18 Only: Daughter Swap!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. Mark got out of the Lexus and helped Laura with her suitcase as they made their way to where I was standing on the stoop. My cock had been waiting for this all week.

Mark and I shook hands before I gave Laura a peck on the cheek.

“Her clothes and some other surprises are in here, Jeff.” Mark said, handing me Laura’s suitcase

“Thanks a lot Mark.” I said, putting the suitcase by the door. “Beth should be down in a minute.”

“No problem.” Mark grinned.

My eyes roamed over Laura. She was an 18 year old senior just like my daughter, and Mark’s eldest child. She had long blonde hair, which was now done up for me in a stylish French twist. She was a little on the skinny side, but extremely cute with soft, babyish features. Her breasts were perky and firm and I could tell she didn’t have a bra on under the pearl satin dress I had requested she wear.

“Beth!” I called upstairs. “Are you ready yet? Mark is waiting!”

“Yes Daddy!” Beth said, hustling downstairs with her own bag.

“What took you so long?”

“Nothing Daddy!” She said, kissing Mark’s cheek and giving Laura a hug.

“Baby, tell me what you were doing.” I persisted.

Beth blushed, trying not to look Laura in the eye.

“Well, I was… I was on the toilet Daddy.”

“And that took fifteen minutes?”

“Nothing was coming out…” She mumbled.

I asked her to speak up. . “Nothing came, came out Daddy.”

“Sounds like you’re constipated, ” Mark said, making Beth’s cheeks turn a shade darker.

Mark put his arm around Beth’s shoulders. “Don’t worry about it honey. I’ll help you take an enema. Did you take yours Laura?”

“Of course Daddy,” Laura answered, coming over to stand beside me.

“Well, you two have fun and I’ll see you Sunday.” Mark said. “The day’s young after all.”

“Bye Beth!” I waved, as Mark put my daughter in his car and drove off.

I told Laura to put her suitcase in the guest bedroom. She had been to my place dozens of times, so she knew exactly where to go.

I had known her since she was born and knew her Dad long before that. I even changed her diapers when she was a baby. It amazed me that she had grown into a beautiful woman so fast.

She joined me in the living room, sitting herself on the couch across from my La-Z-Boy.

“Do you know why you’re here Laura?” I asked her earnestly.

“Well, Jeff,” she began, “Daddy said that I was supposed to come over here and fuck you.”

“And why were you told to do that?”

“Because Daddy didn’t think it was right for him to fuck me himself, so he thought you could do it and tell him how I perform.” She giggled.

“That’s right baby.” I smiled. What a pleasant, obedient girl she was.

“He also said that I should try to please you and that by getting you off you I’d make him happy. He also said that if there was something I didn’t like I should shut my eyes and pretend you’re my boyfriend at school, Eric.”

I smiled. “And how is Eric doing?”, recalling that I met him at her parent’s house over the holidays. If I remembered correctly, he was a tall, nerdy guy who seemed uncomfortable even talking to his own girlfriend.

“He’s ok.” Laura said, trailing off.

“Are you two fucking yet?”

“No. He’s a bit shy.” She giggled.

“I’m surprised. You’ve been with him for so long.”

“Well, I think he believes I’m a virgin, Jeff.”

“You can call me Uncle Jeff like you usually do honey.”

“Is that…” She struggled, “Is that appropriate?”

“Why shouldn’t it be?”

“Well, you already said you were going to fuck me.”

“Look Laura, you can drop the shy act. Your Dad lets me know everything that goes on in your life and we both know you’re a bit of a slut. ”

Her cheeks flushed. “Well, um…”

“I mean, you’ve had sex right?”

“Yes.” She said.

“With how many guys?”


My cock swelled in my pants. Mark had warned me that Laura had become more sexually active in the last year and he knew she was sleeping around, plus he had been trading her with other Dads in the neighborhood so I knew there was more than three. Way more. I decided to confront her about the fib.

“Now honey, I know it’s more than three. I mean, does that include Mr. Bently?”

She gave me a sigh. “Ok, ok, so I’ve fucked about twelve guys, but three was at one time, so it’s not that bad!”

I laughed.”You must really like getting fucked.”

