A Life Changing Trip with Mother

Chapter 01

Melissa Jacobs slowly forced her eyes open as the morning sunlight peeked through the blinds. She looked at the clock on her bedside nightstand and saw that it was almost 8 a.m. It had been quite some time since she had slept this late on a Saturday morning. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head, causing the pink silk sheet to slip from her large breasts, tickling her nipples into erection as it fell. A chill of undeniable excitement rushed through her and she trembled. She sighed with a bit of frustration at how easily her breasts responded to the slightest touch. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, but in the past six months she could barely touch them without feeling a tingling between her legs. She chastised herself for the inability to control what she considered inappropriate basic instincts … after all; she was a thirty-six year old divorced mother of an eighteen-year-old boy. Women her age didn’t have those feeling, or so she tried to convince herself.

She threw the covers from her naked body and climbed out of bed. She rarely slept naked, but found it to be fun and sensuous on occasion. She sighed as she made the bed neatly before walking toward the bathroom. As she passed the full-length mirror she paused for a moment to scan her body.

The years had been good to her and she had remained fit, thanks to the expensive exercise equipment her ex-husband had installed in the basement. Her natural 36 “C” breasts were a perfect match for her narrow waist and smoothly flaring hips. She knew she looked good in whatever clothes she chose to wear, yet she tended to dress conservatively, the result of her strict religious upbringing, preferring to wear jacketed business suits on workdays to cover her slightly tight blouses and slacks (the tightness she attributed to a couple of pounds she had gained since the divorce two years earlier). Her mother had taught her that “good girls” didn’t flaunt their sexuality. “Good girls” were always properly dressed. Those lessons stayed with her over the years and therefore, she tended to cover up when in public, wearing fuller cut tops and dresses as well as full bathing suits on the beach instead of the string bikinis that many younger women wore.

As she gazed at her figure, her eyes traveled down her flawless breasts and the still hard pink nipples to her flat stomach and on to her pubic mound. Her larger than normal clitoris and protruding inner lips seemed to flower outward from her smoothly shaven outer lips. The size of her clit and labia had embarrassed her when she was young but not now. No one saw that area of her body anymore.

She pursed her lips as she turned this way and that, looking at the sensual curve of her hips and her strong and shapely thighs. But her eyes invariably went back to her hairless pubic mound. Roy, her ex-husband (sixteen years of marriage) insisted that she keep herself shaven, regardless of her protests. Although it sometimes felt embarrassing, it was easier to give in than to argue. Surprisingly, after years of being clean-shaven, it felt more natural than having hair. And besides, it didn’t matter since, in spite of the best efforts of her friends, she hadn’t even had a date since the divorce two years ago.

Without thinking, Melissa’s hand idly slipped across her breast, sending a now familiar chill through her as she lightly touched her nipple with the palm of her hand. Almost without realizing it, she moved her feet apart, allowing her hand to continue to move downward until it paused at the top of her sex mound. Her face flushed hot as she spread the fleshy hood covering her clitoris, exposing the penis shaped nub to the cool air. Her breathing grew rapid as she stared at the now swollen clit.

Melissa knew it was wrong to be doing this, but despite her internal admonishment, her legs slipped further apart, almost obscenely exposing herself to the mirror. With eyes wide, she stared at her pussy, watching the swollen clit pulse with excitement. She knew her clit was larger than normal… she had seen other women in playboy magazines found hidden under her son’s mattress. Sometimes she wondered if she was a freak … her clit was twice the size of any of those women. As she continued to stare, she dared to move her finger across the stretched surface of her clit, bringing a moan of pleasure, or was it remorse, from her lips.

This was crazy, she thought as she suddenly forced her hand from between her legs. With a sigh she strode into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. Yet, the feeling did not diminish as she began to relieve herself. The tiny pearl of skin at the top of her lips almost throbbed. Her legs began to tremble and she wondered if she was losing her mind.

Instead of rising after relieving herself, she sat back and spread her legs. Again her fingers found her clit. With a moan she began to rub herself, bringing excited whimpers from her lips. Up and down her fingers traveled, gently massaging her now pulsing clit until she felt tingling in her toes … the tingling climbed up her legs to her pussy, making her body shake with excitement. It had been a long time since she dared to pleasure herself. She knew it was wrong, but it was almost too late to stop. Her head started to spin and she began to gasp for breath.

“Mom, are you awake?” Eric called through the bedroom door.

Melissa gasped and sat straight up at the sound of her son’s voice. She pulled her hand from between her legs like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar. The excitement of the moment collapsed like a balloon pricked with a pin.

It took her a second to respond. “Uh… yes, I’m in the bathroom.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I was going over to Jimmy’s house. I’ll be back about one or two. Do you want me to pick up anything at the store?”

“Uh … yes, wait a minute,” she returned. She hurried out of the bathroom and to her dresser where she retrieved a pair of panties. As she pulled them up her legs and the material touched her still swollen clit, she gasped. A tremor of renewed excitement rushed through her. Without waiting for the feeling to pass she reached for the first article of clothing available, a sheer pink nightgown. It was her favorite nightgown made of a sheer wispy silk material covering her body from her shoulders to her feet … yet it was so sheer it really hid nothing. She never wore it when anyone would see her. She pulled it over her head and hurried to the door without thinking of the transparency of her gown. After a moment’s pause she took a deep breath and opened the door to see her son’s handsome smiling face.

“Sorry to bother you,” he said with a smile.

Melissa saw his bright blue eyes sparkled as he looked at her. She knew that her hair had not been combed and her face was flushed and she worried that somehow he would know what she had been doing seconds ago in the bathroom. When she saw her son’s eyes drift down a bit her face flushed redder and she crossed her arms over her almost bare chest. “Uh … no problem. I was just getting dressed,” she said, pushing her shoulder length red hair back with one hand. “Did you … did you say you would stop at the store?”

“Yes, but it won’t be until this afternoon.”

“That’s fine. I need some milk and bread. Let me get you some money.” With that Melissa turned, relieved her hide her near nudity from her son’s eyes, and saw her pocketbook sitting on the floor next to the bed. Without thinking she bent over to retrieve her wallet. As she did the gown stretched across her nearly bare ass. When she heard what she thought was a gasp, she stood up quickly and turned around.

It was Eric’s turn to blush and his eyes shifted away.

Melissa knew that he had been spying on her for a long time. It was nothing terribly overt, but noticeable nonetheless. It had begun several years earlier. She figured that he thought that she hadn’t noticed. She had, but she chalked it up to adolescent fantasy and something he would grow out of. While she was a bit flattered by the attention, she was also worried. He was 18 now and in college and should be thinking of girls his own age. Much to her embarrassment, the feelings she received from his sometimes lustful stare were more than a little uncomfortable and not entirely mother-like.

She worried that without a father in the house, it was going to be left to her to discuss the birds and bees with her son, and she knew it would not be a comfortable conversation for either of them.

“Wanna go out for pizza tonight?” Eric asked hopefully.

“Don’t you have a date? I mean, wouldn’t you rather go out with friends instead of your old mom?”

Eric smiled and said, “First of all, you’re not old. Second, I would rather go out with you than any of my friends in school.” Eric’s face flushed again. He sounded like a lovesick schoolboy. But in truth, that was exactly what he was.

Melissa felt a strange feeling rush up and down her body. She told herself she was still recovering from touching herself. She cleared her throat and said, “All right. I want to talk to you about a couple of things anyway.” She handed him the money and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As she watched him walk away in his jeans, tennis shoes, and tight tee shirt, she sighed. She had to admit that he was a gorgeous boy: not overly tall—he still had some growing to do, but with a handsome face, dark hair, blue eyes and a sparkling smile, he would be a lady killer soon. She wondered why he didn’t have loads of girlfriends already. There was a nagging feeling that she really knew the reason and it scared her.

Chapter 02

“Ready to go mom?” Eric called as he stood at the foot of the stairs waiting for his mother to come down. They had reservations at 6:30 at a local pizza restaurant.

Melissa put the finishing touches on her makeup before she hurried out of the bedroom. When she arrived downstairs she was surprised to see that Eric had on a suit. He rarely wore a suit and in fact it general took a great deal of pleading from her to get him to put one on. She was justifiably impressed. “Very nice,” she said as she sized up the suit he was wearing. The last time she had seen the suit was when a friend got married several months earlier.

She had on a pair of striped slacks and a blouse with a cashmere sweater underneath.

“Wow, you look great too, Mom,” he said.

“Thanks,” Melissa responded and suddenly her son’s stare made her nipples harden under the sweater. She rationalized that it was just the result of a draft in the old house. But then she felt her panties rubbing on her swollen clit and a shudder when through her. She swayed a bit.

“You okay, Mom?” Eric asked.

“Uh … uh … yes. I just got a little light headed. Guess I’m hungrier than I thought,” Melissa responded quickly. She held out her arm for the coat and turned away from her son to hide her still flushed face.

Eric drove the couple of miles to the restaurant and soon they were sitting in a booth waiting for their pizza order. Eric ordered a Coke and Melissa got a pitcher of Sangria. She needed something a little stronger than Coke after a day of worrying about the conversation she was about to have with her son.

For a few minutes the two of them made small talk, with Melissa drinking three glasses of wine to bolster her courage.

“So, Eric, tell me something,” Melissa said.

“Sure, Mom, anything for you,” he returned with a smile.

“I … I … was wondering why you … why don’t you date more. I mean … like tonight you’re going out with me and its Saturday night.” There she had said it.

Eric looked a bit shocked at the question. “Uh … that’s a strange question, Mom.”

“I know, Hon, but I’m worried about you. That’s what mothers do. I see you staying home every night with all those pretty college girls around and … well, you should be dating.”

“I do date occasionally. I went out two weeks ago as a matter of fact.”

“Yes, and you were home by eleven.”

“Mom, most mothers would be happy that their kids are home early.”

“That’s true, but you’re a young man and should be sowing your wild oats a little. You know … have a little fun with the girls.”

“I can’t believe I just heard you say that,” Eric said with a look of amazement. Then his face turned serious. After a pause he said, “It’s just that girls my age are so immature.”

Melissa laughed loudly. Then she put her hand over her mouth and looked embarrassed at her loud outburst.

“Why are you laughing?” Eric responded defensively.

“Sorry. It’s just that that’s what girls generally say about boys, not the other way around.”

“It’s true.”

The smile left Melissa’s face as she said, “I know you are mature for your age, Eric. Still, there have to be girls who you can date that are mature.”

“Well, maybe, but they are few and far between.”

Melissa paused for a moment before she asked the next question. “But, what about … what about … you know … sex?” Melissa blushed.

“Mom!” Eric gasped. “You’re not supposed to ask your son that type of question.”

It was Melissa’s turn to look serious. She reached over and grasped his hand. “I know, but without a father around all the time … and we have been so close since the divorce … I just thought you might need someone to talk to.” This was even harder than she had anticipated. She paused again before saying, “I’m messing this all up.” Tears suddenly came to her eyes.

“You are seriously worried aren’t you?” Eric squeezed his mother’s hand warmly and smiled.

“Yes. I’m your mother, and father, and I don’t know about boy stuff. Your dad is across the country now and remarried, so he can’t do it.”

There was a long silence as she watched her son stare at her with a questioning look. She figured he was trying to decide if he was going to open up to her. She hoped he would and at the same time prayed he wouldn’t. It was all so confusing raising a teenaged boy as a single mom.

Finally he took a deep breath and said, “All right, if you want me to talk to you like I would if dad were around, fine, but don’t get embarrassed.”

Melissa smiled as she wiped her eyes. “I can’t promise that.”

“All right, you asked for it. As I said, girls my age are so immature … even the upper class girls. I just want more from a relationship than ‘dating with benefits’.

“Dating with benefits … what’s that?”

Eric paused and then said in warning, “Remember you asked.”

Melissa nodded her head and waited expectantly. She really had no idea what he was talking about.

“Dating with benefits is where you go out with a girl and afterward, because you paid for dinner or the movie, she … well, she does things.”

Melissa was still clueless. “Does things?”

“Yes. You know … uses her hand on you, or her mouth.” Eric sighed and added bluntly, “You know, like a handjob or blowjob.”

Melissa’s eyes flew open. “Oh!” she exclaimed.

“I warned you.”

Melissa took a gulp of wine and then a deep breath. After a long pause she gathered her composure and said, “Go on.”

“After the date and the ‘benefit’, you may or may not go out with her again. Or, you might never see her again. It’s what all the kids do. It starts in junior high.”

“Good God! Junior high school?”

“Yes. But, it’s not like sex.”

“It’s not sex? Then what is it?” Melissa asked with astonishment.

“That’s when you actually do it.”

“You mean intercourse?”


“This is hard to believe,” said Melissa.

“It’s true,” returned Eric.

Melissa thought for a moment and said, “And you say all the kids do it … meaning you?”

Eric’s face flushed, looked down at his glass, lowered his voice and said, “Yes.”

“So you have had girls use their … their mouth, or, or their hand on you,” she asked, the wine giving her the courage to continue the line of questioning.

“Of course.”

“What about ‘real’ sex … intercourse, have you done that?”

“Oh wow, Mom.”

“Come on. It’s honesty time. Just act like you’re talking to a friend or your father.”

“I don’t think I would talk to dad like this,” Eric returned.

“Well, have you had real sex?”

“Yes. A few times.”

Somehow, Melissa felt almost relieved. “Did you use protection?”

“God, Mom!”


“Yes, but not with handjobs or blowjobs, which is what we do most of the time. That would take all the fun out of it.” Eric laughed nervously.

Melissa giggled nervously. “I suppose you’re right. Your dad used to say that it was like taking a shower in a raincoat.” She suddenly realized that she was still holding her son’s hand. It felt very hot in hers. Her heart was beating faster for some strange reason. “Dating with benefits, huh,” she said, almost to herself.

“Remember, Brenda Kramer?” Eric asked.

“Yes, you had her over here a couple of weeks ago.”

“Remember when you came downstairs to ask if we needed anything before you went to bed?”


“Well, if you had come down about one minute earlier, you would have seen what dating with benefits really is.” Eric smiled.

“You mean she was giving you a hand …” Melissa started to say and paused.

“No. You said she had something on her chin. It wasn’t food … well real food.” Eric laughed.

Melissa looked confused for a moment.

“You’re not that naive are you?”

Suddenly she knew what he meant; Brenda had just finished giving her son a blowjob and had his cum on her chin. Melissa felt her face turn red. She remembered it distinctly now. Both of the kid’s faces were flushed. She thought they had just been kissing. Now the sticky substance on her chin made sense. Although she was embarrassed at Eric’s revelation, an unwanted chill of excitement rushed through her and made her tremble.

“You okay, Mom?” Eric asked when he saw his mother tremble.

Melissa saw her son’s eyes on her now hard nipples. “Uh … yes … it’s a little cold in here,” Melissa said.

“Anyway,” he continued, “as soon as you left, I was on the floor with my face buried between her legs.”

Melissa gasped and her eyes opened wide.

At that moment the pretty waitress arrived with their pizza. She sat it on the table and turned to Eric with a sexy smile. “Anything else for you?”

Melissa saw her look and felt a twinge of anger. She answered for Eric. “No, that will be all,” she said curtly.

The waitress gave her an irritated look and strode away.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” said Melissa. With that she got up and swayed a bit from all the wine she had consumed. Incredibly, like earlier at the house, she could still feel her panties rubbing on her swollen pussy lips. A moment later she was in the restroom in a stall. When she pulled her panties down she was aghast to see that the crotch was literally soaked with juice. She could see her swollen clit sticking out like a miniature penis, almost throbbing with excitement. She was not only shocked, but also mortified that the conversation with her son had excited her. Still, the alcohol rushing through her brain would not let her process the enormity of what had just happened. She sat down to ponder the strange feelings that seemed to be engulfing her more often everyday. She didn’t have any answers.

A few minutes later she returned to the table, walking slowly to avoid swaying, but also to keep her panties from stimulating her still swollen clit. She sat down and looked at her smiling son. She took a deep breath and let it out, wondering if the conversation had been a good idea in the first place. Then she remembered the other thing she wanted to tell Eric. “Oh, Eric, I’ve been waiting to tell you some exciting news. Do you want to hear?”

“Of course. What is it?” he asked curiously.

“Well, on Friday, I won first place in a system design contest at work. I designed a solution for a flaw in our fabrication process that helped keep the reverberator’s from freezing up …”

Eric’s grimace showed that he had no idea what she was talking about. He held up his hand. “Mom, what did you win?”

“Oh yes, I won a trip for two to either Florida for two weeks or…” Melissa paused.

“Wow, a trip to Florida,” Eric exclaimed.

“Or” she said again louder. “A trip to Zermatt, Switzerland.”

