any sexual activity going on, possibly because every one had blown their bolts, so as to speak. Having just done so myself, it was possible to look at all these naked female bodies without the sexual tension that normally accompanies such thoughts. The absolute honesty that being nude projects is hard to obtain in almost any other way. No one can pretend to be any better, status wise, than anyone else, and this certainly makes it easier to relate on the same level. The idea however that removing your clothes also removes all sexual thoughts, ideas or overtones is by proof of what we had been up to, obviously not true. Except in a situation when you have just spent your seed, for a man anyway, I’m sure all red-blooded males could not possibly look at an attractive nude women without the image, even if it is just a short one, of what it would be like to bonk her. Looking around me now, it occurred to me that I now knew the answer of what it would be like for all four of these girls and I could understand what it would be like to have a harem.

In nature most species are not monogamous and the situation we had recently found ourselves in would not be at all unusual for any other type of mammal except perhaps man. Perhaps, like having to wear clothes, this self inflicted morality that we have regarding one partner is unnatural for humans also and maybe religion has a lot to answer for in getting most of mankind to accept these values as a bench mark for our own morality. We had all enjoyed what we had done. Nobody forced anyone else into doing anything that they didn’t want to do. Even Jane’s age was no reason that she shouldn’t also enjoy some physical pleasure, she certainly was up to it as far as being bodily capable. I felt no guilt about any of it, not even about coming inside another man’s wife or having sex with a young willing girl or even letting another man do it to my wife while I watched. There was no dishonesty to what had happened and therefore no guilt. Maybe this was the solution to everything. No lies, no guilt, no problems. Perhaps when life is stripped down to it’s bare essentials, just like our bodies, truth and honesty reigns supreme or maybe I was being just a bit too seriously philosophical and should have that beer I had promised myself.

We spent the rest of the day lazing around in the all together, eating and drinking and except for a couple of us who went for a swim occasionally, not much else. Steve disappeared into their cabin when he eventually awoke, saying he was going to try to get some more kip in an effort to sleep off the hang over he admitted to having. He didn’t even emerge for tea when it was ready.

Before tea, we all had our showers and except for Helen and Jane, the rest of us got dressed as the temperature had cooled down a lot again. Jane now seemed to want to mimic everything that Helen did to a point where she even copied her body position if Helen changed position on the sofa, at one point the both of them looking like a pair of bookends either end of the couch. Yesterday, I could only imagine what Jane looked like down there and today not only had I rooted her but here she was, like her sister before, shaved and open to my every scrutiny.

There was one more promising interlude later that evening when Helen, who like Jane had remained nude, taking up a dare from Liz, put on a show for us all by laying back on the lounge in the main cabin and experimented with Liz’s vibrator on herself. Helen, who had never seen or used one of these marvelous little devices before today, was fascinated by the effects caused by such a harmless looking instrument. After she had dramatically brought herself off a couple of times with it, Liz and I took turns in using it on her in different ways to the delight of the other girls who all helped out with what seemed like personally experienced tips on the best way to use it. Liz managed to get her off again very quickly but I had to resort to my using my tongue as well at the same time with the enthusiastic encouragement of the girls, to get her there. I really couldn’t help but feel sorry for Steve who, as usual, was missing out again on a great free show.

After Helen’s performance, Jane not wanting be left out again, continued the show, easily emulating Helen’s previous record of two orgasms, strangely, neither time did she manage to produce ejaculate as she had before. She even surprised us all with a neat trick of her own by taking the vibrator right into herself and then by skillfully squeezing her inner muscles, shooting it out so that it was projected at least a half a foot into the air. Liz, now intensely enthused by her sister’s unexpected performance, managed to convince Jane that she could show her how to make herself come in less than sixty seconds but it would involve having the vibrator pushed up her arse a short way. Now mellowed out by a more than a few glasses of wine and on a sexual high, Jane surprisingly agreed. After rubbing some baby oil around her sister’s butt hole, Liz asked me for my more than willing assistance and I was given the pleasurable job of sitting beside Jane and tightly squeezing her long hard nipples whilst Liz gave her sister’s clit a thorough tongue flicking. As Jane’s breathing very quickly became erratic, Liz skillfully manipulated her buzzing toy into Jane’s arse without once letting up with her tongue. Jane, convulsing violently as she climaxed, managed to thrill us all by spurting some love juice all over her sister’s neck, a distance that most men wouldn’t have been able to manage. I’m not sure if we did succeed in getting her there in less than the sixty seconds predicted by Liz but we certainly couldn’t have missed out by much.

Pep and Liz, although joining in the fun this evening seemed reluctant to take part in any vibrator experiments upon themselves, even though Helen and I continually tried to encourage them both to. I really wanted to see just how far we could get Pep to go in front of everyone now that she had passed her initiation test, but on this particular occasion, I was to be disappointed. Seeing my own wife and a spunky young teenage girl playing with themselves in such a blatantly sexual and exhibitionist way should have been more than enough to satisfy my carnal curiosities but I now seemed to have to push the boundaries just a little bit further each time something like this happened.

Looking at Helen and Jane still reclining on the sofa together, I was amazed at the physical contrast between these two kindred spirits. Helen’s tennis ball size nipples compared to Jane’s long erect teats. Her full breasts as opposed to those small conically shaped titties, those swollen protruding lips contrasting against Jane’s almost hidden, tightly rolled vulva. So different and yet both so desirable. I desperately wanted to satisfy both of these girls again, not to mention myself but the evening came to an abrupt halt before I got my chance to because of Liz announcing that she needed an early night and the rest of them all instantly agreeing with her. Even Helen rejected my advances when we got into bed saying that she was just too dry and sore to do anything else.

Although our activities this week end may have transgressed not only some moral but also a few legal boundaries, the fact that we all went along with it without hesitation, convinced me that enjoying each other’s bodies in this way could not really be so wrong. I wasn’t sure if one sister touching another in the way they had would be considered incestuous or not and I was just a bit hesitant to actually ask about Jane’s age, just in case she wasn’t sixteen yet but Helen’s new motto of “If it feels good, do it,” kept ringing in my ears and this alone helped me justify our actions to my own conscience as to what had gone on.

The next day it was raining again so we decided to head back, pack up and leave early and make our way home. Sad to say, this was the one and only time we ever got to spend time with Jane and the last time but one for Steve and Pep, meeting them again one weekend when we had a barbecue at Liz and Jane’s aunt and uncles. Although this was a couple of months afterwards, we were pleased to hear that they had been successful in their wish to start a family as Pep was a few months pregnant already. She confided in me that she never did let on to Steve that we had gone all the way and she told me that Liz was on a promise never to tell either. Doing the maths, I worked out that there was a very good chance that if all things were considered, I may very well have had a hand, if not more, in their success.

Chapter 09

Prior to Helen and myself migrating to Australia, in 1974, my older sister Sarah left for a trip to Canada. She was already there when we left England so we had not seen her for well over a year. Her and her late boyfriend had also intended to migrate over to Australia as well and had actually put in their applications to apply when he tragically died in a motorcycle accident. As you can imagine, she had taken it very badly and she needed to get away from the familiar things around her that constantly reminded her of him. To try to get herself together again, she organised a trip with a girl friend to visit our relations in Vancouver. She then used this as a base to see more of the country.

When we received word in a letter from my father that after her return to London she was finding it hard to settle down, we decided to invite her to visit us in Melbourne. She readily accepted our offer and arrived in early November, at the start of the warmer part of the year in Australia.

Taking a week off, we decided to take her on a trip around the south coast of Victoria, all the way to Adelaide in South Australia. We now had acquired a Volkswagen kombi van, which although was not fitted out as a camper, allowed Sarah to sleep quite comfortably on the back seat, whilst Helen and I used our frame tent that we had brought over with us.

The start of the trip was quite uneventful with Sarah sleeping a lot of the time while we were driving, possibly to get over her jet lag. During the times that she was awake however, she often used to vividly recount some of the adventures her and her friend Carol had experienced in Canada which made it sound like she had a really good time with all her friends. However, her continued lack of get up and go on this trip so far, made me question as to whether her over colourful accounts of these very recent exploits may have just been a bit spiced up as a smokescreen to prevent us from really fully appreciating just how much the deep feelings of grief at her loss of Dave, her boyfriend, had really had on her. I felt though, that it was understandable that she should still be in a state of mourning over this very sad episode in her life and I tried to be as considerate as I could be, sometimes holding back my feelings of frustration when she continually just slept as we drove through some of the most beautiful scenery you could ever wish to see.

She did, however on several occasions, go over an episode where her and Carol spent a quite few weekends at one of the campsites by a lake, somewhere in British Columbia, on the far West coast of Canada. She told us that her and her friend went with a whole group of people, but mostly guys and made the repeated point that they often used to skinny dip in mixed company together, which surprised me as I had never picked my sister as a nature loving girl. She mentioned it in such a mater of fact way that I got the impression that she was trying to impress us by telling us about her out of character behavior. Helen, in turn, informed her that we were also used to going nude when at the beach or at the lake and Sarah didn’t seem too shocked by this revelation either, commenting that at least we had better weather for it here. Helen asked her if it would bother her, if the situation were to arise, if we were to get our gear off if we found a suitable beach on our travels and Sarah responded that it wouldn’t. I had not planned to extend my naturist activities to include my sister and therefore the idea of exposing myself to my own flesh and blood didn’t sit too comfortably with me.

Helen had read in the same naturist magazine that her photos had appeared in, that there was a stretch of coast not far from Adelaide, called Maslins beach, where nudity was accepted so between us, we made the decision that should we be able to find it without too much hassle then we would go there and spend a whole day relaxing before exploring Adelaide proper.

Our trip had been fairly tiring, what with me having done all the driving, so I was quite happy to be able to plan a day off, so as to speak. With Helen navigating we managed to find the locality without any problems and soon found a parking space in the well organised parking area.

Like Somers, the car park was a fair distance from the actual beach and we had to climb down a long flight of steps to even get down to sea level. There were some really high sandstone cliffs all the way along the water’s edge and you could quite easily have been on a Greek Mediterranean Island instead of an Australian beach. The water was crystal clear and a lovely shade of blue with the sand being soft, fine and very white in colour. It was a Saturday and there were more sunbathers there than I had ever seen at Somers and the surprising thing was that there were as many children there as there were adults. The beach had a genuine family atmosphere about it with very little of the latent sexual undertones that I always felt when at our usual haunt.

When we eventually decided on an uncrowded spot to claim as our own, being surrounded by so many other undressed people, I did not feel in the least bit hesitant about stripping off, and did so without hardly a second thought. Helen and Sarah did likewise and we soon all ended up in the warm water swimming and diving under to inspect the sea life below. The water was so clean that even without a mask it was quite easy to sea the many small fish swimming around us, even though the view was a bit blurry. It occurred to me that this was the first time since Sarah and I were just toddlers and used to get bathed together that we had been nude in front of one another and neither of us seemed to be at all self conscious about the fact. All three of us had no signs of any cossy marks and Sarah had a particularly good all over tan.

Even though it was about six or seven years since I had first seen my sister in the altogether, although she never knew about it, she was just as I had remembered her. Her breasts were firm and pointy and her nipples were still dark brown and long, looking like they were in a continual state of erectness. They reminded me a bit of Jane’s elongated teats but Sarah had a definite outer circle surrounding her’s unlike Jane who just had the long teats.

Although we both shared the same parents, Sarah had an almost olive complexion compared to my much paler skin tones. She was very lucky as she always acquired a lovely tan in a very short period of time and never ever used any suntan lotion to achieve it. She never used any suntan lotion to protect her skin either. Although she had very fair coloured hair, almost blond, her pubes were almost a reddish colour. Again just as I had remembered them, these hairs were very thick, course and curly and were as close as I could come to describe them, luxuriant in their quality.

The complete absence of any self consciousness about her own nakedness, as well as everyone else’s, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, was unexpected but very pleasing and especially so as her younger brother was here totally nude too and checking her out in a not too subtle manner. My presence didn’t seem to perturb her at all. Helen had continued with her custom of completely shaving her fanny and on this one point, Sarah did however, seem to take a more than a keen interest. Asking her why she kept it devoid of it’s natural covering, Helen explained to Sarah that she had kept it this way since she first did some nude modeling at Somers beach but the main reason she shaved it now was because she had got used to it being smooth and that she just preferred it that way. She went on to further justify it by adding that as you were nude anyway, why bother hiding the single thing that men really wanted to see. She continued by faithfully quoting the photographer Greg’s words about there being no sin in beauty or about there being no degrees of nudity so why not show the lot off as it’s only what nature has given us anyway. She finished her lecture by adding that there shouldn’t be any part of our bodies that we should be ashamed of.

Sarah seemed to accept Helen’s drawn out explanation without any argument but added that she didn’t think she would be game to do it to herself. I think she meant not going smooth but Helen obviously thought she meant the actual shaving process.

“Oh, I always get Steve to do mine for me as he’s always so careful and hardly ever nicks me, if you ask him nicely, perhaps he could do yours for you too.”

Listening to them both discuss these very personal maters that were of such an intimate nature, so openly and in front of me, as usual dumbfounded me. Even more so, Helen’s eventual unexpected offer conjured up some truly weird images in my head. Just the thought of me shaving my own sister’s pussy began to overpower me with a feeling that could only be described as mortification, but what felt even worse was the fact that at the same time, I knew that for some reason I was getting strangely aroused by the idea.

Even though Sarah, by anyone’s standards was unquestionably attractive, especially here and now, being starkers in front of me, I had never before had any thoughts of a sexual nature cross my mind that concerned her, but Helen’s offer of me to act as her very personal barber had in an instant changed all that and I had to look away and pretend that I had not heard the previous conversation. All I could now think about was about what her fanny would look like hairless and smooth. I couldn’t help wondering whether her inner lips would protrude like Helen’s or would they be tucked in like a lot of girl’s are.

Luckily, Sarah did not reply to Helen’s offer and I felt safer in the knowledge that I would not now have to respond in any way regarding this matter.

With smooth fannies on my mind, one thing I couldn’t help but notice, was that unlike on Somers beach, none of the other women here, those that I could see anyway, had their fannies clean shaven so it made me wonder if this custom, therefore was perhaps peculiar only to Victorian nudists. As well as this, there also seemed to be a slightly different code of etiquette on this beach from what I could observe, with most of the women being very correct and discreet about just how they positioned themselves whilst laying on their backs or sitting up, their knees always seeming to be tightly locked together. This difference made Helen’s nether regions a popular destination for a lot of the passing men’s stares as she uninhibitedly sat and laid with her legs splayed apart, almost inviting everyone to have a closer look at her well oiled innards. All this extra male attention she was receiving was hard to ignore and from experience, I knew that she would be getting a huge kick out of it.

In a recent photo shoot she had done, which I might recount at a later time, she had been given a tip on how to keep her inner lips separated and on show by placing a previously chewed piece of spearmint gum behind each inner flap and pulling them aside and pushing them back where they would steadfastly remain until the gum was removed. Helen had once done this when at Somers beach as a dare from me and some erotic thoughts of it came flooding back. When Sarah pointed out the obvious to Helen about the fact that her lack of hair seemed to be of huge interest to most of the guys who had passed by, Helen went to her bag.

“Well if they like what they’ve seen so far, they ain’t seen nothing yet, watch this.”

