A Boy’s Best Friend

It was over at last. I couldn’t believe it. Three of the worst years of my life were nearly at an end. It wasn’t that I hated college because of my studies. In fact, I was expecting an honours degree from all the work I’d put in. No, it was my fellow classmates that had made my life so miserable. It’s not like I’m a spotty nerd or anything. It’s just that I’m not into sports. And if you’re not into sports, then you don’t get to hang around with the guys. And if you don’t hang around with the guys, then you don’t get the girls. And if you don’t get the girls, then you don’t get spoken to by the guys; it’s a vicious circle.

But all of that would soon be behind me. The only activity left was the ‘End of an Era’ school party that was being held at the gym tomorrow, Friday. But I had long decided not to go. Showing up without a date would have been the final humiliation for me. So, I told Mom and Dad of my decision on the phone last week, and said that I’d be catching the 4pm flight home on the day of the dance. Then I would never have to see any of my classmates again; I’d be three thousand miles away.

Thursday night’s sleep was the best I had had in three years. I awoke at around ten on a hot summer morning, had a light breakfast and started to pack. I had the biggest smile on my face that you could possibly imagine. After lunch, I decided to take one last look around the one bedroom ground floor apartment that had been my home away from home for three years. I was thinking how funny it would be to share a house with Mom and Dad again.

It was while I was in this daydreaming state that I heard the doorbell ring. When I opened my apartment door and saw who was standing there, my mind went blank for about thirty seconds. Eventually, tired of my seeming lack of consciousness, I heard her speak.

‘Well, Peter, honey, are you going to let your Mom in, or should I stand here all day?’

‘Sure, sure.’ I replied quickly, banging the side of my head with my right hand, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. But no, that was definitely Mom standing in front of me in the living room.

‘Be a sweetie and bring my things in off the porch, darling. I’ve had such a terribly long and tiring flight. And do close your mouth, you’re not seeing an illusion. It really is me.’

I went out to the porch to see a cab pulling away from the kerb and Mom’s things on the top step. I picked up the small valise and two dress carriers and carried them inside.

‘Jeez, Mom, what are you doing here? I’m going home in three hours.’

Mom sat down on the couch and began to speak.

‘When you phoned last week and told your Father and I that you weren’t going to the end of school dance, it almost broke our hearts. We know that you’ve not enjoyed your time here, but in a few years you’ll come to regret not going to the final part of your college days. You’ll miss the closure that the event carries with it.’

‘But Mom, even if I had a tuxedo and all the trimmings, which I don’t, I wouldn’t go there without a date. That’d make look a real loser.’

Mom asked me to look in the brown dress carrier. I pulled down the zipper to see that inside was a white dress shirt, cummerbund, bow tie and black tux.

‘OK Mom, so you got me the suit. So what am I supposed to do for a date? Or did you bring a girl with you as well?’ I asked, with a heavy dollop of sarcasm.

Mom looked up at me from her seat on the couch with the hint of a smile on her fulsome lips.

‘As a matter of fact, smart-aleck, I did.’

Thinking that I’d left someone outside, I dived over to the window and peered out up and down the street.

‘I don’t see anyone.’ I retorted, miserably.

‘You’re looking the wrong way.’ Mom began. ‘She’s right behind you.’

I turned around slowly to face her. Mom’s smile was now an ear-to-ear grin.

‘It’s me, you silly boy. I’m your date.’

‘Mom, that’s crazy. Who ever heard of a guy taking his mom to the school dance?’

‘I don’t mean take me as your Mom. I mean take me as your date.’

When I looked a little hesitatingly at her, she carried on.

‘Look, nobody here knows that I’m your Mom. You resemble your Father more than me. I mean you’re almost a foot taller than I am, and you have his brown hair and hazel eyes. Providing that you didn’t actually call me Mom it would be easy to fool them all. And besides, neither of us is likely to see any of them again.’