“What? You won a trip to Zermatt?” Eric almost screamed.

Melissa smiled at his enthusiasm. Now it was her turn to hold up her hand. “Wait a minute. The trip to Florida includes a great condo on the beach in St. Petersburg. The Switzerland trip is to a cabin on the side of a mountain. I saw a picture and it is pretty rustic. I think it does have running water though. The place belongs to the Chairman of our company and he put it up as a prize. I think he inherited it from his grandmother who lived there most of her life. I don’t know how good the accommodations will be.”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t even care if it doesn’t have electricity. Two weeks in Zermatt, God, that would be a dream come true.”

They both loved to ski but had not been for almost a year.

Melissa smiled. “I thought that’s what you would say, so I told them Switzerland.”

“Oh, Mom, that’s incredible,” Eric said and jumped up and came around the table to hug his mother. He sat down in the chair next to her and pulled her close, feeling her soft breasts pressing to his chest. The hug lasted for a long time. “You’re the greatest, Mom. When can we go?” he asked.

“Well, since you’re on winter break from school, now is as good a time as any. I have the tickets for the flight. We leave Monday.” Melissa could see that she had bowled her son over. His enthusiasm made her forget her state of sexual excitement.

For the next half-hour they chatted excitedly about Switzerland as they ate their pizza. Then Eric drove them home, with his mother falling asleep on his shoulder before they reached the main road. Wine always made her sleepy … and horny.

Chapter 03

“Mom, wake up,” Eric said as he gently shook his sleeping mother.” When she opened her eyes he said, “We’re home.”

“Oh, I guess I dozed off.”

“You were snoring,” Eric laughed.

“I’m sorry. I always get sleepy when I drink wine.” Melissa watched as Eric jumped out of the car and rushed around to open the door for her and help her out. Then he put his arm around her and they walked up the sidewalk toward the house.

When they were inside, he stopped. “Thanks Mom, that was a great evening, especially the part about Switzerland. But, you know what? Talking to you was great too. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I really appreciate that you’re interested.”

“You’re welcome,” Melissa said as she stared into her son’s pretty blue eyes. “It was nice for me too.” The room suddenly grew very quiet. For some odd reason her heart started to beat faster. Without realizing it their lips moved slowly toward each other. When they touched, it was like an electric current had begun charging through her. She tingled from head to toe.

For reasons Melissa would never admit to herself, she allowed Eric to squeeze her tight and work his lips against hers. Her arms went around his shoulders as his lips parted. The tip of his tongue entered her mouth …

“Mmmmm,” Melissa moaned deep in her throat.


Suddenly the spell was broken when the telephone rang. They both jumped. Melissa quickly pulled away, or more correctly staggered away. She walked in a trance to the jangling telephone. “He … hello,” she stuttered. “It’s Tony, for you,” she said, holding the phone to Eric, a clear look of disappointment, or maybe relief, on her face.

Eric appeared to be in a fog as well. “Uh … hi, Tony. Yeah, I was out getting a pizza. Naw, I don’t want to go out tonight. It’s after ten already. I know, but I only said maybe.” He paused and listened. “Brenda and Julie want to double date, huh?”

Melissa couldn’t help showing a frown as she stared at her son.

“No, I still think I’ll stay home. By the way, my Mom won a trip for us to Switzerland. Yes, we’re leaving Monday. ” The two boys talked for a few more minutes. Apparently Eric’s friend was still trying to convince him to go out. It didn’t work.

Melissa hurried to the shower before Eric’s conversation was over. She let the almost cold-water rush over her as she tried to wash the excitement of the conversation and kiss from her mind. It had definitely excited her. It was almost overwhelming that she had kissed her own son like that. However briefly, their lips had touched and his tongue had touched hers. She could still almost feel his tongue in her mouth. She didn’t know what would have happened if the phone hadn’t rang.

A few minutes later she stepped out of the shower and used a large fluffy towel to dry. She walked out of the bathroom and sat down at her vanity, looking at herself in the mirror. Her face was still flushed and she could still feel twinges of excitement rushing through her. She rubbed her thighs together and felt a ripple of excitement between her legs. She thought for a moment about finishing what she had started that morning. “No,” she said out loud and stood up.

She put on her nightgown, the same one she had on this morning, and walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to say goodnight to Eric. When she reached his room, she raised her hand to tap on the door. However, she found the door partially open. When she peeked through she gasped at what she saw … Eric lying on the bed naked and he had his cock in his hand. Her face suddenly felt flushed again and her heart started beating rapidly. She knew that she should turn away, but her eyes were drawn to his strong, young athletic body.

Melissa stared in wonder. His penis was huge. He was much bigger than his father was. The head was swollen and shaped like a small plum. Her legs grew weak as she watched him move his hand up and down the shaft.

“Mmmm,” he moaned.

His cock throbbed and it looked to be ready to explode. A bubble of clear juice appeared at the head and then slowly trickled down the side. A steady stream of juice followed.

Melissa had to place her hand on the door jam or risk collapsing. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Suddenly her clit began to throb with a life of its own and she felt like she might climax. She squeezed her legs together to try and stop it, but that was the wrong thing to do. Her legs trembled as waves of excitement rushed up and down her body. She bit her lip in a last effort to stop the on-coming climax. It was impossible. Her body shook as incredible pleasure rushed through her. Her head spun and her eyes hooded over.

She had never climaxed without manual stimulation before. In fact, it had always taken quite a bit of stimulation to bring her relief. But now, without a touch, she was climaxing. Her body shook and her knees almost buckled as the pleasure continued for some time. As the waves began to subside, she realized that juice was running down her thighs like a river.

Inside the room, Eric was lying back on the bed with his eyes closed, his hand around his cock stroking himself. Little moans of pleasure continued to escape his lips.

Melissa was almost successful in tearing herself away from the door when she glanced in one last time. Her trembling had barely stopped when she saw her son now stroking himself rapidly. All reason left her and she reached between her legs and began to stimulate her still pulsing clit. Her breathing grew labored as she rubbed herself and watched her son play with himself.

She heard a moan and saw him squeeze his fist around his cock, pulling the skintight and making the large head swell even larger. Seconds passed as the purple head grew larger and the entire shaft throbbed.

Suddenly, with a low moan, the swollen head pulsed and a huge bolts of cum shot from the slit like an erupting volcano. The thick sperm arched upward several feet into the air before falling back to his chest with a splat. Another blast followed, and then another. Over and over his cock pulsed, spewing an incredible quantity of juice into the air, only to splatter on his chest and stomach. Finally the throbbing stopped and the remaining juice streamed down his fingers.

When it was over, his stomach and chest were covered in juice, leaving a trail all the way to his chin.

Melissa saw his eyes close as his hand continued to milk his slowly wilting cock. She had begun to climax again at the sight of the first squirt of juice from her son. The waves of pleasure rushing through her made it difficult to keep her eyes open. Her second climax was stronger then the first and threatened to overwhelm her senses. She had never felt anything like it.

The vision of her son masturbating would be burned into her mind forever. Eric’s father’s equipment wasn’t anywhere near as large as her son’s was, nor was the quantity of sperm. In fact, the amount of juice coming from Eric had to be double or triple his father’s. She wondered with shame what his squirting cock would feel like inside her. It had been a long time since she had felt cum inside her.

Eric moaned contentedly as his hand finally dropped from his cock, juice covering his stomach, chest and fingers.

Melissa came to her senses before Eric opened his eyes. She rushed from his doorway and back to her room. With her door securely locked, she dropped the robe and crawled onto the bed naked. With visions of her son’s spewing cock in her mind, she spread her legs, reached for her favorite vibrating dildo and slipped it inside her. She had gotten it as a gag gift years earlier and it had been in her underwear draw since then. She had never had the courage to use it until now.

Moans began to slip from her lips as the mechanical penis began to do the trick. She left the vibrating device inside her, preferring to let it do its work without help from her hand. It was sweet torture to feel it squirm insider her throbbing pussy. She squeezed her still strong pussy muscles to hold it inside. She threw her head back as waves of pleasure began to rush through her. “Oh, God,” she gasped. “Eric … Eric … Eric … oh God, I’m cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnngggg,” she gasped as another climax came on quickly.

* * * * *

Unknown to her, outside the bedroom door Eric stood in shock.

He had stopped over again to say goodnight. Before he could knock, however, he heard his mother moaning. It took him only seconds to realize his mother was masturbating. Amazingly, it sounded like she was saying his name. He didn’t think that was possible, but the thought of it excited him nonetheless.

In record time, his cock began to throb again. He took it out of his pants and began to stroke himself. He knew how crazy it was, but he couldn’t help it. He listened closely as he moved his hand rapidly. Suddenly, with little warning, he began to cum, spraying his cream against the door and on the carpet at his feet.

When he finally returned to his senses, he realized he had made a mess. He sheepishly and quietly went to the bathroom and found a towel to clean the door and the carpet.

* * * * *

The following morning, Melissa heard her son before she saw him. She stood at the stove with her back to him. She didn’t turn around as he took a seat at the table and picked up the Sunday newspaper. Melissa brought a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon over to the table and set it down.

“Good morning, Eric,” she said.

“Good morning,” he returned without looking up.

Melissa was feeling embarrassed about what had happened last night. She had watched him masturbate and then fantasized about having sex with her own son. She has an almost irrational fear that he knew she had spied on him.

Taking a deep breath she said, “We have to get our skis and suitcases down from the attic. Can you do that for me?”

“Sure, Mom,” Eric answered as he looked up from the paper for the first time. “What time do we leave tomorrow?”

“Really early … we have to get up at four thirty a.m. I think the flight is at six-thirty. We go to England, Heathrow, and then on to Zurich, Switzerland. I think we arrive about five or six in the evening, their time.

“Uck! I can’t sleep on airplanes. Oh well, I guess we can sleep when we get there. I’ll get the luggage and our skis as soon as I eat,” he said. “I’m really hungry for some reason this morning.” He had masturbated twice more that night, thinking of his mother.

Melissa had climaxed twice in the hall without touching herself and then twice that night, using the dildo.

Chapter 04

Neither Melissa nor Eric minded the long flight to Switzerland. The excitement of skiing in Switzerland overcame the fatigue of the grueling trip. However, when they arrived and had loaded everything into the rental car they decided that they were too tired to drive to Zermatt that evening. Instead they rented a hotel room for the night. Eric said it was senseless to waste money on two rooms so they rented one with double beds. Then they went to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The restaurant wasn’t fancy, but it was good enough for them to get a quiet meal. At dinner Eric begged his mother to let him share a bottle of wine. He pointed out that in Europe teenagers could drink wine and beer at 18. She relented since they didn’t have to drive that evening.

Eric had a broad smile on his face as he held up his first official glass of wine for a toast. “To a great ski vacation with my favorite woman.”

Melissa responded with, “To a great vacation with my favorite son.”

“Hey, I’m your only son.”

“And you said the other day that I was your only woman … not just your favorite.”

They laughed. But the smile on Eric’s face said that she was both.

By the time dinner was served they had consumed half the bottle of wine. It was obvious from Eric’s actions that he was not used to drinking. It appeared that the wine had also made him a bit bold when he asked, “Mom, what happened between you and dad? I mean, I heard the arguments, but everyone has those. There had to be more.”

Melissa sat her fork down and sighed. “It’s a long story.”

“I have all night,” Eric returned with a laugh.

“All right. Well, you will probably understand better after you’re married. Married couples, any couple, really need time to get to know each other. You were born right after we were married and that created problems almost immediately.”

Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I was pregnant when we got married. Are you shocked?”

“No. I saw the marriage license once and realized it was dated after I would have been conceived. Unless I was born four months pre-mature.” He laughed.

“You were not pre-mature … believe me I know, I carried you for 9 months and I had the back pain and now the wider hips to prove it.”

“So you had a rough start with a baby right away. Plenty of couples start out like that,” Eric said.

“That’s true. But a lot of marriages don’t make it either. I think all couples need time for themselves, to learn about each other, to have the privacy to enjoy life, to be able to save money for their first house and so forth. A baby within a couple months of marriage throws a monkey wrench into all of that.”

Melissa reached over and touched Eric’s hand. “Don’t think that we didn’t want you. You were … are the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was just that it made it even more difficult for us. Beyond that, things change. Your father … uh … your father … I’m not sure how to say this,” she said and hesitated, taking a quick gulp of wine.

“Come on, Mom. I told you some pretty personal things.”

“Yes you did.” Melissa paused in thought, running her finger around the rim of her wineglass. Finally she said, “Well, the truth is, your father was never much on the sex thing. His religious upbringing always caused problems.”

“I guess that’s why he ran away with that female bible beater,” Eric said with a frown.

“Yes. I tried to make sex interesting, but he didn’t seem to have the sex drive. And, he wasn’t very good in bed.” Melissa laughed nervously, then quickly added, “Not that I would know what ‘good in bed’ really means.”

“What does ‘not very good in bed’ mean with dad?” Eric wanted to know.

Melissa hesitated. “Uh … well, he wouldn’t let me do what you and Brenda did for one thing.”

Eric looked shocked. “You mean he wouldn’t let you give him a blow … uh … suck …” he stuttered.

“Nope. No blowjobs or eating pussy,” she said bluntly, shocking both of them with her language. Melissa put her hand over her mouth and giggled. “I’d better slow down with the wine.”

“Wow,” Eric said. “Have you ever done either?”

“No, I’ve never been with anyone but your father.”

“Really?” Eric said rather loudly.

“Nope, just your father. Because he wasn’t interested in sex, I guess I suppressed all my desire until … until recently.”


“I shouldn’t tell you this stuff,” Melissa said, ignoring caution and pouring another glass of wine.

“Come on, Mom… I told you stuff I have never told anyone else.”

Melissa sighed and continued. “Recently, I have had … I don’t know … I’ve felt all this sexual desire. It’s much stronger than I ever remember.” Melissa paused again. This was just too embarrassing to be talking about to my son, she thought. She decided to change the subject. “We were talking about me and your father, not sex. One day he just said he had found someone else and that was it.”

Eric shook his head in dismay. “I can’t imagine any man leaving you.”

“Thank you, but I’m a long way from perfect. It wasn’t all his fault.”

“It was too. Look at you. You’re a gorgeous woman who could be a model if you wanted. You are bright, caring, and a great mother. Not only that, you’re a career woman with a great job that pays good money … more than most men make in fact. And you’re sexy as hell.” Eric blushed as the wine made his lips loose.

“Well thank you again, sweetheart.” She squeezed his hand again.

“Another question, Mom.”

“You’re full of questions tonight.”

“Do you mind?”

“No. I like it. I haven’t really had anyone to talk to since your father left. And for the past few years of our marriage we just argued.”

“I like talking with you,” Eric said sincerely. “Last question, I promise. Why did you only have me? I mean … did you want more children?”

“Yes, I wanted a house full. But your father didn’t want anymore, and he wouldn’t budge.”

“I’m like him less and less as we talk.”

“No, don’t say that, sweetheart,” Melissa said looking at him sadly. “He’s your father. As I told you before, I’m not perfect. To make a marriage work, it takes two people. I don’t want to sour you on him. That would give me great pain.” Melissa had tears in her eyes.

“Your defense of him tells me that it was not your fault. Someone that cares that much would have worked things out had the other party been willing.”

“Let’s change the subject, okay?” Melissa said as she dried her eyes.

“You’re right,” he said, and quickly added, “So do you still think you can beat me down the slopes?”

“Of course,” Melissa returned with a smile. The two of them had always been competitive. They challenged each other at sports, games, and anything else that even resembled competition, especially Chess.

“I was a year younger the last time we went skiing and so were you. I don’t think you can beat me anymore.”

Melissa said, “Well, we’ll see.”

They both smiled.

They talked for a long time. But not like mother and son. They shared their wishes and dreams. It was an intimate conversation that would have been more appropriate for lovers, or a husband and wife. Neither realized how fast the time was passing until they looked around realized that the restaurant was almost empty.

“We better get to our room,” Melissa said and stood up. She felt the wine go to her head and swayed.

“You okay, Mom?” Eric said, but he swayed himself.

Melissa looked at Eric with a mock disapproving smile. Then they both laughed.

The two of them walked arm in arm, using one another for support. They entered the elevators and then went into their room.

“You want to take your shower first, Mom?”

“Okay, sweetheart. I won’t be long.”

While Melissa was in the shower, Eric flipped through the channels on the TV. Unfortunately the only show in English was CNN.

Melissa peeked out of the bathroom about a half-hour later. “Uh … Eric, could I borrow one of your long sleeved shirts. I don’t want to dig into my bag.”

“Sure, Mom,” Eric volunteered. He grabbed one of his shirts and took it over to her. She took it from his hand and closed the door. A few moments later she came out wearing the shirt.