She then passed Sarah and me a piece of chewing gum each, which we both I accepted gratefully, and started to munch some herself. I, unlike Sarah, was in absolutely no doubt as to what she was about to do and I probably should have stopped her then and there but I was too interested to see what Sarah’s reaction would be. After getting it softened to the required consistency, she bit a small piece off and positioned it behind one of her now outstretched lips, repeating the same action for the other side. Laughing, she advised Sarah not to try this as it would make a real sticky mess of hers, what with all her abundance of hair in the way. Calmly as you like, she then laid back on her elbows again in a knees up and legs astride position, looking anxious to observe the reactions of any passing male traffic.

“Well, you certainly would have been a hit with the crew in Canada, and where did you learn that little trick?” Sarah asked.

Helen went on to explain about her recent modeling exploits and even told Sarah that she could get her some work as well if she was interested. Rather than rebuking Helen in dire condemnation as I had expected, Sarah just continued the conversation by asking her if it paid well and just what and how far they expected the models to go in these sessions. Intrigued, I questioned Sarah further on this point to find out if she would seriously consider having photos taken of herself with nothing on. She went on to inform me that she had had heaps taken over in Canada by all the guys on the skinny dipping trips but nobody had the good grace to pay her for it. Her attitude was that if you are happy about your body to be seen nude by others, like on this beach for instance, then why shouldn’t you be happy to get paid for the same thing. Of course she was absolutely right to my mind, as had already been proven by Helen, but as usual I didn’t expect her reaction to be so accommodating to our new philosophy on the morals of showing off your body. Again, I really sort of expected at least some minor condemnation from her but was pleasantly surprised at her equally liberated attitudes.

Before too long, Helen seemed to be getting a little bit disconcerted by the fact that almost no one had walked past us since her provocative use of the chewing gum, so in what I could only assume to be an attempt to be seen and take her show on the road, she asked if anyone would like to take a walk along the beach with her. I was quite comfortable where I was, so I declined but Sarah readily agreed to accompany her. When Helen stood up, her lips remained firmly outstretched with even a nice glimpse of her inner wetness from my position below her. Helen always enjoyed shocking people but this little performance must surely have been her `piece de resistance’ because it would have been almost impossible not to notice her beautifully arranged display if seen from front on.

Although normally you would almost never see a women’s lips displayed so openly like this, somehow they still seemed to look so completely natural with no hint that their exposure was anything more than a lucky accident of nature. From where I laid, just the merest hint of the tip of her clitoris could also be seen, peeping out from under that tiny hood that was now slightly stretched and unsuccessfully trying to recover it.

Before departing, Helen gave herself one more generous covering of coconut oil that made her nipples go extra hard and her skin come alive with a luster unmatched by anything else she ever rubbed over herself, making sure to generously cover her outstretched lips, giving them a glossy moist look that made them look very erotic. She also put on her only fashion accessory that she now liked wearing when at the beach, a black velvet neck choker that had a single diamond at the front. This token piece of clothing always reminded me of a dog collar but she jokingly used to tell me that she felt naked without it and wearing it was absolutely essential to preserve her modesty. Like the gum trick, this choker was another left over from her last modeling shoot.

Although my sister was there, it did not stop me from starting to get aroused, but even surprising myself, I made no attempt to try to hide it as my member started to stiffen. Like Helen, I was more than just a little interested to see just how Sarah would react to my almost blatant lack of inhibition but I must admit that I felt almost disappointed when my increasing state of arousal did not draw any real reaction from her. Instead she just took the bottle of oil from Helen and deliberately dribbled some of the cool contents over my now impressive hard on, laughing as she told me not to get too burnt down there.

With this they both sauntered off towards the surf and headed south along the beach.

Nothing that women did seemed to astound me anymore, especially when it came to their accepting attitudes. Laying there, in the lovely warm sunlight, I soon got my composure back and any obvious sign of my previous arousal had quickly disappeared. I noticed that an older woman who was sunbathing a bit closer to the water than us and who had previously been laying with a male partner, was now alone and on her front. Although she appeared to be reading a book that she had in front of her, she continually kept looking up and seemed to be keeping an eye on me. I smiled at her the next time she looked up, just to see if she would react and return my deliberate acknowledgment. I wanted to find out whether her supposed observance of me was real or only in my imagination. I realised that I was in deed not mistaken as she gave me a lovely big smile in return.

“Lovely day, isn’t it.” She said in an accent that could only have originated from somewhere in or around the London area.

“Beautiful.” I replied.

Standing up to reveal an extremely buxom figure, she started to approach me, narrowing the ten or so yards distance between us very quickly. She looked to be about in her late thirties and although she could not have been described as slender in appearance, had a nicely proportionate figure with no hint of stretch marks or that bumpy, fatty stuff that some women get around the top of their legs at that age. Her breasts reminded me of Liz’s, being large but not saggy but with larger, darker nipples that looked a bit like Helen’s when they were soft. Sitting herself down in front of me in a full lotus, cross leg position, she told me that she couldn’t help overhearing us all talking before and had guessed that we were from London as well. She went on to tell me that although her husband was Australian, she was from Shepherds Bush (a suburb in north London) and had been over here for about four years. They lived in Adelaide and often came to this beach as you could strip off and nobody minded. She said that although it was not yet a legal free beach, the local council was considering making it so as it brought in a lot of tourists from interstate who might not normally have come to this area. She enquired about Sarah and Helen and had a way of asking that did not make her appear to be too nosey or intrusive in her questioning. She said she had guessed that Helen and I were a couple but did not pick Sarah and I as brother and sister at all. I could not see her husband anywhere, so just as something to say to continue our conversation, I casually asked her where he had gone.

“You might be a bit horrified if I told you.” She responded, looking down in an almost shy way.

“I doubt it,” I replied.

“It would take rather a lot to shock me now having experienced some of the things I have in the last year or so over here.”

“Well, he’s on the lookout for a potential candidate for me.”

“Candidate for what?” I asked naively.

“To do the business with me.” She replied, now looking a lot less embarrassed.

The fact that she had mentioned business immediately made me think that perhaps she was a hooker and that he might have been her pimp. Could it be that she possibly made a living out of screwing guys on the beach. I started to panic a bit thinking that perhaps that was why she had been smiling at me before.

However I felt sure that the fact that she had already seen me with two other women must have convinced her that I would not be a likely prospect who would really have to pay for sex.

“Doesn’t he mind you doing the business with other guys?”

I asked in an effort to draw out of her as to what the word business actually meant.

“No, not at all, he loves to see me enjoying myself and when there’s another stiff dick around it always makes him hornier too.”

If I had had doubts before, I no longer had any as to what she was referring to now and I started to relax a bit more.

“When I saw you before, you know when you were getting a stiffy in front of your wife and sister, I thought that maybe you might be game to be in some two on one fun, that’s why I’ve come over. I’m quite a big girl down there and it takes at least someone of your size to completely satisfy me, are you interested?”

Although I had had some extremely erotic experiences in the past year, this would have to be the first time, probably in my whole life that a member of the opposite sex, or my own sex for that matter, had propositioned me so blatantly.

I took a short while to respond to her, in an effort to get the precise meaning of my words right.

“Don’t get me wrong, but if I understand you correctly, you’re asking me to join you and your husband in a threesome, is that what you’re saying to me?”

“Sure, and I knew you’d be shocked, but don’t be, we do it all the time, it’s just our thing, I promise you, you’ll enjoy it and he won’t lay a finger on you either if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Look, that’s not really the problem and I’m not really that shocked to be honest, in fact I’m really chuffed that you’ve asked me and all that but as I’m with my wife and sister, I think that I might regretfully just have to give it a miss this time.”

Her silence after my knock back made me feel kind of uneasy and not knowing why but feeling like I had to justify my refusal further, I went on.

“I know that Helen would be okay with it because like you guys we’ve also enjoyed the odd occasion with others, but I’m not sure how my sister would react so please don’t take offence at me saying no, but if things had been different.”

“Well, that’s a real shame because I can see you’re excited by the idea, still if you change your mind, you know where to find us,” she said with a big smile.

Standing up and walking back towards her towel, I couldn’t help but notice that just as with Liz, it was possible to see both her breasts from behind as she slowly meandered back and the thought of what she had said to me had, as she had pointed out, aroused me more than just a little bit down below. My knockback to her had very quickly brought our conversation to an abrupt end though, however her directness as to what she had wanted just had to be admired.

Sarah and Helen returned a little while later and I didn’t mention anything of our new friend’s inviting proposal to either of them. It seems that both had attracted some new admirers on their little jaunt with one guy taking a few snapshots of the both of them together, after having asked their permission of course. Helen’s gum was still holding up and I told her that if she didn’t remove it fairly soon, I would be obliged to remain laying on my front for the rest of the day. Cruelly enjoying her newly realised power, she laid down on her side next to me with her legs bent at the knee and in their favorite nine o’clock position which also caught the attention of a couple of young guys who just happened to be walking by at that time, coming from the same direction that the girls had just come from.

“Oh, and why is that may I ask?” she enquired teasingly.

“That’s why” I replied, pointing to the still gaping jaws of the two teenage boys who were just about falling over their own feet, their necks starting to go out of joint in an eager attempt to manage more than ninety degree turns as they just about stumbled by.

“That’s why, my dear, that’s why.”

“Yeah, come on Helen, don’t be so wicked, you know exactly what you’re doing to all these guys, give them a break,” added Sarah.

With this Helen just laughed and stretched out her legs, closing them in the process.

“You’re both right of course, I’m probably just a bit too open for them here, what do you guys reckon?”

Well again, whether she meant open as in uninhibited or open as in, well just that, open, I had to whole heartedly agree with her on both counts.

At this point, because I had my back towards her, I hadn’t noticed but my Londoner friend had come over towards us and was soon introducing herself to the girls. Her name was Sue, short for Suzanne with a zed, she was adamant in pointing out, and she informed us all that her husband’s name was Brian. He has still not returned but she went on to tell them both that she had spoken to me before and found out that we were all from London.

Within an extremely short period of time she had got just about all of our life stories out of the girls and learning that we were travelling around, invited us to stay at their house for the night. Helen was overjoyed at the thought of not having to spend the next night in the tent and immediately accepted her invitation on behalf of us all. I pointed out to Sue that perhaps she should check with her husband first, to see if it was all right with him before inviting us and she told us that if she was happy, he was happy. Remembering what she had told me before about him sharing her with others, I’m sure she was probably right. Looking over Sarah’s shoulder at one point, I saw Sue give me a definite wink, followed by a smile. I wondered if it would be a good time now to bring up her previous proposal into the discussion but as she had said nothing so far in our little chat concerning this, I thought better of it.

She told us that they had a swimming pool at home and an indoor spa room which we were all able to use if we wanted. I hadn’t really taken any notice of it before but her hair was a very golden colour, more like the colour of gold metal than just an ordinary blonde, and her pubes were exactly the same colour. There was no sign of any other tint at the roots so it could only have to have been her natural colour, albeit very unusual.

Although she obviously did not trim her fanny hair, they were very fine and you could see the distinct outline of her lips below them, and big chunky ones they were too. It occurred to me that if she was nearly forty then she was just old enough to be my mother but this did not stop me from feeling those first pangs of arousal as she laid down in almost the same position that Helen had been in before and spread her legs to get more comfortable. I knew what she was trying to do and I also knew that there was very little I could do or think of to stop the already beginning physical response to her obviously intentional, suggestive pose. The only way that I would be able to hide it was by immediately turning on to my front and pretending that I wasn’t taking any notice of her. She gave a glance sideways as I made this maneuver and from the subtle smile she gave me as I turned, I knew that she was satisfied that her deliberate body language had achieved it’s required result.

Soon afterwards, the lady’s husband Brian returned and immediately came over to us all. He was very softly spoken and it was quite hard to hear what he was saying as he chatted to us. He was very wiry and thin, not too unlike me, physique wise but with a bit less bulk than I carried. He was deeply tanned all over and although his penis was quite long, it was also extremely thin and I began to understand Sue’s previous comments about needing a bigger size to satisfy her. He was very distinguished looking with his sideburns showing a hint of greenness coming on and with a finely trimmed pencil thin moustache to match.

I always seem to compare people to others who are famous because it gives me some sort of reference to remember what they look like, even after a long time has passed and I couldn’t help but recognize shades of David Niven in this man.

He didn’t seem put out by the fact that we had accepted his wife’s invitation at all and suggested that when we left, we did so together and that it would be easier if we either followed them or that his wife should go with us to navigate our way to there place which was in a suburb called Glenelg. He said that they drove a white Mercedes so it should be easy to see if we followed it.

Helen did not often get excited by cars but she told Brian that she had always wanted to go for a drive in a Mercedes so maybe she could go with them. Sue suggested that we should do a swap of wives and Helen took the liberty of telling Sarah to come with her to experience some real luxury for once, to which she agreed.

Being still early afternoon with a lot of sunbathing time left, Sue and Brian moved their bags, towels and umbrella up to where we were laying and we all ended up chit chatting away, and all getting on ever so well, mainly talking about their recent trip back to England.

Sue informed us that they had first met when Brian had been on a back packing trip around Europe in the late sixties when they both happened to be at the same campsite at Paradise beach on Mykonos Island in Greece. She had been with a girlfriend and him with his best mate who also came from Adelaide. To listen to them talk, they seemed like such normal sort of people and I started to wonder if I hadn’t imagined my previously short conversation with Sue. Looking at it though, Helen and I may have appeared just as normal run of the mill people to them too, so I guess it wasn’t all that surprising that we found them the same way too.

Sarah didn’t get left out either and was soon telling us all some more stories about her Canadian trip, not forgetting the part about the skinny dipping episodes. Sue really got off on this one and in her not too intrusive manner got Sarah to describe physically just about all the boys that had been there, including how well built they were, and she wasn’t asking about just about their biceps. In one instance when Sarah described one guy as being big, Sue looked down at my nether regions and asked if she meant like mine. Sarah just laughed and told her that his was big but not quite as healthy as mine. This statement made me feel far less guilty about my previous thoughts concerning my sister’s genitalia as she had obviously also had had a thought or two about mine as well.

It also made me feel quite proud as this was not the first time that my size had impressed members of the fairer sex, but this was praise indeed, coming from my own sister.

Brian, in his quiet manner was sitting across from Helen who, as usual was making no effort to conceal anything. As if complementing her on just an everyday article of clothing, he casually remarked that she probably had the sweetest pussy on the whole beach what with the way her love lips stood out so nicely. Sue agreed and asked Helen how long she had been shaving it. Helen thanked them both graciously, again as if accepting a normal compliment on a nice pair of shoes or something and went on to tell the same photographer story again whilst applying some coconut lotion between her lips as she told it. She had all of our attention as she continued and I couldn’t help but notice that Brian’s appendage had just about doubled in size as he watched her rub herself and it was starting to firm up quite respectably.

“Later dear, keep it for later.” Sue said as she laughed and threw a pair of shorts over his now almost upright dick.

“Sorry about that but I normally have better self control.” He replied.

“Still, just goes to show that there’s still some life left in the old fella.”

He went on as he pulled the shorts off his still hard member.