I still looked doubtful, but I recognised the stern look on Mom’s face which meant that she was determined to have her own way.

‘I haven’t come all this way to be refused a date by own son,’ she began, commandingly. We’re going to that dance tonight and that’s final. From what I read, most boys your age would love to have a girlfriend who is, how shall I say, a little mature. Now try your suit on, and I’ll make any adjustments before I go and take a pill and lie down.’

As it happened, the tux and everything else fitted me perfectly, and Mom went to my room at the back of the apartment at around three o’clock, for a nap. I told her that I’d sleep on the couch that night.

At six-fifteen, with Mom still asleep, I had a shower and went back into the living room to dress for the evening. I had my doubts about whether we could pull it off at the dance, and thought about the humiliation of it all if we were to be found out. At six-forty-five, I heard Mom taking a shower, and at seven-twenty, the sound of her heels on the wooden floorboards caused me to look up. Boy, what a sight she was, as she elegantly glided down along the corridor and walked into the living room. I gave out a wolf whistle, and saw Mom blush a little.

‘Your old lady doesn’t scrub up too bad, does she?’ Mom said whilst moving into the classic model’s pose of hands on hips and one foot in front of the other.

I had to admit, she was absolutely stunning. Mom is thirty-nine but has the figure of a girl ten years younger. It was just as well in that dress she was wearing. It was full length, black, strapless, with a split up the front to just above the knee. Any bulges in the wrong place would have made it look terrible, but everything looked good to me. Her long, blond hair was loosely assembled on the top of her head, which highlighted her strong cheekbones, and her lips and nails were painted in a deep red gloss. Around her neck was a thin, black velvet choker, and on her feet a pair of black patent high heeled pumps.

‘Mom, you look absolutely beautiful,’ I said honestly, ‘and so sexy too.’

‘Why thank you kind sir,’ Mom replied, giving a deep curtsey which revealed the tops of her fantastic jugs, ‘and you are a very handsome escort. I’m so pleased that you like my FMD.’

I looked puzzled. ‘FMD?’

Just then the taxi I had ordered sounded its horn. ‘I may tell you about it later.’ Mom said in a provocative tone of voice. ‘Now, before we set foot outside the door, remember, tonight I am your date, Cathy. I am not you Mom. Got it?’

I nodded my understanding.

‘Good. Now, put your arm around my waist and let’s get that cab.’

It felt funny holding my Mom like that as we stepped into the warm evening air. I could almost feel her tight skin under the thin, expensive material of her dress. But Mom gave me a reassuring glance, and I felt better.

As we alighted the taxi just before eight, the party music was already loud from the gym a few hundred yards away. Regaining my hold around Mom’s waist, we walked up to where the noise emanated. The gym was packed with people drinking and dancing and laughing and talking. I already felt out-of-place. Above the sound of the music, it was still easy to hear each other talk. So I asked Mom if she’d like a glass of punch. She nodded and we set off in the direction of the drinks’ table. On the way, we had to pass by a group of guys and their girlfriends who were my classmates. Their conversation stopped immediately they saw Mom and I. I ignored them and carried on.

Moments later, with punch in hand, Mom and I were approached by four of the guys I just mentioned.

‘Evening, sport,’ one of them began, ‘didn’t expect to see you here. Who’s the lovely lady?’

This was the last thing I had wanted. I just thought we would come in, show our faces, be left alone, and then leave. But within two minutes of arriving, here I was, being interrogated by guys I hated. And to make matters worse, my mouth had decided to stop working. After what seemed like hours, Mom gave me a gentle dig to encourage me to answer the question.

‘Hi, guys. Errr, this is my M-M-M..’

‘What Pete means to say,’ Mom interrupted just before I made the one big mistake that would tear the whole ruse apart, ‘ is that I am Cathy, his girlfriend.

The four looked at each other. Then the spokesman began to smile, followed by the others. ‘Well, well, old boy. You’re a bit of a dark horse, aren’t you. Just how long have you two been an item?’