“Wow, Mom, you look great in a man’s shirt,” Eric said.

“Thanks. But it’s a little short,” she said, trying to pull the bottom down as far as possible.

“That’s fine with me,” Eric said with sparkling eyes.

“Eric, I’m your mother,” Melissa said, trying to appear stern, but the curl in her lips gave her away.

Eric got up quickly and went into the bathroom.

Melissa had seen a tent begin to form in his shorts. Her heart fluttered a bit when she realized that she had made that happen. Then she chastised herself again.

When Eric returned from the shower, he had shaved and put on a pair of white boxer briefs and a sleeveless T-shirt. The boxer briefs and T-shirt were a stretch material and fit him snugly.

Melissa noticed that although his erection had subsided, there was still a very noticeable bulge in stretch briefs. She was sitting up on the bed with her back supported by pillows. The tail of the shirt was pulled down at her thighs as far as it could go, covering only the last several inches of her upper thighs. Her legs were crossed with the material pushed between them. She was reading a book with her glasses sitting on her nose.

Eric smiled and said, “You look like a school marm now.”

Melissa took off the glasses and got a pout on her face. “First I’m sexy and now I look like a school marm?”

“A very sexy school marm,” Eric returned.

Melissa couldn’t help looking down at the crotch of Eric’s shorts. She suppressed a gasp. He definitely had half an erection. She quickly put her glasses back on and looked down at her book.

Eric flopped on the bed and began watching CNN again. “I’m tired, but not sleepy,” he said.

Melissa looked over her glasses at him and said, “Me too. Must be jet lag.”

“Want to play a game of chess?” Eric asked.

“Sure. We haven’t played chess in months. And, if I remember correctly, you’re still working off the bet you lost last time.”

Melissa had used the games to get Eric to do things around the house. After losing the last bet, he had to wash her car every other week for two months and do the dishes twice a week.

“All right, if I win this time, all my bets are paid off,” Eric responded.

“But if you lose, everything is doubled … another two months of washing my car and doing the dishes twice a week.”

“Deal,” Eric answered.

The two of them had always been competitive. Eric was much better at computer games. However, Melissa beat him at board games most of the time.

Eric found the portable chess set and sat them on the bed in front of him. “Come on and take your beating,” he said.

“Yeah, right,” Melissa said as she came over to the bed and sat down with her feet on the floor, legs facing away. She realized that that position was not going to work. She tried as gracefully as possible to turn and bring her legs onto the bed. She crossed them yoga style, pushing her shirt down to cover her panties. It barely did the job.

Although she knew Eric was trying to concentrate on the chess game, she also knew that he was sneaking peaks at her legs. Along with a strange feeling of pride, she felt a chill go up and down her spine. Whenever he looked up, his eyes went to her bare thighs and the tiny slip of material between her legs. Incredibly she allowed the shirt to pull up slightly, allowing her panties to show. She was certain that he could see her panties now. Her heart began to beat harder and she felt her pussy lips getting wet and wondered how long it would take before it showed through the thin gusset of her panties.

As they began to play the game Melissa found herself watching Eric’s eyes more than concentrating on the game. She could see that he was distracted as well. His stare made her even wetter. Soon she knew that her crotch was wet. When she glanced down at her son’s crotch she almost gasped. He definitely had an erection and, although he tried to hide it, there was a wet spot at the head of his cock. Melissa knew she had to put a stop to this.

“It’s after midnight. I think it’s about time for me to go to sleep,” Melissa said, her voice almost trembling.

“Me too. We’ll continue the game tomorrow with the same stakes. Okay?” said Eric.


Melissa saw him glance between her legs one last time. To her utter amazement, Melissa found herself leaning back just a couple inches. The arch of Eric’s eyebrows told her that he could plainly see the wet spot that had formed in the crotch and now made her panties almost transparent. She looked at the bulge in his shorts and saw it twitch.

Eric gasped but tried to cover it up by acting like a playing card had cut his finger. “Shit,” he exclaimed, bringing the finger to his mouth.

“Paper cut? I hate those,” Melissa said as she got up went to her bed. She chastised herself for being so bold as to let her son see her panties. Her only excuse was the wine she had drank, but deep inside she knew that was a lame excuse. There was more going on here the she cared to admit. She quickly crawled under the sheets.

Eric crawled into his bed.

* * * * *

The following morning Melissa awoke to a bright room. She realized that she had not closed the drapes. She looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6 a.m. She got up and went over to the window to pull the drapes. When she did she glanced down at her son. A gasp escaped her mouth when she saw that the sheet had pulled from his body. He was lying sprawled on the bed and there was a large tent in his shorts. Melissa realized he probably had a “piss hardon” as his father used to call it. His cock was pulsing. When Eric stirred and moaned, Melissa quickly crawled back into her bed.

Chapter 05

By 9 a.m. Melissa and Eric were dressed and ready to go. Melissa wore a green jacket and form fitting jeans. Eric wore a red down jacket, jeans and tennis shoes. They ate breakfast before the drive to Zermatt.

It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperatures in the low 30’s as they left Zurich for the 150-mile drive. Eric drove while Melissa navigated. They tried to stay on the interstate as long as possible. However, the mountain scenery was just too alluring, so they took smaller roads through quaint towns. The views of the villages and mountains were breathtaking and every scene was a postcard. There was snow everywhere but Switzerland depended on tourism for their economy. The main roads were kept clear, no matter the weather.

When they reached the mountains, the speed of travel slowed down and snow began to fall. Fortunately the snow didn’t come down heavily until they were close to Zermatt.

“I think we turn here,” Melissa said, pointing to a small road heading toward a steep mountain.

“Are you sure?” Eric asked. “It doesn’t look like the road goes anywhere.”

“Yes, here’s the road on the map. We have about five miles up the mountain. I was told that there’s a caretaker who lives in a chalet below the mountain cabin.”

The road went back and forth with hairpin turns as they climbed higher and higher. Finally when they thought the road was ending, they found a small house with a car parked outside. There was smoke coming from the chimney. “This is the caretaker’s house I’m sure,” Melissa said.

Eric parked the car and they got out. From inside the house came an old man with two large dogs behind him. He smiled as he walked up to them.

“The Jacobs I presume,” he said in English with a German accent, holding out his hand. “I’m, Leon Schmidt.”

“Yes, pleased to meet you. We have the cabin for two weeks,” Melissa answered reaching out her hand to the old man.

Eric knelt down and called the dogs over. They charged at him, knocking him over and he slipped onto his butt in the snow. He was laughing as the two large dogs began licking his face.

“Luke, Alexandra,” the old man called. But, the dogs didn’t listen. “Sorry, they love people,” he said to Melissa.

“That’s okay, we love dogs.”

“I can tell,” he said, looking at Eric now wrestling with the dogs. “Good to have someone in the cabin for a change. Mr. Hemsley doesn’t make it up here much anymore. I don’t think he can ski now with his bad knees. Do you know Mr. Hemsley?”

“Yes, he’s the chairman of the company I work for. Nice man.”

“Very nice. His grandmother lived in the cabin for years. She refused to move no matter what her grandson tried to do. Mr. Hemsley used to come up here quite often after she passed. He loved to ski. Nobody’s been here for a year or so. But I keep it nice just the same.”

“I’m sure it’s very nice,” Melissa said.

“Well, it’s small and doesn’t have all the modern conveniences, but it should suit you and your husband fine. And the skiing is world class around here.”

Melissa started to say that Eric wasn’t her husband but for some reason let it go. She was flattered that the old man thought she was young enough to be Eric’s wife. “I know. We haven’t been skiing in a while. We’re really looking forward to it.”

“Well, let’s get you up there then. We can ride up the mountain about a mile and then you’ll have to walk a couple hundred yards to the cabin. I can ride with you two and then walk back down.”

“Are you sure you want to walk back down?”

“Do it almost everyday. Up and down.”

The old man got into the back of the car and they drove the final mile straight up the mountain. When the road ended they stopped and got out.

“Oh my,” Melissa said as she looked out over the valley. “The view is breathtaking.” Then she turned and looked at the cabin sitting above them. It was an A-frame type cabin and almost appeared it was about to topple from the hill. “I guess you can’t be afraid of heights if you live up here.”

“That’s for sure,” returned Leon with a laugh.

They each grabbed luggage and began to walk up the snow-covered path leading to the cabin. By the time they reached the front door, they were all out of breath. Leon opened the door without a key. “No one’s gonna come up here to steal anything,” he said to Melissa’s unanswered question.

“They’d have to be in great shape,” she said as she caught her breath.

Inside the cabin was a large room with a stone fireplace covering most of one wall. A roaring fire was burning, throwing off heat for the room. There was a large picture window looking out over the valley with an amazing view. The room was sparsely furnished with a small sofa, comfortable looking stuffed chair, wooden rocking chair, and a rug on the floor in front of the fireplace. To the left were steps that led to a loft.

“As I said, kind of rustic, but Mr. Hemsley didn’t want to change any of the furniture. Left it just like it was when his grandmother was alive. Didn’t even put in a furnace. But you’ve got plenty of wood outside for the fireplace and stove. You’ll have to keep it going all the time to stay warm.”

Melissa looked at Eric and shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t expected not to have central heating, although she was relieved when Leon flipped on the light switch. At least they had electricity. She wondered about a flush toilet.

When Leon saw Melissa’s look he said, “You have running water, flush toilet, and a butane-gas hot water heater. I turned hot water heater on so you should have hot water tonight.”

“Thank you,” Melissa said with a bit of relief. At least we will at be able to take hot baths, she thought.

They sat the luggage down and followed Leon into the kitchen. “Here’s the kitchen. Got a stove, refrigerator and staples in the closet. You’ll have to go to the store to get perishable stuff.” Then he led them to the bathroom. There was an open door leading to the single bathroom. Inside were a sink, toilet, and, although antique in style, a free standing tub that looked as if had been recently installed.

Finally they went upstairs to the loft where they saw one king sized bed. Again Melissa looked at Eric. “Only one bed,” she whispered with a look of concern.

Eric shrugged. “Well, they told you it was rustic,” Eric said with a sardonic smile.

“Yes, it is a bit rustic, but you should do fine,” Leon said when he heard Eric’s comment. “The down bed cover is warm and the fireplace should provide enough heat.” Then Leon walked back down the steps to the living room with Melissa and Eric following. “That should about do it. I’m just down the mountain if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” said Melissa as she walked outside with Leon. For a moment she wondered if she should tip him but decided not to. She said goodbye and came back into the house.

Melissa looked at Eric and sighed. “A little more rustic then I pictured.”

Eric looked around and answered, “True, but we’ll be on the slopes most of the time, so it doesn’t matter. I can sleep on the sofa.”

Melissa looked at the sofa. It was short and rather lumpy looking and she knew it wouldn’t be comfortable. “You can’t sleep there.”

“Then I can sleep on the floor in front of the fireplace.”

“That’s silly. We’re adults. The bed is plenty big enough for both of us.”

Eric paused for a moment as if thinking about the proposition. Then he smiled. “Okay, if you insist.”

Melissa returned the smile and said, “I insist.”

“Well, of course you will wear your ‘see-thru’ night gowns,” Eric said referring to the gown she had worn when he saw her in her room the other day.

“Eric, I’m your mother,” she said in mock exasperation, placing her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, sometimes I forget that,” he laughed.

The strange feeling ran through Melissa again. She shivered but then recovered. “Let’s go out of the balcony and have a look.”

They stepped outside and both caught their breath. The view was more than breathtaking.

“Wow, this looks like a picture postcard,” Eric said as he stood close to his mother and looked out over the valley.

“Yes, it’s amazing,” responded Melissa. They watched it snow for a few minutes and then Melissa said, “Let’s get unpacked and check out the town.”

Several hours later they had toured the town and found out where the slopes were located. Then they stopped at the local grocery store and bought milk, bread, cereal, fruit, and other perishable foods. After trudging them up the hill to the cabin, they put the groceries away and Melissa began fixing dinner. By the time they had eaten dinner of pasta with tomato sauce, green beans, fresh bread and a bottle of wine, they were ready to take baths and go to bed.

Melissa went first, filling the tub with steaming water. She moaned as she sunk into the deep tub. For some reason Melissa’s mind wandered back to her vision of Eric when they were still at home. She could see him in his room with his cock in his hand, stroking himself. Slowly as the vision clarified in her mind, her hands slipped between her legs. With a quiet moan she began to stroke her clit. Her legs were spread to each side of the tub. The excitement built rapidly with the vivid images of her son parading before her.

The climax came on slowly and grew until she strained to keep her moans from escaping the bathroom. She bit her tongue as she reached her peak and slowly went over the top. Then she came slowly back to reality.

The climax had been very satisfying and somewhat exhausting. As a result, she fought to remain awake. Before she fell asleep, she got out, dried herself and put on a pair of panties and then slipped her nightgown over her head. When she looked into the mirror, she saw that her breasts were plainly visible. She thought for a moment about wearing a bra, but discounted it because of how uncomfortable it would have been … or so she told herself.

The house was warm and toasty with the smell of burning logs in the fireplace when Melissa came out of the bathroom. She had on a sleeveless shirt and short jogging shorts.

“Continue our game of chess after I take my shower?” Eric asked.

“Okay, but just for a while until we get tired.”

Eric went downstairs to take his shower. When he came out of the bathroom, he came upstairs. He had on his boxer briefs and a T-shirt again. It was obvious that he was getting very comfortable being around his mother with just underwear on.

Melissa was sitting on the bed cross-legged.

Eric stood at the end of the bed and looked at his mother.

She could see his eyes move to her top where she was pretty sure he could see her nipples.

“Want some wine?” Melissa asked.

“Sure,” Eric answered, pleased that his mother didn’t question letting him drink wine.

Melissa got a bottle of red wine, two glasses, and a bag of pretzels.

A half-hour later, most of the wine was gone and both of them were feeling a little tipsy.

As the game progressed Melissa could see her son’s eyes spending more and more time staring at her nearly naked breasts swaying under her top. She knew she was teasing him, but the wine, the warmth of the cabin and the excitement of the snow falling outside was making her lightheaded. She could feel illicit excitement coursing through her.

Across from her it was obvious that Eric was feeling the same way; there was noticeable tent in his shorts.

It took a few minutes for Melissa to notice her son’s condition. When she did, she couldn’t help glancing at the pulsing bulge. She felt her heart begin to beat faster and she tried not to stare. Soon she could feel her pussy begin to leak. She knew why he was hard. Her motherly side told her to cover up, but her female side was pleased that she could excite a young man so quickly at her age. Whenever she moved she felt her breasts sway, rubbing her nipples against the material and keeping them hard. She felt her clit throb.

Melissa closed her eyes as if she were resting them and sighed as she leaning her head back. She knew what Eric could see. He could see her breasts moving up and down and if he looked lower, he could see the crotch of her panties under her short shorts. She could feel her pussy moistening and hoped it wasn’t showing through the crotch. Now pretending to have dozed off, she opened her eyes just a crack. She felt she like she might pass out as she watched her son’s hand move slowly to the bulge in his underwear. Then he paused as he glanced up at her face, obviously making sure she was asleep.

Forcing her eyes to remain hooded she watched his hand begin to move up and down the bulge in his underwear. Almost without her conscious knowledge she spread her legs. Now, she was pretty sure he could see the crease of her pussy under her panties.

Eric moved his hand faster. There was a wet spot at the top and it began to grow with each stroke as if he were pumping his pre-cum juice from a tube.

She wanted to look away … she wanted to get up and run, but there was no place to go. She knew she could put a stop to it immediately by closing her legs. Yet, it was as if she didn’t have control of her lower parts. They seemed paralyzed. Her head was saying stop it, but every other part of her body was in a state of excited frenzy.

She heard Eric moaned softly and he continued to stroke himself slowly. Suddenly she saw his body stiffened and his eyes closed tightly. Then the stain in his shorts began to grow larger. Melissa watched the wet spot grow as her sons hand moved faster. Like an explosion in her mind, she realized that he was climaxing. Her son was climaxing right in front of her. She couldn’t actually see it, but he was only inches from her. She could feel the bed move with his trembling. It was too much for her. Again, without the benefit of manual stimulation, she felt her clit begin to throb. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her squinting eyes continued to stare at the ever-enlarging stain on Eric’s shorts. He was climaxing… her son was jerking off in front of her and she was watching it. The pleasure ripped through and her body twitched. She was grateful that Eric’s eyes were closed and couldn’t see her orgasm. However, she could not have stopped it even if he did see her.