She nodded, giggling now. “Yeah, I like getting fucked. And people like to fuck me. So?”

“Well, I’m going to fuck you really hard Laura.”

“That’s what Daddy said. He said you and him used to go to trips to Thailand and fuck women over there. He says you’ve got a big one.”

“Think you can handle an older guy?”

She smiled warmly. “Well, there’s only one way to find out I guess.”

“Is that your prom dress you’re wearing?” I asked off topic.

“Yes.” She answered. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful? Feel it!” I came over to the sofa and ran my hand over the dress, making sure to grope her breast in the process. The fabric was so smooth.

I had seen a photo of her in it on the mantle atop Mark’s living room fireplace and thought it was adorable. It was great that he ensured she wore it for me. I told her to turn around so I could see the back. She turned to reveal an intricate lattice of lace running from her waist to just below her shoulder blades. The gown flowed to the floor.

I told her to get undressed for me.

“Don’t you want to unwrap me yourself?” She asked curiously..

“Actually, I just want to watch you strip for me. I want to see exactly what I’m getitng.”

She untied the lace at the back of her dress and the front fell away from her boobs, collapsing around her waist. She stepped out of the dress, wearing nothing now but panties, garters and stockings, her nipples proudly standing up. As she peeled her garters down, I took out my cock and started to jerk it. I could tell by the way she reacted she was a bit threatened by the size of it.

“Dad said he wouldn’t give me my education fund if I didn’t do exactly what you said.” The edges of her pouting, cherry lips curled up into a half -smile.

I sighed. “You’re breasts have really developed this year.”

“Oh thanks. I’m a 34B this year.” She said, playing with them in her hands.

“The boys must love them.”

“Yeah, they get excited and try to titty fuck me, but I don’t think my tits are big enough for that… Do you?”

“I think they’re lovely, dear. I’m certain you could give a nice tit-job.” I was lying. I reminded myself to tell Mark that he should invest in a big set of falsies for her. “How did you like fucking fours boys at a time?”

“Three.” She corrected me. “They were all members of the Senior Football team and they were really rough and called me names. Let’s just say that for the next four weeks I thought of them every time I went number 2!”

“So they fucked your ass!!?”

“Yes Jeff!” She said.

“Uncle Jeff.”

” Yes Uncle Jeff!,I was like, you guys have assholes, why don’t you fuck each other?” she laughed, ” But they got mad and said I needed to take all the ‘punishment’, as if I wouldn’t have just let them anyway! Boys are so weird.”

“Why were you being punished?” I asked, instructing her to touch her pussy which she did without hesitation, pushing her ivory white panties to the side to give me a good look at her gentle crevices. She traced the fleshy folds of her pussy using her tiny fingers.

“Well, I was dating one of them at the time and I cheated on him so they said if I wanted cock, him and his friends would show me who was boss.”

“And who was boss?”

“Not me!”

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We laughed together.

“So you stopped seeing him? “

“Well,” She said, sweetly. “They made a tape of the incident for the team that they keep on their tour bus and watch sometimes. I got mad that he showed everyone so I dumped him. Anyway, it’s cool. He’s fucking my ex-best friend now. I’m glad he’s happy. Now I’m definitely with Eric.”

“Well. That other guy didn’t sound right for you anyway. Can you turn around and show me your bum?”

Laura wiggled around on the couch and spread her cheeks wide. I told her to slip her spread her cheeks, which she did, revealing her baby seal pink pussy and asshole. She swayed her hips back and forth slowly. ” Like this Uncle Jeff?”

“No baby,” I said, continuing to jerk. “Just hold it nice and still so I can get a nice look.”

I suggested she open her pussy lips and rub the area around her clit. She complied. “Good girl,” I moaned, stroking myself as I watched Laura stimulate her teen honey pot. She was dripping a thick liquid I’ve never even seen come out of a woman’s pussy onto the leather couch. It was thick and sticky, like her pussy was drooling..

“Lick up your mess baby!” I told her.

Laura turned around and saw the puddle she left. “Whoops!” She said, lapping it up with her tongue.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I grabbed the cell from the coffee table and sat back down in the La-Z-boy still with my cock in my hand. I told Laura to come over and sit between my legs. She pulled off my pants and I gave her mouth my cock before answering the call. The display showed that it was Mark.