Once again Mom saved the day when my voice deserted me: ‘Pete and I met about a year ago. We’ve been seeing each other at every opportunity.’

I think the guys still had doubts about us, but these were overridden by a curiosity to know more. So they asked Mom and I to join them and their dates on the other side of the room. I was just about to decline the offer, when I heard Mom tell the guys that we’d be delighted.

Half an hour, and two glasses of punch later, Mom and I were at the centre of the crowd. She was charming to the boys and they loved every minute of her attention. Even the girls managed to find me interesting and attractive. Better late than never, I thought.

Just as everything was going swimmingly, or so I thought, Mom motioned to me that she wanted to speak to me alone. I had that stupid puzzled look on my face again, and so it was Mom who took the lead and suggested that we dance.

As I took her hand, I managed to find a quiet spot on the makeshift dance-floor and asked what was wrong.

‘Some of your classmates are beginning to have doubts about us.’ Mom said.

I began to panic, thinking that we were about to be exposed as mother and son.

‘No, it’s not your mother they think I am,’ she continued, ‘they suspect I might be a hooker that you’ve hired for the night.’

‘My god, that’s not much comfort either. What can we do?’

Mom looked up at me with that stern look in her face again.

‘The only thing that will convince them that I’m not a paid escort is if you kiss me.’

‘But, jeez, I can’t do that.’ I complained. ‘Isn’t there another way?’

Mom shook her head. ‘The only thing that a prostitute doesn’t do with a trick is let him kiss her. I know it sounds funny, considering everything else that they will do, but it’s a fact nevertheless. It’s the only way that we’ll stop their nagging doubts. Will you kiss me? I mean, surely it can’t be that unpleasant a prospect.’ She said, with a smile.

I smiled back, and nodded my consent.

So, as the music played and we danced, as my classmates watched closely from the side of the dance area, I took hold of Mom’s bare arms, pulled her towards me, and bent my head down to kiss her lightly on the cheek. When I stood up again, the look on her face was clearly one of anger.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ she whispered, ‘that’s the way a boy kisses his mom. Do you want to do this right or not?’ She hissed.

Mom moved her hands up to my face, and clasped them at the back of my neck. Pulling me towards her, she spoke again:

‘Honey, hold me tightly around the waist, bring your mouth close to mine, and leave the rest to me. Trust me.’

I placed my hands on Mom’s tiny waist and did as she ordered. She pulled my head closer to hers. I was nervous, sweating and awkward. We looked intently into each other’s eyes as her lips touched mine. I felt the sweet taste of her lipstick, smelt the aroma of her perfume, and sensed the heat of her flesh. Still gazing into her eyes, I became aware of Mom’s mouth slowly parting. Then the moistness of a tongue, my Mom’s tongue, touched my lips. Slowly, it searched for an opening in my lips. The look in Mom’s eyes was telling me to let her in. As I allowed a gap to form between my top and bottom lips, I felt mom’s tongue slide into my mouth. Now it was looking for my own tongue. I felt a bolt of electricity roam through my entire body as the tips of our tongues touched. At the same time, I became aware of a hardening within my pants. Jeez, I was french kissing my own mom, and getting a hard-on as well. It was at that point that civilised morals gave way to animal nature. I became an active participant in our clinch. I forced my tongue over Mom’s, and guided it into her mouth. I felt as though we were bruising each other’s lips, such was the pressure we exerted. I slanted my head this way and that in an effort to get deeper into her throat. At the back of my neck, Mom’s hands held my face firmly against hers, whilst I pulled her waist even closer into my body. It was only the poor mixing by the DJ, and the sudden silence of a record that wasn’t set up right, that brought us both back to reality. Reluctantly, I let go of her.

‘Well, I think that should have convinced them.’ I said, feeling terribly embarrassed and self-conscious.

Mom’s face was flushed: ‘It very nearly convinced me. You’ve made my legs turn to jelly.’