A minute later she felt movement on the bed and knew that Eric had gotten up. She only opened her eyes when she heard the bathroom door close. She sighed with relief. She quickly pulled up the sheet and comforter and slipped underneath. When she looked at the cover, she saw a large wet stain where she had been sitting. To keep Eric from seeing it, she turned out the lamp next to her bed. By the time Eric came out of the bathroom, she was pretending to be asleep again.

Chapter 06

“I’ll race you down to the bottom. Loser does dishes for a week,” Melissa yelled as she took off with a head start on Eric. He sped off behind her, trying to follow her zigzag pattern down the hill.

It was early morning and gorgeous sunny day on the slopes and as of yet it wasn’t too crowded.

Melissa looked over her shoulder and saw her son close behind. She pushed her poles into the snow and increased her speed. She wasn’t sure she could beat him now, but she was certainly going to try.

The snow was powdery and dry, making the skiing ideal. She hoped to use her skill and experience to overcome the weight difference between her and Eric. As they rounded the final turn and head toward the finish line she was still in the lead. She knew Eric was trying as hard as he could, but seconds later she crossed the finish line first.

Melissa raised her ski poles into the air in celebration and then slid to the snow in exhaustion. It had taken all she had to beat him.

“You cheated,” Eric complained as he fell beside her laughing and gasping for breath. “You had a head start.”

“I should get a head start. I’m older than you … and besides I’m a girl,” she said with a pouting smile.

“Let’s get some hot chocolate and then I want a second chance,” Eric said, helping his mother up.

After a break and a ride back up the mountain, Melissa proceeded to beat Eric again. He wasn’t laughing the second time.

It went like that all day. Eric was frustrated and a bit sullen when they went to dinner later that evening at a small restaurant on the main strip of Zermatt.

“Come on Eric,” Melissa said, “you don’t want me to let you win do you?”

“No,” he said from across the table. “But you know I don’t like getting beaten … especially by a girl.”

“Uh ha, so that’s the problem,” Melissa teased.

“You know what I mean.”

Melissa reached over and touched her son’s hand. “Give me a little leeway here. It won’t be long before I can’t beat you anymore. Besides, I won’t tell anyone,” she said with a serious face.

Finally Eric laughed. “You had better not,” he warned jokingly.

“I’ll let you beat me at chess tonight,” she returned.

“You’re not going to have to let me win. I’m going to beat you fair and square.”

“We’ll see.”

After dinner they drove back to the cabin. Melissa realized she had drunk a little too much wine as they walked up the snow-covered path toward cabin. The footing was difficult even without the wine and Melissa had to hold onto her son’s arm. Suddenly she slipped, falling to the frozen snow. Her weight pulled Eric down on top of her and they began to tumble back down the hill. Halfway down the slope a snowdrift stopped them, with Melissa plowing backward and Eric falling on top.

They were both in gales of laughter as Eric’s weight pressed his mother into the snow.

“Now look what you’ve done,” Eric said. “We were almost at the cabin until you fell.”

Melissa looked up at him, the full moon casting his face in an almost angelic glow. “Sorry,” she said as seriously as she could muster. But a second later she began to laugh again.

Eric had stopped laughing as he stared at her.

Suddenly she stopped laughing too. Her son’s head blocked the moonlight and she could see a strange look in his eyes. A moment later his lips were on hers.

Melissa was stunned, but, incredibly, she did not try to push him away. Her head began to spin as their lips moved together. When she opened her mouth, his tongue entered and she moaned.

Melissa had no idea how long the kissed lasted. She only knew that she had sucked his tongue and he had sucked hers. They were kissing like passionate lovers. When she finally came to her senses, she pushed Eric away. He fell to the side and she struggled to stand up. However, she couldn’t make it up the slope on her own.

When Eric got up, he was silent as he took his mother’s arm and helped her back up the hill. When they entered the cabin, they saw that the fire had all but gone out. As Melissa went up to the bedroom, Eric loaded more logs onto the glowing coals and stoked them until they were roaring again. Then he went into the bedroom and found his mother already in bed. “I thought we were going to play chess?”

“I’m exhausted from the slopes,” Melissa answered. “Maybe tomorrow night.”

Eric shrugged his shoulders and went in and too a quick bath. Then he crawled into bed next to his mother. She was lying with her back to him and appeared to be asleep.

However, Melissa’s eyes were still open. She couldn’t go to sleep. She was replaying in her mind what had happened at the bottom of the hill. She had kissed her own son and let him put his tongue into her mouth. Her face was still hot from embarrassment. Or was it something else. Her beating heart told her it was something else. As she turned over onto her back, she felt the bed moving and wondered what was causing it. She listened and heard heavy breathing. She dared a quick glance over at Eric.

What she saw made her heart beat even faster. Eric was masturbating. She could clearly see his hand moving up and down under the sheet. She watched with fascination and curiosity.

Suddenly their eyes met. Instead of stopping, he moaned and moved his hand faster. A few seconds later, his hips began to move up and down and he began to grunt. He was climaxing.

It was the third time Melissa had seen her son masturbate. Suddenly, she said, “Do you do that everyday?” She didn’t know where she got the courage, except that she could still feel the effects of the wine coursing through her.

“Huh?” Eric asked as if he hadn’t heard the question.

“Do you masturbate everyday?” she asked again.

“Uh … yeah … I guess,” he answered as his face turned red.

“Do most boys do that?” she wanted to know.

“I don’t know. Some do I guess,” he answered.

“What do you think about?”

“Mom, what kind of question is that?”

“You don’t have to answer. Just thought we were being honest with each other.”

Eric started to say something then paused. Suddenly he said, “You.”

Melissa sucked in her breath with shock. However, deep down, she wasn’t really surprised. Maybe that was the answer she was fishing for.

“Do you masturbate?” Eric returned.

Melissa took a moment to answer. “I have, but not in a long time,” she lied. She couldn’t be sure he had known that she had climaxed outside his door or in bed later.

“Why not?”

“I … I … I don’t really know,” she answered truthfully.

“Do it.”


“Do it now. Masturbate.”

“I … I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can. Just put your finger on your clit and rub it. You know you want to.”

Suddenly Melissa’s heart was pounding so loud she thought Eric might hear it. “Eric … this … this isn’t right.”

“You watched me do it.”

She almost gasped. She wondered which time he was talking about. Melissa paused for several long moments. Then, while her brain was screaming no, her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they moved under the sheet. This is crazy, she thought. Yet, she could feel her pussy pulsing and she knew her clit was swollen and sticking from between the protective lips. She pulled her nightgown up … she had chosen not to wear panties tonight. Her body felt on fire. “Ohhhh,” she moaned when her finger reached her clit. She opened her legs slightly and moved one finger of her other hand to her lower lips.

Slowly she moved a finger inside her as another finger began to tease the swollen head of her clit. “Mmmmm,” she gasped as her body reacted quickly to the stimulation. Her legs clamped together on her hand as both fingers moved rapidly … one went in and out of her pussy and the other up and down on her clit. A moment later she began to climax. “Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,” she gasped as her hips lifted from the bed and her body shook. She could almost feel Eric’s eyes on her and it sent incredible waves of pleasure through her. It was like fireworks going off in her head as her body movements caused the bed to shake.

Finally, she settled back down on the bed and her fingers fell from between her legs. Mortification at what she had done quickly engulfed her like a dark cloud. She turned her back to Eric.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Eric whispered. “Good night, Mom,” he said. “I love you.”

Melissa whispered too quietly for Eric to hear, “I love you too.”

Chapter 07

The next day on the slopes it had begun to snow, making the trail somewhat faster. This time it was Eric who challenged his mother to the race. He had a plan. As she took off down the slope, he intentionally stayed behind. When she had a good lead he headed after her. About halfway down the slope, they came to a spot where the trail veered right and left. Everyone, including Melissa went left.

Eric went right. It was a dangerous section, which only the best skiers attempted. Someone had told him yesterday that it was a way to get down the mountain much faster.

Eric moved swiftly onto the unfamiliar trail. It was dangerous, but the desire to win was even stronger. He owed his mother too many chores already. With all his skills, he moved swiftly down the slope. However, on one sharp turn, the snow under his ski’s crumbled and suddenly he was launched into the air, heading for a tree and rock strewn crevice. The binding on his skis snapped and they flew in different directions. He hurtled downward. Fortunately for him, he hit the top of a spruce tree and his descent was slowed. Trying to brace his fall with his hands, he still hit the snow-covered rocks hard.

Fortunately there had been a group of people on snowmobiles in the area and they saw Eric leave the trail. Otherwise it would have been hours before he was found and he could have bled to death.

* * * * *

Melissa looked behind her as she reached a straightaway, but she didn’t see Eric. She smiled, thinking he had probably fallen in his attempt to catch her. However, when she reached the bottom and she still didn’t see him, she became worried. A few minutes later she went to the ski patrol shack and asked if they could check on Eric.

The attendant radioed the patrol at the top of the hill and asked them to check the slopes. They radioed back that a snowmobiler had seen someone crash and they were on their way to the site.

It was almost an hour later when the ski patrol finally got back to her. Melissa was in a panic. “Is he okay? What happened to him?” she gasped breathlessly.

“They found him at the bottom of a crevice. He apparently took the dangerous route down the hill.”

“Oh God,” she gasped, “How is he?”

“Well, he was knocked out when he hit the rocks and he’s bruised up, but they don’t think there are any broken bones.”

Melissa was relieved by the attendant’s words, but still very worried.

A few minutes’ later two ski patrol members came sliding down the slope with Eric strapped to a stretcher between them.

Melissa climbed into the ambulance next to Eric, who was still unconscious. She held his hand and cried all the way to the hospital. It was her fault. She was the one that kept the challenge going. She should have let him win.

It was sometime later when the doctor came into the waiting room and asked for Mrs. Jacobs.

“That’s me,” Melissa said, standing up as the doctor walked over to her.

“I’m Doctor Spitzer,” he said holding his hand out to Melissa.

She shook it quickly and said, “How is Eric, Doctor?”

“Sit down please.”

That didn’t sound good. When Melissa was seated, the doctor sat in a chair beside her.

“Well, your husband is in good shape considering where he crashed,” said Dr. Spitzer in a heavy German accent. “He has a nasty bump on the back of his head and a concussion, but there doesn’t appear to be any internal head injury. He also has a number of bumps and bruises in other areas, including a bunch of sprained joints. I have put bandages on the areas I could. In general, he should be kept immobile for at least twelve hours. He is sedated, but you can take him home if you like as long as you keep a close eye on him.”

“Yes, I will.”

“You can get your car and the nurses will have him at the door in a few minutes.”

Suddenly Melissa had tears running down her cheeks … tears of relief. Through her sobs, Melissa thanked the doctor. Then she went to the parking lot and drove her car to the entrance of the hospital. She saw Eric sitting in a wheel chair on the sidewalk with a nurse holding an umbrella to protect him from the rapidly falling snow. There was an ice pack strapped to the back of his head, but she couldn’t see anything thing else since he had the hospital gown on and a blanket covering him. He was slumped over in the chair.

“He’s sedated,” a nurse said when she saw Melissa’s panicked look. Then she handed Melissa a bottle of pills and said, “Give him one of these every four hours. Keep the bandages from getting wet and make an appointment to see the doctor in three days.” Finally she handed her a bag of Eric’s clothes and added, “He’ll be fine. We’ve seen a lot worse from skiing accidents up here.”

“Thank you,” said Melissa. She let a male hospital attendant put Eric into the passenger side of the car and then she headed home. The snowfall had grown heavier and it was coming down in large flakes, making it difficult to navigate back to the cabin. When she got to the caretaker’s house she stopped. Suddenly she wondered how she was going to get Eric to the cabin. It was at least 200 yards up the mountain to the front door. She got out of the car and knocked on Mr. Schmidt’s door.

When he answered, Melissa said, “I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Schmidt, but there’s been an accident.”

“Leon please,” he returned. “What happened?” he asked, looking at the car and seeing Eric with the ice pack on his head, leaning on the side window.

“Eric crashed on the ski slope this morning. He has a concussion and several sprains, but otherwise the doctor thinks he will be okay. Unfortunately, I can’t get him to the cabin by myself. He’s sedated.”

“No problem,” Leon said. He turned and called “Luke, Alexandra.” The two large dogs came running. “Let me get my sled and we can have your husband in the cabin in a few minutes.”

“Oh thank you so much. You are being so kind. I can pay you for your trouble.”

“No ma’am. Wouldn’t think of it. You’re guests here in Switzerland.”

Melissa felt like she had insulted him with the offer to pay. “Thank you, Leon,” she said again.

Leon retrieved a sled from the back of his house and put it in the trunk with the end sticking out of the back. Then he loaded the dogs in the car and climbed in with them.

Melissa drove up the hill, parked and then watched Leon place a collar on Luke and Alexandra and attach leather straps from their collars to the sled. Then she helped load Eric onto the sled. A few minutes later they were at the cabin.

“Just get him to the bed and I can take it from there,” Melissa said.

Leon helped a half-unconscious Eric onto his feet and walked him into the house. Melissa got on one side and with Leon on the other they managed to get Eric up to the bedroom. There they laid him on the bed.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Leon.”

“You have already thanked me. I hope your husband is okay,” he said as he started to leave. Then he stopped. “Oh, by the way, there is a real bad storm coming. Do you have everything you need in the cabin? You might not be able to get out for a few days.”

“Yes, I think so,” said Melissa.

“Good, because these storms can hit us hard this time of year. Still, if you need anything, you know where I am. Feel free to call on me.”

“I will and thank you again, Leon.”

“Take care, Mrs. Jacobs.”

With that, Melissa walked back into the cabin to Eric. She saw him lying where they had left him on the bed. He had on the green hospital gown. She sighed and went over to him, lifting him to a sitting position so she could take the gown off. He was naked underneath. A gasp came from her lips when she saw the cuts and bruises over his body. Most of them looked superficial, but there were scratches on his thigh that looked like a large cat had scratched him and he had a swollen bruise high on his thigh that looked ugly. She sat on the bed and took his hand. Unfortunately she couldn’t help looking at his naked form. Her eyes traveled up and down his body. He was a strong boy with a well-defined chest, narrow waist, and strong legs. Her eyes eventually fell to his penis, which was lying flaccid on his thigh. Although she tried to see him as her son and knew any other view was wrong, she couldn’t deny the unwanted excitement that trickled through her.

Eric’s penis was long and big around, even while soft. She knew how it looked hard. It had been years since she had seen it soft like this though. Although she felt guilty, she continued to stare. Her fingers were but inches from it and she tried to suppress the un-motherly urge to reach out and touch it. Finally, losing the battle, she reached her hand over to casually lay it on top of the long tube. Her heart was thumping in her chest now. Suddenly, she felt his penis move under her palm. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, and had a soft silky feeling. She could almost feel the blood pulsing through it. She lifted it and closed her fingers around the shaft.

For several long moments she held it, almost unconsciously squeezing the tube in her fingers. Inevitably, it began to grow larger in her hand until it was erect. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. The long tube felt alive in her hand. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and she quickly let it go. It throbbed and stood up like a statue. With one last look, she chastised herself and stood up. After pulling a sheet over him, she went into the kitchen on wobbling legs to make a cup of coffee.

Several hours later, Melissa was sitting next to the bed reading when she heard Eric stir. She saw his eyes open and almost sighed in relief.

“Where … what happened?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“You crashed on the mountain.” Tears of relief filled her eyes as a smile crossed her face.

Eric tried to sit up.

“No. You have to stay immobile for several more hours,” Melissa said, pushing him back down.

Eric moaned and brought a hand up to his head. When he saw the bandages on his wrists and elbows he asked, “Shit, did I break my arms?”

“No, just sprains. The doctor says they should be okay in a couple of days, but he doesn’t want you to move them, or get the bandages wet.”

“I’m so stupid,” he whispered, dropping both arms back to the bed.

“It was an accident. My fault.”

“How was it your fault?” he said, the memory of what happened slowly coming back to him.

“I let the challenge go on. I should have stopped it.”

“Bull, Mother. It was my fault. I should have never tried that route down the hill.” Suddenly tears came to Eric’s eyes. “Now I’ve fu … screwed up our vacation.”

Melissa reached over and grasped his hand. “You didn’t screw it up. There’s a big storm blowing up so we couldn’t have skied for a couple of days anyway. Once the storm is over, we can do some sightseeing. I really wanted to see more of Switzerland anyway.”

Eric smiled indulgently at his mother. “Thanks, Mom.” Then he tried to sit up again.

“You can’t get up.”

“But I gotta pee,” he protested.

“Hmmm,” Melissa said. “Wait a minute.” She got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with a mason jar a few moments later. She held it out to Eric.

“What’s that for?” he asked. Then he suddenly realized what the jar was for. “I’m supposed to pee in the jar?” His face turned red. “Come on, Mom.”