I looked over at Sarah, who I had expected to be put out by his and Helen’s displays but she was now laying on her back with her knees up and not taking any notice of any of us at this point. I noticed that since Sue had been over with us, Sarah had been a lot more relaxed, even to the extent of her more laid back body language, even regarding the way that she was now reclining. Like Helen, she now was in complete disregard as to this beach’s regulation, legs together etiquette. With one hand on each knee, she was casually swaying them apart in a motion that made it possible to just make out the outline of her so far normally hidden innards and for a small instant, I again failed to block out the fact that this was my own sister before me. As I squinted with the sun in my eyes to get a better look, I noticed that in this position, her pubes had parted naturally and her inner lips were separating each time she swung her knees apart. There was an unmistakable glint of wetness between them and because I knew that she never used sun lotion, it could only mean one thing. The occasion had excited her too and her open legged display meant that she wasn’t worried about showing it either. Her lack of inhibition pleased me and made me feel more comfortable about my own attitudes. It was as though I did not now have to explain or justify my own recent behavior and it felt like another weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and it came to me that maybe sharing moments of eroticism and even of exhibitionism might do the same thing for the mind as far as any subconscious guilt is concerned.

When it was time to leave, Sarah and Helen decided to go with Brian, both wanting to sample the luxury of that other popular German vehicle. Sue seemed just as happy to accompany me in the not so flash Kombi van.

Sue wore a white cotton, full length dress, not too dissimilar to the cheesecloth one Helen was wearing. Neither of them wore anything underneath, so I hoped that Brian did not make any prolonged stops on the way home as it strangely enough worried me, the thought of Helen being so exposed when I was not around to protect her. I, as usual wore my jeans with a black tee shirt, still not having got used to wearing shorts as much as I probably should have in the Australian heat.

As we started out on our journey, Sue commented that she was happy that we were all going to get to spend some more time with each other as we had all got on so well during the day. She confided that Sarah had told her of her reasons for going to Canada and said that she could empathise with her as she had lost her first husband in a work accident ten years before when he was electrocuted working as a linesman for the London Electricity Board. She had been married to him for ten years and they had finally made the decision to start a family when it happened. She went on to say that all the time she was with him, her first husband that is, that she had never been unfaithful, not even once. After it happened, she too did a bit of a trip around Europe and in her words, fucked herself silly, possibly in an effort to try to forget what had happened. It didn’t work however as even to this day not one hour passed without her thinking about Barny, her first husband in one way or another. She did learn a lot about her self though and found that after that trip she had acquired an insatiable appetite for sex and it had never left her. She went on to say that when she met Brian on the Greek Island, that both him and his mate and her girlfriend had indulged in group sex and since then they both developed a fairly open attitude towards it and also to nudity. Her manner was such that it was very easy to discuss these things with her and I had soon told her of Helen and my own baptism into nudity, starting off at the incident at Somers beach and meeting Greg the photographer. She asked me to describe Greg to her, which I did and amazingly she informed me that she had met him once as well when they had been to Somers beach whilst on holiday in Melbourne and that she had also been photographed by him. She went on to say however that her photos would certainly not have appeared in any naturist magazine though as most of them were of her being serviced by Brian and two of Greg’s mates at the same time. Talking before I had time to think, I stupidly queried the word “service” and Sue had no hesitation in describing the incident in detail.

Although I too had been involved in a similar exhibition on the house boat at Lake Eildon, albeit with only two guys and a vibrator, listening to her describe the incident in extremely graphic and intimate detail tested the strength of my jeans fly to the maximum and her very colourful visualisation of all four of them climaxing at the same time almost made me blow my own load in sympathy.

Sue’s hand was now resting in my crotch as she finished her story and her fingers were soon following the outline of my member as it strained against the now tight denim cloth.

“Think we might have a bit of fun tonight if everyone joins in.” She commented whilst still fondling the tightness of my crotch.

“It really depends on my sister, I can’t imagine that she will be too keen on messing about, what with me around.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Sue continued.

“From some of the things she told me today, you might just get a bit of a surprise.”

“Not much surprises me nowadays, so who knows.” I replied.

At this point I was still trying to keep up with the Mercedes which was now two cars ahead of us and this distraction nearly made me miss Brian’s indication that he was about to turn into a drive-through bottle shop. Following him in after hitting my breaks a bit harder than I had intended, Sue informed me that Brian was out of Riesling and would buy a couple of bottles here. I knew that we had no wine left in our polystyrene esky either, so I jumped out as well just in time to see Helen do the same thing from the front passenger side of the Mercedes.

Being now quite dark and with the driveway lights full on, there was little doubt as to the fact that Helen was wearing nothing under her dress and both the two young male bottle shop attendants quickly decided that they wanted to be the one to have the privilege of serving her first.

Going up to her I told her that I would look after this and suggested that she should get back into the car.

“It’s not a problem Steve, I know what I’m doing.” She replied.

“I bet she does,” sniggered one of the attendants as Helen walked inside to the cool room section where they kept the wines and cold six packs of beer.

Following her closely, I subtlely reminded her that her dress was completely see through and even more so now that the sub zero temperature was taking full effect on her quickly hardening nipples.

“Look Steve, I’m doing this as a dare from your sister. She bet me a flagon and a six pack that I wouldn’t get out of the car dressed like this, so quieten down or else you’re going to have to pay for this lot.”

Giving me a flagon of cold moselle and a six pack of Southwark beer to carry, Helen retrieved a bottle of Beefeater gin from the shelf outside and proceeded out to the counter where Brian had already finished paying for the three bottles that he had already bagged. With her hands on her hips and now quite deliberately thrusting her breasts forward to their greatest extent so that her nipples stretched the thin cheesecloth fabric so tightly that it now followed the exact contours of their erect shape perfectly, she asked the attendants, who were now standing like Siamese twins beside each other, what it all came to.

“Er, that will be eleven dollars and twenty cents exactly madam.” Said one of them, his eyes now firmly transfixed on those two dark brown, perfectly erect and protruding hard nipples now no further than eighteen inches from his face.

Helen handed him a twenty dollar note and on receiving it, counted her change very slowly and deliberately whilst both guys seemed stuck to the spot but without doubt getting their monies worth out her performance.

“Correct, thank you very much,” she said as she slowly lifted her dress at the knees and slid back into the car seat.

“No, thank you miss, come again, please come again.” Replied the other one as we started to move.

“I always do,” smirked Helen as the two of them gave a big wave, as the Mercedes pulled away.

Sue, having watched all of this, was amused by what Helen had done, saying that she had a lot of ticker to do that. Not knowing again, exactly what this meant, I agreed just so she didn’t think that I was a bit thick or something. I explained to her that Helen enjoyed nothing more than to shock people, Sue commented that there were a lot of people out there who needed to be shocked too, so good on her.

We arrived at their home no more than five minutes after and it was quite a grand affair. It was built on two levels with a high brick wall all of the way round with two very ornate, cast metal gates at the entrance. There was even a small circular driveway once you came through them, the type that you only normally saw at rich peoples homes in American movies which added to the feeling of being somewhere posh. I think that both Brian and Sue could see by the amazed looks on all our faces that we were more than just a little impressed, maybe overwhelmed would be a better word, by the grandeur of this place. Somehow, the Kombi van didn’t look quite at home here as Brian signaled for me to drive it under his carport.

“Wow, you guys must be really rich to have a home like this.” Exclaimed Helen.

“Don’t get too carried away, the bank owns a big slice of it, but we’re working on that aren’t we dear.” Sue replied as Brian opened one of the double wooden doors to let us in.

Inside was just as impressive as the outside with marble tile floors and matching pillars in a front hallway which looked like it went for almost twenty yards through the middle of the house until it reached some back French door windows that probably looked out over their garden. Brian turned on some lights and immediately you could see a huge swimming pool, now floodlit beyond those French doors, and impressive it was too.

“I’ll show you to your rooms first if you like and then I’ll start making some tea for us all as I don’t know about you lot but I’m absolutely famished.”

With this, Sue took us upstairs but not until after we all followed her lead by removing our shoes at the front door.

“We have complete privacy here so wear what you like while you’re with us as we don’t stand on any formalities.”

The bedrooms matched the style of the house being very Mediterranean in appearance with paintings of the Greek Islands hung on most walls. The bed was again like something out of a movie and it suddenly brought home to me just how primitive our air mattress that we slept on at home and had brought with us by the way, was in comparison.

Our bedroom has it’s own ensuite and Helen decided to have a quick shower before going down to help Sue make tea. The shower overlooked the pool and unlike most that I had seen, it had clear glass all around it, including the outside which formed a full-length window to the garden. Looking out of the clear bathroom window next to this, it became obvious that all three upstairs bedrooms which formed a type of courtyard around the pool area, had a similar arrangement and I couldn’t help but notice that Sarah was already using her shower and being opposite you could see right in. She had not bothered to close the plastic curtain hanging alongside this outside pane and gave me a wave when she saw me watching. Even though we had been nude together for most of the day, I felt like I had been caught perving, as Australians so like to call it. Memories of my first experience of seeing her as nature intended flooded my mind as Helen stepped into the shower beside me. It occurred to me that my feelings so many years before of me wanting to believe that she had known I was there watching her as she modeled herself in the reflection of the glass window, returned. This time, however, I had no doubt that she knew for sure that I was there and I made a challenge to myself of one day perhaps, if I could draw the courage, of confessing my earlier voyeuristic activity to her, just to find out if she had known all along of my presence that night. One day maybe, but not right now.

Helen, like Sarah didn’t bother to close her curtain either and returned Sarah’s wave to her as they both soaped themselves up. I laid on the bed and watched as Helen shaved under her armpits and even worked up some lather on a sponge and proceeded to take any regrowth off of the area around her fanny. After washing her hair, she got out to dry herself off and asked me if I could do the more delicate and hard to get to bits between her lips. Never having to be asked twice, I obliged using the sponge again and lathered her up as she laid back on the bed with her legs nicely spread. Pulling each lip aside gently and individually, I carefully shaved this most softest of skin until not one trace of hair was left. Normally after having done this, we were both usually so turned on by it all that we generally would end up having sex or at the very least, me giving her a flick with my tongue. This time however, Helen immediately jumped up and thanking me as she did, put on a full length sarong that she had in her small travel bag and disappeared downstairs.

Going over to the shower and disrobing as I went, I couldn’t help but notice that my sister was still in the shower opposite with her back to me. Again starting to feel quite awkward, I was tempted to draw the curtain as I still had a member that was obviously far from flaccid, the frustrating after effect of not having been able to consummate Helen and mine’s previous intimate activity.

Overcoming my natural inhibitions, I decided not to hide myself. Sarah had her back to me still and looked like she was washing her private parts with her hand but the fact that she had been in this position since I had stepped into the shower gave me reason to believe otherwise. Mesmerised, I stood watching as I let the warm water caress my sunburnt shoulders and started to soap myself up.

Without any real sudden movement, Sarah had turned herself around slightly, now being almost side on to my view. From this angle I could clearly see that she was definitely not washing but rather playing with herself, and in a not too gentle fashion either. My member had lost none of it’s previous stiffness and had in fact in anticipation, become a lot harder, now standing up on it’s own at a forty five degree angle at least with the foreskin now fully retracted. Just coincidentally, my own hand was now in a natural position where soap could be applied to my own private parts and in the communal spirit of mutual exhibitionism, I let it assume it’s normally preferred position around my hardness. As I continued to observe the scene across the way, I let my mind go blank and started to put on my own little show. I turned slightly side on to the window but not enough that I couldn’t keep my view of the activities opposite.

My sibling had now moved right around and was facing outwards and I knew because of her slight hesitation that she could now also see me and what I was up to. I thought that seeing me would bring her self pleasuring to an instant halt, but instead she just smiled, put her right hand on her breast and started to pull on her already long nipple whilst rubbing herself down below at an even faster rhythm. Trying to seem unconcerned by our mutual displays, I attempted to return her smile but I’m sure it looked just as nervous and fake as it felt. I turned towards her but she signaled very quickly back with a small rotation of her index finger that she wanted to see me side on again. I guessed that she could probably get a better view of my now fully erect dick this way rather than it being hidden somewhat by the shadow of my torso. Obligingly, I slowly revolved around until she gave me the thumbs up sign.

With Sarah having set the parameters of this unexpected encounter and without any verbal communication, using only the lifting of one of my legs, I indicated back that I wanted her to raise one of her legs up onto the grab rail so that I could get a better look at her fanny. She went one better than even I had hoped and positioned herself back on the tiled ledge at the back of the shower receptacle so that she was now in a sitting posture and lifting and parting her legs at the same time, placed both her feet flat on either side of the outside glass pane. Now using two fingers of her left hand, she widely parted her inner lips and began to push first one then possibly two or three fingers into herself. I never imagined that I could have possibly got so turned on by one of my own sisters but out mutual displays had obviously struck a common chord between us and soon we were both equally immersed in what we were doing and I managed to synchronise my movements with her thrusting fingers, me taking the initiative by speeding up my action with her following until I knew that I could hold back no longer, ejaculating a bigger than usual load all over the inside of the front window. The strength of this orgasm was strong enough to get the first four or five spurts of spunk a height of at least eighteen inches up onto the clear glass and I knew that it did not go unnoticed across the way as I could see my sister reaching climax at almost the same moment, vigorously lowering and raising her hips in a way that showed her orgasm was at least as powerful as mine had been.

Cleaning myself off, I looked across the way and noticed that Sarah had gone.

The strange thing was that the usual after shock that I would have expected to come as a result of what we had both just done did not occur. I felt no guilt, nor even the slightest tinge of shame but something more like a huge kind of release that is hard to describe. A relief of a mental as well as physical kind.

I realised that my need for pleasure had at last outgrown my preoccupation with mere consequences. My skin was glowing and warm, probably more because of the effect of the hot water on my sunburn than anything else but in a weird sort of way that was actually quite pleasurable. For the first time since Helen and I had started on this wonderful sexual adventure, I finally felt as if I had achieved my goal of living for the moment and enjoying the excitement of it all without most of the hang ups that I had always kept with me. How strange, I thought that after all we had been through in the last year or so, it had taken an action by my sister to finally release me of that burden.

Getting the cum stains off of the glass was not as easy as I had hoped but eventually by using a sponge, I managed to clean them all off. Drying myself I put on a white tee shirt and a long pair of white cotton tie string pants and proceeded downstairs.

Everyone except Sarah was in the kitchen and I was offered a large glass of wine that had already been poured for me by Brian. I would have preferred a beer but rather than seeming ungrateful I received it thankfully. Like Helen, Sue was wearing a sarong, but her’s was tied only up to her waist leaving her lovely big breasts on display. She, again like Helen now had her hair done up in a bun and somehow it made her look much younger.

“Have a nice shower?” Sue asked.

“Yes, very relaxing, thankyou.” I replied thinking, if only she knew.

“Hope you didn’t waste too much energy up there.” She giggled whilst almost teasingly looking up out of the kitchen window to where it was quite easy to see the outside of the shower I had only minutes ago been jerking myself off in.

Trying to look up without making it too obvious, I could see that the shower opposite was even more visible and I worked out that Sarah’s little performance would also have been observed by Sue or maybe all of them.

“Hope you didn’t leave too much of a mess dear.” Helen added sarcastically.

Knowing that it was a fair cop and there was no point in pretending otherwise I just laughed and replied that I had cleaned up after myself and hoped that I hadn’t offended anyone. At this point, Sarah entered the kitchen with a wine glass in her hand wearing only a blue silk dressing gown that came down to just above her knees. It hung open and loose, the matching belt attached but undone.

Momentarily I thought that she had some knickers on under it but as she walked across the kitchen and the front of her gown fluttered open I knew that she did not.

“It’s my fault that they all saw you, I was teasing you, wasn’t I?” She said taking a large mouthful of wine as she stood alongside me up against one of the bench units.