As we walked back to the group, Mom and I sensed that any doubts they had were fading fast. But just to make sure, she suggested that I rest my hand on her ass for a while. She said that is where I would have it if I really was her boyfriend. So when we were all talking together again, I slowly let my right hand move down over the curve of her spine, and onto her firm butt cheek. I let it stay there for a while without moving. Mom never gave it any attention. After a few minutes I decided to move my hand around her ass a bit. It felt lean and soft, but the one thing that became obvious very quickly, was that she wasn’t wearing any panties. But I suppose the tightness of her dress would have made any underwear impossible. As I caressed and squeezed Mom’s butt, she still didn’t flinch. So, feeling just a little horny, I thought I’d take a little bit of an advantage of the situation. Ever so gently, I allowed the middle finger of my hand to trace the line of her ass crack. I started near the small of her back, and she didn’t make any objections. I let my digit move slowly downwards, pretending to be unaware of its travels by engaging one of the girls in meaningless conversation. It was just as I began to press the tip of my finger against her anus that I felt her butt cheeks tighten. By instinct, I looked around. Mom was glaring at me with that stern, school-ma’am, expression. I thought I was in really big trouble with her, but after a second or two, her face softened to a smile.

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‘Let’s have another dance’, she commanded.

I led Mom onto the packed dance-floor just as a slow, sexy record came on. We jostled for a space near the back and I pulled her into me.

‘You seem to have got the hang of this now.’ She remarked, cheekily.

I pulled her in tight, and she held me around my waist. When she looked up at me with those big, blue eyes, all suggestive and promising, I lowered my face to hers. This time it was I who was the more forceful. As my tongue re-entered Mom’s mouth, I thought I detected a faint amusement in her eyes. Soon, we were both in the throes of another passionate kiss. Our heads moving from one side to the other to accommodate greater access.

I felt my dick starting to rise again, but now something in me wanted Mom to be aware of its existence too. But every time I tried to thrust my groin in her direction, she always managed to move out of the way. I could see that just a few paces behind Mom was a wall. If I could jam her up against that, then she would have no place to escape. So, as both our mouths filled up with the other’s saliva, and I felt her lipstick begin to smear my face, I tried, unobtrusively, to push Mom backwards. In no time at all, her back was against the wall, and she could retreat no further. I saw her eyes widen as she realised the implication. But neither one of us relaxed the pressure of our entangled lips. I slowly let my hands move down from Mom’s waist until they were gripping her ass cheeks. My dick was almost fully erect as I pushed it against Mom’s abdomen. I could feel her trying to squirm out of the way, but I held her tightly in position. At last, I could take no more and pulled my lips from hers. The record was just coming to an end as I whispered in her ear: ‘Mom, I gotta fuck you.’

‘Whoaaaaa, take it easy tiger,’ Mom said softly. ‘With all these people around, you’ll get us arrested. Lets go outside and cool down.’

I could hardly believe how stupid I’d been to let myself get carried away, and as we walked to a quiet bench in the campus grounds, I apologised to Mom for making a fool of myself. We sat down in the warm late evening twilight, and Mom began to speak.

‘Don’t beat down on yourself, honey. It’s the FMD.’

I looked in puzzlement again at those three letters, and Mom said that what she was about to tell me should never be repeated to anyone; not even Dad. I agreed, and she continued.

‘FMD stands for Fuck Me Dress. I’ve worn it three times already and on each occasion, I got, well, you can guess. There’s just something about this dress that drives the male of the species wild. It’s never happened with any of my other outfits. First time I wore it was when your Father took me to the opera to see Carmen. He was so aroused that he had me in one of the stalls in the men’s room during the interval.’

I asked about the other occasions. It was then that she looked anxious and made me repeat my promise.

‘Sweetheart, first thing I want to tell you is that for the two men in my life, you and your Father, I would do anything. I would die for either of you. You’ve got to know that. Now I don’t want to shock you, honey, but the other two times weren’t with your Father.’