“Sorry. You’re not supposed to get up, doctor’s orders. I can help if you want.”

“No,” Eric answered quickly. Then he reached for the jar. However, as soon as he took it, it slipped through his hands.

Melissa caught it. “Guess you don’t have much choice. Turn over on your side.”

“Oh, Jesus,” sighed Eric in resignation. He turned over facing his mother.

She pulled the sheet to his feet.

Eric closed his eyes.

Melissa reached out with a trembling hand and grasped her son’s penis, directing the large head inside the jar. She held it there for a minute or so. Suddenly his penis began to grow. A small smile came to her lips and she almost giggled.

With his eyes still closed, Eric said, “I don’t think I can do it. This is soooo embarrassing.”

“I know, honey, just try to concentrate on something else.” The penis in her hand continued to grow until it was half-hard.

“Mom, it’s not going to work,” Eric said, almost in a panic now.


“Your … your … hand … and uh … I … I … can’t concentrate with you watching and holding me.”

“Will this make it better?” Melissa said as she pulled the sheet back over him, keeping her hand on his still growing penis. A second after he was covered, his penis was fully hard and pulsing in her hand. Melissa knew she had a dilemma. He had to go to the bathroom and the doctor didn’t want him to get up. Yet, he couldn’t go while he was hard. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She began to move the hand on his cock.

Eric opened his eyes wide when he felt her hand moving. “Mom!” he gasped.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered as she held the jar with one hand and began to pump his shaft. She couldn’t believe she was actually masturbating her son. She recalled the saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” At least that was her justification for what she was doing.

“Oh God,” he gasped. His facial expression showed that he still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Melissa could feel her panties soaking through as she pumped her son’s cock. The blood was rushing to her head, making her feel faint. She was glad she was sitting or she might have fallen. Yet, she told herself she had to do this. There was no other choice.

“Mom,” Eric gasped as his hips began to move with the pumping of her hand. It didn’t take long. “Mom, I’m going to …” he gasped and paused. Suddenly his body stiffened. “Ohhhhhh,” he moaned.

Melissa squeezed her legs together as she felt his cock pulse. Then she felt the cream rushing up the shaft of his throbbing cock. She could actually feel cum moving through his cock. Suddenly, as the juice began to squirt into the jar, her climax started. She tried to remain still, but her hips moved up and down as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her. It was an intense climax and lasted for a long time. When she finally recovered, she realized that Eric’s cock had grown soft in her hand. When she glanced over she saw that Eric still had his eyes closed. She squeezed his cock several more times before she let it go. “Now you should be able to pee.”

It took Eric a couple more minutes before he was finally able to relieve himself into the jar.

Chapter 08

Melissa was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when she heard Eric get out of bed. It sounded like he was coming down the steps haltingly. She moved the frying pans to a cold burner and hurried to the steps. She got there just as he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Mommmmm,” Eric gasped when his mother stepped into the bathroom.

“Sorry,” she said, I heard you come down the stairs and wanted to make sure you were all right. I’ll wait outside.”

“Can you get me something to wear?” he asked.

“Sure,” Melissa said and left the bathroom. A moment later she reached her hand into the door with a pair underpants and a T-shirt. He took them and began to put them on. It took him a long time to get the underwear on as he tried to avoid putting pressure on areas that hurt, which was most of his body. Then he tried to pull the shirt over his head and began to struggle again.

“Here, let me help,” Melissa said as she came into the bathroom.

When the shirt was over his head and pulled down Eric looked at the shower/tub and said, “I need to take a bath but I can’t see how with the bandages and all.”

“You’re right, you do need a bath. You have dried blood and hospital disinfectant all over you. Come on in to breakfast and we will figure something out.” She could feel her son’s eyes on her as she walked away. She had on the same pink nightgown she had worn the other day. Underneath she had thong panties and no bra.

As they sat down to eat, Melissa reached over and cut his food into small pieces. Then when she saw him try to pick up a fork in his bandaged hand without success, she placed one in his fingers.

He began to eat like he hadn’t eaten in days. During a brief pause in eating, his eyes went to his mother.

She could see him staring at her almost bare breasts. For a moment she thought of covering her breasts with her arms, but made no move to do so. She stared back at her son until he saw her. His face turned red and his eyes shifted to the window where the snow was coming down heavily outside.

“It really snows here when it snows,” he said nervously.

Melissa smiled. “Yes, I’ve been listening to CNN and they said it is going to be one of the worst blizzards that they had seen in this areas in a quarter of century.”

“Do we have enough food?” Eric asked.

“Yep. I checked everything and we could last for about a week. If the blizzard lasts longer than a week, the house will be buried anyway. It’s unlikely they will open the slopes until next week, so we aren’t missing anything.”

“Where’s Paul Bunyan when you need him,” Eric said and laughed.

“Are you feeling better?”

“A little. In fact pretty good considering what happened. My head is a little sore and my legs and arms hurt like hell, but otherwise I’m good.”

“Well, I guess you can’t do the dishes like you owe me.”

“Sorry,” he said, holding up both bandaged arms.

“You’ll do anything to get out of doing the dishes, but this is going a little too far,” Melissa said. Then she added, “The bandages can come off in a couple of days if we can get to the doctors office.” She got up and took dishes to the sink. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her behind.

His face turned red with embarrassment. “Uh … uh … there isn’t much I can do for you or myself.”

“I know sweetie. Now, about that bath, I can help you.”

“You mean like wash me?” Eric asked incredulously.

“Well, yes. I’ve seen you naked you know. Remember I changed your diapers for a few years,” Melissa said with a smile. “You certainly can’t go for days without a bath. And, quite frankly you smell like hospital disinfectant … amongst other things.”

“I can try to do it myself if you fill the tub.”

“But you can’t sit in the tub.”

“Maybe I can stand and wash.”

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“All right,” Melissa replied without conviction as she watched him go to the bathroom. A moment later she followed him. She stood in the doorway and watched him try to lather his face to shave.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed when the razor cut his cheek.

“Having trouble?” Melissa said as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded.

Eric looked exasperated. “Yes. I can’t even shave myself.” However he didn’t miss the fact that his mother had on the same see-thru nightgown he had seen previously. Her nipples were already hard.

“I’m sorry, honey. Sit down on the toilet and I’ll shave you.”

“Do you know how?”

“I’ve never shaved a man, but I think I can learn. After all, I’ve shaved a few parts of my body,” she said. Suddenly she blushed, wondering if Eric had seen her shaved pussy. A shudder went through her and she quickly fished the razor out of the water in the sink. “I can see the line where you normally shave. Is that where I start?”

“Yes, start at the right cheek and draw the razor downward. Nice even strokes.”

Melissa folded a towel, placing it on the floor and knelt next to Eric. “This is going to be fun,” she said.

Eric moved his face from one side to the other, directing her where to put the razor. When she was done, she got a washcloth and gently washed his cheeks and chin.

“Pretty good job, if I say so myself,” Melissa said when she had wiped the excess cream from his face. Then she rubbed her hand across one cheek and then the other. “Nice and smooth,” she said, pausing with her hand on his cheek.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet as the two stared at each other.

“Uh … I had better run your bath,” Melissa said as she got up and moved over to the large freestanding tub. She bent over and turned on the water. Without thinking, she moved her ass back and forth in front of her son’s eyes. She stayed bent over for some time, testing the water and making sure it wasn’t too hot. When she turned around, she saw Eric look away quickly. Her eyes traveled down to his crotch and she saw an unmistakable bulge. She knew he had gotten hard looking at her ass. “Okay, let’s get your clothes off.”

“I can do it,” Eric said. When he tried to pull the shirt over his head, however, it was just too painful.

Melissa reached over and pulled his shirt up. Then she smiled as he turned around to hide his growing erection and tried to pull down his underwear. “Let me,” she said, as she remained kneeling. She quickly pulled his shorts down, leaving Eric standing naked with his cock half hard. Suddenly she was staring as his half-hard cock just inches from her face.

“Oh, God,” he moaned under his breath and closed his eyes. He quickly stepped into the bathtub, avoiding looking at his mother’s face.

Melissa picked up the washrag and the soap. Then she slipped to her knees and washed his stomach acting as if she did this everyday. She tried to act casual, but as her hands moved lower, her hands began trembling. She began to wash his legs, trying to ignore the pulsing appendage in front of her face.

Eric opened his eyes looked down at his mother and then his own cock. It was now almost fully hard. He looked away again and his face turned red.

The room was suddenly filled with sexual tension. Melissa could feel her heart beating in her chest as she stared at the long throbbing shaft. It mesmerized her. With shaking hands she continued to wash his thigh, washing it from top to bottom. Then she told him to put his foot on the side of the tub so she could get to his foot. But when he had done that, she paused. Instead of washing his thigh she brought the soap and the washcloth to his cock. It was almost as if she were hypnotized.

Eric gasped.

Melissa began to wash it gently as if she did this everyday. But the last time she washed him like this he was five years old.

Eric sighed and kept his eyes closed tightly.

Melissa grew fascinated with her son’s large cock. She had never looked at the male sex organ like this before. His balls were huge in their wrinkled sacks and hung down several inches below his cock. Both orbs moved inside their sacks like they were alive. She guessed in a way they were alive … at least the sperm inside. She felt her pussy throb at the thought.

She heard Eric moan when she began to slowly move her hand back and forth, supposedly to clean him. She moved her hand to the base of his cock before sliding it back to the head. She began to pump the shaft.

“Ohhh!!! Eric gasped.

Suddenly her breathing became labored. She could hear Eric moaning, but it sounded like it was coming from far off. Her head began to spin as her hand moved faster.

“Mommmm. Watch out!!!” Eric cried out in warning with his last ounce of energy.

The words didn’t register as Melissa continued to pump her son’s cock. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were wide as she watched and felt the long shaft throb. She could feel the head grow larger in her hand. Suddenly Eric exploded. The soap fell from her hand as his thick cream blasted from the head like a bullet, hitting her directly in her face.

She gasped, but didn’t stop pumping her hand. The next shot followed quickly and hit her tightly closed lips. The squirting juice came out in torrents for several long seconds before finally slowing down. The weaker squirts hit Melissa on the neck and then dripped to the material of her nightgown and covering her still heaving breasts.

When the last drops were squeezed from Eric’s cock, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. She squeezed her legs together and tried to maintain her balance. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She knew it was incredibly wrong, yet her pussy was throbbing, burning with desire. She felt Eric’s sperm begin to run down her face and then drip from her chin.

She closed her eyes as if that would change what she had just done. It didn’t work. Instead, a vision of Eric’s spurting cock jumped into her mind. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a climax ripped through her. She squeezed her legs tighter and tried to control the movement of her hips. With hooded eyes she stared at her son who had yet to open his eyes. That was a small blessing.

When her climax eased, Melissa used the washcloth to wipe the cum from her face. Then she dipped it into the water and wrung it out. Without a word, she began to wash Eric again. She took care of his lower half before moving upward to wash his chest and back. She took special care to wash the sections of his arms and chest that were not bandaged. Finally, she got up and retrieved a large bath towel. She began to dry her son rubbing the towel up and down his strong body. Neither of them said a word as he stepped out of the tub and let her finish drying his feet. Then she helped him put on his shirt and sweat pants.

The remainder of the day was quiet. They spoke, but only about normal things. Nothing was said about what happened in the bathroom. Yet, both of them were reliving it over and over in their heads … Eric with excitement and Melissa with excitement tinged with a great deal of remorse.

Chapter 09

Melissa got up early the following morning, putting on a bathrobe she found in the closet. She looked out the window and saw that the snow was coming down as hard as it had the day before. She was beginning to wonder if they would be stranded there all winter. While under normal circumstances that might be an exciting thought, deeper down, she was worried about what was going to happen between her and Eric after the incident in the bathroom. They were trapped together in the small cabin with little to do and nowhere to go.

She went into the bathroom and put on a sweater and a pair of jeans. As she glanced in the mirror, she saw that both items fit her rather snugly. In fact, the jeans were quite tight in the crotch. It was funny that she hadn’t noticed that previously. The seam rubbed on her strangely swollen clit. It seemed to be that way all the time now.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw that Eric was still sleeping soundly. The covers were down to his waist exposing his strong upper body. A shiver went through her and it felt like the crotch of her jeans had grown tighter. With a shake of her head she went to the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee.

It was two hours later when Eric came into the kitchen, wearing underwear and a tee shirt.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Melissa said.

“Hi, Mom. What’s for breakfast?”

“So you’re hungry again?”

“I’m starved.”

“That’s a good sign. I’ll get things going. How do you feel?”

“Still sore, like a train ran over me, but otherwise much better,” he replied looking at his mother and smiling weakly. As he walked over to the table to sit down, he had a strange look on his face … as if he was wondering if what happened yesterday was just a dream.

Melissa’s face turned red at her son’s stare and the room fell silent.

“I’ll go get dressed,” he said to break the silence.

“Need help?” Melissa asked before thinking. She turned away from Eric to hide her still red face.

“Uh … no … maybe. Let me try.”

A few minutes later Eric returned with a shirt unbuttoned down the front and a pair of jeans with the top open and zipper down.

“Can you help?” he said with an embarrassed smile.

He looked like the little boy she pictured in her mind. Melissa suddenly felt silly over all her worries. There was no reason they couldn’t live together a few days without getting crazy. “Sure,” she answered with a smile. She turned to him and began to button his shirt. When she finished the last button, she sat down on a kitchen chair to button and zip his pants. Suddenly she realized this was almost the position she was in last night when Eric shot cum in her face. Her face felt hot and her fingers suddenly began to tremble. It took her twice as long as normal to get the zipper in place and close the top button.

“Want to play chess after breakfast?” Melissa asked.

“Sure, what’s the bet?”

“Don’t you think betting has gotten us into enough trouble?” she said.

“How much trouble can we get into cooped up in this cabin? We’re not racing down the slopes. Come on, it will break the monotony.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“So what’s the bet?” Eric asked.

“Let’s see. If you lose, you do the dishes everyday and clean the house when we get home for two months.”

“Wow!” he said in surprise. “Don’t you think that’s a heavy bet?” Then he smiled at her cockiness. “Pretty sure you’re going to win, huh?”

“Certain,” she returned with a smile.

“All right, two can play that game. If you’re so certain, here is what I win, you have to wear whatever clothes I pick out for you, for the rest of the vacation.”

Melissa looked at her son strangely. Wear whatever he wants? she thought. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Why do you want to chose what I wear … I didn’t bring that much stuff.”

“It’s what I want,” Eric responded with a grin.

Melissa shrugged and said, “All right if that’s what you want.”

“That includes to bed,” Eric added.

Suddenly it dawned on Melissa. He could tell her to wear anything, even his shirt with nothing underneath, or nothing at all. A tremor suddenly rushed through her. “Wait a minute, I’m not so sure about this now.”

“Okay, the bet’s off. Obviously you’re afraid you’re going to lose.”

“Fine, the bet’s off. But I’m not afraid to lose,” she said in a huff.

“Really? Then why don’t you take the bet?”

Melissa’s competitive nature was challenged and she was more than a little irritated. She thought for a moment and then her eyes narrowed. While she still didn’t know entirely what he was up to, she knew it had to be devious. Her competitive nature kicked in. “Okay, but its three months of dishes and cleaning the house and you have to wash my car every week.”

“Three months! No way!” he almost screamed.

“What? Are you afraid to lose?”

Eric’s face showed his anger. He paused, pursing his lips. “Okay, you’re on. Let’s play.”

The bravado suddenly drained from Melissa. She swallowed hard and was about to call it all off when Eric turned and left the room. She went to the stove and began to fix breakfast. Her hands were shaking as she began to scramble eggs in a bowl.

A few minutes later, when Eric returned to the kitchen, Melissa’s was ready to reason with him. “Eric, I think we have cabin fever already. Let’s forget this bet.”

“Bet’s a bet,” he returned, sitting down at the table.

She sat a plate of food in front of him and then sat down. They ate breakfast in silence. By the time breakfast was over, Melissa’s confidence had returned. “Do you want to start your chores early and do the breakfast dishes?” She smiled smugly.

“Can’t with the bandages on,” he said holding up his arms. “Besides, I’m going to win,” he returned with his own smug smile.

“Right!” Melissa returned. Then she got up, cleaned up the table and put the dishes in the sink. She could feel her son’s eyes on her almost every second. It was a strange, but not entirely an unpleasant feeling. Again she felt the crotch of her jeans tighten. Each movement sent a shock wave through her. She moved as if she was in a trance. A few minutes later she was worried that there would be a dark stain on the crotch of her jeans.

“Come on Mom,” said Eric. He had found a chess set in a closet and set it up. “You can’t delay it any longer.”