“Anyway, as I’ve just been telling them, it’s not the first time I’ve seen you play with yourself.” Sarah continued.

“Oh?” I replied in a long inquiring way.

“And when was that?”

“When you used to live at home, don’t tell me you never knew?”

Thinking back, I couldn’t think of one instance when this could have happened so I sort of challenged her to tell me more.

“Well some nights when I went to bed and the bathroom door was left open, I could see through the reflection of the bathroom mirror right into your bedroom and more often than not your door wasn’t completely shut and I could see the bottom half of your bed from where I laid. Many a time I used to lay there and watch you pull yourself off and I always thought that you probably knew that I could see you and that you were doing it just for me to see.”

Thinking about it, she was right, she would have been able to see me but I guess that because I couldn’t see the mirror from the head end of my bed it had never occurred to me that she would have been able to observe me doing what I did almost on a nightly basis. How paradoxical it was that all these years I had kept my secret about that one occasion that I had spied on my sister in the nude but in fact all this time she had kept an even bigger one about watching me toss myself off on a regular basis.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything to me about it?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you, just in case you weren’t doing it for my benefit, and anyway, I used to enjoy watching you, I learnt a lot about what men like by what you used to do so there’s no need to be worried about it now.”

“The guys here all reckon I did a pretty good job myself just a while ago, so I guess we’re sort of even now, aren’t we?”

One surprise after another, it was all just a bit too much to take in one day.

Just when you think nothing can shock you, along comes something that almost knocks your socks off. Still life is full of surprises and the biggest one for the night was yet to come.

End Chapter Nine here please

Memories Chapter Ten A family get together

For tea, Sue had made us all a traditional English steak and kidney pudding, which although a bit unseasonal in this summer heat went down very well, especially as it was accompanied by mashed potatoes and baked beans, my favourite. It was so nice in fact that I made her promise to show Helen exactly how she made the pudding, not having had this delicacy for well over a year now.

Having already dissipated my previous sexual urge in the shower, the erotic value of sitting at a formal dining table with half dressed women was probably lost a little on me. It didn’t stop me however enjoying the aesthetic value though of watching Sue’s breasts as they gently bounced and flattened on the edge of the smooth French polished surface of the table each time she leant forward to take a mouthful of food. The wood was so polished that each of her large nipples had a twin reflection giving the appearance of four breasts not two. Sarah sat next and perpendicular to me as I was at one end of the table and I got a similar view of one of her long brown nipples each time she leant forward with her dressing gown falling away. This was probably the first time that in a circumstance like this, that Helen had been the most respectably dressed, if you could call only a thin sarong respectable and the fact that she was showing nothing off for once made me want to look at her beautiful body even more than usual. It was unlike her to be outdone like this and somehow I just knew that this wouldn’t remain the status quo for long.

After tea was finished and the girls had helped Sue put the plates and dishes into an automatic dishwasher, the first one any of us had ever seen, we all then were invited to retire to the outside pool area where Brian generously topped up all of our not yet quite empty glasses. After this he offered us all a cigarette as well with only Sarah accepting. Sue came out a little later smoking a cigarette that I knew from it’s hand rolled look and tell tale smell was not one made up of tobacco. She passed it to Sarah who took a few puffs and then handed it on to Helen. Even though we had both grown up all through the hippie era in England and had plenty of opportunity to indulge in this popular past time, neither of us actually ever had. This was not because of some high moral standpoint but I suppose that as neither of us smoked normal cigarettes, the need to go one step further never really appealed to us.

Contrary to my above statement, Helen accepted it and took a few puffs of it without any hint that this was an entirely new experience for her. In fact she looked so comfortable in the way she inhaled that I must admit that I has some suspicions as to whether she had not partaken of the weed before. She passed it on to me and I thought what the heck, why not, taking down a lung full that made me choke more than I could have believed.

Trying to get my breath back, I handed it to Brian who patted me on the back with a consolation that it was strong shit and sometimes effected people that way. Helen just laughed and told everyone that I wouldn’t know the difference anyway as I had never indulged before. Both Sue and Brian appeared truly surprised and feeling a bit like a dork, I threw it back at Helen that she wouldn’t know either.

“Oh contraire.” She came back quickly.

“I wasn’t going to tell you but Liz and I often have a joint or two when you’re out playing squash Thursday nights, I just wasn’t game to tell you in case you got upset about it.”

“So how long has this been going on then?” I retorted

“Oh, I don’t know, a couple of months maybe, since in fact doing that photo shoot that she came with me to in September. Liz gave me a few puffs to calm me down as I was very nervous and I must admit it worked so well that I now enjoy our Thursday night binges.”

“Don’t be such a killjoy Steve.” Sarah added.

“Let her smoke a joint if she wants to.”

I, not trying to sound too defensive, informed them all that I did not object to her smoking pot but I did feel that it was less than honest to keep it from me as we had always agreed not to keep secrets from each other.”

“Well it’s not a secret anymore, ‘cos now you know.” Helen came back as she untied her sarong and let it drop to the floor. The sight of her naked under the floodlights did the trick in defusing the possibly heated situation and I couldn’t help but stare as she slowly walked down the pool steps until she was waist high, then casually breast stroking her way to the deep end.

“Good idea.” Said Sue as she dropped her sarong as well after passing Brian the still smoking joint.

She walked around to the deep end and dived in with a loud splash. I couldn’t help thinking that it must have really stung as her breasts hit the water but she surfaced at the shallow end looking none the worse for the impact. I sat down between Brian and my sister who were at the edge and dangling their leg’s into the pool. Rolling up my trousers, I was handed the joint by Brian. I was about to pass it straight on but decided to have another puff or two as other than the choking fit, I hadn’t found the after effect of the first ones too unpleasant at all, once I had got over the coughing. Sarah poked me as I was about to inhale probably my fifth or six breath, telling me not to be too greedy. Passing it on without choking, there definitely was a calming feeling coming over me and I even took an extra puff as it was passed back down the line to Brian. Sarah undid the now tied belt of her house coat and let it slide off of her shoulders behind her. I expected that she would then just slide into the pool but instead she remained seated, taking the joint directly from Brian this time.

“Don’t you reckon your sisters got just the nicest nipples you’ve ever seen.”

Came Brian’s unexpected comment out of the blue.

I had to admit that although he didn’t say too much, when he did, he didn’t mix his words. Turning my head sideways to look, Sarah stuck out her chest and with her spare hand, proceeded to pull on those juicy brown nipples until they were both even firmer and harder.

“Yes, I would have to agree, they’re very nice.”

My next comment surprised even me.

“They’ve got suck me written all over them.”

“Go on then, I dare you.” Came a remark from Helen who was now laying in a floating inflatable seat close by.

“Suck on your sister’s titties.”

I looked at my sister in disbelief at this suggestion only to find her turning towards me and cupping her hands under her breasts and projecting them towards me. I bent forward slightly and with puckered lips took the closest one into my mouth and gave it a good hard suck. Moving on to the other one, I gave it some even rougher treatment, biting it gently with my teeth before sucking on it like I was trying to draw milk. Not since I had sucked young Jane’s tits on the houseboat had I tasted such lovely nipples. I could feel every bump and indent as I ran my tongue all over and around them and I didn’t miss any of those goose bumpy bits that were around the outside of the actual nipple. I even replaced her hand with my own in an effort to get a better angle on one of them and it’s absolute firmness amazed me. Eventually pulling away from me, Sarah laid back on her elbows slightly and gave a little shiver all over.

“Christ, I nearly came there, they’re so sensitive at the moment, probably because they got a little sunburnt today.”

My attentions had been entirely concentrated on what I had been doing but looking up after hearing some sighs I noticed that Sue was treading water behind Helen’s floating seat and had her arms around her, her hands fondling Helen’s tits and pulling on her now hardened nipples. Helen’s legs were now straddled over the sides of this chair and she was making no bones about the fact that she was giving her clit a good work over.

“I dare you to touch your sister’s fanny like I’m touching mine.” She challenged me, using her other hand to open herself up even wider.

Looking at Sarah, I hesitated only to be met by a nod and her moving her bottom back away from the edge of the pool a bit so as to open herself up to me. Taking the almost finished last inch of the durry in one hand and having a long deep inhale, she used her other hand to open her lips in the same fashion that Helen was doing. Even in this light and with her abundance of pubes I could see a bead of white creamy juice oozing out of the bottom of her fanny hole and above her beautiful engorged lips sat a clitoris that stuck out at least half an inch from it’s protective hood. I licked my middle finger and rubbed it around her protruding hardness before starting to flick it gently in a rapid motion. Now laying her head and shoulders right back and raising her knees, she started to gyrate her hips rhythmically. Brian, who had been studying my actions closely, decided to join in and poked a couple of fingers inside her now very wet pussy hole and proceeded to move them in and out vigorously. Seeing her nipples standing up with their suck me sign almost flashing, I bent forward and whilst keeping up my attentions to her clit, took the right one into my mouth and began to suck on it hard. Brian’s mouth soon took possession of her other one and immediately she began to climax, her hips bouncing and making it hard to stay on target as her bottom rapidly moved up and down on the terra cotta pavers. As she began to move a bit less and her sighing started to subside, Brian pulled away, leaving just my two fingers touching her still erect clit. I sat up a bit and an urge came over me to feel her inside. I pushed a couple of fingers inside and felt a warmth and wetness and even some residual contractions from her now subsiding climax.

From over my shoulder an almost identical racket could be heard as I turned around, just in time to see Helen reaching her own orgasm almost on cue. Sue was still assisting her by fondling her breasts, but I knew that she probably needed no extra help in getting to her desired destination.

Needing to cool off a bit, I stripped off my tee shirt and pants and even though I now had a very firm member, dived into the deep end, surfacing with my head popping through the hole in the floating seat between Helen’s still spread legs.

With my arms wrapped around the outside of this seat, I was in a perfect position to part her lips again with my hands and my tongue soon located that very sensitive spot that I knew so well. As I did this, Sue came around behind me and took my member in hand, being just a little bit rough in her efforts as she began to massage it to and fro. I could feel the warmth of her body as her breasts squashed into my back. Because I had already come not too long before, I knew that I would be able to hold back for quite some time so I made no effort to prevent Sue from getting on with her chore. Pulling one of Helen’s hands down to assist me in keeping her nicely spread I managed to reach down and behind me to locate Sue’s fanny and quickly was able to insert a few fingers into her warm entrance way. Helen was also pacing herself and just gently moving back and forth a little, as I maintained my tongue lashing of her innards. Sue slowed down her wrist action and whispered in my ear that we should change places.

Releasing my grip I let myself sink, surfacing next to the seat. Helen looked at me with a surprised look on her face but it soon disappeared when Sue launched her self over the top of the end of the chair and soon had her head planted where mine had been just before. She instantly knew that she was being made welcome as Helen parted her own lips again for Sue to reach her as I had done before. With Sue now floating in front of me with her legs spread as she held on to the end of this floating chair, it was not too hard to work out where she wanted me to be. With one arm around her waist and my other hand guiding me in, I was soon choker block up to my balls inside of her. The water made a peculiar splashing sound as I started to pump at her with all my strength and you could actually see a wave going down the pool each time her arse met my groin as our bodies came together. I really wanted to squeeze her lovely big tits but they were perched just above the waterline and resting on the end of the clear plastic seat so I used my spare hand to give her fanny a good rubbing instead, only guessing where her clit might have been. I must have picked the right spot because she started to moan like a cat on a hot tin roof as soon as I started, lifting her head from where it had been working hard for the last couple of minutes. Helen didn’t seem to mind and I could see over Sue’s head that her own fingers were now busy where Sue’s tongue had just left off.

Giving it all I had, I kept the rhythm going knowing that I was in full control of myself and nowhere near reaching the point of my own climax.

Glancing sideways, I noticed that Brian, although still sitting where he was before, was now nude like the rest of us and my sister was kneeling beside him and giving him a head job like a professional. With her head down and her arse in the air, knees parted, I could see that she was also in the process of pleasuring herself with one hand between her legs as she held his thin but stiff dick like a lollipop with the other. Seeing her touching herself this way got me even more excited and just momentarily I felt the start of a small contraction that I knew if not checked, could have made me spend myself more quickly than I had wanted to. I needn’t have worried though as Sue let out a scream that would have woke the dead, signifying that she had come.

Still rock hard, I decided to pull out and was a bit surprised when Sue asked me to point her towards the pool stairs. I curiously guided her over.

“Don’t worry, she can’t see properly for a short while after she comes, she’ll be alright in a while.” Said Brian as I pulled myself onto the end of the floating seat.

I don’t know in all the excitement if Helen had got there again too but I asked her if she was ready for me now. She just glanced over to Sarah and Brian who were still in the same position.

“No, I think you should do your sister next, go on, do your own sister, I dare you.” She replied.

I don’t know how much effect the dope had had on me but looking over at that lovely arse still perched in the air with fingers feverishly massaging that now soaking wet fanny I just robotically got out of the pool with my hard member in hand and knelt down behind my sister. Before I even had a chance to reconsider, Sarah’s hand reached up from between her legs and grabbed hold of my hardness, guiding it between her lips and at the same time pushing herself backwards onto me. As a result, and with very little effort on my part, I found myself all the way in with her hand wrapped around my balls trying to force me in even further.

Looking down at myself as I pulled out after this first involuntary lunge, I couldn’t help but notice just how covered in creamy juices I was but Sarah gave my balls a hard squeeze and a tug so I knew that my short distraction was not appreciated. I put my right hand underneath her and around her chest and took hold of one of her firm pointy titties and started to squeeze that lovely long nipple between my fingers. As I did, I could feel Brian doing the same with her other one and an almost surreal feeling of camaraderie came over me. I guess I probably had nothing to be proud of, being right up there inside my own sister but as a girlfriend once told me, a stiff dick has no conscience and at this point in time I really didn’t care anyway.

Helen had now got out of the pool and had crouched down beside me. Using my left hand, I reached down and inserted my middle finger up inside her, using my thumb to caress her clit area as I did. She, in return, put her hand between my dick and Sarah’s lips. For a moment I thought that maybe she had had a change of heart but instead she gripped my dick at the base tightly, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around it and helped it on it’s way each time I lunged forward.

This did stop me going all the way in as I had been before but none the less, the tightness of her grip made up for any loss of friction that had occurred.

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet and with one hand playing with my own sisters tit whilst being choker block up her and with my other hand finger fucking my wife at the same time, I was in heaven. I don’t think that I had ever felt myself so rock hard down there what with one of them squeezing my dick and another squeezing my balls I became even more aggressive with my thrusting. Very soon I could feel Sarah coming, long before she started to moan, probably because she had her mouth full at the time. As she raised her head and pushed back on me even harder each time I pushed in, I still kept up the rhythm of my pumping so that I got to feel every last contraction of her tight pussy as she now let out a long, satisfied sigh.

Brian had also shown great control and even though through no lack of trying on Sarah’s part, he had managed to stay unspent, his thin hard dick still standing up to attention, albeit now held in his own hand.

Having now succeeded in satisfying two out of the three girls present I gently eased my still hard member out of my sister and indicated for Helen to lay down on her back which she did. At the same time, Brian came around to take over my position behind Sarah who had stayed in her head down, arse up pose and was quickly up to his nuts inside her. Helen seeing this decided that she would prefer it that way too and turned over forming a matching pair of book ends with my sister, side by side. Brian and I then in the same spirit of camaraderie as before again synchronised our actions until both the girls got off again, incredibly almost at the same time, and like Brian and I, even moaning in unison together.