The look of concern on my face caused Mom to say that she was still in love with Dad and that all would be explained. Then she went on:

‘Last Christmas, your Father and I went to his work’s party. It was an all expenses paid trip with overnight accommodation. It really is a chance to unwind at the company’s expense after a hard year. Anyway, after dinner, your Dad’s boss, old man Quigley, he comes up and asks me for a dance. Of course I accept, and he leads me on to a dimly lit, crowded dance –floor. Because he’s your Father’s boss, I let him put his hands where I wouldn’t let anyone else. Your Dad can’t afford to lose this job, not with your school fees and the mortgage to pay. So Quigley finds out, as I’m sure you have, that I can’t wear panties with this dress.’ I blushed at that before she continued.

‘Anyway, he makes it very clear to me that he can make life very hard or very easy for your Dad, and which way it will be is all up to me. It took me about half a second to catch his drift. What could I do? Have your Father posted to some shitty little backwater, where he’d never make any commission, or sacrifice myself to give him an easy life. Peter, darling, I hope that you don’t think the worst of me, but I told the old man that he could have sex with me, just the once. He arranged for your Father to leave the party early by sending him to an out-of-town office on the pretence of getting some important files., and then he took me up to his room. I thought his age meant that it would all be over quite quickly. But he was like an animal. He took me three times in two hours. I had to wear head to toe clothes for weeks until the bite and bruise marks had disappeared.’

I was astonished at Mom’s disclosure, and was confused over how I should feel. Sure, she had made a sacrifice for Dad, but she was still a whore whichever way you looked at it. Then, when she told me that the third time was another sacrifice to get Dad a big contract with some old Japanese guy, any pity that I had had began to dissolve. In fact, I was feeling horny for her all over again. You see, while Mom had been telling me the story, she had crossed her legs towards me, and the split in her dress had revealed them up to mid thigh. The moonlight contrasted the lighter tones of her legs with the darkness of her dress like a spotlight. I noticed that her heels were so high that her instep was almost vertical. And when she dangled a shoe carelessly off her foot, I almost creamed. I don’t think she noticed at all, she just kept on talking:

‘So you see darling, it’s not your fault at all that you’ve become aroused. It’s this dress. Now, why don’t we go back and say goodbye forever to your former classmates and go home?’

We stood up silently. As we walked back to the party for that last time, I honestly did feel pangs of sorrow at having to leave. Just before we entered the building, Mom reminded me that my hand should still be firmly on her ass; we still had people to fool.

We said our farewells and walked to a line of taxis that were waiting at the front of the campus. I climbed in behind the driver, having first seen Mom into the seat to my right. The journey was accomplished in almost total silence. The streetlights flickered into the car, now and then highlighting an expanse of bare thigh caused by Mom’s crossed legs. I couldn’t help but steal sneaky sideways glances at them. She was so sexy. I got even more turned on when I noticed that the old guy driving the cab had adjusted his rear-view mirror so that he, too, could take advantage of Mom’s free display.

Just as we pulled up to my apartment, Mom leaned over and asked me for the keys. She said she’d go and open up whilst I paid the cabby. By the time I got out of the car, I could see that the front door was open, and Mom was just disappearing into my flat. As I closed the front door behind me, noticing that there were no lights on at all in any of the rooms, I heard Mom’s voice from the bedroom asking to see me.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar, but I knocked gently anyway. Mom’s soft voice invited me in. The room was in darkness as I entered. I went to turn on the light but Mom told me not to. I could see her standing, back and hands flat against the wall to my right. I asked what was wrong. When Mom spoke, I noticed that her voice was much deeper than usual.

‘Half-an-hour ago, when we were on the dance floor, and you made it very clear what you’d like to do to me, do you remember what I said?’

I became really embarrassed and apologised again for getting carried away

‘Do you remember my reply?’ Mom repeated, sternly.