Melissa finally came to the table and sat down. Her heart was beating rapidly. Suddenly Melissa wondered what she was worried about. First of all, she would probably win, and secondly, so she had to wear some scanty clothes around the house. What would that hurt?

The two played for a solid hour with the advantage going back and forth many times. The tension in the room grew with each move until it was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Finally Eric made a critical move and sat back. “Check and Checkmate!” he exclaimed with undisguised pleasure. His face was beaming while Melissa’s face was very serious. “Okay, I think I’d like you to put on those skin tight leggings and top you use under your ski suit. But no underwear.”

Melissa thought her heart was going to pound out of her chest. Those clothes were meant to be worn with something over top. Most of her breasts would be visible and the bottoms were so tight that every curve would be on display. She could just tell him no and that would be that. Yet, they had bet for years and always paid off, no matter what.

Eric stared at her, his gaze never flinching. He had a smug look on his face.

She had no way out and she knew it. It was nuts, but there was nothing she could do. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity she got up and went to the bedroom. There she dug the top and bottom leggings out of the dresser. She stripped off her clothes and put on the top. It hugged her breasts like a second skin, her nipples plainly poking through. The undersides of her breasts were also visible. Slowly she pulled on the bottoms. Her body was now squeezed into the tight elastic material. She could feel the seam of the bottoms pulling between her pussy lips and upward between her ass cheeks. The first step she took almost brought her to her knees. As she walked down the steps, she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Melissa heard Eric gasp when she walked into the kitchen. She knew he was shocked that she had actually gone through with it. She was shocked herself. As her breasts bounced with her movements, she could feel his eyes watching her. The nipples were poking out and as big as pencil erasers and there were goose bumps up and down her arms.

She looked at him and saw his eyes run up and down her torso until they centered on her crotch. She took a deep breath because she knew that he could see her pussy lips … and she was getting wet.

There was a look of defiance on Melissa’s face as she turned and walked to the sink to do the breakfast dishes. As she stood at the sink she could still feel her son’s eyes on her. That sent ripples of unwanted excitement through her. Within a few minutes she felt her juices begin to soak the crotch of her leggings. She squeezed her thighs tighter. However, that only made her excitement worse as she placed pressure on her already swollen clit. She was near climax when she finally finished the dishes.

A moment later, when she turned around, Eric was still staring at her. “I’m going to catch up on some reading,” she said as she strode past him feeling her engorged clit pulse with each step. She knew that this was way over the top for a mother/son relationship, but she couldn’t help herself. The fact that they were confined to the house, with no way to get away, seemed to create a sexual tension that bordered on uncontrollable. It was crazy, almost surreal.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came over her. Like everything was going to be fine. After all, it was only she and her son here and no one else would ever know. She began to think that whatever happened would be confined to this cabin in the middle of a blizzard in a foreign country. She could control it.

Chapter 10

Throughout the day the sexual tension within the cabin grew. Melissa tried to act as if it were perfectly normal for her to be walking around in the skintight outfit with her breasts and pussy almost showing. Yet the throbbing in her pussy was anything but normal.

It was after dinner when Eric said, “Well, I guess it’s time for my bath. Before we do, I want you to put on what I laid out on the bed for you. Oh, and by the way, I want you to sleep naked tonight.”

“What?” Melissa said like she didn’t hear what he said. But he was already gone. Melissa rose and went upstairs; almost glad to be getting out of the tight clothes she had been wearing all day. However, what she saw on the bed was even worse; it was nothing but a thong. When she picked it up she was even more shocked. Eric had cut the crotch out, leaving only the two seams on the outside. And there was no top to be found anywhere. This was far worse than the leggings and top. For a moment she thought about refusing. After all she was the mother and she could simply say no. She threw the panties on the bed and crossed her arms as if in defiance. But then a strange feeling came over her. It was almost as if she was helpless and had to do what her son said. Then her heart started to beat faster and she began to tremble. With trembling hands she undressed and slipped the tiny pair of panties up her thighs. When she looked down she saw that her entire pussy was exposed … and, incredibly, she was already sopping wet, with strings of her juice sticking to her thighs.

She grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She paused a few moments to collect herself before she went back downstairs. When she did, she found Eric waiting in the bathroom. Steeling herself, she strode into the room ignoring his wide-eyed stare at her near nudity. She could feel her bare breasts bounce with each stride and her juices were bubbling out of her pussy again.

Ignoring her son’s wide-eyed stare, and without a word she began to undress him. As she helped him pull the tee shirt over his head, she glanced down. It wasn’t a surprise to see that he was already erect. There had been a bulge in his pants since breakfast.

Melissa went to her knees and pulled his pants down. His hard cock sprang out, making her gasp. With now trembling hands she found the soap, and allowed Eric to step into the tub. Like the night before, she washed him carefully. The soap nearly fell from her hands several times as she worked it over his strong body. She couldn’t, however, take her eyes off of his pulsing cock. Gently, she began to wash it, avoiding any stroking in fear that he would cum again.

When she was done, she rinsed him thoroughly, removing the soap from his penis and balls before using a bath towel to dry him. When that was done both of them remained in position, almost frozen.

The sexual tension in the small bathroom was palpable as Melissa stared at her son’s now dripping cock. A bubble of juice formed at the slit and she watched it slip lower, leaving a clear spidery string of juice attached to the slit. Then her hands moved toward his cock as if she couldn’t control them. Her mouth was open and her tongue came out to lick her suddenly parched lips.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and her head was spinning as her hand grasped his cock again … this time they both knew it wasn’t to wash him. What am I doing? She thought. She closed her eyes for a second; almost as if this was just a weird dream … something from a wild fantasy, never to be thought of in the light of day. She almost hoped it was a fantasy. However, when she opened her eyes her son’s cock was still staring her in the face.

It’s so big, she thought. The girth and length of it simply amazed her. Her fingertips could barely touch. Suddenly she gave a start when she felt Eric’s hand on her head.

She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. Then she felt pressure on the back of her head, drawing her face closer to him. This was crazy, insane … this was her son, she thought. Yet, she put up only a moment of resistance before allowing him to draw her lips closer and closer to his swollen cock. A second later her lips were touching the dripping head. With a flick of his hips, she felt his cock part her lips and enter her mouth.

“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Eric moaned.

“Mmmmphhh,” Melissa answered, making a weak attempt to pull her head back. She felt Eric’s fingers entwine in her hair, holding her gently, but firmly, in place. A moment later she could taste the juice dripping from the head. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as the sweetness reached her taste buds. It was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth. She began to suck.

“Yes, suck me, Mom,” Eric hissed.

The room quickly filled with the sucking sounds coming from Melissa’s lips.

“Oh God, Mom,” Eric gasped, his hips beginning to move slowly back and forth in a fucking motion.

Melissa grasped the back of Eric’s thighs, her nails unintentionally digging into his soft flesh. Her head followed the movement of his hips. There was no longer any hesitating. She had longed to do this to Eric’s father, but he would never allow it. Never in her wildest imagination would she have believed that she would be doing it to her son. Her mind could not process the enormity of that. Instead, she allowed illicit pleasure to rush through her like an uncontrolled demon. It blocked all rational or moral thought from her mind. The feel, the smell, and the taste of her son’s cock were like aphrodisiacs, overcoming any shred of resistance she had left. She was floating on a wave of sensuality like she had never felt before. There was a ringing sound in her ears. Suddenly, she felt Eric’s legs trembling and heard him moaning something. It sounded far away.

“Mom, Mom, Mom,” Eric gasped. “I’m … I’m … going … to … cum,” he warned.

She heard the words, but it took seconds to register. When she realized that he was close to climaxing, instead of pulling away, she sucked harder. Then she felt Eric’s body tense. In the back of her mind she knew what was happening. But now instead of reluctance, she wanted him to cum. It was crazy, perverted, but she wanted it … wanted her son’s sperm in her mouth … wanted to swallow his cum. She moaned deep in her throat.

“Ahhhhheeeeeeehhhh!!!” Eric cried.

Melissa felt the head of his cock grow in her mouth. Then suddenly she felt a blast hit the back of her throat. “Mmmppppphhhh!!!” she mumbled as her mouth began to fill with his warm and sticky sperm. Her overheated pussy began to spasm. As she swallowed the first load, she began to climax. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned when she tasted sperm for the first time in her life. It was strong, salty, and slightly bitter but not unpleasant. The fact that it was coming from her son’s balls overcame any hesitation she might have had.

Although she had anticipated his cum, the quantity surprised her. Her mouth filled and her cheeks bulged. Some of the precious liquid slipped out from the side of her lips and dripped to her chest. With each squirt of Eric’s cock, her pussy throbbed and sent another blast of pleasure through her.

She kept the rest of his cum in her mouth, refusing to let any more escape. Her mouth filled. She swallowed a second time. Her pussy pulsed as her climax continued unabated. Each squirt brought another throb of her pussy and another wave of pleasure.

She sucked Eric for a long time after the last drop was pumped into her mouth and eagerly swallowed. She pulled away when she felt Eric pushing on her head. When she looked up she saw him staring at her. It took her a moment to focus. It was almost as if she was waking from a dream. When the realization of what she had done dawned on her, her face turned red with shame. She closed her eyes, hoping it wasn’t real. But when she opened them again she was still on her knees in the bathroom, her son was still staring at her, and the salty taste of sperm was in her mouth.

Eric’s face was filled with what could only be described as amazement and shock.

Without a word, she stood up and rushed from the bathroom.

* * * * *

Melissa was in bed when she felt Eric crawl in next to her. She had gotten into bed naked, as Eric had requested. Now she lay on her side, facing away from him with her eyes closed but still wide-awake. She glanced over and saw that his eyes were closed. Assuming he was asleep, she slipped her hand between her legs. She paused for a second when her fingers reached the top of her pubic mound. She knew what she was about to do was wrong … masturbating in the bed next to her son … but her body was still on fire and her pussy throbbing. With a tiny whimper she slipped a finger between the lips and then into her very wet hole. She began to move her fingers slowly in and out, trying to keep her movements to a minimum.

“Mom,” Eric whispered as he quick rolled over next to her and placed a hand on her thigh.

Melissa jumped at the sound of Eric’s voice and the touch of his hand. She quickly pulled her fingers from her pussy. When she tried to answer him, she couldn’t find her voice. She froze when she felt Eric’s fingers begin to move down her thigh.

When she realized where Eric’s hand was heading she screeched, “Eric, no!” But by the time she reached for his hand, it was too late … his fingers had found her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, please, Eric,” she gasped, unable to pull his hand from between her legs.

“God, you’re wet,” Eric said as his finger began to rub across her swollen clit.

“You … you … we … shouldn’t … be … doing … this,” she managed to gasp. Yet, even as she protested, her legs slipped apart, giving him unrestricted access to her most intimate parts. “Eric, Eric, Eric,” she pleaded as his fingers began to move back and forth.

“Cum for me,” Eric whispered. “You know you need to cum again. Your pussy is literally dripping juice.” Eric began to move his hand faster, now pushing two fingers into her receptive hole.

Melissa moaned and lifted her hips to the now rapidly moving fingers. “Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as tremors began to vibrate up and down her body. She felt a finger searching for her clit again. A second later it found her swollen nub. “Ahhhhhh,” she screamed and began to convulse in climax. Her hips moved up and down as she grasped the sheets with her hands. As waves of pleasure continued to course through her, the dim light of the room began to fade. She passed out.

Chapter 11

When Melissa awoke the following morning, she sat up in bed wondering where she was. When she turned and saw Eric lying in bed next to her, it all came rushing back. Her face suddenly flushed white-hot. Quickly she swung out of bed. When she stood up she noticed a note on her night table. Her fingers were trembling as she opened it and read: “Your clothes for the day are on the dresser. Love, Eric.”

She quickly looked over at the dresser and moaned. The outfit, if you could call it that, was only the bottom half of a tiny pink nightly. Her breasts would be totally bare again. It was obvious that her son had a fascination with her breasts. A chill ran down her spine at the thought of him nursing at her motherly breasts not so many years ago. She shook her head to clear the image.

It was an hour or so later when Eric came downstairs. The snow had let up and the sky was blue, but the weather report was for more snow. In the kitchen Melissa was at the stove cooking breakfast.

“Good morning, Mom,” he said cheerfully as he sat down at the table.

“Good morning,” Melissa returned without turning around. She could feel his eyes on her and she knew that the cheeks of her ass were exposed below the elastic of the tiny panties.

When she turned around with a plate of pancakes, her face was scarlet. Now he had a clear view of her naked breasts. She took some solace in the fact that at least her pussy lips were covered … but just barely.

Her son stared at her naked breasts. In spite of her embarrassment she felt excitement at the look in his eyes. Strangely, his stare made her proud that she had kept her figure and that her breasts could still compete with those of much younger women. She felt her pussy lips begin to moisten as she walked slowly to the table. She sat the plate down and joined him. Almost immediately she felt her nipples becoming erect.

Unable to look at her son, she turned toward the window and said, “It’s clear now but it’s supposed to start snowing again.”

“I heard that on the radio,” Eric responded as he stuck a fork into a stack of pancakes and pulled them to his plate.

Melissa picked at her food, her rising excitement taking away her appetite. Every so often she would glance up at Eric and find him staring at her breasts. Once she opened her mouth to speak but stopped. She had no idea what to say. She had no excuses for what had happened last night. Plus, she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed it and it was obvious that Eric knew it. There was nothing to be said.

Eric spoke, “You want the last pancake?”

Melissa shook her head and watched him finish the last pancake. Then he stood up and silently walked past her. She heard him place his plate in the sink and then felt his presence behind her. Over the smell of her cup of coffee, she could detect something else … something earthier. She trembled.

A moment later she turned her head and her eyes opened wide as she saw his hard cock inches from her face.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw her son’s pulsing cock. The coffee cup slipped from her fingers and crashed to the table. “Eri …” she started to say, but her words were cut off as he forced his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmpppphhh,” she grunted, but only struggled for a moment.

Just like last night, she stopped protesting when she tasted his sweet cock. This time a moan of surrender escaped her lips, which were now wrapped tightly around his cock.

“That’s it Mom, suck me. You did a great job sucking my cock last night.”

Melissa’s face flushed at his words, but she continued to suck. Her heart was throbbing in her chest as she nursed on the swollen head. She could taste his sweet pre-cum juice as it poured into her mouth. She had to admit that she loved the taste.

“That’s it, suck me,” Eric whispered as he gently grasped his mother’s head. His hips began a slow dance back and forth. “Yes, yes, yes,” he whispered.

Melissa pulled her head back until the cock head was out of her mouth. She looked at the swollen plum with amazement. At the tip was a clear bubble of juice. She watched as it grew and finally began to drip. With a little moan, she stuck out her tongue and let the drop land on her tongue.

When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the sweet bubble of pre-cum she nearly climaxed. The taste sent her floating on a wave of pleasure. Eric pulling on her head brought her back to the present. She resisted his attempt to have her take his cock back into her mouth. Instead she began to lick the head, moving the tip of her tongue up and down, smearing a steady stream of juice across the now shimmering head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she sucked the head back inside.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Eric moaned loudly. His hips began to move back and forth as he pulled on his mother’s head.

Melissa sucked her son for a long time. She wanted to draw it out, make him wait for the ultimate pleasure. Incredibly, she was enjoying teasing him. She realized that she enjoyed sucking him more than she ever imagined. Maybe it was because it was her son, and it so wrong. However, this time it didn’t seem as wrong as it had last night. While there was still pangs of moral regret flashing in her mind the excitement of giving her son pleasure washed them away.

Eric’s moans of frustration finally made Melissa relent. She began to suck harder and pump his shaft at the same time. Her other hand slipped into his underwear and pulled his balls into the open. Now with her mouth on his cock and her hand on his shaft she caressed his balls. They felt warm and alive. Slowly, ever so slowly, she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Inch by inch it disappeared until the head breached her throat and slipped deeper. She fought the urge to gag.

“Jesus, Mom,” Eric hissed as he felt his mom take his cock into her throat.

Even Melissa was amazed that she was able to take most of his cock. Needing to breath, she allowed the long shaft to slip back out until only the head was in her mouth. Then she took him deep several more times, slowly forcing the head into her throat until she had it all. When she pulled it finally, the shaft was now covered with saliva. She used the saliva to coat her hand. Slowly she began to stroke him until she was pumping her hand up and down with just the head in her mouth. A little whimper escaped her lips … now she wanted his sperm.

“Mom, oh God, I’m going to cummmmmm!” Eric moaned. “Ahhhhh!!!” he screamed.