Feeling the heat of this hot summer night, I needed to cool down again and after slowly and almost sorrowfully pulling out, I just fell sideways into the cool water of the pool. This soon brought my hardness down to as more normal flaccid appearance and with a bit of splashing around, I managed to climb aboard the floating chair. I felt good, relaxed and overall, quite pleased with myself.

After what I had just done, I guess I should have been feeling the guilt that would normally have accompanied such an exploit, but I felt nothing of the sort, only a high level of total elation.

Sue had since recovered from her temporary fit of blindness and had brought out a couple more bottles of wine and also a nice cold beer for me which I paddled back to the shallow end to retrieve.

“A toast to our new libertine friends.” She declared, holding up her glass.

“To who?” Asked Helen inquisitively.

“To whom.” I corrected.

“To our free spirited and uninhibited new friends.”

Everyone raised their glasses, me my bottle of beer and joined in the toast.

There were some sun loungers lined up along the edge of the shallow end of the pool and Sue plonked herself down in one with Helen and Sarah following suit.

The air was warm with that summer heat that I have only ever experienced here in Australia and although there was not a stitch of clothing between us, there was absolutely no reason why we would have to wrap ourselves in anything more protective than just our skins.

Brian lit another hand rolled cigarette and it wasn’t long before it was making it’s way down the eagerly recipient line of female hands. Looking around I had time to admire the outdoor surroundings for the first time. Although there were houses on either side of this one, the pool still maintained absolute privacy, not just because of the high fence all the way around the garden but more so because it was built into the courtyard between the two wings of the house. They were both lowset houses either side of this one and no one could see in to this garden at all. I complimented both Sue and Brian on having such a lovely place and both Helen and Sarah added their support to my sentiments.

“Yes, we both love living here and especially not having to wear clothes when we don’t want to.” Sue replied, thanking us for our praise.

“Where do you live in Melbourne?” She asked.

Helen went on to tell her about our flat and said that it was like an armpit compared to their home but it was still a lot better than what we had in London.

After some more general small talk, Sue went inside for a while, coming out after a few minutes with a small gaily covered cardboard box in her arms.

“It’s play time boys and girls.” She declared laughingly as she took an assortment of objects out of this veritable Pandora’s box.

Some were instantly recognisable as vibrators but some were a bit more mysterious.

“These are for all of us, but just in case you need any instruction, I will demonstrate some of them for you.” She said.

Taking hold of what looked like a vibrator, she lay back on the bed and instructed both Brian and me to come a little closer. Paddling over, I could see that as well as the normal dildo shaped part, there was another, smaller rubbery looking stem protruding forward out of the same shaft with a Y shaped forky thing at the end. Turning the end it started to make that familiar buzzing sound and spreading her legs either side of the chair, Sue placed the toy in what I would have thought was an upside down position between her thighs. With one hand parting her lovely large lips, she pushed the vibrator up inside of herself so that the Y shaped pronged end fitted either side of her clit area with the main shaft insert snugly below it. Because the rubbery stem bit was flexible, it maintained its grip around her clit as she slowly moved the main part in and out of her fanny. Her nipples soon became hard and like Helen’s when excited, shrunk to about half their normal size as the teats extended out. Licking her lips to lubricate them, she soon started to buck her hips and plunge the thing into herself harder and harder until she came almost violently, giving even Brian a bit of a surprise I think.

“Wow, can I try that thing?” Asked Helen taking possession of it before Sue had a chance to turn it off.

Without even wiping any of the love juices off, she soon had it positioned exactly as Sue had done and it was buzzing away like a good one. As Helen got in to it, Sue laid on her side and using a smaller vibrator she had taken out of her toy box, gently played with herself, encouraging Helen by telling her how sweet her pussy looked shaved and smooth like that. Sarah, passing the still smoking durry back to Brian, agreed saying that she was going to get me to do her’s the same way Tomorrow.

“Do it now, so we can all watch,” sighed Helen as she began to move her hips up and down.

“Yes, do it now, and do me as well why you’re at it.”

Added Sue.

Getting out of the pool with a full boner on display, I said that I’d love to if only I had a razor handy. Brian got up and unlike me, his appendage was not real hard. He went inside and quickly returned with a shaving brush and a bowl of warm water. Sarah who was now as high as a kite and watching Helen touching herself, passively parted her legs and swung them either side of the lounger as Helen was doing.

Brian had soon worked up a lather on the brush by swirling it around in a rubber cup full of hard looking soap and covered Sarah’s full fanny area with the suds.

Giving me a very expensive looking, ivory handled razor, I started to shave off some of her hair around the outside area but it proved too course and painful so Brian disappeared inside again, emerging with a pair of scissors.

Wiping off as much of the lather as I could, I trimmed a lot off her longer hair to the point where only a more manageable stubble remained and asked Brian to apply some more lather. Now it was much easier and a lot less painful and soon I had her fanny as smooth as Helen’s was and did not lose any of my stiffness as I pulled and maneuvered her inner lips out of the way as I did it. Cleaning off the residual soapsuds with a towel, the sight of her now bare fanny was truly a sight to behold. Her inner lips parted almost naturally and she almost definitely didn’t need gum to keep them apart. Her clit stood up like none I had ever seen and protruded out just like her constantly erect nipples did. Like them, it also had suck me written all over it and without a second thought my tongue and lips took hold of it and I gave it a flick and suck with such enthusiasm that it was as though like my life depended on it. Sue and Helen were both watching me do this and soon the both of them started to buck and move as if trying to reach climax at the same time. Sarah was not far behind and I just hoped that my tongue could last the distance. I’m not sure which of them got there first but it didn’t mater anyway as all three of them eventually came in unison almost like it had been rehearsed and choreographed.

Brian who now was hard again, immediately went over to his wife and started to lather her up.

“Shouldn’t we trim her first with the scissors?” I asked.

“No need, her hair is as soft as a baby’s.” Replied Brian.

He was right and in no time her’s was like the rest of them and as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Knowing that I would probably not get rejected, after I had wiped off the soap, I took the liberty of running my tongue over her clit area whilst inserting a couple of fingers inside of her at the same time. Brian did not seem displeased either and stood next to the lounge and presented his hand held member to his wife’s mouth. She took hold of it with one hand and took it down a length that I’m sure would have choked most women. She then pulled my head up by tugging on my hair, away from where it was with her other hand so that I was now virtually sitting down in front of her and between her still outstretched legs.

I was now in a position that meant I could slip forward slightly and slip my member between those lovely plump and now smooth lips quite easily. Looking down on her big lips engulfing my hardness only made me want to push up as hard as I could but I hesitated, looking over to Helen for her approval. Making eye contact with her and receiving a nod in the positive, I saw that Helen had handed her two ended vibrator over to Sarah who was sampling the delights of this marvelous little invention herself whilst she had taken a very small one out of the box and was experimenting with it, not by inserting it but by rubbing it around above her clit area. As they both seemed content in what they were doing I eagerly rammed my cock all the way up Sue’s now very moist pussy and started to thrust very hard. I was now at last able to take possession of her huge breasts and pull hard on her erect nipples whilst bouncing and squeezing her tits in my hands. With not one iota of disapproval, Sue was taking both of us at the same time and the fact that I was not being very gentle with her tits or fanny did not seem to upset her in the least. Although wanting to save myself for longer, the raw sexuality of the moment got the better of me and this time it was us guys who managed to synchronise our climaxes with a rather loud yelp from Brian whom I presume had felt the pressure of his wife’s teeth take hold a bit more aggressively than he would have preferred.

Sue maintained her grip on Brian’s appendage and licked every last drop of cum off of it before giving one final swallow. Having all reached a point of not only sexual but perhaps spiritual satisfaction, we ended up swimming around in that lovely warm pool until almost mid night before retiring to our beds. Sue’s attempts to get me hard again were to no avail so I guess it was just as well.

Next morning, after an amazingly deep and sound night’s sleep, I awoke alone with a horrid taste in my mouth and a bit of a headache. I put the taste down to not having cleaned my teeth the night before as I always usually did. I put the head ache down to too much grog and to all the uncharacteristic smoking we had done. After taking a shower and noticing that everybody else was already up and relaxing around the pool in the courtyard, I joined them downstairs. We all eventually sat down to a lovely cooked breakfast with each other around the pool and chit chatted about unimportant things as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred the previous night. Only the fact that all three of the girls were now nude again, with not one stitch of clothing between them would have indicated that this gathering as anything other than a normal suburban breakfast get together. Sue did make reference after a while to the fact that both her and Brian had enjoyed our activities the night before ever so much and had both agreed that they would really like us all to stay for at least the rest of the day, if not another night. As we had almost the whole week left to get back to Melbourne we thanked them for their extended invitation and agreed to stay until Monday at least.

Sue said that they had no plans for today but if we wanted to see the centre of Adelaide, they would be pleased to take us all in and show us around, after which we could spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool. This sounded great to me as I had no idea what there was to see around town and it would make a change for me not to have to drive.

After changing into more suitable attire we left for town in the luxury of their beautiful Mercedes. This was also my first ride in such a car and I was particularly impressed by the air conditioning and lack of engine noise as we glided along, definitely a bit different to our hot and noisy Kombi van. Brian gave us a very professional tour around town, pointing out the many things of interest not to mention the plethora of churches that had given Adelaide the unofficial title of “City of Churches”. The monument fountain to the three rivers that the town was built around was a good place to stop and take some photos and as usual, Brian did not fail to impress us all with his very expensive looking Nikon SLR camera which from my recent studies, I knew to mean Single Lens Reflex. For such a nice down to earth couple, they certainly had the best of everything.

It seems that Brian had inherited his father’s fortune which included an engineering works situated in a town called Elizabeth just north of Adelaide.

Although not too involved with the day to day running of the company himself as he had some good managers working for him, his main role was to prepare tenders and get work from prospective clients at which he had obviously been very successful. This alone gave them a sizeable income and Sue didn’t have to work which suited her down to the ground.

Returning to their lovely home, it was soon into the pool with cool drinks being served all round. Helen said that she could easily get used to this sort of life style which saddened me just a bit wondering if I would ever be in a situation to provide it for her. At least Sarah had enjoyed herself here and she looked so relaxed and at ease, more so than the previous week driving here. With all of us au naturel again, Sarah was the only odd one out with a triangle of white skin below her navel where we had shaved her pubes. Sue although now the same way, was tanned there as well because of the fine nature and colour of her hair and the difference in tan marks was hardly even noticeable. Sue asked Helen why her lips were now together and not parted as at the beach the day before and Helen just laughed and was soon demonstrating her little party trick to her. Sarah joined in this time, not having the impairment of the day before and soon all three of them were displaying their inner selves in all their glory. Whilst it had now become possible for me to be amongst naked women and not immediately get a hard on, it was difficult to prevent it when a women’s sexual equipment was on full view for all to see and both Brian and I were soon starting to firm up somewhat. Brian asked the girls if they would all like to have their photos taken as they were all looking so sexy with only my sister not looking quite as at ease with his request as the other two. He had his camera bag still out from our sight seeing trip and quickly set up his Nikon on a tripod. As the pool was built in a rectangular shape, he got them to sit next to each other along the opposite long side with one leg each dangling in the water and the other leg raised and knees bent so that their feet were flat down on the pavers. In this position, we were afforded an excellent view of three nicely open fannies with all lips spread accordingly. He asked them all to arch their backs slightly so as to throw out their chests a bit more and hold their tummies in at the same time. I think this instruction was probably aimed more at his wife than Helen and Sarah as their’s were already very firm and naturally tucked in anyway.

Never the less it did improve the overall effect of the shot and Brian took three or four shots of the same pose, getting them all to turn slightly after each shot to get a different angle. The total effect of the three of them like this was very erotic and my member was now standing right up to attention in equal proportions to the night before. Brian suggested that I now get in the shot and unlike the girls my willingness was not quite so evident. I argued that I couldn’t do it as I was temporarily embarrassed but the girls all gave me a hard time and shamed me into swimming across the pool and joining them. Sitting between Helen and Sue who had been in the middle, Brian asked us all to assume a similar pose to the one before and with one arm around Helen and the other around Sue I managed to blend in whilst Brian clicked away. Seeing me jokingly cupping Helen’s breast in my hand, Brian told me to do the same on the other side and I had no problems at all taking possession of Sue’s generously proportioned titty and giving each of their nipples a pull whilst squeezing both breasts. In retaliation, I soon had a hand from either side take hold of my upright stalk, squeezing it equally as hard and Brian continued to click away.

Brian, possibly thinking that my sister may have felt left out, got her to stand behind me which put her lovely opened fanny now just above my head as I turned towards her. Bending her knees slightly, she got it even closer to my mouth and by using her fingers to stretch herself open even wider, got her clit to protrude out enough for me to reach it with my eager tongue. He then told me to instead of holding the girl’s breasts, to touch their fannies which I did, inserting a finger in each one at the same time.

This certainly would be one for the album, if that is, he could ever get these printed. Feeling that this session may already have gone beyond the point of no return, I disengaged myself and flopped forward into the pool whilst he took some quite innocent, except for the fact that they were nude, shots of the girls together and individually.

After taking a phone call, Sue informed us that Brian’s nephew and his mate were going to drop by in about forty-five minutes to pick up some cosmetics for Brian’s sister. It seems that as well as having the engineering works, Sue and Brian also had three pharmacies in Adelaide that they owned and gave family and close friends wholesale pricing for any cosmetics or pharmacy products that they needed. Sue said that as Troy, their nephew was only eighteen and his best mate the same age, when they dropped by she normally would at least put her bikini bottoms back on although not always bothering about her top. She confessed that she thought that this was the main reason why they always managed to make time to come by and pick up, stuff though, just to check out her boobs. Sarah got the hint and went to put her black one-piece swimming costume on. Helen, seeming put out, almost begrudgingly put her white cheesecloth dress on but no undies. I, taking Brian’s lead stayed as I was but encouraged Helen to at least wear some pants or her bikini bottoms underneath but she bluntly refused saying that as she was shaved, you couldn’t see anything anyway. This was only partially true as when she stood with the sun behind her, the outline of her fanny beneath the almost transparent material, was very easy to make out. Never the less she was adamant that she was more than respectably dressed and took no notice of my request. When Sue returned, she also was wearing a full sarong so this time she was obviously bothering just a bit more than usual.

When Troy eventually turned up, more like an hour than forty five minutes later, Sue got a bit of a surprise when instead of being with his normal male friend, his accomplice today was a young lass instead. Rather than giving Brian and I a bit of a warning, she just brought them both right out to the pool. Caught out I asked Helen to pass me my togs from her bag but the young girl, speaking with a distinct South African accent said not to worry as Troy had already warned her that his aunt and uncle were nudists and not to be too shocked if they weren’t wearing anything as usual. She looked about the same age as Brian’s nephew, about five feet two and very attractive. She had shoulder length, wavy blonde hair and had a good suntan. She had wire braces on her teeth which was quite unusual to see in Australia as the only place that you would normally see these was again in American movies. She had a trim little figure and wore a short mini skirt and matching floral top that was made of a brightly orange coloured material that looked a bit old fashioned compared to what Aussie girls were now wearing at this time. Brian had made no attempt to cover up so I felt more inclined to stay as I was as well.