I thought I was in for a really big load of trouble, so my voice was almost too faint for either of us to hear.

‘Yes. You said something like, with all these people round, I would get the two of us arrested.’

‘That’s right.’ Mom said. ‘Now, what did I tell you about my FMD?’

My tone still uncertain and shaky, I began to reply. ‘You said that every time you wear that dress you end up getting fucked.’

‘Very good, honey. You have been paying attention to your Mom.’ She said in a school ma’am type way, before continuing. ‘Well, I don’t see anyone around here but you and me. And the question I’m asking myself is, will my FMD still have its 100% record tomorrow?’

I looked puzzled. I wasn’t sure what she was saying or whether she expected a reply. Mom obviously sensed my confusion.

‘Maybe this will help you.’ she whispered. And after she spoke, I saw the palms of her hands propel her from the wall she had been leaning against. Splinters of light shone in from the window opposite where Mom stood, illuminating her like daggers of light across her body. At first, I thought it was a trick of the conditions that I was seeing. But then it hit me like a sledgehammer. Mom’s dress was slowly sliding down her body.

The top of the material first uncovered her breasts. They had never been too enclosed by the dress anyway, but now I could definitely see a pair of nipples hardening in the warm night air. Any uncertainty about what I was seeing was quickly dispelled as Mom’s naked waist, then hips, then upper thighs came into view. Obviously, she had undone the zipper at the back of her dress earlier, and it had only been kept up by the pressure of her leaning firmly against the wall. Before I could react, the FMD was lying around Mom’s feet. Except for the choker around her neck and the high heels on her feet, she was entirely naked.

I felt my mouth dry up almost instantly. I was lost for action. As my eyes became accustomed to the light level, I could see that Mom clearly liked to have a completely bare pussy. I became very excited when she huskily told me to move closer. As I moved to within a couple of feet of my Mom’s nakedness, she kicked the dress away from underneath her high heels.

‘Touch me.’ She ordered.

I tentatively sent out my right hand in her direction. My elongated index finger poked at her waist, like I was testing the firmness of a steak. It was the barest of contacts, but it sent an electrical surge right through my body and right along my dick to the very tip. As the rest of my right hand joined the index finger on the hot, firm flesh of Mom’s narrow waist, she too, gave out an audible groan. Then she gave me my second instruction:

‘Kiss me.’

I grabbed hold of Mom with both hands and pulled her body towards me. As I moved my mouth closer to hers, she arched her head back, teasingly trying to avoid me. It was a game I enjoyed playing, as I sought her lips with mine and she acted coy. Eventually the toying was over. We locked our mouths together in a tight seal, allowing only each other’s saliva to pass between us. My hands groped at her large, firm breasts causing Mom to issue a silent scream that was muffled by my tongue. Her hands had busily worked to release me from my tux jacket. Now they were frantically undoing my belt and trouser zipper. I could hardly believe it. This was my own mother trying to get inside my pants.