Melissa felt his balls tighten … she could feel them moving in her hand like they were alive. She knew another blast was coming and relaxed her throat. She felt the slick and warm cream squirt deep into her mouth. She pulled her head back slightly so she could taste him. His sperm came out in great quantity. Again the amount surprised her. And again some began to escape.

She closed her lips tightly. As her mouth filled she squeezed her legs together. “Ahhhhh!!!” she gasped as she swallowed, and her own climax began. Her mouth filled over and over with her son’s hot sperm. Each swallow spurred the pulses of her climax.

When the last drops of Eric’s cum were sucked from him, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. Then she turned and walked to the sink. An irrational exuberance rushed through her as she began to wash the dishes. For some reason she had no feelings of regret this time. It almost seemed natural. She loved her son, so why not give him pleasure? She shook her head to try to bring her senses back but the taste of her son’s cum in her mouth made that impossible. The strong taste of semen sent a strange kind of warmth throughout her body … like the tiny seeds of life were suddenly in her blood stream. No negative thought could penetrate the feeling.

Eric placed his hand on the table, still gasping for breath, his head turned to his mother. When he could move, he slowly walked up behind her. He stood there for a moment.

Melissa could feel him behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck. Then his lips touched her bare shoulder. She felt herself being turned around until she was in his strong arms. A second later her lips were covered by his.

With a moan, she melted into his embrace. The feeling of warmth inside her grew. She pressed her body to her son as the kiss grew ever more passionate. Their tongues dueled as their saliva mixed. When she felt his cock begin to stiffen between her legs, she pushed him away. She wasn’t sure why. She said, “I have to get the dishes done.” She turned around and began to wash the dishes again, but there was a smile on her face.

Eric sighed and moved away.

Melissa cleaned up the house and then sat down to read again. Eric finally joined her, picking up a novel he had been reading. While they both appeared calm, there was still an incredible air of sexual tension … after all Melissa was still half-naked.

It was after lunch when Melissa told Eric they needed to talk. She sat him down at the table, taking his hands gently into hers. She looked at the injured wrists, rubbing her fingers across the backs of his hand. “Eric … Eric, Hon,” she started and stopped.

“Mom … he started to say something but Melissa put her fingers to his lips.

“Let me try to get his out,” she said, her eyes suddenly misty as she searched his. “Eric, what we have done is wrong … very, very wrong.”

It was obvious from the look on her son’s face that he thought she was going to admonish him. She looked at her son’s hands clutched gently in hers as she continued. “I don’t know if it’s the setting or being locked up in this cabin, but I have obviously lost all reason. I am having an incredibly difficult time thinking straight … especially … especially when I am close to you.” She glanced up into Eric’s eyes before she continued. “I can’t change what has happened. In fact, I don’t know if I would want to … I mean … damn, it’s all so confusing.”

“Mom, I love you,” Eric blurted.

“I love you too, Eric.”

“No, not like a mother. I love you like … you know, like a woman,” Eric said.

Melissa sighed and wondered if she should tell him that she thought she felt the same way about him. She decided not to say anything now. Instead, in response she squeezed his hands gently. “As I said, I don’t know if I would change what has happened. But I can try and control what happens until we leave here.”

A pained expression came to Eric’s face and his eyes began to tear.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I can resist you while we are closed up in this cabin.”

Now Eric’s face brightened.

A tiny smile curled at the corners of Melissa’s lips. “But we have to control ourselves. What I mean is that we can’t let this go any further than it already has. I am your mother, not a lover.”

Eric face showed his distress. “You mean we can’t do … do … you know, what we did this morning?”

“No …” Melissa said and paused. She saw Eric wince. “What I mean is we cannot go any further.”

Eric looked confused. “Huh?”

Melissa smiled at his confusion. “We can still … I mean … I can still suc … you know, do what I did in the bathroom and this morning, but we can’t do anything else.”

Eric’s face broke into a broad smile.

“And that lasts only while we are here in this cabin, not when we go home.”

It was obvious that Eric had barely heard the last comment. “Wow, Mom,” he gasped.

“I mean it, Eric. We cannot take what we do here back home,” she admonished him. She knew he wasn’t listening. “Okay, since we both have cabin fever, let’s get our ski suits on and go for a little walk. The fresh air will clear our heads.”

Chapter 12

That evening Melissa washed Eric as usual, but she didn’t do anything sexual with him. Eric was obviously disappointed. Melissa gave him a smile and went to the bedroom to wait for him.

When Eric came upstairs Melissa saw that he was only wearing a towel. She smiled and patted the bed next to her.

He dropped the towel and quickly he crawled onto the bed and lay down.

Without a word Melissa bend over him and began to kiss his stomach. With little licks, she worked her way across his lower abdomen toward his already hard cock. She grasped his cock with one hand as she continued to kiss around his erection. For quite some time she avoided touching his cock, until finally, when she felt his hand on her head, she allowed him to lead her mouth to his cock. With a moan from both of them she engulfed him.

“Oh, God, Mom,” he moaned. His hands directed her head up and down as his hips began to move.

Melissa’s head began to move faster and her hand began to pump his cock. Within minutes she was gasping for breath as she worked to make him cum. She suddenly needed his cum … needed it desperately. A moment later she got what she wanted.

“Ohhhh,” Eric groaned as his balls pulled tight to his groin. Then he screamed, “Ahhhhhheeee,” as his cum rushed up the shaft and into his mother’s sucking mouth.

Melissa’s pussy began to throb when she felt the first blast of cum spew into her mouth. She swallowed and trembled. The cum kept coming until it began to slip from her lips and down her fist to pool on his stomach.

When Melissa had all the cum cleaned from his cock she bent her head and began to lick up the juice that had spilled on his stomach.

Eric watched his mother with total amazement on his face.

When she finally pulled away, there wasn’t a speck of cum to be found. She had it all in her stomach. It now felt strangely comforting to have swallowed her son’s sperm. It made her feel warm inside. Then her heart began to swell with something … a strange feeling … something she hadn’t felt in years. With shock she realized that she loved her son … but not like a son … like a man … like a lover. The realization made her head spin and her heart pound.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet. Melissa pulled away and moved up to lie on the bed next to Eric, who had his eyes closed, but he was still breathing heavily.

A moment later Eric opened his eyes and smiled at his mother. She returned the smile. “God, you’re beautiful, Mom.”

Melissa blushed. She closed her eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Eric found he couldn’t resist touching her. Slowly his hand reached out and rested on her breast.

Melissa’s eyes flew open. “Eric,” she gasped, yet she did nothing to remove his hand.

“You have the prettiest breasts I have ever seen,” he said, almost in a trance.

When Melissa felt his hand began to knead her flesh, she knew she should stop him. Yet, she couldn’t move. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly. She allowed Eric to place his mouth on hers and their tongues began to duel. Eric’s cock grew hard again.

Eric began to squeeze her breast more firmly. Soon he was massaging and pinching the nipple. His hand moved to the other breast.

Melissa was breathing through her mouth and she kept her eyes closed tightly. She knew what was about to happen but couldn’t stop it.

Eric slowly bent his head and took the hard nipple into his mouth.

“Errrrriiiiccc, nooooo!!!” Melissa gasped. She reached for his head, but his hand caught hers and their fingers entwined. Her hips began to squirm.

He sucked one nipple and then the other, nursing on them as he had done when he was but an infant.

A few moments Melissa felt Eric begin to move. His mouth moved down her breasts to her stomach. “Eric, no,” she whispered. “This is so wrong.” Her hands remained on his head as it moved lower and lower.

Swiftly, before another protest, Eric moved between his mother’s legs onto his knees. He stared down at her pussy.

He had never looked at one so close before, but he knew his mother’s was beautiful. It was hard to believe that he had come out of that hole eighteen years ago. He could never have imaged that he would someday lick it. His eyes ran up and down the swollen lips watching them quiver with anticipation. The lips were open and ready for his mouth. He could see a stream of juice coming from deep inside and his mouth began to water. He had to eat her.

He lifted her legs and gently placed them on his shoulder.

“Eric, what are you doing?” Melissa asked as if she had no idea.

“I know Dad never did this for you, but I want to.”

“What … oh, Eric … you … we can’t.”

“Yes we can. I want to eat your pussy. I want to make you feel good like you’ve done for me.”

“It’s wrong,” Melissa whimpered without opening her eyes.

“No, it’s right. You’re going to love it. Just relax.”

“Ohhhh, Eric,” Melissa whispered in surrender as she grasped the back of her thighs and pulled them to chest. There was no attempt to push him away now.

Melissa could feel the juice dripping from her hole and running to the sheet below. For a moment it embarrassed her. But then she felt Eric’s mouth on her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh,” she screamed. She had never felt so excited in her life. This was something she had fantasized about for years … fantasized about a man eating her … but certainly not her own son. “Eric,” she gasped when she felt his tongue split her swollen lips. “Oh, God!”

Eric moaned as he moved his tongue up and down her wet slit. He tickled the inner lips, then drawing the juice coating his tongue into his mouth. He pushed her hips back further and opened his mouth wide. His head moved down with his tongue out. He plunged it into her.

“Ahhhhhheeeee … oh God, oh God!!!” Melissa screamed. She froze with her hips raised. She could feel her son’s tongue swirling deep inside her, then plunging in and out. Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath, trying desperately to draw oxygen into her depleted lungs. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh!!!” she moaned.

Eric tongued her for a long time. Then he pulled back and opened his mouth again. This time it came down on her swollen clit. He sucked the almost penis shaped clit into his mouth.

That was more than Melissa could take. “Ahhhh, I’m cummmmmiiiiinnngggg!!! she screamed. Her hips lifted from the bed and then froze. Fireworks exploded inside her head. Waves of incredible pleasure washed over her, bringing her pleasure like she had never known. The pleasure grew with each wave until she could no longer think … she could only feel … feel pleasure in every cell of her body. It no longer mattered that it was her son eating her. In fact, it made it sweeter … it was forbidden, against every moral code she had been brought up to believe and that made it so wrong, but yet, it was so, so exciting.

Eric sucked her hard, then softly, then hard again. He pulled her clit into his mouth and gently nibbled it. His tongue worried the smooth crown, gently flicking it. The drool from his mouth mixed with his mother’s copious juices and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

Melissa’s climax went on and on until exhaustion took over and she collapsed onto the bed unconscious.

Chapter 13

Melissa was humming to herself as she fixed breakfast the following morning. She was naked since Eric had not laid out any clothes for her. She felt Eric behind her before she heard him. She smiled and turned her head to the side as he gently kissed her neck. His hands slipped under her arms and grasped her bare breasts.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

She leaned back into son and said, “Good morning.” Suddenly she gasped when she felt Eric’s hard cock touch her ass. “Go sit down so I can fix you breakfast.”

“I’d rather have you for breakfast,” he joked.

“Later,” she said.

With a moan, Eric turned and went to the table and sat down. His cock was already hard.

When she turned and looked at him, he spread his legs, letting her see his hard cock. “Come here,” he said … it was almost a command.

Melissa paused for a moment. Then she moved the frying pan to a cold burner and turned. With slow, almost hypnotic steps, she came over to her son. Without a word she went to her knees. She knelt in front of him, staring in his eyes as she gently caressed his cock.

Then she bent and took his cock into her warm and wet mouth.

Eric moaned and dropped his head and closed his eyes. His hands went to her head as he gently held her in place.

It didn’t take him long to cum. He threw his head back and gasped.

Melissa was ready for his sperm. She swallowed the first blast and waited for the second. The pleasure rushing through her body made her forget for a moment that sperm was pouring into her mouth. A large glob escaped her lips and ran down Eric’s cock.

She quickly closed her mouth tightly around the head to stop any more precious fluid from escaping.

When Eric’s cock finally went limp Melissa pulled back and gently licked the cum from his cock and balls. When she was done she quietly got up and went back to the stove to finish breakfast. They ate in silence. When they were done Melissa got up and left the table. Eric followed.

When she got to the stairs she turned and smiled at her son. Her eyes were burning hot as she stared at him with her most lustful smile. She could feel her pussy throbbing and juice was starting to trickle down her thighs. She turned and slowly walked up the steps toward the bedroom.

A few moments later he walked into the bedroom. With a lustful smile he joined his mother on the bed, crawling between her legs.

However instead of letting him eat her, she pushed him over until he was on his back. Then she squatted over his mouth and lowered her pussy to his lips. It was something she had read in a Cosmo magazine and always wanted to try. Her husband would have none of it. Now she had a willing partner.

“Ohhhh!!! she gasped as she began to squirm her pussy across his tongue.

Eric moaned, as he tasted her sweet juices. Soon he was eating her like a starved man, filling the room with loud sucking sounds.

Melissa added her screams of pleasure to the sucking sounds. She began to climax almost immediately. Waves of pleasure rushed over her like an incoming tide. Electricity shot through her body, making her tremble with total abandon.

When her climax ended, she relaxed, almost sitting on her son’s face. She thought it was over.

However, Eric had other ideas. He kept sucking her, using his tongue like a miniature cock to push in and out of her sopping hole. Melissa moaned in renewed pleasure. She lost her balance and was suddenly sitting on her son’s face. If he minded, he didn’t show it. She moved back so that he could find her clit. “Ahhhhh,” she screamed as he sucked it into his mouth.

Melissa began to climax again. Her legs shook and threatened to collapse under her. She placed her hands on the bed on either side of his head, letting the pleasure take her again. Her mouth was open as she gasped for precious air. Her head spun as the climax intensified bringing grunts of pleasure. “Oh, Eric, oh, Eric,” she gasped. The pleasure seemed to go on and on. Her juice was bubbling out of her like a river, only to be swallowed by her new lover. She was afraid she was going to drown him, but when she tried to lift up, he pulled her back down. She didn’t have the strength to fight him so she let him continue to suck her until her pussy became too sensitive. She fell onto the bed in exhaustion.

Chapter 14

Later that morning Eric and Melissa put on their snowsuits again and went outside. The snow had let up a bit, but the forecast was for a foot more. They found some snowshoes in a shed out back and took a long walk across the hill toward the crest of the mountain. The view was breathtaking, but so was the relationship that had developed between the two of them. As they stood on the crest of the mountain, overlooking the valley, Eric reached for his mother’s gloved hand.

Melissa smiled at her son and pulled their gloves off so they could hold hands without the gloves. Then she reached up and touched his face. A moment later they were kissing. It was a sweet kiss that quickly turned passionate as Melissa opened her mouth and allowed Eric’s tongue inside. She sucked it, moaning quietly in her throat as she felt excitement building again. She couldn’t believe it. She had already climaxed more times this morning then she had in years, yet she felt her pussy begin to leak again. Of course it wasn’t a surprise when she felt Eric’s hard cock pressing against her.

A moment later Melissa pulled her mouth from Eric’s and said, “Maybe we should head back home.”

There was a big smile on Eric’s face as he allowed his mother to lead him back to the house and up to the bedroom.

A few moments later they were naked and in each other’s arms, kissing. This time Melissa did not hesitate and thrust her tongue into her son’s willing mouth. They both moaned.

The kiss lasted a long time before Eric pulled away. He stared into his mother’s loving eyes. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, Eric,” she whispered. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye.

Eric pushed his mother onto her back and gently crawled between her legs.

“Eric!” Melissa exclaimed as she felt her son slipping between her legs. “We can’t.”

“Can’t what?” Eric asked.

“You know what,” Melissa returned seriously.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m your mother.”

“But we have done almost everything else.”

“It’s not right,” Melissa said firmly.

“All right, but can’t I just lay here for a few minutes.”

“I … I guess that would be okay,” Melissa answered hesitantly.

Eric settled between her legs. Suddenly he was in the standard missionary position with his mother’s legs wrapped around his waist. He bent his head to kiss her again. At the same time he pressed his chest to hers, feeling her nipples burning against his chest. “Mmmm,” he moaned.

Melissa gasped when she felt his hard cock touching her stomach, just inches from her exposed pussy. She felt him moving his hips back so his cock could slip lower. “Eric,” she warned.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do,” he answered.

Melissa felt her head begin to spin and knew she was in a very dangerous situation. She couldn’t let this happen … it was wrong. She had to stop him; yet she couldn’t bring herself to push him off. “Ohhhh,” she moaned when she suddenly felt the large head of his cock touch her pussy lips. “No, no, no,” she groaned, throwing her head from side to side.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I just want to feel the head touch your sweet pussy. That warm and wet pussy that I sucked until you passed out.” Eric moved back a fraction of an inch, allowing the swollen head of his cock to touch her dripping hole. He bent and kissed his mother again and as he did, he slowly slipped the head into her warm cavern.

“Eric, stop!” Melissa almost screamed.

“Okay. I won’t go any further. Just let me leave it there for a minute.”