Sue introduced us three to her nephew and his new friend and soon more drinks had been brought out and we were all chatting away merrily. Troy’s friend’s name was Marny and we learnt that she was an exchange student from Cape Town, over on a three month visit and staying with Troy’s next door neighbour. Although the neighbours kids were now grown up and off their hands, they volunteered to take her in as there were not enough Australian families to go round and besides that, Marny’s older sister had also stayed with them some years before. The fact that Brian and I were au naturel didn’t seem to worry her too much but she obviously felt very self conscious about the fact that she had the braces on, awkwardly trying to smile without showing her teeth.

She was from a fairly well to do family from just outside Cape Town and told us that her family ran a vineyard over there producing multi prize winning vintages. She had been brought up with a coloured nanny and servants and was surprised that Sue and Brian did not have any to look after them as they had such a large house. It must have been hard for her to realise that not the whole world treated their indigenous population as they did in South Africa. Still, she did have a point though regarding the ability of just one person to tend clean a home of this proportion and Sue eventually, after pretending that she did it all by herself, did let on that she had a cleaning lady come in twice a week to do some housework for her which I’m sure made Marny feel a lot better about the work load situation.

Neither Troy or Marny showed any sign that they would be leaving soon and Sarah and I decided that we would have ourselves a swim to cool down a bit. Sue joined us, removing her sarong to the obvious delight of Troy who couldn’t keep his eyes off her now exposed breasts. He removed his tee shirt and rubber thongs, the footwear of choice for most young Aussies, and dived in the deep end, leaving just his surfie type shorts on. This left just Helen and Brian still reclining in the loungers whilst Marny sat alone at the table, taking advantage of the shade afforded by the large attached sun umbrella and helping herself to copious amounts of the cool white wine that she obviously approved of. Helen had only done some of the buttons up on the front of her dress, leaving the top part gapping open to show most of what she had up top. Although being quite polite about it, Troy had not let this go unnoticed either as his gaze had been continually directed at her liberal show of cleavage. Being in the pool and looking up to the loungers, it was now possible to see that the dress was not only gaping at the top but also at the bottom and as Helen still had her gum positioned, as I suppose all three of the girls had, Troy’s keen sense of visual awareness also soon located it’s desired target. I must admit that sometimes when something is hidden just a bit, your desire to see more is definitely enhanced, often to the point that the word `titillation’ really makes you aware of it’s true meaning (and there’s no pun at all intended here). Helen, not unaware that she was again in her favoured position as the centre of attention, made the most of it as she leisurely stretched her arms out and placed her hands behind her head in that superior body language type of way. In the same motion, she casually, although very deliberately, swung her legs over either side of the lounger, now leaving even less to the imagination as the bottom part of the dress parted conveniently to reveal even more of her nicely separated lips. From where Marny was sitting she could not have seen what those of us in the pool could see and probably unaware of what had attracted Troy and my attentions, asked if it was okay to join everyone in the pool, explaining that she would have to wear her two piece though as she had not brought her proper costume along. Sue, of course, told her that it was perfectly alright and for a short while, Helen lost her star billing momentarily while as we watched with interest as Marny unbuttoned her top to reveal not a bikini top as I expected but a thin, white cotton bra underneath. Taking off her skirt, she had a matching pair of white briefs on and now with only these two rather scanty articles about her person, she dived into the pool from the side. Other than being neighbours and about the same age, I don’t know if Troy and Marny were involved in any more of a relationship than just being friends but so far not once did they touch or show any obvious sign of affection towards each other whilst they had been here.

However, he had been equally as interested as I in Marny’s disrobing and kept his eyes on her as she dived below the surface, coming up through the leg hole of the floating chair. She managed to twist and sit herself down perfectly in one smooth action but came down with a slightly rude noise that could have been mistaken for something quite different as her backside located the wet inflated plastic.

The very thin cotton of her bra did nothing to stop her pert little pink nipples from showing through and her briefs didn’t do much better in restricting the very nice view we all now had of her curly blonde pubes, some of which sprouted from each side of the gusset. Nobody made a mention of this total transparency thing, we all probably thinking not to, just in case it would embarrass her, what with knowing just how self conscious she was about her dental brace. So perhaps it was good timing that Helen now decided to regain the attention she had temporarily lost. Standing up and in the same manner that Marny had used, she politely asked if anyone would be offended if she were to remove her dress to have a swim also and before anyone had a chance to object to her doing so, and I’m sure no one would have, she had already finished undoing the last few remaining buttons and had slipped it off. It was not only Troy’s eyes which were now glued to this most beautiful and sensual spectacle in front of us all as she slowly walked down into the pool, stopping and very deliberately splashing some water over her exposed fanny lips before they got wet and making sure that her firm breasts got the same treatment before completely submerging her body into the cool water. There was no getting away from the absolute feeling of exuded sexuality in her performance but at the same time also the aesthetic value of seeing her perfectly formed body like this could also not be overlooked. I suppose that because I was so used to now seeing Helen without clothes I had probably got used to it more than I realised, but seeing her like this, perhaps appreciating her just as Troy was now obviously doing, I could realise just how lucky I was to have such a stunningly beautiful partner. Most of the women who I had seen naked in the last year or so had some unique and outstanding points of beauty, but I had to admit that Helen probably had the nicest all round body I had ever seen. Starting from the top she had that lovely long dark hair framing that beautiful face that didn’t need any make up to enhance it. A good sized, firm pair of breasts with those large chocolate brown nipples that pointed slightly upwards and would harden at only the hint of anything sexual or tactile. A beautiful thin waist, tapering down to those slender hips which encased those protruding and exquisitely exposed fanny lips, not to mention those lovely long legs that seemed to go on for ever. Without doubt, I was certainly a very lucky guy and I probably wasn’t the only one there to now be sporting a stiffy of considerable firmness. When a pubescent lad, just the sight of a female nipple would get me instantly hard and that was just seeing it in some well passed around Health and Efficiency nudey mag that we would all share at school. Even in these, any hint of pubic hair would be air brushed out so that we didn’t have a clue as to what a real fanny looked like. Most of us thought that the word `cunt’ referred to just the pubic hair part of the female anatomy and this misconception would have still been true for me today had Helen not enthusiastically taken up her new smooth and pubeless style. I had probably been a bit spoilt but I now believed that a women never looked completely naked if she still had her fanny covered by hair and I truly appreciated that the `cunt’ word referred not just to that magic triangle of hair but more so to those beautifully contoured morsels of soft flesh that lay below and between.

When women are seen naked, there are some occasions when the image can be devoid of any sexuality and can be genuinely just appreciated for it’s aesthetic value only, but this was never the case when ever Helen paraded around like she had just done. With her inner lips cleverly although artificially spread as they were, rampant sexuality was not only blatantly evident but I would go much further, even to the point of saying that this sexuality was overtly amplified many times over, to the point that it was near impossible for any red blooded male not to get some stimulation around his groin area. Feeling quite proud of her, I also had an impulse to show myself off too, the new feeling of exhibitionism in me wanting to go one further than Helen had just done. On the pretence that I was just getting out to retrieve my beer, I climbed the steps of the pool and casually walked over to the table to take possession of my still almost full stubby. Knowing that I was still as stiff and hard as a poker and standing to attention, I turned around, standing there momentarily in almost a statuesque pose so that Marny, in particular, could not fail to be aware of my excited condition and just as slowly returned to the pool. I think Troy was taken aback even more than his new friend was as he trod water in the deep end with an astonished look on his face. Marny was covering her eyes with both hands but giggling at the same time.

“Take no notice of him Marny.” Said Helen.

“He’s only showing off ‘cos he’s got a big one.”

“Yeah, and he sure knows how to use it.” Added Sue.

“Careful now, don’t give yourself away dear, remember there’s family present.”

Brian chipped in.

“Look I can’t help it if nature’s been kind to me, but as someone famous once said, If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it, I mean, they say it pays to advertise and I haven’t noticed you being too reserved either Helen, have you?” I responded.

“No way, I love being nude and what’s more, I love people to see me nude too and I don’t mind admitting it, it doesn’t offend you though, does it Marny?”

“Well, I suppose not, it’s just that I’m not so used to it as you lot seem to be. In Cape Town, it’s just not done for a girl to go topless, even at the beach and that includes the coloureds and blacks as well. My parents would kill me if they knew I was now swimming in just my undies in front of people as it’s not even deemed proper to be seen in a bikini suit in public let alone your bra and pants.”

Looking down as she spoke, she suddenly became aware of the fact that the thin wet cotton was hiding nothing and instinctively placed one arm across her chest and hid her hand between her crotch to conceal her nether regions.

For the first time she smiled, albeit nervously, without trying to hide her brace.

“My God, I’m as bad as you lot are, don’t look Troy.”

This remark was about five minutes too late as Troy had noticed this transparency thing since she had first surfaced and had hardly taken his eyes off her except for when Helen and me were doing our thing.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve seen plenty of tits before, haven’t I aunt Sue?”

“Breasts, dear, please refer to them as breasts, tits sounds so common.”

“Alright, breasts then, but I have seen heaps haven’t I just.”

“Well I suppose you have, I’ve never hidden mine while you’ve been around and most of the girls on the beach don’t bother with their tops too much nowadays so I suppose it’s true.”

“Well that may be so but nobody’s ever seen mine before now so stop staring will you Troy.” Marny said, giving Troy a small kick that dislodged him from his hanging on position at the end of the floating seat.

Brian now climbed out of the pool and laid himself down on one of the loungers.

He was nowhere as hard as I still was but there was no hiding the fact that his semi flaccid appendage was more than double it’s normal soft size. Sarah follow him out, laying next to him. Taking hold of her shoulder straps, she pulled down the top of her one piece black swimsuit to expose her nicely pointed breasts with those beautiful permanently hard nipples, as usual in all their glory.

Brian had taken a real liking to my sister Sarah and obviously found her breasts and nipples very sexy because before our eyes his dick started to harden and grow even as we watched.

“Still some life left in the old fella.” He commented, as he looked down and actually gave himself a bit of a massage with one hand, his dick now becoming completely erect.

Marny had now gotten over her initial spate of embarrassment and was not bothering to cover herself so completely now with her hands. She seemed mesmerised by Brian’s private parts and his touching himself without any embarrassment. She clinically asked Sue if people here normally showed themselves off so casually.

“Not everyone dear, but in the right company it sometimes happens.” Was her reply.

“And what about you, do you go naked in front of other people too all the time?”

“No, of course not, not all the time anyway, some people would consider it quite rude, even more so if someone gets excited, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I know what you mean alright, I’ve never seen a man’s thingy like that before, it’s quite scarey really isn’t it.”

Laughing at Marny’s not meant to be funny remark, Sue quickly regathered her composure and explained that it was part of nature’s way and it was better to learn about these things when you are younger than to get any false ideas in your head about what to expect in a few years time. Helen instantly agreed, saying that she was nearly eighteen before she found out what to expect and it put her off for some time before she realised that a mans bodies reacting in this way was more of a compliment than a threat. Troy put in his twopence worth too, saying that when at home, he often used to skinny dip in the pool when no one was around and he couldn’t help getting hard as well sometimes.

“How long will it stay that way for, you know, I mean all stiff like that?”

Marny went on, her gaze still firmly fixed on Brian’s hardness.

“Well that depends on a lot of things dear.” Sue answered

“If he gets relief, it will go down straight away, but if not, it can stay that way for half an hour or so, especially if he gives it gets some personal attention.”

“Relief, how do you mean?” Marny enquired.

“You know, if he comes, ejaculates, that sort of thing.”

Sue answered with a look that expressed almost disbelief that Mary could ask such a basic question.

“Oh yes, I understand, you mean if he spills his seed and all that.”

The biblical images that this expression brought with it made some of us break into a gentle yet audible round of laughter before we realised that she had indeed been serious and the extremely hurt look on her young face brought us to the sudden realisation very quickly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take the mickey there, it’s just that you sounded so quaint then.” Sue said almost apologetically.

“That’s okay, it’s probably because my parents are staunchly religious and they always use terms like that and the nuns at school talk the same way too, I often get gypped by kids here because of the different way I say things.”

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe we had all taken it a bit too far in our over relaxed attitude towards exposing our bodies to this possibly very innocent young girl. Her seemingly, almost complete lack of awareness concerning the human body, especially genital functions, made me realise that this might really be the first time she had been in the presence of adult nudity, not to mention the fact that we were all in an obvious state of sexual excitement as well. It was a bit too late to pretend that Helen and I, and now Brian hadn’t deliberately shown ourselves off without due regard for this young girls feelings so there was no point in going back on it now. However, the very idea that she was most likely a virgin as well, excited me even more than I had been before and the thought that my erection had probably been the first one she had ever seen did nothing to make it lose any of it’s present rigidity. I felt that I should at least make a conciliatory, if not half hearted attempt to placate the situation a bit by offering to put my costume back on if it was offending her at all, but her reply was very gracious and mature considering her age.

“No don’t do that, my mother told me that I always had to respect the different customs in other countries so it would be rude of me to try to change the way you act.”

“In this country Marny, it’s always traditional for new guests to get their gear off too, isn’t it Steve?” Troy said, giving me a sly wink at the same time.

“Yeah, that’s right Troy so how come you’ve still got yours on?” I replied.

Troy’s smile instantly left his face, his ploy having back fired on him.

“Sure Troy, let’s see you get yours off too.” Sue joined in.

Brian immediately scolded Sue with a terse remark that I didn’t quite hear too clearly but definitely had something to do with family being present again. Sue didn’t answer him and just walked out of the pool and sat herself down in the last remaining lounger at the end of the line of three. In one smooth movement she removed her bikini bottoms and laid back, making not the slightest attempt to keep her legs together. The sun being down our end of the pool, made it easy to see every last contour and fold of her now smooth and hairless fanny and looking over at Brian she asked Brian.

“Sorry dear, but what was that again, you know the thing you were saying about family?”

“Touché, my dear, touché.” Said Brian, not being able to hold back a smile.

Troy, trying to not look too surprised by his aunt’s action, turned towards Marny.

“It’s also traditional here for girls to shave off their pubic hair too as you can see, do you want us to do yours while you’re here?”

“I don’t know, do I have to Sue?”

Sue again laughing, told Marny that Troy was just having a go at her and that she didn’t have to do anything that she didn’t want to, Marny looked very relieved after hearing Sue’s reply.

“You rotten little bugger.” Helen said.

“You’re really trying to make her feel very uncomfortable aren’t you.”

“Come on Marny, let’s teach him a lesson.”

Coming up behind and grabbing him around his waist, Helen called for Marny to assist which she did by slipping off of the inflatable and tugging at the bottom of Troy’s shorts. They came off quite easily with his underdaks sliding down along with them. Even from where I was in the pool it was obvious that he too was still far from being flaccid and unlike his uncle, he certainly did have something that he could be proud to show off. Marny being at the business end of his equipment just gapped, open mouthed.

“Boy, you need to spill some seed as well by the looks of you.”

This time we had no reason to conceal our laughter as Marny had obviously picked up very quickly on our group sense of humour as she joined in with the happy chorus.

“And what have we here?” Chimed Helen who was still behind Troy and holding him around the waist with one arm.

Lifting him out of the water, his manhood pointing to the sky with Helen’s hand wrapped tightly around it, I had no doubt that her question was rhetorical. For the first time since we had been together I realised that this was the only occasion I had actually seen her, touch another man’s penis (other than when Pep’s husband Steve took her from behind that day on the houseboat, that is).

“You are a big boy aren’t you.” She added giving his old fella a tug up and down a few times.