As she got the zip down halfway, Mom pulled away from our embrace. I could feel the fresh lipstick she had applied smeared over my mouth. Like animals, we both tore at the buttons on my shirt, eventually removing the garment and throwing it onto the floor. Mom reached up and bit me on my left shoulder like she was a vampire. The pain was intense but highly pleasurable. She brought her hands up to my chest, and as she raked her long nails down towards my stomach, Mom slid down the wall until her head was level with my groin. I looked down, mesmerised by what I saw. My own Mom, kneeling in front of me, teasing the zip over the bulge that was in my pants. I couldn’t stand the delay any longer. I pushed her hands away and lowered the zipper myself. As my trousers fell around my ankles, I pulled the elastic waistband of my shorts over my extended, throbbing cock. At last it was free and exposed to Mom’s gaze. I just wanted it to be inside her mouth. So I grabbed hold of it firmly in my right hand, took a hunk of Mom’s hair in my left, and thrust it between her red lips. I will never forget that first time. As her throat gave way to my meat rod, and her tongue enveloped my slippery helmet, my head involuntarily snapped back in sheer ecstasy of the situation. After a second or two, I looked down again to see my shiny shaft slipping in and out of Mom’s gorging mouth. She was really chomping on it and making loud slurping noises with each outward movement. I could feel the juices starting to well up in my balls. I wanted to cum over Mom’s face and then watch her lick my tool dry. I held on for as long as I could, and found myself straining every muscle to delay the satisfaction. But Mom’s mouth was too good, and the sight of her doing this to me made me lose my load quicker than I would have liked. I gripped my shaft and pulled it out from between her lips at just that very moment when the white stuff began to squirt out. I tipped Mom’s head back and leaned over her to direct my goo where I wanted it to go. I needn’t have worried. So much of it came out that her entire face was covered in the mess. As the final few drops came out, I forced it back into her mouth and told her to suck me dry. Mom’s expert mouth did the job perfectly. As my knees buckled and I sank against the wall, I looked down at Mom who was greedily moving my spunk from around her nose, forehead and cheeks into her throat.

Mom squeezed out from below where I stood and moved around back of me. I felt her nails gently raking along my spine.

‘When you’ve fully recovered, honey, I’ll be lying on the bed for you.’

After a couple of minutes, my breathing returned to normal, and I turned around to face the bed. Mom was lying there, arms stretched out like a crucifix. Her waist was twisted towards the right, and her legs bent. She was still wearing that sexy choker and those tall high heels. I knelt down on the bed beside her legs. She looked down as my hands went out to touch the firmness of her calf. I had wanted to caress those legs all night, and now I could do so at my leisure. They were firm and shapely. Long in proportion to her height and without a trace of cellulite. I fondled them for about five minutes. Then, I moved them apart and knelt in between them. In the shafts of moonlight, I could make out the moistness around Mom’s pussy. I was starting to get hard again. By the time I had licked and gently bitten Mom to a climax, I had another full erection. I lowered my sweat-dripping body to hers and positioned my throbbing phallus at the entrance to her box. Pinning Mom’s hands above her head, I pushed my groin forwards. The tip of my penis pushed against the softness of her pussy lips. But with her legs spread so very wide, they gave no real resistance. I clenched my buttocks tightly, and applied more pressure. My helmet broke through into the soft, warm moistness of Mom’s vaginal canal. She gave a soft moan. As I thrust forward, inch after inch of my shaft entered her private passage. By the time I was all in, Mom was bucking wildly beneath me. I let go of her hands and raised myself above her with outstretched arms. I began to pump her, fast. Soon, her cries of ‘ooohhh, oooooohhhhhhh, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh’, grew louder and louder. Her hands began to claw at the sheets and her head moved on the pillow from side to side. I relentlessly pummelled at her box. As Mom’s groans got unbelievably louder, she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist so that I was lodged deeply inside her, unable to withdraw. Biting at her bottom lip, she brought her arms up to the side of my face and pulled me closely into her. Once again our mouths joined together, and tongues got to work exploring teeth and gums. We were both groaning now. Noises of pleasure became stifled in the other’s throat. I sensed the pressure that Mom’s legs were making around me begin to relax. This allowed me to recommence thrusting my dick in piston like fashion up and down her twat. Soon, Mom’s nails were gouging deep tracts into my back, and at the same time, the pressure of her mouth against mine increased. I knew she was close to orgasm. As I ground my hips into hers, trying to get every millimetre of my dick inside her, I knew that I was not far away myself. In fact, it was Mom’s screams to the almighty that finally turned me on so much that I felt my balls beginning to explode. As she cried out in pleasure, a series of rapid thrusts saw me emptying another gut load of muck into Mom.