Melissa began to tremble in unwanted excitement. She could feel the swollen head of her son’s cock stretching her pussy … a pussy that had not had a cock inside it for years. She didn’t know if Eric’s cock head felt so big because it had been so long since she had had sex or if it was because of the size of his cock. Either way it was stretching her tight muscles.

“God, that feels so good, Mom,” Eric gasped. “You’re so tight.”

“Eric … we … you can’t go … go … any deeper,” Melissa stammered. It was almost a plea.

Ignoring her, he gently pushed a little deeper, bringing a moan from her lips.

She didn’t push him away. Instead her eyes closed and a look of pure lust crossed her face. Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath. There was little protest left in her.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she felt Eric’s cock move deeper. Suddenly she realized that he was all the way inside her. She could barely catch her breath. She had never felt so full. No one had stretched her so or gone so deeply. Yet, her mind was screaming, “Stop! This is my son with his cock in me.”

Eric leaned down to his mother and whispered, “I’m in all the way in your pussy, Mom. How does it feel? How does it feel to have a cock so deep in your pussy after so many years?”

“Oh, Eric, we can’t. You … shouldn’t … be … you shouldn’t be … be inside me,” she stammered.

Now cocky with confidence Eric said, “Okay, I’ll take it out.” Eric pretended that he was about to pull out.

“No!” Melissa screamed and wrapped her legs and arms tightly around him, holding him to her body. “Just let it stay there for a minute,” she said.

Eric smiled. He waited patiently, loving the incredible feeling of he tight pussy around his cock. It was so tight that he thought he could actually feel her heart beating from inside her pussy.

Soon, Eric needed to move. He whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now, Mom. I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked.”

“Ohhhh,” Melissa cried. No words were left to say. Even if she wanted too, she knew that protesting was futile. It was too late. She couldn’t think. She could only feel. The years without sex now conspired to drive her beyond where any mother should ever go. Her own son was going to fuck her … and she was going to let him … she couldn’t stop him. Her mind screamed “No!” but her body screamed, “Yes.”

Eric began to slowly pull his cock from his mother’s pulsing pussy. When he had it almost all the way out he thrust back in with one push.

“Ahhhhheeeee!!!” Melissa screamed. She felt every inch of his cock as it rubbed against the walls of her long denied pussy. At the same time his position on top of her allowed the top section of his cock to rub her elongated clit. The friction brought on her climax almost too soon. She gasped and squirmed, trying to fight if off. She couldn’t let it happen. Couldn’t climax with her son’s cock inside her.

Eric felt her trying to hold back. He said, “Go ahead and climax mom. I want you too.” He emphasized it by moving his cock in and out of her rapidly, thrusting into her with all his strength.

“Ohhhhh nooooo, oh Godddddd!!!” Melissa screamed as she began to explode. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Yes, climaxing from being eaten was good, but this was different. The waves of pleasure started at her toes and rocketed up her body and exploded like fireworks in her head. Even before the first explosion was done, another hit her, and then another and another. It was so good it was almost frightening. She had no control over her body as it trembled and shook. Her hips thrust up at her son as he pushed down.

Eric was moaning now too. He was thrusting his long cock all the way to the bottom before pulling out again. His mother’s climaxes made her pussy muscles grip him like a vise. If she wasn’t so wet he knew he would not have been able to move so rapidly.

His hips were a blur now. The rapid in and out movement began to create a sloppy sucking sound that echoed from the wooden walls of the cabin. The juices from her pussy were seeping around his cock and streaming between her ass cheeks to the bed below.

Eric kept fucking his mother through one climax after another. Eventually he was ready to cum. Melissa felt him plunge all the way into her and then he paused.

He whispered, “Oh God, Mom, I’m going to cum. Ohhhhh!!!”

Suddenly Melissa came to her senses. Through the fog of repeated climaxes she hissed, “No! Eric, I left my birth control pills home.”

But it was too late. The pent up sperm in Eric’s cock had already began its journey up the shaft. He didn’t even hear his mother as he screamed, “Ohhhhh, Gooooddddd!!!” With that his hot cream spewed deep into his mother’s pussy, shooting from the swollen head of his cock in a virtual flood. Pulse after pulse filled her until there was no room left. Then the juice began to drip out along the sides of his cock and between his mother’s ass cheeks.

The thought of being filled with sperm was too much for Melissa and she began to climax again. Her hips lifted to her son’s thrusts, forcing his cock deeply into her. She could almost feel the swollen head spitting his sperm against the back wall of her cavern. Then she couldn’t think anymore. Her body convulsed in illicit pleasure as she accepted her son’s fluid deep into her.

* * * * *

When their lust was temporarily satisfied, Melissa and Eric lay quietly on the bed, deep in their own thoughts. The glow and excitement of their recent coupling had faded and Melissa was left with a mix of satisfaction and concern.

Finally Eric broke the silence. “I’m sorry, Mom.”

“It’s okay,” Melissa replied rather unconvincingly.

“No, I shouldn’t have gone that far. I took advantage of you.”

“You didn’t do anything I didn’t let you do,” she responded. “I’m the adult here,” she added with a bit of self-recrimination.

Eric was quiet for a few moments, mustering his courage. “But … but what if you get … get, you know, preg …” he said and paused, unable to say the word.

Melissa didn’t answer for a few moments. She knew better than he what a dangerous thing they had done. “Well, I should be okay. Not taking the pill for a few days will mess up my cycle but it should still be safe.” Melissa paused and then said, “We have to be more careful in the future.”

Eric looked over at his mother lying naked next to him. “You mean we … we can do … you know, do what we just did again?”

Melissa bit her lip and then took a deep breath. She knew it was too late to stop. She could deny her feelings all she wanted, but there was no way she could be in this cabin with her son and not have sex. There was no sense in pretending anymore. “As I said, we have to be careful. Unfortunately, we can’t get out to a drug store where I could get my prescription for birth control pills filled.”

“Wait a minute,” Eric said and got up from the bed. He disappeared downstairs and came back a moment later with something in his hand.

When he held his hand up, Melissa saw a single prophylactic inside a foil packet. The condom was flattened and the edges of the foil were tattered, indicating that it had been in his pocket for quite some time. Without thinking Melissa broke into laughter. When she realized that she was embarrassing her son she put her hand over her mouth, but she couldn’t stop a giggling.

Eric’s face showed his utter embarrassment.

Melissa felt bad, but he looked so cute standing there like a petulant teenager.

Then Eric looked at the tattered condom in his hand and realized how absurd it was. Suddenly he burst into laughter too.

That caused Melissa to begin laughing again. Suddenly they were both in gales of laughter. When Melissa caught her breath she wiped tears from her eyes and said, “Even if that thing worked after all these years, it’s only one rubber. I assume there will be more than one more time before this storm breaks and we leave here.”

Eric’s face beamed at his mother’s words. “I figured this one would last us for the next hour,” he said with a smile. He rolled over and took his mother into his arms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. When he pulled away, he began to kiss down her neck, placing gentle bites and licks on her sensitive skin. Slowly he moved downward until he was hovering over her large and firm breasts. “I love your tits,” he said. His face turned red. “I mean your breasts.”

Melissa laughed and pulled his head down to her already hard nipple. “You can call them tits … they are your tits tonight,” she returned. “Suck them,” she said as she gently held his head and lifted her breast, allowing him to nurse on her nipple for a long time. Then she gently pushed his head to the other breast. She could feel her already saturated pussy begin to pulse again. She would need his cock again in just a few minutes. She moaned, almost plaintively.

Eric seemed to get the message and slipped between her legs. He pulled his head from her breasts as he lifted her legs, pressing them back. On his knees now he brought his rampant erection to the more than ready opening of his mother’s pussy. He slipped in through the juice that had so recently been deposited there and brought a moan from both of them.

“Yes, sweetheart, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Melissa gasped. There was no hesitancy in her now. She wanted, no needed, her son’s cock inside her. It felt so good. It felt so natural. Although it was terribly wrong, it felt right.

“Oh God, Mom, I love you so much. I can’t believe I’m fucking you. I’ve dreamed about this for so many years.”

“You’ve dreamed about fucking me; fucking your mother?”

“Yes. In all my fantasies. All the girls in my life pale in comparison to you. I’ve jerked off thinking of you a thousand times.”

“Oh, Eric, I love you,” Melissa responded, her heart swelling with love. She pulled her son’s hips downward, forcing his cock all the way into her body. She lifted her hips upward as he pushed down forcing it deeper than she though possible. It touched places where nothing had ever been before. “Ahhhh yes, fuck me, fuck meeee!!!” Melissa screamed.

Seconds later Eric was pounding his cock into his mother. In and out he moved as their bodies began to move instinctively now.

“Oh yes, oh yes, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnggg!!!” Melissa screamed as she lifted her hips and threw her head back. Her body convulsed in pleasure.

“Oh God, Mom, I’m getting close,” Eric warned. When his mother didn’t answer, he started to pull his cock from her still pulsing pussy, preparing to cum on her stomach.

Before it was entirely out, Melissa screamed, “Noooo!!!” She grabbed his hips, pulling him back into her.

“Mom, I’m cummmmiiinnngg!!!” Eric screamed. He was unable to hold back his ejaculation any longer. A moment later he began spurting a second load into his mother’s body. Because of their position, with Eric pushing his mother up on her back until he was hovering over her, his cum went deep, pooling at the opening of her cervix. When he pulled it out part way, his cock was covered by the remnants of his first climax and now the second.

Eric took his mother into his arms as he pulled his saturated cock from her pussy. He held her close to him as they fell asleep.

Chapter 15

The snow had finally stopped when Melissa woke and quietly got out of bed. The wind was blowing at gale force creating a white-out condition and closing down all the roads in or out of Zermatt. She sighed and fell deep into thought as she stood at the window and gazed out at the wind whipped snow. How things had changed in just a couple of days. One day she was a typical working mother with a teenaged son. Now she had crossed the moral boundary and become a lover to her own son. Whenever she had heard the word incest in the past she always thought of some uneducated country family sexing it up in the mountains … almost a joke. Yet, now that she had done it, she wondered if it was as unusual as people made it out to be. When she assessed how she felt about her son she wondered if incest could be a lot more common; fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, or mothers and sons. There was no practical way to answer that question.

Melissa shook her head and sighed again before turning around. She saw that Eric was awake and smiling at her. Her heart skipped a beat. How can loving him be wrong? she thought.

“Good morning, Mother,” Eric said.

“Hi, sweetie. Would you like some dinner?”

“Yes, but I want you first,” he returned with a lecherous smile.

Melissa put her hands on her hips in mock disapproval. “If all we do is screw, they are going to find us in the spring dead from exhaustion.”

“What a way to go,” Eric joked.

Melissa shook her head but then smiled. “Let’s get something to eat first.”

“If you insist.”

“What do you want me to wear?” she asked, remembering the lost bet.

“Oh, I forgot,” Eric said. He jumped out of bed and went over to her dresser.

“Lay whatever it is out while I take a quick shower. I’m a mess,” she said, pointing to her sticky thighs and pussy.

“Sorry about that,” Eric replied sheepishly.

“No you’re not,” Melissa laughed. She turned and went down to the bathroom.

Eric was downstairs watching TV when his mother came down. He had on his jeans and T-shirt. When he saw what she was wearing he said, “Wow, Mom, let’s forget dinner.”

Melissa was wearing a red teddy that emphasized her sexy body with full breasts and long legs. “If you keep cutting the crotch out of my clothes, I won’t have a thing to wear that will cover me,” she said with mock severity, indicating that the crotch of the teddy was missing like the panties from yesterday.

“That’s my plan,” Eric returned, staring at her exposed pussy.

Melissa shook her head and turned toward the stove.

Eric came up behind her and said, “Can I help?”

Melissa smiled and answered, “No. Go sit down and I’ll have it ready in a minute.”

After dinner was eaten, Melissa cleaned up the dishes. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her. He had an erection and was stroking himself. “Don’t you ever get enough?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Never enough of you,” he answered. “Come over here.”

Melissa paused for a second as if she was considering his invite. Then she walked over to him with sultry steps. Without a word she straddled his thighs, reaching her hand between them to grasp his cock. With a moan she fitted his cock into her already wet pussy.

“Oh, God, Mom, you feel so good.”

“So do you,” Melissa responded as she took him deeply into her body. A second later she was sitting on his lap and his cock had hit bottom. “You go in deep this way,” she gasped. When Eric started to move she said, “No, let’s sit like this for a moment.”

Eric turned his face up to his mother and they kissed. His tongue went into her mouth like his cock had gone into her pussy. They were connected at both ends.

Melissa moaned as Eric began to thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth, indicating that he wanted to do the same thing with his cock. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she began to move … slowly at first. Upward until the head of his cock was just barely inside her, then down hard to take him all the way inside. “Oh, Eric I love you,” Melissa gasped as he began to move up and down at a steady pace.

“I love you too, Mom,” he responded.

Melissa began to climax. Over and over her body convulsed as pleasure washed through her. Her hips continued to move up and down as she grunted in pleasure.

Her climaxing pussy had an impact on Eric. “Mom,” he whispered, “I’m going to cum soon. Do you want … want … to lift up so I don’t climax in you?”

Melissa heard him. She knew what he was saying. With all her strength she tried to lift up far enough to allow his cock to slip out, but it was impossible. She couldn’t waste his cum … couldn’t let him spill it on the floor. No, that would be so wrong. Her answer was to press down harder and kiss her son passionately.

“Mummm,” he gasped into her mouth in warning as he felt his sperm begin its journey up the shaft. There was nothing he could do. His cum rushed up the shaft and into his mother’s receptive pussy.

* * * * *

For the remainder of their vacation, Eric and Melissa lived and loved as man and woman, not mother and son. They had sex multiple times everyday and Eric either climaxed in his mother’s pussy or mouth. When the weather finally broke Eric went to the doctor and was pronounced healthy. They decided to tour Switzerland instead of ski. Neither of them seemed to mind that their original vacation had been lost. Every night and every morning, and sometimes in the middle of the day, they made passionate love. Melissa was insatiable as she tried to make up for lost time. She wanted to try every position and did. She never asked Eric to pull out when he climaxed. She couldn’t bear it. She consoled herself with the fact that it should have been a safe time of the month. Besides, she could always see a doctor if the worst happened, fooling herself into thinking she could terminate any unwanted pregnancy.


Eight months later…

“Mom, are you about ready?” Eric called as he walked upstairs to find his mother. “The movers will be here in a few minutes.”

Melissa was standing in her bedroom naked. She had a sad look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Oh nothing,” she said unconvincingly.

“Come on, you look like you’re going to cry.”

“I’m fat,” she said flatly.

“You’re not fat, you’re pregnant. And very beautiful I might say too,” Eric said as he stared at his mother in disbelief.

Melissa finally smiled. “You always know the right thing to say.”

“You have to hurry and get dressed or the movers are going to see how beautiful you are.”

Melissa smiled. “I just have a few more things to do. You know I’m not moving so fast these days,” she said.

“You only have a month until the big day,” he returned.

“Ohhhh,” exclaimed Melissa as she grabbed her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” Eric asked with concern.

Melissa laughed. “It was your son kicking.”

“Really?” Eric beamed.

“Yes. Do you want to feel? He’s been really active this morning. Must know we are moving to Switzerland where he was conceived.”

“Can I?” Eric answered.

Melissa took her son’s hand and placed it on stomach.

“Oh, wow, I felt it. That’s really Eric junior kicking?”

“Yep. Already squirming and kicking like his father did when he was in the same place.”

“I kicked a lot?”

“All the time. I thought you were trying to get out through my navel,” Melissa said and laughed.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. It’s a good feeling. Means he’s healthy.” Melissa paused and looked at her son. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Mom.”

With a look of admonishment Melissa said, “I told you that you have to call me Melissa. You can’t call me ‘MOM’ when we get to Switzerland. Everyone thinks you are my husband and we can’t let on. I don’t know how they would feel about a mother and son living in sin in Switzerland.”

“I know. It’s just so hard to believe. Here we are moving to Switzerland as husband and wife. Me going to college and you working from the cabin.”

“It’s great that Mr. Hemsley is allowing me to work out of the cabin for the next couple of years while you go to college. With a satellite dish on the roof, I can do everything I did here.”

Eric smiled and added, “Yes it is. It’s perfect. Don’t worry though, no one will ever know about us. And we will raise Eric Jr. and Tommy and Lisa and …

“Wait a minute young man, I didn’t agree to having more babies.”

“Yeah, but I know you will. You always wanted a house full. Besides, I can be very persuasive.”

Melissa laughed, turning her head to kiss her son. She felt one of his hands begin to massage her stomach while the other pinched a large and sensitive nipple. A moan escaped her lips just as a horn blew outside indicating that the moving van was there.