Instead of Mark, it was my daughter, Beth on the other end of the line.

“What’s going on sweetheart?” I asked, as Laura put her mouth over my dick, starting to suck me deeply into her throat.

“Well, Daddy…” Beth began to moan, “Uncle Mark wants to piss in my mouth.”

I almost laughed. Mark was such a kinky bastard. I should have known. It was cute that she called him Uncle Mark even while talking to me.

I did feel sorry for Beth, but I considered that if I wanted to use Laura in a similar way I had to play fair. “Well, I think that’s a perfectly reasonable request dear.”

“But Daddy!”

“You get in there and drink every drop.” I looked down to see Laura sucking my balls into her mouth. “Understand?”

“But won’t it make me sick!?” My daughter demanded.

“You’ll be ok. It’s sterile.”

“You positive?”

“Yes baby.” I said, not really sure if a person’s own urine was sterile or all human urine was sterile.

“Ok, Daddy.”

I could overhear Mark yelling for her in the background.

“Go back now baby. Uncle Mark is waiting.” I hung up the phone and stroked Laura’s hair. “Enjoying that cock?”

Laura winked, her tongue worshipping my dick with an eager mouth. I was in heaven.

“I think it’s time for me to get a condom.” I told her, but she stopped me before I could get up.

“Actually Mr. Peters. I’m on the pill and I’m clean. You can be inside me bareback.”

“That’s very special,” I said, holding her hands and kissing her lips gently, “Thank you.”

She slid off her garters and climbed up on my lap.

Straddling my cock, she eased onto it, allowing it in her inch by warm inch. For someone who loved sex as much as she said did, she was surprisingly tight.

“Oh, you’re so big in my pussy,” she moaned clenching her soft pussy walls against my cock which was already smothered.

I pushed her off the couch and onto the carpet, fucking her right on the floor. “Yes Mr. Peters! HARDER!” She cried, as I threw her legs over my shoulder and pounded her tight teen pussy. Her skin faintly smelled of lavender as I licked and kissed her neck. Sticking my tongue in her ear, I could feel her quiver. “That tickles!” She mumbled..

Without collecting our clothes, I led her right upstairs to my master bedroom. My wife was out of town for a week so I knew I could do the laundry tomorrow. Although I felt a little bad for cheating the guilt instantly dissolved when I got Laura on all fours and took her pussy from behind. I told her to put her hand in the top drawer of my nightstand and give me the tube of lubricant. She did so and I squeezed a sizable amount on to my hand. Fucking her pussy, I smeared the gel over her anus and began experimenting with seeing how much of my fingers her butt take.

“Are you playing dirty?” I heard her coo.

“You’ll see.” I answered, slipping a full finger into her bumhole. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and licked her clit as I tried a second finger in her bottom.

“Ahhh..!!” She groaned, a little surprised.

“Do you like having fingers up there?”

“Yes, Uncle Jeff. I even have a special plug for my butt. Daddy and mommy bought it for me for Christmas. It’s in my suitcase.”

“You must not have used it too much, because your asshole is as tight as a vice!” I slapped her cheeks. “Go fetch the plug right now.”

She ran to the spare room to search the suitcase. When she returned in less than a minute, she wasn’t carrying the plug.

“Um, baby, I think you forgot something.” I said.

“No I didn’t!” She hummed back.

I already guessed as she gave me a teasing look and got back on all fours. The plug was already sunk deep in her rectum! She wore it all the way from her bedroom! That’s when I knew she was going to give me her asshole without hesitation.

I left the plug unmolested in her hole, retrieving it after about five minutes of fucking her pussy. Finally it was time to pull the plug from what should now be her dilated rosebud. I lubed up my cock some more as I gently removed the plug. She arched as the tip slipped out. Laura’s gape wasn’t big enough to accommodate my entire cock so I did have to force it a little bit, causing her to squeal on a few occasions. One I was getting a good momentum going in her now loosened asshole, I flipped her onto her back and ass fucked her from the front, making sure her legs were tossed over my hips for access.

I started slowly, but soon was balls deep in her anus. She kept saying she liked it, but I could tell I was hurting her a little.”