Troy made no attempt to struggle or break free and I could understand his pleasure in being handled this way. It occurred to me that this might also be his first time in a situation like this as well and I could empathise with him having no objections to the way he was being handled. Marny, although professing to be new to this sort of behavior seemed to be handling it well and even stretched out her arm to gently touch the top of his hardness with her hand.

“It feels kind of weird, doesn’t it.” She said, pulling back her hand a lot quicker than it had gone out.

Helen released her tight grip and took hold of Marny’s hand, positioning it back where her’s had been and keeping it there by wrapping her’s around Marny’s.

“It feels nice though, don’t you think?” Said Helen as she guided Marny’s hand in a few up and down movements. Gradually pulling Troy over to the stairs of the pool, Helen managed to sit herself down on the second top one with Troy now almost sitting beside her and Marny on the other side, but keeping all three of them still anchored to each other, his erection being the common anchor point.

The girls now being on either side if him, Troy with his right hand made an attempt to touch Marny’s bra covered but highly visible breast, getting it slapped and instantly pushed away by her in the process. Turning towards Helen, he did the same thing but this time received a more welcome response, Helen taking his hand in her own and assisting him to squeeze her breast and tweak her nipple whilst she continued to massage his dick with Marny’s hand still locked tightly beneath her own. Kneeling up so that her fanny was now above water level, Helen took hold of his now unassisted groping hand and guided it down to her still separated lips and positioned his two middle fingers above her clit area and as exactly as she was doing with Marny’s hand, began to pleasure herself using Troy’s fingers to actually do the touching. Troy probably being without experience in such maters, attempted to lower his hand position so as to insert one of his fingers between her lips and Helen being the generous soul that she was, allowed him to proceed even though I knew that she was more interested in having her clit area stimulated. He quickly had an extra finger moving in and out of her and she was becoming quite excited by this stimulation.

“Have you ever fucked a girl before Troy?” Helen asked, raising one of her knees out of the water and throwing it over him. Before he had a chance to answer, she had positioned her left leg, still bent at the knee right over him and Marny’s arm and was lowering herself slowly down, her and Marny’s hands still firmly attached to his upright stalk. Marny managed to retrieve her’s before it was squashed by Helen’s downward moving torso, which as we could all clearly witness was now beginning to engulf most of Troy’s hard on.

“Well, you have now.” She said as she started to raise and lower herself in slow but rhythmic fashion.

The rest of us being pretty much behind the action, all had a good view of Helen’s lips, tightly wrapped around his well proportioned cock as she seemingly sucked it’s whole length in and began pumping it in and out with great gusto.

She only had to continue this effort for about sixty seconds before Troy’s facial expressions and his increasingly sharp intake of breath gave away his imminent state of climax. Helen, seeing this, quickly raised her self off of him and grabbed Marny’s hand again, Marny not having moved away and still keenly observing the proceedings. As before, Helen encased Marny’s hand within her own again, only releasing it when Troy’s back started to arch and his hips convulsed. Marny, seemingly mesmerised by all of this continued, almost robotically to pump his hardness up and down on her own until, probably surprising only her, he ejaculated, powerfully projecting a huge glob of spunk at least two feet into the air, some of it coming down over Marny’s still tightly gripping hand.

As if in shock she released her grip, holding her juice covered hand up out of the water and just staring at it. Helen’s hand managed to quickly take over the job from her to get the most out of the next four or five equally impressive spurts. Helen, seeing that Marny was possibly a bit traumatised by it all, took her still spunk covered hand in her own and licked some of the creamy juice off of it. Pushing it back towards Marny’s own face, she indicated by sticking out her tongue that Marny should do likewise which very surprisingly she did, not stopping till it was licked clean.

“Yes, you’re right, look it’s started to go down now that he’s spilt his seed.”

Said Marny, her eyes glued to Troy’s quickly deflating manhood.

“But didn’t that hurt you, him going in so far, wasn’t it painful?”

Helen just smiled, saying that in fact it was just the opposite, it felt great, one of the best feelings a girl could ever have in her whole life. I think that if the others had not already realised it, my previous assessment as to Marny’s virginal state had just been confirmed by her question. Her apparent innocence somehow made me want to take her myself, here and now, just to show her how nice it could be. After all, it would only be fair, what with Helen having just deflowered her companion in front of us all. Funny enough, the fact that I had just witnessed my wife with a young guy’s dick choker block up her had not really upset me in the least. The act had only served to make me even more hornier than I had been before and I was quietly pleased with myself for having been able to see her do this without getting mad or jealous. I guess the fact that I did not see this young boy as any long term threat to our relationship probably helped, but in the back of my mind though, the fact that she had not let him come inside her did seem to make her behavior more easy to accept. After all, when you think about it, the main reason why any animal actually has sex, other than in humans, for the pure enjoyment of it, is to reproduce and if she had let him come inside of her, this could probably have been viewed by me, or anyone else for that mater, as an acceptance of him as a possible mate, which in the animal world would be a challenge to the normal pair bonding that Helen and I had. Should then, not the reverse also be true? Hadn’t I ejaculated my sperm inside more than one or two girls in the last year or so without Helen ever really raising any obvious concerns or doubts regarding the strength of our relationship? Perhaps it was different for men and women when we considered these sort of things. Undoubtedly the invention of the birth pill for women was the main reason why attitudes had changed, the amount of sexual freedom now available to the average man or women was limitless compared to that allowed in our own parent’s days, but I digress.

Marny seemed to have recovered from her initial shock of having made Troy spill his seed, as she so quaintly put it and had got back up on the inflatable chair.

Floating around and using her hands to paddle, she no longer made any attempt to cover herself up, her nice pink little nipples still showing through, slightly hard now. Even her body language seemed to appear more relaxed, her legs draped either side of the seat, and sitting in what she herself might have formally described as a rude position with her crotch area open to view due to water having revealed the transparency of the thin white cotton gusset. Troy had disappeared inside, maybe to dry himself off or possibly just to escape the situation for a few minutes. If this had indeed been the first time he had ever done it with a girl, it must also have been a big moment for him, one that I knew for sure, he would remember all of his life.

He had retrieved his shorts before leaving the pool and reappeared soon after, now wearing them again, him with a rather smug look on his still slightly flushed face. Observing Marny drifting around on the air bed, for the first time I noticed that between her bra and panties, her skin was white, almost matching the whiteness of her wet underwear. She had not the slightest hint of tan on her mid drift, only on her arms, legs and face. Her previous statement that in Cape Town, girls could only wear one piece suits at the beach was clearly substantiated by these tan marks. Whether she had had any romantic designs regarding Troy, she certainly didn’t appear to be too flustered by the previous interlude, perhaps because she was the one who had eventually made him come.

Whilst this had been going on, Sue had just laid back and watched, along with Brian and Sarah as Helen had orchestrated Troy’s deflowering, neither of them had having tried to do or say anything to prevent the proceedings in any way, shape or form. I somehow got the impression though, that Sue, who although had obviously enjoyed watching on, might have wished that it had been her and not Helen who should have been the one to have done this deed as she continued to lay in her open legged position with her lips still securely held apart by the sticky gum.

I had noticed, in the corner of my eye, her giving herself a good old touch up as Helen had been going up and down on Troy and the wetness that ensued as a result was still highly visible, the sunlight glinting off of those large, moist lips. Although most of us were now nude, Sarah still had her costume on, although rolled down to her waist. Brian was au naturel but had finally lost all signs of his previous hard on which he had indeed maintained for the half hour estimated by Sue before when answering Marny’s question. I, myself still had more than the remnants of my stiffy, the sight of Sue laying there, legs apart, doing nothing to remedy the situation. Helen, meanwhile was hanging onto the end of the airbed and gently pushing Marny around the pool in an anti clockwise direction. Not letting an opportunity like this go past, I held onto her waist and spooned on to her from behind, my erection now poking between her legs. It was surprisingly easy for me to position it with one hand and enter her in such a gentle manner that I don’t think that anyone, other than her would have been aware that I was now actually inside her. The fact that she would still have, what she would sometimes call a wide on from her previous activity probably helped as I pushed all the way in. Using my right hand, I started to massage and caress around her clit whilst almost casually pushing in and out of her. I think Marny caught on to what was happening as Helen now repositioned her own right hand and carefully pulled the thin cotton crotch of Marny’s panties aside. From where I was, I could now see most of that lovely Golden Fleece that relatively thickly covered her untouched little fanny. Helen then, using the middle and index fingers of her left hand started to rub around where she quite rightly anticipated Marny’s clit to be. I thought that because of her lack of experience, Marny might have resisted in some way but rather than object, she started to run her fingers over her own small but now hard nipples, all be it, on the outside of her bra. Positioning her head backwards onto the pillow of the inflatable seat and arching her back slightly, she was very obviously not too adverse to the treatment she was receiving. Helen momentarily desisted her clit rubbing, pulling Marny’s spare hand down to take over the job of holding aside the thin cotton material. Marny’s willingness to do this gave Helen the impetus to continue with her attentions, now slipping one finger inside of those almost hidden lips whilst speeding up her clit rubbing by using her thumb and gently parting Marny’s tight little pussy lips with her other hand. Watching this made me want to pump Helen harder, Sarah now alerting the others to what was going on and telling them to watch and enjoy the show. With her other free hand, Marny lifted her bra above her nice pert little breasts and began pulling and squeezing her small but hard bright pink nipples in turn. This was probably the first time that her private parts had been seen out in public and I think that Brian might have also appreciated this himself, now giving his old fella a good old fashioned tug even though Sarah and Sue were either side of him and could have helped him along had he wanted it. Screwing my misses from behind whilst watching her bring off a virgin in front of a group of horny voyeurs, made it near impossible for me to hold back and it wasn’t long before I reached that plateau of no return and spilt my seed aggressively into where it was always supposed to go. Helen, feeling me climax, came almost immediately on cue but this did not stop her from keeping up her rhythm on Marny. Although giving no audible indication, Marny’s back arched sharply as she visibly convulsed a couple of times before relaxing into a more relaxed and subdued position into the inflatable chair. Helen now having finished her job, swam off to the shallow end of the pool and quickly disappeared in the direction of the bathroom, still nude but holding her hand securely between her legs in an effort to prevent any leakage.

Marny, probably still coming down from her raised state of excitement, just laid there, panties back in position but with her pert, pink little nipples still uncovered and exposed, her bra remaining in the above the breasts location that she had lifted it to. Swimming back over to her, I held on to the end of the inflatable, half expecting her to pull down the white cotton top that now wet, would have done little to restore her modesty. Instead she just smiled.

“Boy oh boy, I really enjoyed that, but I hope it didn’t upset Helen as she seems to have taken off rather quickly.”

“Oh, she’s just gone to clean herself up a bit, what with me having spilled my seed inside her.” I replied, returning her smile.

Marny knew that I was having a lend of her and as if to pay me back, gave her own nipples a bit of a tweak in an effort to let me know that she also had a sense of humour too. Obviously appreciating that she was being a bit daring, she also gave her nice little titties a bit of a squeeze as well, keeping them momentarily cupped in her hands and moving them from side to side as if aiming them like water pistols to squirt their non existing lactations at me. Swimming behind her and placing my hands beneath her upper arms, I got her to raise her arms and as she did, I gently lifted her bra off over her head, without any real reluctance from her. Maybe feeling like she was now really being rude, she finally covered her breasts with her hands. Returning back around to the other end of the chair, I ran my hands up the outside of her legs until I had hold of the thin elastic band on either side of her panties. Slowly I pulled both sides out and drew them down slightly, all the while keeping eye contact with her in case I saw some indication that she would prefer me to stop. She slowly took her hands away from her breasts and covered my hands with her’s. Thinking that this was obviously as far as she wanted me to go, I desisted, retrieving my hands out from under hers and repositioning them beneath her knees. She raised her knees up and pulled her feet beneath them and away from me, and by raising her bottom, removed her panties herself in one swift movement before again stretching out her legs. Still having my hands behind her knees, it was an easy maneuver to separate them to a point where her feet were both dangling either side of the bottom of the chair, giving me a grandstand view of her thick, curly golden pubes and just a glimpse of those tightly closed lips beneath.

“Well, I suppose when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” She said, throwing both her bra and panties onto the surrounding coping of the pool, bringing back an instant that could only be described as deja vu.

Falling sideways off the inflatable, Marny did a quick lap of the pool before finding a comfortable resting place, half laying, half sitting on the partly submerged, first step of the pool at the shallow end now making no attempt to cover her exposed breasts even though Troy now came and sat beside her.

“One more of us and one less of them.” Called out Brian in a remark clearly directed at Marny.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She replied, rather inquisitively.

“Well, it means, one more naturist and one less textile.”

Brian responded.

I always knew that people had names for nudists but I never before realised that nudists had a name for, well non-nudists for a lack of a better description. The word textile to me, conjured up images of factories in the North of England pumping out clothing material, not really, in my opinion a good adjective or noun even to be used for describing people not willing to take off all of their clothes in front of others. I suppose he was logically right though, once you had stripped off in front of others, you were now one of us, a naturist, a nudist, perhaps using a more apt and probably a better word, an exhibitionist.

Once you had surmounted this mental barrier, there was no going back, your textile virginity had been lost forever, never to be recovered. My thoughts turned again to Marny, after forfeiting this, what most people see as an important item of moral respectability, would she be willing to go one step further. I felt a slight stirring in my loins at this idea even though it had only been no more than twenty minutes before that I had shot my load in a big way.

Helen now returned to the poolside.

“Notice anything?” She asked, coming over and standing above me at the edge of the pool, still naked and with her hands on her hips.

By now, I had climbed up on the inflatable chair and paddled closer to her to see if it were something visible that she expected me to see.

“Not really.” I replied.

“Here’s a clue.” She said, pointing down to her fanny area.

Looking closely, I could see that she was right, there was a very slight difference to before. Even though her lips were still nicely separated, it was now just possible to see her clit emerging from beneath it’s normally well covered position below that small hood of skin that usually kept it from view, this small, almost insignificant morsel of skin looking like it had been rolled back on itself somehow.

“Are you still feeling really horny?, is that what’s making it stick out so much?” I enquired.

“Nope.” She replied rather smugly.

“Just another clever use of the old Wriggleys gum.”

“Don’t let on, will you? She pleaded.

“I want to see if anybody else, anyone a bit more observant than you that is, notices it.” She replied walking over to the table and pouring herself another glass of wine.

It seemed like she always wanted to go just that one step further than anyone else to show how liberated she had become.

I guess this was her version of me having walked around with my erection on display before, anything I could do, she could do better, although in the prominence stakes, I definitely had the advantage.

Sue raised herself up and walked into the pool, doing a quick length before coming back to lay between Marny and Troy. Kneeling outwards and facing Sarah and Brian who were still laying on the loungers, she positioned her crotch so that the filter outlet was forcing the jet of water below and against her nether region, some of the water spraying upwards so that it made a fountain like display as it bounced off her tummy.

“If you want to feel something really nice Marny, just try this for a while.”

She said with a smile starting to appear on her face.