As my dick began to go limp, I slid out from between Mom’s swollen labia and rolled onto my back. I looked across at her as we both tried to slow our breathing to normal levels. Her hair had fallen down over her shoulders and was so wet that she could have just stepped out of a shower, while the rest of her was covered with a moist film. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Mom asking me if she could take her shoes off.

When I awoke, the sun was just beginning to come up, and light was filling the room. I wondered whether it had all been a fantastic dream, but turning my head slightly to my right, and seeing Mom laying next to me on her tummy, naked except for that black choker around her neck, I knew it had all really happened.

Mom was only partly covered by the sheet. I pulled it away, feeling horny again. Her ass stuck up in the air like a ripe peach. It looked so inviting. I remembered that I had thrown a nearly empty bottle of suntan oil into the bathroom trash bin. Mom never stirred as I got up to get it. She was still in the same position when I got back. I lay down beside her again and poured some of the oil onto the crater created by the curve of her spine. Even the coldness of the liquid didn’t wake her. I rubbed it all over her firm ass until it shone a slippery opaque sheen. Then I poured a blob directly onto her anus.

I worked it in with my index finger, thinking she was bound to wake as I forced it up her. But no, I put the whole of my finger right up her ass, gave it a turn or two, but still Mom didn’t move. She was in a really deep sleep. By now I had a stiffy that was the equal of anything that I had had the night before. I spread Mom’s legs a little and positioned myself in between them. Leaning forward slightly, I put my knob against her anus, and pushed. Slowly, the lubricating oil did its job, and my enlarged cock disappeared up Mom’s shitter. Man, was she tight! I lay full stretch over her and began to fuck her like crazy, feeling sure that she’d awaken at some point. It was then that I noticed a bottle of sleeping pills on the bedside table. Obviously Mom felt that she needed help getting off after our session during the night. Anyway, awake or asleep didn’t much matter in this case, I just wanted to bang away at her ass.

I finally shot my load up Mom’s anal passage after about ten minutes. As I rolled off her and onto my back, I got a shock to here her voice.

‘You through now?’ she asked. ‘Yeah, Mom, I’m through, thanks. How long you been awake?’

‘For about the last five minutes. I didn’t want to disturb you. Better get ready, though. Plane leaves in a couple of hours.’

I did have a little tear in my eye as we set off for the airport in the cab, and I looked back over my shoulder at the old place for the last time. Strange how the best night had been saved till the very end.

The plane was half empty as we took our seats and waited for take-off. Mom had a window seat and I was in the aisle. There wasn’t much room to move, but Mom found enough space to cross those shapely legs of hers, probably knowing that they were giving me the hots for her again.

About two hours into the flight, I looked around to see if anyone was close by. When I was sure that everything was safe, I moved my right hand onto Mom’s bare thigh. God, it felt so soft and firm. As I began to caress her legs, moving ever closer to the hem of the short skirt she was wearing, Mom pulled up the eye-shades that she been wearing for the past hour.

‘Honey, we’re travelling as mother and son, remember. Last night was nice, but now we’ve got to get back to normal.’

I took my hand away and went into a sulk.

Dad met us at the airport, pumped my hands enthusiastically, and gave Mom a hug and a kiss. I have to say, it made me feel a little jealous. I got into the front seat next to Dad, after he had let Mom in to the seat behind him. During the drive home, I told him how glad I was to be back, and that I was looking forward to our first family dinner that night.

‘Gee, I’m sorry, son.’ Dad began. ‘But I’ve got to out of town on business till tomorrow. We’ll take a rain check on that meal.’

Dad could see the look of genuine disappointment on my face.

‘Hey, its only twenty-four hours. And besides, I’m sure you and your Mom have got lots of catching up to do.’

I turned round to look at her in the back seat. As I did so, she did a Sharon Stone to me with those lovely long legs of hers.

‘Don’t worry, honey.’ Mom began, openly teasing me. ‘I’m sure we can amuse ourselves till Dad gets back.’

I turned back to face the windshield. I had a feeling that it would be some time before this graduate would be leaving the nest.