“It…” She winced, “It feels good, but it’s starting to hurt.”

I decided the best thing to do would be to fuck it extremely hard so it would be over quicker. I fucked her asshole like it was her pussy, trying to get as deep in the hole as I could. I didn’t want to do permanent damage, but I did want to let her know she was being anally fucked. Her butt muscles were doing their best to keep me out, but I just pressed through them.

Suddenly, Laura screamed and began quivering all over. “Aaaarggh!!!

“What’s going on baby? I said, stopping…

She looked into my eyes. I think I just came.”

I gave her a kiss and slipped out of her asshole.

“I didn’t know I could cum from a cock in my butt.” She observed, resting.

“Don’t think you’re going to sleep,! ” I waved my cock at her.

She looked concerned. “You can’t put it in my pussy Mr. Peters, because I might get an infection.”

“You’re right Laura.” I nodded, “So why don’t I finish in your mouth?”

She knew it was the only way. Laying back on the bed, I felt myself sinking into the large throw pillows my wife bought as Laura played gently with my oily cock.

“It smells a little.” She said sniffing the shaft before curling up her nose.

“It won’t when you lick it all up.”

She put my cock into her mouth and closed her eyes. She let it past her lips sucking it gently. Suddenly, she pulled it out. I down at her, wondering what was up. She glanced at me her wide emerald eyes. “My butt juices are so sticky!” She laughed.

“Eat my asshole while you’re down there.” I told her.

She spread my cheeks and licked my shithole like a pro. I jacked my cock as she worked her tongue further into my ass, her soft hair falling across my balls like a satin sheet.

“I’m coming,” I said, “Get your mouth on my cock.”

Laura put my cock in her mouth just in time to receive a thick load onto her tongue. She let the puddle of cum rest there for a while, making sure I acknowledged that she had tasted it before swallowing.

We fell asleep for a few hours before fucking again later that night and in the early morning.


We didn’t talk much as I drove her home the next day. I walked her across the family lawn and knocked on the door. Mark answered with Beth, who was standing there beside him, her suitcase packed and ready to go.

“Hi Beth, did you have a good time?” I asked my daughter.

“Yes, Daddy.” She answered.

“How did she do Mark?”

“Well,” Mark answered, “She enjoyed having her pussy taken and sucks cock very well, but wasn’t fully cooperative. She positively detested the piss drinking and had a hard time coping with anal. I don’t think she’s even had her own baby finger in that hole.”

“That’s too bad.” I said, dismayed. “Well, I imagine you liked the tightness?”

“Normally, but she was so tight, her asshole literally strangled my cock. But I’m sure she’ll be more loosened up after more sessions.”

Beth said nothing in her defense and I was glad Mark agreed to continue. “Plus, it was really hard to clean her out with the enema. You should make her do it daily.”

“Not a bad idea,” I said, slapping Beth’s butt as she stood next to me. “Well, Mark, I must say Laura was amazing. What a clean, obedient, beautiful daughter you have. We started in the afternoon and didn’t stop until the next day. But I’m sorry to say there was one problem…”

I told Laura to walk ten paces in a straight line.

When she tried, Mark could see her gait was wide and awkward, like she couldn’t bring her feet together.

Beth smirked. “Wow Daddy, you wrecked her.”

“Now, Beth, that’s just a bit of soreness.” Mark observed.

“I’m sure it’ll go away in a few days.” I told him.

It better!” Mark retorted. “I’m trading her for Brian Touten’s daughter next Saturday so she better be ready to please by then.”

Laura gave me a meek smile like she didn’t want me to know she was being passed around to others. It did make me a bit jealous, but I figured I’d take it out on her during our next visit.

Thanking them both, I took Beth and walked to the car. ‘Next Saturday, you’ll be with Mr. Henderson. You won’t mind doing your Math teacher right? “

“No Daddy,” Beth said, opening the passenger door..

“His sons might be there too, so expect three cocks just in case.” I explained, getting behind the wheel. “In exchange he’s letting me take his daughter Carly.”

“She’s really hot Daddy.” Beth said, buckling up. “I’m sure you’ll like her a lot.”

“I’m sure I will too, baby.” I gave my daughter a kiss on the cheek before driving off for home.