Marny kneeled up and did as Sue had done, quickly finding the other outlet which had been previously pumping warm water over the top of her thighs. Although, young and possibly naive, it didn’t take her long to start enjoying the effect of the constant friction of the powerful jet. Watching them both, it would have been easy to mistake these two as mother and daughter, what with their similar complexions, height and golden blond hair. Marny’s cute little nipples soon started to stand out and Sue’s were doing much the same thing, although the difference in breast and nipple size was comparable to the proverbial phrase, mountains and molehills. Brian, realising the potential of the situation, jumped up off of the lounger and soon had his camera out again and although I would have bet money on Marny not wanting to be photographed this way, she smiled willingly each time Brian directed the lens at her, even standing up momentarily and putting her hands on her hips when he suggested he wanted to take a full frontal shot of her.

Helen, maybe feeling that she was playing second fiddle here, came over and laid down sideways along the pool edge in her revealing, knees at the nine o’clock position. Brian was quickly distracted by her overtness and soon turned his camera on her for a while, even commenting that she had an especially beautiful pussy what with everything so nicely revealed. I couldn’t help but notice that she was looking very juicy down there and I remember thinking that it was probably mine and not her’s that was so evident as the creamy residue formed a droplet at the bottom of her entrance. Poor Troy didn’t quite know where to look what with these three lovely visions surrounding him. Helen, seeing him trying to sneak a closer look at her open fanny, beckoned him to come closer which he did, nervously swimming around to below where her bottom lay.

“Don’t be shy, touch it if you like, after all part of you has already been inside hasn’t it?” She said to him.

Taking his hand in her own, she placed his fingers on to her lips and without any further help, he soon started to pull and poke around on his own. Looking over at Sue, it was obvious that she was getting very turned on, not only by the outlet jet but also by what she was seeing. With her eyes now firmly glued on Troy’s fingers, she let out a loud sigh as she took her own tits in her hands and fell backwards into the pool. After having floated out to the middle and bumping into me, she eventually swam back to the shallow end, repositioning herself behind Marny who was still discovering the delights of high pressure water. Sue placed her arms around Marny and although from where I was floating, I couldn’t quite see what she was doing, it soon became evident that Sue was passing on to Marny some of her own well perfected techniques in getting the most out of this self pleasuring. Marny responded very quickly, again cupping her own breasts in her hands and pulling on those small pink nipples as I could only imagine what Sue’s fingers were doing, diligently working on those innocent and tight young lips. Brian again turned his lens on to Marny as she threw her head back with her eyes now closed and blissfully unaware of anything except the pleasurable sensations down below as well as within those small but pert little titties. Feeling a bit left out and with my manhood again standing to attention, there was nothing for it but to take myself in hand and give myself some self inflicted manual gratification. Again the thought entered my head as to whether Marny would surrender her self to one of us eager males if given the opportunity. Troy was still busy with Helen, now using a three finger combination to explore her inner parts whilst skillfully sucking on one of her nipples at the same time. Brian seemed happy just to take snapshots of us all as we each climbed the ladder to sexual fulfillment, so I sort of volunteered myself to be the one, slipping through the foot hole of the inflatable and surfacing behind Sue. Tapping her on the shoulder in an effort to get her to let me swap places, she must have got the wrong idea and promptly took my hardness in hand and pulled me in behind her. Oh well, I thought, why not, so I let her have her way, soon being up to my balls inside of her. My arms were just long enough to let my fingers become involved with Sue’s and it wasn’t too much longer before I was doing almost as well with Marny’s innards as Troy was doing with Helen’s. Once again, I had the arduous task on my hands of trying to satisfy two girls at the same time, but I had supreme confidence in myself, this not being the first occasion that I had attempted it. Sue obligingly held Marny’s small and softly delicate lips apart whilst I managed to place my middle finger as far inside her tight little fanny as I could. I could feel no hymen barrier, which surprised me somewhat, what with my previous estimation of her virginal status. However, she had previously told us that she has been able to ride a horse since the age of five and I knew it wasn’t uncommon for horsy type girls not to have that small piece of protective skin intact beyond their early teens. The pressure of the water was stronger than I had imagined and what with all the attention this lucky young girl was now receiving, it wasn’t much longer before my exploring fingers felt those first tell tale contractions that could mean only one thing.

Sue, instinctively sensing that Marny’s climax was imminent now begged me to fuck her harder, and not in a reserved manner either, her comment bringing a derisive remark from Brian who was now happily snapping away at our close knit little menage a trois. I obliged, knowing that I could hold off a lot longer if necessary and soon I could actually feel both of them coming at the same time, Marny’s innards becoming considerably tighter on my probing fingers than they were before.

Sue, after disengaging and floating out to the middle of the pool again asked me to point her towards the stairs, this time me knowing why. Marny stayed almost in the same position and looked concerned as Sue groped her way out of the pool.

“Don’t worry, she can’t see for a short while after she comes, she’ll be okay in a minute or so.” I said coming back in to take a spooning position behind Marny who was still in a kneeling forward position. Before she had time to think about it, I had placed my left arm around her waist and took hold of my still rigid member with my other one. Lowering my left hand and by using two fingers, I managed to separate her lips far enough apart to get the head of my penis right between them. Probably thinking that it was just my finger she was about to receive again, Marny smiled as she turned her head towards me.

“Yes, do it again, that was absolutely brilliant, yes try to make me come again, please.”

With her head still facing me, I made my first lunge and incredibly got about half way in before the pleading look on her sweet little face turned to one more of surprise. Her mouth just opened as I achieved full penetration, her tight little fanny completely accommodating my whole eight inches. For a fraction of a second I actually considered pulling out as I saw a small tear drop forming in the corner of one of her eyes and then trickling slowly down her cheek. This moment of compassion soon passed as my physical needs overcame any idea of stopping. I began to slowly and gently push in and out in consideration of the tightness I could feel. Being in the pool and still being under water probably made my movements a bit more comfortable than they may have been in other, not so lubricated circumstances, the tightness factor not being so important here.

Being able to free my hands now, I took possession of her cute little titties, giving both her nipples a tweak as I caressed and squeezed her soft breasts in rhythm with my now faster thrusting. She had still not made a sound but the fact that she was now meeting my own forward thrust with a backwards one each time I pushed into her, made me realise that now that the initial shock of losing her virginity had passed, she wanted to make the most of this probably unexpected situation. She covered my hands with hers in an effort to make me squeeze her titties even tighter and arched her spine, bringing her head back to a position that I was able to place a gentle kiss on her forehead. Even Helen had come around to watch as our performance now became the only one of any sexual activity still in play.

Every one started to clap in rhythm with our pumping and soon they began to speed it up in a probable effort to motivate us both. This motivation, I did not need, but it didn’t take too long to get caught up in it all and because of the increased sensations due to the tightness I felt, I began to have some doubts as to how much longer I could hold off.

“Don’t come, oh please don’t come, I don’t want to get pregnant,” she begged, loudly enough for all to hear.

The fact that this could be an eventual outcome, hadn’t even occurred to me and this alone should have brought me to my senses but my primeval instincts somehow now made me want to thrust even harder than before to the point that it seemed my sole desire now was to actually impregnate this pretty young thing. I knew that by continuing, my actions could have been construed as even a mild form of rape but as the clapping got faster and she started to moan loudly and push back on me even harder, I knew that there was no going back. The build up of electric energy in my hands and feet told me that the orgasm I was about to experience would be one of those whole body ones that come few and far between and regardless of the outcome, I didn’t want to miss out.

Marny started to convulse wildly as her vaginal muscles tightened and relaxed in an uncontrolled manner and I managed to just hold off for a few seconds more until I knew that she had peaked, me not being able to hold back my cries of rapture as I ejaculated my juices into her tight little pussy and felt a surge of sensation go through me that would be hard to even try to describe here.

The clapping did not stop but went into a crescendo of out of sync noise as the realisation of what I had just done came over me. Rather than pull out, I remained firmly locked between her thighs, still experiencing some after shocks of one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had. Marny, still tightly squeezing her now blush red little titties, just looked up at Helen who was now sitting in front of her on the edge of the pool.

“Well, I suppose you’re well and truly one of us now,” said Sue as she looked down at Marny.

“How does it feel?”

“I’m not sure yet, but I think it feels good you know, yes particularly good,”

replied Marny as she continued to pull on her rosy pink nipples now with not the merest hint of any shame.

We left at about ten o’clock the next morning and other than one Christmas card we received the following December, we never heard from or saw any of these lovely people again.

The only other note worthy incident that was of interest that trip occurred one night when we went to an RSL club, which is short for Returned Servicemen’s League club, in a small town called Berri which is on the Murray river. When we tried to get in, the guy at the door told me that I couldn’t come in wearing my black, string vest type tee shirt, saying that regulation dress for a male was that you had to have a collar on your shirt. Knowing that I did not have one with me, Helen whispered in my ear that she had an idea. She suggested that we return to the van and swap tops as she had on a white shirt that although a bit tight, probably would fit me alright. Doing up the buttons on the wrong side did throw me, but with Helen’s help, I got them all done up. Helen was wearing a tight fitting pair of jeans but was braless under her blouse. This made for an interesting situation as we returned to the front door of the club. The doorman knew instantly what we had just done and couldn’t help smiling as he happily signed us in. Only when Helen stood back a bit did his eyebrows raise as the total transparency of her newly exchanged attire became fully apparent. When we swapped tops back at the van in the car park, it was quite dark and even I hadn’t noticed just how revealing the black string vest had been but now in the fluoro lit foyer, Helen’s large brown nipples were clearly evident behind the fine mesh of the black material.

“It might be advisable to go and put something on under that top missy.” He said.

“Why, does it say anything in your regulations about women having to wear bras at all?” Questioned Helen.

“Well no, I don’t think it does actually but if we get any complaints from the members, I might have to ask you to leave if you don’t go and put one on.” He replied.

“I’ll take my chances then,” said Helen as she and Sarah proceeded to stroll into the main saloon bar.

Finding a table, I went and bought some drinks for us all whilst Helen and Sarah sat themselves down. As Helen sat with her back to the main bar, only Sarah would have been able to see what she had on show. I felt a bit relieved at this as I wasn’t really in the mood for any confrontation because of her lack of modesty.

There were about twenty people in the bar, it being a week night, and most were couples with the exception of three single guys sitting at the bar. Most were at tables themselves and nobody seemed put out by our presence.

After we finished our drinks, Helen insisted that she buy the next shout and although I offered to get it for her, she as calm as you like went up and ordered it to the reverberant accompaniment of a couple of wolf whistles from the three guys at the end of the bar. This sound made quite a few heads turn as she returned carrying a tray with our drinks and some crisps on. Helen could not hold back a smile as she unnecessarily and slowly returned to the bar to give back the tray to further wolf whistles.

“Well, I wonder how long it will take for us to get thrown out now?” I asked as Helen now sat down beside me so that anyone who now wanted to could have a good look at her décolletage.

The three guys quickly found themselves a table in front of ours with all of them making no bones about what they were now looking at. One of them came over and offered to buy us all a drink but I thankfully knocked back his kind offer saying that we were not staying long. Asking if they could join us, I was about to give a similar answer as before but didn’t manage to quite get it out as they all pulled up their chairs closer to our table. Helen was positively loving all of this attention and that old powerless feeling was starting to come over me again.

“Where’s you guys all from?” Asked one of them with a drawl that can only be found out here in the bush.

“Are yers dancers or models or somethink?”

Helen answered him by first admitting that he was right, we were all models and then after sucking them in completely went on to confess about us not being able to get in with me wearing the tee shirt.

“Cripes, I reckons it suits you better, don’t it fellers?” The loud one answered as he put his arms around both his mate’s shoulders and got into a right belly laugh.

“And none of you mongrels here is gonna complain about this young lady’s top are yers?” He said standing momentarily to the surprise and forced agreement of a few people seated close to us.

“Now that weesa mates, let us get youse a drink.”

Not wanting to offend these guys, we accepted his offer and were soon downing our third, fourth and fifth drinks for the evening.

One of the other guys continued to make some lewd and inane remarks about the large size of Helen’s nipples, his loud mate having the cheek to tell him to keep his voice down. Although his comments were starting to annoy me, Helen was lapping it all up and even slipped a couple of round beer coasters under her tee shirt which only just managed to cover them even though the cool inside temperature had shrunk them quite a bit. Sarah even got into the act by saying that what you couldn’t get into your mouth was wasted anyway to the obvious delight and applause of them all.

She was wearing a pair of jeans like Helen and had a thin cotton, halter top on.

The air conditioning had taken it’s toll on her nipples too and they were making themselves very noticeable as well, now standing out proud of the flimsy material.

“Reckon I wouldn’t waste too much with yours then luv.”

Said the one making the lewd remarks as he gave one of Sarah’s nipples a fairly hard tweak.

Slapping his hand as she replied, she told him she would squeeze something of his if he tried that again to his reply of.

“Promises, promises.”

Starting to get a bit nervous as these guys got more and more suggestive towards the girls, I handed the van keys to Helen under the table, whispering to her to take Sarah to the loo and make their way out the back exit. Getting my point she stood up and told my sister to come with her which she did. One of the coasters fell from it’s position as she stood up and she casually removed the other to the cheers of the three guys.

“Won’t be long.” She said as they both walked off together.

Getting up myself, I asked them all what they would like to drink and proceeded to the bar to get the next shout. On returning to the table, I made the excuse that I too needed to go to the little boy’s room and quickly exited out the back way.

Making a quick get away, we took off in a southerly direction at top speed, which isn’t really that fast in a combi van. As we hadn’t put up our tent so far, we decided to drive on a bit further to the next small town before setting up camp for the night, just to be on the safe side.

This eventful trip ended a few days later with us all having a better understanding of not only our own but also each others sexual parameters. An understanding that few people would ever normally achieve. An understanding that would make all our lives more interesting when some six months later we decided to leave Melbourne for good to head for the sub tropical climate of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland.

Epilogue We had spent just eighteen months in this wonderful country and oh how things had changed for all of us. We had all grown up a lot and expanded our horizons significantly. Perhaps if we had not bumped into Greg and his mate that fateful day at Somer’s beach, we may have had a completely different outlook on life and sexuality than we had now. Even Sarah had started to look forward to the future now and even though her memories about what had happened before she came to Australia would always remain with her, at least they were now filed somewhere further back in her memory banks and not a constant reminder to her of things that were not to be.

How can I justify the things we had all done. Well do I really have to, I ask myself. Well yes, perhaps I do, not to anyone else or to you perhaps but more so to myself maybe.

What had I learnt about life, the universe and everything, so as to speak? Maybe not a lot. What I had learnt though was enough to make me understand more fully the processes that go on, not only in my own mind but more so those that go on in the mind of the fairer sex.

One of the most important thing that I learnt was that men are not alone in their constant desire and need for the physical and visual satisfaction that the opposite gender (or the same for that matter) can give them. I learnt that most women really do enjoy showing themselves off and as I had been reliably advised, they also know exactly what they are doing when they do it. I learnt that guilt is an anchor that will pull you down and eventually drown you if you do not learn to overcome it as soon as possible. I learnt that there truly is no sin in beauty and that if you’ve got it and the situation is right, then by all means, flaunt it. I learnt that if you can get a women to get her gear off in public then getting to the next stage of intimacy is then less than twenty per cent of the required effort it took to get to her naked in the first place. I learnt that nudity does not always lead to sex but very often, if you go about it the right way, it will. I learnt that a women who is fully dressed seems to have some inbuilt moral duty to keep concealed as much as possible from the gaze of men. I learnt that once she is naked, this moral duty is not only bypassed but is positively reversed as in the case of the girls I have related to in the previous chapters. Most of all, the one thing I learnt that changed my life for ever was the thing that Helen had passed on not only to me but to many others…if it feels good, then just do it.